Happy Scribe

This is the down labor part, sure, we've still got Sparkasse. So Patrick Mahomes is the best we've ever seen at the position, let's move on. All right. Miami Heat are in the finals, storylines galore, storylines everywhere for you, none bigger.


I don't think struggle than the question of who wants it more does.


And this is the top of the food chain on who wants it more. The question I'm posing to you and the audience is this.


Does LeBron James want to win the championship as much as Pat Riley wants to deny him the championship?


That is the WHO wants wanted more question that I have for you, because this is all the things that brought LeBron here in Riley's mind to the building of an organization that could support you to win your first championship. Against not man, I got it, I'll do it myself, I'm the best there's ever been.


There are two people in this series and only two who think they're the best there's ever been because you got one executive who has done it in the finals across six decades.


And Dion Waiters.


Yeah, I was talking about Dion. Who did you guys think I was talking about my time on J.R. Smith? Yeah, no, I thought Dion Waiters was was where you were going.


And so, yes, I want you to imagine the outrage that would just basically scorch the soul of Pat Riley if Dion Waiters was holding up that trophy at the end of the season. I told Zach Lowe the story recently. Can you guys stop? Can you guys stop distracting me doing the radio show? No, I know what you were doing. You were boxing each other out to try and get to the Dion Waiters J.R. Smith joke. I saw what you were doing and you now stop doing it.


That's an easy joke. Far too proud of it. I beat them out quickly on a raise in a sprint last week and he has not let go of it. And he is kicking my butt this week.


You are you are both like Melo when he grabs rebounds and just yells at everybody fh you are both like that. And it wasn't good enough joke. It was an OK joke. Dion Waiters jokes. But again, you have to understand something. Dion Waiters created a shame for the Miami Heat organization. This runs sort of counter to the Heat way by passing out on a plane because of an edible.


Yeah. Culture, well, and he was fined a lot toward the end, he were just taking money from him wherever it could. It was basically he was being fined for being Dion Waiters, but I love what you've created here. This is not so much about the heat winning a championship for Riley as it is about denying LeBron a championship. That's why I keep saying it will feel like winning two championships down here.


But let's let's cover some of this stuff so that you guys understand what the history is here, because there's basketball history here. There's personal history here. The stories are rich in terms of some of the stuff we're talking about. So if you look back in time and this decade has been dominated by LeBron, he's turned ESPN into an infomercial for the things that he does over the last ten years, ever since we got into bed with him making a television show that made him go from even from child famous to superstar famous to infamous to biggest star in sports, the Michael Jordan of our time, supported by the worldwide leader in sports that just can't get enough of him for 10 bleeping years.


And over those 10 bleeping years, Pat Riley was a part of the first half. And LeBron James and Pat Riley had basically what you saw happen at the end with Brady and Belichick. Well, who's responsible for this? Are we in this together? Are we responsible together as a team? Boom, it breaks up. LeBron says, no, I won because of me, because I came into my prime. And Pat Riley's on the other side said, Yeah, but you weren't posting up JJ Barea when you got here.


You had to add to your game and you had to learn some of the things that got learned that, you know, Shane Battier tells us that Hassan Whiteside gets out there after they won a championship and he's laying down on the court after sprints and a bunch of champions are coming and picking him up and say, no, this is how we do it over here. You're embarrassing us. So LeBron says, no, I don't need this culture, I've learned what I need to learn.


You thought player empowerment was 2010? I'm going to show you player empowerment. I'm going to leave again and I'm going to win a championship and I'm going to create my defining moment in Cleveland. I'm going to do the thing in Cleveland that sort of excuses me for being three and six in the finals.


I'm going to build that team up that boosted its assets that they got directly from you for a fifth year I didn't actually sign up for. And I'm going to recruit against you.


The Cleveland Cavs only have the pieces to get LeBron James because they were such a disaster as an organization after LeBron James left doing things like signing Luol Deng because they thought they were a piece away. They then had Andrew Wiggins to trade for Kevin Love.


Mike, you don't sound better at all. I am better. Well, imagine if Mike spitler a matter. Imagine how Pat Riley feels now. Now go back. OK, at the end, he's got to recruit him and he's he's he signs like Josh Mick robbed us and Danny Granger. I forgot the Granger one. Yeah, I didn't say it wrong, Tony Schmick robbed us, is what they call him around the Heat organization. Like that's how they were going to bring LeBron back with Danny Granger and John Josh McRoberts.


