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Barack Obama gets wildly partisan at a memorial for Congressman John Lewis, media members exploit Herman Cain's death to slam President Trump, and Trump struggles with the consequences of his insane threat to delay the election. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show.


The Ben Shapiro Show is sponsored by Express VPN, your data is your business protected at Express VPN Dotcom segment? Well, there's one general rule when somebody who prominent dies, and that is you kind of hold your fire, at least for, you know, the next 30 seconds. And typically you don't use their memorials, particularly if they are very large because you don't use their memorials as sort of launching points for politics. This has been a rule that I would say Republicans have been better at applying than Democrats in the recent past.


Whenever a major Democrat dies or whenever there's a bad event that results in death and the Democrat speaks at the memorial, it very often turns into a political rally. So it's nothing new that that's what happened yesterday with regard to the memorial for Congressman John Lewis. There's precedent for this. When Senator Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash back in the 2000, the Democratic Party held a full out political rally stumping for progressive policy when there was a mass shooting in Arizona.


That was the same shooting that injured Gabby Giffords. The Congresswoman, Barack Obama, deployed himself to Arizona, where he proceeded to rant and rave about gun control and talk about the evils of his Republican opponents. It really was nothing new what happened at the John Lewis Memorial. It doesn't make it any better and it does demonstrate the utter classlessness of a lot of people in our politics who tend to use death as a rationale for jumping into debate over over politics, purely speaking.


Now, listen, I understand the temptation. I'm on Twitter to I get it. And I can't say that I've been blameless in this my entire Twitter history. I will say that over the past few years, one of the things I've learned is the day somebody dies, you shut it. It is the day somebody dies. Let it go the day of memorial. What you want to talk about is the stuff that unified about the person. You don't want to talk about, the stuff that was not unifying about the person.


There's plenty of time for that. Later, we can tell the difference in the class level of our various presidents over the course of history and kind of why Donald Trump is president thanks to the reactions yesterday at the John Lewis Memorial. So there are several presidents who spoke at the memorial for Congressman Lewis Lewis, who, of course, was a disciple of Martin Luther King Jr. He was one of the leaders of the civil rights movement. He famously was one of the people who attempted to desegregate lunch counters by peacefully protesting at lunch counters.


He helped lead the march. Selma, a real hero in his younger days and then served in Congress, obviously in many ways heroically. And this is somebody with whom I disagreed on politics. I would say a lot. A lot. But you still try to look for the good in people and not only the good. I mean, this is somebody who really did contribute to making the country a better place over the course of his life. Well, George W.


Bush gave a speech yesterday and it was amusing to watch members of the media suddenly recognize the George W. Bush was a good person. And Jonathan Capehart at The Washington Post is like, well, George W. Bush. What a wonderful man. What an incredible man. What a great speech you have. Five minutes ago, you all were saying that George W. Bush was the worst scourge of the earth. And frankly, I look forward to the time four years from now or eight years from now, whenever Trump is no longer in office and another Republican is running, when Democrats turn around and talk about what a bipartisan guy Donald Trump was, because that's how it always works.


Ronald Reagan was the worst until George H.W. Bush was running, at which point Reagan became the good Republican. Then George H.W. Bush was the worst until Bob Dole was running, at which point George H.W. Bush became a wonderful, wonderful man. Then Bob Dole was bad all the way up to George W. Bush running. And the same pattern holds true. So there will be a great irony to the fact you watch four years from now, eight years from now, there will be a lot of talk about even Donald Trump didn't do this.


Even Donald Trump wasn't as Donald Trump. I mean, that was a bipartisan messenger for the ages. Anyway, George W. Bush gives a speech yesterday, very classy speech at the John Lewis Memorial and a couple of notes about the John Lewis memorial. Generally, first of all, look like a generally beautiful event also. There is a gap between how elites in this country are viewed with regard to attending public events at this time and people who are, quote unquote, the little people.


And if you're a quote unquote little person in America, meaning a nonpolitician, a non prominent person in America, and you look at the large scale memorial event for John Lewis and you think to yourself, hold up. My mom died in the hospital alone and we still haven't been able to hold a memorial. Why do we get to do this for John Lewis? That is not an unfair question. It really isn't. When you look at Andrew Cuomo, New York saying that if you go to Georgia and you come back from Georgia, you have to quarantine for 14 days.


And then you look at a wide variety of people from D.C. and New York going to John Lewis Memorial. Do you think any of them are going to quarantine when they get back to D.C. or New York? Of course not. Even though the memorial service was held in Georgia anyway, George W. Bush's speech was quite good.


Here was George W. Bush talking about John Lewis and how he made the country a better place where the people, including congressmen and presidents, can have differing views on how to perfect our union while sharing the conviction that our nation, however flawed, is at heart a good and noble one. We live in a better and noble a country today because of John Lewis and his abiding faith and the power of God and the power of democracy and in the power of love to lift us all to a higher ground.


Yeah, I mean, that's that's wonderful. It's a wonderful thing to say. And that is why you saw so many people paying tribute to Bush. Remember, Bush was the villain until five seconds ago. As soon as a Republican is not in power, the. It becomes, you know, just a normal nice guy that we all hang out with when he's in power, he's super duper duper evil. Well, Bill Clinton also spoke at the memorial event, and Bill Clinton was slightly more political than Bush.


