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Hi, it's Robin Sharma and welcome to Daily Mastery. This is my short form podcast where I'll walk you through the insights, methodologies and tactics that I've shared with many of the world's most successful people as their mentor, including celebrity billionaires, NBA superstars, world class artists and global humanitarians. I hope you find great value in today's episode. Hey, it's Robin Sharma, and what I wanted to do is show up here today and walk you through some specific tactics on how great leaders navigate Kreiss times of crisis.


And I'm going to get right into it. I'm going to go through five specific tactics. You definitely want to watch these and learn about them right to the end. Remember, great leaders are great learners. Great leaders are great learners right now. A lot of people are concerned about joblessness. One of the things I would invite you to ask yourself is how can I deliver so much value to my organization and to my marketplace that I become indispensable not only to my organization, but to the marketplace.


So five tactics to be a great leader in deep crisis. Number one, go macro. What what am I mean by go macro? Well, in difficult times it's very easy to miss. The forest for the trees is very easy to become so granular, so invested in the news, so frightened about what's going on every day that you fail to rise to the mountaintop and ask yourself what's really going on here. And so point number one, go macro.


It's also about being strategic or being a philosopher right now with so much noise, so much stress, so much difficulty, so much bad news, so much toxicity, you definitely want to pull back from the noise.


And make the time to reflect, you want to read some books about perhaps how economies have worked for hundreds of years, perhaps how great leaders have navigated hard times, you want to read some books about perspective on life? What is life about the seasons, the good times, the bad times. So tactic No. One in this time of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated lock down and the associated economic volatility from a world being in lockdown for six months, go macro.


Ask yourself this question what's going on here? And then deconstruct it in terms of the pandemic, in terms of the global economy, in terms of your national economy, in terms of what job loss and social unrest will mean for you, your family, your career, your business. Number two, once you have deconstructive, what is going on? The prescient. It's a new word I've been playing with.


It's not my word, of course, but as I understand it, to be prescient means to see the future. Steve Jobs was prescient.


He didn't do study groups and consumer studies on what products Apple should do know, he said or asked himself, where do I what do I think our people, our customers need?


And then he offered that to people. I watched the video from last night and he said we weren't really worried about the technology. First, we were worried about the user experience first, and then we worked backward to deliver the user experience, in other words, the product that people wanted.


And then we figured out what the technology had to be. That's very different from a lot of tech companies where they basically say, oh, we've got some great technology now let's figure out how we can build a product around it based on the great technology. So the tactic no, to be prescient, once you crunch the data, once you read valuable news, once you study the great books, once you listen to the videos of the people who know what they're talking about, whether it's about the coronavirus, whether it's about the economy, whether it's about productivity, whether it's about entrepreneurship in times of crisis, once you have gone macro tactic number one.


Tactic number two is ask yourself this question. Where's it all going? Where's it all going? So I've actually built a four step system for you. No, and it's a series of four questions. If you are an entrepreneur, if you are a leader, if you are a human being, take some time.


As soon as I finish to go through this four question protocol. Trust me, it'll be so valuable. You can do it. I'm still a lawyer at heart. I guess I do it on my Yellow Pages for questions.


Number one, what's happening, what's happening, what's happening in the world right now? What's happening with the second second rounds of what do they call them? Second waves of coronavirus? What's happening with the global economy? What's happening with the central banks, what's happening with unemployment? What's happening to small businesses? Question number one, what's happening? Question number two, great question. I proposed to you. What are the threats and vulnerabilities? What are your threats and vulnerabilities?


I work with heavyweight entrepreneurs most of the time. One of the things I'm asking them to do is ask, what are your threats and your vulnerabilities? Because with better remember the five a.m. club, the Three-step success formula, with better awareness of your threats and vulnerabilities, you can make better choices which are going to give you better results.


So you don't want to be a. Like a sheep, you don't want to be asleep. I received a DM from a good soul yesterday saying, Robin, you know, when you talk about the economy, it makes me scared. You know, please don't talk about the economy or where you think things are going to go. And her words were it's super irresponsible for you to do that. And I politely replied, I believe it's very responsibility responsible for me to speak.


