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As the campaign heats up, Joe Biden, stumbling and bumbling, begins to bite him. The Biden campaign dumps a scurrilous covid ad on the Trump administration. And we tell the amazing story of a fake Native American bisexual professor who didn't die of covid. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show on. This show is sponsored by Express VPN, Protect Your Online Privacy today with Express VPN dot com. Go check them out, express a VPN dot com already.


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Save yourself all sorts of money on your cell phone bill. You don't need unlimited data. What you do need is a lower cell phone bill. Go check them out, pound two fifty and say keyword Ben Shapiro. You get started with my friends over at Chertok. OK, so before I begin, you may have noticed we have changed venue a little bit. The reason we have changed venue is for the same reason my voice sounds a little bit different today.


I got bit of a cough, got a bit of a cold, and so I had a covid test yesterday. I'm waiting for the results. In the meantime, I am isolating here in custody. Shapiro and when I find out what's going on, then I will head back into the office when I'm clean and I'm no longer a danger to others around me. OK, so I just want to make that brief notes. What the hell is going on?


Meanwhile, I'm not the only one relegated to my basement. Joe Biden continues to be relegated to his basement. The big problem for Joe Biden is that he is falling apart. He is. He's just falling apart. It is perfectly obvious to anyone, any sentient human being with a functioning pair of eyes and a prefrontal cortex that Joe Biden is not even what he used to be. And let's face it, Joe Biden used to be not that great.


So he's even less great. Now, Joe Biden is is just mentally inept, is he? He can't string sentences together anymore. He sounds like he sounds like a normal person after they've had a bunch of Ambien and that that is what Joe Biden sounds like. And this is not due to the fact that he had a stutter when he was younger. He overcame that. What we are seeing now is is simply age manifest. It doesn't mean that he's completely senile.


It does mean that his faculties have begun to degrade and you can see it in real time. And he says weird thing after weird thing so far does not come back to bite him because Donald Trump is so volatile that all Biden has to do is basically point to Trump. But as we see more and more of Biden, they're going to be serious questions to be asked. And if Trump can somehow pull themselves together for more than five seconds, a lot of the focus in this campaign is going to shift to Joe Biden.


In fact, there's some pretty good poll numbers suggesting that the race is tightening even this early on. I say this early. I mean, it's still kind of early, right? I mean, it's the beginning of August. We haven't had conventions or anything yet. Biden's real Clear Politics polling average is now only six points up. He's only six, six and a half points up on Donald Trump. Well, just a couple of weeks ago, that looked a lot more like nine or ten points.


In fact, in three of the last four national polls, Donald Trump is within striking distance, namely three or four points of Joe Biden. According to new Harris poll, Biden is up only three nationally. Forty three to forty. And if he's up forty three to forty, Trump wins the election really because Trump is going to do better than forty. And if Biden is stuck down to forty three, that looks very much like a lot of the polls that that Hillary Clinton had going into 2016 where she's getting like forty four percent of the vote and Trump is at thirty nine.


There are a couple numbers to watch. One is the gap. The other is the fact that Biden seems unable to break 50 percent in nearly any poll. He's having real trouble breaking 50 percent in the last few polls. He's down around forty seven. Forty eight percent. Trump will finish somewhere up around forty five percent. He will. So you've got the Harris poll and you have a Rasmussen poll that shows Biden up forty eight. Forty five. Neverson poll showing Biden up fifty to forty six.


And all of those, Donald Trump is significantly within striking distance now in the swing states. And Biden is leading in all the swing states at this point. But it is also true that Trump is within striking distance in a lot of those swing states is within about four in North Carolina, he's within about four in Florida, he's within about five. In Pennsylvania, he's within three in Arizona. He needs to win a lot of those states. But could it happen?


Sure, especially again, if the focus begins to shift to Biden. Speaking of which, so Joe Biden over the last 48 hours is just falling all over himself. So he's doing an interview with the National Association of Black Journalists. And he just randomly decided that he was going to say that all black people think alike, unlike Latino people, unlike Latino people who are quite diverse, black people all think like here is Joe Biden falling all over himself.


What you all know, but most people don't know, unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.


So that's wild. Like, really, if Donald Trump went out there, he's like other black people. They think the same and they, like, let the same. And everybody like what? What now, Donald? But Joe Biden's out there being like Latinos are very diverse and progressive, unlike black people who are not diverse and all that kind of thinking the same. OK, so that guy is not with us. Joe Biden is not with us.


And it's it's literally every other word that comes out of his mouth is incoherent. I mean, yesterday, again, National Association of Black National Association of Black Journalists here he is just stumbling all over himself again. And this is like a regular thing. I'm so forward looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president or stand with the president in debates, they're going to be plenty of time. And by the way, as I joke with them, you know, I shouldn't say it.


I'm going to say something I don't I probably shouldn't say anyway.


I am I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical, mental health, my physical, as well as my mental fitness. Guys is super happy to have the American public judge his physical and mental illness, foulness if the fellow Amphion venue at Padmanabhan.


