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Hi, it's Robin Sharma and welcome to Daily Mastery. This is my short form podcast where I'll walk you through the insights, methodologies and tactics that I've shared with many of the world's most successful people as their mentor, including celebrity billionaires, NBA superstars, world class artists and global humanitarians. I hope you find great value in today's episode.


Be present practice and train around being Jedi level present so that you see your behavior, you know, you see your impact of what you do every day on the people around you in the world at large, being present is so powerful when you're working, be fully present.


When you're locking the door to your home, be present when you're at work or in front of a customer, be present. So you're caring for the details. You're giving them world class service. You're hearing their pain points.


Presence is a GCA are gargantuan competitive advantage in this world of fragmented attention, digital diversion and overwhelming complexity. I hope he received excellent value in today's episode of Daily Mastery. If you'd like to go deeper, head over to Robin Sharma. Com, where you can download the World Changers Manifesto, my free ebook. You'll also get full access to the everyday hero training formula, a truly world class video based learning program that will help you upgrade your productivity, your impact and the quality of your life.


I wish you an amazing day.