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So I think it's fairly transparent and obvious at this point that Twitter, Facebook, if they just don't care about the president, they just don't care. I wish I could tell you otherwise. I was talking to another radio host yesterday, and he was we were texting back and forth. You believe it? You believe it. Twitter is now stopping the Trump team from posting and threatening and suspending their account, the team Trump account. They can't figure out which Twitter is purposely injecting themselves into a campaign.


And sadly, folks, and I do mean sadly, I was like, yeah, yeah. If that's like it's not even news anymore. You have a major social media company interfering in a presidential campaign. I warned I'm going to get to that. I want to get to the Sally Yates hearing, which the media didn't cover. The fireworks were amazing, of course, the mainstream media avoided. I got that story on the economy, too. That should maybe put a little bit of a smile on your face today.


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The groovy and everything in between there. Daddio ready to go because I know this is a big deal. That's that. Yeah, yeah. This Lajo out of Qatar. We actually did some of the video last night so we could get going and record with Hannity today a little bit early. All right, let's get right to it. Yeah. It's going to be fun. You're going to want to miss Fox today, show a bunch of our friends at Teater.


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They want to avoid that. They want to keep that that that label on Nixon, of course, because he was a Republican. Just quickly, on the Twitter thing, so Twitter suspended Team Trump's account, not Donald Trump's specific account on Twitter between Trump's account. I'm just going to leave this here. I've warned you repeatedly, and I'll warn you again, it is only a matter of time. My good friend Joe Pags in radio as a radio show as well.


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Just putting that out there because it's not going to stop. There is a market alternative. Check out parlor. We'd love to have you over there. All right. Let me get to this. And this is important. So yesterday, Sally Yates, who was a Department of Justice official, intimately involved in the spying operation on the Trump team, she actually signed some of the warrants to spy on the Trump team and the investigation into Mike Flynn, which she amazingly doubled down on yesterday, despite the Flynn case being entirely discredited.


Let's get to the video. I've got four or five clips from this yesterday. Here is Yates doing what is now going to be the liberal police, state Democrats, a new tactic. These are sick people. They're deranged. They have serious, serious issues. They're looking to institute police, state tactics and abuses of power as a new means of doing business liberals. That is not as conservatives, we respect the rule of law and that kind of thing.


You know, I'm saying, Joe, that kind of old old fashioned stuff, all liberty, big constitutional God given. Right.


You know, so say. So here's yesterday. They know they're busted. They know they spied on Trump. You know, she signed the warrant to spy on Trump. So what are they going to do now? They need a fall guy, remember that show, the fall guy? That was a great show, isn't it? They need a fall guy that I love that show. They need a fall guy to. That theme song was the best.


So their fall guy is going to be drum roll, please, Jim Comey. Now, Jim Comey, as you well know, I am no fan of Jim Comey, was the not possibly was the worst FBI director in history, intimately involved in the spying operation on Trump. But Comey didn't do it alone. Yates and them know that Jim Comey isn't liked on either side of the aisle, the Hillary team hates him, hates him because he started the email investigation and didn't stop it in time.


And obviously the Trump team and Republicans can't stand them because he was responsible for the spying operation on the Trumpy. So he or she aides figure it out. Committee convenient fall guy. And listen to this back and forth with Lindsey Graham, where she's getting ready to throw Jim Comey under the bus. Check this out.


Here's what I want to understand is a counterintelligence investigation that led to the interview. You didn't authorize the interview.


As a matter of fact, you wanted to go to the White House and tell them about the problem, didn't you? That's. I thought that that was the more immediate issue. And when you when you heard about the interview, you got upset, didn't you?


I was upset that Director Comey didn't coordinate that with us and acted unilaterally. Yes, I was OK.


That Comey go rogue. Then you could use that term is there we go, did it go? So just to be clear. Sally Yates from the Department of Justice, former, she doesn't work there anymore. Former Department of Justice official who personally signed the couple of these files and warrants to spy on the Trump team and was there and could have shut down this Flynn Mike Flynn witch hunt immediately and did nothing is now throwing me under the bus as if Comey was the only one who had anything to do with it.


He got oh, here he went rogue. I wrote here, but was the Department of Justice that signed off on the warrant to spy on the Trump team. And by the way, the origins of these entire investigations were political. Hillary Clinton's team paying a foreign spy to gin up this information on Trump, but don't worry, Joe Comey did the whole thing. It was. But don't mistake this for a defense of Comey, the worst FBI director in human history, a corrupt president of himself, a swamp rat of the highest order and an egomaniac narcissist.


But if you think Jim Comey was the only one responsible, despite the fact that the Department of Justice signed off on this and the origins were from the Clinton campaign, John Brennan and the Obama team, you are seriously insane. So get ready. I warned you, we're really good here at preparing you for narratives. Right? The narrative going forward is going to be it wasn't the Obama team, it was a rogue FBI director. The Obama team appears in FBI texts, remember that the lead investigators for Trump, the White House is running this.


The Perdis wants to know everything we're doing. Potosí press, the United States was Obama at the time. Remember that? Andrew McCabe emailing Lisa Page, saying, hey, we got to go over to the White House with the CIA and speak with one voice on this. Remember all that, remember the Peter Stroke notes, Obama said, put the right people on this. They have to separate you from Obama. They don't want they want Obama in a bubble.


