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It's tied to Johnny's podcast, to Johnny's podcast, to Johnny's record in the podcast. Hello, hello, hello. You're welcome to the two Johnnys podcast, bringing you all the mayhem and news in the world of the Johnny. Johnny B. Johnny Cmax, welcome to the podcast 158 coming to you like the postman, bringing the help of online purchases that you bought when you were bored or possibly drunk on this week's podcast. He likes to take things soft. Fokin intentness so serious you've no idea SOLIUM and he likes to watch it on a fly with a glass of milk.


We chat to Wexford manager Claire Herrlein, sensation Claire Manager, Ireland's first family's day of his toughest team. Jesus. He's everywhere. If you want to tell you that, he'll be there. Debbie Fitzgerald joins us on the podcast and he says sex is like mass.


You put on your good clothes, you kneel down, you stand up. There is a bit of pretending, but it's only once a week, not for long. We'll be here with that news.


Her dog shits in the neighbor's backyard. Laura is here with her topic.


This video allegedly and as traditional as your morning, you if you fall off that wall and break your legs, don't come running to me. We run off to podcast. What are your thoughts?


And or so do we. Yes. Before commencement proceedings don't matters arising from last week's podcast.


Yes, Mr. Chairman, we've got a lot of new listeners and I want to give them a shout. Oh, hello. To the people listening up and down the nation. The man in the van, the blaze driving tractors around the fields of Ireland. The students supposed to be studying. The nurse on the ward in the motors driven bezerk the children home from closed down schools. And sure, for a walk and day at home, the light bulbs off the wall, the blazing ones lifting weights on your way to a Forestier.


You could be on the tube in London down a mine in part to rob scaffolding in the city of Vancouver. All the teachers who write to us from the Middle East, thank you for your punctuation. Trust me, under sunscreen, the junior P, all stars listening, trying to motivate yourselves to get out running does the smallest bit of a stretch in the evenings. But you're not allowed to talk about that on Patrick's Day. To our listeners around the world, we hope you woke up this morning and said, come on, leave you big pussy, I'm ready to ride.


You don't stop us now. We got sent a video during the week of men drinking pints on McLean Avenue in Yonkers, New York City.


And I didn't know whether to cry or give you a standing ovation, but someday we'd all be back together again and it'll be like they call Pat Fox in 1991.


Pure magic if you're magic lad. There you go. That's a that's a fucking intro to the correspondence and also to the man that we had a Nasu meeting last week who said his nine year old avidly listens to the podcast. Your child's going to be fucked up for life.


OK, overdosed on last week's topic about coming into money and winning the lotto money can't buy happiness, but it can buy tractors and are basically the same thing getting that tattooed onto my lap.


Mora who said that apparently quoting here Ryan's father.


There you go. Hello, Ryan. And your father. One listener said, I work in a bank and you don't have to worry about the local cashier knowing your business. When you win the lotto, they arrange for you to meet with Pravin Banking and of your preferred bank. I'm a financial planner, and when I worked in Bank of Ireland, they had a premier service.


I had a glucometer branch one day looking for 20 grand cash. But you have to order that amount, which he hadn't. I took him into the office because he was causing a bit of a scene. I tried to load up his account details, but in the bit that showed the balance of his accounts, it was blank. He gave me the contact details of his private banking rep. Long story short, he was in Dundalk, but his 20 grand cash had been ordered in.


Jarda, what to do in terms of financial planning and advice?


To me, it's very straightforward. Current account is for your income and outgoings.


Ideally, you should have a surplus at the end of the month.


Yes, a financial planner should be your next priority. Income protection and life cover. If you have dependents, this means you won't have to rely on savings. Savings account for a rainy day, typically five to ten grand if you still have surplus income, money, your pension or max out your pension contributions and look at a regular monthly investment. If you have a mortgage you can look at overpayment would save you thousands and interest.


Then spend Nel's guilt free because there's the pension. Providing an income in your retirement and your financial plan will protect you if something happens. Fair enough.


I wish I had my shit that much together. I'm kind of like, you know, next week. White runners or black runners.


That is the question marks. Ninety five.


Yeah, our my pension plan one of these days, you know, one of these days I have started investing about a couple of pairs of runners that I think I want to keep trying, keep clean and excel in a few years.


I've put them on deck.


Plastic bag isn't it. Gas your money from Bank of Ireland. Didn't think of that. Yeah, you know what I mean. He's missing. I tell you, he's missed a trick there. He's not not used in like you are. Right. All right, Kevin, email, he said, In Christmas 2013, my auntie bought me and my sister one ticket each for the New Year's, the millionaire lotto ante, put the tickets in a Christmas card to each of us and posted them to us.


For example, she bought Ticket One Tree to win my card and one tree tree in the sisters card and sent them a New Year's Day with an almighty hangover, as you would the sister give me a call in the morning to tell me she checked the results of the lotto. She's a bit like Johnny B. when it comes to cash, she also has a communion money.


And she told me the sister told me she had one 100 thousand on it.


I just want to say it was a moment where you could be happy and sad at the same time is an understatement. I sat there thinking about how a. without Norn had fucked me over by the winning ticket in the Sisters Care.


I now, while on the call, the sister had the cheek to say at the end, she check your ticket there and see if you want anything to to which I responded. You hardly think the fucking lotto are going to give take it one three three fifth prize and one three to six prize. I checked that even though my ticket wasn't worth the paper it was written on anyway. The sister spend it wisely on a deposit for a mortgage and a new car and I got over to dream of being 100 grand richer.


About a week later. I feel this man's pain.


Big style. Big style. Yeah. Oh, you can't be me. I don't know. Yeah, but imagine like, you know, Dad put them in the different cars. He's got a Honda Care. A dirty about me. I'm thrilled. Fear and then like sticking pins in a voodoo doll of you at the same time.


So I wonder does he go over to her new guy and be like could it be my gosh. I mean, yeah, she comes home and he's sitting on the couch.


Me like, well, it's basically mine, isn't it? Yeah. I mean, we both got sent to Canada.


So I look at Kevin on that one. What else is he saying, John? Yeah. On a second story, he says, my dad would tell his best mate four years in the pub. If I win the lotto, this town would know because they would buy a new car. A few years later, my dad's mate would be part of a syndicate which won a few million under your million. He came to my dad with a catalogue of cars and said, Remember?


You said you'd buy me a car if you want. Well, I'm returning the favor here. Pick one. My dad picked a van.


Gobshite was. Oh, my God, he's me.


Actually went on and won the army and came back and was like, there you go. What a sound lad your dad was. Definitely talk in Scotland. I guess if you want to be, I'd buy you hair. Oh, my God.


I told you I was once living with joy, the lips we made and we had to clean the house and I did your millions. And I said to Joy, if you clean the oven and I win the euro millions, I'll give you a half.


And it's in the oven heated by and I am yet to endearments. That offer has expired. Joy, we know it doesn't count. Right?


You went on record now that it doesn't.


It was only for that night, one night only on last week's mystery topic A is that what we're calling it more?


It's not artificial intelligence and it's not when the vet puts his hand up because it's anal intercourse is the phrase you're looking for. Oh, yeah. And that's the last time that he said in this week's. But we haven't heard about ahead of us. Oh, no, no, please. Oh, you have a life to live.


This stuff is going on around the country and people turn to us to talk about money.


So everybody put seatbelts on your ears now.


OK, honestly, you've had your warning now for in the car with the parents or children, parents of children.


That nine year old is definitely saying send his friends like. Did you listen last week?


I didn't know what they were on about.


On the topic of anal, I'm a bit this is from a man. I'm a big fan of it.


I was introduced to it a good few years ago when I was in my early 20s and had a breakup. I hopped on Tinder to ride through the heartbreak matched with this one, who was around 15 or 20 years older than me.


Can't be experience.


Well, I went round her house and to make a long story short, that was my first experience of it. I like it for a few reasons. It's a different sensation and it's something different. Women can definitely get off to it.


I've been with the few women who prefer it to vaginal sex.


I would say it's definitely worth going online and doing a bit of research into how to make it safe and fun.


I think the mistake a lot of people make is they write is they dive into it with no preparation.


They certainly drive into the job and it's, you know, uncomfortable or slash doesn't fit. And another reason is because of what they see in porn and they just try to copy that, which is completely unrealistic. I could go on about how to prepare, but I'm sure I'm making you squirm already on what Morris said about fellow braggin. That stuff drives me mad. I don't know if those fellows realise it works against them. Women won't want to go off for the fella because they'll just think he's only going to be mountain now.


There's no way. I'm riding him. Thanks for that anonymous man. Yeah, thanks so much. IMR say this ties into the odd fetish segment of last week's podcast segment, Sladden Tinder, a few years ago. Now he worked in financial services listening to the tales of widows, politely dealing with their queries about land and the Fair Deal process.


He's definitely the. Yeah, 100 percent.


He had the gift of the gab and me coming from a nursing background, thought he was very patient, intently listening to the queries.


He would even take these calls on the weekend.


Initially, things were going swimmingly.


We went out for a few shaunessy dates and he even prepared a homemade cheeseboard cherries or grapes, camembert the lot.


Don't trust him. Wow. This guy sounds like you should trust anybody as their own cheese boy and he only serves you Camembert run not to be trusted.


To say I was blown away by these little gestures was an understatement.


Thought I had hit the jackpot. Hmm. Hmm hmm. Camembert will do that anyway. A few weeks passed and I went straight to my head.


I didn't know where I was. Camembert cheese.


