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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


So you may be saying no way. There's simply no way the Biden crime family case could get worse. Not only did it get worse, I have a note to tell everybody that it gets worser. Paula said that's not a word. No, it's a word for today. Worser is a word because worse isn't that I can't adequately describe how bad this case is getting. I've got that. And what if I told you bottom line up front, what to just tell you what today's show is going to be about?


What if I told you that Democrat insiders, party apparatchiks, media people, others? That they knew the whole time Biden was going to get caught, the Biden crime family and what they were up to, they knew the whole time and that they were setting Biden up early to blame all this on Russia foreign interference as a way to distract you from what Biden was up to overseas. I've got the evidence today. Yes, I've got it all. I've got it all, by the way, all in my a lot of it all in my new book, most of it follow the money, you may say, well, how did you know about this?


Dan, you wrote that book six months ago, almost a year ago. Well, if you listen to my show, as my wife said last night, but we're about to tell you that he's already been out there. The media is just done with the service by not telling you about it. So pick up my new book, follow the money. And what I'm going to tell you today is all all in there today. Show about you, express VPN, get a VPN today and protect your online activity from prying eyeballs.


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Well then everything is cool and groovy over here, baby. Yeah, it's good to be here with you.


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All right, well let's go. So, folks, I'm going to have to walk you through this slowly, this is one of the most important shows we've done a long time because there's two weeks left to an election. And if you are an undecided voter out there or you've decided, I think I'm going to change your mind today, you may not like Donald Trump's tweets. You may not like the queen's bravado. Again, I don't mind. It doesn't bother me.


I'm from Queens like Donald Trump. I'm just telling you, the alternative to Donald Trump is a known corrupt, the crat heading a basically a crime family right now, involved in some really, really significant stuff. And I'm when I say significant, I mean really bad. So I'm going to walk you through what's going on and then I'm going to the that the end of this the penultimate part of the show. And I've got a little bit more at the end.


Is going to be how they knew all this was going to come out, all the stuff I'm about to tell you, and they set up Biden early on on a commission and other things to make sure when it did come out that Biden could say, hey, this is Russian disinformation, foreign interference. Everybody got it, Joe. Get it, Paul? I get it. Everybody nod. All right. Yep. Here's what it is. Here's how bad it is, and here's how they set Biden up.


Let's get to what it is for. So this came out last night right after I got off the Sean Hannity show was ready to go to bed in the news cycle is just relentless. Washington Examiner. I'm going to read this headline, it speaks for itself, the great Jerry Donlevy and Joe Salmonsen at the Washington Examiner story will be in the show notes, read it, spread it around everywhere. Across our show notes go to one China.com newsletter. Exclusive allegations Hunter Biden stored child pornography on laptop sent to FBI.


Again, folks. I'm going to try to be. Journalism, me and objective on this, unlike other journalists who can't do that. There are allegations I haven't seen these photos. Rudy Giuliani, as you can see from the piece, is claiming that he's seen these photos, he has no reason to lie about it. He's also brought these photos to the police department, which says to me as a former investigator that these photos are real. You don't file a police report about photos you don't have, quote, Washington Examiner allegations that Hunter Biden stored photos of child pornography on his laptop have been forwarded to the FBI for investigation.


The examiners learn. In an interview in Washington, D.C. Tuesday evening, Giuliani, President Trump's attorney, said Hunter Biden engaged for years in potentially criminal sexual behavior while Biden family members knew about it and tried to stop him. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm hearing things about the victim of this alleged child pornography case on Biden's laptop. That are grotesque, I'm not putting out at this time because it would be irresponsible and I can't confirm them. But they're disgusting.


On a disgusting scale, child pornography 10, when I'm hearing this is like a ten point five, six. You know, I remember being an agent, my former line of work, we had a squad that did child pornography cases over computer crimes because we had we had jurisdiction over computer crimes in the Secret Service and nobody wanted to spend more than a few months there. You look at that stuff, it changes you forever, and I don't mean in a good way.


It is the most disgusting, revolting, you know, I don't want to spend too much time, I really I'm sure. Again, remember what I'm setting up for you folks, I can't tell you this enough, you have to follow the Contour Today show. This is what they're hiding. They all knew about this. So now we know that Hunter Biden is alleged to have been storing child pornography on his laptop and family members knew about it. That's the key line of that Washington Examiner article.


That's the takeaway. This was not hidden. People knew and chose to engage Democrat higher ups and the former vice president himself that it was this kid is irrelevant. They chose to engage in business transactions with a guy alleged to have child pornography on his computer. And the allegation is that they all knew about it. You may be saying there's no way this case can possibly get worse, the Biden crime family fiasco, oh, no, it does. Early this morning, John Roberts, FOX News, he does the journalism stuff over there.


He's not an opinion guy. I put out a statement received from a Tony Belinski, who is a former Navy lieutenant who was a business partner of the Biden crime family. At one point, this Lieutenant, Tony, put out a statement. We're moving on from the child pornography, you maybe that's not it. No, no, no, that's not it. No, no, that's not that. It gets worse if the case continues to degenerate.


We're moving on from the child pornography component now to just massive international pay for play corruption. Let's see this statement. This was on John Roberts Twitter feed. This guy who was a business partner, this Tony Belinski and former Navy lieutenant, by the way, says, hey, the reference in the email is, in fact a reference to Joe Biden, the big guy. The other job is Jim Biden, Joe's brother. Wow. A lot of Biden's involved in this operation, Joe.


He goes on Hunter Biden called his dad the big guy and quote, my chairman and frequently referenced asking for him to sign off on advice on various deals they were discussing. This guy is a partner. He says, I've seen Biden, VP Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I've seen firsthand that that's not true because it wasn't just Hunter's business. They said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line. Ladies and gentlemen, this statement gets worse.


