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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Listen, this immigration debate, it's not complicated. It's not even a debate in many respects. If you were to ask one thousand just random Americans, hey, do you believe in a border? Should we have a border? I can almost guarantee you without any other associated nonsensical questions, just that one, an overwhelming majority would say, yes, of course. We're kind of a dumb question is that if you then ask the follow up question, like, well, if we have a border, should we check on people who come into the country making sure they're not a national security threat?


Child trafficking, bringing in illegal narcotics, they would probably say, yeah, that sounds like a good idea to let's do that as well. So why is this immigration argument even a debate? It's not. Liberals are complicating. I got that that I've got the three questions you should ask liberals in the immigration debate and a whole bunch more. Today is a loaded show, including an update. I'm getting a lot of questions about my health and stuff, so I will put it out there where everything's OK.


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There you go, the Rush Limbaugh Bell honor the great Rush Limbaugh, by the way, I'll be telling you a little bit about this later to my friend Matt Palumbo's awesome new book, Dumb and Dumber. Stay tuned for that.


How Cuomo and deplores, I think covers how Cuomo and de Blasio run New York. More on this later. We'll get that. Pick that up today. All right. Before we get to the immigration debate, my first story out of the chute here is. This interesting concerted effort by the communist left, they are they are communists, let's not beat around the bush and play games with it all to push conservative content out of social media, off the air, off of cable news.


They become full blown anti free speech activists, the left, and they're labeling it all under misinformation. Joe, you've heard it. You in the audience have heard it a thousand times from the hapless Brian Stelter to the world, the Chuck Todd's and and others, the Oliver Darcey's at CNN. They say, gosh, we really got to get rid of people like Dan Bongino and Fox News and Sean Hannity and fill in the blank anyone a Ben Shapiro, whatever it may be.


New York Times jumps in and says this, too, because they're misinformation, disinformation specialists. We've heard that, right? We've heard that. Well, this is interesting. And I saw this article pop up about the deadly consequences of the disinformation, misinformation campaigns, endless ones promoted by The New York Times.


It's not possible, it's at the New York The New York Times are the ones pointing out the disinformation on the right there, the good guys in this right there, the white knights, they're the beatified saints in this. Right. We've heard that New York Times, they're doing a public service by exposing massive amounts of disinformation on the right. That's really weird, because when you look at this piece I have in the show notes today at Just Facts Daily.


Showed what you can access up on China.com newsletter, the newsletter is the show not. You'll see the sad and I do mean said, not a joke, sarcasm, time is over. The sad and deadly consequences of disinformation campaigns promoted. By The New York Times. This piece has a litany. Of mistruths, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda published by The New York Times that I will make the case to you in the next few moments. Have had deadly consequences.


Literally, people have been hurt and died because of disinformation campaigns by left wing media propagandists. From the piece, you'll see just one section here which cites some New York Times quotes and some information proving that these quotes by The New York Times are, in fact, not accurate. All right. From the just the facts daily piece, here's some instances of misinformation and disinformation, quote, spurring violence against police. According to The New York Times, quote, Black people suffer disproportionately from police brutality.


The piece says, while disproven by facts from the academic journal Social, Psychological and Personality Science, the FBI and left leaning Center for Policy Equity. Second, many police officers see black men as expendable figures on the urban landscape, not quite human beings. Well, disproven by me, I was a police officer, I've never heard that ever, that's nonsense. But it says this proven by facts from ProPublica, the Times own source and the US DOJ third quarter, The New York Times, black Americans, quote, are brutalized or killed by law enforcement officers who rarely, if ever, face consequences for their actions, end quote.


Well, disproven by facts from the academic journal Criminal Justice Policy Review and the FBI. Now, folks, why does this matter? Why do these continued misinformation and disinformation campaigns by left wing media outlets have absolutely deadly consequences? Why? Because folks people believe this stuff. You know, I was watching Tucker last night and he talked about this story, and I got to tell you, it's one of the few times I was like, darn, I wanted to talk about this tomorrow.


And he beat me to the punch. He did. He has a great show hat tip to him for picking this out to. Folks, liberals don't know anything. They are constantly misinformed about the state of affairs in the actual real world and it has deadly consequences. That's not sarcasm. You doubt me. Look at this tweet by Zach Goldberg on his social media account. Quote, Just showing how little liberals know, and yet they vote for people who implement policies according to their worldview, that's false, quote.


A recent nationally represented a recent national survey commissioned by Skeptic magazine. Asked respondents, follow this folks, to estimate the number of unarmed blacks killed by police in twenty nineteen. Fair question. How many unarmed black men or women were killed by police and 20, 19? Well, overall, forty four percent, nearly half of liberals guessed one thousand or more. Black citizens were killed, unarmed black citizens were killed by police, as compared to 20 percent of conservatives who believe this, you can see the chart right next to it rumbled on Jena, if you'd actually like to look at the visuals here.


Hmm. That's interesting, Joe. Nearly half of liberals questioned thought that over 1000 unarmed black men, black citizens, black men or women were killed by police officers in the United States and twenty 19 not armed. Brutally mowed down, right, according to some of the left leaning media narratives. That's fascinating. Now, why is that fascinating, because how many unarmed black men were actually killed by police officers in twenty nineteen? Twenty seven oh. You think?


