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In the morning, you wake up in the morning and I'm talking right, you're about to experience a morning show unlike my the with the audience for what you guys are doing right now.


It's the pop culture. Breakfast Club is my morning. I need it and I love it. Like, you're really not popping into the Breakfast Club and waiting to come to your show. Man, I really got to be a big time celebrity, but he's got to be got to be big time in into Angeliki and Charlamagne, the guy to the Breakfast Club pitchIN.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Anjali Communities Amby Charlemagne.


The guy Beasts of the Planet is Monday. You got your camera, man, I just seen the ceiling on the floor. Well, you know, I was trying to use the tripod, but whenever I use the tripod and turn the camera on the landscape, the phone slides right out of the tripod. I don't give a damn. I'm so sick. All of this. I'm so sick, Zoom. I'm so sick of tripods. I'm so sick of cameras having to be turned.


Landscaping ordered us to do this show. Can we please get back in the studio? And we at least been the last few months, the twenty twenty in the studio got them and we please. I don't think so, but you know, we'll see. God, I feel like we wanted the kids that can't go to school this year. We still we still have to make a choice on whether or not we're going to school. Are we going to be still doing a on virtual return home?


Right. There you go. You virtual learning. Somebody need to go to school. I mean, they need to be me. You know, we you know, Charlamagne and I live in Jersey, and I don't know if his school, his kids school sent the letter. But, you know, what they do is they want them to come to school in the morning. I believe it's 8:00 to like noon. Then they have to come home and do virtual learning from like one to three, which I don't think makes like my five year old.


Why are they coming home like they're in school already? That that's the weirdest thing to me. They already know they're right over my five year old daughter. They have the option of whether you can go to school for half a day for my 12 year old will be going to seventh grade. She has the option of either doing a virtual learning, are being in class. But you have to decide now because if you don't decide now and they've got to wait until January.


Right. Make the decision again and you can you just say yes so that at least you have the spot and then make up your mind later. That's a good question. I don't know. I really have no idea. That's what we did. We said yes, just in case. It's very stressful because you don't know what's going to happen next to three weeks, four weeks. You know, you really just don't know. No, you don't.


It's a very, very stressful choice. And it's one of those choices, especially with the twelve year old. Do you bring her in on the conversation? Which I did, because you already told me you don't feel comfortable going back, but now her mind is changing. So I don't know. I really don't. It's very, very stressful.


It's changing a lot as you see more and more commercials, more and more kids going back to school day for moment, book bags and books and pens. Yes. Oh, definitely exciting. And I'm confused. I don't know what to do.


I don't even know there's a teacher shortage. Also, I was going to say they were talking about believe shortage as well as teachers care about their health.


So they don't want to be there. And, you know, I do. I've been doing an annual backpack giveaway for four years now in my hometown of Moscow and South Carolina.


I don't even know if you're going to do that. Yes, it's virtual learning. So what do you do every year? Backpacks?


I don't believe we do until we do on a jersey. And then we do a rally where we, you know, use the cars to to raise money and we're still doing it this year.


But like I said, I don't know why we do it, because the kids are successful, but it's we do in the back way. But if they don't have to go to school, what's the point? I would rather do some type of normalcy, though. I don't know. I would rather know what you know, knowing that he was positive.


I saw that they had a dad once did. He went to this high school and knew he was positive. And the parents were saying, oh, we didn't quarantine him for the amount of time that we were supposed to do.


We messed up and see that. And I don't know, man, I got a bunch of stuff like that.


Like, you know, your child has covered you don't properly quarantine him and you sent him out to school with all these other kids that he brought up on charges.


What would you charge me be the well-being of others? Yeah, it really is.


Your teachers, you know, you have covid and you know, and you allow your son to go to school and and, you know, covid could possibly kill people.


Oh, Lord, this is stressful. Come on. Can we talk about something happy, at least for two seconds? This was just how he escaped for a second. Anything good? Coming up in front page news, the NBA playoffs start tonight, OK? Oh, that's good. That's good. OK, that's good. I'm here for that. And that's good Democratic National Convention. I'm here for that too. So that's that's cool. I'm with both of those things.


All right.


Well, we'll get into that next. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news when we start using.


Well, the NBA playoffs are starting tonight. Today, really? So you can watch basketball all day today. The Jazz versus the Nuggets at one thirty p.m., the Nets versus the Raptors at four p.m., the seventy Sixers versus the Celtics at six thirty pm and the Mavericks versus the Clippers at nine p.m. downtown in Bubble Lights.


Baby, we hear all day. I know you're going to have that on in the background if you're working from home, if you're home, if you have the kids at home.


So you have basketball all day. Now, the Democratic National Convention is here today as well. So originally this was set to take place in Milwaukee and I think it supposed to be last month, but this time it will be conducted by. Video from satellite locations across the country, so the line up so far has former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, former first lady also Bernie Sanders, Andrew Cuomo, Alexandria Castillo, Cortez, performances by John Legend, Carmen, Billy Eilish, Billy Porter, all of them will be performing.


So this is going to be a different type of convention. That's tonight night.


That lineup you just named is all tonight and it starts today about to say that's a hell of a lineup for night one. Jesus Christ, what are you doing? Well, this would be Kamala Harris, his first real introduction as the vice presidential choice. I'm sure she'll be delving into a lot of things that have to do with what they want to be proactive about for their campaign. Also, Biden wants to show voters he isn't the anti Trump. That's what they're seeing.


So he will be officially the Democratic nominee starting today. And he'll need to do a lot more than just talk about how much we can't stand Donald Trump, even though that's got a lot of people are voting for him.


I'm not I'm voting for him because I want I want a proper agenda, you know what I mean? I'm voting for him because I want him to actually pass legislation that improves our communities.


I'm a I'm an interest based voter now. There's also anybody, anybody that is Donald Trump. Now there's a new saliva based covid-19 test and they're saying that could be a fast and cheap game changer. They expect it to be around ten dollars and it could be available very quickly, like within the next coming weeks. So that it's from researchers from the Yale School of Public Health. They created the saliva direct test. And it's only going to cost a couple of dollars for people.


That could be a really great thing. No more of that swab up your nose and you can find out your results in less than three hours. The problem they're having now with the vaccine trials just to switch gears, is because they've been really slow to recruit black and Latino people. So they think that could delay a vaccine. Of the three hundred and fifty thousand people who are registered online for a coronavirus clinical trial, 10 percent are black or Latino.


But we make up more than half of the US coronavirus cases.


Why do you need black and Latino people? All you need is a human. You get you some humans that are down to take the vaccine and test it out. And if it works, then you come back and the black and Latino, white and black and Latino. The report first, why are we not first?


But they're saying they usually with these trials, they try to reflect the people who actually have something. So it reflects the population that's affected.


So that's scaring people.


When you start telling people that, you know, hey, so we want to try this on black or Latino, the screen, is the vaccine going to work different on black and Latinos as opposed to white people?


Like I mean, it's usually just normally when they do these trials, what they do in the trial is if 10 percent of people have it and 10 percent of people in the trial, you start other people, black leaders are saying it is a challenge to recruit black people into these trials because it does need to happen pretty quickly as well. And, you know, when we hear a vaccine trial, we're like, are you researching on us something? Never heard it at all.


Is that like when you got the flu, you got to take the black vaccination for the flu or you never got HIV or AIDS. You got to take the black vaccination order, you know, and I think it's a different one for different people.


They just want to see how it affects everybody. We're all humans. So it's huge.


As we know, certain people get things more susceptible or are affected more by certain things, you know, according to race, just disproportionately so. Yeah.


When unless the vaccine is impacting us, different, meaning that it's going to have a different effect on black people. It does. Why people then? I would also question why, but I don't see the need for them to just. Yeah, I don't see black and Latinos like I mean some people are trying to school me on why I need to know why that is necessary.


You know what? All right. Because if it works, it works. We need to know works.


