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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


So that's the best news I've heard in a long time. A poll out by NBC, you know, that bastion of right wing values, just kidding. Liberal left this, of course. But the poll is very good news, extremely good news and points to something I've discussed often on the show, how there's a generational shift that happens once in a while with these parties, parties that used to represent the little guy, become the party of the big guy.


The party of the big guy becomes the party of the little guy. It's happening right now and it does not bode well for the Democrats. And they're really panicking over this poll. I got that. I've got my Hoke's busting minute. You're not going to want to miss this. One of them involves me. No, I do not wear lipstick on Fox News. Stay tuned for that one. And our new producer here, guy is insisting that I get to the end of the show.


Page two, he thinks there's a video at the end, the show I have to get through. So he's like, don't you get caught up on any one story because there's video at the end of the show. What do you think? Merrick Garland? That's really, really good. So we'll get to that Today Show, Batebi Express VPN. Stand up to big tech today. Get a VPN. Don't wait. Go to express VPN dotcom slash Bungeni.


Welcome to Dan Bongino show. Let's get right to it. I've also got a hilarious Washingtonian story. Tries to pay Donald Trump as some big loser and actually paints him as a hero of the little guy. Not kidding today show. But my friends, that relief. Ben gosh. Did this thing save my caboose, as you know, had a little bit of a health crisis. You know, that a third of Americans regularly suffer from nausea. You know that I was one of those, you know, going through chemo was rough.


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In honor of the greatest of great ones, Rush Limbaugh will forever be known as the Rush Limbaugh Bell. From this point on, Joe and I have decided this is a dual monarchy. We are actually it's a there's four of us.


But whatever for now, best news I've heard in a long time Newsmax article. See it up in the show notes today. Let's get right to it. Newsmax NBC Poll Blue collar workers flocked to the GOP under Trump by Theodore Bunker. This article, BMI Show Notes Today. Bongino Dotcom Slash Newsletter. The newsletter is The SheKnows. Please read it because it's super important. Why is this the best news I've heard in a long time, because the Democrats are panicking and when the Democrats are panicking, it means we should be celebrating because something is going wrong, making the Democrats panic.


That that just checking. That sounds mean. That's true, right, Joe? If the Democrats are panicking, it means we're doing something right or at least trumped in this case.


Folks, this happens all the time. This matters. There are it's really not uncommon in the history of the United States to have these generational swaps where former Democrats come, Republicans and former Republicans become Democrats because what they think the party stands for swaps. I'll get to that in a second. But let's get to the meat and potatoes of the New York of the Newsmax article and you'll see why the Democrats are panicking because what they thought was their base. Joe, we're in it for the little guy where the Democrats, the little guy is starting to flip the double barrel, middle finger to the Democrats and starting to find that their allegiance lies with the Republicans instead.


Fascinating. Here are the actual numbers because data matters. Remember, this is an NBC poll. This is not a bad China.com or FOX News poll, NBC, the poll shows that the number of blue collar workers who identify as members of the GOP grew by 12 percentage points. Folks, that's a big deal, kind of a big deal since 2010, while the number who identify as Democrats fell by eight percentage points, even bigger deal white collar workers slightly shifted towards the Democrat Party by one percentage point.


Here it gets better, though, the number of Hispanic blue collar workers who indicate support for the GOP rose from 23 percent in 2010 to 36 percent in twenty twenty. While support among black blue collar workers rose from five percent to 12 percent, for liberals, that means that more than doubled. During the same time frame, GOP support from white blue collar workers rose from 45 percent to 57 percent in 2020.


How is this, folks? How is and how is that possible? I mean, the media and everyone's told us right now is are the Democrats we're in for the little guy. We're all about the, you know, the everyday working man, dirt under the finger, my finger, the nasty old thing. I don't get manicures. I mean, these are just nasty old fingers. You see that burn. Burn got a little better, by the way.


Check that out slowly. Healing, taking forever was like a seventy two degree burn on my finger. But these are nasty old fingernails because, you know, I don't really do like manicure thing. It's not my bag of donuts, but whatever you do, you. But I thought the people that have nasty fingernails like me, man, they might go. Right.


I thought people like that, you know, like me and Joe who work for a living and stuff and had real jobs in the real world. I thought we were supposed to vote Democrat. I thought we I thought we heard that that the Democrats, they were all about the little guy, the working man supposed to.


So how come the working man is saying. Double barreled, family friendly middle finger for those of you watching the Rumble Show. How come the working man is flipping them off? Why? What's going on? Well, clearly, the core identity of the Democrat Party that shifted. Their tactics have shifted, their allegiance has shifted, and people who are not stupid, who work for a living are starting to say. What they say they are, the Democrats, Joe, if I explain this terribly, is the audience ombudsman, you must stop me immediately for the working man and working woman is clearly saying Hispanic workers, black workers, white workers, Asian workers, whatever they may be, they're clearly saying what the Democrats identify as.


I don't identify as. Therefore, I don't identify any more as a Democrat. Fair enough. Numbers are pretty pretty clear, right?


I mean, I make that up to an NBC poll. It's my poll. So what what went wrong here? Well, folks, you see these shifts a lot because power needs power to stay in power. And the Democrats have become lazy. Democrats and their. Party, it's a mechanism to project power, getting elected to a political position, as a Democrat, as a mechanism to project power, power needs power to stay in power. And what are the basically two forms of power you can use to associate with to keep our number one, you can use institutions.


Number two, you can use the people. The Democrats are telling you and have been telling you for decades, don't worry, we're the populist party of the people. We're not in it with these big, awful, wealthy, rich people. They're the worst. There are the elites. They're the one percent. They're the rich. Forget them. We're not about them. We're about you, the little guy, the working man. Therefore, we are the populist party populists, population people.