You were only off by a factor of. But 40. Wow. Now, you may say. All right, Dan, what's the breaking news here? Liberals don't know anything, we already know that. Liberals are misinformed about taxes, school choice, health care, communism, socialism, government regulation, just about everything, immigration policy. So what's the news here? Well, the news here, folks, is because liberals believe that there is a absolute pandemic of police murdering black men across the country who are unarmed.


A fact not borne out by any statistics or reality at all. Liberals engage in publicly a public policy decisions which get you hurt you. They get you heard. I'll show you in a minute what I mean. I've got a series of articles showing how public policy decisions to defund the police because there is a misinformation campaign to make you believe that the police are hunting you down if you are black has led to decisions like defunding the police and after defunding the police, has had catastrophic consequences and attacks on the police, deadly consequences.


We still have people, whereas there is gaslighting. Here it is. Thank you, Gaslight movie guy who sent me this gaslighting you or lying to you convincingly to gaslighting is we still have people gaslighting and Joe, they're curious as to gosh, why are homicide levels spiking in the United States after these endless attacks on police? I don't know. I just can't figure it out. Look, here's an article by The Intercept. Believable. What drove the historically large murder spike in 20 20?


Now, you would take the keep this something you think the subtitle of the article would say, attacks on police, defunding the police, crapping on the police, making them feel terrible and not letting them enforce the law. Right. This is a reasonable, reasonable piece. You would think that right now, but don't get ahead of yourself being reasonable. Come on. Said we are citing the intercept here. Here's the subtitle of it. So what drove the historically large murder spike in twenty twenty?


The pandemic police violence and more guns all contributed to an unprecedented rise in murders across the United States.


You see here, you see these dates. I can tell you that liberals believe it. I'm really sorry. Not all of you. I don't want to stereotype, but large swaths of liberals live in it. You know, I use the example a lot because it's funny and a lot of people remember it. Remember the Seinfeld episode, right? George Costanza, who is like the loser in the show, you know, George Costanza, just like the guy.


You know, he just can't do anything. Right. George's life is so bad. Excuse me. George decides to do everything backwards and see how his life works out. He yells at his boss. He tells us dates. He lives with his mom. Remember that episode, Joe? And all of a sudden what happens, George, is luck, change. He gets a promotion. George Steinbrenner makes him like the president of the Yankees. The dates think he's the hottest guy around.


It's a joke, of course, but that's the world liberals live in. Where everything is backwards, but the catch is nothing works out. We have to defund the police, they're hunting down black men who are unarmed across the country and killing them. That's not true. You're just making it up, as evidenced by your answers to a question where you were notably disinfo. You were misinformed because The New York Times and others are you seeing Howard laying this out, has been telling you this forever.


And you're blaming right wing media for disinformation and misinformation, for exposing you guys. And even when you're exposed, people like the intercept double and triple down. My gosh, what is it, Joe, homicide spiking everywhere we've been attacking the police, trying to defund them, what could it be? Oh, my. What could it possibly what? I just can't figure this out. Can somebody help me, please? Can we get the Karnac from the Johnny Carson?


What did he used to put the thing was ever. What is in it must be guns and that Americans love affair with guns, despite the fact that gun ownership historically over the past few decades has gone up and crime had gone down. That's really where they have no data to back that up. It must be the pandemic. It has to be now. That's really weird because a lot of other crimes, like property crimes have gone down in a pandemic.


It's just homicides in many places. So you got to throw that out to. But data and data schmader, who needs data? When The New York Times and others. We can lie to liberals because they're dumb enough to believe in. Here is what sane people, Joe, like you and I would call the law of cause and effect. But irrational liberals will completely miss the you ever remember in math class, you had the equal sign and when things don't equal, they put the line through the equal.


And then when it may equal something, you put the squiggly equal. Remember, that's not for you math folks out there. This is one of those conservatives. Get this the connection I'll make in a minute. New York Times is going to equal the Star Tribune article we're going to put up in a minute. Right. Equal some liberals. Folks, should I diagram this out? Policy diagram this out. We should hold on, folks. I'm sorry, but we need to do a tutorial because there are some liberals listening who won't get this.


So conservatives these to equal right for you math folks and for liberals, this loan equal for some persuadable Democrats who were smart. It may equal after we're done. OK, just a little diagram, a little help for the listening. That's a lot. I know, but this is important stuff. I know it's a lot. We're getting ahead of us. The very scientific. So here you go. Liberal Disinformation campaign, New York Times headline. Minneapolis will dismantle its police force, council members pledge, why wouldn't they, Joe?


Minneapolis was told the police are hunting down randomly black men to shoot them when a runner, folks. That's pretty scary. If I happen to be black, I agree, I would be terrified. It's a plague of black men and women being shot dead, unarmed in the Shia plague over a thousand a year. Except there's not over thousands. 27. So that leads to headlines like this in The New York Times now, again, conservatives get the equals here.


That equals this Star Tribune in Minnesota, Minneapolis, to consider bringing in outside police officers amid shortage. Can someone grab anything, can you read my equals thingy? We got we need to. I'm sorry I threw the equally. Thank you, Paula. You could just chuck it right back. Paula really exist. Some of you could say that was not a ghost. It was not Casper. Here we go. Equal, equal, equal. Minnesota defines as police equals a rise in crime.


Therefore, Star Tribune Minneapolis has to consider bringing in outside police officers amid shortage. Liberals don't get it. Disconnect don't equal even semi persuadable. Democrats are starting to get this. Well, that might equal.


