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Coronavirus continues to spread across the nation as the media decide Trump is to blame, Trump's niece provides comfort food for the Trump haters and classical music is apparently racist. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show. Today's show is sponsored by Express VPN, don't let others track what you do, stop that. Keep yourself safe at Express VPN dot com slash bent. Well, before we begin, let's just talk a little bit about investing in strategy. You've heard all of the stories about people who got into on the ground floor of some big new company and then they just made a fortune and other people were sort of left out in the cold.


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Shapiro That is our crowd dot com slash Shapiro. Oh you are c r o w d dot com slash Shapiro. OK, so big news continues to be the spread of corona virus across the nation on a day to day level. The deaths seem to be somewhat stable. We've seen around a thousand deaths for the last three days as well as a lot of last week. We've seen hospitalizations starting to slightly decline in some places like Texas and Arizona. So it's possible that we've all we've already hit peak there in Florida.


Don't look like they've hit peak yet. Hospital capacity is not being threatened, so far as I can tell from the statistics in places like Florida or Texas or Arizona, which means that the curve was indeed flattened. Nor are we seeing the sorts of death rates that we saw in New York, New York racing 600 or 700 deaths every single day in New York City alone in Arizona and Florida and Texas and California. You're seeing on the upper end about a hundred and fifty deaths today, which obviously is tragic and horrifying.


And that number, if it were to last the entire year, would be absolutely stunning. Right. Then you would see thirty five thousand deaths in a lot of these places. But we have not reached New York epidemic levels as of yet. So the media continue to focus in on the fact that this thing is spreading uncontrolled across the country. And that is true. I mean, the fact is the number of positive cases continues to increase. Yesterday, the U.S. shattered its single day record for new cases with more than seventy five thousand six hundred cases, according to The New York Times.


This was the 11th time in the past month that the record has been broken. The number has more than doubled since June 24th, when the county when the country registered thirty seven thousand fourteen cases after a lull in the outbreak had kept the previous record. Thirty six thousand seven hundred thirty eight standing for two months. Now, in reality, is it possible we saw many, many more infections like this in the early stages? Absolutely. But testing was not ramped up to nearly the extent that it is now.


So it's quite possible that, for example, the death rates were exactly the same today as they were back during the New York days. It's just that the testing capacity was not nearly what it was. So the denominator in the deaths over infections rate was just not correct as possible. The denominator was way larger than it was originally purported to be. The previous single day record, sixty eight thousand two hundred forty one cases was announced last Friday. Thursday's record included more than 5000 cases in Bexar County, Texas, which contained San Antonio.


There is a backlog in test reporting. One of the weird things about the stats here is there are these backlogs that sometimes get reported late. So you'll see occasionally a very odd day where a huge number of deaths are tallied and you're like, whoa, did just a bunch of people die, that Tasigna. That's a backlog that's being reported. Now, you're seeing this with some of the cases that are being reported. You're also seeing cases where possible covered is being reported as probable or real covered.


You've seen cases in in Florida where hospitals are reporting only positive results, which takes up the percent positive right now. Does any of this change the underlying narrative? That culvert is actually quite prevalent across the country and is apparently rising in terms of case number? No, of course that's true. The question at this point is, number one, does it overwhelm the health care system? And number two, are we actually seeing a declining rate of death?


Now, again, a declining rate of death with heavy levels of infection is still very dangerous. It let let's say that this thing where it had a point to death rate, right. About twice as deadly as the flu. Let's say that that was the actual death rate on this thing. And let's say that it's three times as infectious as the flu. Well, then you're talking about something that will end up with six times as many deaths. It's three times as infectious.


It's twice as deadly as the flu. And so you end up with, you know, two under 50000 deaths. That's a horrifying, horrifying thing. But the bottom line to all of this is that nobody knows anything. And one of the narratives the media seems to be driving is that we know the answer to this. We know the answer to this. And when everyone else points to the fact that nobody really knows the answer to this, that we've seen the same policies adopted by Democrats and Republicans in different states to different to different outcomes that Georgia open the exact same time as Colorado.


Colorado has seen a 40. Decline in cases, while Georgia has seen a 200 percent increase in cases and they pursue the exact same policy at the exact same time. Losses, we don't understand the virus very much. We don't know the dynamics of the virus, the virus very much when when people in the media point to lockdowns, work, and then you say, well, hold up. California never really let out a lockdown in California is one of the one of the states that is spiking right now.


There seems to be no counter to that the media, because they are seeking epistemic closure here, because they are looking for a scientific model where they can say, follow the science. And if you disagree with us, you're not following the science because the media are doing this. They're neglecting the fact that there are no great answers or there just aren't. And they keep pointing out New York, look, New York, New York's doing great. Thirty four thousand people died in New York.


Hey, it is possible that there are antibodies in like 50 to 60 percent of certain populations in New York. Because the thing ran roughshod through the population. So comparing New York, where they had a massive wave where everybody got infected with Texas or Florida, where there was no massive first wave and they're now experiencing a first wave of cases, is utterly foolhardy. The same thing is true when it comes to a wide variety of issues. For example, let's talk about masking for a second.


So I have said many, many times that out of an abundance of caution, I'm in favor of masking that. If you're in a crowded place, it seems to me that the least you can do is put on a mask when you go into the Walmer. I think it's a good idea. I think it's a smart idea. And if it is not 100 percent foolproof, but it's better than nothing. And a lot of people do it, then you are reducing risk through a herd adoption of a measure that that lowers risk by a certain percentage that we don't actually know.


Right. But let's be real about this. The evidence on masks is fairly divisive. And up until the last five minutes. WHL suggested that if you were asymptomatic, you should not be wearing a mask. In fact, I believe the WHL still holds to that standard. And in fact, there are many countries that have done just fine with this thing that have not really done the asking thing. In fact, for example, there is a there is a chart showing whether Europeans are wearing masks.


This is done just a couple of weeks ago, YouGov asked European citizens if they would wear a mask in public places. Well, you can see in the chart is that under 10 percent of people from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden say they would wear a mask in public places. That's not Sweden, right, that's Denmark and Finland and Norway as well. Meanwhile, you got eighty five percent of the population in places like Italy saying they would wear a mask in Italy.


Just got creamed. You've got other countries like Spain that have an uptick in the number of people who say that they would wear a mask. And you've got the U.K. where a huge number of people say they'd wear a mask. Those plays have been really, really hard hit. So if it's just about the mask wearing, then why is it that some countries, they have been really hard hit, didn't do the masking in some countries that did do the mask scoring have been really hard hit.


Like what what exactly is happening here? And the answer is nobody really knows anything. We're now four months into lockdown and revised lockdown in the United States and people still don't know anything. Jim Geraghty at National Viewpoints this out. He points out that the most common strain of Cauvin, 19, in the U.S. right now is extremely contagious and will prove difficult to contain even with wider and more consistent adoption of best practices. We'll get to that in just one second.


