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The following podcast is a dear media production. Hello, everybody. Good morning and welcome to the podcast. I have some excellent fucking news for you. You don't have to listen to me talk in circles for this episode. So this episode, I am joined by Jill Zarin and her daughter, Allie Shapiro. We reminisce on simpler times, Real Housewives in New York, bat mitzvahs, wedding protocol. It's just what the world needs. It's a light, fluffy palate cleanser.


I'm currently in Napa pretending that I know jack shit about wine, trying to keep the rosacea flare up at bay because baby doesn't do well with excess tannins.


A Somalia she is not. I have probably consumed in my early life approximately six hundred and fourteen boxes of Franzia, the red blende, perhaps some relo, also fucked with a zinfandel. So the darkest of times. I have some exciting news. You will not have to listen to me and my multiple personalities ramble on and regurgitate, you know, rain woman style for the next couple of weeks.


Next week I am podcasting with Carolyn Stanbury and Alex Cooper from Coller Daddy. I'm so excited. We're going to get shitfaced. She's flying into L.A. It's going to be a whole fucking thing. Cannot wait.


But until then, here's a little kibbitz with me. Jill Zarin and Alli Shapiro. Enjoy.


OK, I am sitting with one Miss Ikon, Jill Zarin and Alli Shapiro, ladies, very, very exciting.


Jill, when you slid into my DMS, I got to tell ya, I was a few cocktails in and I was very, very elated and very happy.


I was glad it was me.


I figured I got to tell you the truth, I was living well. You know what? I really appreciate it, Ali. I really, really do.


And I want to. I want to. But she does a lot of it for me.


I just tell her I'm like, just how is the quarantine been going for you guys? What time is it? What day is today? Who knows?


Yeah, I would say we have our ups and downs. It's hard for me. I got rid of my apartment in the city and it's been rough, but I feel like it's so much has changed. I mean, you started a nonprofit or go funded. You started this massive business like it's the past six months beyond, you know, our routine and our living arrangements, like our whole world has changed. I know.


I mean, I can't believe that we've been doing this like four to five months at this point. And you guys are in Florida, right? Yeah, we're in Boca Raton, Florida.


Oh, I love Boca. My dream as a little Ashkenazy Jewish woman because I am L.A., the great body.


That's why you live in L.A.. Well, thank you.


I see myself in Boca Raton in a tunic like having Mowafi lives on the beach with like a wide brimmed hat. By the way, I have a Grandma Gloria too. So that's pretty much your future.


Yes. Oh, my gosh. Grandma Gloria. The best. The best friends. It's the life I've always dreamed of. Yeah. It's a year I dreamed but never expected because why would you be in this fight on twenty seven.


It's a bit early for my retirement, but are you dating anyone, Ali? I tried. I had a date on Saturday night. Oh, let's wait a few weeks because you might have had a coronavirus scare.


You've been familiar with it. Very familiar. Yep. Yep. But it's been hard dating in a quarantine.


What's the Boca man pool like? Like I think of just like elder Jewish men in condos, which is kind of hot.


Yeah. Trying to go after the New Yorkers that came to Boca temporarily.


There you go. The right. She's looking for the other weapons that are running around town. You know, the grandchildren, the grandchildren, too.


Oh, yes. I like that angle. I like it a lot. It's not the only one. There's a lot of people down here from New York.


I imagine it could get very competitive in the streets of Boca.


A lot of people I think we're back at some people and I think we not started this business. We might have gone back.


Yeah, you're probably right. I mean, New York is looking safer and safer now here to Florida.


I know Florida's like on the fucking rise. On the rise. So stay inside, stay safe. Make sure you covered test before you're dating.


Now, Jill, I know we're not going to be the Real Housewife horse to a pulp because I know that's really fucking annoying. But I do have to ask you something. I was watching Watch What Happens Live. And Derinda made a shady comment about you.


I guess you said that you were supposed to go to the Berkshires and then you were disinvited and she just didn't give it any like she just blinked into camera. And pretended she didn't know you. I love to work so well together, and I think that was probably just a miscommunication. She was joking with Andy when she said, who's that? I mean, obviously well, I'll be honest. I'll be honest and I'll take it. I was hurt when I saw that.


I didn't even see it a few days and I saw them posting on an Instagram. But whose children like it really hurt my feelings on behalf of my mom. You even tell me she saw it. So I got upset and it was shady. Yeah, I posted a story on her Instagram. It just got too personal. Like it like a broke some privacy, some of the TV show anymore. She's not. She shared my text to her.