I mean, this again. Do you get now the deadly consequences legitimately? Sorry about the emotional ups and downs and vicissitudes of the show here, but. It's roller coaster emotionally matters to me, I was a police officer. Matters people's safety and security matter what is tax policy matter if you're dead? Seriously, what is Obamacare versus free market health care matter if you're dead? What is school choice policy matter if every day you come home from school, you're subject to being dead and being robbed and murdered or raped or assaulted?


What what what does that mean? What does it even matter? But because liberals believe in deadly misinformation campaigns by people like The New York Times and elsewhere, they believe they're being hunted by police, which is factually entirely and it's false. It's made up to say gaslighting narrative. They then enact policies like defunding their police, which leads to people then really dying, which then leads people like Minneapolis and crazy liberals in Minneapolis to say, hey, maybe we should bring the cops back.


Because, Joe, I don't I don't want to die. Just a note for those of you who think I'm a hater out there because you're liberals and you just don't know me or listen to my show. I don't want you to die. They said, well, then that's obvious. No, it's not to liberals, liberals are insane, they really don't understand what's in my heart. I want you to live and prosper. I was a police officer in a largely minority community, and I dedicated my life to it for a couple of years, but it mattered to me.


And do it for the money. It mattered. You deserve it, you're American citizens, too, and you should be asking your leaders, why is my neighborhood going under in Minneapolis? Because I have to listen to these liberal idiots. Why do I have to walk to school and worry about getting killed every day? Why? Because the people in charge chose it to be that way. All right, let me get to my second sponsor on the other side of this, I want to get to a video back to Thomas Sowell, back to Thomas Sowell, because when we need guidance on why liberals simply cannot embrace facts, I just gave you facts.


A poll where liberals don't understand the facts. They believe thousands of black men are being hunted by the police and killed, that it's not a fact. You understand that that's made up. That is not if that's not the real world, that's the George Costanza world. That's not real. It's fake. So Thomas Soul has this great segment on on on the Hoover Institution thing with Thomas Sowell, where he does stuff, where he just takes on AOC and Aoki's not love affair with the facts were AOK, just says things.


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Here's Thomas.


So you're going to hear an open with AOC spewing some nonsense and Thomas all talking about the left's problem with this thing. Joe, I've called the facts and the real world. It's an ongoing problem. They really, really should address some time. Check out the great Tommaseo.


I think that there's a lot of people more concerned about being precisely factually and semantically correct than about being morally right.


We're raising whole generations who regard facts as more or less optional, and they're being taught that it's important to have views and they're not being taught that. It's important to know what you're talking about. It's important to hear the opposite viewpoint and more important to learn how to distinguish whether Y viewpoint a viewpoint B, a different and which one has the most evidence or logic behind it. They disregard that. They hear something and they hear some rhetoric and they run with it.


Yes. And vice versa. Know what you're talking about before you start spouting this kind of stuff. This guy, you know, did not love this guy. Listen, I don't have. The gravitas of the presidential office to give out awards, OK, I just run by and at the White House, but if there was, you know, as a Presidential Medal of Freedom, if there was the Dan Bongino Medal of Freedom, I would have Thomas soul on the set.


But he would never come and accept that because nobody wants to that. But Medal of Freedom, OK, now even Geto, because it's probably worthless. But if I had won and I had the gravitas to do it, to use the dreaded D.C. buzz term, I would do the ceremony all official with Tommaseo right around the neck where they give him the all the award. We can all clap, give him a proclamation. I hereby declare today. I would do it in a minute.


The man is just one of the greatest minds of our time. That statement there, Joe. It's deeper than it sounds, it sounds like he's making a joke, but he's right, this new generation of leftists, which feels entitled to an opinion without actually having any facts to back it up. And then at the beginning of that's great, because it's AOC, who is seriously one of the. If there were the opposite of intellectual titans, Aoki's it, she's like, I don't really have a lot of facts, but precision with facts doesn't really matter because we're morally right.


You are. You're morally right. So you get the facts wrong in a disinformation campaign against the police, making people believe they're being hunted in the streets, which is in fact, false. That leads to defunding the police in cities like Minneapolis, which leads to increases in crime where people get hurt and killed, which leads then to a call to refund and bring in more police. Yet precision doesn't matter. And you morally right. And where the idiots explain explain that again.


Please explain that again, please. What did I miss their. And please explain to me again how The New York Times, Washington Post, Brian Stelter, CNN, Oliver Darsey and the other disinformation, misinformation specialists. These are propagandists and very specific tactical misinformation specialists. Explain to me again how they're not leading to the downfall of the United States through silly propaganda efforts like this that turned deadly. Explain, I'd love to hear it. I'd love to hear it.


They're all entitled to an opinion entirely divorced from actual facts, that's their worldview, I'm entitled to an opinion. I am a liberal snowflake. Your opinion actually based in any reality? Hell, no. Who needs that? Get the point if you're watching the video. All right, moving on. You know, I'm working on another audio podcast product for you, a news product. I'll have more on that in the future. But it's interesting, I was talking to one of the guys doing it.


Maybe the same guy and he was asking me how you transition from stories and how I do it, I'm like, I don't know, I just say, let's go to the next story.


