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President Biden terms those who want to reopen society, Neanderthal's, eBay stops people from buying Dr. Seuss books, and we examine the radicalism of the Democrats new voter registration law, H.R. one. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show. Event is sponsored by Express VPN, why haven't you gotten a vineyard visit Express VPN Dotcom then already? So we begin with a perfectly obvious truism at this point, Joe Biden is not in control of his own administration.


This is not a person who is sentient. He's not a person who is with it. Joe Biden always was a Trojan horse and Democrats are not really making a lot of bones about this at this point. They're pretty obvious about the fact that Joe Biden is just a moderate face for radical policy. In fact, Nancy Pelosi said this out loud just yesterday. She was doing a presser with the White House. And this is the same presser where Joe Biden basically said, I'm ready to take questions and then the person behind the camera just kind of slowly faded.


Well, Nancy Pelosi was talking about Joe Biden and she explained what Joe Biden is. He is just an instrument. He's an instrument of power for these folks because Joe Biden is not with it. Nor was Joe Biden ever quite as moderate as everybody like to make him out to be. Just because you're moderate compared to Bernie Sanders does not mean that you are, in fact, a moderate. So here is Nancy Pelosi at White House dot gov, explaining that Joe Biden is basically just a gumball machine.


You throw your you throw your liberal quarter in there and outcomes the gumbo. In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame. We say open fire. And that's our magic word for open fire. I love it.


What is wrong with that person in. My goodness, she's she's like a Bond villain, Nancy Pelosi. But she is not wrong. Right. That is the way that the left views Joe Biden. That's where the media view Joe Biden. Joe Biden was always a Trojan horse for these policies. Some of us were warning people of this beforehand. And make no mistake, the radicals are celebrating this. Ezra Klein, the newest opinion columnist over at The New York Times, he has a piece called Biden is the Anti Trump, and it's working.


If you dial down the conflict, you can dial up the policy because all of America is now about optics. So if Joe Biden appears to be moderate, then he can push some of the most radical policy changes that we have seen in our lifetimes, according to Ezra Klein. American politics feels quieter with Joe Biden in the White House, the president's Twitter feed hasn't gone dark, but it's going to dull. Biden doesn't pick needless fights or insert himself into the cultural conflicts.


It's easy to go to that hearing anything the president has said unless you go looking well, right. Because he's not actually alive. He's just a houseplant sitting in the corner that they bring out. Every so often you look at the pretty houseplant and then meanwhile in the background, they're like, what if we pushed this particular radical policy? The relative quiet is deceptive, says Ezra Klein. Policy is moving at breakneck pace. The first week of the Biden administration were consumed by a flurry of far reaching executive orders that reopened America to refugees, rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and killed the Keystone XL oil pipeline, to name just a few.


Now, the House has passed in the Senate is considering the one point nine trillion dollar American rescue plan. Its ruling sweeping a truly sweeping piece of legislation that includes more than a half dozen policies like a child tax credit expansion that could cut child poverty by 50 percent. That would be presidency defining accomplishments on their own. It goes on. The White House just sent Congress the most ambitious immigration reform bill in years. It midwifed a deal to get Mirch to mobilize some of its factories to produce Johnson and Johnson vaccine.


And now Biden is saying there should be enough of a supply for every American adults get vaccinated by the end of May. Imagine the administration is also working on an infrastructure package that, if early reports bear out, will be the most transformational piece of climate policy and perhaps economic policy in my lifetime. Biden is blitzing. OK, so a couple of things. One, if Donald Trump had been soft spoken, I really, really doubt that the media would have suggested that his policies were better than they were.


The fact is that the media hated Trump's policy and so they also hated his personality. It's not really the other way around. Remember, Donald Trump was a favorite among the left wing glitterati until he declared himself a Republican, at which point he became the enemy. Now, Trump didn't do himself any favors by shooting himself in the foot a lot. But that is not the same thing as what is happening here. What is happening here is that Joe Biden is saying ridiculous things on a daily basis, and yet everybody continues to cover for him because he's a Democrat.


It is that simple. Joe Biden has not returned a sense of normalcy to the White House. He's returned a sense of civility to the White House and the radical policy that the media loves. And make no mistake, this is radical policy. It is deeply radical policy. So, for example, Democrats have been pushing forward H.R. one. Now, you haven't heard a lot about H.R. one because H.R. one is not going anywhere in the Senate, presumably.


But H.R. one is the sweeping piece of voter legislation that essentially federalizing all elections. And what it really does is it makes it easier to enshrine the worst sort of voting practices from across the country. It takes like all the worst parts of voting practice from various states, and then it enshrines them and requires them at the federal level. Heritage Foundation had a good breakdown of H.R. one here. Just some of the things that H.R. one would do, according to the Heritage Foundation, H.R. one would seize the authority of states to regulate voter registration and the voting process, forcing states to implement early voting, automatic voter registration, same day registration, online voter registration and no fault absentee balloting.


So universal mail in balloting, that is a rich mine. Too vain for a rich vein to mine for for all the people who would love ballot harvesting and and would love to be able to game the system that would become universal. And by the way, it would also make it pretty much mandatory that elections would go on for weeks at a time because these absentee ballots take a while to count. So whatever faith in elections still remains would quickly be lost with H.R. one.


But of course, that does matter to Democrats. H.R. one would make it easier to commit fraud and promote chaos at the polls, the same day registration, literally, you would walk up and you would cast a provisional ballot and you register at the exact same time. It takes a little while to process all of that and makes it kind of easy to confuse the system. H.R. one would mandate 15 days of early voting, which diffuses the intensity of get out the vote efforts.


I'm very much against early voting. Unless you have an actual medical reason, you cannot vote. You cannot vote on the day of it is called Election Day, not election months. H.R. one would degrade the accuracy of registration lists. It would require states to automatically register all individuals, not even citizens, legal immigrants from state and federal databases. This would register large numbers of ineligible voters. H.R. one would open the door for hackers and cyber criminals to commit massive voter registration fraud through online voter registration that is not tied to an existing state record like a driver's license.


H.R. one would make it a criminal offense for a state official to reject a voter registration application, even when it is rejected under color of law, because the individual because the official believes the individuals ineligible to vote. H.R. one would would require states to allow 16 and 17 year olds to register, would effectively ensure that if you're underage, you could then vote. Also, by the way, H.R. one gets rid of penalties for voting mistakenly or supposedly mistakenly or fraudulently.


