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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Yeah, I have no good news for you. So if you're tuning in looking for good news, I'm sorry, but this may not be the show for you today. There is no good news. There's only degrees of bad news. And if they want to fight, then let's give it to them. They want to fight. They're going to keep poking and prodding. When I say they I'm talking about the liberal lunatics, so if they want to make our lives miserable, then let's return the favor.


So that's what today's show is going to be going to be, a painful one. I'm going to be an easy one to listen to and to describe to you where we are and a plan to at least fight back. They want to make your lives miserable. They want to be enemies of civil liberties. Come after us on the Internet. Come after our our money, come after our health care. Come after our kids support Castro lovers and socialism.


And let's say let's make their lives miserable, too. I'll give you that plan today, step by step. Because we got to do something. Today show you express VPN, ladies and gentlemen, get a VPN today, protect your online activity from prying eyeballs to express VPN dotcom Bongino today, pick up a VPN. All right. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show. Let's get right to it. Our sponsors today, as well as a sponsor today, as well as is Omak excuse me, having a tough time this morning.


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For reasons like why this omakase out dotcom enter code by Jeno to get twenty twenty percent off and site wide. All right, so let's go. Listen, let's get serious now, because again. If you're expecting me to put lipstick on this disaster, this election last night in Georgia, where the same players, I hope our bread Ratzenberger's proud what he did, you know, leaked that tape. Read. Good job, buddy. Well done. Great Republican you are.


Yeah, secretary of state from Georgia, real loyalist right there to the cause. I'm here to tell you today not to accept any of this. I don't accept any of it. As I said before. They want to fight. They want to make your lives miserable. Steal elections and impose upon you an agenda. I'm going to go through right now. We don't need to hear it again. No, you do. You do, because 40 percent of the country are delusional.


They're losing their minds right now. They are voting for people that will directly impact the quality of their life in a negative way and doing it just out of spite. It is the absolute version of cut off your nose to spite your face. So if they want to fight, they want to make our lives and their lives miserable and let's give it to. But we need a plan, a plan I'm going to give you. And as always, when things don't go well for us, I think of this quote by H.L. Mencken, which is appropriate right now.


Liberals and lunatic Democrats want a country of socialist principles, no economic freedom, health care, freedom, lack of school, choice of permanent lockdown's. You want to defund the police antipolice society where crime runs rampant. So let's go to H.L. Mencken. H.L. Mencken said about that democracy is the theory that the common man knows what he wants and deserves to get it. Good Good-Natured. The only way to wake people up. On the other side that are voting for the destruction of your life, your kids future, any potential of getting any decent health care in this country for decades, those people voting to take that away from you is to give it to them.


Both good. And hard, this is what you want. This is what you want to see agenda, you keep voting for the roughly 40, 45 percent of the country who keep voting in these Democrats that are destroying this country, creating a forest fire, taking down everyone, everywhere. Let's go to video number one here. Here is Raphael Warnock, who appears to have won last night. Who is your new senator from Georgia? Here is him pandering to Castro in 2016 after Castro's death, claiming Castro was a complicated figure.


You know, Joe, I'm just wondering if you had video of a Republican up in a pulpit somewhere claiming, you know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Idi Amin, Joe, these are complicated figures. Yeah, I'm just guessing throwing out there for you and the rest of the audience that would probably create an uproar. Given that Castro is responsible for it depends his death count. We're not really sure. When you look it up, you get numbers anywhere from 30 to about one hundred and fifteen thousand dead bodies due to Castro.


That does it, by the way, Joe, that doesn't count that toward the torture and imprisonment. That's a whole separate sorry. We're going to have to get to that another day. But the median rough median of Castro dead bodies, let's say, is maybe seventy seventy five thousand dead because of Castro, because of political torture. Death and destruction, but don't worry, here's your new senator from Georgia saying, hey, it's complicated, folks, this guy's got just terrific judgment.


Check him out.


We pray for the people of Cuba in this moment. We remember Fidel Castro, whose legacy is complex. Don't let anybody tell you a simple story of life, usually at very simple. His legacy is complex. Kind of like America's legacy is complex. Yeah, comparing Castro to the legacy of America and the difference with Castro in America is we actually fought for civil liberties in a civil war where hundreds of thousands of people died to free people from chains, servitude, slavery.


And we actually had civil rights, civil rights movement in this country, by the way, led by Republicans against Democrats. Where we fought for genuine equality. The reverse happened with Castro, Castro got more tyrannical as the body count built up over time. But yes, let's compare the two. There's your new senator from Georgia. Hope you're proud. Everybody you voted for. Sounds like a really terrific guy with incredible judgment. The pro-abortion air quotes pastor not sure where he found that passage in the Bible.


Termination of life in the womb, yes, that's very godly, according to Warnock, don't know where he found that one. This is what you want. Well, as again, H.L. Mencken said and we'll repeat throughout the show. Well, let's give it to you good and hard then. You want some of this? Here's another one coming up now that you've. Looks like could be possible given Senate control. Or maybe close the Senate control, depending on we see what happens here.


The liberal lunatics, how about this from Brookings. It's coming your way for all you liberals and Democrats who keep voting for this stuff, who voted for Biden and more WARNOCK And what is a 12 year old? John USCIRF, the congressional. And was he an intern or something for a guy? That's his claim to fame when he's not promoting Chinese propaganda. He's running for U.S. Senate, John USCIRF, which is that's interesting. So here's a Brookings Institution.


