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And we are back with the bold and the beautiful. That's right. The bald and the beautiful. Two of the most disgusting people I've ever seen. I'm Trixie, Mattel, so fucking bald. And today we have this terrible urge, the honor, the outrageously wonderful opportunity to talk with the legendary, incomparable, inhabitable no go on flawless talk, an iconic stopping show record scratching who is, in a word, great.


Great. Just real fun. Good, great, good pilot. Tragedy in which I see. I would like to call this baby before you say hello. This is a podcast where we talk. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I would like to call this episode The Price of Perfection. I love that. That's how you pitched it to me. And I was like, I can get on board. Yeah. This is like a Lifetime original movie. Like we're so happy.


You could be ironic you so much for coming and talking to us. You know, it's such an honor and a privilege to do many podcasts. I wanna know, but I feel like I should do more. I feel like I said, man, you should. Yeah. Should I have a lot to talk? I've loved complaints, complaints, you know, have a lot of ground. I just want to just it's like a PSA, almost like I want to put it out into the void.


Yeah. Yeah. Then monetize it. A little ad. I think your character is somebody we get the pleasure of looking at and admiring, but we don't get the pleasure of hearing enough. Yeah, well, I think that's I can't tell if that's why it doesn't work. That's why it does work. I'm like, do I speak or am I just decorative, you know what I mean? I'm like, well which one which one do I go with?


You can be bold. Yeah. Like I think are you just an ornament. Yeah I, you know what I mean. It's like do I just stick with being just fucking drop back and draw fucking gorgeous. Everybody could go how are you all or do I spice it up. Yeah. I show your I diversify. Yeah I get vulnerable. I think enough people don't know that you're like of course you're beautiful and flawless but you're also you like to make a joke and act like a dork.


Yeah. Well yeah. Well the truth is that I'm actually really ugly in reality. I haven't seen that home. So now it's a lot of what. The price of perfection. Yeah, it's a lot of work. And I don't think people realize how much work. And I mean we complain about it, but we don't do what you do. Yeah, but you guys know, I mean, I was on set yesterday and I was corseted, you know, like death defying.


I'm talking blisters, mama dust filled blisters. And they're, you know, they're changing the camera lens. They're just taking their time, you know, like move. You'll be like move something a little step and then like analyze it. And meanwhile, I'm like, can you fucking hurry up? And they just don't realize, yeah, maybe they should be corseted as well. Maybe they go a little bit fast. It's like in movies when somebody has to be naked and the director gets naked too, to make them more comfortable, you should make the directors being cautious.


I, like you guys, should be in full fucking full high horror drag fetish pumps, corseted, wigged, face taped and then do your job on top of it. Yeah, I agree. I think that's great. Or maybe just give them a pair of Louboutins, those pickles and then just like strap like a space heater to their back. That's literally what it is. Yeah. Sometimes it helps to I think sometimes have an earnest conversation with the directors ahead of time saying if you ever work with a dragon before, we are like a ticking time bomb of like when we call it, we call it.


And it's no coming back once. It's like we're done. Yeah, well, I was like, sweetheart, this is actually for everyone's own good because once the eyebrows start sweating off, it's around. It's a wrap, Mama, and then everyone's going to be fucked. And you don't want that, you know, I mean, like this is like not just about me being a diva. Are you sweaty? It is that, you know, you're not to dress, but you're a group.


But I think with you, though, you can't you can't one thing out of place and then it's it's no good. Well, and then I start spiraling. Oh, I'm like and in my head I'm like these fucking kinds, these fucking bitches don't even know I do everything I did. I did everything. I do everything here. They they're fucking eating a hamburger over there. And I don't even get to eat because I'm in this fucking corset and I haven't even stopped working.


And I styled this art director. I did the hair and makeup. I'm modeling, I'm directing, I'm doing the lighting and these little concert over here taking their fifteen minute break. And then I get in that headspace in my head and I'm like, fuck this. And I start getting real bossy. And I had a riding crop yesterday and I started pointing with the rider crop like that, like needs to be high. This is no longer a prop that area.


It was Trunchbull, it was full blown. Miss Trunchbull, you get so humble. You know, I feel like, you know, I feel like my head is in a real place, like a realistic I mean, I know. I'm like. Character obviously jokes, it's jokes. Yeah, it's mostly jokes. Yeah, do you these kind of true sometimes too. So it's a fine line to be snapped. And which one which side are you asking her if she's.


I know. I know that you have. But let me let me rephrase this. Like, have you guys ever been there when I feel like I don't think I, I don't think on our season I snapped. I mean, should we go back? Says all the way back. I will say I do remember you having let's say, you know, we none of us have been intelligent before. We're basically afraid of a terrified. And you really weren't you were not you would say what you needed to respond to me.


I was terrified of the producers, more so than the the I was like, sweetheart, yeah. If you don't have a coffee. Mom, are you here, sweetheart? Sweetie, would you like. Yeah. Go. Oh, where is this. Let's go even further back. Where does this attitude come from. I love it. Fine. But the attitude, the capital attitude, this kind of like you're not a fearful you're not a person that is you're not afraid to mince words.


I think love is advocate for yourself. Body won't let me. OK, like it will not let me. My body won't let me. It won't let me lie. Like if I'm feeling a certain way my body is like just be like if you're upset, be upset. If you're happy, be happy. If you want to have a cookie then have a cookie. But like I'm not going to be like OK, I'm really upset and bother right now.


I'm just like bottle that, you know what I mean. OK, yeah. So then it comes out in spurts and sometimes it's like but like whatever that's the truth like and that's the tea. That's the tea. I love that we were just talking about. Sometimes we're on calls and I, I have a hard time hiding my emotions. Yeah. She does this thing where so it'll be deadpan and I'll be like can you be like oh yeah.


Let me just do that for you. And I just cannot hide it for you. Yeah. For you. But we were talking about how I'm not good at hiding it. I was like, you know, who's the queen of it. This horrible light, you know, I don't even try to hide. What's the point? Because then we're just wasting time, because then I'm faking it and you're not getting the true reality of what's really happening.


And then we're just doing this fake back and forth. Weird thing. I'm like, girl, now this is the real T. I'm not going to be around the bush like, wow, you didn't grow up Catholic then. Shit. Well, no, I did. I think that's why I went the opposite. The Catholic cliche. I did. Dock's. Gargoyle, have you have you ever have you ever popped off and then and then regretted it immediately, or have you had to apologize for bad behavior?


I don't know if I would apologize for it, but I've definitely regretted certain things. Well, there's one thing about popping off in reality. It's one thing about another thing about popping off, recording it when it's recorded and it's live or there's like some sort of thing on my record online of it, because then it's like you can't even if you had an ugly moment, the ugly moment will live on forever. There is this one clip of you that I'm obsessed with.