He talked about sort of the continuing mission of John Lewis. John Lewis had a posthumous obituary that was published in The Washington Post in which he talked about the continuing mission and he name checked a bunch of people who are supposedly victims of the police, including a couple of people like Rashad Brooks, who was not a victim of the police. In any case, Clinton invoked sort of John Lewis politics in a vague sense going forward, which, again, if you're vague about it, is not unfair.


He also invoked the differences between Stokely Carmichael and John Lewis. Stokely Carmichael, of course, was significantly more an advocate of violence than John Lewis, who very much into nonviolence. Bill Clinton did this. He got ripped up and down for it.


Just three years later, he lost the leadership of Sneek to Stokely Carmichael. He showed as a young man, there are some things that you cannot do to hang on to a physician, because if you do them, you won't be who you are anymore. And there were two or three years there where the movement went a little bit too far towards Stokely, but in the end, John Lewis prevailed.


OK, that's actually a good point. But people on the left were very angry at Bill Clinton for having said this, because right now we're seeing violence in our streets. And that's Bill Clinton basically slapping at the violence in the streets. That's him saying that John Lewis would not have been in favor of the violence in the streets. They've been seeing the rioting and looting, which is right about. He got slapped by a columnist over at the Root for this saying, why are you invoking Stokely Carmichael here?


Again, there's a rationale for it, but the real politicization was reserved for Barack Obama, who got extraordinarily political. And it is a reminder of why Donald Trump is president, because Barack Obama is a much more elegant speaker. He's a much more subtle person than Donald Trump. Donald Trump is just the very loud and he's the checkered suit version of Barack Obama. And Barack Obama was used car salesman in a really nice suit. And Donald Trump is a used car salesman in in a checkered Platek.


Now, that is the main difference between them, because Barack Obama is purely political. He's a political animal. He'll say purely openly political things that are bizarre and and over-the-top and really kind of crazy. And he'll do it at a memorial service and then the media will praise him as a statesman. And Donald Trump is like, OK, just get rid of the statesman and I'll just say all this stuff out loud and I'll say the quiet part out loud.


The truth is that Barack Obama got all the plaudits for being a master of subtlety. He never was particularly subtle. And he was he's more subtle than Trump, but that's because literally all the things are more subtle than Trump. All Trump is, is it's is strip off the veneer of Barack Obama and the political the overt politicization of all the things. They're kind of the same. They're kind of saying, we'll get to that in just one second.


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OK, so Barack Obama is overtly political animal. So Barack Obama gets up at John Lewis Memorial and in the process, he slams federal agents and compares them to George Wallace. And I'm sorry, this is incredibly ugly stuff. The idea that federal agents today are the same as Jim Crow, Bull Connor, racist police officers in 1960, Selma is patently insane. It's crazy what you're watching in America's major cities where federal agents are defending federal property from mostly white rioters and looters, by the way, who are attempting to set buildings on fire.


That's nuts. But this is Barack Obama was a demagogue and never, never forget that Barack Obama was a demagogue. I know that we're supposed to pretend that Donald Trump is the first demagogue in American history. I know we're supposed to pretend that all of political time space began with the big bang. That was Donald Trump. It is not true. Donald Trump was a direct response to the to the malicious manipulation of Barack Obama. Barack Obama was a terrible president.


He was a terrible, divisive president. And the media gaslight you about that. The media pretended that he was a unifying force. The media would cherry pick his speeches, the parts we could talk about. We're not in America or blue America. We're United States of America. And then they. All the crap where he suggested that we absolutely were not united. That racism is in America's DNA. It would ignore the parts where he basically winked and nodded, rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore.


They just ignore that. I mean, what you're about to hear him say again at the memorial for a dead man, a man who united the country around principles that at the time were extraordinarily controversial but became the culture. Right. This was the counterculture, became the culture, thank God, a culture of racial tolerance and racial and racial understanding and a belief in Martin Luther King's dream. And here's Barack Obama pretending there's no difference between Bull Connor police officers shooting fire hoses at John Lewis in 1960 and federal officers attempting to fight rioting and looting in America's major cities in 2020, 60 years later.


And this is demagoguery of the highest order. Here's Barack Obama being a demagogue.


Bull Connor may be gone, but today we witness with our own eyes police officers kneeling on the necks of black Americans. George Wallace may be gone, but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.


OK, this is this is such damning. It truly is demagoguery. It is unrelated to reality, even the notion that that Bull Connor is gone. But Derek Chavan still insists there is no evidence at this point that Derek Schavan knelt on George Floyd's neck out of racial animus. There isn't that evidence may come, but that evidence does not exist. It's there's not a single person who agrees that what Derek Siobhan did was good, decent, justified or not jailable.


No one. OK, but to draw a direct line between Bull Connor and Derek Chavan without any evidence whatsoever or to pretend that was commonplace and and not only commonplace, but enshrined in Jim Crow law is similar in any way to what happened to Derek Chabin is utterly, patently crazy. But Obama gets away with this kind of stuff because the media have decided for years that they are simply going to carry around drool cups for the guy. It's amazing. It's amazing.


