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Ladies and gentlemen, do not believe the big lie in Georgia. Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is beatified himself as Saint Raffensperger, has not answered the questions about suspicious activity in the election period. Full stop. I'm going to prove it to you today. I'm going to show you the actual videos and the supposed Trump tapes that appear damning for Trump. If you listen to the media, hacks are actually damning for Raffensperger.


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All right, producer Jo let's go.


All right, listen, it's Monday, of course, we got a loaded show, Joe, and I've been hard at work putting together the best video audio content for you. So here we go. The Trump tapes, as they call them on biased social media platforms, have been released. And of course, Joe, you know, it's worse than Watergate, Joe. For the ten thousand, it's. Is it they got them now, JOE They got them.


Now it's up. It's up. They got them now. So I'm going to get to those in a second. But I want to get to this first. The unconstitutional rule changes the rejection rates that have been historically low for signatures. The unconstitutional rule changes regards to the twenty twenty election, twenty twenty presidential election, the rejection rates, the Rohloff where people voted for Biden at historic rates but didn't vote down ballot the videos out a state farm arena and the allegations of vote switching have just not been addressed in many cases.


But of course, the media folks who don't want any objections to this election result, who they've already declared an unquestioned winner, forget any allegations of fraud, are furious that people like Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin is daring to question the election. Despite what I just told you, there's been no addressing of the unconstitutional election changes. Pennsylvania specifically rejection rates roll off the video at State Farm, the allegations of vote switching. There's been almost no serious rebuttal other than it's a conspiracy theory.


Here's Chuck Todd and Ron Johnson this weekend before I get to the Trump tapes and Chuck Todd absolutely losing his mind that Ron Johnson dares to ask questions. Check this out. There's a three and a half hour hearing. We barely scratched the surface, but organize the allegations. Let's put out take off the table the ones that have been explained, but also acknowledge the problem areas that have not been explained so that we can restore confidence in an election system.


This is an unsustainable state of affairs right now. And that's all we're saying is as long as something is going to be objecting to this, we're going to be taking a vote. Let's propose a solution in terms of transparency investigation with the commission.


All right, Senator, I want to quote Senator Ben Sasse for you, because what you're alleging is essentially you have you and your colleagues have created this controversy. So right now, we are locked into a destructive, vicious circle in some ways, as you kind of outlined, except which is you made an allegation that there was widespread fraud. You have failed to offer specific evidence of that widespread fraud, but you're demanding an investigation on the grounds that there are allegations of widespread fraud.


So essentially, you're the arsonist here. President Trump is the arsonist here. You've started this fire and now you're saying, oh, look at this. Oh, my God, all these people believe what we told them because you didn't have the guts to tell the truth that this election was fair.


So Trump Chuck Todd who, Joe? Do you see his face? By the way? Folks, if you're not watching the show on Rumbo, please watch. Rumbold, I want you to just look at Chuck Todd's face. He reminds you of every sniveling, beaver faced little moron you ever grew up with in your entire life. Whenever you cry, you see his face.


Oh, he's outraged. Outraged that Republican senator from Wisconsin. So you have context in this video is asking the questions I just asked about this election and is going to object to the Electoral College, counting of votes in states where suspicious activity occurred. Joe, he's furious. He's furious. Chuck Todd Beamer face. You see his face, the puss on him. Oh, he's devastated. Now, you know what's weird? What this objecting to the counting of the electoral votes coming up in a couple of days on January 6th.


I don't remember Chuck Todd, NBC, or anyone in the liberal media having a meltdown with the beaver face like Chuck Todd. I don't remember any of that when this happened in 2005 when George W. Bush won re-election and a bunch of Democrats went to the House floor in conjunction with Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat from California, when a bunch of Democrats went to the House floor to object to the vote count in Ohio. I don't remember Chuck Todd doing the beaver face any time when that happened.


Oh, you don't believe me? You think it's unprecedented that Republican senators. Are going to object to the counting of the electoral votes in states where the suspicious activity I just laid out occurred, you think it's just checking Armacost is the audience ombudsman, the very definition of unprecedented means without precedent? I OK, thank you very much. Just just checking there. Making sure doing right Lohaus. Blinder's right on target. So if this is unprecedented with Republican senators and congressmen are doing saying, hey, we want answers to these questions about this election before we agree to certify anything.


Or agree to a do not object to anything on January 6th, that would mean if it was unprecedent that there was no precedent for it. So let's roll the videotape here, showing you how Beaver Face was losing his mind over nothing here. Let's roll the videotape of numerous Congress men and women up on Capitol Hill. All Democrats, by the way, objecting to the two thousand five re-election of George W. Bush on the House floor. By the way, here's the precedent for the unprecedented activity.


Check this out.


The chair now hands to the tellers the certificate of the electors for president and vice president of the state of Florida. Mr. President, the objection is in writing, signed by a number of members of the House of Representatives, but not by a member of the Senate. Mr. President, I stand for the purpose of objecting to the counting of the vote on the state of Florida as read.


Mr. President, arrive on rise on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus to object to the 25 electoral votes from Florida's president. Thank you for your inquiry. It is in writing. It is signed by myself on behalf of my diverse constituents and the millions of Americans who have been disenfranchised by Florida's inaccurate vote count.