And that is your front page news.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now. Phone lines are wide open is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. My name is Langston Kerman, and I love black people. I love them short, I love them tall. I love them thick. I forgive them when their booties are small. The only thing I love more than black people are the conspiracy theories that black people come up with.


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Good morning. It's just it was T.J. and we.


Good morning, you. Chessman police came to tell you this morning. You remember I called you guys last week. I to my lady, my accident. So Saturday I did it again. Oh, congrats, brother.


Graduation's came please up for black love. Got me. You go matters today. Today's her birthday. Happy birthday, Eric. I love you, baby. I mean, got you for the rest of the day that he catches for the rest of your life. Yeah. So I'm graduations too good this morning. I think I'll miss that. Thank you for your advice. I'm saying on Monday. Last Monday. I thank you for that man. Thelma.


Good morning. D.J. paying a what. I don't know.


But happening. Thank you though. This is his new moniker, D.J. Paige tape, D.J. based paint. Hey, hey, hey.


I like that. I like that. I like to go a little bit to get that job. Go for it. OK, hello.


Who's this. Hey, how you guys doing this year from Portsmouth, Virginia. Morning, Ashley Charlamagne. And this morning, real quick, he's getting real quick. I just wanted to say, sometimes I'm disappointed in myself as black people, we deserve to be treated equal and we want to be treated equal. But at the same token, we put ourselves in a box like, for example, Black Entertainment Television. If they had a White Entertainment Television, will be in the room.


I want to see how you feel about that.


They have a million white entertainment television networks. They just not called White Entertainment Television, don't they?


CMT, if they have Engle's ACMD is more than CMT is just country I'm talking about. Every other channel on television reflects white people in white society more so than blackness. So yes, we need to be. It was call. If it was called White Entertainment Television, it boldly we would be in uproar. But it is called White Entertainment Television.


It's called American Entertainment. American entertainment. American doesn't doesn't always include blackness. All Latino on this organ, this woman this OK, it's usually white reflection that we see when we hear American entertainment.


I think the problem is we have a lack of diversity when it comes to entertainment and television. And that's why it exists until things are more equal and inclusive and reflective of who we are as part of the population that will exist.


I saw a good show last night, the God damn love crap country on HBO. Oh yeah. My God, man, dropping bombs would love crap country.


My wife know. Would I be like him. I watch it. I want to watch this show. Love Crab Country. We watch this show, this club.


That's that's my type of show. I like I love science fiction. And when it's science fiction with a fully or mostly black cast, I love it. Great, great show. I'm all in for that. There was only episode one last night, but I'm here for the rest of the season. All right.


Well, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent. Hit is up is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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I was so young and frankly, I'm calling from Atlanta, Georgia. Oh, I get it off your chest, brother. I got two things to get off my chest. First off, you know, NBA playoffs coming up today, man. You know, I'm a Heat fan and I keep coming here and going to do mine. And I think we need a political spectrum.


Are we going all the way back to going all the way dream? Where are you going? I'm not going that way. I mean, Miami is good, but I don't think I can beat Milwaukee, not Toronto.


They can be. We beat Milwaukee every time we see stand in the air. I don't think I can beat them in the playoffs or Toronto. We don't see. But that's I mean, me. We go see, I got I got people to talk to me, talk to me. I mean, so me and my boys, we some independent filmmakers in Atlanta, right? Mm hmm. And we had a bunch of our fans pick you up about our little short film we put out to do a Marvel fan.


And we did a Marvel parody called Black in America.


He said, no, no, wait, wait.


You hit me up on Instagram and, you know, I don't be on the ground.


I mean, I've been on the ground, but I don't be like I just when my DMS idea we had met and we did everything, whether we tried to get, you know, you'll be Marblehead man.


Yeah, I definitely don't be checking my dams. And I see nobody in my comments talking to me about no Marvel film. This was like this is like a couple of months back. I was in time. I can tell you, don't be. Let me do. Because you don't have enough money.


I don't know how you pronounce his name again.


himI is like hit me up. But I lied and said Henry this morning so I could get through.


Hold on Brother Hogan. Everybody is out there. They don't let you through because you can't for nothing. Hello.


Yes, I am a large degree. I wanted to speak on my brother. OK, ok sir.


My mom passed away June 16th and my brother's been in like a dark space since then. And like Charlemagne is speaking of mental health for the longest. And I wanted to kind of cosign that. My health is very, very real. And a lot of millennials with, you know, my age bracket. Twenty five. Twenty seven. My brother is twenty eight. He just is really hard to like, kind of talk to him, you know, I mean, because his head is you have them light touch ground yet.


So I don't really know how to work, you know, certain things because his head spinning he hasn't really like coped with my mom's death so. That's what I wanted to kind of speak to do, you should you should set up an appointment with a grief counselor and you and your brother go sit and talk to the grief counselor together. You know, like you're just just just going to sit down and have a conversation with the grief counselor together. You and your brother.


You should set it up. You should set it up and be like, man, let's go somewhere real quick. And then y'all go sit in the grief counselor's office and just just have the conversation. Get it out, man. I feel your feelings. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that. Like your mother died, like, come on, you got to feel those feelings.


All right. But that's not something you can just tell somebody to get over, you know, get over it, have a good day to day.


Like now I met a man is allowed to feel his feelings for real. But I would I would set up a meeting with a grief counselor, art therapist, and just sit down and go ahead. Go ahead. That conversation with your brother, man.


Get it out for sure. All right.


I wanted to say that because he's been on my mind and I'm worried about him, but I appreciate the advice.


I can have a government in people eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time. Now, we got rooms on the way. Yes, and Frazey murder would tell you who is joining in the fight to help frisee murder. All right, we'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. But this is the report with Angelina Jolie's Breakfast Club. Listen up.


Well, Gayle King at one point had the opportunity to take over Oprah Winfrey's talk show and she decided against it. She was on the Drew Barrymore show and here was her explanation.


This was way back when Oprah had her show, when she was talking about giving the show up because she wanted to go into acting. So her plan was, you move to Chicago and will incorporate you in the show so that at the end of or a year or so, at the end of the year, then I can sort of pass the baton. And I was really imagine a huge opportunity. I was really excited about that. And the kids were you know, we were divorced, so they were still young.


And then I realized that that wouldn't be fair to them.


First of all, say what you want about Oprah Winfrey, but not too many people have thrown as many assists as she has in her life. And also, I respect Gayle King for choosing what's best for her family over our professional goals. I don't think you can ever lose like that because Gayle career turned out fine. You sure did.


Right. It was a decision she felt like she needed to make at that time. So now does a cat versus Nise. As you know, this last week was trending nice. Put out the song Ultra Black, and that's from his 13 studio album King's Disease, which is coming out on August 21st. And Dogcatcher started trending because of this part.


We're going to play unapologetically black stuff.


Let's go to Camp Magnus for this. Records don't. The fans started attacking Nas on social media and then dogcatchers on Tic-Tac, and it felt like she was about to address this. And instead she said this.


I'm so offended and upset by this song. Have you guys her fruit salad by the Wiggles?


Two things. First of all, those who can't absolutely bodied pom pom talk on City Girls album, that's number one. But just backing me one child canceling those, you can't because she made some racist remarks or something like I can't keep up with I can't stop partying.


So why are people mad at Nas with that line if she actually did make racist remarks? Yeah, I'm confused because it's the Internet. It's the Internet. Exactly.


I don't I can't even keep up with what kids are mad at nowadays. I thought those was over there and I heard her on polyfoam talk and I said, oh, she body this. But then I see people defending her because of what I said. And I was like, where were all those people when they were coming at her for saying she was racist?


I just can't keep up. I'm I'm an adult, by the way. I was recorded. I love it. I love it.


But I'm also forty two years old. So if it's not for you understand, I love adult contemporary hip hop.