They're going to blame this whole thing on me. Get ready. I've never I've never steered you wrong with narratives, have I? What did I tell you the other day about the unemployment benefits study from Yale? Right. How it was total garbage. They included only full time workers. I'm watching Fox this morning. They have this this Democrat political talking head on. What does he say? This unemployment benefits are not going to affect people going back to work.


Look at the Yale study. I warned you on the show the other day. I always if you listen to the show, you're seriously you're ahead of everything. Get ready for the new narrative. Comey didn't. Comey did it. That's going to be it. They're going to back up. All right. Let's go to video number two. Now they can only insulate, insulated Obama, they have to insulate Biden to why, because Biden is running for president against Trump and they hate Donald Trump.


And even though they know Biden was knee deep in this whole thing to the spying operation on Trump's team and the takedown of Flynn salivates job up there is the lie obfuscate and make sure Obama and Biden don't get politically hurt from this. Here's her salivates trying to protect Biden, who we know is in an Oval Office meeting when they're talking about targeting Mike Flynn on January 5th of twenty seventeen. We know, Biden said. We have multiple notes suggesting he's there.


We have a note from Peter Stroke's suggesting it's Biden who suggests they go after Flynn using the ridiculous slogan at Yates'. Can't have that. So she has to lie. So she goes up on Capitol Hill. And here's her protecting Biden member. Keep in mind during this line of questioning. We know from the FBI's own notes that it's Biden in the Oval Office who suggests they should target Mike Flynn for prosecution using the ridiculous Logan Act. We know that from the FBI's Ohno's.


Watch her lie and say, oh, I don't really know who what Biden said, if he said anything at all, and then watch what happens in the middle of it. The Democrats get really nervous that Biden is going to be implicated in this thing. And you'll see Patrick Leahy interject and say, stop harassing her. She's a woman, basically. Check this out.


Now, let's talk about January 5th meeting. Was the vice president there? Yes, he was OK. Did he mention the Logan Act?


You know, I remember the vice president saying much of anything this me. So you don't remember him mentioning the Logan Act? No, I don't. Did anybody mention the Logan Act? I have a vague memory.


Director Comey mentioning the Logan Act. OK, what was he acting out? In what context? Well, I'm not sure if he mentioned that in the Oval Office meeting or in the meeting.


If you think about your ability to answer the question, just because it's a woman testifying doesn't mean she has become.


Yeah. Thanks a lot, Senator Leahy. I really appreciate that. You're very constructive. So here's my question. Was the Logan Act mentioned in the meeting? I recall only mentioning it at some point when I'm not sure about Senator Graham and I want to be fair, you don't know if mentioned the meeting or not.


Sometimes I wish we could stop videos that we can, but Paula does.


I have to tell you, you see it halfway through. Call me. Did it. Call me. Did it. Nokomis mentioned the Logan Act, ladies, gentlemen, don't get confused by if you are a new listener with no political experience or background in any of this case at all, just know one thing. The Obama administration targeted and spied on multiple Trump campaign officials, one of them, the former CIA director, Mike Flynn, who was Trump's national security adviser.


Obama team spied on their political opponents. One of the ways to spy on them was to suggest prosecuting Mike Flynn for the Logan Act, a ridiculous, unconstitutional law that has never been successfully used in the history of the United States. That says basically you can't talk to foreign officials involving disputes of the United States. Dennis Rodman would be in jail if the Logan Act was real. It's a nonsense charge. FBI, the FBI notes suggest that it was Biden who suggested this witch hunt of Mike Flynn using the Logan Act.


Yates knows that's a big deal because Biden is running for president. So she says, no, I don't remember Biden bringing up the Logan Act metaphor of he didn't say anything, Joe. He's totally innocent. Totally innocent. Forget wall him off. It was Comey. Comey did it. Comey. That's interesting. And then you noticed Leahy, the Democrat senator panic's on this line of questioning, should stop harassing her because she's a woman. What? This rescue, she's a woman, she was one of the most powerful people in the United States.


She's up there. It's a quite you damn well better answerable. Now showing you how bad this Logan Act, how Biden was the one who brought up witch hunting Flynn on it, the Logan Act, that a legal absurdity no serious person would ever think of. Here's why they're in trouble with this and why Yates is desperately trying to obfuscate here and cover up what's going on. Remember this New York Post Article B in the show notes, by the way, Bunshiro dot com slash newsletter, if you want to read the show, notes, the newsletters, the same thing.


New York Post, Joe Biden may have personally raised the idea to investigate Mike Flynn, New York Post. Oh, boy, that sounds really bad, especially considering the fact they had no actual information to investigate Mike Flynn for. Kind of sounds like police state stuff, doesn't it? Was Joe Biden's idea. Let's go to a screenshot from the piece. Now you see why this Logan Act thing and who brought it up was a really big deal. And Yates has to spend Jaroussky.


A partially blacked out copy of stroke's notes, this is the FBI agent investigating Flynn is attached to the filing and includes a mention that appears to say, VPE Logan Act. Whoa. It appears that Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act. Defense lawyers Bernell and Sidney Powell wrote that became an admitted pretext to investigate General Flynn. It also contradicts Biden's claim of total ignorance regarding the Flynn probe when he was vice president, which he was asked about in an interview with George Stephanopoulos.


