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Congressional Democrats grilled Attorney General Bill Barberton up looking idiotic, Joe Biden finally condemns violence sort of, and covid begins to tail off in Texas, Florida and Arizona. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show.


The Ben Shapiro Show is sponsored by Express VPN, why haven't you gotten a yet visit Express VPN dot dotcom segment? Well, if you learn nothing else from watching congressional hearings, you should learn the Congress. People should not have control over your life because they are some of the dumbest people who have ever walked the earth.


I mean, it truly is an incredible thing that Adam Carolla, my friend, and McConnell, the comedian, he's he's often said that when he was a kid and he was growing up, he would look at the adults and he would think to himself, they all must be pretty smart. I mean, they've got cars, they've got houses. And then he became an adult and he realized, nope, all those adults, they are just the same as the kids I was sitting next to when I was in kindergarten who are eating their own boogers.


And the same holds true of the people who it turns out that many, many of the people who rule us are just awful at their jobs and not just are they awful at their jobs, they are gutless. They are ridiculous. And never has that been more true than a congressional hearing that happened yesterday in Washington while Democrats went after Attorney General Bill Barr. Now, make no mistake, the only reason they were going after Bill Barr is because Bill Barr has actually been a pretty effective attorney general.


In particular. They're angry that Bill Barr committed the great sin of tasking the DOJ with investigating the origins of the Trump Russia collusion conspiracies him. And he actually allowed people at the DOJ to investigate exactly how we spent two years and tens of millions of dollars investigating a topic that ended up being a giant nothing burger. And it has uncovered some pretty stunning things about the malfeasance inside the Obama administration, their willingness to press forward on virtually no evidence toward prosecutions.


A Bill Barr has been very good on a lot of this stuff. Enough, it should be noted that Bill Barr has also disagreed with President Trump on a wide variety of topics. So, for example, President Trump was constantly suggesting that Roger Stone never should have gone to jail. Nailbiter never said that. Bill Barr said he should go to jail. He said it doesn't serve nine years in jail because he's sixty seven years old. And this is really his first convicted criminal offense.


But President Trump ended up pardoning Roger Stone. Democrats tried to blame Barr for Trump pardoning Roger Stone. So there are a few things that were going on yesterday at this at this ridiculous, ridiculous hearings. They bring up Bill Barr because they want a yellow Bill Barr. The first thing to note is that the hatred that Democrats have for Bill Barr is just as strong as the hatred they have for Donald Trump, which does explain how Donald Trump became president of the United States.


And a lot of people look at President Trump. They go look at this vulgarian, look at this guy. Had this guy become president of the United States, I mean, they ran Mitt Romney in 2012, the epitome of class in moderation. And then they turn around, they run Trump like, what the hell was that? And the answer is when Democrats treated Mitt Romney the same way they treated Trump, Republicans will find fine. We may as well just go with the guy who is going clocked him across the head with the frying pan.


And that was underscored again yesterday when Bill Barr, who is a longtime Republican public official, he served going all the way back to the Reagan administration. And he is just a normal, intelligent Republican conservative when they treated him with the same exact level of scorn and insanity that they treat President Trump. What that really suggests is that it's not Trump derangement syndrome. It's just conservative derangement syndrome that any conservative ticks off the left to such an end that they will treat them like Trump.


And this does underscore, again, the fact that when Trump puts out ads where it's a picture of his face and he says they're not after me, they're after you, there is some truth to that. For a lot of conservatives, for a lot of Republicans, they look at how the media and Democrats treat Trump and they think that's how they would treat me, too, if I were president of the United States, even if I weren't doing all the crazy things that Trump is doing.


OK, so far arrives on Capitol Hill and he gives an opening statement and his opening statement is pretty good. I mean, his opening statement really takes on a couple of topics. He first explains that the reason he's being called in is because Democrats are angry that he actually investigated Russia. And then he went on to explain that the violence that we have been seeing around the country is not appropriate and that police across the country are not systemically racist.


So here was William Burroughs opening statement explaining the police are not the main threat to black Americans in today's day and age, threat to black lives posed by crime on the streets is massively greater than any threat posed by police misconduct. The leading cause of death for young black males is homicide. Every year, approximately 7500 black Americans are victims of homicide, and the vast majority of them, around 90 percent, are killed by other blacks, mainly by gunfire. Each of those lives matter.


Now, that might be worthy of discussion, but nobody in the left is going to have that discussion because when they say black lives matter, as we learn from Don Lemon, they don't mean all black lives matter. They just mean that we don't like the police very much. So in double down on that. And he said, I don't believe there systemic racism in police departments. You could see the smoke start to exit the Democrats ears. Here was William Barr talking about systemic racism in police departments.