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They saved me money. And they make it really easy for you right now. Check them out. And legal zoom dot.com. Check them out right now instead of paying a lawyer a fortune legal zoom dot com. So as Jim Garrity points out, a study released last month by the Scripps Research Institute concluded that the strains of the virus spreading so quickly in Europe and the U.S. have a mutated s spike protein that makes them about 10 times as infectious as the strain initially identified in Asia.


So now you're comparing apples to oranges when you say, why isn't this thing spreading in Hong Kong or Taiwan the same way that it spread in the United States or Europe? It ain't exactly the same virus as it turns out. If it seems like the US is having a tougher time controlling the spread of corona virus in Asian countries didn't winter and early spring. That's partially because this version of the virus is tougher to stop from spreading more and more, researchers said.


It says Gene Garity are contending that Saras cover to cover 19 is airborne, meaning it is not merely being dispersed by the bodily fluids of those who have it, but also floating about in aerosolized form. It's also possible the virus is not truly aerosolized, but it's floating in tiny droplets so light and small that can easily be carried long distances by air currents. The European Center for Disease Prevention and the World Health Organization are now taking the AEROSOLIZE possibility seriously and with good reason.


An aerosolized virus would mean most of our current pandemic control policies, like remaining six feet apart, are not enough by themselves to prevent contraction of the virus. As Jim Garrity says, the scale and complexity of the problem should not be understated. The country enact an unprecedented, sweeping lockdown's that kept most Americans at home at great cost to the economy. The lockdown slowed the spread. They didn't stop it. Preventing more infections is not just a matter of convincing the president to wear a mask consistently or shutting down beaches or subways or requiring quarantines for those who travel between states.


At every level of government, the response to the virus has met with mixed success. But it's important to recognize no one is ignoring any simple or easy solutions because the solutions do not exist. Now, one thing that is true is that the death rate has been dropping fairly dramatically. The CDC currently estimates the death rate between point six point seven percent and seven times as deadly as the flu. A new study puts it eighteen point five and point eight.


If there are a lot of asymptomatic or unconfirmed cases, that means it could be point to. But as I say, even a point to fatality rate with half of the American population adopting the virus would mean a lot of dead people. So we will see whether there is a big spike here. Maybe not. But the bottom line is that everybody who's sort of counting on a vaccine to save us, that is not a strategy either. The fact is that if we rush out of vaccine and it's no good, then it's no good.


It's also possible that vaccine that is truly effective and and mass produced in mass adopted won't happen until mid time next year, even in the most optimistic scenarios. So the notion that you're just gonna be able to sort of sit around and wait for good things to happen, to stay at home and wait for good things to happen, that's not true either. The reason I'm pointing all of this out is because this is all hard stuff. This is all hard stuff.


I'm looking right now at a list from World Dominoes, which compiles data from Johns Hopkins University about covered 19 deaths. And I'm gonna give you the states that have the highest rate of deaths for one million population right now. OK, this is the list. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, then Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mississippi, Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Alabama, Iowa, Virginia, Florida, Florida is all the way down there.


California is next on the list. Megalith, Florida, South Carolina, Nevada, California. What one thing that you'll notice is if you're going to talk about strategies that worked. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. The top nine states in terms of deaths per million population are all democratic governance and nearly all of them were pro lockdown. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, DC, Louisiana, Michigan, these were all very pro lockdown states.


Maryland is a Republican governed state. Larry Hogan is the governor over there and he's been widely praised for his response to the virus. We've had him on the radio show. He was pro lockdown. His state ranks about 10 to 15 slots above Florida in terms of the number of deaths per million. Ohio has a higher deaths per million stat than Florida. Now, it may not stay that way, but the notion that anyone has figured out how to solve this thing is just bat loony.


Like there is no evidence that anyone has come up with these silver bullet on how to deal with cover 19. So when you hear people screaming to the sky, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, lockdown's no lockdown science, understand? Nobody knows anything. Here's the thing. There are no experts on an unprecedented disease. They're experts on disease generally, but they're not experts on this disease, which means that there's gonna be a lot of conflicting evidence from experts.


And that's got Atlas on the one hand saying I'm not sure that masks are supremely useful. And yet, Dr. Foushee saying mask aren't useful and in masks are useful. You can get Foushee saying at one point, I'm not sure we can go back into full scale lockdown and then you can have Foushee saying, well, we never should let out a lockdown in the first place. If you just look at the statements of Falchi, who, by the way, I think he's doing his best, just like everybody else in the situation, Falchi statements contradict each other fairly regularly because, again, no one knows anything.


So when you see the media trotting out this level of epistemic certainty, we know how to. No, you don't. All almost. You don't. This is true, unmasks strong social distancing. It strong whether this is aerosolized. It is true on whether kids should be in schools. And on the one hand, you've got a fair bit of evidence that kids are not infecting their parents. There's good evidence from Iceland that this is the case. There's good evidence from China that this is the case.


On the other hand, you saw a vast outbreak in Israel when they reopened the schools. Now, it turns out when they reopen the schools, it's quite possible. One of the things that happened is that the adults actually infected the other adults. Kids are getting the infection. They're not dying from the infection. Lot of kids can get it if they don't die from it. You know, that's not that bad. The problem is if they pass it on to the parents, that's what happened in Israel.


Kids gave it to each other. And then, like a couple of people got it. Some of the adults in the adult started spreading it amongst themselves, particularly in religious communities. Is that a reason to keep schools closed? Probably not. But the notion that there are any like easy, hard and fast answers here is just very silly. Now, I know some wrong answers here. Yeah. I know, for example, that it is a stupid answer for the New York City mayors who suggest that we're gonna have mass paid child childcare, but not schools like that makes no sense at all.


Like just on a commonsensical level. That's idiotic. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday the city will provide free childcare to one hundred thousand students when schools reopen in September. Last week, the city released its plan for children's return to public school classrooms one to three days a week, depending on each school's capacity for social distancing. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, students will take classes remotely on the other days. The city aims to provide relief for working parents.


We can't afford to stay home or can't find childcare for the days. Students aren't in school for in-person learning. The program will serve students from age three through eighth grade. There'll be 50000 available seats each day. But the idea that these seats will serve 100000 students because of alternating in-person days at school. The city says it's trying to identify space in schools, community centers, libraries and elsewhere. So basically are going to have school accept the teachers don't have to show up and teach.


It's just a sop to the teachers union by saying, OK, so we'll keep your kid locked up in this day care facility. But the teachers won't have to show up. So this is stupid because it's just as stupid as the anti lockdown protests will spread covered. But pro George Floyd protests will not spread. Kelvin and saying that child care is not going to spread covered. But schools are going to like what the teaching spreads the culvert. This, of course, is very slick.


There's certain things that you can see done in policy that are done right. Leaving the nursing homes open to call that stupid, opening child care, but not school stupid makes no sense. And by the way, has some pretty dire secondary effect. I'm amused that The New York Times the same, York Times the same. We need to keep the schools closed for the sake of the teachers. Is also observing that, by the way, a lot of private schools are coming back and rich parents can deal with kids being home.


