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Hey, everybody, this is Ben Shapiro, and today we are dropping a brand new backstage, we're going to be discussing everything DNC related, all the politics of the day. Take a listen.


I think you'll enjoy it when I did the fake laugh. Well, that's going to trend on Twitter.


Welcome to The Daily Wire backstage, the DNC Dumpster Fire Edition. I'm Jeremy Boring, known around here as the boss man, sir, and also God King. We're glad you have tuned in roll intro.


Did the Democrats manage to pick up any new votes after this crap show of a week was not naming the Democrat convention the chair's version a mistake on their part? And will Republicans be able to pull off a better shoe? Is there anyone on God's green earth that Biden is actually going to? Well, anyone on God's green earth to be able to convince Joe Biden to get on a stage and vote. Donald Trump, though, joining me to discuss all of this and more, the bench of the Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles and the lovely Elysha Krauze with us via satellite.


Elysha, what have you got for us? Well, real quick question, though. Speaking of how awful the DNC was, is Matt Walsh contractually obligated to host a solo DNC watch party? Like, I'm contractually obligated to be here every month. We leave nothing to chance.


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We'll look forward to visiting with everybody after the show. So, guys, one of the good things about being me compared to being you is that I don't have to watch every moment of the DNC and then talk about it the next morning. So for me, it was kind of a crash course today as the guys kept chasing me down the hall with a laptop, trying to get me to watch various parts of the DNC and all I have to admit, I found it to be incredibly compelling television.


I actually sent in hoping to get the tote bag when they went to commercial break. This was the most horrible public access TV show that has ever existed. I thought all of Hollywood was in service to the Democrats. How on earth did somebody think that they could build this thing and call it television? What are they thinking?


And, Drew, you know, one of the things that really struck me about it is how protective they feel and rightly feel they are by the news media. They know they can get up there and do what is one of the was one of the dullest shows ever featuring some of the most corrupt individuals ever making speeches about how awful America is. And yet every time you turned on not just CNN, but the networks as well, they were just in absolute raptures.


I mean, the idea that that is incisive commentary to sit around. My favorite line was I think it was Anderson Cooper who said that it was it was a history making and a history making, history making speech by Barack Obama. Margaret Brennan of CBS was actually clutching her hands to her chest like test. True, after she'd been rescued by Dick Tracy. I mean, it was just they just feel they can count on that. I don't know.


We can see them the way we can. And I you know, you can always be wrong about this. I think the polls are going to go swing Trump's way after the DNC. I think it was one of the few dances. It's not going to have the usual bump because it was just appalling.


Yeah. You know, there's this this problem that the Democrats have had with taking things for granted, which is they keep putting forward nothing like Joe Biden is not a person. Joe Biden is nothing. The same goes for Comilla truth. Dr. Jill Biden says, I'm sorry, Joe Biden's husband. And they stand for nothing. Right. They just lick their finger. They put it up in the wind. They figure out which way it's blowing. They don't stand for anything at all.


This was true of the whole DNC. They learned the wrong lesson from Clint Eastwood in twenty twelve, which is everyone looked at that Clint Eastwood speech where he talks to the empty chair and they said, Oh, how embarrassing. What a weird moment. That was the only watchable moment from a party convention probably in my entire lifetime. It was alive, it was spontaneous. It took an otherwise completely dull campaign, made it a little bit lively. Ideally, you'd want your candidate to be putting forth something new and interesting.


But but in lieu of that, at least put on a good show, the Democrats just feel that they don't have to. You know, there were some telling elements to the to this. First of all, it is clear that that Biden and Harris were complete afterthoughts throughout the entire convention. The entire convention was about how Donald Trump is a very, very bad Orangeman. And our program doesn't really matter because he's a bad Orangeman. And then Joe Biden light bringer for some reason.


And they literally use the word light in that speech 11 times. I mean, he actually cribbed from Marianne Williamson. So they're all making fun of Marianne Williamson and the dark psychic forces. He just cribbed from her the way he quotes from everybody else. And he did The Dark versus Light and Joe Biden, 50 years on Capitol Hill. The light bringer is a weird take, especially after a week of we're in the throes of fascism and we're about to destroy our entire democracy through voter fraud and all of this stuff.


But what struck me about the entertainment value, that's just pure entertainment value of it was that part of it that was the most entertaining. There are a couple of speeches that that were. I mean, frankly, I thought Michelle Obama did a pretty good job. I thought that Obama is good at what he does. I mean, for what he is. He's good at what he does. Biden it was it was like watching Nik Wallenda and watching it mostly to see if Nik Wallenda is going to fall.


And when he didn't fall, there's a sense of like, well, that's good, but also a slight disappointment. And the part that was the least entertaining, but in some ways the most amusing were the actual entertainment figures. So they brought out like Kerry Washington to lecture us on how our lives is at stake. And all I can think is with 30 million bucks, living in the Hollywood Hills really means at stake under any circumstances. They brought over Billy Eilish straight off the Xanax bottle to inform us how excited she was about endorsing Joe Biden from a graveyard.


I mean, like from an actual graveyard.


That's where other voters are in Illinois.


Again, like I think that endorsing Joe Biden from a graveyard is just too on the nose. It really is not it's not appropriate, frankly. They had Herzing kind of bizarre little ditty and they had comments you like a twenty five minute music video from the end of Selma. And then they had Billy Porter, who I'd never heard of in the last three years when he started. But I guess getting up at major events in women's in women's garb and receiving all sorts of plaudits from the media for this.


But he's now like a big thing, I guess. And so he did the weirdest version of a Buffalo Springfield song from nineteen sixty six written about the Sunset Strip riots, which were essentially a bunch of young people who are too much of a pain in the ass to go home at 10:00 at night and broke curfew and then rioted over it. And this was supposed to be the big uplift of the Democratic Party. Like, why is it that Cory Booker doing bad comedy with Bernie Sanders was slightly more entertaining?


And the people who are the professional, they brought Sarah Cooper like, who the hell? Sarah Cooper? Why why is there Cooper lecturing me about voter fraud? Like, this is the lady who just mouths words to Donald Trump and as on Ticktock or something like a Tom Hanks, like they used to bring Tom Hanks. I want the old days when he used to be like a real cavalcade of stars.


Yeah, absolutely. I feel like they didn't bring their A game. I mean, we've been saving the Claybon here for the last six months. None of us have seen him in person, much like Joe Biden. He's been locked in a basement, not coming out. But look at him. Look at that frame.


He's got a beautiful, well lit set there behind me, looking good and a sense of humor and a sense of humor.


