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Seattle's black female police chief quit as the city council cuts her salary, America looks for a new normal as the media continue pushing covid panic and Joe Biden makes final VPI preparations. I'm bishop and this is Bishop in the his house at.


Today's Ben Shapiro show, Bishop in the Hizzy is sponsored by Express VPI, and your online activity shouldn't be public. Protect yourself inexpressive epn dot com slash Ben. All right, so there's actual news happening as the world turns and things actually happen and people discover that occasionally. I read rap lyrics on this show. Well, I mean, people find things out on the Internet all the time, don't they? Like several years late. So in any case, our cities are burning.


So there's that the cities continue to burn. But the good news is that all the good white liberals over in Seattle have now basically forced the resignation of the black female Seattle police chief, which makes perfect sense because she was really bad at her job in that she actually wanted to police crime. And the people of Seattle don't want her to police crime or at least the city council does not want her to police crime. And so they've now forced her resignation.


Her name is Carmen Best, and she has spent an awful lot of time pointing out that the that the Seattle City Council has basically allowed crime to run roughshod through the city, that they allowed the setting up of an alternative republic trash shop in the middle of Seattle. Now she is out. So the good white folks, the good white folk liberals have decided that in the name of racial justice, the black female police chief of Seattle had to go.


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When it comes to insurance, it is nice to get it right. Go check them out. Right now, policy genius, Dotcom. So, as I mentioned, the Seattle police chief, Carmen Best has now stepped down, according to the Q13 Fox dot com, the Seattle Fox Seattle police chief coming best is going to resign. Two sources familiar with her decision confirmed to Brandi Kruse of Q13. The decision comes after the Seattle City Council voted to slash the department's budget and voted to slash her particular salary by one hundred thousand dollars.


So it's great the white person who occupied her position before was being paid a hundred thousand dollars more. They had to make sure the black lady got her salary cut by one hundred thousand dollars for a bunch of Wolke. White people could run roughshod through the city and or a racialized army could take over the middle of Seattle for two months on end and then shoot people and prevent the police from getting in to well done. Everybody in Seattle, the council on Monday approved proposals that would reduce the police department by up to one hundred officers through layoffs and attrition.


Chief Best was vocal in her opposition to the cuts. Budget cuts approved by the council will eliminate nearly four million dollars of the department's four hundred million dollar annual budget. While the cuts fell well short of what Black Lives Matter protesters were demanding, council members pledged further cuts in twenty twenty one. A call to Chief Bastia went unanswered on Monday night, and Mayor Jennings, Harkin's office, did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment. She was the first black woman to lead the SPD.


She said about the proposal to cut her pay by 40 percent. Quote, I do feel like it's animus toward me specifically. She's well respected by the rank and file inside the department. I remember when she was hired and there was controversy over whether she was going to be soft on crime. And she obviously was not because nobody in Seattle is soft on crime enough. Nobody in Seattle is soft on crime. Enough, Carmen best certainly was not. And so Carmen best has to go.


And then it's amazing. The media wonder why in the world is crime spiking all over the United States? Why is crime spiking all over the United States? Well, I have a couple of ideas of why crime is spiking all over the United States. So do the folks over The Daily Caller. Peter Hassin, who writes for The Daily Caller, has a good report today talking about how Left-Wing prosecutors are basically letting criminals off the hook in major cities around the United States.


According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, wing prosecutors have implemented soft on crime approaches to criminal justice across America, in some instances making it a matter of policy in major cities not to prosecute specific crimes. A common, though not universal feature of prominent left wing district attorneys is the backing of Political Organizations Fund, funded by George Soros. And let me know, the criticism of George Soros here is not because he is Jewish. The criticism is because he is awful in the organizations he chooses to fund in the United States.


He's just as up for that criticism as anybody else. Cook County, Illinois state attorney Kimberly Fox, whose jurisdiction includes Chicago, took office in 2017 after winning her election with the help of the Soros funded super PAC. Soros poured more than 400000 dollars into Illinois Justice and Public Safety PAC in 2016. Illinois State Board of Election Records show she was the only candidate Fox the PAC supported in 2016. She announced in December 2016 that her office would not charge shoplifters with felonies unless they either had more than 10 previous felony convictions, ten previous felony convictions, or if they stole more than a thousand dollars worth of goods.


The previous lower level was three hundred dollars. Store owners blame Fox's policies in December twenty nineteen for what they said was a string of brazen thefts targeting their businesses. And then Fox announced in June she wouldn't prosecute protesters charged with minor crimes like curfew violations and disorderly conduct. Multiple analyses of Fox's record have found significant decreases in prosecutions since she took office. The Chicago Tribune on Monday reported that Fox dropped all charges against thirty percent of all defendants in her first three years in office.


Her predecessor, a woman named Anita Alvarez, who was a Democrat and also soft on crime, dropped charges against twenty percent of defendants in her final three years on the job. A separate study from the Marshall Project, a nonprofit supporting criminal justice reform, found Fox dropped thousands of cases that would have been prosecuted by her predecessors, not just her. Suffolk County, Massachusetts district attorney Rachel Rollin's, whose jurisdiction includes Boston, campaigned in twenty eighteen on a list of 15 crimes her office would not prosecute as a matter of policy, including trespassing, wanton or malicious destruction of property, shoplifting and larceny under two hundred and fifty dollars.


