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I know what it is, you can compare ones to phones, like, for example, is it going to be an Apple wand, Samsung wand, Nokia wand, highway wand, just a wand. Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, whenever or wherever you listening to this, for example, I'm doing this from a being back right now, but that's not the case. And welcome to Swing with the international pedestrian podcast host, soon to be your favorite Ukrainian, Yelena.


And today, we will be continuing our journey of houses questions just Harry Potter world, that Hogwarts international lifestyle that we did not really see or we saw, I don't know. We read I did not really read Don't Hate Me. But I mean, I also didn't grow up with the Nickelodeon, Disney and all of that. So my hands are up.


Either way, before getting back, as I promised, since at least one person told me that they were super excited about the previous episode and they were like, yes, queen, you snap it with your teeth and weird, whatever thing you do. And I was like, you know what, I'm cool with that.


It's really cool that. Therefore, without further ado, let's get into this, but before we get into this further ado and the whole Shabaz, I was thinking that we should discover what a natural thing an international student is.


And do not get me wrong, I went to the best source ever. And no, it's not a big pedia. It's BuzzFeed quizzes. So I will be taking on the challenge of taking this quiz and not go crazy. And the name of it is which amazing natural phenomena are you? And as an international kid, I would say that your freaking tsunami, because sometimes when we are in the house, you know, we are there with our accent.


There are gorgeous eyes and flip over here. And sometimes you have no idea that we are coming because, you know, some of us aren't introverts. So we are just like tsunami, you know, sometimes clear, sometimes not sometimes here and sometimes not. So let's get started.


Are you an introvert or extrovert, mostly extrovert, introvert? Definitely introvert, mostly introvert, extrovert.


God, I love my accent, though there is no option of being like half and half, which is what we usually are. Um, but let me see and mean when I say we I guess specifically know what I'm going to be referencing to myself, because haters out there but hate only positive energy, only all colors of spectrum.


And what is spectrum either way. So before I get into this philosophical thing, I would say that most of us are extroverts, mostly extrovert.


It's not really there, but it's out there. I mean, if you are traveling halfway through across the world and you meet so many people, I think you can say to the mostly extrovert, because you and even if you don't want to be, you have to be.


We're going to go with that, though. Yes. What kind of music do you like most? How is that applicable indie pop rock alternative? You see, I saw alternative and I was like, it's natural. It's unusual. It's all alternative.


So we're going to go with that. What's your Hogwarts house? I mean, we all know that a raven can't get your claws out. You see, that's the point.


We can fly.


We can call someone's eye out, just the whole bunch of spectrum. You can just stigmatize us, I guess. What's your style like? Practical and sleek, polished, fun and eccentric, slowey and casual. How can you be slow in casual? Isn't it like the opposite words?


You know what? We hear all of those things. Fun and eccentric, polished, practical and sleek.


You see, I am going between practical and sleek, if you know that the second you see that one ninety nine dollars for the purchase, not only you have to convert to your own money, but you also have to, you know, add that extra couple of cents because taxes and sleek, I mean we can squeak into the class and you won't even know that we are from a different country because unless we speak you won't even know. And some people, you know, don't even have that much of an accent like me when, you know, I'm actually studying and practicing.


And we're going to go with practical and sleek.


We we are know what slowly flowing casual sounds good to me.


Do you enjoy include anything with my friends, listening to music, reading anything that gets my heart pumping, hiking, biking, photography, etc., listening to music and reading is too much of an obvious choice. So anything with my friends, that's good, too. But their stories where some of the kids are actually struggling to find those people that they would like and they would like to hang out with. So that's a huge issue as well. Anything that gets my heart pumping, I think anything that gets my heart pumping is the best neutral way right now.


And I'm not saying to say that international students are neutral in the way, but, man, this can go in the various spectrum. If you have the book and you sniff it and you're like, yes, that's what I want to do on my Saturday night. And if you want to go sniff a flower in the garden, that's totally cool, too. Like a Saturday, like, you know, jogging situation or just walking with your friends, you know, through the garden, sniffing the flowers, having the fresh air in.


Or you can do other things like party with your friends, with t your friend would describe you as focused wild friends. Questionmark. Funny. Hmm. I would say focused because the amount of time that I study and fun story, which is going to be like very, very short, just one, two sentences. My roommate would always tell me how much I study, which is a prawn and a corn itself. But she would be saying, like, I have no idea how you manage to do that.


