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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. What the Hades is this? How is this not a huge story? Now, what's there? What do you mean? What's this? What are you talking about? What's the this and what's this? There is a proposal out there by the big tech totalitarians to basically fingerprint your computer fingerprint, not like actually fingerprint like the dust like we're used to in the Starsky and Hutch thing here.


Lift the prints. Starsky No, no. I mean, like put a digital fingerprint on your computer. Why would they want to do that? Wouldn't be much of a use to ban your social media account if you could then get your conservative ideas out there elsewhere. But what if what if they could fingerprint your actual computer and shut you down at your CPU? Oh, that would be really incredibly bad, wouldn't it? We are descending into total censorship, Soviet Union style madness.


Don't worry, I've got the details coming up on the show today. They've now banned six Dr. Seuss books. We are descending into total madness. I got an email from a listener, too, just now before the show, Brian, who woke me up a little bit. Folks, it is I cannot emphasize to you enough, we have got to get back in this fight stat. We're descending into total madness. At a rapid pace. Today's show brought to you by friends that express VPN for peace of mind online, get a VPN today, don't wait to express VPN Dotcom Bongino, welcome to Dan Bongino show.


Let's get right to it. I've got that. I've also got I found some footage of my debate. I talk about all the time with the Maryland attorney general years ago on gun control. I promise you're going to love it. Two quick segments from that showing you how little these liberals know about guns, gun control and the dreaded air quotes. Assault weapons. Don't miss it. All right. As I said, Today show brought to you by Express VPN.


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All right, Joe, let's go. Bingo. All right.


What in Haiti is this thing. Let's get right to it. This article and Breitbart by the great Alan Boukhari, who I interviewed on my show, who has been all over big tech tyranny. Folks, if this article doesn't scare the living out of you, daylight's will keep it family friendly out of you. I don't know what will Alan Boukhari Breitbart. This is in the show notes. By the way, if you don't read today's show notes, I'm sorry, you're out of the loop.


You got to read this story by China.com newsletter. It's right there, right at the top of the show. Alan Boukhari, Microsoft and Friends to destroy online privacy. Gosh, that doesn't sound good. Oh, that sounds really bad. What exactly are they doing?


I'll get to that in a second here. But, you know, liberal, big tech tyranny. Step number one, Joe, was let's just get those troublesome conservatives for Scooby Doo and meddling little kids. Let's get those meddling, troublesome conservatives, libertarians and Republicans off the air. You know how we do it. We use our big tech buddies, Twitter and Facebook, and we could just ban, sanction and throttle their accounts, YouTube as well. I've got more stories on this.


The second we can get Amazon to ban bookstand. That's not happening. No, it's happening right now. Like right now. Like as we speak. But I've got a better idea. Amazon banning books, Apple banning parler, Google banning parler, Twitter banning accounts, YouTube pulling videos down. Sounds kind of totalitarian to me, but leftists, of course, love that because they're communist. That turns into communist sleaze. A lot of these leftist totalitarian thugs.


Right. But there's a better way to do this show a better way. Leave it to the big tech tyrants to do the communist Chinese work for them every single time. What if you just didn't get the banned books? What if you got to ban conservatives? From using their computers all together by tracing any material they put out right back to them. My gosh, that sounds really bad. How is this not a story again? Let's get to what they're actually doing here.


Breitbart, Eilon, Bakari, quote, Against stiff competition, the alliance of Tech and Media Giants has devised the plan that may constitute big tech's most brazen power grab. Yet, you think? According to Microsoft's press release, Joe, they released this, that's the crazy part, they actually released this. They're happy about this. It is partnered with several other organizations to form the Orwellian named Coalition for Content, Provenance, Provenance and Authenticity. It sounds like a Star Wars Karaka the sea to pay cousin to see three p0.


So the sea to be. Put simply, the purpose of this organization is to devise a system whereby all content. Listen to me, folks. Listen to me, folks, whereby all content on the Internet can be traced back to its author. Now, if you're a totalitarian thug, you love that idea. Yes, troublesome thoughts, we should be able to trace all of that stuff, huh? This sounds great. Now, these kind of new here, but they had a great idea this morning, you know, it comes in, by the way, anything you tell me is fair game for the show, unless you tell me otherwise.


Guys sitting right there, I just want you to know that's a rule. Email to you. Email me. It's fair game. Unless you tell me not to say it, then I'll never say it. So I'm sure it's OK. Right. But Guy said to me is why I got a good idea, because you've had an interesting life. You know, he listens to the JoCo podcast Jocke Willink, who was a guest on my show once, who's a fascinating guy.


He says, you know, you should try some of your life stories to stuff on these kind of videos we do and all this other stuff. And I was like, yeah, cool, whatever, but.


If this particular story. Reminded me of my young years when the Secret Service, when I found out that computer printers leave a digital fingerprint on whatever you print. I mean, one of the reasons it was done in and the Secret Service probably enjoyed this in our younger days was because if you printed a counterfeit note using a computer printer, it made it easier to track it back to an actual printer. And, you know, the first thing I thought when I heard that even as a young man.


I thought that's kind of scary. What if I print information about the government, you know, and the government doesn't like it? Does that mean they can trace that through? I remember even as a young man thinking, I'm not so sure I like that.


