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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


You know, I get a lot of feedback on shows, but rarely do I get the volume of feedback overseas. I did on my show about what's happening in the new police state of Melbourne, Australia, an experiment, police state tactics. They have basically used the coronavirus, a very serious virus, no doubt, but as an excuse to just destroy people's civil liberties. I'll stay on this story to all our Australian listeners. I am on it. I promise you, I am with you.


My heart, my head. My soul is with you. What's happening over there is a disgrace. People get locked up, people get harassed by the police. Now, people are not allowed out of their house. Absolutely disgraceful. I got you know, I'll try to give you a quick update on that during the week. I've got a couple of surprises coming later in the week. You're going to want to pay attention to Friday's show. I mean, wink and a nod.


Now, it's going to be a very, very important show, not for the reasons you think it's important, but loaded show.


They got that trap. Trump set a trap for the Democrats. I told you about this last week. Here is the trap. Here were the Democrats. Here's the Democrats falling in the trap that happened. And I got a Spygate update today show a bunch of express VPN, keep your online activity free from prying eyes. Get a VPN today, go to express VPN dotcom slash Bungeni. Welcome to Dan Bongino, show producer. Joe, how are you today?


Fine, sir.


Man, I'm doing well. But I'll tell you what, judging from the stuff you sent me to pull, this is going to be one heck of a show. Yeah.


Yeah, it's this is we may have to go over today. Folks are going to be a loaded show. So let's get right to it. Today's show brought to you by our friends at all form. If you've been listening to a show for a while, you know how much I love Helix Mattresses. They're the best. We have one. Love it. Sleeping on a cloud. Exciting news. Helix has gone from the mattress game beyond the bedroom.


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So let's go. So let's get to this first show on Friday show, I warned you, I warned that the Democrats are just not very I'm sorry, I'm not talking about voting Democrats out there. I don't mean to stereotype a group of people, but the Capitol Hill Democrats are really just dunce's dunce's. I mean, they could listen to my show on Friday and I warned them that the president was setting a trap for them, which they dutifully fellate.


I warned not to give them any help just to show you how dumb they really are. He was setting the clearest trap possible by proposing a number of executive orders on student loans, on unemployment payment, continuation and other things as well, including a payroll tax. Suspension distinction will be important in a minute. And I warned that by the Democrats, if you don't get to the table right now and negotiate with the president, he is going to wreck you again, because what's going to happen?


He's going to enact it himself, whether you agree with that or not. And that's a fair argument that and you're going to be forced to do what, sue the president about keeping people from unemployment benefits?


Joe, Joe, Joe, did we not warn them? Oh, yeah. Did we not. Did we not tell them? Get back to the table, Democrats. Trump is going to smoke you all out. And they fell right in the trap. So what happened? So President Trump, like we said, he was going to do an act in a couple of signed a couple of executive orders on things like student loans, unemployment benefits and a payroll tax suspension.


Again, important, which I'll get to in a minute. I'll describe exactly what he did. And now the Democrats find themselves in a position of having to argue against the continuation of unemployment benefits during a massive recession. Right. Oh, Joe. Joe. Only the most predictable own in human history. I warned you idiots you didn't listen. So, of course, what happened, he did it and Chuck Schumer had a hissy fit. He goes on ABC News with George Stephanopoulos and is now arguing, well, it didn't go far enough.


Oh, well, what did you do? You did nothing. So Trump just steamrolled you Zamboni you right. Railed right over you. And now you're left saying what? Well, we could have done more but didn't. Here's Chuck Schumer whining with George Stephanopoulos I at ABC. How this is, it doesn't go far. Keep in mind, they were proposing nothing because they wouldn't come back to the table and negotiate seriously. Check this out. Well, let me first say, George, that overall we have this huge crisis, the largest economic crisis since the Depression, the greatest health crisis since the pandemic.


And unfortunately, the president's executive orders described in one word, could be paltry, in three words, unworkable, weak and far too narrow. The event at the country club is just what Trump does a big show, but it doesn't do anything. It is the American people. Look at these executive orders. They'll see they don't come close to doing the job in two ways. One, what is what they proposed? And second, what's left out.


This is a great one.


If you watching the clip on our YouTube channel, YouTube dotcom sponginess. You noticed something, Joe. You noticed Schumer's looking at notes. Do you notice that? Watch the YouTube. He has to look at his notes because he doesn't even know what's in the executive order. He has no idea. He's like these executive orders suck. Hold on. Did you watch him? He has to look at the nose. They suck so bad he's even though what in what's in him.


So Schumer's argument now is we did nothing. Trump did something. And it doesn't go far enough compared to the nothing we did. Schumer zero. Nothing. Trump maybe, I don't know, four or five out of ten on this thing. Schumer zero. Schumer arguing his zeros greater than Trump's fight. He did nothing. Now, Schumer, Pelosi again trap is the trap down here. Here's Trump up here setting up the Democrats. He says, hey, hey, walk forward.


There's a little cliff to me, OK?


This was only the most predictable political own in human history. I'm going to do something, Trump says, and challenge you idiots to do something else because you're doing nothing now and they've done nothing. So Schumer's Omer's only argument here is, well, it doesn't go far enough compared to the nothing we did. You don't believe me. Here's another clip of Schumer who's who gets asked shockingly by a reporter, Joe Incredibly, who has a moment of journalistic interest.


You don't see this much reporters who says the Schumer at this quickie presser? Well, you guys didn't do anything. So why isn't this better than nothing unless you have a hissy fit meltdown? This is terrific. Check this out.


Given the stalemate in politics and you understand that it's not a stalemate in Congress, it's that our Republican friends refused to meet in the middle, we said we'll meet you right in the middle. And they said, no, we want it our way or no way. I said what I said about the executive orders, I says what I said, what I says, but I said just said about the he can't even answer it. Do you hear the reports?


Gojo had to work some magic with that because remember, it's not. Yeah, I know exactly how to boost that because the guy's talking in New York City traffic. The reporter Schumer's on a mike. The report is not. But in case you missed it, the reporter clearly says, well, isn't what Trump did better than nothing? I says what I says, what I say. He doesn't have an answer. Scheuber because trap Democrats in.