The Boston Herald reported on May 20 19, an attempted shoplifter was shocked when he was arrested for allegedly pilfering more than one hundred dollars worth of goods from the local store in realize that he was outside Rollins's jurisdiction. He said he knew that he wouldn't be prosecuted, thanks to Rollins's policies, but unfortunately, he was in the neighboring city. It's not just Rollin's either. Philadelphia district attorney Larry Kretzmer is a former defense attorney who had never prosecuted a case before becoming Philadelphia's top prosecutor, George Soros put one point four or five million dollars into a superPAC superPAC backing Krassner in the Democratic primary in May 2017, he said in an NBC News podcast interview last month.


Law enforcement agencies point to repeat offenders as evidence of the need for harsher sentences. But he says that he rejects that view. Quote, The list, all of the arrests they've had, all the contacts they've had is if what they are doing is explaining that these people are of terrible character and that explains this phenomenon. But they're not saying is the system has engaged this person, arrested this person 15 times, convicted them seven times, put them in jail four times and nothing worked at all failed.


They're not owning that. It's in other words, when a person is repeat criminal to the tune of dozens of crimes, then that's not because the person is a bad person. It's because the system is a bad system, which is totally wild. And is it any shock that homicides this year in Philadelphia are up 30 percent compared to the same time period last year? It should not be. In San Francisco, District Attorney Tracy Bowden pledged during his campaign that certain quality of life crimes, including public urination, would not be prosecuted by his office.


So people peeing freely in and doing heroin on the streets of San Francisco, it's all great. Bowdon said in a July twenty nineteen twenty 19 interview that he would challenge the legitimacy of laws by not bringing certain charges. He said the types of charges a D.A. declines to bring has a ripple effect and changes the culture of a community, citing prostitution as an example of a crime he would not prosecute. He said he would not prosecute contraband charges that originated as minor traffic infractions.


Also, he stopped using gang affiliation status in sentencing enhancement, so makes it easier for gangs. Really solid stuff at major cities across the United States, and then we wonder why, why in the world is crime increasing across the board, why we're getting rid of the cops? And meanwhile, we have these who are pledging openly that they want to allow criminals to run roughshod through cities. Why? It's just it's also puzzling. It's superduper puzzling. The New York Times, in fact, had a headline yesterday wondering openly what could have created this violence in Chicago.


I mean, it's just it's so confusing. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma. I mean, it's wow. We need Sherlock Holmes on this one. According to The New York Times, Chicago police arrested more than 100 people after looting batters downtown. This was just yesterday. All summer demonstrators have marched through Chicago to protest police misconduct, reported The New York Times. In many neighborhoods, gun violence has been unrelenting, soaring to levels not seen in decades.


The coronavirus pandemic is resurging now, sickening hundreds of people a day. Then early Monday morning, hundreds of people spurred by a police shooting and by calls on social media to take action in the gleaming heart of the city converged on Magnificent Mile, Chicago's most famous shopping district. They broke windows, looted stores and clashed with the police. A chaotic and confusing scene that prompted city officials to briefly raise bridges downtown and halt nearby public transit to stem the unrest.


Two people were shot. At least 13 police officers were injured. Apparently, people were literally on the upper levels of buildings and they were throwing planters down on the heads of cops in Chicago, OK, which is assault with a deadly weapon. Events instantly played into a broader political dynamic of the season in which President Trump has regularly portrayed Chicago as a poorly governed hotbed of violent crime. It's about how Trump portrayed it. It's not that it's a poorly governed hotbed of violent crime.


It's that Trump keeps preferring it that way. That's the real issue here. Republicans pounce, pouncing. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, expressed fury over the violence and ordered limited access to downtown starting on Monday evening. Apparently, they shut down Myracle. They shut down Magnificent Mile between like eight p.m. and 6:00 a.m., which is really good for business, obviously. Lightfoot still said, we don't need federal troops in Chicago, period, full stop, she said everything is is is still everything still OK?


She said at a news conference. We're waking up in shock this morning. What occurred downtown and in surrounding communities was abject criminal behavior, pure and simple. Oh, was it or was it about when Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked, for example, like, maybe it's because you guys refused to actually stop crime. That crime is rising in your city. She's like, stop beating us, stop beating us media. Stop that. It almost sounds as though you're saying this is the reason we have it is because the courts and the prosecutors were not doing their job, that they were going too easy on the looters from the last time around.


Take it from me. Let's be clear. Something us OK, this is a better start. Do not say this. This is a serious situation. People are concerned about their safety.


I love that the police superintendent was about to step step in and be like, yes, that's exactly what we're saying. We're saying that you guys keep letting criminals out of jail and that we are being hamstrung from doing our job. And then Lori Lightfoot is like, stop aiding us, stop it. You're going need to stop beating us right now. That's not beating. That's an honest question. By the way, aren't those attacks on a free press?


