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Hey, it's Bill Simmons. On Friday night, we got the tragic news that a very talented actor named Chadwick Boseman passed away after a four year battle with colon cancer that a lot of us didn't know about, including myself. I had a chance to interview him last November for this podcast and really, really enjoyed the time I spent with him that day. And I thought it was a really good conversation and a really good glimpse into what kind of guy he was.


So we thought we would rerun that right here. Rest in peace. Chadwick Boseman, you were an amazing actor, really enjoyed your work. And we're all going to miss you. Here it is. All right, so I was looking through your your IMDB, you're one sports movie away from being a sports movie Hall of Famer.


Oh, I got to doing what we need. None more. So Vontae Mac. Right. I feel like a pretty iconic sports movie, like supporting role character. I like that movie. I watch a movie I love.


I loved doing the movie. You know what I'm saying? And and then you're Jackie Robinson.


Well, I want to talk about the draft, the whole draft that holds up. And you, Jackie Robinson, but no basketball movie. And then you play basketball. What are you doing?


Oh, it's not my fault. No.


Know you have the power to make a basketball movie. Now, what are you doing?


I will be a coach now. I'll be a coach. No, they. No way you can still count if I still count. You look younger than you are. You could play like a guy like mid 30s. He's at the end of his line.


He's playing for like Utah is his last leg of his career city. He's at the end of his life and it was line.


But he makes one last run at it, gets in great shape, meets the right lady.


It's a comeback story. I like that part. I like that part. I don't know. I'm just spitball. I don't really have the body, does it?


Kind of a player coach is Koutou is like Coach is my coach.


I don't feel Jackson had had a championship both ways. You know, you could do that. But you're good at basketball. You take advantage of it, right? You're right.


OK, we'll try to find this hard to find a good basketball movie, truth be told.


Which one's which roles are you jealous of? Love and basketball.


But basketball is, though, is the one that would be is really hard to like to find the right role in because they're good basketball movies. But the right role, the basketball is the I think the quintessential the. It holds up. I think they're probably going to do that again at some point. Well, it's certainly an anniversary coming up.


Yeah, they're going to it is remakes that happen in the U.S. They're going to become a TV show or something like.


Yeah, like where do you stand on remakes? Because, like, I would be actually be mad if they remade that because I think it holds up. My daughter really likes that.


I just watched up there a few months ago and I think it certainly changes. Certain things need to stay like the original. I don't don't remake like you can't remake that. No, but they're going to do it. You do a sequel. You could you could. Maybe you could.


But trying to figure out how I could get you in the sequel, it makes sense. You couldn't be the son, you know.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Like, just let some stuff be a classic and let it be the only one. I mean. Maybe 20 more years from now, you could do it again, but we should have bloggers aggregate stuff you say, and they may get stories out of it.


Yes, they chatter, Bozeman says, is never happening, as people have said a lot of stuff, too. So how about we do? You issue a challenge to the screenwriters out there, write me a basketball movie, I'll make it headline China Frozen, and then that would be out there.


Yeah, you're going to have those do it.


A sports movie. Why couldn't it be like tennis? It could be tennis. It could be.


I was just trying to take advantage of the stuff you're good at, though. You don't. Maybe because Wesley Snipes was not good at basketball, but was in White Men Can't Jump, which is an iconic sports movie. Right. But they had to teach them how to play basketball.


We did a podcast that he did pretty good. He figured that was that was being taught.


Yeah, he was a lot of, like, hydrogels. Was Woody Harrelson like whatever it was he was he was already good. Yeah, he was good.


OK, that's it. See, I didn't know that I had no accent and that David Duchovny went for the Woody Harrelson really didn't get it. Wow. He's another one who's good. Clooney supposedly.


Good. You must be playing the sets ever.


You just out your time I've ever played even at the studio at Warner Brothers, they have like they have a pretty cool outside comedy. And I did that when I was when I was like training for forty two, I would go out to basketball. But other than that. I think people are trying to say that these was that it's yeah, they are, they are. So, you know, as good as MBG. Yeah, yeah. He's good.


He's good. Yeah.


He coached them in the celebrity game and it's it was an emotionally scarring experience for him.


Why? Because he didn't play well. He had Kevin Hart as his point guard. Who was this very Allen.


I'm sorry love Kevin.


But it becomes like it becomes like a comedy show. Yeah, well, that's what happened. And then so he was just I think he was ready to be like Kobe twistex, Michael Jordan, the he was ready to be like and I got this. He get the opportunity to get it. Yeah.


And get the year I played with a celebrity. I played I played in a celebrity guy. I didn't I didn't even score because of the same thing you're saying, because basically what happened is it was like three things that happened when I was about to do Panther and. Jesse Owens, Jesse Williams got hurt during that.


Yeah, he got hurt during that game and I looked over my shoulder and my wrist was like like like like jog the rest of the game.


Yeah. And in the end, Anthony, I went up for I was about to go up for a basket and Anthony and I think he does go knock on it and he undercut me.


