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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. I really, really need you to be to be proud, to be proud of what you do, what you've done, what you stand for, issues you stand for this country, what you've done to build this country into the economic and freedom juggernaut. It was and hopefully will become again. I need you to be proud. I said this at CPAC in a speech that I gave on Friday, that one went viral thanks to you and a lot of folks spreading it around.


Be proud. Stand up. Chest out, shoulders back, chin high. You're on the right side of this, I want to play a brief clip of that. More importantly, I want to get to the barn burner. President Trump put out their long, long speech, two hours, but there's a few snippets of it that are really imperative. He gets it. I told you, he gets it. He's back. President Trump. I got that.


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All right, producer Joe, let's go. Yeah, good to see Joe on a Monday loaded weekend. So I spoke at CPAC on Friday. Thank you to everyone that showed up. Joe and I did the show there last year. This year is a lot going on. Maybe we'll do this show there next year. Say hello to everybody again. We got to decide that. But my speech at CPAC, just a quick back story. So I promise you, I don't say this to sound like, yeah, look at me.


Super edgy, cool guy. No dice. I don't do that. Self praise definitely stinks. But the speech went viral. It was their most watched speech or clip of it on their CPAC Twitter account by by far, thanks to you. And one of the things I brought up is exactly what I was talking about before. Is your need to be proud. Chest out, chin up. I know we took it on the chin in this last election.


I get it. It's tough. But folks, the core of my speech, which I I'm not kidding. I thought of two minutes, maybe less than that. Right, Paula? Paul is in the other room now. Give me a yeah. Give me a yeah. Right. That's right. Thank you. You hear that? I thought of the speech two minutes before walking out. I was chatting with a guy in the green room and didn't realize my speech was like two minutes away.


And Paul is like, Hey, guy talking to Dan. He was a nice guy. But Dan really has to go on stage like now. And I was like, oh my gosh, I don't even have any. And I thought to myself. It's time to dust off. Dustoff. The dust off the get up, everybody, we need to get up, we need to get back in the fight, Trump's back in a fight role. Back in the fight.


We're back in a fight. Here is the end of my speech was about 15 minutes. This is just about 30 seconds. But this was literally the end. And thank you for sending this via where I emphasized the need for you to be proud. Stand up. We are on the right side of history. If there was ever a right side of history, you are on it. Check this out.


Leave here tonight with your chest out. Proud. You are the renegades. You are the misfits. You are the real fighters. You're the one that matters. And don't make make no mistake, as you leave, you are on the right side of everything. Free speech, the freedom to protect your family, the freedom to assemble, to make your own money, to save your own life through your health care, and to get your kids at a good school.


That is, you you are on the right side to be proud. Say your prayers. Thank the Lord Almighty. You are on the right side of history. Amen.


I need you all to be proud. I need you I need you to need me to be proud. You need me to need others to be proud. You may say, oh, what are we talking about, silly things like being proud of where we stand and. Because, folks, I was sensing after the election this almost apathy like, gosh, did we do something wrong here, almost buying into the left wing lunatics narrative. You know, back in the 60s, it was cool to be the hippies and the misfits.


Right. The renegades, as I said in the speech, that's us now.


It's only us. You're the real renegades now. We're the land of misfit toys. I don't mean that as an insult, I mean, it is a compliment. Where the counterculture revolution now just us. No one else. Don't count on the ACLU or, you know, any liberal or the free speech advocate to come in and say, hey, you know what, these conservatives, we don't like their ideas, but they may be onto something. We should join them in the fight.


No, no, no, no, no. Don't don't waste your time. It's just us now. Don't ever forget. Real renegades. Real dissidents in times of freedom crisis never have a safe place. You'll never have a safe home. You'll never be safe from tyranny. But you'll damn well be on the opposite side of it. And you can be proud your chin up, head held high, shoulders back, that when the tyranny came, you were on the other side of it.


You were the warriors for freedom. And I need everyone to get up and be proud again, President Trump's back, we're back. I want to make one final note here. There's no time outs, folks, there's no pauses, there's no do overs. It's not a video game. There's no time for that. The time right now to get up and reengage, no matter how depressed you are about what happened in the twenty twenty election, is yesterday, not today.


Today's already too late. We have to get back in this fight. I need you. I cannot do this alone. Trump can't do it alone. You can't do it alone. You need me. I need you. Please. It is so time to get back in this fight. I want to thank CNN to the network for running my speech. I want to say that again, I want to thank on CNN the network for running my speech.


Joe, I'm looking for an mm hmm. Paula, I'm sorry, Paula, it. Can I get an item from you? Mm hmm. Yeah, I can begin. I got to say, the third time, I want to thank you to CNN for running my speech. OK, moving on. If you like that sort of thing. Some of you pick up what I'm putting down. He's back, he's back. The cat is back.


The kid in New York that was a complimentary term, not as a president shrub back. Gave a gosh, what was that, about two hours, that was a long speech. I stood there and listened to the entire thing, although I have to be honest, halfway through, I really needed a bathroom break bad. I drank a lot of water, had a few adult sodas the night before on date night with Paula was slightly dehydrated. So I had been drinking a lot of water.


Halfway through the speech, I was like. Is there a pause button for this? So, yes, I had a hit pause on the TV, thank God for DVRs and you know, but. The speech was good, listen, it was not his standard go off script all the time, get off on tangents, but really roused the crowd. Emotional speech granted. But it was a good speech, anyone telling you otherwise is just silly, they're just playing stupid games, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


But here are his key takeaways. I've got a few snippets from it. And these are important. And I'm going to get into why the key takeaways. Number one, he's listening. We know election reform is a huge issue. Do we not check out this CPAC twenty twenty one poll most important issues. Shocker. What have we been saying three weeks now? Right. If you're not going to run on election integrity and free and fair elections and cancel culture, those two things, please don't run for office.