We are in it for you. But that's not happening. So you have two ways to stay in power and allegiance to institutions or an allegiance to people, the Democrats are telling you they're about the people, but the people are saying we're not about the Democrats, which means what? That the Democrats have probably abandoned the people which they have and have chosen institutions instead.


Bingo, bingo. What are the institutions the Democrats have chosen to align with while giving the double barrel middle finger to the people, the working people who are giving the double barrel middle finger right back to the Democrats?


Excuse me, no cough button on the show, sorry. The media. Big tech. Upper crust liberals who make a fortune. Oh, yeah, the rich are the party Democrats now. They've chosen an allegiance to those institutions instead of an allegiance to the people and the people are waking up and saying, wait, wait, wait. The Democrats are the ones in bed with the Silicon Valley big tech elitists who are banning me on Facebook even though I work for a living and entitled to my opinion.


That's that's not my bag of donuts. I'm going to go try these GOP guys out. Saying, wait, wait, the Democrats are the party of the media, the same media that's called me a racist homophobe, transphobia, xenophobe, a phobia phobic, it's the phobic phobia phobia that's the Democrats. Those are demagogery. There's no question, Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow and others are Democrats is their Jozo, no question right now.


And the working man is mistakenly maybe watching these shows at night. And it's like, wait, wait, wait. Brian Stelter and others are using this identity politics and Rachel Maddow and others to stigmatize me as some kind of racist to something that's not me. I'm not I'm not buying that. Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats chose institutions and by choosing institutions and the powerful in the media, big tech, big business and elsewhere over you, the working man has woken up and said, you know what, the GOP may not be the answer to all my problems, but the cause of my problems looks a whole lot like the Democrats.


So the number one reason you're seeing working people move over to the Republican Party is not because they're in love with Republicans, it's just they're starting to despise the Democrats as the Democrats choose, cancel culture, big business and big media. Over them. But the second reason working class people are growing frustrated with the Democrat Party, this is obvious if you follow politics, is the Democrats love affair with identity politics, which I have warned you repeatedly, repeatedly, is cannibalistic in nature.


That constantly calling people racists and moving to treat people unequally based on their race, skin color, our country of origin, that's what the Democrats do, not the Republicans. The good Republicans and conservatives treat people based on wait for a job. It's a controversial idea. Now, I know this is crazy, gets your nitroglycerin pills out. Conservatives, true conservatives believe in big our God given rights. They believe people should be treated. According to how they act in their character, I know that's a controversial thought right now, slip those nitro pills in.


I don't want you having a coronary infarction or something. Take it easy, folks. I know you're all shocked. Maybe we should treat people on how they treat others and how they act, not based on their skin color. That's a controversial idea right now on the left. The left prefers identity politics, where you measure people exclusively by their skin color, where they were born, what their religion is or whatever. That's a leftist idea. That's not our idea.


That is inherently cannibalistic. It will eat itself alive. Why? Because eventually you try to give things to people based on their race. That you have to take from others. Interesting, and once you run out of stuff to take from their air quotes the white people. You have to start taking things from other groups of people who are minorities themselves and those other groups of people start to say to themselves, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


I'm losing a spot. In an elite college or high school, even though I worked hard and I'm a minority myself, because you want to give something to other minority groups who may not have performed as well as I did, that doesn't sound fair. I'm not really for that. So now do you see white, working class, black and Hispanic voters and a lot of Asian voters, too, are starting to say this Democrat identity politics, racist stuff.


And I know I'm not really down with this.


You doubt me? Don't atip rush grec. I love Rush. This is not the same without. Look at this Wall Street Journal article I picked out today. Reason number two, working class folks are abandoning the Democrats who've now chosen institutions over people in droves because they were in love with identity politics that is inherently cannibalistic. Wall Street Journal today the WOAK model minority myth for progressives, Asian-American achievement is an embarrassment. It is of course, it is your progressive's you're racist by nature.


William McGurn wrote this piece, it's terrific to couple of screenshots from this thing, the core of the article is this. There is a public school district in Washington that is now trying to forbid Asian-Americans from classifying themselves as Asian-Americans. They were being lumped in Joe with. Waitz. Asian Asian-Americans were like. We're going to do this identity politics thing, I'm not exactly white by your own definition, libs like how how is that exactly so. So let me get this straight.


Again, conservatives don't care because we actually measure people shockingly by their character. I know that's a stunner to the left. Liberals are obsessed with putting everybody in boxes. You're the Asians, you're the blacks, you're the Hispanics. You're the Muslims. You're the Jews. You're the Japanese. You're the Chinese. You're the Koreans. They're obsessed with it. They're obsessed. It's everything to them. Everything. It's nothing does everything to them. So it's weird that you want to put people in these boxes and then when the boxes don't meet your agenda, you start to fold the boxes into two boxes.


Like, no, no, no, Asian Americans are really Asian Americans, they're definitely white, and the people in this Washington school district are like. We are. Why is that why are liberals looking to do that? Well, here from The Wall Street Journal piece, the principal reason for this is the fact of Asian-American achievement. This is an embarrassment to progressives because it undermines the claim that structural racism, Joe, dooms nonwhite citizens to the margins of the American dream.


So Asian-American achievement must either be dismissed or somehow classified as white or sacrificed at the altar of equity. If if you're seriously pulling your hair out, plug my plug right now and saying, Ha! You should be, because you're saying if that made sense to you, you're liberal, therefore you must be an imbecile, because then it makes perfect sense. Yes. Asian-Americans are minorities, but they can't be minorities because they're successful and if they're successful, structural, structural racism isn't real because minorities can't succeed in a system that's structurally racist.


