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As riots spread throughout America's major cities, Democrats tried to pin the blame on Trump, sports figures come under fire for standing up for the American flag. And Netflix releases a bizarre video pushing doctors to abandon medicine for feelings. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show.


The Ben Shapiro Show is sponsored by Express VPN. Why haven't you gotten a VPN yet? Visit Express VPN, dot com, slash Ben and make the magic happen. Okay, so every weekend I basically say don't burn the place down. And then you went and you burn the place down. And when I say you burn the place down, I don't mean people who listen to the show me feather jerks. I'm talking about folks in Seattle burning the place down in Portland, burning the place down in Oakland, burning the place down in Austin, burning the place down and Louisville burning the place.


Just all sorts of fun happening all over the country. Why? Well, because there's a general mood and the general mood is the American system sucks and liberals are going to let the leftists get away with this. Here's the deal. Conservatives are not capable on their own of stopping the chaos that is now engulfing the country. These are liberal cities. They are run by Democrats. And until Democrats decide that they are done with this, this is not going to end.


If they decide that they are going to simply allow the WOAK left to eat their cities alive, there's not much the right can do about that. President Trump concessions and federal forces to defend federal property. But the federal government is not given the job. Generally speaking of reestablishing generalized law and order in America's major cities, the tenor of American federalism suggests that local localities and states are responsible for ensuring that people abide by the law in localities and states. It's not the job of the federal government to make sure that basic criminal law is followed.


That is the job of the states. If states and localities refuse to do it, the predictable result that everybody will be that everybody who has any shred of money will get out. That everybody who is living in these cities is not going to stick around and provide the tax base to quote unquote, fix the problems of inequality. They're just going to leave. And then presumably they will be blamed by The New York Times for not sticking around. You saw this a little bit with Joe Rogan over the weekend.


So my favorite tweet of the weekend to Joe Rogan is moving from Los Angeles to Texas, which already nuisance. Joe and I are very friendly. And the and the media were angry at him because he said the reasons that he were moving included bad local governance and the upkeep of the area where he lives, which, by the way, is true, like L.A. has turned into a trashy and people like, no, the real reason he's moving is because he just signed one hundred million dollar deal with Spotify and because the state tax rates in California are thirteen point three percent.


It's like, OK, so he's bad for escaping the tax rates. I've been told by the left that they can raise the tax rates as high as they want and no one will ever react to those tax rates. So are you going to blame him for reacting to the tax rates or are you going to hold with the idea that tax rates have no impact on people leaving? In other words, Democrats keep making giant cities unlivable and then people leave the like.


Why are you leaving? Where are you going? Why don't you stick around? I mean, we just want to steal more of your money and use it free random crap like porta potties under the overpasses, which when we got here in California, brand new construction happening here in Los Angeles. Every underpass for a freeway shall have a port a potty. It is it is grand and glorious construction. And we talk about green new jobs. Charlie Brown, new jobs here in the city of Los Angeles.


But bottom line is this, whether it's council culture, whether it is the destruction of America's major cities, so long as mainstream liberals go along with the WOAK left, so long as that is the coalition, so long as mainstream liberals see a greater danger to the country in mainstream conservatives than they do in the Wolke left. Then the alliance to the left in the Liberals actually is a majority in the country. There's a significant minority in the country that is conservative, but these sort of mainstream liberal kind of goodhearted folks, you don't pay too much attention to politics so long as they keep caving to the Wolke left, the Wolke left.


We'll have the whip hand in American politics. And that's what we are watching right now, according to The New York Times, from Los Angeles to New York. Protesters marched in a show of solidarity with demonstrations in Portland, Oregon. In Seattle, they smashed windows and set fires. A shooting at a protest in Austin, Texas, left one man dead. So things are going really great. One thing you may have noticed, I just read you about a series of cities.


One thing they have in common. Let's see. L.A., New York, Portland, Oregon. Seattle, Austin. What do all these places have in common? It's not demographics. Portland's a very white city. Los Angeles is a very Hispanic city. New York is a fairly racially diverse city. Austin is largely white. It has nothing to do with color. What do these places have in common? They are all places where the left runs the place.


All of them. They're not trying this crap in the middle of Slaten, Texas, and they are trying this crap in the middle of Idaho. Really, red areas are not seeing this. And the reason red areas are not seeing this is because the WOAK left understands that the people that they can capture, institutions they can capture, are all run by mainstream liberals. According to New York Times, weeks of violent clashes between federal agents and protesters in Portland, Oregon, galvanized thousands of people to march through the streets of American cities on Saturday, injecting new life into protests that had largely waned in recent weeks.


One of the most intense protests was in Seattle, where day of demonstrations focused on police violence left a trail of broken windows and people flushing pepper spray from their eyes. At least 45 protesters had been arrested as of early evening. Both protesters and police officers suffered injuries. Yes, the difference is that the protesters are generally rioting and looting and the police officer generally attempting to enforce the law. Love that moral equivalence there between quote unquote, protesters. Notice how the media are deliberately anti specific here and they're not saying what these quote unquote, protesters were doing.


Generally, the protesters are not being arrested for protesting. In fact, not generally, it's not a crime to protest in the United States. They're being arrested for violating the law. Carrying signs such as Fed's go home and shouting chants of No justice, no peace. Some among the crowd of about 5000 protesters stopped at a youth detention center and let several construction trailers there on fire in Seattle. Some smashed windows of nearby businesses ignited a fire in a coffee shop, blew an eight inch hole through the wall of the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct building.


According to police, at this point, we declared the event to be a riot and several orders to disperse were given, said Seattle police chief Carmen Best. The police responded by firing flash grenades, showering protesters with pepper spray abruptly rushing into crowds, knocking people to the ground after a flash grenade left one woman with bloody injuries. Police officers shoved people who had stopped to help her because they were going to arrest her, presumably also because the people had stopped to help or might not have been helping her.