Only the most predictable political own in modern American history. I'm going to sign an executive order and I'm going to challenge you guys to take away people's unemployment benefits. And they did it because the really stupid. Now, what exactly did Trump do, specifics matter, details matter, we do actual actual reporting on the show, unlike elsewhere. Well, let's go through it, the best piece I saw was in The Wall Street Journal, which kind of sums up three core tenets of the executive orders called Trump's Executive Orders and the cleanup.


He escapes Pelosi's political trap and uses Obama's pen and phone method. What they're talking about here is Pelosi was trying to set him up. Pelosi master political tactician Chris Wallace on Fox this weekend, Rechter on that, by the way, PELOSI So we're clear on what would happen here. Pelosi thought she had Trump penned in pun intended. Pelosi's like if we don't get what we want, three trillion in new spending, no litigation protection for businesses, they don't want any litigation protection for businesses at all because they're in the pocket of the of the trial bar.


The trial lawyers, Pelosi figured out. Make sure you make sense or else the rest won't. Pelosi figured Trump's got an election coming up. Obviously, the presidential election in just, what, 80 something days.


Now, if I hold out on giving you the American taxpayer relief during the economic covid crisis, Trump will have to come to the table to get you relief. And I'm holding all the cards because we have the majority in the House. Gotcha. That was Pelosi's trap. Kopi Trump basically took Pelosi's trap and threw her trap into his trap for a double trap, Jaroussky and one because he said, OK, well, I don't have to negotiate with you.


I'm going to sign executive orders instead and then make you block them.


Whether you like that, the double trap or risky. That was at the flip of the dipsy do flip rooster. I tried that stunt on Paul when we were dating. It didn't work. The dipsy do flip Jaroussky. You know, when they get mad at you and you get mad at them because they're mad at you thinking what you did won't be bad because you're pretending you're madder than they are. You the dipsy do. It didn't work. She called right on to the decision.


So what did Trump do? Is it legal? We're getting that question a lot. Hey, Dan, we all spoke out against Obama's executive orders. We should be speaking out now. Obama, listen. Not a fan of executive orders. Let me be crystal clear. But you're asking me a very simple question. Is it legal? You're not asking me, is it right? I don't like executive orders, period. Full stop, everybody got that.


You can cut the tape right there. Don't like them, which we wouldn't do. That's not the question I'm being asked. I getting emails a weekend is what he did legal. Well, let's go to screenshot number one from the Wall Street Journal piece about the first Big Ten of us, which is a payroll TENNET, which is a payroll tax deferment. They're not cancelling your payroll taxes. He's basically saying you don't have to pay them until a certain point, but then they're going to have to be repaid.


Let me here's how The Wall Street Journal describes it. So he says the president's resort to executive orders is a separate issue and it's worth considering all four. In turn, the deferral of payroll taxes for Americans earning less than one hundred and four thousand a year is through December 31st, and it poses no legal issues. Again, I'm not asking you if it's right, if it's is it legal? The answer is yes. It goes on. Congress has already deferred the employer portion, and under the law, Mr.


Trump can defer the six point two percent employee share. Here's the rub, folks. Canceling the payroll tax, your Social Security, Ficca stuff, taxes, right. That that that that payment requires an act of Congress cancelling. In other words, telling you, Joe, you don't have to pay it at all. That's not what he did. Trump deferred it. So the deferment will have to be repaid. See how he puts Biden in a box here.


Trump This makes the tax cut a limited economic stimulus because employers and employees aren't going to change their behavior if they know they have to repay the tax in twenty, twenty one. Here's the catch, Trump says he'll offer legislation if re-elected to cancel the repayment. Biden has not promised to do the same folks.


Oh, again, I'm not arguing if this is right or wrong, I'm giving you the mechanics of it so you can make a decision. Trump now has Biden in a box. He took the Pelosi trap. Did the dipsy do flip? Jaroussky dumps his trap on the Pelosi trap. He now signs an executive order saying you will not have to pay if you make under one hundred four thousand dollars a year the payroll tax, you'll basically get a six point two percent raise in your check.


Until December 31st, the simplest way for me to phrase it to you, but that money will have to be repaid later. He's saying, Trump, if re-elected, I'm going to cancel the repayment and I'm going to work on some legislation which they would need, they would need congressional approval, no doubt. Biden is not saying that. So now you have a choice, folks. You want to pay back that money to the government so they can waste it after the election.


Or don't you? Or talk about a trap on a trap in another trap. So Trump wins, by the way, is it legal? Yes, it is. Look up twenty six USC seventy five zero eight twenty six USC, seventy five zero eight, by the way, past and pushed through in the Clinton administration, which gives the Treasury secretary the power to do this. There's no question it's legal. Is it right. I just said I don't like executive orders.


I wouldn't have done it that way. Is it legal? Absolutely. You may not like that it's legal, but it is in contrast to Obama's executive orders where he just makes things up. Here's the second tenet of this core of the Trump executive orders, this evictions and student loans. Trump's executive order basically says, listen, we're going to do something about people being evicted during the current crisis and we're going to stop people from paying interest on the lot.


But how does he get around the legality of it? Wall Street Journal, the executive order extending relief on rental and homeowner evictions and interest on student loans are modest and also within the law, the eviction order where Trump signed this week and is essentially a command for agencies to, quote, consider what can be done. The loan relief order is within Congress's grant of authority. It's only for three additional months through the end of the year for debt held by the Department of Education.


Again, entirely legal under 20 USC ten eighty five. I have an article by Twitchy in the show notes today that shows you a Twitter thread where they lay out these laws. That's 20 USC ten eighty five. It's actually highlighted for your liberal friends who will insist tropism have the authority to do this, not asking you to like it.


I'm just telling you, it is absolutely legal under 20 USC 25 to defer that interest, it's right there in the law. You can read it yourself. May not like it, but it is what it is, this one will be a little more problematic. The third tenet of it was the extension of unemployment benefits, where Trump is essentially taking some money that was assigned to FEMA and reallocating it towards unemployment benefits. They're going to have a problem with this one.


Let me get to this last one here. Screenshot from The Wall Street Journal. It says, Mr. Trump's worst order would be to redeploy up to forty four billion from FEMA disaster relief fund to finance extra jobless benefits by three hundred a week, plus one hundred a week if states choose to match it with previous relief money. Now, this one, he could find himself in a bit of legal hot water. But again, I don't like executive orders, period.