All right. Now Kim Kardashian is planning to help free murder. And she posted about that. She said today I'm teaming up with Monica, Jessica Jackson, Eddie Haney to free Corey Miller. My heart goes out to the family of Steve Thomas. I can only imagine how hard this is. And my intention is never to open up this painful wound, but to help find the truth behind this tragedy. So she wrote on January 18, 2002, a tragedy occurred when a young man was killed.


The next day, Corey Miller was arrested for the murder. She went on to say he was convicted on a ruling of two and that if his trial happened today, it would have to be unanimous. And she said she would. Justice means catching the actual killer. So she's setting up with Monica in these efforts, dropping a bombshell, Monica, for being a real one because you know her see murder dated decades ago.


Well, clearly, they still have some type of bond. And for her to be out here on the front lines pushing for murder to get freed after all these years and they're not even together, they don't share no children together, nothing like that, just because just out of the goodness of her heart, that's that's that's very honorable. Absolutely.


Monica had posted previously, see, murder and I are blinded by truth, honesty and loyalty. There is never been a broken promise broken. And I vow to seek help. After a tearful conversation with Layla, she and I spoke to Kim Kardashian and I explained why I knew Corey was innocent. I said that there are lots of issues in Corey's case that speak to his innocence, including witnesses recanting their testimony, DNA not matching and attend to Jerry. Corey deserves to come home to his girls and be the father they need by the artist and Lita.


He's always been as well to spread hope to those who have experienced this. Also now, Corey, Corey Miller also wrote back and he said, Moses, when they took me, I told you to go live your life because you didn't deserve what the system was about to do to me. You still stood for me without me asking, created a team that could change the outcome of a very unfair fate. You have been forever true one in a lifetime, Monica.


God, I'm saying hashtag freakery.


Milot may ask yourself, do you have any excuse in your life that would hold you down like that? Some of your significant others now wouldn't do that for you. They wouldn't do for you what monarchy is doing for murder right now. So, so, so. So drop one of close bombs for Monarch.


And this is why you always got to treat you look your little girlfriends, OK, with some love and some respect because you never know when you might need them again in the future, OK?


All right, and congratulations to Anthony Anderson, he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right before his fiftieth birthday. That was on Friday. He said it's a hell of a milestone. And I went more than 10 people around me to celebrate my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was saying this previously. He was supposed to get the honor in 2019, but he changed it to coincide with his fiftieth birthday and looks like because of coronavirus issues, he was their checklist.


Ross posted it on social media. Martin Lawrence said, congrats to my brother Anthony Anderson on his message deserve star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kenya Barris chimes in with the congratulations as well. So once coronavirus crisis ends, he does plan to have a party. He said, we'll have a party on that star. I will go get a permit to shut down that part of the street just so we can have our pomp and circumstance so the fans in the public can enjoy it just as much as me and my family will enjoy it the day that it happens.


I salute Anthony and it's a lot of rain checks being taken this year. But I promise you, next year we're going, we're going, we're going to cash in on every single one of those rain checks.


Absolutely. Oh, absolutely. I want to guy. I know how he feels. I want the goddamn celebration. It's things that we got going on, too, that we want the celebration for to damn it.


Especially when, you know, worked hard and busted your ass all these years and finally, you know, get on it and celebrate it. And I want the party to. That's right. There's nothing you can do right now. You got to postpone it.


All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your Religion Report. I now see what we got in front page news. Well, we'll talk about voters in North Carolina. They have got an absentee ballot request forms in the mail and they have Donald Trump's face on them. I thought he opposed all this. All right. All right.


Well, we'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is T.J. Envy, Angela Ye Shall Tominaga. We are the Breakfast Club is getting some front page news.


Where are we starting?


Well, the United States Postal Service announced yesterday that they would start moving postal collection boxes through late November. A lot of people have been complaining because these post boxes have been taken away. And so they said there be no change in the boxes locations until after Election Day. Now, they had to remove these boxes because they said they got rid of them that were seldom used collection boxes, as people are not using the mail as much and it has declined.


So now they're going to keep those up so people can do their mail in absentee ballot voting.


You know, you I don't think it's crazy that the 44th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is trying to sabotage the 2020 election like he's attempting to steal the election right under your nose by not funding the USPS. And it doesn't seem like we the people are as outraged is we need to be over this and we make so much noise over Kanye West running for president and, oh, it's so dangerous. And, you know, this is dangerous.


That's what it is doing is absolutely dangerous. Absolutely not. Like like like what with the outrage, why are we not tripping, raising holy hell over this? Well, you've heard Donald Trump talk last week about the funding for the United States Postal Service. Listen to this.


One of the reasons the post office needs that much money is to have all of these millions of ballots coming in from nowhere and nobody knows from where and where they're going. Why it's so much I don't know, but that's what the Democrats want. But if the bill isn't going to get done, that would mean the post office isn't going to get funded. And that would also mean that the three and a half billion dollars isn't going to be taken care of.


So I don't know how you could possibly use these ballots. E mail in ballots, absentee ballots, by the way, or find.


Now, voters in North Carolina have been getting absentee ballot request forms in the mail, and they have Donald Trump's face on them as well. So the pandemic has led to high levels of voting by mail. But Donald Trump is trying to restrict this method because he said it's filled with fraud and abuse. And these are claims that has been fact checked multiple times by CNN and which are largely without merit. But Donald Trump has been criticizing these email and voting methods for months.


So a lot of people are confused. What's the difference between absentee ballot requests and mail in ballots? Because it kind of is the same thing, right? I have no idea. I don't know. I don't know.


So every USA does allow mail in absentee voting, but typically only under certain circumstances. So in the past, if you were deployed with the U.S. armed forces, if you were going to be out of town on Election Day, if you were sick, then you could do the mail in absentee voting. But after the pandemic, at least thirty five states have changed their mail in absentee voting policies. That means all voters apply for an absentee ballot to cut down on the risk of spreading the virus.


So some states are calling this the absentee voting, no excuse absentee voting. So you don't need to explain why you need an absentee ballot as you have in the past. You can still vote through the mail.


All I know is I don't have energy of. Oh, no, go ahead and say the same energy. I'll give those you get another Jayco telling no name watch. I don't consider running for president. Outrage over why all those things all make all this noise over. This is what you should be really making noise about, because when they're taking away your fundamental rights right under your nose, what will they take next? I'll scream and say, whoa, whoa, boy, I'll sleep on what your president is doing right now in regards to blatantly suppressing your vote by not funding the USPS.


All right. Kamala Harris had this to say about voter suppression. There have been laws put in place specifically to suppress the black vote in America and recently including and it's going to be no different for this election in 2020. And I'd ask everybody to to ask this question, why are they trying to suppress our vote? Is because they know when we vote, things change. This isn't even suppressing the vote, though, this is a this is straight up murdering the vote, taking a vote the way it's just taking.


This is a head shot.


This is walking up to you and putting a gun to your brain. And by blowing it, you're pulling the trigger. OK, this is a straight up ahead shot to democracy.


Do you know what the number one reason that an absentee ballot is rejected in America is?


Why if they don't have to fill it out. Oh, it's late. OK, a late ballot. And as you can see with the postal services, there's plenty of delays now, is there? Taking away funding, taking away mailboxes. So a lot of people are very concerned about what's going to happen, you know, in the hundreds of thousands of ballots were rejected for that reason. Yeah.


And Trump has said out of his own mouth it will hurt his mail in voting, will hurt his re-election. And Republicans across the board keep telling you, I am taking away these mailboxes. I am not funding the USPS because it's going to probably cause me to lose this goddamn election and everybody just sitting around twiddling their thumbs like, oh, OK, yea, we don't even know what to be outraged about anymore. You know, this is something you should absolutely be outraged by this.


Something should be on social media making a lot of noise about right now.


All right, and Donald Trump's younger brother, Robert Trump, died on Saturday at a hospital in New York. Donald Trump said it is with a heavy heart that I share. My wonderful brother Robert peacefully passed away tonight. He was not just my brother. He was my best friend. He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.


Do we know why? What happened? Because there were speculations. But did they ever say the cause of death?