That guy is who the Democrats chose is very lucky right now that he is basically in the basement because if this person were out there on the campaign trail, this would be all the footage wall to wall all the time. And then he botched his own China policy. So, again, it's not like he's doing this a little bit. He's doing it pretty much every single thing. He says it was Joe Biden yesterday bashing his on China policy.


The way Trump the way China will respond is when we gather the rest of the world that, in fact, invasion and free and open trade and making sure that we're in a position that the world that we deal with the right way, that that in fact, that's when things began to change.


That's when China that's when China's behavior is going to change, is not speaking English, guys.


He is not speaking English. And it is perfectly fair to point this out because what it really means is that whoever he picks as his V.P. is going to be president. And we can fairly assume that within a couple of years. Joe Biden I mean, if he's declined this much just over the course of the campaign and he has and who is going to be effectively be the president is going to be Biden. That is not an absurd contention, nor is it an ageist contention.


He's just not fully there. There are plenty of people who are 80. Hopefully there. Joe Biden is declining, isn't he? Listen, I had a violin teacher when I was younger, is eight years old. Ibram Stern, fantastic. Fantastic teacher. He was with it. He was sharp. I have a grandmother who's 89. She's with it. She is sharp. She's much more with it than Joe Biden is right now. No question.


How not with it is Joe Biden. Again, if you just reversed the parties, he'd be getting ripped up and down for the kind of crap that spews out of his mouth on a regular basis. Yesterday, he asked a black journalist from CBS News if he was a junkie, not joking a thing that happened in real life. Please clarify specifically, have you taken a cognitive no, I haven't taken the test. Why the hell would I take a test?


Come on, man. That's like saying you before you got this program to take a test where you're taking cocaine or not, what do you think?


Are you a Joe?


Do you say to President Trump who brags about his test and makes your mental state an issue for voters? Are you a junkie for that crazy ass Cesar Romero joker smile pasted on that grill? My goodness, my goodness. Well, it's no wonder that many medical professionals are wondering about what they're seeing in Joe Biden. And don't give me the you don't get to speculate from afar on his medical condition. I'm not speculating on his medical condition. I'm just telling you what I see in front of my very own eyes as didn't work for Hillary Clinton when she tried to claim that she was totally fine and then collapsed into a van.


It certainly is not going to work for Democrats whistling past the graveyard, no pun intended, with Joe Biden, with Joe Biden going around basically pretending he's perfectly fine. And we can all see that he is basically bumping into the furniture, is a doctor named Marc Siegel. He's on Fox News on Sean Hannity last night, he said Joe Biden should probably have some sort of diagnostic assessment because this does not look particularly good. Again, I can't diagnose him over a video camera, but when he was talking about those two animals, he wasn't even talking about the president, he was talking about a CNN anchor that made that mistake.


That shows wondering. I've made my career about not diagnosing remotely, but I'm concerned about a lot of the things I'm seeing. And I feel more towards the president's point that it's fair game. It's something that's fair game. If these tests aren't done, then the voters have to decide. Right. But I think it's right to have an assessment that we had a medical examination in December, a full medical examination, but this was not addressed at that time.




Again, he seems to be falling apart. We're gonna get to more of Joe Biden in just a second. The fact that he's falling apart is allowing him to avoid the actual blame for the stuff that he's saying. I mean, saying that all black people think the same, all Latino people do not. It's pretty racist. It really is I mean, I don't know what he thinks he is saying there, but it's pretty incredible that he said it out loud that everybody's like, oh, OK.


Well, that's just just that's Joe being senile, OK? Either his senility is a point in his favor or his point against him. You cannot have it both ways. We'll get to more of this in just one second. First, we'll hear stories in the news where a good guy uses a gun to protect his family from criminals. Then he's the one arrested. In fact, we just saw this happen in Missouri where a couple tried to defend their property by bringing guns outside the property.


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Good news for Biden is that Biden gets to continue hiding in the basement, he has announced that he is not ever going to leave the basement. Originally, he was scheduled to fly to Wisconsin to accept the party nomination. Now, he's not going to no one else will go to Milwaukee. He's instead going to just stay in his basement and accept the nomination from there, which you can make sense. He's basically playing prevent defense. Here is Joe Biden.


It's not like he has a great offense here. Joe Biden's entire campaign is I'm not Trump and I'm also barely alive. So stay in the basement. Serves him perfectly well. It is hilarious watching Nancy Pelosi say the reason that Biden is staying home is because he's so serious about it, because because he's so serious about covid. That seems somewhat unlikely to me. And Biden could certainly do a socially decent speech in Milwaukee. He's staying at home because it's very comfortable at home.


And it means that he never has to leave the basement or ask or answer any significant questions. Here is Nancy Pelosi. Here is Nancy Pelosi. Dentures Apalachin. Oh, I think that we're all learning this at the same time now that he won't be there, but I think it's an indication of the seriousness with which she judges that the situation, this pandemic is is dangerous and the increase in numbers just demands that we keep our distances. I commend him for doing that.


