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With a pandemic and a revolution happening at the same time, we get to choose what kind of society we want to rebuild and who we want to be together.


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Thank you for the Green Party.


So the candidate is the only one who can keep these guys in Charlamagne. The guy is.


You are crazy, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning Angela ye mining tambe charlamagne. The guy peace to the planet is one day.


Good morning. Yes, it's Monday, back to the week, back to the workweek, another great weekend of doing. Not a damn thing. How are you feeling? I'm good. I'm good. I'll see you out in Ohio. I just want to say I was that I was good.


It was a surprise birthday. So we were out there again. Every time you go to summer camp, everybody has to get tested. And before you can participate in any of the activities, it's the same coronavirus test they use in the White House. It's like a 15 minute rapid test and fortunately tested negative again.


And unlike the White House, you don't lie about your results. If you all test, you have to get everything. You have to get a wristband. They it's not we don't have a choice. You don't have a wristband. You can't participate in anything. And it all goes on record to the state also. So whatever your test results are, Kevin Hart was there. He showed up this weekend. You know, it's interesting because there's a lot of comedians haven't been working during this time.


And so everybody's been, you know, going Bill Burr was there over the weekend. For some people, this is like their first time back on stage in the corner.


You want to make sure they still got it and you ain't even salute Toronto. And good morning. Shops in Toronto.


So disrespectful just because now he's got a new album out and you from Queens and you don't really like many of the new Drake's songs. You just going to just Toronto like that are so insulting.


I don't like the Drake songs to the whole six hoti that I actually like Drake.


Enjoy what you do Charlamagne. Which one is the one with the dark laugh now. OK, that's not very good. A little dark is hard to. It's not an album and I was out writing.


I did nothing this weekend. I did nothing.


I sat around outside on the deck on the pergola listening to music, drank, smoked and just, you know, cooled out. That's all, that's all you can do in this crazy, crazy ass world every time you turn on social media. I said turn on social media. Almost every time you log into social media, turn on the television, you see something that will drain your energy, right? Oh, you know, when you get those opportunities to take those nice mental health breaks and just cool out and disconnect, please do it, because I swear it's so noisy out here in this world.


And rightfully so. Rightfully so. Yeah. Some some some of the noise is warranted. Some of it is, but a lot of the noise is warranted. So you just got to take time for yourself. And that's what I that's what I choose to do on weekends. Take time for myself. OK, all right. All right.


Well, let's get the show cracking. We got front page news coming up. What we talking about?


Well, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at a joint appearance on Good Morning America. And today is the start of the Republican National Convention also.


All right.


And let me double check. I think we are somebody stop and throw Jamal Truelove stop and explain to the people who Jamal true love is more true.


OK, I was going to say he's from San Francisco and he was wrongfully convicted of a crime of murder and was sent to jail and served almost seven years in jail before he was finally released. He got thirteen million dollars from the city. And at that time, Kamala Harris was the attorney general. Is that correct? Yes.


Yes. OK, all right. We'll talk to him in a little bit as well is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, D.J. Envy.


Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get in some front page news.


Start with some sports basketball. Now, over the weekend, the Bucs beat the magic. They lead the series two one Miami leads the Pacers Series three over Houston leads the Thunder series two one. The Lakers beat the Trailblazers. They lead the series two one Boston. They beat the seventy Sixers. They they done with the series four oh Clippers Mavericks. They tied one thirty five one thirty three over the weekend. The series is tied Toronto. They won.


They beat the nets for a few Nuggets player.


Looking forward to next year.


Next season the jazz beat the Nuggets one twenty nine twenty seven. They lead the series three one and that is it. Today the bucks take on the magic Rockets take on the Thunder, Pacers take on the Heat and the Lakers play the Trailblazers at nine p.m..


Basketball happening in that damn bubble. Absolutely that much. I love basketball. I love it. And I don't I don't know. I don't even miss the crowd. Not being in basketball is basketball.


I just I just be balling out and so do the Mavs. Clippers game was incredible. It was. You got you. All right.


Well, let's talk to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. Now, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden had to address the you ain't black comments that were made. Joe Biden told Charlamagne that. If you don't vote for him, you're not black. Here is what Joe Biden had to say about that. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the African-American community is the eighth largest black population in America. I work for these side six blocks from here, which is virtually all African-American.


I had a good job with a well known law firm and I quit and became a public defender. But here's the point. I shouldn't have said that what I was trying to make the point that this is a man who spent his entire career denigrating African-Americans. But the truth is, there's a fundamental difference between Donald Trump and me on the issue of race across the board.


Finally, Biden admits he wouldn't be here without black people. We have saved his political life time after time. President Obama made him VP. Senator Harris is probably going to win him the presidential election. All the more reason Joe Biden should be meeting every black man that's on the table. There isn't a policy commitment he shouldn't be agreeing to when it comes to black people.


Now, here is where Kamala Harris had to say about those comments. He has a deep sense of awareness and knowledge about racial disparities, inequities and systematic racism. And Joe speaks the words and actually knows how to say the words Black Lives Matter. Contrary to what the United States does, which is to so hate and division full time and has never spoken those words and will never speak the words Black Lives Matter, you can talk to Joe. He has been outspoken on those issues.


And I know where his heart is.


Well, you need to listen to all black agendas, too, and all these agendas that are on the table, he should be making all the policy commitments he can to black people because, listen, we got 80 more days or seventy five more days left. It is a campaign in a campaign, you try to get as much votes as possible. And that's what both of them are going to be trying to do for the next 75 days, trying to convince people to vote for them.




But tonight is the kickoff of the 2012 Republican National Convention as to why that's going to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.


All right.


All right. Well, that is your front page news. Get it off your chest, 805 eight five one two five one. If you need to hit us up right now, let us know how your weekend was. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. It was May 19th, 1983, in Springfield, Oregon, in the middle of an otherwise peaceful, cool spring night, a car arrived at McKensie Willamette Hospital. Diane Downs and her three children had been shot, Cheryl's seven was dead and Danny, three, and Kristy, eight, had life threatening injuries a year later. Diane herself was found guilty for the shootings.


In the 80s, this was a shocking headline story of Fatal Attraction.


Authorities believed Diane's infatuation with a married man who said he had no interest in being a father to anyone's children was the possible motive behind her shooting her three kids. One year later, at her trial, she was pregnant. That child was Becky Babcock. Four years, Becky, has tried to come to terms with who her mother is. But one mystery has haunted her. Who is her biological father? She's what I call a jackpot match.


Did you find Becky's biological father?


Join me as we search for the answer and explore Becky's and her mother's past on this season of Happy Face to Face. Listen on the radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you find your favorite shows. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed, but at the same end, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, who's this? Good morning, Eva. Good morning, Angela. Good morning, Charlamagne.


This is my rig with something. What's going on, Charlamagne? I did the exact same thing this weekend. I just hung out with the boys. Well, in the crib, you know, smoking and drinking. But we did get to talk about, you know, the political process and what's going on and the interview with Robin Roberts and Joe Biden. I think right now Joe Biden is you were talking earlier about addenda. He hasn't given us a clear black agenda.


And I think he's just going to be waiting right now based on, you know, him, that downplaying Donald Trump and explaining what Donald Trump has been doing all the time. But that's not going to cut it going into the future, that he has to really have a plan for us and for people, people like myself and my my brethren that I was talking to this weekend who have, you know, decent incomes and decent job. And I, for one, can't this multiplying all this year, if we weren't thinking about everybody else's well-being, we would have I won't say I woke up.


Trump would be a good idea to go to because Biden doesn't have any plan for us. Funny to hear him and Kamala Harris come up with a distinct plan about what's going on, because right now I don't hear him with it. I just hear what's bad about what's bad about Donald Trump. But he's not telling us what's good about him.


Well, I do say I agree with you that the Democrats are terrible when it comes to, you know, their messaging in regards to policy. But he does have a plan for black America, called to live here where it's on his website.


If you go to if you go to Joe Biden dot com, you can see the whole plan, lift every voice, divide and plan for black America.


I mean, it's just a matter if you think it's enough or not, I don't think it's enough. I think we should be we can push it more on a lot of things in regards to blackness.


I think I'm pretty informed not to say that I'm most informed, but I'm pretty informed. I do go on websites. I do the conversation. I do listen to what's going on and what they have going forward. But I assure them, he says it's not enough. I don't hear it being at the forefront of any conversation, especially considering how unstable this social environment is right now. It should be something that in the beginning of all of everything that he talks about, even with them, asking him the other day about him, you know, him saying you ain't black.


It seems like they have to go behind him and clean up his conversations like he still doesn't know his approach. And he wanted to just go by what he thinks we what he has asked is what we want and then implement those things. So I'm not saying I mean I mean, I said to you last time, I think that Biden and Harry are the lesser of two evils. And you said you are sure. But and I mean, I just think that's what's happening right now.


He's not winning based on, you know, him being good. He's winning or Trump being fat. And then it's true.


All right.


Now is amazing. I will say, Biden, Harris, give us the best opportunity of getting all black agendas pushed through that that I believe. Get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. I'm telling you what's normal for all of you.


This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?


