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Joe Biden introduces Kamala Harris has his vice presidential pick, while the media uncover for her radicalism, President Trump looks for an angle of attack and the media cannot handle good news uncovered. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show on.


The Ben Shapiro Show is sponsored by Expressing Deep and Protect Your Online Privacy today at expressive VPN Dotcom, spend a lot of news to get to. We'll get to all of it in just one second. First, you may have noticed that there's a lot of uncertainty right now, like we've got a presidential election going on. covid continues to dominate the news. The economy is really, really up and down. Like we don't know where things are going next.


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Now, we already knew Kamala Harris. We didn't like her much. But now was the moment when we were supposed to gaze upon her anew with new eyes. Now, she was exciting. You remember that whole year or so when she was in the public eye and everybody thought she was terrible and feel like five seconds? I was like, wow, she's good at this because she was really mean to Joe Biden. And she said that he was a racist and then she couldn't back it up because she was just saying things, because that's what she does, because she's terrible, opportunistic, authoritarian.


And then she sort of disappeared and everybody was kind of relieved. But the media was like, oh, man, isn't it sad that she's gone after she ran such a terrible campaign and now she's back? And we're supposed to be super excited that Kamala Harris is back because now she's great at this. I mean, a perfect indicator of this, by the way, is The New York Times. The New York Times took a picture of Kamala Harris on the day she dropped out and talked about her chaotic, terrible campaign as basically the headline.


And then they use the exact same picture just a little bit closer up. And then when she was elected as VP, it was historic moment. Kamala Harris selected as Joe Biden's VP. Same exact picture, two completely different headlines because the media can swivel on a dime whatever the Democrats need, the media will be there to provide it. So yesterday, Joe Biden presented Harris to the world. So shortly after Joe Biden read a script to Kamala Harris offering her the job, it was very spontaneous.


The whole the whole situation was incredibly spontaneous. For some reason, Joe Biden was wearing a mask with nobody in sight. And also he was reading off a note card that reminded him who Kamala Harris was. Not really kidding. And also he was holding his cell phone upside down, but he then had a very spontaneous conversation. And it's this sort of spontaneity and joy we can look forward to for the next three months. At a very minimum, here was the original conversation supposedly between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


And you can listen to how surprised and overjoyed, almost as surprised as she was when she loved the bus. You remember that time when Kamala Harris loved the bus ride back during her campaign? They presented her with the repainted bus from the fugitive that she had used to bus truant children over to the juvenile detention facility. I remember that one. And Harris came out and she looked at the bus and she was like, super duper happy. Do you have tape of that Kamala Harris love in the bus?


Oh, my God, I love it. Oh. And you remember that was like take thirty seven. That was wonderful, super spontaneous, right? Well, now we get that same level of spontaneity and joy and happiness. I mean, she's just a joyful, spontaneous, happy person. Kamala Harris, when Joe Biden presents her with the VP pick here, that was yesterday. Hi.


Hi. Hi. Hi. Sorry to keep you. That's all right. You ready to go to work? Oh, my God. I'm so ready to go to work. First of all, is the answer. Yes, fansites. Absolutely. And I'm ready to work. I am ready to do this with you. For you. I am just I'm just deeply honored and very excited.


OK, and then she proceeded, I kid you not to go into a 45 second stump speech on criminal justice reform and all of her various policies. So it wasn't rehearsed in any way. You can tell because you have the guy in the background, he's playing music. So with the little guitar, the meaningful guitar. So it was a joyous moment. It was a joyous moment when Harris was announced at an empty gym in Wilmington, Delaware, because Joe Biden, thanks to his his condition being like very, very old and never wanting to go anywhere.


He went like a mile down the road to a gym and a big crowd gathered outside. Crowds are good again to remember that time crowds were real bad and real bad because we've covered and then crowds got good when it was for Black Lives Matter and crowds were really, really awesome. And in fact, they were fighting a health problem. Well, then they were bad again, because the BLM protests sort of waned and you saw some people partying. And so those crowds were out.


Well, now the crowds are good again because they were gathered outside of the Joe Biden festivities. And by the way, that was like a hundred people like levels of enthusiasm unmatched since the last Nickelback concert. The crowd gathered outside. The whole thing was was really run beautifully. CNN reported that the gym had no air conditioning. There was a power outage, the event site, which is apt to happen in Wilmington, Delaware, on the spur of the moment because this thing is being run like a third grade secretary for student council campaign, basically never leave your home room by campaign from your homeroom, Joe Biden.


So here are CNN reporting that yesterday we know they're delayed right now.


It was supposed to start earlier. And I'm just hearing in my ear that there was a there's an issue with the power outage at the school. Is that what is behind the delay?


It certainly could be one of the reasons behind the delay. But we also know that Biden campaign events often or late. We do expect this momentarily, but again, not probably the best rollout to look that they had planned.


So Biden was about an hour late to this thing. Good news is that Joe Biden didn't notice that. He just called it early bird dinner. So then Joe Biden finally arrives to introduce Kamala Harris and he makes it perfectly obvious the appeal of Kamala Harris, namely, she checks all the intersectional boxes and we can all be real about this. If Joe Biden had his druthers, he would have chosen somebody who is not Kamala Harris. He would have chosen perhaps Amy Klobuchar, with whom he is close and whose endorsement at the at the sort of tail end of the campaign actually meant an awful lot because it helped shift support behind Biden right before the South Carolina primaries.


