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As the curve flattens in Texas and Arizona, Democrats and the media continue to proclaim doom uncovered, Democrats declared Trump a fascist for enforcing the law in Portland and Chicago. And Trump has some weird words about his lane Maxwell. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the venture Pirro Show. This show is sponsored by Express VPN. Don't like the government spying on you. Then visit Express VPN, dot com slash Latchman to stay anonymous. OK, so let us begin with where we now stand uncovered.


It is perfectly clear at this point that the case numbers are starting to alleviate in places like Texas and Arizona. I'm looking at a chart from The New York Times right now. And what it is showing is that there is a leveling off that is beginning to happen in a variety of states. According to this particular New York Times states study 10 cases per capita where new cases are mostly the same. California over the last 14 days, mostly the same.


New Jersey, New York, mostly the same. Where new cases are decreasing. Arizona, it's decreasing. Where new deaths are increasing. Right. New deaths are trailing indicators. They're still increasing in some places like Florida and Arizona. But again, that is because death usually comes, you know, within seven to 14 days after diagnosis. If you are going to die from Cauvin, even in areas where it seems like these cases are increasing over the last 14 days, over the last seven, they seem to be decreasing.


So Texas is starting to see a bit of a drop off. If you look at the chart from The New York Times, you can see that Florida is experiencing a bit of a drop off. They had a very sharp spike and now they are beginning to recede. So in terms of hospitalization rates from vice, you use fewer people are being hospitalized. You have fewer people who end up in the hospital are going to the ICU. Fewer people who are going to the ICU are dying.


And what this means that overall the death rates from this thing seem to be dropping fairly precipitously. That doesn't mean that it isn't highly deadly. It is significantly more deadly than the flu by most available estimates, according to The Wall Street Journal. Six months into the pandemic, researchers are homing in on an answer to one of the basic questions about the virus. How deadly is it? Researchers initially analyzing data from outbreaks on cruise ships and more recently from surveys of thousands of people in virus hotspots, have now conducted dozens of studies trying to calculate the infection fatality rate of Coleby 19.


That research suggests cover 19 kills from around point three percent to one point five percent of people infected. But the generality of studies is between point five percent and one percent. Now it's important to look at the date estimates on these things. The ones that have been done later tend to skew in favor of a lower death rates. The ones that are done in May tend to skew between point five percent and one percent. They're a bevy of studies from May and June that actually show this thing well below one percent, actually, well below point five percent.


There are a couple studies that may show this actually even in the realm of the flu. But most studies basically put this thing in between point five percent and point eight percent, which is pretty much what I've been suggesting for a very long time, that this thing is not. Point one is probably between point two. One point six, I think has been my sort of stated estimate of the number of people who get this who die. Now, again, that includes all of the above 80 year olds who get it.


And they are the infection fatality rate is a lot higher. So when you remove people who are in the nursing homes, people who are uniquely vulnerable to this thing, then you're talking about maybe three cases in a thousand in terms of people who die from this thing. Again, is that that is that is really what you're talking about. For people who are below the age of 65 is an infection fatality rate that probably is somewhere around three in 1000 people who get it will die.


Which seems like not an extraordinary rate or at least an extraordinary rate high enough to say that you have to shut down the entire society for all time, ad infinitum until a vaccine is found. Let's be frank about this. We all take risk mitigation steps in American life and internationally, we have to figure out what are the sort of things that are worth shutting down an entire society. So we don't shut down society for the flu, obviously, nor should we.


The infection fatality rate on flu is about one in 1000 people who get it will die of the flu every year and two point one percent infection fatality rate for the flu. So if it's three in 1000 as opposed to one in 1000, is that now high enough? Shut down the entire society. Now, if you're talking about something like Ebola, then you're talking about like five percent of people who actually. Sorry. If you're talking about Ebola, the infection fatality rate on Ebola is like way higher or SaaS or.


If you're looking at at various death rates on on these diseases, then some of these diseases have death rates that are like 10, 20, 50 percent. Then, of course, if it were to spread through the population, you have the black plague. But if you're talking about the difference between one person and a thousand nine and three people and a thousand dying of disease, that is not the kind of infection fatality rate that necessitates shutting down an entire society.


So if you're comparing diseases by and by infection, fatality rate. Right. Ebola, for example, has an infection fatality rate, a D disease fatality rate up to 70 percent. If you get you're gonna die, basically. That is not in any way the same thing as called it. This is important stuff because it is going to necessitate how we think about policy. It's going to necessitate how we think about policy when it comes to reopening schools where the infection fatality rate is way lower than that, because, again, if you're a kid, the chances your dying from this thing are much lower.


Like, as in like a multiple lower than the flu if you're under the age of five. There is, I believe, a 16 times higher chance you die of the flu than you die from cold. So this should inform our thinking. But it seems like everybody is sort of determined to panic at this point. And they're using some data that suggests that we should be very concerned. But I don't think any of the data suggest panic at this point.


The widespread panic you're seeing, the media's alarmism suggesting that we're right back where we were in March and April. No, we are not right back where we were in March and April and March and April. We are seeing nearly 3000 people a day die. Right now, we are seeing an uptick, a significant uptick from a couple of weeks ago, a couple of weeks ago, we were seeing somewhere between six hundred and eight hundred people a day die.


Today, we are seeing somewhere between nine hundred and eleven hundred people die a day. So an uptick of about 300 people dying every day. That's not great. There's also a country of 330 million people and every day in the United States, in a normal circumstance, you have seventy five hundred people die every single day in the United States. So a differential of three hundred people dying a day, while tragic and horrifying, is that enough to shut down the entire society forever?


I don't think so, particularly when we have mitigating steps that we can take, like wearing masks and social distancing, which means the best thing we can do right now is get back to work, wear masks, socially distance. If you are in fact a person who is uniquely vulnerable, then try to stay home as much as possible and don't go to crowded areas. But that's exactly the same thing I've been advocating for literally months at this point. And yet what the media are suggesting is the only solution here is full on lockdowns, as we're gonna see the evidence that lockdowns are what actually brought down the infection fatality rate, or that lockdowns really prevented the complete destruction of societies.