He's being like he's been apologizing to me. But it was a pretty it was like a plate like it was like a 90s basketball playoff basketball foul like this next year.


Like it was it was next Detroit, like it was one of those. And he's he to this day, every time he sees me, he apologizes.


But yeah, it was that in combination with like every time, you know, Kevin Hart got the ball, he was like, I'm shooting them, shooting them, shooting them.


He ruined the game for like four years.


What I did, though, we would you would you are you perimeter. What are you.


Oh, play point guard a point. Oh, interesting point guard. So in a movie that could work. It could work. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Because the other one you box I saw too. Yeah.


See to me that would be, it would be a boxing movie probably like. That would be what I would gravitate towards because I love boxing movies, I think it's but it's easy to tell a good story and a boxing movie then.


It is just just what a what you go through when you are fighting that story and the ultimate story of the person you're fighting. That's always something where you're in two different places going through the same thing. And in that drama that build up and how close you become with the person you're fighting is always the story. You know, it's always it always works no matter. And.


You know, it's just the sweet science is something that I think is also hard to capture it on camera. Yes, it's really hard to do it and to capture, well, somebody doing it well.


So you just create.


No, no, I am not. I love, you know, I mean, jealous in a good way. Like, it's a great movie.


You know, I always see it like. You know, I always I'm the person pulling for the box and we are pulling for it because I know it's so hard to do. Yeah, you say so. And I get something from, like, you know, even worse, Miss Ali, you know, I always get something from watching those movies that I don't get from watching other sports movies. Yeah, that's exhilarating. So now there's no jealousy at all.


It's like it's like, you know, if you could do it. I'm pulling for you. I'm pulling for you.


It's amazing that they keep being made out of all the sports movies, sports, boxing has been going back to like the 30s.


It's the best is to me is the best like. You know, it's mano a mano, you know, it's the it's the training, the training sequences are always going to work, you know, I'm saying like, if you do it if you do it well, you can shoot for. So what else?


If you're an actor, you should be right here in the Hall of Fame. Yeah. There's not that many people in there. Burt Reynolds is in there. I didn't even think about that as a possibility. But hey, let's go for Snipes is in there.


Omar Epps. Yeah. Trying to think, well, see, my opinion, you have to have at least three really good sports movie roles to be able to get in.


Right. For ideally but three. So I feel like you have to write but the basketball to the boxing and you could maybe be a basketball coach like six year.


You'd bring back Coach Carter, Coach Carter to Coach Carter to Coach Carter, surprising a lot of legs or do or do something similar, like, you know, remember, the Titans is a great movie, too.


Yeah. You know, that's one. That's one actually every time it comes on. But I actually have to watch at least 30 minutes, rather, at least 30.


It's funny, I was looking at the Disney plus app and Disney has just made a lot of sports movies. Yeah. And they have there's a sports movie section and there's like an inspirational section and it's just like thirty, thirty five sports movies.


But it's all of those like remember the Titans, the rookie miracle, like they were just crank them out forever and ever.


In my opinion, they should just be coming out there should there be a new sports movie like every three months or so.


Trust me, I've got my fair share come across scripts desk. Yeah, scripts come across this. But but it has to be. You know, a lot of them are real, like they're real, they're real people, so this biopics again, right. So I have to watch when you can't make any more biopics. I can, but it's got to be the right one. How many of you? Three, two or three. Let's not talk about it.


But they are good though.


Yes. It sounds like you made like a bad one. Trust me. Love it. Like I look. I love it, but I love the process. But it's one of those things that you just don't you shouldn't do it every time because the process there is a slight difference in what we do in the process. What's the process?


It is it's it's research. You know, it's like you you can't just arbitrarily choose to do something, you know what I mean? Because you. You owe it to the family, you know, you owe it to the person to to sort of live up to to certain things and you have you have a liberty. You have some freedom within the unknowns. Yeah, but but there is like a perimeter based upon this is the truth. You know, this is the truth.


So I can I can figure out this in between.


Whereas, you know, if if it's, you know, a fictitious character, you can just make up almost you can make up at least 60, 70 percent of it, you know.


How do you find the balance to an impersonating somebody who everybody knows versus creating your own character out of that person?


Because the worst case scenario is you're just doing an SNL sketch impersonation of the guy, which is not where you are.


Yeah, you don't I don't do an impersonation. Right. Right. I because there is it. There is.


That's one way to approach it. What I try to do is I try to find, you know, I find things that are true. And then I, I, I use that as the foundation to like explore off of that. And then if I go to a place that. OK, well that's not right. That's that's you. Yeah, I'm, I'm either mindful of it or somebody else is mindful of it. You know, that that was that was you right there.


And I was that was something else.


But but the impersonation is one where I think you're you're stuck even more so in a box than what I described before.


Yeah. And and what's dangerous about it is, you know, when you a lot of times when you're making fun of things, you imitate them. So like you said, Saturday Night Live. Yeah. So so, for instance, with James Brown, I was like, I can't do an impersonation.


