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The white dead ends up the breakfast club is all right.


OK, OK, OK. I love coming here, I'm never not going to come here. You guys are good to me. And the tournament was too good for a lot of people in the hip hop generation. The Breakfast Club is where people get the information on the topics, on the artists and everything like that. And that aspect ratio is still important. The Breakfast Club I name come up respect.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Angela. Yea Charlemagne the guy Peace to the Planet is Monday. Yes, it's Monday, back to the workweek. Yes, it is. How was the weekend? Everybody was pretty good shout to, you know, I took my kids you take to come to MetLife Stadium.


They do it like a Jurassic Park dinosaur type of thing where you stay in your car, you drive by and they have displays of different dinosaurs. They explain the dinosaurs. It was pretty good. My my kids really, really loved it. That's cute. It was really, really cool. They really enjoyed it. My daughter was like, you know, Dad, you know, one thing. I mean, like what she was like, you know what made me so happy?


I said, what? She goes when we go to school every Monday, they always ask, what did you do this weekend? And all the kids would be like, nothing, because you can't go outside now. I got something special to say. So that made me happy as a dad. That's beautiful. Yes. So that was my week. What about you guys? I was filming for Daymond John. He has this Black Entrepreneurs Day that is going to be airing on Saturday on Facebook and it's Black Entrepreneurs Day Dotcom.


So I got to finish today, but it was great. They're giving away two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to nine black entrepreneurs. That's dope. That's really, really dope. That is really, really. What about you? I mean, I don't remember. I was on edibles. You see, um, I enjoy the weekend.


I was just listening to a lot of the music, you know, catching up on his new album, Libra, which is phenomenal. But I'm a fan of Benny the Butcher Burden of proof that another great project that's out there produced solely by a hit boy. So, yeah, I was just just zoning out and I'm reading a new one out, a new book. What is Maya Angelou's book and reading this weekend?


It's called Gathered Together in My Name.


OK, what's called What Will You Do then?


You're looking at something that I thought was that there was another. But I thought that was the one that you talked about, that I should be ashamed if I didn't see the book.


That's what I thought it was. That's what I grabbed it and I looked, you know, I ordered my Angelou off on Amazon. Oh, all right. Yes.


Well, let's get the show crack. And we got some special guest joining us this morning. TII will be joining us.


Speaking of tea, we'll talk about their new album, Libra. And we've got Taraji P. Henson and Tracy Jade will be here this morning, you know. Yes. And Jay Barnett. Yes. And Jay Bond that they have they have the boys, Lawrence Henson Foundation, which is helping to eradicate the stigma around mental health in the black community. And those are my folks. It's always a good time to have a conversation about being mentally healthy. All right.


Well, we'll get into that next.


And we got front page news when we talk about you coronavirus. The cases are surging. There's only two states that have seen an improvement in an average number of reported cases. All right.


We'll get into that next as The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is T.J., M.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news sort of with sports now. And Major League Baseball, if you're watching baseball, Tampa Bay Rays versus the Dodgers and World Series, game one is Tuesday at eight. Now NFL Denver beat the Patriots 1812 Steelers beat the Browns thirty eight seven. The Colts beat the Bengals 31 27.


The Lions beat the Jaguars 34 16. The Titans beat the Texans forty to thirty six. In overtime, the Giants beat the Washington football team. I don't know why the Giants would win this. Just lose, just lose the season. And Washington is so disrespectful they could have just kicked it inside the game. It was just like, you know, we're going to go for two because we got to beat the Giants. But luckily they didn't. So the Giants did win.


Ravens beat the Eagles. Thirty twenty eight. The Falcons beat the Vikings. Forty twenty three. The Bears beat the Panthers. Twenty three. Sixteen, the Dolphins beat the Jets. Twenty four zero Buccaneers Washington Packers. Thirty eight ten. San Francisco beat the Rams. Twenty four, sixteen. And tonight the Chiefs take on the bills and the Cowboys take on the Cardinals. Now, what else are you talking about? Easy.


All right. Well, there's a total of more than 48000 new coronavirus cases that were diagnosed in the U.S. on Sunday. And there's only two states that are trending downward, Missouri and Vermont right now. Wisconsin says they are not giving any numbers Saturday and Sunday because they are doing maintenance and updating their data reporting system. But that's not good news. OK, that means there are twenty there are forty seven states that are doing twenty seven states. So a spike either way also.


So Dr. Fauci was on 60 Minutes and he was talking about mask wearing and all the issues with that. And he also said he's not surprised that Donald Trump did get coronavirus.


Were you surprised that President Trump got sick? Absolutely not. I was worried that he was going to get sick when I saw him in a completely precarious situation of crowded no separation between people and almost nobody wearing a mask.


When I saw that on TV, I said, oh, my goodness, nothing good can come out of that. That's got to be a problem.


And then, sure enough, it turned out to be a super spreader event such as the White House is restricting his media appearances during this pandemic.


Has the White House been controlling when you can speak with the media? You know, I think you'd have to be honest to say yes. I certainly have not been allowed to go on many, many, many shows that have asked for me. Can you understand the frustration that maybe there's been a restriction on the flow of information and transparency? You know, I think there has been a restriction, John. But but it doesn't it isn't consistent.


You know, the surgeon shouldn't surprise anybody, though. I mean, people are out, people are at work, people are traveling, people in clubs, restaurants, kids back in school. No matter how much precautions you take, no matter how much you social distance wear your mask. I mean, it probably can still spread. It's no vaccine. It's no treatment. So it's bound to happen just in case the surgeon about it.


But what do we do from here? Like, do we shut the country back down? Which people lose jobs, businesses continue to close? Look, I think we try to deal with it.


I think as long as the hospitals don't get overcrowded, they won't they won't shut things down. I mean, you might have, you know, certain precautions in certain places, like, you know, you've got to be in the house at a certain time. But if the hospitals don't get overcrowded, I think they should do it again.


Right now, with Donald Trump and his rallies, there have been surges in cases that are linked directly back to people who are getting them at his rallies. He said that everybody's wearing masks at his rallies, but you can see in pictures that not everybody has. A lot of people actually are not. So it does also start with leadership now. Dr. Fauci talked about Donald Trump and America being against wearing masks that he sometimes equates wearing a mask with weakness.


Does that make sense to you? No, it doesn't. Of course not.


Do you have a feeling that there is sometimes an all out war against science? Oh, yeah. Particularly over the last few years. There's an anti authority feeling in the world and science has an air of authority to it. So people who want to push back on authority tend to, as a sidebar, push back on science.


You look you look really stupid if you won't wear a mask for Corona, but you can't wait to wear a mask for Halloween.


That's just stupid.


I mean, you can't wait to put on a mask for recreational purposes, but you don't want to put on a mask to save your goddamn life. I guarantee you, it's somebody out there right now complaining about not wanting to wear a mask because the corona but can't wait to show out for Halloween with some type of damn costume and Halloween on a Saturday this year, please.


All right. Well, Dr. Fauci said it seems like an anti authority thing to.


All right, well, that is your front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to hit us up right now, maybe you had a horrible week in bad we can or maybe you feel blessed. Hit us up now with the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed. But at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This year with the empty chair, I was going to say yea high trafficable. It was about you. I'm good. How are you doing. Good. Charlamagne pieces. What's happening with you? I am blessed, black and highly favored.


Sir, don't talk to me now. Shock me because I called you handsome last week and you ignored me. You didn't read my little poetry. My little message. Thank you enough. Thank you. Thank you. Cute. Now that's the problem.


First of all. First of all, first of all, I know I've been handsome for a long time, OK? Since 1970.


Right where you're welcome to try to make I called you handsome. Either ignored it or. Thank you sir. I appreciate you. That's the problem.


We are getting money on TV. How are you going to the killing. I'm pretty good. Yes. You yourself. How's everything going in Philly. Everything going good. Everything's going good. You know, real quick. Super quick. I'll let you go because we women have got to start robbing people. You know, they are charging way too much for AIDS nowadays and it's just not the same. We and they need to somebody. But we is like really acting up lately.


Well, you know what you need to do traveling to get you. You need to go down to Maryland, get you a medical marijuana card and start coughing yo yo, yo weed from the dispensaries in Maryland where you can actually get one in Pennsylvania. But the only reason I don't want to get one is because if you get a medical marijuana card, if you can't get a guy like it, that's what they said in Jersey, too. If you have a license that you can't have a gun license.


That's why I haven't got a marijuana card.