And I can homeschool them. It's creating an actual, more serious gap in education between poor and rich. My kids have done fairly OK in terms of education being home during this time, my six year old started off pandemic reading it probably first grade level when she was in kindergarten and now before she interest first grade, she's reading at third grade level. Right. She's got me at home. She's got her mom at home. She's got her grandparents.


They're her. So she's been doing just great. But what about kids who don't have that sort of support structure at home and aren't doing the Zoome classes? What do they do? The New York Times is recognizing this is exacerbating inequality. At the same time, they are cheering on the closing of the schools and shouting at President Trump for saying the school should open it to more of this in a second, because if you believe that the media are objective and then you see the way that they weaponize uncertainty against Trump, it's pretty it's pretty astonishing.


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Now, there's only one problem with this, which is that Trump isn't actually ignoring the science Trump provided ventilator's. There's good science to suggest that people need to go back to schools. I know of private schools and some public schools that are looking at reopening and they're doing their best. I mean, it's a rough situation. We're talking about my kids perspective school and they're going to have the kids check in temperature checks at the front door. They're going to be trying to socially distance the kids there to have the kids stay in the room and teachers move from room to room as opposed to having the kids move around in the hallways.


It's going to be rough. It's gonna be rough. But the idea that the schools can remain indefinitely closed or they can close down all of American society forever, that's just not a realistic scenario. And everybody knows it. Everybody understands this except the media, which says that anything Trump says is bad. So a perfect example of media bias yesterday. So here's the New York Times headline. The White House press secretary says science should not stand in the way of reopening schools.


OK, so that that is their actual headline that the science should not stand in the way that makes it sound like Hayley McEneaney, who actually quite got her job, that the Kelly McEneaney was saying that we should ignore the science and send kid back to school. And this leads Rob Reiner, the director, to tweet out. Donald Trump wants to murder your children. It's like, no. That's that's the demo. Gordon from. Stranger things, Rob.


No, Trump does not want to murder your children. And that's also not what Kelly McCann said. He said. Here's the actual clip of Kelly McEneaney. She never says at any point that we should ignore the science. In fact, she's saying precisely the opposite. She's saying there's plenty of science to back the idea. We should open the schools.


The president has said unmistakably that he wants schools to open. And I was just in the Oval talking him about that. And when he says open, he means open. And for kids being able to attend each and every day at their school. I the science should not stand in the way of this. And as Dr. Scott Atlas and I thought this was a good quote, of course we can do it. Everyone else in the Western world are poor.


Nations are doing it. We are the outlier here. The science is very clear on this that, you know, for instance, you look at the JAMA Pediatrics study of forty six pediatric hospitals in North America that said the risk of critical illness from Cauvin is far less for children than that of seasonal flu. The science is on our side.


Here is the science is on our side. Here is not the same thing as ignore the science and reopen the schools. The media run with the actual lie. They don't bother with the actual truth, which is that she's making a scientific case for reopening schools. And scientific case, by the way, is fairly strong. The media are touting an article today by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who I think, you know, he's done his best during this pandemic.


The fact, again, is that MIT is that the rate of death per million population in Maryland is 556 per million population. The rate of death in Florida right now, the flu, the much maligned Florida is two hundred eighteen, right? Less than half. Less than half of the deaths, four million rate of Maryland. The rate in a lot of Republican states, as it turns out, is really Texas, which much maligned Texas. One hundred and thirty four million.


A lot. Lot lower. Like four times lower than Larry Huggins. Marilyn. But according to Larry Hogan, it's all about Trump and he has a piece in The Washington Post. And this is the nice thing about having an unpopular president. You can always blame everything on the unpopular president. He says, I'd watched as the president downplayed the outbreak severity and as the White House failed to issue public warnings, drop a 50 state strategy or dispatch medical gear or lifesaving ventilators from the national stockpile to American hospitals.


By the way, there was no shortage of ventilators and no one died for want of a ventilator in the United States. It did not happen. He says eventually it was clear that waiting around for the president to run the nation's response was hopeless. If we delayed any longer, we'd be condemning more of our citizens to suffering and death. So every governor went their own way, which is how the United States ended up with such a patchwork response. I did the best I could for Maryland, and now that's also called federalism, the idea that states get to respond to things like pandemics with the best they can do.


That's our system. The president has a solution to this. Just cram down everything. Let's let's assume that Trump has said, you know what, national masc mandate, which is unconstitutional. He can't do that on a national level. You don't have the public health power, really. But let's say that Trump did it. They would claim he is a fascist. Let's say he said we're going to whack everybody in their homes for the next three months until no one has a case of this.


Do you think people would've stood for that? You think Democrats would've stood for that, especially when Democrats were claiming that you could not get Koper 19 if you protested for George Floyd and shouted at the cops. How do you think that would've gone? So no matter what Trump did here, he was doomed. Trump is overtly not fascist. He says, I'm not going to nationalize our systems. I'm not going to take everything over. And then they say, well, you know, you abdicated duty.


And if he had done it, then he'd be a fascist. That's the way this works. I don't have a lot of sympathy for the for the idea that Trump's to blame for all of this. You see this again from. From Chris Hayes. Chris Hayes on MSNBC. He says it's Republicans fault because they are not pushing mask mandates. Here he was. Chris Hayes on MSNBC.


They want the last few months to not have happened, to be wiped from everyone's memories, to be some some fluke, an alternate dimension that we've accidentally worked into. And now we're just gonna work back out into normalcy.


And they've gotten that way, too, by and large, and it hasn't worked. That's why we're in the hell we are. And that is exactly what the fight about mass is about. I think masks are a visual reminder that everything isn't normal, that we're in the midst of a once in a century pandemic. And on the whole, the Republican Party would very much like you to forget.


OK. Hold up a second. Just hold up a second. The idea that mask mandates are the real problem here. Again, I'm going to give you the case numbers. The rising case numbers case of Florida is number one in terms of rising case numbers. They're also doing the most as he goes, Florida, Texas, California, which is a Democratic state, Georgia, Arizona, Tennessee, Louisiana. Louisiana is a Democratic state. The states that were most hard hit at the beginning, of course, were all of the Democratic states.


This idea that the mask mandate was the real key here. So then where why why did all the Democrat states get get it? And why is it again that does Trump have the power to mandate that Denmark and Norway and Sweden and Finland don't wear masks? That again, the idea that they have, like the clear answer to all of this is really just cover for we don't like Trump. And that's what you see from Andrew Cuomo, who's been the worst governor throughout all of this awful in every respect, and then makes posters to himself about how wonderful he is.


Here is Andrew Cuomo basically saying that Trump is to blame for everything, including the fact that I'm garbage at my job.


Perhaps I should say that Trump is to blame for the virus coming to New York, because that's the fact. That's what the CDC just said. If Trump's government had done its job, the virus wouldn't come here. We don't do. Governors don't do global pandemic. So I was trying to explain it to Mr. Tapper. State governments don't do global public health. Not in the state charter. The federal government does that. The virus didn't come here because of anything New Yorkers did.