Well, I know he'd been sick for a while and he was admitted to the hospital. And they were I guess Donald Trump went there because he knew they said details of his illness have not been released, but he's been sick for several months.


God bless them. I didn't know Trump had a family. I didn't know he you know, he had siblings and stuff like that. I thought he was hatched from an egg. I didn't know that he actually had people around him that maybe he cared for and cared about him. How was his brother? Seventy one seventy.


Something that you can be tough on them right now. It's got to be tough having that last name. Trump, right?


Mm hmm. All right.


Well, that is your front page news. All right.


Thank you, miss. Now, we were discussing Monica INSEE murder. Just give people a quick rundown of what happened with Monica and see Simone.


What they did used to date, and that was before the murder went to jail. And Monica is still on the front lines trying to get him released because she said he was wrongfully imprisoned for a murder that they were.


And there's all kinds of discrepancies with this case, eyewitnesses recanting their stories. So now she has also recruited Kim Kardashian to help in this fight.


You need to ask yourself, do you have any exes in your life that would hold you down like that? OK, some of your significant others that you would right now wouldn't do that for you. OK, what what exes do you have that would absolutely hold you down in that way?


Or would you do something like this for your ex?


No. What have you done? No, not not even just have them. But if you knew they were innocent at that time, their DNA didn't match witnesses recanted their testimony. And you like this is the person that went to jail. And I know them. They at one point had a special place, you know, in my heart, and I can do something to help them. Would you help?


All right. Well, listen, I think I think most people would you think something and that's in that scenario you rolled out.


But I mean, that's also a reason why, you know, you've got to treat, you know, all your little girlfriend and your little boyfriends. Good. Because, you know, you never know. Even though you may not have worked out as a couple in the future, you might need this person. So clearly, you know, she always treated Monica with the utmost respect because she back riding for him decades later.


But we also have to ask this. You know, it also depends on the situation now. You know, I don't know if Monica was was still married and had a husband, would she still be fighting for her ex like that?


Oh, why are we doing all these? I'm just asking, can we just deal with what is just. I'm just asking. I'm just asking. This is what's what is what's the question? Oh, I guess the question is you touchy.


What would you do that for your ex. All right.


I mean, if you were married because you're married, like it's a little different if you're single, you're like, yeah, Rafaeli, I know you're not helping. That bitch is.


Yes, it's a little different, but let's open up the phone line eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Would you do for your ex or Monica is doing Fassie murder. Let's talk about it is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


To pull out your phone call. And right now you call me. And joining into the Breakfast Club to break it down, one hundred five eight five one five one, The Breakfast Club. It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five zero five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is C.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about Monica and see murder. You want to give me a little update on what we were discussing? Yes.


Monica is actually helping see murder try to fight his case. Freekeh murder. She's locked arms with Kim Kardashian, Jessica Jackson, Eddie Haney and all those who believe in him. She says that she knows that he has and he needs to be able to come home to his girls.


She said there were witnesses who recanted their testimony and DNA not matching and attend to Jerry Ludi, Jessica Jackson.


Jessica Jackson is part of the Reform Alliance dropping to suggest she gets busy.


No getting getting people out of jail, out of prison. So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one, would you do that for your ex and do you have an ex that would do that for you? So let's start with you. Would you do that for.


Actually, I wouldn't go like all out like that.


But you might I might refer to his current girlfriend or somebody be like, here's a good lawyer for you guys, you know, good luck. Best of luck to you. Maybe I mention it on the Breakfast Club one time and do a poll one time only.


OK. What about you, Charlamagne?


You know, in the words of Malcolm X man, I'm for justice.


No matter who it is for or against it, I can't see no reason why I wouldn't get involved if if it's an injustice, because, you know, if it's a black person, it's a black person, a black person going through that situation, regardless of if it's my ex or not.


Yeah, I don't I don't see why why I wouldn't. Right. I probably would be like, you know, I wouldn't be like all in, you know what I mean? I don't even know if I would put a blog post about it, but I would definitely point people in the right direction, you know what I'm saying? And I would I would not would mention it. I would even, you know, have them on the Breakfast Club to discuss, you know, that being my ex would be maybe a little little sidebar, but but yeah, I wouldn't stand in the way.


Now I'm you know, I might pass a name around it, too, but I ain't doing nothing doing the post. Where you talking about it now I but what if they really, really were wrongfully convicted of something that, you know, they didn't do.


Yeah, I'm, I listen I can being in right. I'm the envy because we said we would help a little bit and talking about him because he's a nice guy.


I mean, like I said, I passed a name around here too. But see, but then you also got around them to tell you, because then you also got to think right. And then you, your wife going to be like, so you're fighting a lot harder for your ex. It I just don't want them problems in my in my in my household. But like I said, I would help pass the numbers around.


But now I also may also be like your wives might also be like, you know what, that is a messed up situation.


So now I also don't have any exes that, you know, comes the right like I like Monacan. See murder, you know, clearly have a history solid relationship. They have history, like you say. They're bonded in truth. Like, you know, she is very honorable what she's doing.


But I don't have that with anybody. Correct. I'm saying that is true, too. There's no feeling there. Yeah, there's nothing there.


But it's very hard, like I said, is very honorable that she murdered and Monica's still have that that that that kind of bond because, you know, most people don't don't end well with their just like we had a tail in the room earlier, our producer.


Hey, listen, I love you. And she said, praying for him, maybe an option after I pray you and if I should pray for him. But, you know, I wish you good luck.


So, I mean, I don't know about I respect.


But let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? Samantha. Hey, Samantha, would you do for your ex with Monica? Don't foresee murder?


I actually yes. I was married and my father was actually in some trouble and I went to court to fight. I pretty much did like whatever I could. Oh, yes, he did do it. But I feel like it was totally justified. So, you know, it's interesting.


No, but even in your situation, your share of child, right. Monarchist, emergently Mashad child.


So I can even understand you, you know, doing what you did, you know. Yeah. Yeah. They have history to have a relationship. Thank you, Mama.


Hello. Who's this. Is my my. What's going on bro. Would you do for a while. Monica did see murder for one of your exes.


No one trying to make the trip see. And on top of that mountain and will from that. So we'll tell you what.


OK, bye everybody fall.


You know I'm in the shower.


I'm taking of time to goodness. OK, how are you taking a shower and at the same time explain. So there's no way you could be in the shower with the bathroom. What do you got for me? Shower running. Would you take it a do. Yeah. You call it. Oh you do that. He definitely called us from the toilet this time. US no.


Made it seem like you have a shower when our toilet in the shower. Oh I just got out of work.


Oh my bad know you know he probably had to run to the bathroom and go bad his house ten minutes ago.


Go before I got that you realized you had to poop. How are you guys getting worse than getting in the shower and then getting out and having to poop. Waste of a show. All right. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


We're talking about Monica and see Murda Monica. They she's dated see murder. I mean, decades ago, but she's still fighting to get him out of jail. Would you do the same for your ex, call us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. I know this is your first me and your opinions to the Breakfast Club top.


Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one five one morning, everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about Monica and her ex murder. She's still fighting to get him out of jail.


And we're asking, would you do the same? Hello? Who's this? Hello? Hey, what's your name? Because I'm just in New Jersey. How are you? Hey, Cassandra from New Jersey.


We're asking, would you fight for your ex like Monica is fighting for murder?


Oh, absolutely. When you when you get the sense that was shown in the back of Chronicles that the security guy was kind of like deceived into signing the document that he signed. And that happens all the time and happens all the time. And unfortunately, a lot of young people end up killing each other because you get labeled as a snitch when all the time they put paperwork in front of you, you trust that is whatever they say it is and you sign it, then the detectives will go back and tell the other person, look, he signed it.


He said, you did it. So this happens all the time. So when I was watching The Chronicles, I was like, oh, I hope somebody get on this case. But I also want to know how can we outside outsiders help in this this whole initiative that Monica is doing? Like, can we sign petitions coming by letters? Because I really want to see this young man get another opportunity to prove that he's innocent because. Right.