I'll the day and the morning. This is tomorrow. First of all, to get that off my chest, though. All day. Yes, all day. So I was calling about this thing me and my husband was doing. Call me up Monday also a couple of days ago because we got for it. We met up and he was like, you know, let's do a little something different. So at the end of it all, I walked away with 35 dollars and I was like, listen, there's not enough money as it what exactly is he trying to do?


A show? Did you five dollars. You you at least deserve 40. Oh, my goodness. At least therefore I'm his wife.


I should be free.


I mean, like a little game. Like I see I play a role playing 35, but I mean it's a role playing.


You get forty dollars like the rest of these holes all the time.


So that's where the glory is. Elliott put forty dollars. Yes I know that. Yes. Forty forty dollars. What is that.


Groaning We didn't give you forty. Gave you thirty five. Now you can't roll play and tell me what role you can choose. Not now come on.


I feel like if you agree with me then I could get him to listen back and then next time, you know, I guess that's pretty cool.


How do you manage to get a regular manicure with no polish word and do they can't. You can't.


You know, you're not playing the role of the wife right now, sweetheart. You playing the role of the whatever the hole or the need to get my nails done.


What am I doing? Thirty five dollars. I was I can't even buy. What does that mean? Thirty five dollars. I'm sorry. I was that kind of thirty dollars. If I was that kind of man, I wish my psychic would ask me for seventy dollars.


This is a life which should hold the man this role playing the wife.


I probably know. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you didn't earn it. Did you enjoy it.


I didn't. I really. Wow you. I think two kids in seven years.


I'll tell you right now it is suppose to be role playing. How did it get back to real life? You should concentrate on the six, not to thirty five dollars we had to make up fake.


That was really big. Anyways, I just want to get that off my chest. I think I'm going to take you your money.


I want you to know that you're a terrible actress who does not know how to get into character or stay in character. Here's my role playing went wrong. Jesus Christ. Hello. Who's this? Yo yo, what up dude?


Baby. A.K.A. Vegas from Detroit West with a you know. Are you guessing you're from Detroit.


Yeah, a little bit longer. Understanding football. You know how to go without messing with Uncle Charlotte. What about you man. I'm good man. I'm doing good. I'm a repo man out here in Detroit right now. I'm not saying these cars off the street, but I'm a little confused because everybody got Jordan, everybody got gooky. But ain't nobody paying that bill. But what's going on, huh?


A pandemic. Maybe people don't have the money to pay their bills to pay them.


I mean, I can't I can't believe they're gonna see a brand new stuff, though.


I'm seeing brand new Jay Leno sandboxing something and some good them picked them up loans and people, SBA loans. That's why they're going to jail. I need to put that on the bill, though. I agree with you.


Right? I mean, what can you say? You're right. All right. Yeah, I had to get that off my chest to say, get your stuff together, man. Do you ever feel bad when you have to repo somebody's car? A little bit. But then I think about my kids. We got to eat, too.


You got a job to do, sir. You just doing your job? Well, be careful.


I don't take people's cars, but hey, GMC, I'm coming for you now. GMC, I'm on my way. We'd better go that GMC Jaccard, you know, GM said call them right now.


I thought GMC is the brand of a truck.


It is. Never has it. Anybody who has when it's about to be repo man. People got GM. Did you just get mad people in Detroit with their cars about to be repo? They pay your bill.


You better move it. Get it loaded up.


Eight hundred five eight five zero five when you got away yesterday would have been Kobe Bryant's forty second birthday. I'ma tell you the message that Vanessa Bryant, his wife, actually wrote on social media to him. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Season one features 10 episodes and is released. Weekly episodes are packed with secrets, confessions and revelations and are narrated by the fictionalized voices of real people like Lenny Bruce, Ronnie Spector, Ike Turner, John Lennon, Debbie Harry and more. Just like Phil Spector. This podcast sounds like nothing you've heard before because you can't push the needle into the red without leaving a little blood on the tracks. Blood on the Tracks contains adult content and explicit language. Listen to Blood on the Tracks and the I Heart Radio Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.


E.g., N.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, let's get to the rumors, let's talk Trillanes Blitz's. Yes, and all the guys got the room, a report got rangelands, Angela, Angela. It's a rule report, The Breakfast Club. Well, former NFL running back Larry Johnson had posted some tweets. Ladies, if you date a man who coined the term demon time and you get shot by him during demon hours, be accountable for your stupidity.


Hashtag Trillanes. And then he said maybe she should have taken a course in behavioral sciences. And you can see that Trillanes did like the post. So people were going in because of that. And of course, they were bringing up Larry Johnson's own past where he was accused of domestic violence.


People care about what Larry Johnson actually says, is that they care because Trillanes like the tweet, because I can't imagine people caring what Larry Johnson got to say about it.


I think it just brought my attention to it. I think I think it brought more attention to it because Trillanes liked it, but nobody appreciated what he said. Is the dumbest thing you ever heard. It's her fault for being around this person and calling her stupid and that she has to be accountable, but not him being accountable.


Well, I feel like Larry Johnson says a lot of things for shock value. I think he does this because he knows he's going to get a rise out of people. That's why I don't understand why people are still paying any attention.


There's no reason to Nabatiye has gone on living, given his own messaging about what he thinks needs to happen with Trillanes. He wants to hear from him. Here's what he said.


And if you shoot a girl in a bikini, that's crazy.


I said I'm not saying she would love. I'm just saying I can't commit. Unimaginable if the man I wouldn't let nobody be a mentor.


You need to say Sombra calls. I'm out on the phone and say so. You know, I. I say Sombra. Look at that.


So he thinks he got I mean, there's nothing you can say that could justify, you know, what he did. I just think people want to hear Tori's side just so they can try to make some sense out of it. You know, like they could get a better understanding of why why this situation would occur. But nothing, he says, is going to make sense.


Not at all. All right. Joint joins in as well. He said this. The stallion and Tory Lane situation got me in on a sad A.F. Knowing Terry personally, this is crazy to me. Black men, we got to learn how to control our ego, anger, etc. At some point, the switch got a turn off. Protect black women here. All black men love and respect each other. And then he got some backlash for his statements and had to explain himself.


Here's what he said.


Some of you got to be the most ignorant types of people. If you don't understand my statement when I say I'm in awe of this situation because I know someone personally that's involved at all because of how tough it is and to protect black women and to heal black, like there's no sides being taken, even if he comes out and says, you know, I did this, I did my statement, still going to be the.


Yeah, I'm confused by people who mad at Mario. What happened? What I miss. He has an assault charge on his mom from 2010.


OK, so he couldn't be speaking from a place of experience.


He couldn't be speaking from the experience of a man who had a fragile ego at one point who got some healing.


You can be speaking from that experience and I'm just reporting on what's happening.


Oh, OK. Yeah, I'm not judging what anybody's saying or doing right now. I'm just telling you what is happening. I think a lot of people are trying to weigh in on their opinions. Social media sometimes doesn't allow for you to fully explain where you're coming from. People take it, however they take it and respond how they respond and bring up your own past. That's true.


I like Mario's, though, you know, protect all black women. He'll heal all black men. Like, I want Tory to have to deal with the consequences of his actions. But I still wish him healing. And I want him to come out of this a better human. And I want all men to deal with whatever trauma or hurt they are going through so they don't make the kind of mistakes that Tory made in the future, like hurt people, hurt people.


I want you to heal. What's wrong with that? Nobody's giving him was the same grace you want from God. Vanessa Bryant has written a birthday message to Kobe Bryant. It would have been his forty second birthday. She posted Happy Birthday. I love you and miss you more than I can ever explain. I wish you were here to celebrate you. I wish I could make you your favorite food or a birthday cake with my DJ. I miss your big hugs and kisses, your smile, your loud ass.


Deep laugh I miss teasing you, making you laugh and bursting your bubble. I miss you sitting on my lap like my big baby that you are. I think about your tenderness and patience all the time. I think about everything you would do in situations to help me deal with everything thrown my way. Thank you for growing up with me and teaching me how to be strong. He she ends it by saying thank you for showing me what real love is.


Thank you for everything. I know my dog is celebrating you like she always has on our special days. I miss my thoughtful princess so much. Natalia, Gianna, Bianca Capri. And I wish you a happy birthday, my love. I love you for now, forever and for always.


Yeah, that hurt me, she said. She said she wished it was her instead instead of them. She wished she would have gone first. Lord have mercy. Let me tell you something. If you are taking life for granted, if you don't appreciate life, if you feel like you having any hardships and your struggles may just be happy to be Brevin, absolutely. You know, absolutely.


Brevin, that woman right there would do anything just to be able to have a husband.


What about her husband and her daughter back home? Regardless of what's going on in her life, she would just want them to be here.


So you should feel the same way. Regardless of what's going on, your life may just be happy to be here.


Absolutely. And, you know, to have Larry King's children have died in the past three weeks and yes, his son Andy passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago.


And his daughter Chaya died Thursday after battling a chronic illness. She was 50 when his son Andy was 65 years old. Wow. So let me tell you something.


I don't I'm not even joking when people say to me how I'm doing. I don't care how I may be feeling. I don't care if I'm depressed in that moment or mentally exhausted. Emotionally exhausted. I don't care.


I am alive. Yes, that's it. You got to start enjoying life there. Yeah, absolutely.


I am thankful I don't need much. All I need to do is to be around the ones I love and I'm happy to be here. That's all I want from my family.