Yet he may have preferred Cory Booker. He may have Ferdman, but he boxed himself into a corner by saying, I need a black woman, basically, and that limited his choices to a bunch of people who are not senators and Kamala Harris. So then he's going to use that as a weapon. So his new weapon is here is my V.P. pick, Kamala Harris, a black woman. And if you attack her in any way, it's because she's black and also a woman.


That is the only reason that you would be upset with Kamala Harris is because she's black and also a woman. Not that she's a terrible candidate, not that she's a radical, not that she's an authoritarian with opportunistic tendencies. Now, the reason you're attacking her is because she's black. And so here is Joe Biden doing this routine yesterday. Donald Trump has already started his attacks, calling commom a quote, nasty whining about how she is, quote, mean to his appointees.


It's no surprise because whining is what Donald Trump does best, better than any president in American history. Is anyone surprised Donald Trump has a problem with a strong woman or strong women across the board?


And this is going to be the line and get ready for the media to cover this line. Whatever Democrat line is, the beautiful thing about the media is they really are a fantastic communications organ for the Democratic Party. It's truly incredible. This was the line is we'll see like all of yesterday will be for all of today will be for the next several weeks.


Is that any attack on Kamala Harris betrays your sexism and real racism and wait for it.


Sexism and racism. OK, just give me a lot of that is then Biden said, let me introduce you to your next vice president, Kamala Harris, in an empty gym. And she's looking at him with the with the Cheshire Cat. Smile, Joe, get a food taster here as well as Japan yesterday. We need to get to work pulling this nation out of these crises, we find ourselves in getting our economy back on track, uniting this nation and, yes, winning the battle for the soul of America.


My fellow Americans, now let me introduce to you for the first time your next vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris. OK, here. OK, and also he mispronounced your name at some point in his speech, so we should point that out because Tucker Carlson mispronounced your name and that meant that Tucker Carlson was a racist. So I will admit that because I'm familiar with Kamala Harris, she's been the senator from my garbage state for several years and was ag before that.


I used to pronounce it the way that it kind of looks on paper, which is Kamala. Right. Looks like the emphasis should be on the second syllable, but in fact, the emphasis is on the first syllable is pronounced Kamala. I only know that again because I'm from California, but you could be forgiven for mispronouncing the name. It's not exactly a common name. And you've got to take the list of the most common names in America. Kamala is probably not near the top of the list.


Joe Biden screwed it up yesterday, obviously, because he's racist and also a sexist.


Here is Joe Biden yesterday. When I agreed to serve as President Obama's running mate, he asked me a number of questions as I've asked, come on, the most important ones, he said to me what he asked me, what I wanted. Most importantly, I told him I wanted to be the last person in the room before he made important decisions. That's what I asked Camilla.


Camilla. There she is, Camilla, like not Veneto, Camilla. So he's a racist. And and she'll go back to doing that. By the way, if ever it should become convenient. Joe Biden should watch for the knife between the shoulder blades where she goes right back to suggesting that he is credibly accused of sexual assault and also is a is a racist. At some point, somebody in the media probably should do a little bit of journalism and ask her, you know, what changed in your opinion about Joe Biden?


What convinced you that he was no longer a sexual harassment? New evidence emerge, or are you just opportunistic and terrible? Nobody will ever ask for that question, of course, because they are busy massaging her buttocks. This is what the media do. Regular basis is not just her. Obviously, any Democrat, Barack Obama. The number of massage oils available to the press in the White House press room for Barack Obama is pretty astonishing. I mean, they had like they had all of the sort of camomile smells.


They would actually dim the lights during the press conferences with Barack Obama in preparation for the massage to follow. And then Harris got up and and she just lied about things because that's what Kamala Harris does, because she's actually a terrible, terrible person and a bad politician. So yesterday, she she gets up and she says, you know, the Trump administration really screwed up the response to it. Now, there are things you can say here that would make some sense, right?


They should have accelerated the testing houses that were several months in here. And the testing delays are still so great that if you're in New Jersey and you get a test, it could still take a seven to 14 days to get a result, which is essentially useless. Why is it that the Trump administration didn't take this thing more seriously at the very beginning and the president didn't take Maskey more seriously at the very beginning? Why was the president in conflict with his it like there are things you can say and they're a little bit more shaded and there's probably some truth to them.


And then the response would be pretty obvious, which is that Democrats also didn't take this thing super seriously at the beginning. And you can have that conversation right? That conversation is to have a conversation or you could leverage the stupidest possible attack imaginable about covid. So because Kamala Harris is a wrote manipulative, lying and awful politician, she did precisely the latter. This is maybe the stupidest point about covid anyone has yet made. But don't worry, guys, she is just a godsend.


She is the new politics. She's the new face of American Democratic Party politics. Wow. What a wonder. Kamala Harris is here. She was yesterday saying something unbelievably stupid. It didn't have to be this way six years ago, in fact, we had a different health crisis, it was called Ebola and we all remember that pandemic. But you know what happened then? Barack Obama and Joe Biden did their job. Only two people in the United States died, too.


That is what's called leadership.


Wow. So she just compared covid, a highly transmissible disease that, in fact, good evidence shows now is airborne. With Ebola, which is transmitted through bodily fluids and not nearly as transmissible and far more deadly, but also not nearly as transmissible. She may as well have gotten up there and said, you know, during the during the Obama administration, only two Americans died of wild rhinoceros attacks because Barack Obama knew how to stop wild rhinoceri. That is that is Barack Obama was an expert at stopping death, a covid, I mean, let's face it, Trump Ebola is not any anything like like remotely like this.