Keep this up. I saw you going for that, if that trigger finger there. I realize the Chinese were not really focused on a healthy financial ROIC return on investment, they were looking at this as a political or influence investment. Oh, really? This is, again, the statement from Bob Wolinsky. Once I realized that Hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese, I took steps to prevent that from happening.


The Ron Johnson, the senator, the U.S. senator from Wisconsin, who's all over this, I got video him later.


The Johnson report connected some dots in a way that shocked me. Come back to me. This is another part of this. So just to be crystal clear. After they found Rudy Giuliani claims they found child pornography on his computer, one of Hunter's and the family knew about it. One of Hunter's business partners now came forward said not only was Joe Biden actively involved in these, but appear to be pay for play schemes. Not only was Joe Biden involved, that they put their family name on it and that Biden was actively involved and that the Chinese knew Biden was actively involved and didn't consider this a return on investment.


They considered a political influence operation. Hello, McFly. Hello, hello, media people, do we need a bullhorn, my coffee cup. Hello, media people. Anyone, anyone? ABC, George Snuffleupagus, Brian Castanza, Stelter, Andrea Mitchell, anyone. A Navy lieutenant who was a business partner is saying that the former vice president now running for president could have been involved in a Chinese influence operation, had a seat at the table. What the hell is going on?


Where is this? Where is this story? What are you missing? I haven't even got to the cover up yet. What else do you need? This is not an anonymous source. This is a decorated Navy lieutenant. Who shockingly partnered up with these guys, realized there was a problem, they were using China as a piggy bank, the Chinese knew it was a political influence operation and that the former vice president had a seat at the table. Where are you guys in the media?


You are now complicit in the biggest scandal in modern American history. I would argue even bigger than Spygate, a nuclear powered enemy of the United States could have bought off the vice president. Where the hell are you? There's a second part to Lieutenant Bob Belinski statement. Forgive me if I'm saying his name or, you know, I'm terrible with names, but with a name like Bongino, everybody called Bongino, Mangino, whatever. You've got to give me a pass on.


It's not intentional. Here's part two of the statement. He said he'd ask the Biden family to address the American people and outline the facts so I can go back to being relevant, this is the lieutenant statement. And so I'm not put in a position to have to answer those questions for them. Sounds like he's willing to go under oath. Folks that met. He says, I don't have a political axe to grind, I just saw behind the Biden curtain and I grew concerned with what I saw the Biden family aggressively leverage the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities, even though some were from communist controlled China.


God bless America, he ends the statement. I can't believe this, I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, cannot believe what is going on, that we are days from we're not days. The elections happening right now. We're not days. I already voted. So did my wife. So did my mother in law. The election is over for us. We're not days from anything. We're in an election right now and we have a candidate and the Democrat side who could win, who is a clear and present danger to the United States, who could be a significant the biggest national security risk to ever walk in the White House, because there are unquestionably, at this point, mounds of bribery material the Chinese potentially have on him and possibly members of his family, according to statements on the record by non anonymous sources.


They're not anonymous. They're putting their names to this and saying, I'll testify. I'll tell my story. Oh, my gosh, I can't believe it. I can't believe it, I cannot believe this is happening. You are about to vote in an active national security threat to the United States. And a nuclear powered entity. The major the biggest national security threat of our time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party. According to this guy was in business with the former vice president and his son.


Who's alleged to have child pornography on his computer? And who apparently know they were engaged, the Chinese were engaged in a political influence operation with them. By the way, where is the FBI with this? By the way, I'm done covering for the FBI to the agents who listen. Thank you. I get a lot of your emails. I understand your position. I mean, folks, you don't get to see the back end of my show as much as I wish.


I can't put out people's emails that would be inappropriate. They send me emails and confidence. I get emails from a lot of FBI agents absolutely disgusted. That's why I don't use blanket stereotypes like the FBI is terrible. I'm not going to do it. You want to do it? Go right ahead. I'm just telling you, I see the back into my shell. Having said that, the entire management of the FBI, if you're involved in this, has to be just completely terminated.


Fired goodbye. They've got to go, the FBI cannot be trusted. Where is the FBI on this where the FBI had this computer? You might have known about an active national security threat to the United States while you investigated a fake one. Donald Trump, who was an alleged Russian trader based on a hoax you knew was a hoax. You wasted four years investigating a hoax while this was going on. You let the president be impeached for asking questions about this in Ukraine.


Now you see why the president might have been curious. Oh, that'll make sense later. How they were just waiting to strike the minute the president started asking questions about an active national security threat, the former vice president, United States selling us out overseas. And here now you'll see why they were so paranoid and how to impeach him. Where was the FBI during the impeachment? Where were you guys? Where were you? You took an oath. I took the same oath.


The difference is I ordered mine again. Thank you to the agents who've reached out, you know who you are and to my whistleblower agent. That's how I got this Spygate stuff and wrote about Hunter Biden in Ukraine in my first book on this topic four years ago. But to the others who did nothing, you've disgraced yourself in the badge. You should resign or be fired immediately, you've disgraced the country, the badge and everything else, Christopher Wray is an embarrassment, a disgrace of epic proportions.


The current FBI director, you knew about this and you let the president be impeached anyway. Fool, you are a fool and an embarrassment and a shame and a stain on this country. I mean, every single word of that. Probably investigate me next, which are all about big fraud, phony fake embarrassment. All right, let me get to my second sponsor. I got more on this, ladies and gentlemen, and believe me, part two of this is I have no way this can get worse.


