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All right, this episode, we have the one and only Jennifer Lopez and I learned a few things in this interview. I know that you told me after, like, wow, that was really, really cool. I let you lead most of the way because it was a little strange for me.


And yeah. And there was some awkward moments, which I think you'll see.


But she's great and she's a president drinker.


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A-Rod, you're going to think that I am just sucking up right now, but I'm going to say it. This was my favorite interview of season three. Yeah, she was great.


And, you know, it was it was in our home and I thought it was awesome. I couldn't believe how much she opened up. I mean, she's always very honest, but she opened up and she crushed it. I think this might be I think this will be our most watched them.


Yes. Yes. And I so, you know, obviously we had some great guests and I loved all the guests in their own way. But there's something about Julio's personality. And Hank, our producer and I, when we were driving back to the city, we both had that same thought of. It's just it's infectious. And the energy, the energy that she puts off just makes you want to talk to her forever because she just had some of the most thoughtful answers.


And she also smelled great, which I kind of ruined it at the end when I said that. But it was just so, so much fun. Did you afterwards when when we left, were was she like, why you ask me that question? You know, were you in any trouble?


It's funny when when you and Hank left, Jennifer said, did he really say that I smell good? Yeah.


I mean, I go, yeah, that's that. I was downwind and she smelled great. And I just that's I mean, people expect me to say that when it happens. So it was an awesome interview. I'm so, so excited for people to listen to this.


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All right, here we go. The boss, Jennifer Lopez, you're listening to the court presented by barstool sports.


OK, we have saved our best guest for last.


It is no introduction, but we'll introduce Jaylo. Jennifer Lopez. I'm sitting next to your fiance. Yes, I have the distinct pleasure of navigating this interview. I don't know if you guys are going to get along if you're going.


Yeah, yeah. Lead this. Yeah, I don't know. I'm I'm wondering that, but I'm very excited to have you. Thank you. Have you here on the court. This is going to be awesome. I'm very nervous.


So I wrote down an ice breaker.


It was going to be first question. Are you still Jenny from the block? Yes. But is that lame? This was a dumb question.


OK, that's what I thought was a good start. I basically pretended like I wasn't going to ask that. I know people might know people.


Somebody might want to know that.


Yeah, no, I think, you know, for me, I just always feel like I am I am that part of me being born in the Bronx and that upbringing and being there, too. I was in my 20s, you know, is such a big part of who I am. And I guess that's why I tell that flag no matter where I go. I love that. That's from the song.


Yes. Yes. You know, I didn't mean for that to happen, but did by the way, I talk with my hands.


This is not going to work. Yeah, I love that because I think a lot of people make an adjustment person with your success. Could easily be like what, Jenny from the block? No, absolutely not. I'm totally different now. I got everything you do.


The superstar things are different now. But who you are inside your mind, you know what I mean. Never changes, you know.


Yeah, that's who you are. I like that. So going back to the Bronx, you mentioned the Bronx.


You go the serious injuries right now. I know. And it begins. Yes, not at all.


You played sports and you claim that you were a shortstop and you play like I claim I was a shortstop. Tell us about your game star shortstop. Just like you.


You have a lot in common. Yeah, no, I started playing softball when I was very young. I always love sports. I always loved sports. So I played you know, I was a big tomboy when I was little and I always had my knees scraped, by the way. Still do. I just love it.


I always loved being active and I played softball. I started Little League probably when I was eight or nine years old. And I was yes, I was the shortstop. And I did have a nice bat. I did. I did.


And have wheels, girl wheels.


I always had wheels. I wasn't like the fastest person, but more than I think I had the most heart. And that's what made me a good player.


I'm always curious this someone who has the fame and accomplishments that you have when you were a kid, did you think to yourself, like, someday I'm going to I'm going to do all this? Yes, you did.


I did think it just sounds crazy. No, but I kind of love that because it's I feel like there's a lot of people who think that and it doesn't work out. But it's like when you think it actually happened, it actually happens.


Now, I always I always thought that something I was always waiting for something special to happen, you know, in my life. I grew up in a very regular neighborhood in the Bronx. You know, I used to go like, Mommy, give me five bucks. I used to go buy eggs and milk. And, you know, I mean, it was just like a very regular upbringing. And I play in the street and and but, like, I'd be sitting in church and then I thought the priest was going to pick me to do something or somebody was going to talk to me like God was going to talk to me.