And the reason that you didn't go to bird flu, the reason she didn't go to H1N1 is because the Obama administration blew it and just got lucky. The thing wasn't nearly as transmissible or as deadly overall as covid has been. H1N1 was pretty well blown by the by the Obama administration. It turns out that global unprecedented pandemics are not well handled. Across the world, across the world right now, as we're going to get to a little bit later on in the show, we're seeing spikes in a lot of places.


People thought they're already done, Spain, France, Germany, obviously around his Hansons belt and Rumsfeld. But the sheer dishonesty and there's not a single fact check of this today, there's not a single fact check. No one in the media is like, hey, wait, isn't that weird? That's just compared Ebola to covid when they are completely dissimilar diseases, like, absolutely 100 percent. A similar one is only transmitted again through bodily fluids. Like you get vomited on directly in the face or there's diarrhea or something.


That's how Ebola gets transmitted versus covid, where you're in the same room with a human for 10 minutes and you probably are covered if the person has covered, that seems a little different. But that wasn't.


Kamala Harris is only lie of her acceptance of the VP speech. She also suggested that Donald Trump had mysteriously tanked the American economy. So here's another line. Will she be fact checked on this? Of course not. The media are too busy laying out rose petals on the path from the podium to the to the White House vice presidential office. They've got those rose petals. They've got the little glasses of champagne, you know, but not not the expensive ones.


Like the cheap ones. Like the bruta champagne with like the cheap plastic glasses. They can't afford anything better. But, you know, they're doing the best here is that it's OK. They also got her some jewelry that they went to. They went to case in any case, here was Kamala Harris lying about the economy as well. No fact checks on this one either. Trump is also the reason millions of Americans are now unemployed. He inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


And then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground because he inherited wealth.


That right. OK, so I have a question. Are you old enough to remember back to March, like the beginning of March? Are you old enough to remember that when we had, like, four percent unemployment rate in the United States? You remember that because you are older than six months old. You're older than my baby daughter. So you're old enough to remember that. Has something happened like an intervening event perhaps that may have changed the nature of the American economy?


Also in response, is it not the case that the federal government, between the Federal Reserve blowing out the spending and Congress blowing out the spending, has spent somewhere on the order of 17 trillion dollars in the past six months, something like that, which seems like a pretty robust response from the federal government. Because according to Kamala Harris, basically everything was going swimmingly and then the economy tanked in twenty seventeen. OK, so are there any fact checks of this today?


Of course, there are no fact checks of this today. Of course there no fact checks of this today because later, this is a truth teller and the Democrats are truth tellers. covid is just like Ebola. And the economy was was getting killed by Trump before covid. What would a stellar what a stellar human being Kamala Harris is and what stellar people we have in our media as well. We'll get to the media coverage in just one second. Journalism's up the wazoo.


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Type in Shapiro that is Stamps.com. Enter code. Shapiro OK, so the media come out Foursquare for Kamala Harris and they are defending all of the all of the lines of attack. So there are several lines of attack on Kamala Harris. One, she's deeply inauthentic and terrible. Two, she happens to be extraordinarily radical in politics. It is a basic truth that Kamala Harris is a radical. I played you one thousand clips of her yesterday being an extraordinarily radical, everything from Medicare for all.


And we're going to kill your private health insurance to illegal immigrants. You get Medicare to the ISIS like the KKK to Justice. Brown Cabinet is probably a rapist, too. I'm going use executive orders to get rid of all guns, right? I mean, all assault weapons by which means basically semiautomatic guns of any sort. And Kamala Harris is an authoritarian leftist. She is rated by virtually every objective political analysis as the most left of center senator in the United States Senate like to the left of Bernie Sanders, according to many of these analyses.


The media, however, have decided that they're going to defend against this by simply declaring her moderate and he magically she's just a moderate now. It was amazing how that happened five seconds ago. She was a radical leftist and everybody knew it, but now she needs to be a moderate. And so thus she's moderate. George Stephanopoulos, again, objective journalist George Stephanopoulos, who wrote in his memoir about looking at Hillary Clinton and crying together upon Bill Clinton's victory in 1992.


George Stephanopoulos. And I mean, it's just it's insane to me. Still, it will never stop being insane to me that the Keebler elf, George Stephanopoulos, who worked for the Clinton administration as like their head of comms, that that guy ended up as the chief news anchor at ABC News, is like Karl Rove ending up as chief news anchor for NBC, that that's really what it was. I mean, this is crazy. But George Stephanopoulos, not a Democratic Party hack, mind you, not a Democratic Party hack, a master of journalism, George Stephanopoulos, the pre Jim Acosta, Jim Acosta, the granddaddy of Acosta is Jim.


George Stephanopoulos yesterday, he declared that Kamala Harris comes from the middle of the Democratic Party. Oh, does she does she now here he was yesterday.


Well, Harris comes from the middle of the road, moderate wing of the Democratic Party, not the first choice progressives, but Joe Biden banking that this historic move as the first woman of color on a national ticket will overcome that.


That that's what she's she's she's from the middle of the Democratic Party, that she's moderate now. Guys, forget all the stuff we said about her being a radical. She's moderate. Chris Wallace did this routine yesterday and this I'm surprised by because Wallace is a better journalist than this. I mean, seriously, this is just bad journalism. He says, you know, Republicans are going to attack wild lefties, but she isn't far left. Yes, she is.


Yes, she is. By any objective metric, she is one of the if she's not the most liberal senator in the United States Senate, she's one of the top four. Here is here is Chris Wallace yesterday. Just getting this completely wrong. She did not do very well in the Democratic primaries, but that's for a variety of reasons, she didn't run a great campaign. But, you know, she is not far to the left. Despite what Republicans are going to try to say.