Honestly, I I don't ever want to be a sugary type of.


I don't know, content creator or whatever, I mean, I care about everyone who follows me, and so I must speak my truth as honestly as possible. And if it scares someone because we are in a scary time, then forgive me, but that's not on me. Work through your fear battle proof yourself to get stronger versus looking for people who offer you sugary hope. Do I offer hope? Absolutely. Will this get better? Absolutely. Are better times ahead?


Absolutely. Is this a is this a time of incredible opportunity for your creativity and productivity? Absolutely. But I also want to offer. Honesty at all times. Hopefully that's helpful. So this forced that protocol, what's happening right now? Number two, what are your threats and vulnerabilities get really clear on your threats and your vulnerabilities. Number three, what are your pivots and your protections? What are you pivot's and your protections? You want to do some scenario planning for your business, for your family, for your life, so that you have your protections in place.


Number four, what are your opportunities? Do a list of all of the opportunities right now to serve more people, to create astonishing value for your marketplace, to build a fantastic team or to lean out your business or to get really fit or to use the next few months as a laboratory on personal mastery.


Tactic number three.


If you are scared right now, if you are depleted right now, if you are craving pizza every night right now, if you don't think there is a brighter future ahead right now, what's the antidote?


Get stronger. You know, for the people who are terrified right now, ducking their heads in the sand and saying, you know, I wish this would all go away. And I say this with great respect, but the solution is not to duck your head in the sand. The solution is to grow stronger as an entrepreneur, as a leader and as a human being, we are built to grow, we are built to change.


That's what neuroplasticity is all about.


How do you grow stronger as a leader, as an entrepreneur, so that your confidence rises, so your energy rises, so your hope rises, so your execution ability rises?


Well, it goes in large part to your morning routine, in large part to your morning routine that one hour of the day.


And if you were interested in it, if you're not interested in it, no sweat. If you're interested in it, definitely read the five a.m. club, listen to the audio book. Do it today. It's what it's about. It's the morning routine that I've talked to many of the world's most successful leaders to battle proof their mindsets, heart sets, health sense and soul sets. The antidote to fear is strengthening your inner core. And there's four interior empires that I teach in the five am club mindset.


Heart set, health set, soul set. Your mindset is your psychology. Your heart set is your emotionality. Your health said is your physicality. Your soul said is your spirituality once and at five a.m. to six a.m.. What I call in the book the victory hour.


When you do the tactics I teach in the book to battle proof your inner core, then you go out into the world operating from an interior position of power versus being dependent on what's going on in the world. The great spiritual masters, for example, we're so strong in terms of internal foundation of power that they won out in the world, even if they were in Robben Island, even if they were in a war zone, they remain strong. I think of Winston Churchill, May 10, 1940, when he became prime minister.


That was his finest hour because though the world was falling apart in World War Two.


He rose in his heroism, I guess what I'm suggesting to you is to be a great leader in times of deep crisis is an inside job more than an outside game.


So let me summarize so far. Tactic number one, go macro.


Don't get caught up in the daily stresses. Trivialities go up to the top of the mountain and survey what's going on in your marketplace, what's going on in the world. Be very thoughtful right now.


Be a contrarian, read the people I study and believe in are contrarians, you do not want to think like most people are thinking. You want to be very thoughtful. You don't want to be a superficial thinker. You want to go granular. You want to be very rigorous and really spend a lot of time right now thinking through where is my marketplace going, where should I take my business, where should I take my life? Where should I take my lifestyle?


So tactic No. One was go macro tactic number two was to be prescient. Don't worry about where things are today. Worry about where things are going.


Who was it that said the best way to predict the future is to create it? If you're one of the millions of entrepreneurs who follow me, please remember, this is an incredible time to build an even greater business, to serve even more people, to deliver even more value to the marketplace that helps more people. This is a fantastic time to be. Exponentially creative. It's a remarkable time to disrupt your industry and to bring astonishing value that no one else is bringing, most entrepreneurs are contracting right now.