I'm happy after the year we've had. And listen, I've always been the type that I don't I don't deal well with death. I appreciate every day of my life. Oh, boy, this has been the year of death and it's been the year of a saint. Essential, right? That's the word we've been using all year. Essential, you know, it's essential life. That's it. Everything else is gravy.


All right. Well I mean, Angela. Yea. And that is your room report. All right. We got front page news coming up.


What are we talking about? Yes. And let's talk about what is going on in Wisconsin. There has been protesting and yet another incident of police brutality. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning, B.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news. Have you guys to watch basketball? I know, Charlamagne. You have all of you, of course. You even hear us? I'm just looking forward to the Brooklyn Nets next season, that's all.


Oh, my God. Hang it up. All right. All right. Well, it's going to be incredible for the Brooklyn Nets.


TORONTO, Wash. The Nets won 51 22. They won the series for the Nuggets. Jazz Beat the Nuggets one twenty nine to one twenty seven. The Mavericks beat the Clippers one thirty five point thirty three. Celtics beat the seventy Sixers one ten one oh six. Now let's get it from patients.


What else are we talking about? Well, let's talk about Kenosha, Wisconsin and Jacob Black, a 29 year old father was shot in the back. He was shot seven times, according to reports. Now, bankruptcies attorney, you know him, of course, from having been on the Breakfast Club and representing a lot of families. He's a civil rights activist lawyer. And according to Ben Crump, he said confirm Jacob Blake's three sons were in the car he was getting into when Kenosha police shot him tonight.


So people have been protesting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, since this happened. Now, what we are gathering is that he was trying to break up a fight between two women. That's when the police came.


They tasered him and then he was opening the driver's side door of his car. He leaned in and there's video of this. You can see an officer grab his shirt from behind and opened fire as several people in the street are heard screaming as it appears that somebody from across the street was filming when this happened. So according to witnesses, the police try to use a stun gun on him. He was unarmed and then they ended up shooting him in the back.


Right now, he is in serious condition as of this morning.


Yeah, it looks like that was his wife outside screaming no, right outside the car as well. I don't know, lady. Well, I don't have that information. Yeah.


I mean, I know that they are protesting in Wisconsin right now. I heard they tearing stuff up. I really don't know what y'all expect of America. You would think the police would attempt to try to do better after everything we've seen this year. But nope, every opportunity police get your proof. The Black Lives Matter movement. Right. And I watched the video. If you're so worried about the man going to his car, how about preventing him from getting to the car, take him to the ground, detain him.


And I understand your not wanting the young man to get to his car, but prevent that, you know, and do that. His kids in his car. From what I heard, you can shoot the man seven times in the back like Jesus Christ based on what people saw this year, what do you think is going to happen when they watch videos of you shooting a man seven times in the back while his kids are in the car? Do you really expect people to be peaceful after seeing something like this?


Come on, man.


And pour poor three sons that he has. It had to witness something like that. Imagine what that's like for them. Attorneys for life.


I'm traumatized and I'm forty two years old. All right. So imagine how those kids feel like. How am I.


And I'm forty one before they to the next year, I think. All right.


You you know, now the Republican National Convention is kicking off today. Will you be watching? It starts at 9:00 p.m. tonight. And the convention theme is honoring the great American story.


I have to I think that it's going to be an amazing comedy show, probably one of the best variety show that we've seen in a while. I haven't seen a good stand up in a minute. I have to watch. I heard Donald Trump is performing every night, new, fresh, our sets every night, some of it improv. I have to watch, guys.


I'm sorry.


No other people who will be making appearances. Of course, Rudy Giuliani. Dana was president of the UFC.


Mm hmm. Really? Yes. Also, Mark and Patricia McClosky, if you don't know who they are, they're the couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter. Protesters outside of their man's got to see their said.


I remember that. Got to see this. They got to see this. They should only get like five, ten minutes. We got to see that said.


Who else? I know it's a lot of trouble. Yeah. Senator Tim Scott is on the bill for tonight. Got to watch. Tim Scott Donaldsons South Carolina all day. Oh, this. And tomorrow, Melania Trump will be hitting the stage. Eric Trump will be on the stage. Tiffany Trump tomorrow as well.


When is Barron performing? I know Barron is doing the little juggling routine. From what I heard. Little Youngberry.


Right, but there's definitely a lot of Trump's on the bill every single night. So there's a, you know, Donald Trump and Carson, Ivanka Trump, Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani, Alice. Watch the inmate pardoned by Donald Trump.


I'm watching, but I'm I'm one of those people who I like to take in all the information. I like to hear from both sides. Like, I don't just listen to what the liberals have to say. I am the person who watches CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. I so I am interested to hear what they will be saying at the Republican National Convention.


All right.


Well, that starts tonight. Again, like I said, that's going to be in Charlotte North. Carolina and live streaming takes place from nine to 11 p.m. seven. I'm surprised, I'm shocked and reach out to the baby to perform. Shut up. And that sounds right. Shut up and reach out to the baby.


Or people will try to get one of them to perform.


One in seven or four wasn't going to happen. Nope. All right. Well, that is your front page news. All right.


Now, when we come back, we have Jamal Truelove joining us now. Explain to the people who Jamal true is if they don't know you, Jamal, true love.


He's from San Francisco and he was wrongfully incarcerated for a murder that he did not commit. And he ended up spending almost seven years in prison before getting released. He got 13 million dollars for the city. He was sentenced to 50 years to life. And Kamala Harris was the district attorney at the time that this happened. So. Right. This was her office that was handling this case. All right.


And it was what was interesting is Jamal still says he's voting for Byron Harris.


So we can say, yeah, he actually went viral the other way. And in a video where he said he is still voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, he set aside my differences. You can, too.


I will talk to him and find out all of that when we come back. I don't move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Back to you, checking out the world's most dangerous morning show. Morning, everybody, is deejay envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We had a special guest on the line this morning, Jamal Truelove. Welcome, brother. Welcome.


Welcome. Thank you for having me. Let people know. Jamal true. Love his man. The police framed you for murder. I know you're probably tired of talking about this situation and reliving that trauma, but could you tell us about that case back in 2007?


One of my friends actually got killed and I was there know I knew the person involved who actually did it as well. And, you know, that wanted me to ultimately tell the person who actually did it. And I just felt like that wasn't my job to necessarily do so. Also upholding, you know, what you learned in the streets at the end of the day, you know, don't run the tell tale or not. And ultimately, my fate was sealed in that moment by being convicted and sentenced to life in prison here in San Francisco.


Now, the police did frame you, though, in that situation. You knew they knew it wasn't you and they had a witness that identified you, but her story was inconsistent. So how did that happen?


Yes. So initially going in, so I didn't know anything about the police necessarily frame me. I just knew that it things just didn't add up to the evidence that was actually turned over. So for so long. But credit towards this man. Yes, I was a woman that ultimately said that I did it. I was hoarse by two of the detectives to ultimately say that I did it, which she wasn't 100 percent sure. And then there was another witness that police cohorts also that was like a schizophrenic DALTRY You know what the jail would have done in a lab like tape and got her to the point of saying, I did.


I did it. You know, in the report they said that it was it was incredibly reliable witness, which it totally wasn't. And that's what ultimately want.


So now the cops knew you didn't do it because they asked you to tell on somebody else, but because you didn't tell the whole thing was they changed it and made it on.


You are so important because anytime there was more on the street, I mean, you know, the family members of the person you know about my friend who got killed today was more so scared of the person who actually, you know, did it. And they felt like I was more of a person that would, you know, I would tell them or something like that, you know? I mean, but it wasn't necessarily that. But now the police and they you know, they knew that I didn't do it my way, what the witnesses were saying and just what the streets to say.


And then everybody said, I didn't do it. Everybody knew I didn't do it. But they wanted to hold somebody accountable for anything at that point.


And this all brings out Kamala Harris. Right, because her office was overseeing this case, is that correct?


Yes. Our office overseeing the case. Initially, the case was brought to their office with just the one witness that ultimately testified. And they didn't prosecute the case. They didn't bring the case up. They ended up, you know, bringing charges on the case when they got the second witness 18 months later. And that's the witness I was telling you guys about that was a schizophrenic drug addict. So for someone who ultimately end up falling off and dropping back from saying if she was going to testify because she told to like, you know, she lied that night, you want a civil suit?


I think you want, like, what? Thirty million dollars after your conviction was overturned? Yeah.


Yeah. What about jury? To me, ultimately, 30 million, because he's so focused on what you did, end up spending six years in jail, though, so no amount of money to make that.


Yes, that's what we can skip skip over that. You know, ultimately, I got sentenced to 15 to life in prison. And just knowing that, you know, the climate of San Francisco at that time, you know, it was it was, you know, up situation because before and this is what a lot of people don't know and they didn't want to put together before I was even sentenced, you know, I discovered a guy by the name of Oliver Barcenas who was at the police station that exact same time that the whole incident went on, that he witnessed the police actually saying my name.


So before I went and got started, you know, he came up to me in a cell, a cell at 12:00 Hazlehurst Truelove. I'm like, yeah, like I remember being in this police station, you know, and they were saying your name. So those are the red flags that I was in between my case before I actually went to trial. But now I'm convicted, not sentenced. So when I put him up on the stand and he testified because the show that he had the police station at that same time that he was a minor, there's no way that he can have knew who I was.


