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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Listen, don't even bother running for office in twenty twenty two or twenty twenty four, for that matter. If you're not going to focus on these two things, don't I'm not trying to be disrespectful to my fellow conservatives, libertarians and Republicans out there. I'm just being serious. You're not going to help us. The mission, the conservative cause or the country at all. If you don't focus on these two things and you think that's not really my bag of donuts, you better make it your bag of donuts like today.


So what are these two things? Voter integrity, free and fair elections, election reform, however you want to frame it, lick your finger, get a focus group, see where the winds are going, I don't care. That's the number one. And cancel culture. All other arguments after that are terrific taxes, school choice, love them, love them all. But they will be irrelevant because you won't have a country left. If we don't focus on these two things, your voice matters.


So I'm going to get to that, that things are changing and people are waking up to me not call this the winner. Guys, guys, ladies, did we not call this. Thank you. I'm get a thumbs up from GI Joe that don't say as I could not introduce Joe. So Joe is not there. We called it a couple of weeks ago. We called it. We said, call your legislators and your Republican officials, donors, whatever, now, and tell them if we don't make election reform a focus in 2022, then don't even get involved because you're wasting your time.


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Gee what a nice gift. Now they can protect themselves online. Joe was very excited where you got this right now. You could talk a little bit. Joe Starr, thank you for that.


Joe is very so now they can protect themselves. Yeah I welcome to Dan Bongino show. Let's get right to it. So I got that. Your voice does matter. Things are changing. I've got some killer video around the Santurce, the governor of Florida. Excellent governor of Florida. Just this guy totally gets it. I've also got a video from Project Veritas on tape now, canceled culture just and Project Veritas handling it terrifically of Salesforce. You're using Salesforce, your antenna.


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All right, Joe, go ahead. Is the Rush Limbaugh Bell leading off the show today? So your voice matters. Ladies and gentlemen, I had recommended to you a couple of weeks ago, I have witnesses. I said you need to call your legislators, your local House of Delegates member, whatever they call them, in the state state representative, state delegates, city council members. I don't care any one, you know, running for office, the tax appraiser, the property appraiser, the sheriff.


I don't care. Your congressman, congresswoman, your senators call them and email them all and tell them I will not volunteer or give you a dime in money or do anything to get you elected. If you do not get involved with efforts to stabilize our elections and stop this cancer culture, it's going on. Those are the two things that matter. We're not going to have a party left. Now, I know there's a lot of people out there upset, I get it candidly, folks.


I see. I said, I'm just going to be honest with you, you know, they tell you to never talk about this stuff, but I don't care about any radio rules. I do what I want to do. You know, the the listenership has been a little bit suppressed, luckily not relative to others, right. So, I mean, we're actually moving up in the ironically, which is crazy. We were number nine in the country last month.


We're number eight now, which says to me that. People are upset and they're tuning everybody out. They're just tuning us out less than everyone else, if that makes sense, maybe explain that they're you get the idea.


That's how it works. Yeah, yeah, and it's simple matter, but. I need you to I'm saying I'm trying to say this respectfully, because you matter to me more than anything. I'm not kidding. You really do. It's not some virtue signaling B.S.. I need you to get up off the mat. Most of you are dusted yourself off after a really devastating election, but I really need you to get up off the mat. Your fighters, I, I get it, you've been hit hard.


I was watching Crede two last night. You know, it seems he gets his ribs broken and he goes back out and fights, which I disp, if you ever had your ribs broken, I don't think you have it. But whatever. Let's just pretend we're in the movies. He goes back out there and fights. You got to dust yourself off. Because you matter, your voice matters, you can make a difference. Here, I'll prove it to you.


I'm not telling you this is something we should start Pop start popping corks on the champagne. Oh, it's over. Look, we won. I'm just saying your small steps matter. And I'm not suggesting it is only me who incentivize people to move the RNC in this direction. It was others to Fox News report in the show notes today, dot com newsletter to subscribe to our newsletter show notes, read this article. The Republican National Committee RNC depressed state and local election officials on election security measures, voters are watching.


Ronna McDaniel says. I'll get to a screenshot from this for a second. Folks, why do you think they did this again, I'm not suggesting we pop the corks look, it's all over. We want this for all I know with the RNC, this could all be lip service. The point is, Joe, it's a start and we should celebrate it a little bit and incentivize more of this. The RNC is saying what I've been telling you and you've been complaining about, we got to fix these elections and they're clearly interested at least in starting to do something.


Now, listen, if we're going to be Debbie Downer all the time out there, this is all fake and whatever. I can't stop that. All I can tell you is at least it's a start here from the Fox News article. This is an exclusive they got the RNC is, quote, aggressively engaging with state and local officials, requesting information about what states are doing to clean up their voter rolls as part of their effort to restore confidence in the election systems and promote transparency and election integrity.


This didn't just come out of thin air, folks. This was you calling people up and telling me to get busy. Here's the second paragraph on this. The RNC launched a new initiative to bolster election integrity. And we'll begin issuing public records requests to election officials across the country inquiring on a variety of election administration practices in states like Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, California and Georgia. Again, should we start celebrating that? No, but should we be content that our actions and our push for these Republican officials to do something about elections has at least a first step in getting them to do so?


Yes, this is good. These public records requests, because, again, I know some of some people are just upset, they're like, this is all B.S.. No, no, a public records request isn't. You know why, Joe? They have to comply. People there make the RNC say goes to the state of Pennsylvania and using public records losses, we want access to voter files and stuff it has to be provided. What the RNC does with it.