Part two is no way this can get worser. Yes, worser makes its return because it is worser than worse. And child porn, Chinese buying off the vice president is getting high. Oh, yeah, there's more. Presti. Taisho also brought to you by Friends, a job creators network, ladies and gentlemen, the election started right now early in person voting. Why can I never get that right? Early in-person voting. Spit it out has already started.


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Keep America, America dotcom. Don't wait. Go today. We're running out of time folks. Go to keep America America dotcom today thanks to keep America. America dotcom. Get out vote. So, again, you're probably thinking, gosh, we've now got allegations of child pornography, I have an angle to that that makes this thing even more disgusting, if it's even possible. On that front, we have another allegation of a Chinese a known Chinese influence operation to buy off the vice president, the United States and members of his family with an on the record source talking about it.


How can it possibly get any worse? Is this a money laundering operation through? This is like the Three Musketeers scandals. How can this possibly be the three fer? Brooke, Syngman Fox News last night, a story in the show notes spread this everywhere, everywhere, parler, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. Gary Oldman style from that movie. What was the movie? Everyone spread it everywhere.


Fox News laptop connected to Hunter Biden linked to FBI money laundering probe. They're going to vote for this guy for president. Holy Moses, are you a moron? I'm really sorry. Don't call your audience a moron. I'm not. I'm calling the morons.


We're going to vote for Joe Biden morons, because that's exactly what you are. Now, folks, disclosure here, I did get this information a couple of days ago from an FBI agent interested in doing the right thing. That's why I brought that up in the beginning of the show. And I said you had the FBI not disclose this information during the impeachment trial. Biden, Ukraine, money laundering, pay for play like exactly what Trump was concerned about, that he was impeached over.


There are a lot of people. That's why I'm not going to sit here and bash the FBI. There are a lot of good people out there who have emailed me and other whistleblowers and said I've had enough. I know what's happening. Deny it all you want. So I'm not going to stereotype an entire agency. However, clearly the agencies and a lot of trouble and needs absolute reform. But I did get this a few days ago from a guy I was just a little bit reluctant to put it on.


Listen, I get it. Some of you may say, why not? Because ladies just focused on the child pornography thing. But the money laundering angle I mentioned it last night on Hannity is now been broken by Fox News, too. Now, how do we know this, that the Biden laptop may be connected to money laundering? Well, we know it from the FBI themselves. How? Well, let's go to this is the information I got the other day, too.


So I'm guessing this person may have emailed Fox to. The receipt given to the computer store, which had Hunter Biden's computer from the FBI folks, when you're a federal agent, you take property, you have to give someone a receipt. You can't just, like, take drug money or take a computer and pocketed you have to give them a receipt so the person knows and can follow up with it. The document given to the computer store owner has a key side section which is filled in with a handwritten number.


That number is two seven two dash dash three six six five seven to nine. According to multiple officials, including the one that reached out to me and the FBI's website to seven two, which is the first three numbers in the case number, is the FBI's classification for money laundering. Two seven Tudi refers to unknown specific unlawful activity, white collar crime program, according to FBI documents. One government official describes the designation as transnational. Or blanket. The B.A. indicates the case was opened in the FBI's Baltimore field office, sources said.


Now, I have some little experience in this space as a former federal agent myself and as I explain to my wife last night, the fact that the FBI had a case number after they took this computer is significant enough in and of itself. Why is that? Because, ladies and gentlemen, the golden rule in the Secret Service was you don't open up a case unless you think you're going to make an arrest or engage in a serious investigation.


Why? Why would the FBI why would the fact that there's a case number at all for a money laundering investigation? Why would that this is the kind of stuff you're not going to get elsewhere? Why is that significant? Producer Joe Ombudsman Paula needs your ombudsman hats on, because this may make sense to me, but I'm hoping it makes sense to the audience. So filter me here. When we were when I was an agent, let's say you went out, you were investigating a counterfeit pass or whatever it may be.


If you didn't think that case was going to result in an investigation, it was very rare to open up a case and get a case. No. Why? For simple administrative reasons. Because then you would have to what we would call tical the case. I mean, take a little tickle it tickle. It was a it was a Secret Service terminology for you have to update the status of the case every three months. Write a report on it, which is a real pain in the caboose.


So if someone came in with a tip about a case and you didn't think it was going to go anywhere, the person was fudging it, making it up and it wasn't true. You may look into it, but you weren't going to open a formal case because you don't want to write reports on it for the rest of your life. If you're not going to be able to close the damn case out and arrest someone. Everybody got out. Yeah.


Head nod from Paula, I hear an audio confirmation from Joe, you don't open up a case, you're not going to close it, close it by arrest of it's a pain in the butt. The fact that the FBI opened up a case on this says to me, oh, something on that computer was very serious. International money laundering. Ouch. What could that be? Well, if you're a regular listener to this show, like my wife is, who's been listening to this show as long as it's been on, she said to me, she did.


Didn't you and Armacost talk about this like three years ago when I'm about to? Yeah, we did. Some of you older listeners may already know this story, what story? The money laundering story the FBI apparently knows now. But what is the money laundering to get to it, buddy? OK, let's get right to it. Tons of articles on this. I tried to pick the best one. It's an older one, but it's worth your time.


Again, it's from the great John Solomon at his news site. Just the news. It's an older one. This is from February of twenty twenty earlier in the year. But the story will be in the show notes today. I strongly suggest you read it by Jeno. That newsletter newsletter is the show notes. Latvia for Latvia now, what is this case, the Latvia flag suspicious hunter Biden name is back in twenty sixteen Ukrainian authorities alerted to concerns about Joe Biden's son just a month before Vice President Biden forced the firing of a prosecutor investigating the natural gas company paying Hunter Biden.