Then Obama called the Philibert. He went after the Senate filibuster. Again, this is a memorial for a man who just died and spent his life attempting to unify the nation around racial issues. Here is Barack Obama saying that the Senate filibuster is a Jim Crow holdover, which is pretty incredible because I'm old enough to remember when Barack Obama, Senator Barack Obama, filibustered Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court trying to filibuster him. I'm old enough to remember when Democrats like five seconds ago filibustered Senator Tim Scott police reform bill.


Was that a Jim Crow vestige? By essentially saying that the filibuster is racist, this does give the lie to the idea that Democrats don't want to tear down the system in a bit, we're going to go to Donald Trump saying something about delaying elections that really does tear away at the roots of the democracy. But to pretend that Democrats are not doing the same thing and haven't been doing the same thing for a long time is to cut against all available evidence.


Here's Barack Obama suggesting that the Senate filibuster is a tool of Jim Crow, despite the fact that he himself used the filibuster when he was in the Senate. And Democrats have been very fond of the filibuster. They were using it against George W. Bush's judicial nominees. Here's here's Barack Obama again, demagoging Donald Trump is president because everybody decided that Barack Obama, speaking this way, was completely apolitical. Here he was calling the filibuster Jim Crow.


Once we passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, we should keep marching by guaranteeing that every American citizen has equal representation in our government, including the American citizens who live in Washington, D.C. and in Puerto Rico. And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic in order to secure the God given rights of every American, then that's what we should do.


This is such cynical. Bull market is it's incredibly cynical. It's unbelievably cynical. This is a man who's happy to use the filibuster when it was in his own benefit and whose anti filibuster when it's not in his benefit. And this is something I do talk about in my book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps. One of the goals of the Constitution and many of the Senate procedures is to create checks and balances. Why? Because America's rights are preserved through checks and balances.


The idea is that a government that is unable to stomp on those rights at will will not be able to stomp on those rights at will. The idea is that when you set up these checks and balances, it prevents a pure majority the tyranny of the mob, the tyranny of the majority from stomping on the rights of the minority. And for all the people who are like, well, yeah, but, you know, in the south, a pure majority was able to stomp on the rights of the minority.


That's exactly the point. The point is there should have been more checks and balances. The federal government should have stepped in and stopped the trampling of rights in the states. The filibuster is simply a tool to prevent the trampling of minority rights by majorities. That is one of the goals of the filibuster. That doesn't mean there aren't times when the filibuster can't be used for nefarious purposes. The Civil Rights Act was filibustered by Strom Thurmond. But it is also true that there are many procedures that are written into the Constitution with the direct intent of making sure that there has to be a broad spectrum support for particular policy before it goes into law.


One of the points of the filibuster is to create exactly the sorts of checks and balances on pure majoritarianism that allow for the for the destruction of individual American rights. And here is the point when when it comes to Democrats, very often when they talk about institutions, they don't care about the institutions, the institutions are either a barrier or a weapon. So the filibuster sometimes weapon, that's when it's good. And then when it's not good, then they get rid of it.


Barack Obama within five minutes will be arguing that the Senate itself should be done away with because the Senate, as it turns out, is actually non-representational and having two senators for each state to four Wyoming and two for California. When the population of Wyoming is seven people and the population of California is 40 million people. That's unrepresentative. It's undemocratic. So Democrats will stomp in favor of the Senate when they control it. And they want to add senators from Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. and then they'll stump against the Senate.


When they don't control it, they'll stump in favor of the filibuster when they can use it in their favor and they will stump against the filibuster when it is when it is wrong, which suggests that they don't care about the institutions of government one iota. It's not about the institutions of government. It's about what they can use the government to do to you. So this kind of demagoguery. I Barack Obama was an awful president and he's an awful ex-president.


And then Obama continued along these lines, we'll get to more of Barack Obama demagoguing at the at the memorial service for John Lewis in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that if you believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility, you believe in the Second Amendment. One of the things that many people are after right now is the Second Amendment, the destruction of the Second Amendment. They believe that the Second Amendment is a barrier to the goals of the federal government.


They believe that individuals who are responsible owning guns is somehow a threat to public safety, which is obviously untrue. The founders enshrined rights in the Constitution and they recognize that the people needed to be armed in order to protect themselves against the tyranny of government and, yes, against crime as well. The people of Bravo Company MFT support the right of responsible private individuals to have the access and ability to employ the same tools in civilian law enforcement as a means of defending ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and our freedoms should a threatening situation arise.


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Special offers, upcoming news. That's Bravo Company mfg dot com or check them out at YouTube Dotcom Bravo Company USA. That YouTube dot com slash Bravo Company USA. OK, so President Obama didn't just stop calling for the overthrow of the filibuster and suggesting that today's police and federal agents are in league with George Wallace and Bull Connor. He then suggested that there is a wide variety of attempts to stop the vote. Again, there is no evidence of this.


The idea of widespread voter suppression in the United States is nonsense. It is nonsense is nonsense. When Donald Trump says it is nonsense, when Barack Obama says it, it is nonsense. The black population of the United States, thank God, votes in heavy numbers. And in the last several election cycles, and certainly when Barack Obama was elected in both 2008 and 2012, outvoted their share of the population. But Barack Obama is fully on board with the Stacey Abrams lie that black people are systematically being prevented from the vote, which is it is a lie.