It's the one where you guys are marking your rehearsal for, I think, worked the world. And everyone's in about half make up. You know, the clip I'm talking about? Oh, well, maybe everybody's marking it like a rehearsal and everyone's marking it, but like, still doing it. And you're in, like, half makeup. I think your hair is clipped up and you have the most stone-Cold, like, we fucking know the dance.


Why are we doing this? And the way you hit the moves is like, I need everyone here to know that I do not need this rehearsal right now.


Well, that was I mean, that is probably exactly what was going through my mind. It was so good. It's like it's like five, six, seven. Like you like bam, almost. Oh, my God. Is this like the first is this like Botsio? I don't remember how I saw it, but I loved that. Correo. Oh my God. We did a show together. Was that the one with off of TV? Yes.


Oh. Are you guys together. I saw the performance I on the line. Oh line. Because it was after seven. Right. And it was, it was, it was my raining gear by the way. This was what you know, my career was for good while because I think I love about as fierce as you are and flawless. You've you've sure had the opportunity to our show had to really. I mean you had to get humble because doing that choreography was humiliating.


Humiliating. I've never in my life and it's recorded and it's it's on. If it's on, it's on there forever. I've never been more. And that was the energy the whole time. That was when I was like, you have to believe every time I look over her, she is. It's hard to feel it, though, when you know that it's there's nothing to go. Yes. There's nothing to feel. And the choreography, God bless the choreographer.


What she was I never felt her because it's never like a fall. So I don't I don't think she's a lovely person. But it was like it was just she was looking gorgeous. It was awful. It was just an impossible situation. You have Sharon who like you know, it's blocking. We don't need to be doing a fucking merman a little mermaid parody on stage live. Thank God she's still down that one time. That's like I mean, that is the crowning jewel that and I've seen the clip.


Yeah. It's because Jinx falls, she grabs Courtney's skirt, almost tears it off. Yeah. And then you guys go on professionally or you didn't notice and adore is sort of doing the moves but staring at that like a dead body on the ground, like. Yeah. Like it was styled, it was so funny. And I also love there is this what did this person say to you on Twitter? They said you said something and they went, well, this and you went great.


Do you remember this? I think that was reset it. It's never on. You guys are on Twitter. We ruin everything. We're on, too. I'm on it. I'm on it. All availability. I'm surprised she's not tweeting right now. My other houses are you like, look, I just. Is there someone else tweeting in the back room for you right now? Because this is on the social and I'm like, girl, there's a video, there's twitch, there's video games.


There's this girl. They until they locked me out of those accounts, I will be here. You know what I hate about Twitter? And this is a problem because she loves Twitter more than I would. I love to hate it. Why? Why? Because I don't post things to have a conversation. But you will hurt to write. Great. Yeah. It's just not warrant a response. You you should follow anybody so. Well it shows up like notifications are like so-and-so replied to no I'm like momma I don't give a fuck like you.


I'm here to say my nice and leave literally. I'm like this is not open the floor for discussion. This is a statement throwing it into the void moment. Yeah. Yeah. You just turn off that notification you keep step it. I'm like, oh what, what the fuck are these kids thinking. Like there is no conversation to be had. Yeah. It's a one way. Well and then there's a limit on the characters and I'm like what.


Oh now you've got a lot of things to say so and they don't want you at it like you should be able to. And I that's that's the thing I hate about that. The only thing I hate about Twitter should be able to edit it as you can edit or post a picture says a thousand words. Yeah. You prefer Instagram. I mean I'm a visual. Yeah I'm a visual. Yeah. But you can put whole pics on Twitter.


Well yeah I have to. Twitter's huge that when you have a private one me. So I have to wait. You have to. So as a young person I have a question. Me, you, you, you, you like what is. Because I don't have a what do you call it. A Finster. What does that mean. What does it stand for. Friends inside think. I thought it was fake and stuff. Maybe it's fake and stuff.


I was the only real her's is fucking fierce. It's the worst pictures of all of us compiled like bad lighting. Sounds like her side puzzle. Yeah, I like her hobby, which we're supposed to be like. We're not going to your funeral. Yes. The picture has some pictures of me. Yeah. She said to me, just sorrowed double chin acne. So I busted I'm talking to me at my most because what I'm saying blaesing earlier, I'm actually really ugly if you really, truly not.


I mean, like, you are beautiful. Thank you. I know that I'm not, like, ugly in tonight's game gum, but. Yeah. Well, Jamie. Go, Jamie. And very quickly, suit. Oh, you are the OG Halloween illusion of magic words like an ugly to in drag once a year. No, you turn it for Halloween. You have IRA was fabulous till I read that red glitter devil to the whole thing.


See, I didn't even get pics of that. No one knows it took eight hours to get that glitter. Oh I know. Oh my God. I heard all about it was fucking cool though. Yeah. She's prosit. We've posted all over my prote died. Prosit red and sponged prosit. All over my body and then pressed glitter into the pros. Now let me ask you something. Why in the hell body exfoliation. Why in the hell and being a makeup artist and a professional performer, knowing what that makeup removal process was going to look like, eight hours, why in the fuck would you ever agree to do that to your body?


She's never good about November 1st. Never forget about 30. That's why I just can't get my head around. That's a gag. These kids I'm about to be the only and well, I've seen it done before the glitter. And I'm like, OK, I want to do that. Look at that. Looks sickening. Like boom. It's cool. It is very good in person. It's amazing. I just can't imagine. But remember when Violet won, Bianca had done it.


That was crazy to see in person. Yeah. And she just did the hands in the face to face. Yeah. Yeah you did. She was fully nude the whole body. Well I there's other ways to apply the glitter I think. But it was on bitch like I, I feel like I would still have it on me. And by the way I took the glitter off at offices and I kid you not from that, from November 1st to the day I left, I heard about them finding my glitter in the office.


They like billed me for the cleaning like they were not letting the red glitter from twenty sixteen go. Like, I wouldn't need that. To be fair, my husband said I need a real quick take this off and like to take you out back and you like what did your girls home in. That glitter to that, the thing about that glitter look is unless you're going to do prosit and make sure it is bulletproof and opaque, it's not worth doing.


Yeah, well, that's the point. I mean, it was it was a moment no one even knows we're talking about because there's literally no pictures of it. Well, just imagine listeners at home just make a full body glitter teddy radical little red letter. You have had probably one of the most illustrious careers like your there modeling, the traveling, the goodbye dinner, all you have all these like people in your phone who all want to book you and have you go to events, you know, I mean, look, it's been incredible, of course, amazing.


But I feel like all three of us have we've achieved our dream, two of us, which too, you know, we have done totally different. Like, I don't I mean, it's totally different. But like, I think out of all the girls that have been through the ringer from season seven, isn't that crazy? In their casting, 14, 14, but I feel like with were twenty one. Mm hmm. How do you do that.