CPAC twenty twenty one poll, most important issues, no surprise to listeners of Dan Bongino show election integrity. Ding, ding, ding, cannibal at a stop, the bell rings for like two minutes. Election integrity. President Trump gets that, ladies and gentlemen. He totally gets it because he listens and he's not stupid, like some other candidates out there who are still going to run on things that are really important. But they're going to highlight it in their campaign, leaving election integrity behind, not realizing if we don't have free and fair elections, nothing else really matters.


But here's video number one from President Trump asking the question, how much you love this guy, Joe, how much is this guy? What's the first thing out of his mouth? You ask the question I'd ask, hey, you miss me? Check this out.


Hello, Sepak. Do you miss me yet? Do you miss. I laughed when I heard that I was so scared.


Yes, yes, yes, we do see packett al-Sahhaf cry in show just started my eyes to be read the whole show.


Now, it's not a joke. That's an act I don't like. There's not like a sniff for salt that makes me cry for this guy just cracks me up. That's what I love about this guy. I promise you. That was not in the teleprompter. You missed me. Yes, we do. All right, back to the substance. The speeches are all short, like 30 second clips or so. Most of you heard it. But I do want to make a point of emphasizing this for a reason.


It's not just I'm bringing this up to repeat what he said during the speech. I'm bringing this up for a reason. I wrote it down. He listens, Trump, he has good instincts. He has solid instincts, I'm thinking back to a time when Mitt Romney lost the election to President Obama and I was in a group of conservatives and we brought this guy in to talk about how we would fix the party. And the first thing he said is we should never talk about immigration again.


True story. Everybody in the group was like, what? Excuse me, what happens, Trump runs makes immigration a centerpiece of his campaign and wins, he's got great instincts on issues. Some of you know, we got to fix some of the personnel instincts. I think he realizes that. But on issues, he has great instincts. So what's the first thing? One of the first things he brings up in his speech? What did I just tell you was going to matter?


Not going to say it and tell this to his team to not suggesting I made him say this, I did not. He's got good instincts outside of what I say, election reform and cancer culture. You don't run in those two things. Please don't run. President Trump gets a check this out.


Another one of the most urgent issues facing the Republican Party is that of ensuring fair, honest and secure elections.


Again, showing you you're not wasting your time tuning in to the show every day, Joe, how long have we been on this for election reform? About a month now. Easy.


I'd like to think that the show has become a success. Thanks to you, you're the most loyal audience in the history of audiences. We'd love you to death. But I listen to you as well, my email is out there, people email me the email, Paula, they go to the info account, my email us, and we read your emails. How do I know elections matter? Not just because of a CPAC poll, because I listen to my audience and they're like, hey, Dan, elections really matter to us.


What happened in twenty twenty can't happen again. These last minute election changes, all that stuff, that's why Trump gets it, he has amazing instincts for issues. He just does. Here's take away number two. So first, good instincts, right, on election reform, boom. Number two, again, you're not wasting your time. What did I tell you a month ago? There will be no third party run by President Trump. You want to start a third party, do your thing.


I'm telling you, there's no math for it. You cannot win, we do not have a parliamentary system in the United States, we don't have it. We have a say. I wish we didn't. I'm not recommending or endorsing the two party system. It's broken. I'm just telling you, strategy wise right now, that's what we're stuck with. I told you he would not start a third party because we have single member districts in Congress, one person wins right now, the congressman or woman wins.


There's not two people based on how much of the vote you got. Right. Well, Congressman, parliamentary representative so-and-so is going to get this many delegates, but it's not the way it works. You either win as a Republican or a Democrat or else you split the vote. I told you Trump wasn't going to do it. I got a lot of emails. Again, I'm not trying to be right, I'm just trying again to tell you the guy has good instincts.


The Republican Party's a disaster, a third party. The math is an even bigger disaster. Trump gets it. Here's Trump on the third party yesterday, for I am not starting a new party.


That was fake news. Fake news. Now, wouldn't that be brilliant? Let's start a new party and let's divide our vote so that you can never win. No, we're not interested in that.


Folks, there is things I can and can't say, OK? For obvious reasons. Even saying I can't say it, I shouldn't say I told you this a month ago. He was not going to do this, OK? He's not stupid. The Republican Party is a mess. 80 percent of it is a train wreck. But one hundred percent of a third party strategy will fail. There's no math. And people say, well, what if he started a third party just to run nationally, forget about congressional districts where only one person wins and you'd be splitting the vote.


OK, you need two seventy electoral votes to win, right? That's how it works. The presidential race is 50 state elections, 50 separate states. You need 270 to win. If you don't get the 270, what happens? The race goes to the House of Representatives, where the House of Representatives, each state gets one vote, whoever gets majority wins. So you're suggesting to me states run exclusively by Republicans or Democrats because no one will get to 270.


If Trump were to run in a third party, that they are going to then go and vote outside of the Republican or Democrat Party and vote for a third party. It's not going to happen. There's no math. He knows that he's not stupid. And anyone who thinks he's stupid, you're stupid for thinking he's stupid. All right. Let me get to my second sponsor, and I got a few more videos here. Do we get a teaser for twenty twenty four?