There is a certain circuitous route to her position on issues. She was for Medicare for all before she was against it. But, you know, I think she's a reasonably safe choice.


Circuitous? No, she's manipulative, she sticks out a very leftist position, and then she moved away from that leftist position a little bit when it became clear that she was struggling in the primaries. But she is of the hard left by her voting record. You know who's open about this, James Clyburn, so James Clyburn, who is one of the early endorsers of Joe Biden, his endorsement of Joe Biden in South Carolina really gave Biden a boost right before those primaries.


He said yesterday, we're moving back to the left. So who do you believe James Clyburn, who's actually in Congress with Kamala Harris or all the journalists who are busy covering for Kamala Harris?


This country goes to them on the clock. This country then moves in and then he'll play. It goes left for a while. It goes back right to the you saw this going left and elect Barack Obama. It went back, right and left. It don't trust this country is going back to the left.


I mean, how high are the hopes for Kamala Harris on the hard left high because they understand that she's an authoritarian leftist MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson from formerly of the route. He announced yesterday that Kamala Harris will impeach Trump judges if she becomes president, that Kamala Harris will essentially treat the GOP like the GOP treated the defecation of Saddam Hussein's party. He actually made that comparison on MSNBC yesterday. Here was it was Jason Johnson on MSNBC. Somebody has got to go through and find all of these incompetent, unqualified, corrupt white nationalists supporting people that Trump has burrowed into our State Department, burrowed into our Justice Department, and I think Senator Harris will be fantastic at finding those people and removing them because she'll have the skill set to not only get rid of the officials and the bureaucrats, she can help us impeach some of these judges.


He's under qualified judges that Donald Trump has managed to push it.


Don't worry. She's going to be a perfect moderate. She is a moderate. She's a moderate to moderate guys, just like Barack Obama was touted as a moderate in 2008 before he started pushing extraordinarily radical plans on health care and spending and restructuring of the American governmental system just to moderate just a moderate. And the other defense is obvious, right? The other defense of Kamala Harris, besides that, she is a moderate, which obviously is not, is that any line of attack on Kamala Harris is once again a reflection of racism and sexism.


We'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about censorship on social media sites, what you can do about it. The left would like to silence and remove any voices they don't agree with. Twitter, for example, was supposed to be an open platform. I don't really need their content moderators preventing me from seeing things I would like to see. So instead of letting social media sites revoke your right to free speech, how about revoking their right to your data?


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Again, that's express as VPN dot coms. Latchman Express VPN Dotcoms Latchman To protect your data today express a VPN dotcom again you get an extra three months of express a VPN service for free. OK so the other the other defensive Kamala Harris is is of course that if you attack her in any way it's because of racism and sexism. First, I just want to mention how excited the members of the media are. If you don't believe me, how excited they are, they'll just tell you.


Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC, she's like, I am so excited. I am so excited. She was so excited here. She was being excited, telling you how excited she was about being excited.


She really connected with the women in the audience, extremely not just likable as they talk about, as, you know, people covering campaigns and talk about temperament, but she cares about women's issues. She she cares about equality deep within her from her own experience. We've had a great time knowing her so far.


And it's kind of exciting this. Is it? Is it now is so tiresome, by the way, the journalism over The New York Times, incredible levels. Nick Confessore is I kid you, not a reporter for The New York Times. He's also a staff writer at New York Times Magazine and an MSNBC political analyst. Here's what he tweeted yesterday. I don't think I've seen a candidate in a while who seemed as purely happy and joyful as Harris during that speech.


And why wouldn't she be so much joy, so much authenticity? Why shouldn't I mean, first of all, she should be happy. She was just plucked from complete failure and obscurity to be made the vice president of the United States possibly. So that seems like she should be happy. But that sort of reporting, that's Pulitzer Prize level stuff. I mean, just well done, everybody. Well done, everybody. But of course, the real line of attack for the Democrats is going to be that any attack on Kamala Harris and he will be racist and sexist.


Susan Rice trotted this one out. Susan Rice, who is likely to be a secretary of state in a Joe Biden administration. God help us all. She said the only the only way you could attack a wonderful person like Kamala Harris is if you are running here she was yesterday. There will be those that employ racism and sexism. Look at Donald Trump yesterday, you know, calling her nasty. He would have done that to any person that Joe Biden selected on the ticket.


And that's the undertone there. Those who will not retreat from that kind of divisiveness and hatred. And Donald Trump exemplifies it.


She literally just said he would have called anybody that the Biden pick nasty. And then she was like, it's racist and sexist to call her nasty. These two things do not go together. By the way, Donald Trump will call anybody nasty. He uses that adjective all the time. Have you noticed that Donald Trump, well, he may have the best words. There are only about eight of them and nasties in that lexicon. He reuses a lot of these terms, but every term that Donald Trump uses is now going to be recast as he's a racist and sexist.


And I've been saying this for years. Right. Any time he says something bad about a woman of color, for example, it turns into the only reason he's attacking me is because I'm a woman of color. It's not because I'm bad at my job or because he attacks everybody. It's because he hates black women. He sells their Lord Litefoot in Chicago. She's like, look at the people he's attacking. He's attacking me. He's attacking Keisha. Lance Bottoms is like, no.