Folks, Biden's in real trouble here. I just want to point out you one more thing, that undercover Huber, one of the great social media accounts out there, I encourage you to follow, pointed out a month ago, and I discussed it on the show, how Biden really a mental midget who's losing it by the day. But even when Biden was all there, he was not a particularly bright guy. This is what will put you back in chains.


Guy Undercover Huba brought up the fascinating idea that Biden, who wanted Flynn prosecuted for the absurd Logan Act and may be knee deep in this witch hunt that he may have gotten the idea from. His legal adviser, chief of staff. High profile lawyers. No. Biden may have gotten the idea from the TV show The West Wing. Fascinating. Biden's given speeches before they closely resemble speeches given on the television show The West Wing about the White House. One of the final episodes called Transition of the West Wing, the TV show, it comes up that they should investigate the incoming administration for the Logan Act.


Wouldn't it be incredible? If creepy sleepy Joe got the idea and suggested they prosecute Mike Flynn, a decorated three star lieutenant general for the Logan Act, from a TV show. It would totally fit with the Biden memo. All right, moving on. Here's Yates going on again, getting caught cold, busted in a lie by Ted Cruz, who did a phenomenal job. You know, I love to watch Sally Yates go back and forth with people of superior intellect like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Josh Holley and others.


Sally Yates is clearly an inferior lawyer and an inferior intellect who can't even lie that well. So she's asked here about surveilling the Trump campaign and she pulls this stunt. I warned you about, gosh, four years ago, we weren't spying on the Trump campaign. We were spying on Carter Page. Yeah. Who worked for the Trump campaign? Yeah, but he had left. Yes. But you got his emails from what? He was with the Trump campaign.


She tries this stunt. I'm going to debunk it in a second. But Sally Yates isn't that smart. Can't figure that out. Of course she's not that bright and inferior at best intellect here. Ted Cruz catches her in a lie. This is just wonderful.


Check this out, Mrs.. When did you first become aware that the Obama administration was surveilling the Donald Trump campaign? The Obama administration was not surveilling the tape, so a FISA application was not surveillance, the FISA application was for Carter Page, who was a former member of the Trump campaign at that point. So your testimony is that that the investigation, Carter Page, had nothing to do with the Donald Trump campaign. No, I'm suggesting you ask me if we were surveilling the campaign.


You don't get it both ways. Is it the campaign or not? Senator, I'm trying to give you what is the accurate information. Carter Paige was a former member of the Trump campaign at the time that the FISA was initiated.


And what was the reason for the files on Carter Page? There were a number of reasons. First, we had gotten the information that I was trying to point out here that the Russians had made the overture that they wanted to be able to assist the Trump campaign in hopes that it had nothing to do with the Trump campaign.


I said that he was not a member of the Trump campaign at the time that we initiated the visit.


Listen, I. Kruse's. Acuity, legal abilities, debate skills are an A plus plus whether you support the man or not, I, I actually endorse the Maryland presidential campaign. Sally Yates is or not, Sally Yates is not even a good liar. No, no, no. We got a warrant on Carter Page. Why? Because he was a member of the Trump campaign. You numskulls. Now. As for the lie that they weren't surveilling the Trump campaign, which he aides who cannot tell the truth ever, no integrity at all, I mean, none.


It's really disgusting. No integrity or dignity at all. Just come clean. You were spying on Carter Page only because he was a member of the Trump campaign because you wanted to spy on the Trump campaign. Very simple. Good to have you back. I'm nervous.


I like how you put a little I think I know what you're doing. And we dropped out there. So, Joe, give me a little like mental but vocal. Q Excuse me. I'm back with the kid is back. Yes. Here is a photo of Jim Comey, his own testimony suggesting that what Sally Yates said we weren't spying on the Trump campaign is a total lie. Here it is. Jim Comey himself, quote, I have been authorized by the DOJ to confirm that the FBI is part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 election, and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign campaign campaign campaign and Russia's efforts.


Again, these people think we're stupid. This is the problem with Sally Yates and why the media but watching MSNBC. So you think this hearing was a huge success for the Democrats? It's hilarious to watch. Hilarious to watch these idiots, Matthew Miller, the hapless sell out, Nicole Wallace. And again, these mental numskulls with double digit IQ. Try to spin that comment like it was a success. It's an obvious line. If you have any dignity at all, you'd be like Miss Yates.


That's not with the FBI who was conducting the investigation, said Jim Comey, sworn raise your right hand testimony, said they were investigating the Trump campaign. So as Jim Comey lying or are you lying? You are yates', of course, because that's what you do, because she has no zero integrity at all. Is involved in the biggest, most corrupt spying operation in U.S. history and doesn't have the guts, the dignity, the self-respect to just admit she did something really, really awful.


I have zero zero respect for Sally Yates. Governments fall and tyrannies sprout like chia pet seeds because of people like Sally Yates, I'm not kidding with zero dignity and self-respect. All right, you know, let me get to my second spot, so I got two more videos I want to get to one where she basically is funny. She at one point, Joe, she says Comey did it. Comey screwed the whole thing up. And then on the other hand, she's like, no, no, we relied on the FBI for everything because they're so great.


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Go to Duke Canning Dotcom Promo Code Bongino one zero bunji notan Duke Cannan Dotcom and use promo code Mancino 10 of this stuff. It's the real deal. Seriously, a big hit on net. OK, getting back to my Sally Yates disaster up on Capitol Hill yesterday. So she lies about me. She lies about surveilling the Trump campaign. She lies about Biden, she lies about Obama. She just lies because she's really rich. She's good at one thing, Joe, and it's definitely lying.