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Ben Shapiro restrictions may apply Cebull and branch of dot com for details. You will not regret this. OK, so how about Lockdown's Lockdown's the solution to this. Well, here's the thing. Government enforced lockdown's really were probably not the reason why infection's stopped moving through the population as fast people changed their activity. There's a point I was making last week that people were deliberately attempting to misinterpret because I said it very clearly. People react in rational fashion to risk assessment.


So if there's a large amount of infection in your community, you are much more likely to wear a mask than if you are living in rural Texas. What that means that once people see the risk materialize, then they start to take action. And this has been true with regard to covert lockdown. So the government was like, well, we got to lock this stuff down. We got to lock it down right the hell. Now I'll get what they really didn't.


There were weeks late on it. People started locking down. I mean, the data is very clear on this. People started locking down. People stopped going out to public places. People started wearing masks before the mandate kicked in. Human beings have a have a very powerful amygdala, a very powerful, very powerful fear response that encourages them to take measures to prevent their own death. And I think we can rely on that. For most people to actually be smart enough to protect themselves and the people who are directly around them.


In Britain, this has become a major controversy because Chris Widdy, who is one of the the chief medical he's the chief medical officer for England, he said that the lockdown's probably are not what caused the decline in the curve in Britain. He says the decline in. Again, before the lockdown's you see this with masking in a lot of areas that the declines began before the masking. Why? Because people were taking responsible action before the mandates came in.


So this bizarre notion that everything has to be government top down and that if the government doesn't act, then nobody will leave the evidence on that is pretty scanty overall. And as we say, if you watch the media coverage right now, the media is like you should be panicked, you've been panicked about the caseload rising. Except that. Explain. We only started relooking down places like Florida and Texas like a week ago. We've already seen decreasing case loads.


We started locking down California again, like couple of days ago, a few days ago. We've seen decreasing caseload. So what exactly caused that? Probably people started getting more responsible about where exactly they were going as they saw the news that the cases were spiking. And so we've already hit the other side of the curve in places like Houston. Even NPR's admit admitting as much, according to NPR. After a sudden surge in reported COBA 19 cases beginning at the end of June.


Houston's daily case count in hospital admission rates seemed to be leveling off. Health officials say they are not ready to determine if the data are statistically significant yet, but it's a positive trend. Last Friday, experts were ringing alarm bells. David Pearse, health authority for Houston's health department, said, I just want to put in perspective for those folks who don't see what the issue is. In your experience, you may not know anybody who's sick. You may not know anybody who's died yet.


But here's the bottom line. We kept hearing that all the hospitals were going to be overwhelmed. Then there was a sergeant reseeded receipted in Arizona. It's received in Texas. It's beginning to recede in the case count in Florida. Houston hospitals are not overwhelmed. The ICU occupancy in the vast majority of states is below 80 percent. There are almost no states where it is above 85 percent, which means that we've actually not threatened the health systems of the United States at this point.


But you probably don't know that from watching the media. If you watch the media and basically everybody's going to die. And if we don't force people to stay at home, everybody's going to die. Not only that, Republicans are responsible for everybody dying. But that's not statistically correct. It's just not right. If you look at the number of infections that have been detected over the past couple of weeks, what you see is a line that looks arithmetic in its growth rate is very large, a very large spike in the number of cases that have been identified over the past couple of weeks in the United States.


I'm looking at the day on day chart in daily new cases in the United States. And take, for example, as of June 30th, as of June 30th, there are forty six thousand identified cases in the United States as of July 17. There were seventy five thousand reported cases in the United States yesterday there, about sixty seven thousand reported cases in the United States. But the death count didn't escalate anywhere near to like that. So I just used June twenty ninth or June 30th as the baseline.


So if you look at June 30th in terms of the deaths, then what you are seeing is about seven hundred twenty six deaths on June 30th. Now remember to lagging indicators that really kind of measures June 15th. So you'd really want to do is measure a couple of weeks out from then. You'd want to look at like mid-July, mid-July. You're looking at about a thousand deaths today. Right from that from that spike. Maybe that continues. Maybe we see, you know, fifteen hundred deaths today.


Maybe we see two thousand deaths today. I kind of doubt it. I think we've gotten better at treating this thing in hospitals, but we're not going to know that for a couple of weeks. One thing is true. The idea that we are back at New York levels New or New York epidemic levels where a thousand people a day were dying in New York alone. That is it, that we're we're not there, nor are we likely to be there.


States that have been heavily criticized, like California states, had been heavily criticized, like Texas and Florida. Really, those are states that are experiencing at their height like 140 hundred fifty deaths today, which is not good. Right. You don't like that. That's not a good thing. But to take yesterday's totals, Florida experienced a hundred thirty two deaths. Texas experience. Texas experienced one hundred and eighteen deaths. Those are those are bad numbers. Those numbers will likely increase.


They're not going to increase in levels of New York. You're not going to see a thousand deaths today in Florida. You're not going to see a thousand deaths today in Texas, particularly because that thing has already started to recede in a lot of these states. But the media are invested in a particular narrative, and the narrative is that everything is going wrong and we are all screwed. The narrative is basically the Nancy Pelosi narrative, right? Nancy Pelosi is now calling Colford the Trump virus, which is just so you're not allowed to call the Chinese virus, because if you say that it came from China, that means you're a racist.


But she's allowed states the Trump virus, even though it's killed hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, did not originate in the United States and was centralized mainly in Democratic states where the governors did a crap job like Phil Murphy in New Jersey and like Andrew Cuomo in New York. But apparently it's all Trump's fault. I swear, this sort of political idiocy of suggesting the moral idiocy, of suggesting that it's the quote unquote Trump virus is beyond the pale.


But that's what Nancy Pelosi does. Here she was. Clearly, it is the Trump virus. Well, what do you mean when you say the Trump virus, the tripe virus?


If they if he had said months ago, let's wear masks, let's not let's socially dist. instead of having rallies and political whatever they were, then more people would have followed his lead. Is the president of the United States or what you're saying is that thousands of Americans have died because of what the president has done or not done? Is that what you're saying? Yes, that's what I'm saying. I think it's clearly evident.


