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California shuts down again, Governor Andrew Home makes a fool of himself over a weird poster and virtue signalling on racial issues continues to matter more than saving lives. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show.


Ben Shapiro show is sponsored by Express VPN. Why haven't you gotten a VPN yet? You should have a visit, express a VPN dot com slash then. OK. So we begin at this hour with your latest Colvert 19 update. So the continued increase in caseload is indeed continuing. We are seeing an increased caseload in places like California, in places like Florida. We're seeing increased test positives. But there is a simple reality, which is that we are not seeing this thing spike the way that it did in New York and New York.


The curve looked extremely steep on one end, and then it came down extremely steeply on the other end of the curve. The reason for that is because it burned through the entire city, in fact, that our precincts in New York, where some 50 to 60 percent of all the people in these particular precincts already have antibodies. So that is the reason why you've seen this thing come down so quickly. It's not because of masterful leadership in New York and crappy leadership elsewhere.


In fact, it's precisely the reverse. It is decent leadership elsewhere in a variety of different parties, right from Colorado to Georgia and then the crappy leadership over in New York City. So what most of these states have done is indeed flatten the curve. In fact, there was a doctor from the University of Southern Florida who is talking about this on CNN yesterday, talking about the the issues over in Florida with regard to the increased caseload. And he pointed out that this is a different epidemic than hit New York.


In fact, he pointed out that Florida's emergency department visits from coalbed actually pizza last week and the test positive rate actually peaked last week. When you look at all of the headlines coming out of Florida, it's doomed. Disaster about to hit Florida, was it? Things are not going to be great in Florida for a couple of weeks because death, as always, is a lagging indicator. But the idea that they're going to see Florida type numbers, that is so far unsupportable by the data.


The only people who have seen New York type numbers are the New Yorkers. And the reason they saw New York time numbers is because Andrew Cuomo decided to do all the things wrong. He shut down late when he did shut down. He didn't clean any of the subways when he did shut down. He then proceeded to ship all of the Colvard positive nursing home patients back into the nursing homes. And there are some people out there who are literally attempting to pretend that Andrew Cuomo did a wonderful job here.


I mean, I'm I'm not kidding about this. They're a bunch of people on the left keeps saying it's Andy Slavitt, the former Obama era official from, I believe, the the FDA under Obama, Andy Slavitt, actually tweeted out that New York had done an incredible, incredible job. Why? Because Cuomo Keshi talked to the people. He talked to the you know, who else thinks he did a wonderful job? Is Andrew Cuomo himself. And so I have to begin today with this insane poster that Andrew Cuomo put out.


Now, imagine if President Trump put out a poster showing the curve for Colbert in the United States, the number of Kova deaths in the United States, which has declined by some 30 to 40 percent in the United States over the period, taxing more now about 60 percent since the height of Kovin. I can imagine that Trump had put out a poster championing himself, championing his own performance during COVA 19. That's exactly what Andrew Cuomo did. And we are being told that this guy is the epitome of American leadership.


So I need to talk to about this poster for a second because it's totally insane. I mean, it's totally bat bleep loony. So Cuomo put out on the official New York website for sale, New York tough posters, smart, united, disciplined, loving. And this is the statement put out, quote, I love history. I love poster art. Poster art is something they did in the early nineteen hundreds, late eighteen hundreds when they had to communicate their whole platform on one piece of paper.


Over the past few years, I've done my own posters that capture that feeling. I did a new one for what we went through with Colbert. And I think the general shape is familiar to you. We went up the mountain, we curved the mountain, we came down the other side. And these are little telltale signs that to me represent what was going on. Okay, first of all, if you take this mountain and you map it directly onto the charts of what you're supposed to avoid with our covered treatments, it maps exactly like literally to take this curve.


And you could actually planted. I remember there was the very famous bend the curve, you know, lower the curve chart, the flat in the curve chart and flatten the curve chart. Look like one big curve that spiked up real high and then came down really quickly, but it spiked above the line. And then there was the good curve chart. And the good, good curve. Chuck grew kind of slowly and then it sort of peaked and then it sort of receded.


Well, the problem is that Andrew Cuomo is mountain looks exactly, exactly like the bad curve. Like exactly like the bad curve. This is this is the most insane and it's the most insane poster I've ever seen in my entire life. It's totally crazy. It says on the top. Wake up, America. Forget the politics. Get smart. Governor Andrew Cuomo. And then there's a rainbow across the top that says love wins. So apparently it's a gay rights poster or something.


I mean, that's what it's reminiscent of right now. The love is love rainbow, right? What if love wins? Thirty five thousand people died in your state. Dude, what what's what. OK. And then it shows on the on the left hand side of the poster. It shows a plane and it says Europeans three million. January to March. Cauvin, 19. On a plane. And then it shows a face. It has winds of fear.


Winds of fear.


And then there's a rope that's being pulled by New Yorkers of all types, the New Yorkers, health care workers, essential workers is being pulled over the mountain. It is pulling down the curve together. The power of we up in the sky, by the way, is hanging a weird emblazon son, as well as a moon upon which is sitting President Trump saying it's just the flu. And then there's an arrow pointing nearly straight up. It's a projection models, but they defeated the projection Miles.