In Austin, Texas, the police had one man was shot and killed just before 10:00 p.m. during a protest in the city's downtown. In a live video from the scene, protesters are seen marching through the intersection when a car blares a torn several seconds later. Five shots ring out, followed shortly by several more loud bangs. The man who was killed may have approached a vehicle with a rifle before he was shot and killed.


After Katrina, Ratcliffe said Ms. Reckless and the person who shot and killed the man and fired from inside the vehicle. That person was detained and is cooperating with officers, she said. No one else was injured. Mayor Steve Adler of Austin said. All I know is someone dying while protesting is horrible. He wasn't protesting. When you approach somebody on a public highway carrying a rifle and pointing it at them, which is apparently what happened here. That's called self-defense now.


And if you don't believe me, that is very, very similar to the case of armed robbery, where I've said that the people are being justly tried on murder charges. You do not have the right to hold someone up at gunpoint on a public thoroughfare. And for idiots, we're trying. Compare that to the couple in Missouri who are standing on their own property holding guns to defend their own property. Not the same thing. One is on their property.


One is if they went in the middle of the street and pointed a gun at somebody in a car. Not the same thing, you idiots. Our city is shaken like so many in our community. I'm heartbroken and stunned, said Mayor Steve Adler of Austin. We'll get to what's happening in L.A. in just one second and then we'll get to why liberals are allowing this to happen. Why? These are cities they run. Why are they allowing this to happen?


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Videos showed people smashing windows, lobbing water bottles at officers after protesters said police fired projectiles at them. OK, I have a feeling that this went the other way around. I don't think the police are willy nilly firing projectiles at people because they will lose their jobs and or be sued and will go to jail for that. My guess is the protesters are lobbing things at the cops. The federal courthouse in Portland has been the scene of nightly chaotic demonstrations for weeks, which continued again into Sunday morning as thousands participated in marches around the city.


The fifty ninth consecutive day of protests there earlier. A group of nurses in scrubs and joined an organized group of mothers in helmets and fathers in hardhats, all assembled against the fence of a federal courthouse where federal agents have been assembled. So they decided to get to go to the village people. That's exciting stuff. They got the guys in the hardhats. They got the mothers. They need Native American guy. The nurses in scrubs, by the way, quick rule that nurses in scrubs.


So as some of you may know, I have a wife was a doctor. You don't wear scrubs outside the hospital. Not a thing you do. The reason is because if you're wearing scrubs as a costume, generally, that's stupid. And if you're wearing scrubs directly from a hospital supposed to take them off, they're covered in germs. Anyway, shortly after 1:00 a.m., the Portland police said the protests had become a riot and ordered the crowd to leave.


Federal agents fired tear gas and left the courthouse to drive protesters from the streets, continuing to stretch the bounds of their authority. That's not stretching the bounds of their authority. They have very, very clear authority under 40 U.S. Code 50, 19. That authority is extraordinarily clear. It says they can defend federal property and arrest people in the course of committing crimes, not just on the federal property, but around that area, anywhere in that area. Portland is leadings and Shantell Hershberger, an organizer with Refuse Fascism because nothing says refusing fascism, quite like storming law enforcement agencies and trying to establish martial law.


At the center of Majoras Major Cities, Shantelle Hershberger, part of the Los Angeles activist protesting the presence of federal agents in Portland. Makes perfect sense, by the way, is that there are federal agents in Portland. Go over to the federal courthouse in L.A. You go to downtown and you just shatter some windows there. It makes perfect sense. They're showing what it looks like to stay in the streets despite police oppression, despite federal forces being sent in, this kind of energy is actually what's needed.


Isn't. Is that is that really, really? Is that what's needed? Bipasha Mukherjee, 52, of Kirkland, Washington, said she's been protesting on the streets since May is what happens when nobody's job. So it was worrisome to her to see such aggressive tactics by the police. Is not the country immigrated to? Said Ms. Mukherjee will arrive from India more than 30 years ago. It feels like we are rapidly becoming a fascist state and a police state really do.


Fascist police states just let people willy nilly burn down courthouses for fifty nine straight days in Portland? Is that a thing fascist police states do? Because like my knowledge of fascism suggests that the cops immediately come in in fascist states and arrest everyone, including the law abiding protesters, which is literally the one thing that is not happening. This is all insane. It's a very hard slide in an extremely violent directions, and Michoud Savage of Seattle said the protests were aimed at both local authorities and the deployment of federal officers who waged a crackdown against the long running protest in Portland.


So weird because I remember when they set up Chaz Chop in the middle of Seattle before the feds came in. So I feel like the timeline is not accurate that we are being told right now. Carmen best, the Seattle police chief, a woman of color who, by the way, the media will never note that said a number of demonstrators use violence. Some are tossing concrete blocks from a rooftop to the street below the coffee shops that a fire had occupied apartments above it had to be evacuated.


She said, we support everyone's First Amendment right for free speech and together and assemble in such a way. What we saw today was not peaceful. It was not peaceful demonstration at all. Criminal acts were occurring throughout the city. Many people were at risk, by the way. I'm really enjoying the sight of these giant crowds protesting and demonstrating and rioting and looting. That's really exciting stuff in the middle of a damned pandemic. And the media going, well, you know, they're standing.


And I'm now like 10 paragraphs into this New York Times story. They've not mentioned a pandemic once. And I locked down protests, violating pandemic policies. First sentence churches, violating pandemic policy, first sentence. Giant, enormous protests of people throwing concrete blocks from roofs to the street below. No mention of the fact there's a pandemic. None. Largest story on planet Earth in the last probably maybe since World War Two people are out in the streets violating protocol and not a word from the media.


Not one word. They're protesting for the right things, guys. Immunity is conferred by looting and rioting. As long as you're doing so for the right purposes and the right purposes apparently are not restricted to George Floyd. If you're burning a federal courthouse for George Floyd or you're burning down a Starbucks for George Floyd, let me suggest George Floyd was not in favor of burning down Starbucks. And if he was, that's a bad thing. This is wild nonsense.