Yes. And just keep in mind how personally LeBron took what Kawhi did this offseason, where they were all waiting around for wise decision. And the only thing left there was Danny Green and the Lakers are weaker for it.


LeBron tried to do that with Miami because he kind of feared this day would come and if it wasn't for blood clots when it came a lot sooner.


And so here we are, though, Greg Kody. Here we are with the storylines of and I want you guys to understand when it comes, good Lord, during a pandemic to sort of think about your mortality, where Pat Riley for years has been talking about wanting to retire, but the Games got a grip on him and it's so much a part of his identity. And here he is in his mid 70s and the world is so upside down that he can't even physically get close to his team because he's in the demo.


That's dangerous when it comes to this stuff. And there are protocols. And he built what it is that you see out there, Erik Spoelstra, because that organization is filled with loyal loyalists and lifers. If you leave your out your exercise, whether you're Randy Fun, Stan Van Gundy, your excised, you are not in a relationship with Pat Riley anymore. If you are not a member of the Miami Heat, you still can't talk to Larry Bird and Michael Jordan because of the wars they had four decades ago.


Although I have a feeling if LeBron wanted to come back, Pat would welcome them back.


I mean, OK, fair enough. But that's not what we're talking about today. Way to go. Way to go to a take that you've used many times over the last six years. I mean, once you leave, you can't come back unless you're LeBron and then you could come back.


I mean, you've already five at this point. At this point, it's getting a little late in the game. You train bam out of bio for it. I think he'd consider it back once. I believe.


You don't think that he would take LeBron back. That's ridiculous.


I'm guessing they probably could. They've got room for a whale. I don't know that LeBron would come back anyway. So you've got the back story of Pat Riley being taken to Las Vegas dog and pony show where he gets his ego hurt, his feelings hurt because it seemed for all of us to see like LeBron had wrestled the power of the league from him. Like this is when Phil Jackson is failing with the next Phil Jackson, who used to be Titan leader.


And LeBron was here to tell, you know, I lead now. I'm done with these old guys that I need in order to do what I want to get. No, I'll get it myself. And so here you have in the finals, here it is like you can't have it any clearer than this. The Miami Heat don't have the best players in the series. What they have is this culture. I know you're sick of hearing it. The root word is a cult.


They've got a cult here. LeBron joined the cult, then left the cult. He hurt the cult. You leave cults, try it with Scientology. See how that goes for you. You leave cults. It's problematic. And so he left the cult. Dwayne Wade left the cult, but they welcome them back to the cult. He's brainwashed again.


I but they let them back. They did let him back. They started recruiting for the cult and he recruited Jimmy Butler as a Scientologist now.


And so that's what that's what's on display here, because you cannot argue that the Miami Heat has the best players. You can only argue that the Miami Heat has a better team. And that is it right there. LeBron, let's see what you got. You went and did it your way. Player empowerment. You got Anthony Davis. He's better than anyone. They got your second best player is better than anyone. The heat has anyone. Now what?


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Limited time offer terms apply. Sea Capital One Dotcom for details. All right, so we got some things that we've got to cram into the show today, we've got Ron McGill at eleven o'clock Eastern. He's going to join us, the animal doctor, to take your questions. Billy Gill, how do you feel right now about your useless sound montage? You didn't even have time to talk yesterday. I feel for you every Monday because you go into this awful hellhole of useless sound from football.


How are you feeling about this useless sound montage? You know, OK, very good, Greg is you're back in my day ready? Is it prepared? No, I don't have one this week. I'm sorry.


Are you are you sort of. A little bit. I mean, I don't feel like because I know you want me to have one every single week, and I'm trying harder to do that. I did one last week. I think I've done one like, you know, six of the last seven weeks or something.


But I don't think your math is right on that now. I don't believe you're right. About six of the last seven. We have one of them was recycled, by the way. Yeah. One of them you had already done before as well. And then you protested doing the next one, saying that you rolled out on that.


It's just such a good time right now, Miami Sports Day, and that Greg doesn't want to be living in the past, you know.