No, you didn't defeat the projects, Miles, is exactly what the models looked like. Exactly. Exactly what they looked like. And then it just has a series of various sort of things that were done right. It's got a picture of the daily briefing and then it does make hand sanitizer. Because remember, they made hand sanitizer. You can memorialize the crappiest time in modern New York history with this poster and put it right on your wall. And you'll remember each and every day how New York was just a trash heap, where the sirens were going 24 hours a day and everybody was locked in their home.


And you couldn't celebrate along with Andrew Cuomo. All you have to do is drop a few bucks to the state of New York. I mean, this is patently insane. It's totally crazy. Like it's wild. This is like honest to God. It's like a Stalin poster in the middle of the whole atama. It's like we starved Ukraine. Also breadbaskets of the world. Really good. What? What is it says make hand sanitizer. New Rochelle hotspot is like a picture of little fire.


And then New York ports shut down. Sorry, we're closed. Testing, tracing. There's an actual nostril with a with a swab going up the nose. Hospitals search and flex. Javits Center economy falls into a river going down. One hundred and eleven days of helds. And then says New York State leads again.


Got. This is. This is bad guys. This is real bad. It didn't go well. Do you not remember that? It didn't go well. Now even the chart what's hilarious about this is even his little timeline shows that he did a crappy job like it, because not only does the thing peak really steeply and then start to fall because it burned through the entire city.


Also, it shows that it shows the masking up only at the peak. Right, that's what it says, mask up at the peak and then phase one socially distance after the peak. And then this. Just follow the data. Boyfriend Cliff. I have no idea what boyfriend Cliff is supposed to be. It's his boyfriend, Cliff. I don't I don't know what that is. And then there's like an actual guy hanging from a cliff. I don't understand.


And then at the variances, follow the facts. Stay smart. Caution ahead. And then underneath it says the sea of División. Oh, yeah. It's just nuts. The man's a nut. I'm sorry, New Yorkers. You'll like it or not. And you deserve it because you elected him and he's got like an 80 percent approval rating in your in your unbelievably insane state. What in the actual f? This is your governor. This is your governor.


Well done, everyone. It's good that you have such artistic souls, Zandro Cuomo, leading you through these turbulent, turbulent times. By the way, Andrew Cuomo is making a cottage industry of just lecturing everyone. He's usually lecturing everyone. He's lecturing to scientists who's responsible for a number of deaths. That is, I believe, one ninth the number of deaths that New York has seen on a case per million level, not on a deaths per million level.


New York is like something eight to nine times as high as Florida. And you got DeSantis being lectured by Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo lecturing people on how masks work. Dude, wouldn't the masks that, quote unquote saved New York? What happened is that everyone died, OK? That is the actual answers to what happened in New York. Is that it burned through your entire city. By the way, New York is now suggesting they're going to track visitors.


They're going to find you if you don't provide your contact information when you enter the state of New York. I'm old enough to remember when other states did this to New York and Andrew Cuomo said that it was a violation of the Constitution. Remember this? Florida said if you come in from New York, a check you. And and Cuomo is like, you can't do that. Privileges and immunities clause. You need to let everybody in. And now he's doing precisely the opposite to everybody else.


I mean, he's just awful. He's just awful. But the media's narrative about Cuomo is that he's doing an incredible job. It's it's astounding to me how open and obvious the media becoming the bias in to the point where they're openly lying and at this point and that they were lying before about Cuomo performance. But now there's clearly one, because we can all see the mountain right in front of us. He turned the mountain into a painting. He turned the mountain of death into a painting you can put on your wall.


It honestly reminds me of nothing so much as the scene from Winnie the Pooh, where Winnie the Pooh gets his ass stuck in Rabbit's house and rabbit deciding he can't do anything about the fact that Winnie the Pooh is now stuck there and wedged in and cannot get out. Decides that he's going to make antlers out of Winnie the Pooh his ass. Right. He actually, like, paints a face on it and puts antlers on it. A political mantle below it.


This is going to turn. But is a bad situation into a work of art. And that's Andrew Cuomo right here. He's got like a pile of dead bodies. And you know what?


I'm making a poster. Guys, and you can hang that poster on your wall. Why? What's what? As you'll see, the artistic soul in New York is not dead. In fact, it is infused all of New York politics. Wait until he gets a Bill de Blasio and race and a little bit because he, too, loves to paint. These guys love to paint. I have a line here I cannot use, but they love it.


It has to do with the producers. So you can think of a producer, a producers line about painting. Then you'll know where I'm going. If not, tough. Deal that in any case. We'll get to more of this in a second, plus, we'll get to California shutting down again. I think that the lockdowns have become sort of a crutch for people who don't actually want to make tough public policy decisions. Lockdowns are just a way for you to say media.


I'm doing everything I can. Please leave me alone. Please stop this, because you won't get criticized if you lock everything down, all the things in the world, but you will get criticized if you try and bully your way through this thing and recognize that there are risks and rewards to shutting down. So if you're if you're a governor, given the media coverage right now, the best thing you can do for your own political profile is to shut everything down.


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Instead, what you need is exactly what pure top provides you. Dial pound 250 take keyword. Shapiro for unlimited talk, unlimited text. Two gigs of data for just 20 bucks a month. Dyle pound 250. Say it. You were Ben Shapiro. OK, so Gavin Newsom has shut down the entire state of California again. Again. And remember, Gavin Newsom has basically escaped scrutiny thus far, even though he had a spike at the exact same time as Florida and Texas.


