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Bill Clinton returns from the grave to give a keynote. John Kerry arrives fresh off his foreign policy failures to lecture Americans and he checks off every single SJW bingo box inside of one minute. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show.


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How exciting has this convention? Meanwhile, night one was down twenty eight percent year on year. It turns out that running a bunch of bad YouTube videos in a row really doesn't do it for people. And while Michelle Obama was indeed a draw, NITU did not feature Michelle Obama. Nitu featured a bunch of Democratic retreads talking about their crappy foreign policy perspectives and making selfless, completely unknown, self aware comments about politics. I mean, that really was the theme was non ironic, unaware comments about politics last night from a variety of Democratic figures.


Just saying things that can be characterized as gaslighting. Gaslighting for those you don't know is a phenomenon wherein you drive somebody crazy by pretending something isn't happening, happening that definitely is happening. It comes from a movie called Gaslight starring Ingrid Bergman, going all the way back in which believe Charles Boyer, Charles Way plays Ingrid Bergman husband and he wants to drive her nuts. And so every night he turns down the gas lights in the house and then she says, have you turned down the gas lights?


Just no, everything is fine. Nothing has changed. Right. That's that's gaslighting. That's where the the phrase comes from. Last night was example par excellence of gas lighting. And you got to feel in American politics like one of the things that's happening is the insane amount of gas lighting on all sides really is pretty crazy. I mean, the best example of gas lighting that I've seen continues to be the media's willingness to prop up Andrew Cuomo, the worst governor in America.


That stupid ass is now being given a book contract to write about covid his it's like you, captain of the Titanic, being contracted to write about proper navigation of the oceans. The thing is called American crisis. It's called American crisis. And they released the book cover. And it's just a picture of Andrew Cuomo on the book cover, looking on Stern and Letteri. Again, it's called American Crisis. It really should be called If I didn't like the O.J. Simpson book, if I did it.


So we're being gassed, let on a variety of issues. And the gaslighting was on full display at the DNC. It's been on full display at the DNC. The DNC continues to be a radical organization, but then the leadership of the RNC will pretend that it's not a radical organization. So, for example, Linda Sarsour, Linda Sarsour is a radical anti-Semite, a person who has spoken in defense of terrorists before. She's exorbitantly anti-Semitic. I mean, really dislikes Jews and she is a Muslim delegate to the DNC.


Shouldn't have like an official appearance like they slated for speaking role. But she appeared at one of the daytime sessions, apparently from some sort of hotel room for the DNC caucus and council meeting as a Muslim delegate and allies assembly and suggested that the DNC was basically run by people like her. And she actually said that the DNC stands with us, stands with us, which is kind of true. I mean, it has been true for quite a while.


By the way, I was there at the 2012 Democratic Convention at which the Democrats from the floor overruled what was obviously a majority of the delegates in trying to remove Jerusalem as Israel's capital from the DNC platform. Sarsour her appearance in this little caucus video, it actually caused the Biden campaign to come out and condemn Linda Sarsour because they understand where their bread is buttered in terms of American politics. Linda Sarsour is not particularly popular figure on any side of the aisle except the radical left.


A Biden spokesman named Dan Roberts said Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel and a vehement opponent of anti-Semitism his entire life. He obviously condemns her views and opposes BDS, as does the Democratic platform. She has no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever. OK, so there's a bit of gaslighting. She's still a delegate, right? She's still saying that the party is her party and she's still hobnobbing with people like AOC. And she's never been disavowed by members of the squad, of course, and she won't be disavowed by any members of the squad.


Other examples of gaslighting yesterday at the DNC in sort of the lead up to the prime time. Again, I've paid more attention than I think most people to the stuff before the prime time, because, again, the prime time is the dating profile. And the stuff that happens during the day is the actual on the ground grassroots Democratic Party at work. Elizabeth Warren spoke to the DNC Native American Caucus, which is like I can't think of anything more tone deaf than that.


Elizabeth Warren, fake Native American who claim Native American ancestry to get ahead in her career, was speaking on behalf of the DNC to Native Americans. It was real, real weird. So that's a bit of gaslighting as well. OK, so finally we get to prime time and we get the cavalcade of comedy stars from the DNC. We get a bunch of Democrats coming out and saying stuff that it's almost impossible to believe that they don't understand the irony of what they are saying.


They're just brought out figure after figure to say things that are in direct contravention of things these people have done. To take a perfect example, Governor Stacey Abrams of Georgia, I speak ironically, of course, because she is not actually governor of Georgia, but believes she is, despite the fact she lost by 50000 votes in Georgia and she's been wandering the streets ever since, claiming to be the governor of Georgia. Now, apparently, I'm just shocked you didn't declare herself the vice presidential nominee and this particular little speech.


So she spoke at the at the DNC in this little online convention they're having. And she said we're going to work to stop voter suppression, the undermining of elections. Now, this has been her shtick for quite a while, is that our elections are being undermined. She's literally been going around for years at this point, claiming that she won an election. She lost by 50000 votes and she or she is talking about electoral integrity. Stacey Abrams, again, the fact that this woman was even considered for VP demonstrates what a joke the Democratic Party is at the highest levels here.