It's going to be a great convention.


Yes. I'm sure that that's exactly what's going to happen. I'm sure I'm sure that it's all about the pandemic and it has nothing to do with the fact that Joe Biden is perfectly comfortable staying out of the limelight and letting Trump have his own way with the limelight. Meanwhile, President Trump is campaigning against Biden, and he is correct. He says, listen, Joe Biden is going to be whatever they tell him to be. Joe Biden is not in control of himself.


He is not in control of this campaign and is not in control of the Democratic Party platform. There is Trump going after Biden yesterday, Joe Biden's, whatever they tell them to be.


And I think it's good that the wife is I would expect a wife to say that that's the appropriate thing to say. But Joe is being taken so far left to look at the manifesto that he and Bernie agreed to that's further left than Bernie ever was.


And Trump is exactly right about all of this, Mike Pence did a speech yesterday in which he went after Biden with alacrity as well, pointed out that Joe Biden wants one trillion dollar tax increase in a time of economic crisis, which is pretty much the worst idea ever. Here is the vice president going after Joe Biden, I mean, in the midst of a pandemic.


Joe Biden would raise taxes by a trillion dollars.


Yeah, the the contrast, President Donald Trump cut taxes for the American people and we're going to keep fighting for tax relief for the American people for four more years.


More broadly, Pence is saying that Biden is going to set us on a path toward socialism in decline. Now, here's the thing. The Trump campaign basically has to make a two step argument when it comes to Joe Biden. Step number one, who's not in control of himself? Step number two, the people who are in control are the people who are radical. The good news for them is that Biden is providing evidence of that every day. And whoever he selected says as his VP pick is going to go a long way toward opening a door for Republicans.


This is why I think his smart pick is probably Susan Rice. She appears somewhat more moderate in public than, for example, a communist like Karen Bass. She's not nearly as off-putting as Kamala Harris. I think it'll probably end up being Susan Rice if I had to put money on it. But with that said, whoever he selects, whomever Biden selects, is likely to become the focal point of the campaign. Penn says, listen, Biden is going to set us on a path toward socialism and decline, and he's not going to be a bore in favor of any of the values of capitalism or Americanism that America historically has stood for.


Because the truth is, Joe Biden and the radical Democrats would set America on a path of socialism and decline. President Trump set our nation on a path of freedom and opportunity from the very first day of this administration.


So. All Trump has to do, so the question of this campaign, just like the question of the last campaign, is who voters are focused on when they go into the voting booth or when they mail in their mail in ballot as the case. Maybe so in 2016. The great myth is that people were thinking about Trump when they cast their ballot. The truth is they're thinking about Hillary and how much they didn't like Hillary Clinton. And that is why voters didn't like either Hillary or Trump voted overwhelmingly for Trump.


Well, in 2020, the same question applies. Are people thinking about Biden or are they thinking about Trump when they go into the voting booth? Right now, they're overwhelmingly thinking about Trump. But if Biden continues to gaffe and if he selects someone as VP, that could seriously change. It could also change if President Trump would tone it down a little bit and be concerted in his actual approach to his own campaign. That is why it seems like just another foolish move for the president to decide that he's going to give his nomination acceptance speech from the White House, which raises all sorts of questions about the legality of are you allowed to use taxpayer resources in order to campaign this way?


Yesterday, President Trump dismissed legal questions on accepting the nomination directly from the White House, an unprecedented move. Senator John Thune questioned whether or not that's actually legal in the Hatch Act, is this something that you would get from the Republican agenda?


Oh, OK. Well, it is legal. There is no Hatch Act because it doesn't pertain to the president. But if I use the White House, we save tremendous amounts of money for the government in terms of security, traveling. If we go to another state or some other location, the amount of money is, you know, very enormous. So that's something to consider also.


Yeah. The kind of backhanded slap at John Thune is the John Thune is doing something wrong by pointing out that typically American presidents don't conduct openly political campaign speeches from the White House. Trump is wrong about this, Nancy. It gives it gives Democrats room to run. It's just, again, political malfeasance here, as Nancy Pelosi saying Trump can't do that. He can't do that.


You can't do that. I mean, you would be very surprised, I think, at the fact that when you're at the White House, you're talking about policy and you're not talking politics. We never did that. You would have a limited reference, as it were, probably to our civic life as terms of politics. But you don't talk politics in the White House. You don't talk politics under the dome of the Capitol, except perhaps a reference to it, but not an event.


You have political events in the capital. You have political events in the White House.


Now, I'm just going to point out that five minutes ago she was kneeling, wearing kente cloth on the floor of the Capitol with the other Democrats. So, you know, look, Trump is always saying that the quiet part out loud, namely the politics, obviously infuses the White House obviously infuses halls of Congress and all the rest. But is it a good precedent to actually want Democrats doing this sort of thing from the White House? Probably not is a smart political move.