So therefore, Asian-Americans must be white. Oh, OK. Again, if that makes sense to you, you're probably an imbecile, therefore you're probably a liberal. Piece goes on. Now you see why Asian-Americans are like, again, I'm not sure the GOP has all the answers, but we certainly have our issues, too. But these Democrats certainly look like morons to me. You see why Asian-Americans now are like, I can't get into college because I'm now classified as white, because I'm successful and I worked hard and therefore I worked hard.


Structural racism must not be a thing. So therefore, to keep the narrative going about structural racism, you therefore have to discriminate against me as an Asian-American and be racist as an argument to argue that structural racism is real. But I just said I was going to say easily be racist Asian Americans to keep the narrative going, that structural racism is real. Again, if that makes sense to you, you're probably a moron and you're probably a liberal. Makes perfect sense to liberals.


Here's screenshot number two where The Wall Street Journal McGurn discovers this and says, isn't this a little ironic? You're being racist towards Asian-Americans to prove to them structural racism is real. Oh, it's one of the greatest pieces I've read in a long time. Here's paragraph number two from the journal piece calling it progressive to send children of color. The message that achievement is white is an irony lost on the WOAK. Bigoted laws such as the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 or actions such as the internment of the Japanese during World War Two, were once thought among the worst stains on American history left by a.


. Asian racism. But these days, the characterization of Asian-Americans as the model minority triggers the WOAK. That's a nice, eloquent, fancy way of saying what I just told you, isn't it kind of ironic that progressives don't see the irony in acting in a racist manner against Asian-Americans as a way to prove that structural racism is, in fact, real? But again, if you believe that. You have neurons and dendrites that just don't really connect your neurotransmitters or some blockade, they're your receptors are full of something.


And it's not neurotransmitters. You know, I saw this summed up in a social media post by the great Steve Davis this morning, a brilliant guy in his own right. He does a show over at the Blaze TV where he tweeted this very simply. There was a guy named Pedro Gonzales who he sub tweeted him and Pedro said something I agree with. He says, I have zero respect for people who subscribe to the concept of white guilt, the white fragility.


There was not a lower type of person in society. Pedro was obviously Hispanic, he says. And as a brown man, I find it pathetic and perverse when people try to shop these things to us. Steve Davis replied. Who happens to be white, which, of course, is the only thing that matters to the left, five, Steve Supply replied, I don't have any white guilt for the same reason. I have no white pride. I'm not a racist.


It's absolutely right. I have pride and I have guilt and anxiety and joy and all of these emotions revolved around experiences with others, my kids activities in my own life. It has nothing to do with race because I'm not a racist. All right, let me get to my second sponsor and I got my whole hoax busting minute folks, I'm really I'm getting a little sorry, little tire, not with you, but. Some people out there who fall for the silliest of hoaxes and I'm going to spend a minute busting a few, one of them is kind of hilarious.


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That's the end for zero.


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No I do not wear lipstick on Fox News. Please go to Rumble dot com. Watch the video versus show today. You'll see what I'm talking about. Here is a screenshot from my appearance Friday with the great Rachel Campos Duffy on the seven o'clock show she was guest hosting. This is an actual screenshot of my appearance. You'll notice the color is looks like I have pink lipstick on and a purple sky in the background from like the Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky.


No, I do not wear lipstick on Fox. I got about five hundred emails then your makeup artist, they were embarrassing you on Fox. They put pink lipstick on. They didn't. What happened, folks, is the white balance failed. There's the photo right there. You can see it. It does look pretty atrocious. Paul is like, did that really go on the air? Like at the sad part is it was a great segment that got totally overset self praise.


Thanks. I know. But got totally overshadowed by the lipstick shot. No, I don't wear lipstick. The white balance was completely thrown off. We've now fixed it. So just to show you here is in me at the last night. Here's another screenshot you'll see. This is when the white balance actually works and yeah. Thank you. You'll see it right there. You'll see the magical lipstick has got away. I do not wear lipstick on Fox.


So that's Hoke's busting No one. Just kind of a funny thing. But we did get a lot of emails about here's how story number two I'm getting really tired of. I'll have more to say about parler tomorrow and the next day. I trust me, I'm not. There's a reason this story national file yesterday, folks, by I don't know, Jack Hadfield, national file. Here we go. Parlor's new CEO wants a convention that would let George Soros rewrite the Constitution.


Ladies and gentlemen, I probably got, again, close to a thousand emails about this story just on parler. I do not have any relationship with the new CEO. I don't know him. I've never met him in my life. I have no relationship with the convention of states. Having said that, a lot of conservatives support the convention of states. A lot of the conservatives who listen to the show support the Convention of States project because I get emails about it all the time, ladies and gentlemen.


What's going on here is quickly, because I don't want to dwell on this a lot again. I'll have more to say about Parler in the coming show's. Whenever Parler has a modicum of success, you're going to notice this, if you listen to my show, you'll see it. Now, someone it's a competitor. He's a very insecure, childish, immature buffoon. He's a competitor. Parler. You know who it is to. It's the CEO of a company.


He's a total clown and he's the most unethical guy, one of them I've ever dealt with in my life. Believe me, there's a lot of things out there you don't know. Whenever Parler has even a little bit of success like getting back online, you will notice a story about parler being owned by George Soros, operated by George Soros. George Soros DNA was inserted into parlor users. George Soros is beaming E.S.P like extrasensory perception mind waves into the parlor management.


It appears every time it's a scam, every time parler has some degree of success, it's a scam run by an unethical competitor who, sadly, people fall for it. You don't believe me? Some lady emailed me. I can't sell my parlor account. I know you guys are associated with George Soros. I responded back. I'm very sorry you did that. Sorry. I don't know what to tell you. Stupid story, it's obviously ridiculous on its face.


