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Instead, to Johnny's podcast, to Johnny's podcast, to Johnny's part in the podcast. Hello, hello, hello, welcome to the two Johnnys podcast, bringing you all the major news from the world of the two journeys. I'm Johnny B.. I'm Johnny Cmax. Welcome to podcast. One hundred and fifty five coming to you like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.


Here's Johnny on this week's podcast.


We chat to the man who taught the public about farm machinery terminology. Thanks to his song. It did. If we catch up with Marty Moon High, he claims that he can lead it and he claims he can. First of all, 30 yards and people used to come from all around to watch him fisting Noel for long. We'll be here with the news.


She wants to be Philomena Begley when she grows up.


Maureen is here with her mystery topic and as traditional as your manager, making you run laps or being late to train.


And even though your manager is your father and he drove you to training on your own after podcast with our yards.


And so we before commence and we proceed and stall matters arising from last week's podcast.


Yes, Mr. Chairman, Patty's going to get us started by packing up them steps back in 2007 in the lovely, innocent county at Tipperary.


Just to give a bit of background, I was in college at the time and had managed to get tickets to the All Ireland final between Cork and Kerry with a few of the lads.


Our right trip was planned after the final, but alas, it was not to be me. Old boy rang me in the morning of the final, asking me to take Monday off college and do a run in the lorry for him from Cork on Monday morning as one of the boys was off.


Needless to say, I was raging, but I said I would after the final, hung around for a while, but then decided to head back to Cork as I was delivering early Monday morning.


Right. We're all on board with the story so far. On the way down, traffic was mental after the final. And as I was out in the Saturday night, I didn't get much sleep. I decided to pull in at the Herzen Jockey for the night, which is in TYP, and we'll go for the rest of the way in the morning. I was sleeping away in the cab when about 1:00 in the morning this car horn started blowing. I convinced myself that it was just the DTD from Saturday night shenanigans at home and Monan.


Then at three in the morning, the same crack started again. Only this time I woke up and could see car lights shining through the front curtains of my lorry. I looked out the window and there was a lady who I'd say was about 40 in a relatively new Pursat. She looked very legit and I thought, fuck that. I blocked someone's driveway when I packed up. So I quickly got dressed, went out to the woman and asked, am I blocking you getting in or what?


She replied, Do you want a blowjob?


This she's a sinister turn.


I was kind of stunned and replied, No, no, I'm alright for that switch. She just put up the window and sped off. I was standing at the side of the road wondering, did that just happen? I was woken up I that much that I decided to drive on to Cork, figuring out what had just happened. That was right. But the old bell rang me the next morning and said to me, You had a visitor last night.


I was like, how the hell do you know? Put his mobile number was printed on the side of the lorry and new one rang him thinking she'd get whoever was sleeping inside the cab. Instead, she got the old boy who was sleeping at home beside my mother and was asking him in a lovely tone, Are you lonely in there?


After the cab? I said, she knows your father's number off of her life. Oh, my God. That's I've Paddy.


Almost scary. On last week's topic boy bands, one listener got in touch and said, I once met Robbie Williams whilst working in the jeoffrey in Heathrow Airport Terminal one. And when I say met, I mean, I kinda abused him the day before it was announced that he left, that we were stacking the shelves. And when I came out of the storeroom to my work, buddies were staring down the shop floor when I joined them. And here was Mr Williams walking towards the tills with two hundred fags when he got to the till I called out.


I look it's the geezer for me. Seventeen.


He threw fifty pound on the counter, turned to me and showed Chatwood back baschiera the next day. It was all over news that he left here. That and I was getting the blame from all my colleagues. But worse than that, the girl on the till got twenty seven pound tip for the cheque for the change Robbie didn't want. She didn't even share it.


The bitch he wanted it to intentionally leave her a tip or did he just want to get out of the shop as quickly as possible. This is a combination of both his his fuck you was like look at me. I just left the twenty seven point it.


Yeah, that's more than you getting an hour you bollocks chiffonade. Saying the podcast about boy bands reminded me of the time I met two members of a very famous Irish boy band. One night myself and two of my friends were heading out and saw a few people on Snapchat had Sophies up with the members of this band and one of the bars in town.


I'm not going to name him because he doesn't come off the best ashamedly. Come on, you can teasers you got these correspondents on.


We all got excited and decided we go to the bar so we could possibly meet him. We spotted him, plucked up the courage to go and ask him, could we get a photo? We went up, told him about how much we love to buy, and then ask, could we get a photo with him? And he said, fuck off.


We stood there in shock for a second, unsure if he was joking or not, but he was being deadly serious.


I understand he's probably been plagued the whole night by everyone in the bar, and that probably happens to him every night he goes out. But I don't think it was right to him to tell us to fuck off when we were just trying to be nice. Not a great impression, to be honest. A few years later, I got a job in the customer service desk, in a hardware shop in town.


And this same boy band member came in one day wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and a dark hoodie with the hood up over his cap.


My colleague was serving him while I stood beside her sorting returns and she started kicking me behind the desk to get my attention. I looked at him with the disguise on. I had to try my best to hold in the laughter and one of my colleagues saw my reaction. We were bored trying so hard not to laugh, and he even made it funnier.


I thought the transaction was never going to end and I was going to be from holding the laughter, the funniest bit. No one was paying any heed to him whatsoever. He's from the town. He grew up there. No one cares that he was in the shop.


Like my colleagues also said, he was very dry with her and didn't say thank you or Anton. A few months after that, I served a different member of this boyband and had the complete opposite experience. He was very nice, chatted to me about the weather and all that shade, what shift I was on, very polite guy.


He was so normal I didn't even realize it was keen Egan from Westlife until he walked away. And another one of my colleagues asked me, did I realize that was Quini?


I was thinking, where do I know him from the whole time I was serving him? Just thought he was some regular customer. But the way he was talking to me so casual, I still can't believe how different the experiences were between the two members. And I still can't believe I didn't recognize Koeneke and either missed my chance to get a forward him in a lovely work uniform now.


So I listen, I'm no detective. So in Westlife is a prick.


Yeah, I someone it's one of the Slagle base. Yeah.


So McCrohan, yeah, but now it's not Neki, probably not because, you know, on Dobbyn, yeah, MacFadden like, you know, he's he's back, I don't know, he's Dublin or he's Dublin.


Yeah. So it has to be on the Schlager base and it's knocking egin so Mac. No I knock at the door.


Listen allegedly and allegedly I talked to Markle's in New York. Should this could have been 20 years ago, but you're saying Johnny B. he said, oh yeah, I lied the last time I was in Sligo. And he came up to me and said. Sinn Fein forecasts sound OK. He specifically said it's OK, I was like he started saying he knew the West and he was like, he's got the gay background and a young lad from Sligo. I got through a few rounds of Britain's Got Talent.


Right. And Sinn Fein looked after them, brought them over, got them to meet people, he was excellent class. OK, so I thought I need an anecdote about Mark real quick.


OK, well, Mark was a guest on The Tonight Show with Brendan O'Connor, and he was very nice. So I was thinking it was the other lad Bush anyway, like maybe that I just called him in a bad night. Let's just say it's MacFadden, right?


OK, once I was in your tip songs and then one time I was player manager of the junior BS and we got beaten and it's so final. And just as the whistle went, I was sickened and young. I'd come over and was like, can I get for it?


And I was like, I wish you could just fuck off there. And for a while I get you to me.