The virus came here because the federal government missed it.


Oh, the virus came in because the federal government missed it. I see it. They didn't come to New York because you guys were busy talking that everybody should go down to Chinatown for Chinese New Year. I didn't come to New York because you shipped all the old people with covered back into the nursing homes. And Trump is just such a convenient whipping post for the Democrats that it doesn't matter that they don't have a solution for this either because no one has a solution.


How about this? Haven't we just recognize there are no good answers here? OK. Coming up, we're going to get into another aspect of the anti Trump campaign, which is when he doesn't do it, when he when he's not a fascist, it's because he's incompetent. And when he and when he does something strong, then he's a fascist. Right. There's the catch 22 for Trump. I'll get to that in just one second. First. Let's talk about the fact that maybe your sleep quality is off and maybe one of the reasons your sleep quality is off is because you have been staring at blue light right before bed.


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And then when Trump steps in to protect the rights of citizens that are not being protected by their own mayors, then he's a fascist. So case in point today, there are these reports happening from Portland where apparently federal forces under the DHS are going around Portland. They are labeled police. Right. They're wearing full on military regalia with police on their military regalia and then getting out of unmarked vehicles. And they're arresting looters and rioters and people who are disobeying curfew laws and all of this.


And they're not just, quote unquote, peaceful protesters. They're walking around at 2:00 a.m. smashing things. That's what's been happening in Portland for well over a month. Ted Wheeler, who is the the idiot mayor of Portland, has loved this one for really years. He's led and he fought to stop people in the middle of the street. He's led Portland to become the repository of sort of a. for centers. So there are videos that are emerging of federal forces and members of DHS are walking up on guys who are who are dressed in these kind of cosplay antifa military stuff and arresting people.


And so there are all these reports emerging on the feds, this is fascism, fascism, because they're coming and arresting people. What's it all about? Well, DHS basically announced what it was all about before. Let me read you how the media are covering this. And then we'll get to what's actually happening here, because according to the media, this is basically Trump has authorized the jackboots to come in at night and just pick up peaceful protesters standing against racism.


That is not what is happening here. Is not a lot of evidence that the federal forces are just arriving to lock up the protesters. That's that's not OK. So here is the report. They got all of this started. It's from the Oregon. I guess it's it's Oregon. Public Broadcasting is the source of this report. In the early hours of July 15th, after a night spent protesting at the Multnomah County Justice Center protesting. We'll see. By protesting, they mean like firing things, breaking windows and attempting to destroy any Mark Hatfield federal courthouse.


Mark Pettibone and his friend Conrow Shea decided to head home and a call Mike compared to most protesting downtown. By two a.m., law enforcement hadn't used any tear gas. And with only a few exceptions, both the Portland Police Bureau and federal law enforcement officers had stayed out of sight. A block west of Chapman Square, Pettibone and O'Shay bumped into a group of people who warned them that people in camouflage were driving around the area in unmarked minivans, grabbing people off the street.


So first of all, I should be clear about this. Police routinely use armored vehicles because if you're in a marked vehicle, people run. If you want to arrest somebody, very often you use an unmarked vehicle like he does not only use marked vehicles in my city. Federal forces are not required to only use marked vehicles. That was terrifying to hear, Pettibone said they'd barely made it half a block when an unmarked mini van pulled up in front of them.


I see guys in cammo, she said. Four or five of them pop out, open the door. It was just like, oh, bleep, I know who you are or what you want with us. Federal law enforcement officers have been using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters since at least July 14th. Now, you need probable cause to to arrest somebody. It's not clear whether these arrests are arrests or detentions. People have been released.


It's not like they're locking them up in Guantanamo Bay and leaving them there. There's probably if I had to suggest a theory, here is my theory that the feds have been monitoring a group of Antipov protesters for a long time. They have tape of them and then they're going on arresting them when they're violating curfew at night. Personal accounts and multiple videos posted online show the officers driving up to people, detaining individuals with no explanation why they're being arrested and driving off.


The tactic appears to be another escalation in federal force deployed on Portland city streets as federal officers and President Donald Trump have said they plan to quell nightly protests outside the federal courthouse and Multnomah County Justice Center that have lasted for more than six weeks. Federal officers have charged at least 13 people with crimes related to the protests. So far, not crimes related to the protests. They are crimes of looting and rioting and violating the law. Others have been arrested and released, including Pettibone.


They also left one demonstrator hospitalized with skull fractures after shooting him in the face with so-called less lethal munitions. On July 11th, officers from the U.S. Marshal, Special Ops Group and Customs and Border Protection have been sent to Portland to protect federal property. But interviews conducted by ODP show officers are also detaining people in Portland streets who aren't near federal property. Nor is it clear that all the people being arrested have engaged in criminal activity. Well, if they are detained and then they are released.


That does happen from time to time. And when the police detain you and then they release you. That is not technically an arrest by Supreme Court jurisprudence. Now, what is it? What exactly? Why is all this happening if you just read that he's you think, oh, well, these are peaceful protesters, right? I mean, that's all that's happening. Just peaceful, peaceful protesting. Yeah, that's not exactly what has been happening. You have terrorists were attempting to tear down.


I mean, look at these tapes and look at the effacement of public property. You can see what's happening here. OK. They're having to use tear gas on protest and quote unquote, protesters and looters or flinging objects at the cops. They're firing fireworks, literally firing fireworks at federal buildings. This is this is not peaceful protesting acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said in a statement earlier this week in the city of Portland has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob, while local political leaders refused to restore order to protect their city.


Each night, lawless anarchy has destroyed and decimate property, including the federal courthouse, and attack the brave law enforcement officers protecting it. He said instead of addressing violent criminals in their communities, local and state leaders are instead focusing on placing blame on law enforcement and requesting fewer officers in their community. This failed response has only emboldened the violent mob as it escalates violence day after day. The DHS did release an extensive list of violence caused by leftist protesters since basically the end of May.


We're talking about graffiti. We're talking about assaults. I mean, there's tape literally last night of a.. Foot dragging fencing over toward the federal courthouse to try and set up their own shop. Charles, in in Portland. So why? Why exactly? Here, here they are ready. Here they are. They. They've defaced the federal court building and now they are dragging fencing over there to prevent the cops from coming in. It's a bunch of idiot white kids.


It's a bunch of more. More on woak white liberals who are engaging in this sort of activity. And that's criminal activity. And the locals refused to do their job in arresting criminals. And so the feds are coming in and they're doing it, which is legal, which is legal. So the media's response has been Trump's a fascist. This is the overwhelming response. Literally, Trump is a fascist, was trending on Twitter today. So if Trump enforces the law, he's a fascist.


If mom doesn't take over all aspects of America's lockdown policies, then he is an incompetent. You guys are gonna have to pick one. We're going have to pick the other. But again, it all comes down to the cops are the bad guys, except the cops aren't the bad guys. There's one black officer from Portland who I mean, this is pretty moving stuff, talked about the situation in Portland. He said basically, I won't have conversations with some of the people who are protesting in these white woak jackasses keep coming between me and the people that I'm talking to and then calling me racist names.