The is the objection signed by Senator. What? Mr. Chairman, Mr President, I am objecting to to the idea that votes in Florida were not counted.


The clerk will report the objection. We are a member of the House of Representatives and the United States senator object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of Ohio on the grounds that they were not under all of the known circumstances regularly given signed Stephanie Tubbs Jones state of Ohio, Barbara Boxer, state of California.


The objection today is raised because there are irregularities across this country with regard to voting, and we as a Congress have an obligation to step up to the plate and correct them. Mr. Speaker and members, I dedicate my objection to Ohio's electoral votes to Mr. Michael Moore, the producer of the documentary 9/11.


Now maybe saying, did you left out some context to that montage of of Democrat Xeros objecting to the election? It started out in the beginning. If you go back and watch and listen again, if you're watching, you can see it. C-SPAN footage you'll see in the Kairouan in the corner that that actually begins in 2001. Then you said that was an objection to the two thousand five re-election of Bush. I did that on purpose because as producer Joe actually accurately stated, the Democrats and Beaver face Chuck Todd are claiming an objection to the electoral vote is unprecedented.


Meeting without precedent for the Democrats listening. I know that's tough for you. Not only is that video at the end of 2005, Maxine Waters and others objecting to George W. Bush's re-election, it's an objection in 2001 by Democrats, too, to the election of George W. Bush the exact same way.


So really, really weird. That's something that's dreaded. Air quotes, unprecedented, actually, not only as precedent, but as precedent. Twice I left it out on purpose. Not a joke, not covered, we taped the show, so if we messed up, I can go and fix it. The end is two thousand five, the beginning of that tape is the precedent prior to the unprecedented precedent of the precedent of the Democrats in 2001, setting a precedent by objecting on the House floor to the Electoral College vote.


I just wonder where Beever face was for that one.


Oh, my gosh, I never have. How do you like that? Guy crapping himself like he took a dog kulaks last night, Chuck Todd. Like he needs to be an adult. Someone can be a wipe out then. Are you laughing at me? You never laugh at me. That must be really. I have never heard you actually laughing at me right now. I have never heard you laugh at any commentary ever. Like seriously. You like my beaver.


Oh, why. I can't. I can't stand a chance. Just got. Well. You know, Chuck Todd, here's the problem with Chuck Todd. Brian Stelter is so dumb at CNN that in our gold medal of dopey media people, the Olympics, even though Chuck Todd frequently surpasses the ceiling, I set for him in stupidity, you just can't beat Stelter. He's that bad. But Beaver Face made a shot this week. Oh, my.


I can't take this has never been done before except for two thousand one and two thousand five. Oh, by the way, if you want to watch that for very shockingly enough, there's more there's an article up on jeno or Drudge alternative from the post-Millennial, which has that video embedded in it. That's where Joe got that from. That goes on. Joe had to cut it for time. The video is actually two minutes and 19 seconds. There are more Democrats who did it right.


Joe, you had to cut that four times because we we don't want to take the whole show up. And I got the Trump tapes to get through. All right. Let's move on. So easy. Just so easy for unprecedented folks, despite the precedent from 2005 to 2001. Let's go on.


Worse than Watergate. It is worse than Watergate again. Again, for the I don't know, two thousand four hundred and sixty second time. I'm just making that number up because the Democrats in the media at it again, they've got them now. They've got Trump again. This is another one of those collusion impeachment things. We have definitely got him. Now, Trump this scandal is one hundred percent worse than Watergate. Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame actually went on CNN again and claimed this, that this was worse than Watergate.


He said this for probably the, I don't know, 50, 60 time, if not more on CNN. What am I talking about? President Trump had a call with the Georgia secretary of state, an absolute failure right now, Brad Raffensperger, who is a Republican. Sadly, I don't know what this guy is up to. The call happened about a week ago or so, and it's clear in the call that President Trump wants to get to the truth about what happened in Georgia because of a lot of suspicious activity that happened in Georgia.


That has not been answered yet. There are questions that have not been answered. You don't believe me? I'm going to go to the videotape and show you how these questions have been answered yet because facts actually matter and you won't get them from the media. Well, someone leaked the tape, and ladies and gentlemen, to be to be fair and give you honest coverage, I don't know who leaked the tape. And I say that because I think although the hacks in the media, like Beaver Face are trying to portray these tapes of President Trump talking to officials in Georgia as an attempt to overturn an election attempt at voter fraud by President Trump, that's not what happened.


If you actually listen to the tape and I say that with regards to who leaked it, because I'm not actually sure who leaked this. Because if you listen to the whole tape. The conversation reflects. My my humble opinion much more poorly on Raffensperger and Georgia state officials than it does on Trump. So I'm not clear who leaked this. It is clear, however, Raffensperger at this point appears to be a bit of a snake. Let's go to the video audio first, so here, let's get the bad stuff out of the way.


This is the clip Beaver Face and others, Washington Post. And then The Times have been focusing on where they allege President Trump's trying to fake an election. He said he wants to find ballots. Of course, I'm going to give you the BEB. This is the worse than Watergate part. This is from NPR and others who've been highlighting this and leaving out the context of the rest of the tape. So check this part out again. This is President Trump talking to a guy named Ryan, who is the lawyer for the Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, and the Georgia secretary of state himself.


Check this out.


