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In the morning, you wake up in the morning and I'm talking right, you're about to experience a morning show and my the of the audience.


What you guys are doing right now, it's the pop culture. Breakfast Club is my morning. I need it and I love it. I'm like, you really not popping into the Breakfast Club and waiting. Come to your show, man. I really got to be a big time celebrity, but you got to be got to be big to take into Angeliki and Charlamagne, the guy at the Breakfast Club pitching.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning Angela. Yea. What the hell was that. The hell was that. It might sound crazy already. Charlamagne the guy. What's my name. Oh yeah.


Peace to the Planet is Friday. Toronto, what up, so, Charlamagne, I don't know if this is happening, right?


So I woke up this morning and when I woke up, I turned over to, you know, kiss my wife, hug my wife.


And she wasn't there. And I got nervous. I was like, what the hell happened? What's going on? But, you know, we're moving to a new house.


So every day, the last couple of nights, my wife has been at the new house putting things together before we move in. So when we move and everything is right. So this time she wasn't tired. So she's been at that house with my assistant and she's still there now, cleaning the house, getting in in order, moving the clothes and everything that we had to move. So she's been working the last five days. So they all been at the house all day.


And I've been with the kids. So it's been daddy daycare all day long. I'm talking we doing all types of F F boy issues that we're not supposed to be doing eating ice cream in the all day, six in the morning.


Well, my wife was you. My wife would be back in about another 30 minutes. I'm sure she's on the way back now. She takes a little nap and she goes back to the house and does it again.


But my kids love it because, you know, Daddy just grills all day.


I don't cook nothing real. I just grill. We just eat ice cream. I order pizza, we jump in the pool, we ride the quads, we do all types of stuff and there is no argument. So the kids can't argue and they argue our out there, everybody gets in trouble. So they don't argue that peaceful is it's the best ever. So I'm just like, I got nervous. So you started this off by saying so? I mean, I don't know if this ever happened, you would get one part.


You have rolled over in bed and your wife wasn't there. Maybe she had to leave and you got nervous and scared.


Oh, no. I mean, I know she get up early in the morning and she's not going to leave the house without saying telling me she's going somewhere. And number two, she's not in the building. I mean, she's downstairs probably doing something, you know, like, I don't know.


I'm just a little nervous. The what's going on in your life? I watched too many movies and I happened all the time. I thought she got kidnapped. I don't know. I don't know what was going on at a time from lifetime to someone's lifetime. Do you realize? I don't know.


Well, today is Angela Day, Angela. She has her day to day where she's going to she has her own day in New York City as she has a bunch of performances. She's doing a bunch of giveaways at the juice bar. Today, we're going to be doing a backpack giveaways to kids. They need them if kids are going to school. So I'm excited about that. She has been performing Josh X Hood celebrity, Romayne Virgo in a host of others.


So that'll be happening today. You can head up the panel one, two, five on Instagram to check out all the performances. You put a lot into it, so it should be really dope. You probably don't hear her right now because she's resetting her mike.


So she'll be joining us in a second. And so we got front page news to tell you about. Everything that's going on with your president, Donald Trump.


He he is the craziest. He just says what he wants. He does what he wants, but she'll give you all just admirable, admirable, not honorable, but admirable. I don't I don't I don't say I don't say people that lie and manipulate are honorable. But it's admirable that you can spew so much nonsense and people eat it up. It actually is.


Well, hopefully you will get her money together and we'll get that in front page news. Now, let's start off the show with this new joint. This is Public Enemy. Shout to Public Enemy. Shout the Def Jam. After all this time, Public Enemy has resigned with Def Jam, which is pretty damn dope. So shout the Def Jam.


They are releasing Fight the Power Twenty Twenty and they decide to be divorced and it features NAS NYG. And Rapsody to see was on it, Rapsody on, and I don't know if Rhapsody's on it now, she was on the beta version. She had the best verse, if you ask me, but I don't know if she's interested.


I'm a Rapsody stand, so, uh, well, they sent it to me last night, so let's get it on right now. Hopefully it's clean. It's a breakfast. Lokomotiv Rhapsody is on the Rhapsody NYG and a public enemy, of course. Congratulations to Public Enemy and Def Jam.


I read Rhapsody best right. Best rapper alive. She killed it. All right. Well, let's get into Khama. Let's get this some front page news.


You back. I'm back. There you go. All right. I see how long this lasts. All right. So NBA players have decided they are going to resume the twenty twenty playoffs and the games could take place as soon as August twenty eighth. Is that today? Yep. Yesterday they did say they want to continue the season. They said that they feel like they still have the opportunity to have a voice with everything going on. And so there's a video conference call meeting that they had yesterday between a group of NBA players and team governors.


They said Michael Jordan's been really involved, too, as far as making sure these talks happen. Now, Donald Trump was asked what he thought about the NBA boycott, and here's what he said.


I don't know much about the NBA protest. I know their ratings have been very bad because I think people are a little tired of the NBA, frankly. But I don't know too much about the protests. But I know their ratings have been very bad. And that's true. That's unfortunate. They've become like a political organization, and that's not a good thing. I don't think that's a good thing for sports or for the country.


Well, that's what happens when you have a league that's 80 percent black men and those black men care about the country that they live in. They care about the conditions of the people.


You know, they're people. Right. So I don't have a problem with them boycotting. I mean, it's a hell of a statement. But like I said yesterday, just make sure it's a plan. Make sure it's a call to action, make sure they have some demands. What are they going to do next?


So if they can't figure that out, go play. Keep making those political statements on the court. Yes, I imagine that your you know, as a black person, a black man that plays in the NBA, you see another black man, twenty nine years old, shot in the back by the police, seven times unarmed. He's an unarmed black man and he's in the hospital bed paralyzed from the waist down and handcuffed onto the bed. According to Jacob Blake's father, he is handcuffed to the bed.


Officials have not announced any charges against Jacob Blake at this time. But I mean, if there's no charges, how do they handcuff him?


No. If there's no charge, they didn't charge the man with anything. How do you handcuff a paralyzed man in a bed?


Yeah, and they had what was the whole lot he had going that he had a warrant for a warrant for sexual assault or something like that to prove to be a lie yesterday or think that's what it was. Yeah. What that's what I saying. Yeah.


Right now said he does not have an arrest warrant for having sex with a minor. That's what social media was spreading, that he had an arrest warrant for having sex with a minor and that that was proved false. Completely false. He doesn't have a warrant. All right.


Now, Cowritten has the 17 year old who is accused of the shooting incident that happened during a night of protests in Kenosha that left two people dead and a third person seriously injured. They said he is facing multiple homicide charges. According to court records, he has been charged with first degree intentional homicide since his arrest. And they did file more charges against him yesterday, adding one count of reckless homicide account for attempted intentional homicide and two counts of recklessly endangering safety.


He's also being charged with possession of a dangerous weapon while under the age of 18.


Now, the media show any vilifying him the way they vilifying a Jacob Blake.


I tell you that much like you, you would think Kyle was just Kyle got arrested for shoplifting the way he treated his situation. Right.


So they keep on talking about how he's an aspiring cop and all this stuff like, no, he's a murderer and he's a thug and he's a murderer and a terrorist. Absolutely.


And if he's an aspiring cops and cops, you all have to realize the negative influence you are having on the youth because that man felt like he should just go shoot two protesters. All right. Just because you say a lot of he's also a Donald Trump supporter as well. Just FYI, he's been to the rallies and a lot of that.


So Donald Trump is saying that he does want more police and he also wants to increase penalties for assaults on law enforcement, by the way. But let's talk more about that in the next hour.


All right. It was actually it was actually very interesting to watch Donald Trump last night. He didn't mention anything about any of the black lives lost to cops. And if you listen to Trump last night, you would think people were in the streets protesting for no reason. And he said we got to give police back their power. They aren't allowed to do their jobs. I don't know about jobs, but it seems like police got a whole lot of power to me.


What do you think? That's what this is all about, still having these same conversations we've been having. All right. Well, that is front page news.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Right now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This take your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed for that, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, who's this? Hey, good morning, Chris. Good morning. Breakfast Club. How are you? Good morning. Hey, man, I'm just a little disturbed about this narrative that Donald Trump is putting out about not black lives matter. And not only that, he has a clutch of enablers called Republicans that supported him in the process.