Interesting. Yeah. Yes. I was really between either, you know, you want to get a medical marijuana medical marijuana license.


Well, I think I'd rather go down like marijuana Halad Taylor gang than I'm about to give Taylor something right now.


I got some nice medical marijuana.


I'm about to give a fun size t so she goes, oh, you got to give me Charlamagne passing drugs around the office now.


I don't know. I'm to leave Jacobite. I talk about medical marijuana.


Hello this morning. Ganja snack man. We are about to die. We don't hear nobody else. Somebody else. Your mom ain't you man. This morning, Angela.


What does that mean. You got a job for us. I got you a new job.


Here you go. OK, guess who Joe Biden is going to be for Halloween?


Oh. We Count Dracula. Thank you for. He thought, oh, my God, I can't believe you actually wrote that down, right? You came with a punch line in everything. I can't believe he calls himself a comedian. Like your mind literally said, this is gonna kill you.


Hit it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Hey, what's up? This is Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newkirk, and you might recognize these sweet, sultry voices from the hit television program, Workaholics. We also were on a major hit motion picture game Overman heard. And if you haven't, check it out, it's on Netflix. And we were sitting around and we were bored and quarantine.


We're always on these boom calls and these do draw like I miss this dude. Yeah, I miss you guys. It's true. I do miss you guys a lot. I miss you guys so constantly. So we thought, hey, you know what, our conversations this important told with these are important conversations we're having and the world needs to hear it.


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Eight hundred five eight five zero five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This is what's going on. Just blame the you get off your. First of all, I want to say good morning.


A salute to the brother Ice Cube and see what he's doing. I appreciate what he's doing. He's trying to get things for black people. And I also want to say a big shot up to Alicia Garza out there talking about Ice Cube needs to win the line. No, no, no, no. We're not going to tell Alicia Garza to set up. Shut up. And what we would rather we're not going to do that because Alicia Garza has been out here with a black agenda for years through Black Futures Lab.


And if you saw the interview with her and Roland Martin, her in Cuba, actually going to be working together on some things as they should.


You actually believe that after seeing that interview, after what she said 100 percent, I've been following Alicia Garza and in fact, Lisa Garza going to be on the show this week because you got a book coming out, Alicia Garza, as I've talked about, Alicia Garza, black agenda throughout the whole primary, at least here.


Garza is a piece who's out here is set up that's been doing his work for as long as she has, even before this pandemic, like for forever.


I think what I think I think I think what we need to take in consideration with Alicia, if she gets death threats all the time because of the way they paint the Black Lives Matter movement. So, you know, she doesn't like anybody working with this administration because this administration is one of the reasons that, you know, her life is always being threatened. So I can understand that. But her and Cuba are going to be working together in the future on the black agenda.


And that's what we need. If it's about us, if it's about black people, everybody that's about black, black people need to be coming together. We're not going to tell Alicia to shut up. We are definitely not doing that. Hello this very good morning.


Is Jermaine out of Atlanta with Bobby Honoria? Jermaine was probably get it off your chest in March Madness.


Might give positive vibes, positive energy out there. We just landed our new state. Proud to say we are available in the state of Texas right now.


So congratulations them, but appreciate it. We're glad that we got all these jobs and more products as well. Love the show. I'm out.


I'm all right. Hello this. Hi. Good morning. What's this club to you? I hope you guys are well rested and had a great weekend.


A positivity. Good morning all.


You see what I am doing very well. And this morning you guys always do rewind before the show starts. And I just want to, you know, really touched my heart again about reality. It was family and there is no statute of limitations on murder. Even if someone was brought to trial, was found not guilty. If new evidence is brought in, they can be convicted on wrongful death and the people responsible, they can be responsible for a lawsuit or, you know, restitution.


And what my suggestion is that we are always vigilant and stay on. We should develop a war chest. What we constantly pumping money into these types of causes? Well, no matter what, no one's even paying attention. We still have a flow of money where we we're investigating and that we always have people, black lawyers, anybody else who loves justice, constantly funding these causes and constantly seeing what can be done to bring people to justice. I'm will before you to be able to see a bunch of people who did this, and they're living a life left in the private sector.


They're moving into places where there are a lot of people of color like nothing happened. You know, they should be flagged just like a sex offender. That's my beliefs. And that's a revenge. Just the fact that justice has to be brought to justice. That's what I'm saying. When that's true. True. Well, thank you.


Thank you so much. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up. Now, we got room on the way.


Yes. And we are going to be talking about Cardi B now. She has quit Twitter. We'll tell you what her issue is with people harassing her and her husband on there. All right.


We'll get into that next. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J., M.V. Angeles, Charlamagne the God, We are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rumors and talk.


Cardi B is about to go. No, this is the rumor report with Angela on the Breakfast Club.


Well, Khateeb has deleted her Twitter account, she's tired of her followers who are criticizing her and who were harassing Offset. Here's what she said.


I'm so tired. They because they are going to continuously explain myself and then put my divorce out there.


Of course, I can't put it out there. And because people are making rumors of, oh, this guy has a girl pregnant, isn't that hard to address? I'm tired of your clock and fucking. Well, if I work things out, why are going to Twitter to harass him? That make no sense. I love my fans and I'm thankful and I'm grateful for everything you do. But some of you are really reacting. I got to sleep with a Cordie.


She needs to understand. Explaining yourself is a choice. Like you don't have to explain anything to anyone she chooses to. And if and if you live for the cheers of social media, you'll die from the booze or social media like social media is just a miserable place. And, you know, they say misery loves company or social media, and we're all that miserable company comes together. You just have to take people on social media's opinions with a grain of salt.


Like I watch smart people buckle to the pressure of social media all the time. Stop letting these folks on. They dictate what you think, say and do. Just live.


Yeah, but I think what I want to clear up some of the rumors that she's been hearing, I guess it just bothers her. You know, you could just bother certain people.


It's going to be all right. She also talked about her being seen smoking a cigarette recently and she said that she's not just just about a relationship. Listen to this.


And I've said is not the only problem that I deal with. To be honest with you, my marriage is one of the least worries that I have right now. I'm afraid you want to know something. I don't have a manager, so I literally have to negotiate my own deals.


Now, that is a problem.


Cardini she definitely needs somebody who who's a manager helping her hands in the business like she doesn't need to be negotiating her own, but she does want to settle and I'm sure she wants somebody that she can trust and make sure that can manage her career and manage us.


I'm sure she's looking and hopefully she'll find somebody a rock nation on line one.


OK, recognition can always come to the rescue.


Jesus. All right.


Now, little Yati reveals on Hollywood like that he bought the house next door to his new house. And here's what he said.


And on the twenty eighth, I actually bought a house next door. Yeah, I don't want to. I didn't want no neighbors. I'm sure you know, you got the contract.


Don't I mean, that's the way to do it. If you really don't want to neighbors, you buy the house next to you. I mean, people do it all the time in other communities. They buy the whole block so they have no or no neighbors and they know who's living next to them. And I'm out of that.


Oh, oh. I just find is more property. So what happens if he expands and then there's neighbors to that house?


Then he tried to buy that house too. I mean, I do that in real estate sometimes if like, I try to buy different blocks and and instead of having a two family house or three family house, I try to put up a twenty building, you know, I mean, it's the same thing. If you can afford it, you buy the neighborhood only, but you can do what you could. It's not the world like you say, buy property and it's property.


And it's not like it's going to appreciate the value. You can never you can never lose getting property. Sometimes does property, property does depreciate in value. We seem to have him reconnoitering. Fetty WAP is remembering his brother. Tragically, his brother Taishan Dipu was shot and killed on October 15th. He posted on Instagram the two of them together. He said, I failed you, bro. I'm sorry. I keep calling your phone and you won't pick it up.


And that is never rang three times. Now is straight to voicemail. I love you, little bro. I really thought I could get you out before I ever had to make a post like this. And he also shared some authority, says, stop asking me, am I OK? No, the f I'm not OK. I don't love so many anywhere's that it was almost starting to feel normal. A little brother man. I feel like twenty seventeen all over again.


The same feeling. I know you're slogan don't cry for me, live for me. I just don't know what I'ma tell my nephew and you. I make sure you was OK. So according to reports, he was shot and killed in their hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. He was only 26 years old. They found him with a gun wound to his chest. He was transported to the hospital and was pronounced dead. I am sorry to hear that.


He was in his family prayers for that young man.


So am a damn it, damn it. Yeah. So, again, our condolences. That is one of the worst things that could possibly have happened. And we're sorry that you're going through that. All right, I. And I'm Angela Yee.