Other demonstrations took place on Saturday in New York, Omaha and Oakland, among other cities in Omaha. Kam TV, TV reported demonstrators turned out in solidarity with the Portland protests and also in response to the death of James Scurlock, a black man killed by white bar owner in May. In that case, he was being attacked, by the way. That's what actually happened. We discussed the case at the time. In Richmond, Virginia, riot police fired chemical agents at protesters who marched through the city and gathered around the Richmond police department.


The police said some protesters had set fire to a city owned dump truck outside the station in Aurora, Colorado. A hectic scene played out as people marched along an interstate highway. During that protest, someone drove a car into demonstrators, according to a rural police, although it was unclear if the car struck any protesters. Okay, by the way, quick note. If you gather on a freeway and someone is driving in, you surround their car, they have no obligation to stop their car and let you savage them.


That is not a thing. You are violating the law when you when you crowd someone, when you mob a car. I'm bewildered by this attitude that as a driver, my job is to make sure that you can surround me, rock my car back and forth and maybe attack me because I know you're gonna do. I don't know, you're gonna do one of their kids in the car, but this is insane. This is totally crazy. The police had a protester had also decided to fire off a weapon which struck at least one other person.


That person was taken to a hospital, was in stable condition. Seattle and Portland has been extended at demonstrations. The situation in Portland continues to be violent. People are firing mortars, apparently. It's good times in Portland. The video from these places makes absolutely clear what exactly is going on. We're going to get to more of this in just one second. First. Let's talk about an issue that can easily be resolved is kind of embarrassing to talk about.


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So the video from these places makes perfectly clear exactly what is going on in Seattle. They burned to Starbucks. The great ironic tweets of the day was by a person who is living above that Starbucks and had tweeted that the police are are being fascist and brutal and then was like, why are they burning the Starbucks?


This is terrible, man. They really must hate that Starbucks. As I've said it before, the shooting of the oil cans and the jerk with Steve Martin. They really hate these oil cans. Or alternatively, Starbucks has nothing to do with anything and is a major employer in the area. And they just ransacked the place and looted it. And, of course. They've got the cab graffiti up there. A cab is all cops are bleep. So that's that's good.


That's good times because the cops run Starbucks. Did you know Starbucks, by the way, a company. So woak that they refused to expel people who literally sit there and use their facilities and won't buy anything and gives instead sensitivity training. If one of their own WOAK brand managers says the person has to leave, that's how WOAK Starbucks is. They're getting ripped up. There is a Starbucks being destroyed. Meanwhile, the Seattle PD put out notice. Hey, this is from Carmen Best, according to Reagan Battalion, put out July 24th, quote, Dear business owner and our resident, please know the Seattle Police Department is committed to addressing life safety incidents and calls for service and responding to ongoing demonstrations and unrest in the city.


Please also know that the city council ordinance eleven ninety five 05 crowd control tool goes into effect this weekend, Sunday, July twenty sixth. This ordinance bans Seattle police officers the use of less lethal tools, including pepper spray that is commonly used to disperse crowds that turned violent. Simply put, the legislation gives officers no ability to safely intercede to preserve property in the midst of a large, violent crowd. It is important to bring to your attention that yesterday I sent the city council a letter ensuring them that its chief of police.


I've done my due diligence of informing them numerous times of the forseeable impact of this ordinance on upcoming events. The letter is attached for your reference, for these reasons. Seattle police will have an adjusted deployment in response to any demonstrations these this weekend, as I will never ask our officers to risk their personal safety to protect property without the tools to do so in a safe way. That's insane. So the Seattle PD is already announcing that if you mob a place, they're not showing up because they don't have pepper spray because the city council banned the pepper spray.


They're announcing preemptive surrender, pre-emptive surrenders, Yale P.D. saying you're on run, guys. Sorry, not much we can do. Also, the PD has announced in Seattle that they've been arresting people who are firing mortars, mortars. Police have made at least three arrests in Seattle PD over the weekend and continue to work to disperse large crowd on Capitol Hill. Earlier incident was determined to be a life safety issue. Violation declared a riot. Individuals continue to throw explosives and fire mortars at police.


At least two officers have been injured. So that's what's happening in Seattle, where, by the way, this thing didn't start, right, Seattle. Here we have this running cycle, right. This started with Tropp, Chason, Seattle. Then Portland was like, you know, it's great. Chop chop. Let's do that here. Then the feds came in and then Seattle was like, that's bad. The feds went to Portland. Let's do it again.


Salad, salad stuff happening all across the country. Meanwhile, in Portland, Chad, Wolf, the head of the DHS, the acting secretary, DHS, who's on the show last week, he announced that several federal officers may have been blinded. They may have lost their vision as a result of these bastards in the streets firing lasers into the eyes of federal law enforcement. Here's Chad Wolf explaining. We have two to three different officers. We are waiting on final results to see how much of their eyesight will permanently be lost because of the activity of these criminals.


As you indicated, they are shining lasers, high, powerful lasers into officers eyes as they emerged from the courthouse. So we're taking steps. We've taken steps to address that and we'll continue to protect our officers at all costs. And again, all I need is the city of Portland to step up and do their job.


This insane, insane federal police officers that are law enforcement are being blinded to on the job. And the media like Trump. Trump so bad. Trump so bad. By the way, Portland basically shut down. So thanks to the pandemic, business was already pretty slow now because they're basically taking over city blocks and tifa and tossing trash everywhere. They're tossing trash at police officers, trying to draw responsiblities a response. Now, businesses are not even operating in Portland.


According to The Oregonian, office buildings remain empty because of the pandemic. Tourists have yet to return. Taking away a large customer base for many downtown businesses. More tests have appeared along the sidewalks near downtown as the city has limited cleanups of homeless camp students due to the pandemic. Those factors have limited foot traffic in downtown. Trauma says trips downtown are down more than 75 percent this summer compared to last year. Parking meter transactions are down a similar amount.


