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Chicago implodes as Mayor Lori Lightfoot raises the bridges, Trump issues an executive order to suspend the payroll tax as Joe Biden prepares to name a VP candidate. And we deconstruct the culture by examining a new masterpiece from Khateeb and Megan the Stallion. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show.


The Ben Shapiro Show is sponsored by Express VPN, Surf the Web with peace of mind, sign up right now and express a VPN dotcom segment. What an exciting show we have for you today. I hope that you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. A quick note at the top of the show. So I just want to note how some people on the radical left act, because it is a reminder where we are in the country and this story happens to personally involve me.


So over the weekend, I start receiving all of these bizarre emails from people just cursing me out, which is like kind of a normal weekend, but a little bit more than a normal weekend. And people saying they want to join Antifa emailing me. And then I realized yesterday that there is this rumor going around online and I'm not kidding you that I had started a Antifa website like Ninety-four recruiting website in order to catfish members of Antifa. OK, and this rumor was so prevalent because there were some big name people on the left who are putting out this rumor.


It was pushed by idiots on on Reddit, obviously. And there's Berkeley, obviously perfectly obvious. What happened is they set up a fake Antifa recruiting Web site and then in the fake Antifa recruiting website, they put my public email address in the source code such that it was searchable. And then they released that information on Reddit and then everybody on the left apparently bought into this. So some person named L. Stanger, who is apparently some wild left LGBT activist, tweeted out Ben Shapiro got caught, is the creator of an Antifa recruitment website.


Ha ha ha. One hundred seventeen thousand likes one hundred seventeen thousand likes. And the geniuses and grifter's over at the Lincoln Project tweeting back graphics in response as though it's real. OK, so I started getting inundated with texts and emails from both the Reddit trolls and from people on Twitter, like, what the hell is this? It turns out, obviously, that it was a prank by some Reddit idiot and the person is now going out there and recognizing this is what what's happened.


The person's name is Adam Rahula. And he tweeted out, since this prank is going viral and we know he'll spin it to play, victim Ben Shapiro did not set up a fake Antifa site. I thought it'd be fun to hide his name in the source code. I'm not acting as part of any leftist group. I did it because I think he's a turd. If you want to support any future trolling attempts, then MOMI. So this piece of this piece of garbage decided to put my name in a fake Antifa recruitment website specifically to, you know, make my life more annoying over the weekend.


And I'll be honest, the good news is I don't have to check my email, so I really didn't care very much. And also I don't have Twitter on my phone because Twitter stupid. And I found out about it like late last night, early this morning. So it was like mildly annoying, but it wasn't like super duper annoying. And then the person tried to raise money off of it. This just shows you where the heads are at for the radical left right now.


And this went around. It was real. They're like big name people on the left who are promoting this garbage. And it's perfectly obvious who's garbage from the very beginning. So that's how my weekend went. I hope that you had a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Meanwhile, over the weekend, the big news, obviously, is that the president of the United States signed an executive order. The President Trump angry at the Democrats for not having worked with Republicans in order to pass some sort of a bailout bill.


It's not really a bailout bill, kind of continuing funding for unemployment insurance because of the pandemic, because the Democrats because Nancy Pelosi's been holding this thing up, President Trump signed an executive order. And I have thoughts on the executive order. First, it is important to note the politics of the situation. It is actually quite smart for Trump politically. And we'll get to the actual constitutionality of this thing. Here's my view of executive orders. Generally, executive orders were always meant to effectuate legislation.


That is what executive orders are meant to do. The president does not have unlimited power to simply sign into law whatever he wants to sign into law. Typically, an executive order happens when Congress says we want the president to do X and in order to effectuate X. The president then signs an executive order to do X, right. To be more specific. So Congress gives you sort of a broad mandate and the president puts that into place via an executive order.


That's not really what happened here. The problem for Democrats is several fold here. One, politically speaking, the Democrats did hold up a rescue package to Trump, took action to fill in the Gap three. When Democrats then fight back against that and try to sue him to stop that rescue package from going forward, they look terrible. So politically, it's actually quite smart what Trump said here. I mean, those are not normally words you hear me saying, but that is a politically smart move by the president of the United States.


Trump is politically smart. It is not a good thing. It is not good that we are now governed by executive order. But it is also true that when Democrats protest that and when the media protests that I can think of only two words. Barack Obama, who governed with literally opinion of own the last several years of his administration. We'll get to all of that in a second. First, the quick reminder, Democrats held up any possibility that a rescue package last week, Senator Rob Portman from Ohio, he was pointing out on Thursday that all the Democrats had to do was sign for like one week, an extension of universal of of unemployment insurance for one week so that the negotiations could continue.


And they didn't hear Senator Rob Portman from Ohio pointing this out on Thursday.


One idea, by the way, that makes a lot of sense to me, and I'm going to offer this in a moment. As a resolution for the Senate to take up, and I think this is the ultimate commonsense, let's keep six hundred dollars in place for now while we negotiate something.


So let's have an extension for another week.


On the unemployment insurance at 600 bucks, just so we can negotiate something, OK? Democrats turned that down. Nancy Pelosi went out there and she said she was going to sign anything. Nancy Pelosi wanted to throw a wrench into the works simply so she could try and blame Republicans. When the money ran out and the economy started to crater. That was the overt and obvious goal here. That was the overt, obvious goal. So President Trump avoided that with, again, a smart political move and maybe unconstitutional and maybe that he has exceeded his executive boundaries.


And it may also be that we now live in a country where checks and balances no longer matter in the executive branch has usurped virtually all authority. And that predates President Trump. And one of the great tragedies of history is that very rarely do people who breach boundaries end up paying the price. Usually the people who are like second after that, usually the government is given inordinate powers and then the person to people later uses those inordinate powers in ways no one's thought of, like, oh, wow, that's crazy.


In any case, here's what Trump actually did. According to CNN, Trump tried to assert executive power, citing for actions on coronavirus relief on Saturday, one of which will provide as much as four hundred dollars and enhanced unemployment benefits after Democrats in the White House were unable to reach an agreement on a stimulus bill this week. That memorandum on enhanced unemployment benefits. Twenty five percent of which states are being asked to cover has a lot of strings attached. It is seen as a cumbersome effort that may not help a lot of the unemployed.