Right. He doesn't. Billy Billy is right on with that spot on. Then a little bit of a busy week for me.


And he was arguing during Big Suey, which you could get digitally, that Dan Marino is still better than Patrick Mahomes. If you want his home. Terrific work. You can find it at the Miami Herald.


It is a busy week for a local columnist. Gerta was down here because you have the Marlins of the playoffs and the finals the same time. What does that ever happen?


It's true. It is a busy week. And also we asked Greg Cody to do one thing a week, one thing, a second thing. If you say just showing up, but we don't ask his microphone to work. We don't ask a zoom to work. We don't ask him to be competent. We don't ask for anything other than this one thing a week. Yeah, I'm going to try to get to it next week. So here is the most useless sound montage.


This is you just saw right there with all the elaboration that Guillermo gave me on how he felt about this useless montage. And Greg Cody, you see the support that we get around here. Let's let's go ahead and play the useless sound montage.


That's good team win, and any time you're plus five. That's a darn good game. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world sometimes getting to go outside and play football with my friends. You know, we go to work, we work on the fundamentals. We keep grinding on a daily basis and we work to see the results. That's what we go we go back to work. There's no fans here, but we still want to win and we want to win it for the fans.


It'll never be about momentum or positive experiences. To me, I'm about winning. I expect to win. I know we expect to win. No more victories around here. It was an ugly win, but it was a win nonetheless. This is a loss to me. Really. No, we didn't win.


It's like a boa constrictor, right? All of a sudden you see that offense just shrink. Everything's underneath. Tom was just the icing on the cake. Kudos to the coaches and those guys for communicating and not blinking in the midst of some of those things that has happened. You look at the big picture and I think there's a feel to it. There was a feel today to it. None of this was premeditated. It was just a lot of team football going on today out there.


All eleven guys just working together as a unit, even though he has great stats, he's not a stat.


You get an honest day's work on Myles Carrington and really proud of the amount of steaks I would like to have.


You know, it was a long process in the process.


This game, when you can do it the right way, is really special for this guy. Control what I can control, control what you can control. It is what it is. And we are what we are is information. First play second is a play. First information. Second is part of the game. The one thing we can do is try to be one. And on this we want to know every week.


The thing I have to figure out right now is how to how to keep this team to understand what's causing to lose if something's got to kick these boys in the rear end to get them going. When you're playing quarterback, there's only one of them. I've been where he's been and it's not easy. I think the guys just play like they're capable of. You know, this is just one day when bad stuff happens.


You just gotta you gotta roll with the punches. Proud of our team for fighting a little bit of a gut check. We knew it was a 60 minute fight. What a lot of blink in the group. They absorb the necessary adjustments and sometimes that's necessary Salamah football to go. There's a lot of football left defensively. The biggest problem is they cannot tackle. We've got to do a better job of tackling your ability in the waning moments to possess the ball and not put your defense back in harm's way.


I put the ball in harm's way twice. That's around Rivera coach team. That's a tough team.


I kind of felt like I was back in a time where Philly, I got to tell you, he's gotten very good at making those musical. They feel very musical. They are well done. Thank you for your work on the useless sound montage. Put it on the pole please. At Libertador Show. Do you always get an honest day's work out of Myles Garrett?


There was that one time.


This is from Dov Kleiman. This is where we are with the New York football teams, the Giants and the Jets. You're exonerated if you are a Bills fan. The 49ers were missing on Sunday night. Keep in mind, the 49ers won by how many points? Was it a thousand or was it just nine hundred? I think just 900. All right. So they go into New York and they beat the Giants. Are we done with Daniel Jones?


I mean, he comes out of the box throwing for 400 yards. We're celebrating. Gettleman Are we done with Daniel Jones?


I mean, Barclays out. I'm not done with Danny Dimes yet. All right.


You're still sticking by Danny Dimes. Very good. You be the only one. So the place that we are with Danny Dimes in the Giants is this. He was at home. He lost by the aforementioned nine hundred and the forty Niners were missing quarterback number one, running back number one, running back number to tie that number one, tight end number two, wide receiver number one. Number four, a number five cornerback. Number one cornerback. Number two cornerback.