And about four years later, his motor came up to me in a night out and ate me at me.


So that's I've never refused, of course, since then. Yeah. I've never, ever refused for ever. So yeah.


Even like even in Babylon, four o'clock in the morning when I'm so hungry, I've still never been man. I'd give and be like getting abused in Babylon right now or somebody there.


I'm on a flight and Colin said in the last episode you mentioned getting your Willie out just before a fight and a bouncer has not being able to grab you.


Yes. If you haven't heard that, go back. Sorry. Well, I was on a night out when I was studying in Yujie in Belfast, and we went to a nightclub that was known for selling 90 P drinks.


Wow. So every Tuesday and Wednesday, you knew you were going to get in this state before free drinks even commenced.


What was it like, Youcef? Bottles score. Yeah, score and vodka teacake lemonade. One night all the lights went out together.


We were getting our groove on and well, you know yourself in a bar when one of you needs a piss, the lads make an adventure out of it.


Anyway, we got into the bathroom and had a piss. This place had a man sitting in the corner trying to sell the perfumes and lollipops. Yeah, he would be coming out with quarts Normanby, no Hunanese, no splash, no gas. Shall we know them all by.


So I was thinking it might enhance our chances to make a liquid got a lollipop and a couple of sprays of his finest, Paco Rabanne.


So we were on our way back to the dance floor puffing away and a scuffle kicked off with one of the lads.


I was the biggest of our friend group and there was some pushing and shoving going on. So one of the smaller lads, their position and then hides behind me the other. Let's start shoving me because the little fucker was hiding whilst these lads are pushing each other. I was trying to peel off the lolly and eventually it led to one lad trying to square off me when eventually we were about to go to because I got pushed again and chalked on a bit of plastic wrapper from the lolly in the middle of the dance floor and was sick all over myself and all over the guy who was trying to start and his little crew.


I mean, a complete projectile vomit like a waterfall going off over all over his face shirt, his shoes, all in Volke rebels and shots of apples. I was all over this guy in his little entourage. Obviously, he took a couple of steps back and was like, what?


What the fuck is going on?


And it ended there.


And then so in my book, we want that scrap metal getting sick on him because of my shirts, because of the stain on my shirt, a funky white Hollister shirt.


I thought it might be best if we went home and called a night on the way out. The bouncers who'd seen us from last the previous weeks asked what happened. And being the little dick I am, I told him that someone was sick all over me. And I don't know why you're still in there and told him what he was wearing.


So we get into the taxi after waiting a bit and there we see the bouncer dragging this lad out the door and not allowing them back in.


Oh, double whammy. Double whammy.


Pure evil on table tennis. Oh yes. The table tennis has been hot not in two Giannis has this week we cleaned out the conservatory and we bought a table tennis table. Great value it's up and running and it's it's we are getting so good at it.


It's scary table tennis.


Stuart said. A few years back when I was twelve I was abroad with the family on summer holidays and was in this kid's camp at the resort.


Anyway, there was competitions every evening, crazy golf, basketball and all that. And I was cleaning up. I had all the competitions one since Monday and I was going for the clean sweep on Friday at the final competition, which happened to be table tennis.


All our names were put into a hat and you'd be drawn out to play whoever my brother's name was out first that I had. And he drew a girl who was about six, he was nine and one could barely see over the table. So he was confident he was in with a shout. My name was drawn out shortly afterwards and I was drawn against some Spanish that. But when I looked around, I couldn't see him. So I went over to the table and you wouldn't fucking believe it.


The chap was in a wheelchair and appeared to have one functioning hand. The poor guy seemed really bad and so I felt really bad.


So he started the game and I just nicely popped the ball over the net to him.


Well, lads, nor the lie. That lad sent a me missile back to me.


I go on your set, but one nil to him. I shrugged it off and thought it was a fluke. Went again, another bullet back at me. Fuck this. I thought, I'm not going to let this heart beat me and I'm going on like this. So the next time I had the ball, I tapped it over the net to the side of the table that I couldn't reach, couldn't move his chair. And I was on the scoreboard to score quickly, got to 17 to to me.


And people were tossing and pretty much looking at me in disgust. I didn't give a fuck. This lad was a hundred times better than me. I was just plain smart. That was until my mother came over, saw me hammering blood in the wheelchair. And when she saw me, when he saw my motor, he did an extra lunge to try and get the ball and let out a wallop as if he'd hurt himself.


Eighteen to to me, I was mortaring my motorcycle to score some of what I was doing so that fucker in the chair was playing up. I got an awful earful of the motor, so I had to hit the ball to him back.


It came a million miles an hour. Next thing I knew, the score was 18 or unlikelier. Sweep was going up in smoke under my mother's glare.


I tapped the ball over the net and I was 19, 18 up. Quite a long story short, all the other matches were over there. Seemed like hundreds at our table watching. I was hell bent on winning. I tapped the ball over again. Crowd was not happy, matchpoint to me, loud in the wheelchair with tears in his eyes. Next ball. I overheated. The lad walloped it anyway. The bollocks went on to win the game.


I saw him later that night in the kids disco. I went over to congratulate him and he turned his back on me.


Oh, Stuart said. Nice guys finish second. Oh sure. There were so many twists and turns in that story.


I don't know where I was going.


Was on an absolute roller coaster. He's us, Keen said. I went to the monastery in Rostker last year.


That's a secondary school, a boarding school.


There was a monk who was left, Westlife, and is now a monk.


There was a table tennis table there anyway, so all the lads gave it a good crack. The herrlein hand eye coordination came in handy with a good few foreign students to come over to learn Irish and a decent few Chinese lads came over well. The Reducers, Encarna, Forward and Herrlein. They weren't so bad at table tennis to resume. That called Oliver, who hailed from Beijing. He walked in and beat everyone. But I concede in a single point the county scouts couldn't believe what they'd seen a prodigy in the make, and he dominated the Irish schools ping pong tournaments with ease all over by.


Where's the rest of the oh, he rented that out, that story went mental anyway. I know on the guards where we're talking about the guy trying to go anonymous guard secret Karradah was into.


We've got insiders, Cmax said, to let you know if the free into Kopper's thing is true. I can tell you it's 100 percent true, obviously, back pre colvert. But we used to be able to go straight to the top of the queue, show the badge, even bring a non guard, a friend in with this for free to.


There's been rumors that we'd get a free drink once we go inside, but that's only bullshit.


That guy is getting free into one of Ireland's premier nightclubs. Johnny V brought up the commonly held rumor that if the guy with a hat isn't on, it's not legally binding. This is complete bullshit as well.


I am Johnny B.. I'll leave you with a story.


I was driving the patrol car one day in a particular part of Dublin. I was stopped at a large junction waiting for the filtrate.


I saw the traffic lights turn amber and then read. All traffic came to a halt except for one bollocksed coming against us in the opposite direction. Who breezed on through the red light. As he drove by, I got a glimpse of the driver and thought he looked familiar. I swung the car around, ready to pull him in and give him a bollocking, but I wanted another look at him first.


So I drove up alongside his car and sure enough, the driver was a legendary hoteling manager. I said to my colleague beside me, Jess, is that I'm not pulling him over. He'd probably eat the head off me.


What do you got that? Who's the manager?


I know who the manager is. I didn't know the manager. Yeah, no, you can't say his boss. He wears a hat.


I wish I knew really well.


It's not like I wish to be to them if they think I'd love their probably death cab went to red light.


OK, he like it was amber imagine argue he didn't see the incident.