I love how CNN covers this stuff, right? If Barack Obama signs an executive order to do anything, literally anything, then it was a good move. It was always a good move. Dakka was a good move. Delaying the employer mandate was a good move and was definitely going to help the American people. Trump does something to act in the absence of congressional action. And it's obviously a bad move always because his last name is Trump. Obviously, the other three actions he signed include a memorandum on a payroll tax holiday for Americans earning less than a hundred thousand dollars a year in executive order on assistance to renters and homeowners and a memo on deferring student loan payments.


Some of these he has more executive authority for some of these. He really does not delaying the payroll tax. He has some executive authority for that, given what Barack Obama did, deferring student loan payments, a lot of executive authority for that. Actually, under the existing law, he didn't really do anything about assistance to renters and homeowners who basically kicked it over to the Housing and Urban Development Department to assess what they could do. And then on unemployment, he basically kicked that to the states, Trump said in a memorandum on the unemployment benefits at his golf club in Bedminster and taking action to provide an additional or extra four hundred dollars a week and expanded benefits for hundred dollars.


That's generous, but we want to take care of our people. In order for this to happen, the state has to enter into a financial arrangement with the federal government for any unemployed person living there to get any of the additional benefits. And the federal government is requiring states to pick up the tab for 100 hundred bucks of the four hundred dollars additional benefit each person may be able to receive weekly in additional aid. Up to forty four billion dollars from the disaster relief fund would be made available for lost wages.


And so he has the ability under executive law, he does have the ability to shift some funds from sort of general funding under the disaster relief fund. It's stretching the definition for sure, and it is constitutionally questionable. As I say, it is also politically smart. And the way you can tell that it's politically smart is the Democrats are losing their minds. They're very, very upset about this because they thought they had him boxed in. They thought that simply by preventing any sort of relief package from taking place, they'd be able to turn around and blame Republicans.


Now, Democratic officials said that Democrats were not given any heads up on the executive action. They said their funds are completely tapped and so the states won't be able to help out. In fact, states have asked Congress to provide them with an additional five hundred billion dollars to help shore up their budgets, which have been crushed, crushed by the loss of tax revenue amid the pandemic. Several experts told CNN there are major questions about how many states may be able to afford the extra cost of a state says it doesn't have the funds or doesn't want to enter into an agreement with the feds.


The unemployment, the unemployed in that state would receive zero dollars in the extra benefits. They would still receive normal state unemployment insurance. So this is not going to solve all of the problems. But again, it is a smart political move. And a second we are going to get to I can tell it's a smart political move, the Democratic reaction to all of this. Again, two things can be true at once. One, I don't like.


One, the president of the United States of whichever party exceeds executive boundaries. It is a violation of the Constitution. And two, this is a smart political move and Democrats have no card to play. So both of those things can be simultaneously true all at once. Senator Mitch McConnell, he said struggling Americans need action now since Democrats have sabotaged backroom talks with absurd demands it would not help working people. I support President Trump exploring his options to get unemployment benefits and other relief to the people who need them most.


We'll get to all of the reactions from Democrats and from the media in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact it does it feel like your rights are under assault these days? You've been watching as our major cities seem to be almost burned to the ground. I mean, it just feels awful out there between what's going on in Chicago, which we'll get to and in Portland and in Seattle and in Los Angeles and in New York, it feels like maybe you might want to own a firearm to defend yourself, your rights.


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They are awesome folks. Check them out. Bravo Company and EFG Dotcom. If you need more convincing, check them out at YouTube, YouTube Dotcom slash Bravo Company USA. OK, so. Joe Biden reacted by suggesting that the executive order to cut the payroll tax particularly was a war on Social Security. His idea here, so the payroll tax usually is money that goes towards Social Security. You pay so your employer pays some. When a payroll tax holiday is declared or when there is a payroll tax cut, then the money is usually filled in through general funding to Social Security.


It's a way of delaying the the cost of Social Security, but the benefits never get cut and government never allow Social Security benefits to ever get cut. Didn't stop Joe Biden from lying about this. He said that the payroll tax cut was a threat to Social Security and he said it's a reckless war on Social Security. Actually, he said it would undermine the financial footing of Social Security, which is hilarious. There is no financial footing to Social Security.


Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Social Security, there is no lockbox. The money you paid through your payroll tax is not there. It has been paid out to other people. It will be later taxpayers who foot the bill for your retirement if they foot the bill for your retirement at all. Biden said he's laying out his roadmap to cutting Social Security. Our seniors and millions of Americans with disabilities are under enough stress without Trump putting their hard earned Social Security benefits in doubt.


So the Democrats have taken a couple of attacks on Trump's executive order. One is that doesn't do anything that's ineffective, too, is it does everything and is deeply effective and is bad. And they're trying to make both of these arguments simultaneously. So you got Joe Biden saying it's really bad and it's really scary. He's going to be cutting the payroll tax by cutting the payroll taxes, undermining Social Security. I'm old enough to remember when Barack Obama signed a payroll tax cut into law.


I'm old enough to remember that. In fact, I can look at the at the White House website, the Obama White House website, February 20 seconds, 2012. Just now, President Obama signed the middle class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, extending the payroll tax cut and emergency jobless benefits through the end of the year. President President Obama was very, very happy about this, and in fact, David Plouffe, the senior adviser, said at the time when President Obama asked you to speak out on the payroll tax cut, you jumped into action.


Thousands of individuals from across the country wrote in to say what 40 dollars with each paycheck means to their families. So I'm old enough to remember when somebody not named Trump was president and nobody in the media seemed to care about a payroll tax cut. In fact, Barack Obama pushed the payroll tax cut in 2011. Here's Barack Obama pushing exactly the same sort of evil, evil payroll tax cut that Joe Biden says is going to undermine Social Security, whose vice president won when this guy was president.