So I don't know.


And I would have thoughts like that. And I always knew from very young to like when I would watch TV or watch movies like that, I wanted to do that. I knew I wanted to do that. And I felt like I was going to do that. I had no idea what the path was there, but I knew somehow some way I was going to figure that out.


So follow up to that. What was the moment? Can you remember it when you said, I've actually achieved this, I've made it the quote unquote, made it like this is actually my life now.


Yeah, I I think there was different moments, different moments, but I think probably one of the biggest was when I was.


Oh. But he let one go, excuse you, I think the big mo I was I had just released my first album, so I had done a few movies already.


I had I was traveling in Europe. It was the middle of the night. I was jet lagged and I was promoting a single I don't know which one it was. And we were just over there and I was in this big, beautiful hotel suite by myself with my girlfriend from the Bronx who was my assistant now. And I just picked her because not that she knew how to be an assistant, but she was just hanging out with me and we were both there and she was dead asleep.


And I'm walking around this hotel room and we were performing at the MTV Europe Awards the next day.


And so they had like all the costumes out and all the shoes and all this stuff.


And as I walked through the room, so I got my bedroom into this big living room, into this other room where they had set up like glam the table and everything. And all the shoes were there and it was like shoes and lining the whole entire room. And I looked and I was like. I had I grew up with, like, holes in my sneakers, like, when did this happen? Right.


And it just kind of hit me like, oh my God, like I have a lot of shoes like you wear anyway, and none of them have holes. When did this happen? It was just like the symbolism of that, because I remember, like, my foot always scraping like the ball of your foot, you know, when you wear down your sneakers when you're young. Yeah. Maybe that only happened to us. It would I would always move the ball of my foot on the concrete, like, just as it would break through and and then just standing there in this room full of clothes and shoes and never thinking that would ever be my life.


But thinking in that moment like, wow, when did my life get to be this?


Yeah, that's a great. Well, do you think about your talents and you know, you go from businesswoman to fashion acting, dancing, singing. Tell me one. Or two characteristics that you got, positive ones from Luppi and one from David, mom and Dad?


Well, that's a good question, baby. Baby, you are so good at this. Thank you. Thank you. You are so good at this because usually I suck up. No, no, no. Because, you know, I've done a thousand interviews. So whenever I hear a question like I've never heard before, it's always very impressive.


One positive thing for my mom and one positive thing from my dad, I think my dad. Was there were opposites, my mom was kind of very outgoing, as you know, life of the party person and my dad is very quiet and I think, you know. I have a lot of both of both of them in me, and I think my dad being calm is a superpower. I got that from him like he can really. And I realized that in show business, that is something that is paramount.


You have to know how to, like, stay calm in very high pressure situations, whether you're in front of 20000 with you at the Super Bowl performing or if you're, you know, on a set somewhere or if you're in an interview that gets a little hazy and everything's on the line, like you have to be able to stay super calm, like is a real superpower. And I think I got that from from my dad, who, you know, is very much like that from my mom.


I think, you know, I got if there's any such thing as. The IT factor or star quality, I mean, I got it from my mom, Lupe should have been a huge star, you know, because she has that charisma, that thing. And I think that I got that from her.


So you mentioned being calm and you mentioned the Super Bowl. I had that written down. Yeah. First of all, it feels like, I don't know, 10 years ago, 7000 years of halftime show.


Yeah. Were you calm in that moment? Were you nervous leading up to it? I mean, that is the biggest stage, right, for performing the halftime of the biggest game in America.


All right. It is the biggest stage in the world. And leading up to it, I think I was more nervous than on the day. You know, for me, preparation meets the moment. And I was so prepared that in the moment I was just like ready to go, was like a thoroughbred in the gates. It was just like, please let me out of the gates, please let me go. But I stood there and I also get very calm again, as when, like David, my dad kicks in and I'm just like standing there waiting, waiting.


But leading up to it was probably the most nerve wracking. And Alex can attest to this high stress moments of my whole career.


