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Florida, it gets a bad rap for crazy senior citizens.


Crystal meth, gator attacks, toxic algae, Mar a Lago, sinkholes out and lightning strikes. But now it's also making a name for itself, forgiving ex felons their right to vote.


That's the Sunshine State just gained more than one million voters. Voters agree to restore voting rights to convicted felons except murderers and sexual offenders.


That was one of the many amendments on the ballot amendment for Desmond Meade is the director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition that helped pass Amendment four, one point four million people back voting by mail. Mission accomplished. Good job.


Unfortunately, it's not that simple. We had legislators in Florida mandated the payment of fines and fees before they're able to register to vote.


I see why Florida shaped like a date because they are always trying to give us.


That's right, the Republican controlled legislature swooped in to ruin the party by making re franchise voters pay for the right to vote like USQUE laws that these politicians put in place adversely impact people who are poor and minority communities.


So basically, this bill affects black Democrats.


This law affects people from all walks of life, from all political persuasions. And in the day, we live in a state where presidential elections have been decided by less than six hundred votes. Right.


So this effort is entirely nonpartisan and not aimed at helping poor black people. I didn't believe Desmond. And then I met Gary late in the day.


If it wasn't for the coalition, you know, it would be very difficult for me to do that and be able to vote in November. I think it's very important for everybody out there and with that record to move on, forget about your past and try to improve your life from there on out. When I was 60 years old, put myself through college. I can do it. They can do it. But I was great.


So now you can get out there and vote for the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.


I'm voting for John. I'm sorry. You say what? I'm voting for Trump. Hang on a second, man.


This is a connection. You're breaking up. I know who you say you voted for and voted for Donald Trump.


And it's not just Gary. His wife Erica's is on the Trump train, too. I voted for Trump in 2016 and I will vote for Trump in twenty three.


Well, thank goodness you can vote for a Republican in spite of Republicans trying to block you from voting for a Republican right on.


But a disproportionate number of returning citizens that would get the right to vote again are black, don't you think? Having a law on the books that mandates that they pay fines and fees first is a little a little racist?


I don't believe that at all. Can I answer that?


Oh, absolutely. I say no. You want to know why all lives matter? We all bleed the same, we're all children of God, our best friends are black. Do you know every song at their wedding? Now, according to Gary, I'm happy that you had your right to vote restored and and I hope you execute that right to vote at the polls on November 12th, in the November 3rd, I promise, just 12.


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