I actually had a pulse. I actually just don't understand how they could have been such a bad job unless it was on purpose. And this is the idea that I wanted to throw at you guys. Was it actually deliberate to have it to have it look as underground as it did? Because it's their way of saying we take covid seriously. We're the only ones who take it seriously. We're we're so serious about it that we're willing to look at. In other words, is even that horrible production we just saw just a form of virtue signalling that might be such a good theory?


It's a good direction.


I was wondering, there were times during this that I was wondering whether they were actually trolling people. I mean, Elizabeth Warren addressing the Native American people, Bill Clinton talking about how chaotic things were in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton still lamenting the fact that she was wrong. They put Stacey Abrams on the governor's panel, which is the greatest of all time.


That's so bad. I thought I truly thought that they were so confident. They are so confident that they have sold us hatred of Donald Trump that they don't think they can lose. I really do think that. I think that they are beyond feeling that they are are vulnerable. They are putting up this guy who is just a full body suit disguise for the far left. That's all he is. And Kamala Harris, whose history of corruption is so dense that if Trump wakes up and starts going after her for that, he can talk forever about what she's done.


She is a corrupt public official, an actual genuine, corrupt public official, the kind we used to put in jail. And they're so vulnerable and yet they seem so confident.


It's worrying, I think, that our pals over at Reagan Battalion, this was sort of their take on it. Every day they would tweet out the list of all the absurdities. Bill Clinton talking about propriety in the Oval Office, Barack Obama talking about love of constitutional protections and separation of powers. Michelle Obama talking about deep love of the country. You're right. Maybe that maybe the whole thing is a troll. It wouldn't be the first time that they thought they could not possibly lose to Donald Trump.


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Again, go to Stamps.com microphone at the top of the homepage, type in Shapiro and get these special deal so we can talk about all of the things that they well, the things that were most. What's that? What's the thing you hated the most. The thing I hated the most about all of it watching it was awful. I have to admit that the thing that I hated the most about the DNC was the speech by Barack Obama. Yeah.


I can't tell you, first of all, how despicable I found his speech to be. Obviously, it was a historic slam. And Dammann jazmín. You know, I remember Anderson Cooper. It was a very historic speech because we've never seen a former president get up and lay into a sitting successor. And the way that Barack Obama did, he's always seen himself as a historic figure and he proved it. But I just have to be honest, I've just been so glad over the last four years not to have to listen to that blowhard, the only guy in the history of the country to think that he was slumming in the presidency, to think that he was too good from the job, from the minute that he got it, he was the kind of guy who makes the ocean stop rising.


And then we made him go to work and put on a tie every day. And I think he resented the country for it. Hearing him back on the national stage, especially in such an ugly situation. I find it to be. I totally agree with this. I mean, the part about Barack Obama that I've always found the most disquieting is his ability and willingness to hijack America's founding documents and then pretend that he stands with those founding documents when in reality he stands against virtually every founding principle of the country because progressives have stood against those founding principles for the last hundred and twenty years that Barack Obama does this routine.


I was hearing conservatives being like it. Wasn't it great that he was at least saying that while the Constitution had problems with it, at least we can have the mechanisms of the Constitution that still work. And I kept saying to them, the principles of the Constitution, which are undergirded in the declaration, are pretty specific, right? Natural rights, the pre-exist governments government instituted to protect those rights, a limited government of numerators, powers, checks and balances.


Right. Those are the actual principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Barack Obama reduced that well standing in the mess hall in honor of the American Revolution.


He said, here's Barack Obama on the Constitution.


I'm in Philadelphia where our Constitution was drafted and signed and there wasn't a perfect document. It allowed for the inhumanity of slavery and failed to guarantee women and even men who didn't own property the right to participate in the political process. But embedded in this document was a North Star that would guide future generations, a system of representative government, a democracy through which we could better realize our highest ideals.


I'm sorry to interrupt just on this, but I have to correct the record. What he said is not true. This idea, first of all, that obviously women did not vote in large numbers at the time that the Constitution was ratified, but some women did. In the state of New Jersey, women did vote. This idea about slavery, that that the framers of our country decided, OK, well, we'll let the slavery question pass to another day.


This was an extraordinarily hot topic at the constitutional convention. They did more to guarantee the end of slavery than anybody else had done in the Western world. And and what was the alternative to allow there not to be in a union? And then you have no way to abolish slavery. It's just just on the factual points. He's wrong.


But but the part of it that's really despicable and this is what he's been doing for years. He did in his second inaugural. And I was the only person who got really irritated by this. He would cite the Declaration of Independence and then he would say things like, but we don't all have to have the same definition of liberty, which is exactly what is at the heart of the Declaration of Independence, is that we do have the same definition of in fact, that's the only thing we basically have to agree on here.


He says that what the Constitution boils down to is not equal protection before the law. It is not individual rights, the pre-exist government. It is not that all men are created equal. It's none of those things. It's simply voting rights representative government. And when he says representative government doesn't mean checks and balances. He doesn't like any of those checks and balances. He's come out against the filibuster. He's in favor of adding Puerto Rico and and and D.C. as a states with pure majoritarian representation just to stack the United States Senate.


He's in favor of stacking the courts. He has said this openly. I mean, this is not a person who believes in any of the actual principles of the Constitution. The founders were not pure mob rule majoritarians by any stretch of the imagination, which is what makes beauty of the Constitution, is that it protects minority rights.


I mean, that's an excellent point. He actually said he. He said that the people demonstrating in Portland and on the streets were the dream fulfilled of the Constitution, when in fact they were the nightmare, the actual nightmare of the founders was that that kind of representative democracy would lead to mob rule. So everything it actually was like opposite day. And it was very disturbing to see. And again, very disturbing to me to watch the press, which used to be a good institution in this country, to watch the press just actually go right back into their what I call their office.


Now they're going back to their old things, you know, just loving in ecstasy at this president. And it just reminds you again that it's not the way they cover Donald Trump. That's so disgusting, though it is even Trump who deserves some of it. It is disgusting, but it's the way they cover Obama and then covered Trump and before the that Barack Obama destroyed the media in America.


Yeah, that's actually his most lasting contribution as president. He came along. And because of the unique, superficial aspect, this is the amazing thing about it. It isn't the deeper things about Barack Obama. It's purely the superficial ones created an environment where the press could not in any way be critical of him. He he was almost like you couldn't construct a better figure to be immune from any sort of criticism from the press. And so after eight years of that, they have no credibility left.


Right. And you could almost say that in their attacks on Trump, they're trying to overcompensate to show that, no, we are still a vibrant old institution that speaks truth to power. But a democracy dies in darkness in a democracy. But it is true that the orgasmic level of coverage, the journalism, that journalism is just getting everywhere. Well, it was it was really sticking to the fact that they were journalists being all over the place the way that they were after after Obama's speech.