I like the whole idea of privacy and stuff. Yeah. That was a computer printer. Now imagine your entire computer, anything coming out of they could trace it back to you. This story gets worse. Let's go to screenshot number two. Oh, according to Microsoft, which is proud of this. The coalition, the EPA, was created for a single purpose to stop the spread of disinformation. Here we go. Armacost disinformation, i.e. conservative thought, which in modern establishment journos speak, means information that challenges the establishment narratives.


Disinformation based on how the word is used today might as well be called dissident information.


Remember what I said yesterday? Real, real renegades and dissidents will never. Ever have a safe space? What side are you on? You the conformist, or you the dissident goes on. According to Microsoft's press release, the coalition has been established, quote, Listen to this nightmare of a paragraph Microsoft is so proud of. It's established the coupé, quote, to address the prevalence of disinformation, misinformation and online content fraud through developing technical standards for certifying the source and history of provenance of media content while fingerprinting your computer to combat, quote, disinformation.


My gosh, ladies and gentlemen, we are descending into total madness at an exponentially growing pace. And if you can't engage in the fight now, then please step aside and stop wasting oxygen on people who will, because this is really, really dangerous. Now, of course, the media's involved in this to the media. I thought they were for freedom of speech, huh? That's hilarious. The verdict is in. You're an idiot. You thought the media was for freedom of speech, maybe like one hundred years ago.


That's all gone now. The media with their liberal buddies are the primary advocates against Biga, God given rights and free speech. They love totalitarianism. Here's the third part of this Breitbart piece. If you don't read this, I'm really sorry. I can't help you. You got to read this piece. If you don't go to my show notes, just go to Breitbart. Look it up. It's not about the clicks. It's about the knowledge. The precursor to this coalition project, Origin included The New York Times, the BBC, the CBC and Radio Canada.


They're miss their mission stay, but here it is, Joe declares Project Origin. You know, the media's involved in misinformation, misinformation, by the way, hilarious, they should say conservative thought misinformation is a growing threat to the integrity of the information ecosystem, having a provable source of origin for media. They want to track you. They're not even hiding it and knowing it has not been tampered with. And Root will help to maintain confidence in news from Joe Trusted provider.


Of course, folks, what do we got to do? What do we have to do to I'm not talking to you watching my show. You're obviously engaged. You're involved. You understand the fight we're in. But what do we have to do to wake the the the napping masses out there? So what did someone tell me this weekend? I was at CPAC. I'm sorry, the guy I was talking who said this to me, I met a lot of people, but he said to me, the biggest problem in America right now, this is a great line.


Everybody get that cotton out of the ears for a moment. He said it's intellectual obesity. I said it's the greatest line ever. I love that whoever told me that at CPAC forgive me, I forget that was a genius like. How do you get obese, how do you get obese, you eat, you take in calories and you don't move or do anything. How do you get intellectually obese? You take in a lot of information, but you do nothing about it and you sit there and you slowly die.


A little bit of yourself dies off each and every day. Folks, listen, man, I'm not I'm not screwing around with the I don't got time for that anymore. You have got to get in this fight. And stop wearing a. No, no, no, I'm not you don't the people listening who are in the fight right now don't need it, but the people who aren't. If you're not, what are you waiting for? Waiting for your library to clean out its contents and literally start burning the books, now, that won't happen, Dan.


You sure about that? You're waiting for the police to knock on your door because Project Origin and the Toupee found a digital fingerprint of a PDF file you created criticizing the government's voting procedures out there. And that won't happen, really.


You sure about that? Folks, it's not just that we're descending into total madness and authoritarianism, that's that's obvious. If you don't believe that, tune out now, the show's not for you. Please seriously stop sucking up bandwidth on the Internet.


I don't need your views. It's not just that we're descending into total authoritarian madness. It's that it's happening at a rate. At a rate of speed. I didn't even think was possible. I thought I thought it would take more time. I knew we were heading down this road. Totalitarianism. Authoritarianism. The new socialism, I knew we were headed down this road. But being entirely candid with you, I did not think it would happen this fast.


Folks, we are descending into madness. Madness. There is a consortium of media and big tech people who want to develop a system to basically fingerprint the CPU on your computer to track and control, quote, misinformation and disinformation. And that doesn't concern you at all. How many times have I warned on this show that the very hallmark of communist totalitarian regimes is what is what what's. Forget about the economics? Well, there's very little difference between economics and politics if you read Hayek.


But putting that aside for a minute, what is it? If you had to put one single big blue ribbon on socialism and describe it on that ribbon, what socialism and totalitarianism is? What is what is it? It's the blurring of the lines between the private and the public self. In a freedom loving society, one where individual God given rights are respected, that's not the society we live in anymore, sadly, sadly. Really said. There is a line between the private and the public self when you're in your house with your family, when you're at a private event with friends, you assume that your thoughts and your conversations.


That these are private, that you can speak freely, you have the right to speak freely, speak freely, that you have the right to assemble, you have the right to petition your government, you assumed all that was real.


You had that private self where you can live that private life, and then there are things you do in public that are different, the private you and the public, you were entirely different. When you're out on the, you know, the Beltway in Washington, D.C., in your car, you know, you do things different. You don't pick your nose in the car most of the time. Once in a while you'll see it. But why? Because you're like us.