Stacey Abrams.


Joe Biden is a man of proven courage. He will restore our moral compass by confronting our challenges, not by hiding from them or undermining our elections to keep his job in a time of voter suppression at home and authoritarians abroad. Joe Biden will be a champion for free and fair elections.


Trump is undermining elections, unlike Stacey Abrams, who goes around claiming without any basis whatsoever that the vote was suppressed in Georgia. So that was a bit of irony that we are just not really allowed to note according to the media. And then we got salivates. Delegates is the former acting attorney general. You'll recall the delegates was fired by the Trump administration because Trump believed, as it turns out, sort of correctly, the tally was oriented against the Trump administration celebrates.


It is also worth noting, has testified publicly at this point that she was shocked to learn in the early days of the of the incoming Trump administration, the outgoing Obama administration, that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were full in in knowledge with regard to Michael Flynn and the pursuit of Michael Flynn. Retaliator said that she was shocked James Comey was not fully informing the Trump team about the fact that they investigating Michael Flynn and that she was shocked to learn that Joe Biden and Barack Obama were fully informed and in the loop on an investigation into Michael Flynn.


And that's essentially what you suggest in front of Congress, yet seriously suggesting that Donald Trump is attacking our institutions when she's literally testified that she was part of an administration that was attacking basic institutions like you don't sic your intelligence sources on your incoming administration that you just like Chris salivates, though, talking about undermining American institutions, his constant attacks on the FBI, the free press inspectors general, federal judges, they all have one purpose to remove any check on his abuse of power.


Put simply, he treats our country like it's his family business, this time bankrupting our nation's moral authority.


By the way, she's been a long time Democratic donor. So she started this thing off by saying, I'm not really a political figure. I'm more legal figure. She didn't give giving Democrats for for a very long time salivates testifying about institutional abuses while she was in the Obama administration, which was institutionally abusing Michael Flynn, institutionally abusing Carter Page. Kind of ironic. We'll get to more irony's from the Democratic National Convention in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that right now a lot of people are looking at the news and thinking, can I even get life insurance right now?


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When it comes to insurance, it is nice to get it right. OK, so meanwhile, speaking of gaslighting, again, the DNC is claiming that Joe Biden is a deeply moderate candidate, that their party is deeply moderate, so moderate, in fact, that they are willing to disavow Linda Sarsour and all of this and then they trot out AOC and AOC. I will say this for the woman can compress more SJW slogans into a short period of time than any person alive.


It is truly an incredible skill. If you had a bingo card drinking game, your debt of alcohol poisoning inside of a minute, she had 60 Minutes, 60 seconds to express herself and she hit every single square on the SJW Democratic Socialist of America Marxist bingo card. I mean, just one after another. It's pretty astonishing. She's like the auctioneer of SJW nonsense. So here is AOC. She did the pro forma nomination of Bernie Sanders. Some people got this wrong, suggesting that she was trying to undermine Biden.


That's not the way this works in honor of the person who finished second, there's always somebody who nominates that person to the presidency. Here was AOC just spitting out, spitting some hot lyrics about racial injustice, colonization, misogyny by a little. Infidelity and gratitude to amass people's movement, working to establish 21st century social, economic and human rights, including guaranteed health care, higher education, living wages and labor rights for all people in the United States, a movement striving to recognize and repair the wounds of racial injustice, colonization, misogyny, homophobia, drink.


OK, so then she went on with that, but already died of alcohol poisoning. It's too late. This is why you really need to have like a Smirnoff ice tea drinking games with AOC. When it comes to SJW kind of crap, you get all of that racial injustice, colonization, misogyny, homophobia. We're going to heal all those wounds through and OK, so don't worry, not a radical party is just the leader of a new fangled squad that is gaining members by the election.


They've gained two new members to the squad. They have a woman who is a social justice activist, Michael Brown, protester turned congressperson over in Missouri. And then they have a person who got rid of Eliot Engel over in New York, basically because all that angle is pro-Israel. So very exciting stuff. The squad continues to grow inside the Democratic Party. But don't worry, it is a moderate party. And then the gaslighting continued. Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, arrives to explain that President Trump has divided the country.


Now, let it be known that Chuck Schumer is currently in the Senate holding up any deal that will allow anybody to get increased aid from the government in a time of government shutdowns, specifically because he and Nancy Pelosi have combined to push a three point four trillion dollar pork package that pays off all of the various Democratic priorities from the post office to various union interests. And they're holding it up purely and specifically because they want that deal not to happen, because then Trump might get credit and the economy might be upheld.


Instead, they are openly rooting for failure. Don't worry, Chuck Schumer isn't the one who's divisive. Chuck Schumer and his Democrats aren't the ones who are divisive. Only Donald Trump is divisive. Now, as I've said before, whatever you think about Trump and his divisiveness, and there's no question he is a divisive figure. The fact is that Trump, when it comes to American politics, is not the murderer. He is the corner. Chuck Schumer has been in Washington, D.C. since the times of Abraham Lincoln.