Here is this, this black police officer from Portland whose name is Jackson.


I got to see folks that really do want change like the rest of us that have been impacted by racism. And then I got to see those people get faded out by people that have no idea what racism is all about. A lot of times someone of color, black, Hispanic, Asian, come up to the fence and directly want to talk to me. Hey, what do you think about George Floyd? What do you think about what happened about this?


I go to the fence, so a white comes up f the police don't talk to him. That was the most bizarre thing because I could see it coming.


He says in this clip also that some of these white protesters are coming up to him and say, I've never seen a nose that big, like overtly racist stuff. And yet these are the good guys. According to the media, the protesters are the good guys. The cops are the bad guys. And this fits into a broader narrative that the cops are the bad guys generally. We're gonna get to that in just one second because that ties into the broader narrative that America is racist and Trump is the is the figurehead of all that race.


And he's the proud of the racist ship. We'll get to that in just one moment. First. Let's talk about the fact that you probably don't feel like going to the post office right now. Like, who the hell does feel like going to the post office right now? Post office is great. They do a lot of great stuff. You know what? To be standing in line. A lot of people who might be sneezing or coughing or anything like that.


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Type in. Shapiro that is stamp's dot com type in Shapiro. Check him out right now. We use it to daily where you should do. All right. We've got to get more of this in a second. The assault on the police, that is part of a broader sort of argument. The police are evil and Trump, because he's probably is evil and the police and Trump are racist. We'll get to that in a second. First. Is that glorious time of the week when I give a shout out to a daily why?


Remember, we have reached that point today. It's Ali Burkholder on Instagram, was keeping on top of the cupboard at 19, a pandemic in the picture. Ali's elite Tumblr is resting on a table next to a well-organized set of medical testing supplies. The caption reads, Drinking my morning tea out of the very greatest of beverage vessels, the leftist cheers Tumblr. While doing my part to study the spread of Coleby 19 weekly blood tests, a nasal swab, all negative results so far comes up.


Hope it stays that way. We do too. Glad to hear you're healthy. Hope you stay that way as well. Thanks for the picture. Thanks for being a daily wire member, by the way. My new book, Candidate for America in Three Easy Steps. It goes on sale Tuesday, July 21st, 6:00 p.m. Eastern, 3:00 p.m. Pacific. We'll be doing a virtual live signing event, the day of release with your purchase of a signed copy.


You can write in a question which may be read and answered as I sign your book, Live on the Air can preorder your signed copy right in your question. A daily wear dot com slash. Men who have been talking about the book is really about what is going on in the country right now. A vision of America that says that America's history is evil. America's philosophy is evil. America's culture of rights is evil and a traditional vision of America that unifies us.


That is the battle going on between not even just left and right unionists. People want to hold the union together. And this its integration is one to use, cancel culture and cruelty and malice and the power of government to build a whole new world order by tearing everything down. The book is How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps. It is the antidote to everything that is going on right now. She got a copy for herself and a copy for a liberal friends.


I think it's vital that everybody read this. I don't think you have to be a conservative to agree with this book. Check out daily wired icons like Ben to order your signed copies today. Join my live signing on Tuesday, July 21st. You're listening to the largest, fastest growing concern podcast and radio show on the nation. Already, so the argument about the cops in Portland and the end, the law enforcement in Portland when it has just been run by ATF over a month and a half, it's it's really insane and really a drive.


It's driven by the broader American narrative that the police are the bad guys. And the narrative here is based on a an extraordinary reading of history. Ayanna Pressley, who's the representative Massachusett, she is the Ringo Starr of the squad. And she she actually said yesterday that our policing system emerged from slave catching. Now, that is a bit of a stretch. The idea that the cops right now are trying to stop black people from being murder are an extension of a system that was designed to catch black people and bring them back to slavery is patently crazy.


But this is part of the narrative. The cops are all of history is just one unified blob. Nothing has progressed over time. And so the cops are just mere outgrowths of that, according to Iona Presley. While Juneteenth is meant to be a day of celebration and a freedom and emancipation, again, we must take stock of this moment and be sobered about the work that lies ahead. Mr. Crenshaw, is it fair to say that the policing system in our nation grew out of the practice of capturing and often murdering individuals trying to escape from his from slavery?


Could you speak to the policing system and how you see that influencing modern day policing?


OK. That that that linkage is so crazy. How do you see it influencing modern day policing that in 1832, the slave catching bands that were going around and they were called police and they're going around catching slaves like, come on. But again, this is part of the broader narrative, pro copy racist. And this also ties into the narrative that the way you make your city safer is better by getting rid of the cops, despite all evidence to the contrary, is they can have more on Mayor Bill de Blasio literally say yesterday that for seven years we've made the city safer.


Except for, you know, the doubling of the murder rates in York City over the past month and a half. Here's here's moron, giant weirdo groundhog murderer Bill de Blasio for seven years.


We have made the city safer and safer by working with communities, by recognizing the leadership of community leaders, organizations, clergy, elected officials, seeing what people can do to build peace in their own community, and building a different and better relationship between communities and the NYPD.


It's true, you have made the city safer and safer, except for all the dead people. Except for that. You've been doing a fantastic job there, Bill de Blasio. But again, if the narrative is the cops are the bad guys, then you can claim this is true even when it is not true. The mere absence of cops makes everybody safer. According to people like Bill de Blasio. Now, again, this ties into the broader narrative about Trump.


So much of what is going on right now is simply about Trump. About the fact that the left cannot accept that Trump won the 2016 election. They've never been able to accept it.


And so the idea must be that the people who voted for him are not only in league with the Russians, which is the argument for two years. They're vicious racists. And you could see this in some of the media coverage. The actual the actual heads of The New York Times and Democrat, he suggested that as soon as the Russia stuff was over before the whole Ukrainian nonsense, that he was going to have to staff up on racial issues. We'll go back and look at it.


Democrats said that they're going a staff up on racial issues because that was the new narrative. Well, why was that the new narrative? Because the media have decided to drive that narrative. And so what they're looking for right now is to link everybody who voted with Trump with the deplorable again. And everybody who voted for Trump is indeed a vicious, brutal, horrible racist. And indeed, all of American society is plagued by racism. So not only is all of American society plagued by racism, but also the top of the heap is Trump.


Trump is the face of that American racism. And this is why you have this masturbatory adulation for Mary Trump's new book. Mary Trump is Trump's Knees. I literally have no idea what she does or where she came from or why she is relevant. I have extended relatives. They don't know me all that well now. I do not know if I were running for president. I would not really trust what they had written a book. I do not know why, if Mary Trump is still relevant figure, she's only come about in 2020 when it was time for her to write a book.


