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This is the epilogue of your experience. Food is clearly a sophisticated art, possibly the most important art of the 20th century with a rather complex history of theory and practice, writes James Minako in his book How to Read a Film. So far in our podcast, The Artists, we have had filmmakers, writers, critics, programmers from some of the top film festivals, musicians, thinkers defining their combinatorial skills. We admit a physical lab have been striving to expand the realm of our broadcast, which in turn gives a wider canvas to the understanding of our experiences.


And also we have tied up with Epilog Media, the Broadcasting Network, so you can find us on the website, Epilog Media, Slash the artist. And of course, you can continue to listen to us on the platforms that you choose from Apple podcast or Spotify to go on to Google podcast. Everything is mentioned in the description and of course you can reach us on the WhatsApp number and our melody. I'm also Talban. I'm looking forward to a wonderful journey ahead with all of you.


Hi, guys, welcome to a quick and snarky episode of our podcast, The Artist, and this is something that I've been researching and investigating and you talking talk to a lot of people. I was actually trying to get a guest for this episode, trying to make it a full fledged episode. But unfortunately or fortunately, you know, the ones didn't find themselves to be qualified enough to talk more on the movie and the felt that it's not something that can be spoken too much about, but it's something that can only be experienced.


So I'm taking my shot on WUI. And if any of you know more about this, please do connect. So it is a philosophy that was funded by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. It talks about effortless action. It talks about nonaction, talks about slower. It talks about being in the zone that a lot of artists and athletes tap into to excel in their work or performances. So this is in complete contrast to the hustlin culture that we are constantly bombarded with, that we are a part of that.


We think that this is the way and we constantly break our heads against the wall. And most of the time it is our heritage that gets broken. Like I was attending this chat session slash webinar where, you know, most of the people who were attending and were actually busy introducing themselves in the chat box that comes next to it, they were wanting to introduce themselves, connect to more people, you know, asking people to follow them on social media.


So the point is, is this Hussen needed nature does not toread. Everything is accomplished. So who is also about releasing our ego and allowing life to unfold as a human interest in the universe just with the capital? T If you were being brought to this point of making a film or music or a piece of art, it will unfold itself for you. So let that happen. Get yourself out of the way. Well, it is easier said than done because we are so programmed to control things.


So how to practice with, you know, couple of things that I sort of researched on the net and a couple of things that I got from talking to people. One was everyday, daily do extreme focus, like if you're walking work for a continuous span of 30 to 90 minutes without without any distractions, try to get into the floor, do the right actions. How do you know your actions are right or not? It does that with a continued practice of voodoo, which is focus and concentration.


You will be able to the zone, which is the right door and not go on knocking on all the twenty doors that are in front of you, but just the right one. You would know which is the right door. And then of course you have to let go because letting go is the very important part of the practice. And so far for me, I've been experimenting and I found less of clutter and more of clarity. So do try it out and do let us know what you think about it.


And what has been your experience? It's not going to come easily because again, we are programmed to do things in a certain way, try small steps first, like, you know, maybe for seven days, for ten days and see what happens because movies about dancing with life, letting it flow to you rather than flowing against it and getting out of your own way. So that's it, folks. Let me know what you guys think about it.


You really enjoyed the Stoicism episode, which was, again, a very quick and snarky episode. So so to do. Tell us what you think about Vatuvei. We have a lead from Procol, who has started with his gang, Indian Screenwriters Community on Reddit, and he's wondering if you guys would like to be a part of it and contribute to it and brush your screenwriting skills.


So check that out and I'll see you guys next week or maybe midweek. Take good care of yourself and be awesome. No.