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And this episode, we have my good friend, Jimmy Fallon. I'm really excited about this one, Jimmy. Such a great guy. He's had such a long career starting back in, you know, SNL, always a big talent, so humble, really kind of, I think, just a transcending, you know, guy in so many ways.


And I don't think I've ever met anyone that doesn't like Jimmy.


And he was fantastic. Yes. He I don't think he liked me. I actually think, you know, what I need to do is a follow up. I need to have a president, a beer with Jimmy Fallon and and and maybe be like, hey, let's just hang out.


No cameras. No no microphones.


He you know, he didn't hate me, but I don't need a lot of this that I think a guy like that is around so many funny people. When he sees me, he's like, this guy thinks he's way funnier than he is. But yes, President Beer, our favorite beer.


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Underscore USA on social media and then text your name and why you should win to Alex's personal phone number three zero five six nine zero zero four eight five this year. One hundred percent corp certified and approved. When did you first meet Jimmy Fallon? When did you first go, like, interact with.


Well, I've been a big fan forever. Probably about fifteen years ago. First time I met him, probably visiting SNL or something like that. How many times have you hosted SNL? I haven't hosted I've been on a few times that question by me.


It's OK. It's OK. What the hell is Lorne Michaels thinking? He's a smart guy. How many times have you been on? I've been on like like five or six different skits.


OK, excuse me. We would always do things with the Yankees preseason to have a little fun, but yeah, about four or five times how.


I mean, I'm a huge SNL fan or maybe, you know, I go it comes and goes depending on the cast. But how when you were involved in that, when you would do a skit, how electric was it? And is everyone basically like a mini Jimmy Fallon walking around being just the funniest guy?


Yes, a lot of humor. A lot of talent. Jimmy is just one of a kind that he's funny, but he's also like funny off camera. He's just a really sweet guy. And I'm a huge SNL fan. I mean, what Lorne Michaels has done there for the last 35 years has been unbelievable. But there is something really, really special being on set on SNL. If you haven't done it, please get out there, watch SNL and bring your president with you.


Yes, absolutely.


I also I think I mentioned this maybe beforehand to Jimmy before we started the show, but so we taped Jimmy Fallon again. It was it was right before. It was actually the first time I vividly remember people wearing masks and doing the pound instead of the handshake. So it was right before coronavirus. It was, you know, like early March. We thought we were about to finish the season and then coronavirus happened. But I mentioned to Jimmy beforehand my son, who just turned one.


I started I bought his book, Jimmy Fallon's book, The Dadda Books, and his first word is Dadda. So I had to give Jimmy Fallon a shout out for that. I appreciate that he has a great children's books that if you are a new parents, go out and buy it because they're very, very funny. But he that just kind of shows everything that Jimmy Fallon does. He does everything he does. He's a man of many, many talents.


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And now Jimmy Fallon, you're listening to the court presented by barstool sports.


OK, we now welcome on to the Kaup.


Long overdue, but he's finally here it is Jimmy Fallon, host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, A-list celebrity. You know him from SNL. You know him from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for.


I'm happy to be here and be on this side of the of the couch at the interview. I hope it's worth it. I'm a man. Yeah. And I.


Yeah, because this is yeah. I want to score and this is what we'll give you a score.


You always have. How many times. Zero. I've been on your show ten times at least something like that.


And I love it. Yeah. I've never been invited but that's fine. No big deal. You're here now. You're in our collective goals man. We yeah. We want to talk about everything. We're going to get to a million different questions. But let's start at the beginning because I was doing a lot of research before this interview.


And by that I mean, I was reading your Wikipedia and I think also writing my book. Yeah, it says editing. Oh, selective editing.


I was struck by the singular focus that you seem to have basically from, what, five years old that you want to be on SNL. You talked about how when you blew a birthday cake, you made a wish and said, I want to be on SNL is true. And you got to that point. I want to first talk about not getting it. So doing the audition and failing and then doing the audition and obviously getting it. So when you fail the first time was there, was it at all deterring of your skill where you're going, the path to success?


It's definitely depressing.


It's you know, when you go to when it's your dream, your dream gets kind of shut down. As I remember, I was at the comic strip here in New York City and which I've only maybe performed.


Once before that, and I was with a manager at the time who was great and she was like, don't be nervous, you know, you can do I think it was three minutes of stand up. So if any stand up comedian knows three minutes is tough, to get control of the audience and, you know, end up crushing at the end.


And, you know, so I did mostly impressions at the time. That's all I wanted to do is I want to be the next Dana Carvey. So I had to come up and my act at the time was a troll doll and I would do different celebrities doing a commercial for the troll doll. So I would do, you know, Seinfeld going like, what kind of does that so does his hair.


You can't even move his arms. What kind who would play with this doll? It doesn't have any pants on, no pants with his Donna or whatever. And so I did I did something around that and no one had any idea what I was talking about or what I was doing.


I didn't set up the bit at all. I just remember it was just being depressing. And and then I just remember going on stage and coming right off.


And I was so flop sweat hot from flopping that I think steam was coming off of me. When I got off, I was like, oh, and I remember going there was a diner next door and it was really like a depressing we had a coffee and it just sat there and said, look, this is not the worst thing.


I think he did OK. I mean, they got to see what you look like. And, you know, Lauren was. There you go. Was he there? Yeah, he was there.


And it just felt bad.


And I go and I went back to Los Angeles because at the time I was living in L.A. with roommates, trying to take acting lessons and Groundlings classes. So trying to learn improv, because what someone told me once is if you're a standup comedian, you should take acting lessons in improv classes so you can learn how to work with other people because you're so used to being on stage by yourself.


So it's like, OK, so I was doing that.


I had really no money and I was I would use whatever money I had from either doing a college gig or the improv.


If you did a set at the Improv of seven dollars and 25 cents a gig, that this is what, 1997?


Yes. Yes, 697.


You OK, Jimmy?


We're going to Lorne in a minute because he's such an amazing guy and leader and a friend of all of ours that you have so many fans out there, young men, young women that want to be funny and want to have a career in comedy.


