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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening whenever or wherever you are listening to this, and welcome to Swing with an international pedestrian podcast, I'm your host soon to be your favorite Ukrainian Urana. And hey, guys, it's been a while. I know it has been a long minute, but I am back. I have some time to record. And I kind of have been nudged on by my anthropologist friend who you have seen or heard of in the previous episode.


Plus something else which is very crucial has happened over the past month.


And that is, I think, but by the grace of universe and just you know, the universe has heard me because in my last episode I was talking about how Halsy has this amazing album, the deluxe version. And one of the songs that just took away everything was I am not mad anymore. And guess what? The universe indeed has heard me because now it's it can be streamed on Spotify and on other platforms, which are very, very happy for everyone who was not able to hear the song.


And it's just such a catch.


So thank you, Halsy. Thank you, Universe. I mean, I'm not going to be, like, humbling myself. I'm thinking that she heard the episode. She was like, hey, let's just make that one Ukrainians all more happy. But nonetheless, I was very happy. Now I can stream the best show out of it and be very happy myself. So without further ado, let's get back on track and on track by on track.


I mean, basically our little magical house segment that was going on for some time.


So we as a group have discovered our house, which is Raven Klaw, then we had our wand and now the last thing that is left to discover, which is kind of like I said, this is going to be the last part of the, you know, the segment or the show.


But it is our patron account and that is coming soon. But in seriousness, because I Potter has probably going to like Stoebe in some. Duty, but our Patronus and if it's not a patriot, I don't know. But either way, let's get started.


So before we discover our Patronus, they say that it's better with headphones. Obviously, I'm not going to do that because copyright copyrighter, whatever. But we see this deer that's like shining, glowing Chernobyl style. And we have from Rima's slippin. I hope I'm pronouncing that right.


But he says the Patronus is kind of position a positive force projection cannot see because of the trees. OK, you know what? The quote is gone.


So all it says right now is discover your Patronus. You can only discovery your Patronus once the questions are tied. Oh, my God. Go with your instincts. You see, I hate when it's time because what if I choose the wrong thing? What if it's not the representation of international student? I need time to think. Why should it be like time? It's not high school. It's not university. God, it's not even in kindergarten. So like hello but OK, I guess I'll be judgmental.


Let's begin. Relax. Think of your happiness. Happiest memory. OK, as an international student, there's a ball that's just like circling through the woods, which is pretty cool. I mean it's pretty atmospheric but oh it was weather, glitter, shine or glow. I would say that I glow.


I know what we're going to redo this because that's really not fair. I couldn't even think, OK, so I guess I'm not going to be talking or whatever.


That was so true. It was like, hello, your happiest memory from being an international kid.


How can I decide whether it was glow, shine or whatever that was like the.


OK, we go through that moment. Come on, come on, come on, it's a pretty I think it's the best segment of all because it's because you have those like, you know, cute things in the tree, the radiative but gorgeous dear. But OK, let's get started. And if I will have to elaborate on some of my answers later, I will, if not unlike YOLO and just, you know, have have a conversation with Pottermore because they have the time.


And clearly I'm not the best of that. But let's begin.


OK, OK. We have to relax. Think of our happiest memory. I mean, potentially my happiest memory. It was it was a good time. It was when I went to state, it was a pretty good one. A thorn, a leaf, a blade, definitely a blade, because I got some sharp knowledge out of that. And that's God bless.


One of the greatest things I achieved or had an opportunity to achieve.


Smooth, rough. It was definitely rough at some key points. I met some judgmental people for sure, but they have taught me a lesson or two that cannot be taught through books for sure. Thing sense.


You think, baby? No one's going to. I mean, if you know an international kid, we probably think most of the time rather than feel because many cultures proceed to have that. I saw a car or it might have been a fang.


Keep going. OK, great.


Together. Alone, I would say alone, whatever.


There were many prepared to meet your Patronus. Oh wow. OK, so I said alone because most of the time I would be my room and which is kind of like not really.


Oh love, trust, hope.


I would say trust is the biggest one I trust in my abilities and in my people that I've studied with, because it wouldn't have been the same without them for sure, but the same time I studied alone a lot.


So it's like, OK, click and drag to release for your Patronus. OK, let's click and drag because apparently like there's going to be time stuff and I really don't want them to you know. Oh some fluffy stuff.


You Patronus is hair on.


You probably can hear my laptop, but it's heroin, it's like a bird. Oh, so pretty. OK, so there is no definition whatsoever of what that means or. OK, great. So let's return to our profile. So again, no explanation like the last time with the wand Haren have not even a deer like is there even an explanation.


Hello. No. OK, so what are we going to do in an old fashioned way. The same way we had to do with a freaking wand that no one uses in the book is how low and kids are not in there.


