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Hi, it's Frieda Pinto with Ted Talks Daily, and I want to invite you to join Countdown, Ted's new global initiative to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.


I am so excited to be part of Countdown. Now, here is a talk from the countdown global launch event given by Al Gore and four climate activists in many Florida, Nana Ferman, Gloria Kusang, Bullis and Tim Guinee. To hear more of these ideas and get involved, check out Countdown Ted Dotcom and subscribe to the Countdown podcast forever.


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Hello, everyone, I'm Al Gore, founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project. This extraordinary moment of great challenge and great loss is obviously also a moment of great awakening and a great opportunity for the global pandemic, structural and institutional racism with its horrific violence, the worsening impacts of the climate crisis. All of these have accelerated the emergence of a new and widespread collective understanding of our connection to the natural world, the consequences of ignoring science and our sacred obligation to build a just society for all.


The Climate Reality Project trains thousands of climate leaders around the world in all one hundred and ninety five nations to advocate for a future humanity deserves. You're about to hear from four very different people who've gone through this week long training and hear how they've been inspired to act. I want to let them speak for themselves, beginning with Minna Lauria.


Jimena is working in Central America to influence public policy and develop young leaders, she's given presentations on climate of thousands of people and is now created her own NGO. My name is Kim Imodium from Costa Rica in Athens, and that two thousand 16 training in Houston, Texas, after training my life change completely. I found it I need to hold. My job has been focused on four main people since U.S. and climate change. So point of incidence in foreign policy and development of young leaders in environmental matters from having more than one hundred and fifty presentations on the climate crisis and solutions reaching personally more than thirteen thousand five hundred people.


And I am also proud of being part of the Costa Rica delegation to go fifty five in Spain last December. Nana Ferman, born in Indonesia, is a climate advocate extraordinaire and calls herself a daughter of the rainforest, Nana is the Muslim coordinator for Green Faith and co-founder of the Global Muslim Climate Network.


My name is Monofilament and I am a climate reality leader. In my life journey, I realized that our behavior and consumption habits have contributed in environmental degradation and have resulted in global warming. However, I believe that people grow spiritually through a strong relationship with the Earth. Being born in the rainforest region of Sumatra. I believe in the power of our forests as the natural solution to our climate crisis by giving indigenous peoples and traditional communities more rights to protect and manage the forests where they live.


Now, more than ever, it is time for us to put climate justice at the forefront and centre of our struggle. In the Kaduna region of northern Nigeria, they call Gloria Kasongo bullous, the queen of the climate crisis. Gloria has also founded a Kaduna based NGO that is focused on education, empowerment and climate.


My name is good. I came across a climate reality training. I applied for it in 2017 and that helped me to be able to build my capacity afterwards.


And they speak of my passion in climate action. I'm really very proud of some of my teammates and one of my teammates is reaching out to children. I know that she is bringing the media together to talk about climate change and what's in the discussions on climate change. Some works that I have done around climate change that really makes me proud of the cemetery and its leader and a climate activist.


Tim Guinee is a firefighter in New York and is also the chairperson of the Climate Reality Project's Hudson Valley Catskills chapter. He and his chapter have secured commitments from over 100 businesses, schools and cities to adopt 100 percent renewable energy.


My name is Tim Guinee. I'm a proud member of the Climate Reality Project on September 10th, 2001. That night, I went on a ride along with my friend Captain Paddy Brown, who was the most decorated firefighter in the history of New York City firefighting and the incredible crew of Truck three and around. And on 637 in the morning, I went home and a little while later they got the call and responded to the World Trade Center and they went up the stairs and none of them ever came back.


Now, I don't know if they had known what was going to happen, whether they would have done it or not. That's all speculative. But what I do know is they stepped forward into their destiny.


I think the climate crisis has some things in common with that moment. None of us would have asked for the climate crisis to have been put on our doorstep, but it is it's here. This is our historical reality. And we have a choice to make our destiny is to decide whether we're going to respond to the climate crisis or whether we're going to pretend that it's not happening, deny it. I think this is our moment of destiny. And I hope you'll decide to take part in the fight against the climate crisis because we need you.


Four people, four stories of success and change, use your voice, find your power, find your passion, don't let this extraordinary moment pass. Together, we can ensure that this will mark the beginning of a healthy, just and sustainable future for all. Ted talks daily, is hosted by me, Elise Hu, and produced by Ted, the music is from Allison Layton Brown. In our Mixu is Christopher Fazi Bogon.


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