It's clearly evident that if the president had done what exactly what was the president supposed to do that he did not do? I'm livid with the Trump campaign, frankly, that they've not put out a commercial just showing all the various governors, from Wittmer to Jay Inslee to Andrew Cuomo to Gavin Newsom, saying openly and positively that Trump gave them what they need, which is true, which is true. Again, Trump's in a horrible job in terms of the optics of covered.


But in terms of the actual policy I've covered, other than he didn't put on a mask himself. What exactly is the big critique here? Like, seriously, what's the big critique? We lost a couple of months because the CDC didn't do its damn job to get the tests ready and turned down testing from other places. We are now doing more tests a day than any place on the planet. It is not close. We're doing millions of tests a day in the United States.


We've done 47 million tests at this point in the United States. We're not talking. Millions were doing certainly half a million, hundreds of thousands of tests every single day in the United States. So calling it the Trump virus is just the purest form of chaos politics. And Democrats at this point are rooting for chaos. And he was in a battle over who is the it of the stupid Democrat. Is still hanging around. Yeah, I'm a loser, but I have things to say from my mansion paid for by my father.


Go beat. Go to. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who on Fox News said there are more important things than living, in other words. Let's get on with the dying knowing full well that will be those frontline workers making seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour, which is the minimum wage in Texas. It'll be African-Americans. It will be Latinos and Mexican Americans who will be doing the dying right here in Texas. This is a death cult. The Texas GOP only they want you to do the dying.


And that's exactly what is happening in Texas right now.


Okay. This is just sick. It's just sick. Nobody wants anybody to do the dying. The question is, can we have any semblance of a normal life in an arena where at at most five to 10 people in every 1000 are dying of cold? Right. Can we have anything resembling a normal life when if you protect the nursing homes and protect the most vulnerable, that number looks more like three in every ten thousand eighty three and every thousand are dying.


Do you have anything that resembles a normal life like that? I think the answer is yes. I think you can mitigate the risk and get that number down from three in 1000 to maybe one in 1000. Or maybe you make it so that fewer people are infected with the mass and with the social distancing. But if they don't, Rook's idea is that we are supposed to cower in our house until the end of time. And he's just rooting for chaos.


And it feels like there are a lot of people who are rooting for cancer at this point. I don't think Hayley McEneaney, the White House press secretary, is wrong when she says members of the media trying to scare you. If you watch the media coverage, all you have seen is that the case load is rising across the United States is about to swamp the system. There is no evidence the system was once anywhere in the United States, with the exception of certain hospitals in New York.


That evidence does not exist in Florida, does not exist in Houston. It does not exist in Dallas. It does not exist in Los Angeles. The people of the United States have largely been what I thought they would be responsible. They've largely adopted mask wearing. This has been true for months. Six in 10 Americans say they wear a mask every time they go out of the house right now. And that is true in red states as well as blue states.


Most Americans are being careful about how they act here. But the media R&D trying to alarm everybody. And then they downplay any good news. Right. I mean, there there's an actual headline saying that, you know, the death rate from Colbert is down. Fewer people are dying as infections rise. But we shouldn't consider that good news. Why should we not consider that good news? I consider that excellent news. I saw a study yesterday that suggested the death rates in hospitals is down 79 percent because we've learned how to treat this thing better.


That is a really good piece of news. And it should inform public policy if it disease becomes more treatable. That means it is less risky to the general population, is it not? That you should hear the good news and the bad news, right? You should be concerned. You should not be panic. Media is pushing panic. And then there are people who are pushing other unconcerned. I'm pushing utter unconcern. I am pushing rational concern. That means you take rational action.


That's what a lot of members, the media and the Democratic Party apparently are not interested in. We'll get to more of this in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that right now a lot of people are saying about life insurance or thinking about protecting their family in case, God forbid, something should happen to them. But can you get life insurance right now? You can you personally can get life insurance right now. How you head on over to policy genius as a life insurance marketplace backed by a team of experts, policy geniuses, keeping track of all the changes in the market so you don't have to.


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But with that said, the president does need to show leadership because that's apparently all the media care about. Andrew Cuomo could be the garbage, the most garbage governor in America, which, by the way, by evidence he has. But as long as he is going out there and and acting like a leader on TV, that's all that mattered to folks. So Trump going back out there and acting like a leader is is fairly necessary here. Trump came out yesterday, said, listen, it'll probably get worse before it gets better.


That's true in terms of the deaths. Right. Because, again, death is a trailing indicator. It's a lagging indicator. So if you've seen a rise in cases over the past two weeks, even if it's receded in places like Texas, Florida and Arizona right now, that means that you will see some escalating death rates for probably the next week. We can have are those escalating death rates going to bring us to New York rates? Not even close.


Not even close. But here's President Trump rightly saying that it's going to get worse for a little while here. There is no cure. And so we have to be careful. We are in the process of developing a strategy that's going to be very, very powerful. We've developed as we go along, some areas of our country are doing very well. Others are doing less well. It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better. Something I don't like saying about things, but that's the way it is.


It's the way. It's what we have. You look over the world. It's all over the world. And it tends to do that.


Okay. And President Trump also added that now be a good time to wear a mask. So finally, he said wear a mask. Does that mean people will now lay off of him and suggest that that. No, it means that they're going to say, why didn't you say wear a mask earlier? If only he had said wear a mask earlier, this would have ended all of this stuff. Again, the fact is the United States has adopted mask scoring for months at a higher rate than most of most of northern Europe.


For example, we wear masks in the United States at a high rating candidate US and mask wearing across the United States. You can't just aggregate the stats. You can't just say the mask oring in New York is exactly like mask wearing in the middle of rural Kansas, because those are two very different areas. You're in the middle of a place where people are naturally socially distanced. You don't have to wear a mask as often. So kind of aggregating that stat doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense.


In any case, he was President Trump saying, yeah, you know, just go ahead, put on a mask.


Younger adults may often have mild or even no symptoms. They won't even know they're sick. They won't have any idea that they have a virus. They won't have any idea at all. America's youth will act responsibly. And we're asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask, whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact. They'll have an effect. And we need everything we can get.


And so he finally says, wear a mask. And the media come down on him anyway. And finally, this is the headline that was completely ignored. Everybody keeps saying Trump is blowing this. Why isn't Trump doing X, Y and Z? But they don't actually explain what explains ya. Trump says, by the way, we have no request for equipment. None across the country say states have what they need. Which means he did his job.