But while I'm going to search for this Patronus and maybe find some Patrón named Heren, but what is the rarest Patronus albatross?


OK, I guess Putterman people would know that, huh? That is a very. Interesting. OK, so. Ago, not dotcom, that's what we're going to go and get our info. Wow, it's finally here what we've been waiting for, we have been waiting. Oh, no, honey, OK, we need H for Airness. Is the press Aeron? Oh, my God, let me see if I. Can you imagine if I was pronouncing that wrong and saying, look, I went to have a good education here, I cannot even pronounce that.


We probably don't pronounce age, you know what?


What's. OK, hijras, hang around, let's go. OK. Wow, that was loud here and, oh, OK, so I was right. OK, thank you lady.


So hÉireann so in the magonet dotcom, the definition of Heren is the hÉireann is known for its outstanding determination and intelligence.


OK. Hello. Hello. Hello. It's pretty accurate.


Herron's live in three elements water, earth and air. Cellino Fire revealing that the animal appreciates diversity.


OK, you know what? We've been hitting every single aspect of Raven Clore the Wanderer.


I don't know if I can remember the name, but it was like very light for intelligent people like the diverse and et cetera, et cetera. Now, even with Patronus, you know, our patron is pretty strong, diverse. Sadly, no fire element. I mean, I love my areas out there. How is everyone doing? The sages are cool too. OK, so if international kids here on animal appreciates animal that appreciates diversity, you have a mind like no other in work.


And whatever you were working on until you've finished, that is definitely true. At one point my senior year I've been struggling of my high school career. I've been struggling so much.


The first a couple of weeks I had like three AP classes, which is pretty low for me and I wouldn't really go to bed till 4:00 in the morning.


And I was so mad at myself. I still remember that I would go shower at four in the morning, which is crazy, and I would be so mad at myself because I was like, well, what's the point?


Even to go and have some sleep, you know, three hours, like not going to save me.


And I would be so mad for training two weeks of the beginning of my senior year in high school. And then I just like went to my advisor and I was like, I cannot do this. I need to drop one of my classes because that was just like, you know, sucking the soul out of me. Like, what's the name, like a dementor.


You know, I was lifeless. I wasn't as happy as I wish I could have been. But I just I certainly knew that I needed to do something.


And that was one of the things that I decided to do and I went for it.


But despite the fact that, you know, I had to do that, it is true that I would still sit in my room, stick my booty to the chair to like, you know, and just focus.


And many international kids do that. It can be your booty can be in the living room of the dorm or you can be in the living room of your, you know, homestay, family apartment. So it doesn't really matter. But if you have that focus and determination that many international kids do, we're not going to talk about the party animals that I have also invested my time to know, to get to know them to their political people as well.


But the very you know, the very focused one hour I applaud to them.


And lastly, it says that and of course, this is J.K. Rowling's own Patronus.


You shake it up or offer whatever direction you'd like to.


So you should be sure of this animal's respect, beauty and loyalty. I mean, you know what I am?


I was like, what is hÉireann in the beginning? But right now I'm feeling pretty, pretty, you know, cool, collected, calm that. Yes, definitely describes an international kid.


Again, disclaimer I should have probably put it in the beginning that it doesn't really represent everyone.


And as I said, we're pretty diverse from the Pirate Party animal to, you know, having your booty stuck to the chair kind of and, you know, shy or extroverted or introverted person like it's many of us.


But we represent water, earth and air and fire sometimes comes out, you know, somewhere, somewhere, those party occasions that I believe that I had myself. But, well, we're not going to talk about that. Oh, yeah. Well, that is pretty much it.


That's kind of sad that that is the end of our little magical house tour.


We have our hair on.


Um, you know, we have a wand and we have our house and and that's what matters.


So congratulations to everyone who listen to it. I hope you enjoyed listening to this little segment.


I you know what?


I thought about it and I talked about it to Anthropologist's, who's a very good friend of mine. Hello.


I definitely tell her that I will be featuring her on my podcast and, you know, just giving a shout out from time to time.


But she really did encourage me to go with this. Quiz thing, and I probably will be looking for some other things related to movies, books.


I don't know some other mainstream media that I could just like, you know, take a test.


From international student perspective, it was a bit short, but I bet I made it like a 20 minute cut knowing me. But, yeah, I hope you enjoyed it.


I hope everyone is safe and it's good to be back for editing this.


It's going to be probably a hustle, but I am really, really glad I. I got a chance to just sit and relax.


It's my senior year of college, I mean, the university college, whatever. And that has been tough too.


But I think I might have an episode on how to go through that struggle. When you're writing a thesis, you have to keep up with, you know, some of the classes, homework. But yeah, again, thank you so much for listening.


And stay calm. Stay healthy.


Don't forget to breathe and to out. Right.