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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


You know, this Clinton Jeffrey Epstein story, just like postulating one that never goes away and the story is getting worse and worse and worse. Clinton Jeffrey Epstein's story. What's that? Well, if you're a regular listener to the show for the last five years, you know, I had a source on this, an unimpeachable one, by the way, that had some really devastating information. Well, now there's been a new break in this story. New allegations, according to Radar Online, of Clinton insiders now starting to talk.


I got that and we'll come a little later in the show today. I've also got to do a really sad segment. Don't worry, we'll end the show on a high note, but it's more of a warning. What's the difference between the United States? And China. When it comes to totalitarianism and communism, you may be like, oh, my gosh darn, that's a really crazy question. Surely, surely the United States is not going down the same path of the Chinese Communist Party.


That really. Are you sure about that? Wait till I show you these stories today. I'm going to show you headlines. What do you make you make six subsets a story, three subsets, four subsets of stories that show you a headline about China, then a headline about the United States. It's the same headline. Weird how that works, the Today Show about Express VPN, you have the right to privacy, defend your right to privacy today, get a VPN to express VPN dot com slash.


Bongino, welcome to Dan Bongino show on this fine Friday. Let's get right to it. It is a loaded show today. I want to do a big thank you to in the middle of the show we got nominated and I didn't tell Joe this yet. Pretend you're not there, Joe. We got nominated for some award best political podcast, Crazy Time. That, too, though, this is the one time to tell people, please don't vote for me for this award.


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It's really that simple. I trust Express VPN to protect my online data. Why? Because they're number one, that they stand for my values. They're rated number one. Literally. Now is the time for you to take a stand, take back your Privacy Express VPN, Dotcom, Bongino again that's express VPN dot com Bongino get an extra three months free to express VPN Dotcom. Bongino right now. All right, so let's go. Now, before we start, of course, it is Friday, yes, you're doing it forever, I a particularly good mood today.


So, Joe, if you would, give us a New Year's 1960s game show voice.


Well, your weekly Friday intro bits from. Well, I was a little even for Joe, that was very 1961, very impressive, Joe Johns feeling good thing everybody's feeling it. You know, the tide is starting to turn for Janaway with a rough, rough couple of months. Things are looking good. All right. Let me get to this absolutely ridiculous fail. I'm going to talk about this China versus the United States story here, because this is really important.


Again, you may think to yourself, like we live in the United States, the freest country in the world. What are we worried about? We're not like the Chinese Communist Party. You sure about that? Well, here's this fail, this absolute fail, I caught this story this morning on Fulcrum, the Fulcrum Dotcom, or whatever the article is titled, Report US contributes to ongoing decline of freedom worldwide. They're not wrong. That is absolutely correct.


Your freedom is dissolving like an Alka Seltzer tablet and water. So you may say, well, Dan, what's the ridiculous fail by the fulcrum, the fact that they get the reason totally wrong? Quote, This is by this this is not the fulcrum, but they're quoting a study by Freedom House says, quote, Only a serious and sustained reform effort can repair the damage done during the Trump era to the perception and reality of basic rights and freedoms in the United States.


The report by this Freedom House concluded in their. Trump did this. Really? You know, ladies and gentlemen, we are losing freedoms. But it has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump. Last time I checked. So was Donald Trump, whose freedom was taken away. Freedom to sell is products with sales force, freedom, the payment process on their website by getting platform by stripe being D platform to take it off Twitter the platform, then taken off Instagram the platform, then taken off Facebook.


Is it really Donald Trump who's the one taking away freedoms or is Donald Trump a recipient of the Bojinka? From the freedom takers. It's not Donald Trump taking away your freedoms, the report's right, the conclusions are absurd. It's the big tech, liberal, big business. Venom Eddie Brock symbiote that's doing all the hard work and man, don't be so dramatic, right? Come on, we're surely not going down the Chinese Communist Party's path of diminishing individual liberty, not us.


I mean, we're liberals in the United States. We're all about civil liberties. Right? Huh. That's hilarious. Let's do a little comparison here of China versus the United States. Let me I want you to here's how we're going to go through this, I want to read these headlines and some cases, little screenshots from the pieces. And I'm going to put up another headline, we're going to do China first and then the United States second, and you'll notice one thing, the headlines sound one awfully similar.


And if the headlines were reversed, in other words, one story was about the US, the other stories about China, and then they were reversed. It would sound still like the same story. So here's number one here, this will be in the show notes today, if you want to access our newsletter, show notes, go to China.com newsletter. It's free. Please subscribe. Fox News dot com. What is China's social credit system, Bradford Betts published May 3rd.


China has a social scoring blacklist, Joe. Gosh, that sounds really bad, doesn't it? Here's what it is. China's social credit system is a government program being implemented nationwide to regulate its citizens behavior based on a point system.


Huh? Under the system, citizens are ranked in different areas of civil life, using data collected from court documents, government or corporate records and in some cases, citizen observers.


That sounds very, very bad. I don't think if I was a liberty loving patriot, I would really like that. A social scoring system where China, the Communist Party, can blacklist people if they don't meet certain metrics from the government spying on the court documents. You got a traffic ticket in China. You lose 10 points in your scoring system. You post it on Chinese social media, something criticizing your local government officials. That's minus 10. Synnott, Joe citizen observers said Joe Armacost, he sounds like a dissident.


I don't like this guy talking and speaking out against communism and socialism. 10 more points gone from Joe. All of a sudden, Joe's had a negative 30. Joe can't get a car loan in China. Joe can't buy stocks in China. Joe can't get a job in China because of a social scoring system. That's definitely not happening in the United States. Joe, is it because is a Wall Street Journal article I thought was just fascinating. This is from February 9th.