Does the Justice Department seek to end systemic racism and racism in law enforcement? I just need a yes or no answer. To the extent there is racism in any of our institutions in this country and the police, then obviously this administration is will fully enforce. So you agree that there may be systemic racism to the extent where let me continue my line of questioning. I don't agree that there's systemic racism in the police department specifically, generally in this country.


OK, this was the tenor of the questioning. So Democrats would ask a question and then. As soon as BA would start to answer the question, Democrats would leap in and say, I see, I recall my time, I reclaim my time. And John Podhoretz over Commentary magazine points out that that actually is not in the procedure. OK, when you reclaim your time normally in Congress during a congressional hearing is because you have ceded your time to another congressperson and then let's say you want to cut them off, then you reclaim your time.


You can't do that from a witness. The whole point of having a witness that are calling is to hear from the witness. But what Democrats were there to do is browbeat Barr and by extension, browbeat Trump. That's really what this was about. So it's just them acting like jackasses, like boorish jackasses and in the process justifying violence. Who's incredible basehead probably 10 times during this hearing. Guys, can you just, like, condemn the fact that people are trying to burn down federal courthouses and not a word of it from Democrats?


Democrats just would not go there. Here's William Barr saying, I don't understand. Why can't anybody just say it's bad to burn down a courthouse?


We have the obligation to protect to protect federal courts. And the U.S. Marshals specifically have been given that obligation. Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it OK to try to burn down a federal court if someone went down the street to the Prettyman court here, that beautiful courthouse we have right at the bottom of the hill and started breaking windows and firing industrial grade fireworks and to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons and start fires in the court. Is that OK?


Is that OK now? OK, and the Democrats answer was, well, I know. I mean, depends who's doing it right now. Sort of the Democratic answer. We'll get to that in just one moment. Again, the idea that you should give more power to Congress so that these idiots can run your life is beyond me. I don't know why in the world you would. We'll talk about this in one second. First, there are a thousand reasons why protecting your home matters to you.


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Go check them out right now. OK, so Democrats just made asses of themselves. I mean, it really was is the most impressive showing of Democratic selfie asseri that I've seen since the cabinet hearings, during the cabinet hearings when they were all out there claiming that Brett Kavanaugh, a respected Catholic jurist of forty years, was actually a gang rapist. That was pretty bad yesterday was also not particularly good for the Democrats. So here is a montage cut from Laura Ingram's show yesterday of Democrats insulting Barr just over and over and over, like for no reason.


Like Barr comes in and instead of them just asking him questions, they basically just yell insults at him. And then as soon as he starts to respond, they go, I reclaim my time, which makes you look like a ridiculous jerk. Here is here is a bunch of Democrats doing this to Bauer yesterday. Shame on you, Mr. Barr.


Can I just say shame on you? You have consistently undermined democracy, undermined the Constitution and undermined the health, safety and well-being of the American people. When you came here and brought your top staff, he brought no black people that served as systematic racism. Your failure to respect the role of peaceful protest in this country is a disgrace. It's un-American. Mr. Barr. I do know. So let me just tell you, I'm starting to lose my temper that my time and I control it.


I introduced a ten thirty two, which would require this committee to investigate your conduct as attorney general and determine whether you should be impeached.


There's so much insanity in that particular montage that we actually have to break down a few of the pieces of insanity in that particular montage. And I was just sitting there looking at them like they're small children screaming at him. I mean, I know that look, I'm really embarrassed because I've used that look on my own children when my kids are freaking out about something incredibly dumb. And I'm just I'm just sitting there like, you've got to be kidding me.


You absolutely got to be kidding me. Like, come on, come on. OK, so let's break down a few of the criticisms that they just dropped on William Binder. So a couple of my favorites. So I really loved there's a representative in Richmond where he said you didn't bring any black staffers, which is systemic racism. You heard him say that one. We play it again, this clip, and it's pretty fantastic said. Kretschmann from Louisiana.


The one thing that you have in common with your two predecessors, both Attorney General Sessions and Attorney General Whitaker, is that when you all came here and brought your top staff, he brought no black people that served as systematic racism? That is exactly what John Lewis spent his life fighting. And so I would just suggest that actions speak louder than words. And you really should keep the name of the honorable John Lewis out of the Department of Justice's mouth.


OK, that's absurd and disgusting. It is. I mean, who are the black staffers that William Barber left behind? Things like on your black stay back here at the DOJ. You don't get to come because you're black. What kind of nonsense is this? That is not systematic racism. If I brought along top staffers from Daily Wire, I don't know exactly what race or sex they would be. I'd have to think about that one and make a list.


And then whatever they are, they are. You think William Barr is sitting around and going, well, I guess that, you know, we we need some black staffers up here so we can show Cedric Richmond that we're not systematically racist, absolute insanity. The other thing that Cedric Richmond says there is just despicable where he says that that William Barr should not be able to invoke John Lewis because John Lewis was about non-violent resistance. Right. Nonviolent demonstration.