You know, Brookings, how could change capital gains taxes, raise more revenue? This is on the Biden agenda coming up. This is on the Biden agenda. If this is listen, ladies and gentlemen, if today didn't work out, we got to be prepared for eventualities. OK? Everybody needs a plan. This is what's coming up. Liberals, you want this God, let's give it to them, they talk about an equal distribution of wealth, blah, blah, blah, Brookings says.


In addition, there's been growing a growing understanding that the US faces a long term fiscal shortfall that must be addressed, at least in part by raising revenues. For these and other reasons, proposals to raise taxes on wealthy households have received increased attention in recent years. One approach is to reform the taxation of capital gains. What does that mean? What are we talking about this now for? Because you better get ready. One prominent proposal will be to tax capital gains as they accrue instead of waiting until an asset is sold and approach sometimes known as mark to market.


Oh, so there are liberals who watch my show or listening to this right now going, no, no, no, no, I didn't vote for any of that. I voted to tax those knows rich people, the evil rich people. Not for me. How do you feel about paying taxes on unrealized capital gains? You know, like pension funds, you happen to be a union plumber in L.A. or elsewhere, and your entire retirements invest in a pension fund which is exposed to the stock market.


Yeah, yeah. How do you feel about paying your pension fund, paying taxes on unrealized capital gains, stocks you bought years ago you haven't cashed out yet? Oh, what do you mean we can't pay them? What if we lose later on? Oh, no one's explained. What happens if you lose money on the stock. They're only explaining Biden and his cronies, Warnock and others going forward, how they're going to tax when you gain on a stock, even though you didn't sell it.


This is what you want. You want pastors in the unites, pastor, pro-abortion pastors in the Senate who can't determine if Castro was a good or a bad guy, you want to start paying taxes on stocks and your pension that you haven't even sold yet.


Well, let's give it to you good and hard, then. Let's see how you like it. How about this one, here's a Biden agenda going forward, seeing how things work out today, January 6th, here's a Wall Street Journal piece, how Joe Biden's tax plan could affect you. The Democrat says he won't raise taxes on households earning less than 400000 a year, but he would raise them sharply on the wealthy corporations. Oh, here we go again.


Yeah, of course, liberals who really aren't that bright can never do spreadsheets, basic math or anything like that. That's not going to affect me. I'm not worried at all. I just voted to tax all those rich Imholz. Oh, you did. OK, let's check out this Wall Street Journal piece. I'll tell you how this is going to affect you in a minute. Of course, this requires you to have an IQ in the triple digits, which many liberals don't have.


So this may be complex. So here you go. So this Biden administration with Warnock and and USCIRF again, I think was an intern or a legislative something up on Capitol Hill for one of the dopiest members of Congress. They said they're going to raise the corporate tax rate back to twenty eight percent, propose a new minimum tax and raise taxes on foreign income for individuals. They'll raise the top rate to thirty nine point six from thirty seven, create new limits on deductions, and impose the twelve point four percent Social Security payroll tax on wages above four hundred thousand dollars for high income earners have passed.


New businesses that don't pay the corporate tax would lose the break they got in 2017. Biden would also change the taxation of capital gains instead of getting a preferential rate of twenty three point eight. They'd be taxed at thirty nine point six for households with income above a million. In addition, Mr. Biden would require that people who die with appreciated assets pay income taxes on those unrealized gains come back. It goes on and on and on. So, yes, listen, if you're economically illiterate and stupid, which probably means you're a liberal, then you're saying, oh, Dan, this doesn't seem to concern me tax.


And it seems to be concerning people making over four hundred thousand dollars a year and over a million dollars a year. Ladies, gentlemen, here's the thing. You can't intertwine yourself from the economy they belong to when those people worth over a million dollars a year are forced to sell their stocks before they appreciate more. Oh, shocker. You own some of those stocks, too. Wait, wait, now liberals are like, oh, my God, I'm not really I'm a liberal, so I'm really stupid, but I'm this doesn't seem to make sense.


So if a bunch of well, are evil wealthy folks who are, by the way, creating most of the jobs in this country all of a sudden don't have the money to create the jobs. This sounds like there's going to be less jobs for us, number one. And number two, it sounds like the stocks I invested in in my 401k and in my pension, if everybody starts selling them and there's no buyers because the wealthy people are mostly the buyers and they'll be forced to sell them to avoid enormous tax bills.


That sounds like my income will take a hit, too. And my retirement. Oh, Kenny Bell time.


Well, let it ring for a bit on this one. You're finally getting it. You're waking up now. From your liberal stupor. Do you want to dis? Now you're going to get it. Good and hard. Oh, there's more, you know, these liberal paradises we can never seem to find. Watching my hometown of New York City collapse and total decay as a communist Castro loving absolute life loser Warren Wilhelm, also known as Bill de Blasio.


As he ran the world's greatest city entirely into the ground, you voted for him, you might not only voted for him in a landslide, so why are you moving away from him? You went in and use the power in a constitutional republic to select a man who destroyed your life in your city and now you want to move away and bring your cancer down to us. No, no, keep it where you are. Don't move down here. Please don't come to Florida.