And that is your rumah report. All right. Thank you, miss. Yea, we're going to play top of the hour and I have a huge announcement I'm excited about. We'll get into it. Now is the Breakfast Club and front page news is next.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


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I need your glasses and your glasses. Oh, you don't need them. And I came for you had a lot of celebrities cars there. So whose cars are in this one? I'm not going to tell you whose cause they're this time, but you can definitely you'll know whose cause caused them. But there's a bunch of celebrity cars there that you can actually now it's not like when the thing was the velvet rope. You can't get inside. No, you can get in the car.


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We're going to have cars like that where people get to show off their vehicles as well. That has to be the first of its kind, right? A virtual car, I think. I've never seen it. I've never seen anything like this to put this together. And I tried to do it so I can own the rights. But I couldn't. They they did not me. But this is the first virtual interactive car. So you can do it on your cell phone.


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We have so many different sponsors coming in, as I want to say. Thank you, guys.


I can't wait until we get out of this virtual everything around you and me both. Lord have mercy, you and me. But congratulations. Thank you so much. So that's November. Twenty eighth out right now. Let's get in some front page news.


All right, NFL. I don't know why my Giants won. The team sucks. You should just we should just go out as losers and just try to get the number one pick. But the Giants beat the Washington football team. Twenty nineteen Ravens beat the Eagles. Thirty twenty eight. The Falcons beat Vikings. Forty twenty three. The Bears beat the Panthers. Twenty three sixteen. The Dolphins beat the Jets. Twenty four. Oh, the Buccaneers beat the Packers.


Thirty eight ten. San Francisco beat the Rams. Twenty four sixteen. Broncos beat the Patriots. Steelers beat the Browns. Colts beat the Bengals. Lions beat the Jaguars. Tonight the Cardinals will beat the Cowboys and putting it in the air.


Why are you watching that on my team? Let my team be three and three after the night. No. What else are we talking about?


Well, Donald Trump was at a rally in Michigan Saturday night and he said that he really does enjoy seeing the National Guard respond to protesters in Minneapolis following the death of George fellate. Here's what he said.


Was that beautiful in Minneapolis? They came in. These soldiers were the most expensive helmets in the history of mankind. You approved them, but they came in and they had their tear gas and they had their pepper spray, which the other side doesn't want to use because it's not nice. So they just march forward. And the whole thing was over. It was like, I don't know, there's something about that. When you watched everybody getting pushed around, there's something very beautiful about it.


I don't care what it does.


Well, you know whose side Trump is on. You know, for him, he paints the narrative of them not being peaceful protesters. They are they're looters who are burning down your buildings and threatening your neighborhood. So, you know, that's why that's why he can, you know. Salute to people that are opposing them. Man, I heard that you think that that is that he thinks that that's a beautiful thing to see protesters getting pushed around in the National Guard and the tear gas.


You don't have to worry yourselves on his his people eat it up his people love. He also went after Governor Gretchen Whitmer.


As you know, she was the target of a right wing kidnapping plot and a lot of people and she feels that Donald Trump also inspires people with that, the way that he discusses things. And he says that she they said she was threatened and they started chanting, lock her up. And he enjoys that as well. And Wittmeyer actually responded on Twitter. This is that this is exactly the rhetoric that has put me, my family and other government officials lives in danger while we try to save the lives of our fellow Americans.


Now, Donald Trump told a crowd in Macon, Georgia, on Friday what would happen if he does lose the election.


Running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me. Could you imagine if I lose my whole life, what am I going to do? I'm going to say I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics. I'm not going to feel so good. Maybe I'll have to leave the country. I don't know.


That's exactly why I keep telling y'all, though, that owning a legal firearm is a black person in America is a form of self care. A white supremacist, a white supremacist group had a plan to kidnap the governor of Michigan, kidnap her. What the hell you think they'll do to your black ass?


You better protect yourself. How much would you want in 50 percent?


Well, make sure you guys know everything about voting. You know, more than 27 million ballots have already been cast. And so there's different wherever you live, whatever state you may say, you know, when early voting opens for you, a lot of places, early voting opens this a week. So pay attention. If you can vote early, just make sure you vote yes.


And voting is great. And but just remember, whichever way it goes, whether Biden wins, the Trump wins, it's going to be trouble is going to be trouble. And you need to protect yourself. OK, owning a legal firearm in America is a right, OK, not just on it, but know how to use it. I'm telling you, is going to protect your house.


Protect your family. Absolutely. All right. And that is front page news. Now, when we come back, we got some special guest joining us yet. We got Jay Barnett, OK, Tracy Jenkins, OK. And Taraji P. Henson.


That's right. They're doing God's work with the boys, Lawrence Henson Foundation, to help eradicate the stigma around mental health in the black community. And they just, you know, to Tracy, A.J., the two individuals that I love to communicate with.


So, OK, so we've got to talk to them when we come back to the movies, The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Fact checking out the world's most dangerous potential warning everybody is deejay Angie Angelilli Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We got some special guests in the building, Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Jenkins and Jay Barnett. Congratulations to both of you all on the new talk show on Facebook and something y'all envisioned when you first started this journey to get folks mentally healthy.


They don't have that kind of platform.


Well, I never saw so far it was first things first was just to get the help to the people, you know, eradicating the stigma of going to Congress, getting legislation that was first. Yeah. And then I guess I don't know how to get out of so. Well, well, well, you know, Taraji and I are fine friends, but we talked about doing a digital content piece and then it grew into what we can reach a larger audience and really sit down and talk to real people about real issues and really get it out to the millions.


So, you know, that's how it came about. A series of conversations, late night conversations, morning conversation. So we're happy. We're happy we got here.


What got you into the mental health space so much, Taraji? Because you are such an advocate for it, like what got you into that space to say I need to help more?


Well, I mean, it was personal for me. It was my personal journey starting for therapy for my son and for myself of our own past traumas and watching him try to maneuver through life, becoming a young black man without male figures around because his father was murdered tragically when he was young. And then two years later, my father died. So those are all his males that he look up to God just dead. And so that's trauma for a young boy, a young man.


So, you know, we looking for therapy and it became an issue. So I remember college friends who dealt with anxiety and I've dealt with that with her my entire life. So we started having conversations and I was like, you know, we just we can't find any culturally competent therapist because we don't talk about it at home. So we don't even go to school, study it. And so we don't have and it's hard to find this out here because it's such a stigma.


So we started talking about that. And then I brought up my dad and what he went through and I was like, you know what, with my sister, who worked for years at a rehab, a drug rehabilitation center.


And we just allowed three of us, my sister, and we came up with the foundation and then we just it just took off like wildfire.


The boys, Lawrence Henson Foundation, just gave out a free run, a therapy to write exclusively for me.


Yes, exclusively for men. Because what we found in the first two rounds for the Colvert release that we did is that three percent of the people signing up were women and only seven percent of men. And that, you know, being a mother to a young black male, that touched me and Tracy in a way. And so we wanted to single out the men this time. And overwhelmingly we had to shut it down because it all just laughs before everything is well made.


It still is an amazing outcome because they get five sessions. So it's not just a one hit wonder time right now. And we reached out to like Jay, who's on the line here now. Who do you by the way, how do you he's not just a professional football player.


He's not that he's a speaker, marriage counselor, family therapy associate. Now, how did you get connected with Jay and tell the people what you do, Jay?


So right now, thank the D.A. Ambien, Charlamagne and Corradi. So this is really a great opportunity. It's a personal thing for me. After football came to and for me, I'm a survivor. Coulthart So I dealt a lot with the person. I'm the son of a pastor. So my family were let's pray about it. Let's pray about it. And so for me, I had to really find my own place and really find my own journey to while prayer work.


But I do think that there is a capacity where we need to do the mental capacity of it because spirituality is so close to the mental health department, because you can't get your spirit right until you get your mind right. And so for me, therapy helped me to find out. The underlying issue through my depression was the trauma that I went through to my parents before. And so right now, I'm blessed to be a male therapist who really provide therapy not only to so many people that look like me, but to also be an advocate for the young black men.


It has to be more brothers like us talking about it, because for men we've got to feel. And once we fear, I think there's a level of culpability that we have to say that while he's talking about it. Because what I don't understand is that what we all think we're through and we're supermen lived in the reality of it, is that we're all connected. So the reality of it is hard to find our way through it.