She wanted to prove that we were good. Oh she did. Basically what happened was, is if you want to call it shaded her, told the story from six months ago. But I had reached out to her a month ago to see how she's doing the two months ago and how she's doing, which is to keep your senses behind. Because when I talk about the show, it's something that happens. It's what happened six months ago. And I felt like for a day then or two days or maybe a week, but I'm beyond over it.


So, of course, I called it two months ago to see how she's doing, doing what I like to do and I want to make sure she's OK. So she's taking a lot of heat this season, too. I mean, people are really she's like being villainize left and right and, you know, probably rightfully so to a degree. But when you're going through a hard time on camera, like it's kind of a weird one.


I like a hard time on camera, too. And it didn't go over well. You know, I had season three and that was not good. It's similar to what I'm seeing a little bit with different. I didn't see this week's episode, though.


But I will say, as a consummate professional in vintage Real Housewives of New York, because when I tell you that I watch those old seasons over and over and over, not alone, I love them.


What do you love about them? Is that the crazy, stupid clothes we want? I mean, all of the above? No, I got to tell you, there is something so comforting about watching it back from the beginning. I just did this weeks ago. I started season one all the way through. You know, when Cindy Barshop came into the mix, I had to piece out she was she wasn't right for the show and she could have quit.


She didn't have enough time. Yeah. It just wasn't it. She I'm sure she's a lovely woman, but she just it missed for me. And then you had the Avivah the swan song, The Leg. That's when I kind of tapped out and I popped back in. I miss all those years, too. It's you don't need to see it. You do. But you don't. You know what I mean? The first few seasons of The Real Housewives of New York, there was something that was so authentic about the relationship between you and Bethenny.


That was the first real friendship that you really saw on the franchise, in my opinion, like felt familiar to me.


And I just the the irony of what's her face, Alex McCord in Simon and that dynamic, they were the best, but I miss them on the show. He was hungry, thirsty, whatever you want. And and it was OK, you know, and they were they were where I was probably ten years before because I was older than her more. So I went through all that social climbing, wanting to be whatever they wanted to take a picture in the paper.


I went through that totally. That's hard to find to go through that, because that's how they found me. They found me. I'm one of those social diaries diary, which I wanted to be on because I don't know why. Insecurity. I don't know. Why do any of us want to do that? I don't know. So she was like us ten years before and all judging her was like and it was great. He's so funny. He and Simon are the best.


And Bethany had such great one liners. It was really. And Ramona I mean, I love what they say when they band broke up. It was very sad. It was very sad. And I mean, Ramona has been so consistent from like so consistently inconsistent from season one to now.


She hasn't really changed beautifully batshit crazy in the best way with her.


I'm just like, well, what I love about Ramona is that she didn't change due to pressure from other people. Now, like people didn't like what she said or whatever. She didn't kowtow and change. Right. She she is. I like them. I respect that. I want it. At least I know who I know. I said I know who I am. And I and I said, why?


But what was your favorite tag line of yours? I don't remember them all.


I remember the time in the circle. Everyone loves that fabulous circle of so good, so classic. It's so true. I did. But are you one of Ramona's 50 best. Girlfriends, oh, no, no, no, you don't make the luncheon, the ladies who lunch at the filming that I'm invited.


Oh, I am not invited.


That shit cracks me up. I got what's changed a lot about the show is that they're breaking the what they call the fourth wall. Yes. What do you see? A little inside behind the scenes, which I like. I do, too. Half of the fights that happened ten years ago, the boardwalk, but they couldn't say they made up other storylines to kind of pretend it's something else and not because what was happening off screen. So I like that they break the fourth wall when necessary.


Well, what's interesting, too, about watching old seasons back now is because we do have, as a viewer, so much more insight about the fourth wall and what happens behind the scenes. And it's interesting to watch now when you and Bethenny got in your fight knowing you can put the pieces together, that a lot of what was wrong with the dissolution of the friendship is what was happening with filming. And you can't say that. So it creates this like that, which is very public.


I've talked about it before. It so many years ago was I think it was when we had a big fight, the phone call was she was on the street and I was in my apartment to go in and I called her on speakerphone and I got crucified for that. Yeah, well, let's speak about how you influence the what how else, which I did not know they were filming her. Right. As it were, only with me. Nobody told me that she had a camera.


