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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening whenever or wherever you listening to us and welcome to Swing with an international pedestrian podcast. I'm your host, soon to be your favorite Ukrainian Urana. And today we will be swinging with a topic that haunts every international or soon to be an international student. How did it all start for you?


OK, before you all will try to be messy in the comments by saying how you have never experienced this question, but just say that all variations of the specific question are subconsciously related and therefore are included.


And also, I'm not saying that all international students had the same experience, but you could say that I'm laying out the base for the talk or you can call it generalizing the situation, but genuinely and honestly.


Geez, roll the clip.


It starts differently for everyone. Some figure it out during the day and some are informed on the spot that they are going abroad. For me, it was more of an opportunity than anything. One day, destiny. And no, it's not destiny child that spoke with my parents. But brother, you're cool and old fashioned destiny. I guess she thought that I would have long nights of thinking over thinking and planning whether it was a good idea.


But unfortunately, she forgot to look at my age because there wasn't a lot of thinking involved at that time.


Yep, she definitely rolled her eyes.


When my mom asked me if I wanted to go to study abroad, I said yes, during my 15 years of life, I had been abroad for studying purposes and had some experience in summer camps to boost my English and cultural education. When I said, yes, I would be lying if I suggested that I didn't give it a or two.


But I haven't really balanced all pros and cons simply because I haven't yet experienced those details in my life.


This is the time where you can say that the phrase ignorance is bliss played a very, very bad joke with me. I think my parents had too much faith in me, too, because they took my posture and words seriously by actually letting me studying abroad.


No one knew what would have come out of it, but we decided to give it a shot.


To this day, I have no idea how many parents irrationally let their young children overseas again. They put a lot of trust into their kid's hands, which only leaves tremendous respect and shows how courageous they are in their part. OK, let's continue with the story.


So my younger self was on the plane with my mom and everything seemed so easygoing and relaxing that I had not once thought about future obstacles, honestly. Today, I can only assume that I thought those were adult horror stories for children. So nothing to worry about right now. Well, a few hours forward, and I'm telling you, the feeling of an overwhelming tsunami started to finally hit me sheep. This is really happening.


Oh, boy, we barely entered the playground and I just started realizing what I had gotten myself into. And yes, I still question how persuasive and convincing I should have looked because my parents were entirely on board with the idea.


Jokes aside, my mom was coming back alone. There was one ticket, but my name was not on it and frankly, my name was somewhere. It was on one of the doors in the girls dorm.


And I kid you not my first time ever alone away from my country, language, culture and God, most importantly, my family.


And I'm assigned a triple if you ever had lived in the triple, and I don't mean privileged situation, I'm talking full on mortal combat experience with three girls in one room whom you have never met before.


Oh, they're also from different cultures and countries.


So, yeah, that applies. Funny enough, it wasn't the end of the roller coaster when my mom and I entered the room, the first thing we saw was four teenage girls on top of each other on a small bed. Don't get me wrong, they were having fun.


They probably played a game of to kill or kill me, but I had no sense of such game since I have missed my orientation. And, well, everyone had already met each other and were playing this particular killed me game. I wasn't aware of it and therefore was very confused as three dots.


If you thought my funny adventure of the day was over, you're very wrong, since I came later, I was the last to choose my bad, or instead I could say that I was left with a choice of placing myself until the last bed.


And guess what my winning spot was? Yep, a bunk bed. But I guess it was a double check because it was a level two baby. Or for those confused, I was sleeping on the upper part of the bunk bed.


I believe that waking up in the morning or going to pee in the middle of the night was something that I call probably Bettmann training because I have no idea how I managed not to fly from my bed and kiss the floor through my first year abroad.


Honestly, that's an achievement. And. To calm some of the listeners, I had a good relationship with my first international roommates, they're pretty cool. Of course, we had fun times and some arguments, but I was very welcomed and I was even looked after, especially my first nights in the girls dorm.


Unfortunately, some things have changed because one of our roommates moved in. Of course, because life wanted me to experience all this spicy isles, it was time to endure the definition of beef and also meet those people who thought they were nice butchers to create the best beef.


And funny thing, some of those butchers were vegans, but even nonetheless, they taught me something as well.


My first night was a hard one. I had hundreds of thoughts going through my mind and I was thinking if it was the best choice to make and whether I was able to withstand the struggles of being an international, you could say that internationals are like swimmers, but we are not swimming in a familiar lake or manmade pools.


Think bigger. It's a freaking ocean with life, sea creatures and no swim in nearby.


Also, imagine that these swimmers don't really know how to swim and as a result, some learn on the spot whilst learning an enormous amount of bitter and salty water, and others decide to have more preparations and they will be coming back later.


No shame in both their equally challenging.


When I woke up the next morning, my roomies asked if I wanted to go with them to grab some breakfast and maybe meet some people from yesterday.


Sure. I nodded my head. Give me 10 minutes.


I bet you're wondering if there were any tears involved during my first night. Some do cry and some hold.


Is back in the summer ready to start the game?


Hmm. I don't exactly remember, so I'll just leave it at that.


But the next time you see an international, give them a pat on the back, not because you pity them or feel sorry, but simply because they're cool peeps. Trust me, if you're lucky to get to know in international, you will definitely and definitely get free entertainment and education package with no loans or fees.


Trust me, who we don't buy. Well, at least not always. Thank you for listening to this episode, if you enjoyed spending your time with Swing with an international pedestrian podcast and we'd like to hear more of the content like this or even better. Please continue listening to us on whatever platform and share this podcast with your people or recommend it to those who might need it. I'm your host soon to be your favorite Ukrainian Urana till next time. And don't forget to breathe.


I'm going to go and get some more tea.