Again, who wasn't. Joe Biden may not remember. But I do hear is here's Barack Obama. Now, let's be clear. Right now, the bipartisan compromise that was reached on Saturday is the only viable way to prevent a tax hike on January 1st. It's the only one all of the leaders in Congress, Democrats and Republicans, say they are committed to making sure we extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance for the entire year.


And by the way, this is something I called four months ago, four months ago, right in this Barack Obama back in the day saying the payroll tax cuts are good. By the way, you know who else used to say payroll tax cuts were good? Nancy Pelosi. In fact, she was asked specifically whether payroll tax cuts undermine the future of Social Security is back at the time. And here's Nancy Pelosi saying, like, no good time to be good.


It's all fine.


Nancy Pelosi back when her intentions are a little less a crack at this, does take money out of the Social Security trust fund and that it may never fully be refunded, repaid. Now, I don't worry about that.


She doesn't worry about it all back in the day and worry about. But now they're undermining Social Security guys and the media run with this headline because the media, as we'll talk about in a second, are just awful. Media ran with the headline, and this is undermining Social Security benefits are going to be cut. They're not going to be cut. Benefits are not going anywhere. A payroll tax holiday is a good idea because you're paying less taxes in the here and now and right now, given the fact that employment is scanty and we need to be bolstering businesses, allowing them to keep some of the money, at least for the moment, is a good idea.


Doesn't matter. The media are fibbing about it anyway. We're going to get to the second Democratic reaction, which is all a stunt. These executive orders, they mean nothing. Well, then why are you so mad about it? Why so mad, bro? You mad, bro? We're going to get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about safety and security so I care deeply about safety and security at my house. It turns out there are lots of people online who don't like me and target me and Dock's me and all that sort of stuff.


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Yes. Nancy Pelosi. Didn't you botch this? I didn't. You bash this like you could have cut some sort of deal. Instead, you decided to go for like a four trillion dollar package that funded pretty much everything up to an including. You know, garbage, the garbage, that that has nothing to do with trying to save the economy. And Nancy Pelosi has no answer because, of course, that's what she was doing. It was obviously an attempt to poison pill of the process so that when the thing went down, she could blame Trump and she could blame Republicans who Chris Wallace calling her on it.


You're known as a master master negotiator, but didn't you mess this one up because you talk about all the things that the president's bill? Let me just finish, if I may, speaker now, because there's no deal at all. Cities and states won't get any money. There's no money for the post office. There's no money for hospitals. There's no money for state boards of election. You knew that the president was threatening to take this executive action. I understand that you weren't going to get everything you wanted and didn't get everything you wanted.


But should you have cut a deal? And are you ready to go back into talks to try to come up with a fuller package?


She had no good answer to this because, of course, that was entirely her plan. Now, the other angle Democrats have taken on the executive orders, they were saying it's unconstitutional and it's illegal. Barack Obama used executive orders in deeply illegal ways. He acknowledged that what he was doing was illegal. He said for years, I don't have the executive power in order to simply defer action on DACA. Right. I can't just say that people who are in the country illegally can stay.


That's not something I can do. And then he just did it right. Then he just did Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. He just did it. And Barack Obama said in 2013, Obamacare was supposed to kick in the employer mandate in 2013. Instead, Barack Obama delayed it for a couple of years simply so he wouldn't feel the political blowback when suddenly employers were forced to cover Obamacare. Right. And and so just delayed it by executive order. It didn't matter that it ran exactly contrary to the text of Obamacare.


So Barack Obama used executive action in unprecedented ways is a complete violation of the constitutional order. Well, you may think that that's what Trump did here. And I think there's a strong case to be made that he exceeded executive boundaries here. But Democrats have no leg to stand on here like no understand. And yet the media jumped into this and were like, how could you use executive orders this way? Where were you guys for eight years? Where were you going?


Get to the media in just one second. First, the other angle the Democrats were taking here was that the executive actions are just a stunt. They don't mean anything. Here is Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, desperately trying to spin this as Trump not trying to help the American people.


The event at the country club is just what Trump does a big show, but it doesn't do anything and is the American people look at these executive orders, they'll see they don't come close to doing the job in two ways. One, what is what they proposed? And second, what's left out.


Pretty incredible stuff right there. Right. And it doesn't do anything. So simultaneously, it undermines and destroys Social Security and also it does nothing. The media, of course, jump on board here and they started grilling Trump on the executive order. Is this illegal, Mr. President? Is this illegal? Listen, I'm fine with reporters asking Trump whether the executive order breaches the boundaries of the Constitution. That is fine with me. My question is not whether the media are too aggressive with Trump.


It's where the F word you guys for eight long years when Barack Obama was violating every constitutional boundary like all of them and Barack Obama routinely violated the Constitution, the man declared and undeclared war in Libya, which ended not so well, as I recall, he was droning American citizens overseas, anything like that, and they made him bad. They may have been terrorists, but that was dicey legally at the very, very least. In any case, where were you guys like?


Where were you? They grilled Trump on this, however. So the hypocrisy of the media was on full display. Again, I want to ask him these questions. I think they're perfectly legit questions to ask Trump. My only question is, where the hell were you guys? Four years, four years? I think we know the answer and I'll get to it in a second. Here are the media going after Trump over the weekend.


So you trying to set a new precedent, but the president can go around Congress and decide how to hear the word obstruction. They've obstructed Congress has obstructed the Democrats have obstructed people from getting desperately needed money. Go ahead, please.


Right here, President. I mean, not even veterans. Choice, it was passed in 2010, excuse me, go ahead, but it's a false statement, sir. OK, thank you very much, everybody. Thank you very much.


OK, people were angry that he ended the press conference because one of the reporters wouldn't stop asking him the same question over and over again. So meanwhile, meanwhile, the media is gaslighting here continues. So the media cover this executive order as though it was really, really bad. Now, we all know for a fact that if Barack Obama had not been able to negotiate an agreement with Republicans in the middle of a pandemic to extend aid, and then he'd unilaterally gone and done it, they would have cheered.