I was feeling a bit looser after the burly drunken Camembert.


Anyway, a few weeks passed and in Ortiz, he was never Rowman. A bit strange how Friday nights were always early nights. Eventually I asked him what he does every Saturday.


His reply was a bit odd for a 23 year old. He had refined his search on our data and was attending local funerals in his native county, usually one to ten pm and another at 10pm. I'm assuming there meant to be a very clear funerals.


If not, sometimes he even popped into the graveyard after what I hope they were on early.


He told me he had many a free meal with the priests afterwards, particularly when the deceased had many children. So nobody actually knew. Everyone has a scandalous. To be honest, I didn't pay much heed. He described his love for the stoic atmosphere and said he found the casual head nods combined with everyone. Somber attitudes.


Interesting to observe all it fucking point.


OK, I said to myself, nothing wrong with some teams, people watching. I suppose we're all guilty of it. At some point I decided to show my support by buying him a pair of happy socks with coffins on them.


I'm a firm believer in accepting people, flowers and all.


After a while it was over. He had caused me never to be heard from again, or so I thought. Fast forward to twelve months later I moved up to the big Schmock and I'm working as a nurse in Dublin. Just as I'm walking across the canteen, I spot a familiar face in a pair of scrubs to fuck. I thought to myself, How did this boy end up here? I stalked his LinkedIn, looking for clues not to be seen.


After a few weeks, I asked one of the porters who was then porters. Not everything that goes on in hospital. He'd become a voluntary mortician's assistant. It was considered community involvement for a project he was working on.


The man's unhealthy obsession with that left me with two conclusions. One psychopath based on a superficial charm and egocentric behaviours are two necrophiliac having sex with dead people.


I know last week's podcast pushed on fetishes like Ian, but fuck me, this was something which gave me the heebie jeebies altogether. One time, after inhaling a few too many weed brownies, I became paranoid. He was coming to kill me in my sleep. My friends will tease me about it. Lesson learned. Not all fetishes are OK and should be declared in Tinder videos.


I don't agree with anything in that message. You know what I like? I'd lost this. You have to come there.


I totally agree with cheeseboard necrophilia.


Amauri Carrizo is about acceptable, you know, in scrambled egg or something.


Yeah, yeah. I know we talk about taboos in this podcast, but Christ Almighty, I thought he was going to the funerals.


Like to drum up business for. Yeah, yeah. I was like, I was like he's committed to like a politician getting votes. Yeah. You know what I mean.


I thought it was going to be like that scene in Wedding Crashers where Will Ferrell is at the funeral and he's like, you know, the widow is there.


And he's like, oh, my God, it's so sad. And then he's like, then on to like, you know, shagger.


Yeah. So, look, let us know if that that gets arrested or whatever.


I want to like an update like where is just like, you know, what hospital was that and how many people as he killed don't anybody die.


Speaking of that on the topic, of course, we were talking about a couple of podcasts ago. Alex was touched. A lot of people have been touch sand. They're recognizing ghosts.


And Alex said, I've had a few paranormal experiences. When I was about three, we went to this house in Wexford for my cousin's confirmation.


Everyone was grand. But my mom told me that I spent so much of the day sitting up at the piano, dancing and chatting away.


He'd overdosed on. Camembert and Brie, it's tripping balls, but when I was asked who were they talking to? I said there was a woman playing the piano. Everyone, of course, just shrugged it off because I was a toddler. But I wouldn't stop going on about this woman. Four days after eventually my mom rang the place and told them what I had said.


They described a woman and asked if it was her.


Sure enough, it had been the same person I had been describing just days before.


Turns out she had recently passed away. Denton, Tanach, not long after that, we were in Westport house in mail as we were walking around, I was getting more and more anxious. I was in a buggy. How do you remember? In the buggy. Let his parents assurity.


Tell them this like, OK, you are a wizard, son. I was in a buggy in each room and the house had half doors to get to cheeseboard.


We go stages, then each of the rooms that have doors with the bottom half closed.


Turns out this kid grew up to be necrophiliac from the previous story. Know? No, no, no. Listen, Joy, funerals they had afterwards around the house, so I couldn't see over them.


Every time we passed the room, I would say things like, that's where the kids played are all the bad people were sent there, Carol. My parents found this really strange. As we turned to go downstairs, I started crying and holding my head. Supposedly, I could hear all of these voices and I didn't want to go down the hall because of it.


When my mom asked me what was down there, an employee said it was a dungeon where people would have been kept.


We decided to turn around, but as I kept crying about the voices, all of the alarms in the place went off with every staff member confused as to what was going on. After we left there, there was not a bother on me and I didn't mention it after I came out with more outrageous things over the years, like when I met my sister, I claimed I had met her before I was born and all this kind of crack.


Now, the next bit I actually remember vividly when I was about seven, I woke up one night and all of these voices in my head, I came down to my parents and my older sister and they were in the sitting room. I was crying and holding my ears, confused as to what was going on. My parents desperately tried to comfort me, but to no avail. They even tried asking the voices to go away. Eventually, I was calm down and went to bed after that.


I've never had a paranormal experience since. Our family aren't huge churchgoers and I wouldn't be superstitious at all.


But I do believe in ghosts and spirits since this.


My mom even asked the parish priest at the time about it and he reckoned I had a connection with the dead kind. Regards Derek Acorah.


Have you seen Bruce Willis in your living room?


And they say the kids kids like see ghosts more than I see dead people.


So scary. And this is freaky, you know, for laughing on a cry. And we're still on here. And Anonymous listener said, I think there's a ghost in my grandma's house burn down.


In fact, I can't on the ghost, there's a ghost in my grandma's house, my grandma, my granddad died in the house in the 80s and lots of my family have said they have seen the ghost upstairs since it's dead.


Firstly, before my time, my mama and my grandma were in different rooms one night when they saw something move across the land in. They both later mentioned it and realized they had seen the same thing, they both thought they'd seen a ghost. Years later, my brother was staying over and he also saw something moving in the bedroom one time, and so did my cousin on a different occasion. Finally, I believe I saw a ghost one evening. I was walking up the stairs and as I came to the top, I looked up at the Sacred Heart picture, hanging on the wall and staring back at me on the far side of London.


It was dark and all I could see was the little red light lighting it up. As I approached the last step, I saw this ship move across the picture and into the other room, scared the bejesus out of me. It's hard to describe what it was, but it was like a flowing, shaded movement that went swiftly across the land. Must have been a ghost. I never turned on lights in the dark, but in my grandmother's house I never turn on lights in the dark.


I just stay in the dark.


I don't agree with streetlights. I shouldn't have lights.


I never turn on lights in the dark. But in my grandmother's house, I now always have to have the light turned on before I go upstairs.


Creep me out so much anyway to conclude, I'm not sure if that's my granddad going around upstairs, but there is definitely something. What's what's your granddad, Ottilie? Yes.


I think he could be coming back he place or something like no, use this to Connor said, genuine story here about ghosts.


And as true as I'm texting, you know, myself and my brother and I went to Cardiff one weekend. My brother was competing in a triple jump competition.


So off we went out on a Saturday night, the clash anyway, and died hard in the sun, trying to fly home back to Shannon. That's on the evening.


We were just going through security when they stopped my brother at the gate and wouldn't let him on the plane because he was carrying athletic spikes in his hand luggage load of bollocks.


So I flew home for work the following morning and a brother and his mate ended up walking into some lad BMB out for a load of pints during the day and go back home. That night, the two lads were put in an old converted barn out the back of the actual BMB flaking job, according to them. Anyway, this is where Sizz gets real.


There were two levels in the barn Reisz one about three foot higher than the other. So the brother was up on the high one and his mate on the lower level. The barn was pitch dark anyway. And the border, says Keun, is that you sit on the ledge and Kinzer's I thought that was you will affect me.


They could they could see somebody's legs just hanging off the ledge. Later, they both saw a black ghost walking through the wall into an older section of the barn.


And they went in for breakfast the following morning anyway and said to the woman who owns the pub, she told them that the barn was only recently torn up and the lads were only the second people to stay there. But the people before them said they saw the same thing.


Turns out that Bristol was one of the worst areas in Britain for slavery and that the barn was used as a gallows.


I thought maybe it was haunted by Meile and Fidelman just keep rolling around Jesus shift and she's definitely subletting that to students.


Yeah, OK, I'm all smoothed over now. But who's going to get the two Johnnys podcast? Bogda, sponsored by KC Sports carry all the lovely to Johnnys merchandise to story.


If you want to get yourself some Maehara, who do you like for it?


I like Paul Bremer, who may not have dated a necrophiliac. So yeah, that's just so weird. I have to acknowledge it.


And I also who who is like volunteers as an assistant mortician, how are we allowed into Kuwait?


Surely like if someone was like, hey, I just love death, could you let me into the morgue?


Absolutely, George. We're know we're understaffed to the best of times here.


I'm right in periscopes here. Yeah. And then he's like, oh, yeah. Can you all get out of the kitchen? Give me some time alone with the dead. Lulea not we'll all be in the canteen, give the person done what is going on and what hospital is that.


I'm bringing the guards. OK, but IMR you're still getting them. OK, so there you go. You know, all good things come. All's well that ends well.


Yeah, right. To those who go off dead people. I don't know. Weekly roundup. Yes. What's been going on. We are we are getting the skates on.


Will you are. Yeah. We are roped into a club fundraiser. Yeah absolutely. Gone to the hejab.


Clergy have started a fundraiser without us so we at the last minute now have to join in.


