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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening whenever or wherever you listening to this and welcome to Swing with an international pedestrian podcast. I'm your host soon to be your favorite Ukrainian ironer. And today we will be actually all over the place.


First, I like to say hi, I know I haven't been updating the podcast as often as I would like to, and not only because what is happening outside and due to the quarantine and everything, but also because it takes a lot to make and record and just post an episode on a monthly basis.


And as you know, we might not know, my team is a team within one person, which is me, but not everything is bad and awful. Just takes a lot of time and right now, dedication as well.


So what I have been doing and I have not been slacking well sometimes, but that's, you know, that's needed.


And an episode worth of 30 minutes will be coming your way hopefully soon.


And it's about Animal Farm by George Orwell. And I'm not going to be reading the whole book.


Obviously, it's probably would be like an hour or so, although I know you would love to hear my beautiful Ukrainian accent, but but I'm actually going to be analyzing some of the key points from the book or off the book, because actually when I was reading it the last month or so, I have spotted some of the Ukrainian references to the historic events that George Orwell points out in his book.


And I was stunned that none of my friends who have read the book previously in their years and as you will be hearing in the episode about the book, I haven't really had an opportunity or a chance to flick through it before reading it or seeing the play, as I had discovered the Animal Farm animal.


But nonetheless, George Orwell actually references many Ukrainian historic events and many references to Ukrainian history. So I think it's going to be a fun episode to just listen to. And yeah, I think you're going to learn a lot as well, because you simply learn about the theme of Russian Revolution slowly. But actually it has a big role in this totalitarian story that he wrote.


Either way, yes, I am a being bad. That's why you might hear weird noises. And I am drinking some tea. Well, I'm not going to be making this a whole huge deal.


I guess the name of the episode, which I haven't come up with yet, but this is going to be something in terms of update and finding a new house.


And by that I mean we will be discovering the key points of or which house, as an international kid I would belong to, according to the sorting house, had a quiz that you can go and, you know, have that all Shabad done for you or I mean, you go through various questions and get your answers for life.


But I think that's going to be fun and it makes your references.


So I don't know.


I think it's pretty epic.


But also just a quick update, I guess not to make this episode too short. Some of the I mean, some of the recommendations I have for you guys.


As I said, I've been where I am not really sad, actually. I have been reading a lot and reading a lot is or just reading in general.


You don't have to read a lot.


I mean, either way, I think it's pretty dope to read a book or two if, you know, most of your TV shows either were canceled, some of the episodes did not air because of the quarantine or you just you know, you just want more stories to have in having a book is one of the ways to do so.


But either way, so as I said, I have read George Orwell's Animal Farm, which I would read five cats out of hand, no questions asked, brilliantly written, and it was just enjoyable to see the references.


I had a roller coaster of emotions and just spectacular drop.


The next one that I read was by Neal Shusterman, and it was it's called Sithe, if I'm pronouncing it correctly, which is basically about the time in history, in the future, I guess, when it says that there's no way to die anymore except through the organization of people who take lives because there's no place, there are no plagues, the deaths, a suicide is out of question.


Everyone just lives as long as they can.


And then, you know, a special people, a special type of people, I should say, with special permission, go around and just take a bunch of people. And it's a pretty good book. I liked it.


I would read it for cats, for sure, for show. And yeah, the writing was very smoothly done, which I really like first day.


And then you have two characters which you follow and they basically are students of this one death.


Man, I don't know, I guess I guess you should call him in death, but I don't know either way. It was a very good story. And if you want to hear more, just go and check it out.


And lastly, yesterday, I actually finished a book called Devil's Advocate by Andrew Niedermann.


And I think it was a pretty good book. Sometimes it was a bit slow paced and all.


So I would read it three point five stars, despite the fact that being it was pretty slow at some points, I would say that the ending was phenomenal.


I mean, phenomenal in the way that it was none of the ways I thought this would end. But devil's advocate, I think the plot speaks for itself.


It's about a young lawyer who gets into this company by chance in the way, and he goes through this journey of working for this law firm.


And it happens that he discovers that the cases that he works on are just madly monster like, and he's questioning whether it's OK to do so and whether he wants to see in the law firm and everything like that.


But besides that, there are multiple characters involved around him.


So it was a good read, too.


So I read it three point five kids, which is you cannot do that, OK, three cats and half of a canned food.


That's better because three point five cats that just didn't know we don't lock do not do this in our house. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.


I know people say anyway, but there's just some some in that, as you know.


I mean, let me ask you either way, um, I hope you enjoy what the madness I will be portraying next.


Twenty minutes, I think. I don't know. And if you like it, let me know.


I will be probably moving an account to Instagram because people were complaining that Facebook is too old of the platform and it's for old.


People apparently, I don't know, I live you know, I'm from Ukraine, apparently the time goes slower for us. So let me know what you think and share it with your people. Enjoy it and I'll see you next one t out.