Finally, one quick thank you. The Triton rankings came out. You've pushed us up a spot in the top 10 national rankings, a podcast from number nine to number eight because you're the best audience around. Thank you so much. And that got an applause. I just promise you, although my relationship with Parler, I'm not a manager there, I'm just an investor. I do not get involved with people ever who are involved with George Soros. I thought that was obvious.


OK, moving on to serious news, that hoax busting two minutes, three minutes, maybe it's over. God bless Clarence Thomas.


Is there anyone better? Has there been any one better in the modern history? The Supreme Court just ask you. They will play anyone, anyone. Alito's great. I love Alito. Gorsuch Cassus moments. Gavino and Amy CONI Barrat have been total disappointments. This by Amy Koney back. It's been a disaster. Brett Kavanaugh hasn't been much better recently, but Clarence Thomas is a rock. I mean, this guy is a rock, a stud. Every time he's one of the few guys on the Supreme Court who actually believes in this crazy thing, Joe called the Constitution.


So what happened? There's a Pennsylvania case that was we wanted heard by the Supreme Court about their election law. I'll explain the details of it in a minute. The Wall Street Journal piece. But the case is important. It's very simple. Pennsylvania changed their election law in the 20 20 election illegally and unconstitutionally. There's a way to change election law. And Pennsylvania said double barreled. We're not changing it that way. We're just going to change it our way.


Well, that case should have been heard by the Supreme Court, now it won't be because Gore sic Alito and Clarence Thomas thought it should. And the other justices on the Supreme Court, including Kavanaugh, Amy CONI Barrett and others and the liberals like now, we don't need to hear important things like, you know, Joe, election law changes that are unconstitutional. So who cares about that kind of election law will change it when we want a constitution constitution.


So here is Clarence Thomas dissent, because the majority said we're not going to hear that case about unconstitutional Pennsylvania law changes. And it is just another Clarence Thomas beauty. Someone needs to put together a book of Clarence Thomas dissents. Here it is. Quote Clarence Thomas. I'm sorry, folks, this is great. Cherish every word of this because we're going to this man is not going to be around forever and the country is going to be a far worse place.


Clarence Thomas, quote, One wonders what this court waits for. We failed to settle this dispute before the election and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath the shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent. Folks, on a very serious note, this guy's a national hero.


All the junk and garbage this this this icon of American jurisprudence has had to put up with over decades, Clarence Thomas, the racist, disgusting, filthy attacks on this man. The grotesque. The the the I mean, can you imagine being Clarence Thomas and being a loyal, faithful servant to the Constitution and four decades of your life being called the most disgusting, filthy things? This man's a hero. A genuine American hero, and when he's gone, this country is not going to be a replacement.


I want to thank Alito and Gore, too, but Clarence Thomas dissent, that one paragraph is a thing of beauty. So Clarence Thomas is basically saying, so Pennsylvania illegally and unconstitutionally changed their election laws right before the election. They didn't want to decide anything, the Supreme Court before the election, because they were like, Joe, the election hasn't happened, so there's no standing. And then after the election, the Supreme Court outside of Thomas and the other smart ones, Alito endorsing their logic after the election, Joe was.


Well, the election's already over and it wouldn't have changed anything, so you, Thomas, is like, well, OK, if the gavel for the ruling is in, what the hell's the point of the Supreme Court? Yeah, so there's a constitution that dictates how we should change election laws before the election. Pennsylvania ignored it. And the John Roberts wing of the court was like a. Nothing's really happened yet. We haven't had an election, so there's no standing in our court.


OK, and then when there is standing, because Donald Trump loses Pennsylvania and we're not really sure if some of the votes there were legitimate or not, they like it's not enough votes were able to change things. So let's disregard anyway. Thomas is like them. What the hell's the point? What's the point of a constitution or the courts then? The man's a genius, a genius, but I promised I would not spend too much time on any one subject.


So what happened in the case? The Wall Street Journal has it summed up pretty nicely today, their editorial board. The court won't end the election, Anakie, the justices demure on a case over Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania's ten thousand pounds. Keep in mind The Wall Street Journal, they're not even like right leaning anymore. They're at best centrist. And even they're like, what's the purpose of the Supreme Court is not going to decide this case. Here's what happened.


A Wall Street Journal, the constitution gives state legislatures the power to decide the, quote, manner of elections. But courts and officials last year ignored the black letter law. Joe Clear as day the Constitution. State legislatures have the power, not the courts and not other bureaucrats. You clear on that? Not hard, right? Pretty clear, yeah. Its Constitution says, well, Pennsylvania ignored that. Pennsylvania legislators unambiguously said mail in ballots were due by eight p.m. on November 3rd.


That's what they said. Yet the state Supreme Court I didn't read that, Joe, in the Constitution where it says courts will decide election law, not what the Constitution says to chequing, not what the Constitution says the verdict is. And again, that sounds like B.S. Yet the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court gesturing at a vague guarantee of free and equal elections, ruled that late arriving votes would be valid through November 6th. Even without proof of when they were mailed.


Well, that's weird because that's not what the legislature in Pennsylvania said, that a. In total, ten thousand ninety seven tardy ballots showed up six hundred and sixty nine lacking legible postmarks. That's plenty to create havoc in a tighter election. Got. Is everybody following here so we have a Supreme Court of the United States that's supposed to determine the constitutionality. Of laws, we have law based in our Constitution that the state legislatures determine the, quote, manner of elections.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court says, again, double barreled, we don't really care what the constitution is. We're going to change the law ourselves. The case then goes to the Supreme Court, who's supposed to say, hey, we have a constitution, this is unconstitutional. And the Supreme Court says now we're going to a football. Where you going to pass? Thank you. Thank God for Clarence Thomas saying no thanks. We play this video next, so Merrick Garland speaking to the Supreme Court.