That's the WOA guy emoji. Yeah, I don't have his round if I get like a cement block and not a rabbit, but if my face was wet and the round features of the Bogi guy emoji, it would work. But maybe Drew can slap a well guy emoji right over me there for the video production. That would be wonderful.


So we now know they took the computer. We know the FBI had opened up a case which is significant in of itself, as I just told you. When they opened up the case, they didn't designated a child pornography case, they designated a money laundering transnational case out of the Baltimore field office. We know John Solomon back in February of 20, 20 was trying to push out to the media as he was doing actual journalism and the media was ignoring it, that, hey, there have been long allegations since twenty sixteen about Hunter Biden receiving transnational payments of transnational money laundering, kind of like the FBI open up.


So there've been allegations that Hunter Biden has received transnational suspicious money payments as far back as twenty. Why didn't the FBI tell us about this again during the impeachment? Now, what's really weird about this? Is in March of twenty sixteen when Joe Biden is on tape, I'm not playing it again. You've seen it a thousand times. Joe Biden on tape at the Council of Foreign Relations. He talks about his march. Twenty sixteen. Demand March 20 16, follow me, demand that the prosecutor looking into his son's company and these suspicious payments, Victor Ashokan, the prosecutor, be fired.


That happened in March of twenty sixteen. Don't you think it's weird that in February of twenty sixteen, again, the ombudsman February is before March. Correct. He's just a little bit. Yeah. The verdict is in Joseph Genius February is before March, confirmed by Joe and Paula. So right before Joe Biden demands the prosecutor looking into these payments and all this stuff in Ukraine, the prosecutor who could get fired right before that, January, February, March, the month before.


The Latvian government reaches out to Ukraine and says, hey, there's a lot of these really suspicious payments we think may involve Biden's bank account and charisma and then, wow, a month later, the prosecutor looking into all the stuff and who gets fired on the demand of Joe Biden, who's Hunter Biden's dad, who works for the company, the prosecutors looking into while the Latvians are looking into it, too. Oh, that's just all a big Koiki take, I'm sure.


Let's go to the John Solomon piece and see what these flag payments were, quote, John Solomon, February 20 20. As the US presidential race began roaring to life in twenty sixteen, authorities in the former Soviet Republic of Latvia flagged a series of suspicious financial transactions to Hunter, Biden and other colleagues at a Ukrainian natural gas company and sought Kiev's help investigating, according to documents and interviews.


The February 18 20 sixteen alert to Ukraine came from the Latvian prosecutorial agency responsible for investigating money laundering. What are the chances, man? And it specifically questioned whether Vice President Biden's younger son and three other officials at Purisma Holdings were the potential beneficiaries of suspect funds.


And this story sounds familiar. Listen to your story. Of course it does. We covered it when it happened. No one else in the media did. But now that there's an FBI open case to seven Judi's Dasbach, but now all of a sudden, it's a big, big story. Weird how that happens has been a. How it's kind of just flew under the radar the whole time, didn't fly under the radar, the media tried to bury it under the radar, destroy the radar system.


Now, they can't because Rudy Giuliani's got a big microphone. And was able to get this out there. So just again, to simplify this. We have allegations of kiddie porn. Biden family knowing about kiddie porn. We now have confirmation Joe Biden is the big guy in an email involving payments from the Chinese government, where the Chinese government acknowledges or acknowledged to this guy that they were involved in an influence operation. In other words, pay to play with the former vice president.


We now know the FBI opened a money laundering investigation after they got Hunter's computer. We now know or we knew out back then that the Latvian government was investigating potential money laundering as well, involving payments to charisma and Hunter Biden that. Are in the thousands, folks. Payments that are in the millions. You don't believe me? Let's go back to the John Solomon piece because we always produce the evidence. The Latvian law enforcement memo to Ukraine identified a series of loan payments totaling about sixteen point six million.


Don't forget that point six that were routed from companies in Belize and the United Kingdom to tourism. It sounds kind of like money laundering bouncing from country to country. And they were routed through Ukraine's Privatbank through twenty, twelve and twenty fifteen private banks. Sounds like the bank I've been talking about on my show for the last three years. Odd. And the flagged funds were, quote, partially transferred to Hunter Biden, a board member, Epper Isma since May of twenty fourteen and three other officials working for the Ukrainian natural gas company, the Latvian memo said.


So the Latvians were aware of suspicious payments totaling sixteen point six million people, why were they routed through three different countries? Is actually another country involved to. Cyprus and others, why were these payments routed through multiple countries? To finally make it back and, quote, be partially transferred to Hunter Biden. Why would you why would you do that? Confuse a cat mode and kind of wipe your footprints clean on where the money came from that you think you think you can make sense?


Yeah. Yeah. Footprint's money like those footprints, clean, routed through multiple that. But you don't know where it came from. Interesting that when the Latvians say, hey, we got these payments, the Hunter Biden terrorism means seem awfully suspicious. They send a letter to Ukraine in February of twenty sixteen. Hey, there's something going on with these payments here. Millions, the Hunter Biden all of a sudden a month later, Joe Biden shows up in March of 2016 and demands the prosecutor in Ukraine who gets the letter be fired.


Don't worry, Jessica Tarloff and Marie Harf, the liberal talking heads who I've heard talk about nothing to see here at all. Nothing to see. There's no there's no evidence at all of any, lonn. Maybe you need to read the fine for yourself with the word evidence means. OK, let me get to my next sponsor, because you may be saying, gosh, this thing gets worse. Yeah, it does seem. Yeah, yeah, worse, worser, worse.


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So we've went from worse to worse or now to worse, yes. People knew this, folks not going to repeat, we had again, you already heard it, money laundering, kiddie porn, you get it? I just repeated it, said it wouldn't, but. People knew about this. People have known for a long time about this, me, John Solomon, Democrat insiders and others, and they had to give Biden a way to cover this all up because they had a they had a couple motives.


