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They identified him as a great match for the role at Madson Resources hired Peter in less than three weeks. See how Zipcar can help you hire right now for free Zipcar dotcom slash B.S. also brought to you by the Ringer Dotcom and the Ringer Podcast Network. We launched our Big Ringer Fantasy Football Guide this week on the website. You can go check it out if you're getting ready for thinking about fantasy football and be talking about his sound house a little bit.


If you're ready for getting ready, I would go check out that guy. I would also check out the Ringer Fantasy Football Show, because that launched this week with Danny, Danny and Craig, their cover and everything. I'm glad we finally have our own fantasy football field. I was always jealous of all these other fantasy football fields. So now we have one.


We asked Bakari Sellers, who interviewed Hillary Clinton. This weekend, it went up today and it's really good. I thought the stuff she talked about with what she would have done with the pandemic if she had been president, I thought was pretty fascinating. So you can check that out and you could also. Check for a couple of announcements that we're going to have next week for some some new additions, including a podcast that very excited about. So all that is coming up.


Another announcement we had, and this is something that ad had been agreed to. Right before the pandemic, but then when sports gets postponed, all that stuff, we weren't sure how it was going to play out and now sports are coming back. We made a huge deal with Fandor to do a whole bunch of different ideas and contests and integrations within our podcasts. And we had been working with them for a couple of years, decided to expand the relationship.


One of the things I'm really excited about, we're going to be launched intern football season. It's it's a contest called The Ultimate Ringer, and details will be coming down the road. But short term, there's going to be some stuff on Fareway Ron with Joe House and Nathan Hubbard, which I hope you're listening to. There's going to be stuff on on our football shows and our basketball shows, but we are going to embrace the return of sports, which hopefully continues to be returned, as well as all the fantasy and sports book implications.


With that so very excited to be working with Fandor in a much bigger and broader way. So this week I was watching, saw some baseball, saw some basketball. We're going to talk NBA futures and MVP with house and so in one second, but. It's really weird watching these watching these games with our fans. I thought the baseball. Just didn't work and I couldn't really wrap my head around. I tried to watch a Red Sox Blue Jays game.


Because the Bluejays, well, for two reasons, I wanted to see the Red Sox and also the Blue Jays have this guy named Peerson that I just picked in with a high first round pick in our league, Dirk's minor league draft. It was just weird, there's no fans, there's no noise, and it's just the announcers kind of babbling to fill air. So the NSA and the play by play guy and Remy and Eckersley, and they're just trying to like, you know, any time, nobody say anything.


There's just nothing going on other than a batter scratching his balls. And it was really disorienting and strange. And the Red Sox actually scored four runs off. Peerson Moreland hits a homer. It goes over the fence and it's just dead silence and anoa and empty seats. And I couldn't wrap my head around it. I thought the NBA bubble stuff worked way better because it was like a combination of summer league. And then watching these videos that we see on social media of guys working out or these scrimmages, you always feel jealous that you can't see.


I thought they did a great job, but I know I'm always like pro NBA in this podcast. But I really I really I thought they did a nice job just from a TV experience standpoint. The one frustrating, annoying, degrading thing is just same thing with the announcers where they have these announcers that aren't even there and they just feel like they have to talk the entire time. I got to be honest, like I would much rather just hear the squeaking sneakers and the grunts and the guys talking to each other and having the announcers pick their spots.


So when all this comes back, hopefully will have a better dancing crew than the than the local announcers for these different games. And I'm guessing the ESPN guys will figure out in the turn the guys will figure out a way to, you know, fill the dead air while also not overpowering it. But just in general, there's just more ambiance with it, with an NBA game as just squeaking sneakers and the noises and things move in. And and then you look at the background and you think about it when you watch an NBA game, you can't even really see the fans anyway other than the people in the first couple rows.


So you don't really miss that. They did a nice job of spreading it out and blacking out things so that it wasn't as apparent they're playing in an empty arena. I don't know what they do with baseball, but I guess I didn't realize. Over the course of my life, maybe how important it was just to have fans in the stands and, you know, I grew up a Red Sox fan, obviously, and that's my team. Fenway is one of the great baseball parks for just seeing people.


In the background behind the hitters, when the pitcher's pitching, when stuff is going deep into the bleachers, whatever, and Yankee Stadium used to be like that and then when they built the new stadium. It changed because there was empty seats and it was always, like, really jarring just to see, you know, you'd see 100 seats in the background and 50 of them were empty.


But I think the the teams that worked the best for a TV standpoint were always ones where the fans seemed near home plate and the and it was filled and you could be watching. And, you know, it's 30 seconds between pitches, basically, and your eyes are just drifting around. You're looking to see if you can recognize people in the stands. You're watching the drunkie in the first row. You're watching the super old person who doesn't move and you don't know if they're dead or not.


It it was just visual, the crowds. And I don't think the NBA even had that to that degree because there's not nearly as much dead time in NBA games. So to remove it from baseball where it's just basically guys playing an empty giant arenas is really, really odd. And I don't know if I'm going to get used to it now. They've screwed up a whole bunch of other things, and I'm sure we'll talk about it with Sound House in a second.


Like even on the fly, they're still trying to figure out this playoff system. Now they're going to do this bachelor thing, which was a running joke in my mailbags in the past about the the higher seeds, basically being able to pick who they get to play in the first round. They're actually doing that. Baseball has lost its mind. And I don't know how this 60 game thing is going to play out, but I'm way less excited about it than I thought I was going to be, even like trying to figure out a fantasy draft, stuff like that.


It just feels like going through the motions, kind of like they're doing this because they have to because they want to make sure everybody gets paid. And meanwhile, with the basketball, I was watching the Portland game today, which again, we're talking about a second and and I'm watching Nurkic back and all these things. I'm thinking like wow this team could make the playoffs and it really did feel like basketball and it didn't feel that much different. So I think UFC was another one where it didn't feel that much different.


But with the, with the NBA I think it's going to work and it seems like they have been able to keep everybody healthy. Baseball, poorly run, run back doesn't actually care about the sport. And it doesn't feel like it's going to work that well, and if anything, it could end up working terribly. You saw Soto turned out with covid. Now it happens with what happens to the rest of his team. How are they going to handle that?


Like the worst one you are, whether you're a sports league or the United States of America, the more the words are going to pop up. And unfortunately, that's just where we are in life and in sports anyway. We're going to bring in sound house right now. First, our friends are good friends from Pearl Jam, James.


All right, because it's out here for the first time since the NFL draft house here, he's been here in Iowa. He's been here a couple of times, but he's still recovering from watching a little bit of the Wizards yesterday. What do we what do we call them? The Zombie Wizards. What's our nickname going to be for them?


Wow, that's pretty good. The Walking Dead. The zombie, I don't know. I mean, it's a G League team, so we call them the Wizards. The Wizards on the Wizards. Yeah, the gizzards. That's my name there. What are they. Twenty two to one to make the playoffs. It would be it's like a sports movie. It's like the replacements. They should get Keanu Reeves as point guard. Why were they invited.


House there over under four wins is like one and a half. And like I think most of these guys are going to be healthy enough to survive the two months. But at some point I got like, what the hell are we going here for? We're not even expected to win two games.


They just they were really worried about getting a couple teams that weren't quite in the playoffs, giving them a fair chance to make it. And then they overthought it and they invited twenty two teams instead of nineteen. It should have been nineteen teams. There should have just been three teams in the West and the East should have been set. Yeah, I think they felt bad and felt bad about inviting too many West teams. So they're like, all right, the Wizards, this doesn't make any sense.


But you know, the whole all star game where everybody from each team makes it kind of thing.


House Wizards, Brooklyn, who's favored when that when that terrible matchup happens? And will that be the worst basketball game of all time? I think it's definitely Brooklyn. I mean, because the Washington is not favored in any of its games over this slate and the Philadelphia seventy Sixers this year they only won, what was it, eleven games. They thought there were some bad games there. But this is this, this rivals that, that those teams. Well I got to say I mentioned at the top before I brought you guys in how I was watching the basketball the last two days and I kind of like it.


Do you guys like it? I, I kind of like bubble basketball. It I don't think it's that much different. It's not as jarring as baseball. Would you think so. I think it does have a summer league feel to it. And you guys have actually attended summer league games. So you could tell me if I'm off on this, but I put it right near the top in terms of sports that aren't jarring right now. Baseball is at the top of the list of like any time, any time the ball leaves the surface of the earth, it makes it worse and worse, I think, for the viewer.




So baseball, there's a long foul ball or a long fly ball. You see the tens of thousands of empty seats. There's just no way to avoid covering it. I know FOX is going to try to cover it with virtual fans. I don't know if that's going to we're going to hate that more or less, but same thing. I think with football, if you see a punt, that's going to be bad. But basketball, if that's what you're talking about, like crowd noise pumped in and just sneakers hitting against the against the hardwood, I think it's fine so far.


You like it? I love it. I totally agree with Sal's assessment of it having a summer league feel and it looks that way. But I think the innovation that they've experimented with in terms of like some noise, there's been songs I like, the songs I like, you know, the little sound effects and so forth. It has a live game feel and the guys are sort of ramping up it. Definitely the level of play in the scrimmages so far have have also felt like summer league.