I think we did. I think we did. I got that. A rejection of cancer culture issue two elections cancel culture because Trump doesn't like his finger and see where the winds are blowing. Trump just gets it. He's got good instincts. I got that. And then a line that has the media going crazy Today show brought to you by Armacost, favorite sponsor of the show, his buddies, my buddies at rock auto chain stores of different price tiers for professional mechanics and do it yourselfers like Armacost.


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I know you will love my singing. I was just kidding, but rock, auto dotcom is the place to go. Joe, Joe, Joe is an actual singer and I'm not. Yes, sorry, but I still love the theme song. All right. Getting back to the show. So did we get a teaser from President Trump about what's coming up in twenty twenty four? Gosh, I hope so. Again, I hope this is a teaser, so he said something in the beginning in his speech about this journey not being over driving.


What is he talking about? Journey not being over? Is he taking some kind of like eat, pray, love journey? And I mean, I don't think that's what he's talking about. Check this out.


President Trump on the journey not being over to so many wonderful friends, conservatives and fellow citizens in this room all across our country. I stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we began together, we went through a journey like nobody else. There's never been a journey like it.


There's never been a journey so successful. We began it together four years ago, and it is far from being over.


What could he be talking about? No idea. Of course, we know what he's talking about. Again, dustoff, everybody, dustoff time that does everybody off the mat, off the mat. Time to get back, back, back. I grew up in Queens, every Italian kid like me in Queens, you know Bongino. I'm only actually half Italian. I'm Irish, German, a little bit of French. Apparently you just found that out not that long ago.


But every Italian in New York does that. You know, back, back the hands, get back right up in the fight, you, Jose, near Jose Maria. My mother's husband told me that no, no, my mother divorced and remarried, that I really back Italian guy. Time to get back in the fight. He's promised back what's our excuse back thing to get back? Journey not over. That's good, that's good. Like to hear that I'd prefer your journey not be over to and I promise he's not talking about, like, some world tour, like whatever the KISS reunion or whatever it may be.


I don't think that's the journey he's quite talking about. I know he was laughing in the background. Let me guess here you were laughing because he said it was the greatest journey ever. Like a huge journey right now. Right. Was that were you how everything Trump does. It's the hugest and the biggest right now. That's funny. I could tell. I could see. I know that's what he's laughing because he listens to the clips as they play in laughter.


He's like, this was the greatest journey ever. So I love that everything is the greatest and the hugest. And that's I'm from Queens. Everybody from Queens is like that. I get it. I've explained this a thousand times. Trumps from Queens to Queens, New York. The reason guys from Queens and even the ladies from Queens are like this is because in Queens, when you grew up, there were never considered as tough as the Brooklyn kids.


You're from Brooklyn, you're just tough or the Bronx automatically. Paulie lived in the Bronx and people thought she was tough when she moved to Queens because she was from the borough, which is hilarious because Paula's not really known for her UFC skills, but everybody thought she was so tough. Right, Paula? She's from the Bronx. Stay away from her politics like you're like. Remember when Eddie Murphy walks into the cell and trading places because Karate Man and you know, you're dad's ball girl.


I'm from the Bronx. Meanwhile, Paula really doesn't do a lot of, like, Superman punches or things like that. And if you're a UFC fighter, so you're not really considered tough when you're from Queens. So you got to exaggerate everything to make people believe you're tough, but you don't have the prestige and money of the Manhattan kids either, like, oh, my gosh, you were born in Manhattan. Woo, you must have money. Guys got a lot of dough, but so you always got to exaggerate everything there to to compete with the Manhattan kids.


So you're like sandwiched in the middle. You're not like an upper level elite rich dude because you're from Manhattan and you're not a street brawler from the Bronx or Brooklyn either. You're a Queens kid. So everything has to be that's why Trump does that. It was the hugest, biggest charity ever. That is my Donald Trump. I got it. I grew up in Queens. There's parts of me. It's the same way. I'm telling you. That's just Queens, guys.


That's why he is that's just him laughing, I know, I know, that's what you laughing. I could see it. All right. Here's Trump again. Two more quickies here. Again, the guy gets it with the issues, do not sleep on the man's political instincts, don't do it. He runs for office the first time he won the presidency, the second time he got the most votes of any Republican ever to run for office ever for the presidency.


Results weren't what we wanted, but this is the first time this guy's ever run. His instincts are tremendous. Here he is focusing on what I told you is the only two issues that are the only two issues we should run on in 2022 to make them highlight in 2024, highlight once being in office, we can fix everything else, election reform and cancel culture. Check this out.


We reject Tanso culture. Holger. Short clip, obviously, but he went on a little bit about it as well. Why again, do you think he's just wasting his time? The guy's speech was like an hour and 50 minutes long. Right. Do you think he just threw that in there randomly? Like, oh, let me just bring up chemicals. No, he has really solid, strong political instincts that liberals just don't get. All right.


One final one. Who did this at the liberal media on fire?


Whoa. After this doozy, there was a total meltdown among the Blue Checkmark Brigade Brigade on Twitter, even though I don't post a lot of unique content on Twitter or anywhere really any once in a while rethread something. But I do sometimes go on there to see what the blue checkmark brigade is melting down about because it's so funny to watch. Trump said this and liberals absolutely lost their marbles. Check this out. But who knows, who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time.


OK. Just north. All right. Surprised, actually, that. I like the Internet around the world wasn't shut down the whole Internet the minute that Biscet, like the cancer, shut down the whole Internet, shut it down. You know, video, audio, tweets, Parley's, anything, shut the whole Internet down for a day. We can't have it. We can't have that that quote get out there. They I'm telling you, they melted down.