You know what I realized, you know, a lot of times that that toughness in that. That acting hard is like a defense mechanism, right? Absolutely. And I think that once we let that veil down and we we connect with each other, that gives us the strength that we that we act in like we have that unity in that group operation. And that makes it easy to be vulnerable.


Absolutely. And so through this program, hopefully, that these guys will walk away from with some understanding that their human is their responsibility. But we can't change what happened to who did it, where it happened. But we do have a great responsibility to heal ourselves. I want to talk about the suicide thing that you said earlier. A lot of times, especially young adults, they feel like they can't take it anymore. And suicide is something that they often think about, even for myself.


I've been in a position and I had to think why? And for myself it was I want it to be perfect so bad that when I realized something in my life wasn't perfect, I didn't know how to take it. And I felt like me not being here would be better off for my family. So. So when you came to the suicide, how did you overcome that man? That's a great question. And also, I commend you because again, we don't really talk about these low moments, because when you look at suicide, right.


And a lot of us black men struggle with this, we're comfortable in their performances. Everything is based on performance and we're trying to prove ourselves. Yes. And perfectionism is really attached to a place where either we didn't receive great or we weren't really embraced when we did feel that we feel we have to be perfect. So for me, I only knew football because for me, football was a coping mechanism. Every time I was on the field, every God I Veeru, I saw them as my father.


And so for me, when I no longer had this coping mechanism and as we do as men, well, we could no longer identify ourselves through what we do. We feel like failures. And so now I have to deal with this pain in a real way. And the suicide is oftentimes that most people are not finding and alive. They're trying to end the pain. Yeah. Yeah. And so my second attempt was a drug overdose and I actually survived.


And when I got through this thing, I realized, OK, I've done it twice. So there must be a real purpose for me because I want to feel bad to be like my father. I thought, I wonder what pulled me through is that one day the therapist asked me if you would have succeeded in your suicide care. What would a parent working through that? And so he allowed me or he allowed me at the time to really have an understanding that once I addressed the pain, it gave me a new perspective on life.


Because really, when you get in therapy, all we do is we join with you. Is that my my objective is not to give you the answers, but is to allow you to discover the answers and discover the power that you already have. That's right.


I we got more with Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Jenkins, Jay Bonnet. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, was to kick in with Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Jenkins and Jay Barnett. Shelby, you know, Jay, you know, you and me touched on something imperfect. People should not be held to a perfect standard. Right.


And you get this sign. Do you think that cause added pressure to you?


Oh, man, absolutely. He was the power of a large church. So part of his ministry not on a microscope. I've never forget, man. And this is traumatizing. I was in elementary and I used to be by and I would be back. And one of the pieces said, I'm going to kill your dad if you'd be back.


So this is a fair talking about here. I am traumatized because now, you know, I grew up in an era where, you know, we could walk between, you know, I don't like beatings, that I was like ninth grade. You ought to be to my parents with before. So all of these different expectations, man, you know, there were attacks and that really drove me to a place where I'm like, do I can't live this life, man.


Right. Interrogatories, you want to ask a question? How in the hell do you deal with that trauma?


Fieldman and how do sisters create a safe space for us to be vulnerable who want to go first on that sort of. Well, what I what I have learned, because before I was like, get your stuff together, whatever it takes to come back when you got it all together, we can build together such. And then once I started to look at what love really is like, the definition of love for me and love. Is the desire to understand, hmm, right, and if you are going in into your conversations, into your questioning with the desire to understand, then I think you are creating a space for that black man to be able to really open up to you.


But if you don't go in with your own predetermined notions, you know what? You're trying to get out of the conversation. What are you going to say or do about this? You know, I find it that that was harder to be able to make that connection with him. So my driving point is go in with the desire to understand if you say you love them about you.


It's about an understanding. So if you go into it knowing that no one is perfect with with an understanding of trying to build a foundation of trust where we can both be our vulnerable selves, what we don't have to send a representative because I trust if I saw you going catch those things you build, but you can only build them if you know, if you had or if you are actively dealing with your trauma. And a lot of times is difficult.


And I'm dedicated to the black man.


I just turned fifty and wow.


And I have to say it again, but it didn't work out, you know what I mean? And and I tried I was like that you have to do the therapy thing, but if you're both not on the same page with that, then you feel like you're taking it on yourself. And that's not a fair position for anybody to play in a relationship. My my happiness is not his responsibility and his heart is not mine. We have to first learn how to make ourselves happy, to make each other happy.


And yes, you want to be understanding, but you can't lose yourself in that understanding. First of all, I want to say a birthday. So happy belated. We see you. And you did not look when you said you were 50. We couldn't believe it. When you asked me, you would think about it. I know you put it all together and I was like, fifty dollars. No way.


I believe I have to say it out loud because I still can't believe it.


Let's go back to the topic about love. The bad thing about when you talk about love, I think most people don't know what love is when you start out. Right. Because when I started out early and, you know, me and my wife been together since we were 16, 17, you say I love you, but at 16, 17, I didn't know what that meant at that age. You ain't doing that with Sharon Trum. That's it.


You just let me know what you think is the thing to say, but you don't necessarily understand what that is. And until you understand it, then you could be a better man. You know, because we started this show, Solomon and I were the worst lord. We were horrible. But we grew, I think, just together, not together, together. But we grew together. We held together. We we built together.


But, you know, I laugh, you know, we joke with each other all the time. But I'm glad it was him because he was healing the same time I was healing. And we were able to talk about it because a lot of times, you know, we go to the barber shop, we could talk about LeBron, we could talk about the Knicks, we could talk about sports, you could talk about this girl and that. But we never talk about we talk about the heartbreaker.


That's right. That's right. Which we need to do more of.


That's why I love what you guys are doing, because that's the we're going to heal our relationships that way. And all of my relationships started looking the same, like two broken people trying to pick up the pieces. Then, you know, without them, that middle beat, that connect, that therapy, the one that's going to ask the tough questions, the one that's going to make you hear yourself in that role.


And that's why therapy is important, because you need an objective opinion. Your friend in it, maybe friend is a therapist, tried, you know, and you say things didn't work out.


Did you try to make it work?


I I'm not going to say no to that one, though, is half a day filled with damn bloggers to try to play one on.


In my personal life, all I'm saying is relationships take work and it takes both sides to really be there is selfless. Sometimes you got to sit on it, sometimes you can't take it to him. Sometimes you got to take the therapist and work it out first. That's why it is so important, man.


You know, my therapist told me that healed people hear differently and like I do, I've been married for twenty three years. So I can think at times you said things to me and it was just my ego responding. And now all the things he said to me, I'm responding from a different place, you know. I mean, I'm not I don't have a wounded ego anymore. I have a feeling I'm getting to a place of healing. So I hear things differently.


And I think that's that's a struggle in relationship. Sometimes we think people are against us when they not. And then not only that, you hear things differently, you don't even have the same arguments, you're just not even going to argue about anymore because it's like I've done the worst. That's not going to straighten me out no more. I'm praying that black men and women can sit down just like this and have some real conversations that may be relevant to your own situation.


And you might learn something when you hear about other people's challenges and how they address them. So that's my prayer and I think we're heading in that direction.


We got more with Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Jenkins and Jay Barnett. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, Miss T.J. N.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is still kicking in with Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Jenkins and Jay Barnett. Shelby, O.J., I want to ask you a question.


How important is it to have culturally competent people in the mental health space and mental health care workers?


Well, it is important, man, because we you have competent people. They understand the level of care that people need and also you understand how to provide that level of care for them. And I think it's important right now because even as a mayor, I know for myself, my therapist was white and and it was it was a bit uncomfortable because I really did not understand the plight that I had as a black mayor. And for me, when a young black boy comes into my office, they're like, oh, my God, man, I can't wait to sit and talk to you.


And there's a level of comparability that they have just opened up with them, because many times men, even when it comes to women, we're a bit apprehensive because if I become vulnerable in their faith, I'm not sure what you want to do with that information. If I if I were to volunteer, because even for me personally, I don't want to be emotional blackmail, meaning there I'm going to share this information with you. And it could possibly come up in another conversation where you to me, especially in this time, it is emotionally exhausting for black people all together.


Every day you turn on the news with something you don't, whether you are losing your ward or Brianna Keilar. And now we've got to deal with your lesson and you've got to deal with your emotions. Who do I vote for? I mean, so much that we've had to deal with this year, a federal judge, I'm telling you.