Try to run down for you guys, try. I did write with Merrick Garland up next, right, and in the Washingtonian thing, OK, because you got some other stuff up there now. Sorry, guys. I had to do a specific rundown before the show because sometimes I put these stories in order for a reason here. It looks like a genius move now keeping Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court. Listen, I'm no huge fan of McConnell right now, but blocking Merrick Garland from getting appointed a nominee, he was nominated by Obama and confirmed this Supreme Court now looks like a genius move.


Why? Because we never got to hear from Merrick Garland. And Joe, what did we hear about Merrick Garland when Barack Obama nominated him? McConnell Block and what have we here?


Oh, he's a centrist. He's a total centrist. This guy is a down the middle centrist, Joe. He's not a hard partizan, huh? This is now looking hilarious, as Merrick Garland has been nominated by Joe Biden to be our attorney general and is now forced to answer questions. Genius move, keeping this guy off the Supreme Court, which is bad enough as is as we heard from the last story. Hence you get the Segway there. Here's video yesterday of Merrick Garland being questioned about Jodan, not a joke, he's going to be the attorney general.


Yes, we have laws. I know you get to look at you've seen it already, but we have laws about immigration, like how you could come into the country. And Merrick Garland, the attorney general, seems either unaware of the law, pretending to be stupid about the law or has gone full blown radical leftist and wants to ignore immigration law altogether as the attorney general. I want you to pay attention to this clip and what you pay attention to.


Two things. One is obvious, ridiculous answer about illegal immigration. But secondly, what did they tell you on talk radio show all the time? Don't say a lot.


Listen to how can you can someone at home keep a Judy maybe audience archives? Can you keep track in this segment of how many ums and osin Ms. Merrick Garland has in this segment because he's uncomfortable as the attorney general nominee answering questions if he's going to do a crazy thing like actually enforce the law. Check this out.


Do you believe that illegal entry at America's border should remain a crime? Well, I haven't thought about that question. I just haven't thought about that question. I think, you know, the president has made clear that we are a country of with the borders and with the concern about national security. I don't know of a proposal to decriminalize, but still make it unlawful to enter. I just don't know the answer to that question. I haven't thought about it.


It will you continue to prosecute on unlawful border crossings?


Well, this is, again, a question of allocation of resources. We will. The department will prevent unlawful crossing. I don't know. You know, I have to admit, I just don't know exactly what the conditions are and how this is done. I think if I don't know what the current program even is with respect to this, so I assume that the answer would be yes.


Well, Paula, I guess the overunder folks, the overall there is one hundred twenty oh oh oh. What the hell was that?


The only people who are in them that much are people who are anxious and uncomfortable. Right. So you had you've been in talk radio 20 plus years longer than people who are nervous on the radio and talk about use. Ominous because they don't know what to say next. And it buys them space and time and it lets them breathe, right? Yeah. Garland's clearly nervous because he's asked a simple question like, hey, I got this crazy idea. You're going to be the attorney general.


Do you think we should have force enforce immigration laws? He's like, oh, it sounds like he needs like an X lax because he doesn't want to answer the question, which is the simple answer. Yeah, I'm the attorney general. We have immigration laws. I should probably enforce those. The fact that he can't answer that tells you everything you need to know about Merrick Garland. Thank the Lord Almighty, this guy, and I'm not kidding, this guy was not on the Supreme Court.


Unfortunately, we may have to deal with him as attorney general, which isn't much better right now. But remember, oh, my gosh, he's such a centrist centrist, does he want to enforce immigration law? And Joe, I love the line at the end, like, yeah, I don't really I don't really know much about, you know, I don't really know much about him.


We were like looking for a video guy to help us out, hence the expansion of our team and talking about, you know, can you imagine coming in for the job interview? Hey, you have any experience with this, like black magic stuff and whatever mine hunter crap? I don't know what the programs we use, cold fusion, they're all kinds of crazy names. And, you know, I don't know I don't know squat about video, but I can learn.


I'll figure it out on the job. You'd be like, dude, why are you here for this interview? These Sydnor for a job interview for attorney general.


He's like, oh, I haven't really looked into immigration. Maybe this spot isn't for you, dude, maybe it's not for you, like you have one job. You're the attorney general. Enforce the laws of the United States answering a question with one hundred and twenty, according to Paula Ooms us, and then say, hey, what the hell? I don't know anything about immigration law. Probably not a good approach, just throwing them. But Democrats love it because ignorance is bliss for them.


They love it. They live in their fantasy land, their mushroom magic, mushroom induced bliss of liberalism. Stupid is fun. We don't know anything. This is great. Oh, my gosh, we're going to get it. I don't know at this pace, who knows? I had more Merrick Garland at the end, the most frightening piece. Hopefully I'll get to it. Everybody's trying to move me along, but, you know, I do me.


That's why it's the Dan Bongino show. All right. Let me get to my thoughts show about you by our friends at Headspaces. Wouldn't it be great? It would be great. And this is my new go to now. Wouldn't it be great if they were a pocket sized guide that help you sleep, focus, act, be a better person? There is. I've had to use this a lot.


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So the Washingtonian did this hit piece on its attempted hit piece on Donald Trump. And the piece is hilarious on its face. I have a screenshot from it here. And they interview people at the Trump Hotel, the Trump D.C. Hotel. And it's meant to be oh, my gosh, Trump he manages, but she hasn't even managed to Trump Hotel's managed by the Trump organization, but I guess so terrible working there is so awful. Listen to how bad it is.


So Rahim cassana the screenshot up on his social media feed and you're reading it and you're like why. It doesn't sound so bad to me. I mean what does it say. Sorry because it's not on my. Here it is. I'm going to read it from my phone not up to. I must have forgot to send him. So Joe this is a get ready for it. This is how bad it is to work at the Trump Hotel. So it says the employees clocked in because the place paid really well, really well, they emphasize that really well.