Nonetheless, the very first day that this book was on sale, the Mary Trump's book, it sold nine hundred and fifty thousand copies. Why? Well, because it's just it's comfort food, it's comfort food for Democrats who can't get over the fact that Trump won. And now Mary Trump is making allegations that she doesn't even put her book. She she. She. Now she's just being basically asked whether Trump eats children by various members of media. And she got Trumpy children.


Yeah, I know for a fact that he's got a kitten in a cage in the back of the White House and he feeds that child to fatten them up. Then he eats them. So Rachel Maddow last night on MSNBC asked Mary Trump whether Trump uses the N-word. Nancy Medic's slurs and she looked absolutely upset. Where were you five years ago if this was the case?


That seems like something that would've been relevant when he was running for president the first time. But apparently Mary Trump had to clean up all the cash. And a new hero of the republic. Mary Trump, period. Here's Rachel Maddow. Have to press you on that a little bit.


If just to ask if the president if your uncle was an exception to that in your family or if he if if if you hurt, you ever heard him express either his anti-Semitic slurs or the N-word or other racial slurs or other sentiments like that? Oh, yes, of course I did. And I don't think that should surprise anybody, given how very bluntly racist he is today. Have you heard? Have you heard the president use the N-word and anti-Semitic slurs specifically?




What will. Amazing amazing how that didn't make it in the book. Incredible. Now, breaking news as I'm selling a book. Trump used that book, by the way, that would have been the kill shot in 2016. What did you not like there? Not a lot of people in America in 2020 who aren't fond of people using the N-word. But here's management look emerging from the woodwork and Democratic, oh, well, you know, because that links with the American racist system.


And Trump is just the face of that giant American racist system. Now, color me a little bit skeptical on this, just a little bit skeptical, but a man who's been in the public eye for nearly all his life and who has sought the public eye for nearly all his life, routinely uses the N-word. And somehow nobody else has ever said he uses the N-word. Like the first person in human history who said this. I'm old. Well, she's selling a book.


Yeah. I mean, I'm a girl. I'm skeptical on that one. Again, this is also part of this all part of the broader mieux Mattick attempt to paint everything in America as racist. So as you say that the current president of the United States is the is the biggest problem, we get rid of him and we can start to really do the hard work. I don't know if the memo went out at major newspapers last night, but now classical music is under fire.


There's there's an article in The Washington Post called That sound you're hearing is classical music is long overdue, reckoning with racism. Classical music. Do what they uncover, some of Mozart's old tweeters. I mean, like Bogner was pretty obviously a Jew hater, but I'm not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in China right now, does it? That's that's weird. It's not the only article like this. There's a second article at The New York Times saying that orchestras have to end blind auditions.


Why? Because they need more faces of color. And this it's this is absurdity that these came out the same day, by the way, the memo went out in the cultural world, it was time to go after classical music. I very much look forward to the vast media review of rap music for racist, misogynistic, homophobic and violent lyrics. I feel like they might get a little further with that than with classical music is inherently racist. Going after Broms.


According to The Washington Post, however, the late great soprano Jessye Norman receipt reserved just one chapter of her 24 memoir, Stand Up Straight and sing for discussion of the discrimination she faced so often. Throughout her career, even as one of the most decorated performers on the international opera stage. But it's safe to assume race was a running theme and her magnificent life, a dissonant motif that emerged again and again in the form of careless slurs and slights from conductors TV roles that would've reduced her from Dito onstage to a maid onscreen.


Offensive questions from bumbling critics, nosy security guards challenging her right to exist in the hotel pool. Those who would imagine that the rarefied realms of classical music or opera are somehow removed from the rancor of racism would be, as Norman put it, mistaken, sadly mistaken. And so, too, with those who imagined that our nation's intensifying reckoning with racial injustice merely marches past the concert hall. Yes, I'm sure that when most protesters looked at an officer brutally treating George Floyd, what they were thinking was, you know what?


We need to go down the Metropolitan Opera House right now and solve racism. Indeed. On an ass. Front and center. We need to go after the Rossini's operas. Must happen. Data collected from five hundred American orchestras for a 2016 study by the League of American Orchestras pansy starkly white picture when it comes to diversity in classical organizations. Its key finding the proportion of non-white musicians represented in the orchestra workforce and of African-American and Hispanic Latino musicians in particular remains extremely low.


OK, I just have one question. Have they ever recognized how many great, great Asian musicians there are? His I'm a I'm a classical violinist. I'm playing since the age of five, disproportionately overrepresented among classical violinists. Are Jews and Asians. That's just the way it is. Both minority groups, but they don't count as minority groups. The only minority groups who counts as minority groups are minority groups who are seen as victimized. OK. And if you're if you're too rich or if you're too successful, then you're not.


You're not counted yet. It's it's. It's an absurdity. How absurd is this? It's so absurd that again, this brings us to the second piece from The New York Times. They want to get rid of blind auditions. There was a theory a while ago that the reason there weren't enough musicians of color in orchestra and there's really female musicians, there weren't enough female musicians in positions of power and orchestras is because when women were trying out, there were sort of these evil sexist directors of orchestras who would not give them the time of day.


And so orchestras started using blind auditions and counter to public perception. What actually happened is the number of women in positions of power in orchestras went down. It turned out that women were actually being kind of slightly favored in some of those things. Well, now it turns out that The New York Times wishes to get rid of blind auditions. They literally want to make the orchestras worse. They want to have worse musicians so long as the diversity photo looks appealing.


If ensembles aren't reflect the communities they serve, the audition process should take into account race, gender and other factors. According to Anthony Tommasini over at The New York Times, many critics notebook. Blind auditions, as they became known, prove transformative. The percentage of women in orchestras, which under six percent in 1970 grew. Today, women make up a third of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. They are half the New York Philharmonic. Blind auditions change the face of American orchestras.


So, by the way, I'm not sure the data actually support this, but he's now counting against his own argument. He's saying blind auditions were good because they allowed people with historically been discriminated against to get into orchestras. But now we need to get rid of the blind auditions and have worse musicians so we can have more faces of color in the orchestra. I again, I really look forward to these standards being applied to the NBA. I think that we need we need to get rid of blind auditions for the NBA.


We need to specifically seek out more Jewish players in the NBA. We need to seek out more Asian players in the NBA. We need more people who are five five in the NBA. We need we need more women in the NBA. It's an extraordinarily non diverse league. Why exactly are we focusing in on the skill level of the people who are playing? Why are we focusing in on the diversity we need? We need a racially and gender and sexual orientation.


Representative NBA. And if we don't have that, then it just ain't gonna work. Guys. We need. We need people like you want a man in the NBA. We need it because if we don't have that, then the NBA is just not a diverse place. They don't hear anybody making that argument, of course, because it's a stupid argument we start making about orchestras because too many white people and all the sudden you are your woak and standing up against racism.


Now they're real bad things happening the world right now. I mean, truly evil things happening in the world and we are ignoring all of them in favor of this stupidity. So we are focused in like a laser beam on Trump and Colvert 19 and how he blew it, even though nobody has a handle on this thing. Nobody no one has a good handle. And don't give me that. The United States has a different day, has a different treatment than Hong Kong again.