I got criticized a little bit yesterday for suggesting that the Trump administration policy was actually not bad. Well, isn't a pretty good indicator that the Trump administration policy on this is not bad. That governors aren't coming hat in hand to ask for things because they got what they needed. Here's Trump yesterday.


My administration currently has zero unfilled requests for unfulfilled requests for equipment or anything else that they need from the governors. No governor needs anything right now, and we think we'll have it that way till the end because frankly, we are stocked up and ready to go wherever we have to go. We've nearly 7000 National Guard and military medical personnel in Texas, California, Florida and Arizona. That's helping us greatly.


The media won't cover that media, cover the fact the hospitals have not been overwhelmed, the fact the death rates have gone down and the fact that the feds have given people what they need because that would suggest that things are kind of working and the media don't want the narrative. They don't want it. And by the way, we are going to have to make some tough decisions about how we live our lives, because for all the talk about vaccine development, vaccine companies are testifying.


They may may have vaccine ready to go in six months, which means that for the general public, it may not be ready. Fouchier said this yesterday. It may not be ready until at least the middle of twenty twenty one and maybe the tail end of twenty twenty one. You think we're fully walking down like L-A is talking about again for a second time? You think we're fully locking down all the way till the end of twenty twenty one for a disease that has a death rate in people who are not the elderly of three and one thousand.


You think that's a thing that people are going to go along with forever? I have some doubts. Again, the vaccine companies testified on the Hill yesterday. They said, well, you know, maybe we'll have vaccine in six months and I would love to have vaccine today. But let's be real about this. People are living their lives. Every day that you live your life is a day that you move toward your day. Okay. Every day still counts.


It's not as though life lengthens on the other end of life. Like, I get that we want to preserve as many lives as possible. I'm onboard with that. But also, we'd like to preserve quality of life. That's the thing that matters. And it turns out that we make risk mitigation efforts every day and we take into account risks and then we act. And here is a vaccine CEO explaining to Congress that, yeah, maybe we'll have one in six months, maybe not.


According to statements from several of the companies testifying today and based on the speed at which they are progressing through clinical trials, it is possible that it covered 19 dachsie and may become available by the end of this year or early next year. That's a rare bit of good news in this harrowing time.


But while some public health experts are bullish on the development of a vaccine, we must remind ourselves that plenty can still go wrong.


And this would be something to keep in mind because you've been told that got a lock down forever or you're going to die and that that ain't true. That's a false choice. Already in just a second. When you get to the rooting for chaos, which doesn't just exist and the level of colvard, although it's most clear there, it just may most maybe more clearly when it comes to public safety. We'll get to that in just once again first. Have you been having trouble falling asleep at night?


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You may have noticed that chaos has absolutely continued in Portland. We got chaos in Chicago. We got cars all over the country as the idiot defund the police crowd and their democratic media allies have made it. Cities across the United States significantly less safe for American citizens while in Portland. Basically, the media ignored for two months, for two rolling months. They ignored the chaos in Portland. And it wasn't just two months. I mean, the ATF has basically been running the center of city of the city at the behest of Mayor Ted Wheeler for years.


And he no friends. The program he's been reporting on this, he's been beaten up for his trouble in Portland for reporting on the fact that MTV would do things like stopping drivers in the middle of the street in broad daylight and the authorities were told not to do anything. Well, basically, the media had a strategy with Portland. We're gonna ignore all the chaos because we kind of like antifa up until the point the feds come in, at which point we'll pretend the feds are the aggressors.


That's been the narrative promulgated by the media and it's fully crazy. The only reason to do that is because you are rooting for chaos and you're rooting for chaos because you think it's gonna get rid of Trump. The more chaos there is, the more you think that Trump will go. I cannot come up with any other explanation for this, because if a Democrat were president, you presumably would not be rooting for chaos in this way. Mike Baker reporting for The New York Times.


With a ski helmet and goggles on her head, Allison Hyde recounted how she told relatives she planned to stand at the rear of protests in downtown Portland. But in the early hours of Tuesday, the grandmother of five found herself right up front, locking arms and other mothers dressed in yellow. So the media have been running cover for all of these these kind of protest moms who are standing up front of the protests. And then they've been ignoring the fact that the protesters are setting up barricades and burning crap, like literally setting things on fire and resisting federal officers and local officers.


But we have to focus in on naked Athena, the weird naked lady doing yoga poses standing as a symbol of freedom against these brutal tyrants to focus in on the moms. The moms, first of all, me just say to you. You anti-war protesters out there, if you're calling your mommy because you're too much of a pansy to actually just take the brunt of what you're dishing out. If to call your mommy to stand as your human shield, you're your wimp, your went for all your faux masculinity.


You're a wimp. Standing with a pack of other protesters, she chanted in front of the boarded up entrance to the federal courthouse. She remained resolute, even as some in the crowd began prying into what affixed to the building, leaving Miss Heider uneasy about where things were headed. I am the face of anarchy, Ms Hydra declared. The people of the U.S. need to know moms, grandmas, nurses are out here in the middle of the night demanding rights for everybody.


We're gonna focus in on her. Like, isn't the buried headline there that people are prying away boards from the federal courthouse to try and vandalize it again? Wouldn't that be the headline? The demonstrations that have shuddered through Portland for fifty four consecutive nights have drawn out a complicated mix of grievances, as says The New York Times, with a wide array of people expressing them, using a multitude of tactics to make sure they get her. It's just a way of getting heard.


Guys, you see, if anti lockdown protesters like you show up and say things, then they're bad. Racist people are endangering other people. If you show up to a federal courthouse and try to burn it down. That's just your way of being heard. Don't you see how this works? And if you call your mommy to protect you because you're so brave. Because really, these protesters are all six year old moms. They're not a bunch of white kids woke white kids who are living in their parents basement and masturbating to anime.


In Oregon, a state with a deep history of racism that included racial exclusion laws extending into the 20th century. The Portland protests have persisted since George Flood's killing, even as violent demonstrations have wane in many other parts of the country. Alternatively, A.F. has been making trouble in this area for literally years on end. Some leaders in the black community. Grateful for a widespread discussion on race worry that what should be a moment for racial justice in Portland could be squandered by violence.