I know who he was. But what stood out was the last name Truelove years later. He's hearing in the newspaper and now in the cell with the DA. So he went to go do his time at the testifier and they denied my pre-trial motion, which he proved that everything that I put on in my case was actually factual to the things that we were actually arguing about being framed basically, and wants to go to a time where he came home within three months of him coming home.


He was shot in the back of a police asserted, right, don't die. He didn't die. Right. That officer National Guard position to where he was. He was interim chief of police right now in this term. Kamala Harris has already won her AG. But this speaks to us how in you know, the corruption is, especially here in San Francisco, just across the country in general. Fast forward me come home. I'm never used them in my pretrial motions to testify.


I love using them in my civil case. So we win the civil case and three months later he gets shot again. But my gun in the back was still shot twice in the back and don't die. The second one is actually on video. And yeah, he had a gun on the right. But I mean, you know, I mean, look, I'm from the hood. I know something that, you know, it's not only a conspiracy.


You know, a lot of times I mean, they got something called the drug, right? They make sure, you know, they took the gun, they put the gun to sort of like a dope fiend hand to make sure they go to somebody on a block to set the tone. They give me fifty dollars well, in the hood, you know what I mean? So that's that's my conspiracy theory. But if you if you learn it all the way up, then that makes sense, you know.


I mean. But how did you get the case overturned?


How did you finally become free? What was that breaking moment?


So it was prosecutorial misconduct that led to ineffective assistance of counsel. You know, the D.A. was saying all types of wild, crazy stuff that there was no proof of, as in the witness having to live in a crummy hotel, you know, things like that where there's no proof, no crummy hotel, there's protest. You know, she made about 60, 65 grand just to get up and do this, you know, to testify. So things like that, which we didn't object to, which ultimately it was good evidence, actually, because if not, then, you know, we could have had gotten ineffective counsel.


But really, it started from star misconduct and we got more with more true love.


When we come back, Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning.


Everybody is the envy, Angela. Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we're still kicking in, which are more true love. Charlamagne.


Senator Harris, you didn't try your case and she wasn't named in your lawsuit. So why was she getting the blame directly from you or am I confused about something?


Yeah, so this is a time to think about it. I'm never, you know, playing definitively. Kamala Harris, at the end of the day, it was about accountability. I mean, you know, she is the head of the office. You know, at the end of the day, no, she did not argue the case. But if you have the head of office, especially the San Francisco services got seven Marsabit, there's only a certain amount of murder cases and that is the highest case.


And anybody at the head office to make sure in my case was like, you know, it was the top case in the city. Very high profile cases. Exactly. There's nowhere way that she missed this one, because even when I got out of the courtroom, when I got since she was inside the courtroom, if you look at the end of all of my paperwork, her name is stamped on everything, you know, even when I'm going to get my appeal.


State attorney general, you know, her name is at the bottom of the paper. You know, it's her office.


So because she's an executive, she says she's aware of it and yeah, she's aware of it in any case, coming out of her county that she was a D.A. and, you know, I know it is me, right? It's me. And I'm worried about my record and so forth. So I don't want my rights to be overturned on the negative side. So I'm I'm focusing in on what I got to focus on, you know what I mean?


At the end of the day, it just so personal.


Did you ever get a personal apology from Carmel or anybody that worked in our office during that during the time of your wrongful conviction? No.


No apology. No acknowledgement. And that's that's the best thing. And, you know, you did say that you are still voting for well, for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, I want you to expand on that, because given what you went through, right, going to jail, being wrongfully convicted and being away from your four children for six to seven years and then coming back home, still not getting an apology, but yet you still are endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


I want to hear why. Because I know when you reached out. You were like, I want to clarify some things, so like I said in the video, it's just me putting my differences aside to what Kamala Harris involvement in my case and the macro approach. Right. Of controlling our vote. We got to know how to control our vote by controlling our vote. Ain't saying that I'm not voting. Controlling our vote is saying, OK, I know that I'm going to go this way.


I'm a publicize and let people know I'm a go this way, then I'm OK. I'm asked, what are you going to do for this vote?


Have you reached out to Kamala Harris to try to have a conversation? Would you want to have a conversation with them, with her?


Well, I want to deny at the end of the day, you know, she Kamala has done some good things, you know, to me for, you know, the black community. When you think about the overall, but a lot of the things are more so pargneaux towards like, say, sex trafficking. But that's still an overall right. It's not directly a black issue when it comes down to, you know, juveniles being charged as adults, you know, stuff like that.


All of those things is part of reform. Absolutely. But very reform minded. I mean, when I got put on to her in 2015, that's one of the reasons that I even started gravitating towards her because of a lot of the progressive things she was doing as a prosecutor. It was a lot of it was more about reform than actually sending people to get you know, she really like the back on track program.


Exactly. And all of that is cool, you know what I mean? But you got to understand back on track, a lot of that was progress towards people who had drug issues and stuff like that, cenizo or towards the people that's out there really committing the crimes. I'm telling you, black people that's in the hood like that, that's, you know, ready to get the people ready to do all of those. Those are the ones that want to hear something.


Those are the votes that they ultimately want when it comes down to it. So you kind of give something. It's got to be a plain English for somebody with this right here.


I do want to say we have to do our own research as well, because a lot of the things you're saying are true. But Senator Harris does have a black agenda, you know what I mean? Like, she had a black agenda since last year. In fact, the agenda that Bloomberg adopted was a lot of her agenda and her agenda was she had she had economic equity packages for black people, closing the racial wealth gap and home ownership, a lot of different things.


Did you ever think about snitching?


You know, all the talk now has been snitching. And you even with six nine snitch, did you ever think about you know what? I'm just going to tell on this one person and I got to do seven years. It really had nothing to do with me. I was just there.


And it was your friend that it was your friends, your friends, like your family that never crossed my mind.


Look, I sat on the phone with your mom and my mom, you know, sat there. She cried like a baby. You just don't fight for your kids. I said, look, you know, when it come down to my morals, I want to give I want to know how to teach my kids if I want to tell somebody came home. My kids grow up in hip hop and they like their daddy, a snitch. What is his upbringing going to be like?


You know? So it was really, you know, my morals, but on top of it, it's not my job. Regardless if I did it or if I didn't do it in this case is really not my job because I didn't do it.


Yeah, but you still went to jail for seven years. You still lost seven years of your life. Yes. That's something that you do holding on to a code that really doesn't benefit none of the brothers in the hood.


If we're being totally honest with you and I don't know if you have kids now, but it's seven years of not being in your house, my kids, your kids.


It's just so totally I totally agree. And, you know, and I always believe that that is like being a real the right is the is one of the main thing that hinders our community, you know, in the black community is so far so long because I sit down. Look, I said I sit down in jail with folks. I know that dealers do it. And the thing about it, they sit down because they did the room. Look, I tell these attorneys, I said, if you put in the same position, they would you tell typically they say, yes.


I said, what about if you got put in the same position as me and if you told you end up losing your job, you might get killed, your mama might get killed, and then you got to go live in the projects for the rest of your life. Make that decision now. And they can't make that decision because that's the same feeling that somebody's coming from the hood is actually feeling like. But for me, it wasn't a decision for me to make.


It was it was a given what I was ultimately going to do, because for one, I'm going to do it. But two, I kind of see living my life, you know, being a snitch, I we got more with you, more to love.


When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning. Everybody is the envy. Angela, you I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is still kicking in, which is more true.


Love ye Tamotsu. Questions for the woman that was coerced and got the money for for living accommodations. Did she ever apologize to you? And secondly, are the cops who framed you accountable in any way? Have there been any charges brought up against them? No. So she has not apologized and the cops have not been charged in this type way, haven't lost anything.


So I thought the federal jury found him, found the to lead homicide detectives that phoned Homicide.


Absolutely. Absolutely. In my suitcase. And that's how I was rewarded. The money. Oh, OK. Not only they did they didn't they didn't lose a pension. They didn't lose anything. Now, I think that is crazy. That's a crime.


Look, it is a crime and that's the whole thing. Right. So, you know, typically they talk about people fall under the umbrella of what you won't be convicted of. Listen, I want the world to convict convicted. I was framed. It was on purpose, but a civil case when they got a civil case, they typically take the deal and they take the money, not me. So they're not able to fully explain how they was actually framed at the end of the day.


So I did that and now I could take this. But then they got the statute of limitation. Right. So the police themselves, the statute of limitations, if they were to frame somebody by three years and there's no way, if I get arrested, they get framed and I go to jail for the rest of my life three years past and then I'll prove it later wrote to civil trial that they actually freed me and now I can't take this evidence.


Then I will have to take it to the exact same city that was saying you got away with murder. Right.


Jamal, correct me if I'm wrong, but the sixty thousand for the eyewitness that came from them putting the eyewitness in witness protection. Right. And she was receiving money for meals and lodging and for storage fees. Right.


Yeah, that's type and stuff like that. That's not to say that's not the same as paying somebody to say you did something.


Is it kind of. Sort of. Absolutely. I get what you're saying. But at the end of the day, if they can't, I like come on now they can't just say, hey, look, here, take this. Six thousand dollars. If you go out there and say you did it, they can't do that. And I mean, that is to blame the obvious.