But it's hard and it's difficult and it's challenging and depressing at times. My question to you is, what would you tell a young listener? If you want to be funny, you talk about three minutes or there's twelve minutes. What are three or four things that are must dos for a young comedian?


I mean, you know, you got to know your fans. That being said, my mom was my biggest fan, so I knew if I told the jokes, she would laugh.


That makes you feel good. It builds your confidence. You got to know your audience.


I think I wouldn't be, you know, where I am without my mother, like, supporting me and going, oh, Jimmy, go over and do a joke.


Listen, listen to him. Do he does Rodney Dangerfield do Rodney Dangerfield? No. All right. OK, my wife's cooking so bad. Oh, this is going to toast her bones. I would do all this. How do his whole routine I was probably 12 or 11. They give me like 50 cents for a dollar and she loved my dad loved it to my grandparents are very supportive people. So I mean, they really helped me and gave me the confidence.


In fact, my mom told me about this contest that changed my whole career.


I there was a contest on the radio Chaviano for was a station.


And they said, like, we're looking for the funniest person in the Hudson Valley. So if you could do an impression of somebody of two or three minutes to do that impression very well, you'd be the funniest battle, the Hudson Valley.


And so I said, my mom, she she knocked on my door because Jimmy, I think he should join this contest.


I come by your room all the time. I hear all the voices you do.


I go, you hear everything in my bedroom. So, yeah, I go, oh, what else?


You go, well, I go. I go, all right. Maybe I'll join this contest. I entered this contest. I was 17 at the time and I was a senior in high school.


You know, I was always joking around with kids in my class and I was always the class clown and, you know, the comedian. I love comedy and love Sarah life so much.


So someone had to give me a troll doll for graduation. They had the doll with the graduation cap. That's all it was like after graduation to go.


What is it? What does a sixteen year old boy going to do with this thing? I have no idea what six year old girl would do it. I don't know what anyone would do with this. You put it on your desk or you have desk.


Troll dolls are weird, too. I just interject. People who are listening probably don't even know what they are. They're like a troll doll they think are trolls. On Twitter, it was actually a doll with different hair. There were just trolls and people for some reason decided in the 90s it was cool. Yeah, keep going.


Yeah. Like they made a cartoon trolls. Yeah. Movie based out of. But it was. Yeah. It's like I don't know if people made wishes on them but you can mess around their hair. I don't know either way I had this thing going to go, maybe I can use this for my act. So I started doing different impressions of people talking about the doll. I kind of started writing out a whole material.


I would do like Bullwinkle and go like, you know, well, hey, well, you look, you know, I was doing that. I did I think I had John Travolta was going like, I can't believe this. Like, I mean, look at this thing over here, like his hair, like.


Well, you got don't hit the hair like, you know, Sandy and I would do something like that, you know.


And I worked out like maybe 15 impressions. And so at the time, Pee wee Herman was big.


And so I said something about, I like to play with myself, too, you know, something about something about playing. That joke ended up in it was topical. Yeah. At the time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. See, a 16 year old kid came out there and hit homers like that I guess, and it was I won the contest, it was seven hundred dollars. I want to say nice.


Most money I've ever gotten in my lifetime for three minutes of comedy and I go if this is this easy, right. I'm going to be a billionaire. The best thing in the world. Cutaş, I never made that money ever again until you know, Sarah live. But you get excited. I was like, oh, this is amazing. So I went home that night and I was so happy. My friends from my school came out to see me in the comedy club and I still have it on videotape.


And I was just so nervous. And and I remember just like I was on, I just thought it was the best I was going to be easy from then on out.


And I started just joining a bunch of talent contests and talent competitions and I think I did two more after that. I won another one and then it came in second to another one, a girl play the piano. Amazing. Beat me. Her name is Alicia Keys.


Oh, no, just kidding. I know you don't hear, but I don't know what her name was. But not only did I win the seven hundred dollars, but I also won an embassy job at the club in Poughkeepsie.


So I at the time I couldn't even drive. I know my driver's license, so my dad would drive me to the club every weekend and I would emcee welcome everyone to the club, also work on my act and introduce all these comedians. And I had like looking back Kevin James I used to work with and Lewis Black was great and I got to meet all these comedians and see their act.


And it was cool. It was like a really interesting thing for a six year old kid to do. And I was there like every weekend just working at my act and trying to add different jokes.


And, you know, a lot of it was bad, but I was still working on my show. A lot of pressure. Yeah.


And getting out there, I'm sure I just had repetition and. Yeah, yeah.


And some of the jokes are so bad. But then I remember I went off to college and when I was in college I started adding more to the acted musical impressions. So I had a guitar and you had to play guitar.


So it had musical impressions of the troll dolls at the end of my act. So I did celebrities at the beginning of my act told us at the end. So that would be another piece of advice for communities.


Have a beginning and have an end the middle.


You'll figure out the middle. You got to have a closer home. It's good to have an open house.


So people kind of get to know who you are and you got to have a closure that crushes. Right. Close, right. So you got close finish. Yeah.


So so you do all this you obviously have this goal your entire life getting on SNL. You finally get it when you do get it. Was there a feeling of I've made it like I'm good or how quickly we like. All right. I need to, you know, actually stick around and make this work and and and reach my next goal, because I always we always talk to people and the really successful people when they hit that first goal just makes them hungrier for more.


I think at the time I was good was. Yes, it. Yeah, that's actual. I remember taking a picture of the elevator to my audition of the second audition for SNL because I go I might never come back in this building. Right. This is awesome.


And if I even if I don't get this, I get to tell my kids, hey, your dad once auditioned for Saturday Night Live, right. Pretty good right there, you know, so I really do. I had one of those disposable cameras that you you know, the Kodak ones you'd have to put into CVS and then wait for them to come back.


And so I remember doing that audition and it was the most nerve wracking one yet. You go into the room and they go, Are you Jimmy Fallon?


Who's Jimmy Fallon? And that's me. They go, Yeah, OK, well, you're up next. Don't be nervous. But just, you know, Lorne doesn't really laugh, you know, talk about Lorne Michaels. Oh, wow.