All right, now I'm getting numb before we get off this resume, because he's speaking to my spirit this morning because it's something he said is now. And I'm sitting here thinking about and I just if I talk to my therapist about, like, everything that I was taught when I was young, like especially from my father and my uncles, but only the strong survive. I wasn't strong. I wasn't going to survive. And that's why we wear that for so long.


And then you get to a certain age and you realize, man, don't none of that served me no more if I have to not be strong in order to survive.


But this is what I want to get to my people. The strength is in the vulnerability. Yeah, not this. Is it a vulnerability? That's where the strength lies. Because when I see a man amped up like this all the time, I see fear. Yeah, I see here I see a facade, I see a broken human and I oh I just want to hug them because you don't scare me. You look like a big old broken baby and you need to go get healed.


And that's just how I'm looking at therapy works. That's all I'm going to say. And you need it. You've got to have it. And there are other things you can do as well. Like I'm a meditation teacher. I got certified recently. And that for me is the thing that I can do to self regulate until I get to see my therapist. You know, I'm just when he started talking about walking out on the on the grass on the ground right before, I mean, your your healing, which is called grounding.


And it's the actual thing. And I was just kind of reading the comments to see how both would I was going the way. I am so proud of you, brother, for just sharing what you know is going to be some pushback. You know, you know, our people might be like, oh, what's all that hoodoo voodoo you got going?


Oh, boy, is it Nastasi too, because it's just got better. I just got a pedicure. Ukraine. I love it.


I love it. And today, what you just said, man, about safe spaces. And we also have to pull the family up in here. Why? When a family member is going through something right. And what we do as family members, you know, we to shut him out, you know, he could have been on drugs or, you know, or whatever his situation was. We shut that man out so fast and don't even look beyond what our.


Is because we don't get that we're influencing his next move. That's right. How many men there love their wives, but they're not vulnerable with their wives because they don't trust their wives. And for quid pro quo, looks different from most women who are not going to cheat on me or hurt me. But, man, that level of trust is always with our emotions because that's almost predestined when our men open up to you emotionally, you're laying it on the tables.


Right. And if you take that used it against him, you would never get that man to stick together. And that's why you're right for one man who stood out. And even when I've heard women verbalize their for God. So to make the most of the girl who went to your arm and now you're telling this man to be emotionally. So don't be surprised when you have this promiscuous behavior, when you have this misogynistic behavior. Apart from that, you have this destructive male because he has nothing to do with his emotions but to exercise his behavior.


So for every Anthrozoology, though, I commend both of you just for being open. If you say that you both went on a journey, will you ever heard that?


I don't think I've ever heard a man say that we didn't do it on purpose. It wasn't something that we planned out. But it was good because what I was going through is good to have somebody on your side that's not going to laugh at you and make fun of you. But when sometimes he does. But it's not to disgrace you, but it's to make light of it and to help you out. And I do the same thing with him.


Like, I can see things that his feet look crazy and he doesn't take it as well. Guy, he's making fun of me. It's like, all right, I know my feet didn't look great.


I just got a pedicure for the dog today, so I'm going to tell him for me. I know my feet.


You're not the I think the overwhelming impact of coronavirus and this whole pandemic. And like all the civil unrest we see in the street, do you think that's really pushing more black people to embrace healing in therapy?


Absolutely. I'm having a problem. And the young rappers, which are what they rapping about, so they are becoming conscious, which means something's happening as it's happening. When I say sleep, something's happening consciously. Cosmic consciousness.


Yes. And the fact that we opened up the the therapy to men and it's going really, really well. Something is happening. And this is all this is what I always wanted to do through this foundation is to be men, because the mental health journey started with my father, a Vietnam vet, coming back from war, traumatized and all messed up on the inside from being experimented on Agent Orange, all of that. And I love black men so much.


I just want us to be at it hurts when relationships don't last. I'd love to see Black Love and I want to see more of that. I want to see our relationships last and make it know why. Because I tease me. I need both of the parents in the household. I wouldn't wish being a single single parent or my worst enemy is the worst way to raise a child is not knowing you hit on something really important to surprising because as the black man is healing himself feel in the family.


That's right. You know, and we're breaking that cycle.


How can we get more information if people want more information about what you guys are doing? How can you get involved and how can they see your show, give them all the information?


Well, they can go to both Elphinston Foundation dot org. That's our website. And if anybody is looking for a therapist or interested in yoga or any other sort of form of healing, we have a resource guide. And if you go to our website website, you'll be able to click on there. And if you are out there and your a supporter and you want to help us continue this cause, which we think is dire, you can always text to our website, no, I'm sorry to our no stigma campaign.


So you just text no stigma to seven zero seven zero seven zero to support.


I'm thank you, Transylvanians around Raji. Thank you guys so much. And we should do this more often. Just have these conversations. So whenever you guys call in, call us in. Yes, do it. It's a breakfast club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angelie Charlamagne to God we are the Breakfast Club. Now shout to the General Insurance. They want to pay your bills with a thousand dollars towards your expenses. Thanks to our partner, the general get a lot for a little while at the general insurers for coverage. You deserve a prices you can afford. Visit the general dot com today. Go to the Breakfast Club online dot com to enter and get rules. Now let's get to room.


Let's talk.


Ryan Henry, it's. She's feeling the team. This is the room, a rapport with Angela Yeo on The Breakfast Club. Well, last week, we played you some audio from Ryan Henry from Black and through Chicago's best friend, Anthony Lindsay. Anthony Lindsay says that Ryan Henry was sleeping with his excuse, the mother of his child, for over a year and a half. Here is a recap of Anthony Lindsay.


If it happened once, so you always drunk, you don't know what happened even twice. And after the second time we knew we were going to happen, I would have been willing to do that. But you guys had sex probably like 20 times a year and a half. All right, now, Ryan Henry has since confirmed that this did indeed happen. That was true. There were situations where that happened almost two years ago and then more recently in the last two months.


But one big part about that is that, you know, myself and all the parties involved, you know, we had talked. Yeah. So just to be clear, I'm not the victim in this. Everybody else who surrounds me was this particular moment is definitely not about me. It's about me apologizing publicly. Like I've apologized to we we talk we talk a lot after this happened. Yeah, it's absolutely, positively far right. It also said that his depression played a role in how he handled the situation and it kept him from reciprocating within his friendship with his best friend and influenced him, keeping that a secret.


But he does take responsibility. Now, the other person involved, the third party, Nina Marie, she has now spoken out. She is Anthony Lindsay's child's mother, and she posted pictures of herself with marks on her body looking like she was injured. And she said, I decided in the beginning of this year that I was going to touch on some experiences I've gone through in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. But with everything else that has transpired, it has overshadowed my true intentions and shedding light on the things that have happened in the past six years involving Anthony and I.


She also posted a video and said this shedding light on my relationship with Anthony, just so you guys can see who you're lifting up, because this person is not exactly the best person in the world. He's not so innocent out there. And so I wanted to also make that very clear. But to begin, I just wanted to take accountability for what I've done in no way, shape or form. What is it? Right. I don't feel as though it is something that I should have done.


You know, I was selfish. I wasn't thinking I didn't really care. I was I a curse on the radio.


I mean, I don't understand what all of this is public. It's not like they can unef each other. Like why it is.


I guess the best is because, I mean, I guess the best friend put it out because I'm sure Ryan wouldn't and she wouldn't feel right.


She also posted she said March would mark the last and final time. I would experience his his abuse. That time I was completely incoherent and woke up out of that incoherence to being choked to the point where I fall in and out of consciousness for two weeks. It was it would hurt to swallow what I came on here to say that no matter what kind of hold a power a man, a woman has over you, this is not acceptable. The person that I trusted to protect me and love me ended up intentionally hurting me.


And she goes on to say this. Anthony and I were never married.


I was never engaged. Even to him. We held a relationship. It lasted for maybe three years for the first I guess maybe six to eight months of us dating. It was perfect. And then, you know, I began to see who he was as a person, abusive, let's just put it there. What I did was wrong and I take full responsibility for it. But this person is dragging it to be something that it's, you know, way bigger than the pile of things that he's done to me.


A knowledge job. First of all, I was like, OK, who cares when now I'm all in what the hell is going on here? So let me explain it to me.


So somebody let me get you one last thing. Now, Anthony responded to her accusations of domestic violence and and said this.


I'm good. I'm real good. She didn't have bruises on my face. If you read the police report, I'm driving a car. She takes a bag, hit me in the face with the bag. I'm driving we in traffic.


She's going crazy. I'm holding her like this by her chest with my hair like that. They asked me if I want to press charges. I refused to press charges.


