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Food is and always has been political. If that wasn't clear before, the events of 2020 have revealed this true and spectacular fashion. So this season, we're diving deeper and learning about the nomadic roots of the Fulani people from the makers of wetstone media, its point of origin in season three. And I'm inviting you to travel with me, your host, Stephen Satterfield, for another tour of the World of Food Worldwide. You can listen to point of origin on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcast, 50 percent right here.


I love you 50 percent right now to sit down and become the most prominent forum when you ask some girl in the morning. But they tell me it was here. Yeah, I'm getting the world's most dangerous morning show. A few people's choice. But I've got to go principessa people. I can't believe you guys are the best collectively known as the Breakfast Club, which is. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Angela. Yeah, my name's Charlamagne. Peace to the planet and to the.


What's happening and how are we feeling, what are we, 14, 15 days until Election Day? Well, yes, but don't forget, in a lot of states, you can vote early. Yeah, elections are happening now, actually. You know, when you think about it the like the last day, the vote is November 3rd. People, right. I know, like you said, over 20 million people have voted already. Yeah, I saw that number.


I think it's like almost twenty eight million now. But that's I mean, that's a lot of people. I don't know what that was. That's a sign of I don't know. I would assume it's leaning towards the Democrats. I don't know. I would assume yeah. I think more Democrats have voted early than Republicans so far, people who are registered as Democrats. And I was going to vote on November there. But now I think I am going to vote early.


I like to go out on that actual day. It feels like a holiday to me. I make it a big deal, but now I'm thinking maybe I should do it early.


What changed your mind? I just want to I seem like some of the long lines. I just don't want anything to go wrong at the last minute and have an issue. What if I, you know, come down with the cold on November 3rd? Since I can't vote early, I might as well.


Who knows? Yeah. I wonder if you know what that gets for because you said a cold, you know, you think cold, you think covid any any type of sickness around it at this point is going to be listed as cold. But I wonder if Donald Trump, his rhetoric has backfired on him, you know, like encouraging people to go to the polls and as he says, monitor, you know, voters.


But, you know, really, we know that's a form of voter intimidation and, you know, telling people to be willing to fight for Trump at the polls and when if that's backfired on him and made so many people decide to vote early because they want to avoid that bias.


Right. And then there's one more debate. Right. That's happening. Let's go, baby. One more Shelby. And good morning, guys. And we just took you get my name. I tell him my Mastrov on the wow. And I was like, whoa, baby, I'm going to get you something. When she just started taking off everything and he took his beard off, I took my mask, slammed it on the table. He was mad.


I did not. Good morning. Hey, good. My name is Northmen. As you get older, you can see your more. Hey, I love it.


I can't wait for more snort for just getting older. Period is a blessing.


Let me shout out to Poppy that that works at the parking lot.


So who is he. Cute. You said that like you was just checking. You ask him for a friend. Poppy is like seventy years old so that the way you see your daddy. So shout out to Poppy. I can't tell you, you know, if you broke your card a lot, remember to take to to not to chat and excuse me. Not take your keys. So yesterday when I went hey, that's what I thought yesterday when I went to leave, it must have been like a I guess, a Tesla convention around here.


So it was like six Tesla. And they all, like four of them, took their keys so the car wouldn't move. And in New York, PAKULAK is one way in, one way out. So we had to move all four cars and I had to help Poppy. Poppy, like 70 Poppy, what he did on his own, he'd eat it. That is popular. Pushing the cars. Yes. We had to push the car yesterday.


Yesterday when I left the station, I didn't get I didn't leave New York City until three hours because we had to move all the cars. I can get my car out. So, you know, Poppy was pushing for three hours drop on the bike to work it.


Oh, Poppy would have love if you rode your bike to work, you know what little bike I don't like. And you know what? Yesterday I got the kids some Halloween costumes. I got a costume for you. What you got? I got. I got. We should dress each other.


What do you think about this this poppy drive stick?


What is it? You know what it is. I have no idea with it. It's a penis. Why are you dressed and you kids? I've got to get to know what you said. You said we said. I said I got a costume for you. That's not what you said. All I heard was I took the kids Halloween shopping. I said I got a costume to go. I did. I pointed out that wardrobe has got to be going like you don't know what this is.


Just show me a picture of a penis. I don't know what the hell is going on right now, you guys. It's Tuesday and Tuesday. All right. Let's get the show now.


Steve Smith, senior and Jerrod Littlejohn will be joining us this morning. That's right.


They are the host of the cut to a podcast on the Black Effect I Heart Radio podcast network Yarnold Steve Smith from former Carolina Panthers Baltimore Ravens, one of the best trash talk is ever in the history of the NFL. Yes. Yes. So we'll be talking to him.


And we got front pages. What are we talking about?


Yes, but Donald Trump is now calling Dr. Fauci an idiot and calling Joe Biden a criminal. We'll tell you what he had to say yesterday.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. On a Friday morning, everybody is the envy, Angela. I the God. We are the Breakfast Club.


That's getting some front page news when we start new.


Oh, let me guess. School. Well, Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills last night. Now, I didn't watch the Cowboys game. How the Cowboys did yesterday, gentlemen. I didn't watch it.


I don't think that, you know, people should be watching football just because, like, you know, covid is running through the league. And it's a shame that they just got two brothers out there playing with no protection. You know, I just think it's despicable.


I hope they lost. Last night, the Cardinals beat the Cowboys. Thirty eight, ten. They got washed last night. Now, Major League Baseball game one of the World Series is tonight at 8:00 p.m. Dodgers versus the Rays.


Now, I don't know why you take so much pride in seeing the Cowboys. Go ahead. If you're giants, not any better. We're not talking about it. My NFC East isn't even the NFC East this year. The NFC East don't even exist. My Giants win this week.


How did your team do, by the way, if they want to, you know, cut some games from the NFL schedule, if they want to cut some games from the NFL schedule and they want to find a way to get the season over quicker, just get rid of all the NFC East games, Harlem, pretty much what we talk about.


You know, now we are going to talk about Donald Trump. Now he is saying that Dr. Anthony Fauci is an idiot. And that's because Dr. Fauci did an interview on 60 Minutes where he said that basically he was asked about whether his media appearances have been limited because of the Trump's office. And he said yes and not wanting him to do any interviews. But here's what Donald Trump had to say about that.


People are tired of. I have the biggest rallies I've ever had and we've covered people are tired of hearing souce and all these idiots that hip hop 500 years is I mean, this guy is if I listen to him, we have 500000 deaths. Every time he goes on television, there's always a bomb, but there's a bigger bomb of a firearm.


Now, I don't think Dr. Farje is an idiot. He's definitely not an idiot. Not some of that early no mask wearing Fauji has to take some of that some of that blame, because I think he does, though he said it was a mistake, OK?


They just didn't know enough. He definitely said that things have changed as they found out more.


And part of his job is is admitting when you're wrong about something and correcting that immediately, because he definitely when everybody was putting on a mask and saying you should wear a mask, he was definitely saying wearing a mask wasn't required unless you were like an essential worker, like a nurse or something like that.


Let me ask the question. You are seeing something floating around. Yesterday it was about Biden's tax plan. Is that true? Oh, yes. In California, New Jersey, New York, if you make over four hundred thousand dollars a year, you can get taxed. Sixty two percent. Is that true?


Yes. They said that it could be as much as 62 percent for New Yorkers, for people in California. New Jersey is pretty close to that, too. Now, what they are saying, though, is that this rate doesn't include deductions, credits, offsets, loopholes and lower tax rate on other sources of income as well. And they said very few taxpayers now pay the full statutory rate. So if your tax rate is 62 percent after all of your write offs and whatever else you do deductions, then it could still be it will still be a lot lower.


Most people don't pay their full taxes. And they said that they could also pass legislation that would remove the ten thousand dollar cap on state and local tax deductions. So that means that your statutory rate could be even lower.


So it's about doing what you want to join 50 and vote for Trump because of the tax rate. I was asking the question, are they going to tax sixty two percent? How do they expect minorities to create generational wealth if you tax them? Sixty two percent the first time they start making.


I mean, that's for everybody over making over 400000 because Amazon will get taxed. A lot of people out. People hopefully will start making some some real good money and they'll be the first time in their family that they start making money in a tax. Sixty two percent when these big companies don't get taxed at all. Is you voting for Trump?