Yeah. So here we go here where she just told us that some of the clips you just saw how Comey did everything. Comey went rogue. Comey, FBI is awful. And we didn't do nothing. We don't know nothing. We didn't see what the Sergeant Schultz was. I don't know nothing. I don't see why it was I don't know anything about anything. No. One of the most powerful justice officials in the United States, amazingly, doesn't know anything about anything.


Either she's a moron or she's a corrupt tyrant. You pick. So here she says in this one, how amazingly the FBI, she said, was awful under Jim Comey. It was so terrible what broke, how she relied on them for everything with the FISA warrant that she didn't even look at. Look, listen to this gem right here.


Tell me every step you took to verify the accuracy of the Stael dossier.


I relied upon the FBI as the fact finders here, the lawyers and the national security division to vet the accuracy of the application. Cheney Trump. Right. So.


Just to be clear on this one, Comis, the bad guy, Khamees, awful, the FBI's terrible and they all went rogue. But when you got a warrant on your desk to sign off on to literally, not figuratively spy on a major party presidential campaign of the opposing political party of yourself, we know you're a die hard liberal, Sally.


You relied completely on the FBI, you said went rogue and didn't didn't trust. And yet again, the lunatics at MSNBC corrupt the crowd hack Andrew Weissman Police Stator, Nicole Wallace laughing stock of just about every serious person on either side of the aisle. And Matt Miller, who I didn't even know before this looks like a vampire, Matt Miller are out there celebrating like this was a huge success. Sally Yates really rocked it. Yes, everything she did.


What year did you watch you knuckleheads? Did you miss this? She just told you she the FBI went rogue, she basically doesn't trust Comey, totally throws them under the bus. Yeah. Suggests he was responsible for the Logan Act and all this terrible stuff. And it says, yeah, but when they put an application to spy on my desk on a presidential candidate, Joe, a little bit of a big deal, but yeah, maybe spying on a president.


Thank you, Joe. If I. Joe, I know you. I'm just the dopey former cop and you're just of silly radio. But what do we know about anything but just checking Joe given up, you know, we're not that smart to figure that out. Just checking if you were in salivates position and someone slot like this. Joe Slide's across your desk. An application to spy on the Democrat nominee for the presidency. Yeah. You think you might want to read it?


I'm just asking Joe. Just not a trick question.


Yeah, it seems like one, but I check it out, man. You know, I check. You check that. Yeah. Job quote, I'd check it out. Not Sally Yates, she relies on Jim Comey, who she then told us is terrible, but she's brilliant, Sally. But according to MSNBC, she rocked the good. So good. So good. All right. Here's the last one I can't resist. I wanted to play a bunch of clips of Holly, who is great, Josh Holly and Mike Lee and others.


I really did. And maybe I'll get to that tomorrow because they were so much good stuff. But I can't go without playing a clip of the absolutely hapless Mazie Hirono radical far left, this senator from Hawaii who never really can't complete a sentence without face planting herself completely. So here's Cherono spreading another myth again because of one of two, there's only one of two options here. Mazie Hirono is either really dumb. Which is a possibility or number two, again, is a gifted liar like Sally Yates here are spreading the myth that when Mike Flynn was interviewed at the White House by the FBI as the national security adviser, the interview he was charged with lying to the FBI about, here's her spreading the myth again that Mike Flynn lied about sanctions.


He was never asked about sanctions. I'll prove it, but Mazie Hirono again is either a liar or can't read.


So check this out on January twenty six, twenty seventeen, you warned the White House that President Trump's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had lied and denying that he discussed U.S. sanctions with the Russian ambassador. And, yes, he had a back channel, conversations going on. Did General Flynn pose a national security risk to the United States?


Certainly our concern, Senator, is that the Russians had leverage over general and the Russians would use leverage whenever they came.


And somebody as close to the president as being the national security adviser, I would say that he posed a national security risk. And that is how I take your response. OK, that's interesting because the day before the meeting, Sally Yates is at the White House discussing Flyn the day before the FBI closed out the door, tried to close out the investigation against Flynn because he wasn't a national security risk. So, again, Yates is a liar. Hirono is already a discredited liar.


She's an embarrassment. She's really, really not bright. That's why I'm not again, I don't think she's lying. I think she's just really not bright. Doesn't understand the case at all. She's a liar, too, but she's not bright. She's never been known as an intellectual beacon in the Senate, if you know what I mean. So she repeats the lie to which Yates, of course, another discredited liar, not nods her head and approval friend lied about sanctions.


So just to be clear, the Democrat narrative that stupid people in the media repeat because they can't do basic homework is that Mike Flynn was asked about a conversation he had. With the Russian ambassador about the sanctions the Obama administration imposed and when Mike Flynn was asked about it by the FBI at the White House, that he lied. Well, in order to lie about talking about sanctions, you'd have to be asked about talking about sanctions, right? Yeah, I'm just.


I'm just. OK, thanks. So just just check that in there.


So you're not going to lie about robbing a bank in order to lie about robbing a bank, you have to be asked about robbing a bank. This is kind of how that works. Again, liberals, I know this is hard for you. That's why I'm speaking slowly. The conservatives get this. They got this months ago, if not years ago. But for the liberals who can be quite dumb with your adamantium skulls to lie about sanctions, you have to be asked about sanctions.