Well, I want to do is this I just want to find eleven thousand seven hundred eighty votes, which is one more that we have. But it's a big problem in Georgia and it's not a problem that's going away. I mean, you know, it's not a problem that's going away. And we got to this is Ryan. We're looking into every one of those things that you mentioned. But if you find him, you got to say it right there, right and wrong.


Well, I tell you what we are seeing. Go ahead. Look, what we're saying is not at all what you're describing. And these are investigators from our office. These are investigators from GBI and they're looking and they're good. And that's not what they're seeing. And we'll keep we'll keep looking. We'll keep looking at all of these things.


When you mention the ballots because they are shredding ballots, why is it worse?


Worse than what? Again, we got it now. Oh, my gosh. Folks, the tape is nearly an hour long. Now, again, to give both The Washington Post and others have published the entire tape, but that's the part again they focus on, just like they did with the Ukraine phone call, where they don't actually mention any of the subsequent stuff in there. And the call they mentioned one line of the Ukraine call about Biden when Trump was talking to Zwolinski, the Ukrainian elected newly elected leader.


This is all they're pumping right now. This one clip saying, my gosh, President Trump saying, fine, but what does he find votes? What is he suggesting? Election fraud? Ladies and gentlemen, if you actually listen to the tape, it's clear where President Trump was saying he's talking about finding illegal votes. Did you even listen to the tape? Of course you didn't, your media people, that's not what you do. But what's noticeable here is if you watch CNN, MSNBC or other outlets, they'll play you that clip.


Oh, my gosh, President Trump talking about finding votes, legal votes, you idiot. They leave out the other portions of the tape that are pretty damning for Georgia State Secretary of State Ransburg. I mean, Raffensperger, forgive me. Here's another part of the tape where they leave this out. Remember that State Farm Arena video we showed you on the show, the one that's been the on TV you've seen in commercials where votes are pulled out from under the table, remember that one?


Joe pulled out and ballot boxes from under the table and recounted when election observers went home because election officials told them that vote counting stopped. Stop. Remember that? We've seen that video quite a bit. So President Trump wants answers on that State Farm arena debacle where vote counters, there's no dispute over the facts here, although Raffensperger and his people have tried to fudge this a little bit. Votes were counted early in Iowa late into the night, early into the morning on election night, votes were counted.


It appears in the video there appears to be some double counting, although there's some dispute over that. They were taken out from under a table, there's no dispute about that, while election observers were told counting had stopped. Sounds suspicious. Now listen to President Trump asks some obvious questions about this because nobody has answers. And The Washington Post and others, it's interesting, you know, they don't highlight this as much as they highlight the other part because it's clear, if you listen to this, President Trump's talking about things like this, anomalous counting and questions that haven't been answered here.


Check this out. He's President Trump. This is the part you need to pay attention to.


Oh, no movie frame in about about early in the morning, right. When the woman took, you know, when the whole gang took this stuff out of the front under the table. Right. Do you know that you know who does balance you know, who they were made out of? You know who they were voting for? No, not specifically. Did you ever check? Wee wee wee did what I described to you. No, no, no.


Did you ever check the ballots that were scanned by Ruby Freeman, known and known political operative ballots here? Did you ever check who those votes were for? We've looked into that situation that you describe. No, there were one hundred percent for Biden. One hundred percent, there wasn't a jump vote in the whole group. Why don't you want to find this right? What's wrong with you? I heard that I heard your lawyer is very difficult, actually, but I'm sure you're a good lawyer.


Have a nice last name. But but I'm just curious. Why wouldn't why? Why do you keep fighting this thing? It's just doesn't make sense. We're way over the seventeen thousand seven seventy nine, right? We're way over that number. And just if you took just Ruby Freeman, we're over that number by five, five or six times when you multiply that times three. Every single ballot went to Biden. And and you didn't know that, but now you know, it kind of a serious charge.


No. Maybe the kind of thing if you were a Georgia state official. You have this. Ballot counter counting ballots that came out from under a table after hours while election observers went home. Is obviously these are allegations to be clear, but allegations of potential fraud there. Maybe kind of thing you'd want to look into. The lawyer for the state of Georgia, secretary of state's office, didn't seem to be that interested in that. Now, do you understand, again, President Trump, who doesn't always articulate things like a lawyer because he's not a lawyer and he's not a politician, what he's talking about finding.


He's not talking about fabricating ballots, you media morons, he's talking about finding potential illegal activity, which these guys in Georgia don't seem to be remotely interested in finding. Oh, it gets worse. Here's the part of the video I'm going to play to say, let me take a quick commercial break, but I'm going to play this part of the video, audio of the conversation that began. I don't know who leaked this because I think this is more damaging to Georgia than it is to Trump, unless you're Beevor face in the media.


I'm going to play the part in the video next, where President Trump says repeatedly he just wants the truth to come out. The truth. WERD, President Trump's trying to get incentivize people to commit voter fraud while simultaneously claiming he just wants the truth to come out, it'll be good for everyone. Those are his actual words. Will play in a second. But again, if you listen to the media, you probably believe the PPTA do all right, a second sponsored day, our friends at has been vital for us, especially with everything going on.


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So, as I said, let's go to the third clip from the video, which, again, the media refuses to highlight because that's what they do. This is where alleged voter fraud star Donald Trump wants the truth to come out because he thinks it'll be good for everyone. Weird's stands for a guy who once voted for a really crazy right. You didn't hear much about this in the media, did you? Check this out.