And so because Barr had disagreements with Lewis politically, that means that you're never allowed to invoke any of the good things that he did, including his support for nonviolent resistance, absolute craziness. So that one was a really solid piece from a Democrat. Here's another one that was pretty solid. So this one got all sorts of press. Representative Giammo. She she decided to go after Barr. And this is one of those sleazy queen moments. She's Democrat Pramila Gypo from Washington.


The Internet went nuts for this. So Pramila Gypo went after William by the attorney general, and she did so by suggesting that he is disparately treating violent protests. There's only one problem. Her entire story here is just crap. It makes no sense at all, but it was all slaking and the media are so biased in his crazy. You're seeing reporters tweeting out fire emojis, which obviously says objective journalism here is permitted to drive home, making a fool of herself.


But the media cheering her on when white men with swastikas stormed a government building with guns. There is no need for the president to, quote, activate you because they're getting the president's personal agenda done. But when black people and people of color protest police brutality, systemic racism and the president's very own lack of response to those critical issues, then you forcibly remove them with armed federal officers, pepper bombs because they are considered terrorists by the president. You take an aggressive approach to Black Lives Matter protests, but not to right wing extremists threatening to lynch a governor if it's for the Trumps, if it's for the president's benefit.


And by saying, look, I can't believe this lady. I can't believe there are a few things that she just completely blows your number one, the anti lockdown protest, which is what she is talking about there. They were peaceful. They did not erupt into violence. Number two, they happened on state property. You know who doesn't get to police state property? You know who doesn't? The federal government. That's not the job of William Barr. Number three, you know what's actually happening in those cities, not Black Lives Matter protesters protesting on federal property.


I'm trying to burn down federal courthouses, which requires the federal government to defend it. This was a slave queen moment because she was mean to belabor. We live in the stupidest timeline. This is unbelievably dumb. And then you have Representative Hank Johnson, who once compared Jews to Termite's. He's a delight. He went after bar. He said your opening statement reads like Alex Jones. And I was like, what are you what what are you talking about?


Why did I talk about I'm turning the frogs gay. What? What now? Here's Hank Johnson, who when he is not talking about the Juss Termite's, he's talking about Guam tipping over into the sea because there are too many people on it. Here he is one of our wise congresspeople.


General, for your opening statement reads like it was written by Alex Jones or Roger Stone. And by that statement, yes. He has no idea what he's talking about because this is all absolute nonsense. Did they bring him up and they just yell at him and they just yell at him? I mean, that's the whole thing, is they feel good about themselves because they're just yelling at him. At one point, Steve Cohen, the Democrat from Tennessee, he actually accused Barr personally of being responsible for Epstein's death, for Jeffrey Epstein's death, which is pretty entertaining because we all know was Hillary.


Anyway, here's to go. The Democrat from Tennessee going after Barr by suggesting that Barr is somehow it's Barr's fault by in there and he strangled Jeffrey Epstein to death. Good stuff, Democrats. Good stuff.


You've gone through the Fifth Amendment and due process and just negated it. And the 10th Amendment, which leaves general policing to the law enforcement, to the state, has been forgotten. Maybe what happened with your secret police were poorly trained, just like your Bureau of Prisons guards were poorly trained and allowed the most notorious inmate in our nation's last several years, Jeffrey Epstein, to conveniently commit suicide.


Sad, sad, sad. I like that he's he's getting all mad and his hair is flying all around like this. Wallace Shawn looked like here. Steve Cohen, good stuff there from the said. Democrats really did themselves yeoman's work. They looked fantastic. But here's the thing. They even extended their argument beyond William Bacci to mean bad, bad man who's bad, mean they accuse him of murder. So that was pretty solid. We'll get to that in just one second.


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But again, that's all form dotcom. Then go check them out right now. All form dotcom event for the magical discount. OK, so they also accused William Barber says he didn't just murder Jeffrey Epstein overall. He was just he was a murderer. So this is pretty solid stuff here from a congresswoman named Powell. What am I supposed to say to my constituents when they ask me if the government has done everything in its power to protect their loved ones from dying?


I would tell them that managing this kind of thing requires a lot of difficult choices and weighing different consequences. I'm not going to lie and that is not going to lie to my left. I I'm going to tell system presidents Donald Trump and the attorney general working together. They are letting Americans die needlessly because of political reasons. Is it permissible for a member of this committee to accuse the sitting attorney general of the United States of murder? Because that's what we just heard the members of the time, Mr.


Chairman, say whatever they want.