I don't know. Like, that's how I do talk. Created a rules for this. I don't know if there are. I never read them. How do you get to the next story, Joe? You've been in radio like some kind of rule now. Are you supposed to what do we do? We're like we're done at this very place. I guess we're like, nah, I don't feel like talking to let's just go to the next. That's how I do it.


I don't know if there's some radio text book. I never read it. Maybe I should maybe we'd have even more listeners. All right, moving on. There you go. Transition. I moved on from that. Even though it wasn't a story. No debate frustrates me more. None, none than the immigration debate. There are a lot the tax debate, the school choice debate, the health care debate, the regulations debate, the socialism debate.


But I've got to tell you, I'm not kidding. Nothing frustrates me more than the immigration debate because there really is no debate when you're talking to sane people. Again, not the radical left, because it doesn't matter. They're not rational. They're the George Costanza's. They do everything backwards, but nothing works out. George Steinbrenner fires them. So if there's really no debate and as I said in the beginning of the show, immigration is largely common sense.


We are a country. Therefore, a country delineates borders. Right. Or else it's not a country. It's a suggestion of a country. Right. I'm just checking if we had a country with no definable borders, how is it a country? Yeah, here's the United States and Joe points to New Mexico and Canada. Little Joe points to what you would traditionally call the United States. Another person points just to the continental United States. Another person points to Florida.


You're like, wait, I thought this was a country meeting. There's some unifying definitions to what? It's not what we all think. It's something different because there's no borders. That's rational, right? Like have the irrational nature that is rational, like how stupid that would be. So we all agree a country should have some definable delineation point and a border sane, sane, sane people. Right.


We all agree. Secondly, right. That if a country has a border. That you should probably, if you come into the country, have a process for enforcing what that border is, because if you had a border and you sent a message around the world that said, listen, we've got this border on a map of where the United States begins and ends. But here's the hard reality, folks. We don't really care. Do what you want, fly in, walk in boat in whatever you have to do, jog running, sprint in bare, crawl in doing a crossword workout.


We don't care the borders. Just the suggestion. You'd probably say, well, that's not a good idea either, because, you know, we have problems with narco trafficking, child trafficking, illegal immigration would become a really, really big problem. Right, right. So sane people are probably like no border sounds like a good idea and. Checking folks who come in probably sounds like a good idea to. So why why is there a debate? You've been watching the show, right?


Because the same reason there's a debate about defunding the police. Because liberal disinformation networks, CNN, MSNBC. Washington Post, The New York Times and other prominent liberals, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and others. Have the American people believing that we don't really need a border, that it's unnecessary and there'll be no problems associated with just open up the country because, Joe, it's compassionate.


Hmm, so people make really stupid decisions based on misinformation, you doubt me. Showing you how these people are just lying to you and that they don't even believe what they're telling you, just like people telling you that the police are hunting down black men in mass and shooting them dead, unarmed in mass, just like the people telling you that, you know, the Aoki's of the world and others don't actually believe it. Here is proof, hard proof in this one minute.


And what 15 second video clip that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don't believe that their immigration policies are real either. Because when Donald Trump did the same thing with immigration, in other words. Detained people who entered the country illegally in an immigration facility, they called it, and I'm quoting a human rights abuse when Trump did it. Human human rights abuse. In other words, they were the compassionate ones, you can't let the same facility, they put people across the country illegally, that same facilities open right now under Joe Biden.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. Hold on. Red flag, red flag review under the hood for review, folks might expanded away. So when this facility to detain people who entered the country illegally was opened under Trump, it was a human rights abuse, but weird. Now it's open under Biden and it's totally different. Joe Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki responding to a question about this very specific thing from Peter Doocy, who's like, wait, wait.


The media told us this was a massive human rights abuse just a few years ago, but now no problems at all. Peter Doocy, of course, works for Fox because no other media outlet would touch this. Check this out.


It's the same facility that was open for a month in the Trump administration summer twenty nineteen. That is when Joe Biden said under Trump, there have been horrifying scenes at the border of kids being kept in cages. And Kamala Harris said basically babies in cages is a human rights abuse being committed by the United States government. So how is this any different? We very much feel that way. And if these are facilities, let me be clear here. One, there's a pandemic going on.


I'm sure you're not suggesting that we have children right next to each other in ways that are not covered safe, are you? I'm suggesting that Kamala Harris said that this facility putting people in this facility was a human rights abuse committed by the United States government. And Jill Biden said under Trump, there have been horrifying scenes of border at the border of kids being kept in cages. Now, it's not under Trump, it's under fire. This is not kids being kept in cages.


This is this is kids. This is a facility that was opened that's going to follow the same standards as other HHS facilities. It is not a replication. Certainly not. That's that is never our intention of replicating the immigration policies of the past administration.


Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Hmm, that's that's really weird. That's really, really weird. They're not being kept in cages down in Georgia. Now they're being kept in shipping containers, shipping them much better. Much. Yes, that's definitely not a human rights ship. But you can actually look at their shipping container. You definitely want to put them in cages. You definitely want to stick them in shipping containers instead. That that's totally not a human rights abuse, you know.


Now you see why we live in this world of left wing misinformation, where left wing media folks like The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC. Are pumping out. Reames. Of false information and propaganda with no facts to back it up, like Tommaseo said, they think they're entitled to an opinion with no facts. And then when the facts confront them, where's my guy? They gaslight. Thank you, Captain Gaslight Guy. Movie guy.