So you mean to tell me we have a white supremacist that have made it to the highest land in the office? And then on top of that, we have a couple enablers that allow this to be the loudest to come forward. And not only that, we have a section of the company that's rallying at all. Is that what we have with it? Can you vote for years too late? You mean. Well, you mean I'll just I'll just I'll just blow back by that.


So you've got a group of enablers that allow this to happen. So we need to wire all of that out. We need to work it out. We need to read IMO. We need to read everything connected to this man. I agree.


I mean, that's the beauty of 20, 20 men. I think that, you know, you can never heal what you don't reveal in 20, 20 of the year, reveal for a lot of things and all the B.S. income in this country that they've been trying to tell us doesn't exist is front and center. Now, what are we going to come out against it?


So that's what I'm concerned about. Are we going like I am, like, you know, we better with it. I mean, are we going to come out and actually cast his vote? Because this really is the most important vote of the black community in decades.


I know I'll be voting front and center. We actually are even going to be volunteering at the polls.


Yeah, definitely. Voting would definitely volunteer. I'm trying to volunteer.


I don't know if I can volunteer outside of where I live because I want to volunteer in areas where I know people are going to have a hard time.


So whatever that is, I definitely want to volunteer.


But how are you going to volunteer if they closed down all these polling places? You know what I mean? It's almost like you need to like to have all these millionaires and billionaires open up a big place for public places, because I believe you got to get them certified to your polling place. So you limit these polling places. I mean, just making it so difficult for anybody to cast a ballot. Oh, yeah, it's going to be. I posted on my Twitter for people in New York how you can do your absentee ballot.


There's a quick, easy link. So you should start doing that now if you're concerned about that also and I know that's a concern, too, for people. You know, you just still got to do your part and do the best that you can. Yeah, well, I have mine already and I suggest that everybody go ahead and start getting their absentee ballots together right now. Do it, not get on.


I agree with you. No way. Absolutely. Thank you. I'm definitely voting. We just have to know that, you know, voting is not going to change things unless we continue to keep our foot on these politicians necks, local and federal, because I don't care who's in the White House. America is built on a racism, on a system of racism that just needs to be dismantled. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to vent.


Hit is now with the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. I'm telling you what's normal for all of you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?


Hi, my name is Andy from Long Beach, California. Hey. Andy Grove. Each has a brother. I appreciate you guys for everything you do. I can't believe I'm all jobless. Please don't hang up on me. Please drop.


That's crazy. People are saying that your reputation is a shame, that your reputation. You guys created that.


But I know you do it. That's why. Hey, I didn't do it. So basically, I'm an Asian-American Cambodian, to be specific for. So I'm saying all my Cambodian friends and family just talk about how they're sick of seeing politics in sports, of NBA players boycotting. And in my mind, I'm just thinking, hey, why are you telling black people how to protest and how they should do it? Why not join in as Asian? We should see that white supremacists don't care about us as well.


You know, like, oh, no, it's just so hard. Just you see, the racial injustice is right there in front of us. And Jacob Blake gets shot several times in the back. Right. You see, Kyle White Boy, just walk around with these ágúst and not get nothing in him. Right. Thank you. Mm hmm. Gave him some more.


I mean, you know, there's a great statement, right. In that statement is, you know, it's a black thing. You wouldn't understand what these protests should be, an American thing, not a black thing. People should understand this because the injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


Exactly. And my thing is, I've played basketball since sixth grade, organized basketball and black people. To me, all my black homies, they were fairly wealthy. And if anything, they were really to me then all my friends. And before they hang up, can I make a statement or brother go them. So if I jam things up, hurry up, hurry up.


I have to page by my channel is called no bigger than what call what. NUM num num num num num digger.


I don't like that. It's not like saying dumb.


Oh no you mean so basically I'm a hard worker that takes so hard. I just don't like using the hard yards. It's just sounds so harsh.


Yeah man. Let me tell you since I think you might need to change that you two paid anything with a hard e r that's nice. Bigger. Yes. And it comes out kind of crazy. Come on. Come go. Kind of crazy. Yeah.


Exactly the why. I mean that's why I didn't use the e r I dramas go for it now.


That's what you guys want to keep. I'm gonna go for a job before anything. I'm almost always a pleasure doing drama. Thank you. Course. The way you see what I'm ibro, I'm gonna be a god damn job and hang up now you want me to hang up on him.


OK, anyway. Goodness gracious.


What you do your job, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. We got rooms on the way. Yes.


And our Kelly was allegedly attacked in jail. We'll tell you what his lawyer is saying.


I don't believe this, but we'll talk about it when we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Over the years, host Erin Manque and the team behind law, unobscured and cabinet of curiosities have scoured the globe to bring you tales from the past with a hint of darkness, from superstitions and folklore to the curious and the bizarre. But now it's time to bring that journey home, because while America's history books are filled with people, places and events that sit on lofty pedestals, there's a whole other world of American history that waits for us in the shadows tales of unlikely heroes, world changing tragedies and legends that are unique to the American spirit stories that we call American shadows.


Each episode is handcrafted by the Greyman mild team and narrated by me, Lauren Vogel bomb, and while we might be traveling some dark and lonely roads, you're also bound to learn a thing or two along the way. Get ready for a tour of American history unlike any other. Get ready for American chateaux. Catch new episodes of American Shadows every other Thursday, listen on Apple podcasts, diet radio app, or wherever you get your podcasts. Warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club.


Let's get to roamers, let's talk t pain versus Eikon.


Listen, this just in. All the guys got the rule report, guys.


It's a rule report, the Breakfast Club.


Well, it started with a doing an interview on Vlad TV with Vlad, where he talks about how tipping could have been bigger. Listen to this.


I think one of the major reasons is that he never left the hood. Like you just confront his music to urban music. Like I saw Depayin as another me to be able to cross outside of urban, go into pop, going to EDM, going to Latin, like I still think to this day you still can do it. I would enter to the Latin side today, though, because he can definitely do it. But I think that was the only reason and the fact that you and I know better than anybody, urban audience aren't loyal.


First of all, I hate the word urban. Urban just means black and I hate that word. Just say black. And I highly disagree that the black audience isn't loyal. The black audience is the most loyal. And I also don't think fickle fans have a color. People are fickle, period. You can be red hot one day, ice cold tomorrow. And it's always a new artist on the scene that's popping up. But if you are consistently good at whatever it is you do, you'll always have an audience.


But I don't think it's a color thing.


Well, what are you saying? Black people are not loyal like other races, are they?


Said the urban audience. Oh, I hate that word. The urban audience is fickle. Yes, well, white ice is called the boy. Well, it's expanded.


The very people that help me back is telling y'all how I could have been bigger. I'm not angry at all. I've grown. I've learned how to keep moving forward and not look back. Some people don't. And that's OK. They'll get there at their pace. But I'm no longer going to allow my past to determine my future. I'm in control. See y'all on the brighter side. Love y'all.


Also, why are people acting like Depayin not pain? Your pain is a whole legen. You pain was. It was a pretty big deal in these streets. Like Depayin was a pretty big artists. Like I'm confused here. What am I missing? Like how big was he supposed to be.


Right? I mean, there was a period of time when things didn't go well, but he's back now.


So not only that's a big gets out of himself, there was a period of time that was tough for him.


Yeah, but not only was he paying a big deal, Depayin influenced a whole generation of artists. I always used to say a future soul train trip, but he paid his T paint.


But I would say what he said is, is some right in hip hop.


A lot a lot of times we don't necessarily respect and write for our legends like you look at other genres of music and they can still do arenas and still have radio records on radio for us. Once the artist gets a little older, we don't necessarily rock with them and respect them like that.


Like you guys, like Mary J. Blige has a hard time getting on our radio station because they say she's urban AC, but her records still pop same thing.


Yeah, but I mean, I think I think that's because for a long time we didn't put we put too much emphasis on you, you know what I mean? Like, we always talked we always acted like being younger was better. People lied about their age. People tried to do things to stay young and stay hip instead of just aging gracefully. But I think I think that's all changed now. I think some of the best rappers are over 40.