Yeah, but to me, I mean, there's a difference between statutory tax rate and your effective rate. Statutory is what your tax rate is. But then what you actually pay is effective. That's with you know, that's why you have an accountant. And if you're making for more than four hundred thousand dollars a year, I would assume you have an accountant that would tell you where write-offs you should be doing. So nobody ever pays that full rate. I think black people should have to pay taxes for four hundred years.


I would you.


That's what I think. I'm with you. I agree.


However long we was in slavery and segregation, we should be tax exempt, which.


Sixty two percent. All right, well, that is your front page news, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to hit us up right now. Again, eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest with you, man, want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club, you got something on your mind, let it out. Come out.


Who's this article in the paper? Oh, Jay from ATL was yourself a town down. Get it.


If you want to apologize, I want to apologize. Good morning. This year. Oh, my goodness. I just want to give you guys love. Keep doing your thing in the morning and I am going to pass you Fumi Kaneki.


Oh, you are.


Too bad you think it is fair to say Yocha that envy is Charlamagne. Just to be clear and we want to shout out to Poppy, who works at the parking lot.


He helped me push whatever that means while it is on.


But keep it up. Love you. Yes, sir. Wait, I'm confused. He said y'all want him but then he said keep it up. This is kinkiness. Let's be clear.


So we'll going out. But I want to get it off your chest. I first met you after so many questions that are you both trying to work the same way about who voted for why you're not voted already?


I voted already, man. I vote. I voted a couple of weeks ago.


I did the mailing. I did the mail in ballot. I voted already me, my daughter and my wife. We voted about a week and a half ago. Oh, and I voted for Coral Harris, if you ask it. Yes, sir.


I can talk to me right back. Hey, look, I got a oh, a power couple. You too. And I want to to oh, like what a fool to make a part. That's really good.


I'm gonna check it out a little bit. Demesne tip always give podcast Holsted just to be yourself because you have a unique story that nobody else has lived. You got experiences that nobody else has lived. And when you tap into that then you're offering people something different. So, you know, I truly, truly just be yourself on the podcast.


Tell your story. Oh, I beg your pardon for you to take me out. I will. My brother. Yeah. Hello. Who's this? Was handed Breakfast Club. What happening was happening. All right. All right, all right. Who is this menschel French. Hey, check this out. DMV got a proposition for my dog. I'm married. I'm a black man veteran. Whoa, whoa. Slow down. Slow slow down. Slow down.


Now, man, I just opened up this. Well, I'm building a skating rink right now, man. I head North Dakota. I want to see you come on out spin or maybe had a breakfast club. Come on out broadcast live. You know what I'm saying?


You can't afford me, sir. I let you celebrate.


Look, I don't want you anywhere I go. I want Angelilli and D.J. every so much, much cheaper rate for retailers.


You're telling me maybe you have to cover black, but I love this part.


Black owned businesses.


So, yeah, I black discount discounts sometimes it does. No, I don't. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We got to get out that mentality. Yeah. I'll be good to go. I'll call up. We take the cash out here. Dakota's baby.


Yes sir. We have a good one. Marjolein got a lot of Korona out there and even now we don't we, we, we keep that social distance thing.


You know, we don't want to do like y'all up in NYC, y'all.


Yeah. Yeah. North Dakota and South Dakota as well. How are you going to assistance, by the way? How are you going to ask for a favor and then insult us?


No, I'm insulting the state not tell. That's true.


Thank you sir. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Now it's the breakfast of Good Morning, The Breakfast Club.


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Wake up, wake up, wake up. Ask Is it time to get it off your chest? Are you mad or blessed? We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


Hello, this is Richard. Richard, what's up? Get it off your chest.


The gentleman was saying that he was upset about Biden suggesting that people making four hundred thousand dollars or more, if you count. And that was that was Janvi, sir.


That was me, sir. OK, well, at one time, rich people did pay their fair share. At one time, a millionaire, anybody who made over a million dollars had to pay ninety four percent in taxes. Hell no. Yes, they did. They did. I'm not saying you're wrong. You say no. No, I'm not.


Yeah, well, that's that's that's why you got to I in that Bush. That's why you got a knucklehead like Trump make it a bunch of money. Don't know nothing. Well let's be clear.


I mean Obama, I mean Biden.


I mean Trump was able to take take take advantage of the tax take that Obama and Biden taking care of, especially in construction and development industry in the mortgage rate. Developers don't they don't use their money to do anything. So they use your money, they use government money, they use everybody else's money. That's how they that's how they do it. A little bit of the the corrupt pay. Seven hundred fifty dollars of taxes. Why should a man who's making a million dollars pay seven hundred fifty dollars?


Well, I mean, like I said, he was taking advantage of the of the Obama tax cuts.


Now to be clear, they didn't pay their fair share for ten out of fifteen years before twenty sixteen.


So it's not just those tax breaks.


He definitely took advantage of the Obama tax break, but there was more before that.


It was ten out of fifteen years that he didn't pay any taxes at all in those years.


Was President Barack Obama just. That's just a fact. Thank you.


Like, if you look at you look at the years that he didn't pay. Seven hundred fifty he paid seventy dollars that he was able to take advantage of Obama's tax laws. That's a fact.


Hello. Who's this guy? Hey, good morning. Get it off your chest.


No, I done nothing to get on my feet. I'm just promoting my new song that I really am the 9th of October.


OK, one second. This is something if you saying it's called touch. Touch. Yes, OK, let's say some whenever media your voice do that.


And I'm like, oh wait a second. Hey let's go. And that's OK. That was part of me that goes about lady. But I wrote that, I wrote it down the investment. I'm a baby but you stay on my mom. Let's go. Oh. Oh are you all the time. Why? Why baby. Listen, every time my mama.


You know what. What's your name. I say.


I say OK, well every year Angela does Angela days she has a bunch of Caribbean artists. I think you would be perfect for that year. You want to get her number.


Yeah. And B get it. And then everybody J for you. I think you were phenomenal. Cy, I think you should sing like that everywhere you go, especially with large crowds.


You start singing on the train, on the bus, in stores. Just go, you bring joy. Thank you for love me. Yes.


I saw you have see a man's nose grow. That's what's happening inside of me right now.


My nose is not your face. I said, where are you from.


I'm from Jamaica but I live in brown da da you so much mama. Have a good day. Have a good day. Scarfe busy parents got busy. Got to collab. You get chairs, eight hundred five eight five one two five one, if you need to vent, you can hit us up. You've got rooms in a way. Yes.


And I'll tell you about this mogul who saw the one hundred percent of his publishing and a writing catalogue. That's one hundred and sixty two songs I heard. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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All right. Well, let's get to the room.


Is the ice cube is the room on the floor with Angela? Breakfast Club, listen up. Well, D.L. Hughley has been very critical of Ice Cube meeting with Donald Trump's campaign about his plan to help black Americans. And here's what he had to say about Ice Cube.


Ice Cube is the latest one. The platinum plan, when I heard it was insulting from the gate. Why didn't they have the spinning rims plan? We have a third wave of cold air coming right now. And he's meeting with the dude that gave us three Fridays. You can always tell the seriousness and import of the meeting based on who was in there. Yes, people are right when they say we have a lot of problems. We need a seat at the table, but we need the right people at the table.


We need people from education, from finance, from medical, from prison reforms, sociology, people who have done this for a living. Not made a couple of Bangi albums to the good brother, D.L. Hughley.


I love hearing his opinion on things, but we've got to be accurate. You've never met with Trump said that people met with the Trump administration. You know, who are those people? I don't know. And it's also important to note Kube absolutely put together that plan for black America with those scholars and those finance people and people from education and to fight for prison reform. It's not like you came up with the came up with this plan on his own.




Well, I'm going to tell you what you've said from his Twitter account. Right, because he did respond, because after that, they also posted an article, retweeted an article from Medium that was criticizing Ice Cube. And he also retweeted an article from Politico that was called The Inside Story of how Ice Cube joined forces with Donald Trump. Ice Cube first put up the middle finger. Then he said, I help all these people with podcasts and radio shows telling the world I'm too unqualified and uneducated to talk about a document I created.