Twenty twenty one. Providing timely ESG information is becoming more crucial for CFOs, analysts and investors rely on data when evaluating companies outlook and creditworthiness. And ESG score. Where is this story about China's social credit scoring, no, no, this is a story about the United States and businesses doing the exact same thing. You doubt me from the Wall Street Journal story. They call these ESG scores sustainability, environmental scores, ESG scores for companies. Companies are doing what the Chinese Communist Party does for them, they don't need the Chinese Communist Party from the Wall Street Journal, providing frequent updates about the sustainability of their businesses becoming more crucial for finance chiefs, as analysts and investors increasingly rely on this information when evaluating a company's outlook and its credit worthiness.


Here's the key line coming up next. Pay attention to the yet here, not the Yati day yet. This is not a search for the Abominable Snowman. Pay attention to the word yet. There are in yet sweeping global regulatory frameworks that forced swaths of companies to report their performance in terms of these ESG scores, though, certain exchanges, Joe, and governments are making ESG disclosures mandatory.


But even without widespread regulation, there's an incentives for executives to to disclose this data.


Dude, liberals, we're not anything like China social scores and blacklist for people. Yet we're doing the same thing here with these scores for companies. That's different. That's different. It's the free market doing it. Oh, OK. Yeah, that's that sounds great. Free market, that's more powerful, by the way, than the Chinese government in some respects. Now we're nothing like China, all right, and so there's a scoring scoring system, dreaded air quotes for the citizens that we're taking the Chinese model and implementing it here in the United States for businesses, but it's really not that bad.


Don't exaggerate this one. Oh, no. No, I don't. I never, ever produce receipts on just one case. You need multiple pieces of evidence, right? That's how you build the case. So let's compare China versus the US in the second segment, too. So here's an article in the Atlantic about the Chinese surveillance state, how they spy on their citizens. The Atlantic, China's surveillance state should scare everyone. The country is perfecting a vast network of digital espionage as a means of social control with implications for democracies worldwide.


That sounds really scary. Surely we're not doing that here. Yeah, sorry. Wrong show. If you thought I wasn't going to produce evidence that we're doing that here, too, in conjunction with our big tech liberal big business overlords, the Eddie Brock Venom symbiote. It's all a big symbiote. They can't exist without. One other article we discussed the other day by the great Alan Boukhari at Breitbart, who's been all over this topic. Microsoft and friends want to destroy online privacy.


Huh? They want to spy on you one kind of online kind of sounds like what the Chinese Communist Party is doing to its citizens. Now, we don't need the Chinese Communist Party here. We've got the big tech liberal big business, Eddie Brock Venom symbiote. From Bacardi's piece. Remember this gem from the other day? And by Jim, I mean piece of coal, according to Microsoft's press release, it's partnered with several other organizations to form the Coalition for content, provenance and authenticity, the key to pay.


Put simply, the purpose of this organizations to devise a system whereby all, all, all, all content on the Internet can be traced back to its author. You mean like surveillance? The press release states that will develop the specifications for common asset types and formats, meaning videos, documents, audio. And images. Thought you'd be able to go online and not have the government and the big tech government, big business symbiotes spy on you. You were wrong.


Come on, Dad, those are just two examples of the surveillance state in China versus the surveillance state in the United States. Chinese social scoring black list system, you get a score versus the US doing the same thing, the business. But I'm still not worried because I'm a liberal and I've got a skull six feet thick and facts don't really penetrate like a lead blanket for an X-ray, you're going to have to show me something else. OK, I will.


Don't worry. That's what I'm here for. Here's an. Online outlet called Kautz. Courts reporting on NGOs and basically charities as well under threat and China's latest crackdown against foreign forces. So what is China doing? Well, from this court's piece, they're cracking down China on charities and NGO non-governmental organizations and that kind of stuff. A new law targeting foreign NGOs is effective as of January 1st, requires groups to submit themselves to greater government control if they want to continue working in China.


They must find government sponsors, register with the police and submit annual reports and their financing, among other requirements. Well, that sounds bad. China cracking down on charities and NGOs, non-governmental organizations, making them register with the government, surveilling them, I don't know, Joe, but that sounds really terrible. Combine it with the surveillance state and the social scoring system we're implementing here in the United States, copying in many cases, the big business, big tech liberal, their golden calf of China, copying them, worship him, chanting at the foot of the Chinese Communist Party Golden calf Tiwari LeBron James said, It's OK.


LeBron James said, it's OK. You got to chant. When you worship China like the Olympics, you need that cheer. But what was the Raiders of the Lost Ark chant? I always get the remember in the desert where they're digging and they're looking for the ark and they're all chanting, Gosh, I always forget how that goes. The second house I chanted at one time on the show, remember, you're going to have to go with the generic remember that the generic ILMA.


Hmm. Whether the liberals kneel before their Chinese god, small G and overlord's. Wow, you guys got a cool social scoring system to spy on people and give them a score. How do we do that here? You're surveilling your citizens online. How do we do that? You're cracking down on charities and NGOs. How do we do that, too? Well, Philip Stutts has the answer at this article at the Federalist, big tech censorship is now heading completely nonpolitical businesses and nonprofits.


This is not a joke. This is not a joke. These are real headlines. These are real headlines. So our liberal overlords who worship the golden calf. Of China, the Chinese Communist Party, they look because they're communists themselves, they are liberal over there. They love communism and socialism and authoritarianism. The radical left loves fascism like Antifa, which is a pro fascist group, despite their name. They emulate their tactics. China's cracking down on charities and NGOs.


How do we do that here? Go to our big business, big tech overlords to they'll help us out. But nothing to worry about libs, you're the useful idiots you've always been. By the way, I shouldn't talk about I'm going to end the show today because it's so important, but do not miss the end of the show, please, even if you've got to run, I don't care if you have to fast forward to the end. I'm going to leave you with two powerful quotes from one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Lord rest his soul, Solzhenitsyn.