They gaslight you again. Movies come in very handy. I got to find the name of the dude who sent that may have been a woman sorry. When they're confronted with the painful fact like, wait, wait, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, you media folks and everything, Peter Doocy from Fox, you told us this was a human rights abuse, and yet you're putting these kids back in the same human rights abusing, quote, facility.


Now, coronavirus shipping containers are better. It's all B.S. and you keep falling for it if you're a liberal. You know, pretty much sum this up, I saw this on caBBed Phillips social media account yesterday. caBBed Phillips is a Republican activist, I believe he had this handy chart to understanding liberals love affair with misinformation and disinformation. This chart is very scientific. Joe, get ready. Throw that up on the screen. You can check this out at Rumbold dot com slash.


Bongino, please subscribe to our video. Shall we put a lot of work into it?


This chart is very scientific and it breaks down how exactly this works. So it starts with box one. It's kind of a binary question. Is Donald Trump president? If your answer is yes and you go up through the fork in the road there, then you have three options for these immigration facilities. You can call them cages, concentration camps or jail cells. That's if Donald Trump is president. Thank you. Now he has another handy little fork in the road.


That is Donald Trump, the president. No, no. When Donald Trump is not the president, these very same facilities, Joe, are called temporary structures, emergency facilities and overflow camps. This is a very handy chart. It is. Thank you. Cabin, he summed. It explains everything. It explains everything. The exact same facility. But it doesn't really matter because, you know, if Joe Biden's in office at the same, but it's not really the same, it's to be defined a different way.


Again, gaslighting. What is gaslighting? Telling a lie often, which the media does. Black men are being hunted unarmed around the country. Tell it confidently, say that it's a lie. It's not based in any objective reality whatsoever. But say it confidently. No, no, I swear. I swear. Those are those are concentration camps. Donald Trump is is is putting together on the southern border. I swear black men are being killed and hunted down and masked by the police.


Say it confidently, say the lie said confidently what is step three of the gaslighting process otherwise known as lying and propagandizing? You have to isolate people from the truth. And that's what The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC do by their coordinated, coordinated misinformation campaigns, and I don't mean coordinated like there's some central Borg like figure. I just mean because they're liberals. They just know what to do. They don't need instructions. But it's coordinated in a more philosophical sense.


They know how to lie in tandem, lie, lie confidently and isolate people from the truth so they never see it. If you didn't see Peter do see yesterday's name, you wouldn't realize that the exact same facility. That they called under Trump a human rights abuse, our current vice president, Kamala Harris, is now open under current Vice President Kamala Harris. How do you break out of gaslighting? You don't fall for. Option three. Don't isolate yourself from the truth, seek out hard facts and reality, which you get on this show, which liberals laugh so funny.


Dan Bongino. So facts really. We've exposed you repeatedly, the left repeatedly for your lying. All right, let me get to my third sponsor and the other side of this, I've been getting a lot of questions, and you were right. You were right. I mean, getting a lot of questions about Dan, OK, we're ready. We dusted off we're upset about the last election. You should be. There should be a Supreme Court hearing about the disaster in Pennsylvania and Arizona, but the Supreme Court has abdicated its responsibility.


But a woman emailed me yesterday, I read your emails. And she said, what do we do? Now on the what do we do front not talk about I have always been hesitant to get into the candidate business and I'll tell you why. I've run for office myself and candidly, folks, I've consistently disappointed by candidates. I'm sorry, but it's true. They ask me to get involved. I get involved, right, Paula. And they she's, like, shaking her head.


They almost always disappoint you later. And it just. Pisses me off. Can I say that? Sorry, I just did sorry, kids. But I'm going to try to do my best here to venture back into the candidate game, because the primary season for twenty, twenty two has already started and we have to start getting rid of these disastrous Republican dead weight. You know, moss growing on a rock at the politicians who are terrible. We got to start.


So I've got one for you. I think coming up next, I'm hoping my fingers are crossed. Paul is like howzat, you'll never know, I haven't thought she got a new system here, I used to know everything beforehand. She's now a little bit in the dark, which is good. Suspense and suspense is good. Suspense is good. They back to our friends at Rock Auto, Joe's favorite sponsor ever of all time lists and chain stores have price years for professional mechanics and do it yourselfers.


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All right. Get back to the show. So, again, I used to stay out of the candidate business, but I'm going to try to venture in slowly. Let's hope we're not disappointed. But here's a very promising candidate getting ready to take on in, what is it, Illinois 16th Congressional District. A new congressional candidate just jumped in Catalina Island off Catalina Love. I'm loving this video. I'm going to play about, what, 17, 18 seconds of her intro video.


Who was she taking on? The disastrous, failed, discredited disgraced congressman from Illinois, a joke of a politician, Adam Kinzinger, a judge, not even a RINO. This guy's not even this guy's a full blown leftist. Adam Kinzinger, if we can beat Adam Kinzinger in a primary, this would be huge. Here's our first entrant, the Dan Bongino candidate sweepstakes. And she looks quite a lot of people I know are vouching for Catalina, allow l a UFO.


Let me just give our website before you see this little teaser video here to being. Catalina with a C for FAA, Congress, Dotcom, Yonit Catalina for Congress, dot com, check this out.