He's escaped scrutiny because he didn't actually open anything up. I mean, I'm from L.A., nothing actually open, right? All the things are actually closed. But we're now going to close everything back down. Now, here's the thing. The only reason to lock things down at this point, seriously, is because you think that the health care system is going to be overwhelmed. I've seen no indicators that the state of California is on the verge of being overwhelmed.


I've said that for some reason.


The language of flat in the curve was shifted from or flattening the curve to avoid overwhelming the system to or trying to crush the curve so that nobody ever gets covered again. And that is not a reality in our current situation. We have millions and millions, maybe up to 20 million Americans who have this thing. I mean, those are the CDC estimates. They say that for every positive test, they're probably 10 people who already have it, who don't know about it, which will put us at twenty three million at this point.


So if that's the case, there's community spread, shutting this thing down for a prolonged period of time. All that's going to do is stop it in the moment. But the minute you open up again at all, there's going to be increased caseload. Now, again, the good news is that we're treating this thing a lot better. We have a bunch of different drugs that we have been using. We've come up with new techniques. The fatality rate, case fatality rate on this thing has dropped like a stone.


Particularly in hospitals in Florida, for example, the case fatality rate is now down below one percent. In New York, it was up near five percent during the peak, which is really, really high, obviously. Well, in California, California is experiencing a surge. The surge has not reflected itself in mass death. OK, so California. The great. I mean, I'm I'm not gonna pretend that California has has not experienced an uptick. Of course, it has experienced an uptick in it has experienced an uptick in death as of the latest statistics in California.


California was leading the way in terms of new deaths. So total deaths yesterday, there were approximately forty five new deaths yesterday that had been Sunday in terms of the reporting in California, in terms of the in terms of the daily deaths, they really escalated last week. Last week, there were by day one hundred eighteen one hundred fifty one hundred thirty seven hundred two. On Friday there were 74. So those numbers are a lot higher. And they had been.


But they are nothing like New York numbers. Remember, the population of California is extraordinarily high. The population of the state of California is what? Thirty million? Thirty five million, I believe. Thirty five million. That's right. Thirty nine million. It's 40 million people live in the state of California. So there are one hundred and fifty deaths at the peak in California. Then they may have already crossed the peak and move back down the other side.


Right. We don't know yet. So we're still watching that. The idea you're going to shut down the entire state of California, which is exactly what Gavin Newsom is doing. I don't know how that looks like commonsensical policy, particularly because he's not just closing places that are the highest risk. He's closing everything. I understand closing back down, for example, indoor dining at restaurants. Right. I've been dying whenever I dine out. I've been dining out like outside.


Right. Which I've been recommending for a long time, is that restaurants should be able to use city streets in order to allow people to eat outside. But he's not just doing that. He's shutting down all the things. He's shutting down all gyms, all places of worship, all malls, all personal care services, all barbershops, all salons and non-critical offices in counties, on states monitoring list.


They'll have to shut down 30 counties are placed under the new law and order. That's 80 percent of the state's population. Gavin Newsom, explain, he explained why he was shutting all of this down here he was yesterday. We are now effectively rather effective today requiring all counties to close their indoor act titties, their indoor operations in the following sectors, restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos and museums, card rooms and the shuttering of all bars.


This is in every county in the state of California, not just the counties that were on the monitoring list that we announced on July 1st.


OK, that's for everyone. That's just not them. But that's not just the monitoring list. That's everywhere. That's everywhere. Okay, look, let's be clear about this. L.A. never really opened except for the protests, right? The protests were the big opening. Everybody got covered, apparently from the protests. In fact, even Barbara Farrar of the L.A. County public health official, she said, oh, yeah, by the way, it might've been the protest that sort of ceded this stuff.


Again, California reported more than 320000 cases of cover, 19 and 7000 deaths total for state of thirty nine point five million people. Again, remember. California has twice the population of the state of New York and they have approximately one quarter the number of deaths, less than one quarter, the number of deaths thus far. Cuomo did a great job, though, just just pointing out, Cuomo, an amazing job on Sunday. Twenty three people died from the virus in California, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.


L.A. County leads the state with more than a hundred and thirty three thousand cases. California's been on and off and on and off. Also, L.A. and San Diego have announced that they're going to keep the schools shut in the fall, which, again, there's very little data to support the idea that the schools must be shut down. We just don't know enough is the answer. There's a lot of conflicting data. What we do know is that in Europe, most of the schools are already open and have been open for quite a while.


And I have not seen a significant surge among the childhood population. There's some creative ways to deal with it, which which we talked about yesterday. But the problem is all the political incentives right now are in favor of this bindery because the media have drawn this binary. Right. They've been doing it since Georgia. They've been saying that if you are in a state where they have, quote unquote, reopen, that means everything is open. It means that people are willy nilly doing exactly what they want.


It is not true, OK? It is not true. I've been in Florida for like a couple of weeks here and I've been going around. Every single person is wearing a mask. Everyone is masked up. Most businesses are still not open. Hey, if I want to take my kids somewhere, the only place I can take my kids are places that are outdoors, which I think is actually good. The idea that Florida is like wide open and therefore that Florida had it coming or the idea that California had wide opened itself, it's not true.


Okay. California never really open. California never went back to status quo ante. California was shut down this entire time, which suggests that really what has changed here at all is the weather and personal activity. A little bit. By the way, the idea the government lockdown's changed any of this is not true either. You can actually look at the statistics and you can see how people change their travel and association habits as the virus began to gain all sorts of coverage in media.