It was it was really disturbing. And there's something that Obama does and it's clever. But Democrats have been doing it for 60 years and that is this inside outside game where they say democracy works. When we win, when we lose, democracy isn't working. So you need to get out in the streets. And that's what he did during the speech. You said the protesters, our democracy fulfilled. But I'm here to tell you that the system of democracy does work.


So if you vote and you elect people like us and we will do the work for you. OK, what that really is, is to all Americans who are not voting for Democrats, that is tacit blackmail. That is, if you do not vote for us, we will allow these riots and looting and all of this, which, by the way, eight hours of coverage in prime time, not a single mention of a riot, not a single mention of looting, not a single mention of property destruction, by the way, not a single mention of Chinese repression or Chinese aggression.


Not a single mention of Iran, not a single mention of any of these things. It's just hunky dory out there, apparently, particularly in protest land. That actually was a reference to Iran. Was it there? If we elect Joe Biden, we're going to be back in the Iran deal, which is really exciting, really exciting.


I want to talk about what you just brought up. It is it the case that the argument that the Democrats are making is vote for us and maybe we'll stop burning down your cities? Is it really the case that they're saying, vote for us and maybe you'll get to go back to work? Yes. And have a job again, is it?


I've always noticed when they say when they see these riots are mostly peaceful, I immediately think of the mafia protection rackets. You know, they they didn't they didn't blow up my store. They're mostly peaceful. That is effectively what they're saying. And it even goes deeper than that because in frequently in tyrannical countries, there's not a lot of crime in the street. The repression is so tough that the crime that people are afraid because you get executed or whipped or whatever, if you commit a minor crime.


So there's not a lot of crime in the streets, but all that crime is sucked in to the government. The government are the ones who are committing the crimes against liberty and against people. And that's what they're essentially saying will stop rioting in the streets. But the the goals of the rioters, which are anti-American, per say, will infest our government. By the way, come there.


From the lockdown point that you're making, this is one hundred percent true. I mean, you featured Andrew Cuomo, who killed eleven thousand nursing home patients. Right? They featured Andrew Cuomo has a new book called American Crisis Leadership during covid-19. He's the worst governor in leading them right into the nursing.


I mean, they should have called the book if I did it right, if I did it, because that is so unbelievably astonishing. But I mean, I was pointing out there are certain things that people just stop looking at. New York State had yesterday a grand total of, I believe, seven deaths. New Jersey, the entire state had a grand total of eight deaths yesterday from cover. Not that they occurred yesterday that were reported yesterday, which probably means that it's lower than seven or eight deaths in those states.


Manhattan had zero deaths and sixty four total diagnosed cases of Cobian 19. And they're not reopening anything, of course. So now now there's no way to argue that's not political because the metric doesn't exist by which you cannot open under these circumstances. That's crazy. But it's like New Zealand. There's no argument going on anymore. You know, it's to this point on democracy, is it really democracy if there's only one choice? Because that's what they're telling you.


This is democracy and there's only one choice. And if you don't vote for that choice, it's not democracy. And this is an argument that the progressives that have been making, at least since Woodrow Wilson, which is that it's all well and good and wonderful in America as long as you vote for us. But there is an end of history. There is a progressive utopia. We're going there. And if you stand in the way, you're evil in some way or your extreme.


Stupid, it's why Barack Obama, contrary to the very popular belief, is not a good orator. I know that. I know if you listen to the mainstream media, Ryan Lizza, the left wing journalist, said it was the greatest convention speech just after his previous convention speech was is the best night to take a cold shower afterwards. I know he did.


He had to go log off Twitter because he's not a good orator. Barack Obama has given, like one and a half good speeches. His concession in New Hampshire was pretty good. The rest are not that good. Think of that first convention speech. He said, there is not a red America. There is not a blue America. There is the United States of America. Wow. Parallelize Abraham Lincoln. Incredible. He just utters these platitudes because he and the whole Democratic Party believe that they are on the correct path of history.


Then, to use your phrase, the right side of history, it's going to end up there and they don't need to make arguments. Compare that to the oratory of Lincoln, our actual greatest orator. He was making extraordinarily dense, cogent arguments, logical arguments. The left feels they don't need to make those arguments because they've taken authentic politics out from us. We no longer have that debate. They just have to win.


And without journalism, without journalism, there's no one to talk about what is not being said. So, for instance, Michelle Obama mentioned what a great job Joe Biden did during the Ebola crisis. But Ebola is not a disease that spreads very easily during the H1N1 pandemic or the flu. That flu, that was a complete foul up by that administration. If I had been if that had been as bad as covid-19, it would have been an absolute slaughter.


Millions of people literally would have died by their own admission, by the admission of the people in the administration at the time, they said they said we screwed this up. It was just luck that we got away with this the way we did. And so that's the kind of thing that I think a journalist should reference a journalist on both sides. They should do it to Trump. They should do it to the DNC. But when you only have them, like clutching their chest and rolling their eyes at how beautiful it is, you really are cheating the public of a fair look.


It doesn't bother me that politicians lie. That's part of their job. It doesn't bother me that they support their team over the other team. That's part of their job. It really bothers me that the refs are bought off. I mean, the referees are the journalists who are supposed to be the referees at some level have been paid off.


And that's because you don't understand what the media is for. True. You know, so what about my second least favorite moment that happened in the kitchen? But first, I want to talk about our friends at Policy Genius. I've been telling you guys now for a couple of months about my own personal experience of getting a life insurance policy for first for myself and then a policy for Mrs. Boring from policy genius. Both of those have been accomplished. If you haven't already gotten your policy, what you're waiting for, you need life insurance policy, especially if you find yourself in a position of responsibility for other people, for family, for children.


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Go check out policy genius Dotcom right now. So I want to tell you about my second favorite moment, my least favorite, I guess it's my favorite because I enjoy being angry at the DNC. We have a clip of it. It's clip number five. And this is Andrew Cuomo comes out and he says one of the craziest lines of the whole convention. He said covid-19 is a symptom. It's not the disease. It's like thinking like that. It gets every old person in a metaphor.


Doesn't metaphore called it a medical metaphor? And all your old Jack Candy joke, right? That my grandmother used to say that laughter is the best medicine, which is why seven of us died of dysentery.


But my least favorite moment was actually and I know that we're supposed to be very sensitive to these sorts of issues, but when they trotted out the daughter of a Trump supporter who died of covid-19, I think we have the clip and then I'm going to tell you everything that's wrong with it. Let's just run the clip.


My dad, Marc Anthony or Kissa, should be here today, but he isn't. He had faith in Donald Trump. He voted for him, listen to him, believed him and his mouthpieces when they said that coronavirus was under control and going to disappear, that it was OK to end social distancing rules before it was safe and that if you had no underlying health conditions, you'd probably be fine.


My dad was a healthy sixty five year old.