Who knows, I'm not a huge fan of. The establishmentarians, you know, and the RNC in general, but. Folks, it's a start, I refused to come on the show every day and constantly put you in a bad mood just for the sake of generating clicks. I don't do rage media, contrary to what the left wants to paint the show when there's something to be angry about. I'll tell you. But keep the pressure on, they can't ignore these public records requests information about Pennsylvania ballot counts not matching up with certain voter files.


That's the kind of stuff we want to know before the midterms. No. Your voice matters, your voice matters, listen to me, please take it to heart, I'd love to do that thing they do to you, but my elbows don't work. You know what they. I can't do it. Paul is doing it for me, you know. You know what I'm saying? If you grew up on a street, could you say much? Lopera I can't do because I can't reach my own heart anymore because my elbows don't work.


But I mean, your voice really matters. They're afraid of you, I don't mean afraid of you fear, like, you know, like the left means that like a politically aggressive, violent thing.


And I'm talking about they're afraid of you because they're afraid of losing power, because your votes keep them in power. So does your money. So does your volunteer time. It's your party. You built it. Your efforts. Take it back. Don't ever forget you built this. Keep the pressure on to issues that matter, horse blinders. Election reform and cancel culture, we can get to everything else later once we win. Now, who gets it, who gets it better than anyone, I have to tell you, this guy is flying up my charts if my charts matter at all.


I guess they do if you're listening. I rank right now outside of someone with the last name Trump, if I was ranking twenty twenty four candidates for president right now. I got to put at the top one or two Gov. Rod DeSantis of Florida, yet you just have to he just gets he's a born leader. So the Santas run the Santas from Florida. Excellent governor in a state I love. And full disclosure, I. I'm not I hate to it.


I know, Ron. I'm like everything. I know people. Nobody cares. Nobody cares who you know. I'm just saying I do. I have done some speeches for him at events in the past. It's only fair to put that out there. That's nothing to do with this. I haven't spoken to Ron this and this since he won the governorship or texted or communicated. Anyway, look at this video. Here's Ron to say this again, understanding what I just told you two things.


The Deuce, Election Reform and cancer culture, the Santurce GetSet. Listen to this quick 30 second clip around the same set of speech yesterday when the covid-19 pandemic hit.


A lot of states use that as a pretext to be able to do hastily new forms of voting. We didn't do that in Florida. We had a system. We had confidence in the system. We knew it was safe and we did it. We were not going to be sending out unsolicited mass mail ballots because that, as we've seen, there's problems with that. So the result. Yeah, and when people tried to sue us, we told them, pound sand, we're not going to change what we're doing.


You know what's crazy about Ron to say this? Paula, you can attest to this one, right, you might need some backup on this. Ron's a great speaker and a born leader, he just is. But his wife, Casey, is it even a better speaker than he is, right? We were at an event one time. His wife, like was the warm up act for the crowd. He's great run. But I think after Casey spoke, Ron came out, was like, oh, I was going to wrap it up, folks.


And like Casey's gotten his speech stand like his wife is even better. The family is just I don't know if it's some Ron Santurce like maybe out he sweats off some kind of like Ronda Santos virus or Gene or something and his wife and all the kids. And it makes them all born leaders. But the dissent, this family are just rock stars. His wife, Casey, they said this is this is a total stallion. She's amazing. She gives speeches and it's like dawn, something in it.


There's something in it. Maybe they're piping a chemical gel into the Santurce governor's mansion. No, because he wasn't even a governor that did this at this house. And they're all drinking again. I'm not kidding his wife. Look up her speeches. She's absolutely terrific. Ron GetSet. And if you're a conservative, a libertarian or a Republican thought leader, activist, politician, bureaucrat, donor, and you don't get it. And you think this is about anything other than election reform and cancer culture in this upcoming election?


Please step aside. I'm begging you as a friend. With the utmost respect, please step aside, because you're filling the spot of a candidate and some other person who understands the existential threat to this country by council culture. And shady elections. OK, please step aside. Now, let's point to someone who doesn't get it. You always got to have that yin and yang, right? Well, seesaw effect and you know the lever. What is it?


The simple machines, the levers, your pulleys, your incline, planes, the wheel. Like, where does that come from? In fifth grade, I had to do a report on simple machines. It was great. You never realized, like, how many different places these things appear, levers and stuff like that. Incline planes. What the hell are you doing? But, you know, in that little seesaw, when you're on the set, this goes up.


I think the universe has a natural balance, Joe. So as good conservative leaders emerge to balance the essence of conservatism, they have to have a crappy conservative conservative air quotes leader emerge as well. That says something dumb on the same day. Right, or within this. That's right. So it's a balancing of the cosmos thing. I just think that's how it is. Call me crazy, but I think that's what is so wrong to say that this gets it.


Here's someone who doesn't. This is a quick soundbite. It's going to start with Kevin McCarthy, House minority leader, who is asked a question by a reporter. It's a little low, Joe, how to work with it a little bit, but he's good like that. And one of the reporters says to the House minority leader, hey, do you have any beef with President Trump speaking at CPAC? So McCarthy answers. And then the same reporter points to Liz Cheney, who just will never get it.


And Liz Cheney gives an interesting answer herself. And McCarthys there, Joe. Right. Like to kind of put me in a bad spot there, old Liz. Not so good.


Okey dokey. Check this out.


Even the leadership, especially when it came to President Trump, should be speaking for President Trump this weekend. Yes, he should talk to me. That's up to seatback. I've been clear my views about President Trump and the extent to which he said we fell in January six. I don't I don't believe you should be playing along party or something.