There is no evidence that this is the case, that there are people out there who are like black people shouldn't vote here. Is Barack Obama suggesting that some people like some people like, but I shouldn't go so political at a memorial. But guess what? Standards don't apply to me. I'm going to say whatever. I'm going to make crap up. Let's go. There are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive I.D. laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision.


I know this is a celebration of John's life. There are some who might say we shouldn't dwell on such things, but that's what I'm talking about up there, something like that, stopping black people from voting in a problem.


But I'm going to talk about anyway. No one's saying you can't talk about it, but you are lying. The notion that black people in America are being systematically deprived of the vote is just not true. It is not true. Show me the evidence and don't give me voter ID. A voter ID is not an attempt to stop people from voting. Voter ID is a fine idea approved by by the way, in every poll, a majority of nearly every demographic group, including black folks, as far as I'm aware.


But Barack Obama is this this is how he got Donald Trump, you guys want know he got Donald Trump, you gasp with the entire American population. You suggested over and over that this man was the epitome of class, that he was above politics and he was some sort of godlike figure from on high. He is just a typical Chicago style machine politician. He always was. And here he was using a memorial service for a man whose politics I disagreed with in many ways, but who did do incredible good for the United States, and instead of just paying tribute to him in a classy way, the way George W.


Bush did, Barack Obama got up there and suggested that America is living with the vestiges of Jim Crow and Bull Connor. He suggested that that America is dominated by neo segregationists and people attempting to stop black people from voting. He was a deeply divisive president. The divisions on race in this country did not start with Donald Trump. Look back at the polls. Divisions on race in this country began in 2009, with Barack Obama getting overtly, overtly racially political.


You can look at the polls, hopes for racial reconciliation in this country were never higher than when Barack Obama was elected and within two years of his election, they completely cratered and they continue to crater today. It was honestly was an ugly spectacle. It was an ugly spectacle. I'm old enough to remember when Barack Obama went out there during the Ferguson rioting and said people don't make up things like this. He was talking about the Michael Brown shooting, the Michael Brown shooting, by the way, it was a good shoot.


In fact, it turns out that after another review of the Michael Brown shooting by Officer Darren Wilson, it turns out five years after the six years after the case, the case has been dismissed again, according to The Daily Wire today, Amanda Jacomo reporting St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Wesley Bell announced on Thursday he will not be bringing charges against former Ferguson Police Department Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown, 18, back in 2014. During a Thursday press conference, Bell announced to the news by prefacing it as, quote, one of the most difficult things I've had to do, noting that his heart breaks for the Browns.


And the question for the office was a simple one could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that when Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, he committed murder or manslaughter. Under Missouri law, Bill asked for an independent and in-depth review of the evidence. We cannot prove that he did. He, by the way, is the county's first black prosecutor, he reopened, reopened the case after taking office. One of the reasons he gained office is because of disapproval for no case against Darren Wilson in the first place.


And then he looked at the evidence and he said, sorry, we can't actually make a case now said his office conducted a five month review of witness statements, forensic reports and other evidence. The AP noted, adding his investigation does not exonerate. Darren Wilson, by the way, is not the way the criminal justice process works. If you're not convicted, that does not mean you're not. That does not mean that you are exonerated. There is no exonerated standard in criminal law.


There's just not prosecuted. So you also don't get to clear not exonerated. That's not the way this works. Said, I know this is not the result they were looking for and that their pain will continue forever. Jim Touhy, Wilson's attorney, noted Bell's review had the same conclusion as Bell's predecessor, a grand jury and the US DOJ. That was Obama's DOJ, by the way. There was no crime. The Obama Justice Department at the time pointed out that there was no crime.


But doesn't matter, Democrats have continued to lie about the Michael Brown shooting and use it as the basis for a political campaign to suggest that America and its police officers are deeply racist. Now, as we'll see, the exploitation of prominent people's death was not relegated to John Lewis yesterday. It also extended over to Herman Cain, the 74 year old former Republican candidate for president in 2012, the first black Republican ever to lead presidential polling in 2012. He passed away.


He passed away from covid. And that led the media to jump on his death and use it for their own political purposes. This is about as ugly as it gets as it really is ugly between the demagoguery of Barack Obama over John Lewis, his death and the attempts to link George Wallace with today's federal law enforcement, protecting federal buildings from rioters and looters and the media jumping on Herman Cain's staff to blame President Trump. This is hideous stuff, it really is, and it really does disintegrate the country, it just rules of basic decency completely out the window.


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Use Code Bend to save 10 percent. Solid deal on protecting yourself from the payments that come with having a car that breaks down. Go check them out. Eight hundred a car. Six thousand mentioned Coliban Carsales.com. You could then save 10 percent. OK, so when it comes to public debts, the the insanity is not relegated to the memorial for John Lewis. It extended over to Herman Cain. Chris Cuomo, who is just. Terrible, I mean, just a terrible, terrible, quote unquote, reporter, not apparently not a particularly good person either, and I say that advisedly.


And maybe he's a nice guy. I really don't have an idea. But it seems kind of gross that when Herman Cain dies of covid, your first move is let me yell at President Trump about it like that. First of all, Herman Cain had agency. Second of all, Herman Cain's life story was not him dying of Herman Cain's life story was growing up in segregated Atlanta and becoming president of a Federal Reserve Bank and running Papa John's and getting a degree while serving in the US Navy.