That's like crazy is in your brain just pumping out.


No, like, I don't know, years of litigation, meditation, tea and fear of failing.


That's what it gets.


So we're going to stay focused, although some of us are wild, wild kids. But focusing is one of the major things.


Dirty thunderstorm, it is insulting. At the same time, it's cute, which is almost like a tsunami, but not really. But again, we have neutral, we have thunderstorm, which is cool respect, and then we have dirty, which is again, I think it's spot on.


A dirty thunderstorm is lightning. No way. Really in an eruption cloud from a volcano. I'm telling you, we might be sleeping in the library, you know, like you won't see us or whatever. And then boom and the party, you see us flashing through like a fucking lightning. Aha. And volcano. Yeah. Wow. I didn't know that you could describe an international in so many ways which. OK, so let's continue from a volcano, which is to say you're one wild and we love you for it.


That's so sweet of you. There's really no other way to describe you than loud, proud and punk LP you for shirt.


You tend to be impulsive and like to live a life of pure excitement. Yeah, ok, I'll take it. I mean, let's be honest, BuzzFeed has many good quizzes and this one probably did not have a tsunami. So dirty thunderstorm will probably be the closest. Again, neutrality is what we're looking for because if you have an international friend, I think it's a good balance. You know, it's like white and black. We just balance things out.


And if we not, then we'll.


Oh, I hope you very much understood that this is almost like a bell to the class because we're getting back at Hogwarts, getting our favorites in. So you know what? Let's just pick our wand before we pick her up. Patronus and Patrón is where we need to know what we can defend ourselves with. I know what it is. You can compare ones to phones like, for example, is it going to be an Apple wand, Samsung wand, Nokia wand, highway wand, just a wand.


I'm hoping for Samsung or Apple or anything. You know what? I hope for anything. Even a wand will be cool. Many international kids have different phones, although primarily some of them, when they come into the states and depending on their budget, would get an iPhone straight away with the plan and everything. But, man, I'm wondering what kind of wand we will be getting today. Let's discover wound. Welcome to all of India's markets of fun, one since three eighty two B.C. to ensure we find the perfect one for you, it's very important that you answer the following seven questions.


Honestly, how can you not tell me? How can you not knowing that I am solely honest with you taking the sip of courageous butter beer that is not buttery but courageous butter tea. First of all, would you describe yourself as average height, short or tall, again, natural neutral. Average height? I think comparing it's like, why does it matter? You know, whatever height, I'm not super tall, but not super short. And most of the people that I know are pretty depending on the country.


It varies, especially the regions and Tricia's portion of it, whether, you know, like, for example, if tragic events of hunger, of course, their height is going to be shortened and depending what nutrients they had also will vary in their height in the future of their generations. But either way. And your eyes, dark brown, black, gray, hazel, green, blue, green, blue, brown, blue, gray or other gray.


Sounds like a great color. You know, blue, green, sounds like a great color. And blue gray. Sounds like a great color. So because we're going to go with my eyes, there's no green gray option. So I guess I would say blue green. But the same time it's like green gray. What are you talking about. That's like crazy. You know what? We're just going to go with green because green is the color of nature and nature is nurture and it's natural and it's neutral.


So we're going to go with green.


Do you most pride yourself on your determination, resilience, originality, kindness, imagination, intelligence, optimism?


Obviously not musical skills, determination is something that. Wow, OK, resilience, hmm, intelligence is very true. Resilience is very true. Originality. Mm. Priding ourselves, priding of being original is a bit too much. Not everyone is kind, obviously imagination. It's cute, but I'm optimistic, more pessimistic. You know what determination is something that every single international kid would have determination in going to high school somewhere abroad or determination of switching and putting a spell on your parents so you would not go, hey, determination is a key point in here.


Traveling alone down a deserted road, you reach a crossroads. Do you continue left towards the sea, ahead towards the forest, right towards the castle, because we are traveling a lot consistently through various oceans. Let's go to left towards the sea. Of course, we have the question about the fear.


Do you most fear, fire, isolation, small spaces, darkness, heights?


I think isolation is one of the biggest ones, because especially when a student travels and you have to go through customs. And I have that happen once to me a couple of times, actually. And when the officer checks your information and you're just standing there and you're like, God, please let me look sleek. I haven't done anything wrong. Please, God. And then they, you know, they pyncheon information that check your information. And when you hear them saying, ma'am, please step, step to the side and they have their hand like, you know, like welcome to Las Vegas, but you're definitely not going to Las Vegas, you're going to step aside where the line is and you're going to go to the place where the offices and where they check your information more specifically and in depth, where you cannot use phone.


