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You're listening to Comedy Central now. Hey, everybody, what's going on? Welcome to The Daily Social Distancing Show. I'm Trevor Noah. It is Tuesday, August twenty fifth, and we are now just 17 days away from the election. That's the reason you're starting to hear all those Election Day songs on the radio. Anyway, on tonight's show, The Strange Mix of Hope and Fear. In night, one of the RNC, Jerry Falwell Junior, reads from the Book of Sexy Revelations and Roy Wood Jr.


and Desi Lytic played democracy's most depressing game show. So let's do this, people.


Welcome to the Daily Social Distancing Show in New York City to your account somewhere in the world, The Daily Show presents. The Republican National Convention celebrating February's record. Yesterday was the start of the Republican National Convention, the first and only time Donald Trump has renewed his vows and going into the convention. I thought it was going to be tough for Donald Trump to sell himself for another four years. I mean, mostly because, you know, we live in a place called Hell Scape where one hundred and eighty thousand people have died and we can't go to a movie or hug our grandparents.


But then I watched the convention. And guys, it turns out that Donald Trump has actually done a really good job by preventing all of that from happening.


From the very beginning, Democrats, the media and the World Health Organization got coronavirus wrong. One leader took decisive action to save lives.


President Donald Trump, the president, quickly took action and shut down travel from China. Donald Trump's quick action and leadership saved thousands of lives during covid-19.


President Trump truly moved mountains to save lives, and he deserves credit.


Just imagine what 20 20 would have looked like fighting for your life without Donald Trump fighting for it, too, huh?


Imagine what 20, 20 would have been like without Donald Trump.


Hey, do you want to go eat dinner inside a restaurant? OK, cool. I'll see you then.


You're right. That would have sucked. Essentially, they're trying to convince everyone that this massive failure is actually a massive achievements, which is not something normal people do when they apply for a job.


I see on your resume. Here it says that you crashed a car into Dunkin Donuts. Yeah, dude.


But it would have been like a lot worse if Joe Biden was driving. And it's especially crazy considering that at the last RNC, all they talked about was the four dead Americans in Benghazi. But now they're acting like Trump did a great job by only having forty five thousand Benghazi. But I guess it's true. Without Trump taking any action. Millions more Americans could have died. So good on Republicans for seeing the glass of bleach half full. But Trump's failure with coronavirus is only one perception Republicans needed to change at their convention.


Another one is that the GOP is a whop, a White House party. So last night the party showcased their diversity by giving speaker slots to all four of America's black Trump supporters. And I don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of the week. I mean, Tim Scott has already spoken, so we're going to have to bring him back out on Wednesday with a fake mustache, like, hello, it's me, Senator Rimshot and I also support Donald Trump.


And while some of the black speakers last night attested to how not racist Trump is, one of the speakers went even further and declared that the real racists are the Democrats.


You may be wondering why is a lifelong Democrat speaking at the Republican National Convention? And that's a fair question. And here's your answer. The Democratic Party does not want black people to leave their mental plantation. We've been forced to be there for decades and generations. But I have news for Joe Biden. We are free. We are free people with free minds. So let me get the straight.


When other groups organize and vote by their interests, they get a fancy name like voting blocs. But when black people do it, you get told you're acting like an extra on routes. And why is it that the people who always say you should be a free thinker have a very specific set of instructions on how to think? Think for yourselves, black people? I man, I'm going to do that. I'm a vote for the Democrats. No, I said think for yourselves.


Vote Republican. OK, maybe I'll vote independent. You better start thinking for yourself. I mean, black women in this country vote Democrat more than anybody else. And I'll tell you now, nobody is more of a free thinker than a black woman. I dare you to try and brainwash a black woman. You'll come out of that joining her cult.


I mean, the guilt of, as she said and also this argument is especially confusing coming from this dude, because he's saying the Democrats are trying to enslave you. Also, I'm a lifelong Democrat. That's like every confused meme on the Internet at once. Like, does that mean he's keeping his own voters on the mental plantation? I feel like I need to watch twelve years of mental slave to understand what he's talking about. Now, to be fair, it's not that the RNC completely denied the existence of racism in America.