People actually stop traveling before this stuff started to happen. But remember, for politicians, because people tend to look at politicians as godlike figures who can fix everything as opposed to like idiots who can run everything, which is pretty much all they can do. Instead of that, people tend to look to their politicians as well. If something bad happened, it's the politicians fault. In some cases that's true. Like, you have an obvious thing you can point to, like shipping people with call it back in nursing homes.


That's a pretty obvious case of the politician fail. But if the question is, oh, man, if these politicians only mandated masks, that would change everything. No, not really, because the truth is that people who are cautious are putting on masks and have been doing so for quite a while. And people who are not cautious, it's gonna be very difficult to regulate them into wearing masks. Just a simple fact of the matter. So much of this has become about virtue signalling.


However, even with regard to the masks like there is, there's a to the point where it's become basically just a point of trying to shame people. You don't take it seriously enough if you're not wearing a mask 24 hours a day. The stupidest example of which there was a picture yesterday going around of our friends, Ted Cruz and Ted. Ted Cruz was on a plane and somebody took a picture of him. And I said, Ted Cruz not wearing a mask on a plane.


He's literally holding a cup of coffee. There's a picture of him. One minute before and one minute after. With the mask on. But because he took down his mask to drink a cup of coffee. People were all over him because the idea is that you're denying that masks were, by the way. I love how masks work has become an absolute point of faith in America. I'm old enough to remember when that was actually kind of a controversial contention because the CDC said so.


The CDC itself told us we weren't supposed to wear masks. They literally said cloth mass are not going to do anything. Now they're like, oh, yeah, cloth masks are going to do everything. And if you don't actually participate in the mask wearing, it's because you're evil. Now, listen, I've been saying for a long time on the show, you can go back and you can listen to I've been saying to it, I've been saying for months that when you are out and about, you should be wearing a mask.


When you're in close contact with the people, at the very least, you are preventing some of the droplets that exit your mouth from being injected into the air. I've been saying this for a long time. I'm not an anti mask guy. But to pretend that the evidence for masks is like 100 percent solid, that we know full well what all the masks are going to do, or that, by the way, most of the people wearing masks know how to wear a mask is crazy.


They literally have in medical school classes on how to act like they have a course they are supposed to take and how to properly fit a mask. And we're talking about like the best masks, the ones they get, the surgical masks where you have holes up here. Unless you haven't properly fitted your face, the air is coming up out of there anyways. You're cutting down on some of the communication of the germs, but not all of the communication of the germs doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it.


But the the idea that, like, you are an actor of great evil, if you are out in public at any points and you don't have the mask on your face is is purely crazy. It has become sort of a virtue signalling thing, not just an element of of good science. And this is this is why, again, I have every step along way. I think I'm one of the few people who can say this on the right every step along the way.


When the experts changed their opinions, I also changed my opinion. OK. Every step along the way when the expert said, don't wear a mask, I was like, OK, I guess we're not supposed to wear masks then. The experts are like, wear masks. OK, sounds good. I guess we'll have to wear masks then. The experts were like, you know what? We probably should shut down some of the indoor areas because lots of communication doesn't go OK.


I get that. But now now that you've given us every message on every possible topic, I'm going to have to let common sense take over. I mean, common sense tells me along with the science is that children are not in great danger from this things. This idea that you're endangering vast scores of children by opening schools is insane. Common sense tells me that most Americans are pretty willing to stay away from each other unless they're dumb. 20 year olds wanna go to bars, in which case.


OK. So you shut down the bars because you don't want the virus transmitted at a high rate. But also, if 20 year olds get it, they're probably not going to die because that's what the stats actually say. Right. That's what the science tells me. But don't tell me that science tells me you have to shut down entire cities again and that this is going to solve the problem in any serious way. I mean, this propagandistic effort to make a policy decision and then retcon it into.


I'm just following the science is pretty wild. Arne Duncan, secretary of education under Barack Obama. He tried this routine yesterday. He said that anybody who advocates for opening schools wants people to die, which is just crazy. OK. Over in Europe, they've had open schools for a very, very long time. And there's not a lot of evidence that those schools are centers of transmission. And there's also not a lot of evidence that kids are really getting hurt by this thing.


In fact, you're more likely to die from the flu than you are to die from this if you are under the age of 20. Here's Arne Duncan.


However, propagandizing the real travesty here, Brian, is that there is no body count high enough for the president to actually pay attention to science. We could lose another 10000. We could lose another 50000. We could lose another 100000. Nothing would compel him to listen to Dr. Dr. Falchi and others. We're actually fighting to try and save lives. And schools are not going to put teachers, principals, their children or their children's families in a position of risk is far too high.


OK, well, some schools are going to do all of that because the data actually supports the idea that schools should open. The American Academy of Pediatrics says the schools should open. Dr. Robert Redfield at CDC said the schools should reopen. But according to Arne Duncan, you're not following the science unless you listen to him. So this is all about. At this point, so much of this is about virtue signalling as opposed to actually following good commonsense policymaking advice.


And people don't want to have the arguments. They just label other people, bad actors, malicious actors who don't care about human life. It's very irritating. Let me get to more of this, especially on the issue of race where the narrative has overwhelmed common sense. In just one take and first, let's talk about something great that you can do for your parents. OK, here's something great news for prayers also for yourself. And that is you can preserve your family memories, legacy boxes of super simple mail service to have all your home movies and pictures digitally preserved on a thumb drive DVD or the cloud.