What about rules of decorum and forget decorum, rules of decorum? That was one of the Republicans going, wait a second. You just accused William Barber of murdering people of Calvet. And that's what happened, right? The lady asked him a question. The congresswoman asked him a question. She asks, So how should I explain to my constituents how you make policy? And he's like, well, you know, we take into account risks and rewards and then we have to make tough decisions.


I'm not going to say any that I'm going to say that you went to an old age home and you smothered Grandma with a pillow, didn't you? Didn't you? You went and you got a vat of Propofol and you just grabbed a syringe and you put the Propofol in the syringe and you went up to your own grandfather and you just jabbed it right in his jugular, didn't you? Didn't you Democrats really these are these are the finest among us.


The finest among us. Then when Bob attempted to defend himself, there was one point where a congresswoman was trying to shame him on Obamacare by saying, how dare you take the position on Obamacare? You do. I have had cancer, sir. And I was like, I have two daughters who both have cancer. And she's like, shut up. You you're not allowed to talk about your own stories. What do you think you're doing right now?


Is clip dirty? I have two children who are cancer survivors, so I feel very strongly about this issue as a matter of policy, and I believe that the president's made clear that he will ensure that at least answer my question, will you stop playing politics? Well, Americans health care in the middle of a pandemic.


Yeah, it's just I'm sorry. It was OK. So this is a normal sort of ridiculousness. I'll admit this is normal, right? Because televised congressional sessions are basically just soapboxes for the Congress people to make fools of themselves, these sort of badgering of the witness. That was something new that I that have not really seen to that extent before. It was extraordinarily over the top. But where it really got ugly is when Barr started to push back and I was saying things like, So can you condemn violence at all?


Like at all at Leggett's?


It's not great that our cities are on fire right now. And Democrats, like cities aren't on fire. Our cities are perfect. Everything is great. Everything is great. It's like Laura Linney from The Truman Show. Everything is fine. Everything's good. And here is an ad inserted into your world. Here is Jerry Nadler yesterday suggesting that protesters aren't mobs, that there are no mobs. The mobs exist only in William Burroughs imagination. Here is Jerry Nadler, a delusional idiot.


He really can't hide behind legal fictions this time, Mr. Barr. It's all out in the open where the people can see what you are doing for themselves. The president wants footage of his campaign ads and you appear to be serving it up to him as ordered in most of these cities. The protest had begun to wind down before you marched in and confronted the protesters. And the protesters aren't mobs. They are mothers and veterans, mayors.


Oh, is that what they are? They're their mothers and veterans and mayors who are burning down courthouses and assaulting people and taking over areas of city streets at the behest of the mayor's really well done. And it wasn't just Nadler. OK, Nadler, you might think that he's an outlying idiot. He, in fact, is not. It turns out that many, many Democrats just kept claiming over and over the violence we're seeing in our streets is nothing.


It's gone. It doesn't exist all in your imagination.


Here, in fact, is a montage of Democrats talking about how these were all peaceful protests. It's all peaceful protest. Everything is peaceful, mostly peaceful. Everything is mostly peaceful. Now, the definition of mostly peaceful is supremely fungible. These are the same folks who suggested that Tea Partiers were terrorists for the great sin of holding rallies and which they cleaned up their own trash. These are the same folks who suggested that anti down protesters were violent. These are the same people who are deeply concerned when gun owners descended on the Virginia statehouse in open carry and abided by the law and had nonviolent protest.


And they were like, well, maybe that's that's that that's violence. Maybe. Well, now they're like they're burning things down. That's not violence. That's just like that's just fun, guys. I mean, come on. It's like miniature golf, except the flaming objects. There's a bunch of Democrats talking about the peacefulness of the peaceful protests that are not peaceful. The protesters aren't mobs.


They are mothers and veterans, mayors. We've seen mothers and we've seen veterans who were peacefully protesting, not threatening the federal courthouse, beaten and gas. And the vast majority of protesters are peaceful. Most of the protests have been peaceful.


Mr. Barr, you know that you know you know that they've mostly been peaceful. Yes. And the people who are peaceful are not the ones being arrested. The ones who are violating curfew and violating the law and attacking federal courthouses are the ones who are being arrested. Democrats know all of this, but they have a narrative. And the question is, what exactly do they get out of this? Seriously, what do they get out of attacking federal and local law enforcement?


The answer is they are. And so they're in such thrall to their left and they just assume that because Trump is president, they can get away with it. But I don't think they can forever. I think they can in the short term. I think they can in the short term. This is why they will they will simply attack law enforcement, which, by the way, most Americans like law enforcement, but they'll attack law enforcement. What they figure is that for the next few years at least, they've got some running room here.