Someone would see that. Well, why does it matter? Because you'd be embarrassed. You don't want to do it. Imagine you felt you were being watched all the time in your house, your computer, your fingerprint on your computer. Every email you send, your cameras could be hacked into at any time. Cameras in your house and elsewhere. Imagine that feeling. You don't have to imagine it, you could move to Cuba now. Or North Korea or other totalitarian, totalitarian regimes.


Oh, my gosh. And that's not come in here. You sure? Because we're doing the work for the Chinese and the North Koreans right now. But we're doing it in conjunction with big tech in the media that wants to make sure they know every single thing that happens on your computer affect conspiracy theory, really.


Microsoft put out a press release about a conspiracy theory to Alan Baker is just making all that up. What if there was no more private self? What if the private you was a public, you every single time you cool with that being watched and monitored everywhere, your travel habits through your E-Z Pass and your son pass every single PDF, you create, every email you send, every every every website you visit. You're OK with that, everything being able to trace back to you.


By people who can randomly declare what you say, disinformation or misinformation, you're OK with that? Folks, we are descending into total madness. I've said it now 10 times at a at a pace. So dramatically compress from what I thought. That I don't know what tomorrow will bring and it scares the hell out of me. OK, so what do you do? We've got to reengage in this fight, ladies and gentlemen, if you can take your business, take yourself and get the hell out of these liberal states as soon as you can, immediately, as soon as you can.


If you can, if it's even possible, get out. We could use the reinforcements down here in places like Florida and Texas, where governors down here are actually taking action against these big tech tyrants right now. We need the backup. We need the support. But second, you can start engaging in this fight today. By doing these things, supporting solid candidates in primaries right now who understand the cancer culture, totalitarianism, big tech tyranny and election reform of the two issues that matter, you can get involved right now, seek them out, get to your local conservative club tomorrow.


That's how I wound up here today. I got pissed off after the election of Barack Obama, found myself in the Elephant Club in suburban Park, Maryland, the next day. That's why I'm here talking to you right now. The Elephant Club with its six members is the seventh. That's all they had. That's how I got involved. That's why I'm talking to you right now. Is no more sitting this out. Brian, who emails me regularly, is the listener.


From Wisconsin brought up something to me this morning. Well, Dan, we need all everyone here. No, no, we don't. I'd love that. That's why I'm trying to motivate you to do something and stop talking about it. We need to do stuff that do matter. As I said at the CPAC speech, talk is great. I talk for a living to do matters. I did it. I ran for office. I started this show.


I've started an alternative platform. I'm not speaking with forked tongue. I'm out there doing I've got more plans coming next. I'll announce soon. I'm not done. You have to help me. You have to help everyone to do matters. Bryan reminded me in his email that it was less than three percent of American patriots who stood up for liberty and freedom in the American Revolution and took down the most powerful army in the history of the world at that time.


The British Empire, three percent. And he reminded me that it was less than 10 percent of Colonial's that helped fund them. Three out of every hundred people. Three out of every hundred people fought for liberty and freedom and defeated the largest empire in the world. The most powerful army in the history of humankind at that time, three. Our fight is different. We don't need violence is a leftist thing, that's not our thing. Our fight is different.


Our fight is a lot easier than their fight, so there's no excuses. Let's pick it up, let's get candidates right now, let's pick up our businesses and our people and get out of these liberal states as soon as possible and move our freedom and liberty are respected. Let's do what we can to not support companies that support this kind of thing. Let's get off Amazon, Amazon censoring books, let's stop buying books from Amazon. Twitter censors your account, stop posting on Twitter again, I'm not asking you to do all of this.


I understand people for their own reasons have to stay someplace. But there's one of them you can pick. Send a letter to Microsoft. Three percent. I don't know how accurate that number is, Ryan's a smart guy, but three percent. We need to get up and reengage now or you're not going to have a country left. This is really terrifying, this totalitarian madness we're descending into. All right, I've got more I've got some examples ahead, I've also got some video I want to get to of.


Again, it's a gun confiscation measure now being pushed by Joe Biden. It just never stops the assaults on your liberty and freedom happen every day. Don't go anywhere. I've also got some immigration video, too, that's worth seeing. Let me take a quick break for a sponsor. Today's show brought to you again by our friends at Rakan. I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm always looking at a screen now more than ever. You an avid news watcher, or are you in serious need of a distraction?


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So, yeah. Total madness at a rate I never expected in my life, where a liberal friends on this. Look at these stories I'm going to power through here quickly, where our liberal friends on this side, like the ACLU and others who claim to have fought for liberty and freedom, I mean, remember that movie, that Michael Douglas movie?


What was it the American president? Was that the movie where the whole ACLU thing comes up? He's obviously a liberal president. It's about him dating this woman, Annette Bening. And at one point, he's lecturing the Republican candidate for president in the movie and he's like, I'm a member of the ACLU, Bob, why aren't you?


And everybody's like, hey, what happened to that?


Hollywood liberals, even fake liberal presidents like Michael Douglas being all for like American civil liberties. That's what ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, used to stand for. Where where are they? Where are they in all this? You're totally cool with Microsoft and others tracking your information back to your source, so there's no misinformation. You're cool. You're cool with that. What about this one? You covered this story from The New York Post. Amazon turns from bookseller to censor by dropping transgenderism.