Right. So let's look at the charging document that Mueller and his witch hunters, the corrupt, the CRAs, Andy Weissman and others, the charging document they put together when they charge Flynn for lying about sanctions, they didn't ask. You'll notice they include sanctions. This is the charging document. It says Immediately after Flynn's phone call with the transition team official, Flynn called the Russian ambassador and requested that Russia not escalate the situation and only respond to the US sanctions.


In a reciprocal manner, so you like then? You lost you lost Tyrannous telling the truth, Bob Marley's team said that Mike Flynn lied about sanctions and they're charging document. They did, yeah, they did. You would think then that the FBI's notes about their interview with Flynn write their notes, which they put on a form called a 302, you would think their notes would actually include Mike Flynn's comments about sanctions, right? Now, ladies and gentlemen, to be clear, there were two executive orders by Obama, they were separate.


One was expelling Russian diplomats, expulsions of Russian diplomats. The second was about sanctions. They were different. Bob Muller, Sally Yates and liar Mazie Hirono, not that bright, are claiming Flynn lied about the sanctions, even claiming it and charging documents. Well, let's look at the FBI's notes that they ever ask him about sanctions. Etsi says the agents asked Flynn if he recalled any conversation with Cécilia surrounding the expulsion of Russian diplomats. OK, there's no doubt you see sanctions anywhere in there.


You see it. Joe, do you see it? No, you don't, right? You don't see it, OK? No, me either. OK, clearly, it's in part two of this, the FBI's notes, because they said they asked about sanctions. The expulsions were different. Let's go to parts, by the way, big hat tip, my friend Stephen MacIntire on Twitter, who's been all to follow him at climate audit. He's just fantastic on this.


He's been all over this from day one. Huge Hattem. Let's go to three or two. Part two, let's look for sanctions here. Interviewing agents asked Flynn if he recalled any conversation with Kissa, admits the expulsions he would go expulsions again, talking about PNG persona non grata, show U.S. sanctions anywhere line by line. Just go through sanction, you know, to Paula. Anything from, you know, OK, now. So that's o4 to let's go to page clearly on page three, the word sanctions will definitely appear because he was charged with lying about sanctions that they must have asked him about because liar low, a low IQ, Mazie Hirono and discredited hoaxer Sally Yates said so.


And so did Mueller's hoaxer, Randy Weisman, who probably wrote that charge. I mean, let's go to three to FBI interview, three of the interview age. There's plenty of call time of day. And again, the incoming administration is about expulsions, expulsion, and just the expulsions were coming and sanctions. Paula, I'll take a survey here. Do you see sanctions? That's a no from Paula. That's a no from Paula. So that's me.


A Dan's got to know. Paul has got to know Jo line by the you see the word sanctions anywhere. They're just checking thing. Not a dang thing. Nope.


What now was that a meatloaf song to add a three ain't bad. Was that meat loaf. It was now three out of three in this case is really the three out of three is really bad. Maybe Meat Loaf should do a new version. So that's a three, four, three, four, three. That the word sanctions doesn't appear anywhere. In other words, the FBI and the Department of Justice lied. Hapless, discredited collusion hoaxer Sally Yates and Low IQ Mazie Hirono absolutely know that the FBI and Department of Justice that that someone did lie here, Joe Flynn, right.


They charge me like, no, no, not Flyn, the Department of Justice and Mueller, who charged him with lying about something that was never even discussed. In Park County, yes, he pled guilty because they were threatening his son, but she conveniently mentioned that you always leave out of your commentary. You know, he was defending his son something, the low dignity, low IQ, zero integrity people at MSNBC and in the former Department of Justice under Barack Obama would never do they throw their son right in jail because that's who they are.


Well, you say, Dan, you know, maybe we should look at the transcript, the Flins calls and the words, he's definitely talking about sanctions in the transcript, right. They just kind of screwed up and confused the expulsions and the sanctions. Are we actually have the transcript. So let's look at that. I think this was under cover. HEUVEL By the way, this may be the conservative Tree House guys who had these highlights. So I always like the hat tip.


I just had him sitting in my photos file for so long. So here we go. This is the conversation in question. This is the FBI's notes on the transcript. Kislyak says he hears Flynn and will try to try people in Moscow to try to get people in Moscow to understand. Flynn repeats, asking to reciprocate moderately because if Moscow sends out 60 people, in other words expels them, you will shut down our embassy, he says. Flynn says let's keep this at an even keel level, that when we come in we'll have a better conversation where we're going regarding our relationship.


And basically we have to take these enemies on that. We have we definitely have a common enemy. You have a problem with it. We have a problem within this country and we definitely have a problem with it in the Middle East. You see sanctions in there. No, you don't, right, so if you're watching on YouTube and you read ahead, you don't see that either. So we have the transcript of the call where sanctions aren't mentioned, they are actually mentioned by the Ambassador Kislyak and Flynn just Gessner says he doesn't talk about it all.


He's clearly talking about expelling Russian diplomats and asking for those of you, the liberals who don't understand diplo speak. We expelled Russian diplomats, it was separate from the Russian sanctions, the Obama administration did it. Flynn is saying to the Russian ambassador, please don't expel the people from our embassy because we won't be able to fight the war on terror. We need people in the Russian embassy to do it because we have a common enemy. Did you get that from that?