Oh, you think. Oh, you think. The city's mayor, Ted Wheeler, is angry because the feds are coming in. So here's what's happening. Chaos in the streets of Portland, Maine, when President Trump steps in. Then we hear that President Trump is the bad guy to Oregon's governor, said to the feds, Governor Kate Branson, we want you to go home. How about this? Call out these state troopers. You are the governor of the state.


Are you OK with the chaos that you are seeing in the streets of Portland? Apparently, the answer is yes, because so long as you can just rip on on Trump, everything is good to go. Here's Governor Kate Brown being a horrible public servant, a horrible public servant. But again, she's not serving the public. She's serving her own political interests in the interests of a party. When I spoke to the secretary of homeland security last week, I told them to go home, that their forces are not needed here.


They are not wanted here. And they're making a challenging situation worse. As I said, the violence is absolutely unacceptable. We're talking about outliers in terms of protesters. But in Oregon, we solve problems by sitting down. We solve problems by de escalating a situation and engaging in dialogue.


What the F is this lady talking about? There've been rolling riots in her cities for fifty four straight days. She sounds exactly like the mayor of. Seattle Jenny Durkin sort of whistled past the graveyard on Chop. Up until the point, people started getting shot to death in the middle of her major city hit Joe Biden. This should be such a winning issue for for Trump, because guess what? Most Americans don't like this crap. They do not like watching federal courthouse to get burned.


They do not like cars in their streets. They are not fond of any of this. And Joe Biden is embracing the suck. I mean, he really is. Joe Biden put out a statement. He's been pretty careful about what he says on this sort of stuff because he doesn't want to appear like a radical. But what he has said on what's going on in Portland is truly insane. He assailed President Trump and his administration for, quote, brutally attacking peaceful protesters and using egregious tactics in response to recent demonstrations in Portland, Oregon and Oregon.


He put out a statement to BuzzFeed. He said, We have a president who is determined to sow chaos and division. To make matters worse instead of better, he said, we all remember the appalling scenes in front of the White House when peaceful protests over protesters were gassed to make way for a Trump photo op. Now, Homeland Security agents without a clearly defined mandate or authority ranging far from federal property, stripped of badges and insignia and identifying markings to detain people, they are brutally attacking peaceful protesters, including a U.S. Navy veteran.


OK. That's not true. OK, that's not true. They are fully identify their police badges on them. If you look at their shoulders, they have insignia that explain which branch of the government they are from. In fact, here is a DHS official yesterday cracking back on on Joe Biden's idiot statements here. The fact is, not only is there statute, statutory authority for what the feds are doing right here, they are identifying themselves and they do have the authority to do it.


Here is a DHS official explaining yesterday.


This is the identified ID every single one of them has on their uniform. And this is a baseline. Dr. Klein said he doesn't have his officers were named tags because they're being dock's. That's exactly right. That's another thing that's absolutely disgusting. So they're not only jeopardizing the lives of the agents, but they're also jeopardizing the lives of their families as they're putting out their home information.


And they're suggesting that individuals go to their homes. So, yes, I, as the acting commissioner, have authorized and supported removing their names from their uniform.


Instead, what we have, though, is a personal identifier. So he is correct about this. But we've heard from Biden that it's the fascists in the streets, the jackboots in the streets. Candy McEneaney over at the White House yesterday, she said, by the way, we do have statutory authority for this. There are statutory authority to assist the Department of Homeland Security by shifting forces from, for example, Customs and Border Patrol. And we'd like their statutory authority.


Idiot. Jamelle Bouie at The New York Times, of course, has a piece talking about how this is just awful and a violation of. All right, all law. He admits, by the way, in his column that there is lawful authority to do all this stuff and lots of precedent. He says the difference lies less in the act themselves than in the way these events developed. Use of military force against strikers and protesters is certainly controversial. But for the most part, it unfolds along clear lines of responsibility and involves powers expressly granted to the president.


OK. The president does have the ability under the Insurrection Act to call in federal forces to quell exactly the sort of activity there is statutory authority. There's been no constitutional allegations violations. Jamelle Bouie just doesn't like Trump's doing it because he is sympathetic to the goals of the people who are militating in favor of chaos. He's a secretive nationwide police force created without congressional input or authorization form from highly politicized agencies, highly politicized agencies. By the way, according to memo, Jamelle Bouie means agencies where people are sympathetic to Trump.


That's what highly politicized means. So the State Department, which is very much a left leaning department, not highly politicized ice, because there are a lot of people who support Trump, highly politicized, according to Jamelle Bouie, which means they're bad, which means they're a tyrannical wing of the U.S. government. Anyway, here's Kelly McEneaney explaining. Yes, in fact, there is legal authority to do this.


Well, you're referring to is Portland and 40 U.S. Code one three one five gives DHS the ability to deputize officers in any department or agency like ICE. Customs and Border Patrol and Secret Service, quote, As officers and agents, they can be deputized for the duty of in connection with the protection of property owned or occupied by the federal government and persons on that property. And when a federal courthouse is being lit on fire, commercial fireworks being shot at, it being shot at the officers.


I think that that falls pretty well within the limits of 40 U.S. Code 13.


Right. And she's talking specifically about U.S. code that prevents the assault of federal property. And she is correct about this. There is authority to do this. Nonetheless, as we'll see, Democrats are militating in favor of the rioters and looters, which means that rooting for the chaos they want, the chaos they cast is good for them politically. And they are happy to castigate as Gestapo members and federal law enforcement who are identified as such. At this point, you have to say these are folks in the Democratic Party, the media, promulgating this narrative.


Who do not care about law abiding citizens. They don't. They're willing to abandon law abiding citizens in favor of riders and looters. So I don't know where you would put them on the Good for America scale. But I don't think you'd be on the Good for America side, particularly because this isn't good for America. It ain't. We'll get to more of this in just one second. First, did you know that a hacker strikes every thirty nine seconds stealing things like videos, passwords, files, you name it?


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I haven't seen anything quite like this since the Ferguson stuff during the Ferguson rise. The remembers the Democratic Party who are sort of rooting for it, but not this clearly not to the point where the president issues federal orders to shut it down and the Democrats are overtly calling members of federal law enforcement Gestapo. It's pretty it's pretty insane. We'll get to this in one second. First, as you know, my new book, Candidates Run America in Three Easy Steps.