He's also attacking Ted Wheeler, who happens to be a super white dude. He's attacking that that mayor of Minneapolis, who is also a super white dude. But no, it's all about the racism. It's all about the sexism. This is such a tired playbook. It is so tired. It is so old. It is so boring. But this is the line. Jennifer Palmieri, the former communications director for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, told Lawrence O'Donnell yesterday that the Biden campaign and Senator Kamala Harris are prepared to fight back sexist attacks from Donald Trump's super duper sexist attacks against against Kamala Harris.


And that's all the attacks are. They're all indubitably and unstoppably sexist. This is every article in The New York Times today. All of them. All of them. The entire New York Times, front to back, including a nonexistent sports section. The classifieds, every classified is Donald Trump launch a sexist attack against Kamala Harris? Here's one of those articles from The New York Times today. Kamala Harris crystallizes Trump's You have woman. They're nasty or housewives.


Wow. This is some solid analysis by it by Katie Rogers. As Miss Harris joined the Democratic ticket, the president wasted no time calling her nasty and praising the suburban housewife he says will vote for him. His views are out of step with reality in the hours. And Senator Kamala Harris joined the Democratic presidential ticket, says The New York Times. President Trump has responded by sorting women into two categories the good suburban housewife he believes will vote for him and nasty women who have not shown him or his political allies a sufficient amount of respect.


OK, so. Let us be frank. President Trump is not wildly articulate, it is also not true that he has supported American women into two categories, suburban housewives and nasty women. This is a complete conjecture on the part of The New York Times. In fact, he thinks many things about women, some of them very inappropriate. But the idea that basically the only reason he's attacking Kamala Harris is nasty is because she is a woman is absolutely and patently silly.


After Joe Biden, according to The New York Times, the presumptive Democratic nominee announced Tuesday Harris would be his running mate. Trump wasted no time sorting her into the nasty camp, a category occupied by the last woman to run against him on a Democratic ticket. She was extraordinarily nasty to Brett Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh then, or Justice Kavanaugh, said Trump. That's true, though, she was unbelievably to ask you to Brett Kavanaugh. I mean, that is a factually true statement.


What she did to him was nasty and cruel and vicious. So how about we just leave nasty by the time can we say cruel and vicious because she was she was cruel and vicious, she implied that a by all accounts, a good man was a rapist. That's what she did, and she also suggested by way of going after him, that he was involved in some sort of unspecified corrupt scheme to skew the Mueller investigation or something. She's she's a cruel human being.


Kamala Harris, she's there are many women who are not cruel. Kamala Harris is not one of them. And it was nasty what she did to Brett Kavanaugh. Nasty has a specific meaning. It is not sexist. But every word that is going to be used about Kamala Harris is now going to be perceived as sexist, that's the way this works, is unbelievably high levels of gaslighting. Any word you use about Kamala Harris will now be turned automatically into a racist, sexist word.


So, for example, there is a a piece in Politico today essentially suggesting that if you say that Kamala Harris is phony, phony is now a sexist term. If you say phony, then that is that is sexist as well. Nassios is a particular favorite, though, of the of the various media outlets. According to The Washington Post, also that word nasty is bad. Ashley Parker writing for The Washington Post. Again, incredible levels of journalism.


President Trump has called magazines, pharmaceutical advertisements and questions nasty. He calls rumors, numbers and one on MTV columnist who gave The Apprentice bad interview nasty. He's called Mean, Nasty, and he has called women nasty. OK, well, isn't that a pretty good indicator? It ain't a sexist term. He calls everything nasty. He'll be like, that's a nasty pole, OK? That's a nasty dog, like a dog. Everything's nasty. But if he says it about a woman uniquely like a like a focusing of a laser beam, it's sexist.


And so just hours after former VP Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, Trump reached for one of his favorite adjectives and dismissed the first woman of color on a major party ticket as nasty. Speaking to reporters Tuesday, he described her activity during the questioning of cabinet as nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing. True. He said she was the meanest and most horrible and pressing cabinet. True. He said her debate stage attacks against Biden were very, very nasty.


True. The insult is one Trump has levied roughly equally against men and women alike since becoming president, according to a fact based a data analytics company that tracks all of Trump's public utterances. He did use it far more frequently during the 2016 campaign against women than men, but that's because he was running against Hillary Clinton. But here, this is unbelievable. Men, reportorial courage right here, the residents of the A. The way the attack lands, nuances in connotation is often different when the recipient is a woman and different still when that woman is a person of color.


Calling a woman nasty, say many experts and women in politics is another way to deliberately dismiss and demean female politicians wholly effing ass like, wow, wow. She spent the first several paragraphs acknowledging freely that Donald Trump uses the word nasty to describe everything from foot odor to toothpaste. And then you're like, but if he uses that exact same turn for this lady, suddenly, poof, it's transformed. Voila. Abracadabra is now transformed into racism and also sexism.


Stephanie Shryock, president of Emily's List, yeah, she's she's a linguistic expert. Well, let's go to the abortion lady. Abortion lady. What say you about President Trump? I think he's a racist and sexist. Thank you. Abortion lady, your opinion is valued here. I love this linguistics professor and fan of abortion, Stephanie Shryock. Says it has really become coded language for a woman, it tries to put her in a place that is unacceptable to society, our society allows for poor behavior by men, but as little acceptance for anything but perfection by.


Yes, I am sure this is the case. You are absolutely correct, Stephanie Shryock. Our society allows for poor behavior by men, but has little acceptance for anything but perfection by women. Really, I seem to remember, because I'm, again, older than a week old, I'm old enough to remember when I did a 10 minute segment mocking a song in which two women gallivanting around singing about their wet Aspey words. For those in Media Matters, I say words because this also appears on radio, you stupid at.