Every time Trump gets a little bit mad at the media, every time he gets a little uppity with the media, Trump, then everybody's like, wow, that's an attack on a free press. Lawrence-Lightfoot They're saying, stop beating us when somebody asks for a perfectly legit question about her own garbage policy areas. Well, you know, that's Lori Lightfoot, slate, clean slate. We'll get to more of this in a second. But by the way, the Chicago police superintendent, for his part, he was asked about this.


He said this is pure criminality. This has nothing to do with social justice. So we'll get to that in here.


He was here with us yesterday, 400 officers were dispatched to our downtown as the officers arrived to our downtown. The first incident happened at a store near the eighty seventh and the Dan Ryan Expressway. Soon, car caravans were headed into the loop. This was not an organized protest. Rather, this was an incident of pure criminality. This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city.


But don't worry if we ask why that happened, that's the problem. As we'll see from The New York Times, people are puzzled, puzzled. How could any of this have happened in America's major cities? I mean, it's like when you remove the cops and you tell the criminals they can have free reign over the city, bad things happen. But it's a mystery. No one understands, guys. And if you say you understand this because you're baiting people, we'll get to that in just one second.


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OK, so the New York Times is absolutely puzzled as to how this could have happened in New York. Let's listen to the way this is covered. Well, and in Chicago, quote, The event left Chicagoans shaken and wondering what had sparked the burst of vandalism that destroyed storefronts and littered sidewalks with debris on one of the most recognizable avenues in the city since spring, downtown Chicago has often had a quiet, eerie feel without the hordes of tourists and commuters that usually fill the sidewalks, theaters, restaurants and bars.


Office vacancies remain high because of fears over covid and previous bad. Some civil unrest earlier this summer have also kept crowds low. Reverend Corey Brooks, a pastor on Chicago's South Side, said these last few months have been tremendously difficult for a lot of people. People are hurting financially, emotionally, psychologically. There's a lot of suffering going on. What happened last night sets us back even more. It's so confusing. It's so confusing. What could have happened in the light of day?


There were many questions over whether the violence had resulted because of different versions of what had happened in this police shooting. OK, here's what happened. There's a 20 year old guy in an alley. There's a report that he was running around the gun. The cops arrived. He tried to shoot them and then they shot him. OK, that's what happened. Quickly, rumors started going around that they had shot a 15 year old who was unarmed. And then people were like, you know what, great opportunity to go smash and grab some stuff over in the middle of Chicago Loop.


But it's so mysterious, so mysterious, how could this have all happened? I mean, aside from a media that will immediately jump on any story of a black person being shot by the police and not wait for any of the details to come out and a political class that will repeat lies about situations like that. I mean, Joe Biden yesterday was literally retweeting lies about Michael Brown's death in St. Louis. Hey, Michael Brown, it's been found by multiple different investigations, including the Obama DOJ attacked a police officer and then tried to attack a police officer again before he was shot.


And still a Democratic factotum has become this idea that Michael Brown was an innocent who was shot in cold blood with his hands up, which is not true. So the combination of the media that is deeply irresponsible on racial issues and deeply irresponsible on the shootings that the police sometimes are forced to do, and a Democratic Party infrastructure that repeats open lies about what happens under many circumstances. That combination combined with, again, a deeply irresponsible media that pretends that rioting and looting are a legitimate form of protest and a Democratic Party that is willing to allow criminality to go unchecked, I can't imagine how that heady brew resulted in the rise in crime that is devastating cities across the country.


Detroit's police chief, by the way, saying the same thing, so crime is up in Detroit, which again, trending up in Detroit is is like saying that the sun rises in the morning in crime is always up in Detroit. So the fact that it's up even more in Detroit is is disquieting to Detroit's police chief guy named James Craig. He said, you know, what's been happening here are these false narratives perpetuated by criminals and then repeated by the media, which, of course, is right.


One of the things that we saw here in Detroit, almost eerily similar to what happened last night in Chicago, a false narrative was perpetrated by these criminals very quickly and indicated a unarmed teen was shot and then call for people to come downtown loot. One similarity is that the criminals try to do the same thing here in Detroit. About three weeks ago, when our officers were fired upon and we ended up using deadly force, they put out a false narrative that we shot an unarmed African-American man seated on his porch.


Totally false.


OK, and what have the media done to debunk these things? Nothing. All they do is they just light a fire under all of this. And then if you say, you know what, we need more cops, we need to stop the crime, then you're the bad guy. Now, here's the thing. It's not just conservative people saying this. As it turns out, there are lots of people who live in these cities who would like to see more cops.


In fact, 81, according to a recent Gallup poll, 81 percent of black Americans say they want to see at least the same level of policing or more policing in their communities. That is not the narrative you'll hear from the media. That's not the narrative you hear from Democrats. That's why you get all these white WOAK idiots in Seattle, basically forcing the black female police chief out of her job in Seattle and noting that the huge number of America's major cities, if not a majority, a very large minority.


Of the police force is itself a minority in Los Angeles, where the police are constantly criticized, a majority of the police force is minority in Washington, D.C., a majority of the police force is minority. In New York City, about 50 percent of the police force is minority. In Chicago, about 50 percent of the police force minority like what are you talking about here, like the cops are systemically racist and we remove the cops and the criminals should be allowed free rein and then the crime rates go up and everybody's like, mystery, mystery.