It is on sale right now. It premiered yesterday, already at the top of the charts, sold tens of thousands of copies already. The book covers two fundamentally different visions of America. They're now on the table. You're watching them in action. One is a vision of America that finds unity and a and a sense of country and nation in a shared philosophy, culture and history and the other. It looks at all those things as bad. We can't have a shared philosophy.


We can't share a culture. We can't share history. American history is replete with racism and bigotry. American philosophy is rooted in brutal exploitation. American culture needs to be overturned in favor of a better vision for humanity. Disintegration, use weapons like Hansell, culture, deleting or silencing people or anyone that disagrees with them to build a whole new world order. You're seeing all this play out not just in the businesses of America, but in the streets of America.


When I wrote this book, I didn't realize would be prophetic. It sort of is how to destroy America in three easy steps. It not only details how this alternative world view has gained so much ground so quickly. It also offers a view of the culture at this point in our history that is necessary and the antidote. I think the book itself is the antidote to so much of what you're seeing if somebody you know has been prescribed to white fragility, instead, hand them a copy of my book, which is No.


One, not demagogic nonsense. And number two, actually readable. Go check it out right now. You can pick it up at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble right now. Also, you may have noticed this year crazy. The writers of twenty. They just blew it out. They went into their trunk. They took out all the storylines. They just dumped it all in at once. And the media are lying to you on a regular basis where they're saying Portland is peaceful up until the feds got there.


They're saying cover 19, going to kill everyone unless we locked down full scale and it's the Trump fires or when he can't get the real story. You do have to go outside the narrative and get the facts out. If you're political junkie set on getting both sides of the story, get a readers pass today from daily Wired.com. You'll get access to exclusive op ed from us. Your podcast host, as well as guest writers. In-Depth analysis from the Daily by reporters on top of our regular breaking news.


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It is not just in Portland. Chicago is completely chaotic, which drove President Trump's state yesterday. Listen, if I have to to play federal agents to Chicago to stop the chaos, to play federal agents to Chicago, to stop the chaos, which, by the way, he probably needs to do. Here was Trump. How about Chicago? I read the numbers were many people killed over the weekend? We'll look at it. Chicago, too. Would you say they need help after this weekend?


You know the numbers. Did you hear the numbers?


Many, many shot. Many, many kill, many more. I'm not talking about one, two. Was it 18 people killed? I think more than that. And you add it up over the summer. This is worse than Afghanistan by far. This is worse than anything anyone's ever seen.


OK. So Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, she immediately starts screaming about this on Twitter, says, under no circumstances why allow Donald Trump's troops to come to Chicago and terrorize her residents? Really, what you gonna do? What do you want to play the Chicago PD to fight off America's federal law enforcement trying to enforce the law? Yes, clearly, the threat to Chicago citizens comes from federal law enforcement trying to enforce the law. Probably that's the big issue.


Oh, yeah. By the way, last week, 18 police officers were injured at a Chicago, quote, unquote, protest. The police said that they were outnumbered and unprepared. According to CNN, approaching a statue of Christopher Columbus, some people in the crowd used rocks, fireworks, frozen bottles and other objects to attack officers, according to a statement from the PD. Eighteen officers were injured. Some were taken to area hospitals by paramedics for further treatment.


Some were treated at the scene. At a news conference Saturday, activists demanded the immediate defunding of the police department. Oh, yeah. And by the way, literally, as Lori Lightfoot, the idiot mayor of Chicago, terrible mayor of Chicago, was talking about how she doesn't want federal law enforcement in her city. At least 16 people were shot at a Chicago funeral home. The gunfire going to breaking nine one one broke out at the Graham funeral home, located at ten eighteen West Seventy Nine Street in the city's Auburn Gresham neighborhood.


According to CBS two, there's some kind of plan ambush outside the funeral home or a memorial service was going on for a homicide victim. Chicago Fire Department reports at least eleven victims taken to the hospital, all listed in various condition. So good times over in Chicago, but the problem obviously, obviously, is President Trump, when Trump says we need to use federal power to protect the life, liberty and property of the citizenry of the United States. Democrats are fighting back against that.


They are fighting back against that. Now, you want to say, listen, we're doing it ourselves. Maybe one thing, but you're not doing it yourselves. You're talking about defunding your own police and in some areas, letting looters and rioters run roughshod through your major cities and then you're ripping on Trump. This is Trump's fault. Listen to the insane statement put out by Nancy Pelosi and Representative Earl Blumenauer of Portland, Oregon. As our nation mourns the loss of our colleague and beloved civil rights leader John Lewis.


We are again reminded of the immense power of peaceful protest in the fight against racial injustice and police brutality. This is not peaceful protest in Portland. They're attempting to burn down the local courthouse every night. They are committing acts of vandalism. They're committing acts of property destruction. They're committing acts of violence. That is not what John Lewis did to defame John Lewis by suggesting that sitting at a segregated lunch counter in protest is the same thing as firing fireworks at a federal courthouse.


It's patently nuts. It is nuts. It is insane. It is. I have to say, the gaslighting that is now being engaged in by Democrats in the media is totally wild. So on the one hand, they say, well, you know, these protests are mostly protests. They're mostly peaceful.


Now, again, that term is such it's such mush, mostly peaceful, you know. As I've said before, OJ Simpson, the night he killed his what? His ex-wife. Mostly peaceful that night, like for the hours between sunset and sunrise. Mostly a peaceful night. It was really that like, you know, forty five minute gap right in the middle where it got really not peaceful, but most of the night was peaceful. Like, what exactly is that supposed to mean?


If you want to say there's a difference between protesters and the rioters and looters totally on board, totally agree. But then you can't just pretend that the rioting in the looting doesn't exist or when it does happen, say that that's part of the generalized protest and hope that we're not going to notice what you just did right there. You have to separate the two groups or you have to conflate the two groups. You do not get to do some. Sometimes one and sometimes the other.