It's a free country. I can't stop you, but I'm begging you. We don't trust me when I tell you we don't want you down here. We don't want you don't come down here. We have money and don't bring your money and your jobs down here. We don't want you. We have our own jobs. We have a functioning state. We don't want you. Go away. Keep your liberal forest fire where you are and watch your own cardboard Potemkin village collapse.


Oh, it's not collapsing, darn it isn't. Check out this Daily Caller article, of course, which will put up today for you to check out Brandon Devlin. Murder surged in New York City during twenty twenty. Police suggest the defund the police movement might have something to do with that. Oh, my gosh, that's a shocker. You have terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa supported by Warren Willhelm, the Botsio, the third or the 40 seconds, whatever, Castro loving communist supports these terror groups that marched throughout the city, burned these cities down and destroy them.


And then these groups support, you know, we want pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. What do we want? Dead cops. That was one of their marches. Yes, this BLM Black Lives Matter group. And then you wonder why you don't get effective policing. I don't know. I can't I can't put two and two together. I think I can't seem to figure this out. From The Daily Caller, this is your liberal paradise, you all are fleeing to come down and destroy my state of Florida.


Get away. Stay away. We don't want you. Quote, Daily Caller, other cities show there's a common denominator with these other cities. I'm going to put it for Joe. Keep this up, Miss Ball. First thing, Joe is going to have it. Everything's going to be a test at the end of this quote. OK, I want you to tell me what these cities have in common. It's very difficult. So I think I'll give you a minute as I'm reading this.


OK, so we're all going to give producers some time to figure this out. These cities I'm going to read about have one big thing in common. Other cities across America have struggled to fight severe violent crime. In Los Angeles, for example, experienced three hundred twenty two murders as of January 12th this year. That's more than a 30 percent increase from last year, according to the Associated Press. In Chicago, homicides are up by 56 percent, the Associated Press reports.


Keep in mind, this story is actually about New York. They threw in these other cities as well where crime is out of control. Now, Joe, this is Tom. Yeah, but Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City have one thing in common politically. Think about it. I know this may take a minute. Again, we can't use the Jeopardy sound there because it's copyrighted now. I don't even want to sound it, but think about it like you have this a little clock here.


So are those cities run by staunch constitutional conservatives or Castro loving communist supporters like Warren Wilhelm, the Boston Bosio, the 60 third? Take a second and think about all this is easy. I mean, you're answering too quickly. Let me think you were answered. Did you think this through here?


Yeah, they're all in, I'm sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your final answer, I got to your final answer. Yeah, OK. Yeah man they're all run by blue state guys. They're all about Caston. OK, just checking. Just checking. Just checking. Yeah. Sorry to interrupt you repeating. I just want to make sure that your final answer. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


OK, I just figured it out I believe. Thanks man. Yeah I know you can. I know. I know you can. We're all run by radical, far left lunatic, your liberal paradise. Murders through the roof, murder meaning people are dead. That's what murder is for liberals. Listen, you can't seem to figure that out. Hard to vote if you murdered, maybe if you're a Democrat were dead, people seem to vote all the time.


If you murdered makes it really tough to vote. So what you wanted? Sadly, you're about to get it. Good, hard. What about this gem from The Economist? You know, these liberals who keep voting for this stuff, they have kids, right? They love their lockdown's to keep those kids out of school or they say they do. The liberals in this article by The Economist, by the way, not a right leaning publication by anyone, stretch of the imagination, even if you're a liberal, meaning you're not that smart.


The economist Lockdown's can have long term effects on children's health, sitting at home playing video games and eating crisps all day is not good for them. Oh my gosh, really? Thank God those scientists jumped in to tell us that we'd all be lost. You mean sitting at home on an iPad all day playing Angry Birds isn't going to help you while you sit there and munch on a bunch of Lay's potato chips? I would have never thank God for The Economist jumping in to tell us that.


You like this? Taxes on stocks, you haven't sold income taxes going through the roof, your pension collapsing, the job market collapsing, pandering to socialist because you can't decide if Castro was a good or bad guy. Crime exploding, destroying your kid's lives by pumping them up in front of a computer full of wise potato chips when they can't even. Socialize with their friends and actually learn stuff in school. Sounds like a really great liberal paradise, doesn't it?


Then when is a good news come now it doesn't. I don't like depressing shots either, do I? I'll give you a plan, that's all I can offer you. I read your e-mails, Paula sent me one this morning. I get it, but you want me to do. Come on this morning to tell you how great things are going to be. I understand we'll probably lose 20 percent of the audience that I want to hear this stuff, but for the 80 percent left, for the 20 percent, by the way.


I understand. I understand. This is a product in a service people don't like to pick up products and services, that bluegum do lie to you. And I understand if you don't want to hear it today, I don't want to hear it either. But even through my recent issues, I haven't missed the show, I'm showing up today. Because I feel for the 80 percent who are listening again, for those 20 percent who won't listen, you won't hear it anyway.


But I understand. I get it. I'm not criticizing you. You've been loyal to me for a long time. But for the 80 percent left behind. We need a plan. If they want to fight, we damn well better give it to him. All right, let me get to my second sponsor and unfortunately have a few more things I have to warn you about that may be coming and then we'll get to the hopefully the good part or semi good part.