H.R. one would require states to count ballots cast by voters outside of their outside in their assigned precinct, overriding the precinct system used by almost all states that allows election officials to monitor votes, staff polling places provide enough ballots and prevent election fraud. H.R. one would ban witness signature or notarization requirements for absentee ballots in for states to accept absentee ballots received up to 10 days after Election Day as long as they are postmarked by Election Day. What if they're not postmarked and this is the big controversy over in Pennsylvania this last time around?


H.R. one would prevent election officials from checking the eligibility and qualifications of voters and removing ineligible voters. It would ban state voter I.D. laws. You would not be allowed to check somebody's ID at the polling places. Voter intimidation or coercion that prevents someone from registering or voting is already a federal crime, but H.R. one would add a provision that criminalizing, hindering, interfering or preventing anyone from registering or voting, which is so broad and vague that it could prevent providing any information to election officials about eligibility, such as an applicant not being a U.S. citizen would be banned.


There's all sorts of other problems with H.R. one, it is a truly radical piece of legislation. It would make it a violation of federal law to engage in, quote unquote, partizan redistricting. It would mandate the inclusion of alien population, both legal and illegal, in all redistricting. In other words, it would basically radically change the voting system of the United States who would not be status quo, 20, 20 would be much worse than that. It essentially legalizes ballot harvesting, which I think is truly corrupt by ballot harvesting.


Is the practice whereby you just go door to door with a Democratic list and you only pick up their ballots and then Republicans only send out their people to pick up the ballots. This is a pretty good way of ensuring that it is not about who cast the ballots, it is about who collects the ballots. It's a serious problem, H.R. one. OK, and this is being pushed forward and the media love it. And the idea is, if you oppose H.R. one, this is because you are some sort of vicious racist who doesn't want everybody to vote.


Everybody who's eligible should vote, and they should do all the things that they ought to do in order to vote. But if you're too stupid to figure out how to register to vote or if you don't feel like going down to the ballot box to vote on Election Day, this is your problem. Frankly, I'm not I am not against the idea that it ought to take a little more effort than simply clicking a box in order for you to vote, because guess what?


Voting is not just a right. It is also a privilege. It is both. It's both of you have a right to vote, but it is a privilege for you to be able to take part in our electoral system. And if you choose not to do that because you don't feel like following the steps, that one's on you. I mean, frankly, if you can't follow the voting procedures, very easy to vote in the United States, it truly is, then I'm not sure that you should be voting if you literally cannot do it right, if you have some sort of inability that makes you unable to do it.


That is one thing. But if you're a normal citizen and you just didn't do the steps, your fault, OK? In any case, all of this is being pushed forward by the Biden administration. And again, this is considered perfectly fine because Joe Biden, it's open Biden, right, so long as Biden is that this is the problem for Democrats. If Biden were to plot, if something were to happen to Biden, God forbid, and Kamala Harris, Kamala Harris were to become president, she doesn't have a moderate mean.


She is not a person who people see as moderate who would actually stymie their agenda. In a lot of ways. The media, by the way, are doing all of Biden's heavy lifting for him. We'll get to this in just one moment. First, let us talk about a truly meaningful thing that you can do for your friends, for your family, for yourself. I'm talking about a wonderful, beautiful painted portrait of yourself, your family, a place something that's meaningful to you.


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He wrote a piece. It is titled While the Senate read the coronavirus relief bill, nearly 900 Americans may have died from the virus, originally said. Fourteen hundred Americans now because fewer Americans are dying of covid gets downgraded to nine hundred. So his take is that the problem here is that the covid relief bill needs to be rushed through. Senator Ron Johnson and a bunch of other Republicans have held off on the process because they said, you know what, we need you to read this.


It's a 700 page bill. Six hundred thirty eight pages. We need you to actually read it because we're not going to pass a one point nine trillion dollar spending bill without anybody having read the thing. And this columnist, Philip Bump, he's like, you know what, if you read the bill, people will die. We have now reached the point in American politics where if you read the bill, people will die is considered a good point. Remember, Nancy Pelosi held up covid relief for six months.


They held up COBRA relief all the way through the election. And the idea was that politics required that you hold up the literally and by the way, covid was much worse in October, November, December than it is right now. Right now, thank God covid has waned in the United States. What about forty thousand new cases every single day in the United States? We are down dramatically in terms of the number of deaths we are seeing every day across the country.


We'll get to that in a second because the Democrats refuse to accept that, of course. But the idea is, if you even read the bill, people are dying. Is how biased or idiotic media are the bump with The Washington Post, if you read the bill, people will die. Oh, really? How how are those months where we didn't pass the bill? How did that go? Says Philabundance. At this moment, on this issue, time can be measured in human lives, on average, nearly two thousand people a day are dying from covid-19 the disease caused by the virus.


That's a death about once every forty four seconds. It's an improvement over the end of January, but it's still a far faster rate than the country had seen for much of the pandemic, CBS's Frank Thorp reported. The reading of the bill began at about three twenty two p.m. by four one, the reader had gotten only to page 40, a rate of about thirty seven pages an hour, the six hundred twenty eight pages long. So if the text of the bill were consistently dense throughout, it would have taken about 17 hours to read it.


Reading it would end about eight a.m. on Friday. The readers did pick up the pace. The reading of the bill completed after ten hours. Forty four minutes. Given the current rate at which people are dying of covid, that means about 880 Americans likely succumbed to the disease during that period. Now, this is a particularly stupid point because you know what would have happened to those people if they not read the bill, they would have died. These two things are utterly disassociated.


There's no connection between reading the bill and people dying. And Bumpe acknowledges that. She says not the case. Those lives who have been saved had the bill passed sooner. But it is the case that more immediate assistance for things like vaccines are bolstering people's bank accounts is better than slower relief. So then why are you connecting the two things if they're relevant? Because, again, all of politics is just about taking advantage of a particular crisis or as the case may be, ignoring a crisis down at the border, we are seeing thousands of children arrive every month, unaccompanied minors arriving every single month.


We don't have the space to house them. They've been redirecting all of the evil Trump era cages in tents. And yet, because the Democrats don't want it to be a crisis, it's not a crisis. Here's Jen Psaki once again saying it is not a crisis at the border, even though it's pretty obviously a crisis at the border. Does that mean that you consider it an actual genuine emergency? Well, I would say that's probably a question for the Department of Homeland Security, who obviously oversees that, and the Department of Health and Human Services, who oversees the facilities and the shelters where these kids are.


Certainly, one of our concerns is that there are there is you know, as it was we were talking about earlier, an influx of kids at a rate in a pace that is going to require us to, you know, make considerations about where we're going to safely house them.