Different strains, also different case load from the very beginning. We're focusing in on Trump Trump's ego. We're focusing on Trump's a fascist. We're focusing in on classical. Orchestras aren't diverse enough. Get rid of blind auditions. And meanwhile, the Chinese are literally sending Muslims into concentration camps after shaving their head on trains. That time, people like never again after the Holocaust. It's happening like right now, like right now there's tape that has emerged of the Chinese loading.


Muslims on two trains. And then taking them to concentration camps. There is video of wiggers with their heads shaved, being shuttled into these concentration camps. If you will risk their lives to break this sort of tape. This is hideous, hideous stuff. What's the world doing about it? Nothing. What is America's left care about? Not one whit about this now. One iota about this. LeBron James, Captain Wolke over here. He's still claiming that we don't properly understand China.


The NBA is still trying to make common cause with Chinese. I. That's not a misdirect. It is a mis prioritization is a misread of the idea that America is uniquely evil, that that the American system is uniquely evil, to be so myopic that you focus only on America when truly evil things are happening around the world. And when America really provides the only bulwark against natural evil is insane. But that's the world we now occupy, an insane world.


We're supposed to be deeply concerned, deeply, deeply concerned about racism in classical music. But, you know, do we have a moment to spare for millions people being shuttled into abject slavery because of their religion, by people were doing a lot of business with Nat.. Not so much. All right. Time for a quick thing that I like. We're not so quick thing that I like. So yesterday, I had the privilege of having on Vice President Mike Pence on the radio show.


I thought that it was good and interesting interview. So here is what that sounded like. Joining us on the line is Vice President Mike Pence, Vice President Pence. Thanks so much for taking the time. I know you're very busy these days.


Ben Shapiro, it is great to be back with you. Speaking to you from the White House. And just thank you. Thank you for your strong conservative voice on the airwaves and on the Internet all across this country.


Well, thank you so much. So let's talk about the biggest thing on a lot of Republicans minds these days, the campaign. So obviously, the campaign has an uphill climb here. I mean, the polling data right now so far is not great. What does the campaign plan to do to turn this thing around? It seems like you've kept a lot of ammunition in store. It seems as though the campaign really hasn't gotten started, thanks to a variety of factors.


What do you think the campaign is going to do to push forward in the coming months?


Well, I think first and foremost, we're not going to pay any more attention to the polls in this election than we did in 2016. I just saw a poll come out this morning that that had us down double digits. And a friend reminded me that the exact same poll had the president down double digits, about this time with 26 states. So but, look, elections are about choices. I can't wait to get out on the campaign trail. I'll be in Wisconsin tomorrow talking about everything that we were able to accomplish in the first three years of this administration, the president's leadership through this extraordinary pandemic.


We continue to move the nation forward. We continue to meet the needs of the American people, of families making sure hospitalization, health care workers have the support they need. And we continue to see America opening up. You know, we lost 22 million jobs at the height of this pandemic. But given the foundation, the strength of the American economy, the foundation this president poured in the first three years, Ben, we've already seen nearly eight million jobs return.


We're going to continue to open up America, open up America's schools, even while we work every single day to put this corona virus in the past. That's the record we're going to take to the American people. And that record of leadership and accomplishment build on principles and free market principles of growth will contrast so dramatically with the more taxes, more regulation, big governments, social liberal agenda that Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are going to take to the American people.


So I'm confident about November 3rd. We're going to talk about the record. We're going to talk about the contrast. We're going to deliver a great victory for the American people.


And Vice President Pence, one of the most difficult things that the administration's had to deal with literally since day one, before day one has been the media bias against the administration. The media obviously militating in favor of a variety of causes, none of which are particularly good for the United States. And occasional just overtly lie. After President Trump gave what I thought was an excellent speech at Mount Rushmore, they simply labeled it racist, that they labeled the defense of Confederate monuments when he didn't make a single reference to Confederate monuments.


And that's sort of been the theme of the media throughout this campaign and frankly, throughout the last few years has been the idea that everything the president does is evil and wrong, that it was all about how the president wasn't providing ventilator's when he was. And then once the ventilators were provided, they sort of just went away. It was all about how the president was involved with Russia. And when that went away, then things moved on to the next topic.


How do you fight back against a narrative in the media that is so overwhelming and dominant? And how do you fight back, especially when they are fear mongering about Koven 19, which is a very dangerous virus. But that doesn't mean that we can all live in our basements now until a vaccine.


Well, I think we just continue to tell the American people the truth. We tell the American people the truth about what we accomplish in our first three years. I mean, this president, I actually think been this president kept more promises than he made to the American people in 2016. I mean, we rebuild our military. We renew the constitutional foundation under our courts. More than two hundred conservatives confirmed our federal courts. And on the economy, this president cut taxes, rollback regulation, unleash American energy, fought for free and fair and better trade deals for the American people.


And we saw seven million jobs created. And as I said, that that laid a foundation with with even with this pandemic striking our nation from China. The president was able, again, to marshal the resources not just of the government, but the whole of America response where we saw American ingenuity, American businesses stepping up. We reinvented testing. We saw the creation of more than one hundred thousand ventilators in 100 days. No American to required a ventilator was ever denied a ventilator, hundreds of millions of medical supplies that we continue to surge as we see outbreaks and an increase in cases along the Sun Belt.


And then you saw the news this week. I mean, with with the advent of of of of new vaccines that are moving through clinical trials at a record pace. So I have to tell you, I have to tell you, Ben. When when? From from where I've sat in this process. Despite the criticism of not just over the last three and a half years, but over the last four months from the media, I say I say only with this president and only in America.


And I have every confidence as we go forward. We're going to continue to take that case. And I will I truly do believe that there is greater enthusiasm for the president and his agenda today than there was at this time in the election in 2016. So we're going to keep dealing with this pandemic. We're gonna make sure every state has everything they need to provide for their citizens that are impacted by the corona virus, the same level of health care you or I would want for any member of our family.


But we're going to keep open enough. We're going to open up our schools. We're going to keep telling the American people the truth. And you're going to you're going to see this president and this team back in the winner's circle on November 3rd.


And Vice President Pence, you know, the other aspect of our politics that seems to be so dominant over the last few months is this extraordinarily radical vision of the United States is a place steeped in racism and bigotry in which all of our institutions have been thoroughly corrupted from inceptions, resulting in everything up to it, including tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson, defacing statues of George Washington, I think connected to to larger scale rioting and looting. The Democratic Party seems completely feckless in the face of this sort of behavior.


How do you and the president plan to take the message on the road that there really is a threat to some of the fundamental ties that bind us in the United States?


Well, I think, as you said, I think that's what the Mount Rushmore speech was all about.


And then to some extent, the July 4th speech from the South Lawn of the White House reiterated that, look, this is a president that's going to defend America, where we hear from the founding of this country, we expressed a set of ideals. And every day in the long history of this country, we have marched toward a more perfect union. And the American people, I think, can be proud of the progress that we've made. We can celebrate that progress even while we continue.