That's the same situation where she was illegally living in some type of housing and they threatened her with that also. So they moved her. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.


She was a witness protection.


So they're going to move you if you when they use witness protection as a tool to convict, because at the end of the day before and that's exactly what ended up happening because she wasn't threatened. There was nothing that she felt threatened about. When we asked her what was the fear about why she was a witness protection, she said because of movies. You know what you see on TV?


Yeah, I like this.


I want to I want to I want to ask you a couple more questions about Senator Harris and your case, because as we mentioned earlier, a federal jury did find that two lead homicides, homicide detectives in the case where fault shut up. And then a jury found that they both fabricated evidence and that they left out key information that would have hurt the prosecution's case. But there was no evidence that Senator Harris was directly involved in your framing, am I correct?


Yes. So there wasn't nothing on paper that said that she was actually involved. Her being involved at the end of the day is just us knowing, you know, being in that position as a prosecutor that you are overseeing the prosecutor's below. Now, what we do know is that one of the gang gang task force guys came into the office of Noble Noble, came into the office with a confidential informant saying that this person did it. It wasn't true.


They never overturned that, you know, my way, you know. And then there were other things that were said and done, tapes that mysteriously just was lost in the hopper here and there and everything that led to my innocence. But one of the main things is that when you look at the original homicide file, some specific things that led to my innocence, as in the surgery of the bullet wounds was erased also that they were writing in pencil, pen and a marker.


So that was actually definitively erased. Like you guys are getting like the original homicide file. There's no way in hell that you missed this. Right. They would have come down to the bullet wounds, not the bullet wound, but the shell casings, the shell casings, you know, typically from a nine millimeter, 95 percent of the time, go to the right into the rear. So as it went from what she has said to me, shell casings in the street, why are they all the way over here?


So they went ahead in a race, that bubble, that is, and stuff like that, all of these certain things. And there was these two certain things right here that they knew that would hurt their case and they had to get rid of the you know, and they all, you know, now, so to say, Kamala Harris, like she told you the case, we can't say that she's a racist. She did not like that.


That's why I never egregiously Kamala Harris at all, because she wasn't wasn't there. At the end of the day, it was just about having, you know, having that that empathy. What? You think about public defenders in San Francisco, like Nicky Solis, who said that she hates the fact she would even attempt to defend a prosecutor, but she said Kamala Harris was the most progressive prosecutor in Cali.


Yeah, I don't like that. You know, I know this personally. I believe she did that for politics.


Now, listen, a couple of weeks have to hold people accountable, like we always say, when they it should be that you feel like where things that happened wrong under her watch, then that is something you are accountable for to. Absolutely.


And it seems like Nicky was holding her accountable when Nicky said there was a lot of things that were being said that were just untrue, like her, her record when it came to marijuana, when they were having with the drug scandal.


Right. In San Francisco. Right. She tried to uphold all of those all of those drug cases, which has so much misconduct. And they caused the crime lab lady doing drugs, you know, like that, which ultimately ended up losing in about six other cases and having to be thrown out. I mean, look, a look at the numbers.


Are numbers some of the highest in the land when it comes down to, you know, when it comes down to marijuana, if that's the case where the numbers, the numbers were like nineteen hundred nineteen hundred arrested with like 30 people went to jail out of the 1200, like most of the simple possession cases are selling cases got dismissed.


Yeah, absolutely. You know, because a lot of those cases got thrown out because of the drug scandal. But it's all about the arrest. Like say like arrest them. I'm in charge them, arrest them. I'm in charge. Even if it was for a misdemeanor and they looked like it was when I said we are smoking weed, you know, doing stuff like that, like it was wasn't, you know, attacking just like every color and creed that was going specifically to the project, specifically to tenderloins, specifically where black people actually desire to hang out at.


I got to ask you a question then, Jamal. I got to ask you a question like a black conservative. If I was a Trump supporter, just what I would say to you. Why the hell are you voting for Biden in Haraszti? Because, like, what makes them better than Donald Trump?


Donald Trump is out front and played a racist. Biden is more presidential.


So everybody's locked up a lot of black and brown people. 94 crime bill. Eighty six mandatory minimum sentence in 88 crack laws.


I get that. I get that. But he's still doable in there. And if there is a push to move it, he will have to go a certain way.


I know you might disagree, but I do think Senator Harris is a political change agent. And I've seen her go against him white folks a lot. And I think a reform minded person in the White House is what we need right now. And I do think that what you're saying is true when it comes to us pushing for certain things and making certain demands. I do think she will be the one to listen and bring that back to the White House.


You know, that's part of the reason why I'm a voter as well. I just hope that, you know, we can hold them accountable and they could actually get better. You know, Kamala, I have seen a lot of growth with Kamala since her time as a district attorney here. There is also going to be an A.G., going to be a senator. And I've always said that, you know, but at the end of the day, just like is holding yourself accountable for any type of mishaps that could have failed under your watch.


And that's what people want to hear.


I think that's a great nation, too, if you're going to have a conversation as well. Absolutely. If you're a D.A., our AG and your department. So you have to acknowledge that and you have to hold yourself accountable because you are the head executive. I don't even have to, you know, the detectives in the case or the other prosecutors and they fumbled. You have to hold yourself accountable. So I don't excuse you like she she she owes you.


Right. I do feel like she owes you an apology. Right.


I just apologize to me because, look, I'm pushing right now to get three other people who still innocently under her watch for whatever reason that I know and everybody knows that it's actually innocent. So it's not about me. It's just the overall knowing that look at this happened, you know, under my watch, I didn't argue I did it any time. Yes, there is a lot of cases. And so of course I will. But if that did happen, I apologize.


How can I help the people actually come back from that? That's all. People want to hear me. I agree.


Well, thank you for checking in. We appreciate you, your brother. Appreciate the conversation.


Thank you for having me. Thank you. And look, I don't know if that's happening now.


All right. Jamal Truelove is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Thank you both. The Breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same.


Morning, everybody is T.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room is Lester Kendrick Lamar.


This is the room on the floor with Angela. Just listen up. Well, Kendrick Lamar is narrating a new Kobe Bryant Nike ad, it's called a better MABA forever. Listen to this.


Kobe taught us to be better. I wake up every single day to get better today than you were yesterday. Whatever it takes. Better treatment and a weaker. Stretch and Walker, better time to walk and walk and talk and talk, better blocker, better sprinter, better loser, better winner, just be better to the simple stuff right now.


I am glad Kendrick Lamar could come in from whatever planet he lives on to bless us with. His presence is commercial.


Now, yesterday this was on social media and Nike basketball tweeted out, Kobe taught us to be better, a better scorer, a better mentor, a better father, better champion. Today on his birthday, we continue his endless pursuit of better explore mob mentality recipes to Kobe Bryant.


And I cannot wait for a new Kendrick Lamar music in the year 2022.


Can't wait for our latest 2021.


It'll be gone because, yeah, I think I'll be here.


I would like to I would like for Kendrick to see how the year ends. We all want to see how the season finale of America Twenty Twenty is going to end. And I would like to hear Kendrick's observations about the whole totality of the year. We've got an election coming up. You know what I'm saying?


I can tell you this year, I think it happens this year.


I don't think at the end of the year I would like I would I would prefer spring, summer, twenty, twenty one. I think, you know, it's a lot more for him to see. OK, all right.


And Brandy and Monica, there's a long awaited versus battle is happening next week on Monday. Excited about this. Can't wait.


Yes. Versus TV made the announcement. Get ready for the Queen's Brandy and Monica on versus Monday, August 31st, 8pm on our Iggy and Apple Music drinks by Sarac.


Don't miss the one. Just the one. You know who you got. Monica, Monica, Denise on all day. Monica Disano.


Listen, I love you and just say I just said, wow, I was just thinking about it because off the top of my head, I've always like Monica's songs, but I got to go through the catalog because Brandi got some bangers.


So you can't both they both been this we had this battle on vacation a couple of summers ago, got into the same argument drunk sitting around on vacation. And it's Monica, Denise Arnold all day. And I know I love Brandy. I think Brandy is dope. But I think sometimes people look at Brandy's career as brandy, meaning like TV and movies and everything else, and they confuse that with the music, even though the music was good. But Monica's had more hits than Brandy.


I don't think, you know, Hanukkah's got a lot of people don't. But Monica, that's definitely got more records, made it out.


She's tweeted out, what songs would you like? Like to see us bring the verses. Celebrating these catalogs is for the culture with love from young women to adult women. We've been with your name, the songs you love and Brandy posted as well. History. Thank you, Monica. Apple Music and versus TV for making this happen. Let's celebrate.


Yeah, Monika's got three number one hits brand. He's got to one of those hits is The Boy is mine. Monika's got six number one billboard hip hop and RB records. I mean I just I just think Monica Denise got to better catalog. You talk about the first night Angel of mine. Don't take it personally for you. I will before you walk out of my life like this and like that.


So, God, it's like listening because I'm not arguing with you on this one. I can't I think Monica got this. You should have known better. Ain't nobody to turn off. The nutty professor is not trying, right?


Oh, right.


She got you guys on Denise ARTlE telling you MDA. Right. Well, speaking of Monica, it was a back and forth with her master P, and this got a little bit crazy. This is all over C murder now, Master P, did I go to Instagram and say that he has no beef with Monica? And he said that Monica did just get caught up in some family drama. He said we're doing too much positive to have to deal with the negative.