Yeah right. Who's getting the.


He's on his podcast sponsored by KC Sports who carry all the lovely to Giannis merchandise to Giannis E for all that we're going to give it to this week I think.


Darth Vader, who I like to call. No, I don't want to reward him for abusing Robbie Williams, to be honest.


Yeah, the fellows in New York who got someone else at the nightclub, it's a bit underhanded, but it's also I really like the Garrett story.


More. Who do you fancy for the morgue?


I like your story of getting beaten by the lad in the wheelchair. I liked his competitive instincts there.


Yeah. And I like that he also. Yeah. OK, OK. Stuart, the ping pong guy. OK.


Yeah. That story was on the edge. Man on the edge. You done well with that one, Stuart.


So you can email podcasting to Johnny's dot with all of your details and we get them. We'll go as quick as possible.


Fair play a short now with a weekly roundup of what's been going on in to land this week.


Man, it's Groundhog Day. Just trying to keep the head.


Keep your head, lad, is really in good news.


My dog hasn't shat in the kitchen all week. That's good. Did he. Did Pasto. Did you shut your mouth kitchen there the other day, I was locked in for ages.


Yeah, glad I was like, oh no, he's so no, no. So says he keeps trying to, like, get your dogs. Mickey, I swear to God, the big dogs would be walking around and then the small community like all. And she was Mickey.


He's like biting them. This is very close to me.


I want to breed him like. So for that reason, I hope I'm talking like, you know, more power to the dog, if that's what these dogs.


But like, you just do me a couple of lords, he can happily go, yeah, I drainpipes have like legs taller. So that's that. Yeah.


You wouldn't even try to training or even regimental but I have, I'd be stricter. Mhm. Yeah. It's training. Some day you might have children so if I can.


Yeah. But you dog dogs are you going to lock the kid in the back kitchen. Oh no. Shantanu floor fucking. Come on. Where are you going to call the child.


And if you've called the dog God help.


You couldn't roll. No I.


I'm going on in your life John. No not really. That hurt me back. Give me back is of a strained me back working out. I'm trying to lock down. I've been following a regimental fitness regime.


I've been doing dry January a whole lot and I've actually got a back strain at the moment and it's constantly haunt me and it's really hurt me now as we sit down in the one spot to do paddock. So that's why during one of the correspondents there, I was trying to do a stretch. Yeah. On the ground. And so it's really annoying. But that's what I listen on.


And that that ping pong, I still have been able to beat you even with a back injury. So I'm hoping when I get back to full fitness, it'll just be an onslaught.


But like, I never played ping pong before. It is like, you know, this is I went out on a limb one year later. You definitely had it before. Where would I play ping pong?


I mean, you don't skateboarding and roller blade. You surely jurema ping pong when you're going through your little Imhoff.


Is there not younger? Oh, you need Metallica fans only classic ping pong. I hear emo.


You're not OK. Right, right. You're heavy metal. Yeah. We and ping pong don't think heavy matters are big into ping pong.


You're not as important as the new rock boots. These new recruits would not be ideal. Father couldn't.


No, he just just too on balance do not load-Bearing Emken pollinator later with bigger action the people tell me turn on the podcast.


Yeah, two episodes go on.


If you haven't heard that one comment I'd make that Tommy shows on Saturday nights on Earth and it's going brilliant and people like he should host lately just to say very different show you and Rachel's life.


I don't know if people know that Tommy.


Sure, he can have a chat with somebody for like an hour and the editor don't.


So it's a whole different ballgame for sure. That works for Tommy. So let him do it.


Yeah. Try to stop trying to like. Yeah, well, I mean, sometimes you just need to do his own show and his name's on it. The Tommy here in the show. That's that's what you want. Yeah. There you go. I mean I know Tommy is great.


Yes. I fangirl show a little bit. Yeah. Yeah.


I don't care. I was very nervous. Thank God we didn't have to meet in person. I just fucking fell down like I adore you Tommy.


Really clean the shoes as he sat down.


Sulligent I don't care. Yeah. Thanks as well to or sorry. Our TV shows back on telly. Yeah. And I still do massive Renton's which is crazy. I didn't even tell us it was going to be on. Yeah.


So like last Thursday night I was sitting down and in like me Instagram's going off on Twitter and stuff and I was like what death.


And then I was like oh Jesus. Flicking through channels. I was like episode one's on. And like obviously last night I threw up an old Instagram vote.


Just let people know. And yeah, people are still enjoying it. Last night was the episode where I fell on my ass.


So yeah, I always know that's what I know what's on telly.


But if you want to watch it, it's still on the R t player and it's on Thursday night's episode three is on next Thursday night at I think it's ten, twenty two journeys to America.


Yeah, it's a good show. And thanks to everyone who signed up to the Extra podcast, what tune in and watch us shake hands with people.


Yeah. And hug people. Yeah, that's. And it's sunny. Oh, it's just everything you don't have in your life. And tune in at I will get this. Thanks to everyone who signed up to the Extra podcast, it's available on Pegatron six euro a month on last week's extra podcast.


Number forty five on our as well as debating our women.


Yeah we had a we had a heavy debate on if we are classified as men and we also true some true someone's tomorrow who said Paul Miskell is a is a man and Ryan Gosling isn't. Yeah. There you go. Are fair for your times to be petrol bombed.


Yeah. No, I've already gotten a fair bit of a crash already. It was like Paul Massacre's a lot worse, as I said, go buy some shorts.


We had we also had that Jim Wilson, who brings tours to the Arctic, and he told us about his experience of being chased by a polar bear.


It took a lot of photographs of the wildlife, usually as part of my job as well, because we give them a kind of a show at the end of the on the best shots. And I'm taking away flowers on the ground. You know, all this I don't have a gone for this one. And the others had guns taken away. And next thing I look on and there's a female polar bear and her coat and she's less than a hundred feet from me.


You'll Paul is a bull almost from the tips of your fingers to your elbow. And they've got claws longer as long as your fingers. And then you learn they can sprint at 40 kilometers an hour. No, I don't know. I'm sure some of the temporary hauling teams will probably boast that they do that on a training session, you know, before before dinner. Know, 40 kilometers an hour is like world class sprinter. So I start our children scream at my radio with all the radios and I'm going there and bear, bear, bear.


I don't even stand to run. You know, Jesus, my being the one that walked on water first. But there was a few ponds, I think, between me and the bulls that I'm sure I just walked across because I don't remember touching the ground.


Even before we introduce you to our next guest, you've heard us mention him before. Yeah, he is a singer. And when I pulled a friend of mine aside once, he was a very successful producer.


He's worked with a lot of top Irish bands.


And I showed him hit the song about tractors and he said, what is it?


I don't understand any of this. And why does it have 10 million views? So this is completely lost on some people. And this is part of the reason there's no point to trying to explain the culture of firemen and country books to people. We've got a genuine man on to do it here.


Yeah. So our guest this week is a man who loves driving tractors, truck and playing the guitar. His final song hit The Diff, has made him a household name. Ladies and gentlemen. He also sells merchandise such as lights late at night.


Give it up for the one and only Mr. Marty Moan. Marty, thanks for coming on to Johnny's podcast before I know well and thanks for having me on. This is great beyond first ladies.


I have to say it just to get straight to it. The song that launched you hit the diff was an and is an absolute phenomenon like on the Internet, in the low venues to see to be no song like it. A lot of people have tried to replicate it since. Can you tell us where did that song come from?