But I, I think there's a ton of potential here. I think when they start playing hard, it's going to feel real. And I don't think we're going to miss the fans. I don't think so either. And I think the closest comparison is probably what it was like to watch UFC where it was different but still cool. And you realize, like, I don't really need the fans of UFC. It's fun to hear the cheering, the booing, the reactions to things.


But ultimately the cameras are pretty tight. Anyway, I was saying at the top the baseball was just so disorienting and unlikable. Yeah. And part of the reason is that the stadium is just too big. So I said, I think your point about football is going to be the same way. You just constantly think about it. Yeah, it's that there's no getting used to it when any time the ball goes in the air and they go to the wide shot and it's just completely empty, it's like, what the fuck is going on right in the Matrix?


Yeah. And it also highlights, I think, how boring baseball is when you just have nothing to look at. And they did. It's twenty eight seconds between pitches and I have you guys noticed how much the announcers have just been trying to fill time? Yeah, because they're kind of trying to fill air because they, they know it's weird. So here's my and it's just like this weird energy that I think is way off. Yeah. They've all of a sudden become like auctioneer's because you're like, you're right, they need to fill time.


But what about this for baseball? And I was thinking it's a shame Vin Scully doesn't come back for one more year. But baseball is a great radio sport.


Right, because it is slow. There's so much. Lulls like I might go back to listening, I like the Met's radio crew, I know the Yankee fans love the Yankees radio call you guys you love the Red Sox. Right. And so you can live with that. I think maybe this is something where you sit on your deck and listen to a game for three hours and try to paint a few things and get some shit done. Right. I used to love baseball on the radio.


I think I've even written pieces about it. But what's it like without the noise from the crowd? Yeah, so it's basically just the noise of the bat, the ball hitting the market and then the announcer and you don't get anything else. And I am that. Are you guys pro or anti fake crowd noise. I'm actually anti. I don't like it. I don't like it for the soccer. I think it's too strange. I love it for the soccer.


Yeah. Yeah.


Well the MLS maybe not if you look at it like English premier games where it's just like all chants and songs and people are singing that, that Ricky Hatton song that we heard against Mayweather when we were there, remember, just for two and a half hours, I, I don't know. I'm lulled into a sense of while they're actually fans there.


But it's it's like a deep fake, though. Yeah, it's like not real, that's the part I can't wrap my head around, it's not actually real noise, it's coming from a kind of wild style isn't real, and they still sell toys and stuff at a fair fair.


I don't mind it. I think it's fine. I think it, like, fits what your brain expects in terms of, you know, your eyes are locked on the TV and your brain is anticipating certain things. And if they deliver, you know, a little bit of a facsimile of that, it starts to feel a little bit more normal. The basketball I dated a really nice job. Thavasi put a lot of thought into it. And what we actually have to see on a TV and how to make it not seem too weird.


Even the camera angles are very deliberate to make sure that we don't see too much in the background. And they did a nice job on one side.


One thing they can't do and I know you guys are on board with this, but they talked about delaying the broadcast a half hour for NBA with absolutely cannot do that. Right. Because they're worried about the players swearing and everything else and trying to sync that up. That that's a no for gamblers especially. It's not going to work. Right? Well, we know that it's somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds normally. Yeah, right. Like, if you're if you're watching on DirecTV, it's even like five seconds behind.


If you're getting on cable, in some cases, it really depends on what system you have. But it's definitely, I would say 10, 11 seconds behind. Right. And at least so I think you could push it to about thirty. But now you're really starting to affect the live betting stuff, which is what we care about, so that I don't know if they go past thirty seconds, I'm not I can't do it. And maybe you maybe there can't be live betting until there's timeouts.


And so the commercials. Come on then you could have a minute long break, but that might be the only way to do it.


Don't screw with the betting. That's the worst thing. Go ahead ask. What do you think?


No, it's just the only point of having any of these games is for the gambling. So you can't do anything to diminish the integrity. You said thirty minutes. I didn't know that. That's not possible. They're not. Yeah, that seems too long. There's too many people at the games. All right. Here's our menu that we're going to talk about. NBA MVP really quickly. S an announcement then we're doing NBA features futures and then we'll do a little golf at the end, because I think it's I think we have the little U.S. Open at the talent.


But NBA MVP, I knew this is going to happen. You did? I knew I was going to happen. That this bubble thing was going to get going and at some point. The the LeBron media cronies would start doing this. Are we sure he's not the MVP and there would be this false kind of narrative slash story? I'm just going to tell you guys where we left off, where we left off in mid-March and we were all on tax and House had a big Yoni's bet.


And then it was like, should I hedge? And what day was that bet house March 8th I yeah. Either March or March 9th. I actually went ahead and hedged.


It was the weekend before the Gober game and Brown was four to one. Yeah. Yeah. And our theory was LeBron, if the season ends today is not going to win the MVP. But there's 16 games left. There's a whole bunch of time for the media narrative to swing behind him. Giannis is probably going to miss ten eleven days something like that. There is a world in which everybody is going to talk themselves into LeBron being the MVP so the pandemic hits.


I did a podcast with Rosillo. We talked about it within like probably eight nine days. Then I went on Zach Lo's podcast. Same thing we did our MVP ballot. What a name dropper this guy turned out. I know I'm just namedropping many people. So Gonzalo's pide, we do our top five MVP. We don't even debate the honest LeBron thing because there was no debate. The only way LeBron had a chance to win the VP was if it was an eighty two game season and Giannis missed some games and LeBron finished strong.


The Lakers got the one seed but the honest case was unassailable. Is best two way player in the league. He's probably going to win defensive player of the year in thirty one minutes a game. He was putting up stats that if you average it out to per thirty six it was like thirty for fourteen and seven. The plus, the plus minus stuff is crazy. They had the best record in the league. He had no Anthony Davis on his team.


He was the best player day in and day out. And it was just absurd to even think there is an argument which we all agree, there was no argument, so why is there now an argument? Why is this now a story? We already litigated this and decided this LeBron. Is that the MVP? I'm sorry, LeBron, you had a great year. You're the second second pick. You're not the MVP. Why did this happen?


Well, first of all, I think one house made it. It was four to one for LeBron and probably two weeks before it was like eight or ten to one for LeBron. And a lot of that momentum was because you could say it isn't.


But I really think Kobe's death was like, OK, like it made me it made me edge to, you know, and so I don't know why. And now so we're way far removed from that. We're all so far removed from having Michael Jordan thrown down our throats for ten Sundays in a row, which also would inspire LeBron. And we're going to talk about the Lakers odds, I'm sure, somewhere in here. But I don't know. It shouldn't be an argument.


And and I'll tell you what else shouldn't be an argument. Jamal Bryant should not be an argument. He's going to win rookie of the Year. But I've seen people, people I work with. Colin Coward said now it's going to be Tzion. He should win it right now.


It's like I played 19, 19 games. Even if he played 40. I said that was going to be a stretch, which is what I think he would have gotten to. But please, that's got to not be an argument in this.


Also, I don't think I don't see it at all how I'm working on my words right now because they sent me it. I don't have Tzion in the top two. Mm. I can't vote for somebody who played nineteen games with a top two rookie of the year pick. I'm going to have Clark on the Grizzlies as my number two. At least he played the whole year and was really good and valuable to a team that has a chance to make the playoffs.


I played nineteen games. I'm not overreacting to that. No, I agree, I mean, that's a very fair position to take. I mean, what is there to say? There's no argument for for for. Well, make the argument. Let's hear the argument for I am using my rookie of the year vote on a guy who played 19 games. I can't make it. I refuse to do it. You can't make me do it. All right.


Well, make the LeBron argument. The LeBron argument is he's thirty five years old. He leads the league in assists for the first time in his career.


It is his seventeenth NBA season, and he has restored a storied franchise in the National Basketball Association to the lofty heights to which they have become accustomed. The thing that really would have made it interesting is if, in fact, he drugged, drugged them all the way up, dragged them all the way up front.


Then what is this house that's part of your argument is drugs. They were drugged.


It's kind of roofie. The Lakers had been drugged and drugged. Yes.


Hydroxyl chloroquine is drugging everybody. There is if if the Lakers had that number one record in the league heading into the gober game, any bag. Look, man, they were the best team. And yeah, he is Anthony Davis. But but the Bucks had the best team and. Yeah. And Giannis says to impact in the way you have to prepare for him that after eight plus the statistical resume which honestly is one of the great statistical resumes. Yeah.


Anyone's put up in the last twenty years for the MVP and then probably only played thirty one minutes a game I guess would be a deterrent. It's like yeah because they were winning by twenty and he was sitting in third, fourth quarters. That's why he played thirty one minutes a game. I think, I think that's the only argument for LeBron or LeBron has to react to Kobe. Poor LeBron has to watch all those Jordan documentaries and now all the younger kids know that Jordan's the best player LeBron didn't get to take advantage of like you said Giannis being heard for a couple of weeks and getting that momentum back.


I think people feeling bad for him. This is an award he could have, should have won many more times than he did over the last 15 years and he hasn't. That's, that's the best argument. Right.