Well, I mean, is it a crisis? I guess is not a crisis. Of course it's not a crisis, because if you were declared a crisis, you might actually have to do something about it. One hundred Americans who's the head of the Department of Homeland Security says the same thing. Well, it's a challenge, not a crisis. It's a challenge. See, covid, which is now on the wane, is a crisis requiring us to blow out the spending to the tune of twice the actual amount, sorry, four times the amount of actual damage done to the economy in the year.


Twenty, twenty one by covid-19. And we know that the shortfall is going about 400 billion dollars or 50 billion dollars this year in terms of covid-19 doing damage to the American GDP. We are about to blow out the spending to the tune of one point nine trillion dollars and inflate the currency to boot. But that's because we have a crisis, of course. But when we have thousands of unaccompanied minors showing up at the border and no way to deal with them, that's just a challenge because we don't actually want to do anything about it.


Here's Alejandro Mayorkas.


What we are doing is building the capacity to address the needs of those children, and we are guided by some core principles. Number one, we act in the best interest of the children and we act in the best interests of the American people. And thirdly, we adhere to our values and principles as a country. And so, in fact, the numbers are significant, the challenge is significant, and our plans are well underway as we build the capacity to address the needs of the children and we are rebuilding from scratch.


Nope, nope. Here's what's actually happening. According to The Washington Post, the Biden administration is preparing to convert its immigrant family detention centers in South Texas into Ellis Island style rapid processing hubs that will screen migrant parents and children with the goal of releasing them into the United States within 72 hours. OK, so their solution is not to hold people until we know whether they ought to be here. It is to process them and send them into the interior within 72 hours.


That is their plan. And then they wonder why there is a search at the border. Of course there's a search at the border. You're literally saying to people, if you show up here within 72 hours, you're just in the United States. And we know that there's no real way to date these people. And we know that the Biden administration wants the amnesty. All of them, of course, are going to get a massive surge at the border.


They're creating the crisis. The crisis is Biden created Russell Hot and a senior official with ICE notified staff of the Rapid Processing Plan in an email on Thursday. It said arrivals by unaccompanied minors and families this year are expected to be the highest numbers observed in 20 years. 20. Not a crisis, just a challenge and not even really a challenge. We know what to do here, which is to apparently just release people into the interior. Don't worry, guys, it is it is not actually it is not actually a crisis that requires them to do anything.


In fact, it is a massive transformational change to the immigration system. That is what we are actually watching. According to The Washington Post itself, transforming family detention amounts to a wholesale repudiation not only of Donald Trump's policy, but also Barack Obama's. Remember, Obama actually deported a lot of people. It presents a significantly different vision of how to handle the fast changing character of mass migration at the southern border. For decades, single adults dominated the flows northward into the United States.


The number of families and minors has increased substantially before the pandemic. Migrant families and unaccompanied minors, where a majority of those taken into custody at the southwest border during the Obama and Trump administration, families were released or deported, but some were held in dormitory style facilities for weeks or months. Now they're basically just going to release everybody.


You wonder why there's a crisis. It is because it has been created by the bad. Don't worry, guys, it's open Biden. Open, open borders, open Biden. That's all this is. Because Biden's moderate, of course, not only is Biden a moderate, Biden knows what's best for you. See, the way that that opened Biden works is that if he declares that something is not a crisis, it's not a crisis. And if he declares that something is a crisis, then it requires instant action this moment in accordance with his greatest wishes.


So when we have thousands of people just entering the United States willy nilly, that's not a crisis. So we should just release them into the interior. If, however, we have a covid pandemic that is clearly on the wane, if we have vaccines that are being put into arms, the rate of two million a day, if we have all of that, if the caseload in the United States is now at lows, we have not seen for months and has been dropping precipitously, if all of that, that's still a crisis because it's a useful crisis.


Make no mistake, for Democrats, the only question about a situation and whether it is crisis or not is whether it is useful to their political agenda. And right now, covid is useful to the political agenda, by the way, not just of the Biden administration, but useful to members of the media. And one of the more shocking admissions recently, the CEO of Warner Media, which is the parent company of CNN, a person named Jason Keller, is at a virtual tech conference on Thursday.


And he actually said he actually said out loud that the pandemic is a great thing for the news cycle. Which, by the way, is the same remark that you'll remember Jeff Zucker originally made about Donald Trump in 2016, that he was great for the news cycle. So they give him a billion dollars in free media coverage. Madam President? Well, because the media love covid, so they are not going to let it go. Here is Jason Killara saying exactly this, essentially.


If you take a look at the ratings and the performance, it's going well and I think it's going well because A the team at CNN is doing a fantastic job, and B, it turns out that the pandemic and the way that we can help inform and contextualize the pandemic, it turns out it's really good for ratings.


And then later he came out news like, I wish I could be more thoughtful about my communication. But here's the thing. We all know we all know that the media have a very large stake in the continuation of crisis pandemic coverage. They do because they don't want to cover Biden as a crisis, they want to cover the Biden administration is doing anything radical, right? Don't want people to know about that. What they do want is to mirror the priorities of the Democratic Party.


And the priorities of the Democratic Party right now are to treat immigration as a non crisis and to treat covid as a massive crisis, despite the fact that what was a crisis even three months ago is not a crisis now, OK? It is no longer a crisis in the United States. Our ICU beds are not being threatened. The people are not getting this at the same rate we are reaching her community, just as Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University suggested.


But again, crisis is an opportunity. So what does that mean for the Biden administration, for the Biden administration, what that means is that anybody who attempts to end the crisis is a bad guy, which is why the other day you heard Joe Biden stumble out there and suggest between bites of oatmeal that the that those who want to reopen states and get rid of mass mandates were Neanderthals. It was Neanderthal thinking, is Neanderthal thinking. Yes, freedom is Neandertal thinking you and your ability to choose what to do as an individual, that's Neanderthal thinking, the galaxy brains out there, the ones who have been saying for months and months and months that lockdown's were the only sure policy and the ones you say right now that schools cannot reopen those Galaxie brains, they should rule.


But you, the individual, deciding how you wish to live your life, what risk you wish to undergo. You you are Neandertal. Babylon, we had a great headline about this, Neanderthal's out partying well, civilized people hide in caves. That's pretty much right. So how much, by the way, do the members of the Biden administration to stand the American public in their ability to make decisions for themselves? How much do they think that the people of the United States really ought not rule themselves a lot?