I could never have imagined it would be that stressful. And I think it's because everybody understands the weight of it and the fact that it is 100 percent live and a thousand different things could go wrong. And so people feel that and everybody you work with feels that and everybody's on edge and everybody's like at each other's throats and things like that. So it was it was pretty intense. But I love the people I work with. And we literally got so much closer from doing that show than maybe anything in the past 10 years.


So when you do a show like that, are you a perfectionist after the fact? Like if you maybe miss like a half a move that I or some watching on the kids wouldn't even know. Yeah. Do you beat yourself up? What are you like. Yeah, you do. Yeah. So it sticks with you. Yep. Because I thought it was a great show. Did you make any mistakes. Thank you.


I didn't make any mistakes. Not one. I didn't make any mistakes thank God. But you know, it went off honestly without a hitch. But I always feel like I could do better. Like I always feel like I could have done this little piece better on that little piece it or you know what that piece of hair was in my face or something. You know, I should've done this. I should have done that.


Oase I don't know how this this is perfection. I mean, it was unbelievable. And I've never seen you work harder. And you're right, it was a stressful time, but you handled it as usual like a champ. I'm wondering, Amy.


Yes. Our little baby girl. Oh baby. I mean, were you more nervous for you or for her?


Well, here's the great thing about being a mom. When your kids are involved, you're more worried about them than you are about yourself. And in that moment, putting her in the Super Bowl really worked for me because I'm watching her the whole time in in the in the soundchecks and in the rehearsals. We only had to on the stage before we did it, which they usually have three days. But for some reason the grass there wouldn't allow it because our stage was too heavy, blah, blah, blah.


So we didn't get all of the rehearsal that we wanted on the actual stage. But on the night I remember, like, you know, she walked out with me and all I was doing was monitoring, like, is she cool?


Is she OK? Is she going to be all right? Is she going to freeze? Is she going to freak out? You know, and once we got to the edge of the stage and I saw her so happy, she was so at ease. I was so proud. And I was like, OK, now I can just concentrate on myself for a couple of minutes and do my thing. It's awesome. And it was it was good.


You are there. You are on the sidelines with us. It was Alex Alley. We shot Alex. How he fell. Yeah. Were you doing self? You know, I did a selfie video and all my friends that.


Alex, were you on drugs. Yeah, I mean, I was acting so crazy, but to me it was also a release of stress for her.


We went to the gym that morning and I was driving her and she was talking to me. I was ignoring her. I was like, I'm not getting in the way of anything. Is your day. I'm focused. We'll talk Monday.


And she's like, you can still talk to me. I mean, he's like, no, I just not you know, I you know, you're in the zone. I'm just like, I'm trying not to get in the way.


I'm like, OK, how long does the adrenalin, like, stay pumping after a performance like that? Dude, after that performance, it stayed for like an hour and a half at least, you know, and listen, we didn't go to sleep till like six in the morning that night or something. It was crazy. But and usually after a two hour show, if it finishes like eleven, eleven thirty, I'll be up to like three or four to three.


Two to four. Yeah, but that one I felt like, oh my God, it was it's so much energy coming at you from the stadium itself but also from the whole world it feels like and and you and you, you feel it like. You can. You can. Garner, in a way, as a performer, you can kind of take it all in and give it back. So in that sense, it was it was exhilarating. I highly recommend it.


Yeah, doing the halftime show must do be put on your bucket list. So you said that you like when you get asked questions that you don't usually get asked, you might not have been asked this one before, but so like when I walk up two flights of stairs, right.


To talk to someone, I can't. How do you sing and dance at the same time? How does that work?


It's a stamina thing. It's a stamina thing. It's just like anything you kind of have to train yourself for it. And after years and years of doing it, you learn how to do it better, where to push, where to hold back, where you can kind of, you know, relax a little bit. And you just you find it, you pace yourself. And also in the rehearsal process, as you do the show, sometimes you get too ambitious and you go, you know what, I can't sing here.


If we do that, I have to take that out. And I do a lot of dancing in my shows. So I always want to balance it. I always want to make sure that they get, you know, all the song they want, but they also get all of the performance that they want to like dancing life.