Number one, they wanted to cover up for Obama because Biden was his vice president. And they don't want Obama's legacy to be one that it is a scandal. But the second reason is they were all afraid Biden would run for president. It's why Biden tried to talk him out of it and they knew this would come out. So they had to have a story and the story to cover up the kiddie porn, the money laundering, the Chinese influence operation and the pay to play stuff, which I said I wouldn't repeat just in the way to cover it up was going to be to blame it on.


It's all a foreign disinformation campaign. Trump played into it. He should be impeached. I'm going to get to that part in a second, but just one more note. Great story by John Solomon today. Just the news will be in the show notes. Where is Biden's money exactly? Because there seems to be a whole lot of it missing. Just the that News.com by Daniel Payne at the UN, John Solomon here, Joe Biden scored 16 million in income.


What a life after leaving the White House. But where did it where did it go? What do you mean, where did it go? Well, Joe Biden has to do financial filings for office. And so they had an account take a look, check this out from the Solomon Peace. It's about six million in assets that appear to be missing. This guy, Miller, said that he estimated, based on his review of Biden's income and his itemized deductions, the state and federal income taxes.


That the Bidens should have listed around nine million on their assets in their most recent disclosure form. Quote, I am unable to document what he did with the difference of approximately six million dollars, he said. What else are we missing? I don't know. What else are we missing? Did we check the bank accounts of the rest of Biden's family? Oh, oh, oh, remember the email we're holding 10 percent for the big guy. Who else is holding money for the big guy?


By the way, if Trump doesn't call Biden the big guy tonight, the debate will be an act of political malpractice I haven't seen in human history. That's how we should introduce a big guy. How's it going? First thing out of his mouth. I was just here in that guy.


Welcome to the debate stage now. We talked we talked about the crime and we get to the cover up, and I just want to leave you with three final points on the crime, the Biden crime family. I heard Marie Harf say on Fox, not personal, but she said it's Fox and I work there, too. So but she said yesterday on Fox she made the point that, well, if Biden was getting all this money, why didn't we see it on his tax returns?


So we do and we said that this was rare to show again on video.


This is really embarrassing. Tax tax returns.


Mummery, please, please, please stop while you're head where you think you are. You think criminal enterprises file on their tax returns, their nefarious gains from their criminal enterprise? Line item sixty to be international money laundering proceeds. What's the tax rate? Is that a capital gain? What is that long term? Is that is it is that a real estate deduction for that? If you bought property with your ill gotten gains, that you're on your tax return?


Folks here at my notes, I'm say the tax returns, the only note I have next to it is LOEL. I don't know what else to say. You're looking for potentially ill gotten gains on a tax return. And you said that on television. That's funny. That's a good one. Ladies and gentlemen, I investigated I'm not kidding over my career in the NYPD and as a federal agent, probably 50 to 100 complicated financial cases where I was either the lead agent or part of one.


I never once I'm not kidding. Never once. Now, maybe one case we got once tax returns only. Why? Because they don't mean anything. Most criminals don't even file tax returns. And believe me, when they do, they don't put drug money line 60 to capital gain from cocaine sales. What that. Oh, oh. They said this on television. Well, we don't see it on his tax return. Oh, OK. In that case.


Secondly, I'm going to start doing like a mailbag segment once a week because I get so many great listener and viewer emails, a guy said to me this morning an email was hilarious. He said, Dan, the Bidens should just sell the country out fair and square like the Clintons, right? Great point. Set up the Clinton Foundation to just sell the country out that way. Why are you going to do a behind the scenes? That's a great point.


You've got to sell. America would just be like the Clintons. Do it out in the open with the Clinton Foundation, the where's the cannibal cannibal? Nice job. That was the greatest email ever. It's the only time ever I thought, gosh, if I just had a segment for a mailbag, this would be the only method, just sell them out in the open like the kids did. Clinton Foundation. Where you donors to the Clinton Foundation get involved in a Russian technology project, Skolkovo, that steals our technology to build hypersonic missiles to kill us.


Clinton's the the the tip of the totem pole of selling out transparency.


My gosh, I can't believe we're having these conversations. Finally, the reason the media and Republican insiders and political consultant class who are really losers. The reason they're telling President Trump, don't talk about Hunter Biden tonight. It's precisely because it's the most damaging narrative of this election cycle. Nobody likes a pay for play scheme and everybody knows what it is. And people who hate Donald Trump don't want him to talk about it because they know. They know what.


They know that Biden's running on one thing and one thing only. A, quote, return to normalcy right now. That's been his thing, Donald Trump abhorrent behavior, the country the country is not chaotic. The economy is doing great outside of Donald Trump's tweets and is different style. And I think we can all agree on that. The country ran great even now in the middle of a pandemic. Fifty four percent of Americans think they're better off now than they were four years ago after Obama.


And we're in a pandemic. Forget the style, the substance of Donald Trump's presidency has been normalcy, the style. Yeah, not so much. Middle East peace deals, regulatory reform, businesses, of course, but nothing abnormal about Donald Trump's presidency outside of the style which I grant. But if Joe Biden's final pitch is going to be get rid of this crazy psycho and let's return to normal. Normal kiddie porn investigations, money laundering, international pay for play.


Kind of ruins his pitch no. Yeah, I think so. That's why the anti Trump cabal does not want Trump to talk about it because it decimates, but everybody understands pay for play and everybody understands that this is not a return to normal. This is normal for anyone but scammer's. All right, you know, let me get to my final sponsor and now I want to get into the cover up, the most important part of the show. I said it was penultimate, but given the time, this may be the last story we get to.