I'm sure I'm sure Monica posted something. I saw her using the hashtag freakery. Miller, I haven't I don't know, maybe we can hit up Reform Alliance. It's called Freakery a freedom fight.


I don't know because I'm not that savvy. I'm just out on Instagram and I'm not happy with it. Right. But if you guys can get that information because I'm very much into this, I mean, I do it out here in Jersey myself with the young guys go to court. We don't write letters. But if we can find out how we can help her, how and also how we can help Kim, because I do think this young man got another chance.


He really does. I think, Monica, you know, whether it's an actual you know, it's the right thing to do. It's just the right thing to do, guys.


All right. Well, soon as we find out, we'll let me know. Maybe we need to have Jesse Jackson armonica on the show.


It is the right thing to do. And she said it all right there it is the right thing to do to help a person say you didn't even know him at all and you wanted to see him just because, you know, he's an innocent black man.


I get that an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


So, you know, you should be for justice no matter who is for or against. I just come by the Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X quote. I get 100 black points for that.


Hello. Who's this threat? Hey, where are you calling from? Miami. All right. Now we're asking, would you do that for X?


Would you hold your X down like Monica's holding C murder now?


No, sir.


But if he was innocent of a crime and you could help him kind of reparations for all the her, you are reasons for further hurt.


My goodness gracious. Well, thank you. Make all for me because I know that a good person. But for them, they'll cheat. Right.


The whole world out here. Hello. Who's this. Hey, what's what's this project for. Orlando, Florida.


OK, hey now where are you going. Out right quick. Right. What you were talking about. Will Monica go ahead like a lot of time to get a lot of people forget about America, don't fall under the rug and just say, man, forget about life, forget about you. But then I think that guy's great when a girl is big enough to hold him down. Man, I really appreciate that man. But I was in there for a while, man like me to the point I was locked up and my girl turned up back on me.


But at the same time, I, I feel good that somebody is holding the fort for some of those locked up.


You know me well. You anything that's real. Yeah.


I want anything. I want anything. I want anything. But I got out and I started a whole new life and me and my wife, my new wife moved to Baltimore.


We all went to bed so now can go, hey, I just wanna say this real quick before you go and talk to you and you tell him about all the platform. But I said I was a good movie. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's me. And I want it was good, but I thought a whole lot of what I thought is real good. There's somebody holding somebody down. He locked up because when you know, you ain't got nobody a guy.


I agree with that. Like they ain't got nobody else in this world to live for what just very possible for them.


And there are things that I think is I'm glad you guys very honorable. I'm glad you got your life. Again, the two and came home and put it all together, started a business and made the most out of everything. All right, moving the house, you got a house by a Salaman you could do, man, if you do. All right, Barbara, thank you. Appreciate you. Can you I think it's very honorable.


Monica is doing just that simple.


Really have to think about how long Martin has been locked up in, like, you know, he hasn't had any vocal advocates in a while, you know? I mean, don't get me wrong, people have always rolled for policy murder.


But we live in an era where you have to be loud about things. You have to be loud about, you know, things that you want to see change. Like we put our outrage in the wrong places all the time.


So it's good to see, you know, Monica using her voice in her social media presence to seek justice for see murder.


Right. All right. Well, what's the moral of the story?


The moral of the story is, man, in the words of Malcolm X, you know, I'm for truth. No matter who tells it, I'm for justice, no matter who is for or against. So what Monica's doing is very honorable.


All right. Well, you've got Romans on the way coming up. Yes.


We are going to talk about Katt Williams, and he's done a new supreme campaign that's gone viral. We'll tell you what he's talking about on there. And it has to do with politics, Black Lives Matter coronavirus and Donald Trump. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Even if you take the. Well, Omondi Suboxone is going to work.


This is the rumor report with Angela on The Breakfast Club.


Well, Carol Williams video was trending yesterday and this was for Supreme. It was it actually a supreme campaign ad. And he talked about a lot of different things. It was like seven minutes long. One thing he talked about was Black Lives Matter. Here's what he said.


The president is a clown who will say something that makes sense to me in my household. I will if you need me to say something dumb real slow so you can get it. I'll do that. Watch how it goes. Gravity is real. You notice how people start hollering bananas matter to not the time for that. Let's stick on facts. Black Lives Matter, period. You can say you at home say I want to apologize if some people have seen civil unrest and didn't understand that civil unrest is what happens every time a place is ruled by the people and the people's needs are not being met.


Now, you also made sure that he encouraged people to vote. Here's Katt Williams talking about voting for 20 years.


I told you, the police is out there hurting people all they want to believe me. Y'all just got the whole time. I was just glad I made it out alive. We are going to get rid of racism this time once and for all, no matter what has to happen. Folks, I have no right to tell people to vote. But I will tell you that even if your choices were as dumb as Hickory Dickory and don't even know where your only choice is, I would ask you to make a choice.


Stand to make changes, folks. You can make them there in your own home no matter how you put to use your platform.


Katt Williams.


Yeah, and you know, we always are encouraging people to vote to. And by the way, Levi's has teamed up with Rock the Vote to help get as many people as possible registered and ready to vote this fall. You have to do is text Levi's to seven eight eight six eight three. That's how you get registered and find out key dates and voting how tos from Rock the Vote. So make sure again you are registered to vote and that you do vote.


All right. Just putting that out there. Now, Kanye West has tweeted to Kamala Harris about how it's an honor to run against her. He said, I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends. Congratulations on being the Democratic vice president nominee. I love and respect from the future president. It's an honor to run against you. Oh, please.


Your dumb ass down, Kanye. Like Jesus Christ. Get out of the way. You're in the way right now, you know, I mean, those white people are using you. I didn't realize that Kanye was put on the ballot in a couple of states. I guess some of the swing states, Wisconsin and Michigan. I mean, you got to know about them.


Yeah, but you got to know when you're being used, you know, I mean, it's the same thing is when you know Jill Stein, Jill Stein took away like two percent of the vote from Hillary back in the day when Ross Perot took away some of the vote. I mean, even if Kanye gets like one percent, two percent of the black vote, that could that could swing an election. And it's a reason they put you on in just a swing state.


So don't you why don't you have a conversation with him now? He is he said it right now. I don't think I was.


I'm the type of president. Whatever I say to you, to you, I'm definitely going to say on the radio as well.


Now, Bernie Sanders had to let people know that he did not sign this petition to get Kanye West on the Wisconsin ballot because his name was among the several contested signatures that was gathered by Kanye West. And he was on Meet the Press and he said, I cannot confirm Mickey Mouse, but I can tell you I certainly did not sign that petition because Mickey Mouse, his name was also one of the questionable signatures on that ballot. Mickey Mouse.


Yeah. I just think, you know, I mean, if Kanye cares about black people the way I believe he cares about black people, he would remove himself from this election, remove himself from these ballots and not let the GOP operatives, you know, use him to to potentially give Trump another four years. But I do like the fact Kanye West has been running around screaming about power dynamics. Dr. Claudia Anderson's book, Dropping Bombs From My Man, Dr.




Oh, no, you've never read it.


I read Kenya Barris is producing a Netflix documentary, and that's going to be on Ben Crump, attorney Ben Crump, our civil rights attorney friend. And so he's one of the creative brains that will be behind that. It will feature some of Ben Crump's most notable cases, how his career has impacted the civil rights and racial justice movements. One of his first standout cases was representing Trayvon Martin's family after George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. And now he is working with the families of Brianna Tyler, George Floyd and Amar Aubry.


I think that's dropping includes a box of candy bars for doing that. For attorney Ben Crump, somebody like Ben Crump's work needs to be highlighted because you know what's dope about that?


When people see that, when kids see that, it might make them want to be an attorney to an attorney to be.


Absolutely. But it tells the story. It tells the true story as well, because the first time a lot of times people want to hear attorneys, the first thing they say is, oh, ambulance chasing. And they forget about the work that these people put in, especially attorney Benjamin Crump.