How could it have happened? The only people who don't like this stuff are the people who actually have to live in these cities. At a certain point, they're going have to stop voting for four damned morons if they want to have their city back, because otherwise, as I am more and more frequently quoting H.L. Mencken here, the American people get what they deserve, good and hard. If you keep voting for the same politicians who do this kind of crap, then you shouldn't be surprised when they are breaking into the nicest areas of your city and smashing and grabbing things and shooting people in the worst parts of the city.


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It turns out that there are a lot of black lawmakers who are not particularly fond of the idea that the cops are the problem. According to The New York Times, with New York City on the cusp of cutting one billion dollars from the police department, a city councilwoman, Vanessa Gibson, told her colleagues enough was enough. She acknowledged some council members spurred by the movement to defund police or seeking to slash even more from the department's budget. But she pointed out her constituents did not agree they want to see cops in the community, said Miss Gibson.


By the way, why did it take The New York Times months to report on this month's? Why was it that for months it was the cops were the bad guys and then, you know, maybe we ought to ask some actual black people living in heavily crime ridden areas like what they think about the cops? Maybe maybe we ought to, like, survey that as opposed to surveying the heavily white population of The New York Times editorial board. Maybe we should stop asking Paul Krugman about policing in the inner cities and maybe we should start asking, you know, the impoverished person living in a crime ridden area who just wants a job and to raise their children and safety.


Well done. Mainstream media. Well done. Miss Gibson said they want to see cops in the community, they don't want to see excessive force, but they want to be safe as they go to the store. Miss Gibson is not a conservative politician speaking on behalf of an affluent district. She's a liberal black Democrat who represents the West Bronx. Her stance reflects a growing ideological rift over policing in one of the country's liberal bastions. It is a clash across racial, ideological and generational lines that is dividing black and Latino council members in New York City.


The discord illustrates how complicated the nation's struggle with his legacy of racial oppression and discriminatory policing has become. Know, what it really reflects is the fact that the media refused to cover the fact that cops generally do a very, very good job and keep people safe, which is why, again, it is an eight to two proposition in the black community. Same number of police or more. That is an 80 20 proposition. Nothing. If you just watch the media coverage of the past few months, you think it's an 80 20 proposition the other way that black Americans are desperate to get the cops out.


That is not correct. It has not been correct for decades. Hey, what might have been justifiable in a time when the cops were literally an instrument of racial oppression, particularly in the Jim Crow South? It has not been true for decades in the United States when the chief methodology of relieving poverty is ensuring that people can go to work without their store being robbed, that their kids can go to school without being shot by a gang member. Lori Kumbo, a black councilwoman from Brooklyn who's a majority leader, compared calls to defund the police to colonization pushed by white progressives.


Correct, correct is a bunch of ass hat white woak leftists who are pushing policies that hurt disproportionately minority populations. Robert Cornick Jr., a black councilman, called the movement political gentrification. Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark, New Jersey, called defunding the police a bourgeois liberal solution for addressing systemic racism. Yeah, no, no bleep Sherlock. Correct. During the debate, black and Latino council members representing both poor and middle class communities of color, including Brownsville, Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens, wanted to take a measured approach to measured approach to cutting the police budget.


White progressives allied with some Latino council members from gentrifying and racially mixed neighborhoods and to black council members called for more aggressive reductions and reforms. Of course. Of course they did. So the people who are least affected by bad policy are the ones who are calling for the greatest change. Who could have predicted such a thing? We definitely need to hear from upper class communist Mayor Bill de Blasio talking about the needs of of lower income black Americans living in high crime gang infested areas.


Clearly, we need to hear from Bill de Blasio. We must we need to hear from the all white team over at the nation on this. When can we hear from the Daily Kos? Very, very important stuff. By thirty two to 17 vote, the council with Mr. Bill de Blasio support eventually passed in eighty eight point two billion dollar budget that included a reduction in police funding. The one billion dollar cut was mostly cosmetic moving responsibilities from the two other agencies.


The size of the force will barely change, says the New York Times. Nearly all the votes were cast by white conservatives. Opposed to reductions are white and Latino council members who wanted deeper cuts. Corey Johnson, council speaker, said he would prefer to cut more, but he wanted to defer to his black and Latino colleagues who raised concerns about the safety of their neighborhoods. If you wanted to defer to them, why wouldn't you increase the funding for cops?


That's what you need. How it became a honestly, how it became a controversial proposition that high crime areas require more police officers. It's dereliction of media duty, but that is what we've been watching, because the narrative matters far, far more than the reality of people living lives in health and happiness, guaranteed the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. It remains an absolutely incredible feat that boggles the imagination that so many white folk lefties have been able to completely ignore the actual needs that every American citizen deserves for law and order.


It isn't one or is not a racist slogan. One order is the way that you prevent predation and predation against all Americans. In just a second, we're going to get to bizarre news from Russia. Russia is now saying that they have a vaccine for covid. Suffice it to say that I have doubts. I have some doubts. We'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about a great gift, something great that you can get for your parents.