Book Post Editorial Board B in the show notes today, Amazon's now not publishing books with, quote, unapproved ideas. Folks, Joe, unapproved thoughts and words will not be allowed on Amazon. I hear I just heard today to probably get into a little more of this tomorrow, not sure, but apparently six Dr. Seuss books will now no longer be printed either for a, quote, racist imagery. So rather than reading the Dr. Seuss books and explaining the imagery to your kids in a nuance tone so they understand the history of where the country was and depictions over time of people, rather than explaining that, no, no, let's just ban them outright.


It's not a joke. There are six Dr. Seuss books that are now not going to be published anymore. We are now in not just the book burning book burning would be easier because book on our psyches because at least the book would be printed first. So, Joe, you could tackle someone before they burned it and maybe save a few Sered pages. No, no. Now that this is worse than book burning, now, we're not even publishing them anymore.


What about this story, Epic Times, again in the show, notes that a YouTube suspends Rudy Giuliani over, quote, their election integrity policy and his nicotine use. Oh, my gosh.


Can't have that man. Yeah, wow, you can't have that, that's kind of that's us. Nicotine use. Here's a screenshot from that piece, YouTube, where, again, unapproved thoughts, folks, unapproved thoughts and words can have that. A YouTube spokeswoman said in a statement to Bloomberg and other outlets said they removed Giuliani's content channel for violating their sale of regulated goods policy, which prohibits content facilitating the use of nicotine. Huh? Oh, when there's an end here and our presidential election integrity policy.


Talk about the election using unapproved thoughts, YouTube's coming for you, too, I'm sure Microsoft's all in on that one. But don't worry, the media loves it. Here's another gem I have in the show notes today at peak times making a number of appearances in the show notes today. House Democrats attempt to pressure TV carriers could trigger a lawsuit, Alan Dershowitz article by Zachary cybering in the EPIC. What's this about? Well, a couple of Tyran totalitarian communist House Democrats sent a letter to the cable carriers saying, hey, what do you do in Cancela, excuse me, carrying Fox News, Newsmax, 018 and others?


You know, these are unapproved thoughts and statements. Here are the two communists, Representative Jerry McNerney from California. And a shocker, shocker, Joe from California. And communist number two is that No. One and the Dr. Seuss write want to do. And Anna Eshoo, another communist, sent a letter to 12 carriers, cable news carriers, urging them to platform or otherwise take action against Fox News. Newsmax, in a way, in for spreading misleading information about the January six Capitol beats.


Notice she didn't send a letter estimate the platform CNN for promoting the hoax and the collusion hoax. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Because those are a proof. Those are proof. Thoughts. So if you read the story, Alan Dershowitz, who's a Harvard trained lawyer, Dershowitz is a liberal, by the way.


Dershowitz is like, hey, that sounds awfully like a lot like a First Amendment violation. Government officials pressuring a private company to sanction speech that they can't formally sanction themselves because of that troublesome thing Joe called the First Amendment. That sounds like a threat. Dershowitz even says it. He says, listen, in that letter, that's not a question. That's a threat. He says that comes with a potential lawsuit for a declaratory judgment, at least. Saying Congress has no authority to tell or suggest or even apply to cable operators, they should take people off the air as a result of content.


Someone want to sue, can we get someone to sue police immediately? Is that possible? Can we get someone to sue right now? We're descending into total madness right in front of our eyes. Here's another one. Here's a professor I have to use the air quotes, Professor, because, you know, professor there, they're only professing their allegiance to totalitarianism. Here's a professor, Dr. Sarah T. Robert Stock. Very sounds very formal, Joe. Dr. Sarah T.


rather than going to throw the middle initial in there to she is on social media and she put out that she's a verified blue checkmark account on Twitter. So that means she's smarter than you. And I know we're just idiots what we know. Right.


You know, substract we're journalists who are fired for unapproved thoughts, can go to publish their thoughts because they don't have to be approved by an editor.


Sorry, something, but, um. Sarah Roberts doesn't like substract because they're unapproved thoughts and, you know, she's part of the word police, of course, and she says substory is a dangerous direct threat to traditional news media, but more importantly, it's a threat to journalism. Listen to the liberals who listen to this show. I know there's a lot of you. Do you not understand you are being played for suckers? Do you not understand that dangerous, potentially violent totalitarian thugs?


Are eager to rip your very right to exist away from you, and they are using you and your political animus towards Donald Trump and conservatives as useful idiots to implement a very dark future, that you will look back on one day and say, my gosh, how did we get here? How did we get here? You did it. You didn't have the guts to stand up and say this, this doesn't sound right, tracking people's computers and fingerprinting them to track misinformation, pushing cable carriers off the air for unapproved thoughts, burning books before they're even allowed to exist by not allowing them to be published or sold on platforms, suspending people's video YouTube accounts because they had unapproved thoughts about an election.


You know what? That that really doesn't sound right. And liberals don't ask themselves hard questions because they're not very smart. But you think liberals would say to themselves, if this was such an effective strategy and we were on the right moral arc of history, then why aren't conservatives doing this to us? Why? Why aren't conservatives trying to have liberals booted off YouTube, liberal books burned or not printed at all? Why isn't that? Why aren't conservatives the one pushing a ones pushing for your computer to be basically fingerprinted so we can track your misinformation?