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That's PC Mac Dotcom slash burn. Go check them out right now. Hey, so what exactly is in it for Democrats in ripping on the police and ripping on law enforcement and defending rioters and looters? They just believe that because Trump is so wildly unpopular, they can get away with it and they are afraid that their leftist base will abandon them and attack them as on the side of the fascist Trump. It's amazing how all of politics is as centralized around this point.


It also happens to be true that for literally decades, Democrats have been soft on crime. There's been a very long time. And when a Democrat was not soft on crime, such as Joe Biden in nineteen ninety four, now he's retroactively ripped into for being soft on crime, for being hard on crime. Rather, this is how you end up with Congresswoman Lofgren saying yesterday that when there is police that breaks out in the streets, when there's violence that breaks out in the streets.


Zoe Lofgren of California, full scale moron when she says that violence breaks out on the streets. You have to blame the police. It's the cop's fault. You see, the cops are responding to the violence. They're the ones who are actually causing the violence. It's one thing to fight crime joint task forces that involves the cooperation of state and local officials, but the governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland has asked that federal troops leave because the reaction has actually been in in reverse proportion.


People are showing up because the troops are there. And I'd like to say that so many of them, I would say most of them are non-violent, everybody's nonviolent.


It's only the troops that are causing the problem. It's only the troops. I'm old enough to remember when Democrats actually now support for police and federal law enforcement. Now they've just decided they're done with it. Zoe Lofgren then continued by saying the President Trump hopes to win by sending troops to American cities. So she's repeating the nonsense put out by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, who suggested the other day Trump is looking for martial law in cities. That's why he's defending courthouses.


Here is Representative Lofgren yesterday going after William Barr. Millions of Americans have been infected.


Tens of thousands are dying. And the president needs to divert from that failure. And it is the playbook. The playbook is to create the impression that there is violence, that he must send in federal troops, and that the American people should be afraid of other Americans and trust the president because he's going to send in all troops to make an impression. And that's something you're watching the news.


And it's not that you're watching the Internet. It's not that you've seen videos of people taking over large areas of downtown cities. Now, it's all an impression that Trump is creating. He has that magical, magical ability. So, OK, to a certain point, William Bart had enough of this and basically the entire Democratic show here was an attempt to shut down and prevent him from talking. Right. We'll ask you a question. I will start to answer.


And then we say we reclaim our time. That didn't stop her from getting in a few counter jabs. So there's one point where one of the congresspeople is going after Barr and saying, you know, even church leaders were angry that you cleared Lafayette Square. And Barr was like, yeah. Was that before or after they they put out the fire at the church?


Are you aware that the rector of the church, that Episcopal Archbishop of Washington and the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church nationally, along with the Catholic bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington, all denounced this police assault on the civil rights and civil liberties of the people? Did they do that before or after the fire was put? All that all that I know is that they denounced what you did, the guy his head so far up his ass that it's coming at his face again.


It's incredible. It's good stuff. Also, some of these questions were just so bad to Ted Deutch, went after went after Barr, the representative from Florida. He went after Barr and he suggested that Barr had basically gotten Roger Stone pardon. And I was like, that never happened. I don't know what you're talking about. The Democrats don't even bother to do like basic research before they just started going after Barr. So here's the problem. Barr actually has a triple digit IQ as opposed to many of the other members of Congress.


And so here is an exchange between Deutsch and Barr, which Barchas Rex Deutsch, he started on July 31st.


The first week he was there, he came to raise this issue. I think he started February 1st. Right. The first week he was there, he came into your office to raise the issue of sentencing. In the interview with ABC, he said, no, I don't think he came. That's what you that's what you told ABC News. You said that he's talked to senior staff, not you, perhaps, but he talked to senior staff that I don't I don't know.


But, you know, I think I speak English. I said that before he came in to see me. I believe he had some conversation, conversations with senior staff.


Right. OK, Jack kept asking for people to be precise and Democrats just couldn't be precise and they wouldn't be precise. And so I just kept being like, I'm speaking like I was speaking. And the answer is no, they're not speaking the same language. Bob was trying to answer questions and Democrats were trying to browbeat him to the point where Nadler actually refused him a bathroom break in the middle of this, which is just like the biggest ass movie of all time.


Right. And how old is Barbara's? Got to be closing in on seven if he's not 70 already. William Barr. So that prostates got to be going at a certain point here is exactly seven years old. And so, you know, sometimes you got to pee and he and Bob was like, can I have a bathroom break? And now there's like, no, you can't get kind of stupid crap.


Is it was your Congress at work? Can we take a five minute break, Mr. Chairman?


No, that's a common courtesy is a rare moment of every witness. I waited forty five an hour for you this morning. I haven't had a lunch. I'd like to take a five minute break. Mr. Attorney General, we are almost finished. We're going to be finished in a few minutes, by the way, because we can certainly take a break here real quick. Oh, yes, yes, yes.