Some of the best musicians are over 40. So I think that's changed.


All right, A.J. and Bruno was sentenced to seven days in jail for violating probation. According to a report. He said that he's going through a lot in life and he needs counseling. So it was all in connection with that twenty eighteen sexual assault case. He's accused of having inappropriate contact with a woman at a nightclub in Cleveland and he received multiple charges. Five months later, he pleaded guilty to assault to receive two years probation, but he violated the terms of his sentence.


So he stood before a judge in Cleveland and he was sentenced to spend seven days in the county jail. She said she hoped that his time behind bars would be a wake up call for him.


It's not OK, the man said. We need he needs some type of counseling. He needs some type of therapy. OK, Adrien Brody needs to sit down and talk to somebody that's obvious. That's been obvious for a long time. Why do we do this? Why do we why do we see somebody clearly dealing with some type of mental health issues, but we don't want to jail and throw him in jail instead of going to get them the help that they need?


I don't know. Why don't you reach out to age?


You guys had a relationship before.


Once you reach out to how you feel me and had a relationship with you, what are you talking about?


I told you. I mean, I went on the girls club, you know, for me to be on the phone anymore, I think you are.


But I've been phone sounded good. All right.


I was allegedly attacked by an inmate inside of a prison in Chicago. They're saying the incident recently went down where he was sitting on his bed. Another inmate walked in and started punching him. They said the inmate went on attack because he was angry about being placed on lockdown a couple of times. The reason they get placed on lockdown is because actually there's protesters outside the jail that are actually fighting for our Kelly. So any time that happens, they lock down the whole jail.


So according to O'Kelly's attorney, he said yesterday we we were told that an inmate had attacked Kelly. We received conflicting reports as to the. The extent of his injuries, we have not been provided any information from the jail, nor has Mr Kelly cause we are hopeful that he was not seriously injured. Regardless, it is time to release Mr. Kelly. The government cannot ensure his safety and they cannot give him his day in court. We should not incarcerate people indefinitely because we cannot provide them with due process.


So now he is in solitary confinement after that fight. I don't believe I don't know if I don't know because I don't think he. I don't know. I don't know if you I know. But historically, people who go to jail for the crimes R. Kelly is accused of committing, that's usually what happens. They get they get hands put on put on them. And I think I know why you don't believe this story and the reason you don't believe this story.


And hopefully Fat Joe, Joe Crozet, his name, don't say his name because he said don't say it. He said don't say his name. We could tell the story, but don't say the guy's name. Charlamagne. What do you mean?


You know what I was going to say? I know what you don't know lately. I know it's good.


So hopefully Joe talks about this on his show one day. OK, good word on the street is all Kelly can fight like again. They said Kelly allegedly to be used to be in Mexico fighting in underground boxing tournaments. The guy's going to say his name and you said his name.


Who know what that's like, how you say it again, you can't talk right in my face.


Tell you told us. He said, don't say nothing. Go ahead. So that's a color thing.


No, you can't tell black people secrets.


Yeah, that was crazy. I'm not going to lie. Shut up.


All right, let's move on. Marcus Houston got married on Monday. Congratulations to him. His wife is Mya Dickey. She's nineteen years old, by the way. And he had come under attack because people were trying to say that they were dating when she was underage. He had to defend his relationship. He said, I met Maya in twenty eighteen through a mutual friend. Never before then did I even know she existed. He also said they met at a Jehovah's Witness convention where she befriended the daughter of his manager.


So, yes, he said, I didn't start dating until she was an adult. We fell in love and got engaged in March of twenty nineteen. My dad, Michael, loves her and the people I am closest to all love her as well. Most importantly, we have Jehovah's Blessing.


I miss those kingdom, all Jehovah's Witness conventions, my mom's Jehovah's Witness. So that's how I grew up. I used to love those assemblies. It's just these amazing danishes. I just. I believe she's datasheet. All right. Oh, I'm Angelilli.


And that is you. I remember it.


All right. Thank you. See, now, when we come back, we got front page news. What are we talking about?


Let's talk about the Republican National Convention. And, you know, today is also the march on Washington. And I'll give you more details about that as well. All right. We'll get into that next.


Keep it locked. This The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club.


Let's get getting some front page news when we start new I well, let's start with the Republican National Convention, Day four. That's the day that Donald Trump officially accepted his party's nomination, as you know.


Now, amongst the things that Donald Trump did talk about last night, he discussed the power of the police.


We have to give law enforcement back their power. They are afraid to act. They are afraid to lose their pension. They are afraid to lose their jobs. And by being afraid, they are not able to do the job that they so desperately want to do for you. When there is police misconduct, the justice system must hold wrongdoers fully and completely accountable. And it will. But we must never allow mob rule. It wasn't what world is he living in?


Police have all the power we actually wish police were afraid to act. We wish they were afraid to lose their pension. Nobody is preventing officers from doing their job. In fact, we would love if they did their jobs and didn't kill us. Killing us isn't doing their jobs. Killing us is doing their jobs poorly. That's malpractice. OK, now here's what here's what we should be able to rely on. Whoever is our president, right when things happen for them to take a stand for what is right.


So listen to what Donald Trump had to say about what's happening in Kenosha in the strongest possible terms.


The Republican Party condemns the rioting, looting, arson and violence we have seen in Democrat run cities all like Kenosha, Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, in New York and many others Democrat run. This problem could easily be fixed if they wanted to just call. We're ready to go in. We'll take care of your problem in a matter of hours.


Just call could tell you what's crazy.


I don't feel confident. Yeah. If police reform is one of your issues, criminal justice reform, if you wanted the people on the ground in the streets protesting, if you try to send police officers to kill American citizens for no reason, Trump let you know last night, don't vote for me if you vote now.


And I'm I'm not your guy in the mob we'll take care of.


He's crazy. He is.


All right. Well, along with that fear, Donald Trump wants to make sure that, you know, that Joe Biden will destroy America.


How can the Democrat Party asked the lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country? In the left's backward view, they do not see America as the most free, just an exceptional nation on Earth. Instead, they see a wicked nation that must be punished for its sins. Joe Biden is not a savior of America's soul, and if given the chance, he will be the destroyer of American greatness. Joe Biden responded on Anderson Cooper and said this, Donald Trump saying you're not going to be safe in Joe Biden's America.


All the video being played is being played in Donald Trump's America. These guys are rooting for violence. That's what it's all about. I made it clear from the beginning that there's no place for violence or looting or burning.


You think he's actually rooting for violence, that he wants violence because it allows him to claim a law and order mantle?


Sure. And because it takes it takes everybody's eye off the ball. Want to talk about safety? Look at the biggest safety issue in the nation, covid.


I mean, he's right, I mean, this is Donald Trump's America, but somehow Trump is convince people this is Biden and the Democrats fault. It's unreal. Like and I admire people who can lie and manipulate folks the way Trump can. If you can make people believe your B.S. is actually somebody else's fault and have folks buy into it. I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at the consumer falls for the nonsense. Also, Trump is letting people know that if Biden wins to this country, that's really what he's saying.


If Biden wins and his country apart, let people know you won't be safe in a Biden Paris America.


But Joe Biden forty one times yesterday in his speech 41 times, I think Biden mentioned that once.


He's a little scared. All right. Today is also August twenty eighth, which is the march on Washington. Just to let you guys know, 57 years since that I have a dream speech happened, the Martin Luther King Jr.. So they anticipate they have a permit for about fifty thousand people to be in Washington. It's all led by the Reverend Al Sharpton in the National Action Network. It's the get your knee off our next commitment march on Washington that's happening today where you may ask, God damn it.


All right.


Well, that is your front page news. Now, when we come back, let's open up the phone lines, 800 five eight five one zero five one, would you yourself?


That is the question right now. I want you to I need I need to let you know. We've been talking about this for a week. And this morning, 30 minutes ago, he deleted it. I shouldn't have said anything, but I screenshot it it he said flashback Friday, shout to this beautiful woman at Janvi. I woke up for the first time and she wasn't laying next to me.


Why are you shouting yourself out and and to my cell phone? I did it on Instagram as a shout out to my wife, etc. to this beautiful woman, Guia Casey. But my wife doesn't have a Twitter. So where is she? Since she doesn't have a Twitter? It said it automatically just corrected itself and put M.V..