Michael Michael Rivera, a former bartender at the lobby bar, said he pulled in more than one hundred a year with tips. Well, Joe, how does he do it? This is real. This is this the hit piece? He says it's at least thirty thousand more than he made at the Hay Adams. How does he do it? Joe, this is like I mean, really, this is like indentured servitude. Miguel said it's the best paying job he's ever had in his 20 year career.


It gets better, Joe. The horror, he says that a generous health benefits to boot. A comment echoed by other employees, by how do you do it? The torture it goes on. This is how horrible it is to work for Trump. This is a hit piece, by the way. The hippies, quote people awful right wing clientele. Joe, at the Trump Hotel, a terrible. They are. This is Rivera. He says, quote, People would literally come up to me and give me hundred dollar bills and be like, you must be the best bartender in the world if you know.


Yeah. How do you do it? How do you do it? Working for the Trump Organization. Sounds horrible. Hundred thousand dollar bartending gig. Thirty thousand more than you made anywhere else. Everybody comes up to you and tells you how great you are. Dropped you hundred dollar tips and they give you awesome health benefits which every other employees thinks is great too. How do you do it, folks? How do you do it? I have no idea.


What do you what do you have an. I know my wife and I know. I shouldn't, because I know I sound like I'm patting myself on the back. Let me just say I love to listen. I grew up really poor. If I could I have a point point of personal privilege. Listen, I know personal, so I don't like to waste your time.


I got to get to where I grew up. Pretty poor. So did Paula buy a lot more? A lot poorer than I did, but. I don't say we just grew up lower, middle class, whatever I like to tell people a lot like a lot because I just like I know your future signaling I maybe whatever. I don't care you part of my show. And I just feel like it's right. Right. And I know conservatives do that, too.


They do. How do I know that? Because I stayed at the Trump Hotel in D.C. and I've gotten very friendly with the staff there. They know you by name when you come in. And they've told me repeatedly that it's the best tipping place they've ever been. And kind of weird right now because, again, going back to beginning a show, I heard liberals were the party of generosity. And the little guy kind of weird at the conservative hotel is the best tipping place in D.C..


Strange, right? I mean, even in that little Segway back to the beginning and figure out stuff. But just weird how that is. All right, moving on. 4G, 4G alert, we need a flexible like a different bill, because I'm listen, I had. To the chagrin of many in my listening audience, I have deferred on Foushee for a long time, even though some of Dr. Forces' recommendations have been atrocious, I have not really bashed Foushee.


I don't know, maybe it's a bad call, maybe I should have, but I didn't I've largely stayed away, but I'm tiring rapidly of Dr. Anthony Fauci. He says completely contradictory things. Some of the things he said are absolutely absurd, in my opinion. Some of the things Anthony Fauci says are absurd because Anthony Fauci said the opposite before. You know, Anthony Foushee was a big advocate for no masks, then became a big advocate for Mass, then became a bigger advocate for two masks.


He's all over the place. But I appeared on Hannity last night, the Sean Hannity show, and experts like Anthony Fauci have showed us why we can't always rely on experts. I'm not saying that expertize is irrelevant. It's not there are experts in certain areas whose information is quite valuable. Science is valuable. The opinion of scientists who know what they're doing is quite valuable. But ladies and gentlemen, throwing out common sense in a blind allegiance to expert experts who sadly are frequently wrong.


Is a recipe for a new dark age. And we are moving into that dark age now and appearing on Hannity last night talking about Foushee and I made the point that we've thrown risk analysis out the window. We have entirely thrown risk analysis out the window in this modern coronavirus society by saying ridiculous things like we can't put a price on a human life. Ladies and gentlemen, you do that in your life every single day. I made this point all the time.


We live in a society laden with risk from viruses, bacteria, car accidents, plane accidents, crime, homicide. You live in that society right now. You take risk on every be thrown out out the window with ridiculous statements like, oh, my gosh, we can't have this. We can't send kids back to school because it's not worth one human life. You send kids back to school during a flu outbreak every year. We've torn risk analysis out the window, why?


Because we now live in a fear economy. Dr. Scott Atlas, someone I really respect, an actual expert, was on Laura Ingraham Show last night. Is she right now in the news right now? Here we go, Joe. Cataleptic foushee, criticized for mixed messaging on vaccines. It never ends with this guy. Here's a video of Dr. Scott Atlas on. But Laura Ingraham last night, a really brilliant guy saying how, listen, science is great and all, but maybe we should start questioning things like they've been wrong about everything, like super spreaders.


They've been wrong about these new variants, the super spreader events. We're all going to die after Christmas didn't happen. The South African variant, we're all going to die. Didn't happen mask to mask. So we're all going to die. Not happening. Schools can't open schools too much risk. Here's Atlas explaining how this is nothing but fear porn right now and maybe job security for the experts who aren't interested in real expertize but are just interested in preserving their own reputations.


Check this out.


There's not only no accountability, there's a repetition of stuff as if it were never proven wrong. I mean, we're seeing it with the schools. We see it with all these super spreader things that you just said. We're hearing just waffling on things, because I think you're right, people have a lot of pressure and that's understandable. They don't want to be wrong, except they're instilling fear when you look at the American media in particular. And part of it is these interviews where people keep stressing what we don't know what might happen.


And we know so much, like you pointed out, about the variance, there's no evidence that there is some kind of massive spike due to these variants. There's no evidence that there's increased lethality. But we have American stories. If you look at the data from the National Bureau of Economic Research, over 90 percent of American stories were negative and therefore fear invoking, whereas in Europe just over 50 percent. That has an impact. And at this point, when you have people that keep repeating that kind of stuff, misinformation, totally, totally ignoring the science on the masks, actually completely ignoring and therefore pushing false information, they're instilling fear.