He didn't really laugh. So don't let that throw you because it's only like five people in the room. You're at any stage, which you've been. Yeah, no audience. Just four people.


And they're they're beaming you to Burbank, to California. So the president of the network can watch you as well.


Wow. It's a lot of pressure. Right. OK, so then someone's like, hey, you got to go in the hair and make them like makeup. I mean, never put makeup on. OK, great. So I go into hair and makeup because I saw Jimmy Fallon. There he goes. Well, you know, good luck at the hearing. Be great. But just, you know, Lorne doesn't really laugh. I go, OK, that's great.


Thanks for the advice. I just heard that.


So then I go in right about to go on.


They put a microphone on under your shirt and they put a clip on the top so they can, you know, with a mic pack so they can hear you.


And he goes, You, Jimmy Fallon, this is good. Well, good luck to you. And remember, you know, I don't know who told you, but Lorne doesn't really like.


Yeah, yeah. And what's his problem? He's in the wrong business comedy show guy's problem.


So anyways, I got on stage and I did kind of my troll act. I didn't do the trick, but I changed it to like a celebrity walkathons. Whereas doing different celebrities, walking for charity, and I did, you know, again, Seinfeld and Travolta, but I added at the end, my closer I think was Sandler. And this is just at the time with Adam Sandler. We just had left to show these Brenn. He was supposed to go on for one more season, but he was getting really famous.


And so I had an impression of Sandler.


And I remember I was going like, all right, you know, it's so good to be here.


You know, I had, you know, hey, hey, sugar, you know, this whole bit.


And Lauren started laughing and he put his head in his hands.


When I go, wow, I made Lorne Michaels laugh. And that was like that was the rest was like slow motion.


I was like kind of walking out like, wow, I was like, you just coming off the field. I was like, there he goes.


I got I like kind of Lorne question because, yeah, you know, I have so much admiration for him. And I know he's been a big mentor and supporter of yours. Yeah.


So first of all, what has he meant in your career? And one or two or three things that make him such a special business man, so disciplined.


He he's meant everything to me. I mean, honestly, I've seen he's seen me at my best and my craziest, too. I mean, when you get famous, it's weird because no one there's no playlists.


There's no something there's no book that you can read going, oh, this say become famous. You do this than that and this. And that's like you think like I remember at one point I said to my agents, I said, don't send me any more movies. You have to be funny. I don't want to be funny in a movie. I only want to do Westerns.


And they're like, what? I go, I don't want to read any romantic comedies, man. I want to be anyone's boyfriend or thing. I, I only want to be and don't even send it to me. I just pass. I just want to do westerns. They go world you.


I mean they don't make Westerns anymore, you know. I guess so. I never got they never sent me anything but I was so dumb in my head thinking that would be my I always wanted to get shot of a horse.


I know what I mean. It's pretty cool. I, I agree. I just think it's cool that that's so.


But they weren't making those things at the time so like but I mean I was getting offered like, you know, meet the parents, all the stuff. But I wasn't even reading the scripts.


I don't want to do this on a Western. It's not if you put it there's a horse and I'll deal, I'll consider it, you know. And now I look back, I'm like, I was such a punk. I mean, what was I doing?


But Lauren would kind of talk me, you know, off the ledge and all this stuff.


And you just had a clear vision. And he was just I don't know if he was he's just calmer than anyone I think I've ever met. And I think if you have that, like, calm, cool, like it's going to be like I already know what you should be doing. I know the right moves is a good discipline.


I mean, it just seems like he's a machine.


He's seen it. I mean, he's he's been a writer. He's been a performer. And then he's been a producer for all these years, not just live.


He's produced Kids in the Hall is produced standup specials. He produced 30 Rock. He's they're all different writers, different people, different producers. He's worked with thousands of people and knows their egos.


And he did a play on Broadway, you know, tricky it is to pull a play off. It's so much work. Right.


And he's I remember one time we did SNL and something fell off the wall like a painting.


Fourth one, some crew guys like Lauren, where we can do the painting is off the wall. There's no way we can get the wall.


And lawyers just put a sheet over the sheet will work, OK? And they put us. You ever find no one worried about. So what about you breaking character on SNL? Would he get crazy? Notoriously doesn't like that. And I've read that you also were mad at yourself when it happened, but you also probably knew after a few times like this, genuinely funny because people love to see other people laugh.


It wasn't even that like I was laughing because I was laughing at the sketch I really learned is not like that. He frowns on it. And and so I was actually I was I was embarrassed that I would do it. But it was the first one that I laughed at myself was cowbell.


And it was a sketch that Will Ferrell wrote with Adam McKay, and it was about Blue Oyster Cult. Don't fear, you know, that song.


And it's like actually is cowbell in that song. Yeah, I think someone thought that was funny because they're kind of a heavy metal band to have a cowbell and instrument in your classic songs like Wait Is There A Cowbell and Don't Fear the Reaper.


So then we should do a whole sketch about how the producer would come in and go like that was fine.


Stop, stop, stop. But I kind of want more cowbell in the song that would really make this a real classic.


So they wrote this thing and it was funny, but, you know, wasn't that funny, to be honest.


And it was so as much to say that it barely made it to air. It was going to get cut after dress. And Christopher Walken was the host, Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell was in it.


And Cattan Chris Caton. And so and I was playing the drums. And so I was brand new.


This is probably my first couple of weeks on the show and I thought it'd be really cool that no one would think to do is to hit the sticks before we before we started singing the song.


So because I don't own any downtown now and I go like, then start Lip-Sync, I like I think it's real, but it's not it's like I'm not really lip synching like that. That was my. That's all I really kind of cared about, it's like I was happy I had any line, I had one line in the sketch, and then Will Ferrell was the he's the funniest man in the world, everybody. And that's just funnier than I was.


And I remember feeling out of my league and going, I don't know if I can play with these guys are too good.


And we'll have a shirt that kind of ended here so short.


And every time he hands up, the cowboy cowboys belly would hang at the bottom muffin top. And he had like a scar. Yes. Like his appendix taken out or something. So it was hairy and it was just you just make me laugh. And then when we did, er, he wore a smaller shirt.