Full stop. Is it legal? I don't know. He'll have a tough time and they will probably get sued. Who's going to sue? Who's going to sue the Democrats? You remember Friday show trap, trapper Jaroussky Dipsy Do Ski Flipper, a russkie, you want to be Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives sitting in the middle of the current crisis over repartition than reallocated money that is going to people's unemployment benefits. I'm just asking. You know, what Trump may lose in court, probably will lose in court on this one, the other two is fine, the other two are perfectly legal.


The evictions, the student loans and the payroll tax deferment entirely legal. They will get laughed out of court. This one, they'll probably win. You've got an election coming up, you want to do that? The answer is the Democrats are so stupid up on the Hill that they probably will. They probably will sue and go to court to stop unemployment benefits. Good luck, hope that works out for you. Let me just set up on Obama quick.


A couple of things about Obama. You know, ladies and gentlemen, Obama has done this frequently where he's entirely reinvented the law and that's why I don't like executive orders, because we're going to get a liberal president again one day, he's going to do the same thing. But remember when he reallocated that cost sharing money in Obamacare, it wasn't allocated by Congress yet. Remember that? Where were the Democrats on that? One of the answer is no, where they were quiet.


Remember Obama's issuing of work permits under DACA? No authority to do that whatsoever under an executive order. Matter of fact, so little authority to do it. Obama is actually on tape saying he can't do it. Remember that. I can't do it. I can't do it. I need Congress. Remember that? Yeah. Yeah, that one. But he did it anyway, so. And finally. Oh, the payroll tax. Remember when Obama suspended the payroll tax?


I had video on it, but it's from another outlet. And I can't it's actually I don't want to use it. It's actually Obama on tape saying, yeah, we're going to suspend the payroll tax and it's really great. So liberals, whereas we're principle honest, don't like executive orders, which this would be handled a different way. Ours won in the first three cases are actually legal and in the fourth case, don't like it. But go ahead and Sue, have fun.


But your opinion on executive orders is meaningless because you did nothing about the cost sharing executive order, nothing about work permits on DACA and nothing about the payroll tax when Obama is in office. So please mouth no credibility whatsoever. All right. Got a lot more to get to. Let me get to my second sponsor today, again, our friends and express VPN. You know, I open up the show every day telling you to protect your online data from prying eyes.


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Don't wait for. All right, let's go. So I've been warning you about this fight coming to your door. When I say this fight, I mean the fight for the future of the country. I don't mean that hyperbolically. I don't mean to scare you. I mean anyone out there under the impression in the new Donald Trump era when we finally started to take the gloves off and fight back against the tyrannical left, anyone under the mistaken impression that, you know what, I'm just going to stay quiet during this whole thing and maybe the fight will pass me by?


You, my friend, are absolutely wrong, showing you again how this fight will come to your door, because it's at my door every single day. Here's a local newspaper, the. OK, Pam. Very I've got a story about the high school in my neighborhood. High school coach decided to be a good idea to get the team using the high school logo, by the way, to put on Black Lives Matter T-shirts that Jensen Beach High School sparking a school district investigation, D.C. Pop.


You know, Black Lives Matter here, the Marxist, you know, the group with the founder, you know that one, Joe Johns like that one. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Yeah. Remember Patrice Colors. Yeah. Yeah. That was when we play the video all the time. Marxist, you know, the Marxist Marxism, hundreds of millions of dead bodies, gulags that that concentration camps, that kind of thing. Yeah. The Marxist.


Yeah. Those so black lives matters found this year. They're a Marxist group, they're trained organizers. That group and the group that calls for dead cops, not just dead cops, but now, you know, what do we want that cops. We want them right now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. What, that cops right now. Yeah, that group. So the football coach, this guy down here in Jensen Beach High School, you can you can check that article.


I think it's a good idea to use the high school team logo and throw it on there. And I'm wondering if we would get the same treatment, by the way, if we decided to put the local Jensen Beach High School logo on with a magazine shirt on. Do you think we just. Joe, I'm just asking, do you think we'd get the same treatment now? No. You know that. Of course not. We'd all be in prison tomorrow morning.


We'd be in a gulag over in Siberia somewhere like the Marxists. They would love that, too. So we'll see what happens to the football coach over here in my neighborhood. Again, I don't put this out there to highlight my area. I'm just trying to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, this fights coming to your door, and if you're thinking to yourself. This is my kids high school, like their football coach or whatever, and you have a similar problem around you.


And you think, well, maybe if I stay quiet, they'll leave me alone. Now, nobody is going to leave you alone. No one, I wish they would. You know, we all deserve a little bit of peace in our lives at some point. But as that famous quote I always use by Bernard Malema in the book The Natural, we all live two lives, the one we learn from and the one we live after that. And the true path to happiness is only through suffering.


You're going to have to suffer a little bit to these fights are coming to your door. I spoke out, put it on my Facebook this weekend, and I'll be following up, make sure that the school district that if I want to put a blue lives matter shirt up, you know, for cops and people who put their lives on the line every day for our community, if this is allowed to stand, I'm going to ask if we can do that, too.


Why not? Right. Can I use the school logo? Apparently, every other political message, you know, dead cops, Marxism groups. That's OK. So I'll be following up with that to other messages. Do, by the way, if it's OK to use the school logo, maybe I'll just put it on the show with a Big Mac. Why not? OK, so we'll be following up with that. Rest assured. I don't see any fights.


All right, moving on, because, again, as Joe said before the show, and he's right, he gets a sneak peek at the car. This is a loaded show, so. To put you in a little bit of a good mood today, on Monday, hopefully a very good mood. Folks, I lined up these stories this way for a reason. I try to keep some kind of a narrative going in a flow as fight is coming to your door.


That was kind of the downside. Nobody likes a fight, right? Nobody wants a fight. Everybody wants peace and harmony and happiness. But you can win. We've been demoralized and dejected, you get beat up a lot. Any time you speak out, you're a racist and it's the Fulbeck homophobic phobia phobe, you know, you don't like and you get tired of it. You can win these fights when you speak out collectively. What am I talking about?


Remember the Democrats, Joe, just a week ago, the Democrats saying we got to keep those schools shut down? Oh, yeah, but Mr. Democrat, there's not really a lot of evidence that kids are transmitters of the coronavirus in schools. And it's the fatality rate is four times less than than the flu. I think we should send the kids back to school. They have to kind of learn and stuff. And the Democrats are like, no way, keep the kids locked up in solitary confinement until we can give the teachers union all the money they want.