And that song came it started off with give me a plenty of poke in and remain right, you dirty. Good. I know exactly exactly who some unknown to me was when sometimes you were like, OK, it is not safe. But yeah, there's a lot of words in the song that's kind of where is this going exactly. You know, but it was giving you plenty of hope. And I had this image of a decent twenty lei coming over the two days and counting in this video, you know, so I just had this image.


I was on the machines that they go to the tractor shop or whatever I'd be thinking like, right, get this. And I could just picture me. Man, you wish your community, you know, some road we rode. Yeah. It was like this mysterious bit of crack around here for the large, you know, bit of crack for a couple of days, you know, and I was in bands and writing songs this year. But yeah, I actually did this for for the ages goes let's get to the bottom of the crack here.


Let's let's put out a song that maybe is something got there.


But er that they were actually you were working as a contractor Draven. You were actually driving. Yeah. Yeah. So it didn't come up. I didn't come up with the idea of there this morning left. And so when Bill was convicted we rapping you know this that's good. Like that. And then, then it was like oh hit the different. She was all the way and I was like Jesus that's free, that's stopping me in there.


No, you know, but I you know, I'm there. So I but I like it, you know, I like it. And so then I decided, you know what to what which song we're going to go with here. So I was in the studio at the time that we studio in the house like I was like one going to put the two together. So I actually I said, how is this going to work?


It's not it's not really country music or it's not really it's not really I don't know what kind of music this is, but I'll try to put the two together on a date, then eventually got the two together. And as the song progressed, I started to all these, you know, all of these different lyrics into it. No, I'm not really thinking, you know, send the snapshots. No, but people love that. Like people have said to me, no.


Even gotten the word send the snapshots. Not too many songs about that, you know, stuff like that. Yeah. And Amarcord. Yeah, I put it up, but a record of the three times I was recording all night and working during the day and. You know, I sort of new to something inside me going do it, another part of me was going to quit, stop and put this out. Yeah, yeah I was a bit of a follower.


And ICE is a wee small follow and I don't put this out, you know. So why?


Because it was about tractors. Yeah. It was like, you know, how many people put like somebody said, well, never put a song out. You're not going to that. You're not going to sing in 20 years time, you know, but because I'm a truck driver and I could talk about tractors all day because I grew up fixing them, working at them. So I'm not I love it. Like I've got to talk to him. He said, I've got the truck.


I still love it, you know, but but I like I like this kind of thing. I put it up. I took all the video. So if you actually look closely at the video, you'll see me as a ten year old or a 15 year old driving the tractor.


If you look close enough, you'll actually see I'm up film. They're called Ocean's Twelve. Twenty four, also tractors. I'm up. And there's one there's one picture of me, Uncle Rohan in the window up me with the whole glass.


All the glass is all broken to say that the tractor and he's telling me you'd be back here you know it was going to say Let you be back here. You tighten up, you know, man. So if you actually look close, know, and I put it up on YouTube, I went to bed, I went into a cold sweat. And they reckon that that's actually a signal that that you could be onto something good, that when you actually feared so much that you're like the reckon.


That's what really test people that write songs and all is like, don't be afraid of it, put it out and test that. I remember I went to bed and I said, What am I doing? Because the Internet was so bad, the host of the time that had to put it up all night, you know, it went up the next morning and I shouted to another fellow, walked with another lad and that was it went to work on the digger all day, come home that night.


And at the time a member was thousands of views on it anyway. And I never really thought much of it. I said, Jesus, this. And it started it just started to roll and knock on wood. That was the Wyler's here. You know, people in your life can change. I didn't understand the power of the Internet, you know. So, yeah.


So it because I think people who aren't involved in that kind of country life or who aren't driving tractors or trucks, whatever, wouldn't understand how big a deal it is and how much you fail. It's just fucking lost love the farm. And they love driving tractors, like you're saying. It's like in Ireland and then oh like an all out.


And so if you actually picture an all Ireland right in the extra time, one minute to go and there Myanmar to the teams at the far end of the field and he's coming straight down the center. The crowd stand up the open when he may get well. He nods right. And next he comes down to three things can happen here. He could hit the crossbar, which is like pretty much making it, but not making a miss our score. So if you actually think of it as coming to the town like you're maybe you should be in school, but you're not in school on the road driving.


And you're like I say, a 15, 20 go on your head into town near unsnap charge around the scene that maybe some get a bit of fancy and, you know, man in town with the water and the lads are in town and you're coming you're coming towards the town. You're driving a hundred fifty maybe two hundred horsepower tractor, fifteen tone dagar. So here's here's the rules. Two doors wide open, sunroof shit zone. When you're coming to the end of the town, you have to slack a wee bit.


You have to give them a signal. You're coming, you know, when you're on the way and you're coming through the town. So two things can happen here. If it goes well, you're going to be the man like you're if you don't miss a gear, you're going to be the man. Black smoke and he's been in the town is the perfect acoustics for Bigland engines like. So the thing about it is it's really passionate. If you ever seen Tractor pull him to actually build the engine so big that just blew up.


So, you know, so it's the kind of the same thing. And so you're going up that tone, you're changing down them gears down and all the gear down another gear and everybody this way. An easy going to make it easy. You're going up the ten and if you're going to cross that hill, then the second part, which is changing up the years. Oh, and that's the SHOWBIZ Showcase, because not this year is your last chance.


You miss it. But if you miss that gear and you hear that big green of the gearbox can go back to you can go to the lab for a week, like, it's just it's like missing. Not all that paint, you know, it's like you miss it. Just go home, shut the door and forget about it. You know, now, most girls that years are going to be saying, oh, you're some bollocks. You don't mean like showing off, you know?


But behind it all, they could love it. Like, you know, there's the smoke and fire resistant to this snow. Just fucking Sullivan. And today. Oh, and one day I and you still you still drive to the gigs in your own truck.


Yeah. Yeah.


So I bought a savory and I used to drive trucks and I read, but you know, and I just took this notion because we're given a lot training than that. And I don't know who might take this because it's a favor. He writes in truck terms for what I'm doing, I'm hauling T-shirts like, you know, when you do not need a very well so.


Right. So I'm on T-shirts and guitars like. But if you went to a show and the young ones the want to come over to. Like I seen one, this young guy come over to hit the kick, hit the Florida kick, he says that, you know, so when I get the truck, I put these same pipes on the switch inside the lorry. So if you're coming to the checkpoint, you hit the switch and it goes back to the normal exhaust.


So it's all quiet and something. And you can pass the checkpoint. You come to the show, you hit the switch. There's a hit switch in the lorry and it puts it to the side pipes, which is the big noise that's back to the showpiece, the shows, which I call it, where the young ones who come up here, like on the green, on the block, in the look, in on the cab, make sure it was the favored engines of the engine and they had double check that you're not you're not didn't stick that badge on like a laser like you have to have the right kick, like, you know, so they hit Hitler.


You kick and say, what are you doing them six. I say papes, you know, so you had to show them green and show them the whole the whole system and keep them happy, the young ones. So if I had bought it and smaller, the young ones just want to know that you have this. So it's back to power. That's actually what hit the about power speed. You know, it's like, you know, that that's really what it's about, you know.




So not only matter to you when you're doing a show, you're a cop. You give people, you know, a great show music wise. They also get a full truck shows up. Yeah. And all in one degree. Great shoreman. But when you're gigging then do you sleep in the truck.