Don't get asked to pull out their communications degrees and show you they are qualified and educated enough to speak to you over the airwaves. And he said, Guess I wasn't qualified when I helped Atos get Gavin Newsom, Governor Gavin Newsom to sign a AB 30 once when he went into law, he said, I've been consulting with Dr. Anderson since I've been working on the Contract with Black America. Have a nice relationship with him. He's been advising. And then he said, thanks for all the true understanding and support.


It's good to see so many people dedicated to the truth.


Dr. Claudia Anderson is a great adviser. We had him on last week. Listen, no, just hypothetically, what happens, right?


God forbid if Donald Trump wins on November 3rd, I just think it's strange that people have a plan for what happens if Biden Harris wins.


But what happens if if Trump wins? Like like people only want folks to engage in politics and government when the party they support is in power. So we're not supposed to engage with the administration's federal and local if they are, you know, not the party.


No, I think we're supposed to engage. I think that's what we're supposed to do. I would think I would think so. I don't think black people can afford to sit on the sidelines, regardless of who's in the White House or who's your governor, mayor or whatever it is. We need to be pushing that line and holding them accountable and someone has to engage with them. We just need a mean inside outside game when it comes to how we engage with government.


That's what I think we all need to make sure that we vote. And let's just make sure right now we also keep pushing that messaging as well, because there's a lot of people I've heard saying that, oh, I'm not voting. I don't like either one of them. But now you have to decide.


You have to your right to vote, you have to vote.


And whoever gets in, you have to hold them accountable. You have to engage with them. You have to push their line. I don't care what party it is.


All right. Well, that is your room report. All right. Thank you. Miss you. We got front page news next. What we talking about?


Yes. And since we're talking about voting, let's talk about the next debates that are going to happen. There are some rules in place now. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


When a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing, the results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop trains get brought to you by Nizza.


Morning. Everybody is the envy, Angela. Ye shall I mean the guy we are. The Breakfast Club is getting some front page news now.


Monday Night Football. The Chiefs beat the bill. Twenty six seventeen. The Cowboys play last night. Did you see it now I'm with Cat one.


Oh but you mean I got watch the Cardinals watched the Cowboys. Thirty eight. Ten. Did you hear me say a lot of the people in the back. I don't know why.


I don't understand why you took so much joy in this.


As if you're not a New York Giants fan. We won this. We had the NFC East doesn't suck. We go week by week. Maybe we need to take off all NFC East games from the schedule. Don't waste any of the team's time that has to play in these teams from the NFC East. Let's just get to it. You know, we got to shorten the season probably anyway. Just give it all NFC East game.


Well, game one of the World Series tonight at eight, the Dodgers versus the Rays. Now, what else are we talking about? All right.


Well, Donald Trump is saying that Joe Biden is a criminal and he was having a rally in Nevada. They were chanting lock him up. And he also says that Joe Biden's family is a family of criminals. And he even called the reporter. A criminal, listen to this report by the criminal, why he is a criminal is a criminal. He got caught with his laptop and you know, he's is a criminal. You're a criminal for not reporting it.


I'm telling you. All right. I'm happy to tell you. I'm telling you right now, if Donald Trump wins re-election, he is absolutely getting his political opponents locked up. That's what fascism is. That's what fascists do. Biden, Clinton and the big fish President Barack Obama are going to jail if Donald Trump gets re-election. I'm telling you right now that's textbook fascism, saying you want to lock your political opponents up. And he's been saying that for a long time.


Well, the story is and the only the New York Post reported this story that Biden allegedly left his laptop at a repair shop in Delaware. In the shops, a legally blind owner found incriminating photos and emails which suggested that his son leveraged his political power. He loves his political power to enrich his son. So that's what this story is. Even Fox News passed on this story. Only The New York Post picked it up. And, you know, it's interesting because I did a podcast interview with Jalen Rose, which he has a column in The New York Post.


And I couldn't put it on Twitter because they won't let you post anything. That's a link to The New York Post on Twitter. Really? I was just yeah, that was I kept trying to post it and it just wouldn't let me. So I had to post it from somewhere else. Enter. I don't know if that's still the case, but that's because of, you know, not wanting to post false information.


I just want I just want really everybody to pay attention. Like, I'm like last week, Donald Trump was tweeting out where all of the arrests and demanding that William Barr lock up people like President Obama said Obama should have been in jail two years ago. Do not think for one second if he's re-elected, he is not going to lock up his political will.


The problem is they already did these investigations and found that there was nothing wrong. So he's he's a phony and he's a fascist. You don't need a reason.


You're going to you're going to see what ultimate power looks like. You want to see what things look like with him in front of you.


Don't let him get re-elected when you already got I mean, he he did it. Now, if he could know when you say when you got the DOJ and all the courts on your side, just watch.


You can see it long enough. You'll see. All right. Now, the debate commission has announced the topics for the final debate that's going to happen. And there are six topics for the second and final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden that's going to be taking place next week. The topics are fighting covid-19 American families, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership. You know, Donald Trump is not happy about these topics and he wants to talk more about foreign policy.


But that debate will take place on October 22nd. It starts at 9:00 p.m. and that's at ten, thirty pm. And now they are going to mute the candidates during their opponents initial responses. So that's going to prevent interruptions. So it's not during the full response, but, you know, they're supposed to have two minutes to be able to speak. So during that two minutes, when you get asked a question and you're initially responding, the other person's microphone will be muted.


You know, we don't need this debate. Right. Like, this is really just it is it really just for entertainment? We don't need this. We know we know this isn't going well. It's not going to be. Well, what's the point we don't need is this is strictly for entertainment purposes. I'm here for it.


Of course you are, because we love a good train wreck in America. All right.


Now here are some more confusion. Donald Trump talks about this hypothetical situation, and it was so confusing that the CEO of ExxonMobil had to respond. So here is what he said.


I would be the greatest fundraiser in history. So I called some guys ahead of Exxon. I called the head of Exxon. I don't know what you know. I'll use go. Hi. How are you doing? How's your energy coming? What are you doing? The exploration. Oh, you did a couple of Prometa. OK, but I called ahead of next time. I said, you know, I'd love to send me twenty five million dollars for the campaign.


Absolutely, sir. Why didn't you. Yes. Would you like some more. And if I make the call now people make the call. It's different you know. But if I made the call I will hit a home run every single call. I would raise a billion dollars in one day if I wanted to. I don't want to do that, you know.


Ain't that like that illegal? Hey, it is illegal. You need these permits. You want the government to pay for play activity for Exxon Mobil. Their Twitter account tweeted out, We are aware of the president's statement regarding a hypothetical call with our CEO. And just so we're all clear, it never happened. Yo, Trump is crazy.


And I don't know why you're pretty that he would be willing to do something illegal. It is. Guys, today you need a permit. I need twenty five million was OK, Beck. OK, but what else you need?


You need more. I wouldn't want I want to know that wasn't a real story if you hadn't told me.


I thought he was telling the real story. I thought so too. No.


Well, that is your front page news. He is. Wow. All right.


Well, thank you for that year. Now, when we come back, we have former NFL player Steve Smith, senior joining us in Girod.


Little Jon.


Yes, they have a podcast called The Cut to a podcast, which is On the Block I Heart Radio Podcast Network, one of the top 200 sports podcast in the country right now. Right. And they'll be joining us next.


So we'll talk to him set up. The Breakfast Club, good morning, The Breakfast Club. You've figured out the world's most dangerous potential, warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, you guys, a special guest joining us this morning. Yes, sir. Cut to it podcast.


We have Steve Smith, senior and Geraud Little Job. Welcome, fellas.


Audio and Steve Smith, senior is one of the best wide receivers ever in the history of the NFL, a leading receiver in NFL history, one of the best talkers in NFL history. So a podcast was a natural transition for him? I think so a little bit.


But I really didn't like podcasts. And then when the pandemic hit, start listening to some. And so I thought I'd get into the game a little bit. So appreciate you giving me the opportunity with a black offer.


Now, I appreciate your partnering with the Black Effect, man. Why didn't you like podcasts to begin with, though?


Oh, man, I'm going to laugh at me, but I'm kind of I'm set in my ways. And so it's like like if I don't like grapes, I don't even have to take some. I'm like, now I'm good. I don't want any urine. And so I never really listen to a podcast. I thought, you know, just hearing a few, it was just a whole bunch of people just talking and running their mouth. And then I started listening to a few podcasts when the pandemic hit.