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It's basically Democratic governors are geniuses and do all the right things. And Lockdown's are the only solution. And you're a bad person. If you ever, ever, ever take off the mask at any point whatsoever, not you reject the Muslim signs mask. You can fully accept them. But if you are caught in an unconscious moment, taking on master very bad, unless you're a Democrat marching with Black Lives Matter protesters, in which case you're very good and no one will die and everything is fine.


So it seems that so much of this has to do with narrative and very little that has to do with common sense at all. Lockdown. No lockdown. The bottom line is this thing is going to move its way through the population. Almost there is a vaccine. There can be therapeutic treatments. And as long as the health care system is not overwhelmed, there's not all that much you can do about that. That's pretty much all. That's pretty much it.


But on race, it's the same sort of stuff. So disproportionately black and Hispanic people getting shot in New York City. It's getting real ugly. Over in New York City, New York City has seen mass shooting increases, obviously. York City over the weekend saw a rise in shooting. Again, a one year old boy was murdered after a gunman fired on a gathering in a park, which is always a good look. I'm glad that Bill de Blasio reopened the parks in times for people to get shot there.


That's exciting. A one year old boy was killed. At least 34 people were injured and more than two dozen shootings in York City over the weekend. Continuing a rise in violence that began earlier this summer, according to police officials. This is The Wall Street Journal reporting. The boy was shot in the stomach when gunmen opened fire on Sunday night on a gathering in a park in Brooklyn. According to New York Police Department officials, the child, Devall Gardner, was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Three other people were also shot in the incident, which took place around 11 30 p.m. in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of the borough. According to the officials, all three were expected to survive. New York City Bill de Blasio mayor called the incident so painful. He said it's not something we can ever look away from. It's something we must address and stop. And it's just horrifying. So how is he addressing and stopping all of this, the shooting of like babies and one year old's baby?


The shooting of a baby in your city? How exactly is he making all of that stuff? Well, he's painting Black Lives Matter murals, and he says that we cannot allow. We cannot allow people to deface black lives matter means. It's very important that this painting on the street remain. This is the key. This is the key. There is paint that was splashed on the mural. Somebody splashed red paint over the Black Lives Matter mural, OK?


And then Bill de Blasio showed up and helped repainted. OK. So all of his DLT workers, he's got money for the GOP workers to repaint this thing. OK. That. It's unbelievable. Here's what he tweeted out to whoever vandalized our mural on Fifth Avenue. Nice try. Department of Transportation has already fixed it. The Black Lives Matter movement is more than words, and it can't be undone if by more than words you mean it is only words to you.


It is literally only words. It is literally words on a street. That is all it is to you. You don't give a damn that a black kid just got shot in a park. You don't give a damn that shootings in your city have risen dramatically. It is literally only words. It is three words in yellow letters on a street. That's it. That's the entire thing for Bill de Blasio. He does not give to hot Dems about the fact that every single person who has been shot in the city of New York in the last month has been a person of color.


He does not care about that. He doesn't. Not one iota. What he cares about is the virtue signalling. How do you know? Because here are his priorities. To keep that paint down there. You splashed red paint. We're on it. We got the funding for the DLT. But we're going to cut funding from the cops. And not only are we gonna cut funding from the cops the goals of defunding the police. It's the right move.


The goal of defunding the police. That's the right move. So here's Bill de Blasio back to back. He says, one, you can't stop the Black Lives Matter movement because we have paint, because we have paint. And then he says defunding is the right direction. Here he is, defunding the police. The right direction. We obviously took money out of the NYPD budget, put it into youth programs, put it into social services, put it into recreation centers for young people.


That's really the right direction. I'm glad we did that. But the fact that we're going to have to fight crime in many ways is also clear. We need the good work of the men and women, the NYPD in the streets of our city. We need communities to come forward, particularly through civic leadership, clergy cure, violence, movement, do all the things that they can do and they can do things that police can't do it. So bottom line is people going to get shot in his city care.


He's got the words, he's got paintings in the city. That's what he's got. OK. This this is this signaling bull, because that's what it is. It's just signaling both. All that this is is a way to avoid commonsensical realities, like if you remove cops from the streets, more people die. That's it. I mean, honest to God, if this guy I mean, it's just unbelievable. All these politicians are so focused on the important things in life.


We've got to have that painting on that street. And the worst thing of all is going to be I mean, the symbolism of New York City really is the Black Lives Matter painting on the street and a person getting shot on the street. I mean, if you had to create a political cartoon, that's what it would be, a person bleeding out on the street that says black lives matter. Well, Bill de Blasio stands out with the paintbrush.


That is everything. That's what's going on right now. And that's what's happening nationwide. There are serious problems in this country, all of which are being elided. Not even the problem of police brutality is being handled. Nothing has been done. The Republicans introduced a bill and the Democrats killed it. They filibustered a discussion of the bill. No one cares about actual answers. All they care about is the virtue signalling. Another piece from The New York Times today.


A slap in the face. New York town rejects Black Lives Matter painting. The debate over whether to allow the street art has exacerbated racial tensions in Catskill or just over a fifth of the population is black. According to The New York Times, the street painting would stretch about three blocks from village, from village pizza to to the stoplight at the southern end of Main Street, spelling out Black Lives Matter on the pavement. The proposal didn't seem like too much of an ask in the weeks since George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis.