So, look, can you get together to buy bread? We just want the truth. It's simple and. And everyone's going to look very good at the truth comes out, it's OK. And take a little while, but let the truth come out. And the real truth is I won by 400000 votes, at least that's the real truth. But we don't need 400000 votes. We need less than 2000 votes. And are you guys able to meet tomorrow, Ryan?


I'll get with Chris, the lawyer who's representing us in the case, and see what he can get together with Kurt. Right. Ryan will be in touch with the other attorney on this call. Mr. Meadow's, thank you for your time. OK, thank you, Brad. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Thank you very much.


But I have a weird call for a voter fraudster, right? I mean, we're just throwing that out there for the same people listening. That means not people in the media or liberals. Kind of a weird call. So the media has portrayed this is worse than Watergate. The president harassing Georgia state officials to fake an election result. A media portrayal. It ends rather cordially and it ends with alleged voter fraudster Donald Trump. Just crazy jaw. This happened.


Let voter fraud star Donald Trump and all the White House cabal trying to manufacture fake election results. It's just weird how when they say that they end the call being very clear that they just want the truth to come out and that that would be really good for everyone. The truth that that's just the strange voter fraud kind of call. I know every time I want to commit vast voter fraud, you know, the first thing I do is call a state official and ask him for the truth to come out, record the call, which I'm sure was recorded on both ends, and then end in such a nice cordial fashion, thanking everyone for.


That's how I do it. Right? I mean.


Sorry again, folks, I. How many times are we going to fall for this? It's worse than Watergate, we got them now. Here it is, President Trump, the Trump tapes on tape demanding voter fraud. Yeah, yeah. We always do that when we ask for the truth and then start asking basic questions like, hey, what about those allegations of voter fraud in State Farm arenas? You guys get to the bottom of that. No, no, we didn't.


Oh, OK. OK. Oh, nice. Now, again, in case you think I'm making this up and you want to beatify Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to. You think, oh, what a great guy, he's answered all the questions, I don't know this guy, I never met him in my life, but he is a public official subject to scrutiny, is he not? That video at State Farm Marine is devastating.


You're saying Trump's lying, Branzburg has answered all the all these questions about if he has. Check out this interesting piece in the epic Times in the show notes, I strongly encourage you to read Panji newsletter, the newsletter as the show notes, same thing. Subscribe free will email to every morning. Here's a fascinating piece by Jack Phillips that the Epic Times Trump, Georgia's secretary of state, is unable to answer ballots under the table. Questions Raffensperger says it's not true.


So let's give the allegations. President Trump and his team and the video we've actually seen at State Farm Arena, which shows the suspicious activity. Let's get to the allegations and see what Raffensperger response is, because they're claiming it's all cleared up. It's all cleared up. It's all good. OK, let's go to the Epic Times piece.


Screenshot number one here. Check this out. Meanwhile, the footage from State Farm showed suitcase like boxes of ballots being wheeled from under a table in the night of November 3rd after the poll challengers left. After those boxes were pulled out, it appeared to show vote counting taking place. Wow, that's kind of odd, according to Schaefer in a statement in early December, Fulton County workers. This is someone who witnesses continued counting ballots in secret until one a.m. Trump's lawyers asserted that the video shows clear evidence of election fraud.


Now, Raffensperger and his whole crew are like, that's all B.S. We've answered all of that stuff. Election poll workers leaving counting after hours with no one around you have. Let's check out their response in the Epic Times piece, because this is awfully weird. If they got the got to the bottom of it, to use the worst expression in human history. Check this out at Bedtime's. Here's their counter to be fair to both sides. Officials with the Georgia secretary of state office have said the video footage does not show anything unusual.


All right. That's right on. Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling said in a statement that the footage, quote, shows normal ballot processing. Well, that's that's strange. While Fulton County, quote, cut corners, I keep please keep this up. This is weird. So he just said, Joe, quote, This is normal ballot processing. And then he says it shows that the Fulton County officials in the video, quote, cut corners and, quote, showed managerial sloppiness in handling the election and recounts not those things.


Both can't be true like they go on. Yeah. Strange Sawad, quote, We have launched an investigation into why the monitors from the political parties left before Skiting entered. I thought this was normal. While it was their right to leave early, we want to make certain they were not misled into thinking scanning had stopped for the night. We did not. They said they were misled, you knuckleheads. Walter Jones, a spokesman for Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, told the Epic Times in December.


So. To use the Barack Obama expression, to be clear, he used to say that all the time, to be crystal clear, Raffensperger, his office in Georgia has still not cleared up. Why election monitors. They were supposed to look when I'm watching you. Remember that among election observers who were supposed to watch the election to make sure there was no fraud, were led to believe counting stopped when he didn't. We're, according to our own affidavits, felt that they were told to leave because there was no more processing when there was.


And these Georgia state officials say this is nothing unusual and then go on to say, yes, but we cut corners and showed sloppiness. So it's not unusual to cut corners and show sloppiness. And by the way, they still can't answer why these election observers felt that they were pressured to leave. They still don't have an answer for that. But when President Trump dares to ask that McCaul and Republicans dare to object on on the floor to the Electoral College results in Georgia, like Democrats did in 2005 and 2001, apparently without precedent, with and without weird.