OK, so, all right. Now I'm just catching up to this t so Ryan slept with his his mad girl. Yes.


He's also the godfather of their son and then his man girl flips it and says no, but he just the other brother used to beat me. The brother, no, that having a blast. I had a brother like like, damn you. It is confusing. She so she said, yes, the baby's father beat me.


Yes. OK, so hopefully we're right to say you've got a good guy because everybody is trying to lift him up.


All that's left of what you did, you beat cancer. And he's saying he's not that good of a person like he beat me. That's what she's saying.


And then he posted some text messages between himself and Nina Marie, his child's mother, where she is, you know, I guess still speaking to Ryan. And he says the fact that you talked to him, I can't talk to you. And she's explaining herself and he said this is her guilt and these people are black.


Ecru, right.


He's black in Chicago.


This is just his best friend.


So it made it made story because it was his best friend. Oh, good God. I'm sitting there wondering why the cameras are rolling. I can't maybe it will be. Who knows? But anyway, that is your rumor report. I'm Angela. All right.


Thanks. Going to leave us with that. What do you know? That's the story. I don't know. Tune in next Tuesday.


Next week. OK. All right. All right. All right.


Now, I shot him. You a.


Do I need a young man named Nuch Bizzle to come to the front of the congregation? His real name is actually frontrow Antonio Bane's with his rap name is Nuvigil and he is just the latest in a long line of people who will be going to jail for unemployment fraud.


We'll talk about it. All right. We'll get to that next. Another cautionary tale is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning to you. Don't forget to take. I don't give it to your I'm affecting you, I want this man to get out and blow his man Charlamagne the top, because this guy got to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day. They chose you for the Breakfast Club, bitch.


Whose dog you the day to day. Yes.


Talk to you today from Monday, October 19th, close to a young man named Find Trail Antonio Bates. OK, he's 31 years old and resides in Los Angeles via Memphis. And he's a rapper, a rapper that I've never heard of until this weekend. And it's the first time you are hearing about a person is because they are receiving donkey today. Just know that probably is never a good thing. Now, his rap name is Nuk Bizzle.


Ring any bells for you. And we know anybody out there bumping that new nickname Bizzle Drum.


That's hot in your parts. OK, OK. Well, look, Bizo, ladies and gentlemen, is just the latest in a long line of people who are going to jail for unemployment fraud this year. And I know we've been keeping track of all the covid-19 cases in America this year, but we also need to be keeping track of all of unemployment fraud cases that have been happening. OK, so this is what I don't understand about the folks that are defrauding people under the Kahrizak.


Y'all do realize what you are doing is a crime, right? This is not the blessing you've been praying for. All right. You know how we say everything happens for a reason? Very true. But sometimes that reason is simply because you made a poor choice and New Bizzle absolutely made a poor choice. A couple poor choices.


The new bizzle was arrested after applying for more than one point two million in jobless benefits and using stolen identities in a scheme to fraudulently obtain unemployment insurance benefits. Now, would be honest with you, I have to applaud this man for aiming high.


I give him a little round of applause just a little bit. I said, stop, stop, stop. OK, see, here's the thing. All of you who have participated in unemployment fraud, you're going to jail, OK? Doesn't matter if you got one million or ten thousand, they coming for you. I'm telling you. Doesn't matter if you got that money and bought a Bentley or got that money and bought a single wide trailer, you're going to jail.


They come in to lock your ass up at some point. So if you're going to take a penitentiary chance, you might as well shoot for the moon. And that's what new would do with this one point two dollars million that he applied for. Now, look, Veysel couldn't just be content with getting this money.


No. Oh, not in this era, OK? In this area, the crime isn't official until you get on social media and alert the feds about it. OK, FBI stands for Facebook, Instagram, and because of UFOs, your need for digital validation, because of UFOs, incessant desire for lights and read tweets. Y'all make the Fed's job so easy.


OK, but it wasn't just social media and the Internet that got jammed up.


See, Luke Bizzle, as I told you, is a rapper. I repeat, New Bizzle is a rapper. Let's go to CBS late for the report, please.


The Department of Justice says a rapper who bragged in a music video about getting rich from an unemployment scam is now facing federal charges, according to a criminal complaint. Thirty one year old Fontanelle Antonio Bane's exploited the pandemic unemployment assistance provision of the Federal Coronavirus Act. He applied for more than one point two million dollars in jobless benefits. Federal officials say right now he lives in Hollywood Hills. And in a video he bragged he's going to get stacks of bees while holding up envelopes from Ed.


A second man in the video raps, quote, You've got to sell cocaine. I just file a claim. If convicted, NHANES faces up to twenty two years in federal prison. Those are some bars.


Yes. One God and Aaron McGruder have the same sense of humor. This is why we need The Boondocks back. But I often wonder if The Boondocks will win. The Boondocks comes back. How will they compete with the most absurd things that usually are reserved for storylines on The Boondocks are actually happening in real life?


OK, this guy, New Bizzle, applied for one point two million in unemployment benefits, Blayton unemployment fraud and then turned around and made a song about it.


Yes, a song called D New Bizzle Feature, in fact with would you like to hear it here?


You know how they got rid of the night I was elected and I to go to jail, but being able to take care of business, you got to say, OK, how can see file claim coming straight to the bank. I'm doing ok. Bougainville's what do you like any of these guys. Anything that you heard about. I'd be so happy to sort of get on top of working out when in fact I did for well in my life and I got out ahead and tell me I went on.


Damn it, you're better than me mean, just get on with. I was just talking to, say, the Nazi bay window. Now, I kind of like this, I like that, too, I thought I said I like that song. Yeah, I kind of like the song. That's the problem.


Rona Brunete, grown ass adults who know better saying things like this no longer erectile dysfunction.


Dadri at work. What you say, Uncle Ruckus and powerful drug at work one more time. Uncle Ruckus with the people in the back and powerful Dadri at work and kids.


I'm so sorry. I am so sorry, kids. I'm so sorry that we made y'all believe you really had to be living the things you rapped about. I wish more rappers told you that they was just performing and he was just trying to make some money. All right.


There was a period in my life where I really wanted in love with my rappers, were doing the things they were talking about, but that was ignorant of me.


OK, if rap was actually did just 30 percent, just 30 percent of what they rapped about doing, they would all be in prison a date. OK, this new generation didn't get the memo that majority of these rappers was all cat.


Now they are busy trying to lead to lives, trying to serve two masters. They want to rap, can live a life of crime. And when you try to do both, you end up like New Bizzle, OK, facing three federal charges.


And if convicted of all these charges, Bane's Nuch Bizzle will face a statutory maximum sentence of twenty two years in federal prison.


I still like the song. So he's got some serious problems. OK, we don't have anything to do with that song is good and I knew Bizzle, we're not gonna play. Guess what this is.


Please let me give you the biggest. Yo, he.


You stupid mother. Are you dumb? Anyway, I have one question. Where is fat wizzle in fat wisl was featured on this song.


In fact we're trying to get someone else arrested. Inquiring minds want. Oh I'm trying to get them arrested. Forget the song has got over a million views on YouTube and forget that one point two million dollars in an unemployment fraud that they tried to get. I'm trying to get them arrested.


How they got me a rich off a EBV.


All right.


Niggas and powerful Dadri at work and.


All right. Well, thank you for that donkey at a day.


How did you get the song? He fat with it. I don't know if that was getting low. Right. You got anything you want to see? My goodness. All right. Thank you for that, sir.


It was an old pop up. Now, talking about it was talking about you and the Breakfast Club. Now you get low, stay low, lead all your social media pages and everything. That's right. All right.


Now, when we come back, TII will be joining us. We go kick it with T'ai when we come back. Don't move. Is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. You're checking out the world's most dangerous morning show, morning, everybody, is D.J., M.V. Angeles. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line right now. His album is out right now. Yes, sir.


To you. Welcome, sir. What's going on?


I think, you know, I've done it again. Maybe I would. Libra album Havemann. And right now, my favorite record on the album is Family Connect With You and the.


I got to say, man, I was shocked and surprised at me and the most pleasant ways, man. I think that that's the song.


And I think that's the sort of thing before I was thinking about that, when I was listening to it, I was like, has there ever been a father son rap duo?


Well, that both of them actually, though, will be the one time that he will and Jada Will did it with Jane. But what we also must take into consideration is map of the son actually produced a record. Oh, wow.