I have no beef with Monica. He said no family is perfect. We all go through turmoil, but with God, all things are possible. I love my brother and can't wait till he get home. We can't allow the devil to steal our joy. We are bigger than this. So I was confused.


I was like, why they mad at Monica and Kim Kardashian for trying to get him out like I was lost.


All right. Well, listen to what he has to say about Monica and Kim Kardashian.


My grandmother, she's not here right now. She's mine. I know that. And she should be his age. I never heard him talk about her like that. But I know Kim Kardashian put out one tweet and she is Angel, which is crazy to me, but I appreciate it. I see it. My brother is innocent and I hope she can't get him. Scene where Monica, his brother, died. He just started talking back to her seven months ago.


Oh, Monica just got divorced last year. So I'm thinking like that she'll write it down. That's cool if that's the way you feel. But let's be real. I have family members that make my mother coming home and they're not maybe so scared to tell them the truth.


So he was basically it feels like he was questioning her involvement in Simitis fight for freedom. And he did delete a post that was put up earlier speaking. The truth is not being disrespect. That's just reality, Monica. I did it, I don't know, you and I are trying to get to know you. Just for the record, you say that you've been on these visiting lists since Paris. That's over 18 years. And how long have you known Kim K.


? You just now got to be off to send out a tweet, I guess better now than never. You've been married twice during that time, so you are his ride or die. You are any other women don't have to prove your loyalty to our family. If you all agenda is real and it's to help get him out, then do it and stop talking.


I mean, that's their family business. I mean, I just, you know, I hate when things like that go public because then everybody ways in which an opinion, which you really can't have an opinion on that situation because you don't know the inner workings of it at all.


The go goal. And then that's when their family started weighing in and they had some things to say, you know, about Master P and saying that he wasn't taking care of his own family. One family member who said that she's part of the family, she said, well, I can't even read this Master P in that state from the Miller family. Where the F have you been while selling socks to support Corey because you wanted nothing to do with him?


My mom had been back and forth for years, making the cost and the money and visits. And then they posted a picture of the Sox as well as Mississippi. And any other bandwagon happens in that straight from the Miller family. And I don't know what's going on, but that's why and say he's no longer going to be an ATM for his family. Listen to this. Everybody is still dumb.


When you go to prison to go see somebody, you might not come home. Even I'm not going to let you move on with people. Saw your blog as a way that we understand one thing, the ATM I'm pulling the plug on because people that's ungrateful and don't appreciate me, even my own family. That's the gift that you can give people. I'm an actor. That's what I am. I'm a criminal in the square because I'm not in the loop.


I'm only not in the loop because I did the right thing.


Yeah, that's what I said. The house burned down and he said the past was living on the side of the house, that that wasn't on fire the other house.


But there's two sides to every story. We all know that, though. Yeah. And Master P didn't just teach. I mean, that's why he didn't just give people in his family fish. He taught people in his family how to fish like this. More than one millionaire in the middle, a family.


You know, thanks to Masterpiece, there comes a point in time.


You just got to ask yourself, you know, what more do you want from me? What more do you want? I didn't put I put on everybody, everybody that made money and I kicked out, like, what more do you want from a person like Yo man? Sometimes no is the best answer. And that's my final answer.


Well, Master P also posted, you know, I don't want to hear keep this off the Internet. I'm just saying what a lot of successful people are, even people with jobs that are working what to say to their family. The truth hurts. It's uncomfortable, but it's the only way we can get back to the love. So he said and he posted a picture of a massive ATM and it says out of order.


So I'm not mad at him. All right? I'm not mad at him at all. We also got to turn off the faucet, got to turn off it sometime. We all been there.


All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your room report. All right. Thank you, Miss Yee.


Now, when we come back, Charlamagne, who are you giving that donkey to? A man is three brothers from Florida, Zion ordained Denver Hall, Terek, Davonte Williams and Trymaine Ray Cornhill. We need them all to come to the front of the congregation. We like to have a word with them.


Young, two thousand babies. Why are you smiling like that? Why are you rubbing your hands like that?


The interesting one, I like Florida. It's all you know, Florida is my favorite state in all of America. Well, no, South Carolina is because that's where I'm from. But then for entertainment purposes. All OK. All right. Well, we'll get to that. Let's keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Make sure you don't watch out for Florida. Morning. The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of oh, yes, you are a donkey. A Florida man attacked an ATM for a very strange reason. It gave him too much money. A Florida man is arrested after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife. Police arrested an Orlando man for talking up from the Breakfast Club.


Because you don't. The day when Charlamagne, the guy on the while keeping letting him get out like the dog here today for Monday, August twenty fourth, goes to three Florida boys. I'm not sure what part of Florida it says South Florida. And this story is coming from news four, Jacksonville. So maybe it's Jacksonville. But the young brothers names are Tzion old Dane Denvir Hall. He's twenty one. And I'm sitting here wondering why he got so many names.


That sounds like two people. That was one person, Tzion old Dane, Dane Vorhaus. I know Dane and Denville all could be two people, but it's not. They make up one nut. Ask Florida for the other young brother. The name is Tyreek Tyreek Davonte Williams. He's nineteen and with a middle name like Davonte clearly it was conceived to a Jodeci absolutely Davonte swing dropping close bonds with Davonte swing damit.


Davonte from Jodeci is such a legend that mothers in Florida are naming their kids after him.


Wow. Couple of months ago to see to it.


And last but not least, Trymaine Raekwon Hill. He's eighteen years old. A round of applause for his father, naming him after the architect of the purple tape is easy to tell when a child's father is a Wu Tang Clan fan, isn't it? Well, these three aren't the Wu Gambino, but they are accused of being part of a criminal organization, committing burglaries, armed burglaries, fraud, gun thefts and other criminal acts throughout south south Florida. What's interesting about this combination is one of my favorite songs ever in life is the Freking You remix Jodeci featuring Ghostface and you guessed it Raekwon the Chef.


And in that remix, KC and Jojo keep asking over and over what must I say?


What must I do to show how much I think about can you forget the freaking you part? But every time I close my eyes, I see the great state of Florida asking the rest of the country, what must I say? What must I do to show how much we are crazier than the rest of you? OK, it's incredible to me how Florida never ceases to amaze me in regards to showing how crazy they are now at this moment.


Right now, I guarantee you it's somebody listening to the Breakfast Club. It listening to me, Charlamagne to God do here today. And they are currently on house arrest, dropping clues, bombs for everybody on house arrest.


I guarantee somebody on house arrest is listening to us right now. They got an ankle monitor on and they can go to work. They can go to school, they can attend counselling, they can attend therapy. They can complete community service that was mandated through the courts. And that's it. Other than that, they better have their asses in the house. Are they going to prison? It's just that simple. OK, house arrest is much better than the alternative, which is being locked up behind those walls.


When the alternative is jail, house arrest should be a breeze. The whole point of house arrest is to walk the straight and narrow path, but not when you're from Florida, OK?


When you're from Florida, you got to find the crooked path to walk when you're on house arrest. And that's what Zainal, Dane, then Broomhall, Terek, Davonte Williams and Tramaine Raekwon Hill did.


OK, they all were already all on house arrest, every single one of them. They were all on house arrest for previous offenses. What were the previous offenses? A string of burglaries. They all had ankle monitors on the GPS, ankle monitors that tracked their locations. Well, guess what? All of them are back in jail now.


Would you like to know why WRVS and Fox seven put to report police three suspected burglars busted after officials say they went on a stealing spree across South Florida. Tremaine Hill and Tiriac Williams, both seen here, have been taken into custody. And accomplice Tzion Hall has also been arrested. Police say they're accused of committing nearly 30 break ins across Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Police say the three stole about thousands of dollars worth of guns, jewelry and electronics, all where they were supposed to be on house arrest.


That's right. They were all on house arrest for burglaries, ankle monitors. So they decided to do, what, more burglaries while on house arrest? God bless them. Certain people, you just can't convince. They have to learn the hard way. These three are the type to smoke while pumping gas. They to type to walk into a convenience store with no shirt, no shoes, no mass and still expect service. These are the type to show total disregard for do not into signs.


Beware of dog. Please beware of these Three Stooges. All right.


There's nothing you could do for any of these young men right now that they would listen to all three of them to type to get caught with a fake penis during a piss test. OK, these three are the type to just have to touch. Just so they know how hot it is and guess what, you must let them. That's the only way they're gonna learn my problem with these kind of situations is the Florida judicial system is probably going to throw them under the jail.


All right. They're not going to get a third opportunity to get this right, OK? Authorities seized more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash, AK 47, a Smith and Wesson handgun, cell phones, iPads, jewelry, designer handbags, ammunition, blank checks, fraudulent debit and credit cards and a stolen vehicle. All right. Hall is facing 35 counts. Williams and Hill are facing 25 and 19 counts, respectively. These young brothers are going to prison and they have nobody to blame but themselves.


Everybody deserves a chance to clean up their mistakes, OK? Everybody deserves a second chance.


But sometimes life gives you a second chance because maybe, just maybe the first time you weren't ready. And I agree these brothers weren't ready for prison the first time. That's why the state of Florida put them on house arrest. OK, Florida, like.