But apparently when President Trump asked those questions on the call, this is worse than Watergate, folks. Keep in mind, it's not worse than Watergate that there's a video of suspected voter fraud on tape at State Farm Arena, which nobody has answers for. That's not worse than Watergate. Asking questions about it is worse than Watergate double barreled for you, if you know what I mean. We will ask questions and you can go boissieu time. Here's another video, this is a real gem.


Hat tip, a friend of mine who sent this over. This is not a Georgia state hearing over election malfeasance that happened just a little bit ago. And this is a state representative from Georgia who, by the way, is a very I watch the whole video, the hearings. Interesting. This guy's not some bomb thrower. He acknowledges that what came out from under the table were ballot boxes, not suitcases. Fair enough. I don't care if they were suitcases, but that's irrelevant, the fact they were under the table.


But he acknowledges that that may be suitcases sounded a little weird, that the ballot boxes were pretty standard, but they were hid under a table and did come out after hours of election observers left. None of that is actually in dispute. So he plays it fair to both sides. And I want to play this video where he's confronting an official you're not going to get there's no answer to this, so you're just going to get the Georgia state rep.


And he's like, wait, you guys said you cleared all this up about counting after hours votes in the State Farm arena without people around, but you haven't really cleared it up. Check this out. What was most disappointing to me was this part of the statement in a statement to PolitiFact or to fact check Doug, the secretary of state's office, quote, We have launched an investigation to why monitors from political parties left before scanning entered the secretary of state's office said in a statement while it was their right to leave early.


We want to make sure they were not misled into thinking. Scanning has stopped for the night when it had not. Nothing we have learned from the independent monitor or our investigation had suggested any improper ballots were scanned. The monitor, who agreed to be interviewed on the condition of not being named due to death threats faced by election workers, told us he was in the room from about eight fifteen p.m. and when he left and returned at eleven fifty two, it doesn't take a whole lot of math to realize that's a lot longer than one hour.


And then this is the best part. The deputy secretary of state told Fact Check, Doug, that the monitor was not required to be there at all times, but she instructed him to return after hearing the news outlets that the county was going to cease counting for the night.


This means that the deputy secretary of state knew the entire time that there was not an observer in the room when ballot scanning was happening. And they sent two memos to us saying that that was the story doesn't add up. Somebody isn't telling the truth.


If the conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory, that's phenomenal, how it's a conspiracy theory, yet the conspiracy involves actual facts like the Georgia secretary of state's office was obviously aware there was no ballot observers, election observers there, while ballot counting continued. And the implication was that they had to leave because ballot counting wouldn't continue when it did continue. And then ballots are taken from under the table to be counted when ballot observers aren't there. Really weird, right?


That's why I'm telling you folks, I'm not sure who leaked this tape, if you know what I mean. Because when you actually listen to the tape, it's pretty damning for Georgia's secretary of State, Raffensperger, and their office, not for Trump. And of course, it's you know, the cool Beever face crowd all wants to pile on because they're morons. Oh, my God. Worse than Watergate. Do you think it'd be interesting to get to the bottom of that, why the Georgia secretary of state, the state rep, has documents from the guy's deputy, the secretary of state's deputy?


In charge of the election, ultimately, in the end, the secretary of state, where they knew. Ballot observers and election observers were not there. And it was suggested they should leave because ballot counting would stop when, in fact ballot counting didn't stop and then ballots are taken from under a table to be processed after the election observers leave and they knew about this. You think that may be something the media would be interested in? Of course not, because it could be worse than Watergate, like actually worse than Watergate, unlike media, worse than Watergate, which means it's not worse than Watergate and it's not Watergate at all.


So disappointing. I got more on Georgia, by the way, this story, this story will be in the show notes today as well. Just one more to kind of show you where this is going. Here's Georgia's Star News. A friend of mine writes articles over there. Tiffany, I don't know, Tiffany Morgan, another friend of mine right over there, but Georgia Star News, still no chain of custody documents produced in Georgia for 76 percent of absentee ballots cast in Dropbox's two months ago in the presidential election.


That's kind of weird.


Do you think we think we'd have those kind of a good idea chain of custody?


Yeah, unbelievable. You know, when I was working criminal cases. And my prior line of work, if you handled evidence, you had a sign, a chain of custody lock. Why would you do that? Maybe because you can't frame anyone then without signing your name to something, hey. I want to frame Joe for a bank robbery, so let me get my hands on that gun used in the robbery, I'm police officer Joey Begger Donuts. OK, sir.


Here, go have it. Why don't you take it home for the night? What do I do? I know, Joe. I got to say to Joe, hey, Joe, check out this new gun I got. Joe puts his hands on the grip. You bring it back, you put it in the evidence envelope. You go to court and I say, I got Joe's fingerprints on the gun. Joe was like, I didn't. What are you talking about?


I touched that gun last night. I didn't use that gun to rob a bank. He asked me to touch it. No, no, his name is this has been in evidence custody the whole time. He didn't nobody has been in an evidence locker. You talk you had me touch it last night. That's why we have an evidence custody lock. That's why we have chain of custody locks for things like absentee ballots to make sure there's no fraud in between.