I don't think it's a smart political move either. Side note, can we please have a class of politicians who speak English? My goodness, we need to start teaching English as the first language because Pelosi doesn't speak English. Trump sometimes speaks English. Joe Biden doesn't even speak human language anymore. It's all very weird. In just a second, we're going to get to the chief line of attack for Joe Biden, because the chief line of attack in favor of Joe Biden right now is all covid stuff.


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You know, his personality was always going to be an issue because his personality is an issue. It's very off-putting to many suburban women. It's very off-putting to certain members of minority groups, for example. But that was always going to be an issue. It didn't matter because Trump was probably going to win if the economy was as good as it was back in January or February. Well, now that covid has hit, the big issue has become covid.


And that means that the Biden campaign has to play it as though Trump totally blew it on covid. Now, the problem with that is that everyone kind of blew it uncovered. There's no such thing as not blowing it uncovered. We're seeing spikes all around the world. We are seeing spikes in blue states now. We are seeing secondary waves in certain blue states. And yet the notion, the going mythology and narrative that's being promoted is the blue states handled this perfectly.


And the only person who screwed this up was Donald Trump. So Joe Biden put out an ad in Florida featuring a couple from the villages talking about how they can't visit their grandkids and blaming Trump for that. Here's the ad. It really is quite scurrilous.


Roger and I decided that we wanted to move to the villages. We were ready to retire. We were both 60 kids in the military. I had the business for ten years. My husband and I are both concerned about the virus and catching it. I know other people have things a lot worse, but we feel trapped here because we can't go to be with the ones that we love. My husband and I. Have been gifted with two beautiful grandchildren.


We try to see them as often as possible, and it's been six months and it's way too long. And, well, I don't blame Donald Trump for the virus. I blame him for his lack of action. And because of that, we're sitting here zooming or face timing with our grandchildren instead of hugging and kissing them. And that's hard. Joe Biden knows that every moment is precious. I trust Joe Biden to get this virus under control. I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.


I mean, I'm sorry.


That's a disgusting message. You trust Joe Biden to get this done? How how seriously? How he's nobody has this under control. There are literally zero places on planet Earth where if you're a grandparent who's in a vulnerable health position, you should feel supremely comfortable about hugging your 10 year old 12 year old grandkids. And this is this is a bizarro world ad. Again, the idea I don't blame from for the virus. I blame him for the fact that I can't visit my grandkids.


Question, are people visiting grandkids all over the world? How's that going? Because it's not the answer is it's not. But again, there's this mythology that's been created by the media. It's been created by the Democrats that Trump really blew this thing. And I keep asking people, OK, what is Trump supposed to do? What do you want him to do? And people say things like national mask mandate. OK, let's be real about this.


Where the virus is the hottest, people are wearing masks. This has been true for a very long time. It turns out that people are socially distancing before the government told them to do so because overall people are self, are self driven and are self-perpetuating and are not idiots. They're going to protect themselves. But what else is he supposed to ramp up the testing? The United States is doing more tests on a per capita basis than virtually other any other nation on Earth.


We're doing hundreds of thousands of tests every single day. Is there a delay in the results of the tests? Sometimes there is, sometimes there's not. Can we help with that? Sure. Should states do a better job? Absolutely. But what would Biden be doing that's any different? I have no idea. And nobody can explain what he would be doing that is any different. That ad is really gross. I mean, saying that grandparents can visit their grandkids because of Trump.


Weird. I didn't hear Andrew Cuomo, his name anywhere in there, or Phil Murphy from New Jersey, didn't hear his name anywhere in there. There's a headline from Politico, by the way, talking about the success of New Jersey and flattening the curve. New Jersey literally has the worst death per million rate, I think on planet Earth. It's six, seven, 789. That's per million in in New Jersey. So mean I'm sorry, the narrative that Donald Trump is the one who blew this, I just I don't get it.


I don't understand it. Meanwhile, the social media giants are cracking down on Trump's comments, their fact checking them with alacrity. So both Facebook and Twitter removed some comments that Trump made uncoded. The problem is that Trump was basically right, OK, the language he used was inexact, but as per usual arrangement, Trump's inexact language masks something fundamentally true. We'll get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about your safety and security at home.


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Facebook and Twitter removed some comments that Trump made about covid, the suggestion, of course, was that Trump had done something deeply, deeply wrong. What exactly did they remove? Well, it was a clip of President Trump talking in a phone interview about children. And he says, if you look at children, children are almost almost definitely but almost immune from this disease. And they removed that clip from Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because they said that it was inaccurate, it was in violation of Twitter rules on covid-19 misinformation, said a Twitter spokeswoman.