I wouldn't say shout out to the leader. You mine it. Oh, I don't buy this. I don't buy that.


I don't know. But I'm just glad you didn't do that. Other topic. I got nervous for a second. Whoa. That was what I think that was. That was OK. All right. Well, what was the other maybe next hour maybe knowing what you know what? Maybe next hour because it is freaky Freaky Friday.


No, that one came from me. No, that did not come for me. I did not mean that. But let's open up the phone lines.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Would you date yourself? Look at yourself in the mirror. You know how you are. You know how you act. Would you date yourself? Right. That is the question for myself. The OMV. No way.


I was insecure, controlling. I was an ass. No I wouldn't. I envy you.


I mean I'm a good guy. Plus, you had what you say, what a nice ass. What's wrong with you? Eight hundred five eight five. What one would you date yourself is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


You came to the Breakfast Club. I'm going to watch as well what happened was I text it, I put it on Instagram, a picture of my wife, and I said she wasn't laying next to me. My wife doesn't have a Twitter, so it goes on Twitter automatically. And because she doesn't have a Twitter, I just put my name at GE and that's what it is. You can go to Instagram to see the post. But anyway, it is in my pocket automatically.


It does all mine.


When I hit Instagram, it automatically does Twitter as well. But like I was saying on my podcast, we would talk about would you date yourself, you know, looking at yourself now, would you date yourself?


Let me ask you, Charlamagne, I know that you're small, you're tiny, and you have a lot of cute insecurities, different colors on your face.


Would you take your sobre first talking about the old version of me or a little messy bottle of yourself in the old version of me that led with ego?


No, this version of me that leads with. So yes, that's because I have done the work on myself, you know, through therapy and having a sacred purpose. Coach, I practice mindfulness in a real way. And the greatest compliment that I receive nowadays is people tell me how much I love. So when I look back at the old me and listen to things I used to say, things I used to do, I didn't love myself. I didn't love myself like I thought I did.


I was a hard individual and hurt people, hurt people. And I lived with my trauma and a lot of situations. But I went on a journey of healing and I'm still healing in a lot of ways. But I know that I'm connected to this great universe that God built and God built me to be a part of it. So I feel whole. So this whole version of me, yes, I would date this whole version of me that I'm not a broken human with a wounded ego anymore.


So, yes, I would I would date this version of me. I am a catch. All right.


You're not a catch. But I said the same thing. You know, before I had an ego, I was insecure. No, I wouldn't. A day to me. And I'm thank God you stay with me now. Yeah, I'm I'm a different individual. I have changed. I have evolved and I continue to evolve. Now, what about you? You.


Oh, absolutely. I think I'm an amazing girlfriend. All my ex boyfriends love me. I don't have any of those guys make poor decisions when it comes to the men that I dated.


But no, I'm a very like, nice accommodating person. I know about you fairly good.


So what about the boy? You got the boyfriend, you got beat up. What about the the gym? When he was young, I was sitting in row three hundred. And then you move to the to the court with Jay-Z. With Jay-Z. Yeah. What about the person that's the same guy I believe. Well no one. OK, he still wanted to date me after that. And I said it was very nice to him but he was not my boyfriend.


We just went out a few times. It wasn't that serious. But, you know, I don't think he's a good guy.


I like that.


Get what you say. You're saying she's you want to you want to date him? No, that's what it sounds like. You the woman at all, her ex, still want to be with but him.


Yeah, I think I do. I do believe that I have a good girlfriend, but because I'm the type of person that I do like everything for you that I can, I always do like special surprises. You know, I'm really amazing in bed. So yeah, I think. Oh, what were you feeling yourself.


Feeling myself. Feeling myself. All right, let's go to the phone lines. Eight five eight five one two five one. Hello. Who's this?


Hello. Well, hello. What's your name, bro? I'm getting man Danny, man, would you date yourself from Danny? I'm Danny. OK, Danny.


Danny, would you just tell Benny man to talk to me?


Why would you date yourself? He dated himself.


Morning, it sounds like. No, no. See, I'm about 55 years old and I'm now proud and I know that women won't lovers and fighters. So you got to be a writer, not a fighter. I'm a lover, not a fighter.


OK, old school game, right? That's right. That's right. OK, ok. Thank you.


I'm a I'm a I don't I don't like when guys say I'm a lover, not a fighter in regards to dating a woman because it sounds like you systematic violence abuser. I like Your Honor. They may argue it and again it just sounds willink.


Why would you tell a woman that, hey, I'm a lover, not a fighter?


I would hope not a fighter. Hello, this man. How would you date yourself? Know someone who I know.


What do you what do you what do you smell that we don't smell. Oh my goodness.


Because I'm clingy but I'm not clingy and I want to sit up under you type thing. I'm clingy in the sense that let's go play poker my girl. Let's watch some more anime. And just like let me just look at you. Pokémon go. How old are you? And you just told me. Well that how old are you. Thirty two. You still play Pokemon.


You didn't really name a reason not to teach yourself.


Yeah. What did you date somebody else that enjoys anime. I think those are childish. Right.


Most people think at my age who came in at thirty five is not a reason. Guys know a no judgment. There's a guy out there man also.


Yeah. You're talking over her. She said something else. We said you're a big fan. Yes.


Because I'm OK. So I'm a black woman. You know, I grew up in Kansas City and now I live in Minneapolis. And most people expect that I'm always going to be listening to rap music. And most people don't like kapok and stuff like that. And I've been listening to it for over ten years. So when people are in my car, what they're going to hear, they're going to hear like pink. They're going to hear and see things.


They're going to hear girls generation, you know, they're going to hear stuff that they don't want to be listening to. And if somebody that, you know, every time you get in a car or every time they get in the car with you, they don't want to be involved with the same stuff. As you know, dating is about compromise.


Right. So you might put me on to something new. I might not be incapable. I might it in your car. I might like it. I might not play Pokémon go, but you might ask me to play it and I might enjoy it. I'm not playing.


I mean, a lot of people like for him because he started playing it too. He started listening to keep up and playing because that's what I'm into. Can you sing a pop song for me very fast, if that's what he's into.


Can you sing a pop song for me. Right fast please.


Oh, sure I do. Dynamite. Yeah, go ahead. Do it.


A couple of milk rock and roll unlockable.


Look, clearly a lot of people like beets because they broke all kinds of records on YouTube and they'll be performing performing at the VMAs on Sunday.


Yeah, I think you'd be hard on you, but I think you're being too hard on yourself, my love. I think that just because you have different interests than the average, I guess you would think a black person doesn't mean that you're not dateable.


Well, but the other side of that, what a lot of people don't understand is there's a lot of negativity thrown at females who say that they watch anime because then, oh, you watch anime well named that it it it it it it it it it. Oh well what happened on this episode. Well, you've got to start like always kind of like proving yourself. What is anime.


I'm sorry. I don't know what anime. Anime cartoon cartoon Japanese. Cartoon Japanese. But they're not made just for kids. They're made for adults as well.


OK, as a teen turner name. All right.


Thank you. Thank you so much, Mama.


Oh eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Would you date yourself. Call us now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you just joined us, we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one. I was talking about this on my last podcast with my wife.


Would you date yourself the person that you see right now? Let's go to the phone lines.


Hello. Who? This is Deja. Hey, good morning. What should we ask you? Date yourself, Mama.


I would have to say I will agree. We agree with you, D.J., like old me. No, I wouldn't like I was like super like aggressive and it was like hard for me to kind of let people in. And I don't really care about people feelings, but it really took me to kind of like grow up and realize that not everything is about you. And so, like, now I would they. If I were actually marry myself, but OK, you know, oh, me, most definitely not.


No, it's very important what you just said. You said that you said that you would you say you you wouldn't change your self because of what is something you said that made me think about. You were leading with ego.


Oh, I was very, like, self-centered. And I will now you go. Yes.


You are leading with ego and not your soul.


That's what that's about. And I wouldn't even give a person like a chance to even like I was just very standoffish when it comes. Like, I always kind of was scared of love, like just seeing it. How would it how what I seen what love was growing up. So I was always scared to even deal with that. But as I got older, I realized that, you know, if you don't love and relationship and stuff is how you make it.