I didn't know that was a real family on that one. Did you have to pay them or did you have to pay them to get paid? I think I would be mad if you did. I know. I mean, you know, nepotism. You know, they live in a house, usually together. Did you send your voice over and then the man in his back had it that way? No.


You know, we actually had the money and that was the Messiah is messiah like yo militarism. So he was just going to be kind of like, you know. Well, it probably was a time where I hadn't been a been going away, like out of town for a second. And I came back there, you know, saying I can sit down at the studio and say, you know, one of the best estimate in that kind of stuff.


And we listen to to be candid, I like yeah, there's there's no demand to yell at me. I will get one. And I said, man, I will never work at one of the records that shows. And then I coincidentally had to deal put that studio to go do some.


And when I think about the time I came back and I recorded a verse and I try to take this record for it and I would I heard him do his verse when I came back, I figured I put my verse over here now so, you know, I could use your back. Go ahead. And so I got on this and it was dope.


I had to go back and forth and it's like I'm sitting there thinking on the song. He's rapping about how, you know, you are his daddy, but you don't want to you know, you don't want your help. So I'm like, damn, what was the process that is recording? Because you sound like y'all you were coaching them on the record.


Narborough like he is working his verse by himself. I did my verse numbers like we were never in the studio. Wow. Wow. We would record the numbers.


Do you ever think it would be a professor? I see you teaching at Clark Atlanta University. Did you ever see that as everything that you went to that would be a professor?


That I'm a be a teacher now?


I was a teacher person in prison. I taught class in prison. Did you what did you teach in prison? What was he thinking outside the box?


I believe it will tell you what man it was about. How did you I was I was showing people how to use the skills they've already acquired on the street, how to use those skills and identify those skills and purpose built for legitimate means when they get back out on the streets and have the most something about the about the whole correctional system.


Right. They don't take these skill set that you brothers clearly have. And you have to help them to direct their energy to something positive by.


Well, first of all, I mean, I think because the system was set up for free labor, it ain't really about rehabilitation.


Now, what do you teach in this class? Eight o'clock learning person is in the music industry. Is it business? Is entrepreneurship. Yes, yes, yes. Is they need to know we can talk about it. I think that is the business of best course. And and basically we go over the business of rap music. But the first course was about targeting the need for the business of any business, the supply and demand, profit and loss.


Right. But in order to supply a demand, you got to you got to recognize the need for the demand, you know, the like. Why is this so important in the first place?


Do you think people forgot how influential you were to trap music because you diversified your portfolio so much?


Yeah, absolutely. I think the same thing for hip hop. I would never do this list. I don't ever put myself on the list because it's so many other people who dedicated their lives to only just rap, to just do. You know, I mean, and I think that's that's kind of why they get the consideration first and I got try to do that, but just know any given moment and I'm amazed at where I am, who I am, and the magic that I do what I do because every rap is not out there with a rifle.


Shooting that month is a monster hunt.


And now you've got you've got to talk about and I see seem to me just like I was out there missing a day for a new movie that you almost of talk about this movie, because this you know, when the movie starts, it's like you guys in the military, then all of a sudden monsters start popping out of all types of places and you shooting monsters, you running from monsters. Talk about this movie a little bit.


Well, first of all, it's an adaptation from a video game. The film is about a platoon of military team that's responding to another teen disappeared. Right. So they going back to the last place that this team was seen. Right. And when they do that, it's kind of like they follow a trace of some tire tracks to a point where the tire tracks just disappear. And so, you know, we're right there with looking for, you know, say we're looking for the teen.


And all of a sudden we see a stroke and we think it's a storm, but it's very important to another dimension.


Wow. I want to go back to people disrespecting you a little bit when you when you challenged 50 to A versus some people were saying to Chervin. And then when you said you had five classic games, people said you were trippin, did not respond, put a fire under you for four hours, OK? Yes.


Yes, OK, yes.


Let me to talk about myself that had affected me. You know, if I just feel like this certitudes, I think it is it is as important as those children. Young people don't never let nobody tell you. You would love to play. You lose, let it be because you showed up and got beat. Don't let nobody else beat you with the AP. Yameen and most of the people who had disappeared is, you know, you got to the opinion is only as strong as the person that coming in.


And I think is a lot of people who kind of like weren't even from the cultural, who weren't even from the yet this generation of my generation to be speaking out as though they you know, they had so much into you speaking to me like they knew it. I mean, if you if you. Who heard. Yeah, I heard people say so. Like who's ever heard who never set foot on that yet.


Ever baby baby to the head of the world.


And they thought enough of her to enter. That is to say let's play some tea. And I think they only feel that way because, you know, in their young lives, like, what have I done for them, you know, film and television and social activism, what have I done? What about giving you to actually bring them up to speed who I am or what I do? So I think this kind of indulge me to say and tell them that I gotcha.


Yeah. I don't think paper trail was that long ago, though, for people to act like me right now. If you think about it, what picture?


15 years ago, no man Papapetrou twiddled 1812 from like 2008 or twelve years ago.


God damn time before I think about it. If you if you if you're 20 years old right there picture you were eight years old. When you decide what music you could listen to your.


Oh yeah, I we got more with TII. When we come back, let's get into his joy.


Is Kohring featuring Young Dog is the Breakfast Club I was ringing to featuring Young Dog.


Now we're kicking it with Ty Shelvey. You tapped in with all the young and for the project too. You got a little baby and thug and forty two dog. You got Rhapsody on Innaloo, Tokio with that intentional little baby record. So yeah. Appreciate it. Yeah.


I mean some of it was, some of it was some thought. Were you talking about like, you know tiger and little baby afforded to do. You know. In my eyes yes. That was intentional. Absolutely. We just stumbled on it. I reached out to just gave a cold call one day to do so, we're ready.


What would you say? What would you say? So she asked me a few questions about the title of the album. She definitely has sold a set of consoles.


And overnight she was, you know. Wow. I heard her.


That's when I was like, you know what I'm going to do this year?


And I'm there to do a conclusion. That was the view. That was a big deal with the biggest shock and surprise of my life.


I never expected they really were blown away. That got to be a proud, happy moment.


I mean, for real life for women. OK, so they have, you know, for most of her life, can I say this in a very careful with my words, especially with speaking about danger.


OK, so, yeah, when she came in to that point in her life where, you know, kind of the transition phase in your life when they think the girls do it, what happens when we get out here? You I see. I won't go see you say I will say it, but when you like. So when did you made it to the point I like from that point forward, we chatted and spoken as much as I can and we didn't have as much of an ability to, you know, to speak freely to one another for whatever reason.


And, you know, over the past year, we we gained we got close. And this is kind of like a testament of that, you know, especially with all of the stuff that we go through over the past year with the gate, you know, every relationship will be tested. I don't care whose relationship is a moral issue with the girls, wives who have every relationship is tested and that test is going to weaken it. And I think the thing is, she and I went last year, that was at six.


And the sisters, you know, we got to it. She and I, we remain committed. And we see now we have to understand, you know, I was speaking with, you know, she she is with each other that what was going on in the media as it pertains to it. And, you know, she I will tell you that I really talk to nobody in Taylorville what we feel about anything that they think that'll take it somewhere, you know, like high school and this and getting to this point where she actually chose to speak and make reference to the things that we were going to do that we have gone through.


As a moment of reflection, we kind of like that we made, you know, is that our episode for you to watch? Because I go I teared up a little bit when I was watching that episode on TV. When you always kind of go on when you think about my relationship with my own father. Was that hard for you to watch? Yeah, yeah, I think that it was hard to go through, and I think that time listen to we went through and when you aired it was like a six, eight month period.


So it was all but overweighed for us.


And here comes family hustle, stirring the pot, you know, and brought it back. But I mean, you know, I think at the end of the day, the value of the episode is that you made a move that helps those who may find themselves in similar positions to help them make it to, you know, the best part about your situation, man.


You know, even me having three daughters, it just when you see your kids get older and it's all groundsmen like, you know, I mean, like they just got good old fashioned common sense. I even went to Monty Python on family connections. They tell them, stop asking all the questions and answers in my songs to me, place the pain in my left hand and watch me right. My right. They do got good old fashioned common sense.


I got lucky, I, I got lucky.


Mama, I don't know how all of my kids became so accepting, became so humble, you know, saying, man, you know, we're going to change until he got the barriers to change, you know, there he got there for me that doesn't adequately equate danger. So you're into money. They look a lot like, you know there, whereas Gene X a lot like that. So if I were to do a movie or fail or actually I'm writing a series about young to teenage to the to me because it's a change.