And we know that because they literally cheered when he did it with Dacca, he said, I can't cut a deal with Congress, I can't cut a deal with Congress. I can't do it. I won't make a deal. So I'm just doing it myself. And they were like, oh, and we on the right, we're like, that's not how the Constitution works. You don't get to say, if I can't cut a deal, I'm just going to do it myself.


But the media did. And then when it's Trump, then all of a sudden they care about the Constitution. Again, it's incredible how kicks right back into place. Now, again, I'm not for the 1000 time this episode alone. I'm not in love with the executive order. I don't like it. I don't think the president of the United States has the unilateral authority to do these kinds of things. But the media definitely do not get to stand there and now stand on the corpse of the Constitution.


They helped Shiv and be like, oh, guys, you know, this is real bad, is real bad. The thing about the media that you have to understand, though, at least many members of the mainstream media is the lack of self awareness is just incredible, just unbelievable. So, Brian Stelter. Well, you know, I find Brian amusing. I will say I've been on his show a few times. A nice guy. But Brian Stelter on CNN over the weekend, he literally had on a liberal, a liberal journalist, and he asked them, you know, there are all these media outlets and they're out there trying to destroy Biden there after Biden.


Why don't we see anything like media companies trying to tear down Trump? Is it thing that Brian Stelter said as a human with a face and a brain, presumably inside that gourd, here is Brian Stelter saying something that it's like, do you own a mirror? Have you ever seen CNN? I mean, Brian Stelter may never have seen CNN. Right. And he spends all day watching Fox News and maybe he doesn't understand CNN exists here. He was on CNN asking whether there is a network dedicated to the destruction of Donald Trump.


Erin, your view of this, you know, when you see the entire media company is essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent to that on the left tearing down Trump? There an equivalent to that, there really isn't, there really isn't, there's no what I mean, I'm watching CNN and I'm watching CNN right now. They spent like years with every piece of breaking news. Was Donald Trump's about to go down for Russian collusion?


Every segment on CNN has a Kairouan about how Trump's a liar and a bastard. And there's Brian Stelter being like, have you ever seen anything like this attack on Joe Biden? I mean, like people attacking Joe Biden, the presidential candidate. In a second, we'll get to more Brian Stelter, because it's pretty highly amusing. First, let us talk about the fact that you hear stories in the news all the time these days about people defending their own property with a gun and then being arrested for it.


In fact, we saw that crazy story out of St. Louis where where Black Lives Matter. I mean, you have to call them rioters because they literally broke into a private gated community and then they threatened somebody's house and the guy walked out front with his gun and then he was arrested for it. Right. And his wife and he were were issued charges. And we hear those stories in the news. The legal system is not always there. Responsibly armed Americans sometimes become political targets, is not right for good responsible Americans to wind up in jail or embroiled in a lawsuit.


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Text Ben to eighty seven to two to right now. Again text my name Ben to eighty seven to two to right now and join the fantastic fantastic organization it. Brian Stelter didn't just stop with being unaware of, of media companies trying to tear down Trump. Brian Stelter also this is my favorite clip actually from Brian Stelter show this weekend on CNN. He was very angry because it turns out that many of us on the right and by the way, some on the left have questioned Joe Biden's mental fitness, because I will say it again, Joe Biden is barely alive.


I mean, his mental acuity is not what it used to be. It is perfectly obvious from watching any clip of him, Brian Stelter decided that all of us are are insane for suggesting that Joe Biden is not mentally fit because Joe Biden rode a bicycle over the weekend. This is a thing that happened on CNN. Don't worry, though, they're not just flacks for Democrats. Here is Brian Stelter.


Look at what Fox News saw on Saturday at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This is Joe Biden out there on a vigorous bike ride, not wearing a helmet, but definitely wearing a mask. By the way, FOX is narrative and talk radio's narrative for months has been that Joe Biden is falling apart. You just heard Ben Shapiro say it falling apart. And there he is riding a bike for a bike ride and Fox of all networks is the one that showed it happen.


Owned, owned.


Oh my God, I've been own. Joe Biden can ride a bicycle, you know, like a dog, like riding a bicycle, like Pee wee Herman, riding a bicycle. Wow. He must be mentally fit to be president now because he rides a bicycle. You know who else is probably mentally fit to be president? My four year old son who rides a bicycle. He's four. He he watches knots, he knows about the creature reports he clearly might make.


My son, my four year old, is fit to be president of the United States. He is he has the mental acuity of Joe Biden. He can ride a bicycle. I can't believe it now that now that I know that Joe Biden rides a bicycle like can ride a bicycle as a as a nearly 80 year old man, that means you could he's probably with it like it's all good. All those clips of him saying things like all black people think the same and him not being able to put together full sentences and him wandering off blithely into the wilderness of verbiage, all those weird clips of him just coming at him.


My time is run out and I was going to say something but mean all that time he rode a bike, guys. But don't worry, CNN is not a flack channel for Joe Biden or an attack channel on Donald Trump. Brian Stelter, isn't that the name that shows Reliable Sources? That's the name of that show is Reliable Sources. I couldn't love that more that his case proved Joe Biden is fit to be president. The man can stay upright on a on a two wheel bicycle.


Wow. Like a clown. Like a funny, funny clown. You can readily imagine if you grabbed a unicycle. I mean, my goodness, if Joe Biden could ride a unicycle, then probably make. No. If he could fit inside a clown car, even, we should probably just make him president. Pretty incredible stuff. Meanwhile, speaking of media bias, I've got I've got a bunch of media bias headlines here that are pretty spectacular. So over the weekend, there is a report that the top U.S. intelligence officials, counterintelligence officials have been warning of foreign interference in our elections.


And what they found is that the Russians have been trying to interfere on behalf of Donald Trump, that the Chinese have been trying to interfere on behalf of Joe Biden, and that the Iranians have been trying to interfere on behalf of Joe Biden. They put out a statement and said, we assess that China prefers the president. Trump does not win re-election. China has been expanding its influence efforts ahead of November 2020, although China will continue to weigh the risks and benefits of aggressive action, its public rhetoric over the past few months has grown increasingly critical of the current administration on Russia.