Number four for Danny Dime. That's three starting quarterback cornerbacks that the Niners were amazing. Defensive end number one, defensive end number three, defensive end number four. Defensive end number five. Linebacker number two. Giants scored nine boys. It's unbelievable. I all your jets did was ruin the forty Niners by injuring all of them for the Giants who then lose by 900 points at home.


Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls?


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We switch today for 24/7 access to licensed agents. Christine Lacy does the updates around here, she is professional, we are not her professionalism is contained to the cathedral. That is the sports update at the half hour marks of what we do around here. But we interrupted her. So please, Christine, continue.


And finally, James Cameron is done filming Avatar, too, and says Avatar three is 95 percent complete.


Speaking of things nobody asked for, here's more David. And still no one has asked for more of this. She is so right in every way. Can you help me with something here? I can't believe what I overheard because we have mocked Tony relentlessly for his contention that the best time to nap is on a Sunday between three and five, which we all know 16 weeks a season is absolutely not. So 16 Sundays, that is not so. It's the worst time to.


Well, you say that. But Billy, I think you have some news to report on this front, do you not?


Oh, Dan, this Sunday, guess what happened to me? I was watching some football and the dolphins were off. And, you know, I have to watch the dolphins for the local hour and all that stuff to have an idea what's going on with the dolphins. But the dolphins were off, so I just had the red zone. So it's a little bit easier. But I have responsibilities or I need to send NFL. We don't need to get caught up in all the reasons why I need to watch golf on Sundays and how it's not super fun.


But I dozed off and as I was waking up, it was like the voice of God speaking through Scott Hansen, two guys.


The first words I heard as my eyes were opening, things were a little bit blurry. Light was coming in. I just saw blue from the sky because the window was open. And the first words I heard was, we're entering the witching hour.


Oh, wow. All right. So put it on the pole. Gammel Batard show. What is better. OK, returning from the bathroom to your meal already being there at a restaurant or waking up from a nap and hearing the words, we're entering the witching hour.


First thing I heard when I woke up from my nap is Indianapolis going the other way on a pick? Six of the jets.


I think we've got an active covid situation, our first in the NFL. And now we will see how how this goes because we don't have a precedent for the Tennessee Titans have had. How many positive test threes do got this?


According to Diana Roshini, they have three players who have tested positive, five new personnel positives for the covid-19. And now she just reported a league source has texted her, quote, We are shutting Tennesse down until Saturday. That means no titans, coaches or players can be in that build it.


Yeah. Now, that goes for the Vikings as well, who played the Titans on Sunday. They are shutting down their facility as well. So this is the first covid related test at the NFL's.


Really, Faizan, isn't she on her honeymoon? Why is she reporting this from her honeymoon? This seems like not a great use of your honeymoon.


I'm not certain I will text her and ask her. I think she had the virtual wedding, which I attended on Saturday, but I don't think there was a honeymoon. I think she plans on doing that after the party, which she's having in 2022.


So should we call her and ask her? Because this begs this whole situation obviously creates a lot of questions. It's this is greatest fear type stuff. Here it is. This is the first one. We have not seen this exactly in football. You're now used to college football games right and left getting canceled. You got used to baseball games being Notre Dame has eighteen positives right now.


Cody, do you have anything for us that would be inside to or thoughts on what it is that's happening in Tennessee right now?


Well, I'm wondering, just based on what I've heard, is the game canceled or not?


The facility is closed until Saturday, evidently. So they're not even I don't know how they prepare under these circumstances. They can't physically prepare under these circumstances. I mean, they play the Steelers. And if it's if their facility is shut down till Saturday, it stands to reason that game is probably going to be canceled or delayed or postponed. Something out of the league hasn't weighed in on it. But if the facility is closed Saturday, that just means no contact in practice.


But they can still meet up of resume like they did throughout training camp. And we'll see what happens with the Vikings, the college football. We sort of got used to games being canceled or rescheduled. The ACC got a jump on it. So they allowed their schedule flexibility to make up the games before, you know, the college football playoff time. The NFL, we haven't really seen that protocol tested at all. It's going to be a major deal if an NFL game is canceled because the playoff implications aren't as subjective.


You don't have a college football playoff committee. You have records. So I wonder what happens if a game does get rescheduled.