And Herman Cain had a long and rich life and now his death has been reduced to he died of Covenant's Trump's fault by the media, which is pretty disgusting. It truly is. Here is Chris Cuomo yesterday saying that it's Trump's fault that Herman Cain is dead, despite the fact there's no evidence that Cain actually obtained the virus at Trump's rally in Tulsa and Herman Cain happened to be an individual with the agency of his own. Here was Chris Cuomo blaming Trump, former presidential candidate Herman Cain.


Yes, he supported the president. The president says he was a good friend of his.


We wish his family well and we wish that he rest in peace and I wish that this president have no peace until he thinks about what he's exposing people to. He didn't even mention that Mr. Cain was at his rally among the Marsalis masses right before he was diagnosed.


Now, maybe he didn't get it there. Sure as hell didn't help. Sure as hell didn't help. How the hell do you know anything? You don't know anything is the answer. By the way, it wasn't Papa John's. Obviously, it was Godfather's Pizza. In any case, first of all, who the hell is Chris Cuomo to talk about this? Chris Cuomo, who went on air every single night and massaged his brother's ass on air as his brother presided over the largest death toll in America from covid-19 Chris Cuomo, who every night was talking about the glories of public rallies in which people were not wearing masks and had not one thing to say about pandemic preparedness or pandemic protection.


While these massive rallies on social justice warrior messaging took place in the streets, Chris Cuomo, who spends his evenings showing up on national TV with giant nasal swabs to make fun of his brothers, no sides. Chris Cuomo, who ditched his own quarantine in order to apparently go to his second house, well, he had covered that guy is going to lecture Trump about Herman Cain again without any evidence that that Cain picked this thing up at the Trump rally.


By the way, I do have a question. Everybody's saying, well, this is you know, it's because Herman Cain didn't wear a mask. My understanding is that the masks don't protect you. They protect everybody else. Isn't that the math of the masks? We've been told that routinely that the only masks that protect you are the ninety five respirators that are used in hospitals. And if you're wearing a surgical mask, it protects everybody else. It doesn't protect you.


So even if you've been wearing a mask that wouldn't have protected him from getting it, presumably, right. That is what we have been told unless I'm getting that very, very wrong. And by the way, it's not a case against mask wearing, but again, the media's attempt to twist this into a story of Trump being evil and to reduce Herman Cain's life to his death is really disgusting. Reuters did the same thing. So Reuters had a headline about Herman Cain.


Here was their headline about, again, a man who at one point led the 2012 Republican presidential race, a man who served on the Federal Reserve Board of Chairs, a man who spent his entire life becoming a success in the United States as a black man in America, growing up in a segregated America in Atlanta. Here was how Reuters summed up Herman Cain's life. Quote, Herman Cain, a former Republican presidential candidate and supporter of President Trump, who refused to wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic, has died after contracting covid-19.


Yeah, got a dunk on the guy who didn't wear a mask. It seems to me that so much of the focus on mask wearing was, again, I think you should wear a mask. I've been saying consistently for months, as soon as the conventional wisdom turned. I've been saying, what's the harm? Where the mask, it can't hurt. And that's what I've been saying for months. And so this is not a diatribe against mask worn when I'm about to say.


But it seems to me that many of the people who are focused in on dunking, on people who die after quote unquote, not wearing masks, what they're really attempting to do is create in their own minds a protective shield by which they say, OK, well, if I do all of the approved things, then for sure I won't die for sure. I'll be OK then if I wear the mask and if I if I pay attention to what the media tell me, then I won't die, then I'll be OK.


And the answer is there's no evidence that's the case. OK, the answer is I'm sure there are many people who have died who have been pretty careful about this stuff. In fact, their stories of people have been pretty careful about the stuff we're dying. There's a certain amount of dissociation that is going on in this. And I understand it. I get it. I do the same thing. I'm a human being. Everybody does. Whenever somebody dies, the first question you ask is how?


And then if they did something of which you don't approve, you go, oh, well, at least it won't happen to me. But Herman Cain's life story is not about how he died. It's about how he lived and the attempt to reduce him to his death methods so that you can smack around Donald Trump on Mascord. And by the way, well, Donald Trump is going out and now preaching that everybody should wear masks is pretty gross. And this was the predominant sentiment, by the way, online yesterday.


Lefties blaming Herman Cain for his own death and suggesting that Donald Trump is responsible for his own death. Tony Posnanski tweeted out, not really blue checkmark Lefty's. He tweeted out, I feel bad for Herman Cain and his family, but I don't feel bad for his selfishness, his mocking of a deadly disease or convincing other it is safe to go massless. I refuse to have sympathy for those who put my family in danger wearing anything mask. I wonder what he has to say about Denmark, the Netherlands, where they have refused to mandate mask wearing because they say that the evidence on it is pretty scanty, which, by the way, it kind of is.


That doesn't mean you shouldn't wear a mask. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful. But to pretend that the evidence is absolutely clear neglects the fact that there are plenty of countries where they are not mandating mask wearing because the evidence is not exactly clear at this point. Over and over and over again, members of the media were we're using Herman Cain's death to dunk on the man, which is just really kind of disgusting. Ana Navarro, who's become just a bleep show, she tweeted out, Herman Cain thought covid was a hoax, scoffed at wearing a mask, died of covid.