So unfortunately, I think the answer is hard work. Yes. Yes. All right. So I'm out on that. I just keep being out of breath right now, and that's fine.


I've always wondered this and, you know. Jennifer, such a kind of multitude of talents. My question is singing, dancing, acting. Which one do you think is your number one superpower?


Oh. It would be hard for me to pick between performing live and acting, you know what I mean? Because when I'm on stage, I really feel like I'm in I'm my best self, like that's where I was meant to be. And I feel really at ease up there. And not only do I feel at ease, I feel like the best person I can be in my life as a human being.


That's who I am when I'm up there. But I think a lot of people, some people would say that acting is my biggest talent if you're going to, like, measure them. But I don't know.


I can give you a tip. Yeah, you say being a mom, being. Oh, just leave it alone. Yeah. So I know everybody. My dad and I got to come off looking like. Yeah, yeah. I guess we all are your number one super desire. I want to answer the question. Yeah.


Can we talk real quick about the possibility of you being the first woman owner of a sports franchise?


I heard a couple things in the news. Yeah.


I mean, listen, in this day and age, that would be something that would be so amazing. We don't I don't have anything to report on that end right now. But I think in every field, especially institutions like Major League Baseball or, you know, that are that are so American in this moment in time, it is important for diversity and it is important for women to have positions of power that they've earned and deserve and and and can contribute in a way that is just as good as any man on the planet, you know.


So of course I am for it. Nothing to report. Sounds exciting. Yeah, would you hire me for what? Anything.


Actually, I'm actually right now. I think I would be great as just a guy in the clubhouse.


No real job just hanging out, like just cracking some jokes so people get paid for that.


Would you I mean, you guys actually. Yes. Yeah. Actually, yeah. Actually in baseball. Yeah. He's like Scorsese in your pocket. OK. Yes. Mascotte. Yeah. OK, Matt. Mr. Matt. I just want to just hang out, you know, just kind of being a guy I hang out guy Alex has some of those. You could be one out, maybe make love all the time.


I don't know if I get into baseball maybe I'll need one. I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah I can do that.


All right. Well I'm going to say that's a maybe. OK, and you're going to leave space for that. Yeah.


I'm excited for the future. What could happen there? Because I agree with you. It would be a fantastic story. Thank you. Yes.




You know, one thing is, you know, Jennifer, you haven't driven, like, actually driven a car in over twenty five years.


Is this one of the questions? This is one of the questions you don't want to question. I have driven a car in scenes.


In movies. Yeah. And and so does that girl know.


Tell us about a story when you were probably a teenager and I think it was your uncle and you were kind of foreshadowing the future.


Yeah. Tell us that story.


No, I told Alex years ago he was he's like, why don't you know when we first started dating, like, why don't you drive? And I said, you know. I don't have to know, like I said, plus at a certain point in my life, in my career. OK, let me go back to when I was younger.


I had an uncle who passed away who I love my Negro, and he loved cars so used to, like, mess around with cars and everything. He was like, you know, are you going to get your license as soon as you're like 15? I think in New York you can get when you were 15, your permit or whatever. And I was like, no. He goes, what?


Why every kid in New York can't wait to get their permit and drive. And I go, I say, because I'm not going to need to know how to drive.


I'm going to have a driver. He always reminded me of that my whole life even tougher when he passed away.


And I told Alex that thing. But I got to a point. I was always a bit of a workaholic. And so I would always take projects back to back. And and I did drive at one point when I first moved out to L.A. and I was working all the time. So Flygirl and then I started acting and then I started doing films. I was driving myself. And then back to back to back at 5:00 in the morning, finally, I had to start asking for a driver because I fall asleep at the wheel and I was like, going to get into an accident.


Wow. And you haven't been driving since, and I never drove again. OK, so that's a good segue to my next question. Workaholic. Yes. You've done it all.


Is there going to be a point, you think that you're going to be like, I'm a chill out and I don't have to do I don't have to keep doing this, I don't have to keep go, go, go.


Or like, what is the next 10 years of your life look like? And it will you be just pushing, you know, as hard as you have for the last 30.