This is unbelievable. I mean, there's just no we won't take a five minute break. We won't because you're a bad man, so you won't be allowed to be. Also, Barra was asked whether he was a Republican or not. They're like, you're a Republican, aren't you? And I was like, oh, yeah, yeah, I am. Here's Representative Scanlon again. A greater repository of stupidity has never been unearthed. Apparently, the House Judiciary Committee, this is solid stuff here.


You said in 2017 that prosecutors who make political contributions are identifying fairly strongly with a political party, correct? Yes. And in fact, you and your wife have donated over 730000 dollars to Republican and conservative candidates, including donations of 58000 dollars to Republican senators and Senate candidates in the four months preceding your confirmation. Are you surprised I'm a Republican?


Well, the media were the media were very surprised. He was a Republican. So the media's treatment of this was perfectly on point for the media, which is he can just be ripped up and down bar and he's supposed to sit there and take it. If he doesn't, he's a very bad, mean man. He's a very bad, terrible man. This led a bunch of Democrats to go out there and whine about how Obama had disrespected them. They literally accuse him of murder, refused him a bathroom break and suggested that he killed Jeffrey Epstein.


And then they're like, why aren't you being respectful? Why aren't you being respectful? And then when you would answer to why she's back my time. Because you're being disrespectful, sir. A bunch of Democrats calling Bar disrespectful for no apparent reason.


Have you now called for law enforcement to stop using these chemical irritants on protesters? Yes or no? Pepper spray? Yes. No, no. I think it's a very important non-lethal option for protesters. No, for for rioters. My question for protester, not for rioters. Yes, sir. America was founded on the principles of free speech. When people resist law enforcement, they're not blaming my time. I'm surprised at your lack of respect for a member of Congress.


OK, well, first of all, whenever a congressperson does this, it's the biggest ridicule. It's the worst move. It's the worst move. Mayor Barbara Boxer did this to a service member at one point. Call me Senator Toscanini's. Call me senator. I'm surprised at your lack of respect for a congressperson. He's the attorney general of the United States. Where what is your respect for him? I mean, that is a that is a congressional approved appointment right there.


And you represent some district somewhere.


Yeah, I have tons of respect for you. Oh, you're a congressperson. Do I know enough congresspeople to know that they don't deserve a lot of respect? Okay. I know of congresspeople personally. They know that they don't deserve tons of respect. And just a second will get some media treatment of this, which is predictably awful. I mean, just predictably awful. And we'll get to also the question of, again, why are Democrats going along with the violence and the looting?


And Joe Biden put out a statement kind of condemning the violence, kind of condemning it, but mostly it was just about Trump. He's trying to walk down the line. We'll get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that you really don't want to go into an auto parts store right now. Instead, why wouldn't just get the auto parts you need online using the interweb? I know it's an amazing thing.


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So they know that we sent you already. We'll get back to the full scale media insanity. The reaction to this congressional hearing was look at these beautiful, wonderful Democrats. And looking at me, man, Bill Barr, this sort of gaslighting, you wonder why people have lost their faith in major American institutions.


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So the media responded to all of this with sheer gusto and joy with regard to the Democrats and pure rage at William Barr for the great sin of being existant. So this is Chuck Todd, very objective, Chuck Todd, just journalism all over the place. He's getting his journalism everywhere. Here is Chuck Todd saying he was very surprised at how partisan was Zomba was. They heard all the clips, people literally accusing man of murder and saying, yeah, if you talk about your cancer stricken daughters, that's bad.


We're not going to let you do that. Here's what happened. Yeah, but William Barr responded. That means he's a partisan.


I've been surprised at how comfortable Bill Barr is playing a partisan. And I say it this way. He, you know, wants to you know, he lets misstatements go if they're from allies. He corrects misstatements on the left. He had an an odd view of testing, somehow blaming Barack Obama and the CDC. It was it was sort of the type of the type of answer you'd expect from a political pundit on a certain cable channel, not necessarily from the sitting attorney general.


Oh, you know, he was being political, but I can't Chuck Todd can't can't believe it. Eric Holder literally called himself Barack Obama's wingman. But Attorney General Barr is being political. And then Andrea Mitchell, she came out and said, you know, he keeps talking about violence. All these Republicans, they keep talking about violence in our streets. That's not happening. That's all selectively edited, selectively edited guys, as opposed to when we just show you the peaceful stuff and not fireworks flying into the federal courthouse.


It's all selectively edited, says Andrea Mitchell, getting her journalism everywhere as well.


Ranking Republican Jim Jordan showed a graphic, selectively edited nearly eight minute montage of protest from around the country, which he claimed were anything but peaceful, including sound bites from Democrats.