I'm a firm believer in the American motto United we stand, divided we fall and we need to be united now more than ever. I never thought I'd primary a fellow Republican, but as Congressman Adam Kinzinger really a Republican anymore. He isn't. And we have the proof. No beating around the bush there, the video is about three minutes is very good. I encourage you to look at it and check it out in our social media accounts, but go to Catalina for Congress, Dotcom, and maybe we should start showing our support.


You're asking me. I'm getting this a lot. What can we do? Well, now you can do something in a district stop by. Probably has a campaign headquarters that has a contact button on our website. Catalina for Congress, dot com. Check it out contactor. If you're in Illinois, you'd have to be in our district. I had people when I ran for Congress in Maryland that didn't even live in Maryland. People living in Virginia were volunteering for my campaign.


You want to know what you can do? That's what you could do. Go help her out. Let's get rid of Kinzinger. He's a total mess. All right, moving on. So just a quick update and get a lot of questions, because I did mention the health situation on Hannity, and I really sincerely do not want to make this show about my health. There are people in far, far worse condition than me. And it's. You know, I was watching a movie last night and I got to say which one, but I was watching it with Paul a few minutes at the end and there's a one of the actors in the movie.


It's based on a real story. That's the only reason I bring it up was informed that a deadly disease and only had about 60 days to live. And the scene is pretty dramatic. And I said to Paula, can you imagine what it's like to hear that, how devastating, how everything you thought was you were going to see that you were going to live through your daughter's wedding or whatever it may be, has been truncated into a 60 day block of your life?


I mean, what do you do? Do you really what what what a horror. There are people in that very real situation. And I want to make sure you understand that I'm not anybody's victim. And I just feel like because you've lived with me for five, six, seven years of my life that I say things on other shows. I don't say I'm here and people email me. They say, why didn't you say it in your own show?


And, you know, because it's complicated. I just you know, I really just don't want to make the show about some kind of, like, weird sob story. You know, I was diagnosed with cancer, which is really kind of sucks. It's still weird saying that. So I thought I was free of it and I just rang that bell, which felt really good to do because I had finished my radiation and chemo and they found some nodules on my lungs, three of them.


And we don't know what they are. I should know hopefully by next week or maybe the week after that. But, you know, for all you medical pros out there, we don't know what they are. And it's really weird. I'm obviously hoping they're not cancer. But could I have had covid coronavirus did some damage on my lungs from chemo? What is it? I don't know. It's just really freaking me out. So just a quick update, but I think I'll be OK.


And either way, it's treatable. And I just want you to know I'm nobody's victim. I haven't even missed the show since we started cancer treatment ever. And I and I don't plan on if I can help it because there's just too much going on. But speaking of covid, because I'm wondering, did I have covid, was there some lung damage from covid? Even the doctor was openly on the phone. You were chatting yesterday. I have great doctors, Dr.


Hanadi Local and his terrific staff and an M.D. Anderson had some good doctors at Sloan. But I'm wondering and I saw this article this morning in Town Hall about about covid. And it cites another article by The Wall Street Journal in The Wall Street Journal by Marty MacQuarrie, who works over at Fox News. I think he's a contributor over there. He's a doctor. And the questions starting to emerge like, what are the Democrats going to do? It's a great piece.


It reads, excuse me, town halls. Forgive me if I said Red State Town Hall. Why the Democrats covid lockdown regime could come crashing down by April. Matt Vesp, a town hall be in the show notes. Please subscribe to the show notes almost 500000 people Bunshiro that newsletter's how you access the show notes. The newsletter again is the shows and it addresses the reason.


I'm citing the Wall Street Journal piece in the town hall because the town hall piece is great. I want you to read that too, because it addresses really two things, folks, how the Democrats have used a very serious crisis with covid-19 and coronavirus to do two things economic lockdown's and school closures. The information, though, now getting the theme of the show. The information backing that up that we should keep the economy locked down and schools closed is almost nonexistent, just like the information that police are hunting down thousands of black men and shooting them unarmed, it's non-existent to.


The evidence isn't there, but people still believe it. But that evidence is going to get harder and harder to one more time. Gaslight people with because what's the third component of gaslighting, lie, lie often what's number three, keep mentally you have to isolate people.


Yes, yes. And it's going to get harder to insulate people from a deadly pandemic where everybody should stay in their house, never leave, keep their kids out of school and starve to death. First, it's going to get harder to isolate people from the truth as people start to ask around and realize that, you know, everybody had covered a little while, guy, new friends who I don't know, not many people getting covid. I don't see a lot of infections around here.


So why am I keeping my kid out of school and my business going bankrupt? I'm wondering. So the core of the town, the core premise of the town hall article is. This Dr. Marty Makary saying, hey, by April. Is coronavirus pandemic, at least not that's not going to be infections and it's not going to be there will always be serious and it will mean a threat from the coronaviruses here. It's never going anywhere. But the level of threat will be so low by April, it's going to be really hard to isolate people from the truth anymore, gaslight them into believing economic lockdowns and closing the schools are a good idea.


From the town halls and The Wall Street Journal, this is Marty Macri. He says amid the dire covid warnings, one crucial fact has been largely ignored. Cases are down seventy seven percent, not seven point seven seventy seven percent over the past six weeks, if a medication cases by seventy seven percent, we call it a miracle pill. Why is the number of cases plummeting much faster than the experts Joe predicted? Experts in large part because natural immunity from prior infection is far more common than can be measured by testing, you see why I threw that in the beginning.