You know, I fantasize about a time that I don't work, right, right, but I think in reality, it's not really who I am, but I do think the quarantine. Has made me realize that I do need more balance in my life, and that's something I've been leading up to for the past few years anyway, where I was like, OK, I need more balance. You know, I don't have to work as much. I have to do less.


And, you know, Alex, coming into my life was a big part of that as well. You know, when you have a real partner, you can kind of go, OK, you take the reins for a little bit and then I'll take them and then we'll pass them back and forth. And, you know, you be with the kids and I'll be with, you know, so that part has helped a little bit. But the quarantine and this time and spending so much time with the family and still being very productive and getting a lot done made me realize, like there's a different way to work.


Maybe I wasn't working in the best way that I could have for what's really important in my life, which is my kids and my family. Yes.


No, no. Because you think you're doing great. You're like, I'm doing great. I'm working. I'm a working mom. I work all the time. And I take care of my kids and my kids are happy and this and this and that. And then during this time, we were together and I realized that they need me more than that. They need me. They don't need just this. And you realize I could do better. You can actually do better.


And even though I was doing OK, we were doing great. We could do better, and I think that's the goal for me and my life is always like, how do I how do I do better? How do I get better? I like that because I think that I've not to the same level as you, because you work probably a million times harder than I do, but having a son and being able to, like, be at home for three straight months.


Yeah, every little step like one. And it's like every little step. It's like, oh, like if I was I would take moments to be like, well right now in the calendar I would have been right on the road. I would have missed this. I wouldn't miss that. Like this is kind of cool that I can be more in tune with, like the date I think.


Exactly. And you realize, like, the conversations you're having or even us, like me and Alex, we were like having dinner every single night with the family is such a big deal. It's such a game changer, you know, because we've had we had discussions and conversations that we didn't know some of these things were on our kids minds, you know what I mean? Like, you just go through life and they're doing their activities. They're by the way, they're just as busy as we are.


Like we have to scale back on their stuff so we can see them because they go off and do their own things like that. Family time is is crucial and sacred and we need it. And I think this whole reset of the world was a lot about that.


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OK, back to Jaylo Sujan going back to the Jenny from the block. You're 21, 22, even younger, 18 19. Who were the people that inspired Jennifer Lopez. And it could be singing, dancing actors, actresses that that really moved you.


There was a few, and I could even go further back than that, you know, when I saw the movie West Side Story that changed my life, I was very young and we'd watch it every year. And every year I would become inspired to do movies and to sing and act and dance. Right. And then I go to like when I'm 16 years old and I'm, you know, listening to Madonna every day, you know what I mean?


Or however old I was at that time and. Are on 16 and 15 and and seeing her run in the park and realizing that, you know, it wasn't just about being a singer or a performer was also about like being in shape and being driven and the ambition of that and, you know, and and then different things beyond that, like other performers and actors like who like. Like Tina Turner, like Janet Jackson, like James Brown. Just their energy for me was kind of how I feel on stage and what inspired me to do what I do on stage.


It's a version of that, to be honest, in many ways.


And then enacting it was it was people like Meryl Streep, you know. Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, like, you know, watching epic performances, even Linda Hamilton in Terminator. You know, I remember sitting in the theater watching her and and how she had transformed for that role, how she was a different kind of actress. But when she took it to, like, always taking it to another level. It's something that people don't do all the time, and when you see it and you see it in front of you and you see somebody take that effort and do that and it works and you're like, OK, bad ass bitch.


Like, yes, yeah. That's what I want to do, you know.


Did she want to give you nightmares? You know, they are the bad guys in Terminator. Yeah. My God. And then he does like the one I don't remember his name was he went down, he does the walk run.


And it's like, I'll you get away from this guy named Milt's and all that stuff.


You know, the movie's crazy. Yeah, that's cool. I mean, the we I always asked I try to get into Áras head about like who is inspiration's are for baseball. Yeah. And I think everyone who's had success has been inspired by someone.


Oh you have to where you come up, you see something, it touches you, it moves you in, never leaves you, you know, and then you just go building upon that.


But even now you're always studying. I mean, damn, one thing about Janet is she always she's always working. Even when she's not working. She's studying. She's reading a book. She's always self-improvement. I've never been around someone whose work ethic matches her curiosity and is a lethal combination. I'm wondering, like from the younger people out there, there's a lot of talented people, anybody that jumps off the page for you, that has a lot of talent.