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You know, the truth is dead. You're going to get more of this, of course, lies, misinformation promoted through the liberal propaganda machine known as academia, the media and every bureaucratic swamp in Washington, DC. Look at this Washington Examiner article. Remember we discussed yesterday or the day before how the whole coronavirus may have emanated from a Wuhan lab and liberals and their media allies, but could trump Trump? It said it were more eager to hide the truth rather than tell you the truth.


Here we go. Jerry Donlevy, growing body of evidence coronavirus may have escaped from a one lab. US official expect to see more doozies like this come out as we engage in full blown Soviet Union propaganda Pravda style in conjunction with the liberal anti civil rights activists who hate a free press. I hate a free press. Then they're the biggest supporters of free press. No, no, the biggest supporters of the activist press where the free press. The activist Chuck Todd.


Brian Stelter, CNN crowd and MSNBC, that's not the press, they're not the they forfeited any mantle or to claim the media that title media longto, not media. They're full time Democrat activists where the free press and the Democrats hate us. Again, this is what you wanted. You're going to get it good and hard. Wait till the next viral outbreak with Democrats in charge when they try to cover for Joe Biden, God forbid something like that happens.


If there's a mutation, you'll get the truth probably five or six years later. By the way, do you see L.A. hospitals, you know, Los Angeles, the city overridden by the now with crime and because they're attacking their police, read a story to L.A. Hospitals are being totally overrun by coronavirus patients, which isn't really happening down here in Florida or elsewhere. Because L.A. hospitals have the population of L.A., they have large majorities of citizens on government run health care, and most doctors won't accept it because the reimbursement rates are low.


So they're running to the hospitals again. It doesn't matter like liberals never think through the disasters of their own policies. But L.A. asked for democracy and is getting it good and hard, and it's sad to watch. No, I mean that because people will die, it's not virtue signalling its true. People are dying in L.A. because L.A. can't get out of its own way. A continued attack and their lawsuits, by the way, in California against hospitals, L.A. has what the third lowest number of beds per resident are in Los Angeles, really one of the world's greatest cities.


Can't figure out how to get hospitals and city Syria. You voted for democracy. And tragically, you're getting it good and hard in L.A.. This is what you thought you wanted, right? The government's going to fix our health care problem in L.A., really? How come you're in total meltdown mode while that's not happening just about anywhere else outside of liberal cities? Here's another one from Dan Horowitz at The Blaze I put in the show notes, another article worth reading if you want to access the show, A.


sponginess dot com slash newsletter. The newsletter is show notes. Dan Horowitz, this is weird, with no lockdown or mask mandate, Florida is roughly the same hospitalization level as the twenty, eighteen, twenty, eighteen flu season. Crazy idea, Florida, which where I live, by the way, wacky and you're not welcome liberals, I can't tell you not to move here because unlike you, I believe in freedom. We can't ban you from moving to Florida.


But I'm asking you as a favor, please don't come down here. Keep your forest fire where it is you wanted this. Now get ready to take it good and hard. This is what you voted for. We don't do a lot of this down here in Florida. We don't have a state income tax. We don't prevent our citizens from defending themselves. We have a pretty robust school choice program where soccer parents can actually pick where their kids go to school and we have a functioning economy because we don't regulate our people to death down here.


Florida is not perfect. But it will become less perfect by the day if you decide to come down or don't come down here. I'm not kidding. We don't want you. A majority of the state voted for Donald Trump policies that are the complete antithesis to what you voted for in the hellholes you've created, where you brought it on yourselves, both good and hard. Don't come down here. We don't want you. That's very un-American. No, no, it is the most American thing possible, we believe in liberty and freedom and you don't and you will not leave us alone.


Stay where you are and bathe in the liberal poison you've created. Oh, Dan, that's not happening. They're not moving out and destroying places that believe in liberty and freedom, like Florida, Texas, North Carolina used to be Colorado and elsewhere. They're not. Look at this series of tweets. This is really fascinating by a guy, by the name of Michael Hendriks. Here are the metro areas with the highest move outs in twenty twenty. Sure.


It moves in. I'm sorry. So here's where people are moving to. Wilmington, North Carolina, Sarasota, Florida, Boise, Idaho, Huntsville, Alabama. Joe is going to be a test at the end of this to get ready. Fort Myers, Florida, don't jump to an answer either. They're moving to Knoxville, Tennessee. Melbourne, Florida. Austin, Texas. Nashville, Tennessee. Fort Collins, Colorado. And why are people moving out?


It's a common thread with both of these. They're moving out of Nassau County, New York, Bergen County, New Jersey, Trenton, New Jersey, New York, New York. Newark, New Jersey. Chicago, Illinois. Bremerton, Washington. Bridgeport, Connecticut. Middlesex, New Jersey. And Lake County, Illinois. Joe, I don't like to put you on the spot, given your many responsibilities as a whole as it is when you do that, because I know.


I know because it's tough. And I don't want to make Joe have to think too me has got to do spots and all this stuff and, you know, plug stuff in and drops and everything. You've got to pay attention to the ads where they are. So I don't make them want to make you think do it. So people are moving out of areas.


Joe's a quick test here that are a liberal or B, just to repeat the way they're moving out of areas that are a liberal or B, conservative, they're moving now.


And I think the liberal things.