This health update was I infected with coronavirus and didn't even know. Is that what's in my lungs? I don't know. I have no idea. Sorry to make it off your back to the quote. Testing has been capturing only ten to twenty five percent of infections, depending on when during the pandemic someone got the virus. Applying a time weighted case capture average of one in six point five to the cumulative twenty eight million confirmed cases would mean. About 55 percent of Americans already have natural immunity.


What Dr. Macario Macary, forgive me, I'm not saying anything wrong intentionally, Macary is saying, is depending on when you were infected, if you were infected during a really heavy spike, Joe, the chances of you getting a test or whatever may have been minimized because of delays and things like that. So depending on when exactly you got the virus and if you were symptomatic and how we didn't capture all the cases, hence we have this weird statistic called confirmed cases where we know through a test I say weird because that doesn't mean all the cases.


That just means people who were tested. But if a large number of people are asymptomatic, possibly me and we'll know soon, possibly MI. Then it's kind of weird to use the confirmed cases that doesn't give you the total number of cases, but you can extrapolate some data from that. And if the confirmed cases are only a small portion of actual cases, that means a whole lot of people. May now have some natural immunity to this virus, meaning that when you combine that with the vaccine, if you choose to take it or not, of course it's up to you.


The many vaccines. You may have an April, a pandemic that's been severely diminished, thank the Lord, and I'm not using his name in vain. And all of a sudden, you're gaslighting, you're not going to be able to isolate people from the truth anymore. People are going to look around and say, my neighbors are healthy, my family's healthy. I haven't heard anything in my neighborhood about a mass outbreak. Why again, are we doing this?


Well, the liberals are doing it because, number one, they wanted to soften us up to their tyranny with their lockdown's to get us used to them being in charge. Remember that piece I played from Naomi Wolf at the end of yesterday's show? If you haven't seen it, it is a must watch. And secondly, they want to keep schools closed so they can cater to the teachers unions. It's really that simple. All right, let me get to my last sponsor.


I want to show you this book again, because it's awesome. And I would really appreciate if you take care of Matt Polumbo one, it's a good book. Not just you know, it's not a charity drive. It's a great, great book. I read it. I love it. So I want to get into that when he gets my last sponsor. And let's see, I really do need to talk about parler, too, for a second to begin a lot of questions about that.


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If it's not the perfect fit, send it back for a full refund. We the people holsters that cost less than get an additional ten dollars off. We have promo codes with the offer code. Dan, we the people holsters that less than we the people holsters that come in. All right. I got a motor through this quick. So quickly. I told you I'd tell you about Parler. What was going on with parler. I'm getting a lot of quidam.


What's going on with parler? Here's the deal, folks, with Parlo because it's important I am still an investor in parlor. I will remain such for as long as I want my money and assets tied up in there. I still think it is a I obviously I wouldn't be an investor, that it is a great alternative to the tech tyrant's a Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. Having said that, I, as of today, I believe, no longer involved really with the day to day.


I'm sorry, I've got a lot going on in my life. It's nothing personal. It's just I just can't folks, I've got a lot going on in my life. It's really that simple. I've got too many things to do. So I get a lot of emails about, hey, what's up with Parli? And I understand that. But candidly, folks, you have to send it to them. I'm not abandoning them or anything like that.


I just I have to get control over my life a little bit. There's a lot going on right now. So I am not involved in the day to day. I don't know the new interim CEO at all that I don't have anything personal against him. I told you yesterday the ridiculous fairy tale that he's involved with George Soros is so funny. I thought it was a joke when I first read it, but I don't know him at all, so.


I'll leave it at that. All right, I am going to do this David French story, because I just want to prove Gronk I'm just kidding. I love he's a good man, so. While we're talking about parler. I'm I'm trying on my show to I'm trying it's not working out really well, but I'm trying on my show to not. Hit people directly as much, but some people are so worthy of condemnation because of their rank, hypocrisy, ignorance and dangerous stupidity, people who put out rumors like the Russian collusion hoax is real and which caused people to believe the former president of United States, Donald Trump, was a traitor.


People put out rumors like the police are hunting black men and shooting them by the thousands.


These are dangerous. They lead people to make really dangerous, pernicious, stupid decisions. Well, one of those collusion hoaxers was a guy who pretended to be a Republican, apparently forever is a guy by the name of David French at National Review who is really an example of the depravity in our modern Trump environment because we're still in it. May not be in the Trump presidency, but Donald Trump still dominates the media cycle. Donald Trump broke David French, who really has shown he has no principles at all and only matters in light of what I just discussed with Parler, because David French, who pretended to be a Republican for ever again, a big hoaxer, apparently wasn't smart enough to figure out that the collusion hoax was a hoax.


Guess it's not that bright, but it's interesting. Yesterday, I brought up a story that yesterday, I think it was yesterday about Amazon engaged in book burning. I don't use Amazon anymore because they're a farce.


They're in the book Burning Business. And they burned a book by Ryan Anderson, a book called When Harry Became Sally Responding to the Transgender Moment. So Amazon's in the book Burning Business and pulled the book off the shelves because it didn't meet the liberal priorities.


And Amazon set largely, not largely, it's a liberal company. So, David French, we agree that this is unacceptable. Chimes in. He says, wow, I hope this is a mistake. Amazon, there's this tweet. If not, then it's absurd and unacceptable. Wow. What do you think, David French for? We agree. Because, David, France apparently is friendly with Rinty and I have never met Ryan Anderson in my life, I just have principles and I actually believe in things like book burning, probably not being a good idea, but not David French.