Oh, my God, there's so many right now. I mean, on the on the singing side, I love Ariana Grande Day.


I think she's super talented. It's not just her beautiful voice. It's her spirit. It's her comedy. It's her, you know, her ability to do different things. Right. And I love seeing that Billy Eilish Amy loves her. Emmy, my daughter's lover. We had a real moment at the Billy Eilish concert. I was like, oh, my God, we're bonding.




And she started crying.


She was so excited also to see her react like I was just on tour. And so she was on tour with me. And right at the end of the tour, we went to go see Billy. I just started her tour. And so every night I was doing meet and greets with my fans and they hug you when they cry and they love you. And you're you're you're used like you get used to it. It's it's like a beautiful thing.


You know, my manager, Benny, always jokes, like, that's my favorite part of show because I love meeting the people afterwards and and hearing them and stories and all that. And then my watch my daughter freak out over Billy Eilish. And it was like. I was like. What, like because she's my daughter. We're just regular people, right? And but I when I'm working, I don't I don't know. It was like a weird kind of like 3D vision of myself.


Autobody. Yes. Yeah.


And she walked in the room, Billy Eilish after the concert, and my daughter goes and I looked at her and I'm like, no know.


And she literally to tears because since she's eight years old now, she's 12, she's idolized this girl. And for whatever reason, her songs and the words she says she connects to and she loves her style and, you know, whatever it is, moves her. And I was like, oh, my God. Like, it made me think like, oh, my God, my fans is that's why they're crying. Like, I don't that, you know, you feel like I don't know, like I never it never connected until I saw that my daughter do it right.


And it was I'm not articulating it well, but it was a mind blowing experience for me. It made me appreciate, you know, what I do more my fans, more my you know, what Billy did for my daughter, you know what I mean? Like, all of it was like it was like a full circle moment, but.


Yeah, love. We love Billy.


You mentioned that you've done thousands upon thousands of interviews. What's the question you hate being asked the most? Is this way. Is this one? Is it this one?


No, no, no, no, no, it's not. It wasn't that one. I don't like what people say. You can only do one thing, OK?




No, not believe you can only sing or you can only oh you can only act for the rest of your life. Choose one.


I just this is like the antithesis of who I am as a person. But if you had to choose.


No I wouldn't go. No that's right. But what would you.


But I, I don't have to but if you did.


But I won't. Acting or no singing.


OK, I don't dancing and everybody has that question. It's like I'm just you wait for it in every interview.


So you got to do right now is just answer it right now. I have answered it in twenty five million different fucking ways. OK, all right.


Well here's a question you probably haven't been asked again.


Am I going to get invited to the wedding? Hmm? You know, it hasn't come up, but we really haven't discussed it yet.


I feel like we're doing better than that.


So let's go back to the last time when you to apologize for that on behalf of Alex, because it was his fault.


We were taping a bunch of stuff in your home in L.A..


Oh, I saw it. Yeah. And you were coming home. And Alex said it would be really funny if we if Jennifer walked in. It was just you and Hank in the kitchen and he hid eating ice cream, eating ice cream. And you walked in.


And I've never been more scared for my life, so apologies for that. How mad were you like you?


I thought about it like we got back in the car after her, like I was mad in that moment, but I was kind of surprised, like, what the fuck? And then when I saw later that you were like pouring chips or doing whatever you did on my pool table or on my couch or whatever, then I was pissed.


Yeah, you had every right we got in the car after you were like actually thinking about that.


Like Jennifer probably just got off like 12 hours or walked into her home and a stranger was eating ice cream out of the container in her.


Yeah, just doing a bit and. Yeah. Not the smart, you know, not our smartest move. That's OK. Yeah, but so I think we're doing better now. Well this is great. Yeah. So now would you say.


Wedding, I don't know, I don't know. I have to talk, you know, I talk to the boss, I would settle just for the bachelor party. By the way, there is no bachelor party. I'll throw the bachelor. Thank you. Thank you. I have. You're not coming. Fine. The best friend you can be is to be invited to the bachelor party and then skipped away.


That's great. That's good. Yeah. The phone works for you. Yes. Oh absolutely.