I know Joe McCarthy be any more uncomfortable, I want to talk about cringe moments in politics, he's like, OK, I don't know what we're going to exit stage left. I mean, he doesn't know what to look at. His face is Cheney's talking screen, folks. McCarthy is no conservative. Right. Let's be crystal clear. McCarthy is as establishment as establishment gets even. He's uncomfortable with Liz Cheney. Liz Cheney, she is a congresswoman from Wyoming.


Wyoming is like ninety nine point nine nine nine percent Republican. There's seriously like one Democrat in the entire state of Wyoming. And nobody can find this person either. They live in the woods, out in a cabin by Grizzly Adams style. They're out. The people are it's like a search for Bigfoot. They know this person exists because the state is ninety nine point nine nine nine nine repeating decimal. So there's got to be one Democrat because it's not one hundred percent.


They can't find this person. It's the search for Bigfoot. It's like Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster. They keep going in the lake and nobody can seem to get a really clear high def shot of the Loch Ness Monster. Right. You have the footprints for the Bigfoot. You put the little cast in there, you get the Bigfoot, but nobody gets us like a genetic sample of Bigfoot. Bigfoot doesn't stop by for dinner at Loch Ness Monster.


You get these shady, shadowy pictures, but nobody sees high def. That's the search for a Democrat in Wyoming. You can't find them. This changes the congresswoman and they don't even like her, they're. So just to be clear, Liz Cheney, who's not even liked in a state that they still can't find, the alleged Democrat, the one they can't find this person, she's not popular there, Joe. And yet she's opining how Trump shouldn't talk at CPAC because he should have no role in the party if the January 6th, despite getting how many votes, Joe?


Seventy five million votes. I'm Joe. Call me crazy. Do you have Jason? Because I remember we're where we have not used Jason so long to hear. Nobody's ever going to remember. You have to be like a serious old school listener to remember a guy named Jay said this in Abacas one time. I'm just going to check on Jason because what is a higher number here? Is it Liz Cheney's 11 Republican votes in Wyoming? It's maybe 12.


Maybe she's got 12. But I'm not sure that finding that 12 person is like finding a Democrat. I mean, you're searching for searching for Bigfoot is what's more important for you. Simple math. Get the abacus out. Jane, I don't even know if Jay still alive. He said this. That abacas if you're not Jay, Lord rest your soul. We love you. Haven't heard from you in a while. But seriously, what is a larger number?


Get ready. Move the things around. Yeah. Is it that 12 Liz Cheney votes in Wyoming? Or the seventy four million Trump votes for. Take your time, take your time, I'd use the Jeopardy sound. But it's copyrighted and we're getting thrown off the drone off of it. What is it? What is it using the imagination. I know. I said I'd say I know it's hard. I know. I know. A PET scan, Joe's energy dojos, that cerebral cortex of Joe's brain right now, it's absorbing sugar and that's a bigger number.


Yeah. All signs point to all signs point to from all sides. The verdict is in all signs point to Trump. Yes. Thank you, producer Joe Armacost. Quite welcome, Daniel. Someone dreary that that is an all we have not used is Abacus, and probably yeah, that was a big staple of The Early Show. You got one guy who gets it, Rhonda Santurce. And then you get another woman who doesn't who even makes establishmentarian McCarthy uncomfortable.


He's like, any any more questions, please? No, someone give me the Apollo Theater guy at the end with the hook and pull me off the stage. I don't know. I can hear the guys.


I'm surprised to start crying as Liz Cheney was talking election reform. And cancel culture. If you're interested in doing the Liz Cheney and focusing on Donald Trump, I don't like his tweets. Yeah, yeah. OK, so you don't like his tweets. We now have open borders. There's a massive tax hike coming. Conservatives are being canceled and put out of business. We have a guy who supports partial birth abortion who could be the HHS secretary. But Liz Cheney.


Good point. Take your 12 Wyoming voters. Yes. And let's go after Donald Trump. His tweets me. Priorities, Joe. It's all about priorities. Buffoonery, buffoonery. I'll get to cancel culture next. But don't worry, Joe, Liz Cheney's worried about Trump's tweets because not even real can't show fake. It's a hoax, right? Cancel. Let me get to my second sponsor.


I'm sorry, folks. I just can't I can't get past the buffoonery in this party again. I give you the good and the bad. The RNC is doing some good things on election reform. And then we get Liz Cheney out there. I don't think Donald Trump, she ever owned a party. Seventy five million people think a little different. Liz Jase's abacas is pretty clear on this. All right, if you only saw the conversations before the show today, things are different and the whole ecosystem now of conservative content creation, right?


Yeah. What the hell is that? Oh, yeah, that my breakfast this morning is business growth.


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Secure your home. That's simply safe. Dotcom. Dan Bongino, go today. All right. Thanks. Simply safe. We appreciate it.


So moving on to number two. I told you there are two issues right, to do selection's election reform and cancel culture, cancel cultures getting worse. A lot worse. I'm convinced, by the way, that cancer culture will eventually burn itself out, it reminds me of was kind of Chatwood. Producer this morning, and I said there's an old Herb Stein, quote, famous economist, father to Ben Stein, Bueller, Bueller, remember? And the dad said, what can't continue won't.


Now he is using it for economics, in other words, you can spend money and go into debt and deficit only so long, Joe, before you go bankrupt, because what can't continue just won't you'll eventually go bankrupt and people stop lending you money. Right. But that applies to a lot of things. I mean, I know it sounds like a very simple, you know, not deeply philosophical axiomatic truth, but it's deeper than that. Cancel culture can't continue.