We assess that Russia is using a range of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden and what it sees as an anti Russia establishment. This is consistent with Moscow's public criticism of him when he was vice president for his role in the Obama administration's policies in Ukraine. Some Kremlin linked actors are seeking to boost President Trump's candidacy on social media and Russian TV Iran. We assess that Iran seeks to undermine US democratic institutions, President Trump and to divide the country in advance of 2020.


Iran's efforts along these lines probably will focus on online influence, such as spreading disinformation on social media and recirculating anti U.S. content. Tehran's motivation is in part driven by perception that Trump's re-election would result in a continuation of U.S. pressure on Iran. OK, so the Russians want Trump, apparently, according to this counterintelligence memo, the Chinese and Iranians, they want Biden, which makes perfect sense. The Iranians know that Joe Biden will cave to them and that he wants to re-enter the garbage Iran nuclear deal.


The Chinese know that Biden is soft on China and the Russians have always been in favor of sort of the chaos that Trump represents, even though Trump is actually in policy, much more anti Russian then than the Obama administration ever was. So naturally, the media's take away from this. The media's take away from this tripartite counterintelligence report is that the Russians are trying to steal the election and then they just conveniently forgot about the parts about China. And Iran is truly amazing.


CBS's Margaret Brennan asked the national security security adviser, Robert O'Brian, whether Trump was letting the Russians interfere. Never mentioned was China, never mentioned was Iran. I mean, shockingly, the media only focused in on one aspect of the report, the Kremlin. They don't care that the Chinese who are, by the way, way more powerful than the Russians or that the Iranians who are far more malevolent than probably either are both stumping for Biden. That just went completely by the wayside, completely by the wayside.


Here's Margaret Brennan, journalism.


When President Trump spoke to Vladimir Putin July twenty third, did he tell him to knock this off? But they're doing it again.


Is what you're saying. So the message clearly wasn't received. Did President Trump say to Vladimir Putin, knock it off this time?


The big question here, obviously, is Russia, right? Everything else goes away, OK. Meanwhile, in other news, well, you know what? I do have to add one note on an amazing New York Times headline over the weekend, because The New York Times has basically just become BuzzFeed over over at The New York Times. They literally ran a headline on there that they tweeted this out. It's hard to fathom, but it has been 36 years since a man and a woman ran together on a Democratic Party ticket, writes Maureen Dowd, to use Geraldine Ferraro's favorite expression.


Give me a break. They're calling for Joe Biden to run with a female V.P.. I don't mean to fact check The New York Times, which, by the way, couldn't even fact check its own 16 19 project because Nicole Hannah Jones is the editor, but has been 36 years since a man and a woman ran together on a Democratic Party ticket.


Has it or has it been like five minutes since Hillary Clinton ran with Tim Kaine? They had to issue a correction, an earlier version of this column incorrectly said it had been thirty six years since a man and a woman ran together on a Democratic Party ticket. It has been that long since a man chose a woman to run as his VP. Your last presidential candidate was woman and Tim Kaine was, yeah, well done, New York Times, you guys really on the ball here?


Really, really on the ball in a second. When you get to all the chaos that is breaking out in America's major cities, Chicago basically turned into Batman Begins yesterday. It was incredible. Like last night, Chicago razed the bridges. I'm not kidding. It was escape from New York. They tried to actually cut off the the circle loop. They tried to cut off the center of downtown Chicago because so many people were rushing in with I kid you, not you.


All's in order to rob major stores in Chicago's downtown. We'll get to that. Don't worry. It's because of Trump. It's because of Trump. You know, honestly, we should have seen it coming when when Jesse Smally. Gave us that report on those evil white, red hatted men who are trying to lynch black people in downtown Chicago. We should have known that Trump was going to ruin Chicago. We should have known that this was next. We're going to get to all of this in just one second.


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You're listening to the largest, fastest growing conservative podcast and radio show in the nation.


All right, so over in Chicago, things have gotten great, you know, president is President Roosevelt, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, L.A., all these major Republican cities just falling absolutely apart, just falling apart. Over the weekend, Attorney General William Barr, who's a very, very bad man, he's a very bad man because he's the attorney general and because he's in the Trump administration. He pointed out correctly that anyone with a brain can see that there is violence in the streets, but apparently nobody in the media have a brain.


They've been telling us mostly peaceful things are happening. The peacefulness is actually intensifying. Here was Willingboro over the weekend.


I've been appalled at what's on this violence because it's happening right out in the streets. Anyone with eyes can see what's happening. They see the violence. They see the these groups of agitators in their black outfits and their helmets and their shields already.


So he is right. Of course, Chicago burned over the weekend. So here's what happened in Chicago over the weekend, which I've been told that it is a great city that is totally under control. Everything is going great there. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, right on top of everything. She is just the best. She's great at her job. So what happened? Well, in Inglewood over the weekend, on Sunday, about two thirty pm, the police responded to a call about a person with a gun and they tried to confront someone matching his description in an alley.


He then ran away from the police officers and then shot at the officers with a gun. Officers then returned fire and they wounded him and a gun was recovered. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. Three officers were also taken to a hospital for observation. More than an hour after the shooting is according to ABC News. Police and witnesses said a crowd faced off with police after someone reportedly told people police had shot and wounded a child. OK, so people just started lying about what happened because this is what we do now.


And by the way, Democrats facilitate this sort of behavior on a broader level. Joe Biden over the weekend, for example, he tweeted out the Michael Brown lie. Again, this is become like a this has become a normal democratic thing to say. I'm Elizabeth Warren. Did this during the campaign. Joe Biden tweeted out over the weekend, it's been six years since Michael Brown's life was taken in Ferguson, reigniting a movement. We must continue the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming police.


That was a legally good shoot. OK, that was that was a shoot that the Obama DOJ found was justified. There's another investigation that just ended last week after a D.A. was elected there to basically prosecute the officer. The D.A. killed the case because there was no evidence that the officer did anything wrong. There is Joe Biden just lying about the case. So this happened in Chicago. Also, people started lying about the police shooting a person who shot at the police.