I've never seen anything like. Well, I have, but it was almost unusual. In its histeria. Told his back. It's time for us to. Dustoff, I can't dustoff very well in this arm because my elbows are just horrendous these days, but I'm trying everybody dustoff back in the game. All right. No more time, no time outs, no pause in the video game. No throwing the red flags for review on the field, it's time to get back in the mix.


It's our party, our country. It's worth fighting for, what's the alternative? All right, let me get to this article, speaking of the what are the two I can't say this enough, the two big issues, you should be hounding your local officials the right way, but we get it. We should be hounding them about election reform and cancel culture. Now, I showed you that screenshot, I just realized I did this totally out of order, they're supposed to be the screenshot.


Now you go.


This is the first time, like running the whole operation by himself, Joe Biden. And he actually did he know what to do? He just rolled right into it. I had that photo before showing you the CPA and then granted the CPAC polls, not some unbiased sample of people. I get it. But I'm telling you, even when you look at unbiased polling of Republicans, election reform is number one. There are things happening. I want you again.


Chest out, shoulders back, chin up. Your emailing and calling of election officials demanding you better fix these elections. The pressure you're putting on them matters. It's only a few months after the November twenty twenty election, and there's already stuff being done right now to fix elections in the future. Are we done? Is it mean? No, this stuff hasn't passed. But again, I don't I'm not going to be a defeatist and not a word that I'm done.


I'm not done. There's no done. I said that in the speech. There's no done. Get the work done. Take it. Throw it out. The verdict is in. No Dunn. Forget Dunn. There is no Dunn. You don't have an option for a Dunn because there's no alternative. There's no gun, your efforts matter, look, just the news article in the show notes I asked you, please subscribe to our newsletter. It is the show notes.


Same thing. Bongino Dotcom Slash newsletter. It is free. I will send you these articles every day. You won't regret it. We're almost out of here and I think we're maybe over half a million on our newsletter. Just the news article by Daniel Payne. Efforts are underway in key battleground states to return voting systems to pre 2020 rules, good legislators are looking to roll back major changes to mail in voting and early voter lists.


Why are they doing that? They're not doing it because they're nice guys, politicians are almost never nice guys or gals. They're doing it because they want to stay in power. How do they stay in power? By getting your vote? How do they get your vote? By responding to what you tell them you want them to do. So by emailing them and calling them and saying, hey, I'm really not cool with these ridiculous, unconstitutional rule changes to elections.


I think we should focus on voter integrity, election integrity issues.


It matters. Here you go from there, just the news piece changes to election rules, some of them enacted prior to 20, 20 and others put in place in response to covid have included expansive mail in voting, which, by the way, side note, The New York Times noted repeatedly mail in voting was more susceptible to rejection. Throw that in there. Expanded early voting. OK, folks were early voting now like three months out or something. Is this insane relaxin of verification rules?


Why would we do that? And extensions to ballot receipt deadlines, all that stuff in swing states could be changed. Matter of fact, in some swing states, there's legislation moving right now that will change it. Why? Because your voice matters. Look what's happening in Georgia. The Senate passed a bill that would require voters to submit photocopies of their voter ID for absentee ballot application. What's the problem with that here? You just show us you're the person actually voting.


Is that really controversial? Am I missing something here? I don't think so. The bill would also do away with current signature matching the system currently in place for absentee voting. The system is ripe for fraud and abuse, especially if the governor agreed to activist demands to make it more onerous for officials to reject disputed signatures. Why would you do that? Georgia, let's go on this, let's go, let's go. We got that, let's go back, row back now.


We're all back.


OK, now. So sophistries. Pennsylvania. With Trump lost by fewer than one hundred thousand votes, state lawmakers have signaled an intent to repeal the state's no excuse Småland voting system first implemented twenty nineteen state senators Stephano and M.A.. Back, yet it is trying to measure you get you get the state Senate, Stephano A.M. last month said in the Senate, some of you get that. But, you know, as a state member, they intended to introduce legislation repealing the no excuse mail in ballot provisions put in place two years ago via states.


Seventy seven M.B.A. Stefano Bongino, let's go back. Let's move that. Let's move. Let's move that. I like these two guys around. Let's let's move that. Let's let's get that going. Let's get some brews here. Let's get some brews here for those of you like Boxtel. Finally, these things going on in Arizona, it's a bill under consideration in Arizona. Where Trump lost just by 11000 votes. Which would make it a felony for any public official to proactively send out a mail in ballot to any voter not on the state's early voting, this gee, that sounds like a good idea.


Why would we want to send out a ballot not requested by someone who's not even in the state's voting system, that seems kind of dumb. Yeah. There were things happening. And they're happening because of you, because you're all back. We're all back in the game now. We're emailing, we're calling. We're doing our thing. We're seeing legislators show up at our Martin County, Florida. Whatever Republican Lincoln dinner, we listen. We all eat bad chicken at those dinners.


We get it. I've been to like twenty five thousand of them. OK, when you see them, your first question, what are we doing about the elections? What what what what are what are we doing now? Luckily, Martin County, we've got a solid system in Florida. But what are we doing there? We're all back now. Election reform and cancer control, what are we doing if they don't have an answer for them, you may want to reconsider your vote in a primary.


I'm just saying. Things are happening because of you. All right, let me get to my third sponsor and the other side of this, again, I keep saying it hammered home elections and cancel culture one and two, the deuce. That's what she got to run on. I got the cancer culture segment coming up next. What did I warn you about cancer culture? It once it turns on liberals, even liberals will turn on cancer culture. I got a piece of video showing you exactly what I mean, the guy I'm going to play next is.


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All right, back to the show.