Huh. That's crazy Violet to think about. What are you Trixi. Thirty one. Thirty eight. Oh. What are you now. Twenty seven point twenty eight now. You OK. Ten years older than you. That's wild. Yeah. Have you achieved all your dreams so far. Do you have to have new dreams now. I got it in your dreams. Yeah. I think it, it's not even I mean this is obviously not forever the drag thing.


When do you think you're going to quit. Well, this year kind of fucked my plan up. This is supposed to be like you're you're trying to get furloughed. You should do another big video before, like do a lot more me part two for even more. Me, a little less me. I'm I like about video was like the best thing I'd ever seen. That's so sweet of you. And I'm going to be honest, I didn't see it until probably sometime after it came out.


By the time I saw it, I was like, everybody know about that. I was like, this is crazy. How do you do that, though? Because I'm when I watch your stuff. This is the thing I have in my mind all the time is like I like I know what it takes to put to to arrange into to operate at that level, like I can imagine. And it's so overwhelming to me. It's so overwhelming. Just being in that level of drag is so precarious because there's just it's so like it's it's so elevated.


Yeah. It's a lot. It's painful, it's expensive. It's it takes a lot of grinding and I mean. No, no, no, no, no. I mean, I can, I can. But but the thing that is the most worrisome about it is like how do you top it and sustainable. Yeah, it's definitely not sustainable, but topping it is the nice challenge. I think I just like the it gives me something to do, like I really do like it and I like complaining about it too.


Yeah. You know what I mean. Like I like purpose so it gives a purpose and it's nice because and it's almost like the whole reason I started drag is like well I'm not really like I'm not really like into any drag performers and like I love the idea of drag and like, you know, as it pertains to like vintage drag queens or divine or whoever was going on at the time. And I was like, you know what? I was going to do what I wish other people were doing.


And that's sort of what motivates me is like, well, why not me? I'll just do it. I fucking that is honestly the reason people should do drag. I get have questions asked you today. And one of the things I was going to ask you was like, what are the right reasons for someone to start doing drag because you were so young with such a clear vision. Mm hmm. Yes. That's because you didn't see what you liked around you.


Yeah, well, I would see, like, I was like Tumblr and I was like, oh, Joe Hockey's cool. Look at all this. Like, weird like that's why you were on Tumblr that his team was looking at all types of vintage content. She loves a good old time of Finland. You do you you flick the bean old timey photos. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. They're like old timers but old timers. Yeah, but I from here lithographs.


Oh I love that. Yeah. That's the ultimate chic thing. Like I don't even look at porn before. Yeah. For the forty nine minutes or so illegal. Underground illicit. So they're not even naked. Yeah. Literally loincloths. Yeah. No yeah. I definitely I was like hardcore vintage like like you said about my apartment before. Yeah. She lived the life. I loved the fantasy and so I was like OK, this is cool.


Like seeing crosscuts. And I was like no one's really giving glam. Like no. I mean it was full page brooks in Phoenix. I was in Atlanta. I mean I was going out to shows and it would be Nicole Page, Dusty, obsessed with you not doing Dragnet, entering the club and looking around and going, well, no one's giving glamour. No, literally, no. I was like, well, no, I like girl, where's the glam?


Like, where's the transformation? Where where is it? Like, no one is giving me anything here. So. Well, I was it was that's the right reason to start though is like I'm going to do something that nobody is doing because I need to see it. I need to see it done properly. Yeah, well, that was I mean, it was a little surprising, certainly humbling to meet you, because I'll never forget the first day we did that mini challenge the runway.


And I was like, I remember looking at that. We shared the same table. You would talk to me from the real deal, from what this gif that you're about to talk about. No, no, no, no, no. It's not even that one. It's not even that was perfect. But everybody got the fall. But I had never seen we talk about this all the time, like until I went on druggers. I had never seen drag queens in clothes like that, no matter.


And I don't think anybody had done it. Nobody in Boston had fashionable like that. You either had a glamorous showgirl, but there was either like flashy showgirl or like never like like her. But I thought, yeah, yeah. Bodysuit catsuit or I had toured with the hip things the of things like it was just Oh the squares of fabric. Yeah. Yeah. That ruffle little thing. Yeah. That looked like dinner napkins. Yeah. But nobody had, nobody was ever like OK I'm with the what is the caterer experience look like in the drag show.


Nobody ever did all that, all that shit on druggers is never I mean I'm actually able to wear couture now and there is a huge difference that was all faking it. But you know, faking it. Yeah but I don't I'm not saying authentic, but, you know, I had the council would an authentic I wouldn't wear me socks covering. They would fade. Definitely did bring the fashion to. We had such a great. I know. You know what.


Let's elephant in the room a lot. Let's take a break quick and we'll get into it. OK.


Hi everybody.


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But some of you whores, you did things with your looks that did not exist on drag race. But thank you so much for saying that. I said some of you I love you. Words like they literally had as nice of hair as Ron Paul. Yeah. We never made me nicer that. No, compared to these past few seasons. No wigs are definitely nice. They were they were they were nicer and they had credible. I never seen drag queens look looking different.


She brought a variation in her in her hair. I had never seen the psycho the way she ever asked, though. I mean, it was like so much care. I just remember seeing her unpack her things and it was just like everything was pink. Archival pieces like a pending board was brand new because Elsa, she I mean, this is nutty. She wasn't a working drag queen. Yeah. So totally. Ueshiba she was used to being I mean, I learned drag makeup from a lot of her tutorials.


Just crazy. Yeah. Yeah. I mean do you. Yeah. I just remember thinking like so intimidated because she, I, I was, I mean I was like all the wigs they wear out the bag when she walked in I was like, well fuck we all thought that all God fucking I'd never seen someone look like that. And then on top of it she was also really nice. It was like, well, thank God for that tape though.


Can we talk about a fuck about that clip in? Have your most famous in Switzerland nude on know she's like she's like about Eddie, your whores. Think about me. I'm dating Berquist Chalet right now. Yeah. She's got some sort of gel face about God. I love. This is not a read. Her skin is so beautiful and she'll do a before and after at a skin doctor. I'm like this is the same just because they try to.


Well that's all right. Yeah. And she was so nice. And so we want to talk to Woo Woo the Crystals. Oh yeah yeah yeah. But honestly, like between you and her it was like and some of us contributed a little bit in my opening remarks. I like to say that the Pearl Season seven was the beginning of the end was that it was what it was. I feel like after that it sort of for me at least, I sort of kind of started to lose.


So a little bit is a shade towards the girls to say shady. I know. No, I mean, it was just it feels like seasons one through six are like the core fundamental. They're amazing what a drag race truly is about. And then season seven, I think it started started to become a bit of a parody of itself. No, I think it was it turn it peaked at six. And then we we turned the corner or started rolling down the hill.


Yeah, I think I will dial it straight down. It comes across the chest. Yeah. And also it I mean, we could talk about a part of why people didn't like our season and, you know, when we weren't in it, when we were in it, of course we were. But now with some perspective, looking back, I'm like, oh no, truly were some of the worst talent. Oh, no, no. I was there.