They just think that racism is a less systemic problem and more of a personal obstacle on the way to an inspirational triumph.


And two of their best speeches actually came from people who have made that exact journey.


America is not a racist country. My father wore a turban. My mother wore sorry. I was a brown girl and a black and white world. We face discrimination and hardship, but my parents never gave in to grievance. Hate my grandfather's ninety ninth birthday would have been tomorrow, he suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as a third grader, yet he lived long enough to see his grandson become the first African-American to be elected to both the United States House and the United States Senate in the history of this country.


Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.


Look, whatever you think about Nikki Haley and Tim Scott, you cannot deny that they have inspiring stories.


But here's the thing about them using their stories to show how exceptional America is. Haley and Scott are literally the exceptions. The fact that Tim Scott is one of the only black senators and Nikki Haley was one of the only minority governors is, if anything, an argument for the existence of systemic racism in America, not against it. Imagine being the sole survivor of a plane crash, looking around at the wreckage and going, wow, I wish all these other passengers could have persevered and overcome this crash, just like me.


Shout out to Boeing. I mean, if America didn't have a racism problem, then their achievements wouldn't be a big deal. Getting elected as a minority would be as easy as, say, mailing a letter. I mean, that's a bad example, but you know what I mean. What I want is a world where a black man becoming a senator isn't inspirational. That's when black people will have really made it.


When there's a black senator who is just like, yeah, so my dad was a CEO and then his billionaire friend started a super PAC. So I guess I'm here now. Of course, there's really only one speaker anyone at the Republican convention wants to hear from, and that's Donald. Jerry Falwell. Trump. Well, I'm sorry to tell you that the president did not speak in primetime last night, but we did get a speech from his oldest disappointment, Don Junior, who briefly turned the convention into an infomercial.


My father's entire world view revolves around the idea that we can always do even better. Imagine the life you want to have, one with a great job, a beautiful home, a perfect family. You can have it. Imagine the country you want to live in. One with true equal opportunity. You can have it. Heroes are celebrated and the good guys win. You can have it. That is the life. That is the country. That is the world that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are after.


And yes, you can have it honestly, but you're hating Assad.


You have to admit, Don Junior would make a great motivational speaker and not in the traditional way where he inspires you with quotes more like in a way where people would look at him and say, that guy can run a giant company and speak at a major political convention. That guy just imagine what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it.


Also, if Donald Trump has already been president for almost four years, then why do we still have to imagine how great life could be if he was president? Trump's presidency is like your 40 year old cousin's career. If it hasn't been successful by now, it's not going to be. But if Don Junior couldn't get you on board with his vision of America, maybe the problem was that your TV volume wasn't loud enough.


In which case Dunn's girlfriend and former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle turned it up for you.


Do you believe in American greatness? Believe in yourself. In President Trump, his promise was to put America first. And he has. President Trump believes in you. He emancipates and lets you opt to live your American dream. You are capable, you are qualified, you are powerful, and you have the ability to choose your life and determine your destiny. Ladies and gentlemen, leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty and the American Dream. The best is yet to come.


That seem kind of loud to anyone. First of all, I want to wish a speedy recovery to anyone who was listening on headphones. I'm praying for you. And I guess we also found the one person who actually signed up for Rudy Giuliani's masterclass America.


You know, when you're at a party and the music turns off and then all of a sudden you're talking way too loud. That's basically what Guilfoile did for an entire speech.


And then I shed my pants. And aside from the speech being so loud that Canada called the cops, the actual content was also ridiculous. Donald Trump believes in me. The dude also believes in Kim Jong un and hydroxyl chloroquine.


I don't want to be in that group. So those were the big speeches, a full throated defense of the idea that there's nothing Americans can't do if they put their minds to it, although there was also another big idea running through the whole night, which is that the one thing Americans won't be able to overcome is Joe Biden, who will leave the country a permanently smoking ruin.


Joe Biden and the radical left are now coming for our freedom of speech. They want to destroy this country. They want to steal your liberty, your freedom. You will not recognize this country or yourself.