And then I was like, you know what, I want to do one? And I've been working on me and my team, but working on me for about two years to do one, I was like, not good. And then I started doing it, start listening to it and I said, you know, let's do one, but let's do it our way, which is giving athletes an opportunity to speak their true talk about what they feel like talking about and not and creating their own narrative and now cut to it is one of the top 200 podcasts in the sports category.


So that's a good thing. Yeah, not too bad. No way back.


What podcast was you listening to that got you into it. What was the podcast Hotbox and with Mike Tyson. Oh no. Yeah, yeah. But, but it was that it was the episode with him and Mike Epps and he was just talking about when they were incarcerated in Indiana and just of all the different things. And I grew up a boxing fan and that was the part of Mike Tyson that no one ever heard. And so I was just like, you know, we there's a lot of athletes, including myself.


People don't want to really know about you. They just want to hear how are you feeling when you made that catch? And I and I call it low hanging fruit. The easy question is, oh, what is it like? Catch a touchdown pass. But I also know there's some play. There's a player in the league who has some unbelievable games. However, their life outside of football is in disarray. They've, you know, mother made mother, mother in law may have cancer and how those guys are able to zone that out and have some of the best games of their career.


Man, I just think given our platform, it gives them an opportunity to really tell the story to the to the real serious form.


Why did you start with the podcast with Jerrod instead of another athlete?


Well, because one juror did play sports. He did not he didn't play in the NFL. But also that's my student. And we know each other. He's he's my he's my my little brother. And we talk and we we share our families are pretty close. And so it was like it was good that give us somebody that understood you. He wouldn't ask that. You know, let's be honest. When you when you're doing a podcast with someone, there's always going to be someone or somebody out of a group that does some dumb stuff or ask a dumb question.


And with him, sometimes he'll tell me, bro, that was stupid.


And then I'll tell him we're cool with telling each other metals.


Now, that was a dumb ass question, and he's not all in his field.


And so that's what I love about it, just the rapport right into me at this point. I've been with him for two years, largely because you see him on NFL Network, you see him at the end and he has this report. I just what kind players? Because they look up to him, but with the odds, like I would like to be like in the daily like the Michael Vick. Well, we're right in this great spot where we can get this authenticity from a lot of these athletes because of the format and the way that we come about doing this podcast.


What do you guys think about the football season this year? You think they should scrap and cancel it?


I mean, listen, I think really everything that's going on, I've asked this question a few times and a lot of people kind of look at me sideways. So I said like this when the pandemic hit, they gave players opportunity to opt out. And people have asked me, what do you think? Or would you do it? It really it really depends on what year you're in. What's your contract is what your bank account looking like. It's your bank account of you, just like any other company.


If you living paycheck to paycheck, you can't afford it. You got to you've got to roll that dice if you can, you know, look at it differently. But not everybody has that opportunity. So and then at the same time and sitting at home, I don't necessarily think sitting at home and sterilizing every. Think is good for our system anyway. We need to get out a little bit, be smart, be safe, and at the end of the day, the menace is a hygiene problem and some people need to wash our hands.


This is well beyond football.


Maybe with the hygiene kits, you know, you know, recently, man, you know, you decided to put out a special episode of Cut to It and you spoke about your release from the panties. I mean, why was the podcast the perfect place to finally make you express all of that? That's a good question. One of it is because I'm I know I'm part of the media, but I think some of the media guys that. Right, they're lazy and they represent like a beat writer for a team.


He's in the middle. He's supposed to represent the connection between the players. And then he writes the article and then the fans think that that beat writer has a real connection or relationship with the player. I'm telling you, sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes they are talking by talking to a whole bunch of other people. They talk like that, a fly on the wall. And some of them do have never even had conversations with players, never had conversations with teams.


But when they write that article, the fan goes, oh, he must know something. A lot of information I dropped on the podcast. No one ever knew because it wasn't a lot of flies in the room. It was only a few people. And so I was like and I held it in. I didn't say anything. So I was like, you know, we don't do it my way. And we all basically tell the whole truth of what happened.


So there's this side, that side and somewhere in the middle of the truth. But we've only heard one side. Well, this is why everyone keeps saying that, you know, that I was I was jealous. A calm man is funny. It's like I can't be jealous or mad as someone who already has a bigger platform with me. Right. I was only looking at football as I was at the end of my career. I had a destination.


I had an opportunity that I wanted to get in Carolina as an organization. At that time of my career was not giving me that. So I decided to, you know, do what I need to do.


Did you hear from anybody from the Panthers after that thieved? You can reach out? No.


I mean, we don't really talk like that in the middle of the season. I try not to bother guys, man. They got a lot going on and then they isolating and then they own zone calls. Even in a media man. I've been on so many zone calls, I'm tired of zone.


Right, tell me. And we all know.


And then the other thing is I have a relationship with a lot of teams, with a lot of coaches, GMs and players. So I get a lot of calls from a lot of guys. I mean, I talk to the Panthers because of my job, a lot of different times. So it's not like all of a sudden people are reaching out like, oh, man, I was great. It was just I mean, it was just me.


We got more with Steve Smith, senior in Gerald Little John. When we come back is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning, T.J.. N.V. Angela. Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is still kicking it with former NFL player Steve Smith, senior and Jerrod Little Littlejohn.


You know what, as a player, you said something early about, you know, sometimes people don't realize the things going on in people's lives and they still got to go out there and play like you don't think about it. You just want your favorite player to Bosaso to win. What? Damn, you don't know if his mom just had cancer or somebody passed away or whatever may be. So being a player, how do you deal with it? Is it praying?


Is it yoga? Is it like how do you deal with everything that's going on outside of football or is football therapy for you?


I mean, that's it. That's a great question. I mean, I don't think at times football is a therapy. At other times, Madden football is just a great opportunity where you go out there, you're having a rough day and you it's a run play. You got a corner in front of you, man. That's that's tough. Right corner. Right. And then there's other times where you just kind of block it out. You compartmentalize. And I'm I'm being honest.


It wasn't easy. I took their time. That's why I want the reasons I retire is God, I play football all those years. There were times, man, I was not happy with myself.


I struggle with being able to shut that off. And there were times where, you know, especially Bill, not to Sunday's man. Bye bye. Friday afternoon, my wife would be like, man, go somewhere because you just start that. Just start to turn that switch on and get into football mode. And football mode is not, hey, how are you doing in football mode as somebody say, hey, how are you doing on Saturday night?


I give him a blank stare like I'm good.


That's why I don't understand why they don't have or maybe they do. Football players need to have more access to psychiatrist and their teams are starting to do that.


Now, teams have already started training that way for sure. Yeah, they they have to.


And then also to man that the perfectionist trying to be always be perfect. And trying to be performance based man, waking up, performing every single day and then having social media and those people commenting like I used to hate that the fantasy football world would be like, oh, man, you suck because you didn't make me 20 points of fantasy like I thought to myself.


Yeah. I wonder how many careers have been cut short, not because of physical health, because of mental health in the NFL.


A lot there's a lot of guys say it's a lot of guys you know, fans think money changes everything it does. But if you have a lot of money and you are your selfish person and you're just a selfish person with a whole bunch of money, money, money makes you more who you already are.


And that's a thing that we've seen as we talk to these guys, that mental health continues to come up. We talked about it with Malcolm Jenkins. There's other episodes we got coming up for Smith where you're going to see that it's going to be a pain just because I think it's top of mind right now, whether it's a pandemic or just as guys are progressing through their careers. But it's been a consistent day and it's something that we speak freely about and especially between Steve and myself, like we always just try to take it.


I take him to see how are doing as simple as that. Is the second one with no help on anyone?


Yeah, I've been going to therapy every week for the past about three, four years now, and it's one of the best decisions ever made.


Why did it take you so long?


I just think nothing was wrong thinking like, you know, like like when I first got diagnosed with anxiety, the first time I ever had a clinically diagnosed panic attack was 10 years ago. I always had those feelings before. But the doctor actually told me you had a panic attack. But at the time I was back home living with my mom in South Carolina, I was like 31 years old. And I have been fired four, four times from radios when the doctor was like, yo, are you stressed about something?