Who actually lived through the Gulag Soviet era and tried to warn America, spent his entire rest of his life before he died, trying to warn America about useful idiots and what's ahead. I'm going to end the show today with two powerful must listen to quotes. All right, I got more. You think, well, surveillance state, social scoring, targeting charities, that's kind of scary, Dan, but I'm a liberal again. My skull is quite thick, so I'm still not convinced that we are approaching the useful idiot totalitarian and fascism, communism, turf, because I'm a liberal and evidence doesn't matter me.


Don't worry. I've got more on the other side of this. Let me get to my second sponsor before that, our friends at the Daily Wire. The authoritarian Hollywood left has struck again, canceling the great and I do mean the great Gina Carano from her role on the Mandalorian for doing what? For offending their delicate sensibilities and liberal views. As conservative values and beliefs continue to come under attack by Hollywood cancer culture, the Daily Warrior has been acquiring talent to their entertainment division.


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We didn't even plan it this way. Seriously, could there be a better read for this moment? Back to Gina Carrados. Quote, I've only just begun using my voice, which is now freer than ever, and I hope it inspires others to do the same. They can't cancel us if we don't let them. A man's sister Gina fight back against mainstream media's double standards. A membership to Daily Wire gets you access to some of the country's leading sources in news, conservative commentary and unfiltered entertainment.


Not a member go today. You don't want to miss this Gina Carano movie or run, hide, fight their other movie, which is terrific to go to Daily Wire Dotcom. Use promo code, Dan, Dan, and save 25 percent, don't wait another minute, daily Wired.com use promo code, Dan and everybody should thank Gina Carano for standing up against these totalitarian tyrants, the golden calf lover worshipers on the left.


So you say to yourself again, gosh, social scoring. All right, so we're replicating that in the United States. That's really bad. But I'm still not convinced. Surveillance state, we're replicating that with big tech. I'm a little more worried targeting charities and NGOs. That sounds a little terrifying. But again, I'm a liberal. I don't really get it yet. I need more evidence. Don't worry. I'm here for you. Here's a report from the BBC.


Hong Kong's new security lajo pro-democracy books are being pulled from libraries. Oh my gosh. Book burning and banning. That's definitely def not happening here Jo. Don't worry, we're only social scoring, spying and targeting charities. But other than that we're OK. Sorry, I'm just getting. Here's a story at The New York Post again, you'll find in the show, notes Bungeni, that Kamalesh newsletter Amazon turns from bookseller to censor by dropping transgenderism book and many others, by the way.


Don't worry, we're not doing any of this year. Are we missing the warning signs? And I say we I don't mean any of the smart people listen to my show, I mean the stupid people, the liberals like Media Matters who watch my show every day for material.


Are you missing this? I'm not. Kid is not a joke. I know. I just insulted you so. And I shouldn't have, because then you'll tune out automatically, understandably so, if you call someone an idiot or a moron, they're probably not listening to what you say next. No, I'm sorry. I'm just passionate about this. And I can't believe you're that stupid.


Are you missing this? I know I understand what your comeback is because you're tired arguments, you're getting old. Of Dan, come on, this is just private companies doing it. You guys are capitalists, right? Ladies and gentlemen, number one, it's not just private companies doing it. Number one, it is government incentivizing private companies to do it because they can't do it themselves because of this thing called the Bill of Rights now than governments not doing that.


Really. Did you read Aoki's tweets, Rokan, his tweets about wiping parler off the face of the Earth and having them banned from Amazon? Did you read those? Have you read the letters sent from those two Democratic congressmen and one congresswoman and one congressman from California to Democrat liberal nuts who sent a letter to cable carriers asking them why they were carrying Fox News on CNN and Newsmax? Did you miss that? Oh, you you missed that, you just you didn't see that.


So that's number one, it's not just private companies doing it, it's government demanding private companies do with a wink and a nod, be a real shame if your place burned down her.


And secondly, even more pernicious, these companies are more powerful than the government. They are a de facto government. At least with the government, if they do something to you that doesn't comport with the Constitution, what can you do, Joe? You can sue and take them to court. Yeah. Good luck taking these companies to court with your local lawyers. Probably a great guy, but he's going up against a 10 million, 20 million dollar white shoe law firm per year retainer.


Amazon lawyer who's going to eat your lunch? The same Matlock folks. It's not Erin Brockovich. That stuff doesn't happen a lot. Believe me, I've been on the wrong side of it. Let me give a hat tip to Raheem Kassam, who writes over at the National Pulse and has his own show, another excellent show, War Room. Ramkissoon, I thought I'd said something yesterday that really struck me the serious question, I'd like you to consider it.


Where is this? Book burning. In the name of a higher morality, now we're doing this for you, we're burning books, banning books, spying on you, spying on companies, social scoring them. Attacking charities that don't agree with our cause. Where is that ever ended? Well. Where have people who done that ever ended up, I think Rahim said, where have they ever ended up being the good guys? Brilliant. Very smart. Where where have the book burners ever in human history ever ended up being the good guys?


So do our Media Matters friends. Not really, but who watch our show every day for content, who are the useful idiots of the totalitarians, I just like you to consider that. Where have the book burners and the allies of the book burners ever ended up being? The good guys ever ended up being the good guys in the end?


You're looking at a dystopia, not a utopia, and you are, by definition the useful idiots if you're the one advancing this cause, this cause of anti civil liberties. Let me leave you with the scariest story. It is Friday. So we don't want to bury people in bad news. We got the natural ups and downs of vicissitudes of emotion, hills and valleys, peaks and mountains, troughs. And I don't know I can't think of other words.


But you get the point. My vocabulary just ran out of its limit, just hit its limitation. But this is the most scary story of the most frightening story of all. Just China versus the U.S. comparison. Told you we got a story of China and you got a headline exactly like it in the United States. New York Post. China makes covid-19 anal swabs mandatory for foreigners by Jackie Salau at The New York Post. I'm just kidding, there is no American story for this one.


I just wanted to leave you, Katie Bell. I just wanted to leave you with some good news. This is the one story where there is not yet brought up a good point before the Joe, Joe, Joe, he says, Dan, don't do this story because you might give him ideas. Liberals will be demanding this next. Anal swabs for everybody coming into the United States. Guys like be careful. You may this show may be dated by Monday where liberals watch.