Eddie Murphy Hattab, James Brown, celebrity, whatever you had in mind you.


I love Eddie Murphy, too.


Yeah, but if I do that, even though most people wouldn't even be able to articulate the difference in the two things, like it's going to become something where I'm making fun of him instead of paying homage to him.


And it's subtle. But you know the difference when you see it actually like I know the difference.


So, like, I always try to just find things that are true and there's certain things like I didn't do. Jackie Robinson's voice, you know, yeah, and at first I wanted to I was like, you know, talking to Brian Hogan and he was like, nope, nope, don't do the voice to the voice.


What was his voice? I don't even remember. It's a distinct it's very distinct and I hesitate to even try it.


But was it like did he have an accent? You know, it's like it's it's from that time period.


Yeah, it has that. It has that pace in its station from the formal very form.


It also is higher pitched than you would expect it to be. And, you know, Brian was like, you know, that's going to take us out of the movie because you used so much about that time period that everybody else in the movie would have to do that same thing for us, for it to work. And so I do their version of the same thing.


It was like, no, no, I find it fine. You know, something else that gives us a sense of the time period, but not that exact, you know. They and so it became a thing of like, OK, what's the essence of this person as opposed to the imitation of the person or, you know, it's. You you play a real person. A lot of times you're choosing you're like you're a painter, you're choosing what parts and perspectives you want to show because it's impossible sometimes to show everything and maybe will follow the story.


So it's a decision. You know what's funny? Like Jackie and James Brown, it's such different energies, right, Jackie? Almost like a blank slate, but there's a lot going on, which she did really well in the movie. And James Brown is so much more theatrical. So, like going on like a lot of mood swings.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know. Jackie Robinson, you know, he he he was fiery at times, too. Well, he was he was a badass.


I mean, those guys the movie hit some of that stuff because he got his revenge on everybody down the down the line.


Not quite like Michael Jordan, but he was he's he's that he's he's got spikes up. He's that guy. And he's getting slowly getting everybody back. Yeah.


That that intensity that makes somebody will want. I like that. You know, I'm saying like, he had that Michael Jordan thing, you know, Michael Jordan had his they have you want to say, did you expect that movie to do as well as it did?


Because I remember seeing the trailer and thinking, oh, man, this I'm I'm glad they're doing this, I wonder who's going to see it.


But now I feel like every kid eventually sees that movie. It's going to have a shelf life.


I think I'm going to have to say, like, I didn't I didn't have a real sense of of like at that point in time, I didn't have a real sense of like what's going to do well or was not going to do well.


Yeah, because it was my first time playing the lead. This is my first time having to think about things in that way. And so in my mind, I was I was just like I had to just go out here and sell the movie, like after we've done it, like, you know, I have to do my best to make sure that, you know, it doesn't fill the box office and, you know, people don't know who I am.


And so I have to let them know who I am and what the movie is. But I didn't have a sense of whether or not that was going to work. And, you know, I'm saying or the movie was going to work. But I had been told a lot of days like that, you know, that a movie like this wouldn't work, you know, all those things that if you have a black lead, it won't work. If you have a black lead, people don't know it won't work, you know.


So all those things with things that you're kind of fighting against.


And I think the studio, or especially legendary at that time, went out on a limb to say that that movie was made legendary play. Put a lot into making. They're making that work. What?


So you were, I think, mid 30s when you did that? Yeah. Yeah. What took so long for you to have a leading role?


Was that your choice or did you just not going to break both? Yeah, I think it's both like. You know, part of it is like I think it is difficult for. Some actors to to understand what what is it that you have to do to break through satellite? What is with your particular journey to get to that spot where you, you know, break through or even understanding? What does it mean to break through?


Like, yeah, you know, if for me, I think that was hard because I was.


I was an artist.


I wasn't I wasn't like, I'm trying to play lead roles, I was in my mind, it was more like I have this idea for this play than I'm writing a script, you know, and this cool day I want to direct. And like it was my my mom was spread in a lot of different places. And so it wasn't it was never about becoming a star, right?


It was it was just about being it being the the best artists that I wanted to be.


And I think at a certain point I came to the realization that if you do this one thing, you can do everything. So I focused on I began to focus on, oh, let me just act for right now. Yeah.


And so now, you know, I'm able to do the exact thing that I was doing before it probably like, you know, I've I've had a lot of people tell me that you should have went to L.A. sooner and like, you know, they were probably right, you know, but I think things happen when they're supposed to happen.


Also, like, you know, I'm.


Better suited for the life and the pitfalls that they come, you know, because they happened when it happened, you know, saying like Ivan later in the year, that I am less prone to squander it.




Because it happened when it happened. That's like the old George Clooney theory right there when he became really successful and he, ah, he was much older and sort of happened to him younger.


It would have to I mean, you know, you don't know. But I, I feel like for me it just it was just a thing of focus.