Remember that argument? You bet. Well, what kind of happened with that argument? Well, we were a little bit ahead of it. I told you that in Montgomery County, Maryland, otherwise known as occupied, Montgomery County, Maryland, the bluest county in one of the bluest states in the country, parents erupted and we're like hell to the no. My kids going back to school, Blue County. For liberals, that means Democrat, Democrat county in a Democrat state.


They were like, no, no, no. My kids going back to school. Listen to this video. This is Chuck Schumer, again, a three for a rare three four appearance for hapless Chuck Schumer on the show. This is Chuck Schumer, the end of last week, Joe apparently doing a total 180. On the school closings thing, because you all spoke up and said, nah, my kid's going back to school. Check this out.


Opening up the school safely if you don't open up the schools. You're going to hurt the economy significantly because lots of people can't go to work now. I need you to laugh a little bit, because, again, we're on terrestrial radio now, and I think after seven seconds of silence, it kicks to a bastard. But I'm taking a minute here to it's just Paula with that clip. Donald Trump just getting to know Joe. That was definitely Chuck Schumer, right?


That was call me crazy, Joe. But just two weeks ago and through, Donald Trump said the same thing and the media was destroying him. Right. We have to open up the schools. The kids are not really big transmitters of this. And there's not going to be any way to open up the economy. I'm just I'm I'm just. Yeah, I'm I remember he did say that. And you do. Yes, you do. And the Democrats said we were crazy, that we wanted to kill kids and stuff.


That's right. You want all the kids dead and the teachers, too, and the admitted and even the janitor. Everyone needs to be there. You guys definitely want everybody dead. That was the line, right. You know, as Greg Gutfeld said in our interview, the what is the president of two ideas that you can't simultaneously handle opening schools and mitigating risk. At the same time, if you want to open schools, you want people dead.


The president of today, it's a great way. That's Greg Gutfeld. Big hat tip to him. The president of two ideas, also known as the president of ignorance, because you don't understand, life is not about black or white decisions. It's the whole ethics curriculum in any college or in any business is based on the ninety nine percent of life. Joe, that's great. Where there is no easy answer. And there isn't here. There's always a risk.


Always to anything is a risk sending your kids to school where they catch the flu and God forbid, get really sick. There's a risk they could go to school and catch the norovirus. And yet you say there's a risk they could go to school and some could happen on the playground. The question isn't how do we stop all risk, it's how do we deal with it? But in the prison of two ideas liberals want to impose on to shut the schools down.


You want people to die. They lost lost losers. You lost. Do you understand what it must have taken for Chuck Schumer to have to come out and face plant like that on a knowing that was going to go national right away? We got to open up the schools because the economy, he was they were saying the exact opposite. You won you my awesome, dedicated, superb, patriotic, sharpen your knuckles fighting, ready to go for 20, 20 audience that said no, my kids going back to school and you reached out to your legislators, you e-mailed your congressman, your congresswoman emailed your senators, you emailed your governors, your state delegates, your city councils, your county councils.


And sure enough, after two and three million emails from constituents, people were like, hey, this position keeping the kids out of school is probably a loser. No time for victory laps, though. That maybe a little could take about maybe a half a lap. You want. Because we were right now, of course, the Democrats can't deal with us being right, and when I say right, I mean, not that there's no risk. This is latest jump.


This is a deadly virus. Can we please just like we have to put out basic facts because liberals are dunce's and they don't. But that there was a sound clip, the show. This is a deadly virus for people with comorbidities. People in older age groups, even people in younger age groups with specific comorbidities is not a joke. So some of the less funny time, this is a deadly virus and a plague that's affected the whole world in the economy.


The question is, virus arenavirus, it's here, period. The question is how do we deal with it? And the answer is clearly not to shut down schools. We won that debate because we understood from the start that although kids can get this, they are not immune. They are not they may be partially resistant to some of the worst symptoms of it. They are 100 percent not immune. Kids in general, some kids are because they've already had it and some kids may have some degree immunity from a like, you know, a similar type of coronavirus, but kids are not immune.


All right. You can one hundred percent get this and some will get sick. But the risk of them transmitting it again, speaking collectively to adults is very, very low. The Democrats didn't want that. Didn't want that. What do you mean? And they wanted kids to transmit it? No, they wanted you to believe that kids are transmitters, folks, there is no evidence out that their kids are super spreaders. They can transmit it. There's no doubt, are they the super spreaders that are going to get it at school and bring it home to their parents?


Very, very unlikely, based on a number of studies out there that actually use genetic mapping to find out where people got it from. And the likelihood of getting it from children is extremely low. Joe, the left can have that no, even the Wall Street Journal, of all places, played into this. And I'm going to get to Drudge in a second because, you know, the Drudge Report is a total embarrassment again. Full disclosure, I my competitor, Bagno report is is a news aggregator, too, that actually does the truth on my drudge.


But Drudge, which still has a large following. No denying Drudge is all in on Histeria now. So The Wall Street Journal bought into this kid super spreader histeria. Look at this headline. I want you to pay attention to this headline because the headline you would think would match up in the article just checking, right? You write a headline about Guy Rob Bank. You expect to read more about a guy robbing a bank. Pay attention to a headline.


Let me read it. Wall Street Journal latest research points to children carrying and transmitting coronavirus. Whoa. What does. Even The Wall Street Journal, Joe, you're reading the headline, Joe. Yeah, the latest research shows the of these research out there showing children can carry and transmit the coronavirus, ladies and gentlemen. It's huge. Maybe we should shut the schools down, right, maybe Chuckie Schumer a couple of weeks ago was right before he wasn't right then on writing and rewriting himself again.


So clearly somewhere in the article, Joe, based on the headline, the research has shown that children are transmitting this. I'm just I'm I'm just I'm just asking. Yeah.


You'd think headline. But OK. I mean, sometimes I need to ground this in some common sense here. Yeah. So let's look at the article where it says that it says and some researchers found this is the same article, folks. Some researchers found children carry high levels of covid-19 genetic material in their upper respiratory tract, which doesn't mean they are transmitting the virus, but that they potentially could hold on. Let me read that again. So, again, the headline research, latest research points to children carrying and transmitting coronavirus.