All right. Well, I. Manjula Yea, and that is your boomer report. All right, thank you, Mr. Charlamagne. Who are you giving that down to? I need Donald Trump to come to the front of the congregation. We have to have a word with him. And I need all of us to know when to get outraged. This is a time that we should absolutely be outraged. All right. All right. We'll get into that next.


Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. Would you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say, get that son of a bitch off the field right now? He's fired. He's fired.


Please step up to the congregation. Yes, you are. I don't love Donald Trump. When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. He's a jackass down here today for Monday, August 17th, goes to a celebrity in chief, Donald Trump. Listen to me, America, and listen to me good. The 41st president of the United States of America is trying to sabotage the 2020 election, either attempting to steal the election right under your nose.


OK, Donald Trump does not want to fund the USPS because of mail in voting. I repeat, the president of the United States of America is opposing much needed funding for the United States Postal Service because he doesn't want to see it used for mail in voting this November. This coronaviruses pandemic has led to what CNN describes is record shattering levels of voting by mail. And Trump has said out of his own mouth it will hurt his re-election. And Republicans across the board, you don't believe me.


Listen to him.


One of the reasons the post office needs that much money is to have all of these millions of ballots coming in from nowhere and nobody knows from where and where they're going. Why it's so much I don't know, but that's what the Democrats want. But if the bill isn't going to get done, that would mean the post office isn't going to get funded. And that would also mean that the three and a half billion dollars isn't going to be taken care of.


So I don't know how you could possibly use these ballots. E mail in ballots. Absentee ballots, by the way, are fine.


Over the weekend, letter collection boxes, mail boxes were actually being removed. The USPS said they will stop removing them, at least in Western states until after the election, but they should have never been getting removed in the first place. Yesterday, I saw mailboxes with locks on them and I'd say this collection box has been locked, do not attempting to open or use America. We now live in a country where you'll want to be dictator as president is sabotaging a basic service and hundreds of millions of people rely on all because he's scared he's going to lose the election in November in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, which we are in because of this administration's piss poor handling of it.


By the way, instead of allowing Americans the right to vote safely during a public health crisis, he's killing your right to vote. Is it is oppression. This is murder of democracy. Straight ahead, shot one dead.


The temple boom from a man who's already considered an illegitimate president because the election was stolen in 2016 allegedly have come to the conclusion that people really have no idea when to be outraged.


Why? Because we are so busy being outraged about every little thing that don't matter when big things that actually do matter happened. We don't even know what to do. The same energy. Y'all give those your cat for racist comments, the same energy y'all give J. Cole for telling no name. Watch your tone, the same energy. Y'all give corty in Michigan for making songs about their life. OK, all those minor things y'all make noise about on social media that don't really have any impact on your life, that don't infringe upon your civil liberties at all.


You know, y'all can hash tag and ring the alarm about all that, but not on the fact that your president, Donald Trump, is trying to steal another election. OK, one of my really good friends, one of my business partners, Marvet Britto, dropping a cruise, and Marvet Britto, she always says we as a people major on the miners.


And that's what America is doing right now, majoring in the minors.


It's incredible to me that we live in a society where the media and people on social media is outrage.


To Kanye West, running for president is louder than Donald J.


Trump blatantly attacking the post office to not suppress the vote, but to kill it. And I said earlier, straight ahead, shot back.


OK, y'all talking about what Kanye West is doing is dangerous. And it is, but it's levels of dangerous. Kanye don't have no power if Donald Trump is willing to take away your fundamental rights right under your nose. Well, what civil liberties will he take next? OK, y'all scream and stay woke. But maybe y'all need some sleep because when you sleep, when you two woke, you get tired and you don't make great decisions when you died.


OK, because I don't understand why y'all don't have the Trump is over hashtag going. Why aren't y'all raising holy hell, in a way it is about what's happening right now. What the USPS. OK, your mama, daddy, grandma, granddaddy. Hell, you can't get your medicine because Trump is abusing his power to keep his power. Y'all got to stop telling me vote and don't matter, because if it didn't matter, why the hell did they go so hard to keep us from voting?


Now, listen to what Nancy Pelosi had to say yesterday when asked if we are going to have a free and fair election this November. Listen.


So let me ask you very bluntly, are you confident that we will have a free and fair election this November?


Well, not if the president has anything to do with it. Don't risk your health vote by mail, but if you do so plenty early, the cause within this administration is an attempt to make sure your vote doesn't count, a.k.a. hell, no, we're not having a free and fair election.


OK, I hate when Democrats don't. Straight, the reason Dems don't tell you the election won't be fair is because they think that will discourage you from voting America. I think we are smarter than that. OK, if you let me know what the white man is trying to take from me, I will fight to keep it OK.


I love doing what white supremacists don't want me to do. Whatever a white supremacist is trying to take from me, I will hold on to and fight for wherever a white supremacist tells me not to go. I'm going because that is what fighting against a system is all about. OK, listen to me, people. JFK once said the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.


If we don't push back on this and push back on this hard, I mean, raise holy hell about the fact that Donald Trump is trying to steal another election by not funding the USPS, there is absolutely no telling what basic rights, what basic freedoms will be taken from us next. Please wake the hell up. All right.


I don't know what you got to do to care. Maybe you got to call them Don just to get outraged. Maybe you need to call them Donald Tetteh. OK, maybe you need to be mad about President Trump and his wop. OK, what for him stands for wack ass president. All right, let's be real. OK, let's be real outraged over that wop the whack at president the same way we fake outrage over and Meg's wop, OK, that that would have put him and a lot of us enjoyed this weekend.


By the way, please let Kathy Griffin give dope.


Forty five a.k.a. Donald Trump, the biggest Sehar.


Please give this giant Jaromil the biggest heehaw.


By the way, I don't want to talk problems without talking solutions.


I saw a good brother, Michael Eric Dyson, post this and I want to do it.


If you text us to five oh four oh nine, they will send letters to your senators and representatives and support of the Postal Service takes USPS, the five oh four oh nine, OK.


And they will send letters to your senators and representatives in support of the Postal Service. And when you text USPS to four or nine, they send you open letter to the U.S. Congress that you can sign yourself has already got well over a million signatures. They're trying to get to two million. So, yes, text USPS the five, all four oh nine to send this to your senators and representatives and support of the Postal Service, because this is insane.


This is insane. All right. Well, thank you for that donkey today.


Now, when we come back, Louis Gossett Jr. and Stacey Tisdale will be joining us.


We'll talk to both of them when we come back. So Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Everybody is T.J. entry into Luigi Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, he has some special guests in the building this morning. That's right. Stacey Tisdale. Welcome back, Stacey. Thank you so much. Emblazed good to see you.


Absolutely. Also, we have Luis Garcia. Junior, welcome, sir.


There you go. Right. Did you like to go with a man who may be born cool?


We don't get the credit. You don't get the credit you deserve for making board cool unless we get at least get some feedback. But, you know, I ruined my great stuff because my next job is going to be in two weeks. So if we get that scruffy look, I your next job was this. Jobs go three weeks just comes from Australia.


And my wife is surely beginning with the last minute that might have been your last that you might retire.


You're never going to retire because you still got your plans and the lives that you're not playing in this, just do what I tell you to do. So I just go down, get quiet and find out what he has left. What I like, I like. I think one of the conversations that watch me really started was about black Wall Street. I've heard a lot of people saying that they want to actually do a black Wall Street production because of a watchman.


Oh, absolutely. To the people first, nothing about all the riots that happened. But as an act, I started doing research on our history. That's not on the screen. There's nothing on the screen. And that was one of the biggest ones. But then there was also the largest court martial artist in the history of the United States Army out of Houston. And there were Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders up San Juan Hill and Spanish American War. And they came back and they came back as heroes, but they didn't do the black hero.