So we'll bleep that out. But let me just point out to you that I made fun of a song and the entire world went insane because I simply said that perhaps it is not the most ennobling aspect of femininity to spend three minutes talking about the moisture state of your genitals. And this was considered bad taste. This was considered as though it was an attack on women. No perfection is expected for women. It's absolutely expected from women, according to Emily Shryock.


If you say nasty about a woman, then it's really different than saying nasty about men because perfection is expected for women. Like, for example, you could be a former prostitute who drugged and stole money from men and then you could rap about your vagina for three minutes straight. And this is an excellent, excellent indicator that you are a hero of the American republic.


Not only that, there are articles there's an article in Vulture yesterday I noticed in which the columnist compared I kid you not that particular song, which is too vulgar for radio. They compared that particular song to Shakespeare by way of pornography. OK, that would be true if Shakespeare hit his head on a brick repeatedly and then fell headlong into a toilet. And died and went to hell and ended up listening to a song. That's the only way you can actually expect that, but don't worry, guys, perfection is expected of women who knew, who knew.


Well done, everybody. Washington Post reporter Wow, solid reporting. Trump said she knows exactly what he's doing. Apana Thomas, a professor of politics and gender, sexuality and women's studies, oh, well, she's going to be an expert, too. I mean, she is a professor of politics and gender and sexuality and women's studies. So she's a professional, useless person who makes money telling people stupid crap about gender. That is not scientifically accurate.


Said the descriptor is dismissive and signifies that women are not to be taken seriously. She said it was significant that Nasti was the inaugural attack Trump hurled at Harris this year in The Washington Post. Guys, that's the first thing that comes to the president's mind, is that she should be dismissed and that she's a nasty woman. We're now back to 2016, where we have a vice presidential candidate who's female and still being judged by a different set of standards set by men.


You're damn right she's being judged by a different set of standards than men, than men, not set by men. She's judged by a different set of standards than men. Because you know what we would call a presidential candidate who failed so radically that he dropped out before the primaries even began. We would call them not V.P. We'd call them not VP. Cory Booker sitting over here crying to himself because he's a man. Cory Booker is better qualified by leagues than Kamala Harris.


The man at least ran a city. OK, like, it's just it's incredible, it's absolutely incredible, but so so he uses the same word nasty for men and women, but if you use it against a woman, then it's a sexist term. Magically, magically. It's just unbelievable. OK, so this is solid stuff, really solid stuff. Valerie Jarrett was quoted here, too, because Valerie Jarrett, another unbiased source on linguistics, the words nasty and mean are much more pejorative when directed at a woman, said Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to former President Obama and a board member of Time's Up, a legal defense fund for women who are victimized in the workplace except for Tara Reid when she accuses Joe Biden of sticking his hand up her.


There's this whole sense that women need to be likable. And when you say they're nasty or mean, that is intended to cut them deeply, whereas men are not subjected to the same likability tests, are they? Not now, really. Men don't have to be likable. Interesting, because I've been following politics for a quite a long time. So good journalism there. From The Washington Post, we'll get to more of the journalism, magnificent, magnificent journalism about Kamala Harris in a second.


Plus, we'll get to President Trump and his lines of attack and the media's obvious misrepresentation of some comments that President Trump made yesterday. Again, just to be fair, when the president says stuff that's dumb, it may be dumb, but it's not quite how the media portrays it. We'll get to that in one second. First, let us talk about the quality of your mattress. He sleep has a quiz. It takes just two minutes to complete and matches your body type and sleep preferences to the perfect mattress for you, whether you're a side sleeper or a hot sleeper.


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You're listening to the largest, fastest growing podcast and radio show in America. All right, so when the media are not just glowing overcomer of Harris and signify and suggesting that everybody who opposes Kamala Harris for any reasons is a radical sexist, they're also printing people's personal experiences with Kamala Harris. And I will say the reactions to the Harris pick are insane. Someone like Ana Navarro tweeted out a picture of herself cuddling her little dog and her and her caption was, Now that I know that Uncle Joe and Auntie and Auntie Carmela are here to protect me, I feel so happy.


First of all, any time you describe a politician as your relative, you're an idiot and a politician is not your relative unless are creepy uncle who's staring at you in the shower. Politicians are terrible. They're awful, awful, awful. So if you treat members of the political class as members of your family, it's because you're incredibly dumb or incredibly hopeless in your life. But beyond that, we also have Katie Holmes tweeted out a weird sexualized picture of herself.


Like even the Huffington Post was like, that's weirdly sexual. Katie Holmes of herself in the mirror over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Alyssa Milano tweeted out a gif of Biden walking next to Harris with just the caption, Hope guys go to church once in a while like you'll find and fill that hole in your life with something other than this nonsense. And then you get headlines like this one from Donna Edwards, contributing columnist at The Washington Post. I thought it didn't matter whether Joe Biden picked a black woman and then it happened.


Well, now I mean, you have feelings. So because you have feelings, incredible. Congratulations on your feelings. Very, very important stuff that people have feelings. And meanwhile, President Trump is being subjected to the media's tender mercies. So President Trump is struggling a little bit for his narrative on Kamala Harris, because the narrative is pretty obvious and I've suggested it before. Joe Biden is not alive. Right? Just ignore Joe Biden, pretend like he doesn't exist because he basically doesn't at this point.


By the way, even Democrats assume he doesn't exist. Yesterday, the California attorney general named man named Xavier Becerra suggested that Harris was the top of the ticket. Freudian slip to the extreme here from Xavier Becerra.