Chuck Schumer has contributed more to polarization in Washington over the course of his career than Donald Trump has over the course of the last four years. For certain here, as Chuck Schumer talking about divisions in the country which can be healed by Chuck Schumer in some way here as Chuck Schumer, a pretty gross politician, if ever we've seen one here as Chuck Schumer, the Statue of Liberty, the same site that greeted hopeful immigrants like my grandparents, a symbol of freedom and a beacon of hope to the world.


Today, Donald Trump has divided our country, diminished our greatness, and demeaned everything that this statue represents. He even hid in a bunker as Americans were tear gassed and beaten.


OK, come come on. They're focusing purely in on on. The Lafayette Square incident has become the big talking point as Lafayette Square incident, which, by the way, is under dispute as to whether protesters were actually attacking members of the Park Service and all that, the studious avoidance of things that are actually going on in the country on a wide scale. It's pretty incredible. Portland doesn't exist. Seattle doesn't exist. L.A. doesn't exist.


Chicago doesn't exist. New York doesn't exist. Washington, DC doesn't exist. None of this exists according to the Democrats. So who are you going? Bleep Chuck Schumer standing in front of the Statue of Liberty in the dark in a shut down city or your own eyes? Which one are you going to leave? Don't worry. Trump is the really divisive force here. All you have to do is elected Democrats and the riots will stop, which, by the way, is the tacit promise here.


Right. We all know it has some promise here. The tacit promise here is that if the Democrats get what they want and Donald Trump leaves office, then the riots in the big cities will stop, then lockdown's will gradually. And there was a New York Times article, by the way, just a couple of days ago talking about the shutdowns of public education. There are new studies out suggesting that kids under the age of ten really are not transmitting this to parents like in any mass numbers, and that even kids above the age of ten are not transmitting this in the same kinds of numbers as fully grown adults.


There's not a good reason why schools should be shut down at this point. Schools are open across Europe. Schools are open across Asia. Schools are open in Canada. Schools are take some precautions, open the schools. Even New York is looking at opening the schools. But The New York Times acknowledged that much of the reason that a lot of schools are closed is because Democrats have decided that if Trump wants the schools open, the schools must be closed.


At some point. Trump has got to start engaging in some reverse psychology with these people and simply advocate for complete and endless shutdowns. So the Democrats will start advocating for opening up the economy again. But it is fairly incredible that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats continue to claim that all of the bad things that are happening are Donald Trump's fault. All you have to do is elect us and then we will leave you alone. It's really a reflection of 1960s politics as listening to another podcast yesterday, the Commentary magazine podcast, which is quite good and and always interesting.


And they were musing over the fact that the Democratic National Convention, if you look at the way that they label various people at the DNC, they're constantly labeling people activists and they no longer label them by their sort of political title. They now label them activists like Corey Bush, who's the woman who just won in Missouri in this fraught district. She is an activist and she likes to think of yourself as an activist. You have a lot of government officials in the Democratic Party who consider themselves activists or activists, define themselves by opposition to the system.


And so what's really happening here is that the Democrats are playing an inside outside game, the inside outside game, as they pretend that they are activists who are shaping the system from the outside while simultaneously taking over the institutions so they can make concessions to the activist side. And this has been happening on college campuses for years. But you have administrators who used to be activists caving to the newfangled activists who then become the administrators, who then cave to the new fangled activists is how you constantly push to the left.


This is what happened in major cities in the 1960s. There's there's a great book by a man named Fred Siegel, one of the founders of the Manhattan Institute called The Future. What's Happened Here, talking about the decline of America's major cities in the 1960s. And one of the major forces that led to that was the inside outside game being played by rioters, looters and quote unquote, activists outside the government pushing members of the government and members of the government would openly acknowledge they would openly say, we're so glad we have these activists outside creating chaos so that we have to cave to the chaos.


Well, you shouldn't be blackmailed into voting for Democrats, you should not be blackmailed into voting for Democrats by watching as Democrats foster chaos in America's major cities, as they talk about defunding the police, as they talk about making room for people to riot and loot. And then they suggest, you know what, all of this will go away if you just give us more power. That is an ugly tactic, but it is a tactic that is indeed happening.


The same Democrats who are suggesting guys, you know, these lockdown's that really, really, really necessary. But if you elect us and we'll solve it and then the lockdown's will just go away, a tacit promise is we will stop opposing you, being able to do your job and do your business so long as you elect us. That's a blackmail threat. It really is. And you shouldn't cave to it if you're a freethinking American. You should not cave to anybody telling you that you cannot take advantage of your rights unless you let them.


That's that's a pretty ugly patch. We'll get to more of democratic hypocrisy from the DNC last night and again, trotting out just some really old retreads, really old retreads. We'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about your mouth health. So you may be thinking, you know what? OK, so I don't brush my teeth as often as the dentist says I'm supposed to. Is that really going to kill me? Yes.