The conservatives and libertarians listening. Got it. Liberals? Probably not so much. So just to be clear, Flynn's concerned about expulsions and expelling American diplomats from Russia in response because the war on terror would suffer and that somehow is worthy of his arrest. Of course, if you're a police state liberal, like the helpless, sell out Nicole Wallace, Matt I've never heard of before, Miller, an obvious corrupt, the crat Andrew Andrew Weissman. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.


Put him in jail. Now, you may say, well, maybe everybody was confused here, maybe Flynn was confused and what he was talking about, expelling Russian diplomats, he really meant sanctioned show. He clearly meant sanctions, even though they were two separate things because, you know, the left this now, Flynn is just not that bright, despite the fact that he was a brilliant three star intelligence tactician and lieutenant general in the military. Here's an interview Flynn gave immediately afterwards to The Daily Caller before this whole thing went down.


In case you're even remotely confused about Flynn being confused from The Daily Caller, he says Flynn insisted he crossed no lines in his conversation with Ambassador Kislyak. If I did believe me, the FBI be down my throat, my clearance would be pulled. There were no lines crossed. Flynn said there was a brief discussion of the thirty five Russian diplomats who were being expelled by Obama in retaliation for Moscow's alleged interference in the 2016 elections. Folks, you understand the disgrace these people are.


And again, Sally Yates, zero dignity, zero integrity, lying, corrupt, the crat Lord Acton, warning personified. Power corrupts absolute, power corrupts absolutely. If this woman gets back in government, tyranny is around the corner. She has no dignity, no integrity, not a sliver of adherence to the Constitution and basically thinks she can throw the rules out the window, weaponize her position to prosecute her political enemies. And she thinks the worst part about it is she thinks she's doing it for the public good.


What a joke, what a total disgrace. All right, I've got a lot more. Don't go anywhere. I got the same economic numbers, a media poll and 2016 all over again, believe it or not. Incredible. And hopefully I'll get this thing happening to our final sponsor today. You know, I love this spot, but at the same time, I have a tough time with it. The sad, because every time I read it, my mouth starts to water because I'm typically hungry this time.


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Don't wait to have a grill out this weekend. OK, quick update on the economic numbers, because this is obviously is important for your wallet, your future and your kids. Washington Examiner story of yesterday. Folks, we're expecting record economic growth numbers to pop right before the election, economic growth numbers, GDP wise. Now, here's the headline since yesterday shown us by J. Half one record economic growth on the way as election approaches. I'll give you a good news.


Bad news. The bad news is obvious. The reason we're going to be looking at estimates are anywhere between 15 to 20 percent GDP growth. To put that in context, ladies and gentlemen. 15 to 20 percent GDP growth is about three to seven points higher than the most. Profound largest jump in GDP we've ever had, which is about twelve point six, twelve point nine in American history in one corner. Now, you may say, well, that sounds really terrific, what's the bad the bad news is because we suffered a, you know, 30 percent annualized annualized really a nine percent quarterly drop in the last quarter, which is obvious because of the plague, that plague from China.


Obvious, right. They shut down the economy. If you shut down the economy, you can't build stuff. If gross domestic product is built on product, what you produce. Again, this is for the liberals, not the conservatives who have a hard time understanding this. And you're not producing anything. You're going to have a big dip. The good news is that under any other administration, largely a liberal one like Obama, with their anti business policies, the economy would have a tough time coming back, not under Trump, his deregulation, his tax cuts, his his allegiance to business and business growth and economic growth and growing your wallet.


Is strong, he wants you to be prosperous and because we have a relative, relatively lightly regulated economy now under President Trump, you're going to see some pretty deep numbers. They're going to come back pretty heavy today. The numbers came out to one point one nine million unemployment benefits, which is lower than expected. Again, bad news, good news, bad news, one point one nine million people are unemployed this week. The good news is it's far less than expected.


It could have been worse. So these numbers are going to come out right before the election. And listen, that matters for politics, too. We can't ignore that. You're going to have record economic growth numbers bounce right before people go to the polls. I'm guessing my guess again, I hate the predictions business. It's going to be between 18 and 20 percent. If it's higher than that, I even I'll be stunned. That's a huge, huge number.


OK, I'm moving on. I got a couple of quick stories that I want to get to. Hopefully this thing that happened in Maryland because it's really bad. Joe's home state red state article in the show notes today really worth your time again, folks.


The media's credibility is just flushed down the toilet. Flush it right down the old bull. Put a little bit of that bacteria that eats up all that garbage and you throw that in, cleans up your whole cesspool, throw that right behind it. Red state. New Gallup poll delivers a devastating indictment of news outlets by an overwhelming majority of respondents.


Get a load of this. This is why I know many of you out there like me really sincerely can't stand the mainstream media because, you know, they lie like the MSNBC clowns yesterday pretending, Sally, you're a rock star, knocked it out of the park and she got caught lying. What are you talking about? Did you watch the same interview with. So we're all very mad at them. But, you know, we see, you know, George Costanza on CNN, Brian Stelter, coffee fetcher is his back buddy, Oliver Darsey, who pretended to be a conservative to get a job.


You know, all these losers with no integrity. And we're like, gosh, we can't win. We can't win the media. They do what they want. No, no, you are winning. Listen to this, no. So Gallup did a poll. Eighty four percent of the respondents to the poll agreed with the statement that the media is to blame in our country for political division, the division. Ladies and gentlemen, you can't get eighty four percent of people to agree on anything if you take a poll of a bunch of third graders on a Friday and ask them if they want homework over the weekend.