They want to abolish the suburbs altogether. No matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the vengeful mob that seeks to destroy our way of life.


The party that wants to burn down the foundations of our country to the ground crime, violence and mob rule.


They'll disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home, and invite MS 13 to live next door with no hope of escape except death itself.


Oh, good God. I'm terrified and confused because if Joe Biden gets elected, MS 13 is going to move in next door.


But we won't live there anymore because we'll be kicked out of the suburbs. And if we try to go to church, the Democrats will call the cops on us. But there won't be any cops because they defunded the police. So we'll have to take ourselves to prison. But they abolished the prisons. So now all the criminals are out on the streets, which means they can shoot us, but they can't shoot us because the Democrats have taken away all the guns, which means all we can do is fight with our words, but we can't because words have been cancelled.


I don't know what it means.


I mean, damn, that was a terrifying evening. And wonder Don Dongjun was crying. But here's the thing that I don't think Republicans understand. It's hard to scare people about the damage Joe Biden could do after the damage Donald Trump has already done. Joe Biden could destroy your way of life. Dude, I'm Clorox wiping my grapes. How much worse could should get? Oh, and by the way, this is also a lesson for the Democrats because they spent four days of their convention basically pitching a return to normalcy and bringing Republicans into their tent.


I mean, John Kasich gave a full four minute speech and AOC had to fit her into a tick tock, but it didn't count for shit.


The RNC is still saying that Joe Biden is basically Joseph Stalin with a better smile. But that was not one of the RNC. And basically the party made sure that they had something for everyone. For people who feel like the country is in chaos, Trump will make it better for people who feel like things are going fine. Well, you have Trump to thank for that. If you're a minority racism, it's just a small bump on your way to an idyllic life in the suburbs.


And if you're scared of minorities, don't worry. Trump is going to keep them out of your idyllic suburbs. If you hard of hearing Kimberly Guilfoyle has you covered. And if Kimberly Guilfoyle made you hard of hearing, well, President Trump will release his big, beautiful health care plan any day now. All right, we have to take a quick break, but when we come back, we'll catch up on the trees. Russians and hot sex lives of America's most devout evangelicals.


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A Dotcom Trevor that's a Trevor for fifty dollars off any planned American Home Shield. Be sure with the shield limitations and exclusions apply. See plan for details. Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show, it is night two of the Republican National Convention, but it is also night infinity of everything else that's going on. So let's catch up on all the other news in our unconventional up.


Let's begin with Russia. It's like if a frown was a country for years, only one prominent politician has had the courage or stupidity to stand up to the autocratic ruler, Vladimir Putin. But for Putin, that was apparently one too many.


Doctors in Germany say a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin was likely poisoned. Remember, doctors in Siberia had blamed Alexei Navalny illness on a drop in blood sugar and evol. He was flown to Berlin for a treatment this weekend. The Russian dissident is in an induced coma.


His supporters believe that somebody poisoned his tea before he got on a flight in Russia over the past several years. Other Kremlin critics have been involved in apparent poisoning or suffer mysterious deaths.


That's right. Russia's most prominent dissident was poisoned at the airports. And that means it was either Vladimir Putin or he ate the food at LaGuardia. Either way, we need a full investigation. No, I mean, come on, let's be real. It was most probably Vladimir Putin. I mean, the man uses so much poison, I wouldn't be shocked if we find him at the Poison Island. Costco, should I buy 24 or 36? You always end up using it.


That's what makes it even more ridiculous that the Russian doctors didn't diagnose this as a poisoning. Although maybe that's how they teach it in Russian medical school. Doctor, this political dissident drink and then he collapsed. Yes, looks like he has a very common case of the Sleepy's. It happens to people who don't keep their mouths shut. I've got to say, it must be terrifying to live in a country where the leaders stay in power by trying to poison opposition candidates.


So much more children be in a country where they can just do it by shutting down the post office. But democracy in America isn't defeated just yet because yesterday Democrats in Congress called the postmaster general, Louie Dejoy, to get answers out of him about what the hell is going on with the US Postmaster General Lewis Dejoy, appearing on Capitol Hill yesterday to defend recent changes to the US Postal Service ahead of the November election.