His only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump and for that he paid with his life. So I'm sorry.


This is the most despicable thing that I've ever seen in American politics. First of all, this Christian or terrible that her father died. But this is egregious behavior on her part. She is essentially telling you that her father is a rube who deserved what he got. He deserved to die because he backed a politician that she doesn't like. The fact that the Democrats would trot her out like this and let her make this kind of statement on national television is despicable.


And can we please one time have a DNC where they don't actually accuse the Republican candidate of murder? I mean, how many in a row is this where they say literally someone comes out and says death follows this person being elected president? Everything about this is terrible. And I know we're not supposed to talk bad about someone like Kristen or Casey because she went through a tragedy. What she did there is despicable. And the only excuse is grief. Even though she actually demonstrates no grief in the clip, the only grief she actually talks about is having the same ads that her dad was apparently wrong about Orangeman bad.


I thought that this was as low as it gets. Yeah. I mean, I hope that, you know, I'll say that I think that maybe she's coming from like an actual genuine place of grief and this is all misguided. But it was insane. It was insane. I mean, first of all, the suggestion seems to be that if you didn't believe Donald Trump, you live, which is a real hot take. I mean, thirty three thousand people died in New York.


Last I checked, he didn't win New York. And then another sixteen thousand or so died in New Jersey and in New Jersey and then another ten thousand or so died in Massachusetts. When Massachusetts turns out a lot of people died, mostly in major cities that are blue. So if we're going to go with, like, how people voted dictated, whether they died of covid, then I have a feeling it's not going to go fantastically well. But that that that basic notion that you put out there, like as you say, the only way that this makes any logical sense is if what she's basically saying is, my dad drank the fish tank later.




Which it's like that story that they tried to try it out at the very beginning when Trump was like, you should try hydroxy chloroquine and then that woman and then a woman murdered her husband, probably allegedly murdered her husband by beating him, the fishtank leader, and being like Donald Trump told me that my husband should take this cyanide. I can't believe Donald Trump killed my husband. Also, I took out a life insurance policy one day before, but Donald Trump told me to do that like it was it was sort of like that.


It is. You're right. They they've been doing this now for like several conventions in a row. And two thousand four is all about Bush in Iraq. And then it was about and then it was about Romney being a terrible, terrible person who killed a woman of cancer. Right. Bye bye bye. Bain Capital by out of business and restructuring it or something. So this is it's nothing new, but it was the blaming of covid, like the willingness by every single politician in America apparently to blame Donald Trump for the ravages of covid.


Biden did it himself, too, when Biden was pledging what I'm going to end, by the way, Biden's list of promises pretty extensive. He promises to stop every threat seen and unseen. Let's play that clip because it really is just jaw dropping. Here's here's Joe Biden being alive. Our current president has failed in his most basic duty to the nation. He's failed to protect us. He's failed to protect America. And my fellow Americans, that is unforgivable.


As president, I'll make you a promise I'll protect America, I will defend us from every attack seen and unseen, always without exception, every time.


Wow. Also, he pledges never to give you up, never to let you down, not to run around and desert you. He will never make you cry. You'll never say goodbye. He'll never tell a lie or hurt you. Well, did did you see hear what Joe Biden left out of that speech is what he said at the beginning of covid, which is that we shouldn't shut down travel from China. He called Trump's travel ban a hysterical xenophobia, to use his words.


And I think so there's this this kind of formal aspect of why it was so wrong to launch this attack. There's also the substance, though. All these Democratic politicians handled covid way worse than Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo. His policies are directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers. Nancy Pelosi. That's just a metaphor. It's a matter how bad Andrew Cuomo is. It is. You're right. And you make that good point. When was Nancy Pelosi going to say, hey, come on down to Chinatown like she did without a mask?


No social distancing at the start of covid? I guess with what they're banking on is what we've been talking about all night, which is that the press are going to fawn over them. They're not going to call them out for any of this. And it's a it's a total fiasco. This brings me to my theory on how Donald Trump could be guaranteed to win the election. You guys win here. I want to hear Donald Trump gets eight primetime hours next week for the RNC.


If the RNC had been first before the DNC, my strategy would not work because I actually think the media would just not play it. Since they played all eight hours in primetime at the DNC, they have to play the RNC. I think that they should put two giant screens up. And no matter who is speaking during the national anthem, during the benediction, during the president's speech and the vice president's speech the entire time, they should be playing footage of the riots in Portland and the riots in Seattle and the Chadstone and all the violence that's happening all across this country because the media will not tell people the truth about these protests.


When he's tried this trick before, they actually have pulled even Fox News shut down the feed so that you couldn't see it. They can't do that with the actual Republican National Convention. And if they do, they give him the presidency again just by so dare them. He should run it for all eight hours, even when he's not talking about it and dare them not to play it. Because here's my theory. People actually vote and in particular, suburban housewives vote on the basis of how a candidate makes them feel.


In the case of George W. Bush, he made them feel safe as opposed to John Kerry, who seemed inconsistent. Flip flop, flip flop. Remember, this was a great way of framing John Kerry vis a vis George W. Bush, because one makes you feel safe, the other makes you feel insecure in the case of Barack Obama. Barack Obama made people feel noble and virtuous and they were able to feel good about themselves when they voted for him.


And Donald Trump made people feel empowered in two thousand and sixteen. He made people feel like they could have a voice when they hadn't had one before. But his behavior since then makes people feel insecure because he's bombastic, because he's boorish. You're a little bit he makes you a little embarrassed. Even people who are going to vote for him often, they'll say, I hate that I have to vote for him. But look at the other guy. That means there's a whole other range of people who won't vote for him, who have that exact same sentiment.


But it is breaking the other way. He has to not let this be a referendum on Donald Trump. If it's a referendum on Donald Trump, Donald Trump will lose. He needs to make it a referendum on the left. They've overplayed their hand. The president's job for the next two months, and especially next week, should be to use the power of his pulpit to shine a light on what the Democrats are actually doing. You don't have to know what they will do when they win.


They're doing stuff right now, and every bit of it is bad. If you could put a camera in the morgues in New York City, I'd say you should do that. But that's not the way that the world works. So he should instead focus in on these riots and let people know you should feel worse. This is what the Democrats are banking on. Basically, Ben, you made this point. They offered no affirmative message at their convention, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were actually afterthoughts to use your language.


And it was all about Orangeman bad, Orangeman bad. Donald Trump needs to actually invert that and say, yeah, it's actually it's not about me either. It is actually about them. They are worse. We have friends in the sort of never trump movement who basically they're going to support Joe Biden for the presidency. And when I listen to their arguments, the arguments all come back to Donald Trump is such a threat to our societal norms that even though we like his policies better, like every one of them is more happy that we have Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice than they would be to have another Sotomayor, for example, on the court.