I won't vote Kathy because he can't eventually run out of people to cancel that you get it like that's the whole thing was canceled culture, like you've canceled people and eventually you run out of people to cancel. There's just not enough high profile people out there with big social media followings, big audiences. There's not enough of them out there. That if you were to cancel a significant swap, there's any new alternative to cancel, so you have to constantly search for new targets that are less and less significant.


It will burn itself out because it has to. Now, the question is. How long is that going to take and what do we do to fight back to speed up the canceling of cancel culture? Well, number one, we have to create an I can't say this enough, gosh, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse with you all and forgive me if you've heard this over and over, but I've got to tell people what you're going to tell them.


Tell them and tell them what you told them. It's the only way to remember it. We have got to create. A fortified parallel economy. Everything we have to create it all on our own server farms, deeds providers, email providers, domain name registries, CD ends, our MS. ABCDE, EFG APIs are you name it acronym, we need to build it. And the irony of cancer culture, number one, is that it will burn itself out because you run out of people to cancel.


It's like canceling a football team with a football of 11 guys on the field. And you've canceled events. You don't have a football game. This is only one dude left. What's he going to do, throw the ball to himself? You know, Tom Brady to the run that you can't do in. It will burn itself out, but the the the ironic benefit no to. Is they are single handedly creating a billion dollar opportunity for conservative entrepreneurs.


There is a great, great, great piece. I know I got to do the video, I'll get there in a second, but it's not just the news. The judge on Solomon's site, just the news, this is an article by Natalie Millstead Liberal censorship opens lucrative door for conservative entrepreneurs. They interviewed this social media star, Rogan O'Hanley. He says billions of dollars are to be made by providing conservative alternatives. Folks, I'm telling you, it is happening right now.


It will burn itself out. Number one, we won't we need to speed that process up. We need to cancel cancel culture quick. But by doing it, not only will it burn itself out over time, but in the short term, if you are out there and you are a conservative entrepreneur like me, you know, I have investments in parler, in Rumball, in other alternative parallel ecosystems. Right. I'm telling you for a fact. There are multiple people out there building out entire tech universes where console culture will render itself entirely irrelevant.


They're not you're not going to be able to cancel them. I can't I there's only so much I can say, but they are creating billions of dollars and opportunities. If you are a conservative entrepreneur, what do I mean? I want you to watch this video by Project Veritas. They strike again. James O'Keefe strikes again, a Project Veritas. He's got everyone he's got video on Facebook, video on Twitter, all of them just basically openly admitting they're into cancer culture now.


But now James Franco keeps going. I'm telling you, James O'Keefe in Project Veritas, the most feared guy in America right now, no doubt. I mean that as a compliment.


James O'Keefe, in light of the events of January six, recognize a much broader range of messages has the potential to incite politically motivated violence, given what we saw. And so, as I mentioned, we've engaged with the RNC to communicate that no messages on behalf of President Trump and investors question the validity or integrity of the election of our allowed our platform under the guidelines that they made that may incite violence.


They just played that. I did not give any cue for that. So everybody's taken over my show right now, people just doing stuff. It's like it was my shirts. But then Bongo show, like everybody thinks this is their own thing. Now, that was that. I'm just messing with a mistake. I got to give you the hand side, you know, and I give you like that. It's like that. It's like a whatever the unbendable are, we used to call it the Secret Service with the unbendable.


I'm like, when you walk in a president, do a crowd, you put the arm out the knife hand and it separates the crowd because people don't want to touch. You might not actually play. That was a video Project Veritas obtained of sales force. So if you're using sales force, what do they do? Paula, they do like customer service kind of stuff. Customer like a CRM, is that what it is? If you're using Salesforce, be warned, that was the CEO of Salesforce on some obtained video that Project Veritas got, basically saying you dare talk about election reform and any of that stuff.


You're out of here, buddy. And they canceled Project Veritas. All right, I know it stinks in the short term, I know it it does. We've been canceled by who's at a canceled us. Who was that guy? The T-shirt company. Right. What was that? T spring? Yeah, they canceled us. Great. We found another t shirt company. I mean, they've actually been working on getting rid of T Spring. So who's the other one who canceled us?


You remember?


Outbrain, Yes, Outbrain, if you're running Edwige, it's on your site, use Outbrain. I'd get away from them as soon as possible, but if you're using sales force, listen, you're a business. You do what you want. But if you are a conservative who believes in freedom, freedom of speech, capitalism, I would get away from Salesforce, Stata, Rusedski, like today. The sales force guy, let me just be clear, the Salesforce CEO has no expertize in election reform politics, anything like that.


They do CRM stuff, customer relations, stuff for company Salesforce, no expert. The guy's not running for office. He is telling you on his own internal video the Project Veritas got that why they canceled Project Veritas do their account, what questions you can and can't ask. That sounds awfully totalitarian to me, doesn't it, Joe? Am I thinking about this the wrong way? I mean, just just straighten me out if I'm wrong. So you got a guy who is.


No. You think I'm OK. I want to make sure I'm not just wandering off. And so you got this dude, this Salesforce CEO again. No expertize so he's not running for office himself. He sells a sales product, Salesforce. And he's opining about what you can and cannot talk about or they refuse to discriminate against you, it is discrimination, it is submitting, it's discrimination. You're not we're not going to let you talk about these things.