That is not true. There's a post on Herman Cain's website today from his staff pointing out that he has started every podcast recently with the note that everybody should wash your hands a lot and yes, that when you're in public, you should wear a mask. Bellmont Governor, she says. Bill Montgomery, co-founder of program Turning Point USA, scoffed at virus died of covid represent. Gohmert refused to wear a mask, has covered see a pattern covid doesn't care about partisanship.


OK, I don't remember Ana Navarro tweeting the same thing about mass rallies in the streets where people were not wearing their masks. But, you know, so long as you can dunk on people, then you can feel good about yourself, so really well done all around. Well, not just the country is getting better moment by moment. You feel it. Really good stuff in just a second. We're going to get to the NBA making the country better.


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Well, at least if we're going to live in the most garbage timeline, we have distractions like the NBA right now, at least we can enjoy sports together until they decide to politicize everything about sports and make them stupid. So I'm not saying you can't enjoy basketball. You can, but it does take a little bit of overlooking when they decide that social justice warrior messaging is going to be just poured into just I mean, up to the brim into the NBA, into the MLB, into the NFL.


Apparently the end zones in the NFL are going to have things like equality and stand for justice, like on the end zones. Now, it's great. I mean, honestly, what what they really should just do is they should just label these are all in kind contributions to the Democratic Party, because let's be frank about this.


All the sloganeering here is designed to back up a particular narrative that America is systemically racist, that the Democratic Party preaches. We are we are engaged right now. And again, what what linguists call semantic overload. There's nothing wrong with the principle of equality before the law. Right. That is a very good principle. There's nothing wrong with the principle of peace. All of these things are good. But let's be real about this. When people say black lives matter and they put it on the side of a basketball court, what they do not mean is that black lives matter the same as white lives and all lives matter.


That's not what they mean. They do, because that's eminently obvious. What they mean is that America systemically racist, right? That is the semantic overload point, because if you say to them, I agree, black lives matter and also America is not systemically racist, then they will respond and say, then you don't agree Black Lives Matter, which means that you are just using a semantically overloaded term so that you can avoid saying what you actually mean, because what you actually mean is a lot more unpopular than what you're saying.


And that is what is happening right here. Right now. Every single person agrees in America that black lives matter because you'd be an awful human being not to agree that black lives matter, but that is not what Black Lives Matter advocates mean when they say Black Lives Matter. What they actually mean is that police are evil and that America is systemically racist and that all inequality is a result of systematic inequity. Right. That's what they actually mean. So the NBA has decided to go full bore on this.


So last night they had the relaunched NBA inside the bubble and all the players not for the national anthem. So now everybody's panicking because obviously America's a terrible, horrible place where you get to earn millions of dollars for playing a child's game in front of adoring audiences. And Americans care so little about black lives that they are they are more than happy to watch. Basketball players paid millions of dollars to dunk a basketball very, very cool country. This is deeply cruel, terrible country in which Americans obviously don't agree that Black Lives Matter, which is why we spend tens of millions of dollars watching games and patronising products that are advertised by these spokespeople.


And the American flag is responsible. American flag is bad for the revisionist historians who suggest that kneeling for the national anthem, by the way, is a sign of respect for the flag. It was never meant as a sign of respect for the for the flag. It was meant as a sign of disrespect for the flag. It was meant that way. It was meant originally as a as a signifier that America is systemically racist and the flag represents that systemic racism.


And again, you can like I'm at least the MLB knelt before the national anthem, but kneeling for the national anthem is saying that the national anthem is not true and that the flag is not true. So the NBA let off with this, which, of course, makes it harder to watch the game because, again, no one is watching basketball to hear the social justice warrior message. But they decided to get even more obvious about it. They did this routine where they basically went full SFL, if you remember the ZYFLO, people were putting names on their jerseys like he hate me.


Those nicknames on their shirts, he hate me was the most famous one. Well, yesterday, the NBA had players wearing words on their jerseys like slogans on their jerseys. And it seems to me they should just put Biden 20, 20 on their jerseys if this is what they really think, or America sucks on their jerseys, if that's what they really think. Instead, you have the bizarre picture of players throwing up alley. Oops. Well, like, if you don't know the players, you literally have no idea who is playing right now.


Like the purpose of the name on the back of the jersey used to be to identify the players. So instead, you had equality throwing an alley oop for peace, I'm not kidding, Metta World Peace was really ahead of his time. A man who had World B. Free, a man ahead of his time here. Here is actually like that's actually what happened. I mean, I don't even know how the announcers announced this. And they know the names of the players.


But if you didn't if you're watching this, things like coming up, the court is equality. Here comes equality running up the court throws up an alley oop to peace and there's peace slamming at home over, say, their names.


That's literally hella yesterday.


That would be the sound that can hear Dr.. A strong finish, zayani Williamson on a special delivery equality, throwing it up to peace he's not done with, but he's got a poster he's got don't to the wing Zionist spin, exciting, exciting stuff.


So quality throws it up for peace. Peace dunks over peace. The good stuff, everybody. Yeah, I noticed three Hong Kong was benched, so stop the NBA's Chinese talent sweatshop, that person never made it to the courts. So that's that's too bad. Charles Barkley got a lot of flak yesterday because Charles Barkley, who may be the only sane person left to deal with the NBA, he said, by the way, if you don't, Neil, you're not a bad person.