I like when he activates the media machine, whether he does this or his people do it or whether it's thing. But like there becomes this narrative. Right. And then you see people on the talking head shows, including my beloved friend Dave Jacoby. What? Yeah, he had a whole LeBron was the MVP thing. I you know, I know he's got three kids. It is that sleeping enough. But come on, Jacoby, get your shit together.


But so LeBron had LeBron retweeted this tweet with a comment on top of it where somebody put in quotes. The E is easy. He won't do that in the West like somebody sucking up to LeBron and LeBron. Read tweet said it goes, bro, I swear I heard that for fifteen years. Exclamation point. First whole thing. The guy who did the initial quote was Paul Rivera, who is one of one of his business partners and the creator of the shop.


So it's basically the acquisitive house doing that for me, like after we sold the company to Spotify, the house being like they said he couldn't sell the company. I mean, Libro, I've been hearing that for four years. And it's like, wait, that's your house. It's not like I read a person on the Internet. I still expect that to happen from house to house. Do that too much for me. But I just thought that was so funny.


This whole thing about is there a person in the world who thinks LeBron has been underrated or that we've taken it for granted? Was there anyone out there like LeBron couldn't do this in the West? Was there one person who thought that? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what to do, so I feel bad for you because I do think there's a slight chance this MVP might get stolen from him with relative. That's OK. Yeah, I did.


I saw some crazy odds that I was like minus five thousand or something.


I can't do that. I thought it went down. You sure can go away that I don't know. I checked that two days ago, but nothing's happened in between, so I can't imagine moved that much. All right. I hope it doesn't move. Who do you know? One more thing. With Zion, they basically made this playoff structure so that he can make the playoffs. And now, I don't know. I don't want to point fingers.


I don't know how serious this issue is. We have to assume it is this emergency. I can't join the bubble just yet situation. But that's another reason like, hey, come on, they set this up so that you could be the eighth seed and now you're not not even able to take advantage of that house out of anyone in the bubble.


You probably felt the most kinship and solidarity with Bershan homes for ordering chicken wings and not realizing he was breaking bubble policy. Walk us through your thoughts during that whole saga.


Well, I mean, I understand the motivation. I understand the incentive. The man wanted delicious chicken wings.


They exist in Orlando and he resorted to what he had available to him in terms of the tools deployed. Yeah. And you know why chicken wings, why the chicken wings violate the bubble house would just be repeatedly quarantined during his entire time in the bubble over and over again, very never and never make it out of the bubble.


Three seasons later. Do I get chicken wings? You'd be in your hotel room on day three just going through all of the Orlando delicacies like, oh, fragments of sticks. I didn't realize that place had that. Yeah, the bubble sounds miserable by bobcat's like poor Dwight Howard's getting shit because he didn't wear a mask. I say poor Dwight Howard because there's obviously something wrong with them because he like, doubled down on it. Yeah. About oh if I'm in the lobby, it's like Dwight, you're not help.


But this is why we're in the mess we're in. Because you're saying shit like this.


I treat it like a middle school lunch. You would get tacos and the lettuce was all over the place. It looked terrible. And I don't know, I mocked it up so that LeBron had tweeted it. It was it was on a Tuesday. I was like LeBron enjoying Taco Tuesday. And people freaked out that like this is. You mean these guys should not be eating like this?


It was like so obviously a fake picture of a taco and everyone fell for it, but they can suck it up for a little bit.


I think, you know, I was walking around LA yesterday. And because I'm losing my mind, honestly, I'm I'm just saying I put headphones in, I just make phone calls, I just walk around and I was near Fairfax and there's a newsstand there. And I was walking by and I'm really careful. I never go near anybody. But I started to veer toward the newsstand to see if the new USA Today weekly with the baseball scores was out.


And there's a guy standing up who's a little worse for wear. And he just started coughing and I was like six feet away from him. And I jumped to the left like I was like Barry Sanders hitting a hole against the Cowboys with, you know, five guys coming at me. I don't think I've ever move faster to the side in one direction. I was thinking, like, for some reason I immediately thought of the Cubs and you can't do this for a million reasons.


But the camera, the all time hidden camera would be you doing this to people.


Right? Because I just know my reaction, how scared I was for that two seconds and how fast I moved for, you know, 90 degrees to the left. Yeah. And if you were out there torturing people, it's it's kind of what it's kind of the culmination of a life's work. But you can't do it. I love to do it. I look at these, you know, door dash drivers and Amazon delivery guys, of which it's just limitless that they just keep coming and coming and coming.


And I was like, how could I screw with them? And I'm like, well, even if you pay them at the end, everything seems just to mean these days.


So there's only one person that you could do a gag like that on and everybody would understand. And that's Babydoll James. Maybe if you did it to Dixon Everett, nobody would complain. You could set it up perfectly. He'd lose his mind. Yeah. So, you know, don't give up hope. All right, let's do it. I'll still out there.


He's doing it to everybody else, smoking cigarettes during his seven mile walks and everything. So, yeah, I know him with cameras. He's talking about our healthy and careful. He's been in he's going through three packs a day so that something doesn't add up.


It's like, baby, I fall, I weigh one thirty six. I haven't fucking weighed that little since eighth grade.


I was like, oh congratulations. He's walking and smoking all day. Is the cigarette smoke is burning fat from his body. Yeah. You know, the cause has spent twenty five years hoping for situations where somebody is showing too much trust in him and then he violates that trust in some sort of prank way. And now this is the ultimate situation for that. Right. Everybody is so trusting of everyone else. And three guys come. They wear a mask and gloves and everything we do.


Society is trying to have this order. And that's usually when you're at your best, upending that order. And I know you can't. It's like it's like watching an athlete with a torn ACL. It's right. It's not good that it immediately results in jail time. That's that's what I always try to avoid. Jail time and maybe even worse, who knows? Speaking of the Cubs, the Cubs has an announcement for us.


So, oh, I'm going to do this now. I am starting my own media company. It's called Extra Points. It's going to be a bunch of podcast combining sports and sports gambling and comedy. You guys wouldn't be interested in that.


I don't know. I and I don't know about any of those genres. Dave Damasak and I. You know, Dameshek, we're going to do the flagship podcast. I have Jerry Ferrara doing some fantasy podcast today, which means Jeff Schwartz doing some football podcast. Rachel Burnett is in the mix. And yeah, it debuts Monday. And Simmons thinks it's a horrible idea, not show.


I just always worry about you. It's my job to worry.


Listen, I'm a gambler, so starting a business during a pandemic with that largely relies on sports. When we're looking at a start and stop for sure for the next four months is right up my alley.


Today was the first day I felt like it might be an OK idea because two sports are happening at the same time, right? Yeah, it makes it feel good. It was the first day where it starting to feel normal again.


I'm bringing I'm Brumskine bring in the against all odds crew with me. Simmons by the way with all his millions could add Harry feel like seventy five dollars in a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon but now didn't, didn't want them so couldn't pass the background check for attrite, kick the tires on him over and over again. So there you go.


I'll be doing a live check ins, live appearances if and when that's ever going to happen and contests and all that crap.


So the pot is relaunching on Monday. Yeah, this is where we mentioned because people are hearing this and they're selfish and they're like, well, wait a second. So you're not going to be on the spot on Sunday nights anymore, not the case, not the case. So still going to be on on Sunday nights cause I'm not fucking stupid. Yeah, no, I will. But I will be there Sunday night. It's my favorite thing.


And just let's just please, please let football last until September at least, so we can get that first podcast and do some preseason stuff for sure.


Speaking of Selfish House is going to his own selfish place right now because we have a lot of text threats. But gambling, what Appia and House's concern that if if you're taking on these added responsibilities, you have as much time for them.


We will figure something out. Go ahead, houseboys. Yeah, I. Well, I'm wildly enamored of this idea. The only criticism that I can come up with is, is domestic and his indefensible donut ranking. I mean, that that guy has no credibility with that doughnut ranking. But but otherwise I love it. And I just my only request save me a place to chat a little bit about some golf. I mean, those are those are all my guys.


You know, I like to talk about the golf, of course.


Yeah. Damasak we lost a lot of potential sponsors because of his cherry cherry cake donut at the top of the list, as House points out.


But I think it's insane that has limited it to just donuts for damn terrible tastes like I mean, he has some of the worst fruitcakes anyone has ever had in the history of fruit. Yeah. And then combined with the arrogance that it's the best take and that everyone knows is wrong, it's really he's really set that up.


So luckily, luckily, none of this is going to come up ever on our podcast. So we're going to be very focused on sports and serious sports and things like that.


OK, well, good luck. So your pod's coming back on Monday?


Yeah, people probably have already subscribed, but by the way, it's. Yes, it's Spotify first. First on that. We have trawler's of the podcast and it hit Spotify first. So there you go. I don't know if you had anything to do with it. I really like Spotify. I've heard a lot of good things about that company. All right, talking NBA futures in one second. First, here's the thing about home security companies. Most trappy with high prices, tricky contracts, lousy customer support.


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So that's it. Back to this podcast. Let's talk NBA futures, so I'm going to start here. You know, I hate jumping on bandwagons of dumb sports topics. Yeah, people are really bored. Nobody could watch basketball every day people are trying to come up with narratives leading to our ridiculous Yoni's first LeBron MVP thing, Dave Jacoby, you should go to church and repent. The Portland thing got momentum a couple of weeks ago. And I have Chris Heinz on my podcast talking about I think Portland's really dangerous.