And if you do, we are going to discriminate. We're going to treat you differently than others. Discrimination. Is it illegal discrimination? No, not by law, but is it discrimination that's wrong and unethical? Obviously, people are being treated differently because of their political ideas. I just talked about election reform and I will be banned from sale. So I'm sure will be I don't think we use we ever use for now. Never good. OK, so they won't they'll they'll they'll they'll preemptively send us to notice they don't try to use Salesforce.


I'm just telling you. There is companies out there we will be highlighting in the future who provide alternatives to Salesforce and Joe, they have the shocking business model. Get ready, get your nitro pills out. I don't want you to have a coronary infarction event. I don't even know if that's a word. I heard it somewhere on one of those like Gray's Anatomy type shows years ago. But whatever, dude, here's the business model. Get ready.


The sales force alternative that's emerging right now, they say, listen, we are going to provide sales for CRM services and we really don't care what you think about politically revolutionary revolutionary idea.


I can't even reach my heart. It's crazy. allIt was Elizabeth Elizabeth for four us old timers out there. Oh, what a red fox. I talk about a funny guy right there, folks. It can be funny, sarcastic, maybe silly, maybe not funny, who knows? But isn't this crazy that that's actually a revolutionary idea in this sector range castle culture we live in? That you have to pick the CRM Salesforce type company you work with based on what your political ideology is this year, like where do we live in North Korea?


Now as the United States. I'm telling you now, if you're doing business with these companies, Outbrain Sales Force to Spring and others, you have to make your own decisions. I can't tell you what to do. I'm just telling you our experience and the experience of others like Project Veritas, I would highly recommend you reevaluate that stat. STATT. Well, it's not just them. These articles will be up in the show notes today, by the way, this one to you need to read this Bungeni dot com newsletter.


Please sign up for my email list so I can get around these crazy totalitarian anti free speech lunatics and talk to you directly. Legal insurrection, one of the best blogs out there ever in the history of blogs. Mary Chassagne new article, Legal Insurrection de Platforming Alert GoDaddy. Joe is now caught investigating websites it hosts or registers for connection to the Capitol Hill riot. Yes, this is really crazy who's involved with this George Soros connected group, Accountability Accountable, that US is demanding GoDaddy platform, even groups such as Turning Point USA and Women for America first.


You mean like mainstream Republican groups like Charlie Kirks Group turning point? You say there to be the platform now because George Soros affiliated groups said so. Oh yeah. From the legal insurrection not making it up, folks. This is not some fable or fairy tale. This is the real McCoy. Quote, Legal insurrection, GoDaddy, you work for my GoDaddy, you have your domain registered there, I would highly recommend you seek other alternatives, folks, GoDaddy told The Hill that is initiated investigation and investigation.


So they're using their Soviet friends maybe to do this. But are there interrogators involved? What kind of investigation is this? I'm just curious. Is it does it involve some kind of like torture devices or what kind of investigation is GoDaddy? Are there former federal investigators? Are there going to be GoDaddy subpoenas? They're initiating an investigation into sites it hosts or for which it's access to an Internet registrar for folks linked for links to the Capitol Hill riot after reports by a source connected partizan group accountable, not us.


Man, I couldn't have butchered that sentence any worse. It's not just supposedly violent groups that are targeted, political groups such as Turning Point USA are targeted as well as as well in this pressure campaign against Gaudette. Turning point. I know Charlie Kirk, a mainstream Republican activist group that focuses on college campuses. They're being targeted by GoDaddy, ladies and gentlemen, again, there are others out there, Epic's one of them, right, Paula, Epic's domain registry that what they do.


There are other domain registries out there like EPIK that don't discriminate based on your political ideas, I highly recommend, if you're with GoDaddy, that you reconsider that approach. It's probably a very, very, very bad idea. You have to make your own decisions, they're conducting investigations now. Joe, who sounds very Soviet to me. Yeah, no, I'm right here. You're being investigated by GoDaddy. Guys are going to show up with a commission book, right?


Oh, I wish I had my old Secret Service Commission book that on the wall somewhere. I you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Give me that. Throw that. Can you put that to you. I know you come check that. I bring it over. Make it. Here it is. So we got this from I'm going to have to block out who this is here, they're going to show a go, daddy, go, daddy, you flip up and you're going to go, Daddy, police are here.


Folks, I'm and I'm not going to tell you this, Lucy, at the bottom of this patch. See, that's a Lucita. Lucy eats everything. We caught her eating Shouji. Paula has an expensive pair of shoes. They're not expensive anymore. She ate the whole thing is a go. Daddy, police. We're here, folks. We're here. We're going to take you down to the station. There's a station. I'll go there. Yeah.


Yeah, it's in Silicon Valley. We're going to put you in an interview. Here we go. But as you laugh, it's happening it's happening right now, I'm not making this up. Here for you video gamers out there and all you young kids get your video game guy, right? You like video games back in the day. Men are supposed to share that on the air, you are uncomfortable with that. Sorry, folks, I can say that.


Thank you. Just getting used to it's only been here a couple of weeks. I don't know what makes them uncomfortable. I really don't care about your part of the show.


Sorry. Open season. The game is a video game guy, all you young, you know, hepcats, you know, Joe, the young hipsters, they love castle culture because cool to be a liberal, you know, it's not cool to believe in freedom and liberty and be a conservative.


It's not cool and edgy by their definition is by mine. Where the new renegades. Right.


But you're a video game guy, and the guy loved liberals are all so great and wonderful and. Cancel culture thing is like really cool I micrographs, then what would all that dopy words are for all the key words of the day?