Let's read that last part, which doesn't mean they are transmitting the virus, but that they potentially could use. I think. Hey, I got a fuzzy unfussy I I'm sorry, I'm stepping away from the mic, I know radio listeners hate that, but I just. The Wall Street Journal, which I enjoy a lot, to be fair, but that. You think you may want to put that in your headline, that that's actually not what the research says?


That it could potentially they could potentially train, of course, that could potentially transmit it. No one's denying that. But the headline seems to say that research says they are tried like this is like a huge, huge problem, Joe, kids, you kind of keep the kids out of school. They're the super spreaders. Yeah. Now, the journalists say that in the headline. But again, the headline is not with the article actually says. It says, well, we don't really have a lot of evidence of that, but they could do it, I could do a lot of things.


I could be Captain America tomorrow. If they invent the super ship injected in my veins, muscles explode. What's the Steve Rogers I'm throwing Captain America throws is my. I'm doing that. But none of that's happening because it hasn't happened, although it could potentially happen when the super serum comes out. I'd love to see it sign me up, but it hasn't happened. So don't report in The Wall Street Journal that Dan Bongino is, in fact, Captain America.


Because he's not. He's not. He loves America, but he's definitely no captain, and given my arthritis, I am definitely not throwing any mighty shield. It is not happening. The shield shields throwing me. But it could happen. May say this can't possibly get any worse, this article given the headline, children are transmitting research. Oh, no, it does not. Check this one out. Yeah. Yeah. OK, I'm going to go for the future, but you believe this because I know you on YouTube are reading ahead.


Here you are. You believe this. Radio listeners like what does it say, what does it say? The study didn't show children were able to transmit the virus. Yet the findings suggest children are likely capable of spreading the virus. Holy smokes. We had to do that. Do you have the Donnie Brasco drop? I think that was the perfect time for that. Oh, here it is. We're going to play it again. We're going to do.


Play it again, play and do. I don't know. We haven't used that in, like, forever. I don't know what we're going to do. I don't know. Headline research. Children are spreading and transmitting right coronavirus, which implies that article, the study did not show their transmitting around I. Now, of course, you go to Drudge, which picks up the histeria right away, because the Drudge Report is an embarrassment. There you go.


That's a screenshot of my actual phone, Drudge Report Dotcom. Latest research points to children carrying and transmitting, not thought, well, of course, he wants to get you to click on Coronavirus. Folks, again, I have a obviously a business interests, we don't hide them page report, which is the alternative to drudges mayhem if you're looking for sanity. Please use Mancino report, we'll give you the truth, unlike the Geroge Histeria. It Matt, you know, maybe you want to put in your headline that that's the actual report said the opposite, that the study didn't show that and they could potentially transmit it like you could potentially be a conservative to.


But you're not. I want the way this story was the judge, by the way, before I get to my next sponsor, I didn't see this one up there is this on Drudge, The Times UK may be you may want to check it out. Maybe you should put this up. A Bungeni report. Pupils pose little risk of spreading Cauvin The Times UK. Not a right wing outlet, folks. A study suggests there is little evidence the virus is transmitted at school, according to a scientist who backs reopening.


And I'm just aware of that story. Is that right below the Drudge story? Or what about in a journal? I'm just asking I mean, did you say that I may be linked in a journal one? I mean, check it out. Again, I like The Wall Street Journal, they do great work. This headline was grossly irresponsible. I'm very sorry. Where was that story that children posed, quote, little risk nowhere because the Democrats are fully invested in school histeria.


All right, I got one more about trade offs I want to get to a second. Let me just get to my third sponsor today. Paint your life, I guess. And then we got a lot of Spig, it's going to be a loaded show. May go a little long today, but bear with us. Ladies, gentlemen, paint your life. You want the perfect gift, the perfect gift and an original gift. You're not going to get anywhere else.


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Ladies and gentlemen, sane people know this. There are no black or whites. There are no is Gutfeld says Greg. You know the prison of two ideas. You send the kids back to school, then you want people to die, that's too stupid ideas that are obviously there's a huge gray area in between. In between. Everything in life is on the margin. You don't ask in the winter black or white questions like, do you want the heat on or not?


You ask how much the margins, the degrees, everything's about a degree. How much of one compared to how much of another, how much cold are you willing to accept? In contrast to how much money are you willing to spend on heat, that's how you reach a middle ground with sane people. Do everything in life is on the margin. Treating these situations during Korona as if there are no tradeoffs shut down the economy or you want people to die is really stupid and making other decisions like what do you want prisoners in prison to die with?


Karen, of course we're going to let them out. Leads to other tragic disastrous. Situations like this. Look at this Fox five article. This one's tough to watch or look at. Fox five Maryland murder suspect was freed due to covid concerns before allegedly stabbing a sixty three year old. So, again, when you're stuck in that prison of two ideas. Prisoners in prison aren't Korona, what do you want them to die of, Korona? Instead of suggesting, well, maybe we should try to work on the situation with the Karenin, the president mitigated, but letting these prisoners out, one may spread the coronavirus into the population and two may lead to things like prisoners committing crimes again.


Like allegedly murdering this woman. Story will be in the show notes one more quick one will be in the show and as you can see here, but there's an article, Bismack, to say it's up actually upon Jeno report Dotcom. About mask's, again, tradeoffs, you can make a decision if you want to wear a mask, five, no problem with masks. Again, I have problems with government mandates. You think a mask is going to save you?


That's that's great. If you have a business, you want people wear masks and that's fine. That's your decision. But it's an interesting article. My show notes today by newsletter. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter that is the show notes how dentists are seeing an uptick in what they call. Mask, mouth. What is masked man there, seeing as I know I had to read the article twice. I thought I was reading it wrong, apparently, Joe, when you wear a mask all day, you breathe through your mouth when you breathe through your mouth more with a mask on.


I don't know, Donnie. I don't know. You don't have to cut. I know you hate that by accident, but you can leave it in there because I love Danny. What are you going to do?


And he said it's worth it for it's worth 40. But what happens with mask mouth is because you breathe through your mouth, you dry out your mouth. I'm not a dentist. I'm not pretending to be. I'm just telling you is in the article, the dry mouth and the lack of saliva incentivizes bacterial growth leading to more cavities. So dentists are. So you can read the articles in my Show US today. Dentists are seeing a huge uptick in the oral disease and oral problems in people's mouths because of wearing masks all day.