And this escalated into basically giant riots in downtown Chicago. There were literally reports that people were driving a U-Haul up to stores in Chicago. Not kidding. OK, and this according to the Chicago Tribune, they found that people were driving a U-Haul up to large stores and just stealing stuff. So according to ABC News, quote, more than 100 people were arrested Monday following a night of looting and unrest that left 13 officers injured and caused damage in the city's upscale Magnificent Mile shopping district and other parts of the city, according to authorities.


You can see there outside a Tesla building trying to shatter the shattered windows of the Tesla building to try and steal cars, presumably. Good stuff here. So just to point out, Magnificent Mile is like the center of the downtown shopping district. It is the nicest part of Chicago. It's the most beautiful part of downtown Chicago. Police Superintendent David Brown said it was not an organized protest. Instead, an incident of pure criminality that began following the shooting of a person by police the previous day in the city's Englewood neighborhood.


At one point early Monday, shots were fired at the cops and officers returned fire. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said this was a straight up felony criminal conduct, this was an assault on our city, probably should be fun. The police probably. It's the police's fault. No officers were injured in the shooting, many of the businesses ransacked had recently opened after the last round of ransacking after the George Floyd protests. The unrest began shortly after midnight. Anti police graffiti was seen in Magnificent Mile.


Hours earlier, dozens of people had faced off with cops after officers shot and wounded that guy. By the way, it takes all the way until the end of the article for them to mention that the person they wounded had actually been shooting at the cops. There is video that emerged last night of the city of Chicago closing the bridges. OK, this is just Batman Begins at this point. Apparently, Raspail Goul took over the Chicago Loop last night, erased the bridges in the middle of the evening to stop people from rushing over to the Magnificent Mile and continuing to do damage.


One Magnificent Mile, people were seen going in and out of stores carrying shopping bags full of merch as well as at the bank, the Chicago Tribune reported the crowd. As the crowd grew, vehicles dropped off more people in the area. So basically, it was running, guys, they needed bread. S.A.C. says these are people who need bread. What we are watching right now, this is all about racial justice. These are people who are stealing, stealing stuff from the bank because obviously racial injustice, systemic evil.


Stores miles from downtown were also ransacked, parking lots were littered with glass and items from inside the stores. Clothes hangers and boxes, the ones contain TV sets and electronics, were seen stealing TVs, racial justice. Representative Reverend Michael Pfleger, who is a wild leftist, right, who was an adviser to Barack Obama, is a social justice warrior par excellence, said this is obviously very orchestrated. One officer was seen slumped against a building. Several arrests were made.


A rock was thrown at a police vehicle. Again, according to the Chicago Tribune, according to the Chicago Tribune, people literally were driving you, Huls, up to the U-Haul, up to stores to steal things. Solid, solid stuff is a semi coordinated event that spread via text and word of mouth. Well done, well done, but don't worry, guys, it's probably President Trump. Remember that time when Chicago's mayors used to be, you know, kind of corrupt, but also they kept the trains running on time?


I'm speaking here of Richard Daley. Those Democrats are gone. Those days are gone. Now, the mayors of major, major cities just let the cities burn, at least the corrupt Chicago mayors of old at least those corrupt Chicago mayors used to make sure that the citizens were at least somewhat safe. Not anymore, apparently. This is absolutely not. Meanwhile, riots continued over the weekend in Portland, which I've been told is increasingly peaceful. Remember, it was the feds.


The feds were causing the problem. Then the feds started to leave, quote, a fire inside a police union building, let authorities in Portland, Oregon, to declare a riot and force protesters away from the offices as violent demonstrations continue in the city that had hoped for calm after federal agents withdrew more than a week ago. Well, utterly unpredictable. It turns out the criminality that preceded the feds also incident also postdated the feds. It turns out that before the feds got there, there was violence.


After the feds got there, there was violence. So probably it was the feds. According to USA Today, a group of demonstrators broke into the Portland Police Association building set fire and we're adding to it when officers made a riot declaration late Saturday. Video shot by a journalist shows smoke and flames rising from inside the building. Several hundred people had gathered outside the offices, which are located about five miles north of the federal courthouse that had been the target of nightly violence earlier this summer.


The Portland Police Association is a labor union that represents members of the Portland Police Bureau. Live video had shown multiple dumpster fires have been set near the building because that's our country now. Less than half an hour after police tweeted that criminal activities, including, but not limited to vandalism, unlawful entry to the building or fire starting could be subject to arrest use of tear gas and or crowd control munitions. The right was declared about eleven, thirty pm, but everything is going great, guys, everything is just going great.


In fact, things are going so great that the main challenger to Mayor Ted Wheeler, who, of course, is the pathetic mayor who went down to the middle of the protests like a couple of weeks ago and got yelled at by the people he was allowing to riot. His main challenger is a is a communist, basically. I kind of love this. A Portland mayoral candidate in Sarah Yanan, who's on KGW Straight Talk, she's the Portland mayoral candidate.


She says she's more progressive than Ted Wheeler. And when asked to condemn violence against police, she said no. So here she was. This is Ted Wheeler's competition in Portland. It's coming from the left. It's coming from people who are like, you know what? Things aren't crappy enough in Portland. What if we just went, like, full commie and allowed the rioters to just run the city completely? Here is here is the direct opposition to to Ted Wheeler, again, a challenger named Sarah and her own.


We need to understand that these protests are an important part of a healthy democracy just as much. But what about the criminal activity we're seeing?


Do you denounce that part of it? I understand why they're angry, but under fire with people inside the building. Would you denounce that part of it with lighting fires, arson with people inside buildings?


I'm not the person setting the fires. I'm not the person doing this. But will you denounce here to tell your protest so you don't smash? When I leave, I clean up when things are unfairly targeted. But here's what I have to say. Their outrage at the police is valid and the problem of police brutality in executing black lives in the streets is more important than yeah, things are going great over important.