Why aren't we doing that? The answer is because I'm proud to be a conservative. Chest out, shoulders back, chin high. You know why? We respect Biga, God given rights for everyone, even our political opponents. We have an emergency brake on our behavior. It's the Lord Almighty, it's values and principles we believe in because of faith and family. Our ideology prevents us from attacking you and your big our God given rights, because they're not big are God given rights if they only apply to conservatives and not liberals, too.


That's why we'll never do to you what you do to us. We can't there's an emergency brake in our behavior. But if you're a radical leftist, there's no emergency brake on your behavior, your God is government and whatever power and tools and force and violence they have to use to get what they want, you'll support it because there's nothing stopping you.


Your quest for power is not limited by anything. There's no emergency brake in that car rolls downhill until it crashes. And when it crashes, you'll wonder what happened. And the answer is you happen. Because you weren't smart enough to realize you were being used to take away the rights of others and when your rights became a casualty of war. You faux outrage, oh, how did the how does the I didn't see it. I didn't see it coming.


Now, I warned you. So did I. We warned you on the show. You're descending into total madness. All right, I want to get to next talk about more rights going away, your right to defend yourself. God forbid you had that, Joe. The Liberals defend the police. Also, liberals take away people's guns to. Speaking of people in the fight with me, Patriot Mobile, happy to have them as a sponsor, you know, me taken on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and pretty much everyone else, Patriot mobiles taking on the mobile provider swamp, which is deep and have some exciting news to share.


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You save even more this month. Get free premier activation. Don't wait when they set up the phone for you and the special gift with the offer code. Dan. How do we get this great deal? Patriot mobile dotcom than Patriot Mobile Dotcom Dan or 972 Patriot called today, don't wait. All right, talking about other big r God given rights that are evaporating at a just exponentially growing pace here, here's an article by The Washington Examiner. Be in the show notes today, Biden's, quote, Common sense gun law reforms make no sense by Justin Hood, where they address the fact that Biden again wants to get rid of.


Here we go, Joe. Assault weapons. So what do they mean by assault weapons? Nobody on the left knows what assault weapons means, but that's intentional. Y y y y y. The reason is the term sounds scary. Oh, my gosh, we don't want assault weapons in our community. Who wants that? That sounds terrible. But then when you ask him very simple questions like. Well, golly, what does what does that actually mean, an assault weapon, because you want to ban it?


I'd kind of like to know what it means, right? It's weird that they never really have a perimeter around what that means. Why? Why would that be? Because they want it to mean everything. An assault weapon will mean your slingshot. Remember rockets. And you can remember that I happen to love them. Great. I know. Because a lot of trouble. That'll be next. That'll be an assault weapon. That's why they never put a fence around what it means.


Now, I found this video. Don't ask me how. I have been talking about this on the show for five years and I've never been able to locate it when I was a Maryland political activist and candidate in the liberal soon to be communist state of Maryland. Sadly, I used to go on local shows and just the bait, the snot out of people, and it was so much fun. So this is a show I did with a guy Joe Armacost knows, a liberal activist named Billy Murphy.


Oh yeah.


And another guy who was a state senator at the time and later went on to be the attorney general of Maryland. A far left radical left this Brian Frosh. This was a classic. I got two clips here. This is me going out. If you can watch the video, by the way, the video video's a little tighter than the audio rumble dotcom slash Bongino and adds more. You'll see my my facial expressions are classic. I hate putting up clips of myself.


I know self-paced things. But here's an example. I had a debate left this because they're going to start coming for your assault weapon soon. Just ask them what it is. They have a really hard time. Check out clip one from this debate and watch this guy get really pissed as I ask him, hey, can you define an assault weapon? He has no idea. Check this out.


Look, the assault weapon ban and when it was national saved lives, Maryland's assault weapon ban will save lives. There's no need for these military style weapons for civilian use.


Well, Senator Frist is a lawyer. I'm assuming he's looked at the data. The DOJ own study says the exact opposite. I suggest you take a look at that. Mr. Murphy said something completely inaccurate. Automatic weapons are not legal to purchase. You need a class three federal firearms license.


So that's not an accurate statement. Semiautomatic weapons. So that's just not accurate. And as for assault weapons, can you define what that is? Is there a non assault weapon? I'm unsure as to what exactly you're talking on.


And let's be real. If you go in a store and you ask for an assault weapon, the man is not going to have any problem understanding what you are saying. Really, it's only it's only right wing gun nuts. Explain that to taking this debate to an extreme level. Let's not argue about this.


Listen, I hate I you should never. There's a guy. Would you agree, Paul? Let's take a Sir Joh isn't a golden rule. You never play your own clips. You just don't. It looks like, hey, look at me. Pat yourself on the back. I'm sorry. I have to break that rule this time. That was one of my favorite beat when I got off that set. That guy was so pissed. Joe knows him, by the way.


Bad. These are big, you know, totalitarians they want to take. But, you know, they just, you know, maybe they are big. Who knows. But Joe, do whatever. It's fascinating. He wants government power to use it to take away an item he can't even define. And it he's mad at me because I ask him, you know, right wing nuts. You got it. You know exactly what it means. It doesn't matter if I know what it is.