I was telling the producers, Mama, these challenges are garbage. Mama shakes queer. I was I was like are horrible. Yeah. They were like twenty one about to win. Going this is a long time for makeup is terrible. This is awful. These are horribly written. And that's the thing that bothers me the most is they give us pardon my French shitty scripts, shitty dialogue and they expect us to turn it into some sort of like Emmy winning gold.


And oftentimes we do do. Yeah, but girl, sometimes you just can't take a turd and turn it into gold like something in the words of Chichi Tobane Turd City. Yeah. I mean, some people like I remember none of that stuff was funny and people like Ginger or Kennedy, where they just could read from the phone book and make it so funny. But unless it's written funny. Oh, my God, Sheik Square, you I mean, it was it was.


No, it was iconic. Well, you were on my team Pearl hitting that tree. Oh, my God. No, you weren't there, Trixie. I was that I was in the other group. It was it was I mean, I was really I almost snapped. I was so it was so what I remember and I had this cape on and I couldn't reveal my cape until after Jasmine got her lineout. And when I tell you she could, she could not even get and we had to be doing it for like maybe an hour.


We were trying to get her to her line. It was surreal. And we watched Jasmine we love. So it was like a dream. I couldn't believe that it was happened. Legend No, I was it was the most surreal experience. And you can see I was fuming. It was incredible because you also we thought that was a neat runway. So I think most of us tried to bring the runway looks. Yeah. And I tell you, I was hand stoning that like shake.


Sorry, Elton. Yeah, the bodysuit, everything. I was furious when they said it was for a mini challenge. Yeah. Urías it was wild. It was. So I was just so happy. I was like, oh God, thank God this is a really take and no, I'm not going to be anybody. I remember Pearl walked in and said she was like, I'm lip synching. And they were like and everybody was like, we were the worst in our group.


We were like. Well, OK, because we thought it's all bad, it's not funny and I just don't see a lot of that writing, you really wonder what is the best case scenario for this? Because I can't imagine if they took bring it on and Shakespeare and combined them like once. And we're and we're supposed to run with that and make it like Emmy winning material. I mean, sometimes it does. I will say it's amazing. Like you said, when people do take bad material and make it work, they're doing heavy lifting.


Yeah, yeah. They're really pulling the weight. Like you said, Ginger and Candy are great examples of it. Just turn it. Or like I mean, you and Candy, that all I really want that Christmas thing. I mean, it's not funny, but you make it funny. Yeah. It's it goes to show you how hard it is to write comedy. People should. I think people should on that season and I'll admit it, I'll shit on it.


I'm not really watching that season. I'm not either. I'm in it. It's weird. Yeah. I'm not watching this the way we watched it a little bit in quarantine and it was funny but I was laughing girl then because it was just me and I was like, look at me go. There is a lot of the Kennedy cracks my shit up. Yes. Very funny that so many clips of her just staring. She's falling asleep in untucked.


Oh my God. Yeah. So OK. What so you went drag race at twenty one or two. I think I had just turned twenty two. That was so surreal. You were there. We. Yeah we were there. New York. You were there. Yeah. There in Rollerbladed. Yes. No, no it was rollerbladers on the red carpet. Rollerblades on the right is four forty six whatever in New York. And we all had to do numbers leading up to the top three.


And then I remember events. Michot you have five. Kennedy flew through the air, you won and then hung from that hoop. Like what I was in the about selling t shirts out of drag out of my own suitcase. While you were spinning. I remember before I went on and got up, I just won and I remember Bianca was there and she was announcing me and I was about to go up and do this. Like looking back, it's very dangerous.


Like you were so high up in the air. Like I would never do this today because I literally was performing over an audience like like I basically swung out over the audience from the stage and climbed up into the performance over the audience. And it's like there's no way this is say, like looking back at them, like they never got Pat like that, never work. I literally went up there, threw it up. So I'm back to just crazy shit.


And Beyoncé is like reading me right before right after I won and right before I got to go do this. No. And I'm like, is this bitch for real reading me before I have to get up in the air and do this twirl shit like, oh my God, can this be shut the fuck up? No, no, no. There is no big paisley. You have a girl I'm about to get up in the air. Could you, like, let me have, like, a little bit of head space here?


It was amazing. Yeah. That it was a great night. And also that was was that when we saw your video, Betty or Betty? I think it was that song. Fantastic fucking. No, no. I think it's one of the best. I thought I know every word. I've I think one of the top five. I don't I only don't include your music because it's country and folk. That's fine. No, I'm not offended.


OK, I know. Honestly, like I mean, I'm thinking about, like, club bangers. It's like No. One. It's amazing. And up there with the same party. Thank you. I very much appreciate that. You should be proud of it. Are you proud of it? Still having drinks? I think I'm triggered a bit because I did from Humboldt's with off of TV. It was that era. So that was right. That whole era for me is a little dark and tainted.


I eat your ass to bed. And that was in the pig costume. Yeah, that was fun. Yeah, that's fun. That was people taking bad material and they know literally we were on tour like this is so lame and like so dumb we had to do something and then we got in trouble for it. They're like, you can't do that. Yeah. Like you can't do that again. A kid's show. It's a kid's show. You can't do that.


So you have to do the parody of Little Mermaid. Yeah. And this was me raining. And I'm like, what? Like this is not what I signed up for. How do you speak of not where you sign up or how do you how do you kind of like how have you coped with the reality that a lot of times drag is I mean, the audience is children because you don't have a chance. I mean, it's not for me.


I mean, I, I intentionally designed my life to never have to think or deal with like I mean, I just I love it. I just I don't know how else I could have design life. Like what I do not fuck with children. Don't fuck with children like you're taking your money. No animals, no children by my marriage. But I don't need to see you a drug con like I don't need to see you here are there everywhere.


I don't want you to be dressing up in drag and coming to shows. I don't want to perform. This is my thing. I mean, it's an art. I mean, like this is my sacred space to do whatever the fuck I want. Yeah. And that is what I, that's why I started doing this. You can be your own boss. You could do whatever you want. There's no rules. And that is why I chose this.


And it's like, leave me the fuck alone. Like no one cares about your kid in a wig, OK? I have never been more. In love with you on this moment, you can take me to church, friends, children, give me a break. Give me a fucking break. I know I complain about it. So your kid is alone in a wig in the McDonald's at 4:00 a.m. in Perth, then we can talk. Yeah.


Blackout drunk. Yeah. But like, girl, the other thing, too, I got into drag because I also like that it's it's to me at the time I thought it was next to pornography. I guess it's partly the sleazy as fuck and the like. My shows, there's kids there and they're like, well there's kids here. I'm like well they're about to hear about me licking an asshole boner killer. I'm like, dude, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


This is not for children. It's so strange. I mean, I've never had I've never been in a situation in my life where I've had to present to be children. And I have to I mean, don't even know what interactor say. Yeah. Like like, oh, I don't want to I don't want them at all in a good or negative way. I'm like even my sister's kids. I'm like. You know, I don't know what to do.