Hearing before the House Oversight Committee was at times combative and an exchange with Congressman Kitty Porter of California, Dejoy acknowledged a lack of familiarity with some basic aspects of the Postal Service.


You don't know the cost to mail a postcard. I don't know what it's like one of those greeting cards.


It's a square envelope. Then what is the postage?


I submit that I know very little about a postage stamp within a million or so.


Can you tell me how many people voted by mail in the last presidential election?


No, I cannot go to the nearest 10 million.


I don't know, Mr. Teacher would be guessing and I don't want to guess. I'm glad you know the price of a stamp, but I'm concerned about your understanding of this agency.


God damn. Guys like the worst person to bring to a trivia night. OK, the next question is, what do you call the box that you put mail in?


Oh my God, thank God we've got the postmaster general on our team. What do you think, Joy?


OK, I know this one. They're blue. Oh, I'm taking all of them away.


I should know this, but in a way. This is kind of refreshing to watch, I mean, we're so used to seeing guys in power mansplaining and going, well, actually it's refreshing to see a man who's just like, look, lady, you tell me I don't know shit. But let's move on to Jerry Falwell Jr., presidents of America's foremost evangelical university and werewolf, that quick transformation. Falwell has been a fixture of the Christian conservative movement for 15 years since following his famous father into the family business.


But now all of a sudden, he's not.


All right. Breaking overnight, influential evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. is indeed out as president of Liberty University. After a tumultuous day where his fate lurched back and forth, Falwell was put on indefinite leave two weeks ago after he posted a photo on social media showing him and a woman both with their pants unbuttoned.


Questions about Jerry Falwell Junior's leadership at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, come after John Carlo Granda claimed in an interview with Reuters that he had a years long sexual relationship involving Falwell's wife and the evangelical leader. Grandis said he was 20 when he met the Falwell's while working as a pool attendant at a Miami Beach hotel in March of 2012. Grandis said their relationship continued until 2018 and involved him having sex with Becky Falwell while Jerry Falwell looked on.


OK, look, let's start off with this. What consensual adults do in their sex life is up to them. And I don't judge anybody for anything. You do whatever tickles your exposed fly. But Falwell has made it his business to judge what everyone else is doing with their sex lives. He speaks out against gay relationships. And until just five years ago, students at his university weren't allowed to do anything beyond holding hands or even watch R rated movies.


Meanwhile, he's apparently letting this pool boy check his wife's chlorination levels. Honestly, sometimes I think guys like this are reading a different Bible to the rest of us because the Bible I read says to love thy neighbor and judge, not lest you be judged first, but this guy's Bible is like these guys are gross. But here's something you can do that superhot. And look, I've said it before, nothing is more dangerous to a relationship than a sexy pool boy.


That is why I only use one of those pool cleaning robots. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still try to smash that thing, but it's not interested. And finally, an update on the terrible fires sweeping northern California.


The firefight continues for firefighters in northern California, where three major wildfires are still burning in the Bay Area. Two of those fires are the second and third largest ever recorded in California. In one week, the fires have scorched more than one point two million acres, an area the size of Rhode Island.


California has seen roughly 600 new wildfires pop up in just the past week. It's due to a combination of hot, dry weather and some 12000 lightning strikes.


This is big basin redwoods. It was devastated by flames. However, many of those huge, massive redwood trees have survived despite being burned.


OK, first of all, it is such a relief that most of the redwood trees survived this fire. Also, I like how they mentioned these fires of the size of Rhode Island. Three things are certain in life death, taxes and a California fire being compared to the size of a random state because we're all terrible at math. So if you're keeping score at home, we've got one point two million acres of wildfire, two hurricanes in one week and a pandemic raging across America.


I don't know if those are signs from God, but if I was Jerry Falwell Junior, I'd maybe stick to cold showers for a few weeks. When we come back. Where would Junior and Disyllabic host the hot new game show that you might be playing against your will? So stick around.


Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show. North Carolina is shaping up to be a battleground state this year, but will we be able to trust that its voters will be treated fairly well? Disyllabic and Roy Wood Junior find out in their new and confusing game show.


I'm Roy Wood Junior. She's Desi Libit. And this is America's Dad Suppression, the number one show about how the freest, most democratic country in the world keep some of its citizens from voting.


Tonight, we're in North Carolina, home of Sandy Beaches, delicious barbecue and the most beautiful plantation weddings that your sorority sisters never should have had.


That's right. Daisy in North Carolina is also ground zero for voting suppression in America. Let's meet our first contestant.


Jaden is a college senior who loves his lucky hat but doesn't love that his voting rights are being threatened by a voter ID law proposed by the state's Republican legislature.


My experience with voter suppression comes from The New York Times. And if somebody's trying to pass a voter I.D. amendment, I'm out of state student in a felony. So I don't have what they deem worthy IDs. And all I have is a driver's license and there must be a legitimate ID.


I mean, you can use it to get into the library. You can use it to get into bars. When you're under 18, you need everything. Use it to cut up cocaine. OK, well, so you can't vote with that.


You know, this law is being pushed by the Republican Party. And we all know college students tend to vote more Democratic, especially students at ABC use.


Yes, because that's historically African-American colleges and universities.


You can say black. Oh, OK. Historically black colleges and universities.


Wait, what did you just do? Let's go to our next contestant, Vashi hit. Smith is always wearing glasses and she was deprived of her voting power when her historically black college was Geremek. Gerrymandering is a mechanism that is used to draw voting districts to make sure you can get re-elected. I always thought it was a sex act.


No, it's when they dilute the power of a specific voting bloc, like splitting the school into two districts.


Just look at that map and tell me that district isn't getting out there. How did you fight back against this in North Carolina?


We've had court cases which it took a very long time to win the North Carolina Supreme Court. They decided that this was a partisan gerrymander, which is illegal every year, every election. There's always a fight. So that isn't making us the most oppressed. I don't know what does.


You know, Roy, I got to tell you, I have never experienced voter suppression before. Some people are just lucky, I guess.


I think privilege is the word you're looking for now. I think it's luck.


OK, next up is Dan McCreadie, a veteran and solar entrepreneur who has a friendly face.


And while running for Congress in twenty eighteen, his Republican opponents campaign allegedly used voter fraud to defeat him.


Wow. Something seems off with this guy. This is this doesn't seem right, because this guy's. This guy's white. You're white, right? Well, of course, his name is Dan. He's definitely white. Dan, I'm sorry about her.


OK, why do you think you've got what it takes to be the most oppressed?


What happened in my race, which was the largest case of election fraud in modern day American history? I thought we lost by nine hundred and five votes only to find out that my Republican opponent had hired a known criminal who sent workers to the doors of voters that they knew were likely to vote Democrats, including African-Americans.


Oh, Dan, you can say black. No, no, you can't. Dan, don't do that. Never mind, Dan.


Those workers stole their ballots. They forged signatures. They filled in vote choices for people.


It's interesting, D.C., because it's usually Republicans who accuse Democrats of voter fraud.


Huh. That is interesting.


But at the end of the day, the bipartisan board of elections in North Carolina voted five zero to hold a new election.


All right. So they held a new election, Desie, and he won his office and fought back on that suppression.


That's what I'm talking about, regulations, Dan. Now, that is a happy ending. Well, unfortunately, I didn't win. But the important thing is that in this case, the system worked.


So you lost twice, is what you're saying. He got cheated. He lost, and then he lost again.


I got to give it up to you that I've never seen anybody get suppressed twice in the same election. OK, time to take a last look at all our contestants and see which one has what it takes to win. America's got suppression.


That's right. Is it going to be restrictive ID laws, race based gerrymandering or outright voter fraud? This is tough. Absolutely.


And the winner of America's Got Suppression is Mitch McConnell.


Oh, that makes sense. When voters are suppressed, he wins every time.


To the other contestants, you lose.