I was like, hell, yeah. Yeah. You know, in my mind I do is get some money and get back in position and everything will be good. And then I had to personally I mean, professionally, I had the best years of my life, which has been the Breakfast Club and everything else, and still having that anxiety, still having that PTSD deal, having them bouts with depression.


So that's what made me start going important to normalize it. Absolutely. I wanted to ask, you know, being a dad, right? When you have kids and you know, your kids want to play sports, you kids want to play football. Yeah, there's a lot of dads out there that that go back and forth and say, I love watching football, I enjoy watching professionals, but do I want my kid to get you know, I mean, do I want my kid to get a concussion, you know?


And how do you feel about your kids playing sports? And also, are you that crazy dad on the field that, you know, I mean, that dad is going crazy because you've been in there? Or do you sit back and be like, you know what, I must see if my son is good enough first?


Boy, I mean, that's a great question. My son got three boys and one girl. Right. And my oldest son, he played football for a little bit, but he didn't like the competition of being Steve Smith son. So he ended up getting a scholarship, playing at DePaul, playing soccer.


Then he just graduated transfer to offer because you blew out his knee down in South Carolina. He just graduated. He's working as a business accountant. So but he's taken care of there. My fourteen year old son, my fifteen year old son, he played football and was fine. Right. Play wide receiver. But he actually ended up turning into a pretty good corner. But he didn't really he was a finance corner. He he'll pick the ball. He'll cover hitting it really well.


Nothing about that hit. But throughout the whole process, I would I would tell him, you hit what you can see if you can't see, don't hit don't shoot your gun. And so he understood that. And but yet, you know, I was obviously his dad. So we did a lot of little things, like I got a football pass and we trained in the summer. He was crying and sweat and all that stuff. But as far as going to games, I'm the dad like it's like Sunday for me.


I'm not talking to you. And you don't talk to me or bother me. I actually sometimes I'll sit on the field with headphones and I'll sit off in the distance. I don't even sit with my wife. I don't even just don't bug me. Don't talk to me. I'm not going to say anything to you. So don't bother me. You know, as far as parents now, when I was younger and my son was playing soccer, I was a little mouthy.


But, you know, that's why I kind of started sitting to the side and just kind of you got in trouble.


Your wife, your wife put your punishment up slightly.


You got nasty about how did working at Taco Bell save your life?


Oh, so here's a story. What happened? So I used to work at Taco Bell and on Saturdays we had a game on Saturday mornings, but on Fridays and in college and community college. There was no classes, you know, or the four hour classes I am taking for our class, right? So I used to work on Fridays. Well, me and a dude got into it and we was fighting. And so we fought on the field.


And then we went to the locker room and he got a second helping. And so from there, it didn't go the way he liked. And so on Friday, he came in. He had his he had his he had his pistol on his jacket. He was waiting in the locker area right where my locker was. But he didn't know. I didn't go I didn't come in on Fridays. So he ended up getting removed from squad because basically he brought a gun on campus and basically was try to shoot me.


And so we just and so it just didn't work out. And but luckily, if I wasn't working on Fridays, I'm not really sure how that turned out. You know, if I walked in that locker area when he had that gun because he wasn't coming to, you know, like I say, he wouldn't come and give me a cookie recipe. So and that's how it worked out.


We got more with Steve Smith, senior in Jira. Little John, when we come back, is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is still kicking it with former NFL player Steve Smith, senior and Jerrod Littlejohn. Now, with all the fight you got into, you got into a lot of fights on the field, off the field, around the field, under the field, over the field.


Tyrod, has anybody ever stepped to you and say, you know what, I might not be able to be Steve, but I might be able to take you, right? Oh, no, no.


I said to me like that. No, not at all.


No, I mean, you know, long, straight. No one would say. I mean, number two, I think it's really easy to try to answer somebody one way or another. And the thing about the thing about my brother is he's not what those kind of things that define him. And so more than often, people know us from what we do in the community. Well, how we give back our way, even right now, we got a virtual learning center for a hundred homeless kids here in Charlotte where now they can do the virtual learning and they don't fall behind the more what they already are.


So large, like when we out, I mean, people would just give us more love than anything because we give them back. Foundation is giving back over a million dollars since before. It's so hard to you know, it's more about what we do and it's less about like who we are or what kind of things that can quote unquote. Absolutely.


Steve, you ever thought you had anger management issues as you dig into a lot of fights in the NFL? Seem like.


But see, the thing is, bro, only I mean, document only got, I think, three fights on the field. Man is tozzoli. I mean, on the field, guys are getting into a pushing and pushing and shoving all the time. I mean, that's the thing. People want to push that narrative, so let them push that narrative. But the thing is, I don't know, do you guys all have all this other stuff that everybody says?


So when like I said, when I'm walking around the neighborhood and walking around Charlotte, L.A., man, I'm I'm really I just keep to myself. I'm really just kind of calm. If anything, I'm actually a documented like, well, my counselor I'm extreme introvert, like I said at the house a lot. I'm I'm go with this social distancing. I'm straight. I'm social.


This is due to some sunglasses and a face mask because that's how you end up breaking that.


You broke two noses, the alleged gang. No, it was it was OK.


You broke two noses and they were both your teammates.


Like, fights happen all the time. And the way I was raised when I was raised. You don't go for the body, damn it.


In God you. Goodness gracious.


Are you cool with those people now? Did you all get over that?


I mean, we got nowhere. But I mean, it is what it is. I mean, I made my mistakes. People harp on it. That's what they go that that's who I am. That's what's happened. But whatever.


Did you ever did you ever prove Bountygate against the South? No, I don't need to prove Bountygate. I mean, it is what it is. I mean, football look, football is about taking taking another man's will. Bottom line. It's not about that's what it's about. And that's how I grew up playing. My grandpa told me, he said, listen, if you want to play this game, you ain't to tell us. Right? So if you want to play this game, you need to play this game.


The way I watched it when I watched it, Ronnie Lott, you know, er Turner, Steve Atwater, like you watch it.


When I was growing up watching those guys, they used to hit the snot out of me. So that's how I play ball. When I caught a ball try to stiff arm a just on somebody, I try to block them. I did my best. So I mean football's a very. Aggressive sport, I grew up, I'm from inner city L.A. I grew up in an aggressive neighborhood, so it just went it was right there. And, you know, I'm I'm I'm kind of images.


So it's just it's just right now, you take that, you take the league out so well, as we saw after, like, the era where you just said you knock a snot box, that you don't hear that no more. Now you do that, you get the penalty, you get in 15 yards. You think the league is is is getting really soft, is not enjoyable as much.


No, I don't think it's getting really solved. I think there are some I mean, you guys like Aaron Donald and it's not out of place, right? Donnelly So like there's some guys out there hitting folks and it looks just like the Radio National Radio guys out there who do certain things a certain way. Man, is, you know, you skin a cat so many different ways. So there's a lot of players out there that are super aggressive.


There's a lot of players out there. They're fans. Just depends on, you know, hey, how you like your oatmeal. There you go.


You know. You know, you're one of the most fascinating conversations I think I've had on the podcast thus far was Wynnum Odesa. Jenkins is the founder of the Women's National Football Conference. And I didn't know much about it at all. But I'm a believer in that. Everything right. You think women football could ever be as lucrative as NFL?


I mean, is luchadores of the NFL? No, because the NFL didn't even know they were going to be as lucrative as they are. Right. I was impressed with her because they already have so many teams. And I was just impressed where you got a mom who can cook dinner and then for a family of five and then go out there and crack back on somebody. Right. I said that's impressive to me. And, you know, talk about another person, she from L.A., you could just kind of hear the band turn it back and forth, just like folks from New York.


And there's just where you are from that town and that city. And you have that that thought process. You understand it. If you don't, you don't get it. That's why East and West is such a different place.


I think the thing about Odessa was that she someone told her way back when she was younger, you can't do this and so bad just to see to her to where she's like, I'm going to find a way to bring in the Western. And so her whole life story is not just being that she played sports, actually played college basketball to get her scholarship, but has been she wants to have a place for women to where they can no longer be.


Oh, no, you can't do that. So could it be as lucrative? We don't know. But for her just to be able to have that space for other girls and that's her passion. So it was and it came out in a conversation. And that's what we always want to do with the podcast we all got on this week.


Monday night.


Dana Thompson got some. It's pretty good. All right.