Diana Roshini is not on our honeymoon. She's in our apartment. She's doing TV today. So if if she is someone that you would like to have on to elaborate on any of this, I'm certain that she would.


Yeah, let's have her let's have her on next, because we've got a lot of questions. For example, Strugatsky, I think I have not dug into the numbers on this, but it appears to me that even by the violent standards of that sport, there seem to be a whole lot of folks getting injured. And I don't know if there's a correlation between how they had to prep and sort of everything being disrupted in terms of the preparation, I don't know what physically goes into getting those rock hard bodies being properly granite.


So they are ready for all the collisions that come. But I don't think you could go into an NFL football game on Sunday without having any contact that entire week of preparation and just end up going in without any of the physical prep that you need to do. You can't recreate what practice is by Zoome. You could do meetings but practice itself. I don't know what it does in terms of injury to not have, you know, with wrestlers all the time.


Right. Wrestlers, you know that sport is also crazy, that sport has people who die young all the time. And what they tell you about that sport is if you're not continually doing it when you're doing it, the worst thing you could do is like take six months off and then try and do it without your body being calloused. That it is it's a nightmare to try and physically do it that way. So I have no idea how it affects the Tennessee Titans to not be able to get into their facility.


I was just remembering what Freddie Kitchen's whole strategy was in Cleveland. He understood that you have to build up a body callus. So then all our players just got injured in the preseason instead.


Well, there has to be a correlation between no preseason and all these injuries we're seeing, because it's the first time ever that you've you've had your season opener after no hitting against another team. But, you know, in the case of Tennessee, I mean, they would be at a terrible competitive disadvantage if they are out of the facility all week and then they have to go into a game Sunday. I don't know how they can not postpone this game.


It's going to be fascinating to see Diana Ross and eager to join us next. Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls?


Come stay with us. That is truly frightening. You know what's really scary? Missing out a this great service with Kakkar, you get 24/7 access to licensed agents. Thank you. Creepy girls were to see your room. Can I sleep in the car now? Happy Geico.


We switched today for 24/7 access to licensed agents. News from the Dan Le Batard Wittstock God's Nation, someone has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed. This is from Mark Mixin at Mixin Underscore. Mike, did Dan just compare the Miami Heat to Scientology at Tom Cruise? Yeah, OK, is that it, that's it. Diana Roshini is waiting. All right. So, yes, I was talking about cultures and the root word being a cult.


And Scientology is also a cult. Diana Roshini had her wedding virtually. Thank you and congratulations, Diana. I did not know that Dugard said that the Zoome party was great, that your wedding was amazing and that he had attended at the proper time. Yeah, Zoom's ceremony, it was not the the party. The party will be in two thousand twenty two, but it was a beautiful ceremony. Diana, congratulations. There is no way to that showed up to that prove it.


I was there at one o'clock. What do you mean prove it? Woj sent me Woj. Here's the here's the best part, Woj. There's a chat room, and Woj meant to send something to everyone, and he just sent it to me. OK, that is my proof. OK, so get ask Adrian. All right. I got a Woj bomb during your wedding. OK, but do you not believe him?


The bride does not believe that God, because he might he just started yammering and sometimes he does that to cover up his lies, like, do you believe him? I don't I think there were enough people at the company that attended that he could either copy off their Instagram videos of it or follow along on what I was posting to sort of put together a fabrication of this is probably what happened. And, you know, my family's very predictable. So he could probably tell a story that we know would fit my family and it probably happened.


So, yeah, look, the fact that he even remembered today when he's talking to me now here, that that I did get married. But, yeah, there was no there was no check. Yes. Well, I showed up, but thanks anyway. But was Mom wearing a blue dress because I posted a photo of her site.


Are we sure? You know what? We're not sure we believe you, I think I'll put it on the poll. Who do you believe about whether or not synagog went to Diana Rossini's virtual wedding, Stewart's contention that he did or Diana's contention that he didn't make Cassity Hubbarth said she was crying in her kitchen.


I said I was, too. I was actually in my kitchen. I just came off the college game day Saturday in. I listen, they wanted to keep me on longer. I told them I had to go to receive his wedding, so.