And if typically if you put it like a good foot forward and you get something back in return. So, like, I look at things like that now, so I feel like, yeah, I most definitely would be myself now.


OK, I'll continue to do the work on yourself. Thank you, Mama.


Hello, this is Troy. Hey Troy. Good morning. Good morning. How are you doing. And thank you for taking my call. Actually, I got a serious question. I know no one has been able to answer, but OK, know I'm x x military, retired military. You know, I don't like to talk about a president, so I use that term that may always hear the man say I've done more for African-Americans than any other president.


And you enlighten me on what he did or no, I can't.


But that's not what we're discussing right now. Could you just ask why would you date would you date yourself looking at yourself now?


Would you date yourself, man? Oh, oh, no, no, no, no.


I'm to know he can't even stay on topic. Yeah, my time. What? Hello, a god damn, you made him look in the mirror and he hung up on himself, Grace is Grace.


He answered that he wouldn't date himself so matter of factly, I would be like, oh, no, no, no way.


Hello. This is the first he we ask him, would you date yourself? Mama went out with this.


Then I was married to a tiny old hybrid, the four time heavyweight champ in the world.


I still with you were you were married, Antonio Tarver. And you stuck up for me, Mr. Halimi. I did happen. Tell me what happened.


You were on the Wendy Williams show at the time and Superhit was doing an interview and I got so mad at her. You were just like, why are you putting her name in the book? Why are you putting her in a book? And I never even read the book. And I bought my own book is called Everything That Glitters is underneath both author Dotcom. And it just came out. And I really think women need to know that we give them so much more power and women have the strength beyond what we could ever imagine like I to do.


I do agree black women are the strongest species. I was just watching Antonio Tarver on Rocky Balboa, like yesterday. It was on MTV two or something.


Rukia, in my book that was interesting about Rocky Balboa as well. I was his wife at that time.


He was rocky about bullies. Why? Oh, why? He was filming the movie lot with Antonio Tyrepac when he was shot. Is it too early?


It is too early for him what you did in Rocky Balboa. And it's the best film in India, actually.


I hope you can stay in the old rehab you owe me rehab, be NBA rehab. Kind of crazy. She's talking about the club. Too many connections.


Oh, stop. Right now. Why would they be in rehab? I always thought he was on drugs.


Tell me, you know, Jasmine, you should ask, was there. He would have. How are you in rehab? He might have like getting, you know, situated.


How how do you have fun in rehab? She's not talking about rehab, rehab, the club. I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm hoping you talk about rehab, the club.


I never been to any other rehab. Is this in the book as well? It was. It was at the nightclub. It was at the day party in Vegas.


What year was this year? That my birthday. I know you. It's like Memorial Day weekend. They hired you to deejay? Yeah. What year was this? Maybe three years ago.


They would definitely they definitely were trying to make it a thing. All right. Well, thank you for calling, Mama. What's the moral of the story, guys? The moral of the story is be someone you would date.


That's all be somebody that leads with soul and not ego. The person that lead with soul is the person you want to date, the person that leads with ego run.


All right. Well, I'm going to take a nap, ma'am. We got room on the way. Yes.


Let's talk about Terry Crews yet again.


He was trending. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it locked is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Let's get to the room is let's talk Terry Crews, this is the A report with Angela. It's close enough for Terry Crews for some reason, which to social media and said Boycott Magic City, Black Love Matters.


What? He's not even from Atlanta.


I don't know what made him even possibly say this for any reason, but yes, that happened then. He also said, I also pray for the swift recovery of Jacob Blake and can find no justification for shooting a man seven times in the back in front of his children. The trauma of witnessing what happened to their father is devastating, and I want justice for him and his family. He said. My tweet yesterday, however well intentioned, was ill timed.


He said, I pray for the many women trapped and trafficked in the life of the sex industry and see no way out. I want them to know they are not products to be used by people to be loved.


Ted Cruz needs a hobby. He needs to start pushing himself harder in the gym or something. He sees he's clearly reaches peak on his bench press because there's no reason for you to be that bored to where you are a grown ass troll as just trolling like you. Just trolling at this point is corny.


Like what does boycotting Magic City have to do with any of these things?


I have other black love doesn't exist in Magic City, and what I got to do is sex trafficking like none of it makes any sense. Like is he's just trolling. He's a grown ass troll at this point and it's actually sad.


It doesn't hold. What do you host doesn't you host America's Got Talent as a yes. Well, should stand for America's growing troll if that's the show he holds on, even though show he holds, which I think is it. Yeah.


Remember, he commented on Gabrielle Union because of his role on America's Got Talent when she was on the show or for Ted Cruz stand for America's growing troll.


That that's that's that's what he stands for. That's what he stands for. And Ted Cruz, like America's grown troll.


All right. Bobby Smart at his parole hearing has been delayed. He'll have to wait another few weeks to find out what will happen. He was originally scheduled to appear before the New York State Board of Parole sometime during the week of August 17th. But that hasn't happened. Now they're saying there's a new date for that parole hearing. So they said it's currently scheduled for the week of September 14th.


Yeah, I thought he was going to be out before Labor Day weekend. I was hoping, but I will be home soon. All I know is when Bobby's murder comes home, he better receive all that. I guess he better get celebrated by hip hop so much because hip hop puts so much emphasis on people, you know, not not snitching and know going going to jail and stand in ten toes down and doing their time. Bobby not only did that, but he took a long listen.


It's so him and Roddy Rich would not. Roddy rich brother named Rowdy, rowdy rabble, rowdy rabble. So Emirati rebel would get the same amount of time. So they should get all the rewards. And I saw a young thug do say something very honorable on Instagram. He said he definitely got something for Bobby Smart and Roddy Rebel when they come home. So I think a lot of other people should follow suit. How do you reward someone for doing what hip hop says is the right thing?


I wanted some money and I was a deal to I was a deal as well. I don't want to see Bobby Schmo to do that. Do well. He's he was a good kid. He's a good kid. All right.


Now, Joe Biden, as you know, has revealed that he will no longer be exclusively hosting his podcast on Spotify, a guest contract. Negotiations didn't go the way that he thought that they would. And so Spotify has now issued a response to Joe Biden saying that he was leaving and they said it was our desire to keep Joe Biden on Spotify. As Joe referenced on his show, we made him a considerable offer, one that was significantly larger and many times the value of the existing agreement and reflective of the current market and size of his audience.


Unfortunately, we cannot come to terms and we respect his wishes to find a new home for his show. So we all know, yeah, we all make choices. Joe Biden made a choice. Spotify made a choice.


Hmm. Now, after that statement, it was posted, Joe Biden responded and said, Joe has responded f y'all.


And that deal went on to say and I said one of the headlines was that Joe Biden and Charlamagne are starting a network together.


Why would you the secretary of defense, how are you going to do that? Brabo What would that headline that says it, by the way? It is. It's not how it is.


I know hip hop or hot new hip hop is a goddamn lie that is so fake and false. How much I give them for deals. Me and Joe Biden and I started to network together. I don't even know what that is.


Just be honest. I don't know. I don't not know. That is a lie. The Internet is the devil boy. That's a real headline for real. You.


Well, what happened? And I'm going to tell you, this is how I looked at it, right. What Joe Biden meant was if you think I was complaining about a contract, then you missed it. And this message wasn't for you. My God is too good to me. He said that some people are missing. Is not that once is that not once have I ever asked anybody besides Ian for anything. I go get mine. Go the go.


These are standard practices. Another pattern.


Then he says Charlamagne Joe Button is a network. We'll talk later.


So I think he was responding to something that Charlemagne's said because it's a Charlamagne that is common. Joe Biden. Isn't that. Because you were saying that Joe Biden just has his podcast and it's not like he has a network like Joe Rogan or. And so I think he's trying to say that he has his own network.


I think it sounds better when he said Charlamagne in him, I'm going to start this network. I think that's better. Let's not put that out there. That is a lie. Anybody running with that is a liar. Charlamagne, the God can tell you with a show without me and Joe Biden are not starting a network.


No, no way. It's not happening.


See a new report that says Joe Biden goes off after specifiers, official response to him leaving the platform, cursing them out and teasing an independent network from him and Charlamagne.