They're doing this walk, but you're walking to be no crack. So I am going to rollerblade five kilometers around the town of Care Sunday morning live on Instagram. Now, it'll already have happened by the time this window, so hopefully I didn't fall and die and Giannis Max out on a cycle behind me with a megaphone abusing me and holding the camera.


Yeah and I've also got a roll that I want to tell you on the back of the bike. Just because when you're trying get up on Main Street there's a big hill and I don't fancy your chances of getting up the hill. There's a fair point. I'm going to give you an alter. Obviously I'm not putting on roller blades. Y'all seen the TV show? You know, I've a lot of trauma, Johnny, to go to.


All right? I was like, oh, I was just shaking all over in cold sweat.


Tailbone was getting flashbacks also released. I mean, can't take it. I can't even jog five care because my knees are so bad, so let alone go around and roller blades.


But it should be fun. The big issue is going to be the footpads. Yeah, they've been redone but now it is all hommes and Adrianne has to go that way.


And I'm, I'm hoping if fall it will make for good, good entertainment.


I'd say the furthest I've ever gone in roller blades was yesterday. I did about fifty yards from the yard.


That was impressive though. I was impressed by, you know, you can't stop, but I can move. Yeah, yeah. Stop will be an issue.


I stop like the way water goes down the sink, the circles just get smaller and smaller until I hit the ground. Whirlwind or a whirlpool. So I hope you've all donated.


And if you haven't, there's still time to link. I'll be there. And Giuliani's Instagram and on our Facebook.


Yeah, I think we're up early. They've raised three thousand eight hundred. Yeah. They're looking to get their own hundred grand. It's not looking. But we will keep working it out, do it for charity. We're going to have a great year if we ever get back in the field.


We'll get a million suits for everyone there. And did you do at least for Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day this week.


And all we got know we went to a restaurant and got a pack that you cook at home, did you? Yeah. Wow, something different. Yeah, that's nice. I don't know if restaurants really make any money over like, but I know differently. You should probably go back and get it in the restaurant.


Yeah, we get the first here after Jesus wants you to. I got Chinese were. Yeah, he went to the Chinese. Yeah, if if people people on the patrons know this one already.


So I went to Chinese like I hadn't been there in a couple of years and I went in and like this Chinese used to love going there because your mind constantly kept saying, oh, yeah, he kept asking me.


Like, every time I went there, he was like, Hey, Johnny, you still work SUPERVALU?


And I was like, Oh yeah, because I did work in Superwealthy. And obviously, like, honestly, I haven't seen this leidner in for years.


And I went in a few months ago and walked up to continues like, Hi Johnny, you still in value of six fucking us all night.


And you know what? I instead of getting into gym, I just said, yeah, I did. Yeah, yeah. And then I left.


And in honesty, not a few months passed and it came to Valentine's night and I was like, look, we just get Chinese.


And he was like, yeah, I was like, you're going in. It's like I'm not going anywhere. You're not going to believe that. And he went in, came out to the car, took the mask off because we really had and I was like, I like what she said.


She went up to the counter. He was like, I well, it's Chinese SUPERVALU.


But she was like, no, he's gone four years and just walked out.


So, yeah, romantic.


Valentine's Day is the Chinese restaurant and they're not big fans of the two johns, but do a mean Saturday and they do in France. And thanks a million to everyone who signed up to the extra podcast that's available on Patreon.


It's six euro a month and once you get for six, you're your once again extra podcast every Thursday. And you also get access to all of our live shows.


We do wonderly nearly monthly now on picture.


That's the plan. The last one blew people's minds on last week's extra podcast. Number forty nine, you get the back catalog to. We talked about the top five mad bastards.


We know our friend Finch. Oh, yeah. For some reason, he really wanted to make Pavlova, you know, and he's like, does anybody want that? And he was like, I want to make Pavlova.


This is an ALBA, figure it out and it's Raulston like you want to be is fucking bacon here like and he was like with you to the shop and he went down right and left, bought meringues and then came back and then he was like she didn't get any cream. He's like no, I didn't have any cream on them. So the next day he went to shop with her again and then he couldn't find the whipped cream. So he bought, you know, that like you spray it and then like he was like, does anybody else want meringue?


Now, what he had was a meringue nest and like a spray cream, everyone's like, no. And he's like, more for me. And then he just got the meringue. Right. And what he did was he take a bite out of meringue like and then he launched his mouth and just sprayed a cream in.


And that's and that's how he had what he called Pavlova the mansaray on meringues, Doritos and Xigris beer for four, seven days.


It's incredible. He is one of the Midas bastards. I think he was the first place on that list. Absolutely. Absolutely.


Our guest today is a man renowned for his passion driving ability to bring teams back from the brink. He's a fantastic manager and leader. And we're not just saying that because Matt Hannan has asked us to.


He's taken on his toughest challenge to date, which we've been watching on television over the past few weeks. That's David's toughest team. Now, the man himself joins us on the two Johnnys podcast.


Can I hear your falcon?


Are you trained the team there and in the minors? Yeah, we want to we want to win their first championship for twenty years last year, but can hurt the whole world and hurt.


It was a press release and I heard that I was going to take you on. And that's I was yeah, I was I that for this job next.


By God, I tell you one thing. I put the name forward by first we have to start with Davies told his team, wait like I'm lovingness right.


I'd be straight off. I like the lads on it. Are such characters. Where did the idea come for you to make this kind of TV show like. I suppose the start of our sorry, the end of every year, we discuss how this family goes, we sit down with the production company and we have a chat and we see if we have any new ideas. And this is kind of something I find in my head, in fairness to the production company, like the idea of asking them to try to help in that age group.


And it just expanded in chat over a few weeks. And I just feel that that age group probably they're just lacking that small bit of direction and that small bit of help. And, you know, I'll start from there. I didn't expect what I got. I can I can tell you that it was Honoria.


The thing looking at is some some of the lads you can tell have a sporting background and they seem like we look at here, like we look at the local lads in care and stuff like that. And when they're playing sport, at least they seem to have an outlet. I think it's the boys and girls of that age who aren't, you know, don't have sport, has no love, can can really get lost. I think sport helps. And if you're not in, that's an atmosphere.


I think that's that's that's where trouble comes.


I remember on episode two, Davy, you kind of said that when you struggled in school and you're younger than Herrlein, Herrlein kind of almost saved you, would you say? Listen, lads, it's it's your passion to get your get you out of trouble. It's to go to that place that, you know, you can go to whatever space that is. I was looking was Hallenbeck man, and I was very lucky because, like, when you're being picked on, it is nice and you have to get that whole embargo against the wall and take you or anyone like you are just taking your clarinet player.


You forget about stopping yourself to go on. That was so good. And that's why I'm always on to young kids about dreams. Don't don't let people tear up your dreams. And if you do come under pressure, go back to your dreams and start trying to live a mould as best you can. Just imagine them taking it and don't let anyone take them away if it's so important, just like there's enough negativity around for that. Let's just stay with things as much as possible.




One thing we thought we were watching is like somebody might have come from like tough situations and to know we were trying to get into the television game as well. No, Davey, we were trying to see what's going on like but we were we were thinking it's like you took on a lot yourself. You know, you took on a big role in it because if it was us, we'd been saying, Jesus, don't want to say it. We'll get in an addiction counselor.


We'll get in this person or that person. You know, like it's a scary proposition. David, you took a lot on yourself. And also, I did have back up behind the scenes as well, like we have counselors to talk to lads as well, like we were careful not for how we did it. Like, I suppose I've been in management for over 30 years, but believe it or not, and lot them years ago from. I taught my way was the best way, I taught, I knew it all, and then what I began to understand was try and understand the person I get the best out of the person.


We're all different. And so as soon as I figured out how things started to happen, a lot more of me is understand the person and we're all different. So we all have different things that make us tick. And I think that's the biggest thing you can do with anyone is try and understand them. If you look at the shore like we brought up our own a few situations that we knew were them someone, we thought we get a reaction, just wanted to see how to be when they come under pressure, because that's when you see the true being.


That's when you're treated, when you see the true self is when you're put under that pressure, what where will you react? And that's what I want to see with them. And I got to see that. And that's that was how I hope to make ends, is get them to look back. Let's get them to think about what's after happened unless can we do something. But I'll tell you let's be honest. I did appreciate the help I got from others as well on that.


You're right. That probably doesn't seem right because I'm no one person can solve it all. That's what I was.


Yeah, well, one thing we couldn't help but notice was we know you've had some heart trouble yourself.


You have some stints in there. Just I was watching an episode or two there a while ago. And twice you sat down and had a free of. No, I and I couldn't even one of the lads said this is not the healthiest thing, but let's go. Are you very conscious about the health of our.


You look at my sentence, Max, we probably have that in common sense, and I don't want to take it.


No, I reckon it's OK to have a fro you once you get the glass of milk with that. So I think I think that's the main thing. It just neutralizes. I tell you, I love it.


Listen, it was great when I was trained all the way up along your going seven days a week and you're out in the field and you're running around the minute you stopped and all that stuff piles on the way. I'm like, when you're training teams and if you're doing it properly, I believe you're giving 110 percent. You're absolutely shattered. You're not going to do that much yourself. And I was taking sugar hits where I could get in there. And you see that that was last when you saw it in Phraselator and that was last January.


Between January and February. Yeah, I'm coming to March. I'd say from March on. I've been pretty I've been pretty decent on what I do. We'll have a free every now and again. I will play as much. Definitely not like I went to fourteen stone twelve. Thankfully I think I went back to 2012 and back up around thirteen six at the moment, so I've got to get them to polygraph again.