Well look now they're coming for your video games canceled cause now they're like, oh my gosh, I didn't. But what I tell you, cancel culture was going to what did I say when I opened the set? What did I say? What did I say? I said cancel culture was eventually going to implode on itself because you run out of victims. Here's a new victim, the Hill. Illinois lawmakers seek a ban of Grand Theft Auto video game following a rise in carjackings.


Here's just the suggestion. If you are that morally inept that you played a video game called Grand Theft Auto, when you thought to yourself, I really feel like going out and carjacking someone right now, your problems are probably not the video game. Just throwing that out there, folks. I played John Madden Football growing up on Sega or whatever the hell it was. You're probably laughing because I don't even remember what I played it on Commodore 64. Who the hell knows my brain is much these days with all the nonsense going on, but I don't remember going out and like, running on to an NFL football field, taking off and then trying to drop back and pass the ball to the wide receiver.


I'm just saying, if you're carjacking someone, it's a really, really bad idea. And I don't think the video game had anything to do with it. But you know what? All you young cats out there that you think it's really cool cause not even a cool word anymore, but whatever. I grew up in the 80s, if you think it's cool, awesome. And Mint was if you think it's really meant to be a part of cancer, it meant you probably think that's a stupid way.


It's also meant I'm part of cancer culture and all these cool liberal celebrities and stuff. And then, look, you are next. What an idiot. You didn't think they were coming for you. Sorry you were that stupid. Really, I'm sorry, I feel bad for you that you got suckered into believing this. How cool and edgy and meant you were. Because you couldn't figure out that eventually the totalitarian tyrants were using you as a useful idiot and they'd come for you in your video games.


Here's one more in the show notes today, Amazon back again. If you're still using Amazon, why, why? Why are you doing that? You can get everything else you need on the Internet elsewhere. Yeah, it's a little more difficult. Requires you to make a few more clicks. We in this fight are what? Get rid of Amazon. I have an order and I had a couple of things on that auto renew. We have to cancel, but that's it.


I've Amazon, we spent a lot of money and a lot like my wife would come to me with the credit card bills and be like, what the hell?


What did you buy a car on Amazon? Like, seriously, dude, like where's a gun gone by by. Now by. Amazon, just the news article quietly, and sales of books that labels hate speech were brought back to the book book Burning Stage again, the book burning stuff so advanced, Joe, such an advanced, highly intellectual society we've become. We're back to book burning what they didn't like the sixteen hundreds.


The Salem witch trials will be next. Joe, remember the Salem witch trials? If they float after they dead, they weren't witches or whatever it was like it was a lose lose. You remember that didn't work out well for you. That'll be next. That'll be next. All right, it's getting late, I got to get to my third sponsor, my gosh. I spent a lot of time on that. All right, he's right. Coming up next.


If you can get away from these people, these liberals, you must this was a GI suggested story. Good work, good work. I usually think of it all in my own head. I'm not really good with taking other people's advice on the show, but this was a good idea. You'll see what I mean in a minute. They had took a poll of Democrats and Republicans. It's not going to end well for us, I promise you.


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Again, helixes offering up to two hundred dollars off all mattress orders and and two free pillows for our listeners. Go to Helix Sleep Dotcom slash Dan Helix, sleep dotcom.


Slash them. All right. Back to the show, thanks to the. So this segment is called If You Can Get Away from these people. Do if I have it written in all caps, get away from it, I know who are these people? I'm talking about the crazy liberal. He sent this story over and I told me, if you're going to get into podcasting and conservative content creation, TV shows, radio, whatever it may be, can I give you a piece of advice?


Anybody can read the news, right? Anyone, it's pretty easy, just read the news, have have all the time. Listen to local news at 6:00 and everybody reads the stories. If you really want to produce conservative content, content, people appeal to, you got to find narratives and storylines. You can't just read a story, so he sent me this fascinating story about a poll that was done of GOP voters priorities and Democrats voters priorities. And ladies and gentlemen, this poll is going to scare the hell out of you.


I'll get to the results in a minute. But I thought, what's going to be the narrative that's going to weave through this segment, and is this what I just said, if you can get away from these people, these radical liberals? You have to do it. You have Florida, you have Texas, you have the southern states, South Carolina, North Carolina, if you can get away and escape these crazy liberal states, Illinois, New York and California liberals, please stay where you are up there.


We'd rather you not move that I can't stop you. It's a free country. I'm not a totalitarian like you. But I'm asking you as a friend, please don't move down to Florida. I personally don't want you here. I don't know what kind of weight that carries with you or not, but I'd rather you stay in New York. But conservatives, please come down here. We need you. We need reinforcements. Please get away from these people.


I'm just going to play this video and scratch my head afterwards and maybe you'll see the connection, here's a video that's been making the rounds on social media went viral. I'm just going to let it speak for itself if you're white. Yes, you are racist, even if you think you're woak we all benefit from oppression. Pretending you're not racist only makes racism grow.


It's going to leave that one right there. That apparently is a video from a ticktock person. Gave the accent that one. So let's move on in the if you can get away from these people, please do it. There's a reason I'm. Not at a loss for words. I'm just intentionally not. Saying words that I know are words creeping through my cerebral cortex right now, Paulina's y. That's a pretty fascinating little musical performance there. Joe, the music isn't that great, though, I mean, really needs to work on yeah, that tune, if you're white, you are a racist and you are a jokester and you are not racist or racist person because you're white.


