Happy Scribe

Hi, it's Robin Sharma and welcome to Daily Mastery. This is my short form podcast where I'll walk you through the insights, methodologies and tactics that I've shared with many of the world's most successful people as their mentor, including celebrity billionaires, NBA superstars, world class artists and global humanitarians. I hope you find great value in today's episode. Be a helper versus a taker, one of the defining traits of the most successful people I have coached, the billionaires, the players, the celebrity CEOs, the Fortune 500 companies, the fastest teams, they have installed a belief system that the person who serves the most wins.


One of my favorite interviews is Charlie Rose interviewing Ted Turner. As you know, Ted Turner created CNN. Ted Turner was dismissed. He was laughed at. No one ever imagined a twenty four hour cable news channel would get any traction. You know, and this man, I'd encourage you to really read and study about Ted Turner's life. I mean, he won America's Cup. He started the Cartoon Network. He started the Goodwill Games.


This man is an industry titan study as much as you can about the way he thinks, the way he behaves, his values, his rituals, his routines. Why? Because as you do and then apply them and execute them and wire them in, you'll get the results he starts to get.


But what I want to share with you is in this interview with Charlie Rose, he went back to Rotary. See, Ted Turner was a Rotarian, just like my father was a Rotarian. And he said, you know, he who serves the best, Prosper's the most.


I'm going to repeat that again, because it's so profound, at least to me, and I'm sure it is to you, he who serves the best, Prosper's the most. And at the end of the day, leadership and high performance and being a titan is about value distribution to as many people as possible.


And if you really want to rise to mastery, wake up every morning and spend five minutes thinking about this fundamental question, reflecting on it, letting this question wash over your brain cells and your heart cells right to your very core.


How may I serve the most people? Because if that becomes your obsession, you will work with love. Your work will be. Go level, your passion will be Steph Curry level or Michael Jordan level or Muhammad Ali level or Djokovic level. And everything else will take care of itself. I hope he received excellent value in today's episode of Daily Mastery, if you'd like to go deeper. Head over to Robin Shamarko, where you can download the World Changers Manifesto, my free ebook.


You'll also get full access to the everyday hero training formula, a truly world class video based learning program that will help you upgrade your productivity, your impact and the quality of your life. I wish you an amazing day.