I think they can win the West. And, you know, he covered them for a few years. That was kind of like. Wow, that's insane, that's bold. I kind of respect it, but obviously he's a lunatic and then he was saying like, watch out for these guys. I watched him today. They played Indiana. Nurkic look great Zach Collins is back. The only reason that team was under five to begin with is because.


You know, they had no big they're relying on Hassan Whiteside, he's a walking tumor, and then they got a bad start, they've got hurt. Listen, people who follow basketball, they've heard the case. I don't need to make it again. My point is. Depending on where you look, there's somewhere in between plus four, twenty five and plus 480 on the vandals sportsbook to be to be a playoff team. All right. So what needs to happen for them to be a playoff team?


They are three and a half games back behind the Grizzlies. You have to be within four games as the nine seed when the season ends after the eight games, they have the best chance of summer New Orleans. I think they have a better team than New Orleans in the Zyad things, a huge variable. If they make it, they would have to beat Memphis two games in a row. Memphis would only have to beat them once. So let's say we use the Fandor odds.


It's plus 480. They win the first game. They probably be favored for the second game. And you could go against it. Oh, that's true. I thought that was by far the best bet because I'm thinking about my top teams right now. You know, I have basically I have a top seven L.A., Milwaukee. That's the big three. Right. I don't think that's changed. I think Celtics and Toronto are right underneath. And Denver is kind of like slightly underneath them, but basically dead even.


And then maybe go Houston or Philly, you could go both, you could go neither. I don't know. But then when you get to like OKC, Miami, Indiana. Utah, no Bogdanovic for them. Dallas, Portland. House, I think I like Portland the most out of all those teams, they have a top guy. Lillard is one of the best eight guys the league Zach voted for him for, I think fourth in MVP, not to mention McCollum.


They have their size back. Why why isn't that an awesome gamble at almost five to one? The only thing that gives me pause, I mean, the line up aspect of it and the renewed energy and the opportunity to go surprise people, all that stuff really works in their favor. And I bet they think it's a real breath of fresh air to be able to play with Collins and Nurkic again. I bet you know Dame and McCollum are feeling like super invigorated the schedule as hard as balls.




So the very first game is against Memphis, which really charts the course for them. If they beat Memphis in that first game then boom buddy we're, we're off and running but then they have Boston, Houston, Denver, the Clippers, Philly. I mean that that's a murderer's row, right? They might you know, you could see them winning only one of those games. I mean, they're going to have to play their asses off.


And it's just asking so much of a team that's really just come together for for the last couple of weeks with this level of talent and everybody sort of back in the seat to to go out there and take down all the all those other teams that I just mentioned that they have to beat, have pretty reliable rosters and game plans.


Let me just say, in defense of Simmons pick here, first of all, the Lakers would be tarof not terrified of Portland, but that is not an ideal situation. And a one eight. Right. That's that. Especially with no Avery Bradley, that would mean that's that's really their only guy they had who could guard these, you know, the McCollum dame guys.


The oddsmakers are thinking in the same way houses, they're over on their four wins out of eight is three and a half. So they're not even supposed to win half their games. The other minus two hundred. What I will say is, is this really fair? If they're within four, they get to make it in that eight, nine. So if they could even lose a half game from the time we're done talking and if they're three games out, they could sit their players for the eighth game.


It's really kind of weird already how how this is working out, right?


Well, they would have New Orleans. They would still have to worry about that. And then the other W teams, which I don't think could catch them. But House is right if they win that Memphis game. It all falls into place for them and it'll be a lot easier to make it. I'm just telling you, watching them today and, you know, the starters are only playing like 20 minutes, stuff like that, then of losing the game.


That team is ready to roll, and we saw this happen in 1999 with the Knicks, when you have these short seasons and weird shit happens and a team can kind of catch fire for like four or five weeks, and there's a bunch of teams that that could happen for, like, I could totally I could see that happen with OKC. That's another one where I think teams that have good guards and they know who they are and they can get buckets the last five minutes and they can handle the rebounding defense at least enough.


Those are the teams that I think are more dangerous than like, you know, people are talking about Philly as a as a title sleeper and stuff is still figuring out what they are like. There's a whole story today about or this week about Ben Simmons is going to be playing forward, basically, and they're going to play SHAC million a lot more and bring Horford off the bench like they're still tinkering like it's October, you know whereas Portland's like we have Nurkic back with Zach Collins back.


Our team revolves around Daim and McCollum. We know who we are and we have it. We're finally our full team again and I don't know. I think they're going to be dangerous. I'm, I'm down for that so I like them at the bus variety I like.


Don't forget also Philly best home record in the league. I'm almost certain of it. So that's something that they're going to have to contend with. Other teams won't matter as much.


Well, they had a historical difference between discrepancy between their home record and their road record. I think in the history of the NBA, nobody had a bigger difference in that performance. I will say if I was going to push back on the idea that Philly tinkering, I mean, we've been begging Philly to tinker for for two years now. We've been begging Brett Brown to do something, to innovate, to get the ball out of Joel Embiid hands in the mid range so he can stop taking terrible mid-range jumpers.


Ben Simmons is setting picks and rolling to the basket and they get a little bit of chemistry going. I kind of like Ben Simmons in that in that four role and I think if there's ever a moment to tinker it's right now with with the talent that Philly has, go ahead and go for it. This a short season. It's a short tournament. Go try and take them all down. Give the whole league something they've never seen before.


They started tinkering those two, three weeks before the pandemic. Yeah. And I think they really were finally starting to realize, like this corporate thing, we have to come up with alternative. And he was playing badly, too. I'm I'm very concerned about what Embiid is going to be like with this condensed schedule because I haven't read house. Have you read the. Oh my God we can't believe what kind of shape Joel Embiid came into the bubble and it's like guess what that nobody's written that article so and he's and he seems pretty unhappy with the bubble situation too.


There's been stuff some of these guys are like all I wanted is hoop and there's been other guys who are like this is weird, I don't know and I don't know. Houston's another one where they have, you know, their top two guys, it seems. Westberg definitely had it, did Harden did he come out and say he had it, or how does that official and I don't know, he was just late for whatever reason, everybody is trying to read between the lines in this stuff, but does mine.


Yeah, but they were really falling apart before the pandemic. Remember, they like that whole small ball thing that we were, like, so enamored with. All of the sudden it went sideways. Miamis another one then I think. They know who they are. They're there, they have a really good coach. And that's one that I could see getting hot for a couple of weeks, but but I think Portland is such a wild card and if I'm the Lakers, everyone's like, oh, they don't want to see Tzion in a playoff series.


I promise that they'd be delighted to see New Orleans in a playoff series. I promise, over Memphis. Same thing. Who they do not want to see Portland in the playoff series, the Lakers. So I do think that's a legitimate thing. That's a bad matchup for them. Did you guys look at the bets that you made in the preseason, the picture made, and which ones are alive and which aren't? We go over that. No, I just assumed all the win over unders are probably dead.


So to win over on, those are dead to make a play. Yes, I guess I don't. Yeah, I don't know. Since you had Golden State, you got a hefty amount on them under forty eight and a half. And that was, that was good. Like two weeks in which is unfair. So that's out. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


But you can't just cherry pick what you had.


You had Philly over fifty four and a half, you had Indiana there, you had Indiana under forty seven and a half. You're your big one. Was Miami to win the southeast which that's all the divisions are out Indiana and Golden State to both miss the playoffs. So that wasn't going to win as a parlay.


Yeah. Yeah.


I mean and I, I called that one with Oladipo, I knew he was in and they were still great with Adam and at that or so house we have a few with like what Greek freak to win MVP and just some that all the ones for a team to win the title on the team to win their conference are still alive and I think like points per game. If you had Harden I think they giving you that one too. Oh OK.


I couldn't remember. I parlayed the Celtics to win the East was set to host a podcast with Damasak. It was like ten to one, so I was only ten to one when I added Cherry Donut to be the top down, we got ninety one.


I can't wait till you call me in like October and you're like fucking donuts will let up. He well he spent forty five minutes on the Crower today. See that's where you don't know your donut.


Octobers not donuts is. In other words you're not going to get that call gateway. That's my bet. All right. So what other besty like. Well you know what? I have some, like, weird ones that maybe we could have fun with here. Well, the NBA regular season restart on time now. The Yes is minus one fifty. I don't know what I know what gets in the way of that, but that seems like it's going to happen.


Will they finish under the new format? Yes, minus two fifty. Will an NBA team be removed from the bubble? No. Is minus three thousand. I kind of like yes. At nine to one here. Like a lot of these guys, like all it has to be is. I don't know, Caruso gets it, gives it to somebody else, it's our whole team gets removed from the bubble. We're not talking about a 50 man roster.


This is just a few players who may have to sit two weeks. Right. You don't think it happens? I could see the Wizards trying it, but probably not pulling it off, though. Good first.


Yeah, and a player violates the bubble. Yes, minus five hundred, I think. Kind. Oh, like that. They're saying the odds on that. Yeah, right.


That's really it, their stupid social media things and other covid stuff, but I don't know I don't know if any of those were worth jumping on. But I'll tell you what. Why not?