A lot of entrepreneurs are blaming right now. The best entrepreneurs are asking themselves. What value or poetry, I call it poetry or artistry, what artistry must I bring to the world right now that people most need?


You know, I'm working on my new book right now, I've been working on it for four months excuse me, six months, February, March, April, May, June, July, I guess this is my seventh month of living, breathing.


That's along with being with my family and protecting my mindset, hearts and health and soul set in lockdown.


I have been deeply working on this new book, on this manuscript and this all this quietude, because I'm not traveling, I'm not doing keynote speeches.


I'm not, you know, out there with my team doing video shoots. I have been living and breathing the new book.


And one of the big questions I'm asking, there's there's a few questions I'm asking before I start writing every morning. And one of them is I pray to spirit.


I pray to the force that runs the world, call a possibility to call a God, call it the universe.


But I pray, you know, how may I best serve through through this manuscript?


And so I pray for guidance to write the words and to offer the insights that will be most of use to as many people as possible in this time of great uncertainty and deep volatility.


And then I ask myself before I start writing each session, we're almost every session I ask myself, how can this new book be so valuable to people that it's it's just like astonishing value for twenty dollars or thirty dollars. So all I'm trying to say to you right now is this is a time of incredible opportunity. People are in need.


We must serve. And the best entrepreneurs are asking themselves what are the problems people are most struggling with and how can I provide solutions in my business to serve those needs?


So tactic number three is battle proof your four interior empires, if you're afraid right now, if you don't have any energy, if you can't get out of bed, if you think it's all falling apart, work on yourself.


So you fortify your interior heroism. Don't blame the world. Don't blame the economy. Don't blame the coronavirus that's giving away your hero power to build an even better life right now.


I think that's a really important point. Every time you complain, blame, give away your power to the coronavirus, to the economy. You're becoming more power, less. You have power because you are human. So the antidote to fear itself, mastery work, and if you were to ask me, when's the best time to do it, of course, five a.m., why do you think the Saints and the Titans and the Warriors and the great poets and the great sages got up before the sun?


There's no distraction. It's quiet. Your brain is fresh, your heart is open. You read a book on philosophy. It goes deeper because you are more present, more available. Tactic number four, build agility. The way business was in March of 2020 is the way business was Kansas. I think this is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but Kansas has gone bye bye.


And so forgive me, I don't mean to scare anyone, but my job is to tell the truth. And if it scares you, work on becoming less scared versus shooting the messenger, who who who cares about you, I'm not going to just give you sugary hope.


Am I going to give you hope? Absolutely.


But I want to tell it like it is versus giving you false hope. And I don't think the world is going to be the way it was in early in February of 2020. I think this is a fundamental restructuring going on.


With humanity, with society, the economy and spiritual and spiritually. There is a great restructuring and a great awakening happening on the planet. And ultimately, the universe knows what she's doing. We are being taken to a better place.


Blazingly bright dawns always follow the deepest darkness of the night, so we're being taken to a better place and we're being strengthened and we're being purified as a planet, as a society and as human beings. And the process is scary and it's tough. That's why the mystics call it the dark night of the soul. So rather than resisting it all, tactic number four, it our discomfort carries our growth by resisting it.


You're resisting your growth. May we be agile? Here's a great question you can ask yourself. How can I learn to love the pain? How can I learn to roll with the discomfort?


If you are an entrepreneur, how can I stop resisting what is and become more adaptive and use and leverage the mess and storms to build a faster, more agile, more innovative, more profitable, more high impact company versus why is it all falling apart?


And I wish things were the way they were. The great leaders of business, the Titans, who I have mentored for 24 years, are not sitting back right now. They are rolling up their sleeves and building even better shops. Building even better teams or leaning out their teams to build more efficiency, cutting costs, improving their products, being more imaginative. I hope this is helping you tactic number five, use this time in lockdown and then when I mentioned that yesterday in the Instagram live and people said, you know, our our economies are opening up, I understand that.


But there are also relock lockdowns happening. Look at Australia, for example. Look at America, for example. So we are not out of this at all. And some people are saying, Deepend, the coronavirus will be with us for a long time. Look, I hope I hope I mean, the Oxford trial was very optimistic. It looks like we're close to a vaccine.