The fundamental distinction between left and right in the United States right now is that the left loves the people collectively but hates individual decision making. And they love the people because they believe that they can mobilize the mob to do whatever they want, which seemingly is true a lot of the time on the right. We're kind of scared of the mob because the mob usually has terrible ideas and we like individuals in which they would make their own decisions. OK, so here is Jen Psaki deriding individuals, making their own decisions.


In fact, she was asked specifically by a reporter whether Biden's Neandertal comments went far enough. And she basically agreed that they didn't go far enough, that basically, if you are an individual who wants to go out and live your life after being been vaccinated, for example, or you're not that afraid of covid or you're not dealing with people who are vulnerable. If you're one of those people, then you're lizard brain, your dumdum here isn't here, as Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, basically deriding a huge number of Americans.


Why doesn't the president consider ratcheting up his rhetoric beyond the wonderful depersonalizing his concern? Why doesn't, for example? But they think about saying, OK, here's the deal where your mask. People are going to die because of you. That would certainly get people's attention. Well noted.


I will say the president has been clear that if people wear masks for 100 days, 60000 lives could be saved.


I mean, it's just unbelievable. So she is she's got what we really need is to scare people and tell them that they're killing people because they haven't heard that from the media for months. Haven't heard it at all. It's a brand new idea. Then Jen Psaki specifically defended the Neanderthal comment with a with a tactic that you should never use in a personal relationship. Here is Jen Psaki on Biden's Neanderthal comment specifically. Does the president have any second thoughts about the language that he used yesterday and how does comparing someone to a Neanderthal help convince them to change course and get on board with your public health message, the behavior of a Neanderthal?


Just to be very clear, the behavior of look, I think the president what what everybody saw yesterday was a reflection of his frustration and exasperation, which I think many American people have that for almost a year now, people across the country have sacrificed OK.


I mean, it's just it's unreal. And that is a horrible tactic in a personal relationship. So note it, dude. If you're if you are dating a lady and you say you're acting like a bitch and she says, did you just call me a bitch? And you say, no, no, no. I said, you're acting like a bitch. That's not going to work. That's not going to work because it's unbelievably stupid. Jen Psaki just said that about the American people.


Now, he didn't call you a Neanderthal. He said you're acting like a Neanderthal. Oh, that's so much better. Thank you, Jen. We all feel better now. A, come on, come on, but this is what they think of you, they think you are unable to make your own decisions because again, the entire left worldview is dependent on the idea that people are the creation of systems. So if people make their own decisions and those decisions are bad, it's because the system is bad.


And that means that we have to change the system. And the only way to change the system is with Top-Down control. Top down control is the only answer always and forever. And as the pandemic wanes, the media are just the PR wing of the Democratic Party will not let it wane. They will not let it happen. The New York Times has a piece today titled Plan to Ditch the Mask After Vaccination. Not so fast. Here is the case they make with 50 million Americans, at least partly immunized against the coronavirus and millions more are joining the ranks every day.


The urgent question on many minds is when can I throw away my mask? It's a deeper question than it seems about a return to normalcy, about how soon vaccinated Americans can hug loved ones, get together with friends, go to concerts, shopping malls, restaurants without feeling threatened by covid. Certainly many state officials already. On Tuesday, Texas lifted its massive mandate along with Mississippi. But the pandemic is not over yet. And scientists are counseling patients to the science, to science.


It seems clear small groups of vaccinated people can get together without much worry about infecting one another. OK, so quick note. Why small? Why not large? Any any ideas here, if you're vaccinated, what's the problem? The answer is there really isn't one, but they're still pushing it. When vaccinated people can ditch the masks in public spaces will depend on how quickly the rates of disease drop and what percentage of people remain unvaccinated in the surrounding community.


Why scientists do not know whether vaccinated people spread the virus to those who are unvaccinated. Well, actually, we do have some early data and the answer is they really don't. Again, the early data demonstrate that the transmission rates from people who are vaccinated is extremely low, extremely low. But we have to hide this from the American public so we can scare them into staying in their houses so we can pass one point nine trillion dollar pork bills that do all the priority work that Democrats are looking for it to do.


And we have to keep the schools closed so we can keep paying off the teachers unions. And we have to push of left wing priorities by suggesting that Americans are bad and stupid. And Neanderthal's. They say it's not uncommon for a vaccine to forestall severe disease, but not infection, inoculations against the flu, rotavirus, polio, pertussis are all imperfect in this way. I mean, that's true. But you know what? Pertussis is out there. My daughter actually got pertussis after having the vaccine, and that does happen.


Pertussis weakens the symptoms. Pertussis vaccine weakens the symptoms of pertussis. That does that mean that we all started wearing masks all the time? The answer, of course, is no. And now coronavirus is the damage the immune system are changing the calculus. Some vaccines are less effective at preventing infections with certain variants. In theory, they could allow more viruses. Yeah, a lot of theory here, a lot of theory. But guess what? People are not going to keep living this way, especially because what we're going do this for another year.


We're going to do this interminably for disease that at its worst, on average in America, killed five people per thousand who actually got it disproportionately, people who are elderly in nursing homes. And we can make special protection for special provisions for. The answer is no, the answer is no, but again, there is an agenda here and the agenda is that we are never going to give up control once people have control. They don't want to give up the control.


And it is amazing to watch because the reality is this should not be it really is not a red, blue thing. There's one state the people on the left are completely ignoring these days. By the way, it is a state that just reopened. And you know what? State just reopened. You ready for this state is wait for it. Connecticut deep red, Connecticut is now reopening as well. According to the Hartford Courant, Governor Ned Lamont on Thursday announced you'll roll back covid related restrictions in Connecticut starting March 19th, allowing restaurants to operate at full capacity, loosening rules on sports and entertainment venues, lifting the state's travel ban.


The state will maintain some key measures like a mask mandate. Oh, well, you know, if it's going to be minute social distancing rules, a curfew for restaurants and closure of bars, restaurants, retail stores, houses of worship, other businesses will be allowed to reopen at full capacity within the confines of the remaining rules. OK, by the way, if you reopen if you reopen a church at full capacity or restaurant at full capacity without and the mass mandate still in place at restaurants, people aren't going to wear masks.


Everyone knows what this is. So Connecticut is doing the same thing, effectively speaking, the Texas and Mississippi are doing, just lying about it by saying that they have a massive mandate. You can't have a mandate in a restaurant. People are eating and drinking. So if you open the restaurants to full capacity indoors, effectively speaking, the pandemic is over. I mean, that is what you are saying. But it's a blue state. So we're just going to ignore that.