So when she called, I didn't know there was a camera crew, which I was. So I thought it was due. I'm doing you a favor. I put her on speaker so that the audience can hear. Yeah, that's it. I got crucified. So like sharing it with Llewyn, it was to let the man in on it. It was to let the viewer in on it. And there's nothing you could do. And that's just that's just the way it is.


And I had to live with the consequences and it hurt. I mean, you know, there were a lot of cover, but there's so many good things that came out. But right now, the woman I keep saying to at least like, you're welcome, I invited you to be with my friends and my friends circle for this weekend.


She's really saying I invited you to be on the cast a hundred percent and anyone with half of a brain cell can put that together. You might have known that many, many years ago. So it's like a code word. It's code words.


Yeah. My circle of friends, my group of friends, a.k.a. my classmates, she put a number on it. I think it's very funny what people will say. Well, now get down to fifty nine. I guess not. And so for the rest of her life now it's going to be people are going to be conducting themselves or adding themselves. Well I have sixty one. I'm your new best friend so that can't be that at least made you see that.


Oh my God.


I just saw it and I explained her good storyteller. OK, Jill, buckle up.


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She did a cameo and she's talking shit about Ramona and all of a sudden Leah, new housewife comes in at the end and says basically like she can't find a man because she shits the bed during sex. Oh, that's so. And obviously this cameo went viral. So does this mean, hey me? I don't like that I got time like that. I would say, yes, I do. I like Leah. I think she's great on the show.


I think she's a great addition. I think she's a breath of fresh air. Yes, it's. But I don't like that.


I didn't like it either. And it made me I mean, I was wildly riveted and entertained, obviously, because I was like, oh, my God, what is wrong with this girl? But I like Leah and I think she's fresh batch is upset.


She wrote something. Just being like this is tasteless. Like this is what our show's about. And I'm like, well, let's be real. This season's a little messy time. Allow that is what the show's about. And also like you already shit the mattress, you shit the floor. Like, let's not get crazy.


We were all in Cartagena and you were in there for at least three minutes of time taking the toilet with a chair. So please let me. I don't think it was nice. And I think that at the reunion show, it'll be blown up and she'll get an apology for it.


I hope so. I mean, that's. Yeah, I would not be happy if someone said that about me, but that's what at least this is like new fresh information. So it's just getting so messy. Olden days didn't get that messy.


What you may not know and I just found out that Andy Cohen did not know that A introduced me in no way.


Yeah. Wow. How weird is that? You imagine if we were all on the show together.


I want to talk to you guys about your masks and your Jill Zarin rugs. Yes, very exciting stuff. So I have a website. Jill Zarin Dotcom. Yeah. And about two years ago, I started a line and it's really grown. It started out as in drugs and very affordable, contemporary, clean Grey's beiges, maybe some proposals to fly kids rooms and stuff. And they start from like six to nine dollars to four. Ninety nine for nine by twelve.


Very reasonable. And by the way, Petru completely. My dog is. Peeing all of my rods all the time. She's actually not trained and I'm and it's no big deal because I just take a paper towel and it comes right out. It's really that easy anyway. And then I came out with an outdoor rug line, which I've been working on for two years because I needed to get the right. Maybe it's a long story. I one for you, but I didn't like the Navy because when I went when I was looking for an outdoor rug in the Hamptons, I could not find a good navy.


They were all these like like Blue's like my blue and white and navy. And then when I got the sample in two years ago, I said, I'm not doing it. I'm going to wait and wait for my Navy. I'll wait another year. And I did. And it was worth the wait.


Oh, I love that. I'm in the market for a new rug. I'm going to look, let us know. I'm like, let us know what you like. I really will. And then this whole thing just do a series of people that I know from from my living in the business and Vietnam and China, we were able to procure masks, not medical, not medical, but cloth. We use a beautiful, comfortable, really fine quality cotton masks.


And they have been and Josiane is dying. She talked about a thousand masks yesterday. My nails this. I can't get it out to get this stuff. Little hands tie dyed.


Jill Zarin face mask. I mean, come on.


A thousand yesterday I did it from about three o'clock till seven, had dinner for two hours and then from nine to one in the morning because we have somebody who is and we don't want to front liners and I have to make doubles. So every time when I make, I give away. That's amazing. Yeah, that's a very good point. That it's a two for one charitable special. Yes.


If you if your health care worker go to jail, is there any dotcom and you'll donate you a yes. Or if you fill out the form and for the health care workers, you're going to get it right.