The Jazz 21 is a weird year that started with Rudy Gobert and then everyone hated him as footage surfaced about the and touching the microphones and potentially everyone's locker room. It took a while to get him back. Utah comes in, they win it 60 to one to win the NBA. Wow. Mitt Romney is our president and we move forward. Everybody's happy.


The case against Utah is the bogdanovich's thing because it puts. It basically means, other than Mitchell, that Mike Conley would have to go back in the time machine and go back to 2017, Mike Conley and there were no signs of that during the season. I don't know what was going on with them. And it was a weird team. Sometimes teams don't fit, but I thought Bogdanovic was really important to his house that was bad at Bogdanovic because he cost the Wizards a first round pick and a trade that time to Ben.


Oh then you would rather he didn't cos he was great. They should have extended him. They should have resigned him. I'm not mad at him. That's an Ernie Grunfeld special.


Well you're just mad you lost the pick. Yeah. I mean what's the difference. You see what the Wizards do with the draft picks they had even the first moment after Grunfeld, we had a chance to take a guy that earlier in the season was top five in the entire NBA draft in the form of ball ball. And instead we took Admiral Schofield. But not I mean, forget the fact that Manute Bol was drafted by the Washington Bullets twenty five thirty years ago, God forbid, in a season.


That's all. It's a third bucket season. We already know it. God forbid we have some connection to some one sort of happy moment in the past in the form of bowl ball and all of the criticism. Oh, he's not mature. He's not ready. Top five talent. And lo and behold, the first scrimmage he comes out and plays against the gizzards he dominates, he eviscerates. I don't even know if Admiral Schofield played ten minutes is that it's a same old gizzards situation here.


We've seen with that with the talented guys who drop for whatever reason. But clearly they have the talent. They should never fall below. Thirty five he fell to forty four, which is basically like you have a murder in your background that the police haven't found out about it. It's like the only excuse at that point he is way too talented to forty fourth. But I watched some of that game yesterday and it's funny, my son is a big talker.


Do your sons play Tsukasa. Yeah. Yeah they still play. So he had this Bulbul Galaxy Opal card and the Galaxy card gives you like super powers. So Bulbul is like his center and I always thought it was the funniest thing because in real life, Balbo could you could even play a minute an NBA game. So then Bulbul lights it up. Yesterday, my son said, Dad, did you see Bulbul settle down? But as a name to get him at forty fours like that was a steal.


So I completely disagree with you on Utah. Oh, well, I think if it's out of Utah, I'm going midrange on all these guys.


This could be it's already a screwed up season. I'm telling you, I'm taking the Falcons at seven to one to win the division. I'm taking the Jets at seven to one. So, you know, we always look for someone to pair the Patriots to win a division at minus twenty five hundred. I'm going this year at that bet. Obviously doesn't exist anymore. But why not? Why not take a chance on these long shots? I was all excited to take Portland for like one hundred to one and it seems like there's been action on them because they're forty to one to win the West and sixty to one to win the title, which considering that they're five to one just to make the playoffs, that's bonkers.


And they would then have to win four Reds. But what about a Denver or a Dallas or something in twenty five or forty to one. There's just no chance.


I think that all the long, long shots. It's got to be a team that has a top eight guy. So right there, you're looking at only the Mavs and Portland, the Mavs were 40 to one. There's a lot of positive advanced metrics for the Mavs, like when all their guy they're the number one offense, when all their guys were healthy, certain good things were happening, things like that. But it just seems early for them. I do I am a subscriber and I know other people feel this way to the young legs thing, and I talked about an iPod a couple of weeks ago, about the ninety nine.


Next thing being a great analogy, where it's just a lot of games in a condensed time, it's very unfavorable to the older teams in ninety nine Miami. I think they would have made the Eastern Front, they would have made the finals as the East Reppas representative in a normal season and the, the, the shortened season killed them. On the flip side, like the ninety nine spurs that a young Duncan who could just go all day at that point and that was great.


The Knicks had Sprewell, who is still pretty young, a young girl in Houston. Young Marcus can be. Yeah. So so I was trying to think like what kind of young legs team would be like that. And it actually the answer probably the Mavs, because you have Loukia and Kristaps, both of those guys are under twenty five. Forty to one is not bad. This is a very strange year, I'm at least convincing House to jump out with me there.


I'll do I'll sprinkle a tiny bit on Dallas for fun. I'm actually kind of trying to talk myself into Toronto. I like the defending champion angle. I loved what they did this regular season. They they just really put the hammer down and kicked ass and showed a ton of pride all season long.


And I just think there's like a great chemistry there. They all believe they all expect to be in the in the conference finals. They play that way. So, I mean, a 20 to one, that's that's that's not a terrible little little bit of cash. I don't think that's to win the whole title. That's the whole thing. Yeah. Eight to eight to one when they use.


The bummer for me is I would have been spending 20 minutes talking you guys into the Celtics, but the Kemba thing's a real thing and I cannot. I already have them, you did talk me into them, I took them at six to one the beginning of the year to win the East and now they're plus six fifty, which I guess is fair. Kemba They don't do anything for four plus months and he comes back and is in the exact same spot with his knee that he was before the the hiatus.


Yeah and there's a lot of rumors about things. You just have arthritis. Is this the way this is going to go and is this why Charlotte let him, you know, let him leave and things like that? And it's tough because the Celtics have never really been able to keep Hayward, Kemba, Tatum and Brown all healthy at the same time. And you would have thought coming out of a pandemic with all this giant layoff, that's sort of been the perfect time.


I still think the suits are in good shape. I'd probably have them to say to be with the Raptors and I don't even know who to ask. Yeah. And then you think, like with the Bucs home court, advantage was such a big thing for you. It would have been so hard to go into Milwaukee and you would had to win one, possibly two games in a seven game series. They didn't really adequately figure out a way to reward the home court advantage.


Like if I was a Bucs fan, I'd be really bummed out, wouldn't you? It's like, yes, we just locked down this one seed. It basically means nothing. We're going to have we could be playing the Sixers in round two and there's no home court and like, what the fuck? Yeah.


Congratulations, by the way, for talk about someone being woozy from the pandemic. You went forty six minutes without mentioning the Celtics. Thank you. I, I mean, that's unbelievable.


It's a record by forty four and a half minutes. They're the fifth best team in the league. They were going to come up at some point. Yeah. I would say if if you're Turano. And that's probably the two three, right, that's probably our second round Raptor's Celltex. If if Kemba has compromised. I would have to say Torontos is a slight favorite in that series. What do you think? Yes, I totally agree with that. I mean, I just think this this Toronto team is built for four playoffs and they don't have young legs across the board.


It's a mix of bats and some youngsters. But I just think Nick Nurse just, you know, he blows me away. I just I just have so much respect for him and for Toronto.


The young legs thing, I think will matter more. The last two rounds. The first two rounds you can it's adrenaline, all that stuff, but I think once you get to round three and it's still every other day, basically that's when it gets dark. Do we have a is there a dark horse in the east? I mean, like, I guess it would be. Miami, unless somebody wants to make the Pacers case where if I Oladipo is actually semi back to being all depot, could they be dangerous?


But I think that teams to goofy, I can't imagine them making the finals. Miami. You know. It's hard to imagine Jimmy Butler winning three straight rounds in the east and just out playing other teams superstars. I almost don't. Have a dark horse. What am I missing? So stay with them. No, you picked them in the beginning of the year, right, to win the southeast, which is not an issue right now, but I don't know.


Yeah, as long as Kevin Durant is out of the bubble, I don't know if there is a dark horse, the Nets at five hundred to one. But you can't you can't count on any of that. Right. The east is pretty solid up the top three or four.


What if we were just talking about most fun matchups and there's a world in which the four or five is Miami, Philly. And that has a lot of subplots. Yeah, I think it's a bad matchup for Philly. That would be the team. I would not I would much rather play the Celtics than Miami. I think if I'm Philly and that'll be a good one. There's a world in which the Celtics. Pacers. And then Miami sexers, as well as our two, does seem like the Celltex can catch Toronto because they're three back.


So it seems like they're pretty locked in the three seat house.


What out of all the possible. West round one, match ups. They're like, there's a you know, we could get a Houston, Denver. You could see a little maybe OKC against the Clippers, like what is there a matchup that you're fired up for?


I love both of those. I mean, I'm I'm dying for both of those.


And I'm very excited to see who the Lakers play in the first round. I really admire what Memphis has done and, you know, really coming from from from out of nowhere. And to have I mean, you know, John Amarant turned out to be a sensational number two pick and that's, you know, luck of the lottery ball.


But, you know, they they pull together a bunch of disparate young pieces pretty goddamn quickly to be in the position that they're in. Having said all that and conveyed all that admiration, I don't want them in the playoffs. I'd much rather see a team like like Portland. And then let's just beat this to death. Five to one odds for Portland to grab that eight seed with it with a roster that's legitimately like nine deep, ten deep, like, I think that our our guy Hazen is still involved, which makes me nervous.


The announcers today were calling him Rio. And I was saying start calling him Rio. I'm still going to think he sucks. He'd call them whatever name you want. I still would want to see him in crunch time. Well, let that be the bat we jump on. I think as much as you were dissuaded by the fact that they have to beat Memphis twice, you're right. As soon as they beat them once we could hedge and we never will.