Texas, Mississippi, those are the bad ones. Of course, we're going to get to the most vaunted of all doctors, Dr. Anthony Fauci. We're going to get to Dr. Fauci, who is loving this, loving it. We're going to get to that in one second. First, let us talk about something great that you can do for yourself or your family. I'm talking, of course, about preserving your family memories. Now, my baby daughter, she just had her first birthday and we're lucky.


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Anthony Fauci. But first, it is that glorious time of the week when I give a shout out to a daily choir member today and his caught rageous eight on Instagram, who perfectly captures what we're all thinking this week. In this picture, two examples of the world's greatest beverage sit atop a large stack of Dr. Seuss books with more of his products placed around the table. The caption reads, I can't wait to catch all the leftist years I read Dr.


Seuss, his greatest works hashtag leftest years temblors. Hashtag can't cancel the goats. Well done. Your tumblers will indeed be overflowing. Thank you for the picture for being a Deleware member and for standing up against the cancelation of Dr Seuss. Honestly, our society is so screwed and stupid.


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of discussing minimum wage on my radio show with Representative Elkanah. It is very refreshing to talk with people outside of your political safe space. And what do we talk about? We talk about minimum wage. Well, here's the thing. I thought that that discussion was interesting and I thought that, frankly, the points made on minimum wage by by representative were not particularly convincing. I thought that because I know the facts and here's the thing.


You can know the facts do all you have to do is check out our new series, Debunked in Debunked. Every week I break down a new leftie myth, a new left idea. We break it down based on facts and logic. Last week, we dropped an episode on minimum wage so you would know a lot about minimum wage. You'd be able to fight that one out on social media with your friends. You'd be able to stand up for your own point of view.


This week we are breaking down public sector unions. Why they are dangerous, why they're a problem, particularly particularly those teachers unions that Joe Biden loves so much. If you want to get the simple facts and logic, the debunked leftist claims on these issues, tune in. Debunked is available exclusively to Deleware members. Head on over to the daily Wired.com. Subscribe use code debunked to get twenty five percent off your new membership. That is code debunked. You're listening to the largest, fastest growing conservative podcast and radio show in the nation.


So quick note here, the United States this last month added back three hundred and seventy nine thousand jobs, 29000 jobs. But remember, it's still a crisis. We're still in the middle of a crisis. Right. We need more spending to blow out the spending. Morphet Spending can't open the schools crisis, crisis, crisis. And that is the message from the Biden administration and the best actor of all time, except for Dr. Jill Biden, who's the greatest medical doctor I've ever seen.


I singlehandedly watched as Dr. Jill Biden took a man who was clinically dead and sent him to a junior college. Hey, Dr. Jill Biden is unbelievable at what she does. Anyway, Dr. Foushee, who's the second best doctor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, here he is now out there again, down talking the possible reopening of American society, suggesting that we can never reopen effectively speaking here he was on CNN doing his routine, the song and dance thing. I don't know why we're easing restrictions until well below 10000 cases per day.


We can't do it. Maybe zero, maybe negative. Maybe we'll have to go back in time and kill people for us to reopen.


Dr. Anthony Fauci, I wouldn't want to see a light switch go on and off with regard to restrictions, Jake, I would like to see as we get the level of virus in the community to a very low level, well, well below the 60 to 70000 new infections somewhere. You know, just pick a number even though, you know, there's not a good model there yet. But I would say less than 10000 and maybe even considerably less than that.


And let's get it all the way down to zero. I mean, that's what we should do. If we don't do that, we can never reopen. So we're never opening. And then I can be on TV every single day and they'll give me prizes and I'll talk about how important I am. And people will light votive candles to me and people will call me sexy. Even though I'm Ali, it's weird, I mean, like, why are we listening to him?


I just don't know. Honestly, he's a horrible advocate for his own position. He don't talk to the efficacy of vaccines. He lied about the herd immunity numbers. He lied about me asking, and why is that guy still?


And the answer is that any tool for the for the crisis as progress mentality is a tool worth using. So Foushee is now saying it's inexplicable. Why do you want to. Is it inexplicable? The really question, is it inexplicable? Because I can explain it seriously. It's actually quite explicable. All I have to do is look at the numbers. I will bring them up right now. The reason that it is inexplicable to reopen right now is because the daily new cases as of early January were two hundred and eighty thousand three hundred thousand on January eight three hundred eight thousand diagnosed cases of covid-19 on January 8th.


Today we are down to about forty thousand new cases a day. And and so I did I just explained that I feel like I explain it. I have another number that would explain it. ICU capacity was that was being challenged in January. Right now, there's not an ICU department in America that is being challenged by covid. So that was explicable. In fact, I just did it inside of like ten seconds. Isn't that amazing? But it's inexplicable why you'd want to pull back now, says Anthony valge.


It just is inexplicable why you would want to pull back. Now, I understand the need to want to get back to normality, but you're only going to set yourself back if you just completely pull push aside the public health guidelines, particularly when we're dealing with anywhere from fifty five to seventy thousand infections per day in the United States. That's a very, very high baseline. OK, so again, this is like at this point, the reason that they don't want to reopen is because they don't want individuals to have free choice.


End of story. They also don't want schools to reopen. So Falchi, who's been on every side of this position, again, he's had more positions on school reopening than the Kamasutra recommends. And I've said before, he says that now schools need to change their ventilation systems before opening.


OK, well, anything else, anything else, Bobbo, like, seriously, like how many more things can you just throw out there? We can't reopen until we have full ultraviolet lighting systems in all of America's schools, even though the data is that the school should be open like right now in full with kids, their here is Foushee.


We've got to make sure that the schools have the resources to do the kinds of things they need to do, which would be making sure they have masks and PPE, making sure that the ventilation system can be improved, to be able to diminish the likelihood that they'll be spread of infection. You know, the CDC guidelines are pretty explicit. It's a detailed guidelines about what you can do, the kinds of things you can do, the steps, the masking, the distancing, the kinds of things that we know can help protect the children and the teachers.


OK, whatever. I mean, honestly, whatever. These are the same people who are touting Andrew Cuomo while he lied for months, the same thing. I mean, Foushee said the government's response was like the ideal response. Speaking of which, a new report from The Wall Street Journal, now verified by The New York Times, Andrew Cuomo is AIDS rewrote nursing home reports to hide the higher death toll. So right now, they're trying to oust him in New York, supposedly based on the sexual harassment stuff.


It has nothing to do with that. He's just embarrassing to them and they're finding a different reason to take him out back and keep him. It's that simple. They want to bury them in a shallow grave in Iowa and fill it in while he's still breathing. And the reason that he really has to do that, the reason they have to do that to him is because of his covid policy. But they can never admit that it was his covid policy because that would be admitting that it was their covid policy that was bad.