So when he lifted this thing up it was like wearing a tube top. Yeah. It's like insane. This whole goes out and he's dancing and he's sweating at the time he's going for it on air.


Everyone went for it. Christopher Walken was even talking like Chris. He was doing like an impression of himself.


He's like, you know, we've got to have more cowbell. I'm not like I was like, wow. It was like we're in outer space. The whole place is spinning, man.


It was so and it was hot because everyone was laughing so much. The whole room got hot. And I remember going like, oh my God, this is the funniest thing I've ever been part of. And that and then when I had my one line, Cattan and like wrestled and did something push each other. And Cattan knocked Will's sunglasses off and he looked at me and I saw the eyes of a crazy man like Charles Manson or something.


And I just started laughing.


And that was my only line in the whole sketch.


And then I was the guy that laughed at his stuff.


So it was Lorne mad about that? Because I always find when someone laughs in a sketch that funny, it's actually it makes it funnier for for the audience, at least from my perspective, because it's almost breaking like that fourth wall, like, hey, this is so ridiculous and funny that even I can't stop myself from laughing.


He might be calmer now with it, but he didn't like it at the time really. Well, or was it just a story he never yells?


Yeah, he would probably keep it together next time. It's like that. Yeah, exactly. And I was like I knew it. I knew I messed up. But then, like, everyone knew right there that I was kind of an easy laugh. Right. So, I mean, especially Will would do it all the time. But, you know, Molly would play with me a lot. Molly Wood knew that she could make me laugh.


But we were in a sketch called Lavas where I would be a guy who would go in a random hot tub at a hotel and just try to relax. And then and then two creeps would come in and sit in the hot tub with me.


Like that would ever it's a tiny hot to. Yeah. Will and racial dress to creepy people. And they sit and he'd bring like a turkey leg in with him and stuff and like eat the turkey in the hot tub and the creepy people and like oh we make love.


Yes, we make love all the time. Have you ever tried zabaglione like.


And then every time I open my mouth he would pinch me under the water. You pinched my leg and make me laugh because he knew I was going to laugh. And honestly, even to this day is the funniest guy ever.


I remember, though, we did a weekend update once for me and Tina did update and he did Jacob Selja, which is this character who suffered from a rare disease called voice modulation, where he couldn't change the tone of his voice.


He couldn't go up or down. He just said the same volume and he couldn't modulator every expression of his voice. So you do this character all the time.


And I was laughing so hard when the camera wasn't on me that Will would watch you see me laughing and shaking that he started laughing, but he couldn't break. And his eyeglasses Fogger never seen it done. This did never seem to happen ever. He was crying, laughing through the steam coming out of his iPhone and it's on his best of you could see Jacob. And I was like, that was because I was right next to him laughing so hard.


But, you know, Lauren would just say, like, hey, don't do that. I tried not to do it. I'm better at it now. But, you know, I see people do it now and they go, oh, I was there. And the writers don't appreciate it. And, you know, they think like you taking away trying to upstage everyone. But I really was I just actually thought it was funny. Yeah. And I appreciate that because I think laughing at it makes it funnier.


I remember Lauren saying to me, like, because Colin Quinn was leaving update and Lauren said, do you do you want to do I think you should host Weekend Update.


You're going to leave SNL, right? You were thinking about it. Yeah, this is halfway through. So three years. And you were thinking about I did read your Wikipedia and you were thinking about leaving and and he offered you a weekend update, right?


I was I was a big fan of John Belushi, and he only was on trial for three seasons. Chevy Chase. Interesting. Only on for one season. Wow. Yeah. It was just he was so dynamic that everyone remembers OJs our lives, Chevy Chase also.


He said his name as well.


But the but he was I was like, I'm going to split when like Belushi did. So I go, I'm out of here. And Lauren's like, first of all, you have a contract, so you're not getting second of all use.


I think you should do update. And I go, I don't know, man. Like I said, I don't think I want that much attention. I really like being in the background scoring. And then that was good. You know, I don't know if I can carry the whole thing.


You know, the camera's on me that long and he goes, well, I think it'd be good because you're young people know who you are. And I think young people are interested in the news. I go I but I'm not really interested in the news. Like, I kind of I kind of know what's going on the news, but I read like USA Today because it's in color, you know, that's where.


I was at the time as well. We'll have writers will help you out, so I'm going to pass. Sorry, buddy, I love you, but I'm out. OK, so they had an audition for everyone to host Weekend Update for everyone in the cast audition.


And so I didn't really even pay attention to it. I was just doing my own thing. And I just want to stick to playing a guitar and doing bits. And and then I think someone said to me, like, hey, did you see the auditions for another girl?


You should watch Tina Fey's, you know, Tina, who's a writer at the time.


I love that she wrote all this stuff for me. But Tina auditioned. I remember she was working on some video, dude watches.


And I watched them like, wow, she is a superstar, dude. Wow. She crushed it.


She had a joke about Britney Spears and how she should really take care of her ass because one day it will go away and it will not it will fade. But right now it is perfect. She is the perfect. But she's like, look at this because it is so look how hot it is. She's like, you should rub it with oils and liniments. And she was you have to look at it.


I remember the joke because you you have to look at her butt through a hole in a paper plate, which is how you look at an eclipse in grade school. Anyways, I remember laughing. Oh, my God.


That was great, Tina. That's awesome. She's like, thanks. And I think at the time Lauren was like, she was great. But no one knows who she is that I'm not sure if I could just throw her in, like, oh, she's taken over. We can update. What if we cohosted, like, guy and girl? Like, he's like they've done that before with, you know, Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin.


So I go, let's try this. We went to Conan O'Brien's studio at the time right here where I am, and we had a table set up. And Tina, I did a fake weekend update. We tried different sides of the desk to see and the chemistry was there. It was right there. And I was like it was like it wasn't boyfriend girlfriend camera. She was more like brother, sister or like smart girl.


And like, do you do that, like, needs answers to the homework, you know? So that's kind of their dynamic and it's just fun. And I remember like us laughing and like supporting each other. It was really great. And we just we tried it and that just took off and stay. One was like, it worked. Yeah.