I'm not telling you not to wear a mask. I'm just telling you, the prison of two ideas wear a mask are you want people to die is again a stupid prison you put yourself in. There is a large gray area in there that is worth talking about. We will continue to talk about it on our show while liberal shows can continue to stick themselves in this stupid prison. We're not doing it here. OK, this is funny, this is really good stuff.


This is just kind of one of those mental health breaks in the middle of the show because it's always loaded with material. Here's President Trump on ABC's This Saturday signing the executive orders or Friday, whatever it was. He's up in Bedminster, in his club in New Jersey. And some of the club members came in and sat in the back or stood in the back of the press conference. And of course, the media, the media folks out there were like, well, these people are here and they're not wearing masks.


So President Trump had probably the greatest comeback I think I've seen in his three and a half years of his presidency. Watch this one. Speak for yourself. Check this out. Yeah, please, God.


Thank you, Mr. President. You said that the pandemic is disappearing, but we lost 6000 Americans this week. And just in this room, you have dozens of people. You're not following the guidelines in New Jersey which say you should not know. They don't have to a political activity. You're wrong on that because it's a political activity, they have exceptions, political activity, and it's also a peaceful protest. So when you have and as you know.


Moving on. Got to love this guy sometimes I know it drives liberals crazy. You really got to love this guy not out there.


OK, it's a peaceful where every gadget in here. But we haven't used this thing in a while.


Let's say someone sent me this a long time ago, by the way. I see the screen.


It was not exactly high tech sound effects, but nonetheless peaceful protest vote. All right, let me get to some serious stuff. So Spygate huge, huge breaks. I know a lot of you listen to my show for the Spygate insights. I'm not, like, teasing them to keep me at the end. There's just so much going on. I got to pack it in. I want to spend some time on this this important, huge revelation this week in a newly declassified document.


And I misspoke about it on Fox this morning, about a time I want to correct it here. I meant to say a year and I said a month. So I want to get to that in a second. But article in The Washington Examiner by the great Jerry Donlevy, who does terrific work, can be in the show notes. And I encourage you to please link on it, link to it and read it from the show. And it's terrific.


Lindsey Graham, declassified documents, shows the FBI misled the Senate about the Steele dossier, folks. This story is, again, huge. It's I can't even describe to you the depravity we're looking at here. Well, what happened? Keep in mind, in January of 2017, the FBI, to keep this really simple, knows the dossier used to spy on Trump, that, you know, compendium of crappy memos written allegedly by Christopher Steele. The stuff they know it's fake because they've interviewed steel sources and steel source the primary substance, they interviewed him in JADI.


Keep in mind the timeline here, then Chanko is the primary primary sub source. Then Chanko is telling the FBI in January of 2017. This stuff is rumor, innuendo, it's I can't verify any of this and any saying I didn't even say that. Everybody tracking me, the bureau in January of twenty seventeen knows their entire case. The tape and the dossier to spy on Trump is junk. Got that, yeah, why does this briefing that the FBI gave to the Senate matter, because, ladies and gentlemen, it happened in February of twenty eighteen.


Twenty, eighteen. Yeah, twenty eighteen a year after the FBI knows their entire case for collusion based on the dossier is fake because the guy the dossier is attributed to has told them it's fake. The guy, Danko, who is Steele's primary source, he's like, listen, I didn't say that. And this other stuff was just rumor. Let's go back to Jerry Donlevy speech to describe how sick this really is, so the bureau now, Christopher Wray, third or fourth worst director in FBI history, has been the FBI director for about seven or eight months.


When this briefing happens, he sends the FBI up to Capitol Hill. You'd think they'd be like, keep this up for do you think they'd be like, hey, Senate, be wary. We interviewed steel sources and this is all crap. That's not what happened here from Jerry of his piece, the FBI's newly declassified briefing document dated February 14. Twenty eighteen. It's a document where they're getting ready to brief the Senate and this is what they're doing.


Claim that the primary some source, that guy Danylenko, said that, quote, Several reports appeared to be derived from multiple sources to include the information he provided to steal, as well as information that he had not collected. And that, quote, he did not cite any significant concerns with the way his reporting was characterized in the dossier to the extent he could identify. Wait, wait. Let me read that sentence again. The FBI is preparing a briefing to brief the Senate a year after they know steel source is saying, hey, this stuff's not true yet.


They're saying in the briefing packet that the source did not cite any significant concerns with the way his reporting was characterized in the dossier. You understand that's a absolute lie. That is, the source said, the exact opposite, a 180, he was concerned about all the information attributed to him in the dossier. All of it. Did not cite any significant concern, that's a lie, they're lying. Folks, Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, has got to go.


Did he authorize this? Who knew about this? You sent your agents up to Congress, up to the Senate to brief the Senate, citing that the source they'd spoken to for Steele didn't cite any significant concerns, despite the source expressing a number of highly critical concerns. Ladies and gentlemen, Ray's got to go. He swore in my wife's birthday August 2nd, 2017. Eight months later, his FBI is going up to the Senate and absolutely lying still to this day.


About what's in the dossier, who said it and concerns they had about it. Disgusting, just disgusting, Ray has got to go, please just step aside. We know about your relationship with Sally Yates, the extensive history you have with her. We know about this guy is swamp through and through. He has got to go. Secondly, I said this morning on Fox, just a quick correction. I said that bar doesn't get appointed to a year later.


I said he was a point I meant to say a year, I said on Fox wine bars appointed a month later, bars not doesn't take the attorney general spot till till later on till twenty nineteen. But one of the other reasons this is significant. The point I got across on Fox is totally valid. The reason the FBI is lying here is because they know if they go up to the Senate, they know it's going to leak and they say, listen, all the sources we use to spy on Trump are bogus.


This collusion thing is fake. They know Bob Mueller is going to have to drop his case. So they lie and they sweep all of it under the rug, hoping they can nail Trump, get him out of office on an obstruction charge and keeping all of this from the attorney general's office, including Bill Barr, who takes the seat a year later and is absolutely onto this scam. Just gross, folks, just totally gross. All right, I've got some killer video, but one last sponsor and I've got some killer video you're going to want to stay tuned for from Maria Bartiromo is just stunningly good show on Fox in the week.