So does democracy. Yes, it does. All right.


Well, it was fun playing with you. America's Got Suppression returns next week live from Atlanta, Georgia. You're making me do this again. Yeah. We have like forty nine more states to do. Thank you so much, Ryan Dessy, I can't wait for the next episode. All right, we have to take a quick break, but when we come back, I'll be talking to Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America himself, about his new mission to save voting.


So stick around. Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show. Today, I spoke with actors and filmmakers Chris Evans and Mark Kesten about their new venture called A Starting Point. It's a non-partisan platform where you can learn about issues directly from elected officials. And apparently it's only got facts. Check it out.


Coming back each time to the place we knew to people that were familiar and started to feel like we were doing something that was working and that people wanted to participate in.


But we're going to have to get to a permanent office. I don't know what kind of hope is that.


We can become synonymous with an unbiased presentation of what is going on in Washington.


Chris Mock, welcome to The Daily Social Distancing Show. Thank you for having us. So let's jump straight into this idea, a starting point, a website where, if I understand correctly, people can log on to just get the facts about politics and engage with their politicians. The question I have is, can you create a website that is non-partisan effects around politics or involved?


Sure. I mean, that's the challenge, isn't it? There's three sections to the site and I like to viewers go check it out themselves. But the first section is where we outsource to get fact check. That's where it is trying to demystify basic issues not only by the elected officials themselves, but try to give the electorate a perspective of not only the Democratic but the Republican perspective to know where they fall in the political landscape. There's no denying that.


Now, people say if a fact goes against what they believe in, well, then it's been influenced.


It's been faked. It's been affected. So, Mark, how do you play into convincing people that the fact is, in fact, a fact?


Chris and Joe, we talked a lot about this going in and how we would do that and what we would do. And if you look at the different fact check Web sites, it becomes arbitrary really quickly and very debatable. So what we did is the best that we could do. A, we keep the answers very short, so you can't say too much. Everything's OK. So that that stops too much bloviating, too. We handed it over to another organization that just handles accountable, dealing with policy and tracking bills.


So therefore, then when people want to say, well, we couldn't find any backup for that, we couldn't find any backup for this. And then it is incumbent on people to say, well, then where do we go to find more backup and some breadcrumbs? But we again, we're just a starting point.


I like that you call it that a starting point because it feels like I mean, please forgive the pun, but it feels like this is end game, you know, and now you're starting off where it feels like we are long past like people. People don't seem to care about what a thing is. They care about how it feels right now. So do you think you can get people back to a place where they go to look for facts before they make a decision on who or what they vote for?


Sure. I mean, even what you said earlier, that that kind of business of the obfuscation, deliberate obfuscation by a lot of people in power to kind of muddy the waters and it becomes this kind of, you know, a rigorous and I think that does breed a kind of disinterest and apathy. And so so I think what we're trying to fight against is, is the exhaustion of the political landscape can present with the dizzying of subjective information, subjective facts, and just trying to connect people back to elected officials, the political landscape itself in an effort to try and breed participation so that so that democracy doesn't die.


Not to be dramatic, but but that that's what'll happen.


And the folks in D.C. that you see on TV are talking about things that the folks who elected them are concerned with. That's what we're really committed to, more than saying this is the fact this is the way for we're not the authority. We're trying to help soften the tenor of the conversation to be a more productive dissonance.


That was good. Remember everything you said and one of your analogies now put that on this side so you don't have likes, you don't have dislikes, you don't have comments.


You don't have you you basically don't have the Internet on your on your Web site, which is I mean, it's very old school. But I would like to know, though, why don't you have likes? Why don't you have dyslexia? Why don't you have comments?


Well, because I think it's a bit of a negative reward mechanism. I mean, I may not be the only one on this call to say that, you know, it's it's not refreshing. You know, anytime you go and scroll through the comments section, you don't walk away saying, man, I feel better now. So so I think sometimes the tail can wag the dog. When it comes to political comment sections, I think you can kind of trick the algorithm, tailor what you want to say to encourage likes and seem louder or more relevant than you are.