Like once my focus became, oh, this is what I'm doing. And it just happened, you know.


That's something that's happened to a lot of actors, though, it seems like a common theme of people who have been successful, people that I didn't want it to say they were breaking into the industry, like doing plays and doing stage and all kinds of things, but not being like, I got to get there and it ends up happening and it happens organically.


Yeah, well, to me is it's like because I have people that. Will, you know, they'll they'll see me out or they'll see me.


You know, I just did this revolt's for for a puff. And, you know, it's all about telling your story. When people see that, it can be done. Yeah. And people will feel like they want success to happen for them really quickly. And I was always of the mindset of disrespect in the art form by respecting the people that came before me and respect the respecting the you know, the the craft like, you know. You have good teachers, have have have find your own.


What is your method of acting like and not not doing somebody else's method and trying to approval seek, but finding what is what works for you?


And I think it's always been, you know, that was success, not necessarily like, you know. Making a whole bunch of money or people or fame or after a while you want to pay your bills, you got, it goes away.


OK, now ready for this.


But it's always been more about the craft and more about when you get an opportunity, you want to be able to like to actually capitalize on it.


Did you put on weight for time? I must of right along the way for that. You're almost unrecognizable. Yeah, I put a lot.


I think I've changed.


Mean, you pass all the tests after you failed, you get suspended from the set for six weeks.


As I put on about it was it was super quick in a month I put on twenty five pounds. Oh wow. It was stupid.


Like it was the most unhealthy weight gain I've ever heard of.


Yeah it was, it was at least twenty five and like maybe less than a month you just eat eating protein diet and no no steroids which is like I don't really know how I did that, but I put on so much weight for that.


There's a news article and you're like, I don't know how that got into my system like that, that I don't I don't know.


I was taking something for you.


Can you can you explain in twenty seconds how Coston Guitar picks back, how wet in the draft of the play?


I can no, no. I don't think anyone can well see the harp.


What is the. I watch when I do a movie. It's a flop. It's a for the movie.


Yeah. Yeah well it is but I still love it.


I say this out of love. Yes, it's a flop.


But when I, when I do a movie I don't go back and watch them. Like let's say you move, I move on. I don't, I it's very rare.


They all sit and watch a movie that I've done, and the only reason why I've seen, I think half of draft day and I was like, this movie holds up. Yeah. Is because I was with somebody else who was like, no, we're going to sit and watch this. Yeah. And it's the greatest Cleveland Browns.


But I think the last 60 years, this since nineteen sixty four Costner getting his pecs back, you know, not a lot of highlights highlight. It makes me fans and it makes me pull.


I'm not a Browns fan, but it makes me like start to pull for them for at least the first half of the year just to see if they can have a vital moment.


The reason that works as a sports movie and why it's growing on me is the the side characters I'm really interested in, like Mad Max, not in the movie that much, but I'm like, I'm in on this guy. Wish she was in more scenes and the same thing for the quarterback. He decides not to draft and they did a good job. I always feel like that's the key. Remember, the Titans is like that, too. Yes.


Where the two linebackers have become friends. Like, I just I just like those guys. I want to spend more time with them, but they're not in there that much. But that always works for you in the year in the Ernie Davis movie. Yeah, but yes. But it's not enough to give me in the Hall of Fame. Nobody gets it.


It helps the candidacy. He does the speaking lines. And I had Floyd little idea. I did.


He's he's a legend as well. But but I feel like when you're saying you do three sports movies, you need to be three.


Three iconic parts. Yeah, exactly. All right. So hopefully little is iconic now, right?


It's just I'm only in there at the end, so. Yeah. Well, if you do the boxing movie, maybe Creed three. Maybe it's Chris. Hey, Chris, cousin, I can come in as well. I thought I might go the way, you know, I think I think they would go for that. What did you know him before you did? Black Panther.


We've known each other a long time. Yeah. Yeah, I've known I've known him since he was in New York. He's a best podcast favorite.


He's an OG on this. We go way back. I think he was on my old one at Grantland. And yeah, we he's been on here for a while.


Yeah. Yeah. We go back so and he's telling you about Coogler and he's like do this movie. Uh what movie for Black Panther.


Oh you said Coogler wanted him to do it.


No, I'm saying Michael B. Jordan's telling you about how good he is as a director, I'm sure.


Oh, no, he didn't have to tell me that now because you knew from Creed. I knew from what? I knew full well. Yeah, I know. I know. Yeah. That's all you have to you have to see that.


And that's when he came on the show. You know, that's that's I think. You know, the thing about Marvel is. I think what they always try to do is, is pick they're not picking directives that do big movies like they're picking the director that does the small movie. Yeah. And so so that there is like a push pull confrontation between this, you know, their machine and then a filmmaker that wants to want to has a voice and a vision.


So I mean, to me that's wait for a panther. That's what you needed. You had to have somebody that was like they had it. They had intentionality that they wanted to do something particular with this movie. They didn't want to just make another Marvel movie.