The phrase has been painted on streets from Washington, D.C. to Charlotte, North Carolina, and on Thursday, even in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan. But village leaders in Casco balked, offering several counterproposals instead, including one that would have allowed the painting. But in the black area of town, I knew it was gonna be a nose and surely cross thirty one. A member of the Hudson Catskill Housing Coalition, which proposed the painting. I feel like a slap in the face for black people.


OK. Alternatively, those paintings don't do bleep. They don't do anything. The paintings mean nothing. Nothing. They are all symbolic nonsense. If you want black lives matter, you don't you have to do a but you actually have to pursue policies that make black lives matter. Now, the father of that one year old was on TV yesterday. He said he didn't get a single call from Bill de Blasio, not one, as it received a call from the New York City government.


But the blood is out there to paint brush. And this is it's absolute insanity. All that matters is the signaling in the end, the signaling is the policy. This is why you see, for example, the U.S. Conference of Mayors now backing Democrats plans for slavery reparations commissions, which will never come to fruition. On Monday, the U.S. Conference of Mayors published a letter in which they backed the idea of Democrats to create a reparations commission. So the idea of slavery reparations to 41 million black Americans could be examined, according to Hank Burián, writing for The Daily Wire.


The letter, signed on behalf of the mayors by Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher, the president of the organization, was addressed to Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and represented Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, who had submitted bills in their respective houses to create a reparations committee. Problem solved, guys. A committee. And if you oppose this, it's because you're a racist. Get to more of the virtue signalling over common sense. In just one sec. First, let's talk about your Internet freedom.


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Express VPN dot com slash. Ben, we know all of this is disconnected from reality. If you think that most Americans care deeply about paintings on sidewalks, if you think that this solves any problems in the United States, your at your mind. If you think that most Americans are worried about Slavery Reparations Commission and I'm talking about like on the list of priorities for black Americans. Do you think that Slavery Reparations Investigatory Commission is like in the top hundred?


I would go no. I would go no. But again, it's all about the signaling, which is why you are. And it's all about the generalized message, which is that America is bad and responsible for all your problems. Inculcating and reinforcing that message is the key.


Actually doing the hard work of making lives better. That has nothing to do with anything. The only thing that matters is the signaling, the signaling. Above all, that's why, for example, you're seeing at James Madison College, at Michigan State University considering changing its name, according to John Brown, over at daily Wired.com administrators of a residential college named after James Madison. You know, the guy who framed the Constitution announced their willingness to expunge the founding fathers name from their institution.


In a letter addressed last week to alumni, students and friends of the college, interim Dean Linda Rushy Opie and Assistant Dean Jeff Judge expressed their desire to foster an environment where students can thrive as scholars and human beings, adding, quote, as such. The college is taking steps to combat systemic racism and the perpetuation of whiteness and to probe how it can best support students of color, especially black students. So what exactly are they going to do? They intend to combat racism and advance in anti-racist agenda within our college, such as revising curricula and course material, recruiting more students of color, providing counselors for students of color, dealing with racial trauma, and dipping into an endowment to annually host a visiting scholar in residence.


We'll teach and engage in research on LGBTQ issues. Also, they're considering renaming the James Madison College, which is really important. This is yet racism solved, guys. But again, it's not about solving racism. It's about the idea that America is through thoroughly and entirely evil. And by the way, with each surrender in this particular culture war, that doesn't make the argument better for the other side. It's not like by conceding the others. You know what?


You're not a racist. We've just got you. You're right. You're right. You know, America is less racist today than it was yesterday because you removed James Madison from the name of your residential dormitory. Nobody is going to say that on the left. If you actually believe that, you're out your mind. Nobody on the left is going to say, well, you know, because you painted black lives matter on the street. That means that now you are exempt from everything further.


There's this weird idea in the culture wars that if you surrender in the culture wars and everybody leaves you alone after that. And it's nonsense. Who do you think that the crusade to cleanse all of our public spaces of anything that could possibly be interpreted by white WOAK liberals as offensive to minorities, which is really what's happening here? That this sort of stuff is is going to, in the end, make America a more tolerant place? Is that what you think?


For example, the Washington Redskins are officially announcing that the NFL team is gonna retire the name and the logo. I hear the case. I do. I mean, like no one walk around today saying Redskins, because, of course, it's offensive. But the idea that you have actually cleansed America of racism by getting rid of the name or that this is the final step is nonsense. There is no final step that immediately upon this happening. There is now a Washington Post editor, Karen Attia, who, by the way, has suggested that white people are bad, right, that white women should be taking revenge upon.


She had to delete that tweet. She's there. Global Opinions editor Karen Natya. And she did one week of reading about the Texas Rangers like they the group, the Texas Rangers. And then she says the Texas Rangers should rename themselves. She said to know the full history of the Texas Rangers is to understand that the team's name is not so far off from being called the Texas Clansman ETSI, who grew up in Dallas, that she was raised on myths about Texas Rangers as brave and wholesome guardians of the Texas frontier.


Well, we didn't realize at the time was it the Rangers were a cruel racist force when it came to the nonwhites when habited the beautiful, untamed Texas territory. The Texas Ranger Division is an agency within the Texas Department of Public Safety with lead criminal investigative responsibility. I mean, it's it's still a group that exists. Obviously, as you noted, the first job of the Rangers formed in 1835 was to clear the land of Indians for white settlers. You said that was just the start.