Did you check it out? Cut to a podcast. We appreciate you brothers for joining us this morning. That's right. And go subscribe to the Cut to It podcast. Man on Black Effect I heart radio, whatever you listen to podcast. Steven Gerrard, appreciate your being my partners, man.


I appreciate you. I have a good morning everybody. Is D.J. M.V. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now we want to pay your bills with a thousand dollars towards your expenses thanks to our part of the general. Get a lot for a little at the general insurance for coverage. You deserve a price as you can afford. Visit the general dotcom today. Now let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk L.A. Reid is about to go no more. This is the rumor report annually on the Breakfast Club. Well, L.A. Reid sold 100 percent of his publishing and a writing catalog, and that's about 162 songs is for an undisclosed amount. Now, he sold that catalog to hypnosis songs and its investment adviser, the Family Music Limited, by the way, Sheraz and now Rogers, he is on the board for that as well. And so he also will be joining the company's advisory board as well and will continue to run his label, Hiko Entertainment, that he co-founded in twenty eighteen.


So some of the songs in his catalog include Records from Boys to Men, TLC, Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and more. Wow.


Yeah, I don't know anything about this, but why are these people selling all their publishing and writing to this company?


I'm not saying that a lot, but a lot of people are selling it to this company.


I don't know, maybe question the money that you can invest in for him. He's also joining the board as well. So maybe he's going to also make money off of this as well. But the whole point to own your publishing and own like your torso and pass it on to your kids.


Well, maybe. I mean, maybe. But it could be that you want the cash, too, and maybe you want to get that cash and invest in something else. Yeah.


Maybe another investment that he wants to do that bring more money than what he had.


I don't know. Right. So he's done it. And I guess, you know, that's going to that has to be a lot of money. It's an undisclosed amount, but we don't know. All right. Adidas has collaborated with Bad Bunny on a pair of sneakers that's going to be releasing in the spring summer 2021 lineup.


People love to drive me do bad, but why are you calling him that?


So to suspect that money is highly respected.


Yes, I just thought it was me. You know, I respect him enough to get his name correct, wasn't he? Shut up. You know, his name is Ben, but he was just like we know Kamala Harris, his name. You can see it, right? Wow. That man, you're not going to compare real damn bad boys. I'm not going to be anything. I'm like the joke line as well, because I appreciate you.


I appreciate you being a little too far there. You trying to stand up for bad.


But you're right and making the nice you. I did a lot of Adidas news randomly, but her son has a lifetime supply supply of baby Adidas Yeezus that Kanye sent along with some congratulations for the baby and Beyonce. Ivy Park has announced a new drop that's going to be coming. So get ready for that. Also, it's going to be coming, I guess, at the end of this month. So that's also with Adidas as well. And then the full Ivy Park lineup will be coming out.


November 19th is going to be a shoe drop on October 30th. All right. Gilli, the kid, his podcast got a little bit crazy. He got mad when Wack referred to Birdman as the top indie executive in the world. If you remember, he was actually signed to Cash Money and Wilco and and wack. We're making him even better. Listen to this.


No money on top of the world.


We're going to go get my stuff. Oh, no, no. Don't blame the law because you can't get smart.


Let me tell you something about dropping bombs like one hundred dropping bombs dropped on the community.


King OK, all the three of the most entertaining people you will ever hear has a conversation in your life with somebody that is somebody keeps throwing fuel in the fire that was had to be whacked. Just stay calm the whole time. Why just stay calm the whole time. And he just kept getting madder and madder. That was some good listening. I love the million dollars worth of game podcast Lutetium Brother.


I Wear a blue face. Also revealed that he hasn't had an STD in a while.


How many times they burnt you real. How many times you got burnt. Man you you look like a cat and well you'll win a reinject. I didn't always have money man.


I mean women with money does still get steamed up, which is how many times, you know, I don't run into the same variety of business men.


I'm just, you know, how many times he threw me off the machine before. Before two thousand. I've been burned since nineteen thousand. I left nineteen ninety.


I was like, oh my goodness. Let me look for you.


Twenty, twenty last year, a couple months ago he said it was he said it was the beginning of twenty nineteen though I think God I've never had a EDV in my life, I've never had syphilis.


Nothing that I've had a little like a little roll around like no no no. That's not like a little, you know, crabby crap.


No I'm just asking can you get crabs in a fake.


I know, guys, your show, can you get lights in a fake being, I'm wondering I'm asking for a friend that may be in the room.


I don't know. Don't talk about dramas like that. You just can listen. Serious question. Can life live in Beijing how Beijing would drown the lights, just rinse them out like you know and true.


Yeah, you can just rent it off to Beijing. I want to go one time and one more time.


Guys, I want to remind you to make sure that you vote and you can go to Rock the Vote. You can text Levi's to seven eight eight six eight three. That's Levius to seven eight eight six eight three. That's how you get your key dates are election reminders and your vote is information. So find out if you can vote early when that voting early starts making sure that you're registered to vote. But please, we're trying to make sure that as many people as possible vote this fall.


I'm a third. I just want the record to show that when I said I've never had anybody else asked me to make you do.


I don't believe your drop. You know what you had. I said never.


I never said, what would you like to contribute anything to this conversation?


And no, I have not had an STD, OK? And I do get tested.


I know you don't I don't have any reason to ever know.


I've been tested before quite a few times in 1999. You didn't say that they did that test where you guys OK?


What I mean, either earwax, test it. Why don't put a little earwax on your finger.


Don't put if you stick it up there and she jumps, she got shallow Shimshon.


All right, guys, thank you for that. Romaji, Charlamagne. You're welcome. We will give you a donkey to me.


Oh, man. Four after the hour.


Let's talk to a man whose practice is I guess this is same sex. It's not so safe for work, DOE. But Jeff Toobin from CNN, we need him to come to the front of the congregation. We like to have a word with him, please.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


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It's time for Donkey of the Day, don't you? I'm a Democrat, so don't play the game. A little bit of a mix. Yes, but like, I don't feel very. The you now I've been called a lot of my donkey of the Day is a new one. Yes, donkey today for Tuesday, October 20th, goes to CNN's chief legal analyst, Jeff Toobin. Jeff Toobin is also a renowned reporter for The New Yorker.


Jeff Toobin is 60 years old and he's been suspended by The New Yorker and he's asked for some time off from CNN after doing this. Let's go to Fox News with Sean Hannity for the report.


An unsettling incident involving CNN's chief legal analyst now off the air for allegedly pleasuring himself on a Zoome video call. Jeffrey Toobin, who was also a staff writer for The New Yorker, was suspended by the magazine for masturbating during the call last week with other New Yorker employees and WNYC radio staff watching. According to Vice News, which reports the incident came during a drill for election coverage. Vice says when the group returned from their breakout rooms to even lower the camera, the people on the call said they could see Toobin touching himself, too, but then left the call.


Moments later, he called back and seemingly unaware of what his colleagues had been able to see. New Yorker magazine told Fox News Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended while we investigate the matter. And in a statement to motherboard, Toobin said, quote, I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake believing I was off camera. I apologize to my wife, family, friends and co-workers. I believed I was not visible on Zoome.


I blame zone called Euro Zone called the mentally and emotionally exhausting Zoome calls or stressful as hell and scratching yota behind the ears. Tossing a little egg salad lowers blood pressure in stressful situations. And I'm not making any excuses for Jeff Toobin. What he did was unprofessional and totally out of line.


But one out of five Americans has an anger management problem and phone calls make us all angry. OK, I have to do things to mentally, emotionally prepare myself, resume calls.


Now, personally, I would have seized my meat loaf before I got on. This would not on resume. OK, like, I don't have a problem giving it myself a helping hand.


OK, you have to discover your own potential at times, but not on a business. Zoome call. OK, I don't think any of us, male or female, can dispute the relaxing effects of turning on the sprinklers.


OK, sometimes you got to find those clothes with Fred and Daphne and make Scooby Doo what he do. OK, listen to me. Masturbation fights depression. All right, back to back zoom calls are depressing. Sometimes you got to box the one I champ the release that dopamine to have the energy and scrimp to make it through a Zoome call.


But Jeff, not like this, OK? You can't have a menage a trois on the zoom. All right, Jeff, I have no problem with you making Pearl Jam, but it's a time and a place for everything, OK? And zoom on a business call is not the place.