Let's see. Let's see. All right, then. While on house arrest, y'all commit the same crimes that you got put on house arrest for. So, yeah, you may not have been ready for prison the first time, but you got a second chance to prove to them white folks you absolutely deserve to be in prison now. Congratulations. Hopefully after this decade of better you give to the state after this after this third chance, after doing this ten plus years, hopefully you will learn.


Please give Devin you find all his name. Please give Zion Odyn Denver a hall, Terek, Davonte Williams and you know, and all these Negro names just give all three of his brothers the huh.


All right. An ordained Denver Hall, Tariq Davonte Williams and Jermaine Raekwon Hill. There you go. All right. All these goddamn names. Well, thank you for that donkey today, sir. Yes, ma'am.


Now, when we come back, eight hundred five eight five one two five one. We're talking masterpiece. Now, explain to the people what happened with Master P in what's going on with P?


Well, there's some family drama that is having right now, and this is all over similar to being in jail. And then some of the alleged family members, Masterpiece family members, are saying that he wasn't doing enough for the family. They were lies in the no. Let me Chronicles Mississippi responded by saying the ATM is closed. All right.


So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What's the craziest thing you all want to do? Family members are just people in general, I think.


Family members. Yes. I think this is more of an obligation to your family. Got close friends that are not necessarily family that is asked for wow.


Stuff up. All right. So let's ask, what's the craziest thing somebody has asked you for?


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. We'll do that when we come back. Let's talk about is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. The morning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Now, if you just joined us, we were talking about Master P and he said he's not an ATM anymore.


You want to explain why he has some family drama going on about Master P right now? And a lot of people are weighing in and Master P has made it very clear that part of the issues that they have is that he closed the ATMs. He posted a picture of an ATM machine and says out of order. He said they always say, what do you get the man that has everything? What about love a or even just thank you. If any family members have a receipt of that to me, I'll cut the ATM back on that.


He said he's tired of supporting people's addictions and bad habits.


OK, I'm asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


What's the craziest thing? A friend, a family member ask you to purchase or ask you to borrow? All right. Let's start off with you, Charlamagne. What was the craziest thing?


I mean, I get so many crazy requests for money, I don't even know what crazy requests are anymore. I'll be honest with you. I get I get asked for money for houses, which I think is nuts, a whole house, you know. And by the way, you know, when it comes to your family, like if you like to say you did something like you bought a couple of mobile homes, you know, for folks in your family because that's what you wanted to do.


You know, what happens is when stuff like that gets around, you know, that's where those requests come from, you know? I mean, and it's usually from family because they're the ones that talk amongst each other. So if they see you do something like that for another family member, they start adding it up in their head, you know? I mean, so not only do they add it up and then they add money based on what you spend on this other family member and where they feel like they are in your life and what they've done for you.


So I don't know. Like I said, I get so many crazy requests for money, I don't even know what crazy requests are anymore. I really know what's what's considered crazy idea.


I mean, somebody asked you to buy a house, so I guess that's kind of crazy. Yeah. And what about you?


I think I've had people ask me to for money to open a business with them, but had no plan, no nothing, did no research and wanted me to just hand over a cheque for you to do something. And I'm like now like, all right, well, get me a proposal. Give me a plan. Let me see how this is going to make money, get a deck. And they never do all that. So that's how you get out of that.


I mean, of course, we all will get the money requests.


People want to borrow money and they usually forget that they borrow money before never returned it.


So I don't usually answer my phone. And it's no disrespect to anybody. I just I just don't the only person that can call I don't even have to say you can ask. They can take whatever they want is my mom and daddy. But other than that, I got five kids.


I go, I'll teach you, I'll show you. But it got to be something this can't be. I need this to buy a car. I need this to buy this. I know it has to be something that's going to make you money. And if not, I just I just can't support my family here.


So that's the thing. I love philanthropy. I actually love doing for others. Right. But it has to make sense and it has to be things that I genuinely want to do. I don't think I often think people forget. You do have a family like I have my own bills. I'm blessed to have businesses. I have employees. I have three kids. But I think people see things on the Internet like all his net worth. Is this his net worth, his dad or.


I saw him, you know, give this much to an HBC you. So it was he he must have it when the reality is there is a thing called a budget, and I'm not messing up my budget for you.


Not to mention every year as a person that comes and puts his hands up our asses and takes money from us and we don't know where it goes. And that person's name is Uncle Sam.


Why don't why why? Why is Uncle Sam the only uncle we don't ever bring up on charges? He's very inappropriate the way he touches us.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Why he the only uncle that gets to eat every other uncle gets the stereotype of being the creepy Uncle Sam dog because he always got his hand up my ass. Well, let's go to the ball a couple months ago. Yeah well he got his hand on my butt right now.


But I'm just saying this is a good thing or a bad thing. What? Uncle Sam. The bad thing. Yeah, I know, but. And some random hand of my buddy. Gee, I don't want him touching me. That finger you point out, you know, he puts that, you know, I don't think Uncle Sam point.


He said, I want you know, he put that finger, you know, and then he smells it after. But anyway, let's go to the phone lines.


800 faxes. That's what I got me. Hello. Who's this?


It is Tom Brokaw. Talk to. Morning. Good morning.


Good morning, Bubba. What's the craziest thing he asked you for this thing?


My brother wanted me to fire baby. A car, just because they had a kid or whatever, you know, I gave my nephew and he you know, he taught me companies like, you know, what you can really do for your nephew. And I'm like, what if I could buy his mom a car so that we only got one car right now and it'll be easier for her to get back and forth to the to the baby sitter and all this.


And I'm like, I'm not buying you a home. Why would I why would I got a car? So it's your responsibility to buy your own woman a car.


So it could be all right. I know how. Try to see my nephew. Can him you know, he's just like you left us hanging and I left you guys hanging like you talking about. So I kind of felt bad. So I you know, my mom, I said, I'll do this. You I know.


You know, that's ridiculous. They said that they won't even answer the phone about the car.


I love how we all go to mom. I do the same thing whenever I get those loud money requests. Mom, will you leave me for mom? I'll be like, no.


Well, I was kind of feeling bad a little bit, too, because I'm like, oh, well, am I leave? You know, because he hit me with the guilt trip and he was just like, you know, because I do make pretty good money out of everybody in the family. So I'm like, man, you know, I do this. So I went to her and she was like, oh, no. You know, they they already got a car.


They're grown, they got a kid. They didn't figure it out.


So I was like, I just rude I. HULKA Not even a down payment. Just the whole car.


Oh, my cell. I said, listen, I'll give you I'll give you a couple grand, you know, but I'm not going to go down there and just buy a car, you know, and that wasn't enough. So he said that I left him and his kid and gave it to this day. I thought that was probably about a year ago. Wow. Right. I mean, this make me feel good. No, Sumburgh is nasty stuff.


Know, make me feel good. I feel good that I didn't give you that money because you don't really love me. You don't really care about me. And if our relationship is based off what I do for you, if it's transactional like that by eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


What's the craziest thing a family member has asked you? Call us now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, The God We Are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. We're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What's the craziest thing a family member or friend has asked you for? Right.


Let's go to the phone lines. Hello? Who's this? Hey, what's the craziest thing a family member has asked you for?


Well, it wasn't actually a family member. It was just an acquaintance that I know. My grandmother passed away in July and I had a trust fund set up since I was 12 years old. That was going to be cash out when she passed away. And he was at my house when I got the paperwork from the bank. And he literally looked at me and he said, oh, can I have twenty thousand dollars? Wow.


Well, after or no, he asked me came I have twenty thousand dollars cash.


That that be the funniest thing you so you have a plan for the twenty thousand. I mean like do you even have anything like do you want to invest it like. So this is my opportunity to do some investing for my children's future and to look at me literally in straight face me and I know he didn't even the fact say he was taking his twenty know. He said I know you're going to give me twenty thousand dollars. Right.


And it's amazing to me what numbers come out of these people's mouths. Like twenty thousand dollars. I can ask those amounts. I go to the amounts I get. Twenty five has been the minimum for a long time frame with me. Really. Yes.


My whole thing was this homeboy was on the PBA, the unemployment assistance since March and you're getting eight hundred dollars a week that you can't manage. And you think that I'm just going to give you twenty thousand dollars. That's crazy.


Oh Lord have mercy. Thank you ma'am. I'm off. Hello. Who's this? This is tenacious and I'm from Brooklyn, New York. Hey, good morning. Good morning. So the wildest, craziest thing I've ever been I've had a guy that I used to date also called me and asked me to cosign for him to get a brand new brand new Bentley truck truck to cosign so he could ruin your credit.


He does. I wish I could have sworn. I know. I'm sorry. Why would you call me as soon as we continue for quite some time. So, yeah, that was a TV thing. It was just so random. Do you know what that's happening?


Been created? I would have to say somebody asked me for is to co-sign. That's the craziest day.


I think that was crazy, right? Yeah. Imagine how to get their credit back. Right.


Imagine cosigning on a Bentley truck and then watching him front for other women in that Bentley truck.


As you might imagine, he don't make a payment. Now you responsible? I already know who you are, so we already know we're going to have to go, he's a nurse at that. You know, I'm right now I'm not cosigning and nothing for nobody, OK?