By the way, Twitter's a Twitter spokesperson came out and said that as well. That spokesperson happened to be a former press secretary for Kamala Harris. If you wonder why big tech is biased, depends on the company. But Twitter is using a former Kamala Harris aide to shut down Trump tweets and then explain it. Here's the reality. Kids may not be immune to covid-19 they do obtain covid-19 kids aren't dying of it. They're not. The number of kids who are dying from covid-19 is a fraction of a percent.


A fraction of a fraction of a percent is a tiny number of children who have died from this. Like we're still talking in the mid double digits. Last I checked in the United States, kids who had died of covid-19 far, far less than nearly any other disease you can name in the United States. So is Trump totally wrong? No, they're just taking that down so they can claim that he's that he's putting out misinformation. Now, meanwhile, again, Trump is getting blamed for everything bad that's happening on planet Earth.


Let's be real about this. Things are not great everywhere, according to the UK Daily Mail. Second wave is striking Europe. Spain reintroduces lockdown. Greece sees worrying rise in cases. The virus is more active in Germany amid warnings France could, quote, lose control at any moment. According to the UK Daily Mail, a second wave of covid-19 appears to be striking Europe, forcing Spain to reimpose lockdowns in cases spiking to a three month high in Greece.


The head of Germany's doctors union has declared the country is already in the midst of the second wave because people have flouted social distancing rules. Well, this is perfectly predictable. You can't keep people locked down forever, like for literally years at a time. It's not a thing that you can do. Instead, you're going to have to at some point allow people who are young and healthy to go out there. And if they get it, they get it.


That is fact. What Sweden is doing in Sweden, which remember until five minutes ago, was the bad guy. Sweden has basically flattened the curve. It looks like Sweden may have restored immunities, what it actually looks like. Meanwhile, in other countries, they've got a problem. In fact, it seems pretty obvious what's happening here. Italy has not seen a second uptick. Why hasn't Italy seen a second uptick? Because they got nailed. Basically.


Here is the rule is burned through your population. Maybe you're done. If it is not burned through your population, you probably are not done. Spain's saw 8500 new cases over the weekend. An all inclusive resort in Minorca, which shut down two towns north of Madrid, have been put under strict lockdown as well. Finland today announced that it plans to reintroduce recommendations to work from home whenever possible. By August 1st, Finland's cases had risen by more than 300 percent in two weeks that Rhonda Santurce, that that governor of Florida can't believe.


He's also governor of Finland. Donald Trump obviously blowing it over in Finland. He's blowing it over in France as well. Authorities in France grappling with a sharp increase in fresh cases, which has seen more than 7000 new infections within the last week, as well as a rise in the number of people being treated for covid-19 in the ICU. Around 200 new cases are being reported day two weeks ago, the rolling average was seven hundred and nineteen. Meanwhile, in Germany, they're seeing an uptick as well.


Some 730 cases have been reported each day on average this week against the four hundred sixty being recorded per day about two weeks ago. So the second wave is, in fact, hitting Europe. It really is kind of the first wave. It really is more the first wave because the first wave basically just got a little bit squished and delayed. Basically, everything just got delayed. Meanwhile, Sweden seems to be coming out. The other end of this, according to Newsweek, as of Sunday, the latest death rate in Sweden, deaths per 100000 people is reported to be fifty six point four.


The figure is lower than that reported in the U.K., sixty nine point six, Spain, sixty point eight. And Italy, according to the latest report Sunday by Johns Hopkins University. The UK currently has the world's fourth highest death toll. Spain and Italy were the former two European countries hit worst by the outbreak. Sweden's latest case fatality ratio, that's the portion of deaths compared to total cases, was reported to be about seven point one percent. That figure is more than half the percentage reported in the UK, half that of Italy and Belgium, and nearly half that of France.


The reason being that a lot of young people are getting it in Sweden and it's burned through some of the young population and now they're basically done. Sweden's seven day rolling average of daily new cases has been mostly declining since as far back as April 16th, when the average was at 99, the average dropped to two to average daily new deaths on August 2nd, according to world ometer. New infections per 100000 people in Sweden reported in the past 14 days has dropped some 46 percent compared to that reported in the 14 days prior.


Meanwhile, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, each spiking between 58 and two hundred and six percent in new cases. New cases in Denmark, Norway and Finland, all the other places that supposedly handle the better than Sweden. They've also seen their percentage is increasing at around three times the percentage drop in new cases seen in Sweden in the past two weeks. So with that sort of says is it looks like Sweden may beat this thing.


It may look like it's over in Sweden. And as technical, the chief epidemiologist of Sweden's public health agency noted last week what we've cut down on movement in society quite a lot if compared how much we travel in Scandinavian countries. The decrease in travel is the same in Sweden as in the neighboring countries. In many ways, the voluntary measures we put in place in Sweden have been just as effective as complete lockdowns in other countries. In other words, when you tell people don't travel all that much, people take it pretty seriously.