Whatever floats your boat, according to Nancy Pelosi. She says time and time again, the Trump administration shows its lack of respect for the dignity and First Amendment rights of all Americans. Last month, the administration teargassed peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C.. Again, the president should not have had the Park Service use tear gas to disperse peaceful protesters in Washington Square Park or in Lafayette Park, rather. It is also true that according to the Park Service, there were objects being thrown at police officers at the time.


But here's where it goes crazy. Even if you think that was bad. That is not the same thing as we're deploying federal officers who are clearly labeled as such to enforce the law when people are violating it. Now, listen to this language from Nancy Pelosi. This is nuts. Videos show them kidnapping protesters in unmarked cars in Portland, all with the goal of inflaming tensions for their own gain. No, they are detaining and arresting suspects. That is perfectly legal.


Where are the civil rights lawsuit? Cities like where are they? Normally when someone gets detained without any cause whatsoever and then arrested? I think you are going to get now what happened to all of them? Where are all the horror stories from people who are being unjustly rounded up and sent to get met? Where are they? They don't exist because it ain't happening. Well, Portland is the president's current target. Any city could be next. Could it?


Could it really you really think that any city is going to be next? Or maybe it's the city where there's been 54 days of running rioting. Maybe it's not one. I mean, just out of the blue, I'm going to say probably that one. We live in a democracy, not a banana republic, says Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Banana Republic. We will not tolerate the use of Oregonian's Washingtonians or any other Americans as props in Trump's political games.


You know, the real props are the American citizenry. Law abiding American citizens. Those are the props. Like, for example, you know, he's a prop, a prop is Horace Lorenzo Anderson Junior, a 19 year old black man shot and killed in the Capital Hill Occupy protest zone for weeks. We are told that Chope charge was the newest element of the of the beautiful leftist revolution that we were seeing. We were told that it was basically a city street fair, according to Mayor Jenny Durkan, when Trump said, I'll send in the feds, the Democrats like you can't do that.


This is a beautiful outpouring of democracy. And then people started getting shot. Well, now they need a Sinclair Martin, the mother of horse Lorenzo Anderson. Junior is suing the city of Seattle because city officials abandoned the six block autonomous zone, leaving her injured and bleeding son to wait for emergency care that never arrived. The Seattle Times reports the mother of the 19 year old Seattle man fatally shot in chapter has filed a wrongful death claim against the city of Seattle, alleging city officials created a dangerous environment.


Yeah, you think. You think, Anderson and another man, a 33 year old, were shot multiple times near the boundary of the drop zone. But protesters blocked emergency vehicles and other first responders from attending to Lorenzo Anderson Junior. You're never gonna hear about Lorenzo Anderson, Junior from the Democratic Party. You're not gonna hear about it. Just disappears. Just disappears, because the narrative is that Trump is a fascist. And so we will foster chaos just so that when Trump responds, we'll call him a fascist, is what Comilla Harris was doing last night.


She again, the Democrats are lying to you. They are lying to you. And they say that this is just about Trump silencing protest. Don't miss the part where I'm over the last eight weeks, you said literally probably tens of millions of people in the streets in the middle of a pandemic protesting and nothing happening to them. I mean, I live in L.A., we shut down the entire city of Los Angeles, not just so that protesters could go out in violation of pandemic code, so that protesters could turn into rioters and looters and completely ransacked Melrose Boulevard, like I am old enough to remember that because I'm more than four weeks old.


But now Senator Kamala Harris from my state of California, she said, let's be clear what Trump is doing. He's trying to silence and punish those protesting police brutality and demanding racial justice across our country. Yesterday, I joined my colleagues on a bill to block the Trump administration from deploying paramilitary forces against Americans. This is purely insane. I mean, it's it's just crazy. It's just crazy. And frankly, it should be a winning issue for Trump, because if the Democrats insist on embracing actual chaos and violence and labeling America's federal law enforcement Gestapo, which is what James Clyburn of South Carolina did yesterday, then.


I don't got to tell you, I don't think most Americans stand with that. I really don't think Americans are willing to virtue signal about how much they just like the police. Up until the point when their property is getting burned. And at that point, they're like, you know what, I think we could use the cops right now just a little bit. And meanwhile, the the House GOP is in a state of disarray. Like, you'd think now would be a pretty good time to be unified.


Apparently not, because everything revolves around Trump. So yesterday, members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, according to Politico, tore into Representative Liz Cheney during a heated GOP conference meeting on Tuesday, lobbing attacks at her for breaking with President Trump, supporting Dr. Anthony Foushee and backing a primary opponent to one of their colleagues. Representative Jordan of Ohio, Freedom Caucus co-founder, one of Trump's top allies, called out Cheney. The GOP conference chair for all the times she's opposed Trump and began taking off some recent high-Profile examples.


While Jordan praised her defense of Trump stirring impeachment, he also said Cheney's recent rebukes of Trump, which are focused on Trump's handling of Corona virus, Twitter rhetoric and foreign policy were not helpful, represented Andy Biggs of Arizona, head of the Freedom Caucus, even accused Cheney of undermining the GOP ability to win back the House and said if someone has a problem with Trump, they should keep it to themselves. Genya responded by disagreeing with Jordan's assessment. Cheney said, I look forward to hearing your comments about being a team player when we're back in the majority.


OK, if you're directing your ire at Liz Cheney for pointing out when Trump does stuff that is wrong, that's political malfeasance. I think there are two very different views on how people are going to maintain the the House minority, maybe one, a majority, one is higher self to Trump. I do not see the evidence that this is going to be a successful electoral strategy. The polling does not suggest it. The Republicans tied themselves to and asked of Trump in twenty eighteen and they got absolutely shellacked.


It was a blue wave. Liz Cheney drawing some distance and doing what I think is the proper thing and saying, of course, I support the president of the United States on policy. But when he says dumb things, I don't support that. That's where most Americans are. And just because Trump threatens people with Twitter does not mean that the strong is strategy for senators who are up for re-election and in battleground states or House members are in purple districts.


The best strategy is to tie themselves to Trump's leg, to staple Trump to their pant leg. And if Liz Cheney provides cover to some of those members and support to some of those members, they can win those seats. That's a good thing. Not a bad thing. Again, I like all the people who are talking about right now. I'm very friendly with every single member we have talked about right now. But let's just say that if you don't have any ideological diversity inside the Republican Party with regard to Trump himself as a figure, you're doing it wrong.


