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Oh, I need to create an account. Oh, my God. OK, let's do it.


OK, after we have done this and everything, we are OK, Marty, I've got everything and we are going to be sorting ourselves into some kind of house.


OK, let's get started.


So dawn or dusk, honestly, probably that's harsh because basically international students would usually go very late to bed and then wake up and around the school time because that's how we do it.


At least my experience when I was in high school and even some time in college, I would go to bed around two or one when I had something very, very specific to do. And then I would get up around, I don't know, I guess 18, 30, which is pretty normal. So what is more tragic? Dusk to dawn, you see the dusk when you go to bed. Now, when you start studying, you know what?


Let's go with the dusk.


But you see the dawn to dusk. Everything the is OK. So dusk or dawn? Dawn is when you almost are done with your homework and dusk is when you start your homework. So I guess I will be going with the dusk or the dawn to dusk or the dawn.


Oh the dusk or the doom. Honestly, it's a very hard choice. While I'm already struggling on this one, OK, I will be chosen, you know, on everything interesting happens at the dusk.


So we're going to go with that next question says which would you rather be liked, trusted, feared. And we'd imitated, praised, uh, related to an international student. I guess all international kids want to be liked, but the same time we're usually feared.


Honestly, my high school experience was that many domestic students were kind of afraid to talk to us. But this is not what we would like to be.


So I guess. Well, we can imagine. OK, you know what? Let's let's do this praised. And this is not really I mean, everyone kind of wants to be praised, I guess, in their own fantasy. But this is not what we're going to go with. Imitated. You cannot really imitate the accent I'm doing right now unless you are Ukrainian and even many other Ukrainians will have the same accent as I do.


Um, envied. Well, that kind of already happens. Feared, as I said, that's probably that's already there is a cultural shock is a thing for people I trusted. I think this is it's something that we aspire to aspire to be or liked. I guess it's between liked or trusted, because when it's better to be trusted or liked, I think, you know what we're going to go with trusted because it's easier to get into the circle of people you will be hanging out with.


Right. If you are trusted because you like you know, you can go to one party or whatever, but if you trusted, you can go to many. If you were attending Hogwarts, of course, which pet would you choose to take with you cats? Oh, you know what? I would go toads or owls. Oh, toad is a frog is a certain devil frog. You see, in real life, none of this would happen because you cannot have animals with you and for international kids, it's a huge commitment that we don't usually take on, even if we have our apartments, because what we do, you know, what will you do with that animal after you graduate like you have to leave it or how are you going to transport it?


And that's and that's a huge deal. Oh, that is hard. Um, I prefer cats, honestly, but from the international perspective, I think Owl is the best option because then it can fly.


I mean, it's it's a bit of a huge stretch, but at least it will be able to get to you. If you were doing Hogwarts, which, Pat, would you choose to take with you and we have various types of owls, a barn owl, a tawny owl, probably a snowy owl or screech owl or brown owl. Brown owl seems to be a bit big. So you won't put it in your suitcase or it won't fly that far screech owl.


It's cute, but it makes a lot of noise. Is hard to study with Snowy Owl. It's kind of cute, you know, Tawny Owl or Tony Tony or Tony Snow's Poletown. OK, either way, tiny owl. It is cute. If you could see what each of them does, that would be so much help. Abana Or you know what, for the best purposes of actually getting it back, I guess a barn hour would make the most sense, because if you like, it seems to be the best fit for flying across half of the world to actually get to you after you visit Hogwarts, because you're going to get that visa, you get to get that.


Everything OK? So we went with the barn owl. Which of the following would you most hate people to call you ignorant, selfish, ordinary, cowardly? Honestly, let's be honest. Ordinary is not even an option. As an international kid, you just walk in and everyone's like, where are you from that accident? And you're like, oh, OK, cowardly. I don't really I mean, if you travel half of the world in hopes of getting something out of it, I think you cannot be really called a coward.


So that's really not even. Applicable here, selfish, ignorant, I think. I think it's a very it's a very good point because some of the international kids rather stay in the group of people they know, a.k.a. their own ethnicity or nationality, citizenship or whatever, from their own country.


And many others do not have that opportunity because they're either singular example of where they're from or they just go and hang out with other people, which is really cool, too.


That's what I did. But which of the following would you most people, ignorant, selfish, cowardly?