They go. We already copied social scoring, attacking charities, a surveillance state and burning books. How about the anal swaps, too? Why not? It's a good point. But if we catch up, folks, I know some of you listen to the show on DeLay. If you're listening to this on Monday and there's a story about the US demanding anal swabs for foreign visitors. These guys just know this. We recorded it on Friday. I'm very sorry.


And he was on your side shows the audience, but he's been forever. But in this specific case, Joe, if you will relinquish your title, Gey will be the audience ombudsman on this issue only. We'll have to put a legal disclaimer at the end of Joe's ombudsman contract. And he's OK with that. I'll have I'll have you sign today. We'll do the audio side digital. Will you just do it online? On this issue of foreigners and anal swaps in the United States, is your advocate audience.


He knows what you're saying. Dan, please don't cover this. You'll give them ideas. Ghys is with you folks. He is your ombudsman. He warned me this morning.


I just want these are such serious topic. But I, I you know what I do with this show up and down, all we got to I can't bury you in the depths of despair all the time. Here's a little bit of more. A little bit. Gosh. Speak in coherent English brother than a little bit more. What is that. You know, I think, of course, once when I was younger, I'm not kidding, I've always been interested in making myself better self-fulfillment not a joke.


I took this course. It used to be audiocassettes, remember yet audiocassettes in your car. That was technology, remember? We got audio cassettes after records we like. Man, what a deal. What the hell is an audio? Because I took this course once.


I used to have a long commute when I was with the NYPD back to Lynbrook, Long Island, and now from the precinct. I was out not that long, but long enough. And I took this course called verbal advantage. And it would be these tapes and they would teach you these vocabulary, how to use them.


And, you know, I just thought it was really cool. You know, I was always, as a young man, admired people who could speak fluently and eloquently in front of groups of people. I always thought it was really fantastic. I just want to do a thank you quick. This is serious. Not a joke. Joe, I didn't tell you about this, so I got an alert yesterday from one of the search engines that I saw this article by James Hayzlett to filter the podcast academy.


Apparently this is a real thing. The podcast Academy unveils one hundred and sixty four nominees for their first annual Andy Awards. Yamba's, I guess I don't know the Emmys for podcasts. I folks, I'm just being straight with that.


I've never heard of this amount.


I look at this best political podcast that thereby know show. How the hell is that? Here are the other nominees. Burn the boats gaining ground. Our nation of immigrants politically react if the NPR Politics podcast winning Wisconsin. And he was kind enough to highlight the Dan Bongino show. How we got in there, folks. I have no idea. But just a quick segment before I get back to the meat and potatoes of the show and this devastating Clinton story.


But I mean, I'm to the folks at the podcast Academy nimbies do not vote for me. I'm not kidding. You will get doxies, you'll Winry, you'll find yourself in an episode of the of of the Dangerous Game, hunted down by some Russian aristocrat somewhere your lives will never be the same. That was very nice of you to nominate me. But Joe and I think you're sick of this. Don't vote for me. They will. Your life will be over.


The liberal cancer culture. Golden calf worshipers of Chinese communism will follow you, hunt you down like dogs. You will be fired. Your bank accounts will be closed. Do not vote for me. I don't want to get one vote. I don't know how many members of the academy. There are one hundred and fifty two point six. I don't know gold. I want it to be zero. I don't want any vote. I love you. Thank you.


I am honored you nominated me. Never make this mistake again. Your lies will will be over as you know them. If you vote for the Dan Bongino show. This is the one time in human history a recipient of a pretty. That's pretty nice. Pakistan is begging you. Don't vote for me. Very nice gesture. I can't reach my chest, you don't vote for me, I please. It's it. It's me, not you. You know, when you break up.


Me, not you. It's me not you. Don't do it. Glad you loved the show. Interesting. They'll get their phone numbers, will be online, do not vote for me, and this is not me, like, you know, when you work the refs and you say, you know, I don't want to win there, I'll never win.


This is all liberals. And you wink and nod. You work in the restaurant. I should not be working the refs. Seriously, I cannot win this. I was Lyndon Johnson, Joe. I am not running for president. If nominated, I will not accept. If I win, I will not serve. If I win, I will not accept. I will not accept. I will not accept. I don't vote for me. OK, I'll beat that.


You know I get lost in these things. All right.


And the other side is I want to get this Radar Online start very serious story.


It alleges that one of the Clinton insiders, a guy I knew pretty well. It's talking Bill Clinton insiders, and it ain't good and ain't is a word in this case. All right. Our final sponsor today of the day. Oh my gosh, will you please speak English? That is really annoying. Like my vocabulary went down the tubes. They show brought to you by Jan Yucel, dry, irritated, red, blotchy skin all over your face, that won't go away.


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I've said this for a long time. And of course, the liberal media people who always want to protect the Clintons. Right. That's a conspiracy theory. When Dan Bongino says that, then the story breaks and another outlet that's not conservative and all of a sudden all those. Dan Bongino is a conspiracy theorist, stories go away. They love that that's their thing, that's their go to Radar Online, read this story in the show notes. Check it out.


Bill Clinton, quote, bag man Doug Band provides evidence the feds investigating ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Madam Ghyslain Maxwell by Chris Spargo, March four. Twenty twenty one.


Woo hoo! Why? Sounds kind of like a serious story to me, a little bit of background on those folks. Doug Band is Bill Clinton's guy. I mean, is dude like right hand dude? If anyone who knows the Clinton. Eco-System Sfeir. You don't know Bill Clinton if you don't know Doug Band. Doug Band is the gatekeeper to Bill Clinton in many respects. If the allegations in this story are true that Doug Band is talking to the feds about Bill Clinton's role in the Jeffrey Epstein disgrace.