That's great. I love that now because I have a Jewish mother. And you wrote a book. What was the book called again?


Secrets of a Jewish Mother. There you go. I want to solicit your advice. So I had some people write in and I just wanted to get your take on it. Let me just pull this shit up. What are some ways to make your wedding reception less cringe? Gee, I hate all the TLC Bridal happily ever after Princess Bullshit. Don't have one.


There you go. Don't have a wedding.


You don't want to know my opinion of weddings. I do a disaster on my big wedding person. I go after it like in this environment. Always saw I've been married twice, maybe once as a medium wedding like one hundred and twenty five people. The second one was just family thirty people. And even that gave me too much stress. But and I probably get married again and I'll have nobody just Ali. But I think for Allison I said this to her, take the money totally out of his family and have a small I want you to get the most beautiful, most expensive gown, whatever, because you have the most beautiful photos.


That's the most all you care about is the one photo. That's it. Everything like that. You'll never watch the video again.


I've never seen the video. I've been married three years. I've never watched my wedding video. How terrible is that? People start dying. You don't want to watch because you don't want to see all the dead people. So true that if I go back and look at my wedding album to Alison's father twenty five years ago, when I see how many people are dead or I don't talk to anymore, can't stand them all, just lost touch with death.


Yeah. Either way, I have no desire to look back. The only thing I would look back at is the one photo of me and my husband. Right. Yes, I told you I think she still has a bar mitzvah dress and the Barbie doll of the mini bar mitzvah dress. I don't know what I'm doing with that.


I still have my bar mitzvah dress as well.


I have it for your daughter because she gave it away by other twenty years from now. I think it'll be different trends in. Not necessarily anyway.


I just I think, Ali, what was your body? Is it Batmitzvah sorry. Batmitzvah theme?


Oh, it's not politically correct now, but, you know, it's time to talk to you now. I know it was Ali. That was Ali and the Chocolate Factory. OK, so what's wrong with the actors?


I hired actors as Cleophas. I definitely did. And I had a Willy Wonka actor, and he that he was the emcee and I had a dozen orange faced uncle up at the party. I'm not apologizing. They made money. It's not their managers. There were slave wages. I didn't ask them to up. But I'll tell you something, I probably wouldn't do it today, which is really a shame because they need work, too, and they need to make it was the year two thousand five.


By the way, I backed that shit so hard I cosign on the entire Batmitzvah, I think, eh, it's genius. B, it's funny. And anyone who doesn't think that's funny, current day is missing out on life because that's fucking hilarious.


Oh, you have no idea. I'm just saying I'll give you some pictures. No idea much. But you know what? I have one daughter. Yeah. I knew the wedding thing was not going to be about me, about her, but it was about me, of course, all my friends, all my family sharing with any of my 20 friends and campgrounds. One hundred one hundred for like three hundred grand. Now, I had to to keep up with you at one hundred.


OK, I guess we're at it where I had it that I forgot B.B. King and be in Times Square. Oh and funny side note. So my mom was before the Housewives but it was a big socialite and whatever. And I told everyone that I was going to have a performer. My mom told me for years that I was going to have a big singer. Everyone thought it was going to be Beyonce's.


Christina had asked me that maybe in Times Square, right off the bat mitzvah, like there was super sweet sexy on MTV. So like that, right. The surprise was, oh, no. Oh, child, things are gonna get easier.


No, you don't owe a child. Things are gonna get easier. How do you their supply banned from the 60s. Oh, my God. Year song wunder one hit wonder. Yeah, I old. I loved it. It's a very depressing song that is so is about better because it was about the mom.


That's why I said I like three weeks before and I was like that big a deal. I had a big band too.


I mean it wasn't just oh my God, you're thinking like s club seven.


It's going to bust out very embarrassed. She had Carnegie Deli Lovett doing at the appetizer like they are closed now. They were there, too. I had a whole Carnegie Deli setup and I had Jamba Juice set up. I had it's a brand Coldstone Creamery set up with their signs, everything. You felt like it was insane. It was so great. But the reason I think they became one of the reasons was No. One, I didn't want to do it in a performance or place or a hotel or all the places.


Everybody but no one had done a mitzvah there. I wanted her name in lights on Broadway, and she got her name in lights and it said, Happy birthday, Ali. Oh, look at that on Broadway.