You know your your fit and raring to go. I mean, you have to live a bit as well. I know, I know, I think I can take the pain. Is that word a think of balance? Yeah, I think it's the tango, right. Is to find that balance. But there's no balance for me. Fuck it. I just I just in car and just just talking with the boys that that that have been in there.


Sure. I mean obviously when this interview goes out there, the finish and the last episode is on that night. So what can we expect from the lads. And in the future, like have you put plans in place? You're still chatting to the boys, like, I mean, seeing what a lot of them they don't really have an outlet to don't have a job. I mean, I know myself when I when I was going mad, when I was younger, I was looking I always had some job and I had a few pound anywhere to to do so if I wanted to do like have you an important place for these boys are what we are like set up.


Now that's that's actually it's a fair point that you've made right now. I'm going to want to explain to you one like this and these boys have had no jobs right now, whether that's their own fault, our own our circumstances. Right. It had not. And, you know, if you saw a short amount of time, free time in your head, like, that's not good. That's not good. And I was the one thing that we tried to encourage from day one when Rebeka get out and do some exercise or whatever.


Right now, luckily, I've had two or three companies get onto me and offer to buy these apprenticeships. So I have so we're in the middle of tying up two or three of them at the moment right now. When we finished the show last August, we give them X amount of stuff to do. My thing with them was I want to let them off, number one. Right. I held her hand for X amount of time. The production company held her hand for so long.


You can do that unless you have the conviction to go and start a davits or any one of our team is not going to start. So you have to want to do this yourself even better. Last night on the text, I signed our text last night like a little group. Right. And then the production team was showing me the text. These guys are so much different to what they were a year and a bit ago. You would not believe.


Yeah, just one or two of them wouldn't say Bouttier the difference in them. And they were saying it themselves last night that I feel like different people. And if that if we achieve that, what a few of them. I'll tell you one thing. I never bought a fucking TV show. This is the work to it's worked on. Like, I'll be honest with you, I love the whole line. I love Win. And I there's no doubt that, you know, I'm a type of girl right now.


We've witnessed todavía e love me and kept on being I.


You're all over the mantelpiece with the secret activity.


So I know I'm all over the mantelpiece with the dark. One hundred one hundred. But looking on at the TV show.


No, the Wexford boys must be getting jealous or do the work for you. You've been down to of them. Guys are like I know they're very tough training. Disciplined group. Yeah.


They're a unique bunch. I absolutely love them to bits. I've probably I didn't expect to stay as long as I have with them, but, you know. Good people are Darline there, just silently. I couldn't speak enough about them and I really, really love it. And I think tonight you were down and the superstars do. We had. Yeah, I you you could tell with the lads like to have the crack like I don't want they can hardly stand to be all hype and pressure.


Pressure shouldn't come up. Yeah. It should be. Go and express yourself and go on. Let's see what happens. And that's what we try to do. Whether it be singsongs songs have to crack, let's do it and kind of find a find it found out with the extra guys and I'm enjoying it.


Like obviously I was, I was down at this superstars and to meet the lads like there sore to so I'll go on to do seem so normal and from talking to them, you know what I mean. They have this only to go through a for you. So what I want to know is I want to be a manager someday when me and Johnny can nicely retire and we can you know, we'll set up our own club if we have to, if the oil is in the law.


Once we've had a couple of shows on our team and big box, we had a Sunday evening.


I should also point, Jonny, we point is how how do you when you come individually to this group or whatever farty lads in the dressing room, how do you immediately just win them over? Because it was clear to see I was at the Leinster final when you won and holler. And I say if that match was still going on, they would still be running around, are dying in their boots. How do you just win them over immediately? Because obviously you're not from Wexford, you know what I mean?


So you're coming in almost as an outsider.


I think, number one, you have to be straight or bananas. But when I came there, when I. I call it, as I saw it on my actually told them what I thought, I call them the story, I told them that we'd have to work extremely hard. But also, I think one of the most important things was that we have to enjoy each other's company. I want to know fucking superstars. I just want an honest bunch to care where they're from.


They care about Wakeford, but they care about each other and would just go out in the field. I don't want like I have joined captains always. Right. I don't believe in one leader. I believe in and among the leaders I love and among the leaders I love being in it together. If a friend is having a bad day, someone else will go over topics that will be grand if they will. I love that family feeling. That's kind of what I love when I try to instill that in them.


And I think it's also important to surround yourself with great coaches and great people like our kitman. Incredible. Absolutely. Wanted to watch the command over the fellow. Yeah. We love 82 years of age to carry the water. He you would not think he's eighty two, but he's the life and soul of the places where crack is. The characters you have around I think is important that they are able to express themselves and it feels like a good place to be if it feels like a good place to be and you're on a winner.


That's what I believe. And as I said, I'm going to be ups and downs. You're going to get the highs like the highs are high. What the fuck? The laws are law, I can tell you like. And wouldn't you stick together your chance of doing anything? That's my belief based I. I never worried about putting a plan on killing a or car. I don't ever worry about that because I believe if you go near as honest as you can be, believe in yourself.


You have two arms, two legs. Let's, let's go to battle. Right. Let's go to war.


No matter where you say you're too strategic, even to our two legs, I don't think that's what we do.


One thing we definitely agree is your high energy daddy and I have to admire the power of your vocal chords. There's times I think you should have been a singer in a rock band or something because I'd be on the upper Kuzak and I can hear you. But there's a look at some of the stuff has been well documented, like your friend John Millán had a famous exchange on the field. But when you're on the sideline or when you're playing is being vocal, is that a is that a tool you use to set yourself up or seek the lads up or what's going on there?


He took a seventy five minute match. I looked to see how vocal I was, four to seventy five minutes. I bet you'd be under ten minutes. Well, and you find that hard to believe. But that's the truth. Arpit, as you well know, the bits that want to pick and that's right. Yeah, I've no problem with that. If that's the character to want to portray, if you ask me, no matter what, it's actually like an expert for most of the time.


I'd say 95 percent of the time. Way I'm talking now is where I am when I have to go to the world and go to war, go on to our next set of I think I can get an advantage by doing something. Yeah, I was there before I got there. Two month suspension, I guess. Temporary, right? Yeah, a hundred percent is. Are you one hundred percent deserved. Did I know what I was doing.


100 percent. Because if you have a team like Kipe and they get as many on top of you and they put it, if you score on the board they are not going to just beat you five or ten points, they are going to absolutely annihilate you. And I, I admire that about them. And I was looking at that in front of my eyes. I'm saying, fuck, what can we do here? And if I could stop the game right now, I managed to do it.


But if you look at me, walk and ask if you really look, you wouldn't see. I wasn't I wasn't cross. I wasn't cracked. I knew it. I knew as.


Yeah. As to try and change momentum. Look, it's just a change of momentum.


There's different things. You have to do different things. And you learn a lot as you get older. And I won't make any apologies for whatever it takes for my team to get over the line by like if I can help or I can do something conferral. If you get some player, John, back at your fucking brilliant. That's Chris. He's gone. Yeah, he's gone.


I remember it happened in an game one that they were beaten up by six or seven points on this to come on to the sideline for me shoulder. And he started to jam me and I started him. Yeah. And all the rest of the game for me to bring in one story from your book.


I absolutely loved it when you were over Claire and you were playing Corktown in Cork and there was a bit of a shemozzle. I won't do it justice. Will you tell our listeners this one, David?


That was that was actually funnier than it is. And it's very it's very character, very unlike we were we were down about six points below. I'm talking rain on Saturday night. Big crowd. They got the best of us in the first half like. And I'm just thinking to myself at halftime, what can we do for Cam here? Like, what can we do here? And I remember, I think, just how Chicagoland hit on. I don't want to keep on doing like, nothing crazy, like, you know.


So I was walking and I talked to Donnie and I knew it was a few players beside him. I said, Don't you have my full. Permission to do whatever you want to do in the second half, and that means you have to break some bread. And I said, well, the car, as I said it loud enough so that. Right. So then did we bury in a field of management? Turned out and they went ballistic.


Right. So they started confrontation with me and I got fairly rough. But I can remember I think it was Johnny Crowley. Right. And I remember looking at myself as if he gets to what me I'm for, and Johnny said to me, right, he said to me, he said, your eyes, you've not back it up because you're so I thought, I know you have spoken stuccoed and then pushed him away. But I was happy.


And if you looked at him, you know, like how I got involved and the optics points, I don't know. Before I went into a restaurant, I just caught my short. And I remember I said, well, I went in and I fucked. I said that I messed up and defending each idea for ten minutes. So I said, I have to fight. What you do not know would say no less. Half an hour. I said, are you going to let them walk down and went out?


We won by six oh rippin your own shirt. But that's the new Davit I'm afraid. Hit North Carolina's next year rip shirt at half time.


They don't stop. No, it won't work all the time. If you are in a situation where you know things are going bad, you're trying to think of anything might be change formation or explain again then you'd actually do like we even wait for now. They've got a place where I don't even tell them what to do anymore. I just fucking change them up themselves like they know if something's going bad, they'll try and change it open. I just realized it doesn't always go right.


Like I can't get out. And to be fine, I guess, are like, would I have regrets. One hundred and ten percent if I got another chance. So I do things this might be different. Yeah. You look back and you have to keep learning guys. You have to keep learning.