Yeah. So it's kind of funny, like because there's a lot of times in the truck thing that I wouldn't you know, because I was working with dongles, I was doing all kinds of work. So one day I was telling this lady, you know, yeah, yeah. And we sleep in several times. Oh, your. He is I don't know what this is the you're in the truck is that they call it I come to Kobayashi's. Yeah.


So so I. Yes, it's great if you're in England it's created the travel all or anywhere, even in Ireland here. So you call into the upper green here in Ireland and just yeah. Sleep in the truck, does a nice night heater in it and you have the fridge in it and I'll be going.


Yeah we'll, we'll have to get ourselves a truck.


Oh yeah. Yeah.


You were telling me before about the time somebody went to get T-shirts made for Hitler if. Yeah. So that there's an awful lot to it even even though I wrote it, there's more, there was more in it than I even realized. You know, I hope she goes all the way. Yeah. Sort of said well you could take that to is but the word was flapping and that's the word in the song you or slapped.


But there was a fella and he says, I'm going to get a CD shops, what print local T-shirts. And I didn't really know about this, but he rang me and he says, yes, I'm already I was going to print. And he says, I went to the printer with the lyrics and this is print out in the back of the T-shirt on the Prentice's Doublecheck. That them's right in my print, not you double check. So he come to me says, Is the word world dildoes flapping right?


No, no, no. Don't people not in the picture. So he thought it was dildoes. Flatman and I do know bands that actually was singing in the bar. Oh, dildoes, floorplan. You know me, but I don't dildoes Latin. So Griesa never lose hope. She goes all the way down to Slovenes. I can take it up when you actually take about the sound like it's completely going to separate roads, like, you know, it's both sides of the motorway, but know it's because you're a proper country man.


And sometimes we reckon when we're like your music's not like classic country music, it's kind of you do your own thing. It's rock, it's folk, it's country. Yeah, but we watch some country artists and we kind of think they're spoof on a small but not hamming it up, I would say.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some people the that just when I'm asked expand the power end of it. The dimmest the passion end of it don't really get that. Sounds like any songs I write about this the three songs about. Yeah. The sort. I think this is a great, this great community here for the asbestos writer Fireman Solomon, you know sort of stand in front of a tractor dancin with the thing. But if you notice in my videos, I don't actually show when it comes to the hardcore videos, you don't really see me too much in them.


It didn't want to see me, you know. I mean, that's what a lot of people don't want to see. Power engine smoke. They want to see action, you know, and er the song itself has to be spoken, but action has to be like is if you're like, you know, John Wayne, you know man you know.


So er so that's the thing. There's a lot of singers that, that when I looked into the background er I actually, I was very impressed, I don't know, coverer of a John Party song that door to me boots the only colour ever released. And I put it out, I said I like this in your boots. That's even it shows know the lorry all the way around because and I actually seen a video there lately that he's actually was doing an advertisement for tractors and diggers for a company in America.


And I was impressed. I goes, I thought when I heard him sing it for Forest, oh, he probably doesn't even know what. But no, he's actually a digger driver and he comes from our background, you know, he's legit. Yeah. And as soon as I seen that, I was more fair. Parum. No, no, man. Fairplay. And I'm like, so give me an understand how people think of me. It's a wee bit like he sings about it but he understands it.


So I actually got a first hand experience of the opposite end of that which on party. Oh, yeah, this is a great machine and this is this kind of power on this, and he was driving them all and he could drive and I was like, OK, if I played him like that, you know? So I just thought he just did this, you know, for the fact that, you know, what he did.


And a lot of your other songs have got millions of views. But like that, first million is a old milestone. Did you market in anywhere? Yeah.


So me and the fella I work with. Right on their attitude about on this is going to make the millionaire next thing. It just it never lost. We knew it was going to do it because it just wouldn't lost traction. So ISIS, it hits a million. I'm going to I don't really drink that often, you know, because I'm always I was always on the road working seven days a week. And I said, I'm going to go with the drink and we're playing and we're playing in the band that night.


And the next thing didn't hit the median. It actually hit the median just that night before the show. That was it. Ah, there was pictures. We went on the lot. I think it was unreal to crack. It was like a real celebration, you know. But when the second song slipped, it's doing equally as well, said that if I'm going to be doing the hit the death man, that's it.


I never know what's to come next, but you never have to write a song about what's happened. No, I didn't listen. Oh, exactly. And there but yeah, that's the thing. So but the fact that you were saying it's that like as big as your songs get, like you hardly ever hear them on mainstream radio.


No, not really. Radio when I start to realize, you know, with like radio monitors stuff and all that we can, you know, you can checksums your subs, you can check out when you go on that cracky, you know, break your shows. And but when you start to realize is when I look back at all the songs and it's the fans, you know, and that's why you don't want to give a big shout at all the fans and thank them, you know, because the fans is is somebody said to me, to me, if they passed the radios but hit the deaf has been playing on a lot of big mainstream radio because the fans and the crack of it, you know, when you put big pop songs up again that sometimes hit the Devlins, you know, and that does happen a lot of times.


So it always gets mainstream radio, a nod to him. But it'll never be. Never be. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not being playlist, but I noticed that with the streaming platforms. Now, once you have the fans, you know, that's the new radio, like, the fans are brilliant.


They just keep it rolling, you know. So and then a lot a lot of girls liked the song because it reminds them of their grandmother's farm or whatever sometimes and say I work in a office in Dublin. But it reminds me in 10 years of age, my grandmother's farm, you know, to some I didn't realize at the time, but it has a connection to everybody, you know. Yeah.


Because you have a line in it about your man. I didn't see the woman since I was about. Oh, yeah, yeah. Christmas before Christmas, going back and touch. So most women would say to me, oh, she says, when I hear that line did say, oh, that's going to be last week on the lorry. And they didn't come back. He's not back. It's just, you know, like, you know, dig way on to the women.


Really, really can understand the song because of them Layne's, you know, so it's really it's really weird life.


But I think I think the good thing we have and you said it, they're like if someone's working in the fancy office in Dublin, but they're from the country. Yes. Yes. They loved that bit of like. Well, I'm from the country really, you know. Yeah. I'm like, yes, I might be wearing a Super Bowl because I'm from the country. Exactly. There is a danger of that. And even people from all over the world, even just being Ireland, I used to think of it being Irish and being from the you know, is this thing is always born in our migrant great grandmother's farm that, you know, cottage or whatever, you know.


So, yeah, I think there's something about that at the back of it that they have something to say. Oh, I hit that so few pain. Stand at the bar. Next thing the song comes on and it doesn't it doesn't matter if they like it or don't like the make take the hit it. But when it comes on it's like, oh you know, paint up in there.


And, you know, we've been in Australia and and so someone looking here, people showing up in like playing it to death. Oh yeah. Oh. Like there's only two of us.


But people don't understand, like lads love firemen and love talking about firemen like oh I come in, I worked for 18 hours and he'd say, oh yes, I work 19 hours, you know.




So at the bar sometimes at the wedding you'll see that that women all sit at the table down here talking and chatting and the fellas at the bar, one girl get a drink and she come back and say, we had the lads up there and say, oh, does but 15 Pedzisai Légion, 20 romancer, you know, so they're at the bar saying, well, I put in we were doing six pits a day, another Biaggio on one patio that's at the bar.


And the drunker they get, the more vexed the gas, you know, just the start of a nice talk and then have an audiologist. Great outfit to have there. But then night all your outfit shaped like, you know, it's like, you know, so so that's that's that's really like they should have Olympic's for firemen. Yes. Exactly.