You'll probably only get seven out of 10. They'll say no, there's probably three out of 10 studying for a spelling bee. But like, ma'am, we need homework. I had Sister Ellen in third grade. Sister Ellen. We definitely need homework here. Everybody's looking at my wah wah wah wah wah. I don't care about spelling bee. It's oh, you can't get. Eighty four percent of people agree on anything except for the fact that the media sucks that you can get them.


So I'm just saying and I wrote here he who laughs last laughs the loudest and you're laughing off bailout because think about this. They have one job, the media to be trusted to not get into political spats and to give you the facts so you can make your own political decisions and nobody trusts them. This is crazy. This is crazy. They're seeking out actual news like this show where we got all the stuff right when we called the two biggest scandals of this generation.


Right. And the media got it wrong. Spygate and the collusion hoax. You're laughing the loudest. The media is a joke. They have one job to get you the facts, and 84 percent of people don't trust them to do it and believe they are responsible for the political divisions. Is great news. Moving to another red state, red state does good work, I like to cite their stuff a lot less generous 2016 all over again. Democrats still can't find Wisconsin.


Remember, Hillary Clinton decided not to campaign in Wisconsin. That was a great idea. Please don't do that again. Democrats, I'm begging you, don't go back to Wisconsin just like you're not now. Biden gets ripped into next week for deciding not to go to Wisconsin to accept the nomination.


You know. I hate to use that expression because everybody screws it up, you know? Remember when George W. Bush did it, you don't want to fool me once. Shame on me. Fool me twice. Shame on you or me. Fool me three times the other guy, Shemin and nobody ever gets it right. Folks, do you realize there's a template for failure for the Democrats in an election against Donald Trump? Right. They have a template 2016.


They failed to correct Hillary Clinton, lost the media. Folks, you may have missed that you, Joe Biden, were aware of, but media people may still be unaware that Hillary lost. She lost, and the template for failure was clear. I was going to say this on Hannity last night, but I got lost on another topic, it was important to my appearance. I said on the show that you don't hear my notes last night from Hannity actually take some notes before I go on the air.


No, Wisconsin, don't visit Wisconsin, so if you wanted it, you have a template for failure, right? So stay out of Wisconsin. Biden doesn't want to go there to accept the nomination overreliance on polls. Sounds kind of ignoring Joe Biden's winning. Fifty one states. There's only 50. It doesn't matter. He's winning fifty one right over reliance upon an extreme overconfidence leading to tactical apathy. Sound familiar? So I'm kind of like, what's going on now?


You know what, Paula, can I jump ahead to the Politico piece? Because that'll make more sense. Kind of a better I should have organized it better. Can we do that? Tactical apathy, what do I mean by that? Look at this political, ah, Politico article. Which sometimes political, even a blind squirrel gets a nut. The Joe Biden campaign is knocking on how many doors we clearly thousands, hundreds of thousands when you go door knocking.


Of course, it's very important that Joe Biden, according to Politico, the Biden campaign is knocking on the zero doors. Yeah, I mean, it's stunning here, they're repeating the exact same mistakes they made in 2016. I mean, this is an absolute template for failure. What was the other mistake in 2016? I told you, overreliance on polls don't visit swing states like Wisconsin, pretend celebrity endorsements like Katy Perry and Bruce Springsteen actually matter. Listen, they have great voices.


I'm not exactly taking my political advice from them. The other one was just forfeit grassroots campaigning all together and buy a whole bunch of national ads. Well, I have an article up in the show and it's again for Politico. As I said, even they sometimes get a story right, showing how the Biden campaign is knocking on exactly zero doors, zero doors. The Trump campaign is knocking on millions of doors, hundreds of thousands of doors, thousands a day, hundreds a day.


And the Biden campaign is knocking on zero doors. Ladies, gentlemen, I ran for office in a heavily Democratic district, Maryland Congressional District six. And let me tell you something. If you don't think doorknocking matters, you are absolutely insane and out of your mind and you should seriously not consider ever running for office. My campaign, we ran in a district. Now I'll tell you why in a second. I'll just tell you personal stories, because, you know, because they're mine.


Because they matter. Because they speak to a larger strategy. We didn't have the money. My opponent was one of the wealthiest members in Congress, John Delaney. He was an incumbent in a hugely Democratic district, a D plus sixth district that he had won from another incumbent by double digits, close to 20 points. That's how Democratic this district was. We knew we could now fundraise. We knew it. So we decided from day one to get into the race really early and go knock on doors we knocked on was fifty five thousand doors.


I knocked on 7000 doors myself over a year and a half a year and three quarters of a year. It was terrible, it was it was really hot, it was long days, no food, there was nowhere to go to the bathroom. You couldn't get him to drink a lot of water even though you were all dehydrated. We had to put those, like, wet towels around our necks that it was weird. We look like, you know, Han Solo from the planet with these big wet towels around our necks, like because it was so hot, you would dehydrate and you have to, like, calculate the survival.


There's nowhere to go to bathroom so we can't drink anywhere. It was really that. But we knocked I knocked on seven thousand doors myself. We won that race on Election Day. We lost on a. Questionable absentee count four days later. No one has ever come close since no one's ever come within single digits to do what we did. I don't tell you that as a celebratory pat on the back. I tell you that because knocking on doors mattered.