You know, Jimmy, your show, Jimmy Fallon show. My question is, do you still have guests that you get a little excited, a little nervous because you may not know him so well, but you're a big fan. And then the follow up is, is there someone out there or a few people that you're dying to have on your show but you've never had? I was nervous having you on for the first time.


Let me tell you the story. If you didn't notice everyone listening to the podcast here, I am a big fan of A-Rod for years.


Probably the late night, I want to say is when or maybe SNL when I first started seeing you. Yeah, SNL and then late night, I said, I think I've made a couple of jokes about you. If I did, I take it back. It was all in good fun. You were you were single at the time. It was say to say the couple. I would never say they were right. All right, Jimmy. I would go to the game.


I would go to the game.


And Lorne had these great seats right behind home plate. Sit with Lorne, you know, have a beer, watch the game and everyone would come out. And I know the team at this point, you know, and you think about it, give me a little nod. You know, I'll be very discreet. You know, Steinbrenner president gave it to celebrities. Exactly. So no one. Yeah, but we, Lauran, get special treatment. And, you know, because we're there all the time, we know everybody.


So Jeter come out, he would look at him, glance over me, give me a little nod, and then Alex would come out. I go, A-Rod, you know, Scranton.


He would just stare at me like like like like he wants to fight me. And and there was there's a there's a cloth or whatever, just like the net. The net. There's a netting between me and him. So I don't get hit with the foul ball because my face is too pretty. And he would stare at me and swing as bad as hard as I could.


And I was like, what is probably at me was he. So I'm like, what? But then you would go up and you hit home run. So I think I was the reason for your great career.


Yeah. Like I said, at least a few home runs. I don't. Have you ever been back to the stadium as a fan?


Could you ever go and watch the game? Yeah. Know last year, early in the season, I took the entire family. We had Jan and the four kids and it was, you know, it was awesome. Plus Gentz from the Bronx. I mean, we're Yankee.


You in a suite are in the seats. We were in a suite, but then the kids are driving us crazy. Get down there. So we were right behind launch seats. You did. And we had six seats there. And it was just awesome. It was surreal.


It was so good to see. I wanted to go with you. Would you ever go to the game? We should go this year. We definitely should go.


I'll go meet you and let's go, man. Let's do it again on all four of us. Three's a weird no to go. No, I think we stick with three tickets and three's a magic number. I'll sit behind you guys. So. All right. You go wherever you tweet us from where you are. Yeah. Yeah. No experience. Yeah, that'll be fine. I'll be in the bleachers. Fine.


You stay home. Just let us know you're having fun. We want to make sure you have. Yeah. I'll let you guys know I'm having it. Be safe. I want you to be safe.


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OK, here he is. Jimmy Fallon.


Back to late night. So you transition from SNL to movie career and then. Well, actually, I want to ask you this. Thank you. When you leave SNL. Yeah.


Was there a fear that like, OK, this is what people know me as and now I'm going out into the wilderness, even though it was probably time was there that fear like, hey, what if I don't have it? Like, what if I'm not the guy I think I am because I'm leaving SNL?


Yeah, of course. I mean, looking back, what I probably would have done is probably done a couple more movies before I left Sarah lives so people can actually go like, oh, he can carry a movie instead.


What I did was I left before the movies came out, so I left. I had one movie like Ready to Go Taxi.


And then I was gearing up for Fever Pitch and neither one of them did well in the box office.


I loved it. Now they're going. Now they're they're kind of they've aired so many times on TV. That's kind of like a cult classic. People going, oh, that was a good movie. And ago I tried it and tried to make a bad movie, but at the time it did not work. Yeah, we didn't come in. I mean, we didn't make money either one. I remember a new taxi was going to fly because and I love quality.


Latifah, I had the best time doing it. Tim Storey, who went on to do crazy amount of movies, still is crushing it. I remember coming to my hometown and I said to my mom and dad, I go, I'm going to go to the Orpheum the movie theater where I, you know, we should see my first movie. I'm going to go in and tell the audience, hey, I grew up here and I wouldn't be who I am without you guys, my hometown.


So I want to treat everyone's tickets, everyone's popcorn on me and hope you enjoy the movie. And I love you guys.


And they got so great. So I drive to my hometown and I drive down the street to my theater and now playing three movies.


It's a big theater. Now go. Oh my gosh, I walk in.


Not one theater is playing my movie. You're kidding me. Now I'm mad now when I throw a brick through the window like, do you have one kid from your hometown that's in a movie and you don't play his movie? That is that should be a rule. Right.


And so, so bummed out I go, oh my gosh. And then I go, it's not going to work. And then I was in the middle of doing a fever pitch at the time. And then. Yeah, but that was that was another amazing experience in itself.


So so that time period where you're trying to find yourself is like a you know. Hearing a movie, A-list celebrity like was there that doubt that like, oh, am I going to. What's what's the next move if it doesn't work out? Because you left SNL, you can't go back to SNL? No, not like anyone has.


Yeah, it's scary, you know, because you go well, I mean, although I'm appreciative, I had a good run. It was fun. But, you know, I'm still young. You know, I'm too young to just stop.


So, I mean, I could do stand up.


You know, I think it was my my now wife who told me, like, just start writing songs and like just start putting songs whose YouTube was kind of new at the time, just put songs on YouTube. And so I was like, all right.


So I wrote a song called Car Wash for Peace was basically it was going to be bake sale for peace was just like people raising really no money for world peace.


And so I thought that would be funny.


And I was like, let's have a car wash for peace. There's trouble in the Middle East and the song still holds up.


Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Still made no money, but yeah, yeah. No one really didn't really catch on choreographies, but it's a good jam. Yeah. And so I, I did that and then you know what happened was I was leaving.


Here's records back to Lauren being awesome. I was leaving SNL and Lorne goes up.


All right. So you're going to go. I go. Yeah, I do movies I guess. I don't know. I mean he's like, well, would you ever want to host a talk show?


I go, I guess I don't know. What do you mean? He's like, Conan O'Brien just signed some deal where he's leaving in six years.