You know what, I wouldn't care if people told me that I was selfish, apparently. People tell me that sometimes when they hear, especially when they're like, oh, you're the only kid. And they're like, you must be selfish and want whatever ignorant I think is between cowardly. And I think I would hate the word ignorant. I guess ignorant would be the word, because as international kids, you do so much to not only in go through the whole journey of getting back and forth between your house and where you studying, but also just the way how your family is, you know, um, how you trying to connect and have the connection, what kind of instrument most pleases your ear.


The piano, the drum, the violin, the trumpet, please.


In my ear, we had a couple of students from China who played the violin and that was interesting. It's a harsh instrument to also, you know what? We're going to go with piano. I think most of the people in the dorm that I've lived during my high school years, almost everyone played piano and they did so well. So I will be playing the piano.


If you could have any power, which would you choose the power to read minds or that that would be good for tests, the power to change the past, honestly, very tricky and probably not useful at all because everything has its beginning and its end. And no matter how you going to spin it, it's going to go there. The power of invisibility, sneaking into the polls and everything that's illegal, the power to speak to animals, all that cue the power of superhuman strength, the power to change your appearance at will.


Honestly, anyone from the girl's dorm could teach you how to transform yourself into anyone you want. So that's useless because I already have that power. OK, if you know people without power, you have that power, the power of supreme heat, of superhuman strength. We had tough boys who played American football back in the days, so don't need that already. Have that in my bag. The power to speak to animals. It's hard to talk to people.


You want me to talk to animals. Come on. The power of invisibility again, I think it's illegal. The power to change the past, the power to read minds. Honestly, as international kid, I think the knowledge is what we're looking for here. So reading minds would be you see the power to change the past if you went back and learned from it that be good. But then there is a word to change it. Right now I'm between the power to change the past and the power to read minds.


I think traveling to the past would actually give you a lot of knowledge. So despite the world having to change the past, I would just go to past to learn.


And that's what international kids do. You and two friends need to cross the bridge guarded by a river troll who insists on fighting one of you before he will let you all pass. Do you volunteer to fight attempt to confuse the troll into letting all three of you pass without fighting? So just that all three of you should fight without telling the troll. So just drawing lots to decide which of you will fight.


The last one is an interesting option, which we're not going to go with anything no one would agree to this suggestion to fight three of us would fight also is. Well, let me see.


Sometimes there was so much confusion in the dorms that it's so funny that I think it's our superpower, so we just going to attempt to confuse the trope into letting all of three of you pass without fighting be like you see us. I'm not going to even go into. But if you have a right person to talk to the troll that he's going to troll himself, that's the way to go. That's that's a way to go. Plus, you have so many various cultures that you have so many strategies and one halleluja says we're going to go with that.


Left or right, which one is to decide, so the right has this figure of, you know, a hand pointing on right and has a red color behind it and on the left has a left hand pointing with the white background on it or behind it.


I should say it honestly, we always want to be right. So we're going to go with the left and we got the sorting hat is ready to make its decision. I am OK. It's nerve racking. And we are I swear we are raving claw. I mean.


With learning wisdom, honestly, I thought we would go onto a path of Gryffindor, right? I thought we would go there.


We're so courageous. Come on. The message from your prefect. Fun fact. I used to be a prefect at my high school dormitory, and it was it was a memory to hold. Congratulations. I'm perfect. Robert Hillard, and I'm delighted to welcome you to Rezvan Clubhouse. Our emblem is the Eagle, which soars where others cannot climb or house colors are blue and bronze. Oh six bronze for international kid. Your parents are not going to like that.


In our common room is found on the top of the tower behind a door with an enchanted knocker. Safety first. That's true, but International's the arched windows said into the walls of our circular common room. Look down at the school grounds, the lake, the forbidden forest and the Quidditch pitch and the herbology garden. No other house in the school has such stunning views. I mean, the point is, I understand why the forbidden forest will be next to the dormitory with internationals, because probably most of them are not going to even step into the forest.


But at the same time, there's so many adventurous internationals that you will be amazed. So the stereotype of us being like very nerdy is true. But at the same time, there's this rebellious side of us and some people are just rebellious, you know, um, that I don't even know, like, OK, thank you.


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Either way, I hope you enjoyed this little and quick thing that we have done here. The second part was more fun than the previous, I guess. And if you liked it. Well, I am flattered and glad that you did. And if you'd like to hear more, just continue watching. If you to share it with your peeps, go check out other episodes. Hit me up with ideas on Facebook. I know, I know. I'll have to make an Instagram account because Facebook is too old for some of you.


But nonetheless, I hope you enjoy to stay healthy, stay charmed, stay awesome and don't forget to breathe peace out.