And one thing we've ended up talking about here sometimes is that Herrlein a year maybe since back when you were playing, you've seen the change that. Has it gone a bit too serious in terms of what guys have been asked to do in terms of training, food, you know, don't be out drinking all this kind of stuff.


Like put this we're like in October, junior herrlein, senior football. And if you look at our senior football team, they looked like a fuckin intercounty team.


There's nobody there don't play like mine. But, you know, did all these mostly guys who look after themselves.




Do you know what I'm saying, Davey, in terms of like the gym work, the training, and especially people from the outside maybe have an opinion like, oh, Dave fits.


I bet his training is hard core. No, I bet it's extreme.


I bet that's I bet you don't have a drink on in the water at this kind of perception is out there of you in your training, you know.


Travel will be tough for me at times when I was shattered, but I believe that more balance is important. I know it's in the middle of trying and be in the middle of a two hour session on my sitcom, OK, tell me the best selling you have and I'll let you after us to try and oh, my God, I go in one of the one hour we've done that.


We've done that loads of times. And I swear to God, the one thing I love about which is like we normally sing a tune most days before we go play any match. And although I want to kind of where I've gone to with the whole Harlem thing is fucking good farm free spirit. Let's do it. I, I'll tell you that like that we have some crackling like the had a queens. There's something I know I was in the background looking at it.


I want to see you want to be like crack the head and the people last had to do X amount of challenges. Yes. They are like what.


It was only what I showed you, the home videos, TV, what songs would be saying most often the training. I could do anything like that. So anything comes out. Sweet Caroline comes out of purple and gold comes out. Anything could come out, come up with modern stuff like We have a music man and Trenor. Right. So we are finding was our first guy in charge of music. He got say, I meant to say, listen, we got a fucking sec funding for the crap.


So I said, guys, I was in the middle of a big team talk, right? So we're playing someone. And I said, well, I say we leave the team. Talk down for a sec. We've been more pressing issue. I said one or two guys have come to me. I said they're not happy with the man in charge of music. And on about I said, Fanning, we have to put this together, what we had and for what they are.


And then the second and we sacked him. Right. And I asked them who do they want to do it? And they pick the guy who was one of the greatest guys in the team, right? Yeah. Oh, my God. Did he stand up to the challenge? So he has to bring the speaker and he is the pick the music that we have. And if you see the crack at times that to go on with, like they're just a funny bunch like that, to me, it's to get that balance between that serious stuff and also feeling good about what you're doing.


I think that's important. And they have allowed me to explore that more to wait for guys have allowed me to explore it more. They're not afraid. They don't take them so serious when it comes to stuff like that. Yeah, let's have the crack and that that that they can learn. We found lots of stuff the way they are. They are they are unbelievable. I swear to God, guys, it's it's hilarious. Yeah.


What do you think before you go into pitch, would you be singing in every place, any place like our physio brings the guitar with him? If you look at us every day, our visit has the guitar along with him. That's really not like. Yeah, why not? Like, why does it need to be all Kelts and all you have to do this, you have to do that and you can have a mixer board like why not have a mixer board.


Now it took me a long time to realize this. I just want to go out there's I know from pressures in life without and hold onto there's enough pressures. And if a team gives me one hundred and ten percent, fine.


If they don't trust me, find out about lost or, you know, if I can find something that I tried to get her office. But we've left a few impressions as I think that I'd love to be gone by the next time weeks would have a team that I was.


Can we come in on as like you're welcome the next time, but I wouldn't get off your ass and come down to the last time. That was a problem. I was at a wedding that night, but.


Right. You weren't you jaunting.


Yeah, no, I ended up at Wexford team that I was in Dublin once, accidentally butchered it and tell you about that.


I'm underneath the carrier.


I look out as long as I get one hundred, ten percent out of every fellow TV. I was happy for the night out. And you're out with Debbie.


Before we before we finish, we have to ask you about family. And it's obviously been devalued by yourself and a boat of yours. Like what? Did you see something similar or where did that concept come from for four families? Because it's been a massive here, like we're looking around here now, like trying to trying to raise a family. You'd win it locally, like if they ever did something like that.


Where where did this spring from when Jim Sexton there and Shannon, he's a good friend of mine. He's in the entertainment business. But we were having coffee over. And Shannon Moombahton, we were talking about member superstars.


You'd be on your land and all that stuff that she always would have been enough. We're talking about that in a larger sense. Wouldn't it be great for a family like the once important thing in life in your family or the family could actually do something? Well, if you did something like that, can you get every viewership you have from young to old? Would love something like that. And we just started writing down stuff and concepts and we spent hours writing down and we got to meet with Aunty Rachel, a friend of ours.


And like, normally, it's hard to get one side, you know, it's OK to break in there and your your mind said, you give us ten minutes. We were still there an hour and 45 minutes later. And I remember walking over and he said there's no fuel production companies go talk to me, said earlier that all day long and that never happens. We were told and I remember being told, Don said I said they'll probably get maybe two or two years if you're lucky, if we don't.


And I'm so proud. I'm so proud of the production company, the film crew. Like, you know, yourself, you need to have a crew, which is what you did. And if you have that crew, which to film crew, the sound guys, the production crew, if you have all the time in which it makes life an awful lot easier and the atmosphere there is always burning, it's absolutely brilliant.


And you've won this year at long last. It's been a long time coming there with the with the management on, you know that.


Hey, there you go away. There you go. Inside track, Marty, for that, you put your proper, like you proper want to win. Like this isn't just for TV. Like you want to beat those vetoes order. It's like no way.


Let's let's be straight about something. All right. If I use I don't plan Marabous if I take that and I play cards every night. I've said that well with my mother you should be down our house goes back in a few people come and join us every now and again. And then trust me, you want to have your helmet on. If I lose that place, we might as well forget about it. I know I'm not the perfect person, but the one thing I want to be competitive.


I think I have a soft I would have a soft center at the end of it. Like I like I like seeing people happy I am. So I do. Do I make mistakes. I do raise one hundred and ten percent likely to total as I make mistakes. I assume we're waiting for our first one.


OK, to be a couple of quick ones for you. Go what's the future hold for Dave.


If it's ok. I really want I tell you straight up, no one is. I want my my family to stay healthy as long as possible. Myself healthy. I'm getting old to enjoy every day is the most important thing for me. Right. If we can win a business where we all heard in the meantime. Great. And I just want to see more negativity going on in this world. I have an office in Ireland. Sometimes we got a habit of always knocking.


People stop knocking people. Let's just get on with things and take care of our own lives, then go out and have the crack. That's that's where I think I'm going.


I can see Debbie fits getting into politics. Know. Oh, yeah. I'd love to see you open the door and open like I mean, come on.


More fucking vaccines. Come on. I'd like to see a few more of them where I'm going.


I'm going to take the vaccine, but I just want to take it right now.


Have to get into a pint of milk with the vaccine. Oh, we'll have to make it. I might need to fry an egg.


The rest of the advice for a 17 year old davits. One speaks about yourself, work extremely hard. I always follow your dreams, even when you get knocked and everybody gets knocked to one stop and if you get knocked again, come back again. No matter who tries to put you down, if you believe hard enough, you will get there no matter what story is. I really believe that you will get there if you just keep.


You were part of a fair care team back in your day. No. And I hope my temporary 1987 jersey hanging on the wall here because I'm still not over if the clear team of ninety five or to play the Limerick team at twenty twenty, how would Igor. And. Well, for one, they're completely two different teams, like their team would have been probably very direct. We would have had a lot of power. I think the game has just changed so much.


Guys like to me, we probably we would have been very one dimensional. Ninety five of us get the ball, hit the ball right back then. That was great. But the game has moved on now. And in fairness, there are ahead of everyone at the moment. And I love the Verizon or player I'm on for a variety Schachte long shooting distance getting closer to it. So it would be very hard to answer that because I just believe in two different era.


I do what I like to think we get stuck in.


Come on, we'll continue on to give you those Limerick lads in order in again. I want to see. Did he. Yeah. Mark and Caitlin. Come on, let's talk about it. Oh, don't be so macho. Let's get the match ups in our head exactly what we like. Yeah. Creme de la Morrissey walking around. Heggarty because we all like him side by side with lots of crap. All right. To be to be good that way.


We have our own Guillam, probably in full foreign language, Briagolong right now. I think we do all can we give the muscle. All right.


So we will give you everything. One already is the one you see. There you go. Yeah. Thank you. Goodbye. Hey, no, no. Hey, Dave.


It's been an absolute pleasure. Thanks of fucking million for doing it. Great. Great.


I take you I wish you the best, right? Yeah. Thanks very much. Mrs Yellowbelly is no good at that. And you can watch the final episode of Davie's Toughies team on RTG one tonight at nine thirty five pm and you can catch up on all the three previous episodes on VRT player The Balde stories.


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His son John Paul lorded it at under fourteen Harlan just natural talent and not and got to do with the fact that he was eighteen years of age at the time. It's time for an old furlong and it's time for old news.


No old news. Well, no news, news, yes, a scientist said to me, nor do you know Peter from the blog.


If you want, I said I said to him, yeah, I know everyone involved. I don't know, Pete. And Tom from the bag, Patty got her in the bag. I know all now like Dick had a brother.


Oh, you ever seemed like Dick. McCalman, no, I didn't see him in here, it seemed like he had a brother who was a bit of a cowboy to all kind of a fella. He could be his. I wouldn't know him now. I knew Defendor like me, you didn't ever see him like making a big man.


I see. I heard it again. And once he got a like Mickey hit, you know what?