Liberal places. Yeah, yeah. Liberal think the verdict is in Armacost genius. Whoo! So just to be clear, all of you create this forest fire. The liberal anti civil liberty anti constitution, forest fire, Castro loving advocates who are voting to destroy everyone else's lives. You vote that in. You get it good and hard crime explodes, your economy collapses, your taxes go up, and then you move into places where I live and you destroy those places to.


Get out. We don't want you to go away, don't please don't come down. You're not welcome. Don't move into my neighborhood and introduce yourself, hey, welcome, I'm your buddy from New York. Listen, if you're a conservative or a liberty lover or even a conservative Democrat who actually believes in the Constitution and you're not going to vote for insanity, come on down. Shake my hand. Say hello. If you're moving from the liberal forest fire you created because you got good and hard what you voted for and now you're coming down here to bring your cancer is forest fire down here.


Don't come anywhere near my house. You're not welcome. We will never be friends. I don't want to know you. I don't want to talk to you. I don't care about your dog or Fido or your fishing or whatever. Take it, ram it up your caboose and stay the hell away from me. And that's very unneighborly, yeah, you voting to defund the police so that my daughter's car gets jacked while she's on the way to school is kind of on Maberly too.


So take it and ram it up. You know where to go. This isn't very nice, this show. Oh, yeah, you think? Don't expect a lot of nice in the coming days. So what's the plan? Well, I'm going to get that I just want to show you some interesting video first, because people have had enough. And when I say people, I don't mean just people like me in Florida who are tired of people coming down here trying to run Florida.


I moved out of New York to get away from that, not to move back into it. Why do we keep bringing up Florida because Georgia's already been ruined, apparently just voted for a guy who can't figure out if Castro is a bad guy. That just happened in Georgia. Georgia. Once you see this chaos, what happened in the Pennsylvania state Senate yesterday, because some Republican state senators in Pennsylvania have had enough. They think there was an election up in their midst that shouldn't be certified, they don't want to see the guy.


So the Republicans in the state Senate have had enough. They like that. We're just going to fight back against it. Well, I want you to listen in the background as the lunatic lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. It must be the president of their state Senate, similar to our Constitution federally, absolutely loses his mind as the Republicans just ignore him and continue doing what we need to do more of this. Check this out as interim president pro tempore of the Senate, a motion has been made to invoke Section five 76 of Mason's manual, a legislative procedure to replace lieutenant governor that used to perform for the president in accordance with a set of powers under the control.


The Constitution is not being questioned. You're not changing the section of the place, lieutenant governor are breaking the Constitution, writing the law and failing to hold on to actually take it. There's nothing about this date that is appropriate.


Nothing. We want a later and roll over because you got from this. This is about Pennsylvania's not Democrats. Republicans not about winning. It's about protecting our democracy. That's what this is. I Arnold, I admit. I know.


Roll call vote. Mr. President has nothing not recognized. It is inappropriate to do not participate in this farce.


Badolato So apparently is Miss Paula comment that that's why he's right. It's only OK to violate the Pennsylvania Constitution, the federal Constitution, when Democrats think it's OK, like when they change their election law for the presidential election but didn't actually change the law. They just said they changed the law. Dan, what do you mean? You just said they change the law? No, no. They just unilaterally changed the law without changing the law. That doesn't sound like you can do that.


No, they did it in Pennsylvania before the presidential election. That was OK, though. Don't worry. John Roberts of our Supreme Court said no one has any standing to sue on that. So as long as every state in the Union just unilaterally decides that the U.S. Constitution doesn't matter anymore, it's OK because no one has any standing to object from another state to sue that state. Oh, yeah, that's happening. So the Republican state senators have had enough good.


As I said to a friend this morning. If the Democrats think the Constitution is just the suggestion, then the Constitution is useless. A Constitution only works if it constitutes something knuckleheads on the left. A constitution only works when all parties believe it's a damn constitution. For liberals having a tough time digesting this, liberals who have laughed at the Constitution for years and now all of a sudden, what is Republicans? No, no, we need to stand high on the Mount Olympus of morals and ideals and abide by the Constitution.


Can you explain to me how that works, please? If it's a constitution only one party abides by. A constitution is, in effect, a contract. If I have a contract with Joe that Joe is going to show up to produce his services on my show and produce an audio product for me on the Dan Bongino feed, and Joe says to me one day, that contract doesn't matter. I'll show up when I want. And then the courts say we're not going to enforce that contract.


It's not a damn contract. It's a suggestion at best. To the weak kneed Republicans out there. Who keeps saying, I don't know, the Constitution seems to prescribe this January six on the chamber today. I suggest you take the Pennsylvania State Senate approach. And if we're going to scrap it and everybody's just going to throw their hands up and wing it. Maybe we should bring it to. Oh, my gosh, what are you saying you are exactly what I'm saying.


We've been living in a post constitutional society entirely unmoored from the dock for decades now. We're fighting in a boxing ring. We're the set of rules we thought we were abiding by, i.e., the Constitution. Only apply to you. So you're in there with 12 ounce gloves, not rabid punching, not biting the other guy, while the Democrats who don't care about the rules because the Constitution doesn't matter to them at all, they don't care. They've already rewritten how elections will be conducted.


Rewritten it by not even going to launch it, just saying, yeah, we're just going to do elections different now. Violating our constitution, you're in the boxing ring with 12 ounce gloves, the other guy's got a machete, a chainsaw and an Uzi in the corner. You're like, Wait, wait, wait. You appeal to the ref, the courts, the refs, the courts in this case, hey ref, I signed the rules before the match.