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Bongino Bongiorno spelled Bowlby O l l and Branch Dotcom use promo code Bungeni for fifty dollars off Bollon branch dot com promo code. Mangena restrictions may apply Siebel and Branch Dotcom for details. I promise you're going to love these. They are super comfortable. My wife takes them to right. We don't sleep on anything else. They're really great. OK, all right, getting back to this show. So now let's talk about the cover up by the cover up.


I mean, what I just laid out to you, Democrat insiders, some people in the media and we knew about because we've been exposing it for years. They knew it was going to come out and there are two motives to hiding it. Well, I mean, the obvious motive is disgusting stories, gross kiddie porn, money laundering, pay for people. We get all that right. But there were two big motives outside of the disgusting nature of it.


Number one, they never wanted the Obama administration to be associated with scandal. They want scandals forever to be associated with Republicans. Therefore, they always talk about Nixon, Nixon, Nixon. That's what the Democrats in the media like to do to tarnish the image of the Republican Party. The most scandal Laden administration in US history right now is the Obama administration. People in the media knew it. Obama, Biden, Spygate, Biden gate, they knew this, so they had to make this go away.


The way to make it go away is prevent it from being discovered. So second motive to attack Donald Trump with it. Flip the script. Attack Donald Trump the minute he started looking into it, give Biden an out and a story so that no one ever saw this. Cover up for Biden, attack Trump. So here's the cover up. First, I want to get to this quick video. This is Senator Ron Johnson, who's been looking into this for a long time, great Republican senator from Wisconsin.


He gave a pretty fiery speech. He's about a minute of it where he just nails the media to the wall for not looking into this at all. They're part of the cover up through the media knows this story. Folks make no mistakes. I'm going to show you in a minute how the media knew this story as far back as April of 2014. And they're avoiding it. Here's Ron Johnson nailing him to the wall on this and asking, hey, why did Joe Biden meet with Hunter Biden's business partner, Devin Archer, right before he went to Ukraine in April of 2014?


Check this out. I'm calling on the media. At what point time are you going to actually take up a very important news story? When are you going to start asking questions, for example, of Vice President Biden? We now know that Devin Archer is a convicted felon. That fraud against the tribe was purchased during 2014, the exact same time frame. When they were setting up the conflict of interest in Ukraine, Vice President Biden met with Devon Archer in the White House.


It's kind of a big deal, don't you think? A meeting in the White House with vice president. He met with Devon Archer five days before he made a trip to Ukraine, at which point he was dubbed the public face of the Obama administration in Ukraine. We also know a day after Devon Archer was appointed to the board of Reshma a few weeks later, apparently Hunter Biden was appointed the board. Now we're getting indication that maybe Hunter was actually on the board on April 13th.


So here's the question you ought to be asking the vice president, among one hundred others, Mr. Vice President, why did you meet with Devon Hunter five days before you traveled to Ukraine? What did you talk about? What was discussed? What was the purpose of the meeting and who else was at the meeting?


Now, I'll explain this in a second. Let me try and I'll translate that. But before I get that, I want to play Biden. Joe Biden. This is yesterday with a local interviewer. The local media, by the way, are the only ones doing their homework on this. Congrats to local media around the country who are being real journalists, a local media journalist who asked Biden about this and Ron Johnson, who's all over, but he knows everything.


Ron Johnson, the guy you just heard, watch Biden absolutely freak out. Check this out.


Wisconsin's Republican Senator Ron Johnson put out a statement on Homeland Security letterhead saying Hunter Biden, together with other Biden family members, profited off the Biden name. Is there any legitimacy to Senator Johnson's claims?


None whatsoever. This is the same garbage Rudy Giuliani, Trump's henchmen. It's a last ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family. Even the man who served with them on that committee, a former nominee for the Republican Party, said there's no basis to this. And, you know, and all and the vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there's no basis at all. Ron should be ashamed of himself. He knows what Ron Johnson knows.


And what is Ron Johnson know that key figures in Ukraine paid a lot of money to Biden family members. To make their own corruption go away, these Ukrainian businesspeople, let me just describe to you in a quick nutshell what the scandal in Ukraine was, because it still confuses people and it should. There was a minister in a Ukrainian government that was alleged to have corruptly obtained millions of dollars in natural gas leases, OK, natural gas leases worth millions of dollars.


He was a minister in the government at one point. When the government changed to a new government and started looking into this former minister from the prior government for those Gastly, Hey, how did you get those? The same people involved with the gas leases hired Biden's kid to make that investigation go away. Joe Biden then travels to Ukraine right after that. In April 2014 as the government changes. Immediately after that, his son gets appointed to the board of the natural gas company involved in this investigation, and so does his partner, Devon Archer, who Biden meets with before he goes over to Ukraine.


Everybody tracking me there. It's a simple scandal. The prior government that this minister was a part of was accused of basically stealing the rights, these natural gas company, these natural gas leases, when the new government came in, they said, hey, we're investigating that. Biden immediately runs over to put that fire out and gets his son and their business partner, Devon Archer, appointed to the board of the company, is being investigated. And then two years later, as the prosecutor closes in on the investigation, two years later, in twenty sixteen, the prosecutor gets fired pursuant to Biden's demand, he get fired.


You may say, well, my gosh, that sounds really ugly. Here's how they were going to cover it up. Washington Post knew about this all the way back in April 2014 when it happened. They covered this, that this was kind of weird. Biden arrives in Ukraine to show us support. His crisis with Russia continues. Washington Post later went on and reported about this weird thing that Purisma, they let it go completely once they realized Biden was going to run for president.