The reality is that Andrew Cuomo shouldn't just be not in office, he might need to be in jail for his actual activity during covid, but they touted him as the anti Trump. They cheered him. And so now they have to look for some ancillary reason to get rid of the guy. According to The New York Times, top aides to Governor Andrew Cuomo were alarmed by a report written by state health officials had just landed. And it included accounts of how many nursing home residents in New York had died in the pandemic.


The no more than nine thousand by that point in June was not public. When the governor's most senior aides wanted to keep it that way, they rewrote the report to take it out, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The New York Times. The extraordinary intervention, which came just as Cuomo was starting to write a book on his pandemic achievements, was the earliest act yet in what critics have called a months long effort by the governor and his aides to obscure the full scope of nursing home deaths.


Again, this was in June is in June. But you guys did a little digging right then, or are you too busy flogging his his stupid book about his leadership during covid and cheering him as a possible nominee? Should Joe Biden fall off a short chair and die? I mean, these people are just absurd. The New York Times, absurd. All these people are ridiculous. I'm glad they can report on it in March of the next year when Andrew Cuomo becomes a liability.


Seriously, and they were doing this while he's was writing a book. Of course he was doing it while he was writing a book. Of course. Of course. Meanwhile, again, the down talking of the possibility of reopening continues on a daily basis. It's wild. And the reality is that things are going pretty well and one of the reasons things are going pretty well is because we are now trashing out vaccines developed under Trump with plans developed by governors all across the United States.


Really because of the feds. Because the governors. And that is going well. And the same administration that is pushing the idea that there is inequity in vaccine distribution and kind of pooh poohing or at least winking and nodding at the idea that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which is a one shot vaccine that is slightly less effective than the two shot vaccines, but is still pretty damned effective, that if you if you have too many brown and black people who are getting the Johnson Johnson vaccine, maybe that is a sign of systemic inequity.


The reality is that Johnson and Johnson shot, just like all these other shots, is essentially a medical miracle. Even The New York Times acknowledging that now saying people are eager for Johnson and Johnson's vaccine. But again, it's all about inequity in the distribution of the shots. Simultaneously, the Biden administration is claiming we're doing a great job with our with our shots. And also, nobody deserves credit for the vaccine to ever show Walinski over at the CDC saying we are on track with these vaccines and stretching them out.


We're doing an amazing job. And then you have Jen Psaki over at the White House saying, you know what, I don't think we should give the Trump team any credit for the vaccine. Nobody deserves credit for the vaccine, says that Jen Psaki. I don't think anyone deserves credit when half a million people in the country have died of this pandemic. So what our focus is on and when the president's focus is on when he came into office just over a month ago was ensuring that we had enough vaccines.


We have that we are going to have them now. We had enough vaccinators and we had enough vaccine locations to get this pandemic under control. There's no question. And all data points to the fact that there were not enough of any of those things when he took office.


And until he is the magic man, Joe Biden deserves credit for everything but the development of the vaccine no one deserves credit for. That is a lot of people died really well down there. Jen Psaki. And by the way, this crisis mentality, the continuation of the crisis mentality so the Democrats can continue to push for bad policy that is on every single front, it's on every single front. It's not a crisis of it's immigration. It is a crisis if it's covered.


And by the way, it's also a crisis. If you once heard a rumor from a guy on HLN about how there was like a boogaloo thing happening on March 4th. So now we are learning that Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police are asking are demanding more fencing, more troops and more money for capital security. They want to keep the troops there another two months, two months. This is crazy. Towns hit January 6th was an act of evil.


Also had been stymied by a few more troops there. The response from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats is perfectly political, it is we are going to keep troops here pretty much forever. We are going to keep this barbed wire here as an immortal monument to the evils of President Trump and the people who supported him. I mean, Nancy Pelosi is basically just saying that Nancy Pelosi came out yesterday. She said we have to keep these fences here in the barbed wire.


And, you know, it looks as though we're in a third world country now and we have troops here all the time sleeping on the ground. And sure, they're not properly fed or kept, but, you know, we need them here. Yesterday, no one showed up. March 4th was supposed to be another one of these magical riots didn't happen. Nothing like zero, zip, zilch. No one showed up. And Nancy Pelosi's like, well, we got to keep these people here pretty much forever as a reminder, as an eternal reminder that Trump supporters are bad.


Between covid, where we need to have vaccinations more broadly in the capital so that many more people can come here and do their jobs and the threat of. Of all the president's men out there, we have to we have to ensure. With our security that we are safe enough to do our job, all the president's men out there impeding all the president's men out there, you know who's out there yesterday?


No one. No one. Washington Post today, quote, at the Capitol, a March 4th threat from militant Trump supporters proves a mirage. O who could have predicted such a thing? On the day when former President Donald Trump's most delusional supporters swore to return to power, Washington looked on Thursday morning much the way it has for the past two months, National Guard members armed with M4 rifles braced for rebellion that never came. Razor wire line miles of steel fencing that went unbleached from remained in Florida, where it was 70 degrees and sunny.


It was nice down here yesterday, actually. Beautiful weather. The angst stems from another misguided belief within Kuhnen, the extremist ideology that claims Trump has been working in secret to overthrow a cabal of blood drinking, Satan worshiping Democratic pedophiles. After repeated unfulfilled promises, the group's supporters declared in recent weeks that Trump would retake office on March 4th. OK, now here's the thing. What is the good evidence that they were going to actually do anything yesterday? Like at some point it would be nice to see some of that evidence, considering we're now spending millions and millions of dollars to keep troops there and make sure that that they never leave, apparently.


Like and now, apparently, amazingly enough, they've decided in the media that the next state that we have to worry about is March 20th, where are they getting the information that we have to worry about March 20th? I'm not kidding you from a guy named Ken. Not kidding, according to Newsweek, quote, Some Kuhnen supporters seem to rebrand the March 4th conspiracy in the wake of community suspicion. Well, two individuals affiliated with the false theory simply suggested Trump's inauguration will take place sometime in the spring.


One man identified as Ken told Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel, the former president, quote, will be inaugurated again on March 20th. Well, I mean, if Ken says so, I guess we have to spend hundreds of millions of I guess we spend millions of dollars, not hundred million, spend millions of dollars keeping thousands of troops in Washington, D.C. because of Ken. Because Ken said so. No, this is not at all political at all.