I didn't realize it, but this is the first time a California Democrat has been on the top of the ticket. And it's about time. And wow, what a selection you're talking about. A guy I knew had the confidence to pick one of his strongest rivals during this campaign. Very top of the ticket.


OK, fine. So job. So everybody's assuming quietly or not quietly that Joe Biden is not going to finish out his first term. Everybody assumes that's 60 percent of the American public. Agree. So Trump should just ignore Biden. And what he should say is nothing Biden says about how he is going to be normal and who's going to protect you from the radical left. None of that is true. He's just selected a radical leftist as his VP and he should go directed adherence instead.


Yesterday, he argued that both Biden and Harris are socialist. That pitch doesn't have a lot of resonance because Biden has successfully categorized himself as not a socialist. Here is here. Is Trump kind of mixing up the two? You said socialism will never be in America. America will never be a socialist country. What are you doing to ensure that doesn't happen?


I have to win the election because Campbell is a socialist. Biden has been brought up by, you know, by his shirt. He's been brought over. I guess he's a socialist. If you ask him, what does socialism mean, he wouldn't give you an answer. He has no clue.


OK, so that line of attack isn't likely to be particularly successful because Biden is difficult to attack. Again, you can't beat a dead horse, but Kamala Harris is, in fact, a live socialist and they can go after her along those lines. I mean, she's a Medicare for all redistributionist. There's a lot to attack with Kamala Harris. But yesterday, most of the focus was not really on even Trump and Kamala Harris. The media tried to misdirect to an answer that Trump gave about suburbia.


So there is this housing and urban development policy that was pushed by the Obama administration. We've talked about a little bit before, I believe it's called the AFAIK it was under the U.S. department. And that policy essentially forced states and localities, particularly localities, and forced them in order to receive federal dollars to allow the federal government to basically restructure all of their zoning laws such that you are putting low income housing in suburban areas, which defeats the purpose of moving out to a suburb.


If you move out to a suburb, the goal is that you want to live in an area that doesn't have a lot of low income housing because low income housing typically comes along with other factors, right? Because low income typically comes along with other factors, including, for example, crime. That's not a racially based case in any way, and that is a class based case. People move from low income areas to suburbs. This is what people have done historically in the United States.


They've been doing it for literally a century or more, and it's been happening for a very long time in the United States. This goes all the way back to Jews in Brooklyn, like they would be in Brooklyn, be very crowded, and eventually they would make a little more money. They'd move out to the suburbs of New Jersey. Right. This is this has been going on for a long time. It is not necessarily a racial thing. It can be, but it is not necessarily a racial thing.


So President Trump yesterday was saying the federal government basically restructuring neighborhoods along lines that people do not want is not correct. And what he is trying to say here, and it's pretty obvious what he's trying to say here, is that's true for minority people who live in suburbs. Do they move out of areas? They move to suburbs because they want to be in areas that have better public schools, for example, they want to be in areas that have lower levels of crime.


OK, the way he says it is awkward to the media suggests that what he's really trying to do is resegregate suburbs. It is completely not what he's saying here. Again, the president's command of the English language is not is not, I will say exact and meticulous. But it is pretty obvious that he's not being racist or didn't stop the media from pushing that anyway.


What I mean is people are going to become they're going to be opening up areas of your neighborhood, which they're doing, and now they're going to do they wanted to expand it and they will expand it if for any reason they're going to, in my opinion, destroy suburbia. And just so you understand, 30 percent plus of the people living in suburbia are minorities, African-American, Asian, American, Hispanic, American minorities, 30 percent. The number is even higher.


They say 35. But I like to cut it a little bit lower. You know why that way I can never get myself in too much trouble with the fake news. But 30 percent plus are minorities living in suburbia. And when they go in and they want to change zoning so that you have lots of problems where they want to build low income housing, you want something where people can aspire to be there and that's something where it gets hurt badly and that's what happens.


So with suburban women, suburban men, I think they feel very strongly about what I'm doing. It's a very I mean, it's a very fair question. It's a very important question. But they fought all their lives to be there. And then all of a sudden they have something happen that changes their life and changes what they fought for for so many years.


OK, it is perfectly obvious that he is not being racist. They're right. He is saying that many people who live in the suburbs and have been inspiring to live in the suburbs are minorities and that it hurts people who live in the suburbs. When you when you artificially place low income housing in the suburbs. That's exactly what he's saying. OK, the media play this home. I read some of the headlines. The media played this as though he was being a racist.


This was the big thing on Twitter yesterday. Business Insider Trump leans into race baiting in remarks about American suburbs, the Hill Trump pitches fair housing repeal to suburban housewife with racist tropes. New Jersey dotcom booker tells Trump your racism is showing after president hits him on low income housing in suburbs. USA Today critics slammed from suburban Housewife Street as racist, sexist dog scream at play for white voters. So get ready for it, guys. They tried this playbook with Hillary Clinton now going to with Kamala Harris.


Anything Trump does from here for the rest of the campaign is going to be racist and sexist. And any criticism of Kamala Harris is going to be racist and sexist. Your media will make sure that this is considered the truth. By the way, how much do you trust your media? I have maybe the single best case of media malpractice I've ever seen on a fact check is this one comes courtesy of The New York Times. And we shall conclude with this.


OK, so listen to this. This is pretty incredible. You remember a few a few days ago, there is this story that emerged from Portland, Oregon, where Black Lives Matter protesters burned some Bibles on top of American flags. Remember this? They burned Bibles on top of American flags.