Cancio culture issue number two. You're not involved and you're running for office in cancer culture. You don't have some solutions. Please pull your name off the ballot. Stop wasting everybody's time, including mine. I told you, cancel culture, which is a leftist phenomenon. Cancel culture is cannibalistic by nature. Why, ladies and gentlemen? Because very simply, it is a power trip. That's what cancer culture is. The people who want you canceled because you're a Trump supporter, the people who want you canceled because you're a Republican, the people who want CPAC canceled because it's a conference of conservatives.


The people who do that are losers. They have no lives. They're complete Xeros total life degenerates. They are the scum of the earth. If I may, I'm sorry for sounding a little hostile, but they are. They're losers, they don't have real jobs, so this is not a joke because unfortunately, I've gotten reports about some of them where people report on the cancer culture, people I've read them and my reports from others. And when you see the people doing it, you're like, my gosh, that guy sounds like a real loser.


They are, but they get power from canceling others. Now, what's the problem with that? And why is that inherently going to turn cannibalistic as the cancer culture? People turn on themselves because eventually you run out of people to cancel. Ladies and gentlemen, you can only call you can only call so many conservatives, Nazis and racists before eventually people stop taking you seriously. So then when you're like, oh, my gosh. But I canceled that night and I feel so empowered because I'm such a loser and I have no job.


And that was my one meaningful thing I've done in my life. I cancel that Nazi or whatever it may be. Right. When you run out of people on the right because people stop listening to you, they then start searching for people on the left because the people on the left don't know how to respond, because they. Why do they not know, Joe? Because why why would why would a leftist have a battle plan for being canceled? They think they're the cancer culture.


People do. Right. They're like, no one's going to cancel me. I'm canceling you. Right. You can't cancel me. I'm a leftist, so they don't know what to do. So they start eating each other alive. Well, Bill Maher, not a fan, Amaar, I got to be candid, but. It's a tax sometimes on not some, but all the time I conservatives and Christians, I'm a believer in Jesus Christ proudly are pretty offensive and gross.


But Bill Maher is the Tucker Carlson of the left. What do I mean by that? Joe Tammam, you can be the ombudsman, you understand my analysis here, and I think I know I watched you, Tucker, at night, enjoy your show, but I don't agree with everything Tucker says.


But Tucker has this theory. I've heard from people who know him that once in a while you got to take a. Grenade, let's call it a turd grenade, because it's family friendly, but that's not the real term. If you want to beat rhymes with hit, you take this turd grenade and you just throw it in the crowd, right? You throw this in other words, like Tucker likes to start controversy. He does. So he'll say things that sometimes the Republican establishment a lot of times just doesn't like.


Because he believes it, whether you believe it or not, you don't really care more does that on the left. He doesn't really care if leftists kiss his caboose. I think he cares about stuff that really matters to him, as evidenced by this segment here. Here's Bill Maher and his show on HBO this weekend. Just humiliating. Cancel culture WUST bags who go like I told you why? Because Ma understands that this eventually will come for him, too.


That's why. Check this out.


And finally, new rule. Liberals need a Stand Your Ground law for council culture so that when the WOAK mob comes after you for some ridiculous offense, you'll stand your ground. Stop apologizing because I can't keep up anymore with who's on the list.


Now, lately, Republicans have been trying to appropriate the term cancel culture to describe what happens to them when they get a just comeuppance for actual crimes. And this muddying the water is unfortunate because cancel culture is real. It's insane and it's growing exponentially. And it's coming to a neighborhood near you if you think it's just for celebrities. Now, in an era where everyone is online, everyone is a public figure. It's like we're all trapped in the hills.


Have eyes and Wi-Fi.


Take Mr. Emanuel Cafferty.


He is was a San Diego gas and electric worker, but he got fired because someone reported him making a white supremacist hand gesture outside the window of his truck. But he's not a white supremacist. He's Latino. And he wasn't making a hand gesture is probably just flicking a booger.


Is this really who we want to become, a society of phony clenched avatars, walking on eggshells, always looking over your shoulder about getting ratted out for something that actually has nothing to do with your character or morals?


Yemen. Like I said, I'm not on board with this guy and, you know, he had a fit and a shot at Republicans. By the way, Joe, thank you for editing those cuss words. I did not put that in my subject line. I was a pro. Didn't have to do it. Usually I put edit cuss words out, please. But Joe. Right on that. Very good. Thank you. Yeah, man. Yeah.


He's right. I'm not sure he's doing this out of the kindness of his heart. Again, I think Bill Maher understands that eventually they're going to come for him to, as he said there in the clip, you think this is just for Hollywood people? You're all public figures now, all of you. Sounds like something I said, Joe, about what, two or three months ago when I said this.


Fites Coming to your door soon and liberals went crazy.


Oh, my gosh. I mean, that's what I mean. So cancel culture will collapse, we want to speed the collapse because eventually liberals will understand their next major gets it now, but it will collapse because it's strategically ridiculous to what do I mean? Let's go to Saul Alinsky rules again. Rule number 13. What is it? Alinsky Rules for radicals. Rule number 13, pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.


Go after people and not institutions. People heard faster than institutions do. We will cancel culture collapse well, again, first they go after liberals, liberals are starting to see that. But secondly, because liberals are now so eager to cancel everyone and everything that they've broken. Alinsky rule number 13, Joe, the primary component of rule number 13 is to isolate the target. Isolate reminds me of my old police academy instructor in the Middle East. We had to do a baton test on a dummy to make sure you could use the twenty four baton and they wanted you to simulate the strike.


And this guy, John B. I'll call him. He started like really whacking the dummy because he didn't know he was busted.