We're just gonna keep them there interminably as a reminder that all the president's men might be out there. They might be out there waiting and watching. And all of this is a little over the top, if you have not noticed. OK, meanwhile, the the book burning continues anew. It continues each and every day. Honestly, this story is in some ways even scarier than the story about the Dr. Seuss estate pulling six of his books, including classics like and I and I saw it on Mulberry Street.


And if I ran the zoo, when they pull those books, that is terrible and awful. And it is self-censorship of an extraordinary order. It is it is a willingness to cave in the face of a woak censorious, authoritarian left. It degrades our culture. It degrades our freedoms. It is bad. Say, I don't know when it became a controversial thing to say that self-censorship of classic children's literature is bad, but it's bad. But it's now gone even further than this.


eBay is now taking down your ability to even list these books. So you said yourself, listen, I had an extra copy if I ran the zoo and now those things are selling for like six hundred fifty bucks, because when you make things samizdat, that when you ban material like they did in the Soviet Union, it turns out that people are going to try and get a hold of the material. When that happens, the prices skyrocket. A lot of people into eBay to sell this stuff now eBay has decided that they are going to remove the Dr.


Seuss books. You cannot as a third party. So these Dr. Seuss books. Now, eBay is another one of these mutual service providers, right? eBay is supposed to be like Amazon was supposed to be a neutral service provider. And they don't have an editorial point of view. And in fact, if you looked at eBay yesterday, you can still buy copies and protocols of the Elders of Zion. You can buy, which is eight, which is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory first created in czarist Russia.


You could still buy copies of Mein Kampf. Those were available at decent prices. You couldn't buy copies, however, if I ran the zoo. According to Newsweek, following Dr. Seuss Enterprises recent decision to discontinue publishing and licensing on six of the famous children's authors books because of problematic content, demand for the titles in question spiked. But even though the resale market for the controversial Seuss books has been strong, eBay has started to remove listings for the titles, citing its policy on offensive material.


This writer actually has access to a worn copy of one of the out of print books and to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street and listed it on eBay late Tuesday afternoon, on Thursday morning. This writer received an email from eBay saying the listing was removed for violating an offensive material policy. The automated email said, quote, Listings that promote or glorify hatred, violence or discrimination aren't allowed. Dr. Seuss Enterprises has stopped publication of this book due to its negative portrayal of some ethnicities as a courtesy.


We have entered your item and refunded your selling fees. And as long as you do not release the item, there will be no negative impact on your accounts. In other words, they're going to punish you for having listed a book you did not write and that you do not agree is a racist book. They're going to punish you if you refuse to abide by their strictures. So, no, he is in on the act. In its email on Thursday, eBay included the fine print of its policy, one portion of the message, which gives an overview of the policy, reads, quote, items including figurines, cartoons, housewares, historical advertisements, historical advertisements and golliwogs with racist, anti-Semitic or otherwise demeaning portrayals, for example, through caricatures or other exaggerated features.


An eBay spokesperson clarified the company's position further at eBay. We have a strict policy against hate and discrimination to ensure our platform remains a safe, trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of buyers and sellers. Please see our offensive policies material. We're currently sweeping our marketplace to remove those items. An absolute absurdity. So I guess that Huck Finn is next, can't list your second hand copy of Huck Finn because I mean, Huck Finn has the N-word in it.


It does just a reality. And as we know from The New York Times, anything that has the N-word in it is bad unless it's written by Hannah Jones, in which case it is good. So eBay has now removed your ability to even sell hand Dr. Seuss books when neutral platforms, neutral service providers become the tools of the WOAK in their sensories attempts to remove and erase history and removing a race, by the way, non offensive children's books. There's not a single human being who, until the book got a hold of it, ever looked at.


If I ran the zoo and said, Wow, this is so brutally offensive, I can't believe it or Mulberry Street, which even less controversial. It's amazing, by the way, what is on the NEA reading list, according to Jared Statman over at the Daily Signal, what's on the NEA reading list? Well, if you're a kid, you can't read. And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street, which I read to my books, I read to my kids yesterday, I did it just to show them.


Just to show them. I felt a little sort of thrill of disregard for the WOAK when I read Mulberry Street, this how stupid everything has become. What books does the NEA recommend you read? You can't read your kids about an imaginary parade in which a Chinese person carries chopsticks. You cannot read that. That is terribly bad, but you should.


And it is recommended by the NEA, the National Education Association, that you read your children. Julian is a mermaid about a little boy who sees women dressed as mermaids and wants to dress like them. Also, the prince and the dressmaker about a prince who secretly wears dresses at night. They recommend you read this, not you're allowed to. They recommend it. It is recommended by the NEA. There's also Americanize Rebel Without a green card about an illegal immigrant from Iran.


There's also we are here to stay. Voices of undocumented young adults also about illegal immigration. There is also stamped racism, anti-racism racism in you. Oh, it is from Ibrahim Kendy, so overt, bizarre racist remarks. Kendy, that guy, they recommend his books. By the way, speaking of Imex Gandhi, IREX, Kennedy is such an unbelievable, ridiculous, backwards racist that he actually tweeted this out yesterday. And this is this is the Kafka move right here.


The heartbeat of racism is denial. And too often, the more powerful the racism, the more powerful denial. The heartbeat of racism is actually hatred and bigotry, but he doesn't care about hatred and bigotry. He cares about being able to label anyone who wants racist. So if you deny that you are a racist, this makes you a racist. That's why it's called a Kafka move, because like Franz Kafka in the trial. You are guilty if you say that you are innocent and you're guilty if you say that you are guilty, if you are a witch, then you will absolutely sink to the bottom of the river, then you will absolutely float.


If you're if you're what you float. And if you are not a witch, you will sink. That's how we'll find out whether your watch or not, so that guy wrote a crappy children's book and we are going to use that as the basis for teaching children. We're going to actively teach children about racial essentialism. But if they see a cartoon picture of. Asian people carrying a mythical animal in a book about a child running a zoo. Then obviously, that is going to create all sorts of racist sentiment.


Amazing stuff, really solid stuff here from from our culture, our culture is doing a great job and it's going to extend to movies now. Long piece in The Hollywood Reporter by Rebecca Keegan today, racist, sexist, classic, how Hollywood is dealing with its problematic content. As streamers build out their lucrative libraries, they're experimenting with label warnings, context panels and even purges. These are valuable properties you cannot just disregard. You want to keep them, but you have to make sure they don't damage the brand.