But the point here is that for all the talk about how we know how to handle this and we just have to shut everything down, lock down this lockdown, that Sweden lockdown in Sweden, maybe the smartest of all, Sweden, maybe this first of all. Speaking of which, even Anthony Foushee is now saying he doesn't think that we're going to have to do another shutdown, it's as I've said before, the experts keep kind of shouting lockdown. At the same time, they're acknowledging the lockdown is kind of a bad idea.


Here's Anthony Fouche yesterday.


I don't think we have to go into shutdown mode. Sanjay, I am you know, I'm cautiously optimistic. I do have an abiding faith in the American spirit, and I that's the reason why I invest the time.


And I love being on with you in any form because we can start talking about the science.


And the more we give a consistent message, the more people are going to start to understand what we need to do.


OK, and everybody sort of understands all that we can do, which is social distance, worst mass. That's about it. That's about it. And then there are experts who are saying things that don't make tons of sense. So, for example, Ezekiel Emanuel yesterday, he said we have to reduce the amount of time kids are spending with other kids.


Why? Seriously, why? My kids are in camp right now. They should be in camp right now. The reason that they're at home today is because they came down with some cold symptoms. So if they're sick, we isolate them. If they're not sick, we don't isolate them. And that's pretty much it because it turns out that kids giving this thing to other kids is not killing kids. In fact, there's a study out of Japan today and demonstrates at school closures carried out in Japan did not show any mitigating effect on the transmission of novel Corona virus infection.


Again, not a great shock. Schools are not the chief transmission vectors here, but here is equal. Emmanual yesterday saying we have to reduce the amount of time kids are spending with other kids.


Doing things indoors has to be limit that. You have to what's called the densify, reduce the number of children to allow physicals, distancing. You have to have face mask for the older children. You have to not use the cafeteria where crowding can take place. So you have to think through every step of the process and, you know, reduce the crowds, reduce the congestion, reduce time that kids spend with other kids and teachers.


OK, well, no, you can also just have younger teachers teaching young kids. But again, lockdown has become the all purpose solution to all of this. And this is political because of lockdowns for the all purpose solution. And Trump isn't saying lock down and Trump is the bad guy. So some of this is just plainly political. Eric Garcetti was pushing this yesterday. Eric Garcetti, our idiot mayor here in Los Angeles. He said yesterday he's going to shut off the power to any place holding an unregistered gathering or party.


He's literally just going to cut off the water. I have no idea how this is possibly legal. Is also the same idiot, Eric Garcetti, who's out there protesting without a mask in the middle of the BLM protests with a bunch of other people without masks. Meanwhile, in New York City, they have announced that they are going to be setting up quarantine checkpoints. So Bill de Blasio is saying that they are going to announce ten thousand dollar fines and checkpoints for any traveler that flouts New York City quarantine.


Meanwhile, he's not opening anything in New York City. So I'm not sure why you why does he care about quarantine when everything is to lockdown? Seriously, everybody still in their house? And what exactly is he so worried about here? Is Bill de Blasio saying something that probably is also patently illegal. I have no idea how how Bill de Blasio has the power to teach, to tell people who are coming in from out of state that they have to pay a fine or lock down or not.


I don't know how that's legally possible.


So starting today, we're going to do something new in New York City. We will have checkpoints at key entry points to the city. Travelers coming in from those states will be given information about the quarantine that will be reminded that it is required, not optional. They'll be reminded that failure to quarantine is a violation of state law, and it comes with serious penalties that under certain circumstances of fines can be as high as 10000 dollars.


So this doesn't sound totalitarian at all. You come into the state of New York, you go to New York City and what he's going to shut down all the bridges and the tunnels, bane from Batmen, like what in the world is going on here? I will say one of my favorite things about New York State politics is the gap between Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio. Basically, if de Blasio takes a position, Cuomo hate his guts until he will immediately take the reverse position.


Shockingly, Andrew Cuomo is now the voice of reason in New York. So Andrew Cuomo yesterday was telling Bill de Blasio, do not raise taxes on people in New York City and who's begging rich people to come back to New York City because the tax base is basically gone. Welcome to the Republican Party, Andrew Cuomo. And reality finally hit.


I literally talk to people all day long who are now in the Hamptons house, who also lived here or in their Hudson Valley house or in the Connecticut weekend house. And I say, you've got to come back. When are you coming back? We'll go to dinner, buy a drink, come over. I'll cook. They're not coming back right now.


And then he says one percent of the population is paying 50 percent of all the taxes. Welcome to the Republican Party Governor Andrew Cuomo, who's realizing that raising taxes randomly on high earners drives them out of major cities and out of major states. OK, in just a second, we're going to get to the continuing cultural battle over whether America sucks or not. Oprah has now taken aside a woman with two point six dollars billion who rose from abject poverty to become one most powerful people on Earth.


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All right, so meanwhile, our cultural battles continue apace, and putting aside the insanity over covid and the presidential election, the deeper battles in the country continue to be over the nature of America and whether America is fundamentally good or whether it fundamentally is not. My book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps on the New York Times bestseller list again this week. That book is all about this gap, this gap between people who believe that America inherently sucks and people who believe that America's founding principles were good, imperfectly realized over time, but increasingly perfectly realized over time that in the former category, people who think Americans are a great many people will have benefited inordinately from America, people who grew up in abject poverty, in the direst of circumstances and have become insanely powerful and wealthy.