Hell, no. I work too hard for 850 credit score and co-sign for nobody.


So the only person I co-sign for and because I pay the bill anyway is Madison. Other than that NUPE, my favorite thing too is when is when you tell someone you can't do something like when they hit you and they were like, yo, I needed them, like now I can't do it right now. And then they say, man, can you do a little something? And then your curiosity just wants to know what's a little something. And then they'd be like fifteen thousand white before mom, you know, it's really, you know, it's really crazy when you have them constantly.


And the one time you say no, they get mad and you like, but every single time you've asked me now I don't have it or I can't do it at this moment. And now you mad.


But what about the other twenty five times I did do it, but I'm with you. I don't care about them. Kind of sucks though because they suck because those are the same people that you will do something for one time and then they'll flip on you and we'll never tell nobody about the good thing that you did for them ever. Yeah. So much. But you know what I do when you get that call and you all know when we get that call and you know when is about to come, you know, the first thing I do is like the IRS got me a couple of months ago, Madisen, going to school.


I mean, this is crazy. The pandemic just don't work.


You don't believe in expectational, badass mom? I don't know.


Nobody explanation. No, you don't. If you don't want to do it, you don't have to because. That's right.


And I'm I'm take you to other people to hang up on the people that always call you on FaceTime audio.


You ask them, why are you calling me on FaceTime audio?


And they say because their bill is such and such, but they could only use what you've got to hit them with the air. Let me hit you right back. Go. Oh, OK.


To send your request and they don't even call you or nothing. They just send you a cash at request or Apple Pay request.


Oh Lord Lord. I'll get it.


And they swear you foul, but they don't understand what you got going on in your life. I got three kids, I got businesses, I got employees that I have furloughed furlough and I'm holding down during this pandemic, you know what I mean? I might be closing on things, you know. I mean, I got things going on in my life. I just paid taxes like it's a lot that goes into this man. All right.


Well, what's the moral of the story? I got to drink water and mind your business, and I ain't got it. I got it. I got it. All right.


You know, I don't I don't want to say I got it because I don't want to put that in the universe. I ain't got it for you.


Right. Whatever whatever way makes you feel more comfortable. But I ain't got it for you. You. Oh.


All right. One was on the way. Yes. And let's talk about making this giant. She has a virtual concert coming up. We'll give you the details. And Bambi is speaking out on behalf of Houston for making the stallion also. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. This The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. It's about going to oh.


This is the rumor report with Angelina on the Breakfast Club. Yes. So making this Dalyan is going to be headlining her first live virtual concert. That's going to be happening on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. So congratulations to her from that is being presented by Live Nation. If you want to see that, you can go to Live Nation Entertainment dotcom and get your tickets. Their tickets are fifteen dollars on Live Nation.


Say Live Nation. Say we ain't going out without a fight. God damn it. We're going to figure out how to get some money on the books this year. That makes sense. This has to do a lot. That makes sense. I see a lot of people doing this so that that maybe I'm not mad at it.


I listen, I'm sure that there are some people that I would pay probably to see you sitting around at home, you know, I mean, not on TV, somebody doing a certain live show for a couple of dollars by ten dollars. I think the ticket for making a 15 minute and I write saw from salt and pepper.


She had a poem that Tupac wrote to her in the mid 90s. He was in prison after being convicted for sexual abuse when he wrote this letter. And he was actually supposed to be featured in the What a Man video from Salt and Pepper. So they do show a portion of his body, but they also edited out all his other appearances in the video. They said the label, the record company was panicking at the time. So they only kept the shots where you can't see his face.


And, you know, Saulteaux, he says you can fight the record company. His reputation was the reason. She said, I hate that when I watch the video, it really bothers me. But he is still maintain their friendship. So she did share that poem is called For What It's Worth.


OK, well, what was it? The rape allegation. The reason they didn't want to porking. Yeah, OK. Yeah, he was in jail at the time. And how much writing did Pog do?


Like when did Pop have time to get in trouble? Like every time you turn around somebody has something written from what you wrote so much music. He wrote letters like I did a lot of writing. He did not waste any of those hours in one hundred and sixty eight hours a week right now.


And the music, the music that they were able to release on him even after his death. Great. He still got tons of music to write. Randy Rich and J. Bhavin have pulled out of the MTV VMAs lineup. They're not going to be performing. According to a source close to the show. They said, you know, there's just last minute talent changes. As with every award show, there's been some logistical hurdles more than most in the health and safety of the employees and partners is of the utmost importance.


It was supposed to be at the Barclays, but now they've decided they're going to have to do different locations across New York City. So not sure what other, you know, issues they're having, but they've already pulled out. And that's my Sunday Sunday.


This is live on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. August 30th. All right. Roger Goodell has some regrets and how they dealt with Colin Kaepernick. Now, he spoke about this on the uncomfortable conversations with the black man, the national anthem. This is the name of the podcast with Emmanuel Acho. And here's what he said.


If you were to publicly express your remorse, apologize to captain, what would you say?


Well, the first thing I'd say is I wish we had listened earlier. We'd invited him in several times to have the conversation, have the dialogue. I wish we had the benefit that we never did. And, you know, we would have benefited from that salute.


Emmanuel Archil, a solid interview, a great interview. I, I still he didn't still he didn't apologize, though, like a man. You set him up and said if you would apologize to Kat, like, why can't he just fix his mouth to say, I apologize to Colin Kaepernick?


He said, we, the National Football League, admit we were wrong for not listening. I didn't hear the words sorry, but he said because they were wrong. Yeah.


Emmanuel set them up with the question, man, you said if you were to apologize or however he worded it, but it's still like your fix your mouth just to give crap the apology that that he needs. And I mean, the best apology is change behavior. So, you know, hopefully you never punish another player the way you punish Kat moving forward.


He also said he would support a team to sign Kaepernick as well. And they say that, but nobody said that for the longest. Add to that part. I'm sorry.


Nobody would do that just for a diversity hire at this point. You know, with the jerseys you would sell would cap how much people you would get in the stands. I guess it don't matter this year. All right.


Now, another big story that happened over the weekend, secretly recorded audio was first reported Saturday by The Washington Post. Donald Trump's sister, Mary Ann Chonburi, described her brother as having no principles and she criticized him for being phony and cruel. Listen to some of what his sister, Donald Trump's sister had to say in the secretly recorded conversation.


We had the right, oh, my God, I'm going to St. Louis. But you make it change. Your story is a lack of preparation. The whining the only.


What he's appealing to the base, what they're doing with the kids at the border. Well, she's nagging me about it for Christmas dinner. You know, she's never publicly criticized him before.


So that's why this is still hasn't, you know, as a secretly recorded conversation.


Mm hmm. I mean, you know, we don't know.


Here's more of what she had to say about Donald Trump and how he got into college.


She's a tough kid. Right? It was just going to be tough to read. And if you're in New York City to try to get him into college, he ended up exploring. I didn't get it. But I know you can get into college. And then he got into University, Pennsylvania, and he had somebody to take his exams, SAHD.


Now, these recordings were secretly made by Donald Trump's niece, married Trump. She's also the same person that put out that memoir about the toxic family just last month. And yeah, and you know, they did this in New York. So I guess in New York, you don't have to have consent from the other person, you know, for secretly recorded.


Yes, some states are like that. Some states are what they call a one party consent state. So you can I know judges like that. You can have somebody call and record them and you don't have to tell them to record.


Don't New York, you had to get approval. No, I had to tell them that you were taping. No, no, I'm sorry.


I has been lying to us all the lies that they told me to get permission. Exactly. Every time we try to call them.


Are you recording Jesus? All right.


Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your room report. All right.


Thank you. Miss USA revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow and everybody else. The People's Choice mixes up next. Get your request in eight hundred five eight five one two five one is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yea Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Now we got a shout to Jamal True Love Shout to Jamal True love for joining us this morning. Salute to Jamal. Great conversation. You know, it's a good he's a good brother to definitely, you know, listening to in regards to how this country should be moving forward because he's a person who should absolutely, positively be bad.


It's a system, you know, for taking seven years of his life citizen in the city, by the way, you know, he still feels like the best thing for this country is the vote for Biden higher or so. But I also agree with him, too. You got to, you know, push Biden in Harris and make sure that. Right.


You know, they they they understand with what our agenda is and what we have on the table. Black people are an anxious group.


I really do hope that Kamala Harris at some point does speak to him and that conversation. Yeah, yeah.


And actually admit that it was messed up. You know, she said, I think that's true. He's still voting for her. But I think that there's some type of accountability that needs to be had. I agree. All right, well, when we come back, we got the positive no, don't move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the God. We are the Breakfast Club.


Now it's time to get up out here. You guys enjoy the day. Shelman you got a positive note? Yeah, man, I want to tell everybody it's Monday. Start of a new workweek. And for everyone out there who's always trying to vibrate higher, just know that when you raise your vibration, all that is not in alignment will naturally leave your life with your.


I'm Dr. Wendy Walsh, host of the podcast Mating Matters. I believe nearly every human behavior is motivated by a desire for love. I love the romantic endings. I believe in happy endings, sex.


Sometimes I find myself looking for reasons to have sex or to hedge your reproductive odds. I've always been very active in mating matters. We explore how our ancient brains are interacting with the modern world. Listen to mating matters on the radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you listen to your podcast.