Bill Clinton's going to have a big problem, Joe. Now, poor Joe has heard this story a thousand times and some of our new listeners, our show grows quite rapidly. So people who are here this week may not have even been here last week.


Yeah. Our older listeners, just like I could tell the story himself. I had a source a long time ago contact us in our old studio when I was over living in Palm City, Florida, which I'm not anymore. Thank you to everyone who sends stuff. But that is not my house. The poor person who lives there gets overwhelmed with mail for Dan Bongino. But when we were in the old studio, I had a source contact me and unimpeachable source.


Trust me, this is not some. Ridiculous, looking for fame. Matter of fact, it's not looking for doesn't even want to be in the media at all, the source contacted me and told me this story. So this source was on the plane with Jeffrey Epstein, now deceased. And you know, Jeffrey, Jeff, Jeffrey Epstein's disgusting history with young women and what he did, everyone knows the story, right. And it's kind of a family friendly show, so I'm really hesitant to even discuss the story.


But this source was on the plane with Bill Clinton and Eppstein. He's very uncomfortable right away because the women on the plane look underaged, obviously, he's not carting them like a watch, right. But they look underage. He's not sure what they're doing there. Keep in mind if getting this guy's head. The story about Epstein hadn't broken yet. This is years ago, he had no idea who this guy was. So, Joe, you walk on a plane, you're with former President Bill Clinton and this guy, Jeffrey Epstein, you've never met.


You have no idea who he is. And you're like, I don't know, how are these his daughters, his daughters, friends? Like, he doesn't he doesn't know. I want you to keep that mind. So he gets on the plane and he notices right away that these probably aren't this guy's daughters and they're definitely not his daughter's friends and he's like, this is really, really weird. Now, this guy's a really morally upstanding dude. So he's like, I'm not really cool with that.


It tells me he notices Clinton, Bill Clinton get up and there's like a back room area on this plane. And goes back there with a woman, I shouldn't even say it because it wasn't a woman. I mean, a girl is more appropriate who looks under age.


Very on the rage, it goes back there with her and comes out like, I don't know, an hour later or something. He was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I don't know what happened back, but I'm not going to be part of this thing. And, you know, he does a report on it, it does is then he winds up getting. Let's just say remove there's something. Now, I've told this story a few times, I'm also said to you, and why don't we get this guy here?


Because it's not my information to share. I wasn't there it is. I don't have any more details. There is. I wasn't there.


I've told that story probably, I don't know, five, 10 times on the show. And it's amazing how, again, liberal leftists and others just completely ignore it, as if I'm making it up, as if I haven't been right about just about everything. Spygate, the impeachment hoax. I burned the media on just about everything and they just ignore it.


It's Doug Band talking. Because if Doug Band is talking, I'm telling you, Clinton's right hand guy. And Bill Clinton is going to have a lot of problems. We'll see what happens. A lot of problems. Again, that's information from a source unimpeachable. All right, another quick story before we get to that, I ran into a guy yesterday, by the way, a super nice guy is back at home, always back to the doctor like every day.


Things are good. Don't worry. Things are looking really good today. Should have a serious update by Monday, but things are looking good. Finally, all your prayers have mattered. But Guy says to me yesterday in the cancer clinic, he said, I love your show, man. I love that thing on negative interest rates. I got a quick block on that coming up. I just wanted to hit this first because growing up in New York City, this was a huge deal, especially having been a police officer later when I was younger, I was a bit of a hooligan.


I know Joe was, too. I don't mean like criminal like hooligan, but. Teetering on the line, you know what I mean? You know, trouble kind of stuff. Yeah, yeah, well, things like that. So when I was young in New York, graffiti was a big thing. We used to call, like paint, you know, like, hey, let's go paint. That might make it sound cool. It was bad graffiti bad.


Don't do it. It's really bad. And it's a blight on society. New York City, when I grew up, was covered in graffiti everywhere. And I'm telling you, some of the graffiti artists were had like rock star, like fame. I'm not joking. Listen, it's criminal. Seriously, don't it's it's it's going to ruin your entire city. But I'm just telling you, my lived, lived experience, I sound like a leftist, but living these guys were like rock stars growing up.


There was this guy, Dick Dick, that was his, you know, his his graffiti name tag, whatever deck. I mean, a guy was like a superhero in my neighborhood.


I mean, these some of these guys, by the way, were bad guys, there was another guy to. He you know, he this other guy was really bad, like got implicated in an attempted murder later on, not a joke, this other dude. But back then in the street, again, I'm not telling you we should admire hooligans, hooligans, hooligans, or is that even a word? I'm just telling you that growing up. These were the tough guys and their names were everywhere because they were spray painted all over trains in New York.


The graffiti in New York on the rolled down gates was out of control, that was not one gate left untouched in the neighborhood I grew up in in Glendale. And then Rudy Giuliani came into office and Rudy Giuliani said, you know what, if your neighborhood looks like garbage, you're going to feel like garbage. And everybody kind of laughed and thought that was stupid. Then like, guess graffiti. It's New York. It's just. At the heart of the city, Joe, the beating heart of the city, it's just how we roll.


We're a little dingy now and Giuliani was like, we're not doing that. You're going to paint that over, and if you don't paint it over, there may be fines for you because businesses just let it roll. I'm not suggesting that's the best approach. I'm just telling you, that's kind of what happened. And all of a sudden in like a year, the graffiti disappeared and us young hooligans who were the graffiti artists out there, we got tired of doing the graffiti.


Well, why? Because you couldn't get famous anymore because your name that was everywhere was painted over the next day, so people were like, well, what's the point of that? I'm going to go out and spend two or three hours doing a piece on a wall somewhere. And then the next morning they're going to roll it over with white paint. That's what happened. And it just stopped almost overnight because there was no, quote, fame involved in it anymore.


They want to show you want to see my graffiti. You think I'm making this up? I can still you I'm going I'm going to do your name and you think I'm messing with you first. All this everybody when I grew up knew how to do graffiti. They were like wild styles and baubles and all kinds. I'm going to do you and I'm going to do this on the air. Folks, in case you think I'm making this up, here's Joe going to do my best graffiti.