I thought the Xbox guys got an Uzi and you are already standing. Dude, just fight and shut up. Why? You're citing the Constitution, what does it even matter anymore? Yeah, matters to apparently people who think it matters. The other side doesn't give a damn at all. You've got a sitting member of Congress is Lauren Bobert. She's in Lévy, she's five foot one hundred pounds. Literally, that's five foot, 100 pound. She has a concealed carry permit interstate.


She's terrified of walking to work in Washington, D.C., because it's one of the most dangerous cities in America, of course, it is run by liberal. And the D.C. police chief came out here, they said, listen, she walks to work with that gun on subject herself to arrest. I'm going to have a talk with D.C. police. Are you concerned about a five foot, 100 pound woman with illegal carry permit for another state, not the five million percent spike in murders in his city.


Priorities, folks, priorities. So what's going to happen today, January 6th, just quick, an article in The Washington Examiner I'll put up, by the way, you know, went to Washington with some good people over there. But you have some real Luneta. You got to make a call over there, too. You got some real serious lunatics who don't get this at all in the Constitution. That's hilarious. You need the Constitution. You need a set of rules only you think are real, you keep doing that.


But here's an article nonetheless about what's going to happen today with the Electoral College count up on Capitol Hill. Joint session to certify presidential election could take a few days. Susan Fabrizio. I can't believe they're senators who are not disputing this. And I'm very sorry, citing the Constitution as a reason not to dispute it when you have the electoral vote count act to rely on. So you're citing law and the constitution and legal precedent, despite the law saying you can dispute it and you still don't want to dispute it.


I'm sorry, that's just weak. But here's what happens.


The states in dispute are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. President Trump has contested Biden's win in each of those states under the rules governing the joint session over which VP Pence will preside. The process allows up to two hours of debate, followed by votes for any challenge. The process overall could take up to four hours for each state if Republicans carry through with every promise. Objection. Hope it takes two or three days. Oh, my gosh darn.


How can we do that? Biden won fair and square, he did. He did. Where's that case been heard in the Supreme Court about their election law changes? Where's that been heard? Oh, yeah, it hasn't. That's right. John Roberts apparently worried about The Washington Post op ed claims and other members of the Supreme Court, too, to be fair. Other conservative members to use the air quotes. So what's the plan? That's going to be the next segment here.


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Don't wait. Go right now. This is really important stuff. Get 10 percent off plus free shipping at trust and will dotcom Bongino. That's trust. And will Dotcom Bongino go today? Don't wait. This is really important. OK, so Eric Trump appeared last night on Sean Hannity's program on Fox News, and I think Eric's kind on to something. I'm going to give you my steps here how to fix this thing. But here's a kind of a tease from Eric Trumpy is spot on.


Check this out.


It doesn't feel right. It doesn't look right. And and I think tomorrow to tell you a lot about the country, because I can tell you, Sean, any senator or any congressman, that does not mean on this side that does not fight tomorrow, I'm telling you, will not their political career is over because the MAGGA movement is going it's going nowhere. My fathers created the greatest political movement in American history. And I'm telling you, they will get primaried the next time around and they will lose if they don't stand up and show some backbone and show some conviction.


We're not going anywhere. Are you now serious question? I'm not telling you any of this is going to be nice or cute or easy. At the coming days, weeks, months and even years. Are going to be just peaches and cream, I'm not telling you any of that. But I'm not going anywhere. I know the president isn't I know the Trump family isn't, and I know the millions, tens of millions of supporters aren't going anywhere either.


So step one of the plan to fight back because they want to fight. They want to make us miserable. Let's give it to. Let's make that miserable, too, when I see them, you say liberal. Of course, I mean, liberals and Democrats, but to the RINO class do because there's a big, thick rhino class. Let's primary every single one of these sellouts. Every one of. You need to pick a side. You need to pick a side, and if your side is on our side, then we're not your side either.


Primary, every single one of. Let the establishment swamp class do their own thing and sit around and write white papers in their think tanks. We'll get out there and do the hard work in primary, every one of these buffoons primary, everyone, everyone. Who thinks we're some kind of joke? We'll show them who the real joke is we're going to win everyone now. Probably not going to win close to everyone. But we can win enough. I put my parlor tease, I put this morning quote by Inez.


That Victor isn't victorious if the vanquished doesn't consider himself so. It's a great quote, you should remember. That applies perfectly to politics. The left only wins in the long run when we consider ourselves a vanquished foe. I just don't. But we lost last night. Yeah, we did. But you think I'm just not going to make their lives miserable now like they make ours? The rhinos and all of them, they thought they were going to coast to reelection.


No, thanks. You know, I've run before. You think I'm making this up? I said I'd never run again. Maybe I will one day now. Got enough time and energy to make the enemies of freedom enemies of me. Make their lives miserable for a bit. Do you want to take away my freedoms? Maybe we'll take away your seat. Well, we'll try, who knows? So first step one, let's primary every one of these sellouts, step two, you can scrap every part of the ideological agenda and put it after this.