I love bar mitzvah reminiscing moment. It's my favorite thing. I think it's a new segment on the podcast. I'm going to ask anyone that's Jewish what they did on their bar mitzvah because it says everything about everything. I want to take a second to talk to you guys about Vizi. I have to be totally honest. Even Hawking vizi like it feels. I love it so much and I'm almost trepidations to even like promote it because I love it so much and I'm very territorial over my new favorite drink and I'm so afraid that it's going to sell out at my local store and I will lose my goddamn mind.


But here we are. So I have never, ever, ever enjoyed a hard sell until I started drinking vizi.


I thought that they just tasted chemically and gross and I didn't like the flavors, so I tried vizi and my mind was goddamn blown.


Not only does it taste amazing, the flavors are incredible. This drink vizi has something that other hard seltzer's don't. And that ladies and gentlemen, is the antioxidant vitamin C so it makes the choice super super easy because if you're going to drink, why not have a boosted immunity factor, you know what I'm saying? So it has Assadullah cherian it, which is a super fruit with thirty times more vitamin C per cup than an orange. OK, there's like five thousand different hard seltzer's to choose from.


The only one I will put in my fucking body is vizi. They have such delicious flavors. The pineapple mango. That's my absolute favorite. I was kind of into the black cherry lime for a while, which I still am. That was my favorite. For a few weeks now I've transitioned to the pineapple mango, which I literally it makes me slip and slide just talking about it. Also, the strawberry kiwi is amazing. The blueberry pomegranate is Andrew's favorite.


All the flavors are like just elevated tasting. Oh my God, I put it over. Ice adds fresh fruit. It's so fucking delicious. It's got five percent alcohol content, 100 calories in less than one gram of real cane sugar per can.


You know that my happy juice is really, really important to me and I would never endorse any beverage that I wasn't obsessed with.


This stuff is the shit.


Upgrade your hard zeltzer with vizi to find out where you could purchase vizi go to vizi hard seltzer dotcom. That's vizi hard seltzer dotcom must be twenty one or over.


What was your game. You talked about yours. Unfortunately mine was.


I mean talk about delusional. I was like I want to have like a chic Batmitzvah so I want to go themeless. So I just want to be like starry night. I just want like mixed metals and stars everywhere. My parents are like, are you fucking nuts for the tables that the stars and like just like glittery flowers, candles.


Fine. Was on the table. Huh. What do you think was on my tables. Chocolate chocolate tables.


Amazing. I had that even I even did a golden ticket because we had a couple of friends that were supposed to be private school, but not everybody could afford a school. Yeah. And so I did. I had golden tickets.


Oh that is so. And they got flats and they got iPads. iPods. Yeah. Yeah, I gave them iPods.


Are you fucking kidding me. Yeah. Yeah.


Oh my parents. Really cheap toute I got to tell ya. But by the way, taking it away from the wedding. Yeah.


Because I think it's a lot of stress for people who are newly married moving in together, what have you. I think they need money more than anything. Yeah. And you look at it, I don't even want to go to weddings.


I think it's me, I hate going away. I don't want to go, I never get to see the bride and groom going to see because we have two guests, right? Going to play with their aunts and I'll go sit with a bunch of strangers. I want to know, do you know what I do anyway? Because I don't invite me. You know what? Nobody has to. And I said great gifts, so don't invite me. And I said, you're great.


But what about the audacity? Like, what is the protocol, in your opinion about people, couples who register for outrageously expensive gifts and they live in a studio apartment off Winnetka, but they need Airmen's China. I'm just wondering, like, how the fuck that ties in?


Well, because they're saving it for when they can afford a bigger apartment. So, yeah, I mean, I get that because they never got to buy. You don't buy your own or Miss China who could afford it. But if you could get everybody to buy a copy of this and you can piece it together, you know, maybe a parent say I fill in the rest of what you don't get. I don't like that vibe.


It's your only chance you're ever going to get it.


So I think it's Schnorrer E, but you don't have to pay that.


You get to pick whatever you want to save cash. Yeah, that's so true.


I knew someone that was registering for I mean one single salad plate was nine hundred and eighty five dollars and I wanted to fuck in Boston ball down.


Oh that.


You know, you don't know if her parents are very generous to give gifts and it was a gift coming back. You don't know if I do know. I'm trying to make her.


You know, I know it's it's not good. Schnorrer word of the week, everybody schnorrer in the back of secrets of a Jewish mother is a Yiddish glossary. And Schnur's for sure. Would you like to give the definition Jim'll a schnurr schnorrer. I know how to say it to somebody else. Teach somebody who wants more like trying to take nothing. A mooch smooch. Thank you. All right, I'll give you this one.