See how much I remember here. Here's Joe. This is interesting.


I'm going to do a Joe naming kind of block bubbles here. See if I know. All right. Urban fame, baby. Tell me what you think, sir. I'm going to put a little money side at you and look at a it's still got a little bit. What do you think? That's not bad. I can do that. I'll do my own Hegal. Do another is the hot one in here. I'll do. Here's a little tag, like a little tag I used to do.


And here's a check that you like the first. I still got the kids. Still got the gift. That's pretty cool. Yeah, you like that you didn't know I had that. No, I didn't. That's that's pretty cool. I'm sorry about the one here, though, but doing a little. My brother was a new graffiti, too. He Miski. That was his tag name. Watch. I'll do a little skit. Yeah, I'll do it in a different style.


Kind of like a semi Wildstar background.


Grunts and groans Here. Yeah. Keep it going. You got it. Yeah. This is bad. This isn't your Maisky. Yeah. I'm surprised you remember doing this kind of semi saeki a little rough. You need to connect it a little more. But I did it on the air. Not too bad though. My brother whiskey. But that was the thing man back in the day and I was telling me before the show. We used to, not me, we used to steal spray paint, I didn't do it, I didn't do it, I did not steal spray paint, but the local hardware stores had a lock, the Crillon and the Rustow, the rest Olema because people would steal it, not me.


No, seriously, I did not steal. I was not a stealer, but friends of mine did. And then we would replace the cops with different caps like Lysol caps that would spray wide because when you're doing graffiti, you got to be quick. So you need a fine cap for the outline and then to fill it in. You want a wide cap to fill it in super quick. And I'm not messing with you. It was a big thing in New York.


Why do I bring all this up in this long story? You're like because the Daily Mail here we go to the Plaza. We were in the show notes today, return of the taggers. Give us laughing about the Daily Mail. He's taking over for Paul, laughing about the extremely long headlines. Return of the taggers. New York is blighted with graffiti leaving areas looking like war zones and echoes of the 80s as NYPD begins a massive cleanup following six thousand complaints.


I told you. Graffitis, really bad, it ruined your whole city when your city looks like on a serious note, when it looks like garbage, you feel like garbage. And in the de Blasio era where we had largely solved that problem. It's all back. All right, lifting and shifting to a different story after my buddy inspired me yesterday at the cancer clinic, he said that negative interest rates was really interesting and I got the Solzhenitsyn quotes at the end.


So please don't go anywhere. I'm good on time. We're good on time. Folks I talked to the other day about how we are spending so much money in the United States, we don't have that. We're not going to be able to pay it back. It's a mathematical almost certainty at this point that our twenty two trillion is it even more now? Twenty two trillion dollar debt.


The entire economy only produces 20 trillion dollars worth of stuff every year that we're almost at the point where it's going to be mathematically impossible to pay back the United States government's debt. We have borrowed money from ourselves, U.S. government bonds. We borrowed money from foreigners that China has trillions of dollars in US assets. So does Japan. We've borrowed money from everyone, space aliens, everyone. We're never going to be able to put kidding. Of course, no space aliens yet, but who knows?


We're never going to be able to pay this back. So I said to you the other day that the Europeans have implemented negative interest rates for a reason, negative interest rates. That's a thing. Yes, literally. Like you put money in the bank and if you leave it there long enough, know what happens. You have no money left because it's not growing. It's shrinking. Liberals growing, shrinking, growing positive interest rates, shrinking negative interest rates.


It's a simple math equation. You know, you'll never get to zero, right, that paradox, because your split splits, but but you'll have almost no money left over time. Compounding negative interest. Why would governments do something like that? What does that have to do with our multitrillion dollar debt and the fact that we'll never pay it back because we negative interest rates, your debt eventually goes to zero two as your currency is worthless because you implement negative interest rates?


What a deal. What it's called monetizing your debt. If you can make your currency worth less and less and less and less and less, then the debt you owe in that currency is worth less and less and less and less and less. But what's the catch? The currency you have in the bank is worth less and less and less and less and less. Now you see why liberals and their spendthrift big government, big business allies love government spending and negative interest rates, which will be coming here if this continues.


Well, why do they love it? Because of things like this. Again, in the show notes today, check out the story in the epic Times by the Great Zakari Cyber. I don't know, Zachary, but I'm sure he's great. Senate advance is Biden's one point nine trillion dollar relief package as Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie breaking vote. We owe twenty two trillion dollars. We are a trillion dollars in debt this year and we're only in like March.


In other words, we're spending a trillion more than we have and it's only March, we only have a four trillion dollar budget. We're already a trillion over or close to it. And we're the Senate yesterday, didn't it? They just said, you know, I haven't voted on it yet. It's going to pass the filibuster. But they advanced it a one point nine trillion dollar spending package after 22 trillion in debt and a trillion in debt this year, and you're telling me with a straight face that we're actually going to pay this off one day?


That's what that's really that's as funny as the story about the news yesterday. Are you wearing the deuce? I put that up on Facebook. Half the people loved it. Half the people hated the story, but love that I thought it was funny, they didn't hate the story, they didn't think the story about the deuce was funny, but they thought it was funny because I thought it was funny and I was like melting down on the air. The other half thought it was the funniest thing ever.


The deuce.


Are you wearing the dos? So one point nine trillion trillion dollar spending package, despite the despite the fact that we're twenty three trillion in debt and you are crazy enough to think we're ever going to pay this back, negative interest rates coming out. Sure. That's never going to happen.


Oh. Oh, yes. Oh. Oh, yes. Liberals love negative interest rates because they can spend money they don't have and never have to pay it back because negative interest rates means everyone's money goes down in value, including the money liberals owe to everyone else from spending money they don't have. You doubt me that this is eventually coming here. What better way to spend money you don't have, Joe, than to print it? Just print it. Who needs to borrow it?