And President Trump himself should understand this, right, if Trump wins. He's going to want a House majority that actually supports him. If Trump wins, he's going to want senators that support him. The last thing he should be doing right now is attacking senators or House members who show insufficient loyalty, who refuse to bend the knee. I mean, that and House members should not be cuddling each other into. You have to support everything with regard to President Trump.


Like that gets tweeted, Liz Cheney has worked behind the scenes against Donald Trump and his agenda. House Republicans deserve better. In our conference chair, Liz Cheney should be should step down or be removed. I disagree. Disagree. I don't see what Liz Cheney has done wrong here. And disagreeing with the president on some of the things he has said seems frankly like a fairly good idea when he says things that are not correct. I mean, for goodness sake, the president of the United States went out yesterday and expressed sympathy for his lane Maxwell, who is the accomplice to Jeffrey Epstein, the procurer for Jeffrey Epstein, like a Republican supposed to defend this, because that seems like a bad electoral strategy to me.


Here was the president yesterday saying that he wishes the best to Gisli Maxwell, who was by all allegations procuring under-age girls for Jeffrey Epstein's rape. This is not a good look for the president. My goodness. Do you feel that she's going to turn in powerful men? How do you see that working out? I don't know. I haven't really been following it too much. I just wish her well, frankly. I've met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach.


But I wish her well, whatever it is. I don't know the situation with Prince Andrew. I just don't know. I'm not aware of it.


OK. So, yeah, I guess that is not good luck. And if Liz Cheney is like and I don't like those comments, I don't think she needs to be shellacked for something like that, obviously. And again, Republican unity does not mean that you have to be unified and everything Trump related. It means you should be unified in the face of the big issues, like Democrats being in favor of people burning down cities. It seems like that should be a point of unity.


OK, time for a quick thing that I like. This is sponsored by the Benham Brothers. Learn how to own a business about it owning. You get 15 percent discount on the benefit brothers new course expert ownership at Benham Brothers Acom slash Pentagon. Fifteen percent discount on their new course. Expert ownership at Benham Brothers dot com slash Ben. So I love my sabba. The reason I love my Sabbath, I can go through a thousand books. It's just great.


I read three books over over Sabbath last week. It was just fantastic. One of them is particularly good. It's called False Alarm by Bjorn Lomborg. I highly recommend it. It's called How Climate Change Panic Cost US Trillions, Hurts the poor and fails to Fix the planet. So Bjorn Lomborg is not, in fact, a climate change denier. He believes that climate change is largely manmade. He believes that it is happening. And he goes through the statistics using as his model all of the U.N. information and that U.N. information talks about the warming of the climate over the course of the next hundred years.


He also has the temerity to challenge a lot of the preconceived notions that are being put out there, a lot of myths about the the Amazon being the lungs of the world and how all of that is dying. The preconceived notion that weather is getting significantly more extreme because of global warming, that the costs of weather are getting more extreme, are due to the the changing of the climate dramatically as opposed to people building in the way. And one of the statistics you'll often see is hurricanes are more damaging now than they ever have been.


Well, hurricanes actually are not more common now and they are than they ever have been by data. There's some hurricanes that are more powerful. But the real reason they're more damaging is because people have built in the path of the hurricanes. There's a lot more people living in Miami now than we're living in Miami in nineteen hundred, for example. He also pushes back against the notion you're going to have millions upon millions of climate refugees, that the rise of the oceans over the course of the next hundred years is going to flood all outlying areas all over the world.


He points out that there's some fairly low cost things that we can do to fight back against climate change. Right. Certain things are more out there like geoengineering. Right? They'll be they had to attempt to control the climate, but they're there, which there's fairly good evidence we can do that. But we're still figuring out whether there are any downsides. I'd be firing sulphur basically in the air to to create cloud cover, which would presumably lower the temperature, for example.


But other things are less out there beyond innovation, beyond innovation of new products and services that will lower the cost of so-called green energy, which, by the way, is not going to come in the form of wind or solar. It's going to be other forms of energy, probably. But what he talks about mostly is mitigation and mitigation is low cost stuff. Now, you'll never hear people in positions of power who are pushing on the global warming stuff point.


Talk about the fact that the Paris climate accords, if implemented in their entirety, would lower the changed climate by the end of the century. By, I believe, point zero point five degrees Celsius, point five degrees Celsius at the cost of trillions and trillions of dollars. But they'll never mention is that there's certain things that we can do that are a lot cheaper that actually protect human beings. You can build better seawalls, for example. You can build more dikes.


You can you can make sure that low lying areas are better protected. So this is really a Myth Busters book. It is really, really worth reading. He goes through again a lot of the talk about what exactly is true and what is false on climate change. And his his thesis is, should we worry about climate change or should we panic about climate change? Absolutely not. And he is right about all of this. He tends to cite exactly the same folks I cited before, William Nordhaus of Yale University, just one the economics Nobel Prize for his work on climate change.


He points out that there are costs to policy and you have to actually look at what are the costs of global warming versus what are the costs of implementing the policy, which means that when the IPCC or the UN says we have to keep the climate from increasing by one point five degrees Celsius over the course of the next century, that is undoable and would be incredibly stupid, would be actually counterproductive. To do that will cost far more in terms of growth to the world to take the measures being talked about, essentially ending the use of carbon based fossil fuels.


It would cost much more, particularly to the developing world, than it was just let climate change happen. And there's sort of a sweet spot in store in terms of how much you can lower climate change through things like carbon credits and tax tax basis and mitigation efforts. There's sort of a sweet spot there, and we're nowhere near the sweet spots when you hear the climate alarmist, when you're great. Thornburgh suggesting that we have to basically end all life on Earth in order to prevent the end of all life on Earth.


She's just speaking from a position of ignorance. It's just not correct. So this is the book is well worth the read. Again, it is a realistic take on climate change that everybody should take a look at. False Alarm by Bjorn Lomborg. Go pick up a copy. Right now. OK. We'll be back here later today with two additional hours of content. Much more to get to then. In the meantime, go pick up a copy of my brand new book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps.


Surging up the charts over at Amazon and all over the United States. And we'll see you here tomorrow. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Bench Pirro Show.


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