He's going to take over The Tonight Show and Jay Leno is leaving his. But you can take over for Conan. I go. I really don't know if that would be my thing, Tina Fey was in the office, she was like to be great, you're Irish, you like go to bars all the time and talk to people like that.


Totally up, real. You don't shut up.


And after parties, that's exactly what you got to know me. And we'll see. Cutaş six years later, Lauren calls me. It's like, hey, remember I brought that thing up to you like a while back. Would you ever want to host a talk show?


I go, I yeah. I mean, I have to ask my wife because I'm married.


I actually have this is cool, but so I asked Nancy and she was like, you have to you have to even if you don't succeed, you're on a great list. You're David Letterman, Conan O'Brien. And then you watch three people. Yeah. You got to do it. Just try it.


I go. All right. But we had to move to New York, so I'll do it. And she was based in L.A. She's a producer with Drew Barrymore. They started flower films. They did all the Charlie's Angels movies. Donnie Darko. They did. She was doing great. And she was like, I don't care.


Let's go. I'll support you nuts. So moved to New York. I want to go. Nancy, I know I lucked out, Star. I really lucked out. You know, it's funny.


I was thinking I had the last year was my forty fifth birthday. I was here last year and I went September 19th is my birthday. I was born in Brooklyn and my favorite singer is Paul McCartney.


So I go see Paul McCartney is playing Barclays, New York in Brooklyn, New York on my birthday. Come on September 19th, I go, this is the best.


So I go with Lauren. Yes. And Nancy, yes. We're sitting there watching thing.


And Paul McCartney goes Zerwas birthday tonight. I go, Jimmy, don't get a big head. It's no way you there's thousands of people here. Stop.


He's like, yeah, this it's your birthday.


And I was clapping like, I just don't think of anything else because he's not going to mention you. Don't be disappointed. He's still your idol. He's so he's like, how about Jim? Is Jim out there?


He's not he's not seeing me. He's like and he covered his eyes like Jim Fallon.


Is it Jim? It's Jim Fallon's first there is there. And I'm like, what is going on? It's like this one's for you and internet and played birthday.


Wow, man, that's so cool. I remember saying to myself, if I. If my.


15 year old self could see me sitting with my idol, my mentor, Lorne Michaels, and that I married really, really beautiful girl, like amazingly gorgeous girl.


And Paul McCartney is singing Happy Birthday to me. He's like, yeah, and after it's over, it's really over. Just go move, go live in a desert somewhere and just give up. And just like I was like it really was special. And I was like, that was it. That was a great moment, Jimmy.


You know, a lot of people don't realize how hard you work when they see you every night on TV is an hour and like, oh, he went to play golf all day to day six.


Walk us through a day in the life of Jimmy.


I mean, starting in the morning nutrition workouts. Walk us through it.


All right. I train. I changed. I'm changing my nutrition now, by the way. I just I'm in a whole new thing. I'm working. I'm getting this food delivery service.


OK, the new jam. Yeah. So Alan Campbell, I want to say, is his name.


He's Tom Brady's personal chef for a while.


I think he's branching out. I don't even know if he's doing this or just I don't know. I reached out to him and I think he's starting a business, OK, but it's great.


So basically how it is now. Yeah, I've got my kids wake me up friggin three thirty in the morning for it. Sometimes I just put them in bed with me at six and five right now. So they hop into bed with us and they wake me up and I could tell the time of the morning is.


But when they turn in the bed and who's when their feet are hitting me in the face and I go, I usually get up probably around seven with them and go down, make breakfast with Nancy. And then I take them to school at eight fifteen. So then I'm clear at around eight thirty. And then I try to I'm just I'm saying I'm try to work out for half hour in my house. That being said, it's been a year.


I've done it ten times. That's OK. I actually had to move boxes off my treadmill and clothing. I should use this thing. It's pretty nice treadmill. I get it.


I understand it's good for you, but like, I can't even put the sneakers on his sweatpants. I go, why bother? I let me just dress for work. I'll go in to work and write jokes all day, but then you OK, so you got to change into sweatpants. And the thing I know doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is to me because you probably love that.


That's like that's probably like going out. You love working. Right.


I just love breaking a sweat but but sometimes it's hard. You get to get into a routine.


Oh I do not want to break a sweat. I'm so good watching anyone else do it. It's so good. I'm like but I've been trying to do a half hour and so I do a half hour there and then I come into work probably around ten thirty. OK, so I'd say eleven o'clock. The latest. I usually take a phone calls or whatever, whoever phone calls I have to call that day people, agents or publicists or whatever. And then 12, 15 is our creative meetings or 12, 15.


A bunch of producers come in and writers and many. How many. I'd say six people. OK, they come in and they have like a stack of papers with ideas of what's coming on. Like, you know, we knew you were coming on a couple of months ago. So we're trying to think of ideas for you, like what should we do with Alex?


Should we do a lip sync battle? Should we do a game?


Should we do a true confessions? We do the future. I think the most fun things we ended up with the Q and A-Rod were we just actually it was fun, actually.


Random questions. OK, good. So we try to do something different. And, you know, as a guest, like, we don't force you to do anything like you. Come on, we just talk. It's totally fine.


I don't want to you don't have to play a game. It's up to you. I just want to make it fun for you guys and always fun.


Never forget. That's the way that's the way we always were and always are.


And so we go in this production meeting. Are you thinking like, OK, that feels good. Are you kind of chiming in? You're also kind of writing a little bit.


Yeah. I say like, oh, no, we know it's a good idea. We should do. You know, I know that he loves to talk, maybe do another challenge above it or like, oh, wait, I just saw them do or and we all get inspired of each other like yes, we do this, that or you know, like I'm trying to think of a new idea for you.


I can think of a A-Rod and I can try to think of right now, if you want to maybe change your name to Laakso, that's usually what you want.


No one to call you around anymore you want. So now we have to reintroduce you just like so. And, you know, I don't know, you know, and you have a different style. You we think Lexar would dress like, trust me, Alex Áras. The thing of the past, no one does it right anymore. Laakso is the new guy. You have to be here and I give you like a shiny purple suit with you. I like it like you wear like a space helmet or whatever.