OK, sign that right now. Yeah. OK, so I'll, I'll just mark down that. I'll be ready for the wedding whenever you guys want me to be there. Have you guys announced a date.


We will. In Season four. Oh that's great. He's great. I got a little lightning round. Yeah. Let's do it. Yes. And then I know you may want to. Oh that's a lightning rod. I'm going to go with my favorite movie. What's a story, favorite color green. Brazil or Morocco, Brazil, London or Bisa. A visa, L.A. or New York? New York, Vagas or Africa? I actually enjoyed my time in Vegas.


Jeffrey wrote this one. Coffee or tea?


Coffee, tick tock or Instagram. Oh, depends on the day. Mm. Got to pick one. Really, this is the Korp. Let that be the teaser for this interview. I would say. I'll say tick tock for the dancing. All right, and if this if you had one meal, one last meal, what would that milby mean?


I would probably want my mom to cook rice and beans and chicken and rice, and then last one of the lightning round at the Kaup described these people with one word. Oh. Ryan Seacrest driven. Leah Remini. Crazy Ice Cube. Solid. Vinnie Viola, Vinnie Viola, the Don, Michael Foley, in one word, easy.


Yes. Oh. Amazing last lightning round, dancing or singing, he pick one for the record, I threw my shoe, OK? All right. I do have two last questions to ask questions. The first one, if you were to acquire a baseball team.


What's the first thing you do as an owner?


I think. Besides all of the stuff that you would do to let everybody know that you were there to win, I think I would really try. To understand the community around, like really I feel like everything in New York starts in the neighborhoods, you know what I mean? And I think you have to, like, really familiarize yourself with who who your core audience is, who's going to be there all the time, who your real fans are.


That to me, the fans are always the most important thing and everything you do, because it's not just sports, it's entertainment. And you have to everything is in service of the customer. Everything's in service of the of of your of your fans.


OK, well, if that does happen, hypothetically, I have the perfect guy for you. I know the most miserable Mets fan in the entire world, my friend Kevin. So I will have a one on one interview. He will just bitch and moan about the Mets for like however much time you have and then you'll learn everything. But I swear to God, it will be great.


All right. My last last question. Has Alex gotten better at texting since the first text from the first date? It's only been up since then. Everything's been going OK. OK, thank God.


So he's he's a good texter. Yeah, OK. He is a good text. Yeah. I mean, I texted him. He's I always think he's prompt. Yes. Always responding. Respond. I text you like at 2:00 in the morning sometimes.


Yeah. It was weird when you did text me that you look sexy in the morning. Yeah. To me. And I was like OK but no. Yeah he's he's very always. Yeah he's always on the go. When he text me I there's been many times where I've woken up and you've been like quick idea.


And I look at them like it's fucking for you. What, what, why do you have an idea for. Yeah I know, I know.


That's kind of why when I met Alex I realized we were together like a year. I was like, oh my God, this is what it's like to be with me. Yes, it's perfect. We are the same person in many, many ways and the work ethic is definitely one of them. I think that's what made him one of the best baseball players of all time. It was his work ethic. I I believe that is a thread amongst all of the greats.


You have to you have to put in the work.


So pretty much what you're saying is your kids are going to be like presidents and everything because like I hope they have the same working with the work ethic. Their life is a little bit easier than, by the way, to the true like underdogs, like we are like David and Goliath world.


I mean, we didn't go to college. We live the American dream. We both grew up with holes in our New Yorkers, holes in our shoes. And if we can do it, then all our listeners, all our viewers can actually do it. And that's that's what we hope to do, is to inspire the next generation.


Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. It's been awesome. Thank you.


Thank you. Welcome. You did what you did. Good. I'm not nervous. As nervous as I was, I was probably the most nervous. I've been in interview people for a living knows of the most nerves. I've been probably in like three years.


Thank you. So this because ever since you did that in the kitchen, it was like, I'm your mom. Yeah. And I was like, yes, mom's coming.


Also, I might ruin it with this last statement, but it's also you really smell really good.


Thank you. You always do. And I'm like a downwind right now. Yes.


So, OK, it's time to end the interview. OK, I stand by that.


Thank you.