We continue to aspire to make those ideals more real for more Americans. I mean, look. And with regard to the canceled culture that we have in this country, you're going to continue to see the president and our entire team stand up for the ideals of this country and stand up for America. But with regard to to the whole issue of law and order and law enforcement leaders, I met yesterday with the leaders of the top law enforcement associations in America then and there is there's no excuse for what happened to George.


Flawed and justice will be served, but there's also no excuse for the rioting and the looting and the destruction of property and in the end, violence against persons that followed this. And yet we still see everyone from Joe Biden on down talking about defunding the police. I mean, Joe Biden in an interview just in the last week was asked if he would if he would support transferring funding out of police departments. And he said, absolutely, yes. And members of a lot of the mainstream media are denying that he said that.


But it's it's what he said. And, you know, we're not going to defund the police. We're going to defend the police. We know, you know, most of the men and women who put on the uniform of law enforcement every day are the best people in this country. They every single day, they strap on a sidearm and they count our lives as more important than their own. And we also know that nobody hates bad cops more than good cop.


So we're going to continue to look for ways to fund the police to improve public safety. But we're not going to defund the police. We're going to we're going to back the blue. And that's why I know the president was so proud to receive the endorsement that he just received from the major police association. And I truly do believe that whether it's the economic record, whether it's standing on or all of our best constitutional ideals, of course, whether it's rebuilding our military or whether it's standing for law and order and with law enforcement, that I believe the majority of American people are with us and not with Joe Biden and the radical left.


And we're going to carry that message all across this country every day between now, November three.


We're speaking with Vice President Penso, Vice President Pence. And the president is unparalleled when it comes to characterizing his opposition. It's one of his specialties. He's one of the best in the history of American politics at boxing, in his opponents and certainly labeling his opponents. What is the strategy with regard to Joe Biden? Because it seems like there've been a couple of tax that's been tried. One is obviously that Joe Biden is not what he used to be.


And then the second tack is that Joe Biden is a lot more radical than he's making it out. I think that, frankly, Biden is running a pretty smart campaign by staying in the basement and mouthing sort of platitudes that he thinks appeal to a broad range of Americans while sort of winking and nodding at the radical left. That makes it kind of hard to characterize him. How does the president plan on going after Joe Biden more specifically?


Well, we're just going to talk about we're going to talk about the record because, look, Joe Biden is a liberal man in Washington, D.C. for 40 years. But the Democratic Party today has been overtaken by the radical left.


And all you need to do is look at the fact that here in the middle of a pandemic, at a time when American businesses are starting to get back on their feet, people are going back to work even as we continue to deal with with outbreaks across the Sunbelt in this country.


Joe Biden actually unveiled a plan to raise taxes by four trillion dollars, raise taxes by nearly two trillion dollars on on American families and two trillion dollars on American businesses. And I have to tell you, we're going to we're going to carry that message everywhere, because at the end of the day, we're focused on two things right now in this administration. And that is that is saving lives.


And opening up America again is protecting the vulnerable. Making sure our health care workers have everything they need to meet this moment. And bringing our country's economy back. I mean, with the presidents understood from early on is that it's not a choice between the health of the American people and a growing economy. It's a choice between health and health. We have to have a growing economy. We have to open up our country again for the health and well-being of every American.


And that that goes equally for our schools. You know, the president and I I was in I was in Louisiana just a couple of days ago. We're we're working we're working with leaders in every state in the country working with the CDC to get our kids back to school. You know, you're a parent. You know, I'm a parent. My kids are a little bit older than yours. But, look, we we know that that the risk of serious illness from the corona virus to Americans under the age of 18 is very low.


And with the CDC guidance, we know that we can safely bring people, these young people back to school, back to our college and university campuses. And yet we're continuing to see Democrats around the country pushback on that. And we're going to keep opening up. So it's about talking about a plan of the radical left that Joe Biden is standing on, a platform he's standing on. But also don't make don't don't leave out four trillion dollars in tax increases.


But a little bit later today, we're going to be on the South Lawn talking about all the regulations that this president has cut in the last three and a half years that have unleashed the American economy. Joe Biden also announced his version of the Green New Deal, literally two trillion dollars in green subsidies. And I don't think I have to remind you or your listeners about the cylinder. A deal in the last administration. Five hundred million dollars down the drain in a bankrupt solar company.


Now they want to spend two trillion dollars and bring back the whole regime of cap and trade to crush American energy, crush American energy independence. It is a pathway toward economic downturn. It would it will wage war on economic recovery. And that's the message we're going to take. Beyond all the other issues having to do with the culture, having to do with our ideals, having to do with the right to life, a strong military and law enforcement, we're going to talk about our view for the economy that that work before is working again.


And Joe Biden's view that that will hold this country back through higher taxes and more regulation.


And Vice President Pence, one other area where there is a clear point of differentiation is obviously with regard to China, where Joe Biden has a very long record of being soft on China. Well, what exactly is the administration doing, given the fact that the Chinese have now essentially reduced Hong Kong back into a state of tyranny? And meanwhile, there's video emerging today of the Chinese literally forcing leaguers onto trains, which obviously brings up some rather nasty imagery from the past, over a million leaguers who are living in concentration camps at this point.


What is the administration doing to counter China these days? No president in my lifetime has been tougher on the Chinese Communist Party than President Donald Trump. I mean, when we took office after eight years of the Obama Biden administration, half of our international trade deficit alone was with China, a country that had policies like forced abortion. And then the years that followed, we we saw the oppression of the weaker population, people literally being Marschall into concentration camps.


And then in recent days, we saw them break their word not just to the UK, but to the world about Hong Kong. They made they made a commitment to do for at least 50 years that they would respect the freedom, the democracy of the people of Hong Kong, and they unilaterally change that. And that's why this president has taken strong stands to impose tariffs on China. Those the vast majority of those tariffs, even with a phase one deal, we did continue to be in effect because China has not opened up their market yet.


But with regard to freedom of navigation, you know, we have we have a battlegroup two aircraft carriers in the South China Sea. And the secretary of state just reaffirmed our nation's commitment to freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. We've taken a strong stand for human rights, spoken out against the oppression of the Muslim wiggers. And as you saw earlier this week, the president signed an executive order taking decisive action, changing the status of Hong Kong, which has been an economic asset for China because they had a separate status from China.


He's taken dramatic steps to hold China accountable. And we'll continue to do that. All of that said. Ben, I know. President, that that that believes in engagement in the world, he believes in dialogue. We want a better relationship with China. We want better for China. But we're going to continue to stand strong, stand strong for basic human liberties and human rights in China, for freedom of navigation. And we're going to stand with the people of home call.


Now, Vice President Pence, really appreciate your time and appreciate you serving the country the way that you do. Thanks so much that it's great to be with you.


Thanks. Thanks for your clarion voice on the airwaves and all across this country. I look forward to talking to you soon.


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