Hello, child. Hello, hello. I'm like, are you taking. I'm trying to push. Cool. I'm like, do you like ballet? Like, I'm kind of like, you know, give my little positive influence. Like, you should take pottery class. Like, I try to, like, you know, be the cool. Like artsy gives some little influence. But I'm like, girl, I don't even have a ton of time for that to come back.


I want to be like, you know, like you don't have the face for I mitali sorry. It's just not symmetrical. We're going to take a break.


And we're back talking about kids and we're stuck, and I just I don't care what adults think of my drag, so I certainly don't care what children think or their parents. Oh, girl, that's not why I do drag people walk out of my shows with parents, with kids often. And I'm like, yeah, I don't know. Is there an age limit on the show? But I don't want to tell you. Yeah, I'm really curious about that too.


Like, we're the you know, some people say, oh my God, my daughter, who is four, is her favorite. I'm like, why, why? Why me? You're your character is literally a Russian hooker like Nina West, you know? I mean, like what she does Disney videos like that makes sense to me. So, you know, but like, I totally ill prostitute. She got a crack whore, literal crack, literally.


I mean, you got me. I love that they are inspired by the confidence and in trying to instill that like great. I love it's a Hallmark movie, but but there's other ways to get confidence. That's what it's like to get bangs bang do chunky jewelry. Yeah. I mean if you haven't been able to instill confidence in your children, you need the help of a cross dresser or a floppy hat. Yeah. Floppy hat. Yeah. Have you tried wearing a funky hat today.


Say something. Had to say something. Hat day. Your favorite thing about Trag. I think total creative freedom. OK, absolutely. I mean I just like I'm a control freak. Like even I did a project just like I said, and they're just they were like trying to micromanage it a bit like there's a client and they have the money and so they want it specific. I'm sure you guys deal with this all the time and they're like just giving notes.


And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no. And the bigger the company, the more like waves of meticulous notes. It's like a ladder. Seventeen people are like and I'm like and it's the day before. And they're like, well, we don't really think that this and that. I'm like, darling, I don't really care. Like you guys hired me to do me and this is what I'm here doing. I'm like, well, this is what it is.


I specifically signed up for this career, so I don't have a boss like I am the boss. So I'm going to do this and you can be in the room and hit record while it happened, literally or not. And like, if you guys want to edit what you know what I mean. Like, yeah, there's no no like I am the boss of myself and this is my career and like, you should be honored to be able to work with me.


Yes. And under one hundred.


Because also, like Drake has already done, let us have the integrity of saying having I mean, yeah, I have a hard time saying stupid shit that other people want me to say. I don't mind saying my own stupid shit, but it's hard to sell a turd like can you just say this thing? And I'm like, I would never say that I'm doing that right now. There's a there's some lines who want me to read it. I'm like, I would never say that.


Yeah, I wouldn't say it like that. Like this. I will say in my in my experience, when I do say stuff like that, people are usually cool by implementing it because they're so weird about writing for your character. There's somebody's job to write it. And usually if you go, I would say more like this, they will just go along with that. Yeah. Yeah. Although maybe they don't know shit. Well I think it's more about for me it's the visuals.


Like we don't we don't think it should, it should be this outfit or this wig or this or why don't you want to be blonde. You should be blonde. I'm like, I'm not blonde. Yeah. Like Hiero blonde drag queen. Like what do you like? There's so many shortage of blondes. You don't do the white blondes anymore once in a while. Well, it's like there's just so fucking many of us have you guys have got.


Well I don't know if you guys have you pretty distinct, but I've gotten especially in the fashion world, they're like aquaria, aquaria over here.


Mid-State this over here. And I'm like, does that make your blood boil this baby special? Yeah, no, it's just the sweetest, sweetest photographer. Yeah, it's very special. And I love watching videos of fame in foreign countries with people who no one speaks English and it's her walking into like I'm sure it's a fashion building, but it looks like a Cheesecake Factory and it's like middle of the day and there's a little paparazzi or whatever, and there's like two little sorta gay people watching her, like trailing behind.


And you see her husband somewhere in the distant background and, you know, she's wearing something chic. But to me, it's always it's always like a raincoat. Oh, my God. I think I think she's got sunglasses on, blonde hair, slicked back a raincoat and like a glove and a black pump. And she's, like walking that she's been sitting somewhere to be, you know. So I watch you and I watch fame and these, you know, these Instagram stories at Fashion Week.


And I know it probably to the to the average person. It seems like the pinnacle of glamour moment to me. Absolute abject torture, literally. Actually, hell, and I, I, I'm, I tried to pitch it like I tried to start filming it. So you can kind of get a more like in-depth view of what it's like, but it's literally horrible. Like it's not glamour. Well it is. Think about it seems hard, it's just extreme.


So there is extreme glamour, but it's so it's like the other talent of that is also happening, like extreme discomfort, stress, like it's portable. So you could you could be late. You could there's so many things could go wrong. You could get like held up at night. Your credentials couldn't go through. You could be humiliated. There's so many all of that has happened. I mean, all of that has happened. It's horrible, do they try they don't try to assert makeup on you, do they?


Oh, no. I mean well, yes. So if you go, that depends. I'm being paid the big bucks. I'm like, sure, I'll be a model. Do like do me up if you're if you're paying the doll to be literally a doll, like. But that's in the show, right. That's either in the show or in a campaign or something like that. But but that's different though. I'm talking about attending which people will.


Oh that's so you get to go to Fashion Week, you get to go to this show. It's me, Mama. It's work. It's complete work. People don't understand. It's literally they're like, oh, well, Violet over there. Why don't they book her? This other girl for fashion campaigns? She's fashionable, too. I'm like, darling, I have been flying myself to Fashion Week, getting in drug for free, going to all these shows, meeting these people, going out to dinner, going out to clubs, getting coffee, brushing Schwarzlose people just to book that one campaign like that seems getting in front of these people's faces just so that, you know, they're seen.


It's like so miss thing, whoever you're thinking deserves a campaign wants to, like, hobnob and claw her way. You know what I mean? Better do it. Let her do it. No one's stopping her, bitch. I had to hire a publicist, which was like tons of money a month. It's like a lot of shit people don't even even realize goes into it. So it's like, yeah, I may have booked along really great campaign, but there's so much that goes into just meeting the right people to get you in front of those spaces.


People just don't think about it. Tell me you would never succeed. It was her blinding self and getting on drugs for free. Are you okay with me? Are you. I also it's also very, very fun. Like, I think I just like working. Like, I know you love working too well. We all work really hard, but yeah. She almost didn't come to this. Oh my God. I want to know, but I want to know some specifics because I mean, I imagine that I have a bias and a prejudice in my head against sort of quote unquote fashion.