Oh, you're not at his place to pee in the bag.


Yes. See the bags in the woods?


They're saying Ireland is becoming less wild. And I don't mean because they closed the pubs and straight away towns are spreading out there. More people in the world, more guys looking for grub. Farmers are having to farm every inch of the place to meet the demand. Where's my grub? You don't care about the birds and the badgers when you're in the horn for a spot. I mean, sporran. Sporran, no bad FOK jacket on off, I hate to say that to my lady wife.


Yeah, after the first day I had to explain, I mean the jacket on the spot. Oh. Skinniness happened with Fokin are knocked off on Cohran underneath Christ. Let me with what happened. There are studies being done about rewilding Ireland.


Do you know how much of Ireland is covered in trees?


Only 30 percent, 20 percent is right. If I asked him about the Ninja Turtles now Neulander Turtles, yeah, Donatello, Pikachu, Popeye and Roundy, I seen them up in Fort Heartline Pizza fighting that fucking pig.


What was his name? Splinter. Porky Pig. No, that was him. Hit that Robert and Jerry. And they were on it. JP we watched him. He was smiling. Yeah. SpongeBob Dowson Yogi here. Scooby Doo doo them.


How much of Ireland's Coventry's one percent or.


Oh, well, that's the lowest in Europe. Not great. Should I be taking timber? Yeah, now, I never took timber from the woods there. Never in my life. You sure?


No. The guards did question me several times about how I always have firewood in the shed. I said, look, Airds is like Shane Emblazon. It's just kind of.


No one knows how it got there, was there? So the bug is the same. OK, people used to steal turf from debark. But let's be like if you got a belt like Mickey. To allow you to have an area down to bare Burrup Peninsula right down, and they only have native trees and plants down there and the wildlife is flourish and birds and the creatures are coming back and some people just don't think they want to reintroduce wolves back into Ireland.


That's a fact.


You know, Ireland used to have wolves, but the last wolf died two hundred and thirty five years ago in Cairo.


Oh, yes, snack box in the Roadhouse Cafe. Don't like foundry to students. No, he was shot.


Well, the idea would be that the wolves were at deer and then last year.


Like to direct and the fallen trees and plants never OK. So if you had more deer, you keep it more wolves. You did it, dear. OK, yeah I mean, I here and I didn't know I had it there. I can't remember what's supposed to be very good for trees anyway.


Even all thought, oh well what happens. They said that's fine, that's fine. What happens when the wolf hits the sheep.


Oh if I'm going to blow the fucking head off. Yeah, that's true. Back to extinction, would you, my friend? So the reintroduction of the native Egham happened in Donegal. Did you know that?


No, they put Deegan's out in Donegal and they had hoped that they would take off. They had hoped the eagle would take off. OK, I get it, huh?


But they didn't. It's only lasted only 25 Perram. Yeah, not enough rabbits and mice and things to be it anymore. So it's very hard to know what to do. I like animals, but I don't know what kind of effect it would have. As they say in Carrack.


Better a bird in the hand than a finger in the dike. What? It's going to be a grind going this year for the farmers.


Take a bit of a farm and it's not going well and just give it back to nature. You rented out to the birds and the badgers.


Well, so you can plant native trees and see the trees. That forest you opened up to Mountain Pines and Farnan. They're not worth tuppence to the birds. I don't see him, don't you? But the timber is good.


We need the timber, you know, making things like, you know what, it would be great if I were either OK. Now it would be better if I were now.


Doc, doc. Doc. Do you know Bill Gates? Yeah, not personally, but yeah, the fellow who makes the gates lovely gates, you see the bill he needed timber. Yeah.


And the that working with him now, Harry Styles.


You know, he does he puts in the style beside the gas. And if I didn't hang around, it's idea. And so that's that's the news, that's the news.


Really hoping that, yeah, in local news, this very serious moment. Hmm hmm hmm. Wonderful. In local news, retired.


Yeah. Dan Brain has its. Then Brian has AIDS. He went to the doctor, he went to the doctor, turned away. And the doctor said he's in a bad way. I just felt like we shouldn't really be laughing. But, you know, Dan Brown did the music. Yeah, he had a band undergo then Brian and Buster's all those years, all those gigs over the years going around town to town, loud music and late nights.


Yeah. And definitely had written Miesha, Mickey Schoop and Leam Duran. Bob, these are wild men. That life has caught up with him now and he has it's not a doctor is very, very discreet.


You barely notice he's only one and each year.


He only wanted and he can say he can hear the telly, you can hear the radio now, they tend to misfire when the wave comes in.


You sound good, but you are a great friend. I'm no fan of The Wire. You have a band as well. You know what? This is him. Go ahead.


Guns and Roses and the ladies from the country markets had a group as well. Discon Rose.


Their country, despite the scoring roses opportunity, great pressure to beat on them, you know what, I don't like this modern music, you know, American shite.


Let's talk talking Qatar.


John Paul Rashaun me right now, baby PBB featuring Rudy Rudy.


Rudy Rich. They have a new song called Rock Star. I've heard this, I have you guys, I couldn't understand a word of it. There was something about a guy in a car and Laura Carson feel like, gosh, Norbit.


Computer music Where's the drummer at all? There's not one song in the charts. You could jive 10. Does this young one she taught to track now where is song about a fucking driving license? What's next? A waltz about going to the dentist, huh? Oh, he put his hands inside my mouth.


Tribalists. Can she make a trailer? Huh? Did she get a tractor license? I don't know where she used the fucking insurance court for rent for a MICRA. She said her name is probably. I used to go see a lot of bands with my cell phone camera first got married. Been. It used to be a great local event, Harlot's. Great Bend. Yeah, do you know how North Korea. Yeah, so during the day, we drank grand on the flowers and what?


He will create Sacramento or bilingual, yeah, Hahndorf.


Flat out wrong, no, there are wide down the road back to the appropriate phrase that one of them went off and started his own GCB business, Earth, Wind and Tires, to their recent album called Nixon.


Yeah, because I don't Farkash makes or final good CD.


I got it right. But to tape at that time.


But what the news is then Brian has is here and it's no longer gassman. OK, thanks.


Well yes. And beware the wolves.


Yeah, they're dangerous. Yeah. But they're not, they're not around but like just beware. Yeah. God forbid.


She affectionately calls her dog Ted Snuggle Bunny Cuddle Muffin and lamb chop and she calls us pricks. Marlene, what's your mystery topic this week?


OK, first off, I have to give an update on a previous mystery topic on that update involves apologizing profusely to my neighbor.


So there's no way I got to read a little tracker and you stick it to his collar and it does GPS positioning as to where he goes. And I have on my phone now, and it seems Ted likes wander when I'm not in the vicinity. So I think what happened was it was that so there is this shared across the road that Ted likes to grab and have a little snowfall around and lad who owns it doesn't mind.


He calls Ted my friend and gives him pets. And so I think Ted was and ran the shed and then smelt rubbish that my neighbor had left at her back door with the you know, with the idea of recycling later in the day and in that rubbish. I know there was this stuff because Ted Poop today at the next day, the wrapper of black pudding and the netting that you boil. Hammond So he had learned his lesson. Yeah.


Yeah. So this your neighbor had accused your dog of poo in the back garden and you were like, yeah, she'd hardly go down the road.


That all.


Yeah. And it turns out that Ted. Yeah. He says there's life in the old dog. Yet not only did not only did he shit in her backyard, he proceeded to rifle through her rubbish and eat and eat her rubbish. Fabulous.


Yeah. I don't think he would have done it. I got into a bar garden if the smell of like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So he's more of what wasn't disabler on refugee charges with tools and service. Are you doing her.


Yeah, I had to clean all that up the next day and yes I was just like Graham. But anyway I apologise to my neighbour and I get a little notifications now because you have like an invisible fence. So like Ted goes outside that boundary. I got a little notification on my phone and then I had to go outside and get back because he's 90 percent deaf, so or else he just ignores me.


I don't know if I wanted him for the boyfriend. Anyway, on to this week's mystery topic, which is is it a good idea, do you think, to post pictures of your relationship on social media? And the reason that I thought it'd be good to discuss this, because I saw somebody on Twitter say that seeing couples post pictures themselves on Valentine's is Valentine's Day is the worst thing ever.


Now, I was going to post a picture and I'm so glad I didn't know because I wasn't going to post a picture of himself. And my staff is actually a picture of the cheeseboard I made them so fuck right before I read them online.


Yeah. Or like I didn't really call it a cheeseboard. I call it more of a Shakuri Bordo because I have meat and grapes and stuff on it like that anyway.


So it's a nice thing to do. It's like, you know, it's different than eating like you know it is more ratio's.


Yeah. Yeah. So anyway I didn't do that anyway, thank God. So I'm bit better background there. So you're probably wondering what's the psychology is of posting pictures of your relationship online. So there are a couple of schools of thought, and this one is the notion that sharing one's relationship on social media is a sign of a happy, committed relationship. Another is the notion that a sharing relationship on social media implies trouble and may involve super overcompensation for an unhappy relationship.


So what's the difference between these two things? So, like, if you're if it's a happy, committed relationship, you're just posting generally relationship. But if it's an unhappy relationship, you're doing excessive displays of things like posting potentially embarrassing information about your partner, you know, content on your partner's wall that, you know, you wouldn't say to them in person and also posting things that. Are way more affectionate than you would be to your purpose, to your partner in public when you're writing about like, you know, God, I love you, Sugar Bunny, and then when you're writing about like you wouldn't even hold his hand.