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Go check them out right now. OK, so it wasn't just Chuck Schumer and al Qaeda. I mean so many luminaries. It was luminaries like Jimmy Carter. So Jimmy Carter has shown up again. Now, I'm glad that Jimmy Carter does nice things for the homeless, like building houses for the homeless. That's a nice thing. He was also one of the worst president in American history. Truly an awful president. A president who presided over the decline of American power abroad, led to the rise of the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, led to the Iranian takeover of the American embassy, facilitated the rise of the ayatollahs, which we are still feeling the impact of.


Jimmy Carter presided over stagflation. He was an awful president. He was such a bad president that he got absolutely walloped by Ronald Reagan, who was considered the underdog when that race started. And so Jimmy Carter was a disastrous president. He's been a disastrous president, by the way, in his politics. This is a guy who's made overtures to Hamas, the terrorist group. This is a man who, in the aftermath of his presidency, spoke with the Soviets openly about how terrible the the the Reagan administration was.


Jimmy Carter has been a disaster on foreign policy for a long time now.


Last night was the foreign policy night of the convention. This very often is the pattern. You have sort of an introductory night, then you have the foreign policy night and then you have the VP night and then you have the presidential might as that's usually the pattern. So tonight is the VP nights. We get to hear from Kamala Harris and her joker laugh. OK, well, we'll get to hear some of that. Maybe we won't get to hear that tonight as Kamala Harris isn't being asked tough questions tonight anyway.


Jimmy Carter was trotted forth to endorse. And I'm old enough to remember in 2004 when Jimmy Carter was sitting in the presidential box with Michael Moore, which shows you where Jimmy Carter actually sits on politics. Just because the man is quite elderly does not mean that he was a good president or that he has pursued in any way anything remotely approaching a moral foreign policy he never has. And so having him speak on foreign policy tonight is quite easy treatment here was Jimmy Carter endorsing Joe Biden, who, by the way, for the record, has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue of his lifetime.


It is impressive. I mean, like they say that a stopped clock is right twice a day. Joe Biden has yet to be right. He's not actually stopped. He's just moving very, very, very slowly. So he has never actually been right. It's incredible. You have to be like even if you just fill in, see on all the bubbles of the SAT, you'll end up getting a couple of those questions right somehow. Joe Biden has studiously avoided being right his entire career on foreign policy.


Anyway, here was a Jimmy Carter endorsing him.


I ran for president in 1976. Joe Biden was my first and most effective supporter in the Senate. For decades, he has been my loyal and dedicated friend. Joe has experience, character and issues together. And Restore America's greatness is uncertain times. Joe Biden realizes that many American lives in the same state he is, Amash Mantashe and recommended by medical expert Joe Biden, must be our next president. OK, great.


Jimmy, I need to hear who needs to be the next president from Jimmy Carter. I mean, that is a sterling recommendation from a man who is literally one of the five worst president in the history of the United States. So that is very, very exciting stuff. Hey, then we got Bill Clinton. Hey.


So I'm old enough to remember when the Democratic Party was the me too party believe all women believe all women. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was probably a rapist based on no evidence whatsoever other than an account that was disputed by every single other person who was mentioned in the account from Christine. Christine Blazey, Ford, I'm. Old enough to remember when the Democratic Party was declaring that anyone, everyone was accused of a thing had to go. In fact, in that brief moment, there was some talk in the Democratic Party about how Bill Clinton was done.


Right. Bill Clinton had to go right. There was talk in this newfangled Democratic Party about how if they could go back in time, they really would have rethought that whole Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick thing. And maybe they would have thought twice about Clinton. Well, now they thought twice about thinking twice. So Bill Clinton got trotted out to give, again, one of the least self-aware speeches in the history of a of a convention. So we are going to get into the non ironic speech by Bill Clinton, like, did he run it by anybody before he said it out loud?


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And also they know that you're listening to the show. Really appreciate it. Go check out Roc Auto Dotcom right now. OK, so Bill Clinton. So it's awkward. It's awkward. Now, there are some people who are being asked questions about all of this. So, for example, Tammy Duckworth was not picked as the vice presidential pick. She was asked about why Bill Clinton was speaking at the DNC and she was like, well, it's a big tent, a big ol rapee tent.


So that's that's good stuff. And then we had Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan, explaining why Bill Clinton has not been canceled yet. And it got awkward because there is no good reason why Bill Clinton has not been canceled yet. Here was this happened on CNN. Here was Jennifer Granholm trying to awkwardly explain why Captain Rapee MC Epstein was was up there on the DNC stage.


How is it that Bill Clinton has not been canceled by the Democratic? How has he survived all of these waves of cancellation when he has been one of the biggest violators of these rules in the Oval Office?


Is that the answer? OK, this has already been asked and answered decades ago. The point is that Bill Clinton is excellent at explaining stuff, especially the things that matter to everyday people.


What I admire about Bill Clinton is that he has acknowledged his wrongdoing.