Biden and Obama, clearly a very political and highly edited, very political and highly edited as opposed to NBC News coverage, which is apolitical and not edited. The usual raw footage from the streets in Portland. That's that's what they do. Perhaps my favorite example of a media member just completely botching it is Joy Reid, who, again, IQ of a cumquats. I read this. This is not a bright person. Also, apparently was was hacked years ago retroactively.


Somebody took a time machine back to her blog and wrote a bunch of homophobic stuff. Anyway, Joy Reid tweeted out, say the whole word bar. What does Antifa stand for? Spell it out. OK, I'll do it for you. Antifascist. Now do go on hashtag bar here. And his bar was going after antifa. You know, since they call themselves antifascist, that means that they're antifascist. Like the People's Republic of China is actually a People's Republic, you see.


So if you worry about abuses and you worry about tyranny over there, that's because you're not reading the name. It's right in the name PRC People's Republic of China. It is right in the name of North Korea that it is a republic. It literally says it right there. So I know what you're complaining about, like tyranny over there. Now, the Nazis, the National Socialist Party says write in the name socialist. So I don't know why you're so upset about it.


What what we deserve a better class of press. That is that is for damn sure. Meanwhile, Joe Biden basically, again, he's run a fairly error-free campaign at this point because not much has been required of him. All he has to do is not be Trump and be slightly alive. And when I say slightly, I don't mean like super life. Super life means that he's gaffing all over the place. Well, he needs to be slightly alive, like, he has to be able to breathe somewhat comfortably in and out and every so often express noise through his mouth.


That's pretty much all that is required for Joe Biden to win the election, given all of the preexisting conditions in this in this election. So Joe Biden put out a statement on the violence. Finally, after some weeks, here is Joe Biden's statement, and it is demonstrative of just how Democrats see because even Joe Biden, who's the quote unquote, moderate right guy standing up against the wild left, even Joe Biden, he has to turn it into a diatribe against Trump.


He can't just say it's bad that people are burning down our cities. So he says that's quote. I've said from the outset of recent protests, there's no place for violence and destruction of property, peaceful protesters should be mularkey protected and arsonists and Iraqis should be prosecuted. Local law enforcement can do that. When President Obama and I were in office, we protected our. So then he fell asleep, the rest of his statement says local law enforcement can do that.


When President Obama and I were in office, we protected federal property, which is weird. I remember Baltimore and Ferguson burnings and we were able to do it without the Department of Homeland Security turning into a private militia. So now he's suggesting that law enforcement agents are private militia for the president, which they like is he's determined to stoke chaos and division. This can be done today, but that wouldn't help Trump's political interests. It's not good for the country.


But Donald Trump doesn't care. His campaign is failing. He's looking for political lifeline. This isn't about law and order. It's about a political strategy to revive a failing campaign. Every instinct Trump has is to add fuel to the fire. That's the last thing. The last thing we need. We need leadership to calm the waters and lower the temperature. That's how we will restore peace in the streets. So the way to restore peace in the streets is by not getting involved when they assault federal property, that that's how you'll do it.


And does Joe Biden have any idea about how to get local law enforcement involved? Of course not. So basically, he says violence is bad, but also I would do nothing about it. So this is where we now sit. We now sit in a time where the mainstream Democratic Party, including the presidential candidate, have basically made the decision that while they were, they'll sort of scoff at and tut tut some of the violence going on in the streets, they're not going to do anything about it.


And they're going to yell if anybody does do anything about it, which mostly suggests that they're rooting for the chaos, that they kind of like the chaos, that they're fond of the chaos. And anybody who stands up to the chaos is sort of the problem. Now, meanwhile, there's a lot of speculation going on about Biden's VP candidate because, of course, that will be the next president of the United States. Everyone knows that Biden is a short term proposition.


If by some miracle the man is healthy enough to live through one term, there is there is not going to be a second, I would assume. I mean, it's very difficult to imagine a man running for re-election at 83, but in any case. There's a lot of talk about Kamala Harris, that talk was exacerbated yesterday in Politico, somehow put up on their website an announcement that Harris had been selected. It was it was obviously a pre written announcement, but it didn't matter.


People caught on to it. Well, apparently, a lot of Biden's allies are like, you shouldn't like Kamala Harris, which is true, by the way. It is true. Kamala Harris is controversial. She says dumb things. She's a bad candidate. Joe Biden doesn't need Kamala Harris. He doesn't need this bizarre notion that he needs a black woman on the ticket to earn black votes belies everything that happened in the primaries where Kamala Harris one zero votes at all, zero votes.


And then Joe Biden won an overwhelming majority of black votes in the Democratic primaries. He doesn't need Kamala Harris for the sort of thing. Kamala Harris doesn't bring him anything. Instead, she just becomes the target of focus. So if he's smart, what he will do? He's already suggested he's going to pick a black woman if he's smart, what he will do is you'll pick somebody who's a little bit less controversial, probably still just as bad as Susan Rice is.