And then she talks about the bad history of the Texas Rangers, quote, citing a book about the Rangers by Doug Swanson. She pointed out that she did. I'm not kidding. She said, I read for a week about this and now I'm offended. So until. Until now. No one was really offended. Somebody is like, oh, you mean like the cops, the Texas Rangers. You mean like the group inside the Texas government, the Texas Rangers?


Because I don't think anybody who roots for the Texas Rangers like Nolan Ryan, Texas Rangers, is gone. Yeah, man. Secret white supremacist signals. But now you're retroactively outraged by a thing you didn't know about until five seconds ago and no one cared about until five seconds ago. Racism has been expunged. Has it been cleansed? So now she's calling for the Texas Rangers to go because Karen Atget did some reading guys. She did some reading. And now that she's done reading, she is offended, offended.


And that means everything changes. And this is obviously this does nothing to make lives better in the United States. Nothing. No life has been made better by any of us. I challenge you to find me the life that has been made better by the controversy over the Washington Redskins name. I challenge you to find me the life that has been made better by a giant mural that has Black Lives Matter in front of Trump Tower, while people are being shot at twice the normal rate in New York City.


Please find me the person whose life was made materially better by this finding, the person whose life was made materially better by the sort of idiotic training that companies are now forcing employees to go through, where you are told to examine your own whiteness and to look at all of your black colleagues with a sort of awkward level of disconnect. As Robin D'Angelo basically suggesting white fragility. Right. Is that going to make the workplace more integrated or less integrated? When you look at your black co-worker and you think yourself, does that person is that person?


For me, the answer is no. The person is inferior, their co-worker. But according to the left. They do fear you because of your inherent whiteness and because of the whiteness of the system. In order for you to be an ally, you actually have to be more at a remove from your black colleagues in order for you to be an ally to the anti-racist movement. You have to see yourself as a as a malicious actor in a racial drama that predates your existence and you have never participated in.


And if you don't do that, then in an ally. It's all about the signaling, it's all about and the signaling in the end is about Americans, broadly speaking, white Americans broadly speaking, but mostly about America. Generally, the systems of America have to be torn out by the root. Now, again, the virtue signalling doesn't extend everywhere. So the NBA is a virtue signalling culture. The NBA is virtue signalling only extends to one particular area, right in terms of race.


The NBA will never extend its virtue, signalling to, for example, challenging Chinese domination of Hong Kong. It's a story out of the Washington Free Beacon they're going to get to in a second, which demonstrates the complete hypocrisy of the social justice warrior NBA in just one second. First. When you are running a business, as you know, H.R. issues can absolutely murder you. H.R. issues are some of the toughest issues. You've got to deal with young staff up.


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Now, the nice thing about making all of American politics about the signaling as opposed to the actual policy is it means that if you signal the wrong way, we can ask you before we even get to policy. See if you can if you can go after people based on their thoughtcrime before you even have to have the debate about policy. It makes the debate about policy moot. Just get rid of all the people who are not super hot on the idea that giant virtue signalling paintings on the street that say black lives matter.


Thus implying that a huge percentage of Americans believe that black lives do not matter. Right. If you can get people to, quote unquote out themselves as racist for opposing random signal of the day, then that means you never have to have a policy discussion about the actual awkward stuff in American public life. Like why are so many people shooting each other in New York City? And why are so many people shooting each other in Washington, D.C.? Why are there disproportionate poverty rates and why are there disproportionate education rates?


And what does that have to do with history? How much of that is history and how much of that is current decision making? Right. All of the awkward conversations can be completely elided if you can cast out of the over to win with anguish into the cornfield. All the people who refuse to go along with the virtue singling, remember what virtue signalling is really about is raising a flag. You raise the flag. People rally around the flag. If they refuse to rally around your flag.


They are out of the tent. They cannot be inside your war camp. You cannot have any sort of conversation with them inside the tent. That is the goal here. So much of politics is about. Rallying around a particular slogan or message or flag. And if you make it so that everyone who refuses to rally around a particular slogan, message flag is cast out of the tent, you just made your job a lot easier, because here's the thing.


Let's say that I. Ben Shapiro. I'm not in favor of painting a giant mural that has Black Lives Matter in front of my house because, hey, it's a public street. We all own it. And I believe that black lives matter. Just as everyone else's life matters. And by the way, when I say that, that not only is that not racist. Most Americans agree with it. There's a poll from Economist YouGov. Don't talk about the disconnect from our political media and the American public.


There's a poll from economist YouGov and it asks among different racial groups how many people believe that the slogan All Lives Matter is bad? Because remember, this is the going wisdom on the left is that if you say if somebody says to Black Lives Matter, you're not allowed to say either. All Black Lives Matter. Which apparently is bad. Right. Don Lemon told me on CNN. It's bad if I say All Black Lives Matter, then I'm discussing the problems of murder in in black communities.


I'm discussing the problems of poverty and inequality and education and all of that and single motherhood and all those. And he's saying we can't say that black lives matter, doesn't mean all black lives matter. Just means the cops are bad. Right. Black lives matter equals defund the police, in essence. So we're not allowed to say that. But the other thing is really not a lot of times all lives matter if somebody says to black lives matter what you're not allowed to do and say all lives matter.


And if you say all lives matter, it's because you're bad.