There was tape of it. There is. We played it on the show. Here is The New York Times fact check of this. This is why nobody trusts the media, nor should they. Here's The New York Times fact check, quote, A Bible burning a Russian news agency and a story too good to check out from Matthew Rosenberg and Julian Barnes of The New York Times. Quote, For some of President Trump's loudest cheerleaders, it was a story too good to check out.


Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland, Oregon, had burned a stack of Bibles and then topped off the fire with American flags. There was even a video to prove it. The story was a near perfect fit for a central Trump campaign talking point that with liberals and Democrats becomes godless disorder. And it went viral among Republicans without within hours of appearing earlier this month, The New York Post wrote about it. So did the Federalists, saying the protesters had shown their true colors.


Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican, said of the protesters, this is who they are. Donald Trump Jr., the president's son, tweeted that Antifa had moved to the book burning phase. The truth was far more mundane. A few protesters among the many thousands appear to have burned a single Bible and possibly a second for kindling to start a bigger fire. None of the other protesters seem to notice or care. OK, so The New York Times does fact check of protesters burned Bibles is.


Yes, they did, but also if you say that you're bad and lying. The story wasn't too good to check, the story was true, my favorite here is that The New York Times, like that description, is fantastic. A few protesters among them did X.. Well, you know, if it was only a few, well, then I guess they didn't do it at all. A few is just the same as zero. I mean, we can round down like three to zero, can't we just round it down.


If it were like seven, you have to round up to ten, but like three we can round it down to zero.


A few protesters appeared to have burned a single Bible, not more than one and possibly. Well, maybe it was more than one Bible, like everybody said, for kindling to start a fire because they weren't burning the Bible just to burn the Bible. They were doing it to start a bigger fire that included the American flag guys. I mean, it was doing it for kindling.


I mean, I don't know how many times you guys have not been able to get your stove started and you have to bring a match. You know, you light a match and then you bring it over to your gas stove. You turn on the stove and you like the match to the stove to to light the fire.


I know about you, but when I've run out of kindling, I immediately go into my library, take out a Bible, and I just use that to start. It's just kindling. The best sort of kindling is Bibles, as we all know. I mean, according to The New York Times, these people who are burning things, it wasn't that the point was to burn the Bible. It's that they were using the Bible as kindling. The greatest kind of, you know, what else makes great kindling?


American flags, motherhood, baseball and apple pie. These things all make incredible kindling. Here's how The New York Times covered this in the rush to paint all the protesters as Bible burning zealots, few of the politicians or commentators who weighed in on the incident took the time to look into the story's veracity or to figure out that it had originated with a Kremlin backed video news agency. Now, days later, the Portland Bible burnings appear to be one of the first viral Russian disinformation hits of the 20 20 presidential campaign.


It's real video of a thing that actually happened and The New York Times is like, well, I mean, it kind of happened, but it was mostly for kindling and also Russians, Russians everywhere under my bed there are Russians. And if you retweeted a video and it came from a Russian, even if the video is true, it came from the Russkis, the brewskis.


It can't be real. I'm very much looking forward to everything bad for Democrats and protesters being categorized as Russian propaganda. That's going to be very, very exciting. And continuing to really, you know, burnish the reputation of The New York Times here. With Election Day drawing closer, says The New York Times, the Russian efforts to influence the vote appear to be well underway. American intelligence officials said last week Russia was using a range of techniques to demonstrate to denigrate Democrats and their presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden.


By the way, how's that New York Times coverage been on that same exact intelligence report suggesting that China was doing the same thing on behalf of Joe Biden and Iran was doing the same thing on behalf of Joe Biden? Doesn't exist, none, zero, the Russian technique is the kind of information laundering akin to money laundering stories originate with Russian backed news sites, some of them directly connected to Moscow spy agencies, officials and experts said this kuhnen kind of crap honestly like this is just conspiracy theory, garbage pushed by The New York Times to gaslight you, because it turns out that a video that was accurate came from a Russian news source.


It's an accurate video. It's accurate. This is the video in which the story came, is based, is based, came from roughly, which regularly streams a live feed from the protests for a few hours each night and then clips together a short video of highlights. The live stream in the clip, later edited down by rubbly, shows at least one Bible burning after midnight on August 1st as some protesters were trying to build a fire again. I love the narrative here from The New York Times.


They just use the they were using the Bible to build a fire. Guys, that means they weren't burning the Bible. I mean, they were using it to build a fire. Again, when I go to the matchbook that I have in the side door that's filled with all the extra keys and all that crap, when I go in there, I don't just keep the matches there. I keep the Bible just to make sure that I can get the fire started.


A small crowd can be seen hanging around some of the people watching the flames go higher. The scene looks and sounds as if it is far from the main action of the protest. So good, good journalism here. They just it sounds like it. It sounds like. Did you investigate? Nope. The Bible appears to be used as kindling by two protesters working on the fire. There's no discernible reaction from the crowd as the book is put in the flames along with twigs and branches, notebook pages and and newspapers.


The crowd does cheer when an American flag is thrown on the flames. So, yeah, that sort of undermines your case a little bit. But then people on Twitter started to repeat it, and then because people on Twitter started to repeat it, then it became a story. And this is all about the Jiahu and Russia today. God bless it, The New York Times. The democracy dies in darkness media, they are just amazing at their job and are amazing at their jobs.


All right. We'll be back here later today with two additional hours of content. Also become an all access member. And you can hang out with me this evening. We'll discuss my book. Perhaps I'll read you rap lyrics with classical music as background. It's something that we used to do on the show a lot more often. So maybe we'll do that again because it's always hilarious. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Benchmark Show.


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