One of those people, case a one, would be Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey. Her life story is truly an American miracle. I mean, this is a person who was in the worst circumstances and just terrible personal circumstances, endemic poverty. And she somehow makes her way to be worth two point six billion dollars. You don't like half the island of Maui. That didn't stop her yesterday from denouncing America's white privilege. She says that if you're white, you have this privilege no matter what.


He was Oprah Winfrey yesterday.


White people, there are white people who are not as powerful as the system of white people, the caste system that's been put in place, but they still, no matter where they are on the rung of the ladder of success, they still have their whiteness.


And while they still have their whiteness, I mean, I would trade my whiteness right now for for Oprah Winfrey. Well, that seems like a really, really solid deal, frankly. In fact, I would trade my whiteness for like like I don't care about my whiteness. I think most people don't care very much about the color of their skin. And if they do, I think that they're spending their time in life on the wrong things. And I don't see why your color of your skin should define you.


It seems like there are many, many other attributes about you as a character and as a human being that should define you. But for Oprah Winfrey, she's now pushing this new book called Cast. This is written by the same person who suggested that there have been only three durable caste systems in world history, Nazi Germany, the United States and India, which is patently crazy. Caste, unfortunately, is a feature of a wide variety of cultures and subcultures all around the Earth.


And the notion that the United States has a durable caste system today in 2020 is patently crazy. It's insane. It's insane. And nonetheless, Oprah Winfrey pushed that one yesterday as well. And at this point, you have to imagine yourself, what does she like? Does she really believe that black Americans don't have any opportunity in a country where she went from absolute poverty to being one of the wealthiest people on Earth? Does she believe that she's the only exception because she obviously is not?


The average black income in the United States is fifty eight thousand dollars a year. The median household income in the United States for black Americans is forty one thousand dollars a year. Black Americans are richer than any other African origin people. Anywhere on earth, black Canadians do not earn as much as black Americans or black workers not earn as much as black Americans, black black people in Africa do not earn as much as black Americans. So if the idea is that the United States is uniquely terrible, I'm just wondering what the evidence is for the United States being uniquely terrible.


You can make that case when Jim Crow is in place. Certainly. Obviously, you can make that case when slavery was in place. Certainly. And obviously, you can't make that case very well today when we've had a two term black president of the United States overwhelmingly elected, we we've had black people in nearly every powerful position in the United States. And which is great. I mean, that's a good to all of us is a good thing.


I mean, I have like Barack Obama, but it says something good about our country that we elected a black man, president of the United States in a majority white country. That's a pretty amazing thing that's unprecedented in virtually all of world history. But apparently, apparently critical race theory, which is the theory that we can all basically eat melted down into our into our racial essentials. And so if you're white, your essential is that you are privileged at the expense of black people.


And if you're black, then you are racially a into victimhood at the hands of white Americans. And that that leads to the predictable result that any disparity between black and white is the system at work. So that's how you get from Kennedy, who literally says this. He literally says any inequality between black and white is attributable to the system. You get from Kennedy on MSNBC suggesting that when black people die at higher rates of covid, that suggests that there is something wrong with the society.


He's going to have to explain in which society black people are not dying at higher rates than white people literally across. You're a black people are dying at higher rates than white people. I do not understand what is his control in order to make the sort of claim. It's pretty far reaching claim, you have to have a control group. What's his control group here? If the problem is covid racial disparities, black people being two and a half times more likely to die of, of course, with 19, we need to realize that it's not because there's something wrong with black people.


It's because there's something wrong with our policy. If there's something wrong with society, there's something wrong with that, that black and brown people are more likely to have to essentially be essential workers. They can't work from home or they're more likely to live in polluted neighborhoods. They're less likely to have access to health insurance or high quality care. And and those are systemic issues that need to be changed.


Now, you're talking about class issues. He's not talking about race issues. There are a lot of poor white people who are working there. A lot of poor white people live in polluted neighborhoods. But everything boils down to racial essentialism. The problem is that all this is incredibly counterproductive. So there's a study that demonstrates pretty significant and clearly that the sort of diversity training where you hire Robin D'Angelo or Abraham Kennedy to tell all of your white staffers how racist they are, that sort of training not only doesn't work, it causes an enormous amount of racial tension.


There's a good piece over at the conversation Dotcom by Amnicola and associate professor of history at Carleton College and Jet and Jeffrey Aaron Snyder, another associate professor over at Carleton College, all about diversity training. And here's what they say. In terms of reducing bias and promoting equal opportunity, diversity training has failed spectacularly, according to the expert assessment of sociologist Frank Dobbyn and Alexandra Khaleb and David Khaleb evaluated the impact of diversity training and more than 800 companies over three decades.