I shouldn't say scrap. It never goes away. Freedom and liberty are always going to be a fight. But priority number one, from this point on from anyone you vote for in the Republican Party should be elections reform without elections reform. Ladies and gentlemen, the vote counting process is finished. It is totally, entirely, completely broken. Everything from garbage, signature verification to chaotic mass mail in voting to registering people at the Democrat, registering people addresses that aren't theirs to unilaterally changing election rules in violation of the Constitution, this stuff can't be allowed to happen again.


Listen, I love the tax fight, the school choice fight, the health care fight, the liberty fight, the gun fight, the abortion fight, the regulations fight. The list goes on and on and on. But if we don't have election reform, all these fights are meaningless because we'll never win them. This has to be priority number one, no question about it. Every lawmaker that shows up at a Republican club, conservative club, Tea Party Club, Trunk Club, Magga Club, whatever it may be, that should be question number one.


What are you doing about elections reform? We want this codified in stone in each and every state, in each and every county. We should have one of two days of early voting. Excuse the absentees only I vote by mail disclosure for a different reason other than others, but I'm happy to show up if I have to. And full signature verification with the voter registration file with voter ID. You're not on board with that, you're not on board with us, beat it, get out of the movement.


We don't need you. You're useless. Get lost. So primary him make election reform primary number one. Germany, priority number one. Freudian slip, the. Here's my third suggestion, you got to move. I can't move down while some of you can't. I understand. Easy for me to say. I've moved like 20 times. I know how to do it. I know how to relocate and I know how to start over. We've started over so many times.


We don't even call it starting over anymore. We just call it. A weekday like a Monday. She's right. Did you hear that because it's so true. We have yes, that's obviously, you know, somebody said we don't even call it start, we have I mean, I'm not even kidding. Paula and I have rewritten our lives so many times that I don't even know where to start. I know it's hard. I'm a risk taker.


Some are you got to move. And when I say move, you say, Dan, you just told the liberals not to. I'm not talking to liberals. Don't come anywhere near us. We don't want you don't come to our states. You are not wanted. Stay where you are in the forest fire you created, where you're getting it good and hard. That was your choice. You stay up there and deal with. We don't want you.


To the same folks out there. And forget your party, I'm talking about people who believe in our Constitution and actually want it to work. They want law and order, civil liberties, respect for our police and our military, the ability to defend themselves, the ability to create jobs and to work for a diverse wage and to not pay all of your money to the government that flushes it down a damn toilet bowl. You need to move. If you're in New York, get out, why?


Because the only thing stopping New York from going full communist where they will get it good and hard, let them feel it. The only way to teach a lesson to the liberals that are voting for this pain being imposed on your life is to allow liberals to impose the pain on themselves. The only thing stopping them are the remaining 20 percent of conservatives or so in New York City areas in areas of New York City, 20 I don't know, 25 percent of conservatives left.


I don't I don't know. I'm just guessing the only thing stopping them from going full communist is you leave. Let them bathe in their own poison. Don't stop them. They want 90 percent tax rates, no police departments. Castro worship every night, socialism in their city, no school choice, garbage, public schools, a woman instead of a man in their public schools teaching their kids how to be morons, locking down their economies. Let them have it.


You've got to move. Now, you may say, Dan, that's that's easy for you to say. Again, I can't move out of the state, OK, maybe you can. Let me give you an option to. You can move within the state. Your business is stuck in Manhattan and you can't get out, you're a conservative under attack by the communist de Blasio. You don't have to live in New York City, get out. Move to a conservative county, vote for a conservative sheriff, or at least you can preserve some liberties in some portions in New York.


Move their vote for county commissioners and whatever it may be, Onondaga County or whatever it may be, and make those county sanctuary counties vote for sheriffs who aren't going to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, vote for county commissioners that aren't going to abide by these vicious state lockdowns. If you can't and there's no way you can get out of these liberal hellholes they've created and you don't force them to live in their own poison, then at least move within the state, sell as soon as you can, and move to a conservative area where you can create a sanctuary from these lunatics.


There's no excuse anymore is a real fight ahead. Let me give you rule number four of the plan going forward. Don't spend a dime of your money anymore on anything even remotely touching liberals. I saw yesterday a law firm put out a statement that the Cleta Mitchell, Trump's lawyer, was was resigning from the law firm. I don't know the circumstances of that. But Cleta Mitchell, who's a well-respected lawyer, who dared. Give her legal services to President Trump in a perfectly viable case being made against this ridiculous 2020 election.


Apparently, liberals thought it would be really cool to put pressure on that law firm and they've separate. How many times I going to tell you we need a conservative economy? I'd be very cautious who I do business with in the future. No, I'm not kidding. And that sounds harsh, no, it sounds real. You want real? By the way, when we do a little like surveys about the show, that's the one word that comes back often because the show is real.


I don't have time to B.S. you and you don't have time to hear it. Got a plumber, shows up at your house with a Biden sticker, pick someone else. Oh, my gosh, that sounds terrible. Dan, does it really does it sound any worse than Trump's lawyer separating from our law firm because liberals decided they wanted her fired sound any worse than that?


Oh, but we don't want to emulate their bad behavior. No, you just want to be on the receiving end of it. Good luck with that. You do that. This isn't the show for you. Very sorry. You may want to find another show. They want to make our lives miserable. They want to fight, I'm going to give it to him. You want to join me or you want to join the surrender caucus? I'm not interested.