People are going to hate him, but it does. It's ironic to me because it seems like a lot of these people, I assume, are like outsiders and weirdos are, you know, growing up. And then now it's like they've kind of created this world where they're snobs. Then they can exclude people in that. Is that is that both? Is it like that? Are there actual, genuine, nice people in in those circles? There must be.


Oh, I've had some amazing, amazing experiences, but there's definitely an elitist and I think actually maybe stems from being an outsider, being a weirdo. Then you sort of are like, OK, well, now I'm going to buy their own medicine, you know, I'm going to be the cool person now. I'm going to be exclusive and elitist and did it a little bit do that. So there's both. But there's definitely like incredible, incredible people and true artists.


And like there's also just a lot of bullshit. I think Marc Jacobs is lovely. Yeah, he's lovely. It's like the nicest guy in a big drag van. I love how like supportive of the dolls he is. He's like the number one cheerleader. And he's also kind of a style I like. He's had his own style journey. He went from like very long hair fanboy to like super, super butch daddy. And he's doing this like chic librarian.


Look, quite chic. Granny, librarian Maruja. Yeah. Oh, very, very much so. It's like I am obsessed with the Rajar currently looks like. What does she look like now. The only Nenna. She looks like a slutty macramé. Like what is it, a burner. Yeah. A little bit better with the, with the burner. With cigarette burning Burning Man. Oh she does like long little burner about. Oh no you're very yoga girl but I'm not like Kabbalah spiritual mother type.


You kind of. Yeah I could be but you could but we want you but you got so. And who, who have you had. You don't have to name names or anything. I don't want to know you. Do you, have you had any like situations where like you've met an idol or something you've really looked up to and they have proven to be a total cunt or like they've shattered your illusions or you know what I mean? She's like, how many times I feel I mean, I don't know.


It's hard to say, like, I've done that to people. Can I ask I mean, sort I'm assuming before you met her was like a huge. Oh, my God. And you literally toured with Dita and now your doctor to block down all your socials. I was completely blocked. Oh, for a second I was like, oh my God, there's a you. That consequence is cannonball. I got his windows ninety five computer right now.


It's crazy to think you just have to have a close personal relationship with this person. Yeah. I mean is she. I could just look at pictures of her all day and sometimes I do. She's just such a perfectionist and like, like basically what I was I met earlier with Dragon how well someone's got to do it. Yeah. That's what she is for. Burlesque performers for women. I feel like I feel like she's like, you know what?


No one is giving what I would like to see, so I'm going to do it. Yeah. Yeah. And that's why I really, truly respect her. She's just she's really, really incredible. And wasn't you didn't Johnny on the tour, right? Yeah. Yeah, I was. You guys were touring the city. I think it was moving parts. It's like three years ago we were doing the same venues as many different nights. So I.


I see your posters all the time. It's just so surreal. I mean, I wish you could have seen you in that tour. I got to see it on New Year's this last year. It was fantastic. She was great. She's fabulous. When I saw you in Berlin, you see work the world. I've only seen it on like, oh, when I saw you in Sydney. In Australia. Yeah. I was starting my tour like the next day and we went to see you and it.


Girl, I love everyone on the tour. You fucking let those whores how to you close the show and you do that Kylie song. I'm the one. And you were out with that. Like I don't want to say it's a hat. I had these metallic hat headgear of yours and you were spinning and it was just such a fucking serve. It was incredible. I love that just part of the show. I want the one where you go.


Oh, yeah, I did. The giant ones. That one's really good. That is fuckin fun. Giant. Yeah. Yeah. There was a whole cock and ball like an opera. It's coming up around apparatus. Yeah. It's called an operetta. It's called an apparatus on the metal cock and ball. ARATO Yeah. Eric in Baltimore they come over. Oh it's so good. Yeah it's really good. I love that one too. It's, I've done some cool shit.


I was like looking back at all my pictures, like obviously in quarantine and being like, well like it's surreal isn't it. Sometimes because performing seems so far away now. So far away. It really does. And how many days a week do not want to take it for granted. But you're like when you think back like I did that show every night for months. When you when you do that though it gets so it starts when you do it over and over again.


The same show like how we do on tours. It does become like. All right, clocking in. Got to go put on my hard hat. Yeah. Isn't that funny. Especially once you know you're. No. And you're not nervous anymore, you have to kind of psych yourself into the show every night a little bit. Oh yeah. No, I'm sitting backstage with my fucking bush hanging out, eating, you know, peanut butter pretzels.


Yeah. Like I think I got five more minutes before I have to get ready, like shoving it in my face and being like, all right, I guess I got to put this fucking corset on and give it to them. Yeah, I it does become mundane work. The world is a political show though. Oh my God. That's so I'm sorry. Do I know I don't want to do that driving though. She says she wants to do it but she only wants to do about six days.


I was like that's not going to happen maybe four days. That's what it is. So where did she get a three day commitment with some girls? Gets to just leave. I won't name names. Is there a genuine camaraderie among the cast? I'm sure it depends on who's there, depends on who's there. And any time you love Kim, we love Kim. I mean, sometimes when I look at I can look at Kim and will burst out laughing or someone will say something just ridiculous and offensive, it must be like that is so Kim, she flies under the radar.


Like, we just she really is really the silent shade, the bully. I love. I like love working on cars. I love it. I miss it. From back home in Atlanta. I think so solo touring is it's lonely, lonely and difficult. And it's so cliche to be like I'm lonely. The Lonely Star, you're lonely star. I'm like, oh God. I feel like that's you, though. You're lonely star. I see me a lot.


So it's you crying and your friends like you want to hang out like I'm crying right now, you know, I'm spiraling mama that I'm literally I'm at the courtyard, Mary. I'm trying to get my GrubHub to work. I'm just sobbing over some piñera. Yeah. I try to get Dennys brought to my house and leave me alone literally. OK, so I know that. So who are some of your, like, contemporary style icons since I know you do the you know, you have always had a thing for retro glamour, but I'm talking contemporary like living living legend, divas dolls.


I know there's someone that I think is I mean, Amanda Lapore is living. I was just going to say I think of you like an Amanda with your commitment to beauty is so inspiring. It's like if this person can do a hundred and ten every day, we can manage to brush our teeth. I mean, absolutely. Amanda is such a committed like I just I respect it so much. It's incredible. The lipstick I know waits to scoop that up.


Shout out to you, Amanda. Lipstick. Yeah. Oh, I think I'm on a PR list. Amanda Lapa, please don't die of the virus. Love and kisses. Amanda, I got a I got a get together. I got a cameo from her for my birthday. And she was like I said, Tracy, it's so good to see David. And I just want to say happy birthday. She is she's alive. It's amazing. My old manager had about had a voicemail on the phone from her saying, hey, it's Amanda.


I just woke up and take taken out.