Hotel occupancy in central state is the worst in state, down 73 percent. Eric Murfitt, comptroller of Mercantile, a family owned downtown clothing store that's been in business for forty five years, reopened a shop in May when Oregon Gov. Kate Brown eased Corona virus restrictions. For many businesses, Mercantile is reopening was short lived. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets on the night of May 30th to protest police brutality. But the night about, people ended with break ins and looting.


In downtown, Murfitt watched on his live security footage feed as looters trashed his stores and police officers failed to intervene. He said officers later came to take his statement, collect security footage, but haven't been in touch since. Other businesses that were hit that night told similar stories. Murfitt, like other downtown business owners, said he's a strong supporter of BLM, but he is not sympathetic to those that have used the movement as a cover for looting and violence.


He said he said he hopes his store can reopen in August, but he needs assurances his business can be protected. Most important pressing thing on my mind is that city leadership is going to do to restore peace and order, by the way. I do love the irony of people saying I'm the big BLM supporter. Also, they're calling for to fund the police. Also, I want the police to protect me. It's one thing to say that you are against police brutality like all Cynthiana humans.


It is another thing to say that you are a big supporter of Black Lives Matter, whose chief agenda item is defunding the police and having them not protect law abiding citizens. We're going to get to more places that have turned into centers of chaos across the country in just one second, including in Portland. There's a story from AP that demonstrates just how wild things are getting end. Democrats in denial, like open denial and or threatening that this stuff is going to end unless Donald Trump leaves office, which is saying the quiet part out loud, which is basically threatening law abiding American citizens.


We are going to burn the major cities until we get what we want. Which is effectively a form of terrorism. OK. Terrorism is the use of violence to enact a political end. The use of illegal violence in order to enact a political end is basically the textbook definition of terrorism. If you are burning down cities and saying, we're going to do this until you elect our candidate. Hard not to see that as a form of terrorism. How are we gonna get to more of this in just one second?


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Several dozen federal law enforcement agents guarding the Mark Hatfield federal courthouse could see the protesters coming under orders to protect the courthouse. Federal property that has been increasingly targeted as the city's protests against racial injustice march on the agents were custom to the drill. Tonight, the crowd was huge, estimated at four thousand people, the largest they had seen. The top commander with U.S. Marshal Service peered out a window facing the Willamette River and watched the sea of humanity sweep toward him.


There's gonna be another long night. The courthouse looked like a feudal castle under siege. The outside was boarded up with thick plywood, narrow slits at the top of the plywood. Access by a mechanized scaffolding gave the agents inside a view of the crowd and an opening through which to fire pepper balls. The terrace outside the front door is littered with garbage. The steps leading to the courthouse splattered with paint. A mixture of antipolice and BLM graffiti covered the building's outer walls and columns to a height of about 10 feet.


Teargassed, still hung in the air, coated the floor with this line. They'd been hurriedly mopped up by the custodians earlier that day in the no man's land. Outsides to the fence, a thick black iron installation erected six days before a dividing line between protesters and protector. A stark separation between two radically different world views to the protesters. The man inside the men inside the batten down courthouse. Our best thoughtless political minions, at worst, murderous henchmen for protecting a courthouse, for protecting a courthouse.


Why? Because, again, there's a deep radiology at work at something I discuss in my new book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps, I say in the book. There will be tolerance of violence. It will happen from the left because people have decided the system is rotten to the core. And that means that all the elements of the system, including courthouses, have to go to the agents inside. The demonstrations that pack the downtown each night are violent anarchists.


Well, yes, yes. According to one deputy U.S. marshal, he said, I can't walk outside without being in fear of my life. I'm worried for my life. Every time I walk outside the building, journalist from the AP or both outside with the protesters and inside and what they report from the inside is pretty damned frightening. At 10, 15 p.m. in Portland, the protesters made their first foray into conflict. Men tried to climb the fence was quickly arrested.


Thirty minutes later, the fence rocked and leaned sharply as dozens of protesters pressed their weight against it. Some of them throwing their bodies against it and running start the fence, unrelated like a wave until the dangerously before springing back. Behind the front lines, drummers that equip demonstration's up at the fountain regrouped and led the crowd in dancing and chanting. But for small pods of three to four protesters dressed in black circulated in the crowd, stopping every few minutes to plant green laser beams in the eyes of agents posted as lookouts on porticos in the courthouse as upper stories.


The agents above were silhouetted against the dark sky as dozens of green laser dots and a large spotlight played on the courthouse walls projected from the back of the crowd. By the way, those laser beams are designed to blind agents. Inside the courthouse, it was dark, pitch black, except for one narrow ceiling bulb, the cast a cone of light over the stairs. Without lights, the agents hoped they would be better protected from people in the crowd who were firing metal ball bearings through the windows with slingshots.


Thick ribbons of green light from blinding lasers criss crossed the courthouse lobby. This is Mad Max kind of stuff, forcing the agents who are resting in between deployments to the fence to duck and weave to protect their eyes. Agents on scaffolding fired pepper balls through the windows led to the crowd, while others have quietly and marble benches in the lobby alone or in small groups and waited for their turn at the fence. Every few minutes, the huge boom from commercial grade fireworks tossed over the fence caused the walls to rattle.


The crowd outside cheered as explosions of red, white and green flashed against a thick curtain of yellowish teargassed. And by the way, they'd been throwing cans and rocks at the officers. Good stuff. Good stuff. Now, what exactly are people doing about this? The Democrats are doing nothing, literally nothing. The police officers do not exist in this region. I talk to Amy Horowitz was in Portland a couple of days ago, my friend Amy, that the documentarian.


He said the cops were nowhere to be found. Mayor Ted Wheeler has pulled the cops. And meanwhile, over in Oakland, hundreds of protesters have taken the streets of downtown Oakland Saturday night. Some vandalized the police station, broke windows, spray painted shot fireworks, pointed lasers at officers and helicopters, according to officials. Police said demonstrators in the area of 1710 Lakeside are breaking windows and chanting racial slurs at residents. That's not something that'll be widely reported.