Every one of them is pro-life. Every one of them wants lower taxes. But what they're basically saying is none of our policy preferences matter compared to the damage that Donald Trump does to our actual societal norms. And my response is the Democrats are running communist right in major American cities, burning things to the ground. They've broken the. They've shut down churches, they've shut down all social interactions, they're openly against not just the First Amendment but every aspect of the First Amendment.


They're against free exercise. They're against free assembly. Unless you're Black Lives Matter, they're against free speech. Unless you're saying the things that they have approved up there against the Second Amendment, they're against due process. They're actually saying that due process is a is a white supremacy. Yeah, it's a pro-business institution. They're against trial by jury. You'll get accused of a sexual assault on any American college campus and raise the idea that you're entitled to a trial by a jury of your peers.


They're against the Electoral College. They're against every piece of the of the actual framework of our society. The president, is Donald Trump a threat to some of our societal norms? Yeah, I think he is. But he's the lesser threat to our societal norms. The Democrats are violently opposed to our and I use violence as a literal term, violently opposed by our societal norms. And the president has the power to force the media to cover that next week.


And he would do a far better job doing that than getting up there and doing his usual Donald Trump. They don't like me. The nice thing about conspiracy theories is they do like me. Stop that. Talk about the actual threat that the left or it could be.


I just I agree with everything you've said, but it could be a yes and right. It could be. I agree with that. Yeah.


That's that's just what I was I was going to say that because, you know, the one thing he's been doing lately and again, this is something I advised him to do is listen to all my advice and turned his campaign around, in my opinion. But the thing is, I think I think your idea about playing the role, it's absolutely great idea that that is absolutely true. He should also play Joe Biden's list of things he would have done if he had been handling the Chinese flu, because Trump has done them all, every single thing that he said he was going to do, Trump has already done.


And I think that one of the jokes he's been making recently is people some people don't like me. Maybe it's my personality. The other day he said it even funnier. He said, some people don't like me. I don't know what it is. It couldn't be my personality. And I think that I think that that is a really good line because first of all, he does need to appeal to women. Women get that with men, sometimes men they never have.


They never, like I said, would. I mean, come on, who would they have good taste? And I just think that it is a good argument that, like, I do the right thing and yeah, I'm bumptious you. That's the way it is. If Trump has the discipline, if if the RNC has the discipline to do it, it could be a true turn around thing.


Speaking of women, Elysha, let's take the one that we have via satellite. Hey, guys, I just wanted to remind everyone watching that we are going to be having an all access live after the show with Jeremy, Ben, Michael, me, the woman, Andrew. But believe it or not, is younger than Joe Biden. So the thing is, you have to be an all access member to talk with us if you are a member. Be sure to click the link in the description wherever you're watching this, once the show ends to join in on the discussion.


And we have a limited time offer because all good sales are very limited going on right now. So you can participate, become a daily wire all access member for 20 percent off with the coupon code, access to join the fun. If you don't know how to spell access, I'll spell it out for you. ACTC SS that's for all of you. Distance learning public schoolers out there who weren't taught properly. And a bunch of comments are actually coming through already.


VW says, Hey everyone, thank you for going through the torture of watching the DNC so we could be spared. You are so selfless, he says. I want to know if we made Matt watch the DNC because he's being punished for not coming on backstage ever.


And KBE says that Cory Booker's fake laugh is the stuff of nightmares. But I actually think it might be worse than Carmella's.


I don't know. It's not a possible that's not a possible thing. There isn't there's nothing on planet Earth that is this horrifying is Kamala Harris is fake laugh when asked an awkward question.


I mean, it's so I'm sorry, but the way to back that's an that's an amazing line.


When when she said that and it's like, yes, I'm a liar. So the guys are want to talk about this.


So maybe we'll talk about this and much more during the all access discussion after the show.


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Welcome ring dotcom backstage. So we talk about all the things we hated about the convention. Now I want to tell you what I actually did like about it.


I love it. I love this in politics. I thought our side was always guilty of it. I didn't know that their side could be much, much worse. I love it when people in politics talk about who they love, to talk about the youth, the youth or the future. You know, Barack Obama had this whole line in to the young. People have been burning down our cities, beating people in the head with bricks and smashing windows.


You are democracy in action or the future. You're better than any of the young people who ever went before you because you're still young and they all got old. Every one of them now is old and they had to be convinced not to be racist. But you weren't racist from day one. You're the best uit ever to uit. And then they gave Alexandrea Ocasio Cortez sixty seconds to talk at the DNC. And this is what politicians always do. They pay lip service to young people because they know that young people are rubes and they also know that the young people won't actually turn out to vote.


Then when it comes to actually entrusting anything to young people, they basically say a couple of flags behind her, let her talk for sixty seconds. I think we actually here's what she had to say.


Infidelity and gratitude to amass people's movement, working to establish twenty first century social, economic and human rights, including guaranteed health care, higher education, living wages and labor rights for all people in the United States, a movement striving to recognize and repair the wounds of racial injustice, colonization, misogyny and homophobia.


That clip is going to play on a loop at the Gulag, and it will be the last sound you ever hear. Say I said before, I didn't think Sarah Cooper was funny, but that she's hilarious. It's great. That was the way that the pinball machine of Frazey left this terminology right there. It's spectacular. Was just lighting up nonstop there in one go. She nails racial injustice, misogyny, homophobia, colonization, sexual late on the colonization bandwagon.


I feel like like like I hear that argument being made like the Mexican-American War.


But I feel like right now he wasn't the only person to bring up colonization. There was a clip a little bit earlier. Clip number two, this is remarkable. This is actually someone saying what the Democrat Party supports. This is this is the thesis statement of the twenty twenty Democrats from the Youth Council. This future that we all want, that we're all trying to build, really is about the destruction of colonisation, white supremacy and capitalism, we must we must really move away from these systems and these frameworks if we really want to live in a future that does have a regenerative economy and does enable liberation and equity for our communities.


Drew, you haven't been young in decades. Did any of that make sense to you?


It makes it makes it kind of crazy, since it doesn't make sense to me. This is the thing I always wonder this about, because I think of all of them, of all of the people in that movement. She actually strikes me as an ignoramus. She does strike me as somebody who doesn't know anything, but she doesn't strike me as insincere. Like, I actually think she kind of buys what she's saying. And what gets me is why they never ask themselves if we are socialists, how come every gigantic corporation in America is supporting us?


Why is it that places like Amazon, which is making gazillions of dollars, why is it why are they sending like guys like me who want to read like poetry? Why are they sending me recommending these anti white anti-racist things? Why doesn't it occur to them that the richest donors in the country, like, for instance, of the ten richest donors in the country, nine of them supported Barack Obama? How come it never occurs to them that the people that they're supposed to hate are on their side and something may be wrong that maybe they're pawns, maybe they're being used to talk about using the youth.