You these are dumb ideas you press on. But whatever. We had an idea once.


I just got reminded because Mayor Bloomberg was on our show and his people said, do you remember a tank top political talk show?


I go, I do. Oh, my gosh. No one remembers. And I forgot. We even aired it. But we pitched him years ago doing a book called Tank Top Political Talk Show, where we had a bunch of politicians and pundits and mesh see through tank tops.


And we have a serious discussion about politics. So dumb, and we got a letter from his people saying, like, Dear Mr. Fallin, thank you so much for considering mayor to be part of the sketch.


Not only is he not doing it, we didn't even show him the site.


You will never, ever be seen on television in a see through tank. But thank you so much for even considering. But he has no idea that you pitched this idea. And I think that framed it because it was such a nice rejection. Right. Right. But we just call it any dumb idea because you never know. It might spark something. Yeah.


So we spend probably about I would say probably an hour there creative. Probably 130.


I'd imagine that's like your favorite part of the day. Right. I mean, being creative and being able to pitch ideas to each other and throw things around, you still get into it like you used to at SNL or that part of it is it's OK.


I actually like more of a freedom thing, like the show is the most fun. OK, that one's OK. I mean, there's good days and bad days. Yeah. Yeah. Since it's like everybody is awesome, we got to do that. And you know, it's really just.


But it's like planning ahead. Yeah. That we're prepared around then I eat lunch which is this now this new guy that I'm getting lunch sent to me.


So today I had to that number. That sounds great. Pretty awesome, by the way. Yeah. And I have like some awesome kind of chicken meatball salad thing. I was like, all right.


Got to actually I love to write. Yeah. Sounds great because it's awesome and really it's delicious. I wouldn't just say it.


It's really good because I've had bad ones like me too. I feel like there's no love put in this, there's love in this one.


And so then I probably around then I call my wife, check in, see how she's doing, what's going on, because we live in the Davidge now where no one has any alone time.


You have to be in everyone's life of all time and know what they had for lunch and how their day was.


And then I have a meeting at 3:00 is the monologue meeting.


We go through all the jokes and monologue and I cut to that. And then if you have other ideas that we didn't talk about in creative or video pieces or something, you know, we'll talk about that. Like today, I had a weird I had to do a thing with Haim, who a great band. But we did like a quick music video thing where we went during the day when we did our dance.


During the day. Yeah. Yeah. Like morning. Yes. Sometimes we do pretape in the morning.


If you ever saw me and Alex did a full on hip hop class man, I thought, I look so cool when I was dancing. Yeah, I watched the tape back.


I was awful, you know, like I could even look at it so bad. I thought it was so cool. That and really bad it was. But so sometimes that puts a little wrench in the day because you have to add different things.


And then I go take a shower, get a suit on hair and makeup. Then I look at cue cards for the monologue, rehearse at a couple of times, Lauren comes in to the green room, say hi, he would come in today. But, you know, Lorenzo's in the hallway. This is the SNL of a week off. So on these around.


And so then we just we joke around and then I say hi to the guests before the show. Thanks for coming. They go out and start the show around for some five to six.


See, hopefully we're done by six, six, ten and then use the editing. So they're editing the show and I'll go in and just go, hey, I stuttered. You know, I think the last time I had you on, I called you an analysis instead of an analysis.


I said, your analysis, which makes no sense.


At least I didn't. You in analysis. Yes. Then you would never talk to me again because I felt like I was like, did I? But we couldn't cut it out because you already walked out by that point. You can't I can't redo it. I'm sorry, buddy. And I don't want to make you stay longer than you have to. You know, we love you.


So doing the show and you've been doing it for so long, do you know when you're like, all right, that was an unbelievable show. And when there's most days where it's like, all right, we did it. It's good. It's fine. You know, it's because some days you just have to do the show and not hit it out of the park. Created a home run every single day. Do you still have that feeling of, like, this one's going to resonate?


This this clip going to go on YouTube and and pop, this is going to be a soundbite that everyone picks up. Sometimes you do.


Sometimes you don't. I think most of the times you don't like some things will just pop and you go, wow, why is that one going viral?


I don't know.


That was like, you know, like I'm trying to think of a recent example, but I think we had an interview with, uh, uh, Joaquin Phoenix that went viral. Um, we didn't do anything that different, but I mean, that went viral. Like Israelsen interview go viral. Right. You know, for late night jokes, usually you did.


Or some pretape thing or this is like that was like, I think our third interview that went viral throughout the year and ago. It's pretty fun to see. Like, I don't know why people want to see that one, but they want to send it around to people. I thought it was fun.


So I go cool now as a creative person because I deal with this in, like, my day to day job. Do you have those lulls where nothing has hit for maybe one minute or two? You ask for a compliment.


No, no, no, no. Because, hey, you're very creative. No, no, no. I'm not as creative as. Oh, you're very right. Yeah, yeah. I am very creative.


I do like a week or two. I know you have a week or two where nothing really hits and you start getting that you're talking about you again. Yeah, well you too. You're more. Like, let's go back to you. That's where you don't have any let's go back to you. So how about you've never gotten a hit to whatever you think about doing something else? What do you what do you do, though? If you have that, like one or two weeks were like, hey, nothing's really caught on to that, you know, viral point or do you do you feel like, hey, we got to do some we got to change something up or do you just let it lie cable eventually get back to there?


Yeah, I think you just got to keep doing what you do and not worry about that stuff. And, you know, like if that happens to work, it works. You just keep doing different things and keep changing and going like, yeah, I know I could probably do this, but I did that already.


I mean, I could do a lip sync battle with you and and go crazy. But we've done that.


Right. I mean, I chose done that so. Right. I don't want to keep doing the same thing. It's not just because it's a viral hit like in quotes.


Can I tell you, which is one of my favorites, that it was it was so much fun. I've watched like 20 times and I watch it with Jennifer.


It was the one that I don't know what the hell I'm going to bust the name of. Yeah, you guys were trying to do like the washing machine and she was imitating and she would go and that thing was unbelievable.