They found that the positive effects are short lived and that compulsory training generates resistance and resentment. A company is better off doing nothing and mandatory diversity training, Calev concluded. Some of the most popular training approaches are of dubious value. There's evidence, for example, introducing people to the most commonly used readings about white privilege and reduce sympathy for poor whites, especially among social liberals. Actually, what those studies tend to show is that social liberals don't feel better about black people.


They just feel worse about white people. There's also evidence that emphasizing cultural differences across racial groups can lead to an increased belief in fundamental biological differences among races, which means that well intentioned efforts to celebrate diversity may, in fact reinforce racial stereotyping. The main beneficiaries of these people are the diversity trainers themselves who've been able to rake in oodles of cash, obviously. So if it doesn't work at companies, how do you think works for a country when you decide to re-educate the entire country that America is a racially essentialist caste system and you suggest that every inequality is a reflection of the evils of the United States?


Do you think that's going to result in more anger or do you think that it's going to result in a diverse new tolerance? What do you think the answer is? More anger and also more stupidity? This is one of my favorite stories ever. It's pretty spectacular story. Mashable reports it, but it was all over the Internet yesterday. Quote, What first seemed to be a tragic story. A professor was forced to work in person and later died of covid now seems to be a strange hoax.


Multiple reports and information uncovered from online sleuths suggest the Twitter account silencing by who claimed to be a bisexual professor of Native American descent may have actually been fake. It appears it was the creation of Bethanne McGlaughlin, the head of a group called Me to STEM, which aims to fight sexual harassment in scientific fields. In June, the account silencing by claims on Twitter and her employer, Arizona State University, forced her to deliver lectures in person in April to two hundred students, which led her to get covid on July 31st.


McGlaughlin announced from her Twitter accounts McLennon that syncing by had died from covid-19. But as you official said, it had no reports of a faculty member dying from the coronavirus and that it never employed a professor matching syncing by description. University also closed its campus in March, so it could have been classes in April, as you spokesperson Katy Paquette told BuzzFeed News. We've been looking into this for the last twenty four hours and cannot verify any connection with the university.


We've been in touch with several deans and faculty members. No one can identify the accounts or who might be behind it. The accounts had apparently tweeted for years about their experiences as an indigenous woman being LGBTQ in academic circles and more recently, their long, drawn out suffering from covid-19. Lots of folks familiar with this particular corner of science, Twitter, pointed out inconsistency with the stories including and now inaccessible instances where they apparently used stock images to accompany apparent real life experiences.


McLaughlan denied she created sentencing by out of whole cloth, but did admit she had access to the accounts, she claimed that as far as she knew, this account did die of covid-19. She said she got that from a family contact. McLaughlan has reportedly declined to reveal syncing BI's actual identity and also said she had met her in real life. After the alleged death, McLaughlan seemed to suggest they were in an intimate relationship, tweeting, looking at her side of the bed and crying, just a lot of crying.


I literally can do nothing. This is not the first instance of controversy surrounding the Loflin, a March report from Science magazine Detailed and McGlaughlin while hosting ME2, STEM allegedly sidelined people of color and bullied volunteers, activists and fellow leaders. In other words, this is a crazy leftie lady who was using all of the trappings and all the hallmarks of folk culture in order to get ahead, in order to generate sympathy for an agenda that she was pushing. That says something about where the halls of power in America truly lie, does it not?


You don't see a lot of people who are seeking power, attempting to ape conservatives like pretend to be a conservative. You don't see that a lot. You don't see a lot of people who want power attempting to be white. That's not you don't have reverse Rachel Dolezal. And that is an indicator of where power lies in a society, right during Jim Crow.


It was a fairly common and horrific thing. I mean, horrifically, that anybody felt that they needed to do this, that light skinned black people would sometimes attempt to pass for white. Right. This is a very, very there been a number of famous novels on this particular topic because white was power for a lot of American history. Well, now they're not a lot of black people masquerading as white people. But you will see a Rachel Dolezal attempting to be black and here you will see a professor pretending to be a bisexual Native American woman.


The halls of power are replete with the diversity crew, and that is where people are attempting to pander in order to get ahead, which says something about where America stands. It doesn't say that America is deeply intolerant of diversity. It says precisely the opposite, that we are so militantly in favor of diversity that will swallow any stupid thing put forth so long as you slap a diversity label on it.


All right. We'll be back here tomorrow with with more content or later today with a couple additional hours of content. You're listening to the bench of your show. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to. We're available on Apple podcast Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts, also, be sure to check out the other daily WYO podcasts, including the Andrew Clavon Show, The Michael Moore Show and The Matt Walsh Show.


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Joe Biden forgets about his cognitive decline. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey tells poor white people that they have a whole lot of privilege. And Millard Fillmore gets canceled. A hundred and seventy years after the compromise in 1850. Shocking, shocking stuff. Plus the mailbag. Check it out on The Michael Moore Show.