They're not just using they're using the socials and they're using the rioters to get what they want. And this is something that is supporting these globalist, humongous corporations that are now really a greater threat to some of our freedoms than the government will. You saw this tension come out with the DNC, which is that they've been stoking, as you say, the riots and these young people to go and talk about a terrible America. But they realize that burning the American flag and toppling George Washington does not exactly play well in Peoria.


So they have to limit the amount of time, unfortunately for them, because it's a Zoome convention, we can get all the little clips from the youth caucus and then push them out there. So we actually do get to see them. But you see it really just in Andrew Cuomo. Right, which is that these youths are saying what the Democrats have really believed for a long time, but the youth are actually saying. And so Andrew Cuomo comes out and says, we're America, tough.


America builds back. We're the greatest country ever. Right. But 18 months ago, Andrew Cuomo said we're not going to make America great again because America was never that great, direct quote. That's what they don't like America. They're literally setting the flag on fire and they realize that for an election, they've got to play up the patriotism. So Cuomo trained, practiced liars like him can get that sort of thing done. Biden, Obama, all those guys.


But those you you got to maybe constrain them to 60 seconds of anti colonialism or whatever and then move on. This is the really wondrous thing about about how the DNC works. So we only see the prime time. The prime time is basically just the Tinder profile, right?


I mean, the prime time is where you put up a picture of, like Brad Pitt on your dating profile and then actually look like Steve Bannon and and supposed to do and and all of the stuff that's happening during the day is what's actually bubbling under the surface and over the surface in the Democratic Party. So for eight hours, you got no indicator of exactly what Democrats were going to do, except that they don't like guns. Right? I mean, they're big on the gun control.


They put that in primetime and they like the environment, apparently. And that means that Gavin Newsom is going to go stand amongst the trees, hiding from James Comey. But aside from that, you really have no clue what their actual policies are because they didn't talk about any of their policies. All they talked about the entire time was that Donald Trump is a big, bad, orange, mean, fat, bad, mean man who's orange. That was the entire pitch.


And that's why Joe Biden never had to mention Trump's name in a speech. And he didn't because his entire pitch was, I'm empathetic. So, first of all, on empathy, empathy is a terrible quality in a politician. You don't actually want empathy in a politician. It's one thing to say you want sympathy from a politician. If you want empathy in a politician. There's an entire book by a sociologist named Paul Bloom about how empathy actually perverts public policy, because when you put yourself in the position of one specific other person, you're ignoring all of the other people you can't be empathetic to by nature.


So when when they do this whole I want a politician who cares about me. Joe Biden said this to he said, My father used to say, I don't care. I don't I'm not asking government to solve my problems, but I want government to understand my problems. And I thought to myself, like at the DMV or what? Like who? Whenever somebody says they want the government. Have you ever thought, like, is a rational human being?


You know what I need? I need some care, love and understanding. I'm headed on over to the Franchise Tax Board of California for a little bit of empathy today. But that's not how any of that crap works. And so the attempt to make government the be all end, all that solves all of your problems. This is why if Biden is elected, he's going to have some problems on his hands because he's got an unwieldy coalition. He's getting elected on the basis of rejecting that entire coalition.


His entire speech was based on patriotism. Hey, the man attends church. Hey, the guy loves family. Hey, the guy loves schools and schools being open. Jill Biden did her entire shtick from a closed. And then blame that on Trump, who's been begging to reopen the schools, so the entire Democratic coalition is completely unwieldy and they've guaranteed their entire base the world. Joe Biden promised every single thing. There are no things he will not promise.


There are no things that Bernie Sanders thinks the government cannot solve. Well, inevitably, you're going to fall short of that particular standard because even God does not promise you to give you all the things you want in life because God is not an idiot, unlike these people. So so that's actually going to be a rather difficult thing to pull off, which means that either Joe Biden has to cave to the radical left or Joe Biden is going to spend his tenure trying to fend them off.


Either way, it's going to be very good for the country.


The other thing about the empathy thing is that there's not a lot of empathy for the rest of the world in this hatred of America. It really is embarrassing to me to have these young people come out and talk about how we're colonial and we're sexist and racist. And all this while in Hong Kong, people are being pulled off the street and arrested for waving the American flag. And the entire world right now could be and should be and would be looking toward America to enhance their freedom against truly oppressive movement out of China, truly oppressive criminality from Russia.


These are things that are actually threatening the world. And the people look to us as the symbol of the freedom that all of them long for and all of them want to protect. And meanwhile, we have these clowns, this minority of people, the small minority of overeducated buffoons burning the American flag and basically saying to these people, screw you, screw you and your yearning for freedom. We are more important than the thing you think you want. And it really is a lack of it's ignorance, really.


It's the fact that our news media never covers foreign news at all. I mean, the just before he died, I became kind of friendly with Douglas Adams, the guy who wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and he was an Englishman. And when he came over, I said, well, how are you enjoying America? And he said, well, the news blackout is a little tough to take because he never heard a story from the other from anywhere else on Earth.


So when they're talking about racism, they've never seen racism. When they're talking about tyranny and authoritarianism, they've never seen it. They don't know what it is, travel a little bit, go outside the country and you'll find out in a big, big hurry how good it is here.


It's actually interesting. You both made me think of this, that the left, they expect their politicians to lie and they feel like they're inside, like they're in the life with them. So it's OK with AOC if Joe Biden gets up there and drapes himself in the flag because she actually it's actually a calculation she understands. I hate. I hate the country. I want to dismantle the country. I want to fundamentally reimagine the country. But I know that the rubes and Hicks who aren't as enlightened as may need to hear this kind of talk on the right.


We don't have anything quite like that. If our politicians don't say the things that we actually believe, we get angry with them. The left, I think it's because they know that the media is in the game with them. They know that all the major institutions are in the game with them. They can just they can lie directly to all of the undecideds and they're perfectly, perfectly comfortable with it.


They face no really great point. That's like Obama opposing gay marriage and nobody ever saying a word or holding it against him. And the actual opinion that he held would now get you fired.


Yeah, you know, you did see this a little bit with pre Trump Republican politicians. So the issue probably where it's most clear is the Israel embassy. So every politician since the 90s has said we're going to move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. And then we all listen to that. We say that's a good idea, but we all know they're not going to do it. And so Trump goes ahead. And he was actually presented by the State Department with a pro and cons list of of reasons to do it, reasons not to do it, and the reasons to do it was completely empty.