I'm also another school of thought is that you could be a narcissist and you post photos of your partner to make other people jealous, to increase your social status, basically to impress other people.


And one more study that says that posting pictures of your relationships on social media serves two purposes. One, it helps you feel more connected to your partner and to protect your relationship from others who might be interested in pursuing either you or your partner. So if you're posting pictures of you, shift in your face, off your boyfriend, you're like, hey, stay away, bitch. He's taken.


So what's your kissing to your surgery?


Interestingly, like the ask psychologist about like, you know, is posting about your relationship online mean so it said that one psychologist was asked like, if you rarely post anything about your relationship, what does that mean? The expert said your lack of focus on your relationship could mean that you're ashamed of it or your partner or simply do not value it as much as other aspects of your life.


Or it could mean the privacy and intimacy are important to you and you don't feel need to share your personal relationship with friends and strangers.


So as you don't post pictures of your older half online, I think you might. You posted a picture once.


Yeah, go ahead. So I'm wondering, what's your thoughts? Do you ever see friends or people, you know over posting about them?


And I have one thing that I see do annoys me a lot of lot is wives posting kind of belittling comments about their husbands, like being like or himself doesn't know how to pick up after hours or, you know, you know, tagging their husband is like posting means about like, you know, men and stuff that men do or don't do. So what's your thoughts on that?


That's that's awful. That like imagine taking your wife on Facebook, like in an anarchy comment. And I just want to give ball to the first thing you said that some people said watching people posting photos of themselves with the other half online on Valentine's Day is the worst thing ever.


It's not really. So, like, who gives a shit? Yeah, who gives a shit? Who cares? I suppose I would take it wanting yeah, letting people know you're taken is making it official. That that what you're saying. Yeah, because nowadays, like on Instagram, you can drop anyone a D.M.. Like, I could drop Cristiano Ronaldo a damn.


It doesn't mean he's going to see it. Yeah. But I can message him like yeah. OK, so everybody is kind of messed and everybody on Instagram. So no you're not. I mean you could like.


Yeah, it's very easy to message strangers like and like fellahs. Women don't find it odd anymore to be like, you know, because they all had this loud message.


I mean like do you know, I'm not sure you just followed me. Like it's totally normal for everyone who must to nowadays. So I guess that will be one way.


Yeah, I guess when I was single, you know, you'd appreciate if girls had a picture of their fellow, you know what I'm saying? I hope that's her fucking brother. I hope she's just really close to her brother.


But there's a privacy issue, too. Yeah. And for us.


So like you talking about words like insufficient and that kind of thing, those milestones are set by influencers, bloggers.


Mm hmm. Really? Yeah, which we are not.


No, I don't have any photos of my family or my mates because I treat Instagram. I just post like. If I think I go somewhere cool or something funny, so I don't drag other people into it and like if I was policyholder's, my missus, I mean, I don't know, like, you know, I'm used to like.


Bullshit in the comments section. Yeah, you know, the first time that we started doing videos more back in the day and even before went to Johnny's, I'm doing like videos on YouTube. I'm kind of primed for it. But if you ask your mates to stand in the video and then there's some comments, I mean, oh, look at those guys.


Like, you know, it's high tech means Macs are used to people talking all kinds of crap that comes with the territory.


But dragging people like our girlfriends didn't choose to be famous. Yeah, it's not their profession.


Whereas like we are not famous, they're not famous, but like, we're ready for all that crack. I look like women is when you put yourself out there. That's that's what you expect. I did. I put up one for it because I was talking about Ronda on the podcast. So I just said I stick it on Instagram.


He could have an anniversary or something like that and potentially get that Fokin down. And and she was I don't want fucking anyone annoying me.


I'm trying to find me around like that. Like, you know, there you go. I see, like, she's got, like, a lot of requests. I mean, my missus the same. So, like, I keep requests and strangers because I don't want anyone to know who I am.


I was like, that is probably fair enough.


And you could have picked a better for it for a short time. And so now I don't even bother. And the other day I was like I was thinking about on Valentine's Day, I was like, I'm like, stick up before there. And then she just went, we don't even have any nice photos.


And I was like, What do you mean? She was like, should we never get photos? And to be honest, we very rarely guffaws because like, if we're doing that in or out somewhere, like, should we be trying to stay under the radar?


Yeah, I can't remember the last time, actually, like sometimes with the lads now it'd be like, you know, we get for like or whatever.


Yeah. But like I can't remember the last time I got forward any probably they were going to get married. You got for like she doesn't like them.


So I go, oh yeah. So she was like we don't have any nice photos and and even for the house I was like we must do like we go for premieres and most importantly sort of zoned out so you won't find the next one was ah you know, OK, I can just put one.


I mean in terms of posting though, I don't think it's that narcissistic because like a lot of people on Instagram post photos of themselves every day. Yeah. Instagram, Vine.


So all social media really by nature is narcissistic. Yeah. People tweeting their opinions like no one gives a shit about your opinion.


Yeah. I don't know.


I was like, oh, you don't really give a shit about, you know, who post what or what does annoy me is like on Facebook. It's like Happy birthday baby, I love you.


It's like you probably woke up beside them in the bed. Yeah. You could have turned over to them and been like, happy birthday, love you.


There's your presence and I make you breakfast in bed instead of putting it on Facebook like your flexin to prove to everyone else, like, look how great I am. I leave messages on Mimesis Facebook.


Can I know. Well, if I posted on any Facebook been like Happy Birthday or whatever shibly stupid like you sit beside me, do that and ignore.


That's what you say. So I like the great ones. I like on Mother's Day before and like oh like to the greatest mom ever like and their mom's not in social media and can't see us.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't that I have, I've done that but like I like to, it's just funny photos. My mother. Yeah. She looks like she's like in a brain at a music video or something like everyone else.


I'm smiling it like you know it's funny you something funny about.


Yeah yeah yeah. I don't post pictures of my relationship online for very simple reason is that if you break up with the person it's a pain in the ass to go back through your Instagram, Facebook and delete photos and untag yourself and then like your message, your friends are and hug me from you. Delete that photo please. Like it's just and then you think you have them all and like, you know, months later you're still getting like notifications on this day.


And it's like, oh so yeah. Plus I don't have any nice well I have lovely photos of us together, but he doesn't think he looks well on them because he took a notion to shave his head during lockdown and.


He was he was like he thought his hair grow back quickly and it didn't, so, OK, like it's grown now, but yeah.


So I, you know, I kind of think that I would be very like maybe I know I just wouldn't put anything on a pedestal. It's something that's important here. I just don't want to put it out there for people to take a knock of a person, you know, like, you know, take the piss out front like that.


And just like any love that slide into my DMS, like I do show those messages to my boyfriend.


So I don't need, you know, a picture just fucking me up.


And he'll be like, oh, he's not smiling. I mean, you can message. Yeah, yeah.


But I do think, like, sometimes people are nosy and they're like seen in our photo and you stick it out like that one I did take up of any is probably the most liked for it really.


I won't be granted analytics, but it is, it is definitely the more scent. Yeah. So you can see how many people send it and it is by not even like a million, billion percent like that is just sent to everyone.


Yes, that's been probably a lot of girls going like, fuck, man. But heartbroken. Yeah.


Oh, I doubt, um. It's she's not often we post heartfelt stuff anyway.


Yeah. We may drop on a New Year's when I cry. Normally I'll try New Year's, but other than that, we don't show much emotions at all.


We pretty much just post content more. Even if you look at the two Johnnys Instagram, it's like we put up a post when the podcast turned three.


But other than that, it's just our selection of Alison. Yeah, but we're not we're just trying to have all, like, funny stuff. We don't want we're not one of those people who were like, oh, here we are, great to get away for the weekend.


And for the two of us, like, yeah, we don't post that kind of stuff because we're not lifestyle influencers. Yes, we are just we also don't think anyone be interested.


Yeah, yeah, I get that. Yeah. That's the thing. Like if it's me sitting down like, you know, just sitting on the couch, mean like love in EastEnders, you know, I don't think anyone really phoniest Max.


But when you look at him, he's great content.


Yeah. So we don't really we don't think anyone really does your missus put because he. When we got engaged, she put up a full overing, not even for me and I don't know, I say anything, but it is important for two years, three years, she's not into it, although she constantly honors.


I don't look at it like and. Yeah, and me also now does my own performance was very nice later.


Yeah. Oh yes. Yes. She's got loads of love before you. Yeah. There you go.


You must be ready to enforce no changes. Things like that, you know, like your other halves. Mother will be looking at those photos like so like my other half brother was looking at like from the photos and she was like she was saying to him like, did you just like Laura's photo maybe after.


Oh yeah. Oh no, don't watch me. Well, if I do put them up, I want to delete them anyhow by the sword and over the counter. Stand up for life. But they're not first lifers.


Morange, though she did give me a framed photo of the two of us for Valentines, and it was like right in the kitchen and then say it was like, I'm gonna have to move that.


I can't be look at it myself. There's no for me. And I was so mad, man.


Ma, he doesn't understand like photographs. Right. So he doesn't understand, like, you know, the kitchen. Oh yeah. That's nice for of us.


We put that. He's like, no, no, no. Why would you put yourself up in your own house.


And so between presents and photographs, we've got a lot to learn, but we're in the process. So I want to send Johnny to human school there.


There is a photo of me. Look at the tour poster. Yeah, that's the only photo of me. Yeah, that's funny.