Happen to me with someone in the medical profession. I'm not going to name any names in this case because. Someone else was associated, did the right thing, but I was out of there that next day, remember that one, Paula, you're going to talk like that about? Thank you. See you later. I took care of it, a million letters were sent, complaints are made, you think I'm making this up? You think I don't walk the walk, I just throw the stuff out there because I'm bored.


Made a big deal about it. Deal with politics, get involved with your health. I'd rather be dead. Nic, I'm going to let you work on me after opening your trap about how awful you believe the president, other people are and other things like that and their policies said, no thanks. I'd rather be dead. Guy shows up the service, your HVAC systems got a big We Love Castro sticker on the car. Yeah, thanks. Have a nice day, buddy.


Now, am I your water heater? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's beat it. You touch my water, will arrest you for trespassing. Get off my property. May want to find someone else. That sounds really harsh, although it is. Still spending money on. Hollywood movies with actors and actresses and. WNBA players had voted for the pro-abortion, Castro loving Baunach. You think those are dollars well spent? I think the entertainment industry likes you.


The sad part is there are really good folks in the entertainment industry or concerned, a lot of them, believe me, I know them. I get their emails. Some are actors, some are camera operators. Some are sound artists, you think everyone's a liberal, sadly. They should all find the company to work for that's conservative and go work for a conservative company that produces actual same content and doesn't discriminate. I've got nothing easy to tell you.


I'm not spending another dime on any of that garbage. Sending your kid to a college. That hates absolutely hates conservatives. Send him to some liberal institution, listen, it's tough, I got a kid now. At age, they want to do what they want to do, but I'll tell you right now, I've already put down put down the marker. I'm not paying for any of it. They want to pay. Let them pay themselves. You donate money to your college, their alumni fund, as they put out edicts about how your kids are going to be taught the proper pronouns or xie xie xie xie xie xie.


You're like, why?


What does that even mean? You may want to cancel that check. They wanted it. Liberal institutions let him have it good and hard. Folks, never, ever, ever surrender. Country's been through a lot, a lot, but it's fracturing. Right in front of our eyes, anyone telling you otherwise are trying to put lipstick on this like the clown show in the Senate. You know, Ben Sasse and others got our law and the Constitution. Yeah.


Thanks, Ben. We appreciate it. Dope. What a loser. Right, in an article in The Wall Street Journal today, an op ed piece about fidelity to Castro or just on your side, this is the moron in the boxing ring who the guy pulls out an Uzi and he starts calling to the ref on bended knee, begging him to stop the Uzi guy. But he was dumb enough to walk in the ring because he thought the rules mattered.


Well, what's your suggestion, chaos going forward? No, if they're going to make our lives miserable, then we return the favor. When they decide their lives are miserable enough because they've created a liberal cesspool they've lived in. Maybe they'll decide that a constitutional republic is the right way forward like we decided a long time ago. Let me play one more quick piece here, get a second. This is some audio I want to tape Kerry Picket. She's a great reporter.


She got Hank Johnson, one of the dumbest members of Congress, the guy who thinks Guam is going to sink because it's too heavy on audio yesterday talking about how he's filing a censure motion against President Trump. About the phone call with Brad Raffensperger from Georgia, the Georgia secretary of state. I want you to listen to his answer. Check this out. Check this out.


I'm curious about what prompted you to want to bring this resolution, given that Trump is going out the door in about two weeks. Mean people are sort of wondering what's the point at this at this point? The point is, for the sake of posterity and history, that we express our displeasure at President Trump's actions, his second perfect phone call, where he's trying to influence an election, the first one for himself through foreign interference, this one through overturning the results of a domestic election that he lost.


And he is in the process of that second call, just like the first call, he violated federal and state law. And it's too, too late to impeach him, in my opinion. Too late to impeach and convict him and remove him from office with only 16 days left. But certainly we can go on record with our disapproval and censure of his activities.


On that phone call with Secretary of State Raffensperger hat tip, Kerry Picket, a terrific reporter for that audio with Hank Johnson, the officially the dumbest man in Congress, thinks Guam is going to sink.


Hey, Joe, does this phone call the Raffensperger that rattin Ratzenberger recorded and put out to sort of look a lot like a set up and it is kind of weird right now that leaked that and Democrats were ready to pounce right away, just like they did with the impeachment thing, with that phone call where they were already ready to rock and roll to. Now, what could they be pouncing for? Well, if this doesn't work out as planned, then this sham elections allowed to proceed and Joe Biden does become the president.


The Democrats had this thing, I think, ready to rock and roll. Ratzenberger provided the piece they need to politically damage him for twenty twenty four so he potentially can't run again. Dan, you're thinking ahead. I always have to think ahead, because let me tell you something. We don't have enough gutless people in Congress to think in the now. Sounds to me like that was the setup. Mark-Up, Donald Trump for 2024 with the big Hester Prynne scarlet letter on his head, so he's untouchable then to.


Your man, Ratzenberger, they're down there in. Georgia. All right, folks, sorry for the dual nature of the show today, but. I'm not going to smoke, yeah. No time for that. There's a fight ahead. Fight you should never, ever, ever even contemplate surrendering. They want to fight, let's give it to them. I want to make our lives miserable. Well, let's pay back the favor. They spend a lot of money and time thinking about how to make your life absolutely horrible.


Time for us to return the favor. And if this is what they want, let him swim in it and let him take it both good and hard. See you tomorrow. You just heard Dan Bongino.