Did you have a moment before you actually did the movie where you're like, am I sure I want to do this? This is going to be a really huge movie and they're going to change my life.


Yeah, no, no. No, I knew I was going to change my life for sure. You're saying it was just going to be such a big thing that I mean, I didn't want I didn't want that smoke.


Am I ready for this? Yeah. I knew I was ready for the task at hand. To be honest, for as far as like the the every day things about your life that change. Fame, whatever those things, like, I try not to think about that most of the time, like in going into something like you just you just can't worry about that because it also might not look like it might not change.


And I think there's. For a lot of actors. There's this misconception because you don't have a sense of like the reach of everything, like in the lay person, that people don't have a sense of, like the reach of the things that they do like.


Yeah, if I go home and I talk to my family, they'll say, well, when are you going to get on? And they'll name some TV show. That's not as big as anything I've done. Right. And I'm like, going to go back, do that. Like, that's crazy.


When you go to Chicago, fire wood in there. And that's that's my show. That's where you go.


You know, this is like but is in. It is sometimes an act as much as they have this false sense of like what their fame is or how big of a reach they have. And.


I learned that, you know, you have to sort of like just do the work and all that stuff sort of come to you when it comes to you. Yeah, because it's it's it's building it could build something that's unhealthy in your head.


So for me, it's all about, you know, really the people you get to work with, like that's the beauty of it. Yeah.


I think of the people that I've had the opportunity to work with.


And that blows your mind like, you know, it blows your mind that you get to actually like if you wanted to learn this craft and then you get to sit across, you know, the camera from former J.K. Simmons or, you know, Harrison Ford or any many of the actors that I've been around, you know, Robert Downey Jr., you're like, oh, wow, this is this is why I started doing this.


So I'm not going to train like that's worth that's what's worth it, is that you did you get to do with the best people.


The other part is like.


You know. Some of it you love is some of some of it you don't. Some of you know, as far as life is concerned and the parts you don't, you just try to avoid it where you can.


Kyle wanted to know let's go over there. How many how many photos have you had to post the last five years with with somebody doing that, doing that? I don't if I don't want to do it, I do it.


How many times do you get asked? This is just part of everyday life.


Nobody nobody asked me to pose like that except for this like weird situations when they do it.


That's good. That makes me happy. Yeah. That is my email today. I think they know better to ask me that because it's like the boxer, you know, any time there's like whatever. Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, it's got to go.


Come on, give me a fix, you know.


You know, I'm glad that as it happens most of the time.


You know, I'm trying to think like this always is always somebody like me. Can I get this? And I'm like, you could do it right there next to you. You could you could do it.


You could do it all you want and then probably ask him for the sequel. Right. Who is asking for just everybody? Oh, people are definitely like, when is the sequel happening? They're ready. Yeah, like. People are upset that is going to take so long. It's what is it, two thousand twenty two? Yeah, yeah. But it's definitely happening. It's definitely happening. Yeah, but for me, that's not that long because, you know, I know what they have to do to get to, you know, to prepare for it, for us to shoot it and the post-production like it's it's, it's a lot, it's a lot of work.


The only thing we know for sure about the sequel is that Angela Bassett still going to look fantastic no matter what year you make it.


She's she's the eighth wonder of the world, is she? The eighth wonder of the world. This she. Yeah, it's unbelievable. That's my mom you talk about.


She's a she's a nine one one. I think she's like 60 now. It's unbelievable. She's amazing.


She's amazing. She looks amazing. She doesn't think she's in shape, though. She doesn't age. She does not. She does that like I have nothing to say about it except for you are real 100 percent right.


And I would try to make sure I say the right thing. It's okay for props. And that's what she did. Yeah.


What I. What was your SNL experience like? You know what, you must love that it's so really I think I would at first I thought it was just going to be so nerve wracking. And especially during that time, I was like, do I really need. It's the craziest thing you ever do. Yeah, like, I don't know if anyone else thinks that, but now everybody says it's the craziest thing you ever do because you you don't know what to expect.


And if you did know what to expect, it would be worse. So, like even like I've, you know, thinking about going back, doing another one, I'm like, I'm excited. But then at the same time, like, it's got to be. I got to be ready for it, but it's because it's the it's the first time in a long time that you've been.


In that type of experience as an actor, where you're like this kid completely bomb like, it just I have no control over this. We can't do another take. It's not it's not even like a play where you've had, you know. A month of rehearsal, right, you literally just get these scripts on Thursday. And you didn't even dare not complete and you had you had way more than the ones you do, so you've been working on things that you're not even going to do.


And even that day, you've actually done like this preview performance.


They had the rehearsal and the rehearsals always is is better than that than the live performance. Yeah, because you have like this really hyped crowd that comes in. So that's actually one of the hardest things.


If you've ever, you know, done a play or stage is like the first the opening night is great. That the second night you're trying to live up to opening night in your head, in your head, it is always falls flat of that.