So they created the space station and they put a band together to get them new outfits so that that little these black soldiers came up with the best stuff. They need to go back to this new fort, back a little better town. And then two days later, some servants were being mistreated by the police and the soldiers at the end result was that the largest 15 on to this is Michael Jordan's place where they invested some money because some African fishermen to come to North Carolina, and that was before slavery.


They're experts about fishing and building boats and houses. And they did so well that just like Tulsa, they had all the money. The folks came out of the woods and killed all of them, this feeder. So when you do research, you'll find out more about yourself, notwithstanding all of those things notwithstanding. You don't know that. You don't know how deep the original your culture is in Africa right now with Stacey Tisdale.


I know you guys are doing a real estate reset. How did you guys get together? One of the directors of Watchmen is a good friend of mine. Nicole carcel Oh. Oh, that's great. Big tapestries. She's here. And Nicki's a white woman. And she and I were away with our kids actually last year. She's telling me about this show that's like bringing up things like reparations and all this stuff. I looked at her. I'm like, do you know that this has got this can start a national conversation?


Of course, it's gone on to do that and more. But what was so amazing to her was that she and Damon Lindelof, who actually created this HBO series, had never heard about Tulsa before. They read the script, you know, 90 percent of that stuff had never heard about this before. They read the script. So if you're familiar with the original Watchmen comic strip, the enemy was nuclear attacks on Egypt on history. You stumbled into this one?


Yeah. When Damon was hate, when he read about Tulsa, it was like, holy crap, I didn't know about this. Millions of people aren't going to know about this. He decided to make racism the enemy and he ended up getting more than they ever realized. And that's opened up a conversation about racism. And people are anxious to learn. And Angela and I started this campaign called Real Estate Reset to try to close the housing gap and to get more blacks into homeownership.


We feel like we actually have a shot now because people are open to learning, people are open to education. And like Nicky, once people learn there, they'll want to learn more about systemic racism. So we're trying to kind of trying to jump on this opportunity and educate people to get more blacks into home ownership of you investigated what racism was embedded in the first place. Let's talk about it. Yeah, OK. First civilization ever recorded on Flint.


In Africa, as you know, the name Marco Polo, for example, that he went to China first because he is one of those about 20 different countries discovering the world, it Columbus came and discovered the new evidence or even make a long story short. They came to the shores of Africa around Ghana, and they came off of the boat. And those Africans were studying and husbandry, astronomy, medicine, and they had been doing it for hundreds of years.


And there were large what look like guys from the NBA. So they made a decision that if we could take this, all these diamonds and gold and it's an established civilization. So they figured all out about this because if we let this go, we won't run the world. That's the European concept of the world. So they said we have to study this and make sure it never takes over again because we have taken over this. So now today, if you travel Europe and Asia, you will see elements of the symbolization in every major city in America.


You have been taught that at schools. That's the schools. Everybody should know that everybody stops. When you get everybody on the table talk about their culture, you mix those together. We will have a pandemic at all because we take about a philosophy in Africa that kept them being first the most successful. Everybody in the family had something to do first for the benefit of the whole tribe didn't cost any money, but what you did was for the benefit of everybody else.


So that's why we're still here. That is in our DNA. So if you want to survive, is that the money is going for the benefit of your whole family, the whole city, the whole neighborhood, the whole world. The answer to all of it can just repeat that. One part is the guys that you said the benefit is the one that for the benefit and then the tribes that Africa, as you say, three years old and able to walk, then your job is to get to the beans and the cherries and stuff and you put it in the middle that everybody got all that.


You are giving up the goats to get cattle and but it's for everybody. And then you get older, then you start putting food. You put that in the belt. Everybody else always do it every age in that truck. So it was a self-contained amoeba. That's the first time that European this facility which was met with the head of the oldest head that had ever discovered that it's not the main job. So now it was kind of a parallel happening in Europe.


If we don't do something about it, they couldn't take over because we have. So racism began with that. It didn't have to begin with that. But it is. So when we dismantle it, we're dismantling it for the benefit of us all. There's no time to get revenge or just to be chosen with your power and intelligence once you remember what it is in your DNA to lead us all from mutual suspicion.


We have more with Lou Gossett Jr. and Stacey Tisdale when we come back. Don't move us the Breakfast Club.


Good morning, E.J. Envy. Angela Ye.


Shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is still kicking in with Lou Gossett Jr. and Stacey Tisdale.


Charlamagne, always wonder how the world looks to our elders when you see Kamala Harris become the first black woman woman of color on a major ticket. How does that make you feel based on what you've lived through and what you see?


I'm so, so proud of that woman. I've known her for quite a while and I'm proud of her. She's got Jamaican rights roots and the rest of the world is ahead of us as far as racist, because we are reluctantly giving up racism, because people have been doing this but died in the blood that they are superior is nobody's superior to anybody else. But it's going to go away when God wants to go with what we have to learn some stuff, no type of violence, no time for really a demonstration.


Just don't know who you are and make sure that church under to God.


What do you think about all those those protest and rioting and looting? What are your thoughts on it?


Well, you see, what happened is that the protest was was started way by some people who don't agree with us.


And then all of a sudden they expected, just like in the old days, this time square would be full of black people. And then they're also true there. So that side and not only that, it backfired, but it was a positive step being one man. What people with the liberty of us all, that is a step in the direction that it all belongs to all of us. So the bottom line, for example, politically, there should be no child in the world that, you know, that's a good free medicine, free clothing, free shelter, free education.


Every child should have at least that until at least nineteen years old, one generation. And the changes we should have that start with these eight black kids. Twenty five. No, that's what we need to take care of our children the best way to do it. That's a job, especially in St. Louis, Cleveland, which we take them off the streets so that the next generation is better than the generation before. But we're still have to still angry about the injustice.


It's a trick injustice. The debt ceiling is the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that one day we're about 12 years old. The truth is that America, America will follow the concept of the Declaration of Independence, which is the magic, and we can lead the way to that. So we are instrumental in the growth of society almost globally because we don't just decide to do that. Let's not make money so important that the money will follow.


I guarantee you know what you talk about quality of life and what I like about that, since we are talking about this real estate. You said you had a home, that you found out you were constantly getting sick and you found out there was sick mold in your home. And I think about all the kids that grow up in environments where they're breathing in toxic air, the water is unclean. And what that means for you and some of that stuff has been done to us and to others it was done to the Jews and the Irish, the Italians.


And all of that is the mandate that doesn't work anyway. So that means the end of conflict. We have to put up the conflict. I'm better than you can come to a get together at the table to save this planet for so long. Go in.


I know you guys are doing something where you're trying to inform and trying to teach minorities, specifically black people, how to get into the real estate game and on the properties. And, you know, we talk about it all the time is a lot of things that my parents weren't able to teach me because they honestly didn't know. Our parents don't know how to invest because nobody taught them so much about them that they were excluded as babies. And we wouldn't know because it is extremely important to know what are you guys trying to do to make sure that our community is I'm going to say catch it up because we're so far behind.


How are we catching up to to our other counterparts? You know, people say no blacks. We don't know about financial literacy. We don't know about these things. And look at what black people have done with so little. I challenge that notion that when you look at the fact that, you know, we're talking about home ownership here, black homeownership is at an all time low. But when you look at what we've done and you realize things like the government made it illegal for us to buy homes and a great story.


One of our guests in our show premiere show of Real Estate Reset with Senator Cory Booker and his parents bought a home in New Jersey. They tried to buy a home in New Jersey a year after the Fair Housing Act was passed. They had good standing. They had to actually have a family go in and pretend to be them to get a mortgage because they had good credit. A white family go in the bank wouldn't give them credit. And then when they actually came to say, hey, you approve this loan and it was us, they sic the dogs on them.


This is in the late 60s. And when you look at what I've done since then, it's really incredible. But what the opportunity that we have now is coming in showed us that this is everybody's problem. Absolutely. Black, white, brown, yellow. Everybody has their economic supply call nineteen and white covid showed us was how disproportionately it hit the black community. So the reality of it is, I don't care. You know, Mother Nature is changing us all, taking us all her own way.