What more can we ask you about your unique merchandise that you released merchandise through?


I know that this was all but we've. But as you said, you released like lights, you had maximum torches organized a few minutes late. I like the idea for mechanics. The light is only famous because usually is that we love the idea you did for me. I'm going to look back at you know, I keep looking up these Hodeida promote stuff better. And, you know, the printer, when I think about it, where was it going?


Looking inside of rent? Because I'm not I don't know one thing of it inside a printer. Why would you look inside a printer?


If anybody wants to buy their own Marty Moonlite, where can they get one? Oh, at w w dot Marty music dot com the magic shop. Yeah. So where that the shop is flat out stitchery that the loft. And so yeah we're keeping it going.


So I was doing the thing on Snapchat once I bought a copy of a broken magazine. I was just looking at it like yeah. And the amount people that message me going dawn stacking and so you fucking talking and stuff.


Yeah but not that's all you have to understand it. And the people who come up, the people to see it here. What do you think of such a tractor. You know and I see it's such a Jondi and I'd say you know, I like the twenty six fifty dollar type better. And once you set out to know the know what your problem about that, you can actually see that their blood pressure come down.


You know, it's like, OK, he knows what he's talking about, you know. So to see if the if you accent you said jeez I don't know, not if attractors did slip into just and the Internet is better now and castellini than it was all those damn years ago.


I can actually upload a video in about five minutes now where I used to have to set it up and plug it into all the wires and from the wall and all the way back come back and come back in two weeks if it's cool.


Exactly. Yeah. Dropped by slow and I'm back. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. That's so cool. Thanks so much for coming on. We really appreciate it. And best of luck with the new single. It's going to be out soon and your Instagram is great. We follow you and your music. Best of luck man.


No bother and thanks lads. And big shout out, as I said to all the fans. Really appreciate it. Thank you all very much. Yeah. Thanks for having me on that. Thank you.


There's one family car that really stands out since 2010, it's been Ireland's favorite electric vehicle and it's not like the others. The Nissan Leaf has all the space and teka family needs with zero compromises. Now introducing the Nissan Leaf Power of Zero offer by a brand new 100 percent electric zero emissions Nissan Leaf and get one year's free servicing a free home charger, the lowest electric finance offer on the market. And you'll have great savings on running costs. Find out more at Nissan Dorahy.


Right, when he gets his call for the vaccine, he's rounding up Dan Bryan and Paddy Fong and are going to breaking into the Shamrock Lounge. It's time for Noel Furlong and it's time for Noel's News.


No news. I don't really well know look back, the temporary Hana's yes, have named their training panel.


Yes, once again they have not called in John Paul back to this dad is eight years in a row now.


He went for trials and he was 17. Yeah. Cleaned up. He he would catch balls. He fired them over the bar. He burst and that's when he went up for Pocho Núñez get in here and Indesit.


He couldn't play on 14 as far as they were saying he shouldn't be allowed to try and abuse.


It is a fucking joke. What age is he? He was 17.


I should probably go next door to under 16 is on. Right.


So he will just join in the game, get on the ball straight away and stick it over to bat, which he to be. No American.


Yeah. Yeah. And he wouldn't be wearing the jersey of either team again.


What would he do when he knows it's then out and you know, and then I'd go over behind the selectors and I said, just who is letting the guns n t shirts.


He's fucking class. I know he has to make your panel, let you know I will be on. I dislike. Yeah. He got turned out for fighting after the match and after to try and match what he went to swap jerseys with to send back who wasn't a fan of guns and all. I jumped head off many of us. So once again, you're not called in?


Oh, no, I've been news. OK, news. You know, I always pay my tax. Yes, but I I catch the expression. I never hide money, no one, I'd rather it is give it a shower.


Right. One man who took it to the next level, he's in the news again, former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha. I I'm sure you know you knew him well.


Yeah, he had. He had he had Armytage with him. So he did kill. He did a military coup you a coup back in 93.


And he was president for about five years right now. Really working hard. He needs repair. And I have done a few Churchgate collections in my day. Yeah. And I know I've seen Vellis gaming. Right. I bought them all money for the blind dogs, just so I know that they buy them little sunglasses are what.


We got to know if you found any. Creators. We got to. We right.


What else have you heard of the charity you heard of the charity?


Yeah, yeah, you know what? There's also one called PT. It's a counseling service for Natuashish.


It for part, I don't know all the talk to get connections over the years.


And ChildLine off for children who need Layna. Got him if you found the shed cross for people who shared the fox, but I guess Yasmin Society, why they wouldn't let me join. Well.


I only I wonder what that means, they wrote to me for smoking. I said I had years to say he's shit anyway. I talked to Karl Rove at least to have a back.


But this fellow, Nigeria, he was given the whole time the state money in five years, he's talked about three billion dollars.


Well, the money of taxpayers money. Now, obviously, that wouldn't affect like me.


No, Bush really does. But it is a bit more right. So if you who worked with him said he'd send his men over to the central bank and he would get money by the chocolate, a flurry of money, and he'd say, oh, security reasons, happy. It's not safe in the bank. I'll remind us.


Oh, a classic classic novel.


Like in Ireland, we didn't pay our politicians enough. Sure, there was a minister for mines, he didn't even have a bank account. Man must be living retreat recoded indranil your human being, Parakey fallen asleep. Yeah. And if I had to listen to me hard and Leon, I've been a fucking coal mines rat.


You can't fall asleep on the job.


Not as true. That's true. I did it once. I fell asleep. They went fucking ballistic. Yeah. They wouldn't let me drive the boss ever again.


But the news is there was about this Nigerian fella did did this does it. They hired a Swedish solicitor to get their money back. Right. And he reckoned he have the most of it now.


A couple of billion. I have a good man sitting on the house right now. He reckons he has most of the money. God put a lot of the country's money in like Swiss bank accounts and, you know, German bank accounts and all this.


And they were not going to give me the money back. Should they only be fucking robbed again? Right. Played riddled with corruption, these things would be going on. So they have reached an agreement now and have most of the money back. It was just 30 million in England. And he said he must collect 144 million out of France and Germany and the money.


But apparently your man, his family always looked after anyone.


I wouldn't like to see anyone stock. Because he died sudden, the former dictator of Nigeria. I'm sure you know this anyhow, but I don't.


There was no post-mortem done. So it is possible that there was foul play. And I don't mean taken five steps.


Call it one, two hops in a row. Yeah, I got a quick Freebo.


He was possibly murdered, OK, or very serious stuff.


But it did remind me of the first time I ever went training in which senior team foul play.


OK, ok. I ever tell you this or. No. No going right.


I mean first time going on training with the senior team, I went into the dressing room and the father for me to lay down a marker, they don't matter.


But I only had a crayon so I wrote my name on the bench. Anyone know what I was only. But that's me. I was only about 14 and the floor beside me took off his underpants. He said he never wore underpants intranet. He'd only to one parent. He'd save it for matches. Right. OK, fair enough. Right. But I was only a buddy. He had a Mickey I thought was like a sock for the kinds of guys I thought I was going to bite me right now when he was driving to Larry is the second indicator is that the fact that in fact, I don't feel any British striking left, right.


I'd be tasty, you know, warm up.


As I often said, you I never warm up. And you ever see a swarm of foreign nationals shoot straight into a game? I was Malcolm wanted a Birkins.