I just woke up and been taken out. I love it. No, I'm picturing her. I want a documentary about her. So I just I forget I'm always trying to get David who did my parts because he's like I wanted to demand it. I really I'm like, I want to hurt the. She saw her juggling her, waking up with her, going to the bathroom, her at dinner, her lunch, her going out to the clubs, her talking on a show like I just want day to day life story, her own words.


Did you write a book? No, I did. It's really worth it. She says in the first two pages that she didn't write it herself. She's like, I'm perched in my bed writing with a feather quill. And it says like, no, I'm not. It's a good idea. And it's in her life story is bananas. You have her committed to like, getting her ribs broken and healing so she could be smaller. Like, I've only, like, heard bits and pieces.


I think you're trying to slow motion break your own ribs as well. Do you ever get worried about that? You know, it's just visceral races, organs. It moves around. Yeah. I'm remembering this very clear that in season seven we asked you a lot of questions about your corset because honestly, none of us had seen anything like that. No. And you said you slept in it for a while. Well, I was trying to prep for the death becomes her challenge, of course, at training course.


And I was like, oh, no. Like, I'm going to be known as the girl with the tiniest waist, whether I like it or not. But the final count on that, the final count. No, no, no. I think it was 18. It was. I've been there crazy. I remember it. It was eighteen. Yes, almost Lister's. And you had blisters the next day. We're talking skin re's filled with fluid from the from the lacing the ropes from the ropes, the lasing in the back.


Yeah. I wasn't even there for that because I was. Oh that's my. Yeah. When I got back you still had the blisters. Yeah. We filmed every fucking day. People don't realize it's like you do. I did the smallest place in drag race history the next day I'm doing the same corset with latex over it. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah. That was Gezari when we did we had to walk the runway twice and I remember between Walk's.


You had to like you Karlo. Oh. Because you had to wait you. I was like towards the end you had to wait for everyone else to go again. Yeah. And then you get to go again. And I was like, Mom, I can't wait for all these clowns to walk. Take me out quickly. L.A., that is. I can't wait for all these clowns to come up and just give me the crowd go. Of course I can't do.


When did you think you were going to win? You know, I. Because I didn't think you were going to win. OK, I like the honesty, I'm going to say this. I thought it was Ginger until Hello Kitty. And I called you the next day and I said, it's you, bitch. I said, you deserve to win. I don't know. Part of me, like, when I when I they ready. That's when I knew.


No, seriously. But I didn't think like a part of me had a idea when they called them were like, we want you to audition. I was like, I'm winning it really like in the back of my mind, like in the very back of my mind, I was like, oh, I'm doing this, I'm going to win. And that's it. And then it was sort of still in the back of my mind the whole time, just faintly there.


And then I was like, maybe I'm not going to win this. Like maybe I won't win this because I really didn't showcase anything besides my fabulous personality and my amazing. So maybe I'm not going to win. And you're fine. And your generosity, you know, humble, the most winning personality. Very that and so maybe I'm not going to win this, but I was like I probably will. The only time I thought you wouldn't win is only because Ginger truly was able to walk into those challenges and make anything work.


But then you I mean, once she's done fabulous acts, incredible. Literally an amazing actress. Hilarious. Can deliver like. Yes, amazing. Like candor. The microphone. Yeah, I can do. You're good for three hours. Yeah. She's amazing but like bye hello kitty. I was like it was incredible what you do. I mean you deserved it. Well at that point I was, I feel like I was on like Adderall or something.


My mind was, I remember being so like I like just like we can I can do this by time I got to like I had done so I won the first challenge. I was doing so poorly. That's right. You did win the first challenge. And I had a huge gap. And it was just like I really wasn't showcasing anything I remember by looking at you poorly, you never lip synched once, right? Because everyone was so horrible.


Oh, yeah, that's a great strategy. Just don't be the one to be the worst I see on All Stars. That is the strategy. You don't put the sign on your back, but don't be in the bottom. Yeah, just coast. I was playing to the crowd. Yeah. Good. And then don't win like just do good in the middle. Yeah. Oh then we won. We won. We worked together on the dancing.


Yeah I know you did great. And después. Yep. That was Q It was a moment you know what I said about that. Everyone is because certain people when they're on drag race every challenge they complain about what they're not good at and you, regardless of what you were known for or good at, you were like, well, I might not be a comedy actress, but that's what I have to do. So I'm doing it. Yeah, I gave her all.


Yeah. I mean, but it's it really is faking it. I'm like, no, that was it. That was good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like do you want to do it again. You're like no no no. You got that was it. I remember it was like you had a really unflappable confidence. It's like you were just like you know, act as if like you know, if that was great, that was perfect.


I did. You were just kind of like, yeah, what are you going to do, asshole? Clenched properly, smiling like a little. Well, and part of it is also like that notion of like when you go for an audition or you go for an interview, dress the part. Yeah. I mean, so it's like if I can use that as a crutch, if you will, just like looking, the part sometimes gets you like seventy five percent of the way.


Yeah. In the part you were auditioning for was a great job, you know, and I'm processing in the room literally and I got to have you here. I have. What was your favorite favorite look from January seven. Seven of yours. Of yours. Really. Yeah. You have to look back pretty fondly. I like most of those, like, come on. I know. Well, I kind of like I do, but everything is so different now.


Like yeah. Like like wig quality, stuff like that. Yeah. But I mean like regardless of like I but I feel like the things that you constructed by yourself, made by yourself crafty stuff is all really elevated levels. Great. Hello Kitty. I'm proud of because I really did like I was so stressed out and surprised when I made it all there and like it was so silly. I still think it's great and like it, it was a serve.


The rest of it is sort of like, OK, well that was good for the moment. But now even the contestants that go not just in it, like having nicer wigs or having better shoes or having better anything really helps. Because it does. Because because we always say money doesn't mean taste level. No, it doesn't. It certainly does. And it doesn't. And and like trends come and go and like sometimes to salvage it. Just some things sometimes just you can buy the most styled in the world, but sometimes it just isn't good.


Yeah, I really and that happens a lot and it's sort of like it's weird. Everything's so muddled now and everyone's so like the same but like it's weird and weird. So say I'm packing for drag race season fourteen. What do you have any what would be your advice to me. Money, I mean, you do need for me, it's about getting super unique things and look, it is about doing doing what no one else is doing or doing it in a completely new way.


Well, that's very vague, you know. Well, but, you know, it's true. I was like, yeah, I mean, I would bring leather shoes. I think that is like that's my one regret as I had horrible like you can have an ugly Santee Alley fashion nova outfit on, but if you've got a leather pompon, people are going to think it's a nicer dress. Right. OK, yeah, I was going to be like, do you like shoes?


I love shoes. But let me let me tell you why I don't love shoes on drag race. I mean, it's so painful. Oh my God. Yeah, I forgot about that. It's so painful to remember my white pumps that I wore the whole season. I had like one pair of shoes. I loved that your spring look was really cute, too. Oh, my God. I remember this is probably one of the only compliments I've ever received in my life.