The person singing that if you're watching on Rumball about the car right now appears to be white herself, but that apparently has escaped her and she's calling herself racist in her own video. Not smart enough to figure that out, I guess. Here's that poll we were talking about. So they asked GOP voters, what concerns you the most, what are the big problems for the country? And you'll notice the problems GOP voters care about and want solve their actual substantive problems.


Number one, illegal immigration. Number two, lack of support for the police. Number three, high taxes. If you're watching on RUMBALL, you can see the chart right here.


This was an excellent poll, by the way, to give the hat tip high taxes, you all important stuff. Socialism, Antifa, violence, China, legal abortion in the third trimester, election fraud, tech company censorship, discrimination against Christians, all substantive issues. Now, remember the narrative weaving through this segment, if you can get away from these people and move, please do it. Why? Because when we put up the chart about what Democrats care about, you're going to notice this.


That while you care about issues based on polling, you know, data science matters and all liberals keep saying that. They the liberals, don't really care about issues. They care about you. Look at their chart. Here's what they care about, number one. Donald Trump supporters, no to white nationalism, number three, systemic racism. Number four, right now, we get at least one issue that, you know, it's actually a big of an issue of some significant policy that gun violence.


Americans lacking health coverage. All right, domestic terror, police brutality, discrimination against LGBTQ Americans, sexism, voter suppression, student debt, and then capitalism, too. So they don't like economic freedom either. The number one issue. Eighty two percent of them is you. Donald Trump supporters. Folks, this goes back to my axiomatic truth, I don't know if it's Dan Bongino, truth number one, I don't have them written down, but I should.


But it's definitely one of my. Dan Bongino, Rules of the Road. The left thinks you are bad people with ideas, we think the left are people with bad ideas, that's changing a little bit now as we see their true colors. They really hate you. Just read their polls. Not speculation on my part. We care about issues, Economic Freedom Council, culture, high taxes, what do they care about you? They will never leave you alone.


They are obsessed with you, get away from these people while you can if you're thinking, let me just get away from these people, STATT. The third time that word has reappeared in the show today, like yesterday, if you don't have some business or substantial ties to the states where these lunatics live people and answering this question, you know, number one number, what's your number one issue? Donald Trump supporters, they are obsessed with you. You have to get away from them.


Do everything in your power to get away from them and move around people who actually care about economic liberty. All right, here's what I got coming up next. I despise Spygate story that broke today. I know a lot of you are tired of the story, and I understand that. But I'm not because I'm not going to let the left win with its move on straight. We're moving on. We're moving on. No, I'm not moving on.


I'm not. That's what they want. You understand? That was their thing. Drag it out so that people say, oh, nothing happened. We're moving on. I'm not moving on. I'm sorry, I'm not moving on because it's only the biggest scandal in human history. I got a quick story on that. You're going to want to read it to the show and it's to let me get to my final sponsor today. Speaking of great sleep, our friends at Boehland Branch, if you dream of comfortable sheets at a price that won't keep you up all night, look no further than Boehland Branch.


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Get 15 percent off your first set of sheets when you use promo code. Bongino Bongiorno at checkout. That's Boehland Branch Dotcom Use Promo Code Bongino Bon Giorno Chai. These sheets out C.M.A. You're going to love them. Boehland branched out. Come use promo code Bongino. I get back to the show. So it's showing you the power of cancel culture and the liberal disinformation machine, which is powerful, it isn't denying that it exists. It's just the disinformation in and of itself.


Liberals do have a coordinated disinformation and misinformation machine and they use big tech to do it. Here's a hilarious example. This is an actual screenshot from my phone today of how a hoax, a PDA, otherwise known as Wikipedia, Wikipedia, how they describe Spygate. This is an actual screenshot Spygate parentheses conspiracy theory. Spygate is a conspiracy theory initiated by President Trump in May of 2018 that the Obama administration had placed a spy in his presidential campaign for political purposes.


Don't worry, Joe, don't worry. It's a conspiracy theory. This is all all made up. Don't you worry at all. Stand easy, as they used to tell us in the police academy on the mustard deck at 90 degrees, sitting in Manhattan, melting stand easy. Well, kind of throws a little bit of a monkey wrench into the whole conspiracy theory thing.


We just had some uncovered documents. Yes, I care whether you folks do or not. I care about Spygate. I know a lot of you do. New documents now reveal a wider ranging operation to spy on the Trump campaign headlined John Solomon Just the news story will be in the show notes today. Please read it once you know that slash newsletter. Wikipedia stampeder told us that this is a conspiracy theory, so a secret FBI informant is now revealing that they were spying on the Trump campaign.


That can't be, Joe. Wikipedia clearly said this is a conspiracy theory. This is strange. So here we go. We have an actual FBI informant here saying this. So, quote, Once secret, once secret reports show the FBI effort to spy on the Trump campaign, I thought that was a conspiracy theory was a far wider than previously disclosed effort as agents directed an undercover informant to make secret recordings, pressed for intelligence on numerous GOP figures and sought to find, quote, it's a quote, liberals.


I mean, someone said this. Anyone in the Trump campaign with ties to Russia who would acquire dirt, quote, damaging to Hillary Clinton's. It's underlining that area for the liberals here have a tough time, in fact, so they wanted anyone in the Trump campaign, an FBI informant, otherwise known as a spy, was directed to get, quote, anyone in the Trump campaign that can't be folks a pedia told us that this is all a conspiracy.