So that's like, oh, that's scary. When I have that first happen to me, I was freaking out. I was shocked. I was in isolation, basically. And you said there was a bunch of people who some of them did not have permission to come to the US. So the officer is asking them, why have you done so? Why haven't you resolve the issue previously with the judge and you like?


I'm just here to study it, and that's what it is. Isolation is it's it's a scary place that I hope, you know, that doesn't have happened to people. Also, have you documents have everything prepared? And if you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. But sometimes it happens. And specifically for the reasons of security, I definitely understand. But it does not cut out the place where it's fearful.


It's fear some definitely in a chest of a magical artifacts. Which would you choose? Silver Dagger. Golden key. Dusty bottle, ornate mirror, glittering jewel. Black glove, found scrawl. Silver Dagger is cute and sexy and everything and good for protection. Golden key. I don't know what it leads to and I don't want to have it on me or ordinate mirror can break bad luck out of the question.


Dusty bottle. I don't drink and international kids are not supposed to drink until the twenty one so that's not a glittering jewel. I like my bling bling and everyone I think likes bling bling. But can you use it.


Black glove. Very mysterious. Something that many of the international kids are or bound scrawl between Silver Dagger and Bounce all. We're going to go for knowledge and turn to intelligence, wisdom, wit and everything to bounce scrawl it is. OK, so we got a real one word with a unicorn hair core 10, three fourths and reasonably supple flexibility. OK, and that's it doesn't even tell me what it is you what let's search it, because I am a bit pissed right now and don't let that dirty thunderstorm come out because we'll snatch the wig or someone's wand.


No one even knows. OK, I came to Pottermore wiki and let's see, Rowan Wood is one of the words used to make WANs. Thank you very much. Ruwan Wood has always been much favorite for Rohn's because it repu to be more protective than any other and in my experience, renders all manner of defensive terms especially strong and difficult to break. Hmm.


It is commonly stated that new dog, witch or wizard ever owned a real one wand. And I cannot recall a single instance where one of my own over one once has gone on to do evil in the world. Wow. This is so promising. Thank you, Lord. Ruwan is most happily pleased with the clear headed and the pure hearted, but this reputation for virtue ought not to fool anyone. These ones are the equal of any often the better and frequently outperform others in duels.


This quiz was on point. If I if if there's a phrase back at home, if you're having your chin very up and you're looking down on people, if I were like that in some of the Internet, when kids are like that and there's like this perspective that we have this image of looking down on people with our chins up, this would be like, yeah, we always win the duels, but I'm not going to do that, although I kind of do it.


So I'm. Yeah, oh, well, there are currently no characters known to have used real one, and you know why? Because dirty thunderstorm has not been portrayed in J.K. Rowling's book. There was no international kid. So no wonder I guess it's really hard to get into the university or the world that J.K. Rowling created. There are no visas, you know, everyone just staying in their places, I guess, huh? Well, good to know.


Thank you. Pottermore wiki. I knew I can rely on you.


Well, you and I have learned a couple of things. So next time you see an international kid, just yell out, hey, dirty thunderstorm, please do not do that. Please do not do that. I am joking. But jokes aside, dirty thunderstorm and roon wand happens to be our two items and that we collectively have discovered about international kids. Wow, what a good notion. Also, I was looking through quizzes just around the Internet about what type of international student you are.


And there weren't many. There was one and it was pretty sloppy and sloppy. So I didn't do that for today. But I am very much grateful for you to listen to go on to this journey with me. Here's some funny stories and some funny references. And the last thing that is left to know is our patron or our Patronus. It's pretty.


It's really, you know what my one would be out of. I don't even know. I guess it's wrong. No one would indeed. Well, thank you guys for listening to me. I hope you enjoyed the journey that we've been through on through and beyond, underneath and above. I hope you are excited for the third part as I am, to complete this Pottermore series that I have started on this podcast. And let me know, are there any other quiz related, something like this thing that I could do from the international perspective and share this.


Give it a like, give it a read. Give it a listen. I mean, obviously would be weird, but thank you for listening. Stay awesome.


Don't forget to breathe and t out Dunedoo wrote it and and and don't go to the Christmas music. Huh.