Just a terrible, terrible person as Susan Rice is. Aside from lying routinely to the American public about Benghazi, Susan Rice makes bizarre, wild political suggestions on a regular basis. When when Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in Congress during the Obama administration, she suggested that he did so because he was racist against against Obama. I mean, she's she's also radical and crazy. But people don't perceive anything about Susan Rice. She's sort of nondescript as opposed to Kamala Harris.


People have very strong feelings about Kamala Harris as well. They should because she is very, very bad at being both a senator. She was a bad attorney general of the state of California. So a lot of Biden's allies are now pushing against this. Apparently, according to CNBC, some of Biden's allies are waging a campaign behind the scenes to stop Kamala Harris from becoming his VP. This disgruntled group of at least a dozen Biden backers, including a few of his top donors, initiated the move against Harris close to a month ago, just before a decision is expected.


Many who spoke to CNBC declined to be named as these efforts have been made in private. In some cases, her foes have taken their concerns directly to members of Biden's VP search committee, led by former Senator Chris Dodd, by the way. It is nuts that Chris Dodd is leading up that team. Chris Dodd famously had waitress sandwiches with Ted Kennedy back in the 1990s. They literally sexually assaulted waitresses. It was he was described in an article in GQ in the early 1990s.


Although none of these actions signify that Biden will drop Harris from the list, the movement gives a glimpse into the effort being waged to derail her candidacy. Some remain bitter about her attacks on Biden during primary debates last year, saying they bring into question her loyalty to the former V.P. Others argue she's too ambitious and will be solely focused on becoming president herself. Many of these Biden associates have been pushing alternatives like Val Demings from Florida or Karen Bass from California, or Susan Rice or or Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois.


Of those people, by the way, Duckworth would probably be the best pick simply because her service in the military is actually lost her legs in Iraq. Serving the country, it it makes her politically immune to a lot of the attacks that have been leveraged against other Democrats. Biden said at a press conference Tuesday he will be making his final decision next week at the time of his remarks, he's holding a set of notes that appear to vouch for Harris.


Some people thought that was actually a bit of misdirect. There are some people who are saying that that, you know, she'd be a bad pick because she's so opportunistic, that, of course, is exactly right. Biden should pick somebody who's comfortable with honestly, those are the people who tend to be the most effective VPs are the people the president is comfortable with. Dick Cheney, Biden himself. Obama was pretty comfortable with Biden. The same is not true for Kamala Harris.


Meanwhile, on the covid front, a lot of news about death in Florida. The deaths have been trailing there, a lagging indicator in Florida as they are everywhere else, because the cases spiked pretty strongly in Florida. Over the past few weeks, you've seen a spike in deaths. That is followed by about a week and a half. The spike in cases today. Florida said that they'd had about 216 reported deaths. So it didn't happen today. Those have been happening as reported.


The reporting comes in. That's been happening over the past week or so. Florida is total up to about sixty three hundred deaths, six thousand three hundred and thirty five deaths. California reporter one hundred and sixty nine deaths as of yesterday, and in Texas, about a hundred and twenty one deaths as of yesterday. Now, there isn't really sort of interesting data when it comes to contrasting comparing states, because the media have been very focused in on the idea that Florida and Arizona and Texas really botched this thing.


But New York and New Jersey are doing exactly the right thing. You see this being said over and over and over again. That's not right. Also, there's not a lot of evidence that California has peaked yet. So while everybody is focusing on Texas and Arizona and Florida, the evidence tends to show the hospitalizations are now going down. Case diagnosis is actually going down. We now reach the other side of the hill for those states. California continues to escalate.


But in terms of which states did well, in which states did not. If you look at total cases per one million population, the top five states in terms of total cases per million population are Louisiana, Arizona, New York, Florida and New Jersey. In terms of deaths per one million population. For Arizona, New York, Florida, New Jersey, right, that provides a pretty good that provides a pretty good sort of counter Arizona. Has it four hundred seventy five deaths per million, New York has nearly 700 deaths per million.


Florida has two hundred ninety five deaths per million. New Jersey had seven hundred eighty seven deaths per million. So for all the talk about how the the Arizona is in the Floridas of the world blew it, their death rate is anywhere from one eighth to one quarter, the death rate in New Jersey and New York. So spare me all of the all the Andrew Cuomo is a great governor and Rhonda Sanders is a disaster area that obviously is is simply not true.


OK, well, we'll be back here tomorrow with much, much more and and make sure that you go and pick up a copy of my new book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps, Soaring Up the bestseller charts. Keep it going. Really appreciate it. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the inaugural show. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to.


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