We never. I think it's an incredible amount of pressure on the eight team. Yeah. And the eighth seed because. You know, in the back of your head. Well, if we don't win this one, we still have them one more time. But Portland, it's life or death, that first game. Then you go to the second game if they get there. And now it's like, well, we just beat you. Let's go again.


Right. And it's a really tough spot for, you know, you talk about John Mirant, Jaren Jackson. Really haven't played a meaningful NBA game ever, right? That's right now. OK, you're going to have these two playing games that are going to feel like game seven of the finals. These are like real sporting events with ramifications. We haven't had that for five months. That could get the same rating that like the Eastern Conference finals would have gotten last year.


Yeah. So it's a lot of pressure on those guys. Then you're going against Dame and C.J. and all the other dudes, but Damian S.J, C.J. specifically, who've been in a million big games, they're not going to be scared. It's why that first game is so delicious. And there's got to be a better angle for us on that very first game. I'm sure Portland's favored you guys like the double elimination, right?


I thought that was a really good, really good wrinkle. I love it. I mean, that is good for the Eastern Conference. Makes it more fair. Well, look, I have I do have a bet that I'm eyeing. It requires a favor. I don't know if you guys can help me with this. The Wizards are minus ten thousand to miss the playoffs. Right. So I was just thinking, man, if I only had a super rich friend who could loan me a million dollars and I bet a million dollars on the Wizards to miss that, that's a fast ten thousand dollars recovery.


Right. That feels like a sucker bet, though. Well, who's the sucker? What do you mean?


This is already a rewash business. The kids are a G league team. Well, you feel good about you feel good about the nets though. They they would only have to jump basically. They would only have to jump. Two wins on the nets, and then they could potentially get a playing game against the Nets who are similarly decimated. That's like they're not similarly just decimated. The gizzards overunder is one and a half. That also happens to be how many NBA players they have on their team.


And that's if you add up three players that are three quarter, you know, one third NBA player. What if you're on the Wizards?


If you're on the Wizards and you're and you come back with zero wins, you're expected to have one and a half. You have zero odds. How do you look? Your wife in the eyes, she's shaking her head. And you went out there, you son of a bitch. But all this is terrible food risking our lives.


Not even one win would be like a Vietnam vet.


How does she still have really hot YAMURA Great. Who who are the best three Netz players left? That's a good question.


Let's look let me look at this roster real quick. So the Nets, they signed Michael Beasley, then he left the San Jamal Crawford, who I think is Orridge. They lost Spencer Dinwiddie, DeAndre Jordan and in Prince. And then Tyler Johnson came back. They still have Jared Allen and. I guess it seems like LaVert is still going to be in the mix house, so that's sort of the virtue. Jared, Jared Allen and LaVert are already ten times better than the Wizards best player.


Ten times. That's how many, that's how much more accomplished those two guys are than anybody that the guys are putting on the basketball court. Do you still have Isaac Bonga?


Yes, of course. I think he's starting. What's wrong with Isaac? You don't think he could step up? This is great. I keep looking like Giannis could set the first round.


Right. Is that, is that an exaggeration now. And that's why they should have had had 14 playoff teams that 16. That was, that was the move. And just be like I on the flip side then Portland doesn't get to be in and that would have. Yeah right. That could end up being the fun subplot. Any other, any other thing. So I think that's it. You know, it might be fun. These teams that are expected to win five and a half.


I don't know, you have a bad week or so bad four or five days stretch, those are on immediately, right? Lakers, Clippers, Bucks, Celtics, I think three of those could go on there. Five and a half wins. What do they care if they go five and three? I thought it was interesting.


The Nuggets were three and a half, considering they're the three seed right now and Vegas is basically saying they can't even be five hundred watts. Do quickly the the actual championship stuff because the Lakers are plus two fifty Clippers or plus three twenty five. Bucks are three to one house gun to your head. Which one of those three taken clippers? I love the Clippers. I won't go against Kawhi. I think that they've been playing possum all season long. Their record, when when Paul, George and Kawhi play together is terrific.


They can score five thousand different ways and the knock on them during the regular season was defense. But when they put their mind to it, when Kawhi and Paul George start playing playoff defense, the character of that team is going to be dramatically different from what we've seen to date. And I can't wait. And that's my pick. The Clippers. There's a size thing with them in the Lakers that. Is problematic for them, potentially would be that that Davis against them just seemed like he was seven foot six.


Now, if you've seen Davis recently, there is one picture of him going around where it looked like he had he had not had a problem finding food during the pandemic. He definitely bigger. I don't know what was going on with that. I don't know if it was one picture, but I'm keeping an eye on that.


So I agree with House. Yeah. Out of those three teams. I like the Clippers the most. That plus three twenty five, I think that Avery Bradley thing and the Rondo thing. Even though those guys are fringe guys, they're role players, they have they have some real holes now, I felt like they kind of had holes anyway with those guys that because I don't even think they're that good. But at least like if you watch and the Avery Bradley was playing big minutes against certain teams and was really they were only above average defender against the demo types.


Yeah, I know a lot of it's a flawed team now, so I think the Clippers are safer. Bet I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers won the title. I just think the Clippers are safer. I think we're if you're talking about a difference of seventy five cents or the Lakers are plus two. Fifty Clippers three. Twenty five, I think you're thinking the right way because that's a long series no matter what. Right. That's six or seven games.


So you're getting good value in that. And I can tell you right now, Lakers, Clippers, March 7th, I took the boys probably the last sporting event I'll ever attend. So there you go. Right.


Well, and we left that weekend thinking the Lakers were the favorite to win the title and that they had the best team. It's not the it's not quite the same team anymore for sure, whereas the Clippers seems like they have a chance to be the same team.


And I know the Bucs fans are going to be mad that we're just discounting them. We talk about young legs Giannis young legs, but I think that home court thing is going to hurt them. All right before we go let's let's do some golf really quick. Yes, we have the U.S. Open. I don't know if you've heard of it. I'm familiar with the U.S. Open. You know there's a major that that's going to come before it. We have the Masters.




Why are you doing this out of order? The PGA Championship is in three weeks. I know. I was I was getting to it. I was saying, OK, USA, we the Masters. Yeah. But before then, as as a healthy, healthy appetizer, more than an appetizer, almost like when you would get dinner, but eat an entire pizza before dinner and somehow that's OK. I was like, why are you getting a pizza. We're going to dinner.


It's like I'm hungry. This is the PGA Championship is the pizza you get at 5:00 p.m. before the seven thirty dinner. Yes. OK, I'm like the way you did that. I'm sorry I stepped on it. The PGA Championship starting August the 6th at Harding Park out in San Francisco stand.


What a what a sports weekend that's going to be. Yeah, we're back. Yeah, it's happening. Our wives hate us, but we are back. Tiger is going to play. Rory McIlroy played well at this golf course, I think. Jon Rahm. That's my the he's not a dark horse favorite. I mean, he's not a dark horse, but because he'll be one of the top five guys odds wise.


Let me look right now, the cheater, John. Well, that was unintentional. It was it was imperceptible, you know, that called a cheat sheet in the game of golf. That just does it does. Are you talking about the ball moving in the distance?


It moved to dimples. It is curious that these guys had cameras.


It wasn't. Yeah, but they put the golf club and setting it right behind the ball to sort of, you know. Yeah. At some point it really does seem like there's a trial and error.


It would would would take that. It's going to get so mad every time John wins a tournament or Fleetwood because of all the money I've lost in the majors. And when John actually win some now you motherfucker. Right, you're going to win a tournament. But I have no money on you.


He's my chair. The PGA Championship. How could you. Wow. I have him at ten, ten to one on the fantasy sportsbook. So those are bad odds. You can't bet you can't find better odds. Yeah, fine. Shop around. Yeah. Exactly right. Don't bet.


Dustin Johnson house. I'm down on golf. I had him. I'm you should really get your money back when the favorite in the tournament not only misses the court and and clocks in at plus eight but withdraws in the first round than I had him on a will make the cut parlay big. Did he withdraw today. They withdrew. He got very close to shooting three consecutive rounds at eighty or worse.


I'm, I'm wondering what's wrong with them. I haven't seen the stories yet.


I forget it might be a rest or Romo withdrawal with a wrist injury too.


I'm getting confused on the on the rejuvenated, excellent golf podcast Fairway Rowand Nathan Hubbard just coming in like like Brian Williams on the ninety seven boss really ejected. Sally, you're not allowed to hire either of them. They did a whole thing with Muirfield about how what kind of course it was for the players and how Muirfield was a second stroke course and had the tournament before last weekend. The guys who finish one, two, three were are in the top three were all in the top three for second.


Second shots basically follow WIKUS Ball Strikers house. What kind of course. Should we be looking for for the PGA Championship and can we use our same golf intelligence to figure out how how it favors certain players?


We're definitely going to do that. We have to preview shows, the week of the tournament, Monday storylines. And then Wednesday we get down with the nitty gritty and give out some some picks, some angles that we like. I remember this course.


I haven't done the deep dive yet on the actual of course, it's TPC Harding Park named after Warren Harding, the worst president until this very moment.