So the one you do on TV is that is like falling flat of the one you did the opening.


So it's the craziest experience, just like all the changes in how quick it is.


And you just kind of fly by the seat of your pants, really.


Twenty one bridges. Twenty one bridges. Proud of this. Seems it seems like you're really fired up about this movie. I is. It is is fine.


It is a fun experience because you know, this is the first thing I'm doing, you know, away from Marvel in a minute. Yeah. And, you know, I'm a producer on the movie.


Yeah. And, you know, just it's it's been great to sort of to help put this cast together.


We have we have a great cast. J.K. Simmons, one of my favorite actors, Sienna Miller, is outstanding and she has another movie coming out right now. It's called American Woman, which I'm excited by seeing. Stephanie James, great actor and. Really, really want him in the movie, because you got you have two sides sort of playing against each other. I think we need him and Taylor Kitsch on on the other side, and they they kill it.


So it seems like it's a 90s throwback movie. It is. Is that fair?


Is is part of is partially like a 90s throwback will be a partially a 70s throwback movie. Oh, look.


So is it feels you know, it feels a little bit like French Connection.


It feels a little bit like the fugitive who feels it's like it feels a little bit like heat. You know, it has it has that sort of like intense drive to it. So as someone as like the action starts, it doesn't really stop.


And that sounds like a movie I would watch 10 times because those you named all movies that I love and I watch over and over again, do you get to yell at any point, shut down the bridge to the top of your lungs?


Now that that's how I the beginning didn't get into the first draft shot down the brain.


That's hilarious.


Are you a good guy or bad guy? There's you don't know. Everybody's a little bit. OK, everybody. It's one of those movies. Everybody is a little bit dirty. I don't know who to trust. Yeah.


Your first time movie, Kopra. I don't remember first. Yes. So we find that out now. We got to. Yeah. Now you got to do the boxing and basketball. A few things. It's a few days before that though.


There's a few things we get to listen to basketball as a show for if you have.


I would say three years left, you know. No, it's no look, here's why I'm going to make the case right now, because you have the basketball scenes.


Those are hard. You get to do those first two months. No, listen, I know physically, physically, you got to do it.


Now, that's the that's the reason why. That's the reason why I'm not doing it, because I got to go back to, like, that's, you know, how you could pull an Achilles pull.


Oh, yeah. You're smart. I think so. Yeah. Yes, because the boxing. I feel like you could push back. Denzel did. I community here, Hurricaine, you must have been late 40s. I needed that, right? Yeah, something like that you could get away with. I was just getting in good shape.


Nobody. No. I don't know about the basketball will be like in my mind, my mind is the best. It's going to have to be a coach, but we figured it out. Yeah, I said it from the beginning.


You said, well, I tried to fight it, but maybe there's a scene where you you play against the kids because they don't they don't respect you enough.


And that's when you get to show off.


Hey, I think you need to write this movie. Maybe. I'm James Bond for you.


Director and writer. Director. There's one scene where you scream into the kids to really lay down, and that would give me they will give me in the Hall of Fame.


Yeah, OK. Yeah, that would help it. Sam Jackson, Coach Carter, that's that counts for he doesn't have a reason, but it would have counted he deserved and he got game.


You know, he has the in apparently. You know, he has to see we we placed one on one, which is true, he was the first. He was for it. Yeah, he told that story on this package. And Spike was telling me this summer, yeah. He was like, yo, that is true.


Like, he dizzle came in.


It was worse than that, though, because he said he rope a dope trail and he was talking about a man.


That's how you do it. The game starts before. All right. Before we go, your giant sports fan, you don't have the the chance that much to talk sports. Nah. See the thing. Let's do it. Let's want to talk. We're taping this. Before Lamar versus Watson, right? So hopefully that was an awesome game, but heading into that game. Who are you more fired up about?


I am at this hour watching change. So you're saying you're in the school? Watson, I'm going to school.


I mean, I grew up. I'm from Madison, South Carolina.


He went to Clemson. So, you know, they they play before they play before when he was in Louisville. When I was in Louisville. So we've seen this battle before.


I already know is going to be one. That one I remember Clemson play. Clemson was ranked number five. Louisville was ranked number three.


So so when Watson drops to like 12, are you going nuts in the draft?


I, I'm like, what with both of them. Yeah, both of them. I went 30 to both of them dropped like no in the world.


Either one of them should have dropped. You know, I was like, everybody is going to pay for that, like, yeah, both of you. So I was like everybody, you know, people are going to regret, you know, letting them go and look at it. Now you I'm saying look at both, though.


I mean, it's one of the defining things that's happened in football this decade is teams just whiffing Count I, who's also a Pats fan. I'm a fan. We're sitting on this couch because I had to do a podcast after that draft and Lamar's following the Pats at the Thirty First Pick. And we're like, this is amazing. We're going to get Lamar.


The whole league is so stupid. Belichick is going to do it again. BELICHICK And we passed on him and you were like, oh, Michelle. We were like, oh, my God.