You know, the Burkin.


No smallpox.


I get very good. All the Birkins ISIS grind is that you're not you're not too big.


No, my first time down there, I mean, you know, well, the first ball came in and he hit me Jase's I was subconsciously.


First time in my life, I was I was flat out subconsciously, I must've been out cold. I was subconscious for about ten minutes and when I woke up, it was a freak against me. I said, I'm going to have to do something here next. Ball came in. I surely wore the hardy across the shin down when Burkin whistle blew. I said, Ref, I put it on the ball. He said, Why did you hate it?


Fair enough. Burkin got up off the ground and he said, Hey, young fella, that's enough foreplay. Let's get it on. Oh, I said, look, I don't know what foreplay is. Whatever that my Carlyn, you can fucking take it.


We don't want anybody around any and to blow it blew.


I blew a row OK.


I mean I was only fourteen.


Wow. Against a 40 year old man.


Well it was the best bet I ever got. I wasn't any problem or I prayed to God and wouldn't you know it that winter he retired from playing and I never got him back any time. So it must have been nine years later.


Burkin Jr., his son was of age and he came down to train, but also the senior team, the first Bala came in, I had him subconscious.


Oh, I know. Fine. Shake him off. Track him up. Driver's drive driver.


Sure, it's not uncommon. I fucking left it off, that's what it is. I was doing it unconsciously. Yes. Oh, OK, OK.


Which left the subconscious to sit next to him and support your local charity. Yeah, especially. Yeah. Party crashers.


She was 21 before she realized.


People said for all intents and purposes and not for all intents and purposes, I'm 29 and I've just realized that right now in tents.


I did not know that. I thought I thought it was like for all intents and purposes. Intense, well, we haven't even got into the topic and we're already might blow tomorrow. What is your mystery topic?


This week at my mystery topic, it was this week is about sports managers and coaches and your thoughts on what makes a really good sports manager and a really bad manager.


So I was watching UFC two five seven last weekend and it was really interesting. So, you know, it never made that they put a camera in on the coach between rounds. And you can listen in on what he's telling us, fighter. So there are some coaches yelling and their fighters face really aggressive.


You need to get in there. You need to do blah, blah. And then there was one coach that is really impressed that he brought his fighter in, sat down and still said, before you say anything, take three deep breaths. So the fighter took three deep breaths and then he goes, What's two plus three? And the fighter answered, five. So he was getting his fighter slows halfway down. And secondly, making sure that his fighter wasn't, you know, concussed, you know, and like that.


And then he gave him two or three clear instructions on what he needs to do. And then, you know, that's a minute between rounds. It was set of water back in there. And I just thought that was such a better approach than yelling in a guy's face because, like, the last thing you need is extra aggression. You need to be kind of focused on that. So interestingly, at the Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee have compiled a list of ten great qualities that you need to be are qualities that you need to be a great sports coach.


So No one is that you have to understand and lead by example number to be a sponge for knowledge three, you share that Lalaji educate others. Four, be highly energized and a motivator.


Five, you have to know your athlete and respect that relationship. To be a good teacher, Savan, be a good listener is be disciplined and then nine, lead by example in that you have a very high attitude to hard work and then attend commitment and passion for the sport.


So I'm wondering if you could bring any JI manager in to manage care. JI who would it be?


Walti. How do you rate yourselves as sport managers?


Because you're both obviously have dabbled in it. And then who's the best and worst coach you've had and why. Oh for sure.


If we could name who to break and what it's like for us.


But there's some very, very good points here. Is there more on the list? I would agree with all them.


On the to get in the fire to take a moment. Most of the time, if something's going wrong, you probably know yourself what's going on. And you just need to calm down and see it and then have an expert in.


Just a small change can make a big difference, and this year, let me say it, until recently I was playing ascertains and I was playing in the forwards this year in the game and one of our selectors ran in and he grabbed me and he was so worked up.


And then he said something right away.


And I had to say to him afterwards, I was like, I couldn't understand a word you said and grabbed me. I was like, what was to put me off me straight?


Even worse here. You're trying to control what you say. Yeah.


Yeah, I know. Managers have to be like I have to be prepared to treat people differently.


I think a good manager will be like some lads need to get out of it and they always need an illegal massage from time to time. I'm certainly one of the latter, but I think managers do need to be like that.


And he'd have a good control of, like, everybody's kind of personality, you know, how to treat people individually.


But then as well, there have to be calm. So like but there has to have the gear change that they can like, let's say for halftime. If I'm a manager, I get to me and I won't stand for a couple of minutes. Let's get a drink. There's no point shouting at them straight away. And then I tell them a few things and then I start to raise the ante. So you want them. First of all, you want nice and relaxed so you can explain what you want them to do.


They're actually listening and they're actually listening. And then you can start with the motivational stuff once that once they've once it's sunk in what they have to do or what they're doing wrong and you run the right and then you can start bringing back up the intensity.


So by the time they're going to feel they want to chop heads, that's that's that's in about where I go.


Like, I've a terrible manager. I've had some managers who haven't talked to me at all.


I've had older managers then who let me away with too much.


And then that's that's like if you give me an inch, my God, I will tell you there. Yeah, yeah. So like, I need someone in the middle if I could bring in a good manager from anywhere into care.


OK, for me, hands down a Slim Shady, yeah, we've experienced Slim Shady in several different ways. Tonight, we're told. Who told you that the botched 2010 I was with you.


Yeah. No relation for my dreams. It's for the extra podcast's Porsche.


I'm going around to schools in 2010. Oh, yeah. I'm right outside the crime scene.


If you had affairs and short of stories going on about night out and all this stuff, like, you know what I mean? And then someone stick to head out the window. Baisley Munsie. Everyone changed gear when I ran in there and we interviewed John Millán, yeah, and he said that like his club, he came down and give a talk and I was like, well, he'd gone through to Forkan while I did.


And then when we heard him giving a talk, actually one of the first things he said to us when we were doing a few bits for him, we were like, how do you keep like a train, a panel of 40 lads? Yeah. And there must be a few of them thinking, I'm never going to want to get again pissed off.


You're like, yeah, yeah, I'm down. Pecking order how to keep them all happy and lame, Sheedy said the dressing room is a radiator. You'll work so hard to get the temperature up and it only takes one for her to leave the heat out of the room.


Yeah, you need everyone. Yeah.


So that is I would definitely be. But as well, to some level, Davey fits. I think I would like I like he's just manic business. I think that would suit me down to the ground like I need to be pumped up but still like well if I'm I to feel the need to kind of mingle, I should be reading the book for normal, just staying cool.


But I had to sort of sort of Octavia to know he seems to get the best out teams, you know, like a lot lads like you like eat or love Meriem.


I don't. Well, we asked the extra lads and they said flat out that. Oh yeah. So well the boys on the team.


Twenty seven or now probably there's nobody loves loves the manager.


Although I have to be honest, I got about halfway through reading David's book and I stopped. It is like giving out I must've you know, I wasn't in the farm for it at the time, like, you know, a lot of people, but he gets the best out of teams, no doubt in my mind.


The only thing I've read about Don, a little kid or Davey, was that Antonello Cusack's book. He said that him and him and Davey, they went to I think it was like some All Stars trip or something like that.


And Dave, he thought he was going to be goals for the whole match. And the manager was like, no, Dave, you be goals for the first half. And then we'll put down a slogan for the second half and wasn't happy about that. And Monolog made the comment that he walked off with a limp at halftime suggesting, oh, the classic.