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The Greens today comes in a nice berry flavor to pick it up today. Brickhouse Nutrition that can use promo code then you won't regret it. It's really good stuff. Field of Greens pick it up today. So a little bit of background on what happened on Maria Bartiromo shows on the Sunday Morning Futures on Fox this weekend. She had a guy on by the name of Steven Schrager, who's been on my list of interesting, let's say, people for a very long time now, who was Schrade?


Well, Srijit was basically an understudy for his Ph.D. to Stefan Halper, Stefan Halper was the spy who was spying on members of the Trump team in collusion with government intelligence entities, government notes, NSA, us, them, too. But government, US intelligence entities, former and present. Helpers work intersected, which Régis work because they were working together on this thing where where Halper was kind of a mentor to him. But Scraggy organizes a conference in July of twenty sixteen follow me because this is important at that conference.


That conference is the first time we see Carter Page creep into this scandal. Carter Page is the man spied on. He was the Trump team member who had left the Trump team. But a FISA warrant was issued to spy on Carter Page, alleging he was colluding with the Russians. The first time they meet is at this conference that Shraga, again, an understudy to Halper organizes. Halper and Paige meet there this July conference. It's important. I want to go into some video here for video audio from this clip here is Srijit, who's now saying, hey, I'm a whistle blower.


I'm going to hold judgment on what his intentions are yet. But I can only take at face value what he made his first appearance on Maria Bartiromo show this weekend and had three huge fireworks explosions go off. No one remember, nobody knows the spy spying on the Trump team, how better than Strachey they're working together on. He brings up a question, Joe, did we not say this years ago, what is the biggest scandal in Spygate? The biggest scandal is not just that the FBI, Halper and others spied on the Trump team while they were running for office.


Political spying. That's a huge scandal. The biggest scandal is did you pay for it? Was the United States government through the Pentagon's oh, in a office of net assessment, using taxpayer money to pay Holper to spy on the Trump team and to take down a three star general in general, Mike Flynn. Well, who would know better than Srijit, who worked with Holper, who was on the receiving end of those on a contract? Listen to this one.


So let me go back to Steph on health care for a minute. This is your PhD supervisor. The Office of Net Assessments awarded him for contracts between May of twenty 12 and September of twenty sixteen. In September of 15, he was awarded a contract valued at two hundred and forty five thousand dollars to study. Russia and China characterized that least the kind of money these the kind of paychecks you get for doing a report on on China and Russia. And isn't it interesting that just months later, after he was awarded another contract at four hundred and eleven thousand dollars, then the wiretapping of Carter Page started?


Yes, I have never heard of that in an academic setting providing that much compensation for these types of reports.


Again, Self-Paced thinks so. We'll try to avoid it at all costs. I just don't want you to think you've been wasting your time on this show. My next book launches October 9th, it's available for preorder now follow the money. Barnes Noble, Amazon, elsewhere every get your books online. The chapter on this entire scandal, it's not the whole books that obsess about other things, George Soros connection to this liberal movement, everything that's going on. What happened with the woman virus that always follows the money trail, but the chapters we have on this.


Did you pay for this, I told you, I think three years ago. Here it is. Thank you, Miss Paul. The scandal isn't just did we spy the United States government on political people for political reasons based on a fake dossier? The real scandal is, did you pay for it? Hear Srijit there again, this is Helper's understudy, they're saying, I've never heard of such a thing, six figure contracts paid to help her during this time period.


We're spying on the Trump team for research on Russia. I've never heard of anything like that at the Rivi. Remember, Hooper really dislikes Mike Flynn, apparently based on some of the information that has leaked, believed to be Halpern and his FBI briefing was, however, involved in the takedown of Flynn, too. Well, let's go into that a little bit. Why does Holper have such an interest in Mike Flynn? Maybe because Mike Flynn was a former intelligence official who knows exactly what's going on and maybe because Mike Flynn's buddy who worked.


At the Office of Net Assessments. The one that was paying Holper with your taxpayer dollars at the Pentagon office. You know, Mike Flynn's buddy was an actual whistle blower and blew the whistle about payments from the owney using your tax dollars to help spur. Flynn had to be taken out. Was he going to blow the whistle on this whole intelligence scandal, US taxpayer money being paid to target Obama's political opponents? Halper being on the receiving end of some of those moneys.


Why does Holper have such an interest? And Mike Flynn. Well, strategy was smart enough to tape Stefan Halper. Apparently, Halper knew he was being taped. Here's another clip from the Maria Bartiromo Show. And I want you to listen to clips about minute and happiness worth your time. This is how her talking about. Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, this is before The Washington Post article, before The Washington Post article launches about Flynn's call with the Russians.


What should that say to you, Joe, Fiamma, you've got to follow me here, because this is going to be the only people before The Washington Post writes about Flynn's call with the Russians to when he was questioned by the FBI about subsequently prosecuted for. Disingenuously add. The only people who know about Flynn's call with the Russians are the Russians, Flynn, a couple transition team members and the FBI who listened in on the call. Joe, whose name is not in their names, Halper, hmm.


The only way Halper could have possibly found out if someone didn't tell him about the Flyn phone call sharing classified information, by the way.


Would be if you read it in The Washington Post. But the Washington Post article doesn't come out until two days after this recorded conversation, you may want to ask yourself, how is are so sure that Flynn is, quote? If they got a blank that how does he know that? Listen to Halper talking to you two days before it became public knowledge about the call, this is on January 10th, twenty, seventeen, two days before there was a leak in The Washington Post that General Flynn was going to be investigated about the Logan Act.


And you recorded Stefan Halper talking about Flynn. Let's roll that recording right now. If you go to the NSC, you have to you have to consider very carefully if you feel it's appropriate for you to work for a plant I work with. I don't think there's going to be around. Yeah, I mean, that's just my guess. By the way, the thing these things work, you inevitably find yourself at odds with someone. Yeah. I mean, you always do.


Yeah, probably lots of people. All right. And when your opponents call enemies. But when people. Right. You are looking for ways of exerting pressure, they go to people that they know you're at odds with. Right. Right. And that's how it builds. And then eventually you get squeezed pretty hard.