Just print it. Wall Street Journal from today. Fed Chair Powell confirms that the Fed is going to maintain easy money. Policies says the economy is far from employment and inflation goals. And he gives no sign the central bank would seek to stem the rise in Treasury yields. Let me just translate that for you. We're going to keep printing the hell out of money. We're going to print it and print it and print it and print it until the money's worthless, that that's worthless, your money's worthless, the country's economy is worthless.


And why are we able to do that by the.


Why are we able to do that? Because the United States dollar is the world's de facto currency. All right, you got to give me your serious opinion, Joe. I'm sorry, I don't mean to keep, like, you know, walling off, but I need you out already as the the master audience ombudsman guy is The Apprentice audience ombudsman. I'm going to go if this gets confusing, you got to stop me because I do got a teachers union story I want to get to, but I just want to explain it quickly.


If if I go down a hole, you know how I can get into stories. You've got to say, just stop. Just stop and do the right thing. I just want to explain why you may be saying that. Because you Jogi Paula probably listening in the other room. Actually, she's not standing in here today. You're probably saying, well, how can we keep doing this, how is it that the United States can just keep printing money?


You know, if you did, it would be called counterfeiting. You know, move towards negative interest rates where we're taking people's money away every day. What does this eventually have to come to an end? How come we can do it and other countries are having problems with it? Because, folks, we are the de facto world currency. Oil International international transactions, many, if not most of them are denominated in US dollars. What does that mean?


That means countries have to borrow U.S. dollars to do business, if you're buying oil, you have to buy it in US dollars, you can't buy it in cronies or anything else. You have to basically give the United States a free loan by doing the transaction in US dollars. What does that mean? Means the whole world runs on US dollars. So we get to print the hell out of them because there's really no penalty because we can monetize our debt.


But that's not the case for the Argentineans. The Argentineans have the peso. So for the Argentineans to have to buy oil, they have to do it in dollars, which means Wojo They have to take their pesos and convert them to dollars.


The US doesn't have to do that. So if you're an Argentinean printing the hell out of your peso, your peso is worth less and less and less.


Which requires what? You to get more pesos to buy a US dollar, to buy a barrel of oil, and you're like, oh my gosh, that doesn't sound good. US doesn't have that problem because we're the de facto world currency. So logically, you're saying, well, what's the problem? Here's the problem. It ain't going to be that way for long. Once people figure out we're in debt, we can't possibly pay who they're going to start looking to China and others.


And using the renminbi. And then what happens, imagine we have to start converting US dollars, the Chinese currency, to buy a barrel of oil, all of a sudden everything looks so good. All right. How did you like that, would you think? Was that OK, Joe? How do you feel about peasy, man? Thank you, but I had to go back to pages because there's so much material we didn't even get. Look at this.


My handwriting is terrible. I write like a doctor. I wish I thought, like, would be filthy rich. I didn't even get to this stuff yesterday, 53. All right, we're on good time here. The show's cut for terrestrial radio, so I can't just go on forever. Very serious story worth your time and embarrassing, embarrassing new low for the now disgraced, totally disgraced some teachers union, it's not all some of them are starting to get.


I'm not kidding, folks. Let me just put a buyer beware, caveat emptor. Asterisk in front of this, I am not talking about teachers in mass, I am not stereotyping you like liberals, do not you do wonderful work. Thank God for America's teachers. I'm here because of good teachers. Love Miss Feather. Mixmaster Polo was great too. Even I don't think she liked me too much is still cool. Love you. I'm talking about the unions and Qantas.


These are some bad teachers. Do I wish they weren't, but most of them are really good people. But the teachers unions and many of America's big cities have totally, completely disgraced themselves now in the response to coronavirus. And before that, in many respects, as they just chalak minority students who can't get an education and they hold them down and keep them from going to charter schools. They've disgraced themselves, you don't believe me, check out this video from a teacher's rep in Los Angeles from a union basically saying that they're keeping kids out of schools.


And not teaching them despite being paid by tax dollars to do so because it's racism or something. Check this out.


This is a recipe for propagating structural racism.


Oh. You've rescued me there. Well, I didn't know the quip was that quick. That's why he didn't want that, because he's good. He's good. Like, I really didn't know the clip ended that you might have caught me, like, lucky. I wasn't, like, adjusting my watch or something. I didn't realize the clip was that quick. Is that Lucy barking? Maggie So teacher's union rep, you know, we're not opening schools because of structural racism or something.


OK, here's an article by The Wall Street Journal, a really good one by their editorial board, teachers union privilege playing the race card to avoid having returned to the classroom. So here's screenshot number one where they they quote this woman shamefully, disgracefully mentioning racism as a reason to do that. That's quite bizarre. Again, she quotes the state's push to reopen schools as a recipe for propagating structural racism. It's weird, Joe, because it's a lot of the rich white parents that are sending their kids to private schools.


Why minority kids are getting no educational. It's really, really weird how that's a structural racism thing or something like that. But of course, because this is a disgrace teacher's union rep who has nowhere else to go because she doesn't want to work and teach your kids, God forbid they have to go back to everybody else is working in the pandemic. The hospital I was in the hotel. I stayed in the Uber drivers. No, no, you don't have to work.


I get it. No, no, no. You don't have to work. You need extra super conditions before we go back. So screenshot number two is interesting, too, because the liberal let me say it again, liberal for a third time, liberal liberal governor of California, the disgraced Gavin Newsom already gave the teachers unions pretty much everything they wanted. And they still don't want to teach your kids, quote, California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democrats in the legislature on Monday laid out a reopening plan that dangles two billion in grants to schools that open.


Mr. Newsom had already prioritized teachers alongside seniors for vaccines and allocated 10 percent of the supply for education workers. So a twenty seven year old teacher lives with her 60 year old parents will be inoculated before they are. The liberal fourth time governor of California already gave the teachers unions everything they wanted. We're like, hey, double barrel, we're still not teaching your kids. You can go pound sand. Here is where it gets tragically, tragically. This takes a turn for the I mean, you want to talk about disgraced human beings here.