Other people knew about this to. Here's Time magazine, bastion of right wing values. I'm kidding, of course, Time magazine, but as left as it gets, here's TIME magazine talking about how not only was Biden involved in making this investigation into that Ukrainian minister with Purisma go away, but others in the D.C. swamp, key Democrats who were involved to. How they were involved through Time magazine by Michael Scherer, sorry, my eyesight's going Ukranian employer of Joe Biden's son hires a D.C. lobbyist.


Wait, wait, Ukranian employer of Biden's son, the company that hired Joe Biden's kid to make this investigation go away, hired another D.C. lobbyist who was an. Wow. It was David Leiter, former Senate chief of staff to Secretary of State John Kerry, former Democrat nominee for president. Whoa! Who signed to work as a lobbyist for Barack Obama to. On May 20th of 2014, we are Joe, right after Joe Biden left Ukraine in April of twenty fourteen, we heard and it happened about a week after Biden announced he was joining the company, according to lobbyist disclosures filed this month.


We heard so Time magazine, The Washington Post and others knew Biden goes over to Ukraine. Oh, they want to stop an investigation, this natural gas company by the new government. The natural gas company Prisma hires Biden's kid and then hires John Kerry's former chief of staff right after Biden leaves. Don't worry, Marie Harf, I'll tell you, there's no evidence here. Here's part two of that time article. Nothing to see here. Liberal talking heads.


Where they not only hired Devon Archer and this John Kerry, secretary, secretary of state, chief of staff, they also hired Chris Heinz. Chris Hines, that name sounds familiar. Yeah, yeah, John Kerry's stepson, son of Teresa Heinz, the ketchup heiress who John Kerry married. Don't worry, folks, you know, there's nothing to see here. Do you have that second screenshot there, don't edit this, because this is I don't want to.


The show is great. Sometimes you run into like a little technical snafu in the middle. Do not edit this show. I don't want to lose any of my where I am in my head. And sometimes if we have to chop stuff out and put it in. But if you're wondering why I'm delaying right now, it's only because we can't find the second screenshot I know I put up. But I want to. This is Kim. You got it.


This is superimportant. Good film. Good film. Don't edit that. No time for. Lighter's involvement in the firm talking about Prisma rounds out a Powerpack team of politically connected Americans, what the hell is a Ukrainian natural gas company hiring a bunch of, quote, politically connected Americans, connected Americans for? That also included a stop in a second board member, Devin Archer, a Democrat bundler and former adviser to John Kerry's presidential campaign. Both Archer and Hunter Biden have worked as business partners with Kerry son in law Christopher Hines, the founding partner of Rosemont Capital, a private equity company.


So Heine's not on the Charisma Borbon, but is a partner, John Kerry's stepson. With Hunter Biden and also Devin Archer, John Kerry's former adviser, as they hire this guy later, John Kerry's former chief of staff, this company that's being investigated, that hires these people, this Ukrainian company hires these people after Biden goes to Ukraine and the investigation gets magically shut down two years later with Biden on tape demanding the prosecutor shut the investigation down. Biden on tape demanding the prosecutor be fired, sorry, precision matters.


You may say, OK, Dad, now you pretty much shown us the media already knew about this, where's the cover up? Well, they got worried when Joe Biden said he was going to run for president. Everybody got worried. They didn't think he was going to do it. When he did, they realized this was going to be found out and they needed to cover this up. So here's where the cover up starts. I want to show you this Wall Street Journal article about Barack Obama, the same natural gas company that hired Devon Archer that hired Hunter Biden's kid and hired John Kerry's former chief of staff.


The Wall Street Journal article talks about a really interesting partnership, or Ismat, Wall Street Journal, Ukraine Company's campaign to burnish its image stretch beyond Hunter Biden.


They're talking about Verismo. Who else did they partner up with, Purisma Verismo was spending a lot of money to make sure their association with Hunter Biden, this investigation went away. Ladies and gentlemen, they partnered up with the Atlantic Council. Look at this Wall Street Journal, wow, Purisma later became a sponsor of a Washington think tank, the Atlantic Council, some of you bells are ringing right now whose experts are often cited on energy and security policy in the former Soviet Union.


When President Trump was elected, the company brought a former CIA official from the George W. Bush administration onto its board. Kind of like a shadow government, snowy Atlantic Council, Brookings Institution, all these think tanks that people are using for information, Brookings Institution member, where the primary source for Christopher Steele came from, the Brookings Institution, the Atlantic Council, advising government insiders. What are they advising him on and why are they partnering up with charisma? Did people at the Atlantic Council know what Hunter Biden was up to with charisma?


Were they influencing people in government to make this thing go away? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it describes a whole lot as to why the Atlantic Council and Berrima would be paying so much money to make this go away, to hide the Obama Biden scandal and to hide all this scandal, all these scandals in the middle of a Biden presidential run, which I don't think they anticipated. Now they're worried. So there are others. Others that were involved in Verismo.


And I'm wondering if this explains their actions. This is the question. Here's an interesting article by John Siloam. And again, in just the news, you know, Mitt Romney seemed to make want to make all this impeachment stuff go away about Ukraine. Hunter, Biden member. It's all a distraction. A distraction. Wow, that's strange. Mitt Romney says he hasn't been in touch with Purisma board member within the last year. He was in touch with a tourism board member.


Yeah, that's really strange. One of his old buddies, matter of fact, one of his key advisors during his presidential campaign was a board member up Ourisman to. Strange, right, it's a fair question, fair question when I like to ask questions, but you're only allowed to ask questions about the hoax, right? But you're not allowed to ask questions about why one of Romney's old advisers is on the board of Purisma two and Romney's record. I haven't seen this guy in a year, but let's not look at terrorism and Biden.