Yeah, that's really bizarre. Oh, there are more gems in this. Just the news piece. Here's a couple other bullets from it. Immediately after the FBI open the collusion probe, they narrowly focused on the foreign lobbying of a single Trump campaign aide named George Papadopoulos, agents pressed Halper he was working for them. Stefan Halper is a spy. For information on more than a half dozen other figures, including future AG, Jeff Sessions, foreign policy advisor Sam Clovis, campaign chairman Paul Manafort, economic adviser Peter Navarro, and future national security adviser Mike Flynn and campaign advisor Carter Page.


You know, it's really crazy, Joe. This is really just bizarre.


I mean, call me crazy here, but so the FBI is a spy, Steffon Holper, they're pushing to spy on people and this list of people they're pushing him to spy on, they all have one thing in common. So think it through. Take a minute. Take a minute. Slow down. Slow down. I know you know you didn't eat this morning. Brain functions on sugar. Not can't you stored fat or anything like that. Blood sugars, low processing speed is slow, but they all have one thing.


And can we pop that up again. The all of what Manafort, Peter Navarro, McFlynn, Carter Page, Jeff Sessions, Sam Clovis, a George Papadopoulos. What do they all have in common? Are they all Greek? George Papadopoulos I would assume is Greek. No, no, I don't think my friend is Greek. Just checking. I think he's Irish. I'm, I don't know. I haven't asked him maybe be Scottish. Not sure.


So it's not that is it, that they're all English speakers? Maybe. Maybe that's it. That's it. They're all English speakers. That's why they were targeted. Actually, the FBI informant said no, they were all targeting. Say one thing in common. They worked for the Trump campaign. Oh, but don't worry. Don't worry, Joe. Come on. Stop speculating and stop getting ahead of yourself here. Don't get ahead of the skis.


Stop speculating. Wikipedia says it's all a conspiracy theory. It's all a conspiracy theory. Right. Stop your nonsense. You're spinning everybody's wheels. You're wasting my time. Heart number two with this little gem for Joe.


While current FBI director Chris Wray has insisted the bureau did not engage in spying on the Trump campaign. Oh, don't worry, Chris Wray said so. Halpern's taskings include many of the tradecraft tactics of espionage, including the creation of a fake cover story, saying he wanted a job at the Trump campaign, secret recordings providing background on targets suggested questions to ask and even contact information for potential targets. Man, that sounds awfully like spying to me. But, you know, liberals show they're in love with the euphemism game, like, no, that's not spying.


It's the. What we call, oh, it's undocumented surveillance, they're not illegal immigrants, they're undocumented Americans. This is undocumented surveillance. They love the euphemism game because it plays to idiots. It plays the people who are liberals, who play video games, who didn't realize like liberals would come after their video games next. You were you were played like a useful idiot, just like you're being played by Scam a pedia. This is all a conspiracy theory.


The spying, really. We have a spy admitting they spied and said they wanted to spy on anyone in the Trump campaign using spy tactics. A guy who was a spy paid like a spy to do spy stuff in Spain and spy tradecraft, but definitely not spying, definitely not spying on the trump card scam. A PDA said so. So we'll end the show with this gem key, spruced it up a little bit. I've used the screenshot a thousand times, but he got real sharp and made it all fancy.


Now, the show, look at this. But we still have like this run of the mill operations. Me and Paula, like the crunch schedule. Just throw screenshots from my phone. Now everything looks professional. Look at this stuff. I know that was it was bad, right? No, your stuff was great, we didn't have a lot of time. I'm in trouble. Date night is definitely out this week.


No, your stuff was really in a pickle here, folks. Someone rescue me, please. Oh, do you have a little bit of extra help now? So this screenshot from my phone has been super spruced up, so I like it. Here's Jim Comey actually admitting you like this is nice, right? Yeah. And it's March 20th, 2017 congressional testimony, which we already knew because it happened in 2017, which for the liberals listening, that's it's almost four years ago.


It's been a couple of weeks. Wikipedia hasn't figured it out yet that they were authorized to spy on, in fact, the Trump campaign, James Comey said James Comey said it himself. He says, I've been authorized by the DOJ to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the presidential election. And that includes I'm going to read this slow for the liberals investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign.


And the Russian government. That was there in 2017, but yeah, don't worry, Stampeder said, no, no, that's not true. There was definitely no spying on the Trump campaign. Don't worry, folks, and you fell for it if you're a liberal. I'm really sorry. What a scam. Hey, I got to give a shout out, I promise I don't do shout outs often, but my nephew James loves the show. He's a great kid and I love him to death.


He's a big sports fan, huge sports fan. He wants to be a sports broadcaster. So I told him I give him a shout out yesterday and I'm sorry, James, I just got overwhelmed with something. But you deserve a shouted James, my nephew, big time, super fat shout out to you from the old DB machine here. Love your brother. You're a good kid. I hope he's happy.


My brother was like, you'd better do the shout out tomorrow. I love it. I love you, James. I really got crossed up yesterday. Forgive me. I will be doing more shadows in the future audience deserves. Thanks for tuning in, folks, I really appreciate that was a loaded show today, a lot of material. I will be at CPAC tomorrow. Still haven't figured out what I'm going to talk about. What is it, four to four o'clock, Paula, I'll be driving up there with Paula tomorrow, so speak.


And if for a figure out in car means, mind you, we're going to talk about him, I got it all figured out in the car.


It's best that way. More passionate when it's like on my mind that day. So don't miss that. And please, please subscribe to our video show, Rumball Dotcom Slash Mangino. We are almost at one point five million subscribers. We really appreciate it. Rumble dot com slash Bungeni. It's free. Subscribe. Watch the show there. Thanks for doing it. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.