I would imagine they're chanting racial slurs, you know, to stand up for tolerance and diversity and how America's racist. Meanwhile, in Austin, a man was shot dead. He was shot dead because apparently, according to local pool, according to local police, he approached a car on the on the freeway, basically, which was surrounded and pointed the gun at the person in the car who happen to be armed. According to The New York Times. Garrett Foster was carrying an AK 47 rifle as he joined a BLM demonstration block from the state capitol in Austin, Boston, where in the black bandana and a baseball cap pumped into an independent journalist.


The march on Saturday, he spoke matter of factly about the weapon. So they don't let us march in the streets anymore. So I got to practice some of our rights. He said if I use it against cops, I'm dead. Later that night, he was fatally shot, burned up by the cops. The authorities said he was killed by a motorist who had a confrontation with the protesters. The police and witnesses said the man in the car turned it aggressively toward the marchers and fostering then approached it.


The driver opened fire, shooting Foster three times, is rushed to a hospital and was later pronounced dead. Okay, that is one description of the incident. Another local description of the incident says the opposite. Austin's police chief told reporters as the motorist turned, a crowd of protesters surrounded the vehicle. Some struck the car. The driver then opened fire from inside the car as Foster approached because he's carrying a gun. Approaching the car minutes after the shooting, the driver called nine one one, said he'd been involved in a shooting and had driven away from the scene.


The caller said he shot someone who had approached the driver's window and pointed a rifle at him. His account is that Foster pointed the weapon directly at him and he fired his handgun at Foster. Both the driver and the person who fired a shot and the other person fired a weapon were detained and interviewed by detectives. So the way the media are going to cover this is that it's the murder of a protester when in fact, it turns out there's a disputed circumstance and it turns out that according to witnesses and the person in the car, the car was surrounded by people, which, by the way, if you ask around, as I've said before, if you are surrounded by a bunch of people and you keep driving.


That is not your fault. What he's mostly you just sit there as people try to break you. I mean, like, I don't understand I understand the logic here. And in a story that is not going be mentioned by the media, by the way, there was a a blue lives matter protester who is run down deliberately, apparently by a man in a maroon SUV, is in even Colorado. Local police said on Facebook they responded about three thirty eight p.m. to a report of a man in a maroon SUV attempting to drive through or over a crowd of pedestrians.


Those pedestrians were holding a Blue Lives Matter demonstration. Amazing. One of these things will be covered by the mass media. One of these things will not write one. Is it a disputed situation in which a protester who is armed and is now and is approaching on public property a a person he's not licensed to protest, presumably stopping cars in the middle of the road? Right. And allegedly pointing a gun at the car before being shot. That will be covered widely in the media.


A man running down blue lives matter protesters that will not receive national media coverage in any real way. Again, the cause matters here. Right to cause matters here. If if the narrative does not support what is being driven by the media, namely that the protesters are peaceful and wonderful and everybody else is super bad, then they just will ignore the story for the most part. The good news is that we do have some peaceful protest. By the way, there is yoga against racism in D.C..


Sounds exciting. I thought it was really great. I mean, there it is.


You see how how we're we're solving racism. One tree pose at a time. One downward dog at a time. Solving racism by white woak ladies in Lululemon pants. Very exciting stuff. By the way, we are we are very serious in this country. This is very serious stuff. You know, we're serious when we're having giant dance parties in the middle of a pandemic and yoga classes to protest in favor of Black Lives Matter. Very solid stuff. So what is the Democratic agenda here?


Why exactly is this not being shut down? This is all happening universally in democratic cities. Why? We'll get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that hiring it can be difficult. But if you're a company that's currently trying to hire, you face new difficulties from safely reopening your doors to finding the right person for a specialized role, housing where it could relate. They needed to hire an ambitious reporter to cover news on the U.S. mortgage and housing markets.


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We'll get to that. Corona virus lies a little bit later on in the program. When he can't get the real story, you have to go outside the narrative driven by the media and get the facts. So if you're a political junkie set on getting both sides of the story and all the good information, get a readers pass today from daily Wired.com. You'll get access to exclusive op ed from us. Your podcast host, as well as guest writers and in-depth analysis from our daily Why reporters on top of our regular breaking news.


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Best of all, your dollars are getting you the news you need without the left to spend. So head on over to daily Wired.com slash, subscribe and join. Today. You're listening to the largest, fastest growing conservative podcast and radio show in the nation. Well, so why do the Democrats aren't doing anything about this? Why? Why all the cities are burning. They are very upset at President Trump. The answer is pretty obvious at this point.


And that is for a lot of Democrats. They're willing to wink and nod at this along. They think it's a political tool. They believe that a feeling of cash will drive Trump from office, trumps the president. Feelings, of course, do not go down to the benefit of the sitting president. And so they're perfectly willing to go along with the chaos. They are rooting for the cast. As I mentioned last week, Nancy Pelosi, who's very, very bad names, by the way, she's decided that President Trump is Mr.


make matters worse that you like. Don't do the nicknames, Nancy. Here she was. Let's just get to the heart of it at the point of all of this, is this president. I have a new name for him. Mr. Make matters worse. He has made matters worse from the start. DeLay, denial. It's a hoax and go away magically. It's a miracle. And all the rest. And we're in this situation that you spelled out some of the numbers very clearly early.


OK. So they're trying this claim that Trump makes everything worse, right. From the violence in America's major cities to the pandemic. All about Trump. Everything's about Trump is why. Yet Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, who, by the way, is taking federal support. We mentioned last week she cut a deal with the feds to bring in more resources and then she took down a Columbus statue because she's a weakling. So Lori Lightfoot, the terrible mayor of Chicago who's presided over mass violence in her streets for literally at this point years, she says we can't let anybody play police in our streets.


You're right. Joining let the police play police in her street. She says the feds can't come in here and and enforce the law. That'll be bad.