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Get an incredible 40 percent off your first order while supplies last. Go check them out right now. OK. Meanwhile, in covid land, Russia now says that they have approved a coronavirus vaccine for use in tens of thousands of its citizens, despite international skepticism about injections that have not completed clinical trials and were studied and only dozens of people for less than two months, according to the AP. Now, Russia has sort of a national interest in presenting itself as the leader on the on the bleeding edge of fighting covid Vladimir Putin, in unsurprising fashion, announced that he'd injected his own daughter with his name.


Given the history of Russian leaders and their treatment of their own children is not supremely surprising, Putin said while announcing the approval one of his two adult daughters was already inoculated. He said the vaccine underwent the necessary tests and was shown to provide lasting immunity to covid. Russian authorities have to this point offered zero proof to back up their claims of safety or effectiveness, he says, I know it has proven efficient and forms a stable immunity. Scientists in Russia and other countries sounding the alarm.


They said you haven't even had like a phase three trial yet. There's phase one is like you develop a vaccine. Phase three is where you have widespread human trials. They haven't even done that like at all. Fast track approval will not make Russia the leader in the vaccine race, it will just expose consumers of the vaccine to unnecessary danger, said Russia's Association of Clinical Trials organization. They urged the government to postpone clearing the vaccine without completing advanced trials.


The vaccine, developed by the Malaysia Institute in Moscow, uses a different virus the common cold causing adenovirus that's been modified to carry genes for the spike protein that coats the coronavirus as a way to prime the body to recognize if a real covid-19 infection comes along. That is similar to the vaccines being developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca. Well, we're going to find out in pretty short order whether this thing works or whether Russia is just rushing out an untested vaccine in order to, quote, unquote, win the race.


Russia apparently is going to inject all its health care workers with this thing. So that's a little scary and another reason why Russia is not, in fact, a wonderful place to live. Meanwhile, there's some serious talk now about, you know, how we actually live with this thing, how we live with it, because the reality is that even when a vaccine is developed, you don't know what it will be, 100 percent effective. We don't know how many people will take it.


We don't know how long it will be effective for. There's still lots of questions here. And people are upbeat about the possibility of a vaccine. The Goldman Sachs was suggesting yesterday that the vaccine would be developed by Q2 of twenty twenty one. Well, last I checked the calendar, it is only Q3 right now of twenty twenties. That is a long time when we're all supposed to basically, what, hide in our houses and cower in silence. And that's really silly.


I've been pointing out for months, months and months at this point that there is a vast difference between if you are twenty and you get covered and you are 80 and you get covered, you get you're 18, you get covered solid chance. It kills you if you are 20 and you get covered young dying from it. Statistically speaking, the number of people who have died from covid at age 20 is Minuit. It is my nood. In fact, if you compare the the chances of death at age 80 from covid to the chances of death for each prior 20 years, just cut it by about 10 times.


So you are ten times less likely to die of it. If you are 60 than if you're 80, you're 100 times less likely to die of covid if you are 40 than if you are 80 and you are 1000 times less likely to die of covid. If you are 20, then if you're 80, which is to say if you're 20, you're not statistically speaking, you're not dying of covid like there are rare occasions in which people will die of covid at the age of 20.


To pretend that this is some sort of rationale for shutting down society for 20 year olds is utterly nuts. It's utterly nuts. And we should also be very skeptical of people who suggest that when a 20 year old gets covid and then doesn't die of covid and is basically fine of covid, something terrible has happened. When a young person obtains covid and doesn't infect somebody old, something good has happened, the person is now presumably immune to covid, which means they cannot pass it.


And so the media have been treating it as though each additional diagnosed case is in and of itself a disaster, if a 15 year old is diagnosed with carbon and doesn't infect somebody who's vulnerable and then has a cold for a week. That is not only not the end of the world, something good has happened, we have moved toward herd immunity. I know we're not supposed to talk about herd immunity, but there's some pretty good evidence that herd immunity has already been reached in Sweden, for example.


There's a there's a pretty good there's there's pretty good evidence that Sweden got it right. OK, so the death numbers in Sweden are not good. The reason is that numbers in Sweden are not good because they didn't protect their nursing homes properly at the very beginning. But if you look at their day on day cases and their day on day deaths at this point and they never shut down.


And what you see is that Sweden is actually now in great shape. Sweden is now in excellent shape. And as I say, they have now been dropping fairly precipitously in the rankings of deaths per million population. So Sweden started up near the top of the list. Sweden is now down to number eight. They rank just above Chile and the United States and 571 deaths per million. But they're stagnant, which means they're going to stay there. Now, Brazil will surpass them.


The United States will probably surpass them at some point. France, I think, will probably surpass them. I think Mexico will probably surpass them. The Netherlands may surpass them depending on how this thing washes through the population. Bottom line is the evidence from pretty much everywhere is that what happens? This thing washes through the population, either protect those who are vulnerable or you do not. And it's pretty much the only choice you have right now. If you look at the daily new cases in Sweden, they've been stagnant daily new cases yesterday in Sweden.