And that's what's worrisome here, because when you look at the data on the surveys, over 70 percent of Americans say they will wear a mask after the pandemic is over. That's very frightening. We have a damaged American psyche and it's due to these public health officials that are just really not saying the real data, probably because they don't want to admit that they were so wrong.


Amen, Brother Scott. What he's saying there, folks, there's a reason I open up the segment the way he did, why have we thrown risk analysis out the window? Why has the same society of Americans rights, the same group of people? I mean, you've had a. Probably a couple hundred thousand newborns, but roughly the same place we were a year ago, right. People coming in, immigration, immigration, but roughly the same group of three hundred thirty million people.


Why is the same group of people who just before the outbreak of the coronavirus flew on planes, handled themselves during flu outbreaks, handled themselves during the swine flu, handled themselves during Ebola, drives cars every day?


Why was that same group of people perfectly capable of analyzing risk and taking appropriate precautions before the coronavirus, but after the coronavirus, all of a sudden we've thrown all that out the window. We want to lock down the economy, crush businesses, keep our kids out of school, destroy their futures, all to prevent the spread of a virus that has four people, at least a younger and healthy, a ninety nine percent survival rate. Why would we do that?


Well, he just gave you the answer, Joe. Why?


Because the media engages in fear porn, the new variants are going to kill you, the South Africa, that you'll be dead in a minute, send your kid back to school. They're in high danger. Heavy danger they are. They are. Wear two masks or it's over. People hear this. You know, not everybody has time to go and look at PubMed and do research if what they're hearing is true, they don't the time they've lived, they hear this over and over on fear porn channels and from fear porn purveyors.


Sadly, people like Foushee now, who is now on my list of seriously ill people, I'm going to question every single time, every single time I try to question everyone. But again, why I gave this guy a pass for as long as I did. I don't know. I get it. I'm mad at myself. You don't have to be mad at me for I'm mad enough. Because they were preserving their reputations. They told you this was the deadliest thing.


If it is deadly for a lot of people, it is, but the hard reality is a lot of things are deadly. And because they made you believe in many cases, it's deadlier than it is for people who are young and healthy. You have people making ridiculous decisions like keeping their kids out of school.


expertizes dying. And I'm sorry to say that. All right, I've got a I'm going to get to this, which is good because everyone will get upset to me. I've got another video, Merrick Garland. This is the most frightening video from yesterday's it's short from yesterday's Merrick Garland hearing, our new nominee for attorney general. This should scare everyone. And when you combine it with this letter from Congress and this New York Times piece, folks, we are entering into dangerous, dangerous, useful idiot territory right now.


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BoCom Bunji. No, don't waste another great opportunity. This is a terrific opportunity to increase your business podium. Dotcom BONGINO. All right. Getting back to this show, so. Don't you find it fascinating, the articles that the Trump era media and liberals tried to propagandize us with that have now completely, totally fallen apart? Joe, remember the trumps, the tyrant, authoritarian, fascist, yeah, pseudo monarch, he is some authoritarian trumpet's, he's not in office.


He's had to write this down. He's current. This is the authoritarian Trump the king, Joe the King, the emperor. We should call a pretty amazing considering.


Again, he's not in office. He's been censored, silenced on social media and relentlessly attacked openly by the media and liberals, probably the worst authoritarian we've ever seen. Not very skilled at being a tyrant, fascist. Censored, not in office, silenced pretty much everywhere he talks and attacked openly by people who claim they can't attack him because he's a fascist here. Now, what's the hallmark of the lying liberal left and their scammer's in the media? The hallmark of the left is they always accuse you of what they're doing.


Who are really the authoritarians right now? Joe? The Trump name, it's kind of weird, like the data doesn't really add up there, but you know what's really strange? I think the authoritarians are the left, the leftist communists, including Merrick Garland, who seems to have a communist streak himself. So he was asked yesterday at his hearing for attorney general. They were talking about the current misinformation, kind of misinformation, which, by the way, folks, and when he says the word understand, misinformation is code word for conservative thought and ideas, it doesn't really mean missing from it.


You understand that, right? So he's asked about what they want to do about misinformation. Keep in mind, this is going to be the attorney general, the guy who has no idea what our immigration laws are, but he's very clear on what he wants to do about misinformation, to use it as a cudgel to push leftist totalitarianism. Check this out.


I don't have in mind particular legislation in this area. I do think that an important part of the investigation of violent extremist groups is following their activities online and getting an idea of what kind of information misinformation is putting being put out.


What he really means there, folks, is, gosh, we really got to crack down on those conservatives and their Facebook pages and Twitter stuff. Trust me. Trust me, that's exactly what he's saying. It's couched in nice, right? Oh, my gosh, we've got to get rid of these violent extremists. Yeah, granted, everybody wants to do that, but that's not what he's talking about. How do I know that? Well, because Garland's clearly a leftist and leftists in Congress are actually pushing for full blown communist totalitarianism.


You don't believe me? Here's an actual letter from two members of Congress asking cable carriers if they're planning to carry Fox News, Newsmax, and it's up on the screen right now. That's literally here's number seven, a letter from two liberal hacks in Congress. Question seven to cable carriers. Are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, Newsmax and weigh in on you versus DirecTV, AT&T, TV, both now and beyond any contract renewal date? If so, why?


Wow, you're like, no, no, this isn't right. Yeah, you get the gravity of what's happening here, folks, do you understand these are members of Congress now pressuring cable carriers. To dump cable news channels entirely because they don't agree with notice, they're not asking about MSNBC and CNN who promoted the hoax, the Trump taxes hoax. All they're not asking about that. They're asking cable carriers and winking to not be a real shame if your place burned down.