You want to take it away. What do you want to take? I don't know. Go to a gun store and ask them why I got this. I have been looking for that clip or for you have no idea. The guy's the attorney general of Maryland. Now, the other guy that believe me, they want to ban something. They don't even know what it is. Then they cite studies that cite the opposite. The Department of Justice study on assault weapons conducted in the Clinton administration said the opposite of what Frosch was saying, that it had no effect on crime.


The assault weapons ban. Just look it up. It was Clinton's justice. It's not hard to find. Use the interweb. I think that's why it started out like this is hilarious. You're running for attorney general. You didn't even read the study you're citing. This is why he's a conservative, you only need like an IQ of one hundred and one to beat a liberal in a debate because their IQ is a fifty six, they just don't know what he thinks.


Here's part two to this. I'm by the way, this this was like an an hour show. It got more hostile when I'm telling you after it was over, they hated my guts. They couldn't get out of there quick because they were embarrassed. I want to ban an assault weapon. What is an assault weapon? And if I know, go ask a gun shop guy. But you want to ban it. Here's part two of this. Check this out.


Just what I said at the beginning of the show, you were going to use emotion, not reason. Did you notice how the emotion kicked in? Never defined what sort of weapon is what this is important, and then resorted to the right wing nutjob but never answered the question.


They can't define what an assault weapon is because it's based strictly on the only person in the United States still takes the view that you can't define define defined in the state, well defined in state.


What's the difference between an assault weapon assault?


There is a difference. There is a right to arms. Oh, give me a break. You're taking a look. All you have to do is read the statute. All you have to do is read the statute. Yeah. I want you to tell us what it is.


Why do I have to tell you, if you don't know how we're going to go to look for that statute, we'll be back.


I know what it is. I said I'm laughing at myself like it's not me, like I wasn't there. I can't believe it. He wants to ban something at the federal level citing a state statute. He doesn't even know. He doesn't even know what it is and what he says to me. Why am I living here myself? You should never I need a retractor, I need to retract this segment of the show of my own. I'm giving myself thank you to the retraction alpaca.


You should never left for your own jokes. Retract this be. I can't help it. He says to me at one point, Joe a. Reverse tautology, he goes, you must be the only person in America who doesn't know what an assault weapon is after not knowing what an assault weapon is. Did he said that maybe there were two people in America, be it him, because he doesn't know either and he wants to ban it. He doesn't even know.


Someone should ask the cognitively compromised Joe Biden to lay out the perimeter of what exactly an assault weapon is, just a suggestion. If Joe Biden ever answers a question ever during his entire presidency, if he ever does a press conference again, you're probably just going to throw that out there to the media. You know, the same media, not the totalitarian C, C Tupa cousin to see three media. I mean, like the real media journalists like Peter Doocy.


Maybe you want to ask him that. Like, what exactly is an assault? Can you define that? Exactly. Black collared weapons that looked scary, that sounds racist to me, I don't know. The only person America doesn't know what an assault weapon is, obviously not you just asked me. So there's probably to me and you at a minimum. Oh, my gosh. All right, I got more video ahead. Let me get to my last sponsor and then I want to get to these two videos.


This is one of those transitions from one topic to the next. Like I told you, a couple of people in radio who are doing shows and watch me like, how do you transition? I'm like, I don't know. You just tell people are going to talk about something else. Is there a fancy way to do it? I'm not really sure. Is there some radio school Armacost went to understand this is how you do it? No, you just said I'm done talking about that.


And there's another topic next. It's about immigration. And you know what? You know what it features. A Milton Friedman video, which already got to see, because I love Milton Friedman, who really understood the basic math of immigration, Joe, and said that doesn't make sense if we do immigration that way. Stay tuned. All right, our last sponsor today, my friends at Grove, keeping a clean and healthy home is more important than ever these days, big time.


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And you'll get a free Miss Myers gift set, plus free shipping with your first order. A thirty dollar value. But you have to use our special code. Go to Grove Dot CEO Slash Bongino, get this exclusive offer. That's Grove G are Oviduct CEO slash Bongino Grove that CEO slash Bongino. Check it out. Really good products. We've been using them pretty religiously in the house here. OK, moving on. So yesterday. In the White House, a disinformation campaign, is Microsoft going to track that, too, with the C three posse to pay whatever may be para, x, Y, Z, one, two, three, who knows?


There was a big disinformation briefing at the Biden White House, not by Joe Biden, because Joe Biden doesn't actually answer questions. But our new DHS secretary, one of the most clueless human beings I've ever seen, give a briefing on the White House podium or else where he got up in the Brady press room and gave a briefing on immigration. But he stumbles right out of the gate, trying to defend his numbers about the lack of a crisis at the border, in other words, the beginning of this I had to leave out, but he asked them if there's a crisis at the border.


And Marcus, the new DHS secretary, ended by saying there's no crisis, Joe, there's no crisis down there. And the report is like, well, kind of sounds like a crisis. We got thousands of people coming to the border every day, which no way to control the flow at this point. It seems like the number is growing. We've got a number of unaccompanied children at the border. That sounds like a problem. And that's so he, of course, denies this is no crisis at the border.


And then a reporter actually gives some numbers and she's like, that's really interesting, because when X number of people came to the border under the Obama administration, they declared it a crisis. And now we have this number. And you are saying it's not very straight. What's the guy's reaction as the disinformation campaign continues? Microsoft, get all over this. Check this out.