Like you're like same thing to your missus. Don't put a photo of me on the house. And then when we go out, like into the studio or the garage, we are everywhere because the life size cutout of me and you you put them off.




I don't like to look at all airbrushed. We're like, fucking hell, we look. Yeah. Great. Yeah.


So but he she looks great in the photos you want to be. She's, we're digging ourselves a hole. Thanks Marla. Enjoyed that one. Well don't everyone don't forget the review and tell your friends about a two Johnnys podcast.


Use the hashtag to Johnny's podcast. And number two, Johnny's pod. You can email us at to Johnny Story follows an Instagram at two. Johnny and Annie correspondents are. And you want to hear us discuss. Just get it in some farm buy. We take it all in.


Now, time to finish the podcast as per usual, with our yards and darts at a week. John, what have you got, my dear, to the week.


So this is a song that came out in twenty seventeen, but I only heard it during the week because I wouldn't be great with the new releases or photographs.


Are you familiar anybody with that rapper Lil Yochi. After midnight tonight, OK, so little Yochi, he was in this group called Yacht Club and he was the youngest members who got the nickname Little Yochi.


Anyway, in twenty seventeen, he had a hit with a song called Peekaboo and I mean a hit now, like I checked it out today and on YouTube it has 71 million views in a controversy you're not going to buy.


But I'm just going to play you a quick clip here, something like three seconds long. And I want you to call if you spot and an unusual about this.


Sorry about the language. This is modern rap.


I mean, that's what it's about.


He said some Porcello seen that somewhere. Yes. Yeah. He said blowin on it like a cello. Yeah. She blows it like a cello. And here he is explaining this. Undue pressure on those people, I do like a cello. OK, let's talk for a second before you come at me. I'll let you know. OK, I'm a my and because he listened to that song many times that he allowed me to say, OK, I guess for a second I thought a cello was a wind instrument.


It is not OK and nobody ever says it. And I'm saying nobody's ever a male or whatever. Put up a picture, say, hey, no, no, you know what this is, but it ain't no museum. But about that square. We're playing each other.


We know his next line is. Squidward, don't play the cello, Squidward plays the flute, Squidward plays the clarinet, Squidward SpongeBob Square pants. Jesus Christ, so, um, well, our torture little rough little Yochi released a song called Peekapoo that went to the top of the charts and she blew that like a cello.


We're going to everybody in the studio and everybody in his underwear just heard it and nobody said.


I don't know if you know what a cello is. It's like a big violin, you know. Yeah, but if I listen to that a lot of times, I still wouldn't have a clue what the fuck he said. So I say Lollards in the like the NRA is like, oh, man, you've got to hit.


I've no idea what you're saying for the first 40 seconds of the song.


But listen, it sounds great to get a lot of emotions now, but like Shubra song about psychology, don't know fuck all about silage.


Well, at least we didn't say it like. Here we are doing silage Christmas week or something, you know very well we know about diligence.


I just yeah, you wouldn't hear two packs in it. No, that is true. This I tried it today, man.


I listen to, like, whatever it is. Hot playlist on Spotify and Apple, like all the modern hip hop and. Chase has gone brand at that last year too much you had to he was. Yeah, somebody sent me some some new some good Mkhize with a fresh wrap up of my brand in this dirt, literally. Archie, you're my daughter.


The week my my my yogurt is a pitchfork. Remember we were talking about piece by piece.


So if something people are always kind of like an old wives tale as was, it's it's like a saying, you know, fucking and I'll actually give you an example of one.


So if a spoon falls, it means someone's going to visit your house. And if a fork falls, it's a man of knife. Often of a knife falls, it's a man.


And if a fork, it's a woman. And I heard they said to me during the week and I was like, what the fuck?


So somebody could explain the meaning of that.


I'd be very, very happy. And if anybody has any other good Pitchfork's, we will surely read them out.


Also, I thought watching Operation Transformation.


Yeah, I'm an old fitness bosomy so yes. Firefox Al-Amal. Yeah. You know it's some go under some effort.


There's like one, one lady on it and she's a nurse, she's working. Madde shifts and she works nights and Horler she's lost like nearly triste on.


It's unbelievable. It's all uplifting to seize. Yeah. And working nights would mess you up. Yeah. Yeah. And like they told one night there this week, don't lose any weight. No way. And he still lost four pounds. Go ahead. Or all it.


So I just want to see a fair place and if any leaders, listner and fair play, I'm, I'm really enjoying watching the series and it's well done actually in the social distance. I'd like to short make records and stuff, but I'm doing well.


What is the one to show that I was often told was faith in me and rest in clay. Basically, if you get a fine day and me don't go swimming because the water still be too cold, OK? Bathe in me and rest in L.A. so you'll die. You'll die if you're swimming. It may be a bit drastic, but I get the lag.


OK. Well, I like that. OK, listeners, keep that. Keep it common. My year to the week is safe for people doing Operation Transformation.


Banafsheh. Oh you have mine folks like. You know, like this is a Desert Storm. I only realized this week when our self made it, there's no kukan in Banafsheh. You crush up a of biscuits, then you put poor caramel.


You get like Intershop 10 bananas, then cream.


It's basically a salad. You just put this stuff together, put it in the fridge, and then an hour later you can eat. There's no cooking.


So if you've got any Banafsheh left, no, we talk about food enough to say, hey, look, I'll make you on the weekend.


It's that easy.


Don't have to put a couple of cans in the fridge.


But not not that anyone is allowed to on to anyone's life. But the next time, if you have to impress people, listeners, I swear to God, there's young guys, isn't it?


It's going to be at home or honest to God, it is dead easy and it tastes unbelievable.


Jeff, Johnny, Banafsheh. But if you have to impress somebody. Yeah, yeah.


It's nice to have them handy dessert. Yeah. You got your on. What's your.


My daughter is my WhatsApp group was hopping on Thursday night after her first day it's Ireland went. Oh why is that. Yeah.


Obviously all the boys are saying I look like someone who was on first class. Yeah.


He wears a lot of fake tan. Don't explain who he is. He was on Dancing with the Stars. He was also on Big Brother over in the UK.


And I suppose he's a gay traveller icon, you would say. In fairness now in France, he is very entertaining and he is guess what the boys were like, just bang, bang, bang was meme after meem after me.


And I wasn't watching first there. And I us went back and watched a bit since.


And I was like all I could say in my defense was like, I don't even look like human. I look like, I look more like, is this the fellow that he's under there? Like because he's got bleach blonde hair. I was like, OK, if you're on with that boy, you can give you credit. And they're like, nah, you don't really look like him that much because like you're white. No, you're not in sunbeds.


I was like, I've never been on the sunbeds and er.


Yeah, yeah you're definitely Sombat. I, I'm, I'm also saying.


Yeah, yeah. I'm not on bits. Not now. No not ever. One time. One time. Like six years ago. Yeah. Um it's good for your skin.


Speaking of ten, is there a ten out there that doesn't run all over the other half in the now. No, no I'm not. We're in fact Henry but anyone Dortmunder the other women in lockdown or like I'll put on ten and I'll feel better.


Yeah. Whatever you need to love.


Walk the next morning all over my stomach. No just a strip of tan wash up to no look obviously.


And obviously we were spooning and like artesian wasn't right. Not right. Right. Reason off a bit. And I like, you know, skin on skin but it was all over me. No way. Yeah. I actually had to look at her tan razor to get it off.


You know, I never had the. Yeah. Do you. Some people are like, look, there has to be like a non-random Lonsway, Sweden, I don't think there is usually I just wear it like the equivalent of, like an adult baby.


But it's not Morat. We weren't on Alemanno. When you have hot stuff like me beside you in the bed day that people are saying, here are the Palatine is Ron. But not to Ladds, because success ladds only small tan when there's a woman in the base. Yeah, so even if Tan smelled like shit like that shit, there's some good shit.


OK, quick Onvia. I'm going in 2010. That doesn't run.


That will be quite lucrative yet. You go my word of the week.


What have you got. Jesus in Irish. There's a word for the day after tomorrow. One area, not so tomorrow is Mark. Yeah, and then there is a word for the day after tomorrow and here to explain it to you is Carrie Legend Darawshe journey.


The work for the day after tomorrow is among her. Among her. Wow.


That is that he or she Hiroshi expanding a monitor the day after tomorrow. I'll see a monitor. Yeah.


And strangely enough, the last thing he talks is so sort of sexy focus. There is a word for two days after tomorrow, which I thought was honest to stop it now. But there is here it is.


I think it's a moderation among the. There's a good chance or she is making up a language, you know, no, I contacted him. OK, say, am I pronouncing it correctly? Yeah. The day after tomorrow. Sure. His voice is just silkie isn't a monologue, Johnny.


I think Johnny, I thought, well, like having a big laugh. So can we listen to him again? Johnny, the words I saw a word for the day after tomorrow is a monologue on a muntaha.


Oh, lovely.


What a what a fantastic way to finish the podcast. We hope you enjoy this week. Thanks. A million to everyone is listening.


And to any of our new listeners, go back to the start and just, you know, immerse yourself there and it'll get you it'll get you through lockdown.


We can see this. That's a lot of people join him for the first time. So thanks so much.


And like as we just said, our job here, you know, sometimes we talk about heavy topics, but we just try and make you laugh and we just try and have to crack. And if we can just laugh ourselves out, it's lockdown.


Whatever the fuck it folks off, we'll all be in a better place.


So for me, Johnny Cmax for me, Johnny B for me. Right. We'll see you next week. Go on. Mind yourselves.


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