No troops, no agents that are coming in outside of our knowledge, notification and control that are violating people's constitutional rights. That's the that's the framework. We can't just allow anyone to come into Chicago, play police in our streets, in our neighborhoods when they don't know the first thing about our city. That's a recipe for disaster. And that's what you're seeing playing out in Portland on a nightly basis. We don't need that here. That is not a value add and it doesn't help enhance its transport safety.


It's the feds, right. It doesn't matter that the violence preceded the feds. It's the feds. Right. It's all Trump's fault. You know, I've talked about the theory of Trump, of the gaps. Trump of the gaps is like God of the gaps. So atheists constantly claim wrongly that religious people find God where their science doesn't go. So they'll find an area of science that is not easily explain and say that's where God lives. And the atheist called this God of the gaps argument is not particular.


It's not a good argument by atheists. And people who use it on the religious side are not really doing religion correctly. But that is the argument. God of the gaps for the left. It's trump of the gaps. Anything bad in America can easily be attributed to Trump. And also Trump is the big bang of American politics. Nothing existed up until Trump. And until Trump gets involved in an issue, the issue doesn't exist. You see this from the media all the time.


So that'll be a major issue that crops up. All comments on it will be like Trump launches assault on X gay rights thing going on in Seattle. They're wrong on in Portland. Right. There's been happening. Trump sends in the feds to protect federal property as he is obligated to do under federal law. And Trump started it. Time didn't begin with Trump. Trump is not the big bang of American politics. This stuff's been going on for weeks.


Jenny Durkan, the awful mayor of Seattle, she says the fabric of America's being shredded not by the people in her streets who've been taking over city blocks and wrecking her city for months on end at this point is being shredded because Trump sent in some federal law enforcement to, you know, enforce the law in a way she will not do. Again, this in a city where the Seattle police chief is saying we can't even defend against mobs because we've been robbed of that ability by the mayor and the city council.


I know how important it is for federal law enforcement to work with local law enforcement as a chief federal law enforcement officer, as U.S. attorney. I know that that's an important relationship. I've never seen anything like this in my career where federal agents are sent in, not even not with the cooperation of local law enforcement, but over their objection. It's unprecedented and it's the wrong way to go. The fabric of America is being shredded before our eyes, Chris.


And it worries me greatly the fabric of Americans being not when they have Chazz Chop in the middle of her city getting shot with the cops not being there. The fabric of America is shredded by the fact that President Trump. Is that right? This is the actual Democratic strategy. There's a tacit threat here. Ron Brownstein is a columnist for The Atlantic. He has a column over the weekend called Trump is Determined to Split the country in two. He's trying to rally red America by portraying blue cities as a threat and then positioning himself as the human wall against them.


And the basic suggestion here is that if Trump would just leave it alone or go away, like if Trump resigned, everything would be all better. Now, fix everything. Joe Scarborough was doing the same routine over the weekend. He was tweeting out, quote, Much of what is happening in Seattle, Portland and other West Coast cities is not peaceful. Trump's dangerous application of federal force has elicited ISIL, ISIS, E.D., and that's how he spelled elicited elicit.


It would be like. I mean, I could make a joke here about some particular media figures, but he's looking for e l, I see right. Elicited the response he and Bob were hoping for. Right. It's all about Trump. If you just got rid of Trump, then the violence would go away. Right. This is the this is the tacit threat. The tacit threat is unless you get rid of Trump, the violence will not go away unless you give us what we want.


The violence will not go away. And this has a long history in democratic politics. Unfortunately, it's been going on for literally decades. Mayors of local areas basically allowing violence to creep out of control so they could then turn to the law abiding citizens and say, you know, we need to raise your taxes and we need to pay off these riders.


They leave you alone. This goes all the way back to the 1960s. There's a a social scientist named Fred Siegel and one of the founders of Manhattan Institute. He wrote a book called The Future Once Happened Here. Fantastic, fantastic book. All about the decline of America's major cities in the 1960s. Prominent politicians he talked about, like Attorney General Nick Nicholas Katzenbach, warned of riots in 30 or 40 cities if LBJ, his favorite legislation providing funding to Inner-City Communities, was not rammed through Congress.


Siegel wrote, As the immediate threat of riots subsided, liberals would argue that more money for the cities was essential if not to halt riots than to contain the still rising racial anger which expressed itself in rising rates of often violent crime. D.C. Mayor Marion Barry embraced this logic. You know, like the the drug user and abuser who ended up in jail and then became mayor again, he said of the violent activities of the Black Panthers, quote, I think that everything that anybody does is good.


I'm serious. For instance, I know for a fact that white people get get scared of the Black Panthers and they might look at somebody a little bit more moderate and say, well, let's give them a little money. New York Mayor John Lindsay, officially a Republican but never really a conservative, routinely caved to this kind of pressure. He said welfare expansion would be a necessary precondition to stopping riots. He said, quote, Our experience is that there's one of his aides.


Our experiences that some good can come of confrontation, politics. This hasn't been relegated to race riots. By the way, that's been true throughout kind of Democratic policy. After MLK was murdered in 1968, for example, the American Federation of State County Municipal Employees blackmailed the city of Memphis with the threat of riots. The head of the AFSCME called an assistant to then vice president Hubert Humphrey and informed him that violence would occur if Memphis didn't capitulate to the union demands.


He said I don't know what buttons to press, but G.D. Memphis is going to burn. The White House sent an emissary to Memphis and Memphis quickly capitulated to the union. And this is the line that is used by the left on a routine basis. It's been going on for years. Back in 2016, the riots in Milwaukee and a columnist named German Lopez of Vox wrote, quote, Riots are the culmination of a serious distrust in the system and can lead to real substantial change.