One hundred and thirty nine, one hundred and thirty nine cases in Sweden, daily new deaths in Sweden. I'm going to read you for the last couple of weeks, one, two, three one zero one one two. OK, so Swedens curve looks exactly like you would expect when you reach herd immunity because they didn't shut down. And guess what, Mascheroni in Sweden is actually not much of a thing. They've been doing some social distancing, not a lot of mask wearing.


It's below 10 percent of the population wears a mask. This is not a case. They shouldn't wear a mask when you are in a public area, a crowded area. Sweden has a much healthier population and younger population than the United States. Typically speaking, the rule about masks is that it is meant basically to protect other people from your disease. So if you have covered, you're protecting somebody who is 60 and obese or you're protecting grandma from it.


And that's a good thing. That's a good thing. You want to slow the spread. But the notion that we have to prevent 20 year olds from going to parties or that 20 year old partying like what we saw over the weekend, Lori Lightfoot getting very mad. There was some sort of LGBT party in which there are a bunch of people out in the park and she like, shut it down. And she was tweeting about how terrible this was.


Meanwhile, the Chicago Loop was getting completely ransacked and nothing horrifying was happening there. Nothing horrifying was happening there. If there's a block party with a bunch of 20 year olds who then don't go home and infect their families.


It ain't bad, it isn't like, honestly, colleges should be open right now. Colleges should be open. And if 20 year olds want to slow the spread, they should slow the spread. And if they get it, they're going to be mostly fine. And that is not the end of the world, is not the end of the world. Dr. Anthony Fauci even is saying, listen, the virus is not disappearing. He says we should wear masks to reopen the schools, mainly because we are concerned about kids going home and infecting their parents.


But if a 15 year old gets covid, it is not only not the end of the world, it is not particularly dangerous by any stretch of the imagination. We have not seen any systemic evidence that suggests that 15 year olds are a dire threat. 15 year olds are significantly more likely to die of the flu than their dive. covid. Here is Anthony Fouche yesterday. Are you comfortable with those words?


This is disappearing? Well, they would have to be. In addition to that, we could get it to be under control if we do the things that we're talking about.


But at 50, 60, 70000 cases a day, it's not disappearing at the moment. No, it's not.


Should all students in this country be wearing masks?


You know, I'm one and I've said it for so, so long, David, that I really do believe if you give and it's part of what I call a comprehensive way to really avoid the things that you were just referring to, there should be universal wearing of masks.


OK, so he says there should be universal mask wearing. OK, well, here's Vineet Manjari, coronavirus researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch, told NPR's Weekend Edition that it is unlikely that vaccine is going to be the end of is going to be the end of this thing. He says, in fact, there's a good chance that covid-19 never fully goes away with or without a vaccine.


What does he say? He says that the spread of covid-19 will eventually be slowed as a result of herd immunity is to NPR's Weekend Edition. He said he'd be surprised if we're still wearing masks and 60 distancing in two or three years, he said. In that time, the virus will become no more serious than could become no more serious than the common cold. Why? Almost as though everything that we have been saying here on the anti lockdown, right is basically correct.


Meanwhile, the media continue to cover for Andrew Cuomo, by the way. We'll get to that in a second. We'll get to that in just a moment. OK, there are new reports out that Andrew Cuomo basically had thousands of covid deaths in nursing homes, which is we've got to get Chris on this right away when he's not reporting on giant nasal swabs for his brow. And we got it. We got to get Chris on this right away.


By the way, what this doctor says, he says, the expectation I have is the virus will actually become the next common cold. Well, we don't know what these common cold coronaviruses is if they went through a similar transition period. He says it's been historically reported there was an outbreak associated for the transition from something like Ossy 43, that is the common cold coronavirus. He said there is something there's an outbreak associated with the transmission of that virus from cows to humans.


It was very severe. And then after a few years, the virus became the common cold, he said, in three to five years. And maybe you're still getting covid-19 in certain populations of people or every few years. The expectation is hopefully it'll become the common cold and that'll happen through probably something resembling a natural herd immunity. So in a second run and get to the Big Ten's, the Big Ten is now talking about shutting down the college football season, 20 year olds getting the healthiest 20 year olds in America right now, playing football, getting covid-19 is not a threat to them and is not a threat to the country when you get to more of this in just one second.


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You're listening to the largest, fastest growing conservative podcast and radio show in the nation. So alarmism leads to incredibly stupid policy, the Big Ten is now talking about completely canceling their football season. According to the Detroit Free Press, the Big Ten is expected to cancel its fall college football season in a historic move that stems from concerns related to the covid pandemic. It's done one high ranking source in the Big Ten said Monday afternoon. Sources said the presidents were in favor Sunday of not playing sports.


In the conference this fall, Michigan and Michigan State, which both have physicians as president, were among the schools in favor of not playing, according to sources, multiple sources said. Early Monday morning presidents voted 12 to two to not play this fall. But the Big Ten said Monday afternoon no official vote had taken place. Dan Patrick, who first reported the 12 to two vote, said on his radio show, Iowa and Nebraska, where the two schools in favor of playing.