He loves tech tyranny by Amazon and others. He loves it when they're not his friends and people who support the Magga movement. Like a lot of folks on Parler and me as an investor in Pather, this is the same David French on his Twitter. Again, big free speech, Joe. Civil rights activist, David French. I say that laughing of course. Here's his Twitter account. I'd encourage it when Amazon, by the way, does platform parler and took us off of Amazon Web Services.


This is him. I'd encourage everyone who believes that Amazon must host Parlor's content to read Amazon's brief. The power of the state should not be used to force Americans to host and help disseminate mass amounts of death threats and insurrectionary content. He then went on later. By the way, I don't have the freedom to say that Parler couldn't control that. David French doesn't no one doesn't know anything about parler at all. David French is one of these pseudo intellectual buffoons who constantly opines on things he has no idea about.


He doesn't even understand the parlor moderation process, but he opines about it and supports Amazon's de platforming of parler, despite the fact that Facebook and Twitter actually had a bigger role in the, quote, hosting of violent content because David French and FACT's never, ever meet David French is actually the guy. Whether Thomas knows Thomas Sol was talking about that quote, although David French thinks he's Tommaseo showing you what a character free buffoon this coward is because he is.


Here's David French again. Stomping on Rush Limbaugh's grave, Rush Limbaugh, ten thousand times the man David French will ever be. From his Twitter account full of stupidity, by the way. Rush Limbaugh shaped and mirrored his generation, the angriest conservative generation ideas took a back seat to opposition. Ideology is malleable.


Ideology is malleable from this buffoon who can't even decide if he loves or hates Amazon. When a platform his friends, he goes on, the confrontation is mandatory. That's the migration Rush made. That's the migration millions made. So, you know, David, French zero principle, spineless jellyfish. And you said you wouldn't make it personal. I'm sorry, this guy's the epitome of everything wrong with America today. So it's clear to from that he just doesn't like Limbaugh now Limbaugh is an angry guy, fostered a nonideological, dopey, malleable generalities.


He said that right. That's weird, because when Limbaugh used to talk about his articles, here's the same David French say same guy, same guy. For those, you know, like Bill Clinton, the same guy hears the same David Frenches talk. When Rush is reading this piece, I humbly submit that it's worth your read to. Of course, it's his article, National Review. He tweeted that back in 2016, love. He loved he loved her.


He loved the rush when Rush put out his article. Really weird. You know, it's really strange. I've actually cited David French, too, because I mistakenly thought at times that he was a principled human being. He's he's not. Beware. Beware of people like David French. They're pseudo intellectuals, they're the same pseudo intellectual, soulless, talking about people who aren't married to facts whose principles are malleable, despite the fact the French thinks he's calling out people whose principles are malleable, our principles are the same.


So much so they don't even like David French. And when I thought he had something to say, oh, there's another one of these. Oh, I totally forgot about that when I thought he had something to say. Actually put his work out there, despite the fact that I personally don't like him because I have principles. Now, I've come to the conclusion after his latest Amazon episode and his flip flopping again, that this is a character free guy.


By the way, here's another tweet from David French celebrating Rush Limbaugh again, the same Rush Limbaugh. He was crapping on his grave. This is from 20 50 David French, you've got to read this, you have to that's what Rush Limbaugh said about this piece during the show today, citing, of course, a National Review piece where French works. Now, you know, I barely use National Review anymore. Unbelievable. Scam artists, trafficking and misinformation and disinformation, David French was a hoaxer.


Getting people to believe things that aren't true, altering reality we live in and really forcing people into boxes where they make stupid decisions like defunding the police, which cost people their lives. David French does stuff like that. Telling you how angry he is at Amazon for these platforming, his friend, while celebrating the platforming a parlor, because some Trump people may have been involved with parler, real principled guy.


All right, folks, please pick up this book today, I need a favor for me at the end of the show, I usually promote my Rumball Account Bungeni report, but it's an important day. My good friend, my editor at Bongino Report and upon China.com, Matt Polumbo has a book out today. I really need a favor from you. This is why I have no financial interest in this book whatsoever. He's just my friend and I love him to death and he's super whip smart.


He has a book out today. It's called Dumb and Dumber How Cuomo and de Blasio Run New York. Folks, this book is chock full of easily digestible nuggets about just how badly Cuomo and de Blasio have driven New York and New York City into the ground. It is chock full of info you can use to debate your liberal friends, because the stuff in here is not just about New York, it's about the liberal agenda in general, school choice, the economics of New York, everything.


It is a manifesto. It's short, it's sweet. It is so worth your time. Please check it out. If we could get this guy into like the top two hundred bucks or so, I would really he's that good of a guy and he deserves it. Matt Palombo, Dumb and Dumber. How Cuomo and de Blasio run New York worth your time. Please pick it up today. Paul, is this going to be an email blast today, yesterday and tomorrow?


OK, it'll be in the email blast if you're on our email list. Bunshiro, that Constellation newsletter, please pick it up today. I'd really appreciate it. Matt deserves such a good guy. Thanks, folks. I appreciate your time today. Matt asked me to about. How do you get out of a show, how do you do that? Is there a way here's how you do it. Hey, thanks. I'll see you all tomorrow.


Thanks for tuning in.


You just heard Dan Bongino.