I don't believe I going to guess that you weren't. Yeah, I don't think you were working. I think you were probably golfing and there was no chance that you took your phone out to watch it and didn't. Look, here's the thing. I'm Catholic, so the mass was very long. There were a lot of people and it was boring. You know, most anyone of us watching it was probably like, this is, you know, let's move this along here so I know your attention span.


There's no way you got through that.


It's unbelievable. I mean, I sat down in my kitchen at a kitchen chair. I put my computer out. I was so happy for you.


You are literally unbelievable. Unbelievable. You are not believable. I believe Diana receiving on this the report here out of Titan's camp. How responsible or irresponsible were they in terms of flying to Minnesota and everything that happened there? Is it too early to know what happened? So the back story here is there outside linebackers coach Shane Boin tested positive before they left for Minnesota. Shane is also the pseudo, I guess you could call it defensive coordinator. Mike Raible is a big part of it, but Shane has been carrying a lot of that responsibility this year.


So he's around a lot of people and a lot of players and coaches and people that work with Tennessee. But, you know, they're really vigilant about testing there. And when Boin tested positive, I spoke to people in Tennessee to find out, you know, it's the only one how's this working? And other tests came back negative in terms of the other players and the people that had been around him. So Tennessee just did what they thought was the right thing to do, which was, we're OK, we're safe, we're healthy.


Let's go. And now you're seeing that this looks like a mini breakout. We may have to drop the word many by later this afternoon because people are getting tested as the day goes on here. So now where we're at with Tennessee is you have three new people that tested positive for it on top of five people that worked for the organization. So that gets us to about eight. I heard 10. So I think this number is just going up.


Unfortunately, guys, do you expect Tennessee to be playing a football game on Sunday? I do not expect Tennessee to play this game, I don't know how they're going to be able to do this. They've been put out of the facility. They they cannot go to the facility. This is players and coaches starting right now. It's been shut down. A league source had told me they were shutting them down to Saturday and just talking with players and coaches that that work for the team or with the team.


There's a strong belief this isn't going to happen. Just saying how how are we going to be able to play this game. I'm in touch with the Steelers as well. They're obviously watching closely here as they're supposed to travel to Nashville. And this was supposed to be the first game at Nissan Stadium in Tennessee where there was going to be fans. So there is another element to all of this. And obviously, Minnesota is also concerned. They've been shut down today because Tennessee played the Vikings in Minnesota last week.


And I talked to someone with Minnesota before and he said, I wonder if they got it here. I wonder if we have more people. I wonder if the cat was out of it. We started it. So everyone, right now, this is all kind of moving fast. It's been going on for about the last hour or so. But now everyone is you know, the league is obviously stepped in here and they're going to be really smart, I think, and safe and conservative.


Diana, we have about a minute here. So if this game gets canceled, what happens? What does that mean? How do they make it up? Does the NFL have a plan in place for something like this? They apparently have a plan in place. I just don't know what that is. That was something that I was never able to find out when we were going through all this process. So, I mean, I'm sure there's there's some ideas maybe they could play in a Tuesday.


I don't know. I actually I don't know that answer for you. So I'm actually not doing what you got. Doesn't normally do, which is just admit they don't know you're allowed to do that.


No, this is an unknown. This is this has got a lot of unknown. Is there anything else from this that you find particularly interesting or newsworthy? Noteworthy. I am concerned, I think this is going to be the first thing to swing here that that we were concerned about. I think I joined you guys this summer and a lot of us predicted a lot of people in the NFL world predicted that the season would go on. We would play.


But I'm not sure if we all felt confident this season would go fully. And I think this is the first big boulder the league is going to have to get through. As we know, they're not a bubble and it's been a risky season and everyone is feeling really good and confident. But I think December is just going to go up and there's going to be more more teams that are going to wind up testing positive besides just Tennessee.


Diana, thank you for being on with us. Appreciate you taking time out from what isn't your honeymoon.


It's it's not one quick thing. Right before I was married, I had to call Jimmy Garoppolo. No, I'm working on a story.


Hold on a second. Hold on a second. Diane. Cody, did you have anything for Diana? No, no.


Cody on the radio. I think I stole a sound in the attic is a curse, no, its eyes are just very lifelike. Then what does its head keep spinning in my mind?


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We can just bury it deep in the ground at the Geico, we download the industry leading Geico app today.