Why are you guys still carrying that? You need to justify to us why. Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering a brave new world and by Brave New World, I mean Aldous Huxley like dystopian, brave new world. I don't mean brave new world in the context of the word brave, like you would think American heroes like our military and police officers. Communists have always used useful idiots. To usher in an era of totalitarian fascist authoritarianism, always and useful idiots always step up.


The left is now fully and thoroughly populated. With useful idiots more than happy to usher in an era of totalitarian censorship and speech suppression on behalf of their liberal masters. Here's the New York Times article. They're proud of this, they're not even worried about this. New York Times House Democrats press cable providers on election fraud claims. It's hilarious.


Notice that they throw that in their. Rachel Adams or Abrams Rivers seems pretty happy about that. You'd think they'd be like, oh my gosh, our House Democrats really pushing for speech suppression and to wipe cable news channels off the air because they have some conservative thought leaders on there. Ben, that sounds really bad. No, no, not the tone of the article at all. Here's another one in case you think that's not really getting that paper back to book burning again, Joe, the epic times.


You see the story. My show notes again that consolation newsletter, Amazon quietly removes book criticizing transgender ideology. We're back to book burning. Back to book burning again. You know how well that's where you know what's really, really disturbing? Not a joke. This weekend I was I went to the fair with my daughter, as I said. But before we went, you know, there was a few minutes. We were sitting down the weekend and relaxing and, you know, I don't like it might my daughter's night.


So I don't I don't put any controversial TV on when she's watching with me. So I'm scrolling through the guide channel show and I'm looking like a movie that's on that we can watch for a few minutes before we leave. And you always Angel, remember Footloose, not the remake, the original Kevin Bacon version, everybody seen that movie. And there's a scene in the movie where the preacher father who bans dancing and in in the town, he starts to realize that his.


Desire to crush freedom and. And the kid's ability to dance, that's what the movie's about, they can't dance, dancing's banned in the town. The father starts to realize, gosh, I'm becoming what I said I hated most. And you know what that moment is? Go watch the movie again. You'll see it. There's a scene when the town that he's a he's a political leader in the town as well as the preacher. There's a scene when a lot of residents of the town, they run in the library and they start pulling books out and throwing him in a burning garbage can, and the father, who's the preacher who's responsible for this anti dancing law, rushes out and realizes in this moment of.


Illumination, where things just become crystal clear. My gosh. I'm part of this. It's a great scene, older the movie, but. Are the liberals going to have that moment where they start to realize that the totalitarian fascist communist? That they say they fear most. That there it. The answer is yes, because one of them is having that moment right now. Listen, I rarely play clips over two minutes, especially at the end of the show, but you need to see this one.


A leftist, Naomi Wolf, left the Democrat, matter of fact, a former adviser to Democrats, was on the Tucker Carlson show last night. That's right on Fox. This is a leftist who started to realize quickly that the left is being used as useful idiots to usher in a very dangerous era, the evaporation of freedoms, and she got tired of being used. This is Democrat Naomi Wolf saying, hey, listen. This isn't right. Things are changing really quickly, and if we don't stop this, we're going to be looking at a very dangerous future.


Check this out.


Government power, which is really characteristic of Italian fascism in the 20s. And they're using that to engage in kind of emergency orders that that simply strip us of our rights, rights to property rights, to assembly, rights to worship and all of the rights that our Constitution guarantees. So people are definitely horrified and noticing. I think people are shocked and and and divided, as I mentioned before. And the other thing that happened is you said this has all been very sudden.


And when you look back, you know, March of 2020, a lot of things started to move that kind of locked into place a set of policies that are kind of 360 degree full on totalitarian policies. So I think a lot of us are kind of in culture shock. Luckily or unluckily, I've been studying closing democracies for 12 years. So I recognized early on, you know, once once I realized New York State had emergency powers, I know from history that no one gives up.


Emergency powers will be right. They always drag it on and drag it on. And so every month I'm getting in my email and announcement that Governor Cuomo is extending emergency measures, extending emergency measures only from studying history. Do I know how predictable it is when you start to have elected officials say we are not going to follow the Constitution because if there's a pandemic and I just want to say lastly and then I promise I'll stop nowhere in the Constitution does it say all this can be suspended if there's a bad disease.


We have lived through typhus, cholera, smallpox, HIV, tuberculosis, polio, the Spanish flu. You know, we've lived through an attack on our soil. Never have there been months and months and months of emergency powers when we weren't actually fighting a war. So this is completely unprecedented. Lockdowns have never been done before in free societies. And really we're turning into a version of a totalitarian state sort of before everyone's eyes.


And I I really hope we wake up quickly because history also shows that it's a small window in which people can fight back before it's too dangerous to fight back.


Man, I'm starting to think that we're being divided as a country. Precisely. So we don't have conversations like this.


That window folks have opportunity to stop this. Creeping totalitarianism is closing. And thank God for people on the other side of the political aisle. Who we don't have to agree with, but should respect for waking up and calling it out. The Glenn Greenwald of the world, the Matt Taibbi is the Naomi Wolf's, the leftists who probably disagree with us on everything. Firearms, the Second Amendment, abortion, taxes, but have said, listen, I'm going to put my political disagreements aside for a moment.


Because this is dangerous stuff. And I'm not going to be a part of it. We should salute their bravery in doing it. We don't have to agree with them, but we're going to need them in this fight. I wish more liberals would wake up. Hey, thanks again for tuning in. That was a loaded show today. Please subscribe to our video channel. We're really trying to get to one point five million subscribers on Rumball. We're almost there.


Rumball that MANGINO It is free. It is the free speech alternative to YouTube. You can watch the video version of the show there, Rumball, Dotcom, Bongino and please make Mangino Report.com your home for morning news. It is your conservative alternative to the now fully left Drudge Report, Bungeni Report.com and Rumble dot com on Jeno. Really appreciate it. We'll see you all tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.