And everybody is like, yes, you are. You're a bad person. If you don't feel we've reached the point where that which is not barred is mandatory, where it's not that I remember we started off with, like, should Colin Kaepernick be allowed to kneel? And most people are like, I think it's a bad idea. But like, I don't think should be banned from from kneeling. Like, I think I think it's kind of a garbagey thing to do, but I don't think should be banned.


And now it's mandatory. You're a bad person who doesn't care about black people if you don't kneel for the national anthem, a national anthem that represents a country that has seen more racial progress than any other country in human history and in which the richest black people on planet Earth live by average income. OK, but but apparently Charles Barkley is a bad guy for saying that. If you don't, Neil, you're not a bad person like this. How far we've come?


My thing is, listen, the national anthem means different things to different people. I'm glad these guys are unified with the people. If people don't kneel, they're not a bad person. I want to make that perfectly clear. I'm glad they had unity. But if we have a guy who doesn't want a miracle, the answer means something to him. He should not.


OK, and everybody came down on basically how dare he say that he's not walking up Charles Barkley. Yeah. All right. Well, this is the way the culture is moving back. By the way, speaking of the way the culture is moving, I have to read you the best headline of the day. It is from CNN on a slightly different topic. You ready for this headline from CNN? This is spectacular. They brought out this morning, quote, Individuals of the cervix are now recommended to start cervical cancer screenings to twenty five and continue through age 65 with HPV testing every five years as the preferred method of testing, according to a new guideline released by the American Cancer Society.


You notice something wrong with that particular headline? Individuals with a cervix. I recommended to start cervical cancer screenings. You know what we call individuals of the cervix in the real world. We call them women. Over that time when CNN said nipple is not a banana, banana is not an apple. Now, apparently a banana can have an apple, which is really exciting stuff. Individuals of the cervix. Do you, sir, take this individual, the cervix to be your lawfully wedded wife?


How romantic weakness has proceeded so far that women have been completely erased. They don't even exist anymore. Individuals with the cervix, individuals of the cervix is fantastic. Fantastic stuff. Now, here's the thing. There will be a backlash to this in the backlash, I think will come in the form of reasonable people just saying, you know what, no, I'm not kneeling for the national anthem, nor do I frankly feel like patronising basketball games where I'm lectured about how America systemically racist by people who are earning millions and millions of dollars to call America systemically racist.


Honestly, the best thing that happened yesterday is maybe the only good thing that happened yesterday was Trader Joe's said, you know what, we're not changing our labels. Remember a few days ago, there's a big story about people petitioning, saying that Trader Joe's is like guacamole was racist. Well, Trader Joe's put out a statement. They're like, nope, nope. They said a few weeks ago an online petition was launched calling on us to, quote, remove racist packaging from our products following where inaccurate reports that the petition prompted us to take action.


We want to be clear. We disagree that any of these labels are racist. We do not make decisions based on petitions. Thank you. Thank you. It's about damn time somebody said this. They said we make decisions based on what customers purchased as well as the feedback we receive from our customers and crew members. If we feel there is need for change, we do not hesitate to take action. Decades ago, our buying team started using product names like Trader Gateaux, Trader Joe's at Trader meetings, etc.


. We thought then and still do that. This naming of products could be fun and show appreciation for other cultures. For example, we named our Mexican beer Trader Joe's. A premium and a cup of guacamole products are called avocados. No. In a catchy reference to a mathematical theory, these products have been really popular with our customers, including some budding mathematicians. Recently, we have heard from many customers reaffirming these name variations are largely viewed in exactly the way they were intended as an attempt to have fun with our product marketing.


We'll continue our ongoing evaluation. And those products that resonate with our customers and sell well will remain on our shelves. Good for Trader Joe's. Guess what? There's not going to be an end to this. There really is not, because there the social justice warrior insanity, it doesn't end at any point. There's no limiting principle to it, which is why you're seeing this one. I love your seeing Beyonce come under fire. There's a new documentary.


It's not really a documentary. It's sort of like a movie that is called Black is King for Disney. Plus that is produced by Beyonce. Now, first of all, let me just point out that if Disney plus launched a launch, a program called White is King, it would be the end of the world. It would be the end of the world. They launch a program called Black is King and everything. OK, totally fine. In any case, Black is King is based on the Lion King, which is I mean, first of all, isn't that cultural appropriation?


It's based on Lion King. The music for Lion King was originally written by two white guys, Elton John and Tim Rice. And the story of Lion King is based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet, who happened to be a white guy. So it seems like a little cultural appropriation. Now, Beyonce is under a little bit of fire because it turns out that Beyonce is not, in fact, African. And for her to culturally appropriate African culture is sort of a problem for some people on the left not getting their articles on this today, people defending Beyonce saying she's allowed to do it because she's disconnected from her history.


But her disconnection from her own history is because of white intervention over slavery and all this. The fact that it's even a controversy is bizarre. She's paying tribute to Africa. There's nothing wrong with that. But the fact that it's a controversy shows how stupid everything is. In fact, things are so stupid that now portlands wall of moms is falling apart. Portlands Well, remember, these are the WOAK white ladies who are supposedly protecting peaceful protesters who are actually vicious rioters and looters from the predations of federal police officers attempting to stop violations of law.