What are your predecessors? Jay Johnson. He said that a thousand illegal border crossings a day constitutes a crisis, that it overwhelms the system. We're at between three and four thousand now, according to CDC officials. So how is this not a crisis?


I have explained that quite clearly. We are challenged at the border. The men and women of the Department of Homeland Security are meeting that challenge. It is a stressful challenge. And we are. That is why, quite frankly, we are working as hard as we are, not only in addressing the urgency of the challenge, but also in building the capacity to manage it and to meet our humanitarian aspirations and execution of the president's vision a.


He just reminds me of Billy Murphy and Brian Frost Show in that debate with the gun thing where they just talk you into it logical and you're like, huh? I asked you a simple question. The reporter asks a simple question. I think that's Kristen Fischer from Fox. She says Obama's DHS secretary, Jeh Johnson, when they had a thousand illegal entries into the United States a day, said, hey, man, that's a crisis. We now have three thousand or four thousand.


Go check my math. I think that's three to four times. Yes. Yeah, my right. OK, thank you. Just checking. You know, I don't want engage in a disinformation campaign and we're cool and that's not a crisis. Now, Biden was Obama's vice president, right. Checking on that, too. Yes. The fact checker comes back. That is correct. Weird. How was a crisis at a thousand? It's now up to three and four thousand.


But no, it's not a crisis. And he engages in the in the illogic loop where they talk you into into a death spiral of misinformation. Of course, it's a crisis. You have four thousand people entering the country each day during a pandemic. We have with with no national security checks at all. Again, explain to me, please, in common sense comments, I know it's not so common anymore. But using standard English, not logic deaf Hulce.


Explain to me how that's not a crisis again. You know, I debated the faraldo last night, we supposed to get into immigration, but we didn't. But I wanted to ask him a simple question, which I will ask him eventually if I. Never do that again. By the way, I want to thank our CNN for running my speech at CPAC, Amy. Mm hmm. And I got a big home out of the other room there.


Hmm hmm hmm. He's got a job, one, maybe one more from you. Yeah, thanks, Ben. Yeah, if I ever debate her, although again, I just want to ask a simple question, like how many of these people are you taking in, by the way? Oh, none. None, none. Zero. By the way, he's your neighborhood been overrun by people in the country illegally. No, it's not your neighborhood.


No, no, it's not yours. So you basically want to impose costs of illegal immigration on other people while bearing none of those costs yourself? Sounds like a liberal to me. Sounds exactly like a liberal to me.


By the way, I want to thank our CNN for running my seat by getting back to some serious content, here is the great Milton Friedman. I'm sorry, I got to keep going back to the well because I love Milton Friedman, because his timeless logic and reason never gets old. One of the great thinkers of our time since obviously passed God rest the man's heroic soul. But he was Milton Friedman back in the day just saying something very simple and logical about immigration that you can pick one or the other Joe.


You can either have open borders or you can have a welfare state, but you can't have both because the math really doesn't work out. As the open borders welfare state, people enter the country illegally and lay claim to the productive capacity of people who are working. That math doesn't sound right. Here's the genius of Milton Friedman decades ago. Check this out.


It is one thing to have free immigration to jobs. It is another thing to have free immigration to welfare. And you cannot have both if you have a welfare state, if you have a state in which every city, every resident is is promised certain minimum level of income or a minimum level of subsistence, regardless of whether he works or not, produces it or not. Well, then it really is an impossible thing. If you have free immigration in the way in which we had it before 1914, everybody benefited.


The people who were here benefited the people who came, benefited because nobody would come unless he or his family thought he would do better here than he would elsewhere. And the new immigrants provided additional resources, provided additional possibilities for the people already here so everybody can mutually benefit. But on the other hand, if you come under circumstances where each person is entitled to a pro rata share of the pot to take the extreme example or even to a low level of the plan, then the effect of that situation is that free immigration would mean a reduction of everybody to the same uniform level.


Of course, I'm exaggerating. It wouldn't go quite that far, but it would go in that direction. And it is that perception. That leads people to adopt what at first seem like inconsistent values. I mean, the man's. Genius is timeless. Pretty simple, right? You can have a welfare state where you give away the the. Fruits of others, labor, I'm not suggesting it's a good idea, I'm suggesting what's possible, not what's.


Recommended. But you can have a generous welfare state. The Nordic countries have done it for a long time, it doesn't necessarily lead to long term prosperity. Matter of fact, it's the reverse of that. But you can't have a generous welfare state with an open borders policy because the simple math doesn't work, if the incentive is to come to that Nordic welfare state or the United States or whatever it may be, and to not work because you're entitled to a pro-rated piece of the pie from everyone else's work.


Eventually the word gets out that that happens and provides an incentive for others to violate immigration law and come here and do the same thing. But again, liberals will never figure that out as they impose the costs of illegal immigration on other communities and take in no illegal immigrants themselves. None. The costs are imposed upon you. But they don't mind liberals are all too rich to care and they don't live in those neighborhoods either, so it doesn't really matter.


All right, good, we do have time for this. I'm going to hold this other Wall Street Journal story for him. I keep saying that sometimes I don't get to him, but there's two stories. I'm going to get this one story first. Tomorrow, I'll have to get to the next one with the other. Story is important. Listen, tomorrow I will try to get to it. But the gist of it is, is this you better get in the safe business really quick.