And that was my kind of lessons about Flynn's reaction to that, is to blow up, get angry, get to work, because, yeah, that is his reaction. Right. That's why it is so unsettled. How does that help or no, Flint is after? How does Halper know about the pressure that's going to be exerted upon them? How does help her know that Flins days are numbered? Who's telling him that? Yeah. Now, you may say he's guessing well, guessing based on what?


January 4th, which is six days before this tape. January 4th, that's starts January 10th, the article comes out in The Washington Post, January 12th. So you have your timeline down on January 4th.


The FBI is trying to close out the case on Flyn because they have, quote, no quote, no quote, no derogatory information. That wasn't a radio skip. That's me. So you understand. So if the FBI, with all the powers the United States government's intelligence, counterintelligence and law enforcement apparatus could find, quote, no derogatory information on Flynn by January 4th.


And what is happening now six days later? Did someone leak that they were going to put in The Washington Post the classified details of Flynn's call, did they leak Flynn's call to help her? Hor. O o o o o o o. That would be a felony. You realize that, right, that Flins calls and the contents of it with the Russian ambassador are highly classified. That would be a felony. Halper has no classification authority to have access to that data or information.


Neither does The Washington Post. Folks, there was another in here, and again, I bring it up in context of my new book because, again, self praise really does stink, but I never want you to think you're wasting your time here. I warned you years ago that the real scandal, number one, was the office of Net Assessment Payments. In other words, Trump was spied on. That's bad enough, but you paid for it.


It's highly likely you paid for it through the Pentagon. To pay some of these people contracts we know happen. The only question now is what they were for exactly six figure contract TRAGESER. That sounds really weird. I warned you about that. I warned you about Halpern Flynn. But one of the other things I cover in my book are people specifically Kathy Ruemmler, Steve Somma and Anthony Ferrante, who have managed to escape scrutiny in the Spygate thing, despite all three of them being key players in various portions of that scandal and other ones.


Stephen Somma, who's that? Why is he important? What does that have to do with the spy Halper and the spy potentially being paid to spy by the government and then going after Flanner, a three star general who knew what they were up to? What is Stephen? So who is that? What does that do? Well, listen, this clip this is the last quote from Maria Bartiromo. Show this short one. But Strachey says, you know, there's this guy, this FBI handler, and I can't believe no one's talked to this guy yet.


Who's that handler he's talking about in this clip? The guy in my book. Stephen Somma, check this out. The key part, and I think the real smoking gun in all of this is, you know, all these tentacles lead back to this small group, including Steffon Holper at the center of Spygate, Christopher Steele at the center of Rush Gate, Stefan Hopper's FBI handler. None of the Senate has subpoenaed. These are called these people to talk.


And for years, I wrote the book a year ago. Most be added to it with updated information. There's a whole chapter on Selma, that's the that's the fun Alpers handler who he's talking about. Why does he who knows how far better than anyone, why is Draghi saying he's so important? Oh, it's in the book, you got to buy it, not just kidding, I never do that to a book. You got to be really cheesy.


It is in the book, if you like a summation. But I'll tell you right here and you can read in more detail where it's all footnoted in the book, too. That would be really nasty. Wouldn't pick up my book today or I'm not going to tell you. Because, ladies and gentlemen, August 10th, the FBI opens the August 10th of twenty seventeen. The FBI opens up cases, criminal cases, excuse me, 2016, August 10, 2016, opens up criminal cases against Paul Manafort, Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.


But they don't up in open up a case against Mike Flynn, we know Holper doesn't like Flynn. That's not a mystery, especially after listening to these calls, which that happened after. But let's be clear. There's a relationship. There is not a good one. So when the FBI doesn't open up a case on August 10th. Something mysterious happens the next day, August 11th. Holper shows up at the FBI office. Wow. At the behest of his and working with his handler, Stephen Somma, who Schrag is referencing in this clip, saying, hey, how have you not talked to this FBI handler yet?


How did Halper know to show up the next day if they didn't open up the case on McFlynn? He shows up the next day, handlers, all they're all involved in this doing their handling, Steve XOMA. Shows up the next day and mysteriously two working days later. A case is opened up on Mike Flynn after Holper volunteered some information. We are about it. What else appears on August 10th after the FBI doesn't open up a case on Mike Flynn, which clearly bothered some of the people who hated my fled?


Because remember the headquarters division and some of these agents who are working to take down Trump. They weren't all talking at the same time. What do you mean he didn't open up a case on? We'll handle that. Bring in Stefan Halper. Captain Andy America, bring him in, bring it, go get Somma. He's his handler. He'll bring them in. All of a sudden, the case is opened up against Mike Flynn, but not without this little piece of information, this little nugget that appeared as well.


Remember Christopher Stevens, the alleged author of the dossier? There's a relationship there with steel and copper that's yet to come out, maybe through other proxies, but it's there all of a sudden on August 10th, this dossier shows up. Convenient timing, right? Small print, you don't need to read it. Bottom line is we have it. It mentions Mike Flynn for the first time. And what's the date on this dossier? How Flynn may be working with the Russians.


Oh, boy. August 10th. 2016. You dig? Someone in the FBI working with Halper and others in the anti Trump cabal want to take him down, are clearly upset. The bureau didn't open up an official case on Mike Flynn in August 10th. So they bring in the ringer. Stefan Halper with the FBI handler Soma SOMO, by the way, who knows Christopher Steele, a handler. This agent Gatta, they worked together in New York, Steeles handler, Alpers handler Steel produces a dossier August 10th.


Helper's handler produces Halpern August 10th, and all of a sudden a few days later, August 16th, a couple working days later, a case is opened up to take down Mike. The details in the book are pretty horrific. We go through it at length, footnoted to death, we put a ton of homework. That chapter was a I read the article. That chapter was the longest one to read. Pick it up today. Highlighted, dog eared, you're going to love it.


All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. Joe and I have a nice special surprise show for you. Don't miss Friday's show. We're going to be announcing something. I'm a little hesitant to announce it now. It's not an interview thing for, say, like we're not you know, we're hoping to get President Trump back. But it's not that I not like, but it's something I've been promising for a while. And we're going to finally get it done.


All right. Or get it done, I should say. Speak in proper English. Thanks for tuning in, please subscribe to my YouTube show, YouTube dotcom slash Bongino. Do not miss the shows this week when we drop you a couple of clues. All right. Tomorrow, subscribe on Apple podcast, YouTube dotcom slash Bungeni. Really appreciate it. See you tomorrow.


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