He has acknowledged his wrongdoing. In what way? In what way has he acknowledged his wrongdoing? Exactly. Van Jones and Jennifer Granholm. This happened a long time ago. Well, I don't know. Should we got geographies, high school, high school yearbooks and asked about buffing? I'm old enough to remember because I'm more than two years old. When they asked Brett Kavanaugh what the Devil's Triangle was in his high school yearbook description and he had to bring forth his calendars from high school, which was then seen as a mark of white supremacy and privilege.


Yes, I'm old enough to remember all of that. But Bill Clinton, it happened a long time ago, guys. I mean, just because he was kind of like a little rapey, like a lot for, like a lot of women and there dozens of allegations against him that are dicey that. Come on, guys, Bill Clinton still a good guy. I mean, it's a long time ago. I do love the Democratic changing standard is pretty astonishing.


It really is pretty great. OK, so then Bill Clinton gives his speech and Bill Clinton is not looking as good as he did. Back in twenty twelve, you'll remember that Bill Clinton gave this much ballyhooed speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention on behalf of Barack Obama. Barack Obama came out and gave him a real awkward bro hug afterward. OK, so last night Bill Clinton gave his speech and he talked about why Donald Trump is not qualified to be president, the pressures of the job and without any sense of irony or self-awareness at all, he started making references to the Oval Office.


So here was a Bill Clinton rapee complain a lot. Hillary was. At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center instead of a storm center. There's only chaos. Just one thing never changes his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. The buck never stops there.


The Oval Office is a storm center and the buck never stops with him. OK, so when are going to talk about using the Oval Office as a storm center? I don't think that Bill Clinton means it the same way that he thinks he means it. I mean, he was literally banging the interns in the Oval. This guy's like right there in the Oval Office, it got real awkward on that rug under the desk. So that was that. Yeah.


Bill Clinton talking about the Oval Office at the DNC. Real, real weird. So there was that. Now, that was the thing that happened last night at the DNC. And then Bill Clinton was like, we can't trust Donald Trump because that man is not really. I do also like when he says the buck always stops at the top. I mean, there are literal allegations that Bill Clinton was basically launching wars in order to avoid responsibility for failing to help.


Anyway, here's Bill Clinton talking about people being distracted at their jobs. He was like, we need people who are focused in like a laser beam on the job of being president of the United States. Here is Bill from Chappaqua is the first time he's been back to Chappaqua in years. I mean, he and Hillary Clinton studiously avoid each other. And they they're there like Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali just despise one another, trying to stay away from each other, but locked in eternal combat here.


Here is Bill Clinton talking about defining the job of the presidency.


The nine distracting and demeaning works great if you're trying to entertain or inform. But in a real crisis, it collapses like a house of cards. covid just doesn't respond to any of that. To beat it, you've got to actually go to work and deal with the facts, right?


We can't deny and we can't distract. We can't say, like, for example, that we didn't bang the help. We really we really can't say things like there's a vast right wing conspiracy to get me. And that that is why it doesn't matter that I'm nailing the interns. Yeah, Bill Clinton. And then he says that President Trump defines his job as tweeting and you can't define the job as tweeting because that's the job. The job is definitely receiving oral sex in the Oval Office.


I mean, that's the job, guys. And if anyone knows that it's Bill Clinton, here's Bill Clinton defining the job of the presidency.


Now you have to decide whether to renew his contract or someone else. If you want a president who defines the job as spending hours a day watching TV and zapping people on social media is your man. And if you want somebody who spends hours a day checking out the thongs of the 18 year olds, you staff his office, we did that for two terms. So it seems like Americans have a kind of variegated view on the presidency. And so they tried it out.


Bill Clinton. That was awkward then. I mean, speaking of just people who have not been relevant and are not relevant and are terrible at their jobs, to be trotting these people out to endorse John Kerry was brought forth.


John Kerry reporting for duty or face collapsing like a mudslide and the Beverly Hills during a rainstorm, their no Americans that are collapsing from civil war. Secretary of state and American and elsewhere. So he showed up to talk about his brilliant foreign policy. We'll get to that in just one minute, because that is obviously very, very solid stuff. We'll get to that in a moment. First, let us talk about the fact that you really need to protect your online data, right, from viruses, from malware, from ransomware.


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Right now, you're listening to the largest, fastest growing conservative podcast and radio show in the nation. All right, so we get to John Kerry, so again, the Democrats trotted out people who just have a bad record to talk about, why you should like why you should listen to them, which makes no sense at all. So John Kerry, the worst secretary of state in modern American history, helped broker the garbage Iran deal, undermined alliances with Israel, a horrible policy on Afghanistan, horrible policy with regard to the Middle East, horrible policy on China, absolutely kowtowing to Russia, on Syria.


I mean, just a garbage heap of a secretary of state, an awful secretary of state. We need to hear from him about why the foreign policy of Joe Biden will be correct. Now, again, Joe Biden has yet to make a correct foreign policy decision. His entire career, he literally has none. His big theory is that we should just divide up countries. He said about Afghanistan. He said it about Iraq, like that was his big theory is going theory.