And now now this is it's fascinating because there have been some some studies that you're not allowed to cite to talk about how riots actually drive voters away from the causes riders back. But in local areas, that's not necessarily true. In local areas, politicians either foster the riots or cave to the riots because they are hopeful that they can convince everybody to pay off the riders and that everything will go away or they hope that the riders are actually pursuing policies they want to play sort of inside outside game like Ted Wheeler is doing in Portland, where he's like, you know, I kind of agree with the riders.


If they do this, maybe it'll show everybody that the system is bad. And then I will make some sort of concession and then everything will go away. Well, the main line media and left concession that they're looking for is for Trump to go away the day after Joe Biden is elected. This Olin's. That's OK. That is my prediction. Within a month after Joe Biden takes office, this all peters out. Why? Because. Because all this is is a pressure tactic being applied to law abiding Americans, which is disgusting.


If you are burning cities because you're trying to apply pressure tactics in any democratic polity. Then you are, in fact, engaging in a form of political terrorism. And for cities to stand by and cave to, that is not only the height of irresponsibility. It's incredibly dangerous and it makes them complicit in this act. It's horrifying. And that is what you're watching across the country. There is a purpose to the madness. There's a purpose to the madness.


People are fostering the chaos because they hope that it will end with policy they like. They are hoping to pressure citizens into capitulating. They are hoping that law abiding citizens will simply say, OK, no mass. Take my money. Raise my taxes. Get rid of the cops. I'll look inside my own heart, my own white fragility. That's what I've seen in Minneapolis. The cops disappeared. The crime rates are rising and many white citizens in Minneapolis who feel victimized by the crime.


There's a whole article about this in The New York Times are saying, well, you know, I guess maybe we kind of deserve it and maybe we should do all the things that people want us to do. None of this is going to leave it to any of the underlying problems, of course. And the fact is that you can tear down the systems in the great lie is that when you tear down the systems, everything gets better for everybody.


That's a bunch of crap. You turn on the system of law enforcement, the people who pay the most. By every available stat are poor minorities. And those are the people who paid the most in New York, paying the most in Chicago. They're paying the most in L.A.. They're paying the most everywhere. Those are the people who feel the brunt for the white woak left particularly. And now they're using BLM isn't as sort of an excuse. Tearing down the system has always been the goal.


So here's the question. Are liberals going to cave to the white left? Are they going to cave to the causes of BLM, which is not white, obviously? Are they going to cave to the WOAK left? Generally. And are they going to use the Wolke left as a baton to club other good little liberals into line? Or will there be enough liberals to stand up and take hands with conservatives they disagree with and say no? You know what?


In a fundamentally Republican, small R Republican or Democratic small, the a fundamentally free country ruled by the people through their ballot box. This cannot be allowed to stand. This should be a point of unity. No American should stand for writing looting. No American should stand for laser pointers being pointed at federal law enforcement agents for protecting federal courthouses. No one should be standing for this. But instead, you have disgusting, ridiculous people like Jerry Nadler saying that A.F. is a myth.


What's happening in Portland, M.F., poof, it doesn't exist. Here is Jerry Nadler being asked about violence in Portland. Bye bye, Fleck. And saying it doesn't exist to tell him figment of your imagination.


He doesn't even know that's happening in Portland right now. That's a myth that's being spread only in Washington, D.C. and teeth in Portland. Yes, it's true. There's there's videos everywhere online. There's fires and riots. There's three throwing fireworks at federal officers. DHS is there. Look online. It gets crazy.


It's unbelievable. I mean, unbelievable. You can see the footage everywhere. But this is why you can't trust the media, because only now are the media starting to report on the violence.


And even when they do, it's through the prism of Trump, which is go away and remove the feds and everything would be all better. Which, by the way, is the same exact line is if you remove all cops. Crime goes down. If you remove all cops, the racial situation in America is alleviated and racial inequality is is somehow vitiated in the same line with the same predictably stupid and horrible effect. The fact that there are so many liberals who are willing to go along with this shows that they're not actually liberals, they actually are on the left at a certain point, compliance with the left becomes membership in it.


When I have made the distinction on this show consistently for years between the left and liberals, I said liberals are people who agree with me on fundamental American rights. They just disagree on the role of government in preserving those rights. The left disagrees on a fundamental level of American rights. This is what I talk about and how to destroy America in three easy steps. Once liberals start caving to the left and make common cause with people who want to destroy those rights and are out rioting and looting in the streets and blaming law enforcement for trying to stop all of that, they're no longer liberals.


They've now converted over to the left and they should be treated as such. Meaning they should not be treated with this sort of. Open minded tolerance of fought for open discussion that the right treats liberals with doesn't mean their right to speak freely. Everybody has a right to speak freely. Well, let's stop pretending that this is inside the Overton Window. Once you're firing fireworks at police officers, you're not inside the Overton Window anymore. And once you are greenlighting that and blaming the officers and blaming federal law enforcement for defending courthouses, you ain't inside the Overton Window.


You're not. There's no rational discussion that can be had with people who are literally promoting riots and looting. That cannot be that. That's not a discussion that ought to be that ought to be engaged in. And he's got a right to speak. Everybody's got a right to burn the flag if they want to. That does not mean that the conversation is worthwhile or useful. The Overton Window needs to be needs to be maintained by liberals and conservatives and needs to be a lot broader than it has been with the direction toward mainstream conservatism and a lot less broad to include people who are doing acts of actual violence.


OK. Meanwhile, speaking of the Overton Window, broadening in weird directions. Got to talk for just a couple of minutes about this insane promo, those put up by Netflix. So it's always good to know that the companies you spend your money on are using that money in order to promote insane social leftist policies. So Netflix is now pushing open trans propaganda. I mean, absolute propaganda, not just the sort of normal stuff that you see in in mainstream television channels with the assumption that men can become women and women can become men.


But now they are lecturing medical professionals. The medical professionals are supposed to treat biological boys as biological girls. So yesterday, Netflix put out a tweet. The tweet was, I guess this is from a show. It's called. Here's what they here's what they tweeted out. I guess there is some sort of documentary that they did on a transgender young person named Bailey, who is a biological boy that they are treating as as a girl when Bailey comes down with a fever.