That's all the. Mittens, another paragon of virtue. Let's talk a little bit more about the cover up here. So this morning, I put in a search engine, I wanted to find this old article in The Washington Examiner. There's a really big donor to the Clinton Foundation guy by the name of Victor Pinchuk that the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons tried to run away from. He's Ukrainian to. Pinchuk was also a big donor. To the Atlantic Council here, Washington Examiner emails show Clinton denied, then met with Ukrainian donor emails were made public Tuesday show a Ukrainian businessman and major Clinton Foundation donor who donated twenty five million was invited to Hillary Clinton's home.


They later tried to deny that. I'll tie this all together in a minute, I promise, Purisma, as I showed you in The Wall Street Journal, partners up with the Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council gets big money from Viktor Pinchuk, who's also a big Clinton Foundation donor.


You follow Anjo and yes, I am Daniel. Who else did the Atlantic Council that's advising government figures on all this stuff? Who else did the Atlantic Council partner up with? This is all in my book. Follow the Money or This Place parts documented extensively by people. The reviews have been terrific. Thank you. Let's look at the Atlantic Council's own press release. This is crazy Atlantic Council. They put out a press release about Ukraine's presidential election, they seem really interested.


Atlantic Council in Ukraine, where Biden's play for pay, play for pay, pay for pay, pay for play, where that happened. Why are they so interested in this? On their press release, check this out. Look at this partnership. This is just the DEUCY. The Atlantic Council partners up with what? Pinchuk again, what the hell, by exposing foreign interference is great. Keep in mind the Atlantic Council, where all the swamp rats are, is already prepping the narrative to cover up for Biden here, folks, quote, by exposing foreign interference as it occurs leading up to the runoff election, the Atlantic Council, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity hopes to provide Ukrainians with the necessary tools to check outside efforts to influence their vote.


So a bunch of former government insiders swamp rats over at the Atlantic Council who are partnered up with Purisma, the company Joe Biden's families working on to make an investigation go away. Those same people at Prisma partner up with the Atlantic Council, a major Clinton donor, and the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity that focuses on foreign interference in elections. Foreign interference, the same line they've been using against Trump to get him impeached as he started looking into this Biden thing, remember?


Joe Biden's overseas. Excuse me, excuse me, Donald Trump is calling the Ukrainian president, ask him to look into this. That's foreign interference in our election. Again, just like the Russia Hoke's. Let's wrap this up with this CNN screenshot here, because who is on and who was appointed to the trans-Atlantic Commission on Election Integrity after he left office?


Oh, Joe Biden. Oh, my gosh. How is that? CNN leaders from around the globe, including former Vice President Joe Biden, are banding together in an effort to thwart attempts at interfering in elections. That's a story about Joe Biden's appointment to the trans-Atlantic Commission on Election Integrity that partnered up with a major Clinton donor that partnered up with the Atlantic Council, that partnered up with Purisma, the company that hired Joe Biden's kid, to make an investigation into a pay for play scheme.


Go away. The real story here is Joe Biden's international scheming and his pay for play operations, his corrupt son, child pornography allegations, money laundering allegations, the big guy getting kickbacks on all of this. And in order to make that go away, all these swamp rats who all know each other. Biden's stepson, Devin Archer, Biden's former secretary excuse me, Hunt, John Kerry's stepson, John Kerry's former secretary, former chief of staff, John Kerry himself, who was involved in this.


Hunter Biden, Joe. They all know each other. They all know these donors. Clinton knew who they were. They needed to make this all go away. They put Joe Biden on an election integrity board to monitor foreign interference and that foreign interference is the narrative they use to try and make all the pay to play stuff go away. And the minute Trump started asking about it in Ukraine, what he knew was going on pay to play. What's the narrative they used to get him impeached?


Trump is dealing with a foreign government to interfere, interfere in our elections and go after his rival, Joe Biden. The narrative had already been set up. You think it's a coincidence or an accident? Joe Biden was put on a transatlantic commission on Election Integrity to investigate foreign interference. He was put there because foreign interference was the narrative they were going to use to replace the truth. That was the cover up the whole time. And that's the cover up they used in the impeachment with the fake whistleblower whistleblower on the National Security Council who was intimately involved with Department of State people who knew about this Ukraine scandal.


That makes sense. Joe, does that make sense? Yeah, it's a lot, though, it's a lot, yeah. I know it's a lot, folks, but now I'll just tell you what I told you, everyone on the Democrat side of influence knew about Joe Biden's pay to play. They knew about the money laundering. They knew about the money and Privatbank. They knew about Hunter Biden's troubles. The drug use, the allegations of child pornography, people knew about this, they were afraid Biden was going to run for president.


If Biden did run for president, they knew this would all come out because they just showed you the media as far back as 2014 knew about it. They needed an alternative story, a lie to cover up the truth. The lie was going to be any time Trump reaches out and tries to get to the bottom of this. They'll blame Trump for collusion, colluding with a foreign government. They put Biden in these select spots and all of these inside think tanks partnered up.


This was their narrative from the start. That's how they were going to cover it up. I was a busy news day, we have the debate tonight, I will get to that tomorrow, of course, on the show. You're not going to want to miss that. Ladies and gentlemen, spread this show around. It is an exhaustive analysis of the Joe Biden scandal summed up from soup to nuts, pay to play. Nobody likes to play. All right, thanks for tuning in, please pick up my new book again, follow the money.


We had a gangbusters week of sales, so we really appreciate that this transatlantic commission was laid out in detail. You're not going to want to miss it. Pick it up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at your local bookstore. Please go to Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart. Bought a lot of copies of the book. We'd appreciate you picking up the book there as well. Thanks a lot. And please subscribe to my show, Rumble Dotcom. Thanks, folks.


See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.