Now, the wall of bombs is falling apart. Why? Because they were too white. Not kidding, according to Oregon. Leive Portlands Wall of Moms, a group formed in recent weeks and quickly recognized as a staple of nightly downtown protests, was accused publicly Wednesday of anti blackness by leaders of an existing black led community group, Wall of Moms, whose members said they aimed to support and protect other Black Lives Matter. Protesters near the fence in front of the federal courthouse announced Friday that its white leadership had rescinded their positions to allow women of color to be in charge.


So the wall of moms fell apart because they weren't black enough. New leaders announced Friday include Teressa Raeford, executive director of Don't Shoot Portland, Demetria Hester and Danielle James. Less than a week later, Don't Shoot, Portland took to Instagram to urge people against supporting the wall of moms, saying it was no longer working with the moms group. Because after leaving vulnerable black women downtown, after marching, failing to support those on the ground to put trust in them, while of Mom's leadership also found time to make three registrations through Oregon's secretary of state, this was done without the knowledge of the black leadership that Waldbaum's was claiming to implement.


The lies are finally clear. We are sad, but ultimately not surprised that a. blackness showed its ugly face with wall of Mom's. Good times they weren't woken up because guess what, you're never woken up ever, ever, ever. There is no the Wolken, it never ends. It just there is no limitations to the wilderness. Now, if you're thinking to yourself, you know, oh, this seems like pretty solid ground for President Trump to campaign and say got the Democrats seeking to undermine fundamental institutions of American Republicanism and checks and balances like filibusters.


You have Democrats seeking to prop up rioting and looting. You have a system. So woak that the wall of moms has not woken up. You have every major cultural institution pushing social justice, warrior messaging about how America is systemically evil. Wouldn't that be some pretty fertile ground for Trump to campaign? Well, lest you forget, Donald Trump is busy distracting us all with absolute, utter insane stupidity. So I remember that yesterday President Trump floated the idea of postponing the election, which is fundamentally unconstitutional.


You cannot do that. The set the election is set as the first as the first weekend in November has been set that way by the Constitution of the United States for well over one hundred and fifty years. The president doesn't have that kind of power. Now, yesterday, I kind of shrugged it off a little bit because Trump says a lot of crap. And it's true. He does say a lot of crap. And I'm not going to I'm not gonna pretend I take Trump particularly seriously as a person.


I don't I've never taken Trump particularly seriously as a person, because I think if you do, then you're doing it wrong. Frankly, that does not justify his activity in undermining fundamental faith in American democracy by saying that the vote is going to be so corrupted that we should postpone the election. And that is a tactic the Democrats have been using. Stacey Abrams has been using it. I mean, frankly, Barack Obama did it when he suggested that there have been widespread voter suppression against black Americans.


It doesn't make it better when Trump does it and Trump really opened the door to everybody clocking him. It's political malpractice and it's unconstitutional, unreasonable, foolish and wrong for the president of the United States to threaten delaying the election. It really justifies a lot of the complaints about Trump that I'm old enough to remember when I was defending Trump against charges, he was going to say stuff like this.


And then he went ahead and said stuff like this in that left running room for the laughs of Chuck Schumer said not the election is going to be November 3rd. And of course, he is correct about this. Once again, all he wants to do is divert from his abject failure in the Corona virus crisis. He says, oh, well, maybe we won't have an election that's up to the Senate and the House.


Mr. President, President Trump, the election will be on November, in November, on November 3rd, and you will not change it.


He's right about that. Diverting attention, President Trump. That's what you've done.


OK, well, in any case, the rest of it is irrelevant, but that he's not wrong in the election will take place at this point. Now, question is whether you take Trump with a grain of salt because he is fundamentally an unserious human being, which is what I've thought for a very long time that has not wavered for years. Or whether you take it super duper seriously, if you take it seriously, it's a fascist threat. If Barack Obama said, I'm delaying the election, everybody on the right would completely go nuts.


The reason I don't take Trump seriously as Obama is because I don't think that Trump is a serious a person as I am. I think he mouths off my proof of the fact that he just mouths off and says crap is that he mouths often says crap. He himself said this yesterday. He came and said, Glad I was able to get the very dishonest, lame stream media to finally start talking about the risks to our democracy from dangerous universal mail and voting, not absentee voting, which I totally support.


So he came out and he said, oh, yeah, by the way, when I was saying delay the election, it was really just a misread tactic. So people would talk about mail in voting, which was not OK. So why not just say mail in voting is bad? It is bad. There are reports about how bad it is. You don't have to do that. You have to make a fascistic threat to delay the election. It's like he deliberately wants to blow the election.


I don't know what else to take away from from this kind of idiocy. I really do not. The Democrats, all they had to do is not be nuts. They are nuts. And Trump could still lose the election because he's acting like this. And, you know, if he acts like this, frankly, it's on him. All right, well, we'll be back here later today with two additional hours of content. Otherwise, he will be here on Monday.


In the meantime, go pick up a copy of my brand about how to destroy America in three easy steps. It describes everything that is going on, including the campaign against the filibuster now being pursued by Democrats. So go check that out is number three on the New York Times bestseller list. Number two on the Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly Amazon bestseller lists make it number one by going to Amazon and picking up a copy today. I am Ben Shapiro.


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