Maryann rushes her to the hospital where two doctors miss gender. Her Maryann firmly corrects them. Miss gendering is traumatic. This is one of the baseline ways his gender people can show up for trans people in their life. And here is the insane clip from this Netflix documentary.


I know that you guys are busy, but as you would see if you looked at her and not her chart, Ailee is not a boy. And by treating you like one, you are completely ignoring you. She is you're making her feel insignificant and humiliated. And that's not going to help or feel good or safe or calm. So I'm here now. Please recognize her, who she is. And if at all possible, could you find me a non blue hospital gown?


OK. This is insane. The difference from the Baby Sitters Club is a show for kids, right? Isn't this from Baby Sitters Club? Correct. Yep. This is from babysitters, not a show directed at ten, eleven, twelve year old girls. Yeah. You have some young girl lecturing a doctor on how to. I miss gendering people. OK, well, here's the thing. They better hope Bailey was in the hospital for a fever here.


They better damn well hope the baby is not that they're. Bailey ain't in the hospital for testicular torsion. They better hope because Baily's in the hospital for testicular torsion. And the doctors are supposed to treat Bailey's girls can be kind of awkward. This is so stupid. By the way, we've had cases in the United States where people have literally died because of this kind of nonsense. There's a case, I believe lives in Michigan where a transgender male came into the hospital, put on the forms.


I am a male, reported abdominal pain. And it turns out that the abdominal pain was because the transgender male was actually a female, a biological female, and was pregnant, was very overweight. And because this person had written male on their forms, the doctors before examining this person didn't treat it as a medical emergency for the baby. And the baby died because of this sort of nonsense. Doctors are not in the business of your feelings. Doesn't mean bedside manner.


Doctors are not in the business of treating your feelings as medically as medically relevant to diagnosis of fever. That that is not the way the doctors operate. This is nuts and they're put it and they're stacking this into shows for kids, into shows for small children. This is a show for four, nine, 10, 11 year old people, and you're being told that that little boys can become little girls and that if a doctor comes in and treats a boy as a boy, the doctor has done something wrong.


Boys and girls have different biology, gang. I'm sorry to inform you that biology matters, but biology damn well matters. It matters. And definition of sex. It matters. And definition of gender. And guess what? It matters the most in medical contexts. This is nuts. Bailey imaginal exam, I mean, Bailey is a boy. This is that you? This is total. It's totally crazy, obviously. But this is where conservatives need to understand the culture is being lost on this level.


Conservatives like to fight back on the governmental. The culture is being lost on this level because conservatives refuse to fight back on the cultural level. It may makes for awkward conversations. It means that people are afraid to speak out publicly. But guess what? If everybody doesn't speak out publicly and do so loudly and at once, then people will be cowed into silence one by one when it comes to maintaining truth. Either we all hang together or we hang separately because that's the way this is going to work.


The left has basically dictated that everybody has to acquiesce to this nonsense. And if you don't if you say anything about it, then you are. You're a cruel, nasty human being. It seems crueler and nastier to treat a kid in the show. Let's if this were reality you're talking about, how old is this kid? Maybe eight. I mean, there's a little there's a little kid, maybe seven, eight years old. You're treating this kid as as fully functional in terms of making decisions about gender that will affect him for his entire life.


And you are and you and you're preaching that to children to confuse kids about their own job. I mean, it's just it's absolute nonsense. It's absolute sheer nonsense. How far Hollywood has fallen. So I wish to pay a quick tribute here to Hollywood before it fell. It is amazing how the talent level in Hollywood has declined so dramatically. I mean, truly, dramatically. I was watching some Fred Astaire with my kids yesterday. It used to be that people in Hollywood actually knew how to do things like actually at skill sets.


I'm not saying people in Hollywood can't act what people can. But it used to be that they would be able to sing. They'd be able to dance like I was watching a tap routine. But with Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth, it's just unbelievable. I mean, Rita Hayworth is really well known as an actress. She's terrific, terrific dancer. But, you know, the old actors and actresses were iconic for a reason. Olivia de Havilland passed away yesterday.


How iconic was Olivia de Havilland shoot? She died at the age of 100 and for so long, full life.


How iconic was she in back to back years? She played Maid Marian in the Aventuras Robin Hood, probably maybe the greatest adventure film ever made. And then she played. And then she played. Melanie. Melanie Hamilton Wilkes' in Gone with the Wind the following year here. A couple of clips of Olivia Havilland. Are you my lady Marion?


Yes, I am, bitterly. But it's a shame that I'm a normal after seeing the things my fellow countrymen have done to England. At first I wouldn't believe because I was the norm and I wouldn't let myself believe that the horrors you inflicted on the sections went just right. I know now why you tried too hard to kill its uncle whom you despised. It's because he was the one man in England who protected the helpless against a lot of beat to get drunk on you in blood.


Well, she's terrific actress. She was nominated for a couple of different Oscars. Is she? She actually had five Academy Award nominations and she won in 46 and in 49. Really terrific actress. And if you see her play back to back years in one, she's playing this very glamorous man, Mary, and the other, she's playing what's supposed to be a very pallid part. And she's very beautiful woman. She plays beautifully in Gone with the Wind, a move you're no longer allowed to watch.


That's exciting stuff. All right. Well, we'll be back here later today with two additional hours of content, a lot more to get to the world of sports. We'll get to we will also be getting to the insanity of Joe Biden continuing to avoid interviews. It's a lot more to get to. Stick around for two additional hours of content. Bit later on. Otherwise, shop here tomorrow. In the meantime, pick up a copy of my book, Candidate for America in three easy steps.


You can still get a signed copy of like the next 24 hours, a daily wear dot com slash burn. Otherwise, we'll see you later. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Bench Pirro Show. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe. And if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to. We're available on Apple podcast Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, be sure to check out the other daily Wired podcasts, including the Andrew Clavon show and Michael Moore's show and The Matt Walsh Show.


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