Just an idea. Can we maybe get our eyes on those two that, of course, we have to focus on? 20 seconds of the Trump conversation taken entirely out of context and make it out to be worse than Watergate because we're wasting our time. Folks, shockingly, this gets worse. I've got information in Pennsylvania, let me get to my last sponsor coming up from the Sean Parnell campaign for Congress, I think was Rob to. Remember that story last week?


Remember this one, that more ballots were cast in Pennsylvania than people that voted? Yeah, yeah, I remember that doozy. Oh, I guess Sean's got actual data out of a specific county, Allegheny, how magically more ballots were cast than people who voted. I don't know how that happened. Space aliens, I don't really know. All right. Now that sponsors, they are good friends at Personal Defense Network. Twenty twenties brought unforeseen upheaval to our society.


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OK. So I got this last night from the excuse me, Sean Parnell campaign in Pennsylvania. He ran against Conor Lamb in an election, again, I'm very suspicious about and we had told you last week about the story out of Pennsylvania like that, I we're talking about Georgia. No, no, there's more it's not just Georgia. But again, we're not supposed to object to this election on the House floor because it's unprecedented, despite the fact that there's precedent in 2001 and 2005 for Democrats.


Here is Allegheny County, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Allegheny with a G.H. Don't confuse it with Maryland's Allegheny County. I ran there. If you spell that wrong, they will not like it. There is no H in Maryland's Allegheny County, but this is Pennsylvania, Allegheny County. Here's a release from the Sean Parnell campaign. This is weird again, Joe. Allegheny County, total ballots cast seven hundred and twenty six thousand seven hundred and twenty in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.


OK, keep that up for a second there, if you don't mind. So I'm just doing some math here. Seven hundred twenty six thousand seven hundred twenty. Voters that vote in Allegheny County six hundred five thousand seven hundred and fifty four will not do this. I come back to me here for a moment, if you don't mind this part. Yeah, there's some quick calculations here, Joe, because I think I got these numbers wrong.


So seven hundred and twenty six thousand seven hundred and twenty people ballots excuse me, ballots were cast in Allegheny County yet. Six hundred and five thousand seven hundred fifty four people voted. That's a difference of one hundred and twenty thousand nine hundred and sixty six ballots that were cast despite people who didn't vote.


Hmm. You know, once you put that back up, would you mind what's even weirder about this and Sean Parnell's campaign has released, they actually cite Pennsylvania law at the bottom, which is like really crazy using the law in Pennsylvania. They've clearly thrown election law out the window. But here's actual election law. It is thirty one fifty of their Pennsylvania election law, computation of returns and certification, where they note that if there is a discrepancy and a palpable error, it shall be investigated by the return board.


This is actual Pennsylvania law, Joe. Really weird how it says this. And no votes shall be recorded from such district until such investigations shall be had. And they. So not only did Pennsylvania unconstitutionally change its election law without legislative input in violation of the US Constitution, yeah, they did that. The Supreme Court's standing, they don't have standing, sure, not only to Pennsylvania, just randomly use bureaucrats to unconstitutionally change its rules for elections. What's even stranger is we have a clear dispute in the numbers here.


Is it explainable? Could be. Do we yet have an explanation new that satisfactory. New. We have seven hundred twenty six thousand ballots cast, yet only six hundred and five thousand people in Allegheny County voted clearly a dispute. Pennsylvania law says those votes shall not be recorded until an investigation occurs. And clearly nobody cares, especially beaver face in the media. Because it's never happened after objecting, objecting to an electoral ballot count that doesn't seem to make sense, never happened despite the fact it happened in 2001 and 2005.


Do you think we may want to look into that in Allegheny County, you think we may want to check that one out? How there are seven hundred twenty six thousand ballots, yet only six hundred and five thousand people voted. Is there an explanation? Give it to us, I'll put it out there. Now, officials in Pennsylvania are saying, wow, this is just the discrepancy late in the game, we're going to clear this up. All the county data is in the OK.


Well, when that comes out, we'd love to hear it. But I thought when there was a discrepancy, according to Pennsylvania law, there's supposed to be a not record and there's not supposed to be a recording of the vote until an investigation happens that actually happening right now, or are we just taking Pennsylvania law and ramming it up the wazoo? Again, I'm just I'm just checking. Well, not everybody sitting back and taking this. You have good, solid citizens like a friend, Ted Cruz, Republican senator from Texas.


Who, by the way, I have to give him credit, I don't think it's a secret. Wouldn't you say Ted Cruz probably has presidential ambitions again? I mean, he won the Iowa caucus. He ran a more than credible campaign in 2016. Yep. Fair statement, Ted. I like Ted Cruz a lot. Brilliant guy. So it's kind of weird that Ted Cruz, who has his own presidential ambitions, I haven't spoken to him yet and told me that I'm just stating, I think the obvious.


That Senator Ted Cruz, knowing that if this doesn't turn out Donald Trump's way, Donald Trump could run again, seeing what happens here after this January six count. That against his own presidential ambitions, Ted Cruz is deciding to take a principled stand, do you think he'd be celebrated by the media? Now here's Ted Cruz on Maria Bartiromo show stating what I told you before that no, no, no, Pennsylvania, Georgia, all these questions. I want someone to look into this before the swearing in on January 20, he gets a fair hearing on Maria Bartiromo, but the media is beating him up again because, of course, they want to focus on the worse than Watergate fake finding from the Donald Trump call.