And why does your name, your last name, why does your last name sound like a euphemism for masturbation?


Toobin, Toobin, sounds like something you would use to describe shaking hands with the milkman on Zoom. And I'm sure during this pandemic when people had to socially distance from their buddies, all those summer flings that didn't happen you away from your sidekicks. I'm sure they were replaced with people playing five on one for some warm custard.


But what do you call that? OK, what do you call masterbation on his own? The answer is Jeff's last name Tubin.


OK, masturbating on Zoome call should absolutely be called Tubin from here, here on out. All right Toubon you meet on Zoome OK Toubon the purple headed yogurt slinger on Zoome OK Tube and the mayonnaise river on Zoome Tube and the hand puppet on his own. Listen a lot of your judging Jeff Toobin on Zoome but you two have met the Goutman at midnight on June.


All right. Just not during a business call. All right.


Now back in November of 2019, Jeff Toobin was reacting to a New York Times report that Trump was briefed on the whistleblower complaint before releasing military aid to Ukraine. And Jeff's reaction to Trump is our reaction currently to him now.


He got caught. Simple. Yes, he did get caught. Tubin for tartar sauce on Zoome. Please give Jeff Toobin the sweet sounds and Hamilton's.


Are you all about Ogie of the. Doggy day he oh, no, no, no, no, no.


Let the record show Angelie you because you're not in studio. Somebody in this room. All right, mind you, it's five men in here, somebody in your room early is like a party for you earlier said.


What's wrong with that. When I was discussing this story, when I was just doing it around the room, I'm not that person in person.


What's wrong with that? What did he say? He says the suspension might be a little too far down.


Let me explain it at all. Me play was all wrong with that because he didn't identify this person.


I'm just say because how do we know it wasn't on accident? He did. He took a break from his own car. He didn't know what a camera was on. It's not like he was stroking his one eyed monster. Like for people to assume, say, watch this, watch this, watch this. He might have paused it or he might have thought he was all for a second because he probably closed his laptop a little bit and say, hey, let me handle the one, I'm monster.


Then I get back to this.


Absolutely no reason to be.


If we don't pass his business call, we also don't know if he did it on purpose or by accident.


How do you know he had no purpose?


Only he knows that. How do you get people to see that? First of all, what do you mean when you say not on purpose? You mean masturbating? No, I mean, for people to see he might have done that, you know, some exhibitionist, some people get turned on by people watching them.


But let's say it was an act and let's say you really just thought he was, you know, you know, pushing the camera away from his junk and wanted to get a little one I monster going before the next zoom because you just say one.


I say what you want me to call it. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, bro, you kick it's a penis. You can't you can say penis it.


Buffy the vampire penis is way better, but you can't stay that way better. You can stop the one.


I mean was shuffling his iPod. Know, the moral of the story is this, though. I think that this has been a common occurrence during the pandemic. I think it's a lot more people who have been, you know, some accidents strangling their Cyclops on Zoome. We're going to call it Tubin from now on. I think a lot of Toubon going on. So what's the craziest thing you've seen on Zschau, that's the. You want to know I want to know if people have to do on Zoom.


Have you done a little tumin on Zoom you away from your significant other you away from your cut buddy. But this one is face time.


It's for I don't know what you need to zoom in or have you seen somebody do it on. So maybe you were one of the people in the zoom meeting and you seen somebody stroking it. One I'm.


And you're making much ado about nothing. Nothing. All right. Relax, OK?


I just don't want to see this one I monster coming at me now. I hate the way you keep saying it. It just sounds awful.


Why would his one eyed want to be coming at you? He's not here. It's just a one eyed monster. I don't want to look at my boyfriend and think it's a monster.


Showed me how he deals with it. But anyway, 805 fine. But he doesn't see it because it comes from behind.


Oh, you guys are kinkiness, right? Mr. Brown, I think. Speaks Japanese. You guys are crazy.


Eight hundred five eight five zero five one. Have you ever masturbated on? Zoome is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela ye shall I mean the God we are the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Now, if you're just joining us, Charlamagne gave Donkey today to Jeffrey Toobin.


Jeffrey Toobin is CNN's legal analyst and he's a Renou reporter for The New Yorker.


And he got caught Toobin for tartar sauce on the Xoom. And the reason I'm seeing Toobin is because I think Toobin should be the new slang for masturbating on Zune, because I think that during this pandemic, we haven't thought about the people who may have been away from their significant others, may have been away from their court, but these may have been away from these sidekicks. They were socially distanced. And I think it's a lot more masturbation happening on Zune than we think.


I think we only think about Zune for business calls. And you know what? We don't do birthday announcements and all of that type of stuff like that. But I really think people have been Tubin on Zombo and by Toubon I mean m.b what's on Zoellner so sexy that makes you have to masturbate right then and there.


I mean unless Toreson you're talking to envy, you know they have to, you know, they have Zoome orgy rooms, they have what they have Zoome orgy rooms but assume they have to try to ban it, but they have a sex club, they've been hosting Zoome orgies with like 100 people. Oh I know.


Shaking your head. You've been there before. No, not that I saw, I saw my starting point.


I saw a porno like a zoom or do you think that you know.


So you've been watching Zoome Porno Origin.


I was just curious, like there's been this whole thing started. I saw like a zoom orgy. It's OK. I'm not judging you.


Black room, white room, Spanish room. Which one mix is actually a very diverse room. I think that it was nice to see. OK, so what did you Google diverse or do you zoom in? It just popped up on the front page and I think it's trying to be progressive on point. I didn't ask it to run the video to see what the high points were.


PornHub timeless is the head of diversity inclusion for.


So I think this happens more than people, more than people would care to discuss. But that's what we're here for.


We got people on the line eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Hello. Who's this?


I am from Connecticut and we don't need to get on zoom.


Abby, it was the last time you masturbated. We call it tubing envy.


I might have to get used to that because I'm guilty. As I just started job on online last week and even just yesterday, the people in the background on a phone call like the guys treating me on. How do you feel? Oh, he'll be on like a twenty minute call and I'm just in the background muted. So I get a little bored and I have my visa, I think my five minutes and I mean, I'm too muted the whole time.


I just occupy my time. You know, I'm not mad at you.


I'm not mad at you at all because those phone calls are stressful and you got to relieve a little stress. Yeah, it's a different twist on training.


The guy turn you on. You just need to let one off.


Oh, no, this guy's really I had dare you know, you just tubing uses tubing, know, like sometimes going to be so boring and that'll be all.


I take my one of those items just like they're watching for it. I'm like this is more like something else.


I'm not mad at you. You like Wizzy from horrible decisions. Thank you.


805 feels like like you know, we're asking, you know, have you ever masturbated during those call.


No, it's called tubing. All right. Well we're changing the name where we're giving you paying homage to Jeff Toobin, the CNN legal analyst. From now on, if you masturbate on his own call, it's called Toobin. All right.


Well, call us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody.


Is C.J. N.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy? We are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're asking, have you ever played with the one I'm honored to do during a zone call? Have you ever masturbated?


Oh, gosh, we're calling it tubing. No, because Jeffrey Toobin of CNN got caught masturbating on to him and his name. His last name definitely sounds like a euphemism for masturbation. Hello.


Just for the record, I have not done that. Hello, dear. What's what's your name? My name is Columbus.


I'm not going to ask you to question yourself if you can figure out whom you. Definitely, definitely down that road of reform, have you ever masturbated on Zimbra?


So then if he did ask, you're a liar, but it's not my for it all is more like you masturbate on mood. Do you masturbate back at work is pretty much OK.


That's funny that you said that for someone in the studio. Yes, I said they do do that actually they do this a problem.


Personally, I've got to stop talking about this accidental masturbation. There's no sex. We. The second it is to me, the camera accidentally shows you accidentally like I'm dead by accident. Oh, my hand is on my mind when I must. Oh, my gosh. What am I doing? Oh, my bad mistake. No, not that way.


And he said he masturbated in the bathroom at work. No, I did not. I thought you said you said something about that's like masturbating at work and then somebody Dromgoole that's like being on the plane.


No, he said it's illegal. I said it's not illegal. You're making a case that it's OK. Should be OK to masturbate at work. And I said that's probably only illegal to masturbate on a plane if you use somebody else's.