And, you know, he captures the essence of who I was at that moment in my life, and that scares me.


Well, yeah. We appreciate you for checking in. The album is out right now. It's The Breakfast Cereal, The Breakfast Club.


Everybody is T.J. envy, Angela. Yes, I mean, the guy we all the Breakfast Club, let's get to the room. Hold on. Before we do, let me shout out to the general insurance. They want to pay your bills with a thousand dollars toward your expenses, thanks to our partner, the general get a lot for a little at the general insurance for coverage. You deserve a price that you can afford. Visit the general dotcom today.


Now let's get to rumor's. Let's talk to ya.


Listen, this is all the guys got the rumor report guy got the. Well, there's been some controversy because of a song on his album, The Lee Brothers song, We Did A Big featuring John Legend in that song, he is reminiscing about friends that have passed away. One of them is Terence Beasley. Terrence Camp Beasley was killed in an altercation in jail. And I guess, you know, this has been a longstanding rumor that he urinated on Drake in a movie theater.


This was during a screening for the movie Takers back in 2010. Well, here is the part of that song.


We did a big swing of them. And you like this? I know where they started the day I put up what you told you to sing to. What did you say? I went into freestyle, hits it off on your voice counterbattery for millions of people in your case, while a fight in my home somehow got you home. So to leave the personal trainer, my brother is back in the truck. What we had was each other. No problems, no mother, just runaway teen chasing that dream.


It popped deservingly junkies. Looking back, it wasn't as bad as it seems. We was a teen dropping bombs.


So we did a big, great record, great record as a memorial to Fallot Johnson Incap. And the context is very important. He was super drunk cap when he did that to Drake. It's not like he just walked up to Drake and whipped out and started urinating, but that's what it sounds like. No, I said it the line before you so drunk, you ended up peeing on Drake.


Yeah, but the way you say to make it seem like, OK, but, you know, you could be drunk and just that's that he was drunk.


You so drunk. That's common sense. You so drunk, you ended up being underage. You don't know what you're doing. I think I seen people pissy drunk peeing anyway.


Allegedly they're saying that Drake unfollowed T'ai after this. Oh, I don't know if he was following him and then I followed him. But, you know, they always look and see who was following who. Oh, that's the allegation. I don't know.


How do we know drink it that we've been following each other. And I see I follows him. You can look in somebody's friends to see who they're following.


You can what I'm saying, how do we know Drake ever followed him is what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. We don't know that's true. That's what that rumor is.


I refuse to report based drinks. Beijing is that then I refuse to believe that I'll stop it.


All right. Now, Jaylo is facing some criticism, and that's for calling herself Negrita in a song.


Listen to this just a little bit on all.


OK, explain to me, I don't speak Spanish. Negrita means like a black girl. So I had to defer to Ramos, who's Puerto Rican now, drama, because I saw a lot of people discussing this. And, you know, when you translate it, integrate, that means black. But I know sometimes and, you know, different languages, it could have different meanings. And I saw some people who are Hispanic saying, well, it could mean that or it could mean something else.


It could just be like kind of slang. And if she didn't mean anything from it. So dramas I'm deferring to you as the Puerto Rican in the room.


Yeah. I mean, if you take it literally, it means it's like black girl, but it's slang like it can be used as a term of endearment, like sweetheart or darling, like my dad or call my mom Negrito.


Sometimes it's just like a slang terminology. Don't you ask me why you ask who are you now? I'm Latino for the first time.


I always hear Drom refer to himself as Hombre Blanco or something. Like I never said, I've never said the word from the phone. But no, they don't pronounce the H and spend. What is it that means?


White man. But I've never called myself that boy. Oh, shut up. I'm sad all the time. I don't know if I blanchet though. I've heard him say that all the time. Don't you go wow, you guys just get up in the morning thinking like what kind of crazy to put on. I don't even speak Spanish. How would I know that. I only know because I hear you say you mean like I'm I'm very black. I never said that.


Never day in my entire life I but anyway, I just wanted to clear that up with that stuff. You guys, we're trying to figure out what is people were very angry about it, but it is a slang where they could just mean darling and she could have meant that that way. Right. I don't know anymore.


I had drawn called syllabary. I've never said that a day of my life. I don't know where you get this from. This is pretty close.


And just to close out the rumors, we got to talk about Kanye. ICRA said if Kanye during a skit on SNL. Listen to this while we take a break.


When we come back, we'll talk about the presidential race between Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Kanye West. Kind man.


What can I do? Not like that. And he posted on Twitter. I've always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back. My heart goes out to Israel. I'm praying for her and her family. I know that it's funny. Years of service that I've paid in the entertainment field has furthered our ability to be more successful. And then he posted a Google search of history as well. And in the meantime, he also says he wants to be a guest on the Joe Rogan experience.


Looks like it might be happening. He posted a photo of him doing a video chat with Joe Rogan and he said Joe Rogan said, it's cool for me to design the set for our podcast this Friday. And he also put out a snippet of a song he has with the baby.


Don't you hate Pynoos? Don't you hate when somebody says they always say something you've never heard?


He was on SNL. Why did he go on it? He said, I've always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back. You never heard that before. He's been on this. He's done at least seven times. The last time he was on that, he did not do it. Exactly.


I remember the last time he was on it was like twenty eighteen when he did that whole pro Trump rant. And if I'm not mistaken, he was supposed to be on with Chris Rock a couple of weeks ago, but because he's running for president, that put a wrench in it. I guess they got to give equal time to other presidential candidates or something like that. I don't know what it's like.


Yeah, I've never heard him say they always use black people, all the black people that show up here seven times.


All right. Well, that is your reporting, just to put it out there. And we'll also be on SNL next week.


All right. All right. Now, when we come back, a shout out to Revolt's. We'll see you tomorrow at People's Choice. Mix's up next. And shout to our heart what our heart is doing. And, of course, homecoming season is ruined because of covid-19. So our heart is teaming up with some of the best bcuz we do on homecoming celebrations dedicated to black excellence in schools. Right now that includes alumni and students. So there's going to be a bunch of things, performances, panels, entertainment and a lot more.


So just keep it locked and shout out to the partners, you LTA Beauty and McDonald's.


Right. It's out. There's also beauty.


I know. All right. You're beautiful. All right. Thank you so much. All right. The People's Choice is up next.


Let's go to The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


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Now this year, we were supposed to do a car show in Houston, in Detroit, in Atlanta and New York, New Jersey area. But of course, because of that, we had to cancel.


All of them is because we had about over thirty thousand people attending all those car shows and we had to send everybody back their money and everything with the venue. It was crazy. So what we decided to do, I've been working on it all summer, is to do a virtual interactive car show where it's going to be like a car show where you can actually, instead of walking in the building, you go through with your phone so you can go in the building with your phone, you can go to each car, you can go inside the car, you can spin around.


You can actually click videos and see people talking about the cars with the celebrities, me or people that actually own the cause. It's pretty dope. It's about 80 to 100 cars to click this old school cars, new cars, exotic cars, celebrity cars, just regular cars. It's it's a lot and it's going to be very, very dope. So that happens November 28. So we're doing Thanksgiving, Thursday, Black Friday, and then my car show now tickets are on sale right now.


We do a early special with 999, nine dollars and 99 cents. I think the first a thousand tickets or something like that. So get your tickets and I can't wait for you guys to check it out.


We've been working on it all summer long.


All right. Now, when we come back, we got the positive note. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club and we got shout to.


Yeah, we got to salute some of our favorite people who pulled up today on the Zune, my man Tipitina. You know, he's got the new album, Libra out right now. Fantastic. You know, I mean, if you're a TR fan, he has finally found a way to balance everything. You know what I'm saying? Like all the different elements that make up to he's found a way to bring it all together on this album, Fatherhood, XDA, DeBois, businessman, you know, activities, everything.


So I think it's a great album and saluted Taraji P. Henson and Tracy Jenkins and Jay Barnett for zooming in. They'd have a great conversation about why we all should be mentally healthy. Why would you be investing in our mental health? So SLU Dolittle's fine folks pulling up today.


All right. Well, it's time to get about it. You've got a positive note. I do, man. And it comes from the late, great Steve Jobs. And this is something that we all should, you know, implement in our lives, especially because the social media, social media be dictating the way people think. What your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking.


This is the.


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The margin of error so slim. And there was a couple of plays in each of those games that if it goes our way, we win. And that's football. That's the way it works. And that's why it's hard to win Super Bowls.


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