But it was like you turn to me and you're like, I wear a lot of vintage, too. I notice there's holes in that because the box looks really nice. Nice. Oh, like like there's holes in it because of Moth's but like I wear a lot of vintage. I love that. It looks so cute. It was. I don't really like you. I don't like hate any I don't think because I also think of the resources at the time that's all I knew.


And like you know, it is what it is. The thing that's. I prefer that. Yeah. I'd rather you come in and something that you really love. That's a little bit Mathiesen, but like styles like serving then some like ridiculously over fluffed like custom like just ridiculous thing that you think is like being a drag queen. Outfit number three. I like very that like because it's all at this point it lacks a lot of original originality and it's regurgitating what they've seen on drag race.


And so that's why Max and Pearl, like Max and Pearl Max had balls. Yes. Shit. She pulled I mean, just I mean, even the the forum was just a wool jacket. Yeah. Yeah. I'm like your little like jodhpurs or whatever it is like literally like wool, like riding pants and like a wool jacket and a gray wig. And I said yeah, no makeup with no no boobs either. Just flat like three hours, no makeup.


Like I saw the way she served as great. The mole, the mole and no makeup darling. She wore Foundation S. S thirty. Yeah. Crystal, I just I maybe be done but that was big. You never, ever saw it but no one thought that I would love. I think simple is if you can really serve it to me, if you can style a little outfit like that I would respect you got the girls so much more.


Yeah. Yeah so much more. They really do. It's, it's very difficult to tell to kind of tell them apart. I care about point of view like, like what are you doing different. What's your idea. Yeah. You know what is interesting about you is like I can't get from any of the previous contestants. Right. Versus like OK, the shape is good and I guess it's sparkly and you paid a lot for it. But like what else.


Yeah. What's the narrative to be committed, passionate about it. It's like you, I mean I always dress with intention on the show like I want to see I'm going to give them range, I'm going to give them this version of me, this version of me. And this is like like when I wore pants for the Valley, I'm like, OK, well, this is an intentional choice because I don't want to be everyone's going to wear a gown gown.


Yeah. And everyone's going to think best drag gown. Well, no, we're giving speeches about why we should win and why everyone else shouldn't win. So like, I want to give like, Dom vibes, like I want to be a little bit butch and be assertive and be like, no, no, you're going to listen to me because I'm wearing the pants. And so there is like you have to have some sort of, like, thought behind you.


He'd be like, OK, pretty like. Yeah, like it has to be a little bit not predictable and unpredictable. You have to think about what everyone's going to do and then sort of think about how you're going to stand out a hundred percent without being too like cringing instantly either. Right. Because some people are like, well, I forget who did it. There was I think a candidate is one where they're like, I'm going to do something totally different.


And it was just like completely trying too hard to be different. Right. It's a good version of that is like on the Christmas special when we all did Christmas looks and mayhem, did Krampus just. Oh, that's a great example. It's a game. It completely fits in, but. Oh, none of us. Totally. That's so cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, I mean, I would have gone out for my at that final runway and a very like, you know, a sequined gown with an update and everything went in sequence.


And when I turn I would have the back would have been cut out and it would have shit shit down my legs, the whole I feel like you can get away with a little sequins gown because there's a certain dress. The shit, you know, I feel like you can get away with this secret, you know what I mean? There's something about if you have the personality and you have the charisma and you have the character development already in motion, then you can come out in a little shake and go like the heart of it, like the despues dress.


The pinks was horrible, but it's like, you know, you did the factory girl tearaway tearaway retail bakery. I mean, it it works in some weird way. Yeah, I mean, both of you both of you work in some weird way. So you're saying we're both trapped? Both chuckle Well, it's funny because I would say our season is definitely the most we have the most success. I was going to say about, don't you think, cumulatively altogether.


Look at the beginning of this year. So much success has come out of our season and it was considered to be and for a long time, the most boring season. But you know what, though? I'm sorry. I love Kim. Of course I love Bob. I love a lot of season. Ecorse that next season, following our season of runways are horrible, not drug reps anymore. It was horrible. No horrible idea about God. Bob is so funny because that hilarious.


I mean I love first one on the pod. She looked Jack. She's just I mean cartoonishly that could go on. I mean so I mean you get the sense I was like is this just like a comedian don't drag two weeks ago because it was the tactic. Yeah. Bob does love drag though. He does. I don't I mean, usually not putting it on like it's just something about I don't even know. I can't put my finger on it.


I told Bob this. I think you're such a strong performer and it's fun now seeing your drag match that level. Yeah. It's just you're such a good partner. Now you look the part and it's also the more manageable catch up. It's like that's if you're in a lack something, that's what you need to like. You can learn how to be a funny performer like I mean, you can improve that skill, but you can't, like, get that it factor.


But the other thing I love about Bob is that I would be like, girl, what are these kitten heels? And she's like, oh, and then she throws it right back and is like, is your content on Netflix? So you have a Netflix comedy special? I didn't think so, you know what I mean? And I'm like, do were you nominated for an Emmy? Literally. I'm like, are you in Lafayette, Arkansas, putting people in drag for the Emmy period?


I'm like, you know what, work, bitch. One hundred percent. That's that's that's the school that I come from where it's like you want to read. OK, well, let's read it right back on your face. You're not going to hurt my feelings about the way I look or whatever that attitude like. No bitch, I am not diva. I am the doll. I am iconic. I am talented. And you're not going to tell me anything besides that?


You know, I think all the time and Bob and Bob has that. So I grew up. You have that. Nothing I say matters. So nothing. Lady doll. It's like when glad it's like you said, mama, mama. It's like when Kennedy is like, you know, I like about you Trixie. Yielders wear anything. Thanks girl in untuk when they were writing your chat's that eleganza. Oh yeah. Yes I went to your mom's birthday party that iconic.


There's that one gentleman was not featuring the systematize and also she was dressed as a stewardesses. Well no, Kennedy was just like a cocktail dress. Yeah. There's that fabulous gif of us from that episode. We don't lean in so good. It's so good. That is my favorite guess. Yeah, that was great. That's my favorite. The moments were just. Yeah. Premo what was your most happiest truth. Oh yeah. We have to be pretty along it.


OK, are they just gonna start cutting it. That's right. All right. Well thank you Miss Violet. Thank you for coming on our pod. It was a true, enjoyable experience. It's amazing to me to be seeing you for real. No, it's so good to see you guys catching on, feminising Musong, say hi to your cat. Yes, I will be in my teeny weeny Eugène blown up more followers than you on Instagram at this point.


Soon, very soon. She's going to go before booking, you know, work the world of her career. Oh, look, I got to leverage to something.


Yeah. Amazing. Well, thank you so much. Bye bye. Bye. Thanks for having me.