Also, for the record, I mean, you can't publicly fire you cannot publicly masturbate anywhere with the plane.


What do you go to the phones and stop talking about auditioning for you? Thank you, sir.


And he's been difficult to go move his car every day for the record that I know that the new slang for you to move his car every day, I mean, the I guess the moral of the story, there's no moral to the story.


The moral of the story is don't masturbate on Zoome during business calls. But I still don't think there's nothing wrong with masturbating on Zoome, which is significant. Other, though, don't make faces. I know you're alive. Why do you lie so much? You do nasty stuff on FaceTime. So you would be talking to Taylor, not me.


By the way, right now you're talking. It's like. It's like you wouldn't go on Zoom's and masturbate.


You would just do face time. No, that's not true. How do you know you live with your wife? You said that's not true like this. I'm saying that's not true because as Angela you said earlier, people are using Jun for orgies. As John said, they got Zoome pornos.


So I'm sure people have. I'm sure. Huh. I'll get it anyway.


Legislated out for single people. I don't know what I mean.


Because you said with your significant other she's saying if you don't have a say, if you, if you're away from somebody, you know, you get kinky with somebody, you can do it oversoul and we're going to call that Tubin from now on.


All right. OK, all right. Well, you got rooms all the way. Yeah. We're going to switch gears and we're going to talk about red table talk and Jada Pinkett Smith mom says that she had nonconsensual sex with her father.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the God We Are The Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room as well. Before we do that, you want to win. You want to pay your bills when a thousand dollars towards your expense. Thanks to our partners. DeGennaro get a lot for a little at the general insurance for covid. You deserve a price as you can afford. Visit the general dotcom today. Now let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk Taraji, if she's filling the. This is the rumor report with Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club. All right, well, Taraji was on the Breakfast Club, and, of course, she was talking about her foundation and mental health, but the one takeaway that a lot of people got feminist, that she is now single, she's no longer engaged. Listen to what she had to say.


And I'm dedicated to the black man. I just turned the end and I have to say it again. But it didn't work out, you know what I mean? And we and I tried. I was like, bad for you do the therapy thing. But if you're both not on the same page with that, then you feel like you're taking it on yourself. And that's not a fair position for anybody to play in a relationship. My happiness is not his responsibility and his heart is not mine.


We have to first learn how to make ourselves happy.


First of all, that conversation filled my spirit. Man saluted Taraji P. Henson and you know Tracy J.


J for pulling up their mental health worries. And I know people took that part of the convo, but you really need to go listen to what they had to say about trauma bonding and being trauma buddies. You know, we have to heal together and share love, not trauma.


Right, so people did take that I mean, there was a lot of speculation because she did have an amazing fiftieth birthday celebrations and great pictures and they were like, where's her fiancee?


So I guess that was the first time that she said that it's not happening anymore. But I'm sure she's going to be good regardless. All right.


Now, let's talk about I young boys in my line yesterday trying to of literally like Yo Taraji single now, like young boys. Too young for Taraji. I don't know.


All right. Now let's talk about Netflix and the third season of my next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman. So there's a series of interviews that's going to be happening. Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr., Lizzo, Dave Chappelle. Now, they already have put out a clip of Dave Chappelle. And here is what they talked about, the Black Lives Matter movement.


There's somebody that they would look to for like moral or intellectual guidance, and they weren't coming to live in a completely different way. There's no pension plan for leaders. Martin Luther King died penniless. Malcolm X died penniless. I don't want to do that. But that's that's your view.


I'm waiting for you to say something. So what does that make me fall? OK, well, I said it my height.


What what many others were already were already doing in the commentary after it was very heady and intellectual. And I was shocked that nobody ever talked about what it feels like to watch a man get murdered that way by a man in a police uniform.


Dave is absolutely right. I mean, that's why you got to celebrate the Tamika Mallory of the world. And the Lindus also goes into my songs, all those activists who put their lives on the line every day and fight for us because it is a thankless job that they're not getting paid for and literally put their lives on the line when I'm talking about death threats, letting not letting people know where you're staying, how you're traveling, because people literally want to kill you.


And the answer, David Letterman's question about what does that make him feel? A wait and see what Dave Chappelle has to say. Dave, it makes you a comedian who loves listening to another comedian who happens to be one of the greatest comedians of all time. I like hearing what they got to say to him.


Well, season three will be out tomorrow on Netflix exclusively. All right. Kendrick Lamar, you know, he's been relatively quiet. And he recently did an interview for Interview magazine where he's actually interviewing his cousin, Baby Kim. And they talk about the road it took for baby came to get his career started and how he got Kendrick Lamar to respect how it was a bumpy road and how Kendrick was saying that, you know, at first B.B. King was missing all types of days in school.


They were getting letters us into the house. And he said, I felt some type of accountability. You were talented, but you had to graduate. So it was finding that middle ground. But that worked out. He said. I think that's one thing that Mandawuy really respect about you. You're determined and driven. You remind me of how we used to be. So they became assigned to Kendrick and Dave DeFreeze company. And so that's how his album will be coming out.


Now, Kendrick also talked about how he'll never make a good kid, MADD City Part two and how he plans to have a new sound. He said, I can't do the same thing over and over. I need something to get me excited. He said he felt pressure to execute his sophomore album well, and he said, I remember the sophomore jinx of good kid MADD City. It was for that year and for that time I was in a different space in my life.


I already knew off the top I can't make good kid, City said. He pointed to the second. I'm making that it's corny. That takes the feeling away from the first. I need that MF to live in his own world, then boom, to pimp a butterfly. Some people love it to death. Some people hate it.


It's my favorite Kendrick Lamar album, The Butterfly.


I love the Purple Butterfly and I can't wait. They are two totally different projects to say. Absolutely. I feel like you can't even compare them.


You can if you listen to Kendrick to Pimp a Butterfly now and it actually fits the climate we're in now, it does maybe more than it did back then. But I can't wait to hear Kendrick's new music. And I think maybe is dope as how little Dicky put me on the baby came. And I remember the first time I heard Baby came, I said he sounds like if Kendrick did trap music and didn't focus on me, that was Kendrick cousin.


So it makes sense. I mean, I'm absolutely anticipating new music from Kate that I can't wait to hear him. I dated the last few years Jada Pinkett Smith, her mother, Adrianne Banfield. Norris talks about gray areas of intimacy in her own life. Now, they were talking about sexual intimacy and having nonconsensual sex. And here's what happened.


So game you feel like nowhere in your history in regards to sexual intimacy have you felt like you've had a sexual experience that was not necessarily consensual or was, you know, kind of in that gray area? I have. OK, but it was also with my husband, our dad, actually. So that's really great.


But you do hear that a lot. So you're basically saying you had nonconsensual sex with my father.


Wow. I need the context of that conversation. What was the topic of discussion Orientale talk? We're talking about grey areas and spousal rape. You know, it's a very gray area, socially and legally. They said most states now have laws against it, but they do treated differently than other rape cases. And, you know, Donald Trump was accused, espoused by his first wife, Ivana Trump, during their divorce proceedings. And when that accusation came out during his first presidential campaign, again, it resurfaced.


That's when Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, said, by the very definition, you can't rape your spouse. And that was a really controversial remark because if somebody tells, you know, whether or not you're married, that does not mean just you're anybody's property and you can just take anything.


Absolutely. I did not know that about Donald Trump. And I am amazed how everything comes back to Donald Trump. How does everything come back to Donald Trump? All right.


Well, I think that was a big deal when it happened for his then lawyer to say that you can't rape your spouse. That's the most ridiculous thing.


There's people that are married that are not getting along, that don't even like each other, you know, and just because that's my spouse doesn't mean that I'm obligated to have sex with you.


All right. All right. Well, that is your rumor report. All right.


Now revoked. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else. The People's Choice mix is up next. And today is Snook's birthday list. Today is Senator Kamala Harris is born day two. Oh, really? Yeah.


She ain't got no right to dance and resting on a record high. But anyways, the Breakfast Club. Come on, let's go.


The Breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same.


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Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Now we got a shout out to Steve Smith, senior former NFL player, for joining us this morning.


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That's Jarah. Little John and Steve Smith seem. That's right. All right. Now, when we come back, we got the positive notes from movies, The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


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