Well, please, hot new hip hop. Make sure to run the headline. The guy that is a damn lie. OK, that is not true.


I did hear he is starting a network, though, and has some podcasts that he's launching. OK. All right. Well, let me answer that at your room report.


We're dropping a clues bond for Joe Biden to start a news network. All right, congratulations. Yeah, so are you giving a donkey to Herbert McClellan? I want Herbert McClellan to come to the front of the congregation. We'd like to have a word with him. He's a Florida man, by the way. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same. The Gold Club was the top strip club in Atlanta in the 1990s, a 20th century bacchanal for the rich and famous, with patrons like Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, Madonna, the king of Sweden, people from all over the country, everybody came to the Gold Club and it was the spot to go.


The Gold Club owner, Steve Kaplan, was able to make almost four times the amount of other strip clubs with 350 million bottles of Dom Perignon private rooms and the sexiest entertainment in the south.


I would chain up a girl and drag her through the club, drag her across the stage. It was kind of an S.A.M. and the guys loved it.


But in 2001, the club was put on trial on charges of prostitution, extortion, credit card fraud, racketeering and an affiliation with the mob.


It's like a festering cancer. I mean, if you're going to allow it to grow and prosper, you're going to have a problem going forward.


I'm journalist Christina Lee, and I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the Gold Club scandal. From the beauty and bubbly to the deceit and courtroom drama, listen to Racket Inside the Gold Club on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.


Make sure you don't watch out for Florida more than. The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of oh, yes, you are a donkey. A Florida man attacked an ATM for a very strange reason. It gave him too much money. Florida man is arrested after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife.


Police arrested an Orlando man for talking up the Breakfast Club between Dalkia the day when Charlamagne, the guy on the way out, keep letting him get like. Today for Friday, August twenty eighth goes to a twenty seven year old Florida man named Herbert McClellan.


Now, what did John Kashala always tell you? The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida. And today is no different. By the way, guys, just for fun, I did some research and my research. I Googled, I Googled craziest dates in all of America. One of the first things that popped up was a Deadspin article from 2012 titled The Ten Most Insane States in America. And the first state on the list was, you guessed it, Florida.


OK, why? Well, according to the Deadspin article, because Florida has naked zombies. I remember back back back in that time around 2012 when folks was on bath salts and people in Florida was walking the streets, biting into each other. Remember that President Barack Obama doesn't get the credit he deserves with thwarting a potential zombie pandemic, dropping food bombs with President Barack Obama put forth.


I think I'm saying the word correctly, Twardy warning or avoiding a potential zombie pandemic. Now, if this administration was in control during the bad side zombie era, I guarantee it will be done in the dead out here. But that's not what we are here today for people. We are here to talk about the crazy state of Florida. There was another poll that said the craziest state in America was California. The second state was Florida. They got scores, sixty one point fifty seven was Calli, fifty eight point twenty one in Florida.


But clearly, we know those scores are wrong. We all know it's Florida by a landslide.


OK, what Herbert Herbert. Herbert, Herbert Herbert was charged with petty theft and dealing in stolen property is being held on twelve thousand dollar bond. Now, what did Herbert steal? Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to Tampa Bay ten for the report, please.


Hey, if you're going to steal lottery tickets, maybe don't try to cash them out at the same place you took them. Like this guy right here. Please say Herbert MacLellan grabbed thirteen scratch off tickets from a Speedway convenience store in Clearwater Beach when he realized one of them was a thirty dollar winner. Yeah, he went back to the same store to cash it. Now, obviously, work is called nine one one and police arrested, you know, Herbert Erby.


Come on, Herb.


Herb stole thirteen scratch off tickets from a convenience store, one thirty dollars and went right back to the same store. He stole the tickets from the cast him. The last time I heard or saw something this stupid happened in the convenience store was when a young man named Slim was on the run from the police and he went into a gas station to steal gas and handed the store clerk his gun just because the store clerk asked to see it.


Let's listen for above nine o'clock to hold it. I'll pay for gas if you let me hold it. It's not a fair trade bill. I'm an older man. I'm sticking it to the gas station. I'll kill you right now. You don't look like a killer to me. What's it about a deadly weapon that just makes me feel so alive? I'm just messing with you, man. I think that might have happened in Florida to the moral of the story, is some donkey in a daze just sell themselves, especially when they happen in Florida?


Please give Herbert McClellan the sweet sounds in the Hamiltons. Oh, no.


You are the donkey. And I'm the. The doggie holiday home now I think today is a perfect day to play a game of guess what, right?


Today, this is what I really wanted to get to a twenty seven year old from Florida. His name is Herbert McClellan, stole 13 scratch off tickets. One thirty dollars went right back to the same store to cash them annually. Just what race it is, man.


I want to say that he is white and I'm like, why is he white?


No, because it just doesn't make sense unless you're high, ok?


OK, that's a good it's a good that's a good answer. Twenty seven year old Florida man named Herbert McClellan went to a gas station, the convenience store, those 13 scratch off tickets, one thirty dollars and went right back to the same store he sold the tickets from to get that 30 dollars. Just what price it is black.


Why do you think black? Because you know. Well, he's black. I don't know about black and white.


Why do you think? Because Phurba is usually a black name to a bunch of herberts and they're all black.


OK, is that because people call you a herb?


Like when I was growing up, like you heard that.


Why you think there was a couple people on my block named Herbert growing up, so I didn't know the name and it was all black people.


Yeah, and that's the reason why. All right. Well, one of you is correct. One of you was wrong. OK, D.J., and you are correct.


And Herbert is a Negro. I didn't want it, I didn't want to think that he's an N-word, actually, but, you know, he stole it and was like, oh, he went and he went back to the store.


He could go to any other store, went back to the store. He stole it from, you know. Yeah. This is a perfect example of that, right?


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, yeah. All right. All right, well, thank you for that donkey today. Now when we come back, of course, today is Angelie Day and tell him about this.


I said today is a day that was given to me by the mayor here in New York City. And so last year we celebrated in person. This year we are doing a virtual concert, which I'm really excited about. I wasn't sure I wanted to do anything, but then I thought I would do some things today that would be of service to people and also provide some free entertainment. So all throughout the day today, there will be a live concert that's going to be playing throughout the city.


You can also check it out on the Breakfast Club YouTube channel as well. But Beenie Man Cranium, Christopher Martin, Josh Egghead, Celebrity Cassanova, Power, Romain Burgo, Queen Africa, ACMD Major, all performing DJ Noriko's today with me. It's also the West Indian Day Parade, one of the biggest parades that we had. That's not going to be happening next week and that always happens Labor Day. So I wanted to make sure I celebrate Caribbean culture as well.


So that's what we're doing today. And Romain Burgo actually checked in from Otávio, Jamaica, and just filled us in on everything that he has going on and what's going on in Jamaica with coronavirus. It's a different time, guys, so I just wanted to still spread some joy in awareness.


All right. Well, we'll get into that next. We'll talk to Remain Virgo with The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Back back here, checking out the world's most dangerous morning show. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are The Breakfast Club. We got a special guest in the building who's going to be performing at Angelie Day.


We have Romaine Virgo lights up and we give thanks as a blessing because I want to thank you. Remain very good because you know, Angela Gidday is on the twenty eighth and you are meeting and did an amazing job. So I'm really excited for people to see that. And you are one of the people that I really wanted to get on. And I know last time we were trying to do something with you, you had twins. And so congratulations.




Give thanks my blessing man. It's really and truly a blessing. Mm hmm. Now, how has fatherhood changed you at all? Because now it's not just more you have to.


Yeah, I mean, I wasn't expecting, you know you know, that this blessing, you know, I mean, you know, my my wife, she always prayed for twins. And and when when we realized that it was going to be 20 or so amazing, it was unbelievable. You know, so we're just giving thanks. You know, as I say, it's really and truly life changing nowadays. I have to be putting them first before every single thing that I do, you know, and, you know, this is just a life changing experience for me.


And I'm grateful because I'm learning so much from them. And, you know, we don't we don't read it, read as blessed. And given that.


Absolutely. Now you have this song, man, and I'm having girls now that's the more powerful meaning for you.