So there is a kind of logic that that that applies there. I have not done the research to see how they're setting it up for this tournament, but I recall they competed a president's cup there. And, you know, it does have a whole risk reward element. So if you're if you're a long ball hitter, there are some opportunities to go for some stuff in to. And that's why, you know, Rory in particular, you know, might might might be a good guy to look at, but I'm sure his odds are bad also.


And beefy. Brazen. Yeah. Bryson Yeah. Go ahead. Well, the odds you had, you juiced up on your podcast news explaining how that the books they love taking advantage of public sentiment and when the public gets excited about certain guys. And so Bryson wins that tournament and the books just jack up his major odds to the point that you would think he's like fucking Tiger Woods in two thousand or something. And it's like now. So at the same time, you love seeing an overinflated guy gain forty two pounds, it actually become successful.


I don't know about what that's supposed to mean to me. Harry is.


Oh no, I love it. And then I fell for it too. And it's like, oh my God. And then you're like, oh yeah. When he's when he's recording bogeys after forty thousand four hundred thirty seven yard tee shot like yes. That's because the ball can't go. Can only go straight for so long before it drifts into a trap. Oh yeah. I get it. This makes sense. So I'm, I'm out on Bryson right now.


What about our guy, Brooks says, is it is we going to hear from Brooks this year? We just writing off twenty twenty for Brooks knee injury, right? Yeah. So he there was he did a press conference, one of the press conferences last week at the memorial where he confessed that he had another MRI on his left knee, which was the knee that gave him trouble last fall, the knee that he had surgery on last December, the knee that kept him out of the president's cup.


And, you know, he was he came back in the February, March timeframe and was really kind of scuffling. So the break should have been terrific for him. And in fact, I know he was doing rehab because, you know, we connected with him very briefly and he was doing some exercises in his in his swimming pool. But he confessed last week that he doesn't feel like the knee is progressing, that he still feels slightly uncomfortable walking downhill like that, that you know, and that the memorial was the first tournament, Muirfield Village, as the venue where it was hilly and he had to go up the hills and down the hills and he and he just felt uncomfortable.


And so he shot under par today, which is good.


And he's really battling his ass off. He needs to improve by 30 places in the FedEx Cup standings to make it to qualify for the for the one hundred and twenty five guys that that compete for fifteen million dollars. And he's very cognizant of it, it seems, because he did not have Minnesota on his calendar, I guarantee it four weeks ago. But, you know, we just need to watch him. I mean, if he can maintain and find some some form and then he doesn't get in the way of it, then, you know, maybe we get some of the brooks of old, especially you.


The fact that you talk about Kemba Walker. I'm sorry, can you talk about some of the bad knee? You can't walk downhill.


I'm sorry, Alice. This is the best time for golf.


I know you tiger lovers will never admit it, but boy, at the top of the leaderboard almost every week at this field this weekend isn't that great. But you have all the great now. Rory, Bryson, Bobbye, everybody you want to look at. Jordan Spieth is an afterthought. You thought he was going to dominate the sport a couple of years ago. It's never been more fun. Come on, admit it.


I totally admit it. I got to say, it's kind of replaced baseball for me really over the last two years. Yeah. After I got that one last Red Sox World Series and the games just kept getting longer and longer. And then the golf and doing the the daily fantasy and the bets that we do on the weekends and stuff. And and I really like some of these guys and I feel like I know the guys. And the more you watch, like the more kind of self intel you have on different people and the courses.


And I really got into it. And I don't think it's a coincidence because I turned 50 this year and I'm now in the demo. I see the ads for like, oh, low blood pressure, like the ads. They read it, but I just really enjoy it. And I love how diverse of a talent pool it is from week to week. You know, where it's like I can. John Brown looks like the best player in the world.


One weekend in three weeks before it was brazen. It's really it's really they're in a good spot.


It's not better than baseball. It's not good. I try to throw at a bone. You don't have to go too crazy.


But then I just spent like, would you rather watch the fourth round of a major or would you rather watch some four and a half hour Mets?


Well, that's Brewers game fourth round of the best tournament of the year.


That's the fourth round of any tournament. I'll give you any tournament. The Saturday, Sunday I find more compelling than baseball. That's brewers. They're no fans helps that. It doesn't matter even in the least in golf. But you miss a few Boba boys are in there.


But other than that and you just you just you told on yourself, it is the perfect sport for us middle aged dudes. What's better than a Sunday? I have Saturday or Sunday afternoon. You put it on a three o'clock, you can doze off from like four thirty to five fifteen. Nothing's happening. And you wake back up and you see how guys are doing. You check on your bets. It's super easy to bet on. There's an enormous menu, variety of options you could do head to head.


You can pick guys that win. You can pick guys to finish in the top twenty.


It's wonderful that way and it lets you get some action. Go and get the juices flowing Wednesday night into Thursday if you want to do the whole fire, if you want to go round.


Exactly right.


I love betting it. You know what I hate about it? It makes me think every few weeks I watch. I'm like, OK, I've watched enough. I've trained myself into thinking I can actually play it. And then I went out the other day and was like a seventy three on a nine hole course. It was off.


So I, I think it's so much more fun to bed on and do the daily fantasy stuff than baseball is. I have a lot of problems with that. The the daily fantasy of baseball he met. Well, just a shade against it, like, oh, I love that guy. You know, Cole has the highest salary and then he gives up seven runs, at least with the golf. It's like this four day commitment. You can not if you not if you have Dustin Johnson, it's on a four day commission.


Dustin Johnson's out the golf.


You only need six guys to baseball is impossible. There's way too many guys, too many to fill. But the other thing with baseball is my team traded the best everyday player of my entire lifetime to another team who then proceeded to side him for almost 400 million dollars or whatever it was. And it's just a bummer. He's twenty seven. And then I have my two Dodger fan friends who are texting me today and they're like, wow, Mookie's incredible.


I'm like, I fucking know. It's like, wow, his at bats are really he is really something. I'm like, yeah, I know. I watched him for five years. It was the best player we've ever had in the outfield. It's pretty frustrating. All right, you guys, when you pancuronium really quick and then we'll go. Yeah, sure, you want to go ahead? No, I don't have one, I need to I need to think it up real quick.


You know, we try to I'm trying to think my youngest, Harrison, who we call Harrisville, because someone forgot the end when they were doing a craft in school and he had to wear this smock that said Harrisville. And he cried and I made fun of them for months. Still to this day, his best.


But he gets back at me when he throws tantrums, like on the beach. I find a nice spot on the beach. We have a whole acre to ourselves. We don't have to wear masks and he acts like a little asshole. And then. And then it's time to leave. And I'm like, you know what? Let's get out of here. We're leaving right now. And I grab his mask out of the sand. I'm like, put this on.


We have to walk home, Mike. Put it on. I throw it on. We're walking. We go about a hundred yards and a wife realizes that's not his mask, his mask off in the back.


Oh, I grabbed a frigging random mask from the sand, which isn't too sterile as they go and throw it on him. And she attacked him with, like Clorox, Gatorade, bath all over the head and still scrubbing his face. And I. I look like a jackass for the last week or so.


So. So you you grabbed the wrong masks in Manhattan Beach. You have no idea where the other masks came from, how long it had been there, anything. It was a similar mask.


He had a black mask with the Seth Rollins logo or whatever design on it. And I grabbed just a regular black mask from the sand, which was by my feet. So, yeah.


So don't don't do that. How how old is hair? So, I don't know. It was like a zoom drive by somewhere. Well if he's if he's under ten, he's fine. Under ten is indestructible. So you could do anything with it. I think he's under ten. I'm going to check. I think, I think the think is that's a relief. My son, when he was like three, he basically sliced his pinky finger off and it was like dangling.


And within three weeks it was like could completely regenerated and healed. Like, the kids are amazing. It's crazy. We can't just take their blood and hemoglobin and just solve all issues that we have in. I would just like the three year old blood cells, so. Oh, I forgot to ask, was there tears from your wife? Was this an actual did she actually cry?


I don't think she did. She she held back. She was on such a mission to save his life as we had no idea what was going to happen. But now no tears yet.


Wow. OK, I'll go because. My son is I think he might actually be at Children's Hospital now, so I'll I'll go backwards. Oh, you know, my son broke his foot playing football and was in a cast for the first six, eight weeks of the pandemic. And then it healed and he slowly worked his way back to become the maniac that he was before he got hurt.


Not a lot to do during a pandemic. Not a lot of sports, not basketball in the backyard, stuff like that, all of a sudden skateboard skateboarding started happening. And it started to happen in the backyard and then the driveway and then it was, I'm going to put my mask and go around the neighborhood and then all of a sudden him and his friend Luchi, who, you know is the rap group Tic-Tac Melatonin. Now they're going to skate parks and it's just kind of evolving as everyone loses their mind during the pandemic.


And my wife and I are kind of like, when do we throw our bodies in front of this? We don't. And he starts being editrix. He's starting to, you know, send us clips of things. And we're just like, this is so needless to say, yesterday he he hurt his foot. He might have a broken bone in the other foot, a different foot, which we're finding. Yeah. He might have hurt the other foot.


He's like the Bill Walton of sons. And it's his fault because he wasn't wearing the white shoes and his shoe rolled and and now is that now he's quitting skateboarding. But we know he's not going to and. This pandemic is just like how do you parent your kids after a while, you can't stop them from doing things that they're so bored there's nothing to do. And and now it is like the inevitable skateboarding injury. But the moral of the story is, I hate skateboarding.