They didn't see a single reason to do it. And and yet he did it. And everyone was shocked. Even Republicans were shocked, said, no, no, we we knew what you meant, you know. But but Trump has this this odd thing because he's not practiced in politics, that he just thinks when when someone says you're supposed to do this, you actually do it. And that sort of thing is is pretty refreshing. And it does change the dynamic a little bit from left, right, Republican, Democrat to this kind of establishment where we're all lying to one another and actually inserting a little bit of the voice of I actually think that what you just said, the Michael, may reveal something even worse because, yes, when the Republicans would say they were going to move the embassy, they were they were obviously lying.


But they were saying what we wanted to hear because we, the Republican voters, did want to move the embassy. But the the extreme left doesn't want the sort of ideas that Biden is espousing. The reason I say it's something far worse, because I actually just realized all the lies are aimed at the same group of people. All the lies told by both parties are aimed at the people in the country who, like the country, like our allies, want us to be strong.


We want to be left alone. The Democrats lie and say that they're like us so that we'll vote for them. They're not like us. The Republicans lie and say, we'll do the things you want even. They won't do any of the things that we want, but only one group of people really gets fed all the horse crap in this country. Great point. Well, I also think that the the Democratic Party I will say, I think that it's pretty obvious they've been in the male vote.


They recognize the gender gap in this election is just going to be overwhelming until the entire pitch, which was empathy. And Michelle Obama doing the empathy routine. I think Michelle Obama's speech, which was widely, widely praised, the actual content of it was pretty appalling the way we heard her delivery's great. I mean, she's she's great on camera. She knows what she's doing on camera. She knows how to work the camera, which is a skill set.


And her husband is the same way. He's very good on camera. But some of the stuff that you I mean, she overtly said she's the best selling non-fiction author, probably the last 20 years. And she she essentially said, I know a lot of people may not listen to me because I'm a black woman. Who are these people who are not going to listen to you because you're a black woman like you're the two most popular women in America?


Probably are Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. So I'm having a tough time with that one. And then she suggested openly in the speech that there is a never ending list of innocent black people being murdered by the cops. That is a direct quote that there's a never ending list. And I thought to myself, well, it kind of has an end considering there are 15 unarmed people shot by. The cops were black last year. That's like I can fit that list.


Basically, I'm like a small slip of paper. And each one of those, first of all, not just random, doesn't mean they were innocent. Some of these people are trying to grab a cop's gun. But but beyond that, the number of innocent people who are murdered by the cops every year is extraordinarily low, which is why we actually do know all their names and people say, say their names. I keep thinking to myself, well, we know their names are we can I mean, it was it did strike me during the DNC that the same exact people calling for gun control and federal intervention, federal gun control, are the same exact people saying that if Donald Trump sends the feds to Chicago to disarm gang members, it's bad.


So they won't I don't understand what they want. They want the feds to come in and take the guns away from the bad guys. Or do they want the feds to not come in and take the guns away from the bad guys? So long as the feds happen to be run by Republicans, which suggests to me that once again, the agenda has nothing to do with bettering anybody's life and much more to do with the ascension of political power. I want to get your opinion on something.


And that is, what do you think that Trump has to do beyond the political? Because the attack here is very obvious and that is a character attack. This entire thing was a character attack. It was an eight hour long character attack. Look what a nice guy Joe Biden is. He helps out kids who are stuttering. He has terrible personal tragedy in his life. He's very empathetic. He's very caring. Joe's the kind of guy who gives women massages, even if they don't want them, was a very empathetic gentleman.


And I mean by the accounts of people who know him, a lot of this is true, right? He's apparently not not not in the world of politics, where he's busy destroying Robert Bork and trying to go after Clarence Thomas and Brecken and all that kind of stuff. But on a personal level, he's supposed to be quite charming and very nice and pretty empathetic. And I don't know how Trump combats that other than, you know, fighting back on all of these other grounds that we're talking about and shut the hell up.


I cannot overemphasize this. He needs to shut the hell up, OK? Like it is. It is it is political malpractice for the president of the United States to grant nothing but gasoline to the stove. Top fire that Democrats are trying to light here. You recall that he won the election last time, not just because James Comey decided to drop that letter on Hillary Clinton last minute, which did make a difference, but that he went completely silent for a week and a half, for a week and a half.


The only thing it was the only time really in the last several years where Donald Trump realized, wait a second, if I get out of the way and I just stand over here for a second, things are going a lot better for me. Just let all the focus be on Hillary Clinton. I think Democrats are counting on Donald Trump needing to be in the spotlight all the time. And they're just and they're banking on that. They think they can just respond to him all the way to the election.


And maybe that's true, but I don't think it has to be true. I think that he can very easily if he's if he's an intelligent human being, which I have been told by reliable people that he is, then he then it should not be that difficult for him to turn it down, at least on Twitter, just deprive the narrative of some oxygen for like five seconds. He was live tweeting Barack Obama's speech in all capital letters while Barack Obama was criticizing him as being fundamentally unserious for live tweeting things.


OK, that is that is a bad look. And it's a fundamentally flawed practice of politics. If he wants to win and all of us are planning on voting for him, so far as I'm aware. And he needs to do some things to change this perception.


But I think he summed up the strategy very well in a meme, actually. So good that he tweeted about a month ago, but that the meme actually was was really important. It kind of gets to your point then, which is he said they're not coming after me. They're coming after you. And I just happened to be in the way. And that's the message the Democrats are worried about the the obvious point that they hate the country because they burned it down and you could see that throughout the convention.


So what what President Trump can do, I think, is is your strategy, Jeremy. You can play those sorts of clips. He's got to go after that. And he's got to make it not just a left right thing, not just a Republican Democrat thing. It's people who like the country and people who hate the country. And if and I actually do think, to your point, Drew, Trump has a bit of a self-effacing sense of humor about this.


He knows his personality can be grating. And if he if he, like he did in that meme, takes himself out of it and he says, look. I am this one guy, I don't know how it happened, but I am one guy standing up against not just the left, not just the Democrats, but even some Republicans, even someone on the right. And I'm doing this weird thing, but it's for you guys. I think that's a strong message.


The Democrats ceded the American flag. The Republicans would be insane not to pick it up and make it the symbol of the party.


I completely agree with this. I think Jeremy's got the right idea to make sure that people know what the left is doing, to be very specific about it, to make sure he's he's been he's been really good. He's been really good. After I got bad press Scalfari coming on, I went on Ben's show, I, I subbed for Ben on his show and told Kellyanne Conway to fire Bret Boskell. A day later, the guy was gone. It was it was really that fast, unimaginable power.


It's amazing the power of the Ben Shapiro show. But but I have to say, I think since then he has done the one thing that he should do, which is you campaign as president by doing stuff, making peace in the Middle East, making sure that you go after Iran. Those are the kinds of things that really show up. Well, I think it's right to focus on what the left is doing. The left is really never mind their words, never mind their smiley faces.