Here's Ted Cruz.


Look, we're at an extraordinary time in our country's history.


We went into this election with the country deeply divided, deeply polarized, and we've seen in the last two months unprecedented allegations of voter fraud.


And that's produced a deep, deep distrust of our democratic process across the country. I think we in Congress have an obligation to do something about that. We have an obligation to protect the integrity of the democratic system. And so this past week, I spent writing out a position in assembling a group that ultimately of 11 senators that we put out yesterday that we will together object to certification in order to force the appointment of an emergency electoral commission to perform an emergency audit of the election results to to assess these claims of frauds.


I think we can do that. We can do it promptly. We can do it in 10 days before the inauguration. But I think we have an obligation to the voters and we have an obligation to the Constitution to ensure that this election was lawful.


Oh, my gosh, what a controversy. How horrible is that? Senator Ted Cruz again. In stark contrast to the media picture, oh, my gosh, is what a mercenary full this guy is. This is clearly for his own political ambitions. It is. He wants to run for president again. And if this doesn't work out, Donald Trump's going to probably run for president. How does this help Ted Cruz? If you can explain that to me, I'd love to hear.


No, no. He's trying to get Trump voters for what? A run against Donald Trump while supporting Donald Trump. What kind of an idiot are you? Well, you're Beevor face. It's obvious. All he's asking for is a commission to look into these charges. We don't have answers for what happened in State Farm Marine in Georgia, what happened with the five thousand dead voters in Georgia who allegedly voted. Now, Raffensperger, his office in Georgia saying they didn't vote.


We only had two instances. Fine. The president's campaign team is like, can we see that data, raffensperger self-assessed, no, we're not turning it over because of privacy concerns. Maybe. Could we get a look at that? To see if dead people voted today for dead people to vote, they're dead, very difficult. No neuronal activity, no kidney function. Excretions, sweat, none of that stuff, respiration, no lung, it's really hard to vote when you're dead.


Maybe we could get a look at that data. No, no. Raffensperger office, although it has privacy concerns. Can we do an investigation and check that out? Just just checking. We see what happened at State Farm, can we get an answer on Pennsylvania? There's time. Nothing's over yet. Time to concede they're hilarious. I can see nothing, and neither should the president. As we say often, Joe, how does the next week look for a concession, any good for, you know, good for me?


No, definitely a no for Paula. That's three for three. Doesn't look good next week either. All right, I got a little time I want to get to two final stories because it just speaks to the insane times we're in. This is an actual piece of video from the House floor. So Nancy Pelosi, I'll put up the story in a minute. Breitbart, it's in the show. Notes again, Bungeni dot com slash newsletter, if you'd like to check it out.


Nancy Pelosi, sadly, was just one her House floor voice vote for speaker of the House again. So we have to deal with her for another two years. But as speaker of the House, she gets to change the rules. I'll get to the rule changes in a minute, but we have an evergreen topic on the show, we bring up how the left likes to weaponize language. Randomly change the meanings of words on any given day, so if you say the wrong one, they can attack you as a bigot, racist.


Now, for those of you familiar with the words, very complicated words, Joe, not many people have heard before.


You know, the word a man. I'm sure nobody's heard that one yet. I'm being sarcastic. I mean, used almost every day by religious folks around the world. Amen is a Hebrew word. And I are Ben Shapiro has this on his Twitter feed, so hats off to him. It's a Hebrew word that. Means, may it be so, you know, amen, an affirmation. It has nothing to do with the term man or man.


As in the equipment downstairs, that's not what it means. It doesn't mean a hyphen, man. It means a man like may it be so like in Hebrew. Listen to this gem from the House floor, according to Nancy Pelosi's new rules, they don't want any gender terms. They're so. This is not a joke, this is actual footage. Check this out. We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Rama and God, known by many names, by many different faiths.


A man and a woman, but like that, you're he saw that when a man loves a woman, a man.


The man who thinks that Percy Sledge. Do you know, yeah, Percy Sledge, one of my favorite songs, is always good like that, guys.


He was an actual me. Can you do me a favor? Remember that picture you show me in a news article of you in the band in the 60s? Yeah. Do you remember do you know the one I'm talking about? Yeah. And you find that. Yeah. We got to put that up on the show. Hold on. I'll send it to take a note tomorrow. Joe, please. This has to go. I want to show you because I say Joe is like a real musician, dude, not a joke this guy knows everything about.


I don't know where to mess with my what is it serious. A man and a woman. It's not a date. What are you even talking about? So now. Just to be clear, when the word or no, no, not when the word when the M e n designation shows up, in a word, we have to make sure to provide an alternate woman to, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with gender at it. Also, I did not plan this, Joe.


I actually have another segment I want to Joe, let's think of some words like so if you say the word like don't be a mensch, you have to say don't be a mensch or a woman mensch either. Or if you're going to say, listen, your behavior is mendacious, you have to say your behavior is mendacious or it could be one mendacious and any other. I'm trying to think of a few others if I'm doing this on the spot, because I'm just thinking of how ridiculously stupid the left thinks we all are and how there's going to be a mass cultural revolution here that's happening right now because of the left's stupidity.


Commandment. No, no, no, huh? Cold War Mad Men makes you sick. Yeah, OK, I want this one called Woman Mad Men.