The political science research is everywhere. And it basically says something like this when you knock on the door and you meet someone face to face. You know, you're probably not going to change their vote, but you may convince them to not vote for the other guy, not that you're trying to tell them not to vote, but they may like you enough that they either sit that one out or they vote third party.


So if you're not going out the door, hey, I'm Dan Bongino, and it's a Democrat, they may say, you know what, I like that guy. You know what? I like that Trump volunteered and showed up. I'm going to vote either third party or you know what? This one I'll say I'm going to sit this one out. Not that you don't want them to vote. You're not discouraging people to vote. I'm just telling you what some of the research says.


You're going to get them to not vote against you again. Maybe they go third party, whatever. They write someone else and they don't like their choices. Door knocking makes a huge difference, ladies and gentlemen. And I'm telling you, the template for a big upset is there again, I'm out of the predictions business. I'm just saying Twenty is repeating itself again. Listen, I want to get quickly to a couple more stories. Is a. Story out of Montgomery County, it's really disappointing, folks.


I warned you the other day, Montgomery County, Maryland, they have basically a tyrannical county executive there, Mark Erlich, I think his name is the guy's a tyrant. And because he is in the pocket of the dreadful teachers' unions, which has disgraced themselves all over America, yet not the teachers, but the teachers unions totally discredited themselves. The teachers unions are demanding that your kids not be educated. And because they run largely public schools, a lot of private schools are not unionized or Catholic schools.


They're demanding their competition be shut down, too, because that's what teachers unions are. They just they're in it for the money. They're not in it for the kid. Don't give a damn about your kids at all. You see some of the protests in Chicago with the teachers union screaming and yelling like lunatics about safety, safety. There's a way. But what do you do with, you know, where the safety about the woman at the checkout counter republics down the block?


So Mark Erlik, tyrant, growing, chia pet sprouting tyrant in Montgomery County, Maryland, a deep blue county, said no, no, no public schools either because the teachers unions ordered him so and he's a lackey for them. The governor, Republican Governor Larry Hogan, said, no, no, that's not a county order they can open. They want he doubled down and is demanding again that they don't open. Phil Kerpen has a great threat on his social media account on Twitter about how Montgomery County, the number of new cases is actually below that of Maryland.


Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, this tyranny is coming to your door. It's because teachers unions own own own O.W. When liberal politicians, they don't give a damn about your kids. They want the schools closed. They don't want your kids in school. They're demanding and extorting more money. And they don't want their competition to take away their monopoly on failure because they have failed public schools in this country. Sadly, largely not all, but many of them are total, complete failure factories, despite pumping money into them for decades.


The teachers unions are a disgrace. They don't care about your kids. Don't tell me they care about the kids. There is zero evidence that any of that is true. This is coming to your door to. Convenient, by the way, because Montgomery County, you know, retirement Mark Earling. Allow daycare to stay open, daycare, you know, with kids in a closed environment, just not private schools. Tell me again how this is about the kids.


It's dangerous, not dangerous. The daycare workers. What about those kids? They have some kind of special powers. They like Xmen, like mutation's, where they don't get coronaviruses as ever. No, no. We just know kids are not really spreaders of disease because that's what the science says. All right. One last story I got to run. We're going to do this taping with Sean Hannity for the interview show. Don't miss check it out on our YouTube channel, YouTube that combines, you know, you're really going to like it.


Ask him about his new book, Live Free or Die. So you see story up in the show notes today, but in The Washington Examiner about Andrew Weissman, Mueller's Paltalk. Yeah, Pitbull, yeah. People always get these fancy nicknames when they're liberals. Of course. Andrew Weissman wrote an op ed.


Incredibly. Amazingly, asking Justice Department officials who work for the Department of Justice now not to cooperate with the Durham probe. Ladies and gentlemen, may I ask you a question? How is Andrew Weissman not being investigated for obstruction of justice? Right. How can you imagine Donald Trump or the White House? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Penned an op ed. Can you imagine this? Donald Trump penned an op ed demanding Department of Justice officials not cooperate with the Mueller probe.


There would be calls for the guillotine right now. Donald Trump would have been impeached six or seven times over. But Andrew Weissmann, who worked for Mueller, is demanding because he wants to because he knows Andrew Weissman, he ran a case that had no evidence against Donald Trump of Russian collusion at all. They had the translator notes, the January 2017 briefing. They had the text, the Peter Stroke text. Weissman knows he was involved in a corrupt investigation from the start about a collusion hoax that never happened.


Weissman's trying to avoid accountability. He's running scared because that's a Weissman is he's a panic coward. And frankly, he's a punk. He is he's an abusive individual who is pretty much from what I hear from my DOJ contact was hated everywhere he worked. And Andrew Weissman right now is trying to get Justice Department officials not to cooperate, to keep himself possibly out of some criminal or civil liability himself. It's really disgusting. The DOJ needs to investigate Weissman today.


Don't wait today for obstruction of justice. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube Dotcom on genos, where you subscribe subscribe on Apple podcast to the audio podcast as well. We always appreciate it. And again, don't miss my interview with Sean Hannity will be launching it probably Saturday morning on the channel. So look out for that. It's going to be really good coming up in just a little bit.


See you tomorrow. Thanks.


You just heard Dan Bongino.