And the guy said, simulate me. He was so mad at the guy.


I suddenly I wish I was that guy. That guy caught the instructor was back. Isolate, isolate. To stop it said they said this, the feedback that I said simulate the strike, you don't. This is not isolation, folks, the left now wants to cancel everybody, your dog, your cat, grandma, you you voted for Trump. You you stayed at a Trump hotel once. You bought a mega hot. You accidentally had a bottle of Trump wine in your fridge and everybody has to be boycotted now.


When you don't isolate the target and you target everyone, everyone understands the hilarity of your lack of isolating a target and you look like a buffoon. What do I mean? So the high it was going to be another fake leftist boycott, which the Hyatt, I think is kind of laughing off a little bit. But the Hyatt was boycotted for hosting CPAC by the left and again, hired people just left this off. This is just really stupid. Here's an article in The Blaze being the of Hyatt Hotel fires back at Democrats demanding a boycott of hotel chain for hosting CPAC.


Hyatt gave a really good statement. Listen, they'll probably fold eventually high at most of them do, sadly, but at least for now, they're holding strong. And if they do, I really don't care anymore. You know why, folks? Because we'll just there will be just the free speech hotel chain. I'm not kidding. You laugh. I'm not joking. There will be an entire free speech economy that people in the cancer culture business will have created by themselves.


They are creating billions of dollars, an opportunity. Here's a statement by that by the Hyatt about hosting CPAC. We take pride in operating a highly inclusive environment. We believe that the facilitation of gatherings is a central element of what we do as a hospitality company. We believe in the rights of individuals and organizations to peacefully express their views, independent of the degree to which the perspectives of these hosting meetings and events align with ours. Good again, they'll probably fold.


Most of these companies do because they're full of idiots and they don't understand. Leftist boycotts are a total joke run by a couple of blue checkmark idiots out of their mom's basement who have no other jobs and no money to spend at the Hyatt anyway. But I really don't care if the Hyatt folds or not. It doesn't matter. It'll just give me another business opportunity. I'm not kidding. I've got things I'm working on now with a bunch of people.


There are meetings happening right now, I assure you. Right now. Right now. Where people are building an entirely parallel free speech economy and it's being created by liberal cancel culture idiots who recommend you boycott the Hyatt because they hosted conservative liberal, you have no one. Once these hard economy happens, liberals, you will be totally powerless. And then what'll happen, Joe, when the parallel economy is built, social media, VPN ends, whatever it may be, when all of it's build and done.


I've got a lot of things coming up. Big time publishing companies, everything when it's built. And you can't attack us anymore because we don't care. And we laugh at you when it's when there's no boycott to be had because our entire business model is you are boycott, you get it. That's our entire business model. Your boycott only makes us richer. Once that happens, they will turn on themselves. They will because they can't give up the power of having to cancel people and they will eat their liberal selves alive, guaranteed, like I said, chest out, shoulders back, chin high.


There's a plan. It's happening right now, I promise you. Liberal cancel culture. Wusses are creating billions of wealth in a now conservative free speech economy, I promise you. All right. Let me get to my third sponsor. I want to get to the other side of how stupid this has really become.


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Get that website right. LifeLock dot com slash Bongino save twenty five percent off today. Thanks LifeLock and thanks for staying on top of my credit. I appreciate that. All right. Showing you again how stupid cancel culture has become. This was I mean if this is not the single dumb and believe me, it cancel culture, it's hard to rank the stupidity because the stupidity is so rife, it's really hard to narrow it down. Here was the big controversy about Whyatt, one Hyatt's, according to liberals, not allowed to host conservatives because liberals are communists, terrorists, totalitarian, authoritarian thugs.


They cancel culture. Once they do, they they just terrorize people all day. I will cancel your job will come after you will show up at your house. So this is a real article by Schneid Baker. Is that Cinny? By saying the right, it says Irish should a sorry she needed from that, she actually reached out to me. She wanted some comment about something.


I'll try to call you back today. Business Insider Hyatt Hotels says it is taking claims that the CPA that I can't even read this headline.


This is so stupid. The CPAC stage show was inspired by a Nazi run. I don't even know what that is, but they're taking these claims very seriously. I know.


I know I. And they call the hate symbols abhorrent. I just to so embarrassingly stupid, I'm really embarrassed, I have folks here's a little note for CPAC and others when stuff like this happens. Let me show you what they're talking about first. So Shanté Baker wrote this piece, some liberal. Here's a here's the daily Beanz Party.


And I don't even know who this person is, but apparently it's a podcast called The Daily Beanz. They tweeted out, Has anyone noticed the shape of the CPAC stage is in the Odel room SS insignia? I don't even know what that is. Apparently, it's some Nazi thing and they show it compared to the stage at CPAC. Oh, my gosh, CPAC is full of Nazis and people fall for this stuff. Oh, it is so exhausting, will you guys just stop issuing statements about this stupidity, folks, this anybody really believe anyone that the CPAC designers were sitting in a room?


Paul. Joe, please. Can we get a little three way vote on this? There's anybody in this room actually believe the CPAC guys are sitting in a room like this. All right.


I don't know how many board members say there's like seven or eight. Let's say there's nine like the Supreme Court or something that requires five to get a vote. And they're like, let's do the stage design. So someone said, guys, I got an idea. There's this Nazi symbol I really dig called the old Bull Run, which I've never heard of in my life. I don't even know what it is. And somebody said, hey, check this.