Jim Harbaugh, by the way, said the college football should be played. He says, like, these are all young, healthy people. Coaches and players in the conference, including Jim Harbaugh, Ohio State's Ryan Tate, Nebraska Scott Frost, LSU quarterback Justin Field have lobbied for the season to commence decided swinging as hard as we possibly can right now for these players, this isn't over. Harbor put out hashtags, hashtag we want to play and hashtag we want to coach.


On Monday afternoon, ESPN college football analyst Herb Street tweeted to be clear regarding Big Ten football and their impending announcement, they are looking to delay the start of the season, not to cancel. The Chicago Tribune reported around noon a a Big Ten source texted no decisions had been made, but it is pretty obvious that this is the direction in which they are moving. This is, frankly, incredibly dumb. The fact is that a bunch of 20 year olds playing football, presumably within some sort of bubble, and if some of them get covered, that is not it's not there on a campus, OK?


They're not in contact with their parents, not going home and being with grandma.


Trevor Lawrence, the Heisman winning quarterback. He put out a tweet that said, hashtag, we want to play, this is what we want, we all want to play football this season, establish universal mandated health and safety procedures and protocols to protect college athletes against covid-19. Among all conferences throughout the NCAA give players the opportunity to opt out, respect their decision, guarantee eligibility, whether a player chooses to play the season or not, use our voices to establish open communication and trust between players and officials.


Ultimately, create a College Football Players Association representative of the Players of All Power five at conferences. All that is good. And President Trump seconded the motion. He tweeted this out. He also tweeted out, Play college football. And Dr. Scott Atlus of Stanford, who is an expert, is more of an expert than members of the media. He said yesterday college football players are not at risk. There are virtually zero risk. This, of course, is exactly right.


We're talking about people who are physical specimens, who are really super young people, young people that age without a comorbidity have virtually zero risk from this. And we have to, again, become rational here. The risk for people that age is less than seasonal influenza. I mean, you have to really look at the data. And again, you can't say it's all about the science and then act contrary to science. So this is a perfect situation here.


But we are going to ignore the science because we all have to pretend that if a 20 year old gets covid-19, it is the worst thing that has ever happened to that person, even though, again, the chances of you dying from covid-19 at age 20 are worse than the chance they're going to die of flu at age 20. Meanwhile, we are still being told by the media that Andrew Cuomo was a great governor. The gaslighting from the media uncovered is absolutely insane, insane, like totally crazy.


We now know, according to the AP, New York's true nursing home death toll, cloaked in secrecy, cloaked in secrecy. Well, I was told that, Ron, since the bad guy in this little morality play we've been doing and that Andrew Cuomo was the good guy, remember, he even put together a creepy papier mâché mountain of death and he stood next to it and then he lectured people with his wall of masks, something from a horror film.


And then he put together a weird poster with the boyfriend, Cliff. Remember that? And that guy was the hero. He was the hero of the story. Well, now it turns out that probably one third of all the people who died in New York State died in nursing homes because this toolbag decided it was a great idea to ship people who are covered positive back into nursing homes and then covered up the numbers. According to the AP, Riverdale Nursing Home in the Bronx appears on paper to have escaped the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, with an official state count of just four deaths.


And it's one hundred and forty six bed facility. The truth, according to the home, is far worse 21 dead, most transported to hospitals before they succumbed. It was a cascading effect. The administrator, Emile FUSILEV, one after the other. New York's coronavirus death toll in the nursing homes already among the highest in the nation could actually be a significant undercount, unlike every other state with major outbreaks. New York only counts residents who died on nursing home property and not those who are transported to hospitals and died there.


So if you called the hospital, bring an ambulance and the person died five minutes later in the ambulance. They don't count as a nursing home death in New York because Andrew Cuomo has to cover up the stat. That statistic could add thousands to the state's official care home death toll of just over sixty six hundred so far. Andrew Cuomo has refused to divulge the number. That's a problem, bro, state Senator Gustavo Rivera, Democrat, told New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker during the legislative year, by the way, Cuomo said yesterday, you don't need an independent investigation into my handling of this.


I handled it great. I don't think we need an independent investigation. Who could have predicted this from the world's greatest governor? How big a difference could this make? Since May, federal regulators have required nursing homes to submit data on coronavirus deaths each week, whether or not residents died in the facility or the hospital, because the requirement came after the height of New York's outbreak. The available data is relatively small. Even if half the undercount held true from the start of the pandemic, that would translate into thousands more nursing home resident deaths than the state has acknowledged.


State Health Department surveys show 21000 nursing home beds are lying empty this year, 13000 more than expected as an increase of almost double the official state nursing home. That tally, so it could be up to 13000 people died in the nursing homes. That is not stopped, Chris. Andrew Cuomo from being a damned liar. He said look at the basic facts where New York is versus other states. This is a briefing at a Monday. On Monday, you look at where New York is as a percentage of nursing home deaths.


It's all the way at the bottom of the list. Yeah. When you lie about it, that's what happens when you lie about it. That's what happens. Boston University geriatrics expert Thomas Perlson. Whatever the whatever the cause, there's no way that New York's nursing home residents are only 20 percent of the total deaths. That's obviously untrue. So we've been told Ron DeSantis engaged in a cover up, do not their data in Florida is much better than the data.