They say every month, Disney convenes an eclectic group of advisers via a video conference to tell the media conglomerate what it may, what it and the many entertainment companies it has acquired over its nearly 100 year history have gotten wrong every single month. They're doing these extraordinary struggle sessions. It's a long list song of the South Jar Jar Binks. I mean, Jar Jar Binks is wrong, but I don't know why why is Jar Jar problematic? I mean, I understand that he's a terrible character, but we're canceling charge right now, Moossa.


I mean, first of all, and I will say that anybody who caps Jahjah is a hero to me, but if the world cap Jahjah, that seems like they are on the dark side. That episode of The Muppet Show where Johnny Cash sings, Did you Miss Piggy in front of a Confederate flag? You know how many people are radicalized by that? You know, many people became white supremacists because they saw Johnny Cash sing a duet with Miss Piggy in front of a Confederate flag.


So many people joined the KKK because of that. We've had some raw conversation on these Zoom's says Gil Robertson, president of the African-American Film Critics Association, who sits on Disney's advisory council alongside representatives from groups like the Coalition of Asian Pacific and Entertainment and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, as well as representatives from various departments at Disney, including programing, public policy, diversity and inclusion. Disney asks Robertson and his colleagues to watch content that may contain stereotypes or insensitive imagery and offer their perspective.


Here's the thing. You're now outsourcing your wackiness to these groups. These groups only survive by finding things to be offended by. You know, what happens to these groups if there were nothing offensive or if they actually reported the truth, which is that they are not offended by any of the stuff. You know, what would happen to them? No one would need them. They're not going to unworked themselves out of a job. When Disney hands over power to all of these interest groups, what they are doing is saying to them, you now have an incentive to call things racist so that we have to keep coming back to you for our latest rebop.


So now they're they're trying to reframe classic films on TCM, TCM host Ben Mankiewicz as nobody's canceling these movies. Our job is not to get up and say, here's a movie you should feel guilty about for liking, not to pretend the racism in it is not painful. And, you know, I don't want to shy away from that. This was inevitable and welcomed and overdue. Or we could just let people make their own decisions about things I know, terrible, terrible idea.


So Tropic Thunder, I guess, is bad. It's very it's offensive. Tropic Thunder now. Robert Downey Jr. got a best supporting actor nomination for that, by the way, older shows and movies are still big business as the Hollywood Reporter on Disney. Plus, nearly 80 percent of the TV demand was for the streaming services licensed and library shows only about 20 percent was for original shows like the Mandalorian, which also have to be wiped clean, by the way, of anyone who thinks differently as we learn about Gina Carano.


In 2013, Miramax had 700 film library was valued at seven hundred fifty million dollars. The libraries at Disney and Warner Media are multibillion dollar assets, but the need for studios to reckon with the racist histories took on a new urgency last summer as Black Lives Matter protests were unfolding. No, they didn't actually. They seriously did not. Nobody cared about this, nobody was clamoring for it, you just decided to do it preemptively because the control of your companies and because you know that to work out loud and squeaking, they bother you.


So now they're going to contextualize everything or maybe even remove it, maybe even remove it. Drawing attention to problems in their own archives does carry risks for Studios'. Kermit canceled as the headline on the conservative website The Daily Wire, when Disney rolled out disclaimers on 18 episodes of The Muppet Show when the host of Fox and Friends asked Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about disclaimers on February four. Twenty fourth, the lawmaker brought up the studio's relationship with China. Yeah, that that is correct.


These types of cancel cultural critiques have not deterred the studios, and of course, they haven't. Why would they? Because here's the thing. They have a monopoly on the entertainment properties. They can always just remove it. And that's what eventually will happen. If you think that the content warnings are going to be enough, they won't eventually the WOAK are going to demand that these things just go away permanently because they're harmful. And no matter how many times you warn people about context, trigger warnings aren't enough.


They have to be removed. And unlike in the real world where Gina Carano can get fired by Disney and we can pick her up, if I could buy the rights, if I ran the zoo and just sell it via Deleware, I absolutely would. But I can't because Dr. Seuss Enterprises is taking it down and they own the rights. Same thing is going to happen in Disney. They're just going to take down intellectual property and bury it and kill it.


And the world will become a less interesting and fun and eclectic place because this is what cancel this is what cancelation does. This is what censorship does, even stuff you disagree with. I know this is a hard thought for the same people who used to believe in the ACLU, but even the ACLU no longer believes in the ACLU. And here's the thing, there is no end to it, like no end to it. Michael Strahan, good example.


And no matter how much you apologize, it will never be enough. Disney can put the context warnings TCM can do. This is new contextualizing series. They can do all that stuff. It won't make one iota of difference because in the end, there is no end. Here's the thing about religion. Religion. When you repent before God got accepted the WOAK, when you repent before the Immer, you they kill your career. They destroy your life.


Chris Harrison, who's the host of The Bachelor or was and now has been deemed unfit to be the host of a silly dating show because he had the temerity to suggest that a woman ought to be given grace for going to an antebellum antebellum themed party in twenty eighteen after her black boyfriend on the show suggested she be given grace. He's been canceled. He went on Good Morning America and he apologized for himself. He said that he was he was insufficiently sensitive.


And all of this created the impetus for Michael Strahan to now declare that he was not sufficiently sincere. His sincerity was not good enough. And so he must remain canceled. Here's Michael Strahan here.


The apology, his apology. But it felt like it got nothing more than a surface response on any of this. And obviously, he had the man who wanted to clearly stay on the show, but only time will tell if there is any meaning behind his words.


Only time will tell. But there's no way for him to prove it because you're not going to let him back on the show because you don't want him back on the show. Our culture has shown its neck to the world and the WOAK are just cutting it off, I mean, that that is all that is happening here. So how do you fight back against it? Well, first of all, make your voices heard, make it clear to Disney that if they begin to cancel shows that you like, you're not going to take your money there, find alternatives.


Creates a new project, and that's what we're doing here at Daily Wire and we need your help. This is why I recommended to everybody get a membership exactly where we are pushing into the culture war, because culture is upstream of politics. But recognize that what the left does right now, their greatest trick is that they will take a seminal piece of literature like Dr. Seuss. They'll cancel it and then they'll say, why are you even paying attention? You ought to be paying attention because these are indicators of a culture that is in complete collapse.


The only way to shore it up is to stand up for the culture, even stuff you disagree with already. We'll be back here later today with an additional hour of content. First, you cannot forget to end your week by checking out the Andrew Clavon show. Drew show is every Friday. He's got an exciting evening planned for you. So head on over to Daly Wired.com this evening at 7:00 p.m. Eastern in Junon. I'm Ben Shapiro.


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