Yeah, well, even worse, this could get ugly. Let's say you see someone and you want to say, gosh, that person's immense. You can't say that they're a woman. Neds, don't you dare. You're just calling a woman immense that I'm not. I'm just say to a woman you can't say man woman but this is where you were. Oh my gosh. This is the dumbest segment ever. Yes, yes, yes. The verdict is in.


You are correct on a scale of stupid. This is zero. It doesn't even crack a one. Why are we covering this, because it's actually happening. We are now fabricating new words like a man and a woman man. You think I'm making something that clips a joke? It's everywhere that's real because of this Breitbart article, which you can read, Nancy Pelosi has changed the rules on the House floor. She's now bandying gender terms like mother, daughter, father and son, a lot of mastrangelo.


All right. One final star is going to get out a little early, but I'm not going to do that because I got out early Friday and thank you to all the folks Friday show went crazy and joy that you could probably attest to. I got to be honest with you folks. I'm struggling on Friday. Bad Joe knows I told you I'd never do a show if I wasn't up for it. I was. But like, halfway through, I almost died, which I can't believe.


I'm not hyper by no means that I felt really bad. Let's leave it at that. Everybody's got problems. Don't don't cry for me, Argentina. I'll be OK. But Friday was probably the worst I felt in a long time. I feel good today. As you can tell by my energy level. I was stunned. I said to Joe and Paul after the show, my the show is a disaster, an abomination to humankind. You must have loved it.


The show did crazy numbers for a Friday after New Year's Eve. New Year's Day. The show went crazy. I'm not even kidding. I am so thank you, I thought it was the worst show I've ever done in human history. Joe didn't think it was that bad, but I was there by the end of the show, I had to wrap it up. I mean, I like halfway there you could see my face, my temperature was going up everything.


So today I'm not going again. I'm going to cover this story. I just want to show you again about the professional boxers on the left, how they love to lie to you. This guy, Judd lagom is hilarious, I mean, Hillaire, tragically hilarious. This is a guy who dedicates his social media account to trying to eat. This is how he portrays himself to be a truth teller, holding the social media companies accountable. What he basically does is he spends all day attacking Facebook and Twitter.


For not fake fact checking conservatism as he targets conservatives and pretends to be a truth teller. So here's a tweet from him. This guy, just like a clown tweet, he wants to know why Senator David Perdue running in the Georgia runoff. Ladies, gentlemen, please vote in that. Election Day is tomorrow, please. Nothing will be accomplished by not voting. That won't make it worse. I get it. The Republicans are not great. I don't even think these two candidates are that terrific.


I'm just being straight with you. The other two are a disaster. Disaster. Please go out and vote. So here's like a big truthteller. He tweets out, Senator Perdue should explain why he is making a white power sign in this photo posted by a Trump campaign operative on October 15th. And there is a photo of David Perdue with three fingers up.


My gosh, Joe, that's serious, man, senator candidate David Perdue sounds like a nice guy. I mean, they're not I don't want to bash them. They're not awful candidates. They just you know, you got to inspire Phil.. We got to do a better job. But please go out and vote like the alternative is awful here. Really, genuinely awful. The Republican candidates making a white power sign, oh, my gosh, that's serious.


Sorry, I'm just an. That doesn't sound like a great way to get votes, Joe, to make a white power sign in a state with a large black population.


Bad choice, except for the fact that they're a very bad choice. That except for the fact that's not actually what happened, of course, because alleged truthteller Judd Legum is lying to you or is just too stupid to figure it out. Here's a tweet by a reporter named Greg Bloustein on his Twitter account, where they actually go to the guy in the picture with David Perdue. Who happens to be black? That's really weird how he the black guy in a prediction with David Perdue is making a white power really crazy.


So Bloustein Greg Bloustein on his Twitter says, well, here's what the GOP activist who actually took the picture of David Perdue that's going viral said, quote, I took this picture.


I'm African-American. The boys in the picture are Native American. They are celebrating, reaching three thousand voter contacts, nothing about white supremacy. So just to be clear, sorry, I didn't say that precisely, the guy who took the pictures, black, the other two in the picture are putting three fingers up to celebrate three thousand voter contacts of the Native American community and their Native American. And yet, Judd Legum wants you to believe that the three is a white power sign with Native Americans and a black guy taking the photo.


And Judd, legumes like a woman, a woman, this is great, a woman, brother. Idiots. Idiots. I'm really sorry if you're a liberal waking up every morning knowing that these are your beatified saints of your movement. Judge diploid lagom. Obviously lying to you and you're like, it makes perfect sense to me. Of course it does. You're an idiot being a liberal, you have to be a moron. I'm really sorry. All right, folks, please get out and vote in Georgia superimportant, gosh, if we lose seats, it'll be devastating regardless of what happens on January six.


It doesn't matter. I mean, it matters, but it doesn't matter for that. It doesn't matter if we lose on January 6th. The US losing the Senate race are if something comes out of January six and we don't lose and losing those Senate seats will still be bad. All right, thanks again for tuning in, please check out on jeno, bungeni It is their alternative to Drudge.


Our traffic's been picking up like crazy. We really appreciate it. And please check out my account on Rumball. Subscribe to the video show rumors that a million subscribers rumball dotcom bunch.


You see all of you just heard Dan Bongino.