He's still bad at politics, that this after the Trump administration brokered this Israel UAE deal, which is a real historic breakthrough. Biden tried to take credit by claiming that he had had conversations with the UAE while he was V.P.. Joe Biden's last conversation with the UAE happened in 2014, and it ended with him having to issue an official apology to the government of the UAE. That's how good Joe Biden is at diplomacy. John Kerry is so good at diplomacy that his unintentional, his the unintentional effects of his butt kissing of the Iranian regime ended with the creation of a pro-Israel alliance in the Middle East now.


So thank you, John Kerry. So anyway, John Kerry goes out and he gives a speech on Cairo about why American troops don't trust Donald Trump. Now, OK, if we have to ask American soldiers and service people overseas and at home whether they trust John Kerry over, say, Donald Trump, that is not a close call. John Kerry is a person who testified that American soldiers in Vietnam were war criminals who supposedly threw his own medals over the White House fence in protest at American soldiers.


So listening to John Kerry lecture us on the troops is really ironic and rich, kind of like Bill Clinton lecturing us on honor in the Oval Office. Here was John Kerry doing this routine. This is the bottom line.


Our interests, our ideals and our brave men and women in uniform can't afford four more years of Donald Trump. Our troops can't get out of harm's way by hiding in the White House bunker. They need a president who will stand up for them. And President Biden will.


Also, I'm gonna listen to this guy, this schmuck who suggested that American soldiers were routinely taping electrodes to genitals of Vietnamese people in order to garner information or in the Vietnam War. Cutting off ears is literally what he testified in the Winter Soldier testimony. I hear that schmuck talk about what's best for American troops. Let's listen to John Kerry. And then he says when Trump goes overseas, it's a blooper reel. Yeah, as opposed to when Barack Obama went overseas and just apologized for America's presence on the world stage repeatedly.


That was great. Or when John Kerry went overseas and literally undermined American alliances or when Joe Biden went overseas and literally had to apologize to people he was talking to here was John Kerry talking up Biden's foreign policy.


For some reason, Donald Trump inherited a growing economy and a more peaceful world. And like everything else he inherited, he bankrupted it. When this president goes overseas, it isn't a goodwill mission. It's a blooper reel. He breaks up with our allies and writes love letters to dictators. America deserves a president who has looked up to not laughed at. Oh, is that OK?


Well, as opposed to Barack Obama, who has looked at who looked up to Barack Obama overseas, except for leftists overseas who want to see America shrink its role in the world. And the fact is that whatever you can say about Donald Trump, China is more fearful of the United States today because Trump is president than if Biden were. And it's been made obvious and clear their intelligence reports suggesting China is trying to interfere in our elections on behalf of Joe Biden.


Same thing with Ron. And when it comes to Russia, I'm old enough to remember when Barack Obama was pledging flexibility to the Russians and letting them take over Crimea. So good times, good times, OK, and then they went even further. It's like, who else can we bring out here? Who has a poor foreign policy record? How we bring out Colin Powell, who's been widely derided by both right and left for the speech that he made in front of the UN making the case for war in Iraq.


Now, Colin Powell is good again, because the way that people become good again is simply to oppose Trump. Here was Colin Powell.


Joe Biden will be a president. We will all be proud to salute with Joe Biden in the White House. You will never doubt that he will stand with our friends and stand up to our adversaries, never the other way around. He will trust our diplomats and our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and despots. He will make it his job to know when anyone dares to threaten us. He will stand up to our adversaries with strength and experience.


They will know he means business.


OK, no one believes Joe Biden means business on foreign policy. He's been one of the more weak kneed members of the foreign policy establishment for literally decades. OK, so then we get to the final pitch for Joe Biden. So yesterday we had the Joe Biden is going to help the economy pitch a little bit. And then we had the Joe Biden is not Donald Trump. It's like, OK, fine, that's a pitch. And then we get to the real pitch for Joe Biden, which is he's a nice man.


Right. That's that's the actual pitch for Joe Biden. And this is the part of the Joe Biden resume that they're trying to they're trying to emphasize the most. Right. Because Donald Trump is Orangeman bad and he's mean and he tweets weird things and he's a mean old orange man. Who's that and all of that. So Joe Biden, however, by contrast, is a nice old doddering fool. He's a nice old. That's the case for him.


That's the entire case for him. And you saw this over and over the most effective moments of the DNC last night and even the night before. And I'm sure tonight are going to be all the parts where people say that Joe Biden is a nice guy. And by all accounts, he is kind of a nice guy. Right? I mean, like I've talked to Senator Ted Cruz on the right, Meghan McCain says that Joe Biden was very it was very nice to her when her father passed away and that people who know Joe Biden seem to like Joe Biden.


Now, he is kind of an idiot who runs on at the mouth politically. But in terms of just being like a personable guy, apparently is a very personable guy, gets along with a lot of people in the Senate. And that's basically the pitch, the pitches. Do you want a nice guy at this point? Now, when the economy was going gangbusters, then no one cared whether you had a nice president or not, which is why back in March, it looked like Trump was going to be elected pretty easily.