I got a screenshot of it. I suggest we endorse Naziism and we use the open program. If you're Kiselev like he's this dumb as. Does anybody actually believe that? Of course they don't. But media lunatics write these stories and they force people like the Hyatt to make statements, hired people. Let me just suggest to you how you handle this at CPAC, who did a decent job of it. Folks, this is not serious, OK? It is not worth a response.


It's a stage designed to look like a stage. The fact that it resembles some ridiculous Nazi symbol. Because some lefties said so and, you know, it has nothing to do with it does not you're not entitled to a response for stupid. My gosh, why are we even responding to this? This is done all the time. Where they just make something up out of thin air. I don't know, is that a Nazi symbol? I don't know, I don't know anything about Nazi symbols.


I'm not a leftist. I don't know somebody designed the stage that would look cool on walking out. And then some leftists, like, that's a Nazi symbol and oh, my gosh, we got to apologize. What are you apologizing for? You didn't do anything. They do this all the time, you don't believe me, here's example number two, the independent. How did the OK sign become a symbol of white supremacy?


White. What are you talking about? What are you talking about? How did the OK sign become a symbol of white supremacy because of you idiots? Here's our. White supremacists of the day, if that was in fact, true. Oh, my gosh, it's AOC giving in. OK, what is that? Is she a white supremacist of the. Someone investigate. I am going to issue a statement on this due to far U.S. devastating Whyatt. Yeah, this is too far.


It's definitely Joe. Should she aosis office should issue a correction and a statement. Don't you think you better get hired as well. I mean, if she stayed there, she's definitely a white supremacist. Of course, she's not a white supremacist. Ladies and gentlemen. Silly, ridiculous. Dopey policies, no one actually believes that they just make this stuff up, you understand, they just make it up. And we fought for it, apologizing, Sepak handled it well.


But why is the Hyatt issuing a statement on this here at the Hyatt? Here's what you should have said, ladies and gentlemen. It's a stage. The fact that some left this lunatic who seems to have an unusual interest in Nazi symbols, by the way, made some ridiculous correlation that doesn't exist, doesn't require us to apologize when we didn't do anything wrong. Thank you. Double barreled. By the way, thank you to all the people at CPAC who listen to the show came up and took selfies and they loved the double.


But I know I'm sorry, it's the family friendly double barreled, if you count what I mean. All right, guys, we're going to have to skip this Wall Street Journal stuff. I love this story for tomorrow, but I got to get to this segment in the end. I'll get this Wall Street Journal story tomorrow about energy, how this energy policy in California is just backfiring so badly and screwing over the people. You think it's possible. But I got to get to this segment.


But usually at the end of the show, I try to do some kind of hero. I have Heroes of the Day today. I got a couple videos, but I got to zero with a day, first hour, zero with the day. We may start to incorporate this, too, is Daniel Villareal at Newsweek, journalist who apparently doesn't practice actual journalism in. Here's Daniel Villareal of Newsweek writes an article about me at CPAC in my speech article, overall, one too bad, but at the end he just includes fake news because Daniel Villareal doesn't have the time to actually go out and verify that what he's saying is true.


So he wrote in his story, what did I tell you about this story about Cumulous The West Wing and how it was going to come back again and again and again? I've told you a million times, here's Daniel Villareal repeating some fake news that Bongino, that's me and other conservative radio hosts were ordered by Cumulus Media not to repeat Trump's thoroughly debunked claims that widespread voter fraud had stolen the election from Cumulus Media as a media outlet with numerous right wing radio stars.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have offered one hundred thousand dollars from my own personal Dan Bongino account to anyone in the media who can produce the actual electronic email from Cumulus Media ordering me to do that. No one has claimed the one hundred thousand dollars because the story's fake. I've debunked it six different ways from Sunday by Daniel Villareal. Couldn't bother to actually check with Cumulous, who would have debunked the story to Daniel. Of course, you know, there's a Newsweek journalist, so facts aren't really their thing.


I'm sure the fact checkers jobi all over that, right. So I emailed Daniel Villareal telling him what a buffoon he was and this is the new version of the story. He thinks I didn't catch this by the way. And notice how now he cites the Washington Post now. Now it's about the watch. They've not about him. The Washington Post reported that Cumulus Media, a media outlet with right wing stars, including Bongino, ordered its conservative media hosts not to repeat Trump's above the claim.


Bunshiro contacted Newsweek to say the Cumulus Media never sent him such a Oh, thank you. Thank you for the correction. Maybe you want to put that in before you write the story the first time. You know, journalism is fact checking and all that. There's our Zero of the day. Daniel Villareal, journalists, folks, journalists who really couldn't even bother to call Cumulous and say, hey, did you did that actually happen? Crazy jewelry, fact checking, you know.


Thank you, Daniel. We needed a good segment today, you provided us some good material, but holding on to that for the whole weekend. Here are our Heroes of the day. First of all, I don't know Caitlin Bennett. I've heard I've heard of her before, but Caitlin Bennett is, I guess, an amateur journalist who's actually interested in fact, checking. She ran into another fake news specialist, Jim Acosta, at CPAC. And here's Caitlin Bennet doing actual journalism work.


Here's one of our heroes of the day, Caitlin Bennet, asking Jim Acosta why he's such a fake news specials. This is pretty awesome. Check this out. One last question, Jim.


Will you disavow and denounce antifa? And are you really ready to talk to you? Yeah, well, I'm asking you just so hard some. I can't get away from you, Jim. Well, you denouncing a teacher by name, but you denounce the antipov by name, the violence denounce their violence, BLM and anti-bullying force. Specifically, you willing to talk about Trump supporter in their violence? Why don't you talk about the Democrat violence? Ma'am, I understand.