Things are going great over there, going great in L.A.. Also, according to the Washington Examiner, public records indicate the L.A. city councilman who voted to slash the police department budget by one hundred fifty million dollars called for police assistance eight times since April, including calls for protection from protesters at his home. A public records request reveals that L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin, who voted to defund LAPD by one hundred fifty million dollars, has called LAPD to his home eight times since April 4th, including to provide extra patrols and protection from peaceful protesters at home.


According to Bill Milligan, a reporter for Fox 11 in Los Angeles. He joined at 10 other city council members in an 11 to three vote to cut the police budget in June, Bonin says that he has not called the police. He just said that a lot of staffers called the police so that he said seven of the calls were apparently generated by the LAPD themselves. He says, I specifically asked for no patrols at my home. Then the reporter from from Fox, like, revealed that there was definitely a call for service by Bowman or a member of his staff from within the LAPD.


So it turns out there are natural consequences to allowing your cities to be to be made a mockery by rioters and looters just to own Trump. By the way, chickens coming home to roost over in Washington, D.C. as well, Black Lives Matter protesters didn't just stay in the commercial areas. They decided to march over to residential areas in Georgetown to wake people up. And all I can say is, if you voted for this, then welcome to the party, pal.


So this is wonderful. It literally just marching through residential areas, waking people. These people are committing the great sin of sleeping in the middle of the night. So well done, everyone. Just really, really strong stuff all the way through.


Now, you would think that maybe this might give President Trump something to run on and maybe indeed it will. At some point, Joe Biden's going to have to actually answer some questions about how he plans to get this sort of insanity under control or whether he's just going to pooh pooh it the way that every other major Democrat seems to be pooh poohing it. By the way, in stories about making the country better, apparently the store target. So one of the things that's most wonderful about our situation right now is corporate America has decided to simply walk signal and they're going to walk signal for the cash.


What they figure is that motivated woak people will shop at their stores if they do woak virtue signalling and that everybody else will will shop at the stores because they don't want to be bothered. So Target has now added a badge to help shoppers identify black owned brands grades. There's no way this could possibly go wrong. There's no way I could possibly go wrong to label brands by the race of the people who own the brand. That's it. I'm sure it'll go great.


I'm sure go great. Maybe we should have people who are badges or something like that based on their race or their ethnicity or their religion. Maybe, maybe that go great. Let's just label everyone that way and then we can tell which sort of products we should and should not buy based on the race of the people who own the products. Awesome. According to Food Network Target, in a company statement, quote, We have carried a number of black owned brands for years and continue to listen to guests to ensure we offer a compelling, relevant assortment that supports our guests needs.


Based on what our guests are searching for, we have started to implement icons online to help our guests find and support black owned brands and founders when they shop online. Yeah, there's no way this could possibly backfire in any possible iteration, and meanwhile, you know what? Let's talk about a little bit of good news and notes, a lot of bad news in one episode. Let's talk about a slight amount of good news at the very least. So it turns out that Goldman Sachs is actually pretty positive about the economy for next year.


And they're saying that vaccines seem to be developing apace. They put out a notice over the weekend. They say that they expect at least one vaccine will be approved by the end of 2020 and will be widely available by the end of 2021, quarter two. And they're now leaving their forecast of quarterly annualized GDP growth unchanged in 2020. They're hoping there will be a twenty five percent GDP growth in Q3 and an eight percent GDP growth in Q4. They're now expecting 10 percent in 2021 Q1 and eight percent in twenty twenty one Q2.


So they are looking at a point six two percent GDP growth on an annualized basis in twenty twenty one. They think the unemployment rate is going to decline to nine percent by the end of 2020 and they're hoping for six point five percent by the end of twenty twenty one. So that is that's good news. I mean that that's at least some piece of good news. Also worth noting, it appears that Democrats are beginning to come around to the idea that keeping schools interminably closed is a bad idea.


Chuck Schumer has finally caved. He said over the weekend that it's time to open schools. We can't keep schools closed, which is weird because five seconds ago, Democrats were declaring that if you want schools open, you want to kill both your children and grandma. Executive orders leave out schools all together, state and local services. They came a tiny little bit in our direction on that, but very little not in the middle, we're close to it.


You can't do that by executive order, it's spending and you'll have firefighters. This is not abstract. This is not. Government, it is firefighters, sanitation workers, bus drivers, health care workers who need to get paid.


So it is funny to watch the Democrats flip on a dime again. If President Trump is competent, then he can make a lot of hay here. We got cities in flames. You got Democrats who are trying to prevent aid from going out for the unemployed. We have Democrats who are right now flipping on whether to open schools and recognize that they can't keep things interminably closed. So that's a lot of room for the president to run. And this election ain't close to over at this point.


It is only the beginning of August. OK, now we're going to do something we haven't done in a while. So over the last week or so, there's been a lot of attention paid to a music video is called Webapp OK, which we're going to get into in just one second. And it seems to me that there's a segment that we've been remiss in ignoring for a long time now on the show. We should do it much more regularly.


It was called Deconstructing the Culture. So it is time once again to deconstruct the cultural critique, an important piece of popular culture. And we and we break it down for its important aspect in American life. So let's deconstruct a little bit of culture. So there is this video that went out. It is by a person named Khateeb who has a rather checkered past. I mean, she's talked on video about how she's to drug men and steal their money after after bringing them back as, what, a quasi prostitute, something like that.


And then she became a rapper. So American success story. And there's another rapper whose name is Megan Stanley. And I assume this is her given name. Their last name is Italian. And her parents named her Megan Thee. And I don't know why her middle name is the as opposed to the. But apparently you are the Italian, not just not just the the the ah the Italian. In any case, there's this new video. And just as a preface to this video, let me note some of the headlines about this video from mainstream outlets.


The headline from complex was Why Cardi B and Megan, these stallion's empowering anthem WAP is so important. It's very important, guys, is a very, very empowering, important anthem. Grammy, Grammy.com, they put out a like people do the Grammy Awards, they put out a headline Khateeb and making these stallion's deliver a juicy collaboration with webapp. Wow. And they must be important. Métro UK put out a headline, The Backlash to Cardi B and Megan.


These stallion's webapp prove society still hates sexually powerful women.