Now, because the economy is bad, people are like, it would be nice to have a nice guy or someone who cares, someone that, listen, this is not my brand of politics. I, I don't care whether politicians care about me because I don't deal with them. I don't think politicians should have to care about me on an empathetic level. I think they should create policies that get out of my way and allow me to live my life and freedom.


I don't care whether my plumber cares about me. I don't care whether my roofing guy cares about me. All I want from him is to do a good job. It matters not to me whether he goes home and thinks about me day in and day out or whether he cries with me when something bad happens to my family, because that's literally not his job. I have family for that. I have a community for that. I have religious leaders for that.


I've plenty of people in my life. I don't need to fill my life with politicians who quote unquote care about me. I've always thought this is the dumbest part of American politics. It really is a new fangled growth of the modern communications age. It started probably with FDR before that presidents were not expected to be Captain Gary now just not their bag. But now, of course, the last hundred years, since the era of mass communications, the warmth of the president has meant an awful lot.


And that's the part where Biden has an advantage over Trump because, again, people tend to look at Biden and think he's a nice guy. So the most effective parts of the DNC last night were all about this. He had a security guard who was a security guard at The New York Times, and she was in an elevator with Biden and she said, I love you. And Joe is like, I love you back. And so she actually did the formal nomination of Joe Biden last night.


And it was it was really kind of sweet, right? It was kind of nice. I take powerful people up on my elevator all the time when they get off, they go to their important meetings. Me, I just head back to the lobby. But in a short time, I spent with Joe Biden, I could tell he really saw me, that he actually cared, that my life meant something to him. Nominating someone like that to be in the White House is a good place to start.


That's why I nominate my friend Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.


OK, so it's nice and also a little bit condescending. When I say condescending, I just mean that the DNC is plucking from obscurity, sort of. Let me introduce you to random blue collar worker who met Joe Biden once in an elevator for 30 seconds. But nose down to his soul. What Joe Biden is like is a human being now as a politician. Joe Biden is a vicious knife fighter as a politician. Joe Biden is the guy who called Mitt Romney basically a enslaver of black Americans.


And as a politician, Joe Biden is viciously partisan as a politician. Joe Biden is willing to cut corners. He's been willing to do for years. But as an individual interacting with people, apparently he's pretty nice. So I guess that's nice. But that is the real pitch. And when and if the pitch for Biden is nice, then sort of his awkward moments become sort of charming grandpa moments instead of worry some. Oh, my God, what's he going to say now?


Moment. There's always been the balance for Joe Biden being barely alive. Is that on the one hand, you want your president to be alive enough not to constantly be falling off of ramps and such. And that's a reference to Bob Dole in 96. Right. In 96, Bob Dole kind of fell off a stage and he was considered too old to 72 at the time. Right. Joe Biden is one thousand years old. So you want the balance between being worried that the guy can't handle the job and also the uncomfortable with him.


He's the nice old grandpa I'd let babysit my kids. Kind of feel Biden is much warmer than Hillary Clinton, which is one of the reasons he's doing better in the polls. We're going to have Hillary Clinton tonight and you'll you'll get to see why Hillary Clinton was not made president of the United States. And so there are a lot of moments last night where Biden was awkward, but it was more charming than it was kind of off-putting. So here was Biden learning he got the nomination and it was real awkward and weird.


But again, he's sort of charming, grandpa, and at least that's the the media is portraying him. He really looks mostly like grandpa who's been surprised with a birthday cake by the grandchild, doesn't really know kind of what's going on, but it's real cute. He's going to take photos with the Kennedys. One young in middle school librarian. And then you have your children clapping for everybody from all the delegates is all very, very odd. And Joe Biden kind of wide eyed.


I mean, he's giving the same look that my grandmother gives us when we give her a surprise party, which is I don't know what's going on, but I know I'm supposed to be happy right now. A lot of that from Joe Biden. But looking sort of this was played as more charming than a little frightening that Joe isn't completely aware of his surroundings. And then Cindy McCain came forth and Cindy McCain talked about how Joe was always a wonderful guy with John.


And again, this is the pitch. The pitch is that Joe is a nice person.


Even if a deal seemed out of reach, it was always Joe who tried to cross the aisle for three decades. Joe was able to move his colleagues and find a way forward. On violence against women, banning chemical weapons, assault weapons and controlling nuclear arms. Was it style of legislating and leadership that you don't find much anymore, OK, now, by the way, that is exactly the style of leadership the Democrats no longer embrace. It's kind of funny to pitch that again, they're pitching Joe Biden from 40 years ago when he was making criminal justice bills, not the Joe Biden of today who's being pushed around in a wheelchair by by Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders.


And then there was the best pitch. Again, the best pitch is the personal pitch for Joe Biden. Joe Biden was great last night, like she was flat out good. So Joe Biden was making the only case that you can make for Joe, which is that he's a nice guy. You can't make the case that he's alive because he barely is. You cannot make the case that he is competent because he really is not. And when other people make the case for Joe Biden, it's always slightly awkward.