Yeah. And then Baltimore traded in. And when that happened, because the Ravens are kind of our arch nemesis, they got him. We were like, oh, my God, this is done, is going to be good.




The Ravens are the only team that constantly is able to challenge the Pats constantly. Yeah, they are not scared.


Even the 07 season when we went undefeated in the regular season, they should have beaten us. Yeah. We got, we got, we got saved by this pass interference call. Yeah. So you love. What's that. I'm where. I think his team's too banged up unfortunately for him. Yeah.


Well this year the problem is, is, you know, I think the difference in a game is going to be the Baltimore has a better defense than the Texans do.


Yeah. So you when you're in these movie sets, are you like watching well watching Lee pass and all that stuff, are you one of those.


Nah nah nah nah. I, I if I, if I'm, if I'm doing a movie there's.


That's a different type of focus. Yes, it's like. I'll take the time to see sports in it, but I do watch sports. You do? I do.


Make sure I stay abreast of what's going on or I'll choose, you know, one show, whether it be first, take something like that.


And I'm like, OK, with every day it is going on to get like a half hour of Steve and I have to have to I have to I have to stay abreast of what's going on.


Have you gone on that show? I have, yeah. And I am actually I think about going there again like so. Oh nice. So yeah. Well this is more exciting. This to talking sport. US talking sports is a conversation. Just take your pick. They're just moving people in and out. This is like this is a really, really special. Yeah.


We got to Clippers Lakers. OK, who's your favorite NBA team that day?


I don't actually have a favorite college team. I'm a Tar Heel fan. NBA is more about the more about the players, more about the stories. But I keep I keep abreast of like all the teams though.


So you just follow the players. I follow the players.


I follow the teams that a GenZE, even though you're older than GenZE, you're like the twenty somethings now that just follow the players from team the team.


Yeah, I do. I do. I mean, I'm just being real. It's like I'm not I'm not like oh I'm pulling for. I think by. I'll watch the stories and then I'll decide, OK, this is what I want to win this year. That's pretty much how.


So how'd you decide on. We're not there yet. We're not there yet. I think.


If I would choose between Clippers, the Lakers right now, which I think is a fair argument, yeah, I feel like the Clippers are a better team.


I think the Clippers are stacked.


I think they have a lot of killers on that team, like me to say it is like is like that's the guy you. That's the guy you hate. You know, you hate him when he's not on your team and you love him when he's on your team, you know, like Patrick Beverley is like that, you know. Yeah, guys like that. Their debt is deeper and like they haven't even had Paul George, you know.


You know, I think they get him back tonight. And so so that's going to be when they have him. Langkawi. With Beverly, whatever shooter and then Harrell, that's going to be a pretty great starting five, but I do have to say it is I think the Lakers.


They have a chance that because of their size, because because teams are not built that way, because of how agile their big men are, the ability to protect the realm in the playoffs like that with with McGee, with Dwight Howard, the way he's playing.


I love that. Counting until Howard Dwight Dwight Howard is is for real. This is great. Please. He's giving him free throws.


Everyone everyone thinks that. And I'm like, this is great. He's going to let you down and I'm going to listen.


But that's why they have they have a two headed monster. And I'm saying so, you know, I think their success is based upon when they play Anthony Davis. They can't do it the whole game because they need they need that shot blocking. But they got to have the death squad with him playing center and the floor spread at the end of the game. And if they have that, you know, with with with LeBron able to just sort of see the floor and find shooters, it could be hard to beat.


He's going for the assist title this year, LeBron. I think he's got like a two lead.


Here's my thing with the Lakers. I don't trust Dwight Howard. I don't trust daviss health. He already has like three injuries, there are two that said, he said him last night because of his shoulder.


Yeah, and it's right to do just can't stay on the court and what it takes to actually win the title.


It is eight months. It's it's one hundred games. And it's really this marathon for nine straight weeks. Sixteen games, four rounds or 16 wins, four rounds. I just don't trust that he can make it. But you know what, I see this different as I see him. I see that he's mindful of that now. Yeah. He's my he's he's mindful of the fact that he has he has to stay healthy and and he has to play a little hurt like.


I see I see him. Pushing yourself a little bit further. So it depends like, you know, I think there's always something that makes a person go to a different level. Maybe being around LeBron is going to is going to do that. Because let me you can talk about LeBron being hurt last year, but like, that's the first time in his whole career.


Yeah. That he's ever been unable to play.


It's not the first time he's been hurt is the first time he's been unable to play. He's like that Angela Bassett of the NBA.


It's just like you don't even know what it is anymore, that he is like twenty eighteen or twenty seven. What's going on? What's love got to do with it?


When you when you go to the games, are the players talking to you and calling you out. Yeah. Some of yeah.


Yeah. You go to the movies you've been in our all like in the wheelhouse of like. Yeah. All those guys are doing are watching movies in their suites like they can't go anywhere. Yeah. We were going to like go walk downtown.