I mean, crazy. And it was so much fun. And she loves it. I mean, she loves you. She adores you.


I mean, every time she comes out, I go, do you mind doing this? We end up doing this whole thing. You know, I do this for you and any other show. Come on. But you were always doing a giant routine. We're doing a dance battle. And so all we give you is the title. We don't give you the dance. So you go, all right, here we go. Do the washing machine or whatever.


I just did. She did this dance that was of course, she's going to be amazing, but she doesn't know what the words are. We actually did surprise her.


So she did this swirling around Washington. That was awesome. And I think I want to say you guys were at a game or something the next night and they played that on the Jumbotron and the crowd went crazy. It's like but that was a good move.


But sometimes you do things that you don't know it's going to pop. It's just going to be a good bit.


Or sometimes you take a big giant swing. It's really full production.


And, you know, yeah, there's you really don't care about that.


Those are topics and whatever. But I mean, I've had some of these that flop, but some of the things that work, I think the point of my thing is keep your head down and things just start popping and have you guys change at all.


Like, you know, with the YouTube obviously becoming huge Twitter, Instagram, have you changed at all where you're trying to write for the Internet? More and less for TV?


No, but I think we've always written kind of being friends with the Internet and supporting social media. Yeah. From day one. Yeah. So we never changed. That was our thing from the start. We always done that. I think if you start looking for that, it's a different game. I think it's a different medium.


And I think there's there's people that are really good at just that.


You know, I think that we've been lucky to do our thing because at the end of the day, just kind of want to chill out, relax, watch a show that was just it's comforting.


It's like having, you know, chicken soup for the soul.


Yeah. I just want to see them talk and you make funny jokes.


I don't want to think, you know, that's why I think a lot of these reality shows are giant hits because you're like it's kind of mindless television, you know, I love it. All right. I don't really have to think about The Bachelor, but I guess I can think of a pilot, Pete.


And if he's, you know, Hanabi is leaving going to fight Hannah. Ah, and Hanna age doesn't like, you know, Hanna Denia. There's like twenty Hanna's in the show and they're all entrepreneurs. Yeah it's fantastic but it's great TV.


Yeah but I'm a fan of that stuff. Yes.


My last question is I love that you wrote these books for kids. It's so cool.


Your first word will be Dada. That's one of the titles. The other one this is Baby. But you know, I love the books. I want to know what made you think of that. And like like me, you have two girls. You're was a little younger. Yeah. I've learned so many lessons from my girls. Is there one or two things that your daughters have taught you? Oh, man.


It's just the innocence of of kids is just the most amazing thing in the world.


I remember well, I mean, I wanted to write that data book because I guess it doesn't it is considered a book, but I'd say it's a book. I read it this morning. I told you that. I read it this morning. It's right about ten words, no doubt. Those are my type of books. More it's more.


More of a tweet. Yes. Yeah. And a book.


But it's you know, it is there's an unwritten competition between moms and dads is if the kid says, Dad, I remember first it's you don't talk about it.


But I go, there's nothing supporting this for dads out there. So I go, if you just just keep reading the word dad's mood at that quack, totally cheating. But it's like I was I was like that with my kid.


I would give him a bottle and I go, Do you want to do what you did? I don't care if the baby's dumb.


I'll they'll figure that out later on I to go to school. I go this way. I get it for the history books. Dad, I was the first word so it didn't work. It was mama but the second one they said daddy. But I think nice it use my wife. So she helped me out with that one.


I love the work. And then I think as far as like, you know, it really is made me it makes me like other kids more, which I never thought I'd do because I, I don't want anyone hurting my kids or hurting their feelings or being mean to my. And I don't want them to be mean to other kids, but if I see anyone being mean or kind of not paying much attention to some other kid, I fear for them.


Yeah. And bring them over and go, hey, come on, play with us. It's really changed the way like I see it on the playground. Let's play with this kid. That's I was playing with him.


So it's really changed the way, you know, in a restaurant, if I heard a baby crying or but sometimes we get that kid out here and said, I'm like, let's go. I've been there.


Give me the kid. I'll hold the kids. That's gone. You enjoyed the meal. I'll take her for a walk around the parking lot, come back with your kid, which is crazy.


We're not going to air this till May. So we will we had everyone sign an NDA and this entire room, OK? No one could say anything. All right. Tell us where Tom Brady's going. Oh, we're not going to say it until May. But you were with him.


Go ahead. Just he told you what he told me.


That's right. But we all signed. So you won't air this. We will not air may. So you'll look like a genius like you knew. And you can be like Jimmy obviously knew he was on the no.


So he's going to be Zevo. Are you gonna hang out? Wouldn't it. He hate me. He would hate you. Hate me.


Drafted the best and you know the the best because you guys are doing the old school SFO when they ran and tried to dive for the ball, what was the one that used to bounce off football office off like a netting and you have to catch the ball.


That was arena football. Arena football was electric. He put up on crazy stats.


And Jimmy, I want to say from Dan and I and barstool, we thank you so much. You're the best.


You guys too good for your stud. You don't mention that. I didn't mean that to me. Yes, I don't.


I mean, you really got to go to therapy, therapy, therapy. Would you say let me just rip off a couple other random questions. Say you're dropping out of college is a good idea. No. OK, well, I mean, you look where you ended up. Yeah. It's pretty, pretty awesome.


I didn't go to college. OK, what makes I wrote this, but this one is funny. You know, I didn't even go to. Yes, I did. What makes A-Rod a bad guest?


It's fantastic. Yeah, that was a trick question that we see there. I don't know if you realize what I did.


Oh. Have you thought about doing LeBron hashtags for LeBron for the hashtag game? Because LeBron has the best hashtag in the world, like one of his last ones. This is a full hashtag. Just my thoughts coming from a sports junkie.


Regardless, my own sport I play can't be a lot of people that will follow you on Twitter, but be a million and how many friends you actually have.


Family, hey, doesn't count here. He said, Hank, he's give me the no A-Rod when I see him, although I texted him on Friday, did not respond. I consider you my friend. No, I will tell everyone we are right now. We're friends there.


Jamie, thank you so much. You're the best brother I got.