Like basically Michelle Obama's case for Joe Biden is I should be the nominee, but Joe Biden is the dead guy over there and he's the one who nominated. So really do him instead of Trump, please. That was really the pitch. And then the pitch from Kamala Harris tonight presumably will be, well, you know, if Joe dies, I'll be here. So let's do that. Let's let's do that. Joe Biden is the only one who can make an authentic case on behalf of Joe because she's been married to that guy for 30 years and been listening to his diarrhea of the mouth for the last three decades.


So she does, in fact, like him. So having somebody who likes Joe Biden talking about how he's likable makes some sense. I thought Joe Biden came off as very authentic. I thought that she came off as as very nice. So she talked about Joe Biden and personal tragedy, which is the most affecting part of the story. This is a person who lost children in a car crash early on in his in his life. And then obviously, he just lost his son to brain cancer.


I mean, these are serious personal tragedies and that does humanize people. Humanizing Joe Biden has always been an easier task than humanizing Hillary Clinton, who's a velociraptor of a human being. So Joe Biden did what I thought was a very good job. She seems like a nice lady. I mean, really like she does. And here was Joe Biden being a nice lady, talking about her nice husband, as he put it last night. They're the kooky couple of the kooky couple from next door on the sitcom where you might wander into their apartment by accident.


And they're elderly people making weird kinds of love. It was really they have that vibe to them from the from the nineteen seventies Three's Company era. Here is Joe Biden talking about the wonders of Joe. Four days after Bo's funeral, I watched Joe shave and put on his suit. I saw him steal himself in the mirror, take a breath, put his shoulders back and walk out into a world empty of our son. He went back to work.


That's just who he is.


So all of this stuff was very good for him. Right. Because, again, the case for Joe is he's a nice old guy and he won't leave you alone. Again, this is part of the tacit promise that the chaos stops if Joe is elected president. So there is a soft blackmail underneath the entire Democratic pitch. But again, the key for Joe Biden is turning him into a human. Anytime you talk about any other aspect of Joe Biden, it's a bad thing for him to talk about his policies.


It's bad you talk about his party, it's bad. You talk about his VP. It's bad. The only thing that Democrats want to focus in on is empathy. And Joe Biden and his captain feelings and all the rest of this. That's why the part of Joe Biden's speech, I thought that fell a little flat is when she talked about how the schools are all closed because of covid. And I was thinking to myself, they don't have to be.


I mean, really, they don't have to be. It is Democratic politicians who are saying that we can't open up schools again, even though children are not dying of covid, they are not dying of covid. The numbers demonstrate they are not transmitting covid in large numbers. But Joe Biden blames Trump for the schools not being open, even though it is mainly blue states that are keeping the schools closed. Florida is opening up the schools. California aid.


In fact, California is suing to stop private schools from opening. Here is Joe Biden, though, pretending that it's Trump's fault the schools aren't opening. This quiet is heavy, you can hear the anxiety that echoes down empty hallways, there's no scent of new notebooks or freshly waxed floors. The rooms are dark as the bright young faces that should fill them are now confined to boxes on a computer screen.


So this is a this is a weird kind of off-putting pitch from Joe Biden, but all the stuff that her husband was not quite as off putting. And then, of course, Joe Biden blew the ending gear again. This was giving doddering grandpa his his birthday present. And his birthday present is a subscription to the AARP news magazine. Here was here. Here is Joe Biden blowing the ending. He comes in at the very end and he mushmouth it.


And like people thought, he said, I'm Joe Biden's husband. He says, I'm Jill Biden's husband, but he can't articulate. And so I know the dentures are what he I mean, he just completely blows this and looks all odd and weird and and he's just walking to classrooms now. And it is very strange.


Hey, everyone, I'm Joe Biden's husband has heard, you know, excuse me. You can see why she's the love of my life, the rock of our family. She never gives herself much credit. But the truth is, she's the strongest person I know. Just think of your favorite educator who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself. That's the kind of first lady, lady, lady, lady this Joe Biden will be. What's going on?


Lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady. And the record got stuck in then they had to kind of hit the record machine and get the thing to stop skipping and scratching. So again, that's the pitch, the pitches. Joe Biden is a person who is alive and is nice, according to his wife. If that's your pitch, go for it. I mean, really, that's it is a pitch. I suppose, if that's what you're looking for, then that is what you will get.


All right. We'll be back here later today. Two additional hours of content and of course, we'll be back here tomorrow to recap night three of the Democratic National Convention when we expect to hear from the wonderous president of the United States, Hillary Clinton, still wandering the woods of Chappaqua in complete bewilderment that she is not, in fact, president and a person nearly as charmless as Hillary Clinton. Kamala Harris, she of the Joker Ghafar and the prosecution of small children.


They can expect all sorts of good times tonight. So stick around for Marshall later today and then we'll be here tomorrow. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is The Ben Shapiro Show. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to. We're available on Apple podcast Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts, also, be sure to check out the other daily WYO podcasts, including the Andrew Clavon Show, The Michael Moore Show and The Matt Walsh Show.


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