Most definitely. You know you know, Dirty Money is one of the songs that are reaching out to people out there in the world, you know, who are, you know, you know, sexually abusing our women and children, you know? And, you know, I feel like it was my duty to to stand up. And I'm always defending women and children in my music since day one. And it was getting so, so, so bad in Jamaica that I felt I needed to do something more, you know, true music to see, oh, we can reach out and and help and change the way that society treat our women and children.


And I don't think that man did what it was supposed to do and is still doing it every day, everywhere we go. You know, it's the children on the Internet singing this song. They're sending us in a screenshot, in a video that they are doing it. And it's so lifting it give me even more strength to, you know, to to to go and write more songs about these. Because, you know, if we don't stand up as public figures and people have a voice and and and speak for those who don't have a voice, then, you know, we want to see change, you know, and that's what we're doing with a song like document.


How are things in Jamaica right now with Coronavirus I?


It's getting it's getting worse than we expected. You know, the numbers are climbing daily, you know, even more than probably a month ago now. It's getting so. But, you know, nowadays we're getting like thirty cases. You know, it's the last one where I was on and, you know, new cases, you know, which is I see as you know, it's frightening and something that, you know, we are the people that have to take very seriously.


I think our government, they are trying. I think, you know, but as people, we need to take it more serious, you know, like on a personal level, you know, to protect ourselves, protect our families, you know, so that we can get past this terrible thing that is happening around the world right now.


I've been seeing some parties out there. I've been seeing some some parties out in Jamaica that people are taking this seriously. Are they still like I I'm tired of this. I've been home since March.


I'll be like some people are a bit, you know, you know, tired of hearing about coronavirus so much that they feel like they can free up a bit more. And that is the reason why you might need people in your old party. You know, Jamaicans, we are always the party capital of the world and people just want to get out. You know, people feel like they are locked up for too long, you know? But, you know, this is when we see what is going on around the world, you know, and so many lives that have been lost through this thing.


You know, I think us as a people, we should, you know, you know, look at that and say, well, you know, this can happen to us, you know, and I think now is the time that, you know, it's hitting home.


And, you know, when you see people in the community or communities have to be closed down because of what is happening. And I think know that our people are going to take it seriously about, you know, you know, Jamaicans.


We love to party, you know, but I think that we have to look and see what's going on. I really and truly take it serious.


I know that it is something that can can take you know, you can lose your life from it. So, yeah, you know, you just have to take it seriously.


At first, it seemed like Jamaica did such an amazing job of keeping the numbers down. They closed. Immediately, they were like, we don't want you all coming here, we're trying to pretend, but it is a hard balance between finances and tourism and the economy, right? Staying safe because I was going to come in to make I had a whole trip planned. Yeah, we're doing it like two days before because I was like, I don't want to fail.


And, you know, you do have to get tested back then you did. But I was like, I don't want to come out there.


And then people be mad because it's irresponsible because, you know, it's very scary because most of the kids that we're getting here, you know, it would be from people traveling to Jamaica and most of the kids that you hear on the news, you know, people would say like it's a link from cases that are coming from X, Y, you know, sort of country. We need to move forward at the same time because people have to work and people have to go about their business on that basis.


That that was the reason why the government opened about it. You know, but we see where people coming in. You know, most people aren't sticking to the rules either to self quarantine for like 14 days. People are still coming in and going out. And so, you know, because of reasons like those in I think, you know, would would just take, you know, what what what is happening now. That is the reason why we're seeing so many numbers, you know, these high numbers that are coming out even more than the earlier part.


You know, we used a year like two are five are, you know, the most probably ten. But no, we are here in the twenties and thirties and hundreds in a day. That is crazy. So it is something that, as I said, we have to take seriously the people.


And if we don't if we don't start to take serious, you know, start wearing a mask and sanitizing and social distancing and everything like that, then it will only get worse. And so it's in our hands to really actually step up and do the right thing.


I we have more will remain very. When we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with Romain Virgo.


How hard is it to break into the US market? I just remember as a kid, deep record was so big.


This was when it was ranked. This is when they were going into these records and shipping records in. And now you just don't see as many Jamaican artists with Indian artists in the States as much. How difficult to break into the US and how important is that for you, even if it is even important?


Yeah, it is. You know, breaking in. You know, I feel like there are two levels to it.


You know, the way I would want to break into the US market, it is a tough, tough one. You know, we've seen so many artists before my time come and they try, you know, a few get get through it like a song or two songs.


And then sometime most times it was fatal, you know? And it is always something that I tried to wrap my brain around to understand what's a requirement, because if it's talent, then we have all the talent in the world.


I personally feel like, you know, finding the right team and the right people to to to to expose you to to the right links, to make things happen. You know, is is what we lacking. And we have people with good heart. But at the end of the day, you know, people can we can call some shots that will definitely make things really happen in, you know, is what we're not having.


And, you know, I think we have a young set of ideas that are coming up. No, we're taking time to understand the business in a but it's still not happening the way we would want want it to happen. And I honestly, you know, I'm not sure. And and that is something that we are trying to learn as we go. But, you know, we will we will, you know, in in a crowd. Where is it?


That's for people from the Caribbean, people from Jamaica.


But, you know, outside of that crowd, we won't find a lot of people, you know, really and truly, you know, eating up the music like we would want it to, you know? So it's something that we're working on, to be honest with myself and my team.


We're trying to figure with, you know, how we can break into the US market. And, you know, you know, I guess we just have to continue to do what we're doing, you know, continue to to create music, continue to to to do it to the best of our abilities. You know, I'm learning to try and fuse, you know, kind of music that I do. And maybe the songs that, you know, the US market I'm more used to.


And hopefully that will kind of open the minds of people in the hearts of people towards our music.


I feel like music that's influence here, though, you know, I feel like there's so many artists that take from it to and so that's a hard thing because, you know, first of all, the reason why we're Angeliki, I always feature. Gay dance we do, Ahsoka, because I want more people to know these artists, to know the artists and you know, you're one of those artists, too, because first of all, I feel like that love and positivity that you have in your music is something that feels so good right now.


And we did. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Especially at a time like no. You know, with this pandemic, we don't know how long it will last. And I feel like people need to hear more positive messages and positive vibe in their life. You know, that is what I've been doing from day one you ever since I came in. And that is not trying to be cool. But, you know, we're doing, you know, positive music. It is a part of me is what I really and truly want to do.


And it is what makes me feel good, you know, whenever I go out there and do something positive. You know what? Actually, Ricardo unstitch, you know, are just too personal in my personal life. And what I do, you know, whenever I do things like do you know? And I see people, you know, you know, are being lifted now and people feel good.


People say it's life changing, then that is a big motivation for me, you know, and it's something I will continue to do. But I just say, especially in a time that is when we need in a positive by positive music, positive energy, you know, can uplift the minds of people, you know, you know, the state that they're in right now.


Now, let me ask you, I'm looking forward to seeing you perform for Angela. How can people watch this? On the power side is Egilsay. How can people watch the performances?


And Angela is going to be on power one in five one at that time so you can go there to watch remain Virgos performing. Your brother Christopher Martin is performing Beenie Man. Queen Ithica course. I'm telling everybody cranium her celebrity. I think IKEA is performing as. Oh really.


Listen, they didn't even tell me about it. Yeah. It's a big lineup. It's going to be a beautiful show. I can promise you. I can promise you everybody that said that's what you know. Yeah. The image. Yeah. Yeah.


I think everybody should go and, you know, and make sure you get on the 20th of this month, you make sure that you tune into this show because it's going to be a beautiful story. It's going to be a special one. And I'm so happy that I'm a part of it, so happy that I could make it this year and hopefully next year. I can be a part of it as well. I'm and it's going to be amazing, but.


All right.


Well, thank you so much. I really, really appreciate you. You know, we're going to keep on making sure anything you have going to let me know how I could support in any way that I can. So me as a DJ, we know that's important. And the you and I know you listen to Romainville because you guys are all in love and whatnot all the time.


So, yeah, make it big up and be on good times. And it's a pleasure. Thank you. Appreciate you man. Give thanks man. That's up the Breakfast Club in the morning everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rumors. Let's talk.


The Rock is about to go. No.


Well, this is the rumor report. Angeliki on The Breakfast Club. Yes.