And within 10 years of people of color are going to be the majority population in the United States. Black people are a big part of that. So what if the question people have to ask themselves, what does this country look like if the majority population is in the lower end up the wealth gap that everybody's problem is because of things like Watchmen? I'm anxious to know, OK, what can we do? What should we do? We've partnered with Rocket Mortgage and they know you're going to see expertise from Fannie Mae, from all different people to teach blacks how to prepare their credit, how to understand mortgages, how to partner with the right people, but also in Washington to level the playing field.


But I think this one was saying with protests and stuff, we have an opportunity to do that now. And that's what a real estate reset is all about, because we. Everybody has to fix. Absolutely.


Thank you so much, guys, guys, and if anyone wants to join our real estate research community, you can go to Rockit, mortgage, dot com, Igla and everything and our shows on the Breakfast Club, YouTube channel, real estate reset.


God bless you all.


The all the Breakfast Club.


B.J. N.V., Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club, let's get to the rumors. Let's talk The Breakfast Club.


She's feeling the heat. This is the room, a rapport with Angela Yeo on The Breakfast Club.


OK, well, congratulations, guys.


We made it into the Radio Hall of Fame, dropping bombs for the Breakfast Club.


All right. And Angela Charlamagne, the God first valid radio hall of Fame was talk to us.


Nice from now on. OK, we want to hear no back talk. No disrespect. OK, watch your little stank upper lip when you talk about the Breakfast Club from now on. First ballot radio Hall of Famers.


OK, well, congratulations also to some of our colleagues who have made it in a.. Listen up for a second.


We go, we go. Everybody go get them. But, you know, I'm still waiting with my guy. Will will be 19 as you drive. When it cools down. Kyra Martinez, strap on a bomb to sway Calloway. Who else? Donnie Simpson and Donnie Simpson, by the way. I got us all three of them should have been in the Radio Hall of Fame.


Those the icons of the legends who inspired me. And I'm sure you and me, I'm sure you actually as well.


OK, but all right. All day, all radio shows.


It'll be two years in December for us. I love us or hate us. Don't act like this show has an impact on society in some way, shape or form, Jack. All right. For any of you who have been entertained, informed, inspired by the Breakfast Club, thank you. OK, that's how we do it, for we would be nothing without your salute to our radio one on five, every single radio station that syndicated the Breakfast Club premiere radio networks and most importantly, the millions and millions of listeners who listen to us every week.


I don't even know the exact number anymore, but millions and millions of listeners will listen to us on the radio who check us out on YouTube. Thank you. We would not be here for your first ballot. Radio Hall of Famers dropping a bomb for us.


Scott, thank you so much that I get you on the ninth in a virtual ceremony. OK, I don't know what we get for this.


I listen to them somewhere. I got nominated. I remember even we got nominated.


I didn't know what was going to happen, but we made it.


So now you get an award, because I remember when I was about a decade ago, maybe longer, no longer. It's like, oh, seven I. I gave Wendy Williams intro speech because she got inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.


So I was the person that came all before her and gave a speech about her. And I remember I remember having to hand her an award. So there's definitely an award. Oh yeah. I mean you about Sarah.


I wouldn't say what it's a virtual ceremony this year, but I think next year we'll be able to celebrate in person with the least class.


Are we having a party? Goddammit. OK, just take the damn rain check on the party, all right. And my heart's going to pay for it.


How do you know, don't anything else to come out and say, but no thank you all to listen to.


Thank you all. Thank you. I think we would not be, you know, in this position if it wasn't for y'all rocking with us. So, you know, all praise is due to God and all praise is due to Breakfast Club listeners.


You are greatly appreciated.


All right. Well, also, should I finish rumors?


I felt like that was kind of known that was going on everything. Yeah. We could stay on the first ballot.


Radio Hall of Fame was called the Breakfast Club Deejay N.V. Charlamagne, the God you know, I mean and I do want to say I'm glad that the Radio Hall of Fame decided to induct every single black person they nominated this year.


OK, here ever. This is the black this year of work. If this is any indication of what the Emmys are going to look like, it's going to be so many black people won an Emmy, OK, either that or they didn't want to have to give us nothing in person.


So they were like you with them. This year is something about it is something crude, right? It is something to the fact that they know they don't have to have all those black people in one room. OK, raising holy hell cheering, yelling and screaming that they decided, OK, this is a nice safe here. We're doing it virtual. We can give all of them an award.


OK, but we're grateful. We're thankful and grateful. I'm now ho ho ho ho. Let's be clear. I'm thankful. All right. I don't know if the word grateful is necessary because we earned this. We did. And I'm saying let's not act like this isn't deserved. I'm grateful that people ride with us every day for the lesson institutionally.


Yes. I'm thankful for the listeners. And I feel like this is very well deserved. And I'm glad that the Radio Hall of Fame got it right. Thank yourselves. Radio Hall of Fame. Pat yourselves on the back for getting it right. Right. Y'all got it right. OK, I'm not giving them too much credit for doing what they were supposed to do. All right. Well, congratulations to everybody who works with us and rides, but that's because I know you're going to work for all of us to celebrate together.


We made this and you Martinez earned it.


Donnie Simpson. It sway Calloway earned it, the Breakfast Club earned it, absolutely, and nobody give us nothing. They're just they're just stating the obvious and rewarding us for our contributions to the culture. OK, but the real reward come from the listeners every day. And I thank you all very much. And thank you, everybody listening. Thank you. Radio Hall of Fame, for getting it right.


We thank God. We thank God. I gave all praises due to God a long time ago. Clean, bad. And I wanted to jump into this Tokarski story just as I feel right now. No, not at all.


It was all about the Breakfast Club you talk about, especially if that's what you know. All right. Well, that was a rumor, but yeah, sounds to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else. The People's Choice mixes up next. Get your vote. Thank you. Revolt to revolt TV, because they do have us on every morning and they shout to spread awareness set out to revolt. This is for you guys to ABSOL.


Well, it's the Radio Hall of Fame, not baby Hall of Fame.


Guys, you stop. All right. When we come back, we got the People's Choice mix and he has a major announcement we'll talk about after the mix. It Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, T.J..


Envy Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Now, you got a major announcement. Yes.


So, you know, I got my own day back in twenty eighteen Angeliki Day. And last year I had a nice event in person at Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn. This year I am doing a virtual Angeliki day. Now, the West Indian American Day parade is not happening in New York this year and we are celebrating that as well. So I have teamed up again with VPE records. It also happens to be August twenty eighth, which is the day of the reggae gold twenty twenty album release.


And we are going to have a virtual events with performances by Christopher Martin, Noah POWA, Cranium Hood Celebrity, Josh Ex, Romayne Virgo, Queen Africa and a Beanie Man. So super excited.


Yes, for you guys to celebrate. And we're going to have a nice dancehall and reggae party on August 28. In addition to that, we're going to be doing some special things with Ray and nephew. Y'all know about Ray and nephew, right?


Oh, I was Rain Man nephew. It is the amazing rum that they used to make a rum punch. It's about 90 percent of the rum they drink in Jamaica is Ray and nephew. So when you have a pint, if you want an official, one is made with Ray and nephew. So just know that. So Wingstop is also sponsoring again this year. So I'm just super excited to be able to bring this. I've been working really hard at getting this done.


Everything is free. There'll be all kinds of incentives. We'll also be celebrating black businesses on that day. So I'm excited to bring that to you. So thank you. August 20th.


All right. Well, congratulations, Jesus. All right. Now, when we come back, we got the positive note, so don't move is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Is D.J. Envy Angela? Yea, Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, gentlemen, you got a positive note for the people?


I do.


I want to say the whole Malcolm X quote, because I paraphrased a little bit of it earlier when I just said the I'm for justice no matter who is for or against part. But I want to give you all that whole quote is set your Monday off. I'm for truth. No matter who tells it, I'm for justice, no matter who is for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost. And as such, I am for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.


Breakfast Club.


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