This one's not too bad. Fuck marry kill.


I don't get in trouble but go ahead pick Hemsley.


OK then Todd or Jason Hoppy.


They're not good. Not all of them now. OK, how about this one? What are your thoughts on Delinda's behavior in America, really?


He seems angry to me because you might seem angry because he's being defensive of his wife. So is that as part of any threat? I met him in person.


Do you watch any of the other franchises or not? All of them. All of them. But yes, I do. I tried to.


Isn't it funny you love what Atlanta does this season? I've been watching a little bit of Beverly Hills. I was talking about this recently.


I think it is so funny. The vast difference between New York and Beverly Hills, the franchises are so different.


Both of the production companies are very different.


Yeah, I mean, Beverly Hills is almost like a lifestyle show and New York is like Girls Gone Wild. You know, I never thought of that.


Well, truthfully, the women in California, I think married. Yeah, yes. To a Kyla's marriage. They're all married. So it's a new one, isn't it? Oh, Garcelle. Garcelle. That's right. And I don't even know that everybody else is married or they have small children.


Maybe so maybe they're just a little bit more reserved, all married. So they all have healthy, normal relationships in that way. Yeah. And New York, none of them are married.


Do you think they're hitting the sauce a little too much this season? I think they would say that they went on to win and win. No, Luanne's been good. I mean, last week she was a little bit self, admittedly, probably over served, but.


All right. Well, my friend, she just came out with a great line, I got to tell you. She sent it to me. And I've been using that mousse, that souffle. I don't know what they were dispensing. I'm so thanks. Yeah. Is like the nicest textured moisturizer I've had in a long time.


I wonder if Ramona is going to be upset that she's breaching this ageless skin care market.


I look at the war. I can't way. But I think another thing with Housewives of Beverly Hills in New York is that New York started from, you know, regular socialites like without the press, the hoopla to now celebrities, so many celebrities. That's true. So we're happy that family what Kyle was in civil right chapters, they were more successful in that way right there. Ramleh, they were famous. Yeah, that's so true. All the stuff.


Yeah. And I also think they were professional actors. I mean, some of them were actors, but they had to make the same squad and we didn't know what this was. Whatever I never had. And you could see if you go back to season one and you see by season, all my is such a horror. I got curlers, I've got people doing my makeup at too much on. I mean, it was ridiculous, not pretty mess.


And like they love that about her because she does it well. She had extensions one time and watch it offensive and all the headlines were just baseless because I put my hair in a high quality one. I remember.


Yes, I thought I look at my face when you do that right. Lipstick tighter, but Daury as a different haircut every single day. And it's not it's long. It's short, there's bangs. There's a pony tip from here to Texas. It's all over the place. Oh, jealous.


I wish I had hair and makeup in New York like that. We never had that. I know, but that was part of the appeal.


I think it was a different production company, just a different no stylists, no glimpse women. We didn't have stylists. We of they sort of I mean, nobody. And still rocking it out, though.


I mean, it's just a different I like that about New York. I've always said New York is my favorite, favorite franchise start to finish. I think it's the best one.


I think that I think the women's relationships were more genuine or authentic. I think they're more sophisticated. And it's just the funniest show that's ever existed on television, in my opinion.


Definitely a lot going on, especially this season.


I mean, I laugh beyond I used to cry, but now I'm well of you were crying. I was still laughing.


So I really appreciate your work on the show, but I thought really glad I did it. I had a great experience and it taught me a lot. Yeah, I met a lot of great people. I never would have met my career, this mass business, my book, all my loves. I wouldn't have had any of that. I don't think maybe I would have put those. Yeah, but that's in fact books that I could have expansive that really led me in a nice direction.


And Bobby really enjoyed it too. So, yeah, it was a time to be on it when I was. And it was a good time to leave when I did.


I totally agree. Well, cannot thank you enough. For what you gave us, you're so kind. Oh, listen, I want to give you something. Yes, there you go. I'd love to give your listeners and you 50 percent off on a mask's because everyone needs one. And for every one you buy, we will give one to a health care worker or it doesn't have to be health care. It could be any front line and just fill out the form on our website.


Jill Zarin. Com and what's the code? It's viable. 15 inch Bible 50. Love that. Thank you guys so much. Come back any damn time.


Oh, we will. We will love again. Thank you so much.