Dwayne Johnson has delayed the launch of his new Under Armour sneaker. That's all in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake. He put out a statement on his Twitter account out of respect for Jacob Blake and his family will postpone our project back. Under Armour Part three lines today. I'll keep you posted on our relaunch state. Unbelievable. We're here again. Shot seven times in the back in front of his kids. There's no progress without humanity.


A salute to the rock that's honorable. Look at Iraq for sending us that Tara to kill a couple weeks to go to.


I definitely. Yeah, I got to go to Athens. I indulged. I like I like the Blanco better than the rest asado. And I usually start over. Yeah. I usually like Repsol Tequila better, but I like the Bronco. I like the rocks blanko for Teramoto better. It's good. All right.


Now Sierra has her own show on Apple Level Up Radio with Sierra. And one story that she recently told was that the song Goodies was almost a song that was her Britney Spears.


Here's what she said when you went to Jive. I had the song, but not knowing that behind the scenes there was a conversation about this song being potentially taken from me and given to an artist like Britney Spears, who is on the same roster as me. And I learn about the story later. But the great thing for me is that if I would have known about it, then I would have fought tooth and nail because it's a record I actually was a part of creating.


I was heavily involved in the writing side of it as well.


Thank God Britney Spears and I get that record. That record needed some soul.


God, we did not have to see Britney Spears dancing in the Goodies video.


I did as crazy.


Imagine that, man. That's such a great song for Ciara. That was just like everything around that song just says, Sierre, I can't see anybody else doing that song.


But that's why you know, what God has planned for you is for you. That record wasn't for Britney Spears. I mean, it sounds good to say. Somebody had the idea like, yo, let's get out to Britney, but no, it went the way it was supposed to go to. All right. Little Wayne has no stealing's mixtape, is now available on streaming services. Now, this new version has 12 tracks. The original had twenty one and the mixtape has a new version of Kobe Bryant.


Listen to this.


Oh, my God. Oh, man. No. I've got to cut Thomas short. I see too much line up to now we much like be son until he was I was going to find him a that day like that. Yeah. That's the last shot. No, no, I don't feel like it was a great mix tape. I remember not seeing this. We did that. Come on, I come on in. Like what? Oh, no.


2010, maybe a great mix tape. 2009, 2009. OK. OK. Also, the Hamiltons, they have an album out today called 1964. So make sure you pick up the Hamiltonians. You know, those are guys today.


Mm hmm. The last living off experience and I have had this song featuring DMX is called About Ish.


I think I've got a call. Just wasn't to find out. What would you see? It was already it was already started. Could make us more related than we already are. It was written already mean. It was already gone and we came from the bottom. So it was already hard for a drink before the sink, before gas contract is much bigger. So they ink different now. Let's talk about how you feel about you ain't really you are really bothered with it.


Oh come on, man. Come on.


Let me tell you something about that new album is so hard and chic, Lucious. Absolutely. The MVP of that album. OK, I'm I'm a get dressed, go sit in the backyard under the pergola, drink some cognac and ice grill. Some day is the day to add new locks up. Oh, you're tough.


You you are tough, but right. That's right. It gave it to him. Is hard on this story. Is hard on the move is hard on it.


There's a lot of ink on the locks. My America NetWare you got they got the locks I thought.


Yeah I think a lot of waiting for that West Side gun and Benny the boots on it all going in depends on it as well.


Just empty. I'll miss you. Mm hmm. All right.


Also, ten dollar sign featuring Nicki Minaj. He put out a song and video today for Expensive.


He's so expensive. OK, she's so expensive. OK. OK, how much is this necklace? OK, I'm on a double check. She won't let us stop. She's so expensive. OK. She's going shopping problems that expensive, tasteless pedicure, the expensive places that interest me. If you try to swipe the Amex, if we go on a date, go on a date, we a prom. OK, but don't hit me at the time and escape slutting the humanised to Nikki Snarfing.


I listen to them Nikkie on the ass. I forgot a record yesterday when I was playing on the radio and the thinking on that. Thank you Miss Snappin, she said yes. She snapped on a new one. She stepped on another one of her so she she can spin and shout the foxy brown.


I don't know if we shout out Foxy Brown, but on Ohno's album she spit on it on that Nas album to say that the first AFIRM record, you know, like our verse, Nicki Minaj initially included Nicki Incident before the Storm.


Their album is out today too. Is their collective album with a future going to Kevin Gates, Wiz Khalifa Zweli, a buggy juice world. A whole lot more people on that. So you might want to check that out.


Jaden Smith, James has a cool tape, Volume three out so you can check out that series.


Jaden Smith. A lot of new music guys get Marley higher places out wi fi as funeral pain. He had talked about retiring, but now he put out his new album, Pain. And then I know we were talking about this this morning. So let's get this out for you right now. Black thought fits. All right. Put it. Should see Swayze and Killer Mike, goodnight with you back talking to Uncle Charlotte. Got a little young on me there.


Yeah, I know what the hell you was talking about. You started naming, but people had never heard of except for James Smith. OK, we got you back. I'm talking my killer Mike is my one of my top seven favorite rappers. Black is one of the greatest of all time. Puts it on that record blue dollar forty plus yo rappers out hear sound in fresh adult contemporary hip hop.


I love it. All right. Let's just say after this record we play, Saturday is Michael Jackson's birthday. So we got to do a Michael Jackson mix after we play this joint right now.


So let me know. Your favorite Michael Jackson joining us.


Right. And you rebel against the system. You don't worry about cancer. Cancel coaches, OK? You play God damn Michael Jackson. All right. You. That's right. And B, we are playing a Michael Jackson mix.


Let me just take it back and go down in eight hundred five five one as you go.


Right. That's what we're going to do. What's his name?


Webster said Michael Jackson. Now, you know what? Let me stop. We get into it when we come back to the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now.


Today is your day. Got a lot going on this year. Yes.


I'm so excited to be talking to our Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams today. Also, I had a lot of things happening on my life today, so make sure you check that. I'll be stopping by a lot of black owned businesses in New York today as well. So that's a VP records who produced this concert along with Power 105 for Angela Udei, Caribbean Artists, Yoga, Dance Hall, Reggae. We're going to have a good time today and shout out to Ray and nephew.


I started off with the toast last night with some Ray and nephew and Wingstop because Wenstrup is giving away free wings today. When you use that special code I posted on my Instagram for Angela Udei just for today, only just a lot going on. And I'm excited. Yeah, I'm excited.


This is a great way for us to kick off our vacation next week.


Absolutely. All right.


Well, when we come back, we got the positive. No, Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now it's time to get up out of here. We're taking a week off. Next week is my birthday. I'm taking a week off. We all will be all for a week. And also next week and for Labor Day.


I'm doing this this new app called That Life, and I'm doing my own channel where I'm going to be deejaying. And what we're doing is we're giving back to the DJs again. In less than a month ago, we did a charity for the DJs, raised over one hundred thousand dollars in a bunch of DJs, got money to help with rent to help with their kids food or formula or schooling or car notes, whatever it was.


And we going to do it again next weekend. So for twenty four hours straight, we're going to be trying to raise money for all the DJs out there. So we'll kick that all next week.


That's very dope and very honorable what NBC is doing. But I also want to reiterate what NBC said. We are on vacation next week, next week, Labor Day labor going into Labor Day. So we're on vacation all next week. The reason we're on vacation is because, you know, we negotiate those things in our contracts. OK, so we're all going next week. I always remember that people can get vacation time if you negotiated in your contract.


All right. I want to throw that out there. All right. Well, leave us on a positive note. Listen to positive note. Is this man and the relationship you have with yourself is the most complicated because you can't walk away from you. You have to forgive every mistake. You have to deal with every flaw. You have to find a. Way to love you, even when you're disgusted with you. This is a young, dumb. The Gold Club was the top strip club in Atlanta in the 1990s with patrons like Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, Madonna, the king of Sweden.


But in 2001, the club was put on trial with charges of prostitution, extortion, credit card fraud, racketeering and an affiliation with the mob. I'm journalist Christina Lee, and I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the Gold Club scandal from the beauty and bubbly to the deceit and courtroom drama.


Listen to Racket Inside the Gold Club on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.