Now, most Americans instinctively are like, what the hell are you talking about? All includes the category black. When I say Black Lives Matter. And I say all lives matter. Black is just a subset of all. So of course, when I say all lives matter, I mean, yes, including black people, clearly. But the media have decided that that detracts from the message that black lives matter. Why? Because the Black Lives Matter message is an implicit rebuke of the United States, because the implicit rebuke is that out there somewhere.


They're a bunch of people who deny that black lives matter. And when you say all lives matter, what you're really saying is that most Americans agree that all lives matter. And that's really what you're saying. So how do Americans feel about the slogan All Lives Matter? There's a poll June 9th to June 7th to June 9th, 2020. The Economist, YouGov. Fifteen hundred U.S. adults. Does the following slogan carry a positive or a negative association to you, all lives matter.


Don't do this by race, by race. OK. In total, 56 percent of Americans say that they have positive associations with the phrase all lives matter. Seventeen percent say they are neutral. So that means that 73 percent of Americans, 73 percent of Americans are positive or neutral on the phrase all lives matter. But how about among black Americans? Aren't black Americans deeply offended by the phrase all lives matter? The Economist YouGov poll says forty five percent of black Americans say that they have positive feelings about the slogan Black Lives Matter.


Twenty one percent say they are neutral on it. So 66 percent. Two thirds of black Americans say that the phrase all lives matter is not offensive or they like it. According to the media, that's bad. So are these black people racists? Are these black people outside the Overton Window, outside the tent? By the way, among Hispanic people? Fifty eight percent have positive associations. The same number among whites. In fact, whites and Hispanics have very similar numbers, which gives the lie to the quote unquote, people of color all think the same way.


Nonsense, right? Blacks and Hispanics actually think very differently about this. Whites and Hispanics think kind of the same. Hispanics, 58 percent say they have positive associations with all lives matter. Sixteen percent say they have neutral associations with all lives matter. So. Seventy four percent of Hispanics, compared to 66 percent of blacks compared to sixty. Sixty five percent is sorry. Seventy five percent of whites say that they have positive associations with all lives matter. Now, you wouldn't know that from the media coverage, would you?


You would know that because according to the media coverage, this is a signal, right? The signal is all that matters. If you say all lives matter to Black Lives Matter, your races. That's the signal. And we don't have to have a conversation with you. Never mind that most Americans of every single racial group have positive associations with the phrase all lives matter. So how far does a virtue signalling go? Only as far as left as it does so, the NBA has been virtually signaling about all of these racial topics.


Obviously. Particularly on the police. And they've decided they're going to allow people to wear social justice messages on the back of their jerseys. Now, the first person who puts on the back of their jersey tariffs are bad public policy and foster political dysfunction along the way. On the back of their jersey, I will I will personally give a thousand dollars any any player who puts that on the back of their jersey. I will I will crowdfund half a million dollars for any player who puts free Hong Kong on the back of their jersey.


Oh, wait. You can't. You can't. The NBA won't allow you, according to the Washington Free Beacon. In keeping with the league policy and political statements, the official online store of the NBA does not permit fans to order a custom jersey with the phrase free Hong Kong printed on the back. Free Hong Kong is one of the many phrases banned under the NBA. New Jersey policy. You can put up Black Lives Matter, but you can't do free Hong Kong if you type free Hong Kong into the text box.


They say we are unable to customize this item with the text you've entered. Please try a different entry. Here are some of the phrases that you're allowed to put into the NBA phrase generator f Hong Kong you could do. Could you define police? If you abolish cops, it could you. Beware of Jews. Could you banned gypsies? If Usui for life, you could do 9/11 hoax. You could do. End to Taiwan. Could you. Trump has AIDS.


Pence is gay. And wiggers lie. All of those you can put on the jerseys. As the Washington Free Beacon points out, a number of NBA players, including LeBron James, have rallied around ESPN reporter Adrian Logemann. Roski was recently suspended after writing F You in response to a press release from Josh Halie, pointing out the warmth between the NBA and the government of China. So a lot of virtue signalling with no virtue over in the over in the NBA.


Always good news. OK. So we have two more hours of additional content a little bit later. You know, one thing that I've neglected to do for several weeks because of all of the news and the riot and everything else are things I like. So I want to recommend a book that is worthy of reading. And it's a book by John McWhorter, who is a linguistics professor. It's a book from back in 2001 and his lost none of its punch.


It's called Losing the Race Self Sabotage in Black America. And he talks about the the real many of the actual real problems inside the black community that don't involve painting giant slogans on street corners to make white woak, people feel better about themselves. It's it's really worthy of the ratings. And associate professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley is the author of several books. And this book is certainly worth the reading. Go check it out right now. Losing the Race Self Sabotage in Black America by John McWhorter.


Again, when we talk about real problems which talk about real solutions, McWhorter talks about some of them and I think a deep and nuanced way.


If you're a liberal, you'll find it non offensive to you. Let's put it that way. Go check it out today. All right. We'll be back later today. Two additional hours of content. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow as we approach the launch of my brand new book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps. That big day happening next week. So they'll preorder the book right now over at Daily Wire dot com. When you do, you get a pre signed.


You can get a signed copy and preorder right now. Check that out. Oring over to Amazon. Pick up a copy. Otherwise, I'll see you here a little bit later. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the venture Berro Show. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe. And if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to. We're available on Apple podcast Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts.


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