Blaming racism for not teaching their kids. Quote, We are being unfairly targeted. These are the teachers union reps by people who are not experiencing this disease in the same way as students and families are in our communities. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? She goes on, If this was a rich person's disease, we would have seen a very different response. We would not have the high rates of infections and death, said UTLA president, the teachers union president, Cecily Myard Cruz on Monday.


She added that the impetus to reopen schools is being driven by white, wealthy parents. Holy Moses way. The second part of this gets good. Is this person kidding me? I'm not teaching your kids we will take your money. For teaching your kids, despite not teaching your kids we want two billion in funding, we want to move to the head of the line on vaccinations, you gave us all that. And we're still not teaching your kids because you're like racist or something.


The Wall Street Journal adds this little paragraph at the end of that, that's kind of weird, Joe. It says, No wealthy white parents are sending their children to private schools that opened last fall or they're just paying for tutoring or they live in Tony suburbs where schools are already open. It's actually the black and Hispanic kids in many cases that are suffering. But don't tell Cicely, my Aunt Cruz, that she says you're racist or something like that.


Listen, thank you to the teachers out there that do good work and really give it them to the teachers union reps who are doing this, you're you're disgraceful, disgrace, embarrassing, disgraceful people, embarrassing, embarrassing. You have no not not only have you have no moral high ground, we're at the point now where you've reached the lowest of the low, the targeting of minority poor families wiping their kids education out in one fell swoop. And then calling them racists for wanting their kids educated.


It just disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful, disgusting. I can't think of enough adjectives, adverbs or modifiers to describe how disgusting what you're doing is. You won't teach the kids, then give the parents your tax dollars back to find someone who will. A dad, but your father left from the comfort of your own home. No jerk wads. I just went through lymphoma like I had no immune system for a while and had to travel back and forth to a cancer clinic in Texas.


While they had a compromised immune system to go work with people who are working around people with compromised immune system who were all working, including me from the hotel room, which was not a sterile bubble. So take your criticism and set up your caboose. All right, I'm going to leave you on a good note, I promised some folks that story we opened up with about the dangers of. Trying to copy communist China's tactics, but using big business to do it, the dangers are obvious if you care for that kind of stuff, facts I showed you the headlines well in Prima's has a great, great speech by Alexander Sultani Solzhenitsyn.


I mean, one of the great thinkers is now past, but of our time, his speeches were amazing. It's going to be in the show notes again, if you'd like to read the whole thing, it's worth your time. It's called Words of Warning to America. Solzhenitsyn who suffered. Under the Iron Curtain of communism. He always had sage words. There are two quick quotes here, but the first one. He talks about the dangers of calling in wolves to rescue you from the dogs.


Now, when I'm reading this quote, I want you to keep in the back of your head. If you're a liberal, if you're a conservative, you'll probably get it right away because you're smart. If you're a liberal, you won't. But if you're a liberal, calling in the big tech dogs to battle your conservative political opponents to do the work for you, please cancel them for me. Take them off Twitter, take their books down. Be careful calling in a wolf like big tech to rescue you from the dogs.


Solzhenitsyn said this in his speech. He said, quote, We have a Russian proverb. Do not call a wolf to help you against the dogs. If dogs are attacking and tearing at you, fight against the dogs, but do not call a wolf for help. Because when the wolves come, they will destroy the dogs. But they will also tear you apart. If you're a useful idiot out there who thinks calling in the big tech wolves to do the dirty work, you can't yourself.


Remember? After they're done with the dogs. They tear you up next. No, no, no, not me, I'm protected, I'm a liberal, you sure about that? Famous, famous last words. Here's a powerful quote I want to end with where Solzhenitsyn was talking about the dissidents in the USSR. The Patriots, the people who fought for freedom despite being tortured, killed in prison and murdered, starved to death, their families wiped out after decades of living under tyranny.


And I say this at the end of the show, because I get emails a lot. I've told you about this often. And they're very upsetting for people who say to me, Dan, we lost the election. I'm done and I say to you all the time, like I said, my CPAC speech now there's no done there's no excuses. I'm sorry, there's no done. If you're looking for me to sympathize with you, you got the wrong guy in the wrong show.


There is no done people who've suffered far worse torture, death, starvation. Their families wiped out and suffered for far longer, never gave up their fight. Here's Solzhenitsyn on the dissidents. And remember, true dissidents never, ever, ever have a safe space. Ever. Quote, Solzhenitsyn, we the dissidents of the USSR don't have any tanks, we don't have any weapons, we have no organization. We don't have anything. Our hands are empty. We have only a heart and what we've lived through in the half century of this system.


And when we found the firmness within ourselves to stand up for our rights, we have done so. It's only by firmness of spirit that we've withstood. And if I'm standing here before you, it's not because of the kindness or the goodwill of communism, not thanks to Dayton, but thanks to my own firmness and your firm support. They knew that I would not yield one inch, not one hair. And when they couldn't do more, they themselves fell back.


Powerful. Centuries of tyranny these people had to deal with. They stood firm, they didn't yield, quote, not one inch, not one hair. And when their opponents couldn't do more, they themselves fell back. Keep that in mind, you're thinking about giving up here. We don't give up, there's no timeouts, there's no pause button. There's no yield sign, there's only straight ahead. All right, ladies, gentlemen, thank you again for tuning in.


Another great week of show is thanks to you. I really appreciate your continued loyalty to this show, if you would mind sharing it. Really appreciate getting the word out there. We don't do a lot of marketing. The show spreads by word of mouth, thanks to you. And I really deeply appreciate that. You can subscribe to our video show Free at appreciate if you do it. Rumball Dotcom, Rumball, Dotcom Bongino, thanks again. I'll see you on Monday.


Good day, sir.


You just heard Dan Bongino.