And so I think we just wanted to kind of remove that. And again, I think that's actually one of the contributing factors that makes people turn away from politics, because it is the vitriol is just at an all time. Right. So I think to try and make the landscape committed to a more scholastic intent than kind of the kind of toxicity that sometimes, you know, individual opinions can have.


And then also, you know, we do have one way that people can get feedback, which is they can take two actions on our side. One is to register to vote, and the other is they can connect to their elected officials directly. They can reach out. But I think we've registered almost seven thousand people to vote so far and over thirty five thousand people have reached out to their elected officials. So at least to us, an engagement is if you reach out to your elected official and engage.


And you register to vote actually do something. Chris, I have to ask you this question. There's no there's no denying that many people consider you will be right online. People know. No. That you share your views. You have left leaning views. You're a progressive. You've never hidden this to be the face of one of the faces of this website means that some people are going to automatically assume that some of the things you are doing are trying to push people to the left.


How do you assure people that it's not happening? And more importantly, how do you stay away from doing what you believe is right because of your political beliefs?


Yeah, well, I still express my opinions when I feel called to do that. I don't think one has to step on the other. I led with the fact that, you know, look, everyone knows I'm Democratic. Everyone knows I have my issues with certain people and and I won't hide those. But but when you examine the mechanism of the website, it's virtually impossible. I mean, I would argue virtually impossible for me to somehow inject my opinion into the mechanism of each section.


Each section is pretty airtight in terms of just trying to give the elected officials a platform and encourage connectivity between those two parties that the elected officials and constituents, rather. So I understand people's concern. But but like I said, I've been trying to show that that I'm aware of it, too.


You have to talk to a lot of politicians who you don't necessarily agree with, both of you. Chris, you caught a little bit of flak when people saw you take a picture with Ted Cruz's daughter. And it was like, oh, you're with Ted Cruz. How can you be taking pictures with Ted Cruz? And you're like, well, I'm here for the daughter. And Ted Cruz said this for my daughter. But then this Ted Cruz in this.


How do you balance that on your side? Because, I mean, it is it is a little bit weird. Some people are like, I don't agree with any of your politics, but as Captain America, I would like to take a picture with you. You may even go like I hate this policy that you expert on human beings. But as Captain America, I understand that you'd like to take a picture with me. How do you balance that and how do you respond to people who go course?


How could you do that?


Yeah, well, in that circumstance, as a child, I'll always take a picture with a kid. But but in general, just even sitting down with certain politicians, there are certain people on the extremes of both parties who there's no wiggle room for that. And again, what I would argue is, look, if this person wasn't in power, if this person wasn't writing bills that affected your life, we can shun them. We can scream louder than them.


But we can't pretend they don't have some sort of say some sort of impact, I think are more pernicious to become stubborn and retreat to your corner than it is to say, OK, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. I think you may even infringe upon human rights. You know, something that that offends me deeply as a person. I'll still let this be a landscape of competing ideas and get you out that way, because I think the other way just becomes cyclical and everyone spirals and no one listens.


And and I don't think you move the ball down the field as effectively as you would if you say, OK, let's just outtalk we need our elected officials. Right. I mean, they are responsible for passing legislation that will affect our lives. I mean, Chris did something. Tim Scott came out and he said, listen, you and I don't agree on a lot of things, but I appreciate that you'll let me have a conversation on about things that I know you don't agree.


And I think if we can do that, maybe people can get better at having conversations, at least in Thanksgiving around the dinner table with things without points of each other in the face.


Well, as your website's name suggests, we hope that this is a starting point. Congratulations to both of you. And hopefully more people registered to vote and more people will engage with their elected officials. Chris, I appreciate having you on the show.


Thanks. Well, that's our show for tonight.


But before we go, we talked about it tonight, but California is in trouble right now. The wildfires there are out of control and have already burned over a million acres and destroyed thousands of homes. One of the agencies helping out on the ground right now is the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's Wildfire Recovery Fund. They support communities across the state, especially ones with vulnerable populations, as they work to rebuild and recover from wildfires until tomorrow. Stay safe out there, wear a mask.


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