We're going to have to address that. Yeah, well, Donna, Little did say that in his book, though. It's out there, so. Yeah.


Well, for that reason, I wouldn't be the biggest fan of Dave, but I do like them, like, you know, but I'm just like and he he is a nice guy in that. But I like I like the calm type of manager.


I don't like the hot head. I can't like leave the drama at the door.


And I it's like you have to be I don't think I'd be a combination man. You need to be a cool cool Kamus.


But you also need I think you want a manager when he gives out you're like Falcón that he likes to head to there rather than like Ushery constantly loses the head. That I think it means more if you just lose the head from time to time like Attardi in the dressing room is earned.


Yeah, just because you're the manager doesn't mean anyone's gonna listen to.


Yeah, well, even managers talk or everyone is like status. Well yeah, he's worth very. Yeah, yeah.


And then the Israelites, as you mentioned, are there more or someone who's organised and who pays attention to detail and his consistent. If you have to be first to try and everyone has to be spot on.


Well, I pick up one thing you said join halftime comes.


I think it looks unprofessional if the half time comes and all the players going to huddle and then the manager's going have a talk and then like two or three minutes later, they come back and look great, I feel like once halftime comes to manager should be pretty.


Ready to yes. Well, you know what issues are like, yeah, like I'm not saying the players is getting the whole Intrinsa look at themselves. Like if I use managerially or if I sit down half minute, get a drink of water, relax.


Yeah. And then after, like, 60 seconds or a minute and a half, I'd be back.


Yeah. Yeah. I won't be going off to the field. Talked a lot less fascinating. Yeah.


I'm not the norm but one man show.


No I'm on it but that's, that's the big thing I will say about management before we wrap this topic is a good manager will get good people around and not pretend to know what I'll tell you. No one knows at all. And I'd be the first man to say it at all, like in order.


But like I said, you need to get laid, like even like I'm not great on game day.


I'll get this lad. And he's very clever. I'll have him understand. And he let me know that. And if you look at all the good management teams, yeah. They're always talking about the team that's around them and that's the most important. A good manager will breed more good managers. Yeah, I suppose I sportsman like, well, I know how to do it, I'm not going to tell anyone else this, Miles. You know, I share the knowledge claim I was over team people want me to make a change.


Yeah. So I played around. I mean, flattering me to be talking to folks who rang me during the first half, Swaffham, the chairman, the globe came across Jesus Christ when he walked in and I said no, that they wanted me to put a big lad forward. And I was like, no, no, not that lad loves the space and space he needs throughout their. I eventually buckled in forward for a small community, got straight red.


Oh, there you go. I bow to the pressure like, yeah, yeah, you have to be strong that you have to be strong. And I tell you, you know what?


In the club scene. Right. And particularly because of covid as well, like I found this year, you can hear everything.


Yeah. So if there's only 15 people at the match, you know what I mean.


15 supported like when parents were let go because I was managing the teens parents were allowed or its quarterly earnings. And you can hear what everyone sits where it's like ah in the heat of it.


If there's a big crowd out you won't hear everything.


Yeah. But like and people will try and influence you like your own people will be like, oh I do that. Yeah.


And then it's in your head like a dog didn't like the Falcons anymore to speak to me. But I think that's what makes a good manager.


Yeah. And obviously actually just on managers, we've got new coaching here this year. Yeah, John Lee, yeah, the John Lee, yeah, yeah, oh, class, yes, I don't know if I'm going to up some.


So yeah, we're just we're just hoping we win something so we can go layby choo choo choo choo.


Yeah, yeah. Thanks Ma and Jadalla. Don't forget the RET review.


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We haven't had that in a while. Living with you. Give us your feedback.


We love it and you can email podcasts to Genizah. Even senior correspondents are topics you want to hear us talk about. Eimear on Instagram at the two Johnnys. No, I'm going to finish off the podcast as usual.


What are your thoughts and darts the week, Johnny?


What you go up we talked about earlier. I just say in mid-March, whatever. Just a word warning to we have some young listeners and in Ireland and we're very lucky. We live in a sound country. There's other countries in the world where like, you know, crime is off the charts and dangerous and all. And it seems to be a small bit of a trend of lads carrying knives and things in Ireland. And we're just saying. It does not good.


Yeah, it's only going to lead to trouble, so if you're listen to this and you know somebody maybe who's because they saw us on social media or the news or whatever, like they're thinking a stand to carry knives now or like, let's leave it on Lazaroff.


There's no good coming off, snorkeled, coming out of it. And I know it's it's a big thing in the news in England. Yeah. Knife crime. Yeah.


Look, if you don't carry you're not going to use it.


Yeah. That's all that's, that's, that's my last week. Yeah. Um I don't really have a dirty the week. I'm fighting hard for anything to even go right or wrong. You have your shirt and yeah.


Miyata the week is I think I gave it is your before many many moons back, but now it's even more readily available. So someone has applauded Phoenix Knights, DePietro Cash or to YouTube. Oh yeah. So all the episodes are on YouTube now. Now what. I said I'd probably be taken down if I lost it, but if you go quick it'll be off on YouTube series one series to Phoenix. It's from like it's made years ago. But it is hilarious.


I think it's wonderful. New shows ever met Peter Kay at his best?


Yeah, Jonathan, I think his last my last week is I don't know if this happens anywhere else in the country. Pardon me, but everyone in Tipperary whose name is Ryan, their family have a nickname.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Do you have this open meet Mara. Yeah, there'll be different, yeah, yeah, there's certain surnames, but not that many to be a bit more diversity. We're not as inbred here as we are.


Yeah, for Andy and especially from West Tipperary, every family whose name is Ryan, they have a nickname after him. Like I, I spoke to a lad whose family had a weird one and he was 70. And I said, Have you always had it?


And he said, yeah, I remember like my grandfather, they had it. And they said, Where did you get it? No idea. There was one lad who's like Grandfather was the manager in the creamery and they're all known as rain manager.


I swear to God. Like there's a lot of American blood in the game. Once he was in China and the whole family like went to China, they probably hear themselves listen to this.


And then I knew a woman says, no, I don't know where it all comes from. And then I know we played a wedding of a woman.


She was running. She was running gas and he was running.


So point no, like her grandfather was born in any race.


And she was my dad was Coleraine and everyone was calling them Race Squared LOL.


So I don't know if that happens anywhere else in the country, but it's big around Westminster area. Let's not let us know if it does happen. If you got some correspondence on it.


My make up word week. Have a good one for you. One.


Do you know if you were in a pub and you see a lad he's like a harmless old small bit of a fool, bit too fond of the drop kind of a fella. OK, right.


OK, I'm sure people can picture someone. Yeah, there's a word for him. An Irish cual on. CEO father in Greece, he's a bit of an old kill on that fellow, OK, fond of rough but harmless singing, acting to make it all in the pub, OK.


We call on.


Let us know if anybody in in the world uses that word.


Yeah, I got off. A few more people have been sending it to me. Right. OK, so I think it's a good one. That is a good one. Yeah. It's handy to curandero like.


Yeah I like that. I like that.


That's it for this week. We forgot to do our sign off last week and we are lost. You lost the fucking plot so it's back by popular demand. Don't worry, we just forgot last week.


So for me, Johnny Snacks for me, Johnny B for me more.


We'll see you next week on Mainzer Says Look after each other.


Bye bye, Kalac.