We're watching and we're watching the game in the trailer. Yeah. So yeah.


Yeah we there's a there's definitely, you know, acknowledgement, I think you need to pick and I think you need to announce the pick between the two L.A. teams.


I don't think you can straddle the fence. Yeah. I think you have to pick sides right now.


Where do I need to pick right now. December 15th. OK, I'll come back. I'll come back and pick.


I think you need to make a statement. You go to a game and you got to have one of the teams. And it's like he has chosen.


This is not fair for anybody to have to pick yet because Kuzma just came back and Paul George is just coming back.


So I think we need to see like a couple of weeks of that and we can make an educated guess. That's what, that's, that's what I feel is fair.


Who if somebody offers you Clippers tickets, somebody offers you Laker tickets, which one are you more excited about.


Lakers. Oh so you're ready pick. Yeah.


No no it's that was, that was just big.


That's not a pit that they just treat you better when you go as a star. This is the truth. It's the truth. They deserve more celebrity friendly. They are more celebrity friendly. See, the Clippers are still working out of the Donald Sterling area. Yeah. There's just still trying to figure out the whole butter and they haven't gotten that part.


Now they need to work on that. Interesting. Yeah, well, the Lakers, that's that's what they're the best at their best. Yeah.


You know, I'm just saying, if I is if we are talking about the whole experience of a night out, you know. Right.


There's a different energy at Laker games. Two games has a lot of people that don't actually care about the Clippers. But the Lakers have sixty years of fans. They've been here forever.


Yeah, I mean, it matters that you have you have the banners up. You have championships up there like people. There's a there's a culture of generations of fans.


Yeah. In. You know, it's a it's a thing to sit, you know, at a Lakers game and, like fire, it's like it's like the, you know, the kind club of basketball.


Yeah. If if Nicholson ever stops going, what actor would you want to get his seats?


Because I was making this case to Denzel. I thought Denzel was the let the natural legacy take.


Did he said he wanted to see. Well, the weird thing about Denzel is he's also a Knicks fan. He well, I was calling him out for being a sports bigamists.


He's well, he's from probably he's from L.A.. I know that was his point of running. Yeah.


So he's like I can like he's like, I'm Denzel Washington. I can do whatever I want. I said, that's a great point.


Oh, you are. You can do it everywhere he can. Yes. Who should get the seats though. Because you could go you could go younger too. Yeah. I'm not sure who deserves to who because it's not just about me.


It's is who's because it's somebody that's been sitting there, you know, in those seats all these years that deserves it, right.


And they can't be somebody that falls into it. Yeah. And, you know, I don't know if anybody.


And I was going to say, DiCaprio, because I think I see a games has had a lot, Leo is probably the safest bet, but I think he does work too much.


I think the great thing about Jack was he he once he hit the mid 80s, he was basically showing up and making his movie schedule around Laker games. Yeah. I don't know if Leo would be ready to do well.


I would say he could share it with somebody else because he doesn't. The way he does it shoot, he doesn't try to shoot like three or four movies in a year, he's sure he's like, I'm shooting one big movie that that, you know, matters to me. And in the rest of the time, he can go to the Lakers games, you know, and he can share with somebody else if it conflicts. You know, I don't know when you were at Howard, where going to bullets games.


Definitely not.


I don't have the money, but we're talked about, you know, attacks. It was way cheaper back then.


Nothing that was that I was not going to travel in to see something really terrible.


But it was there sometimes I wouldn't even go into our house games like you like, you know, what's going on with the Howard sports thing.


They ever figure that out? They're working on it. Who's there, who's their big rival? I was always how I have to right. You know, who's the who's the real you? That's the that's the thing. But Hanssens usually good, right? Hey, let's not talk about how we had we had some privacy moments last year.


Football, you know, Kammenos brother. Little brother. Yeah. It was playing quarterback. And other than that, I don't really know what I could point to. So thing is, this is I went to Holy Cross in Massachusetts. It's so easy to be good at basketball. Like I was looking at the Gonzaga man. Yeah. It's it's like basically four scholarships a year or five whatever. Right. And you just need to make the NCAA once get some people and then all of a sudden you can do that pretty easily.


You can.


Well that's that's something a friend of mine we were talking about. How how do you build like a really good program at BCU? And you're right, it is much easier in football.


It's like you have to have it's like an army of of 50 scholarships.


Yeah, it's impossible. Basketball, you couple celebrity boosters. I think you count. Yeah. Get a couple other ones from Howard, you know, and you guys just be like, hey, we're taking this seriously.


And you say we're going to pay the players no better facilities. You've done better gym or whatever, take better dressing room to locker rooms at that. You pay the players at the table.


Maybe this is your sports movie that would if we were you play actor tries to save Howard basketball, but crosses a couple of lines, right?


Yeah. We could play that whole instability players thing that actually we shouldn't even say.


This is the cut, cut, cut, cut. That's going to be an extra covered up. Thank you, Beth.