No, I mean the safe like, you know. Turn the get the get get the code for the safe kind of thing, spin the wheel, the safe business, what does that mean? See what I mean, I get that more, but this story is important, I got to get to it today. Folks, I need you to get on the phone. I need you to get on the emails again. I'm sorry to keep asking, but this is not me.


I'm not asking you to get on the phone with me or send stuff or donate or anything like that. I'm asking you to call your representatives right now and speak out against the disaster that is each one. House resolution one. Wall Street Journal, please stop the H.R. one disaster right now, email, call your congressmen and senators today and say if you even consider voting for this thing, you've got no chance of getting my vote. What is it?


Well, here's the article in the Journal. It's up in the show. Notes today making every election like twenty 20 H.R. one mandates ballot harvesting and limits voter verification. Why would you want to do that? Because Democrats hate election integrity. That's why, obviously. What is H.R. one do House resolution one? House Resolution one, meaning the new Congress thought it's so important they pushed it first, why? Because they hate free and fair elections. That's why odd that Rudy Giuliani and others are being sanctioned for election integrity policies.


While the biggest violation of election integrity right now is happening in the US Congress with H.R. one, is that misinformation to just asking? Here's a screenshot from the Wall Street Journal piece about what H.R. one does. But what it starts with permanent pandemic rules, it would create a federal right. Right, folks, to a mail ballot, no excuse necessary. Registered voters couldn't be made to submit any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot except the signature or affirmation and just check a box.


Don't even worry about ID or anything like that. State laws requiring male votes to be notarized are signed by witnesses would be trumped late arriving ballots if postmarked on time would be valid nationwide for 10 days after Election Day. How does that sound? Election two weeks instead of election day from now on mandated nationally. No voter ID. A right small right, because Democrats Democrats don't believe in biga rights, by God, they believe in government, smaller rights, a right to a mail in ballot no matter what, no voter ID, notarization or affirmation other than a quick box check or necessary, God forbid.


Yes. For a witness to get out of that. Ballot harvesting, ballot harvesting, when Democrats and Republicans to it's a bad idea matter, the Democrats or Republicans can send out political activists to go collect ballots from people. That doesn't sound right. You probably have to drop your ballot off either in the mail or drop it off in an election election booth election location. Just just an idea. Now, let's give it to a bunch of party activists because they won't do anything with it.


You want that national, you'll have it if H.R. one passes. It's giving me goosebumps, again, not joking, because I'm just this is where we are, ladies and gentlemen, we're descending into madness at such a rapid rate that if we don't wake up the intellectually obese quickly, you're going to you will wake up in a year or two, probably less than that, and be like what happened to the country I used to live in? Gee, I don't know.


Here's part two of this Wall Street Journal piece, it goes on, you should read, the whole thing is actually more these are just the two lowlights from H.R. one. There are no highlights, obviously. Screenshot number two. H.R. one would overrule state laws against ballot harvesting. God forbid you had that a state law preventing party activists from taking and potentially manipulating your ballot, huh? Got to get rid of those laws, letting Americans nationwide get a list.


You designate any person to return a vote provided that the carrier person picking up your vote doesn't receive any form of compensation based on the number of ballots. That's it. That's the only that's the only thing put in their. Also, states may not put any limit on how many voted and sealed absentee ballots any designated person can return.


That means, quote, Yes, paid partizan operatives could go door to door, amassing thousands of votes as long as they bill by the hour. Email, call, write your elected representatives today to do matters, to do matters. I don't care if they are die hard conservative Republicans and, you know, they will vote against this, email them anyway, email them so they know just how concerned you are. Let me just give you a quick tip, I put this in my second book, The Fight, I had a chapter about super voters.


Ladies and gentlemen, you know, if you vote your congressman, when you call a woman, they know you voted. They don't know who you voted for. It's a secret ballot, but they know you voted. There's an election file that shows you voted and I have a chapter in my book about why you should vote in every single election school board primaries, everything. You know why? Because they know you voted and they don't know who you voted for, but they know you voted.


I tell my daughter this all the time. Don't think for a second. And you call their office today and tell them how terrible H.R. one is that they're not looking up right away what number you're calling from to make sure you live in the district, number one. And number two, what your address is, if you're willing to give it to make sure you can vote for them. And number three, they're probably checking out how often you vote to and if you vote in every primary, in every election, I'm telling you right now what you say matters.


If you're not a super voter, you better become one today because your voice is worth the voice of thousands of people who never vote, because when they call the office and the congressman finds out you don't vote and don't even live in the district, they go click. Thank you. Have a nice day. I'd like to give you things to work with because it matters, by the way, quick shout out, we use the Rat Pack, retract our theme song yesterday thanks to our friends at Project Veritas.


That is a song by Gary Stephen Eden. The Richi will not sing it again because I will do it. No justice. But we love our retrack though. Alpaca. This is kind of like this is my I mean, of all the things I've accumulated over the years, this is a prize for me. You don't understand. I've always wanted one of these. I may need a backup because I may have to give this away to a reporter one day.


If I can do that, I need permission from the Project Veritas guys, though. I don't want to bogart your retrack though. Alpaca, but Gary Stephenie, what a song. The retractable alpaca theme song, Much Love from the Dan Bongino show.


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Thanks for tuning in. See you tomorrow.


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