But, ma'am, I've already spoken to you. I'm sorry, antifa here. I'll put on I'll put on the cover there to do our job and it's still my mind. So leave me alone. Let me just give where they put the golden trump.


You guys know where they put the golden trump. Why are you obsessed with him. You don't ever stop thinking about him do you.


I don't know you. Maybe I should. Hero of the day. Are Caitlyn better? I already talked to you, ma'am. She was, yes. But you're so handsome. I need to keep you. I heard you. That's all. Caitlyn Bennett. There's Heroes of the Day. I ran into our friends, a Project Veritas, James O'Keefe scoop. You're wondering what this white thing here is. If it's a liberal, they're probably like, oh, my gosh, a white thing.


Oh, my gosh. Was he at that Nazi convention in Cuba? No, no, I ran it. The Project Veritas, people who I love and adore, as I always say, Project Veritas, the most dangerous organization in America if you are not a truth teller. And I begged them. I begged them, Paula, did I not that I not begged them. I begged them for my own retraction alpaca. And I got one. Even though I don't have to retract anything.


I will give this to Daniel Villareal for his retraction in Newsweek, though, by the way, in honor of the Project Veritas people, you know the song Retract.


Oh, the retraction alpaca breeder that er. How do you do that, Joe, when you say how do you stop running out of er is there a trick to that. Oh no. OK eventually comes to an end you think. Oh right.


So maybe you have to train your lungs. That's my favorite song to retract. Oh alpaca. Project Veritas gives these out to journalists. They forced to retract things. So Veritas if you could go contact Daniel Villareal for me and give him a retractor. Oh alpaca. I would really because I really don't want to give away my. But I will. This is the retractable alpaca. Here is Project Veritas, my heroes of the Day. Again, the most dangerous group in America to people who like to spout lies and misinformation confronting noted fake news specialist Dave we weener goal Wigo.


I don't even know his name. This guy is a real tool. Dave Wiegel, who used to go after me personally all the time. When you look at Dave Wiegel, he resembles a 70s porn star a little bit. You'll see that from the video. But here's Project Veritas issuing Dave, Dave Weigel, Dave Weigel, his two retraction alpacas for having to retract articles about Project Veritas. Check this clip out. This is hilarious. Why go?


Oh, hey, Christian Hartsock, Project Veritas. Have you met? Retract the correction. Alpaca. Oh, we distribute these these alpacas to journalists who have to retract things. We are you too, because you've had to make two retractions. The first one was for a story you did in twenty thirteen where you said we quote untruthfully portrayed the San Diego ACORN guy, which of course he had to retract the second one. Oh yeah. Kyle, Kyle Urich, you claimed that we recorded Bernie Sanders volunteers, I suppose, to minimize the impact of the story.


But of course they were paid staffers take off because they were well earned. I think it's important to speak to the American people as to why it took you seven years to issue the first retraction. It took you seven minutes for the second one, but you deleted the tweet, too. Why did you need to retract in the first place?


Again, I'm in the middle of something. You don't feel that you owe the American people an explanation, actually having to look at the alpacas now.


They're cute. Well, it's eco friendly. That's good.


Yeah, they're cute. Did you see the part show where there's too many folks? If you're watching on video, you saw it. But if you're listening on audio or terrestrial radio, there's there's two of them. They're from Project Veritas walking with Dave, Dave Weigel asking these questions and the other guy does actually three. There's a guy holding the camera. Excuse me. Sorry, guys. There's another guy with him. And like, halfway through, you see, he's like he.


Showing the audience the attraction alpaca, you got to watch it, Rumbold, want to catch dogcatcher Joe, the second guy who I met backstage who was hilarious. Still, he's he's like this showing the audience the retraction, aka the Larry's the greatest feat ever retracted the retraction.


I got my very own, which I will give to Daniel David, David, Daniel Villareal for having to retract this news. All right. I'm running out of time. I do have to get this last video, though. Three heroes of the day. Just quickly, the Golden Globes were last night. Nobody knows. Nobody watched it because it's Hollywood and Hollywood hates us. And we pay back the favor, which is great. But remember this from the Golden Globes last year, Joe, here is a 30 second segment of comedian Rich Ricky Gervais last year at the Golden Globes.


We had to bring him back as the heroes of the day today just for playing his Hollywood phony fake fraud audience. Bring it.


Ricky Gervais s Apple rolled into the TV game with a morning show. A superb drama. Yeah. A superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China.


So when you say you won't, but the companies you work for, I mean, unbelievable, Apple, Amazon, Disney, if ISIS started a streaming service, you'd call your agent, wouldn't you? So if you do win an award tonight, don't use it as a platform to make a political speech. Right. You're in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spend less time in school than a sumberg.


So if you win, right, come up, accept an award. Thank you, agent.


And you got a. Oh, worth bringing back. That blank spot at the end is intentional, believe me, if you heard the real thing that would not do well on terrestrial radio, we would probably get an FCC fine.


Thank you, Ricky. Your face. Gosh, did that need to be said? All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. One small request they always ask, please subscribe to our Rumball account, rumball dot com are you Embley dot com bongino that is our video show right there. If you put that in your Internet browser, Rumball Dotcom slash Bongino goes right to our page. Click that subscribe button. It is free. There's no money changes hands at all.


It's totally free. It is our free speech alternative channel to YouTube. We are almost at an astonishing one point five million subscribers to a rumble channel. Please watch the video version. I think you'll get a kick out of our various gesticulations for calling that rumble dotcom slash bongo. Check it out today. Thanks for tuning in. I'll see you all tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.