This is what they do. And I do think this idea of having a bit of a sense of humor about his personality, which makes the news media look small by saying that one of his great lines of his presidency was, I don't drink. Can you imagine what a nightmare I'd be if I drink and go? You know, that's the kind of self-awareness that I think plays really well. But it also makes the media look like what they are, which is corrupt, small people biting the ankles.


I guess I already answered the question when I said I think that he has to make it about what the left is actually doing, not just about what they say. I do agree that he also has to kind of get out of the way. One challenge that Donald Trump has is that he does see the world as being about him. He he has that in common with his predecessor. And that makes it very hard for him to to make the election about them.


He wants the election to be about him. And what Donald Trump wants is sort of a vote of confidence from the American people. That's not what's actually in the offering, though. What he needs is a vote of no confidence against the left. He needs to understand, sort of like to take it all the way back to our first president, George Washington understood that he didn't have to win the American Revolution. He had to not lose the American Revolution.


Donald Trump must understand that he doesn't need to win this election. He needs to not lose it. The left has run a strategy that was tailor designed to defeat only one man. It only works against Donald Trump. And so for a brief moment, I watched this show. It just wrapped up its seven year run called Marvel's Agents of Shield. And in this last season, the ultimate season of the show, they were dealing with these robots from the future who can see the stream of time.


And they had gone back into human the human past of the 20th century, and they were unmaking of the thing, killing the Avengers back when they were children and all this kind of stuff was going on. And so no matter what our heroes do, they can't win. They can't win because the people, the robots see the stream of time and in terms of probabilities, and they can always figure out based on the probabilities, what your move is going to be.


And so they have this breakthrough moment. It's the turn of the season when they realize, well, that means the only way we can win is to not be the thing that they could calculate, that we could be we actually all have to do the thing that we would never do. Whatever our instinct is, don't do it. Whatever made a strong run against it because that's what they won't be able to see coming. It's very difficult. But I actually think it's what the president has to do in this situation.


I do want to push back a little bit, though. I don't think he should take himself out of this entirely. You should be wise about it. But let's not forget, for every presidential election in recent memory, the bigger personality wins. The more interesting, the more lively, the more vivacious. Right. Obama beats Romney. Obama beats. If Donald Trump takes flowers in the Rose Garden three times between now and the election, he is well, that's a very reason he's breathing.


He's more lively by definition.


He's breathing like he's running against an act like an actual corpse at this point. And by the way, the media's overblown praise for the fact that Joe Biden could keep it together for a full on. Twenty four minutes believable was it was astonishing.


I mean, truly, like even my grandmothers who are well into their nineties at this point, can keep it together for twenty four minutes like that. I understand that we set the bar really low for the guy, but at a certain point he is going to actually have to answer some questions from a living human being. This is their final question of the day and then we're going to head on over to all access and answer questions for our all access members for a little bit.


You should head over there right now. If you're not already a subscriber at the Daily Wire, you can get twenty percent off with the coupon code access and join. The fun will be answering those questions. But my last question for you guys for the day, will there be a debate? Yes, there will. Yeah, yeah, I don't think I mean, I know, Jeremy, you've said a couple of times you just don't see how he can do it.


I don't see how he can't do it. I think that that is the ultimate back down. It means you will back down to Putin. It means you back down to China. It means you just don't have what it takes to be the president of the United States. They've they've floated every argument they can think of in The New York Times and on all the left wing venues. They floated every argument they can think of. Clearly the message he's got to do it.


And frankly, again, if he stays on his feet for whatever it is two hours and it's not like Bradley Cooper accepting the award and the star is born, I think if he does that, it's going to be he's going to be praised to the skies. What a wonderful breathing, breathing guy he is. As Trump has in fact said, I do not think he can back down.


I agree. I don't think he can back down entirely as they tried and it failed. My fear is this, though. There is a lot of gray area between no debate and real traditional fair and square debate, and that could involve a zoom like the whole convention was basically virtual. I think if there's a virtual debate, they'll just rig it for Biden to try to rig the fair and square debates for Democrats. Candy Crowley. And including in twenty sixteen.


So you know that I don't think the Trump campaign can allow it's got to be a fair and square debate where the moderator and Trump and Biden are all in the same room and they're still going to try to rig it through various technical means. But but they're I think Donald Trump eats Joe Biden for lunch, which is why they're going to try to bring it into that gray area. And I think they'll hold the debates. And I think that the thing that Donald Trump has to do is in the first 30 seconds of the debate, he has to drop under Biden's name.


He has to do it, and he has to do it for a couple of reasons. One, because it it is an actual issue in the campaign that Joe Biden has used his family connections or allowed others to use family connections to make a lot of money. There was a real unintentional irony to the video of Biden saying, my father's always been there for me. And I was thinking, yeah, no bleep.


Yeah, that's true. But if you drop Senator Biden's name, one of the things that the that the Democrats have been trying to protect Biden from are the consequences of any question that pisses him off because the empathetic, nice grandpa vibe goes away immediately and becomes incredibly combative. He's challenging people to fight. He's challenging people to push up contest. He starts to lose his train of thought. So you hit him with Hunter Biden in the first 30 seconds of that debate.


He starts to lose it. And Trump says, listen, this is the guy that you're you're going to put in the White House. He's not even in the White House. Let's talk about why you picked Kamala Harris to replace you, because we all know you're a transitional figure. You're not holding it together here. I don't know what makes anybody think you can hold it together in the White House. That's almost the way it has to play a note for note, I think.


I think you guys are out of your minds. I'll give you each one hundred dollars.


If there's a single debate done and there should be even a debate is ridiculous because there should be three. That's the modern standard of three debates. I don't think they'll put this guy on a stage. I don't think they have to draw. So I'm actually a little surprised you think that they have to. Your point, which I think is well made, is that he owns the media, the left owns the media. If he says I don't get on a stage with racists, that'll be the end of it.


They won't hold him to any standard. It won't be backing down, won't be backing down to Putin. It will be a principled stand against Donald Trump and not put yourself on a stage with him. I just can't even I can't even visualize can't imagine a possible future where they put this guy on a stage with Donald Trump.


The left owns the media, but the media doesn't own the people yet and the people still will see through it. Listen, Jeremy, if you're if you're right, you're right. Nobody can predict the future. But I think I think if they don't do it, it will be political suicide.


Those Croma cons could see all the time lines.


Guys, thank you very much for hanging out there. Thank you guys for hanging out with some backstage. We're going to do it again next week for the RNC. Wherever you're watching right now, there's a link in the description where you can click and go over to all access and take part in the next part of the show, which is for our all access subscribers only. That's where we're going to answer your questions with Elisha Krauss. Hope to see you over there.


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