I hated it before this happened. I hate the kids who do it in L.A. They always look like little shits that need to have their face slapped. And now my son is one of those little shits and hurt his foot. Well, don't worry. I mean, everyone's going back to school in February, so we're almost really close.


Yeah. And then they just the house they announced the last week that the all the high school sports got pushed to the spring, basically. Right. So my daughter allegedly is going to have soccer starting at the end of February. But the club's not moving. And then it's like either pick between your high school or your club or you be able to do both. And nobody's going to nobody's going to govern any of this. And you're going to have these kids unless they have good parents who actually look out for them in these situations where they might be playing like five soccer games in a week or six lacrosse games in a week or whatever, because they're going to be trying to juggle the two things.


And the coaches on both sides are incentivized to get whatever they can out of the kids. People are going to be it's going to be like an epic run of injuries for everybody. There's nobody governing any of this stuff. I mean. Anyway, house, I don't have any particular anecdote, I just wanted to share the the the parent failure aspect of this and you just hit on it. I mean, the kids are under duress. So, you know, we have the number of days a week that he actually changes from pajamas into clothes to go outside of the house as opposed to pajamas into more pajamas.


That's a five and a half days a week. That's like, you know, if you set the overunder at five and a half a number of days and he goes pajamas to pajamas. And the other aspect for sure is like we have turned into his his like waitstaff because he basically goes he has his his circuit is the basement, where a fortnight is the second level where he plays robots on a computer and then outside when we threaten to starve him unless he goes outside for for 20 minutes, the vitamin D, vitamin D, that's exactly right.


But, you know, when he's in the house and he's occupied with with the games and everything, he has food allergies. And so we have his whole life, you know, been kind of insistent about preparing food for him. So now he he he tells us when he's ready to eat what he wants, he goes through a menu. I like the pasta with the red sauce. And can you please add the ground beef today? Oh, is that what you'd like, your your highness?


No, no. Today can you get the tater tots? I want the tater tots from this particular restaurant. And I'd like you to make the Tenderloin. I'd like the Tenderloin. You know, like, well, what are you talking about, you son of a bitch. Go in there and get a piece of cheese. I get your cheese out of there and feed yourself. We even took the cocoa pebbles and put them on a level where you could pour himself a bowl.


Guess how many bowls this has been. The boxes was there in that place for two months. We said you go pour your own bowl, Kokopelli. Guess how many bowl of Cocoa Pebbles. He's poor for himself.


It begins with a Z and ends with a zero zero. So, I mean, this is and you know what? I'm fine with it. I really. What is there to fight? What are we what are we going to argue about that we're all just trying to maintain? And if he comes out way ahead, you know, living the better the life the nine year old wants to live, then then God bless one of us is happy and I'm fine with it.


Simmons, let me ask you, which would have higher odds going into this that I have a son that's six foot one or that house has a son with food allergies?


It doesn't seem right. In any case, has this allergic to not eating? Yeah, right. That as a kid with food allergies, I would say you're your giant mutant son. Is is definitely that that's the favorite. He's checked. Every time you post an Instagram photo of him, it looks like like a picture of house next to George Mirasol. It's embarrassing. I don't understand it anymore. It's not funny. What is what's been the situation with the with your oldest son and his significant other?


They're still going still going strong and you're letting them hang out, trusting that they're not seeing other people. They're just you know, I know you're doing the same. Right. Yeah, we have we've we've been really careful, but I think like everybody else, it becomes this thing where. You pick like that one or two couples, families that you can hang out with, you extend your circle and you kind of trust that they're not hanging out with whoever.


And it's really interesting who gets let into that group because it can't be like seven different. You know, it's just like wide open who you hang out with. Right. And I have some friends that won't hang out, some especially in the East Coast who like haven't seen any of their friends. They're just like come out. So this till we get a vaccine, I'm not seeing anybody. We've we've kind of been a hybrid of that. But we've let my my daughter's boyfriend has come over a few times.


Yeah. This is the way around threats. Aren't we all hypocrites.


Like, very, very, very few people are playing by the rules, whatever their role. Right. I mean, I set rules and then I'm like, oh, I need to walk down the stretch without a mask so I could talk on the phone. But I just have to if I see a person, I'll throw it up and then somebody runs behind me like, oh wow, I probably should have had it on there. But it's so hard.


It really is hard. And nobody agrees on anything. Like we can't agree warehouses in Washington and nobody can agree on schools in our own community.


It's still 50 50. So, well, now we're putting teachers in the position to have to make decisions for their own safety and whether they want to teach, like, God forbid, anybody over anything, it's been the most discouraging year of all time, at least in my lifetime. And just the fact that we could have handled this in mid-March and we went through all the shit we went through for those three or four weeks to be like, all right, cool, everybody, let's do this.


And then most people did it and some people. And now it's worse. Yeah. Oh, it's like a fucking war zone right now.


By the way, we're going to look back at this third week in July when we were pretty sure our kids weren't going back to school. I was like the Renaissance period because we still have an election and everything else and craziness and wait till we hit October or November. And everyone's like coughing from the flu.


But you can't trust that it's the flu or whatever it is S. S sound. I have Mayor Garcetti, who has been on this podcast and who I liked. Yeah, but any any hand L.A. and California handled their business perfectly for I think for at least the first six to eight weeks.


Mm hmm. But now he let Garcetti let everybody kind of become normal again way too soon, and we had this disastrous Memorial Day weekend where the beaches were fucking packed, the bars, the rest, the indoor dining, all that shit. It was like nothing had happened. And then, of course, now it's a disaster. And he had this quote the other day was like, I'm very, very close to having another stay at home order. Yeah.


It's like, just fucking do it now to other stay at home order. What are you waiting for? And he clearly doesn't want to do it because then people will be like, well, this is your fault because, you know, you and Newsome and all the people out here, this is your fault that we're in this situation because you told everybody to go live their lives again before, you know, and it was a mistake. So he doesn't want to go on the record with the double stay at home order.


But guess what? We need another stay at home order. Yeah, it's so frustrating. At least now most people realize that this is a real virus that transfers to people. And it seems like that is at least a known thing. Right. Like young people are getting it now and people in their 20s and 30s and undeniable that this virus exists and it's bad. Yeah, like that. I was trying to think like from our leaders, like, OK, if you're laughing at the prospect of wearing a mask, you must think that it spreads just by coincidence.


Right. Like what's how is this getting around? How is this still alive and stronger than ever? Six months later.


Five months later. It's so depressing. I mean, I mean, we have two times as many cases as Brazil. Yeah, like what the fuck we're supposed to be, you know, we're supposed to be a number one seed in the tournament of just people who countries that know their shit. We'll get it together. Well, at least we have sports guys, strong fourth quarter coming. At least we have golf. We have basketball in the bubble.


We probably have baseball for another two weeks. So they fuck that up. UFC is around, you have around.


So I'm going to go make three hot dogs. I'm going to go three hot dogs on the grill and that will help improve my outlook on everything. I thought you allergic just don't rank them. Not me, not me. Don't rank your donuts, whatever you do. So when does how many football games, how many regular season games per team are going to be played this year?


That's so funny because I did talk to a guy in the NFLPA and he's like, yeah, get used to your favorite team forfeiting to two and a half games.


It's like, oh, how much is that going to suck? So I don't know. All I know is locking in is back on Monday with or without sports.


We're in that studio.


We're wearing masks every minute. We're not on the air. And where are you?


In a studio. Why don't you all do it remotely? It doesn't make light of that, right.


Saying that we're never in the same shot except for maybe a couple of squares.


You know, we have to prove that we're OK and we can move through this.


All right. So lock it in. And then your podcast is launching on Monday. Extra points go to more details to come as Louis CK in your life.


Louis CK is setting the press release on Monday. Baby doll daddy yelled about the first couple of drafts and. Yeah, so we're getting that done, too, right?


Yeah. You're not allowed in our house.


House house is. I know he's all your house is a whore.


He'll go, he'll go wherever he does. That is a fact. I just want somebody to lend me a million bucks so I can bet against the Wizards seven. How to get out of that? Well, we'll ask people out there. They do go fund me for houses. They do it. All right. House it? S a pleasure, as always. Good to see you guys talk to say good job. Good job by everybody's.


All right, thanks to Zipkin, thanks to Sound House, thanks to Fandor, thanks to simply say, if they've got everything you need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional home security, set it up for yourself in under an hour. No technician required no contract, no pushy sales guys, no hidden fees, no fine print. All of this starts at fifteen dollars a month. Had to simply save dot com slash B.S. Get a free HD camera for my listeners.


Simply say for two hours, simply save dot com slash B.S. to make sure they know we sent you. I am not doing a Sunday podcast this week, but that is the last Sunday where we will not have a podcast. So this is coming back on this feed on Tuesday there. Be watchable on Monday night and then next week, even though things will will never be totally normal, at least for a while, it will feel a little bit more normal.


We have real sports to talk about and we've gone back to three podcast week on this feed. Enjoy the rest of the week, enjoy the weekend. Stay safe. Repeat, stay safe.