And we've been told that Andrew Cuomo is great at his job. He was not. And then just to make sure that nobody could actually speak openly about this, Janet Dean, Janice Dean, rather, on Fox News, who does some of the weather over there. She had a mom who died in a nursing home facility in New York and she was going off on Andrew Cuomo is handling of the coronavirus pandemic. She was invited to testify before the New York state legislature about the covid handling in New York, and then she was uninvited because they were afraid of what you might say about the garbage governor of New York Andrew Cuomo here was generating.


Assemblyman Kevin Byrne was the one that was emailing me back and forth and saying that he was talking to the chair and that the chair said, absolutely, she'll get her day on August the 10th today. And then I was supposed to hear something over the weekend. I never did. And I was told that I was taken off the list. You know, I can only guess at this point. I think it went higher than the chair. I think that it was Andrew Cuomo for his administration, but decided that they didn't want my voice to be heard.


And she is exactly right about that. I mean, obviously, the media are fully invested in the cover up of the Andrew Cuomo garbage governance. And Andrew Cuomo was fully invested in that cover up as well. I mean, imagine if Rhonda Santos were fully full on hiding thousands of deaths in nursing homes so you could pretend they protected the nursing homes like for and hiding it and everybody knows it. And then the media were like, but the AP reported it weeks later.


We've been talking, by the way, I mentioned this on the show like a full month ago, probably six weeks ago on the show, I mentioned the fact that New York was not counting as nursing home deaths people who died outside the nursing home but got covid inside a nursing home. And meanwhile, speaking of the media, doing heavy lifting on behalf of the Democrats, so Democrats continue to prevent any sort of deal from being cut to provide some form of relief to the American people in the middle of a middle of a Chavannes pandemic, where governments across the country have basically been shutting down people from working.


By the way, worth noting that when we talk about the differential in how states have treated this thing, there has been a pretty widespread differential on unemployment rate by states in the United States. And it's pretty obvious that it has to do with the treatment of Colvert, some in Tennessee, which which really didn't shut down Foley, Tennessee. Their unemployment rate is like four point six percent right now. That that was the last I saw yesterday. What you are seeing is unemployment rate by states.


It is fairly obvious which states are seeing. Massive increases in unemployment, and it's all the ones that decided to do the full scale lockdown's full scale items like I'm looking at the stats right now. This is from the US, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kentucky, Kentucky's June twenty twenty eight. So Kentucky didn't shut down, Kentucky didn't shut down. Instead, they just did the social distancing and the mask. Boring stuff. Kentucky there. June 2012, the unemployment rate is four point three percent.


Utah didn't shut down 5.1 percent. Idaho didn't shut down five point six percent. North Dakota didn't shut down six point one percent. Maine didn't shut down six point six percent. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, none of them shut down six point six, six point seven, seven point one at seven point two. OK, now let's look at the states that handle this the absolute worst. OK, let's look at the states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, California.


The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is seventeen point four percent. In New Jersey, it's sixteen point six percent. In New York, it is fifteen point seven percent. In California, it is fourteen point nine percent. In Michigan, it is fourteen point six percent. In Illinois, it's fourteen point six percent. In Hawaii, it's thirteen point nine percent. In other words, the harsh lockdown's which did not prevent death and they didn't they may have delayed it a little while, but did not prevent death as some pretty significant economic consequences.


But we're all supposed to pretend that Lockdown's were the solution here. It's pretty incredible then the media narrative here is pretty incredible. So meanwhile, while Republicans try to actually push out some sort of relief bill for people who are unable to work thanks to the government crackdowns, Democrats continue to put out their trillions and trillions of dollars in unnecessary spending. So Mitch McConnell pointed out the senator from Kentucky. He pointed out the Democrats are now pushing bills that would incentivize people to stay home.


According to a variety of studies, the Democrat bill would basically pay four out of five Americans more not to work than to work if it were continued through the end of twenty twenty. Here is Mitch McConnell.


Disincentive of rehiring and reopener to pay people more to stay home. Plenty of Democrats said they saw the point and were happy to negotiate on this. The senior senator from Maryland said, quote, We certainly understand we don't want to have a higher benefit than what someone can make working. Oh, no. But the speaker and the Democratic leader overrule them. No deal. No deal unless we pay people more to stay home.


Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer is getting the run of the media for suggesting that McConnell is being political. So you could like last week, Senator Rob Portman suggested that we just extend unemployment by like a week, like a week. Let's just keep doing what we've done for like a month. Who do that? Democrats know Hiroshima saying as much as Mitch McConnell being political.


It's schools, it's businesses, it's renters, it's homeowners. It's essential workers. It's post office. It's elections, state and local governments. Our health care system Leader McConnell doesn't seem to understand this. He sees everything through a political lens. But we Democrats are looking at the real needs of people and they're large.


And that is why we called for a large bill, because it was needed as needed. That's my goal.


No relief package that pretty much everybody agreed on was spending a trillion dollars. A trillion dollars. Don't worry, the media will provide that literally their entire job is just to provide cover for Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Andrew Cuomo. It's pretty incredible. All right. We'll be back here later today with two additional hours of content. Otherwise, we will see you here tomorrow. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is Bishop in the Hizzy. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to.


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