I hope we have a vaccine by the end of the year or next year, you know, early next year. Fantastic.


I'm hopeful that I'm a possibility and great.


But I also memorialised. And please don't shoot the messenger for being real and honest.


I hope for a vaccine soon, but it's possible we might not have one for a couple of years possible, so wouldn't you want to know that that is possible?


And then to battle proof your business, protect your family, fortify your health and create a lifestyle where you navigate the change that's coming? And that's what I'm doing with the people in my online mentoring program called The Circle of Legends.


That's what I'm doing with my highest level people that I coach in Iconix. That's what I'm trying to do for the people who I mentor. Why did I come on to Instagram live today? I want to remind you about these things. You want to hope for the best. You want to prepare for the worst. Isn't that what any good leader does or any sane human being?


So. Tactic number five is use this time in lockdown, whether it ends tomorrow, which it won't. Too, as an artistic sabbatical used this time in and enforced quietude. To read hundreds of books or audio books use this time is. Sort of like Walden's. Thoreau's book, Walden, where he spent, I believe, a year by a pond in Massachusetts in contemplation and so metaphorically speaking, use this as your time in Walden read hundreds of books.


Watch intelligent videos. Keep a journal where you detect and start to deconstruct your business, new products, new ways of living, deconstruct what's happening in the world right now, deconstruct the global economy, deconstruct how some leaders are rising and some leaders are falling apart, deconstruct where humanity is going, deconstruct at 5:00 a.m. while the rest of the world is asleep.


How you want to live the next 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years of your life deconstruct the human being, you want to be in hot pursuit for a better world while everyone else is escaping right now through the medication of digital diversion diversion, which is only creating digital dementia. I'm so passionate to serve, this is the time when leaders emerge. This is a time where you get to show us your heroism.


This is a time where you get to dial in your nutrition, your hydration, your noot, your physical fitness, your spiritual heartiness. It was easy to serve the world when things were easy. How do you show up now?


OK, so the five tactics were go macro, be prescient battle proof your four interior empires increase agility so that you become comfortable being uncomfortable so that you roll with the volatility as a leader, as an entrepreneur, you you leverage it to your advantage.


Like what's that? Martial arts. Isn't it Jude Jujitsu, which is all about adapting and using the other person's force? One of the best examples I know of Bruce Lee. Be like water.


Be like water. That's what tactic number four is. Be like be agile. OK, it's a hard season on the planet, it's a hard season of business, how can I adapt? And yes, that was my martial arts move.


Yeah, I know I need a lot of work on my martial arts skills, I only got to Green Belt when I did taekwondo. As you can tell, No. Five used this time in enforced quietude for an artistic sabbatical, paint, read, read hundreds of books, you know, do deconstructions in your journal. I you know, I should I should teach how I I did this a personal mastery academy, my life event. And I used to do it a lot at the Titan summit, but I'm not doing the Titan summit anymore.


And because I want to keep growing and I did it for seven years and so many people are asking me, Robin, please do the Titan summit again.


But I want to keep on growing and I want to keep on looking for the next mountain top. I am doing Personal Mastery Academy again in June of twenty twenty one for everyone asking. But what I'm saying right now is use this time for an artistic sabbatical. I hope this has been extraordinarily valuable and tactical to you.


If you like what you've heard today and if you're serious about going probably twenty five times deeper in the content I've just shared, definitely read the five AM Club. My it's it's available on Amazon. People are loving the audio book from Audible or Amazon.


If bookstores are open in your community and you feel it's safe, you wear a mask, of course, but you know how to find the book. And it's one of the best selling books in the world right now because it creates transformation, simply said. I hope he received excellent value in today's episode of Daily Mastery, if you'd like to go deeper. Head over to Robin Shamarko, where you can download the World Changers Manifesto, my free ebook. You'll also get full access to the everyday hero training formula, a truly world class video based learning program that will help you upgrade your productivity, your impact and the quality of your life.


I wish you an amazing day.