Hmm. Apparently, according to Billboard, Christina Aguilera is feeling some type of way about Cardi B and Megan. These DeLeon's webapp is a deeply important piece of art and then Black Entertainment TV, Betty. They put out a headline, Cardi B perfectly claps back and misogynistic criticism of WEAP because all criticism of webapp is misogynistic, a deeply misogynistic and sexist, as it turns out. And this video, this music video had 56 million views within 48 hours of release because it got all sorts of press and it was deeply important is a deeply important piece of American art that we should all pay attention to.


It is deeply empowering. So we're going to play a little bit of the video and then I'm going to read you some of the lyrics to Rap, which stands for a thing I can't say most of the words in the song. I mean, I can pronounce them, but if I if I say them aloud, then we would be banned by the FCC. So here is a little bit of this video. So as you can see, there's water pouring out from the front of the mansion.


OK, here are these two ladies and then there is just a giant golden, but a six foot by three, OK?


And then there's golden booms that apparently are spouting water polo game week.


It's yeah. So this is all great. And then there's some tigers. And this is apparently the Texas mansion that has ever been. And then there there's them lying there with a bunch of snakes, you know, kind of typical music video kind of stuff. But it's very empowering, you know, deeply, deeply empowering. So if you can't hear the lyric because it's look them up because I don't know why you hear the lyrics, frankly. Here are some of the lyrics.


This is this is empowering stuff, guys, is like Susan B. Anthony. It's like women fighting for the right to vote. This right here is women fighting for the right to work, make history right here. What we are watching is women fighting for equal rights. You talk about their wet ass porn. That's what it stands for. So here are the actual lyrics.


OK, and this is this is not demeaning to women in any way. It's not demeaning to women in any way. It doesn't turn women into sex objects. It doesn't make men think of women in a in a purely sexual fashion. It is women empowering themselves. It is super empowerment. Here are some lyrics. You ready whores in this house. There are some whores in this house. There's some whores in this house. There's some whores in this house.


Hold up. I said, certified for seven days a week, wet ward, make that pull out game week. Yeah, you even with some wet word for female genitalia, bring a bucket and a mop for this wet asport. Give me everything you got for this wet asport. Beat it up and catch a charge extra large and extra hard, put this P word right in your face, swipe your nose like a credit card, hop on top.


I want a ride. I do a kegl while it's inside. Spit in my mouth. Look in my eyes, this P word is wet. Come take a dive and continue along these lines and it gets significantly, significantly more vulgar, like a lot more vulgar. Talk your s word. Bite your lip. Asked for a call while you ride that d word. You really ain't never going to f him for anything he already made his mind up for he came.


And now get your boots and your coat for this wet ass P word. In my tuition, just to kiss me on this wet ass, right? So this is guys, this is what feminists fight for. This is what the feminist movement was all about. It's not it's not really about women being treated as independent, full rounded human beings. It's about what asport. And if you say anything differently, it's because you're a misogynist, you see.


It gets really, really, really, really, really vulgar, but I will admit that when I first saw the lyrics to the song, my first concern as a sympathetic and empathetic human being, my first concern is that these women are describing a serious gynecological condition. And like, I'm serious that these women are suffering from some sort of serious I mean, a bucket and a mop. This sounds like there's some there's something that is going on here that is not biologically normal and by the way, the song is so unsexy that it frankly sounds like somebody describing what amounts to a serious condition that requires the care of a doctor.


So fortunately, I know a doctor who is my wife. And so I asked her for her medical diagnosis and she looked at the lyrics herself. And after being kind of appalled by them, obviously she had a few sort of indicators here on how she could diagnose the vaginalis condition that apparently these women are suffering from.


So there are a few sort of giveaways. There are a few sort of giveaways here. So first of all, a bucket and a mop for this wet. So, first of all, she had to clarify whether Wet Aspey word was a description of the P word or whether one of the clinical symptoms here was also diarrhea. But bring a bucket and a mop. So this suggests that there's an awful lot of not to be too graphic, but some sort of a medical discharge that's happening here, like a lot too much and a lot too much, because that's a symptom of something that is not going great.


Apparently there are signs of prolapsed. And I say that because hop on top, I want to read. I do a Kagle while it's inside. So there are some signs of some actual clinical prolapse, which is which is a problem. Also, there's some there's some talk about where this person is putting their nose. And and and there's some talk about smelling, right, there's a there's a line here about gagging and choking, which suggests that perhaps perhaps there's an odor issue here.


Also, at some point in here, there's a reference to diabetes about about a person who engages in particular activity and ends up diabetic, which suggests a serious imbalance. So I asked my wife for a differential diagnosis for the sake of these ladies in case they need to go to the doctor. I mean, like this is a problem. I mean, like if if this is like there's water pouring out the front doors of this place and that ain't water, guys.


I mean, that's what that's why I'm being told that ain't water. So the medical debt here was her differential, her differential diagnosis. My wife, the doctor was either these women are suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Or a yeast infection or my wife suggested most probably they are suffering from Trichomonas. So just a bit of medical advice, put aside the empowerment, but I mean, I understand how empowering it is for women to sing about the the moisture state of their genitals.


And I understand that anybody who criticizes this as reductive of female sexuality and or of putting out images of females as over sexualized in a way that is negative, that puts negative images in men and drives negative images toward women for men treating them as sex objects. I understand that that that stuff is out of bounds. Right? I mean, if we mention any of that stuff, it's because we're misogynist. I'm a sexist for saying that women are more than just, you know, they're wet aspy words, but.


As as a sympathetic human being, I just want to make sure these ladies get the care they need, my wife's medical advice is that they go to a gynecologist ASAP and that they and that they do whatever checks are necessary for bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection or Trichomonas. So with that in mind, we'll be here later today with two additional hours of content. And and by the way, this video is available to everybody, including people who are under the age of 18 is what I have been informed by those who use YouTube.


So good news there. Our culture is in good hands. Everything is good, guys. Everything's good. We'll be here later today with two additional hours of content. We'll see you then. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show. I was in this house and was in this house this morning. This house was in this. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to.


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